5 Ways To Groom An Indian Girl To Be A Subservient Wife

Back in 2014, my colleague Matt Forney warned men to not date Indian girls. But Indian men who want to honor their heritage will still marry Indian girls, and there will always be non-Indian men who fall for Indian women. So how can these men groom an Indian girl to be a docile wife?

Indian girls present a special challenge


Kiran Gandhi being unhygienic in London

White American girls take a lot of heat from the manosphere, but the truth is that there is a small minority of American girls who are very traditional. These girls have a natural common sense that allows them to see through the lies of feminism and progressive politics that infect their peers.

Indian girls in the US, on the other hand, seem to lack the bullshit detectors that this minority of white girls possesses. Every Indian woman I know swallows the feminist, progressive, and corporate indoctrination without questioning it.

Take Kiran Gandhi, the deranged Indian woman who ran the London marathon while menstruating without a tampon to raise awareness for “period shaming.” Even though she is one of the privileged few (she is a Harvard MBA), she still feels that she must engage in shameful stunts on the pretense that she is somehow persecuted.

Even “conservative” Indian women like South Carolina governor Nikki Haley are actually progressives. They subscribe to same liberal idea that a woman can only be fulfilled as a corporate drone or a man-jawed politician, not as a loyal wife and mother.

Any man who plans to stay married to an Indian woman is going to have to purge his wife of her feminist indoctrination and other bad tendencies. Here’s how to do it.

1. If you want to rule, you have to lead


If you think that Indian girls will accept their husband as the boss just because they come from a traditional culture, you are wrong. I have a close friend from college who went to India to find a wife. He was convinced that by finding a traditional Indian girl, he would live like some maharaja with his wife dutifully waiting on him. He could not have been more mistaken.

Although my friend’s wife was beautiful, she was anything but subservient. Instead, my friend ended up waiting on her; catering to her every whim. Within a few months of getting married, my friend looked like a wreck and he confessed that his wife was making him miserable with her constant demands.

In truth, if you want to be treated like a king, you have to act like one. Real kings must actively rule over every aspect of their realm—or they will not remain on the throne for long.

Husbands must think of themselves as ancient kings who do not sit behind the battle lines planning, but who actually lead their troops in battle. As king of your marriage, it is up to you to determine your family’s mission and get your wife to buy into it.

Also like a king who leads his troops, you must always maintain frame. You must not show weakness or lose your composure. Women are experts at sensing weakness, and no matter what they may say to the contrary; they are naturally wired to despise it. While maintaining frame takes a lot of discipline, your reward will be a loving, submissive wife.

2. Use dread game


Dread game is a tactic of instilling a sense of doom in your woman so that she appreciates you. Anything that gives your wife the idea that you have other options—and that there is a chance, however slim, that you might act on these options can serve as a dread game technique. While there is lots of information written on various dread game techniques, I am only going to recommend three simple ones.

The first is that you must look good: get in shape, lift weights, and dress well. Look your best whenever you go out. By doing so, you send your wife a signal that you value yourself. It will also increase the attention that other women pay to you. Women are always on the look out for rivals, so if other women show an interest in you, your wife will act more subservient to keep you.

The second thing to do is to go out more with your wife and to be very gregarious. Being very sociable is an alpha male trait that will give your wife, and other women, the tingles.

The third technique is a nuclear option that I don’t recommend unless your wife is a particularly difficult case. It involves taking dread game further and actually flirting with other women in front of her. It has to be something that she can see, because the whole point is to make her aware that you have other options.

Any flirtation that you engage in must be very subtle, so subtle that she can’t really accuse you of open wrongdoing.

3. Keep her fit


Some American women have the idea that they only have to be thin before marriage, but that once they “get the ring,” they can blimp out. But judging from observation, all Indian women think that it is acceptable to get fat after they get married. Even Aishwarya Rai, once one of the most beautiful women in the world, became a hambeast after she got married.

You can’t let this happen. Not only is a fat wife sexually unappetizing, your wife is also a reflection of you. If your wife begins to resemble Jabba the Hutt, it lowers your social value as well.

Fortunately, the fix is easy. As part of your dread game, you are already eating a healthy diet and going to the gym. Simply take your wife with you and keep her on the same diet. Besides helping your wife preserve her girlish figure, working out with your wife is a great activity to draw you closer to each other.

4. Be affectionate

Neha Sharma

In an earlier article I wrote: “Gentlemen, you need to fuck your wives.” And you must do it often. This seems to be an obvious truth, but there are a lot of married guys out there who are getting very little sex.

The key to fixing the problem is knowing the difference between how men and women are wired. Men are ready for sex all the time. We can get aroused in a matter of seconds.

Women require a longer seduction. When you are dating, the atmosphere of seduction is always present. Once they get married, lots of husbands forget this. They will ignore seduction and try to go straight for sex—only to be rebuffed for their effort.

Correcting this is easy. Show your wife massive affection. Hug and kiss her often and unexpectedly even when sex is not on the immediate horizon. These can’t be quick pecks as you leave the house—they have to be passionate so that you wife understands that you still find her ravishing.

5. Give her babies


As I mentioned, Indian women seem to be particularly susceptible to the corporatist lie that a woman’s priority is to her employer, not her family. The most enjoyable way of correcting this mistaken priority in your wife is by putting a baby in her belly. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching your barefoot, pregnant wife preparing a delicious home cooked meal for you.

Ideally, try to let your wife stay home full time while your children are young. Then, when the children are of school age, she can go back if the family’s finances require it. Although you will lose potential income, it will pay off in the end with healthier, better-adjusted children and a happier, less stressed wife.


There will always be a few women that are so damaged by modernity that they are unfit for anything. But if you diligently apply these five tactics you will be able to transform almost any young Indian woman into a submissive wife that will be make you happy for a lifetime.

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  1. It seems odd that the article specifically targets Indian girls, as the advice would seem to be somewhat universal. Should you not be doing these things if your wife current or prospective is of another race? Seems fairly standard – lead, maintain frame, demonstrate high value, fuck her well and enforce traditional gender roles.

    1. There was no real cultural insight that would help any man traveling in india get laid. Maybe it was about banging westernized indian women outside inda?

  2. Subservient women from Middle East and Asia are also subservient to their families and parents. If you are not from the same culture or ethnicity you wont get anywhere near them since their parents have a say on who is and isnt allowed to court her!
    If any Asian/ME woman you find who is willing to abandon her parents or culture will eventually end up eating you alive! These kinds of women are the worst of the worst.

    1. You speak from experience i hear. I dont know anything about asian women but middle eastern women running wild avoiding their biological family is probably the most dangerous type of woman one can come across.

    2. i believe that’s what happened to the poor marine who stole the princess of bahrain several years ago. it was all fine and good until he took her back to rural utah or wherever he was from and she went full party girl quickly and eventually left him.

    3. It differs a from country to country and culture to culture. Perhaps what you say is true about the Middle East, Iran and similar countries, but there are also many countries in east Asia where the parents will not automatically disqualify you because you are a foreigner. I do agree, however, that one should be very careful with girls who disobey their parents and distance themselves from their culture. If she doesn’t respect her parents, she will not respect you either!

    1. I’ve heard the Jewess snatch has teeth that only spares the tiniest of cut kike cocks, There’s risk-taking behaviour, then there’s just being foolhardy

      1. The word “Jewess” entered the language as a loose synonym for “Jewish prostitute”. Why? Because so many Jewesses were prostitutes that the two terms had virtually become interchangeable.

    2. Because game principles are universal, right? So get some writer who is 1/4 eskimo to re-write an old ROK article for click bait. wtf

  3. It doesn’t help that most Indian girls have been beaten with the ugly stick by the entire population of Bombay.

  4. Great Article!
    To the potential chagrin of a lot of readers here, I’ve never really liked the idea of “game”.
    Game is a plan, a blueprint of pre-determined responses to snowflake inspired questions.
    Game implies that I am still putting forth work, time and effort into whether or not a woman likes me.
    On the contrary, I’ve found that the best Game of all is to Not give one Flying Fuck whether the girl likes you or not.
    That’s why with all that being said, I respect Dread Game.
    Dread Game puts the focus on you and improving yourself and letting the chips fall where they may.
    Strike up a conversation, but don’t even try to make her laugh. Just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.
    Whatever happens, happens.
    This puts out the air that you are unattainable and therefore, all the more desirable to your quarry.
    This creates the unbreakable frame that many ROK articles reference.
    You have nothing to lose, as you weren’t trying to gain anything in the first place.
    All in All: Do Not Care
    I believe that this state of mind is also backed up from a Biblical Standpoint.
    In Genesis, God created Adam and after some time, then created Eve.
    Genesis 2:18 states: The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”
    God then created Eve, but notice how God refers to Eve…as a helper.
    Helper aka Assistant, Backup, Aide, Support.
    I’ve found that in my personal experience, anytime I treated a woman like a helper, (expendable at most) I couldn’t move for her. She wanted to be around me 24/7 offering undying affection. However, whenever I sought to “treat her like a queen” I was quickly shot down and dismissed.
    So in closing,
    Treat a woman according to her original purpose, a helper. If you treat her like anything more, she will lose her mind as she is not being used according to her prime programming. It’s just the way they are wired.
    Imagine yourself the boss of a major corporation and she is your replaceable assistant. Everything will improve.

    1. Thats gonna work only if you are a tall, good looking, super confident and accomplished Alpha. This doesn’t work for a vast sea of men out there who don’t fall into that category. For the rest of us, we need game.

        1. You didn’t get that, did you? Its not the game I’m talking about, its the “no game” strategy that Ryu has stated in his comment.

        2. I don’t know what ROK’s brand of game is about anymore. It seems to have degenerated into approaching 100 women to bang 2 average women, and then inflate their beauty when you tell other males and pretend to be alpha. The articles have been declining.

        3. I am rather new to ROK so I wouldn’t know about the decline, but generally it is always best to try several tactics and see what sticks. You should view game as self improvement first and then as just fun.
          If you think that older articles on game were more focused on the self improvement part, then I have to agree about the decline.

        4. Okay, now I am confused. I have always thought that game is exactly about what Ryu wrote. That’s what I always went after and it proved itself.
          So, what is game exactly then?

      1. Trust me, it will work for that very reason.
        Truth is, I am tall and good-looking, but I learned this from a short guy who didn’t have the traditional good looks going for him. But he had some beautiful women just because of the way he treated them.
        Women are naturally arrogant, so allow their arrogance to be their downfall.
        They may look at a man and think that he’s “not that much”. But if you treat them like a helper, they will wonder, “Who is this guy with all of this authority? He must be somebody important…”
        If you don’t think that you are important, no one else will.

        1. I dont think it work, sorry. It would work if everyone started behaving like that, if suddenly all men found their dignity instead of being hopeless beta pussy beggars.

      2. It’s complicated. You have to have something going for you – if you’re a starry eyed hero pushing through life, the more intelligent women will notice. It’s not a great way to slam a bunch a sloots.

    2. Perfect. I can only, as always, add this:
      “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.”
      1 Timothy 2 11-15
      Modern day miserable women prove that they cannot achieve happiness through work.
      Happiness is the prime indicator of one’s nature. A woman’s nature is basically caring.
      That is something to keep in mind as you do not and should not maintain traditional roles for your own well being, but also and especially for each other.

      1. great passage of scripture there. my first thought was to wonder how all the modern christians i know rationalize it away. too bad they do, it literally is the path to happiness both for women and men.

        1. Yeah, that is rather mind boggling to me too. I think that this stems from the general feeling that Christianity has to feel “good”. But because equality is the definition of “good” right now, they had to accommodate. I think that’s how the left infiltrated the churches.
          There is nothing actually good in forcing someone against their nature to anything.

        2. Once people stop fearing God and holding Him in high regard, then they’ll stop reading His Word, and people will stop following His Scriptures.
          ‘Christianity’ and its results, it is a completely different thing to that above.

        3. Likewise, we must not forget this passage:
          “For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man. For man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man”. (1st Cor. 11:7-9 EV)
          A lot of people (including poorly informed Christians) think that man and woman were made for each other. The Apostle Paul here tells us something very different (and Paul gets it from Genesis of course).
          Woman was made “for man”, and man was somehow made “for God”, rather than “for woman”.

      2. A woman’s nature is caring for herself; and sometimes her children as her narcicisstic self intuitively views them as extensions of her. Men are definitely the more caring sex, if one takes the blinders and rose-colored glasses off.

        1. Well, I don’t particularly agree with this. Sure, if you mean caring as in protecting and providing then it has to be the men.
          But going after science women’s brains respond way more to, for example, the cries of a baby. When you consider that the sexes only exist to fulfill roles, it becomes clear that women’s nature is caring and nurturing. That they actually like being submissive to men is clearly being proven by the massive success of “50 shades of grey”.
          When a niche becomes so popular within few years it clearly shows that something is amiss.
          I get where you come from, but the women you see are broken. They are miserable and cold because they are going against their own nature. They have been told that they are supposed to work hard and act “equal” but meanwhile their body is screaming that they are doing something wrong. No wonder they are this depressive.

    3. The awesome thing is, I think this comes naturally with age. I think most of us went through a more “needy, whiny” phase with women some time in our past. Yesterday I was just thinking how I didn’t feel the urge, even with all the easy pickens at Valentines day, to go chase women. If this naturally comes as we get older, how perfect is that?

    4. Dread Game is by far my favorite. I am very sociable in the first place, so being flirtatious is and talking to women is common so it never gets detected as an act of game. I cannot stress the importance of being outgoing enough. If you are introverted and then start flirting then your target will know the trick. You have to be outgoing from the first meeting.
      Also, as you said, do not give a fuck.
      My post is starting to look like a sociopath post, but really do not care. Aloof, uncaring, cold. All of these traits are desired. Women crave them. I failed to see this all through middle school and part of high school. I am smarter now.
      These tips make us into fucking tigers!

      1. I failed to see this all through middle school and part of high school. I am smarter now.
        Due to society’s training, I don’t think any man sees it immediately. But I’m glad that a lot of us make it there eventually.

    5. Finally said & well put…this has worked for me since youth. Presenting an artificial front doesn’t work for very long.

    6. I disagree. Game can be a predetermined series of lines or you can simply “have game”. Meaning you simply know how to talk to women. This comes from practice. However, the pre-determined lines can help you in the early stages as you build your confidence.

      Game implies that I am still putting forth work, time and effort into whether or not a woman likes me.

      This is actually a contradiction. Playing a “game” is not work it is leisure, fun. So for me, the moment a woman starts turning our interaction into work, I move on to another woman who doesn’t have scales on her eyes and can see the god.

  5. If you’re a white guy, you really need not take so much effort to hook up an Indian chick, either for a casual relationship or for a long term marriage plan. They’re programmed to fall for you like servile little biatches that they’re.

      1. Ignorant moron, when the Brits ruled, Indians were prudish and mostly kept women indoors, not letting them openly mingle with the Brits. This “I love whitey” phenomenon is very recent.

  6. This is going to piss off a lot of SJW’s. Cue the outrage. Great job Michael Sebastian. Great to see you guys at ROK not even breaking stride following the international anti-Roosh insanity. Keep rollin’!

      1. Agreed they are almost never attractive, but what’s wrong with Indian food? I love it, and seems fairly healthy. It depends what you order I suppose.

  7. Unfortunately, Indian women who are attractive are exceedingly rare. I know, this isn’t going to win me any friends, but, for some races real beauty is very rare. Most Indian women aren’t attractive. Just like most black women aren’t attractive. It’s a combination of things in both cases, many black women are exceedingly masculine, while many Indian women appear to have fallen off the ugly tree and hit a few branches on the way down.
    We all suffer, to some degree, with an “apex fallacy” when it comes to deciding to date women of a particular race. Yeah, Indian women can be stunningly attractive. But those women are also the “top of the top”. I’ve NEVER seen one in real life. Not “don’t see them often”, no, I’ve never actually seen one in person, ever. The same for black women; yes, there are shockingly beautiful black women out there. I’ve seen them in magazines/online. But I’ve never actually seen one in person. Attractive, yes; shockingly beautiful, no.
    Now, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum. Take a trip down to Brazil. You’ll see shocking beauty by the time you leave the airport. Same thing in the Nordic countries. It’s not the “top .1%” that are incredible, it’s the majority that are out of this world attractive. IMHO, if you’re going to maximize your chances of landing a 10, you need to go where there are a lot of 10’s. That place is not India or Ethiopia. It’s not Saudi Arabia, and it’s not Canada (or the US for that matter).
    The places stocked with beautiful women are almost all in South America or the cold ass places in Europe. Sorry to say it, and not that there aren’t really attractive women in other places, but the percentages are strongly in your favor when you land in Sao Paulo as compared to landing in Toronto.

    1. the cold ass places in Europe.
      Nearly all of what we consider the “old West” (Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, upper), as well as Minnesota in the U.S. is comprised mainly of people who originated in Scandinavia, with the dominant minority being German. Good pickins’ to be had there.
      Appalachia though and you’re screwed, all of us ugly ass Scots settled there (except, thankfully, my family). The guys are proper and decent looking (no homo) but the women can be scary ugly, no doubt.

        1. Haven’t seen it yet, will take a look. I do have a book on how Scots basically invented the modern world (the good parts).

        2. James Webb probably wrote the best damn novel about the Vietnam war “Fields of Fire” I wish he was running and had some supporters with deep pockets. I think Trump/Webb would be a winning formula.

      1. It’s the booze. Gotta keep the ladies off the sauce. Especially the shit you guys make in the back yard.
        And stop using the old containers from the stuff you use to hot-tank old engine blocks. Or do you guys do that just to add color?

        1. Nah, it’s genetics at work. Something that the Picts contributed to the Scot DNA made for some really messed up looking women. Irish women can be pretty as a spring day, but finding a passable Scot woman is rather difficult at times. Not that there aren’t any, but geez, you can just tell that something is different between two of what should be the two closely related tribes of the kingdom of Dál Riata.

        2. My image of Scottish women is that of cute brunettes with really light blue eyes and also the good looking Redheads, The other good looking set of gingers live in some Asian Ural Republic in Russia, but they look like they have more than just the Celtic in them.
          I, for one would take the Scottish women over the Scandinavian.

    2. South America is not ‘stocked’ with beautiful women. SOME are beautiful, and they are only those of Caucasian descent (German, Italian, etc.). Latin American countries also have huge populations compared with the proportion of beautiful women they have.
      Last and definitely not least- though being developing nations (i.e. third world countries), South American states, for example Venezuela, are the highest consumers of plastic surgery in the world. They are obsessed with the physical ideals of European beauty standards, and the demand is so high that plastic surgery has become accessible like teeth cleaning in the West- albeit, of course, not by identical standards.
      Popular beauty contests such as Miss Venezuela, who boasts having the ‘most beautiful women in the world’, are known for producing cosmetically-altered women, from head to toe.
      ANY woman can be beautiful with extensive plastic and dental surgery.
      Below is former (or current?) Miss Universe Irene Esser. Wow, what a beauty…..thanks to Mr. Doctor.
      The brunette is Columbian actress Danna Garcia, a stunningly beautiful woman…now. Her genes are definitely not beautiful ones.

      1. Hey man, I’m just calling it like I see it. And in Brazil, I saw a huge number of really attractive women walking around on a regular basis. It was actually to the point where I was surprised to see really unattractive women (fat, usually) after being there for a few weeks; I’d gotten so used to all the women being “decent” to hot.
        I can’t remember a single time in India, not a SINGLE time, when I saw a woman I thought was “hot” who wasn’t “not Indian”. Sure, the Brazilians are big into plastic surgery; and that moves the needle for sure. But the swing between 0 attractive women and 100’s isn’t down to just surgery. It’s genetics coupled with a drive to “look good” that has the Brazilian women heads and shoulders over the Indian women, no amount of hacking is going to help most Indian women even hit a “4” (I’d fuck her if my friends didn’t know about it”).

        1. No, no, man, I totally agree with you on the Indian woman topic. My point was that South America is not THAT Holy Grail of beautiful women galore as pictured by the media and imagined by everyone. Sure, the women there are ‘beautiful’ as in fit, which is more typical of warm climate countries. And the culture, the traditional life outside the house, with lots of moving around, love for sports, the beach etc. Whatever.
          The most beautiful women in the world, both faces and bodies, are Scandinavian women Perfect bone structure, perfect hair, teeth, bodies, genetically perfect. Then you have the Eastern European girls (I could be biased as I’m Eastern European as well), then…the rest, or whatever floats your boat.
          But Indian women, jeez. They don’t look like Aishwarya Rai. They’re just scary to look at. Same goes for Bangladeshi, Pakistani, etc. Not because of ‘racism’ but because of their innate ugliness.

        2. I completely agree, Brazil is good, but there are better places. India sure as shit isn’t one of them, in fact, it’s damn near the dead bottom of any list I can conceive of.

        3. I am in Sikkim,India in the north east and there is a lot higher concentrations of good looking girls then elsewhere in India. Although what a surprise its due to the Asian look or a mixed Indian/Asian look

    3. I can agree with this. Same goes for Asian women. Guys around where I live have some kind of fetish for Asian girls but that’s because usually when you see an Asian girl around here she’s considered rare, and that rarity can be considered attractive simply because she’s different from what we’re all used to. But those attractive ones you see on the street are just as rare in their native countries. They know this too. I’ve found the attitudes among Asian-American women are some of the worst you’ll see in this country.

      1. Asians in the west are somewhat survivors of the fittest. The most successful men have picked the most beautiful women and fled with them to happier western countries. Not always the case, but this often gives us the best they have to offer. Unfortunately, second generation Asian women westernize very quickly.

        1. That’s disturbing but same with females of other races. Make-up and photography can transform a plain jane into hottie that beta males pedestalize on the net. Another reason online dating doesn’t work.

    4. Hey bruh… most women are not attractive. Most of them are… average.
      I’ve been to those cold ass places in Europe. Believe it or not, most of those women are…. average.
      I know loads of attractive Indian women. Depends where you go.
      I’m assuming you live in North America. While many Black women there suffer from obesity, I wouldn’t hardly call them masculine. Seems a weird thing to say.
      Forget about finding a 10. They don’t exist. Find yourself a reasonable looking girl in good physical shape in her twenties who knows how to act. That’s your wife.
      Save the “10s” for Saturday night bangs.

      1. Seriously dude, where have you seen average-looking women in the cold parts of Europe? In Sweden, ALL girls that you see on the street are just gorgeous. I am a woman, I should be ‘jealous’ by all standards, but I must say, wow. They have something that a few peoples do, facial symmetry. And the fit gene, coupled with a culture of fitness and love for sports. I lived in Sweden and traveled to Denmark and I have seen ONE fat girl in three years. Fat as in a larger size compared to the others, not the American hambeast-fat. You won’t see large noses, crooked teeth, ugly jaws in Sweden. Weird that you deem Nordic women to be ‘average’. What women do you usually date, Victoria’s Secret models?

        1. All the ugly women must have left Sweden and gone to London then mate. As for average, most women must be average by definition. Think about it.
          Have you considered that maybe not everyone is in to Swedish girls?

      1. Uhm, no, Japanese people actually don’t smell of fish, just like caucasians don’t smell of rancid milk. Indian people smell because of their skin (different PH in bodies gives different odour, just like in black people), and because of their lack of hygiene. Just like some Chinese people smell- they don’t smell of fried pork and rice, which is the staple of their cuisine. They smell because they don’t bathe very often and their clothes are not clean.
        Nutrition does influence body odour but a human being will not smell like an onion if they eat onions, their glands will just produce more acid secretions which will feel more pungent to the nose.

    5. I mostly agreed with you until this part: “Now, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum. Take a trip down to
      Brazil. You’ll see shocking beauty by the time you leave the airport.
      Same thing in the Nordic countries. It’s not the “top .1%” that are
      incredible, it’s the majority that are out of this world attractive.”
      That’s utter bullshit. There’s not a country in the world where the MAJORITY of women are out of this world attractive. I’ve been to Rio de Janeiro. Yeah, there are attractive women, but if you were paying attention, you’d realize the majority of them are average looking. The top 10% of them can be smoking hot however and maybe even the top 30% are better than most places, but there’s no country on earth where MOST women are out of this world.

      1. I think that the closest to what the previous comment says would be Sweden. Not absolutely ‘out of this world’ beautiful women, but definitely gorgeous. And yes, the majority is like that. Supermarkets, gyms, buses, stores, schools, hospitals, they’re all beautiful, long-haired, clean-skinned and tremendously fit. Another thing is that they barely use makeup and plastic surgery is something very rare in Sweden. I guess it’s because they don’t need it. Take the hottest American supermodel, wash her face off and dress her in jeans and a t-shirt. She would be a -10 compared to your average Swedish girl.

        1. I don’t know man, I’ve met a lot of guys who’ve been to Sweden and say the women are hype. Have you actually been there? Or are you basing your view off the Nordic stereotype of beautiful, busty blondes? If you flick through that site hel-looks.com,which is Finnish but still genetically similar, you’ll see a ton of frumpy looking women.

    6. I agree that most Indian women just aren’t that attractive. It would be a wonderful world if all Indian women looked like the Bollywood beauties (such as Ashwarya Rai, or Anushka Sharma), but most of them don’t.
      Most of them are short, overweight, and very dark skinned.
      Unlike “Overtaxed”, I have known one Indian woman (back when I was in graduate school) who was extraordinarily beautiful.
      Ironically, I didn’t realize she was Indian. I saw her around campus, and totally assumed she was a South American (Brazilian in my mind), until I was introduced to her.
      Likewise, I generally don’t find most black women (especially the darker ones) that beautiful (though I’ve known exceptions).
      In college, there was a young woman from Sierra Leone. She was as black as a starless night. She was truly one of the most beautiful, and incredibly sexy women I have ever seen. Sadly, she was already married.
      I also knew an extremely beautiful, (and thin, virtuous, sweet, and tall) African American woman. She was also married (to a similarly tall, thin, Alpha, and very attractive white man). The two of them made such a beautiful couple.
      Speaking of which nationalities are attractive, I’ve noticed that Japanese women (in Japan) are FAR more attractive than American women in general. Japan has fewer of the 9.5-10 category women, but far more of the 6, 7, and 8 category women.
      The hottest Japanese woman can’t match the hottest white American women, but the average Japanese woman far exceeds the average white American woman.
      I think the reasons are two fold. (1) Japanese women are generally much thinner than Americans. (2) Japanese women are more feminine than American women. A Japanese woman in the 5-6 range is as attractive as an American woman in the 7-8 range, just from those two points alone.
      Plus Japanese women tend to want to stay home and raise their children. That is nice too.

  8. Oh this should bring a fun little shitstorm. Indian women are probably some of the most deranged feminists around.

    1. i agree. same with jewish women. i’ve seen a few very attractive ones from both races, even had a brief fling with a very beautiful jewish girl once, but decided against trying for the LTR because i knew i’d always be the outsider in her family and culture. i imagine it would be the same with an indian woman.

      1. You don’t see many hot jewish women outside NYC or LA. There just aren’t that many of them in the world. There are one billion indians, so your chances are better with finding attractive ones. But marriage with hindus makes jews look easy to understand.

        1. i’ve met a few jewish cuties out here in the mid-west, strangely enough. i have this weird tendency to attract members of the tribe into my social circle for some reason.

        2. The reality is jewish girls get bored with dating nerdy jewish guys. Woody Allen is clever but they don’t want to fuck him. They all enjoy dating non-jews, which can make them extra kinky in bed because they aren’t thinking of you as marriage material, they can access their inner whore, they don’t have to play the jewish housewife. So you’re on second date and she’s like lets do a couples massage, lets go to a nude hot tube with other people, and you’re thinking to yourself what button did i accidentally push?

        3. Ugh, dude, while what you said is true; there are way more hot jew women than Indian (at least on a percentage basis). I know a lot of hot jews (granted, I live in a very jewish area), I haven’t even seen a hot Indian girl (let alone know one) in person, EVER, in my entire life.
          Jewish women have a ton of reasons not to date them, but being unattractive isn’t anywhere near the top of the list. They are generally near the top of the list for attractive women, somewhere below the Nordic countries and somewhat above the rest of the general “white” people out there. And no, I’m not Jewish, nor do I care for many of their traditions/customs (especially the women’s endless pursuit of having their husband make more money). But saying they aren’t attractive is doesn’t line up with my day to day experience at all.

        4. 1 billion indians, and 14 million jews. Do the math. Maybe your personal experience in new jersey or wherever doesn’t go that far.

      2. Jewish is not really a race. Your mother just have to be jewish for you to become a jew, when in fact you are just a half jew. This watering down has been going on for thousands of years in Europe, so you can’t call them a race anymore. More like cult.

        1. they’re definitely a distinct culture though, even the atheistic ones. most seem to be atheists, in my experience.

      3. For a white guy – Latin girls are the top pick. I once hooked up with a jewish girl
        – she gave me a headache. They’re too witty, cunning, and tend to overanalyze everything. Also, as a Russian, Im very suspicious of the jews.

        1. well, you know i’m married to a latina who’s basically an angel, so i agree. i love ukrainian and russian women, but i think they’re tough to handle for most western guys. passionate, but cold and harsh. most of them are very materialistic too. i like to think i could handle one now, but it’s a lot less work with my latina wife.
          you’re not the first FSU guy i’ve met who’s into latinas. i have a good friend from ukraine who’s into them too and says that russian women in the US scare him.

        2. Eastern European women spoil very fast when they move to N. America. I witnessed it myself. They become snobish, materialistic golddiggers. Latinas, on the other hand, are somehow immune, by the most part, to all the Western vices. Im very happy with my GF, couldnt ask for more. I rarely met Russian-Latin couples actually, especially Russian guy-Latin girl.

        3. yeah, america corrupts FSU girls. wish someone had told me that before i brought mine to the US. i probably wouldn’t have listened though. those girls have a way of making you think with the wrong head. heh.

  9. The hot Indian women you see on TV are very rare. Indian women in general are not attractive. And like someone said earlier, Indian women are for Indian men. You will be a miserable man if you marry an Indian woman

    1. True. Indian women tend to be very short too.
      My first serious girlfriend was half Indian. Her mother was from Mumbai, and that woman ran around the house barking (no joke, that’s what her voice sounded like) at her kids, never getting anything done on time, harassing me about marrying her daughter, and generally being disorganized. Coudn’t cook worth a lick — she made me cheeto pie (no joke) for dinner. Meanwhile, her white American hubby had mentally checked out years earlier.

  10. Nice article! There are actually quite a few beautiful Indian women but you have to be specific as to where you look. I saw one just this weekend who could classify as an 8 or better (shocked me too!) who had long hair, no visible tattoos, and a pleasant enough smile to go off of. Here are a few things to add, as I’m sure like most men here, we would like to see beautiful women from all sides before we either settle down, or decide which ones we like tagging best.
    Indian women, on average, are homely. However, the same can be said for all women, it is just larger groups hide it better, and for the most part, each side of the race has visually appealing homely women. That isn’t to say you can’t find beautiful Indian women. Here is how you do it.
    Do go to the housing space for beautiful women. That means check Britain. Britain has some beautiful Indian women. Same as South America. Some of the most beautiful Indian women I’ve ever seen or liked were of South American lineage. For local cities, I would trust New York Indian women as well, but be mindful, as the cities house many sluts and independent mentalities, the women will still be average at best, so to cull the herd, you need to learn to cherry pick.
    To find some gorgeous Indian women, you will also need to know some gorgeous white women. Good looking white women, usually hang in a high status circle and only keep high status friends. This usually means you have to be a 7.5 or better looking to consistently be around them. I am sure, this was where the lady I saw this weekend was heading to.
    End of the day, the struggle just to find a beautiful Indian women makes it less worth it to get one. Your game must always be on. Also they are very matriarchal so if you don’t have your life together, they will introduce you to their family and their life, in all it’s matriarchal feminist glory. You don’t want that, by any stretch.

    1. “no visible tattoos”
      “Same as South America. Some of the most beautiful Indian women I’ve ever seen or liked were of South American lineage.”
      Do you even understand what “Indian” here means you fucking idiot??

      1. Indian descent, from India. But the lineage was never specified to being Indian citizens only. Did he say citizens from India?

        1. What is an Indian of “South American lineage”?? You got your geography completely wrong there.
          There is no substantial or noteworthy Indian origin population in South America, except a few thousand expats scattered here and there. (Unless you’re talking about the Amerindians who are clearly not the subject of discussion in the article above)

        2. There are quite a few Indians in the upper region of South America. Ever hear of a country called British Guiana?
          The Amerindians are a separate group from the Indians I speak of, who can also be found in Suriname, Essequibo, and Berbice. These people are called coolies in South America and are all over the Caribbean.

        3. yeah, i spent some time in the dutch caribbean and always heard that suriname (another former dutch colony) had lots of east indians. the wikipedia page for suriname says that they’re actually the majority of the population. strange that a dude like paritoshj up there who is sensitive enough to freak out when he thinks you’re confusing his people with native americans wouldn’t know that.

      2. They’re are a lot of people in South America who have ancestry from the Indian subcontinent. I highly doubt he’s talking about Boro Indians

    2. I think it’s funny how there are hb11 indian females in the building next door from where i am currently visiting and they’re home is like a prison cause they oonly leave, when i see them, on weekends. The locals i know here want in on the action, but are cockblocked by their escorts.
      We all know what will happen when they’re free of the wardens. It might end up on xhamster too.

  11. Unless you’re an Indian man, this is horrible “advice”, unless. . . .
    “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.” -Hebrews 12:15-16 KJV
    . . . you want to be sexually immoral. The author of Hebrews identifies Esau as a fornicator. His only recorded sexual sin was taking foreign wives. So, excellent “advice” on how to follow in his footsteps. Another out of place, morally schizophrenic piece promoting cultural destruction on a site with mostly good reads on maintaining cultural integrity.
    From “7th Commandment”, by Pastor Ted Weiland:
    Sandwiched between statutes against marital infidelity (verse 20) and
    sodomy (verse 22), is a prohibition that at first appears to be
    entirely out of context:
    And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am YHWH. (Leviticus 18:21)
    This verse is typically interpreted as a prohibition against
    idolatry. But why would a statement about idolatry (specifically child
    sacrifice) be included in a chapter devoted to sexual interdictions?
    Perhaps this prohibition is not out of place after all, provided it is
    translated and interpreted correctly.
    The words “the fire” in verse 21 are in italics, indicating that
    there are no corresponding words in the Hebrew manuscripts and that
    these two words were added by the translators and do not belong in this
    verse. Molech worship did sometimes include the offering of children as burnt sacrifices, as indicated in other passages but this is not what is being addressed in Leviticus 18.
    The judgment for passing seed to Molech is found in Leviticus 20:
    …Whosoever … giveth any of his seed unto Molech;
    he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him
    with stones. (Leviticus 20:1-2)
    The translators did not add “the fire” in the judgment for this sin;
    its absence, along with some other factors, demonstrates that there is
    more than one way to offer or sacrifice seed to Molech.
    It should not be overlooked that neither Leviticus 18:21 nor Leviticus 20:1-2 uses the Hebrew word ben, translated “children.” Instead, the word zera`, meaning “sperm” or “future progeny” was used.
    Leviticus 18:21 forbids letting one’s seed pass through to Molech. The phrase “pass through” is translated from the Hebrew word `abiyr. Strong’s Concordance and The New Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-English Lexicon define `abiyr:
    …A primitive root; to cross over … specifically, to cover (in copulation).8
    …Prop. causeth to pass over, sc. semen….9
    The latter lexicon also quotes Job 21 in which the Hebrew word `abiyr is translated “gendereth”:
    Their bull gendereth, and faileth not; their cow calveth, and casteth not her calf. (Job 21:10)
    Other versions of Job 21:10 translate `abiyr as “mates” and
    “breeds.” It may not yet be evident what specific sexual sin is
    condemned in Leviticus 18:21, but it should be apparent that this
    prohibition does indeed agree with the context and is consonant with the
    other Seventh Commandment statutes found in Leviticus 18.
    The statute in Leviticus 18 and the judgment in Leviticus 20 are
    obviously not meant to be understood as prohibitions against sexual
    participation with the god Molech itself. Therefore, Molech must
    represent something or someone else. The fact that Molech was the
    national deity of the Ammonites – one of several lineages with whom the
    Israelites were forbidden to intermarry – is the final clue in
    discovering the correct interpretation of this prohibition. Passing one’s seed to Molech is a Hebrew idiom prohibiting forbidden-lineage and, by extension, interracial relationships.
    The Syriac Translation
    Peake’s Commentary on the Bible questions the customary interpretation of Leviticus 18:21 and then provides alternate analyses and translations:
    21 is generally interpreted as referring to a
    ceremony whereby children were passed through fire, possibly burning
    them as whole-offerings. But it is curious that the prohibition here occurs among sexual matters. The ancient versions have ‘cause to serve’ (Sam.), ‘serve,’ (LXX), ‘cause to lie down for sexual intercourse’ (Syr.), whilst other Greek Versions have ‘compel by force’.10
    In his book Old Testament Light: The Indispensable Guide to the Customs, Manners, & Idioms of Biblical Times, George Lamsa provides Leviticus 18:21 from the Syriac translation of the Old Testament:
    “Seed,” in this instance, means “semen.” The
    Eastern text reads: “You shall not let any of your semen be cast into a
    strange woman to cause her to be pregnant….” …This ordinance is against
    cohabiting with pagan women….11
    At the time that Leviticus 18:21 was written “pagan women” referred
    not only to non-believers, and more specifically to non-Israelites.
    During the Old Covenant dispensation, only lineages closely related to
    Israel worshiped Yahweh; everyone else was considered pagan. Leviticus
    18:21 applies to both forbidden lineage and interracial relationships
    because both results in Israelites marrying pagans.
    Lamsa also points out that the word “‘Molech’ … [in] the Aramaic
    reads ‘a strange woman’; that is, a woman of another race or religion.”12

    1. And hence the biggest problem with religion today. Dude, props to you for doing all that research (or whoever did it), but.. WTF? Drawing connections that broadly, I’m pretty sure I can interpret that as “Don’t fuck cats” or maybe even “Don’t fuck space aliens with 3 heads, but those with 2 are fine”. If you have to read that deeply into something, you’re literally making up the meaning of the text, not interpreting it.

  12. I wasted a good deal of time pining for a chick from Punjab. What you’ll find is that they are mostly progressive cunts with no sense of humor who have terminal princess disease. They look like crap without makeup and tend to develop the coke can physique very quickly.
    I’d stick with with whites or Latinas.

    1. “What you’ll find is that they are mostly progressive cunts with no sense of humor who have terminal princess disease. “…………nailed it there.

    2. haha punjabi women are total whores. they are desperate to find a white guy to marry. best to fuck them and dump them, because punjabi women get super fat after age 21.

    3. YES. You got it. My #1 complaint about all the Indian call centers is the person you are talking to NEVER has ANY sense of humor! I don’t care if they have an accent or live geographically far from me, but lighten up and take a fucking joke! Life isn’t so serious!

    4. There are quite a few doe eyed slender Indian beauties walking the streets were I live, though they are not standout out beauties but just feminine pretty. Many are uni students here to study (so likely come from more well off families). Like the author of the article pointed out once they have that ring on their finger, the hand break comes off on their diet/waste line. Super rare to see a slender middle aged Indian/paki woman. I tend to agree with you on the lack of SOH as well. I cant say the ones I knew had princess disease. For some reason I thought Indian families favored their male children..

  13. You never just marry an Indian girl. You marry her family also. That itself is very taxing and complicated as most Indians families are very status orientated and they gossip beyond belief.

  14. Aishwarya Rai didn’t get fat after marriage she got pregnant after marriage and is back to normal now. This is not a diss at that particular pointer but just a suggestion that if you’re going to use examples give actual examples without making plain assumptions.

  15. I would never marry an indian woman. Good luck to the indians out there though.
    I don’t really believe you can turn a female subservient the way most think. If she can take half your money during divorce and she is publicly encouraged to be a slut and a cunt like they are in the West (and in India for that matter), than no ammount of game can change that.
    The only way for marriage to work is to find a woman who was raised in a culture of femininity, marry her on home turf, and be the best guy she can get.
    Not living in a state were she can use the state or manginas against you is also a must.
    Indian women DO NOT fit this bill. India is a country of white knights, and indian girls in the west tend to be arrogant. I pity the guy who has to tame them.

    1. “India is a country of white knights”, I totally second that. In fact the whole system and almost all the populace is gynocentric.

        1. Um, what? India has terrible rates of violence against women. Just look up the stories of women who have died as the result of rapes.

    2. And this is a chick on TV, so probably the top 1% of 1% for looks. And even without her godawful attitude, no fucking way I’d be caught with her. And the white knights coming to her defense, you’d think she was a fucking supermodel.

    3. I so wish that guy would have fought back against those beta orbiters. He may have lost, but at least he would have earned some self-respect.

  16. I love Indian food, but… it tends to be very starchy. That and their general lack of exercise means they hit a wall hard by 30. You would need to find an Indian lady willing to adopt a lifestyle and diet counter to her culture – or one with an extraordinary metabolism – if you think she’s going to stay fit after 30.

    1. I think you are talking about the rice and such stuff. This is the South Indian food that you may have tasted. Up North, they all eat wheat.

    2. Some indian women do dance and yoga and stay slim as they age. I dated an indian dancer, stage name shakti, means dynamic energy, she ran a dance studio. You have to look for that though or they will go sedentary and fat and the all you can eat lunch buffet.

  17. Oh good lord no, anything…anything…but an Indian girl (or Paki, same thing really from the dating standpoint). Hell that entire region is steeped deeply in the Vat of Eternal Hideousness. I’ve seen like two actual > HB4 Indian chicks in my life, not counting the pictures on this article. Even assuming you could land that 1% of 1% who fall higher than HB5 on the scale, why would you want to? That culture is, contrary to popular multicult fetishes, toxic, arrogant, nasty for the higher caste and downright repulsive for the lower caste (the vast majority). Fuck..no. Just no.

      1. It seems rather universal with multicultists. While there is some beauty and art to be found across the culture, just like with any other culture, it just doesn’t outweigh the bad points to me, and it certainly doesn’t warrant this near worship most multicultists afford it.
        The best thing to ever happen to India was the British. How’s that for a crowning achievement, being conquered by another people? Geesh.

        1. Pakistan is the most interesting country jn the world in my opinion. They have patriarchy, democracy, fiercely independant warrior tribes, great art and the people enjoy great quality of life.

        2. My theory on the SJW fascination with India is that it’s because India is almost as fucked up over sexuality as SJWs are.
          The men are huge beta simps. That’s one. Much has already been written of it.
          But they go this thing in India, I haven’t bothered to remember the name, where they basically take young boys, castrate them, and them raise them as women. They are supposed to get magical powers from this transformation… uh excuse me, mutilation.
          Stuff like that puts a society on my “won’t give a shit if they get nuked” list.

      2. India is the end of the hippie trail for westerners who are finding themselves. Indians think they are fools and sell them a soul crystal and take their money.

        1. Newark is closer and a lot cheaper if you want to tour a third world shithole. As an added bonus, it has a lot of Indians too. 🙂

    1. I had a neighbor who was married to a Paki woman.
      He was a die-hard liberal in the milquetoast 1990s definition of a democrat.
      She…. well, they had one daughter. But then she cheated on him with some other brown dude.
      One day he had a baby with him. A brown baby. Yeah he was babysitting for her. Total cuck.
      He votes.

    2. You’re doing better than me, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen (in person) a single Indian woman who’s above a HB5. They are like Smurfs if you ask me, exist for your entertainment on the Internet and in porn, not so much in real life.
      Compare that with a stroll around Sweden, I can’t walk a fucking block without running into a HB8. There’s just no comparison; and the same, unfortunately, exists for black women. I’ve seen perhaps 3-4 black women (in person) in my entire life who were HB5+. Sure, they exist, but so many of them have terrible attitudes coupled with a propensity to obesity that’s just without remorse and an attitude that can kill by association, I struggle to comprehend why anyone would purposely target either demographic.
      You want beautiful women, Brazil (and lots of S. America) and Europe are your destinations (especially cold ass Europe and hot ass Europe, the middle not as much).
      This is probably also reinforced by the fact that I’ve never, in my life, heard of a man going to Mumbai or Bangalore for any vacation.. Ever… If there were hot exotic women to be had, goddamn sure wealthy men would be heading there (see: The Entire Orient for proof). 😉

  18. good lord. those pics of the deranged feminist running with her menstrual blood showing. if there was one thing i could unsee on the internet, that might be it.

  19. Good article, but numbers 3-5 could be applied to several ethnic groups without changing a word.
    Oh, and as a South Carolinian, you hit the nail on the head about Haley. Now, the next time you feel the need to mention her, Don’t. There’s a lot of us who are just trying to get through these next two years as quickly as possible.

  20. Indian women from the big cities are just as bad or even worse than white American women. But if you go to the smaller areas and villages, you will find women who are ultra-feminine and super traditional. Your friend made the mistake of marrying a bitch from Delhi or Mumbai, probably. Delhi women are filthy whores who should be pumped and dumped. Play with their emotions but never marry them.

    1. Well, the bad news is the small city ones too have turned into bitches courtesy of ridiculous sex ratio in India, Indian girls have so many beta orbiters that they can go on for their entire lives … and yes Delhi and Mumbai girls are grade one bitches…

  21. ‘Show affection to your Indian wife’. Have you guys (non-Indian) ever even been to India?
    Just like the the majority of American women are overweight, unfeminine sluts, the majority of Indian women/girls are horribly unattractive.
    This website has been pushing the Indian or Muslim girl down readers’ throats one too many times.
    Could you honestly have an erection to something like that? Stop posting photos of surgery-altered, skin-bleached, contact lense-wearing Indian actresses, who are like three decent-looking women out of several billion people. You guys claim independent thought but act like National Geographic ‘Visit India’ campaigners all the time.

    1. I haven’t met any Indian girls I’ve been attracted to, and that recent psycho of the medical student trashing the uber driver’s car comes to mind, but this is the first time I can recall a positive article on Indian women or how to deal with them, hardly “pushing down readers throats”. Some guys here are Indian and probably expected to land an Indian wife. Maybe some other guys live or work there and are picking an Indian girl. Not every article appeals to everyone. I’m not a bodybuilder and the current Arnold article didn’t mean much to me. To each his own, I say.

    2. In terms of attractiveness Indian women are no different to British women imo. Basically not that amazing, but it’s not difficult at all to find one’s that are attractive.

    3. I actually find the first one passably cute. A 10 she is not but she’s young and feminine looking. The rest, hard pass.

  22. Every Indian woman I know swallows the feminist, progressive, and corporate indoctrination without questioning it.
    I think this has to do with the insane bureaucracy the British set up there. I’ve heard horror stories of how nothing can be done in India without copious red tape. The implication is, if something is the “official” state sponsored line, it is true. The bureaucracy is just too much a part of daily life for it to be questioned or rebelled against. But I too have noticed it.

  23. Somewhat related
    Feb 14, 2016- The second day of the Vagina Monologues 2016, or Yoni Ka Kathaharu, drew in a sold-out crowd at the Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar on February 13. The two shows staged on Saturday both drew in capacity crowds, with many of the audience choosing to watch the show seated on the floors and parapets rather than being turned away.

  24. Indian girls in general are not good looking. The ones that do look attractive, look more Persian, Middle Eastern or mixed (you can’t see that she’s Indian). Also, most of the time they don’t have a nice body and they tend to be more hairy than the average women.

  25. Indian girls are one of the most arrogant , self centered , narcissist and rude girls on the planet. My personal experience with non Indian girls had been more pleasant .
    If you really want to lay them, make sure to round her mom as soon as possible.

  26. I’ve never dated Indian women. However, I was observing both the characters of Priya and her mother on The Big Bang Theory, and they seem spot on from what I’ve heard and read about Indian women. And the fact that neither actress has actually spoken out against this seems to reinforce this notion. Also, my brother, whose trucking career has taken him all over the U.S, mentioned to me how effeminate he found Indian men to be, with the notable exception of Sikhs. That got me thinking of Raj.And say what you will about TBBT, but as far as stereotypes go, it’s spot on.
    Also, is it just me, or are Punjabi girls more attractive than the average Indian woman? Someone with more experience can clarify this for me.

    1. I know a couple of Indian guys. Probably THE most beta, submissive, clueless guys I know. One literally said he couldn’t handle dating and was just waiting for his mom to arrange his marriage, he had no clue what to do with women.

    2. I have a lot of time and respect for Sikhs. It’s a religion I know little about but would be interested in talking to those in the know and learning more.

      1. From what I know, they have a deep militaristic background, what with having to fend off rival Hindu, Mogul, Chinese, and British armies.They even carry daggers with them, as a reminder of always being prepared to fight at a moment’s notice.

    3. Punjabi girls are attractive , in India in age group of 16 – 20, abroad add 3 more years, and yes once a punjabi girl opens her mouth, the attraction flies away … try it …

      1. Isn’t that how any “modern” girl is nowadays? I would still choose a Punjabi girl with light delicious caramel skin over your typical overtanned American girl any day.

  27. ”Learn to be a king” – this point is so important. Countless men look across the tracks thinking the grass is greener, seeking a younger woman or throwing their tribe out the window believing their unicorn awaits.
    Eventually it becomes clear that it would have been better to first invest in beefing up their portfolio of personal strengths and improving universal game. All the notions of ‘unicorn’ were in your head, a disneyland fariytale implanted by media. The real picture is a shock movie when your princess exhibits all the universal traits of the spoiled lot of feminized monsters you were fleeing. And there’s no real perfect comfortable place for a race mixed bulwark couple other than buried indoors and watching more imaginary multi cult society situation comedy/drama.
    Both actors throw their tribe into the wind and there’s nothing less sightly than seeing a pussywhipped man getting chewed out in public by a tiny menthol cigarette smoking indian firecracker who curses down a white man with the tone of gibberish you only hear when the quickie mart family argues over how to stock the beer cooler. ”Ain’t that dude got better game?” as bystanders shake their heads.
    Or a squat oriental woman bitching at her man in Cantonese at the family reunion during grace. ”The German potato salad doesn’t have chicken beeks and yoo scratcha my pooh-see flap when yoo waxxa-mee last night inna da hotel. Yoo no good round eye soo hooka cheeng yow.” (luckily translated). Wow. Just wow. I bet that comes across real good with grandpa Walton officiating at the reunion, huh? Best just jump in there and begin breaking your own tribal women yourself. Fuck the feminists. What will they do? Call out their dogs on you? We smack ’em down and deconstruct them HERE.
    Or some black chick in the hood at 2am screaming at some uber beta white guy. I witnessed this once personally, a perfectly normal looking white guy, his contractor’s truck idling at 2am in front of a shabby row house. Was he buying crack? No, he was pussywhipped by some fat wretched nigga bitch. She stood on her poarch and yelled a roster of all that was ‘wrong’ with the guy. The guy whimpered and thought he could ‘cry’ his way back into her medium dark, hood mongrel hamster jam. It seemed to unvalidate the white guy to be screamed at like that. Not even blacks passing by would dare intervene. It was a picture to witness though for any red pill white man with jungle fever or yellow fever for that matter.
    Now bean dipping on the other hand, . . hmm. I’ll admit there are loads of hot latinas. The characteristic ‘stink’ associates more with the aboriginal people, whether australlian/new guinea black or american aboriginal/asiatic. A Columbian or Argentine girl that’s hotter than shit beats a 4 foot Aztec midget hands down for looks and smells. I guess baby eating smells up your blood line for many generations.

  28. If you actually want a indian woman…well, there are no words to describe your future misery. Good luck chumps!

  29. I used to live in a suburb that had a high population of Indian people. They had their traditions and stuck to them like clockwork. They cooked dinner at the exact same time every night. I know, because I could always smell it. And they would go for walks after dinner at the same time. They always walked in a line, man in front of woman. When I would come walking by the woman would always lower her head and walk closely behind her man.
    I would say the majority of those women were attractive and some were extremely hot. But the men were always these dopey looking, goofy, out of shape, no style having, no personality having and never smiling nerds. I suppose it’s because they typically have arranged marriages. And because of this, it seems like those men pretty much have what you all want. And of course there’s some of you that just don’t want it if its simply handed to you.
    I worked out at a gym in that neighborhood and some of those hot Indian women worked out there as well. But they would always show up with their husbands, or soon to be arranged husbands. The guys would show up just to watch their women. These dudes were completely out of shape. Like wtf, you’re there, just work out. But no they’d watch from the side, taking up space. And when their women would struggle with some equipment they wouldn’t help them. And when I would stop to help them they’d come over there speaking to her in whatever language they were speaking but never would they confront me. I could never even get a word in with any of them. Even if I thought they were at the gym solo some dopey guy would come from out of nowhere to drag her off. And most of the time the women wouldn’t even smile when I helped them. They just hung their heads.
    So when I see this sort of behavior, I can say in my experience, I haven’t seen a lot of the attitudes described in these articles. At least not from the recent immigrants that bring their traditions with them. However, I think it may be those born in this country from immigrants that take on those attitudes out of bitter rebellion. They just take it too far because our culture enables them to do so.

    1. “I would say the majority of those women were attractive and some were extremely hot. ”
      I have no idea where you live, but you must have an Indian modeling agency in your backyard to make a statement like that. I work in IT, and have 100’s of Indian friends and co-workers. These guys are well paid and a lot of them are Brahman; not a single one of them has a wife (who are all Indian) who I’d say is above a 2 or 3.
      Maybe it’s just luck of the draw, but attractive Indians for me only exist on TV. And I’ve been to Mumbai and work in a field that’s dominated by Indians; so I’m going to have to go out on a limb here and say your experience isn’t typical. 😉

      1. I would say most of the ones I saw were attractive because they were the ones keeping fit at the gym and burning calories after dinner. And that’s the only time I ran into them. I worked in the city so I only ever went to the gym in that neighborhood. Granted there were a number of ethnic neighborhoods in that area, Brazilian, Costa Rican, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian. And without a whole lot of interaction it was really hard to tell who was what in normal clothes. But I’m pretty sure my neighborhood was the predominantly Indian neighborhood at the time. I don’t disagree that most of them are below 5s. Its just the ones I saw were usually at the gym. I found the Iranian women I met to be pretty hot. I don’t know what they’re like in numbers though.

  30. Now that we’re on the subject of Indians, I’d like to once again bring to light the Hindu practice of ‘CHHAUPADI’. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before. ‘Chhaupadi’ is the practice of self-isolation of a menstruating woman.
    This chhaupadi ‘doghouse’ is where this Hindu woman in Nepal menstruates:
    The western feminists have flipped the script, instead putting good productive men into the ‘doghouse’ both figuratively and legally, while loosing the menstruating woman upon society and culture with the worst hormone fueled bouts of disorder imaginable. Feminism makes no sense.
    The odor of douche pail is powerful, long lasting, and debilitating to patriarchal command in a home, workplace, or community. THEY’RE FILTHY folks. Women are UNCLEAN when they’re ragging and the power of the smell isn’t all just smell. The odor permiates like skunk or like the ‘homeless’ person’s body odor permanently taints a hobo camp. You all know the ‘bus station’ smell that remains throughout the room long after the wino leaves the corner after his nap.
    DOUCHE ODOR is just as penetrating and has strange properties or maybe I may speculate, it has POWERS. . . ‘Pussy powers’ . . YIKES!! . The lingering property of the douche smell may be bacteriological partly, impregnating the surrounding materials, but also remember that douche bag smell comes from a life forelorn, a pregnancy not brought to fruition. IT’S SPIRITUAL. A spiritual rift in the ether occurs when an egg foregoes delivering a soul. So yes it is spiritual when an egg is wasted or lost.
    The obnoxious Indian feminist runner who shook her wasted egg down her leg as she ran, shaking it to the ground as if it were another abortion is surprising to me. Surprising because Hindus have given reverence to the egg and practiced Chhaupadi not just in antiquity, but until quite recently! I can’t find an Abrahamic word for the isolation practice, but the Hindus obviously exceed the Abrahamic tribes in the practice. Hindus practiced it moreso than anyone else, so much so that they actually gave it a name – ‘CHHAUPADI’ and the practice guaranteed them security for domestic patriarchy so long AS THEY PRACTICED IT. The modern bossy fembitch Indian women slop their bloody shit everywhere. THAT is zee problem peeps. The Indian fembitch marathon runner likely never practiced menstrual isolation in her life and same for her mother. BRING BACK CHHAUPADI and your women will tame down accordingly.
    Aside from Hindu chhaupadi, a few Christian sects practice menstrual ‘separatism’ as well. White separatist Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki Weaver also practiced an Abrahamic form of menstrual isolation in her isolated cabin (birthing stall, it’s dual purpose) which was 1/2 mile (not within earshot) of the main residence. She sat quietly for her week of mensing, reading the Bible, praying and had candles, a blanket, crackers and water. Federal goons butchered the Family in ’91 but that’s another story, and a sad and infuriating one at that.
    A few Abrahamic splinter groups today practice some form of menstrual quarantine or isolation, but the majority of mainstream Christianity/churchianity don’t care. They allow their women to parade around the house when they’re ragging, cooking, shaking hands, you name it. The mensing woman careens about, running the kitchen, the bedroom and the finances when she needs to be put out. Christian men esepecially are pushovers for being walked on by a mensing bitch. Hell, set her up in a quick pop up coleman tent with box of cheerios and jug of water. She’ll live, and best of all, YOU’LL live longer and the kids won’t end up losing their faculties and becoming ‘douche-eyed’. A weebelo can throw up a tent in three munites. . . . ”We won’t miss you, but we still love you mommy” . . . .
    Her vacation. Yup, she had to go out. The funk smell asphyxiates the home/sphere like a male cat or dog’s piss odor marks their territory. The lovely lady in blue dress above is married with a slew of red pill kids, but sadly there are many less fortunate kids, especially boys who grow up with a single whore divorcee mother, and they have to face an overflowing can of bloody pads every time they enter the bathroom. The wild bitch pig of a mother won’t even put a lid on the can. The odor emasculates anyone who fully inhales the wafting ‘death belch’. The whole place becomes so sweedishly pussified, and the WHOLE HOUSE IS ONE BIG CHHAUPADI PIT.
    Here again, Hindus in Nepal practicing chhaupadi. Keep it tight girl:
    Warm and fuzzy. You’ll make it ’till friday:
    And is this a hillbilly snake eater evangellical somewhere in rural Kentucky? She a tad light. Nope. Another Hindu. White buffalos are rare under two millennia of mongrelizing, but she knows the drill:
    People who practice patriarchal traditions like chhaupadi in ramshackle huts that mirror their dwellings should do better with their architecture what with the douch pail odor vexed from the home. But when your entire culture is raceless and mongrelized, it’s a loong climb back to genesis. Very long. They’re mongrels with little saving grace but their patriarchy.
    But now check out this jewess on the Tyra Banks show. Her well-to-do hubby built her a menstrual quarantine ‘spa’ with a marble lavatory and chandelliers. Is that really how the Jews doo it? At least this jewess, presumably sephardic, light complected hassidic has her raging time of the month squarely under wraps and ‘in the bag’ or actually in the ‘spa’ she calls it. She doesn’t leave its confines for the week. Good girl. On the other end of jewry, the mongrel ashki head bangers and hollywood snakes could never hold a match to Moses or follow the rule. They shake their shag like animals on the living room carpet, but this fair princess on Tyra’s show knows her place during her time of the month – in her mini-palace. Listen to her description of the chhaupadi ‘spa’ with cushy leather bagel chairs her gang daddy built for her. Moses’s concubines doubtfully had better, but MOSES had a full unchopped dick:

    Jews/Christians ills with their women will be cured with the abolition of circumcision and the return of standard menstrual isolation, and the Indian’s ills will be remedied with the return OF CHHAUPADI.
    ”BRING BACK CHHAUPADI”. . everybody clap your hands . . ”CHHAUPADI” . . ”one- two-three” . . ”CHHAUPADI” . . ”feel the beat” . . ”curl in a ball now y’all” . .
    Hey, can someone on here who has a mixer and some musical skill please make a chhaupadi song? Something catchy that women of all races can line dance to !! Something that can be played in clubs worldwide. Something that can even be played to home schoolers and preschoolers. Big girls, little girls, they all need to learn the way of the patriarchy.

    1. That is hysterical! Some self entitled feminist bitches I have known actually wanted me to put my dick in them during menstration. Yuuuccck! Get real.

  31. Between college and where I live, I have pretty much been surrounded by a lot of Indians since I was 19 years old. By my early 20s, I even mastered mimicking a typical Indian accent.
    In all that time, I can think of only three Indian women that I would say were exceptionally pretty. Two were in college, both of which were very petite (I have a thing for petite women) and fair skinned. However, given their physical features, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised that there was some British officer mixed in with the blood line somewhere. Both women were upper caste. The one who was my lab partner actually knew some of the ruling family at the time on a first name basis. My lab partner looked a bit like a much more petite version of Monica Bellucci.
    The third was a tenant of mine. Her boyfriend was a non-typical Indian. He came from a military family, was very gregarious, and absolutely loved the United States. He was far more patriotic than many of the people I grew up with who were born here. I referred to this woman as ‘The Princess’ given her rather demanding attitude to the point of obnoxiousness. Her BF told me she came from a family that had a lot of servants and was used to being.. well. a princess.
    Eventually she became too much for him to put up with and he bought his own place, leaving her alone in the apartment. I don’t think this woman was ever alone in her entire life. She freaked out. With no man around, every noise, creak, pop, or disturbance outside became a scary threat. I got more and more ‘service calls’ from her only to find there was nothing wrong with the apartment. She would then try to keep me in the apartment as long as possible. Every time I went there.. she was wearing less and less clothing. Even though I was single at the time, I already had enough experience with needy, head-case women to not want to go anywhere near her. She eventually found a replacement Indian guy to move in with.

  32. For the most part, Dread Game doesn’t work with good-looking women, unless you’re rich and/or famous. Even a solid 8-9 guy (looks, frame, career, etc.) can’t compare to an 8-9 woman in terms of sheer volume of other lay opportunities. The sad fact is that even women who are 3s and 4s have the same amount of willing suitors out there as an 8 or 9 guy. And that’s for a 3, 4. So for a woman who’s an 8, 9… forget about it. She might’ve put up with your DG 50 years ago, but today? In the 21st century? A billion other guys out there willing to give her everything she wants. She’ll turn around and fuck someone else so fast you won’t know what hit you. Sad but true.

  33. Indians are probably the most inferior race when it comes to body type. Maybe some people in Southeast Asia are worse, but Indians in general are short, skinny, no muscles, no ‘flesh’ on their bodies and they always have pot bellies.
    Indian males are the weakest among men. I think it’s a combination of fucked up genetics and their food, which is mostly carbs and has little to no nutritional value.

  34. i seriously did everything in that picture to my ex.
    except the foot rub. i offered but he said “uhm.. no.. but you can rub my back”
    some men just cant handle a submissive women! aka they arent kings!!!

  35. Another stupid article! I don’t know where anyone is going to find these Bollywood babes you pictured in this essay, except maybe in Bollywood. Most of the Indian women I have seen in the USA are short, fat and covered up in those colorful pajamas and scarves. And why go about some herculean task of finding an Indian hottie and making her into a good wife unless you are an Indian man? Dumb essay.

    1. The bollywood looking Indian women who look like they stepped off the set of Baywatch are needles in a haystack. They’re a pipe dream for the common Indian man and thus get pedestalized and become an unrealistic standard to achieve. Simple street women are fine for the common Indian man but Indian men shouldn’t shame them for not resembling some race of goddesses. It would be a herculean task to transform any race (or gender) into something it isn’t. Indian men should focus more on laying down the patriarchal hammer and regaining domestic control over their women. Their timeless tradition of ‘chhaupadi’ must be practiced across the board and then we’ll see domesticated Indian women ‘hail the rooster’. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The task of strapping the eye candy ‘bollywood’ types would also be a herculean task for the average Indian man. They’d best keep their focus on the real Indian women and realize their beauty comes when they’re kept loyal and domesticated. These women are fine for the common Indian man:

  36. Honestly, just buy an escort. Actually cheaper in the long run and she won’t try to come up with some bull shit single digit sexual history that’s a lie anyway.

  37. Really this advice can be put into practice on any woman, no matter her nationality, with good effect. I did it with a white western woman. Married for four years and she still brings me coffee every morning while Im still in bed. The reality is marriage is not for the complacent. A woman will follow if you lead; if you don’t she will go feral. Its that simple

  38. Indian women are not worth it. Their families are psychotic an racist against anyone not Indian. The women themselves are quite…flawed and to be honest..ugly. Yes, many of them are pro victims, but mainly only the ones living in the west. The other ones are stiff traditionalist sari wearing granny types. I can think of a dozen different countries better than India to chose my wife from. The very rare pretty Indian women are the Bollywood princess types and those always act as if their shit don’t stink.

  39. my friend ended up waiting on her; catering to her every whim

    That’s his fault. He made a choice to do that, he didn’t have too.
    Animals take advantage of weakness. Its a natural instinct.

  40. It seems to me that Return of Kings is a political movement to gain world domination – probably sponsored by zionists. Why on earth would you be targeting Indian women whom you don’t find attractive, who are a world away spiritually and culturally unless there is a desire to break them spiritually and culturally in order to infiltrate the country and then dominate financially. Further Return of Kings seems to be a desire to return the world to Monarchy (a zionist monarchy at that) as this website is fully of articles that use MkUltra style monarch programming. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I note that John Doe (clearly a made up name) has now been relegated to commentary on articles when he was a major contributor to this site until very recently. I know that because I have kept some of his articles – about Indian women and how to ‘charm’ them off their feet (joke!). I also note that Winston Smith (a character from 1984) is also a contributor. If your journalists do not even have the courage to reveal their real names, then your plight is doomed to fail.

    1. Actually the above article is good one. But only thing is that we will not find any Indian women who are not feminist.

  41. Having been in numerous short and long term relationships with women here, I ultimately get bored with sex with them to the point where it is hard to put forth the effort to continually seduce them. Never been married here, but I don’t get how married guys who sign a contract with the state where they remain faithful to one woman for (sometimes) many years without having at least the occasional sidepiece can even muster up enough sexual attraction for their wife (hambeast or not), to continue to game/seduce her. More power to you if you do the marriage thing and you actually have some semblance of a happy existence because of (despite?!) it, but I don’t think guys in general are wired for it; it must be largely acculturation. All the beta-ization inherent in getting married as a man, which is almost inevitable because over time the woman tries to make her husband adopt more and more beta traits, along with the wife’s emotional bullshit and tantrums, would seem to kill any seduction/erotic tension anyway, no?

  42. Concerning women generally and giving advices to men like “be this, be that, do this, do that”, why bother? There are plenty of pussies out there willing to spread their legs for you.
    If she is interested in you, there is no need for PUA crap.

  43. I was with a group of close freinds, including women, and talking about my possible future relationships. I said I didn’t care if she was with me for only money; only that she kept herself fit and was trainable. I got nervous but good humoured comments from the guys, and the girls sat there in silence and pretended they were somewhere else. Unfortunately, women need to be trained and it can involve being a dick. That’s one of the areas I get resentful about our society. If you want a relationship to work you oftentimes have to put your normal, healthy personality aside and be mean and manipulating. And note: The tools you use to train a woman are almost EXACTLY the same tactics that most women use daily; shaming, jealous-baiting, shit-testing, dreading, etc.

  44. #4 is important in any long-term relationship. If you don’t fuck your woman hard whenever you feel like it, then you are guilty of abandonment and can expect discord. The secret to a happy home is to ensure that, if ever your cock is hard, it is inside her, one way or another.

  45. “Michael is interested in fitness, entrepreneurship, modern day chivalry,
    culture, spirituality, survival skills, and relationships.” <—Though obviously not, if white, interested in the preservation of his race, which is the only thing that really matters. Have fun with children that don’t look like you Michael.

  46. Good article.
    Stay fit, make money and make kids. Always be willing to walk away if push comes to shove. And have options.

  47. I live in India now but I grew up in Chicago and lived there until I was 17. I think there’s a pretty big difference between Indian women here and Indian women in America. There are still a lot of women here who do respect traditional values. But I’m not sure if being raised to be a respectful and caring wife and mother is enough. I think it has to come from within. A lot of girls rebel against traditional marital roles and start talking about the patriarchal society we live in. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can’t be forced into fulfilling that role. You have to want it.
    I still do think that I have to care about the safety of women in India. The education of female children and female infanticide are still big issues here. However, in my personal life and in a relationship I like caring for my husband and doing the things he likes and just in general taking care of our home.
    I do think this article made a lot of good points. Especially the importance of fitness. I definitely feel more attractive when I like the way I look. And that means more sex. And I really like working out with my husband. It helped me a lot after we had our first child last year.

  48. So pitiful. Such a pitiful person! I can’t help but feel sorry for the author of this little screed, yet I also couldn’t help but laugh. Repeatedly. I apologize. I’m still laughing. Who can help it? And, yet, I honestly hope you get help, meds– I don’t even know what can help you. Not everything can be helped.

  49. This article applies to pretty much all women. Really, I don’t see why it is limited to just one culture in the title. When a woman is raised right in a traditional fashion, she knows her place and how to achieve her happiness and it is up to a man to know how to lead her. Modern day ‘super-mom’ and working women are so unhappy that mental illness has sky-rocketed and just proves that women should not fight against her nature. There is actually a trend that when more women are working while having children, there are more cases of anxiety and depression.

  50. I’ve never dated an Indian woman but i once used the services of a high class escort in Miami. She was witty, intelligent, bought me drinks, was obviously attracted to me physically and the sex was awesome – she really made an effort and even gave me a discount because i’d done a good job (i agreed to fuck her in the ass which she obviously loved)

  51. Most of those ideal Indian women have Persian and Afghan ancestry, they are lighter skinned than most real Indian women. These women can easily be mistaken for Latinas or even Southern Europeans.
    The one by number 4, I have seen women in Spain, France, Romania, and Italy look just like her.

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