The Polish Pro-Abortion “Black Protest” Shows That No Place Is Safe From Degenerate Liberalism

Last Monday, crowds of protesters (almost entirely women) lead a strike in over 50 cities across Poland to demonstrate against a controversial law that would introduce a complete ban on abortions in the country. Many of those female protesters were sporting black clothes, to symbolise the mourning of their rights.

In the Catholic nation of Poland, where as we have seen before, the religion holds an essential part of the ethos and culture of the country, droves of loud women assembled in front of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) headquarters in the capital, Warsaw, to yell their disagreement. The largest turnout in the land occurred in the Polish capital and reached 20,000 people.

Ain’t no rest for the triggered


No functioning ovaries in sights

The project of law that might be adopted will not bring a lot of change to the already existing one, as abortion will still be available if the woman is raped (by the same “rape culture” or “epidemic” that only exists in the unstable mind of a few 15-stone “real, beautiful women”) or the development of the foetus endangers the mother’s life.

This demonstration was mainly organised on social media and by liberal women hence its lack of substance and actual measures proposed to address the issue.

The Czarny Protest also took place in the spots where strong, independent Polish girls flock to slut it up, away from the scrutiny of the motherland. London, Berlin, Paris and Sydney also had their microscopic Black Protest.

The usual suspects


It was mainly organised to score a work-free day and “not doing domestic chores”. As you can guess, the crowd was mainly composed of old women past menaupose, young unemployed slutty girls (none above 7/10 WB) afraid that their pass for the cock carousel might be revoked and ugly Skrillex haired feminists that no man in his right mind would touch with a ten foot pole.


The token low-t white knights were dragged along to show the patriarchy that “men” agree.

Man-jawed feminists’ main goal, instead of actually caring about women and proposing ideas, was to “halt the economy” by exhorting girls to walk out of their daily jobs.

It failed. Women, representing a lesser workforce in Poland than in the Western nations, were already not very keen about forfeiting a day of salary (that kind of behaviour does not go well with the masculine, hard work ethic that carachterises Polish male bosses) and taking the risk of being seen as slackers.

Add to that the hard reality of the Polish minimum wage (gravitating around 450 USD) and the fact that the only “acts of resistance” consisted of shared hashtags and selfies with black clothes, and you have a movement that will be short-lived

A storm in a teacup


The turnout was minimal compared to the headlines that the mainstream media slapped all over the waves. Around 20.000 screeching carousel enthusiasts for Warsaw (1.7 million inhabitants) and much less for all the main Polish cities. Also, it was raining so many hairy legged harpies said “Meh” and went home.

Nothing compared to the crowds that far right rallies usually bring in Poland, which of course, are not relayed by the left-leaning press. The feminist mobs totalled to a bit more than 100.000 protesters for the whole country, far from the “6 million women” human tide that leftist MS papers such as the defunct Independent announced. Sad!

It does not change anything to the fact that girls accustomed to regular one-night stands and who forgot to slap a condom on that sexy bad boy they met at the local dive bar can still cross the close border to Germany to abort the fruit of their slutiness if they feel like it. The ones that usually travel to cockfest destinations like the Spanish Islands or the French sounthern coast will still do it, as they have done for a few years now.

It was just as unsuccessful as the Pro-European liberal demonstrations organised a few months back. But even if the protest is nothing particularly worrying, it is a reminder for the manosphere that no country is safe from the onslaughts of liberalism, no matter how conservative.

Of course, if you disagree with the protest, you are a mohawk-sporting racist and sexist hooligan. Bubble reads "Listen, they played us with thie Black Protest! There are no blacks, just chicks!"

Of course, if you disagree with the protest, you are a mohawk-sporting racist and sexist hooligan. Bubble reads “Listen, they played us with this Black Protest! There are no darkies, only chicks!”

The conservative response was just as present

If any of the football clubs won the national league trophy, the turnout would probably be twenty times stronger. The number of screaming cunts brandishing coat hangers was dwarfed by demonstrations such as the one organised by Polish nationalists against the European Union reforms (50.000 strong in Warsaw alone) last winter.

Polish anti-EU nationalist protest of November 2015

Polish anti-EU nationalist protest of November 2015

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski puts it quite well, taunting the demonstrators on the absence of measures proposed by their clique.

We expect serious debate on questions of life, death and birth. We do not expect happenings, dressing in costumes and creating artificial problems,” he said, as cited by AP.

Conservative movements were fast to react by chastising the Black Protes about its lack of depth and its complete contradiction with the Christian faith, engrained in the Polish soul. Traditionalist men and women joined forces against the Black Protest by creating a “White Protest” group. It would not be surprising if a nationwide pro-life march occurs in the next few days.

The kind of pro-life Polish women using the #WhiteProtest hashtag:

ct1laudweaacmet cti8da7xgaazdpf

I cannot quite put my finger on it but somehow, their style and beauty level seem slightly different from the one of the women present in the Black Protest march.

As it was expected, PC-controlled social networks like Twitter censored the hashtags #BialyProtest and #WhiteProtest (until some Twitter accounts exposed it) while the #CzarnyProtest and #BlackProtest were relayed everywhere and shown as trending.


Many were also mocking the protesters by recycling their slogan “Moje ciało, moja sprawa!”(My body, my business) directly copied from the “My body, My rules” trumpeted by Western Slut Walk and Fat Acceptance movements.


Conservative parody of the Black Protest slogan. The text reads “I want to snort cocaine legally. My nose, my business. #WhiteProtest”


Another conservative parody : “Henry! You got drunk again!” “My liver, my business!”

Keep you guard up, Poland

This law is being discussed since Spring and until this little happening, few really cared about it. Such an event is again a way to divert the attention of the masses away from the real issues that plague the country. the lack of jobs, the decreasing fertility, the expensive student loans or the EU trying to pressure Poland into opening its borders for thousands of Muslim migrants for its “enrichment”.

What will be interesting in the next few days will be the organised and material response of the majority of the Polish people. Even more so, the results of the investigation on who exactly started this campaign and mobilised this menstruating mob.

Many Polish and European fingers start to point at the crooked shadow that usually pulls the strings behind the destabilisation of Central European democratically elected governments: George Soros. Did not see that coming, did ya?

The squad of manginas working at Gazeta Wyborcza, left-wing journal which was financed more than a few times by George Soros

The #BlackProtest squad of manginas working at Gazeta Wyborcza, left-wing newspaper which was financed more than a few times by George Soros. How quaint…

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92 thoughts on “The Polish Pro-Abortion “Black Protest” Shows That No Place Is Safe From Degenerate Liberalism”

  1. “Add to that the hard reality of the Polish minimum wage (gravitating around 450 USD)”
    Per month? Or Week?

      1. Have to say though, the Polish girls (from Poland) I have met here in the US are some of the nicest and friendliest girls I have ever met in my life. Never stuck up, good sense of humor, and great outlook on life.

        1. Small towns and country girls. Even if they reject you, they tend to do it so politely that you actually feel better afterward.

  2. Hope the government does not back down ! Once abortion and contraception become mainstream, it’s all over. Just a fifty year wait until men are not allowed to stand and pee. That is the “trigger” to the head for a slow death of civilization.

    1. Abortion and birth control was state funded when Poland was under Soviet control. While communism was problematic in its own right, none of your predictions occurred during the 40 or so years Poles had access to these services.

        1. Your argument is flawed. Your fearless leader apparently gets laid left right and centre in Poland, a country where abortion is currently outlawed, unless exceptional circumstances occur.

        2. And?
          Every society has sluts and the more feminist it becomes the more sluts it has. Sluts ruin societies when in large enough numbers.

  3. Some clarification:
    1. The legislation was a civic project backed up by 500k signatures.
    2. It was discarded during the second reading in the parliment, mainly by the votes of ruling party, liberals backed it up so they could continue this shitstorm
    3. All this was a coverup to turn the public eyes from the real meat (CETA and TTIP being pushed silently)
    4. Law and Order (PiS) are backed by the US (they actualy appointed some dude who looks like a CIA resident to be Undersecretary in the foregin affairs office)

    1. PiS is funded by the USA?? Got a link for that? My wife is Pro-PiS and never mentioned it to me…sounds like bullshit to me. Prove me wrong.

      1. Ehh, did I say it’s “funded”? I think they are not getting a dime out of this. They honestly believe that Uncle Sam will defend Poland and Polish interests.

        1. “Backed by” can mean funded by. But now I see what you mean. USA needs to make travel to USA visa-free for Poles first….just like Germany and France.

        2. Visas? How’d Trump hire those illegal Poles then?
          More seriously, visa restrictions in the age of increased vetting doesn’t sound like something that is in the cards.

      2. I cannot give you any links, but there were some rumours that during both 2015 elections American PR specialists were working for PiS.

  4. As I understand it, after roughly 4 decades of legalized abortion, Poland created some of the strictest abortion laws in world in the early 1990s. This was in response to the fall of communism and a strong nationalist identity wanting to return to its Catholic (pre-communist) roots. During the communist era, however, abortions were widely used as a form of contraception, despite birth control pills being heavily subsidized by the state. So yeah, these anti-abortion sentiments represent the Poles’ strong Christian beliefs. Except for the 40 or so years when they didn’t.

  5. “My body My Choice”, Ok ladies, do what you want to your body, but only your body, you don’t have any right to choose what happens to the person’s body inside you, because it’s “Their body Their Choice”.

    1. You do realize abortion is already outlawed in Poland, with the exception of incest, rape, genetic deformities, and instances where the fetus poses a threat to the mother. The proposed reform would outlaw the first three exceptions, none of which are healthy and/or the product of “choice”.

      1. I’m not aware of the laws of Poland . I am aware that feminists want abortion rights to extend to Late term abortion, which is effectively murder (and really it’s murder when abortion is used at any stage of pregnancy).

        1. Well, what I’ve just described is the current state of abortion law in a Poland. This is not about women wanting the right to late term abortions. It’s about them (and their partners– in the case of fetal deformities) wanting to maintain the right to abort under certain extenuating circumstances.

        2. That the protestors are not as out of line as they seem. If a country wants to ban abortions even in the case of rape, genetic defects and threat to the lofe of the mother, Im all for it. Every nation has to figure out whats best for itself. However, that is an extreme position, and its understandable why someone would protest it.
          That is not at all the same thing like the utterly depraved behavior of feminists in America who want to fund abortions even after the child is born,

        3. You always get protesters…no matter what the issue is….like helping the Parasites(Refugees).. Is it always justifiable?(saying that I wouldn’t want a ”mong” kid myself). Personally I fined abortion rather distasteful(an extreme example of our ”throw away” society) 200000 a year in the UK. Over 5 million since it was legalised(’67)

        1. A. Not necessarily. Incest increases the odds of genetic deformities, and the risk gets higher with each successive inbred generation, but it’s not a guarantee the spawn will be defective.
          B. What difference would that make? They want to outlaw abortion under either of those circumstances.

    2. How about “my taxes my choice.” That’s what we need.
      It would mean no abortions, fag friendly polices, welfare and certainly no votes for non-productive memebers of society.

  6. Its really a shame. It was a breath of fresh air to visit 90% Catholic Poland ten times…but these czarny protest idiots could fuck up a bowl of cherries. I hope the White Protest shows up in the MILLIONS and shames their dumb asses.

  7. The dreadlocks are the worst…they take your standard issue Polish girl who is a 7 to start and make her into an instant 4….with dirt in her hair. Yuk.

  8. The most descipable sort of women are the ones who advocate killing babies.
    All of them should be arrested.

    1. Perhaps you are not aware of this, because the author neglected to mention it. But Poland already bans abortions in all cases, except rape, genetic deformity or of life threatening to the mother. This proposal sought to overturn that.

    2. Bingo! Never date or even fuck a whore that aborts a baby becuase “they don’t want it.”
      No wowman wired correctly would even consider these things..

  9. “Such an event is again a way to divert the attention of the masses away from the real issues that plague the country.”
    Same deal here in the US. The Neo-Conservative Republicans and Democrats pretend to be enemies and get the hoi polloi screeching at each other over gay marriage, abortion, et al. Meanwhile they’re collaborating where it really matters: globalist trade deals, adventures in the Middle East, etc.
    That said, I think Poland’s current abortion laws are fine. I can’t stand the idea of forcing someone to birth a retard against their will. And, as you’ve pointed out, anyone with some money and spare time on their hands will be able to visit Germany for a $600 miscarriage. So essentially the idea is to saddle lower-class people with retarded children(genetic dead ends) while complaining about the upcoming population crunch?

  10. “My choice” is bullshit. They simply do not want any interruptions from their whoring ways. God forbid, these bitches, after sucking and being fucked for years on end, get pregnant and have to deal with the consequence. Shameless, this is where Salem witch (slut) trials could be very effective.

    1. “Choice” is one of those stupid phrases that doesn’t work for anything else. Try not paying taxes and claiming choice or better yet try not paying child support.

        1. Most of them are not brothel material. Now I’m sure they could all make good cooks given time and training.
          It may just be me but they seem to all have an orcish quality about themselves like one of the orc armies from LOTR

        2. I’m offended!
          How dare you insult orcs by suggesting they are similar to these hideous vaguely “she” creatures!!

  11. When I first Heard the words “Black Protest” I thought “Blacklivesmatter” was being dissed.
    How very wrong I was.

  12. This is why we used to burn witches at the stake. See what happens when you let them have free reign to run around sooner or later they always go back to their child killing ways. All those myths and fairytales were based on real things afterall.
    On a side note all these harpies have no problem making you the taxpayer pay for their choice or you the father pay for it with child support.

  13. I cannot quite put my finger on it but somehow, their style and beauty level seem slightly different […]
    Suggest relocating to Poland. Your arms are simply too short from your present location.

  14. If anybody can fight off the onslaught of leftism, it’s the Poles. What an amazing people who have such strong faith. If you read of the relentless anti-christian propaganda when poland was under the USSR, and how the church fought so feverently against it, it will give you hope for humanity. They are still probably one of the most devoutly catholic nations in the world. I’m proud to be half Polish and would love to go there and see what it’s like for myself.

  15. Why is abortion even a thing?
    I mean, with The Pill, condoms, diaphragms, tubes tied, and busting a nut in her face, getting pregnant seems highly voluntary.
    Oh wait, bitches are stupid. Nevermind this whole post.

    1. Fitzroy, the proposal in question was about banning abortions in the case or rape, genetic deformity, or of serious threat to the life if the mother. Poland already bans abortions in all other cases.

        1. Thats fine. But one must be honest about what is going on. Its not right to talk to people in a feminized country about an abortion protest without mentioning what the protest is about. Everyone reading that article immediately thinks “those evil whores! They cant even ise the pill?!” Not realizing that they are protesting things many of us would be sympathetic too.

        2. Too right! A few years ago there was a woman in Ireland who developed a life threatening complication of pregnancy. Doctors knew the situation was likely to kill her if the pregnancy wasn’t terminated, but refused to do so because they can be criminally charged if they end a pregnancy while the fetus has a heartbeat. So, despite swearing an oath to protect people, they stood by and crossed their fingers hoping the baby would die before her. It didn’t, and the mother died (which also caused the fetus to die). Poland has yet to outlaw abortion in said circumstance, but it’s a slippery, terrifying slope if you ask me.

        3. If that is what a community needs to do, I support them, but we can only make good decisions with good information.

        4. I will care about protecting pregnant women once child support obligations without consent are repealed.
          Until then I promise if I am ever a juror that I will not convict anyone of any crime against a pregnant woman.

        5. Child support obligations are incredibly one sided and unfair, on that we agree. To take that out on every pregnant woman is extreme. For the record, the woman in Ireland was married, and both her and her husband begged the doctors to intervene. Now she and the baby are dead, and he is left a widow. These issues can affect you as well.

      1. The truth is women don’t really make their own individual choices. A small minority can but the majority are led by groupthink. That’s why they are so easy to manipulate and control.
        Somehow women need to be reminded that the comfort level of their existence is directly attributed to men. If we create societies which are too comfortable , women get spoiled, self entitled and base. We have to make life uncomfortable enough that women don’t have time to engage in this crap.

        1. That’s why I am against countries joining a globalist collective such as the EU. Even though the rot is leaking in from the west, Ukraine has done a good job of protecting it’s patriarchy.

    2. Abortion is not a “thing.” It’s all about having an issue, and it must be an emotional issue. Yes there are no doubt a few who actually think they should not be held responsible for a fetus growing in their wombs, but I suspect abortion (or some aspect of it) is but a rallying cry (a dog whistle) for women to organize around in order to be mobilized for Lefty political advantage.

    3. Don’t forget to remind the readers of the many ways in which a woman who wants to have a baby can prevent an ectopic pregnancy. Namely:
      – Nailing an upward-pointing horseshoe to the wall at the head of her bed.
      – Avoiding stepping on the cracks in the pavement until after her first scan.
      – Crossing her fingers during all attempts to conceive.
      – Wearing a set of keys around her neck whenever she needs to go out while the moon is out.

  16. Does it ever occur to you (generic you) that some folks should not only be allowed to have an abortion but *encouraged* to have one? Such as most of the dreadlocked harridans in this protest.

    1. Let them be prostitutes and surrogates. Just find fulfillment in your best self, until you eventually come across someone better to share it with. Pump and dump is the motto of our time.

      1. Few of these types are prostitute or surrogate material. If they get pregnant it tends to be by accident, like getting brained by a meteorite.

    2. I’d encourage and even pay for these people to be spayed and neutered.
      At least then no one gets killed.

  17. Punish these bitches or they’ll destroy your country like Western women have. Men have stupidly given them way too much leeway. And while you’re at it ban Leftist groups. They’re more dangerous than a million snakes.

  18. For the record, Poland already bans abortions in all cases except when there is a clear threat to the life of the mother, where the child is the product of rape, or if the child is seen to be suffering a serious genetic deformity.
    The proposal in question sought to overturn that, and was defeated.
    I personally have no issue with a country that wants or doesnt want to ban abortions in those cases, what works for them is something they have to decide.
    However, the author had a moral obligation to the truth, in this case to point out to us what that proposal was actually about. His failure to do so has misled more than a few readers. I encourage him to edit the article so that it is clear what the situation actually was.

  19. Polish conservatives and nationalists simply need to hammer home the fact that going the way of those who would murder their children in utero will lead them down the path of disaster and national suicide that we’re seeing in Sweden, Germany and other such places of “enlightened thought.”

  20. Poland… please, for your own sake, don’t continue to adopt the worst elements of Western civilization.

  21. Any men and women with a decent know how of how sex works and reproduction works, cannot simply get surprised with a baby. The key word is responsibility. Women dont want to ear that word anymore, and many men are falling behind. We live more and more in a society that demands all the goods and privileges but denies the efforts to get them. This reminds me, of one of the most proud moments in my adult life. I was having sex with a girl in the University and suddenly her period was late…”you are the only one that can be the father, if it turns out to be a baby”. I was not a coward then and im not now, and i told her there and now “if its a baby, we will have it”. Here you go: responsibility.
    The courage to assume ones actions and live up to them. A child is not a fucking disaster, its a blessing and one has to be proud. These so called “women” are nothing more than slut walks fans, incapable of real responsibility. They cry “its my body, its my choice” but in the end, their are nothing more than big babies that want to have the freedom, not to be mature and feminine, but to be reckless and punish their unborn children with death.

  22. Seems to be the best argument against the leftish push is to simply put up the women that support this nonsense on one side and then the women against it on the other.
    Blue haired freaks can’t compete with actual women. 😉

  23. “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel–let the reader understand”
    Matthew: 24:15
    You guys do understand that the reduction of population ( i.e. white race ) is being taken to completion especially by avoiding breeding and birth completely.
    Just saying.
    Just another vector of beautiful marxist liberation theology.
    Thank you masons and evil elites !

  24. The Polish government should send tanks and deal with this bichtes in Tiananmen square style to see how strong and indepedent they are.

      1. Useful and role citizens? I hope you are ironic. They are destroyers and must be “aborted” or the country is doomed.

  25. If a woman in Poland wants an abortion all she has to do is go to a neighbouring country that does it.
    That’s what women in Ireland do. They go to the UK for it.

  26. Wow, check the neckbeards, low-T, soft dough bellies bunch at The Gazeta Wyborcza. Goes to tell….

  27. Actually this protest was started by left-wing parties which are looking for any possibility to discredit the ruling “Law and Justice” party.
    A very funny thing happened during next few days: the Law and Justice simply abolished the project entirely and the leftist parties went literaly crazy because they wanted to have fuel for anti-government protests for many months.

    1. The rabbit hole is even deeper.
      Many comentators say that all this mess is just to cover CETA which “accidentally” was signed by the Polish Parliament just the same day.

  28. There is a bit of fetish for Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian women going on around this place, so it’s good to see that nationality does not change the fact – woman is a funny animal.

  29. Everywhere America touches, it turns into shit.
    Poland is better off not emulating America and not accepting any of the modern day crap that America has today.

  30. I must notice that the new abortion law was an example of, not only democracy, but direct democracy. It was namely, so-called citizen law proposal, i.e. it was not made by parliament, but it was submitted to parliament for its obligatory consideration by the citizens who had to gather at least 100 000 signatures to achieve that. For everyone of reported 100 000 protesters there was someone who signed this project…. This important fact is somehow omitted in all international relations concerning this law proposal as they tried to have it connected to the current government, whereas the law should have been connected to a kind of grassroots conservative movement. The government majority in parliament voted against it – they understand that strategically it was very bad for them as it would be a kind of war banner for liberal opposition – which means that they did not withdraw it, since it was not their own proposal, but simply voted against, partly against its own electorate, also crossing one of the main tactical tenets of Kaczynski, which is to not have any opposition on the right side… Whether it will lead to divison of Law and Justice party – we will see. Actually, I thought the entire project could have been initiated by opposition to start divisions on the right…. The mythology of agent provocateur is very strong in Poland.
    But you could say, too, here representative democracy clashed with direct democracy. Now, that surely is a victory of liberal democracy and what a liberal democracy is about! Culling populism, or culling a direct democracy?!

  31. I don’t understand the purpose for this argument. If you legally force a liberal woman to carry to term, that child is likely to also be a liberal. As voter demographics shift towards liberalism, so will future legislation….for things that actually concern you.

    1. Believe it or not, there are people who actually *care* about the lives of others especially those who can’t speak for themselves. And just that.
      This is more than what liberals can claim.

  32. Too many damn people in this world. Abortion should be legal, accessible and deregulated. No govt subsidies. Make it like LASIK and dentistry where competition drives down the price.

  33. Poland suffered immensely under the Nazis. – in conditions unimaginable to a Westerner. I’d have thought the lessons from the savage magnitude of it would have carried through a FEW Polish generations at least. Certainly some, maybe many, of these easy-virtue dolls had relatives liquidated by the Germans.
    And yet they’re so eager to abort a human fetus. Weren’t they taught at home or in school?
    Maybe I’m just naive…

  34. This is much more of a spiritual battle than it is practical. I truly believe that. Those women don’t even realize they are tools of forces darker than they can imagine….as for the men…wow…I can’t even put myself in their TOMS for a second. Eventually the DOTR will be for them or for us…this won’t end amicably.

  35. Another funny thing happened, I do not see mentioned by anybody.
    During the protest one of female leftist members of parliament made a mistake and shouted “stop dictatorship of women” (“dość dyktatury kobiet” in Polish) and the feminist mob started brainlessly shouting “stop dictatorship of women” until somebody a bit saner asked “should it not be dictatorship of men?”.

  36. I am against a rape exception. We don’t need additional motivation to make false rape accusations.
    Just allow abortions in the first couple months. Plenty of time with a rape or accident. Past that she should be stuck with it. None of this partial birth last minute change resource wasting stuff.
    I am.anti-choice when it comes to women’s reproduction rights. It is their responsibility to secure wealth to support offspring. If they fail to secure that they should be.neutered after they carry a pregnancy to term.
    Men can participate in financial provision voluntarily to help a.woman fulfill her obligation in exchange for orovisor privilege.
    No.unchosen obligations though.

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