Why The Pursuit Of Pleasure Rules Modern Civilization

The red pill has awakened us to the state of the societies we live in today.

Yet the more you see the state of human civilization today (especially in modern societies), the more it seems to heading the path of the societies which suffered (or in worst cases, were eventually destroyed) in the past. We may speculate as to what went wrong which led to this present state, but an important analogy (and lesson) we can learn from to draw a parallel to the state of modern societies is that from the biblical story of Moses and his people.

An important analogy to the state of modern humanity

Moses is an important prophet in the Abrahamic religions, and according to the Hebrew Bible, he occupies an important position as a former Egyptian prince later turned prophet, religious leader, deliverer of the Israelites and lawgiver, to whom the authorship of the Torah is traditionally attributed.

When Moses returned from Midian to Egypt after attaining his prophethood, he performed various miracles with divine help: e.g. his rod transformed into a serpent which swallowed up the Pharaoh’s magicians’ magical snakes, the subsequent plagues which ravaged Egypt, and the splitting of the sea during the exodus of his people, which saved them from destruction at the hands of Pharaoh’s hordes.


In spite of all the miracles he performed with divine help, one trait consistently revealed itself in the behavior of his people: a lack of true faith, or belief. Call it either ingratitude, or indifference, or a reluctance to move out of their comfort zones (or possibly even a defeatist Stockholm syndrome due to years of humiliating servitude to the Pharaoh), Moses’s people constantly exhibited a lack of belief in him. Thousands of years later, the same lack of faith or belief can be seen in modern societies.

Just as with Moses’s people, “faith” is the casualty in modern societies

The power of belief is the most powerful force influencing human behavior (religion is one prime example of that). Either by abundance or even a lack of it, faith in something or someone is what often drives humanity—for mankind has always acted according to its beliefs, which has primarily influenced its actions through centuries. In today’s world, however, it is common to see modern men to live in a state of skeptical disbelief. Why?

Flawed laws, hypocritical interpretation of religion and deceptive societal doctrines have all failed the common man throughout the centuries – even more today—which further drives him into disbelief. Feminism, gyno-centric social indoctrination, and similar vapid modern social constructs which seek to undermine his identity as a man lead him to an scarifying abyss of skepticism, from which he finds it excruciatingly difficult to ever extract himself out—so as to learn to trust again, to learn to believe again.


But before delving deeper into this, questions which need to be asked are: Are having laws in general, bad? Or is anarchy on the other hand, the solution to modern society’s ills?

“Laws” need not be necessarily bad.They can serve as beneficial limits to define and lend structure to a society, thus leading to its development on intellectual, economic, as well as cultural levels. Nature itself reveals limits or structures which lend to it balance.

A classic example would be that of the solar system: each planet revolves round the Sun in its own definite orbit which limits its movement. If there were no definite planetary orbits, a collision course would’ve ensued and we probably wouldn’t even been alive today. The simile of these orbits are just like laws: meant to lend meaningful structure to our lives, and the societies we live in.

In the end, we all have limits which define what is “enough” for each of us. Even our lives are limited and finite. But laws (or limits) become poisons when they become shackles of hypocrisy to destroy faith, belief or trust. A common example is the state of the modern man. More often than not, he feels cheated by the same modern system of laws and doctrines he was raised to believe in – fighting an unnatural war against his own masculinity and identity.

This has led to the destruction of the faith of the modern man in today’s world, where life is full of illusions generated by the hypocritical matrix he lives in. No man is immune to this deceptive assault on his beliefs; even the honorable self-sacrificing soldier.

Everything a lie. Everything you hear, everything you see. So much to spew out. They just keep coming, one after another. You’re in a box. A moving box. They want you dead, or in their lie… There’s only one thing a man can do – find something that’s his, and make an island for himself. If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack; a glance from your eyes, and my life will be yours. – First Sgt. Edward Welsh, THE THIN RED LINE (1998)

This realization he experiences then can lead him to either: choose to yield to the same emasculating modern social system, or choose to disbelieve everything (even if something might be true and good for him) – because believing itself has failed him. In a world where lies hold more power than truths, he then begins to see society as a despairing place where to believe in something could be a societal pretext to lure him into a snare.


But can the modern man be blamed wholly for this view? Nope, especially when the society he is raised in itself suffocates him with a deceptive environment of contradictions.

Imagine the moral resolve of an average man in a society which itself bombards him with messages which incite him towards instantaneous sensual gratification and degeneracy. Not all fingers in the palm have the same size, and so does the sincerity and strength of every man’s “morality” and belief when tested: some will eventually fail, and fall for the bait.

Such commonly seen real life scenarios are where modern societal laws and constructs hypocritically and constantly fail modern men, and destroy their beliefs – leading them to a world of never ending skepticism and disbelief which scar their minds and personalities forever.

Furthermore with the simultaneous promotion of degeneracy by modern societal constructs, modern humanity, after having its trust broken, lives in skepticism to laws in general. The sad thing is – even if a deliverer ever came with true laws to reform civilization – he would be shunned and constantly berated, just like how Moses was, due to the destruction of faith in a deceptive modern world.


The degenerate hypocrisy of the feminist matrix of modern societies has thus successfully influenced modern men negatively enough so as to destroy their ability to even trust or believe.With the death of male authenticity, modern men are raised to soldier against true masculinity, and become dispensable tools. It is indeed, a war against men – with men being brainwashed to fight against each other, and their own identities.

Mankind’s “faith” today is more often than not addiction to comfort and pleasure

In The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene states:

What is offered for free is dangerous-it usually involves either a trick or a hidden obligation. What has worth is worth paying for. By paying your own way you stay clear of gratitude, guilt, and deceit. It is also often wise to pay the full pee-there is no cutting corners with excellence. Be lavish with your money and keep it circulating, for generosity is a sign and a magnet for power.- Law No.40, The 48 Laws of Power

Furthermore, he elaborates this law with several examples, one of which is the story of Moses and the Pharaoh from The Book Of Government Or Rules For Kings, written in the eleventh century. The story explores about Moses’s impatience for the destruction of the Pharaoh :

Moses was impatient for God to destroy Pharaoh quickly, and he could not endure to wait any longer. So he fasted for forty days and went to Mount Sinai, and in his communing with God he said, “0 Lord, Thou didst promise that Thou wouldst destroy Pharaoh, and still he has forsaken none of his blasphemies and pretensions. So when wilt Thou destroy him?”

A voice came from The Truth saying “O Moses, you want Me to destroy Pharaoh as quickly as possible, but a thousand times, a thousand of My servants want Me never to do so, because they partake of his bounty and enjoy tranquility under his rule. By My power I swear that us long as he provides abundant food and comfort for My creatures, I shall not destroy him. “

Moses said, “Then when will Thy promise be fulfilled?” God said, “My promise will be fulfilled when he withholds his provision from My creatures.If ever he begins to lessen his bounty, know that his hour is drawing near.”

The story further states that Pharaoh’s destruction eventually occurred when he gradually reduced the provisions of his Hebrew slaves. The conclusion derived from this story reveals an important lesson on how to secure power and secure the submission of others:

Nothing is better than generosity… If a man is rich and desires, without a royal charter, to act like a lord; if he wants men to humble themselves before him, to revere him and call him lord and prince, then tell him every day to spread a table with victuals. And those who have acquired renown in the world have gained it mainly through hospitality, while the miserly and avaricious are despised in both worlds.- from LAW 40, The 48 Laws of Power.

It could be argued from reading the above text, that probably the Israelites willingly consented to submit to Pharaoh, and constantly lacked belief in Moses, because they were accustomed to the provisions they got from the Pharaoh, in spite of the humiliating servitude to him.

However, one can replace the words “generosity” and “hospitality” with provision of “pleasure” and “degeneracy” in the conclusion to understand how this applies to the state of modern societies.

The addiction to (or dependency on) comforts destroys both the ability to persevere against odds and the ability to perceive the real value of freedom in the long run, and this could be seen in the constant grumbling of Moses’s people during their stay in the wilderness after the exodus from Egypt.

The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” – Exodus 16:3 (NIV)

But just as with Moses’s people, the taste of pleasure and comfort is often seen to hold greater value than the taste of real freedom for modern humanity.

With the impetus of modern societies on the immediate gratification of the senses, and to abolish self-control, most people today willingly ‘enslave’ themselves to the pleasures they would receive – even if it could mean compromising on their freedom, honors, morals, and dignity. Very few would leave the comfort zones – which sometimes actually serve as their personal “thumbscrews.”

“Find out each man’s thumbscrew. ‘Tis the art of setting their wills in action. It needs more skill than resolution. You must know where to get at anyone. Every volition has a special motive which varies according to taste. All men are idolaters, some of fame, others of self interest, most of pleasure. Skill consists in knowing these idols in order to bring them into play. – Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658)

Earthly and sensual pleasure is real, tangible, and believable, sometimes even instantaneously obtainable for some; while honor, self-control and dignity are often viewed as abstract and sometimes unreal concepts in modern societies.

Because sensual pleasure is more realistic, the matrix of modern societies continue to promise and peddle comforting degeneracy to stun the modern man today into ignorance and secure his enslavement to the system, while at the same time indoctrinating him towards the pursuit of pleasure – and sometimes even rewarding him with it.

People are by nature changeable. It is easy to persuade them about some particular matter, but it is hard to hold them to that persuasion. Hence it is necessary to provide that when they no longer believe, they can be forced to believe. – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

And once he’s tasted the pleasure of comfort and believed in it, it’s often difficult for him to unplug himself from it to pursue self-mastery to secure his freedom, especially when his society itself relentlessly indoctrinates him to relinquish his self-restraint and discard his options.

And after being sufficiently baptized by the modern society’s social matrix, if such a man is then ever forced onto the path of struggle, he often grumbles just like Moses’s people, wanting to return to his comfort nest of degeneracy.

I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill? – Cypher, The Matrix

Is this not the state of comfort-loving, blue pill men in modern societies? How many of these men would speak up and rebel against an emasculating system which indoctrinates them unnaturally against their masculine nature and freedom yet still rewards them with superficial pleasure, an example being commitment from substandard women?

And just like the Pharaoh of the Exodus, the matrix of modern societies exercises a similar control over these mass of modern blue pill men – by providing them comfort and “pleasure” (from even used trash, even if it may come at the cost of male honor and liberty). This provision of degeneracy and superficial comfort forces these men to believe in the system, and abide to it.

Pleasure supersedes values, dignity and honor in the modern world – and thus the pursuit of pleasure often presents itself as a modern day religion, and while becoming a “belief system,” rules and influences modern civilization more than ever today.



..…for we never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough. – William Blake

But the road to excess can sometimes also lead to the abyss of destruction especially in today’s deceptive world of illusions, where men have lost the ability to perceive and judge properly, let alone believe.

The hypocrisies of modern societies has thus contributed greatly to the destruction of faith in modern humanity. The modern man walks today through the minefield of hypocrisies and deceptions that the matrix of the society he belongs to has engineered for him—to tempt him to yield to a life of shallow pleasure which would blind him to the reality of his precious existence.

With so many around him who have already fallen for the bait, it’s up to him to take the red pill to realistically see and unbiasedly judge the world for what it is—without illusions—to reclaim his freedom and dignified identity.

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66 thoughts on “Why The Pursuit Of Pleasure Rules Modern Civilization”

  1. This has been written about for thousands of years.
    Men and women are human. Humans, by our nature, are heavily flawed.
    It stands to reason, that despite the fact we can be noble, we often find ourselves racing to the lowest common denominator. Essentially, our most base, and deprave desires.
    If one wants to rise above it, like one who wants to lead, they have to pay the price for it.
    The price includes ostracizement, isolation most of the time, and arduous journeys to discover oneself. Let’s face it, it is hard to know where you are, if you have no point of view contrary to it to point out the contrast.

      1. I don’t think you do, but sometimes I wonder whether you work for the SPLC. Also where do you get all this stuff?

        1. “I don’t think you do, but sometimes I wonder whether you work for the SPLC.”
          He/she/”it” might as well. The choice of user name as “anti” anything should be enough of a tell. Whenever your identify primarily comes from opposing something else (“anti” whatever), rather than a positive state of being something, someone has a problem.

      2. Hehe
        I have this sneaking suspicion that you are a feminist yes?
        So I will try and make this as simple as I can. You will have to forgive me, as I don’t do coloring books. Let alone ones that hate men.
        So with that disclaimer, your questions.
        TO the first, and despite the uncaptivatingly worded photo, woman are certainly human. Their desires are certainly different. Where men like to often work on projects bigger than themselves, women do as well. But usually, despite feminist claims to the contrary, it involves hearth and home.
        Men want to build something.
        The fact that men build something does not negate the contribution of women when it comes to childbirth of course, but also that every single man wants a woman he can trust, and knows she has their life on lock down when crap goes wrong.
        What, you think that the Roman centurion, or viking, when he left for war and pillage, would leave his house in the care of the local whore?
        It takes a real human to watch the kids, and maintain the estate while he is building/increasing the estates boundaries. And it takes a strong woman at that.
        The fact that feminists have debased woman to a small step above village appetizer is not my concern.
        Strong women exist. I have one. She is everything a feminist writes piss poor movie scripts about, but can never be. She makes enough to have me play house husband, and watch sports center all day. I don’t.
        Your second question.
        No, we are not equal, but complimentary. Our differing strengths left undisciplined, can become our greatest weakness, and curse. To where men it is being ruled by a pretty face, and subsequent poverty. For women, it is the allure of stuff, at the expense of her family and home.
        For all of our modern technology, the ancients had something better. Modern civilization will follow suit once again, or go into a dark age.

        1. I have this sneaking suspicion that you are a feminist yes?

          And I have a sneaking suspicion that you don’t know what a feminist is.

          The fact that men build something does not negate the contribution of women when it comes to childbirth of course

          Lolwot? That’s your proof that women aren’t animals? Because they can give birth like every mammal?

          It takes a real human to watch the kids, and maintain the estate while he is building/increasing the estates boundaries.

          And women fail at that. Single moms are the biggest source of criminality of a society. Women function only well when supervised by a man. Like circus animals essentially (which is a term that I took from the longer version of the picture).

          No, we are not equal, but complimentary

          Like bees and flowers. Doesn’t turn flowers into bees.

    1. Men are the only ones capable of making that journey and the more time wasted worshipping vagina, the more civilization will regress. Never in the history of the Earth have women had so much attention and woman might as well be Latin for hedonist. Their basic desires control every aspect of their lives. A man who lets his penis and the television do his thinking for him is closer to a woman than a gay dude.

      1. Yes there is a lot of vagina worshipping going on and I’m glad the red pill community is realizing this. All this pleasure seeking leaves one only feeling empty before seeking the next high, but how high will it take you? We’re not animals ho ho ho

      2. Heck, sometimes gay dudes can be better than the rest of the male population when it comes to not worshiping the vagina. One reason why I don’t have anything against them and some of them are friends of mine. Of course we have the red pill community and we’re also good at recognizing that the vagina isn’t everything.

      3. All things in moderation.
        Another old adage is the a weakness is a strength taken to it’s breaking point. If pushed to much, it breaks. If allowed to heal, the individual usually becomes stronger.
        Who plateaus, like lifting in the gym, forever?
        That is a fool wasting their time.

    2. Spot on. It’s proven with every empire. They have about a 250-300 year shelf life, then the next empire comes along. The newcomers takeover because they are hungry while the previous empire has dropped into decay.

      1. Nope, not the Byzantine Empire. It lasted 1000 years because they barred Jews from entering government and education.

      2. The Romans, especially if you count the Byzantines, had essentially four half lives of Democracy.
        Ultimately splitting, one half being overcome by Germanics, the other by a muslim conqueror.
        The problem with power and wealth, is that they corrupt. The USSA has essentially had her fill of wealth after WW2. The things that made/make her great, are under attack. It happens when the leadership continually, election after ever more useless election, wipes it’s ass with the trust of those they rule.
        I can’t claim to know exactly what’s in store for us. But I think the USA definitely still has the goods to be great again.
        But for the love of God, we have got to drop the socialism. How many civilizations is that cancer going to kill before human beings learn we can’t operate a true socialist system?

    3. We’d be perceived as being much less flawed if it wasn’t for the Jews.
      Their goal is to bring out the worst in Gentiles to destabilize and ultimately subjugate them.

      1. Those clever fuckers are winning too. They have managed to turn everyone against one another. Men vs. Women, black vs. white, rich vs. poor. Everyone hates each other while they sit back and destroy the world.

  2. This article reminded me of one of best parts of one of my favorite movies the Devil’s Advocate.

      1. Truly, a work of art. It really highlights the duplicitous nature of a creature hell bent on perverting the little amphibians who inhabit time, and space, as well as another dimension. To crush them, in order to hurt the being who plagues him. And whom he can never defeat.
        A slow delusional descent into madness.
        Who says the Judeo-Christian God is weak? They obviously know nothing.

    1. Do we believe a man who takes his cues from movies?
      Or, for arguments sake, if God exists, do we take the gift of a being who set an incredible universe in motion, and stated, from here on out is your choice. Show me what you are. With all the resources right at the surface for us to learn, adapt, overcome.
      Also, in that movie, what happens next, is an appeal to the most basest, depraved instincts. What sort of being does that?
      In the times I had someone who actually cared, they did not give me everything I wanted. Often, they gave me nothing I wanted or asked for. Precisely because I had no clue what I wanted, or was asking for.
      Even if I thought that a being that could make all this was depraved, I could go the other way in an argument.
      Why would a being who hates me, set in rules that allow me the freedom to be happy. Content. Raise a family, and all the challenges it brings that make me a more complete man?
      To start a project, with those resources available to me, to make a business. Carve out a niche, write laws, make friends to share in the struggles that make me better.
      A challenge to face those who choose the negative. What man accepts a fool whose too weak to overcome the social morass of his environment, to complain like a government welfare slave/stooge, and eat at their table. If not to better them, or allow them to accept their fate of their own choice.?
      That is the thing is not? Choice.
      To choose to be, or not.
      To choose to reject feminist caprice, or not.
      To choose to be a man who will die in the face of adversity rather than accept the meager allotment of a tyrant. Or not.
      To choose to find one, or several, amazing woman to sire your offspring. Or to not. Some this is by choice, others by choice to accept the meager offerings of a feminist tyrant. Then complain about their lot in life as if they themselves never chose it by their inaction.
      To show true character, and face things (sometimes fatal), and shine as a man whose too strong and determined to allow himself to fall into that which he knows is weakness.
      Often, people like you will call that man a fool. Yet fail to realize, or perhaps acknowledge, that those exact traits are what you wish you possessed.
      By all means, take a small snippet of a film to base your moral code around. But don’t expect me to join you in your foolishness.

    1. The pug man. I read your bog. Good stuff, but I thought you hated Roosh and the manosphere.

  3. ..…for we never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough. – William Blake
    There hasn’t been a word for “enough” in American English since about 1982.

  4. Return of Kings is like the new age version of a coffee and newspaper.
    Hey, buddy, can you grab me a needle? Because I need to inject this heroin (aka ROK site readings) into my vein.

  5. This echoes some of the thoughts I’ve been having lately.
    In the Freudian model of the psyche, personalities are made up of the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is always present, continuously exerting a force on the ego, seeking gratification. The ego is the conscious self, with a great capacity for rationalizing the demands of the id. However, another force is exerted by the superego, which is a set of rules and ideals promoted by culture.
    Historically, the ideals and rules of culture were collective and self-sacrificing, functioning to constrain the desires of the id. Now, our culture’s rules and ideals serve to feed the id. There is no balance, and society is deteriorating.
    The mistake of classical liberalism is to take for granted the existence of superegoic values like honor, loyalty, faith, discipline, modesty, and all manner of virtue. These arose from more centralized cultural authorities whose aims were collective, even nationalistic. Once the old authority was decentralized and democratized, then the aims of the new authority figures (regular people) became ever-more individualistic, id-driven. The force shaping culture (and hence shaping the superego) is now the id. The old constraints have been worn away over time, and loyalty and honor and the other old virtues have become increasingly scarce in the minds and hearts of the people.
    Well, I guess this means I’m becoming a neo-reactionary. The hard part is ensuring that a collective or nationalistic system is moderate and accommodates the best parts of classical liberalism, without goose-stepping over the line into extremism.

  6. I enjoy please. If I had access to pleasure, I would certainly indulge myself in it. I believe that there must be a balance to work and play. Play too much and society crumbles; don’t get to play and you have no incentive to work.

  7. Nice article. Nice quote from The Thin Red Line too. Terrance Malick is one of the last great american directors and The Tree of Life is one of our greatest movies.

  8. Adulthood is the point at which you willingly assume duties that are more important than your own personal well-being.
    I have a question for all feminists, egalitarians, liberals, M(H)RA’s, MGTOW’s, Grass-eaters, marxists, humanists, and leftists and all those who incessantly bleat about their ‘rights’.
    What have you done, or are you doing, to EARN those rights? I am not talking about spending four hours a day whining on websites, I mean… What have you, personally, sacrificed in order to secure those rights? What are you willing to PAY, or GIVE UP, in order to buy those rights?
    I actually don’t include PUA’s in that list. They have given up free time, laziness, procrastination, and in many cases their best friends and subculture. THEY know full well what they have sacrificed for their right to ‘bang any girl they can’,
    Many redpillers have given up comfortable ignorance, self-assurance, optimism, faith in others, and even their families and friends for their ‘right to pursue the truth, no matter where it leads or how much pain knowing the truth causes’.
    But, ironically, they don’t often bleat about ‘rights’. They know that all rights must be bought and paid for in personal sacrifice.
    So the question is, what have YOU sacrificed for your rights? What makes you think you deserve them without paying the price?

    1. “They know that all rights must be bought and paid for in personal sacrifice.”
      There is one actual birthright, all the others simply being corollary extensions of that:
      Note, however, that you do not have a right for your self-defense to be successful. You have to earn success.
      ” . . .what have YOU sacrificed for your rights?”
      I might argue that I have never sacrificed anything for my rights, that I only sacrifice for the abrogation of my rights, since in abrogating my rights, it is my rights that I sacrifice.

      1. You cannot sacrifice something you have never possessed. And I would argue being treated like something other than a potentially violent pederastic rapist is something most american males have never experienced.

    2. I served. 8 years Army. In that 8 years 4 deployments. Other vets would look at me weird because I was 23 on my third tour in Iraq. Spent more time in the middle east than in Highschool.
      I also learned some hard lessons in my civilian life. I am now mostly alone with a small circle of tight knit brothers I can trust. My first friend I recall making at age 5 watched me get jumped when we were 14. Even the people “trying” to kick my rear pointed out how much of a horrid friend he was.
      Wanna know the funny thing? I never complain about my rights. I know that I am damn lucky to live the life I live. And if anyone does anything I don’t like I bring it up to them immediately and let them know one of us needs to back off and it won’t be me.
      Funny how those who never sacrificed anything are the first to whine to the world about their rights. Rights are not given. It’s a privilege that you must fight for or be blessed to have someone else fight on your behalf.

      1. It is funny, because it’s totally true… Sometimes I wonder if only those with a military background understand that there’s no such thing as a ‘right’ outside of your own mind… only privileges bought with service or blood.

  9. Quite good. Correct that it is the wine and women and techno-wonders — and not the whip — that keeps the masses of men in-line and indeed acting against their own masculine natures and best interests in modern gyno-cultures. The parallel with the ancient Hebrew tribes and Moses is being recapitulated, literally, right in front of your eyes. Before our bodies can escape enslavement — especially the enslavements of comfort and pride and pleasure — our minds must take the risky leap away from psychological smugness and comfort.
    The Hebrews were ‘legal slaves’ under Pharaoh in Egypt, and yet when their opportunity to escape came, only a SMALL percentage of the people (overwhelmingly, the men who were strongest in God) left the Goshen area of lower Egypt, to seek return to the Lord and Jerusalem. Same later, when the Hebrews were slaves in ancient Babylon. God’s servants arranged a decree with king Cyrus allowing any Hebrew who desired to freely leave Babylon and return to build the temple at Jerusalem. (So that time, NOBODY chased them or restricted them, and leaving was LEGAL.)
    Yet as in Egypt, only a tiny percentage of the millions of Hebrews in Babylon chose the arduous trek back to living the simple life rebuilding Jerusalem. Life in Amerika oops Babylon had become quite easy for many of the Hebrews, and given the choice of pleasing God and re-establishing their homeland, the majority chose to stick with fat and easy lives in empire Babylon, continuing in their well-kept slavery. (Ancient Babylon, btw, is the culture that invented the concept and practice of socio-cultural Equality between males and females. The Enlightenment only updated this practice. In many ways, the U.S. is a recapitulation of Babylonian cultural and legal assumptions.)
    The LORD shows us the road, and sometimes even grades it for us and clears the snakes. But eventually each of us must decide who we will serve, because without exception, we ALL serve somebody. Modern U.S. culture is completely corrupt, ruled collectively by females and weak, wealthy, enabling males. Yet serving the empire brings easy rewards, while serving God separates and alienates us from the dominant religion of Womanism and Progressivism, and make our lives rough. It requires delay of gratification and pleasure, and is guaranteed to be a difficult road. You may be forced from your job; you may be homeless; falsely arrested and persecuted by the fem-courts; shunned by former family and friends; your children stolen and awarded to Almighty Woman. Etc. Real masculinity isn’t easy, whether today in the U.S. or the fifteen century B.C. The issues haven’t much changed, tho. Fancier technology — that’s about it.

    1. great comrent, I’ll add:
      Firstly – Jews must rescind their covenant of circumcision. When is the last time the Jews had a real king? No king can come forth from a bunch of chopped down men. So a WHOLE BUNCH OF PRINCESSES but NO KING for the Jews. Genitally BUTCHERED AT BIRTH, the WHACKED man eventually grows up to be a WHIPPED man – never the master of his own house but rather THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
      The husband or ‘hus-band’ is a circular piece of skin. WHERE DO ALL THE FORESKINS GO? The old saying ”she’s got him wrapped around her finger”. THE HUS-BAND. Originally the wedding ‘band’ was not a gold ring but a circular PIECE OF SKIN. – – VOODOO ALERT – – If that’s not VOODOO CONTROL than I don’t know what is. Jews try and feel SPECIAL all you can but circumcision is and always was exclusively FOR PEASANTS. That’s right, toilet attendant, foot kissing and massaging, food testing and worst of all SEX SLAVE PEASANTS.

  10. Perhaps the emergence and availability of DIY technologies such as 3-D printers and DIY biotechnologies will enable more people to pursuit something other than mere pleasure There is pleasure and there is productive accomplishment. What else is there?

      1. That’s my point. As long as the pursuit of pleasure does not inhibit the pursuit of productive accomplishment, I fail to see any problem here. This article appears to be making much ado over nothing.

        1. My point was that 3-D printers are only tools of production for those people who are already productive.
          For most people it works like this now:
          You push a button on the magic box and a couple of days later a Barbie Doll appears in the magic box on the porch
          With a 3-D printer it will work like this:
          You push a button on the magic box and a couple of hours later a Barbie Doll appears in the magic box next to it.
          For most people it doesn’t replace other tools, it replaces the UPS man. It’s a delivery system.
          “This article appears to be making much ado over nothing.”
          I don’t think it’s going to make next year’s Top 5, and in any case the cult of Dionysus goes back to pre-history.

        2. You keep missing my point. If you want people to pursuit pleasure less, you need to empower them to engage in some kind of productive accomplishment that they cannot currently do. 3-D printers are but one example of such an enabling technology.
          Besides, I’m not convinced that hedonism is a problem. Its reasonable to say that hedonism is become quite common since the 1960’s. Has the rate of technological innovation slowed down since then? In some areas it has. Airplanes are one example. In others, it has actually accelerated. Semiconductors, computers, materials science, biotechnology and bio-engineering. The list goes on and on. There is even a resurgence in nuclear science, mainly in the form of the more than 5 start-ups to commercialize small reactors based on Thorium fission and the more than 8 start-ups in fusion (polywell, Tri-alpha, etc.).
          My point is that as long as we have “mostly” a free-market economy that allows the people who do want to innovate and by productive, what the rest of the human race does is completely irrelevant. In fact, its preferable that the rest of the human race be a bunch of hedonists than it would for them to commit to some kind of luddite or “illiberal” (Lochean definition) ideology where they would actually inhibit the actions of the innovative, productive people.

        3. ” . . . allows the people who do want to innovate and by productive, what the rest of the human race does is completely irrelevant.”
          Ahhhhh, that is a new point which you did not make before.
          As someone who produces things what a 3-D printer can do for me is give be better efficiency in time and materials for certain items, particularly in prototyping.
          And that’s it. Many of things I make I can make with a pocket knife, and if I don’t have a pocket knife, I can go out into the woods and make one. Earlier this year I found myself out for a walk and realized I’d brought my tobacco, but not my pipe, so as I walked along I made a pocket knife and used it to make a pipe and had my smoke.
          Because I am the sort of person who makes things.
          3-D printers aren’t any sort of a game changer for me. I already have tools and I know how to use them. For most of the things I make a 3-D printer isn’t particularly helpful at all. Royal Wulff trout flies, for instance.
          So, yes, I stipulate that what most people do doesn’t really matter, so long as they stay away from the matches and gasoline, but for the people who do matter, these “enabling” technologies, well, aren’t. We’re already enabled.
          Additive and subtractive processes, cutting down and building up forms, have been around for a long time. With some materials they can be done with no more tools than your hands.
          That is, in fact, all we started with that brought us here.
          You can 3-D print with nothing but your hands as tools.

  11. “If there were no definite planetary orbits, a collision course would’ve ensued and we probably wouldn’t even been alive today.”
    The “definite” planetary orbits are the result of collisions, which is why we are alive today. A few stars just blowin’ up real good helped a lot.
    We are only “we” because even after the establishment of the planetary orbits the Earth has experienced collisions on a number of occasions, killing most multi-cell life on Earth. There is no natural law preventing another such collision wiping out “us” to be replaced by “them.”
    Our galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy which will rip them both apart, we just happen to live before it has occurred.

  12. On the one hand the quick gratification and “caring only about what’s 3′ in front of you” tendency of the post modern people is going to be the end of civilization. That much we can expect.
    On the other hand, to try too hard to “go the other way” and being completely devoid of fun in your life is just as damaging. I have known such people, bible-thumpers mainly who (in some whig/temperance level way) felt that the more miserable they were the closer they were going get to God. Everything to them had to get through the “of the Lord” filter and everything that came along that was potentially enjoyable was seen as a total trap set by the devil. (Kind of like if a total 10 woman started hitting on you on the street and you have a vision of waking up missing a kidney)
    For the balance we need, I would say what we need more than anything is a “Vocation” in life. The monks are a good example of this. While we associate discipline and piousness with monks, observe though that they are not just keeping the place clean but they make a study of things. Going back in history their research and transcribing was what carried civilization through the dark ages and also lead to early science. Gregor Mendel for example.
    If all you have is a job, and no real goals, and you are at the level of “that’s it” and it’s “eat sleep shit and work” (a big nothing until you die) then that leaves a huge hole for self gratification and hedonism to fill. Then you will live for that 2 weeks vacation, that porn, that video game and practicing masculinity and tribal wiring through being a sports fanatic. I do not think that we seek these things out first and then discard the rest, on the average anyway. I think that once the train arrives at the station and everybody lives happily ever after, the epilogue of a life lacking a purpose (no vocation) is the true nightmare of any story.
    So I always suggest that if you want a permanent bulwark against this fallibility, then take up a vocation or a cause. It need not be “make the world a better place” either. If you want to make money your cause, then so be it if the number itself is your scoreboard (I have known men like that and they end up becoming philanthropists towards the end when, having defeated the numerical, realize that it was only money all along). Perhaps science is your thing? Maybe you can build a better mousetrap? Take Tesla for example: always experimenting.
    When you have a purpose, a vocation, you are taking the apex result of civilization and building a Launchpad that could take the human race out of the “hierarchy of needs”. I have friends who have gone “off grid” and I chide them for they have all kinds of useful skills but I say to them “so you chop wood for 6 months so you can spend the other 6 huddled by the stove in your cabin”. You see, a vocation means that you are taking the fact that shelter, food, and other “needs” are so provided for that you are no longer going to live at that “base level” and take the efficiency of the modern and use your spare time to wank and party and get laid but instead will put your time into things that only an apex civilization can make possible when a man need not have to spend all day looking for food or hauling his water.
    Thing about the fellow who landed a space ship on a comet for example. Does he have to spend most of his time dealing with the hierarchy of needs? No. In fact he was probably too deep into his numbers because he didn’t expect the feminazi swarm to descend on him.
    Stephen Hawking is another example. Life would be a neverending struggle for a man in that condition.
    In many ways it’s funny that we have the apex and the potential for a spring board to progress beyond the hierarchy and every man makes the choice, but the social(ist) engineers who know this have seen to it that the “basic needs” are so amplified in perception of need, like this notion the media conditions men towards that they will somehow die or “turn into a trans/fag” if they don’t’ put pussy on a pedestal. Now think about all those men out there who put just about every last bit of their “blood and treasure” into what amounts to the biggest black hole of such blood and treasure (money and resources) ever known in the history of the human race: the western woman. And it’s such that the men who become convinced that they “will never get it” will spite their own lives and potential in some sad sack existence playing video games or something.
    It’s like that line from Breakfast Club, where the geek was suicidal because he could not make a lamp in shop class, and the tough guy tries to explain to him that he is smart because he can’t make a lamp.

    1. These issues are especially burdensome for American/Anglosphere males under age forty. Many really have known nothing else except this degraded and degrading culture. I grew up in the fifties with a good dad. But how do you reach, or recapture, something you’ve had no experience of? Compared to fifty years ago, this nation is a wasteland. Feminist, daddy-hating country. Little wonder young guys are so easily controlled and dis-spirited.
      Some pleasures indeed are snares of the devil, but serving God is a LOT of fun! Not easy, not always pleasurable… but somehow, always interesting, challenging, instructive. And fun. Christ, when appearing in the form of a Hebrew man, drank wine. Went to weddings and feasts. No he didn’t chase women around. He was quite self-contained.
      Females rule by group-power — gossip, governments, ecclesia, ideologies and political movements — all manifestations of collectivism, the omnipresent IPhone. The People (modernly = women) decide by Village Voice what is right, what’s wrong, how to live, cultural and ‘spiritual’ values.
      Men rule hierarchically, whether by practical necessity of, say, building the Golden Gate Bridge, or more broadly and generally. Heaven is a hierarchy, Earth is a rebellion.
      Men have a King. There are not many Statist rulers, or a Committee, or a Guild — there is one King, and we accept or reject. But the only escape from the way of men is regression to collective subjugation under females and ‘elite’ males. Like Obama and Biden. Forever.
      Eventually the King will sit in Jerusalem. It’s telling that he will ‘own’ only a tiny portion of the planet, tho it all belongs to him. Also revealing is that the quarters of the persons living in closest proximity to him will be divided between priests and singers. SINGERS? Yep. He enjoys his music! Doesn’t sound to me like a king who disallows fun.

      1. Jesus wasn’t a Jew, the Schofield Bible is a pile of bullshit, and you sir are a Christian Zionist.
        Fuck Jerusalem, it is a center of Evil.
        On another note, the young men of today can learn about the lives of past generations through written recollections gathered on the internet.

        1. Jesus was the king of the Jews and the son of GOD. He was born of a Hebrew woman and raised as a Jew. He was judged by the Jews as a blasphemer because he claimed (correctly) to be the son of GOD. He was put to death by the Romans but was arrested for violation of the Jewish Temple laws. If he wasn’t a Jew there would be no reason to arrest him as there were plenty of people around who held other religious beliefs at the time. Your information is incorrect.

  13. Everyone needs a little pleasure from time to time. You k now what they say: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  14. there can be no trust when every thing is survival of the fittest. How can you really have a moral code when one doesn’t believe in God, do what thou wilt is the whole of the law today and we will support you with government funds. That is today’s problem no believe in a higher power, the government is not the end all be all who really trust them at every turn the betray us. You can’t spank your child, or be a man in your house if you want a wife and to build a family your fighting an uphill battle like never before. Why is this when its proven that builds a strong society, why are they doing all these studies saying children raised by same sex couples are better. You can call it a conspiracy I call it an attack reject I evolution it is the ideology of enslavement, I made all this money in a crooked system so I can reproduce freely while I lock you in a cage for trying to do the same thing. We have it better but everyday it changes a little more, see I know what the goverment really believes, in a few years there going to have empirical proof that either God exist or he doesn’t. And that will justify the mass killings they do to rid the earth of undesirables, who is an undesirable one who hasn’t been decieved . Little old 16 year old me sitting in history class and the teacher tells the class the civil war was fought to free the slaves and that’s it, it’s laughable pure lunacy that’s the public school system though. And we give our kids to the state from birth and wonder why they don’t listen to us. There’s nothing I can do besides dooms day prep and read my bible though while every one else talks about whose the better rapper or who looks better naked.

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