3 Problems Where We Must Treat The Source And Not The Symptom

It’s easy to look at the surface of the major issues we see around us and deal with personally. However, it’s much harder, yet so much more effective, to look at the actual, deeper source of the problems in order to find truly effective, long lasting solutions.

Here are just three random, but universally important issues that we see come up over and over either in our lives or in our culture:

1. A Deeper Approach To Racism Among Cops


It’s easy to accuse the cops who shoot Blacks of being racist, but it takes a deeper and more candid look to recognize that their behavior is a natural, albeit inexcusable, response to a specific experience. If cops weren’t put in an environment where they see the worst of the worst of one single race day in and day out, they might not be in such a hurry to pull a gun on them.

Perhaps the first step to addressing racist incidents is making sure that police are moved around and get to see the good and the bad of every race.

2. A Deeper Approach To Losing Weight

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You can’t tell yourself or anyone else who wants to lose weight to simply stop overeating. It’s way easier said than done, and it’s just not going to work. A far more fundamental question that they need to address in order to start eating less is discovering the true reason they are compelled to overeat is in the first place.

Are you overeating because you stuck in suburbia and bored to death, having your life hobbies reduced to pot, Facebook, and junk food? Or are you overeating because you think that you have to finish every huge pile of food you’re served at a restaurant?

Maybe, you are struggling with losing weight because you underestimate the effort and the time it takes to shed those pounds, and it’s time to stop expecting to lose a pound every time you run on a treadmill for 15 minutes. Losing weight and building a more attractive body requires exploring the reasons behind poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

3. A Deeper Approach To Game


Meeting girls and game in general is no different. We all know how ineffective that “just be yourself” and “fake it till you make it” advice is when it comes to confidence in general, and confidence with women specifically. It’s almost like saying “don’t do anything at all, and things will just fall in their place on their own” is if that kind of miracle ever happens. This kind of generic, superficial advice has never actually helped any guy approach a girl, talk to her, ask her out, or otherwise make a move when the time and place are right.

A longer but far more effective road toward real confidence with girls is asking yourself what it is that’s missing from your life—that is, your personality and your accomplishments that would make you proud of who you are. It’s true – making tons of money, getting a good degree, getting ripped, and buying new clothes are not going to turn a true beta into a true alpha, but it surely will put you way ahead in the right direction.

Making excuses for why you don’t have that degree, or that good job, or a fitter body, however valid your excuses might be, is not going to change the bottom line of what what you see in the mirror and others see when they look at you.

There is plenty of advice out there in just about every men’s magazine about how to dress to attract women. However, that nice watch and those matching shoes are going to do little if you don’t feel like you have the personality and lifestyle to back that up with.

Superficial pick-up and dating advice is tempting to follow because it’s seems to be so specific and easy to follow. “Just say this or do that and she will be yours.” However, there are no quick fixes to real life problems and challenges—in you and in anyone or anything else around you. It takes courage to get to the source of the problem, but that’s an essential part of every effective solution.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to always ask yourself when you confront any real life problem—what is the other deeper reason for the issue that you see or are dealing with that no one else is talking about?

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323 thoughts on “3 Problems Where We Must Treat The Source And Not The Symptom”

  1. Regarding 1, the U.S. simply needs better quality minorities. Seriously, I have had it with the black underclass in this country:
    And regarding 3, we need a real solution for the less sexually favored boys better than telling them “Develop yourself and wait” for sexual relationships sometime, somehow, theoretically, in their 20’s, perhaps. Because this really sends the message: You suck in your current state; and you have to postpone living – you have to waste precious, irreplaceable years of your life itself – in the hopes that some woman will turn to you after she has lost the ability to attract her preferred kinds of men. For some reason no one outside of Manosphere blogs recognizes the absurdity and injustice of this situation.

    1. They don’t recognise the ‘injustice’ because they don’t see the ‘problem’ in those terms. If you complain about it, they just write you off as an angry entitled male.
      I find it offensive that women lane change like that, but they find it offensive when we complain about getting offers from women when their looks are fading. We are meant to be ‘grateful’ that women present themselves to us when they are ‘mature’ and ‘ready for commitment’. All the one night stands and/or flings with alphas were just warm ups to the main event.
      They are so delusional that they have convinced themselves to believe they are doing us a favour, and there is an endless line of beta simps that are all too willing to agree.
      It’s tragic as fuck, but there is nothing we can do.

      1. Women have in the U.S. have won political victories regarding access to contraceptives and abortions. In practice this means they have a politically constructed right to sexual fulfillment. Yet at the same time these women scold the Elliot Rodgers of the world as “losers” who have no rights to sexual fulfillment whatsoever.

    2. This used to be handled ages ago in regards to option 3. They were proponents of shared markets and life enhancing experiences. With a loving touch and soothing embrace these glorious women changed the life of many men and turned them into rock stars. Colloquially they are known as hookers and for men who aren’t pre-selected or those with a need to use their time otherwise, they were the sole answer and often best ones to get a man back on track. Simply remove the constrictions on hookers, study game, improve your finances, and wean yourself off of that training wheel. Besides, which carries more shame, living with a woman who hates you or sleeping with a woman for 45 minutes who likes your money as much as you like her body?

      1. Prostitutes can solve the problem of getting sexual experience. But they can’t teach you how to get into sexual relationships through dating.
        Prostitutes also demonstrate that women can in fact turn their sexual functioning on as an act of will with just about any man. They don’t need this bullshit about having “chemistry” with a man to perform on their end.
        I have met some unusual people in the cryonics movement. One of them, a successful businessman in Florida, lives in a poly relationship with his wife and a mistress, perhaps one of those “seeking arrangements” sort of women. Apparently he arranged for this woman to initiate sexually one of his teenage sons. When I heard this story, I almost blurted out, “What a cool dad!”
        This kid might have figured out how to close the deal with a girl for the first time in the usual haphazard way – which apparently fails a lot more than we realize, given the increasing visibility of the incel guys out there. But this businessman shows one possible solution to the problem of making sure that young men cross this barrier and feel included in the tribe, instead of feeling evicted like the lost boys thrown out by polygamous Mormon fathers because the sexual math doesn’t work out otherwise.

        1. The problem here is you are hoping for a shortcut with the dating process. Some men are just r-selected so they have an advantage ahead of others. Sex with a prostitute doesn’t solve anything if they know it is a prostitute. If they feel they are seducing the woman, even if she is paid for, the man who doesn’t know of the arrangement will be far better off.
          The reason being is simple: as we age as adults two things are certain, rejection and death. The first rejection is because of naivete that must be retooled from childhood. One aspect of this which is per the course with sexual attraction, not all women are gamed into sleeping with you. In fact, most women decide irrespective of the male based on attractive features she has seen, to sleep with him. So game is only half the equation.
          Having sex resolves the core urge and creates a space to create some long term permanent change on your attractive level. There is also a funny thing with humans, once we do something 4 times we now have a permanent ability in that area. Then it is all about finessing the craft.
          Life doesn’t stop until death. Changge doesn’t stop until death. Growth doesn’t stop until death. Sure, it changes but there is always another level. The idea of an end of the road is probably the biggest lie and detriment to our species. Comfort bred lies like feminism. Teach a boy that improvement is a permanent goal, teach him determination, teach the only time wasted is what isn’t spent enhancing his life, and this conundrum you speak of will resolve itself.

        2. I mentioned that I came to know this businessman through the cryonics community. Cryonicists for over 50 years now have advocated the idea that we can turn death from a permanent off-state into a temporary and reversible off-state through applied neuroscience. Now some neuroscientists and cryobiologists have come decided that cryonics deserves a second look because of advances in organ preservation through vitrification. They have set up the Brain Preservation Foundation to educate the public about this idea and raise money for incentive prizes to encourage scientists to push hard on the envelope of current and reachable brain preservation techniques:

      2. Yes , back in the day it was that “crazy uncle” that was red pill, loner , bachelor before there was the term red pill who recognized that his nephew was too beta who would get him laid by hiring one of his regular “hookers”. Most families have that “crazy uncle” who all the men and boys love but the spouses fear when he came to visit.

  2. Title is good, but more important examples could’ve been given.
    Words of wisdom : ,, where there are fumes, for sure there’s a fire”

  3. Here’s another big problem: Dena Takruri
    The Symptom: Social Justice Warrior DEFCOCK Level 1
    She hates “privileged” white males so much and regurgitates that stupid 77 cents on the dollar crap because get this…… women make up more than half the workforce!? Taking in no account of what they actually DO? Call this Feminazi SJW fucker out on the Youtube channel. Oh, and the 60s were awesome cunt. We landed on the Moon.

    1. Eh, I have no idea who she is because I don’t pay any attention to SJWs, I don’t have twitter,and I definitely don’t watch their videos on youtube.

    2. It’s amazing how these SJW types want us to support their causes without giving us good reason to. I read a pathetic post by a lowly beta about how we ought to support social causes because we have to look at the ‘long game’, which may not reap us any immediate or delayed benefits, because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do.
      Lets just say it’s true that women only earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn, how is this a big problem for me exactly? Why should I give up my precious time to support this cause when I could be earning money, hanging with friends, watching a quality film etc?
      Fuck their causes. We live in a society where decent jobs, let alone opportunities for advancement, are becoming increasingly scarce, and these assholes want to distract us with their petty bullshit?
      Sorry, but earning a decent living is far more important to me than pursuing a naive leftist dream of social justice.

    3. bahahahahaha… she actually lists a reason that women were oppressed in the 60s is that they couldn’t get credit cards!
      Edit: I watched the first couple of seasons of Mad Men, it’s very entertaining and I loved the costumes / settings from that time. But her claim that the “workplace was not diverse” there is absurd. There was a jew, a gay, a woman (who was actually given a quite large role before she really earned it), and apparently later a black. This is in a rather small ad exec office, in Manhatten, in a highly competitive environment. It’s much more diverse than many real life competitive industries. Look at a wall street trading room, a banking executive office, a high tech company. You will find far less diversity there.

  4. Niggers are, as a race, far less civilized than white people.
    This is not a choice on their part, or ours. It is merely biology. They evolved in a country full of plenty, and so all they needed to do to survive and procreate was to hunt and gather. They are, by nature, r-selected creatures.
    Europeans, and more specifically Scandinavians, evolved in a hostile environment. In order to survive we not only had to find food, we also had to build shelters against the wind and cold, stockpile enough firewood to last half a year and ration out food lest we starve to death.
    The result of this is that northern europeans are, as a group, more logical, long-term planners than africans. This is a biological truth that no amount of white shaming can change. Suck it up and get the fuck over it.

    1. It’s not simply a ‘hostile’ environment, or Sand people would be the most advanced race on earth bar none.
      I think it’s a matter of the environment requiring cooperation to survive… In the desert, every man’s hand is turned against every other man, and cooperation is irrelevant to personal survival. In an environment where shared warmth and the ability to plan ahead is the best protection against a frozen hell for half the year, those qualities of cooperation thrived more than individualistic impulses.

    2. Agreed up until you started talking about Scandinavians lol. Europeans originated in the middle east, Caucasus and south eastern Europe and migrated in waves into europe. During the ice age, the whole of Europe would have had an ice age climate. There are a whole host of European civilizations and peoples who were far more sophisticated than the norse and the Vikings at the same time. Look at the Y-haplogroup maps, you will find it is mainly r1b in western Europe, western Europeans, basically everything west from east germany are more distinct from Scandinavians and slavs, and more responsible for modern human development. This includes Italians and Spaniards.
      like 30% of swedes and Norwegians have a slav Y-chromosome, another 30+% basically have the western European r1b. They are neither distinct from other Europeans, or a pure people by any means. Spaniards are some of the purest and most western European people of them all. Not simply geographically, but genetically. It is a myth that they were mass impregnated by arabs/niggers.
      Scandanavians of haplogroup I1, may have been some of the very first and origional northern Europeans, but we know for a fact it was Indo-european r1a(slavs) who brought the bronze age to that part of Europe, and it was mixture with r1b western europeans that originated Proto-Germanic languages. Indo-europeans likely evolved their intellect 25,000 years ago in southern SIBERIA.

      1. The people that eventually became Europeans migrated into Europe from those areas and continued to adapt and evolve into Europeans (cro magnon.) They also mixed with Neanderthals. The oldest caucasiod skull ever found is Mladec 1 and is dated to 31kya. It was discovered in the Czeck Republic. To be fair, the northern European Germanic tribes, which include Scandinavians are more intelligent than the Southen Europeans, this is confirmed with empirical data from psychometric testing. The reason that the Mediterranean Europeans developed civilization earlier is because the ice age receded first in those areas. Northern Europe was still covered with permafrost which inhibited the precursor to civilization (agriculture development.) You could say that the very thing that made them more intelligent (adapting to the ice age dIfficulties) is also what held Northern Europeans back from implementing their greater intelligence at that time. However, today we see that the Northern European nations are the pinnacle of modern civilization.

        1. Yes it includes Scandinavians but actually it is Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium etc. that have the highest IQ in Europe. Sweden is basically equal with the UK and italy, and the danes and Norwegians have a lower average IQ than Poland.
          My point is, there really isn’t much significant about Scandinavians as Ibian suggested. They are no smarter and by and large have been too small in number to affect world history and development. When you think “superior” Northern Europeans. Think British, German, Dutch. who overall happen to be genetically closer to other western europeans than scandanavians. Scandinavians are neither distinct from these peoples, more intelligent, more advanced, neither do they have a greater history.

        2. Yes, Italians have reasonably high IQ’s, especially for Southern Europeans, who tend to hover around the 95 mark.

        3. The brits are a mix of vikings and whatever people lived there a thousand years ago. Today, in the modern world, we are indeed too small to matter much. But the vikings had a huge impact on all of europe in their day.
          English, for one thing. It is a mix of danish and whatever they spoke at the time.

        4. look at the maps, they would seem to indicate brits are more closely related to Spaniards despite mixture and cultural influence, and that infact there has been just as much if not more of a flow of genes from both eastern and western Europe INTO Scandinavia than vice versa.
          Vikings were already a mixture of original Scandinavians, slavs and western r1b Europeans. They indeed did have an impact. But it was not by the bestowing of some kind of ubermensch genes into the other/continental European peoples

        5. sorry, have never posted pictures on disqus before, seems to have shrunk it to make it fit. Can’t get the hang of it. Basically red is Indo-European haplogroup r1b, yellow is Indo-European haplogroup r1a, the lightest green colour(not cyan) is indigenious Scandinavian haplogroup I1. Basically all of Scandinavia was that light green colour and lived as hunter-gatherers, until slavs(yellow) came along and mixed in 2300bc, introducing agriculture and other bronze age technology. Around 1800BC reds(western Europeans) moved in and mixed, Germanic languages developed and then they moved south to Germany, mixed some more, then went everywhere. The prevalence of red in spain and Britain suggests they are more closely related, than say brits and Scandinavians .Outside of Scandinavia, only Germany has significant I1, possibly 15-20%.The prevalence in other countries is often negligible but present. Native Scandinavian DNA is equally as prevalent in (near)Russia as the uk. Fins purple are distinct from slavs,germans and other germanics like Scandinavians. In a way there is a scandanavian tint on everything, they are part of composition of the Germanic peoples, historically, linguistically genetically. but English is the world language today. USA won that war. another place filled with germanics. Who will soon all be brown.

        6. And yet the germanic tribes, which originated in Southern Scandinavia and Northern germany, invaded much of europe and founded several nations. Most notably the frankish kingdoms, anglo-saxon england and the Kievan Rus.
          What you fail to understand is that the ancient germanic tribes were closely related, whether they were danes, swedes, angles, saxons, frisians or other tribes.
          And considering their quite small numbers, the Scandinavians specifically have had quite a large impact on European history.

        7. This same pattern is prevalent among all mainland germanic people which are to varying degrees a mix between Nordic, celt and slavic genetics and culture.
          Which is not surprising since these areas are located in North and central europe, seperating the Atlantic/celt people from the slavics in the East.
          What is your point exactly? You apparently have a hard time accepting the fact that germanic tribes expandended and conquered many people in antiquity and the middle ages. Just accept that this is the way history unfolded and move on.

        8. No point telling me to accept something that iv’e pointed out already in greater detail than you, read my coment to spicey. i’m pointing out to the likes of ibian, that germanics were not Scandinavian hunter gatherers. Scandinavians are germanics not native Scandinavians, and the spread of Scandinavian genes follow the spread Germanic tribes like the angles, Saxons, franks and goths. who were only a fraction native Scandinavian. Modern agriculture and the bronze age had been occurring in Europe for thousands of years before Slavic indoeuropeans arrived in northern Europe. “Germanic” is a term most closely associated with language groups, not DNA, Brits are Germanic, Dutch are Germanic, Americans are Germanic. Australians are Germanic. Suggesting they are somehow Scandinavian, is moronic. The flame of “Germanic” civilization is far removed from natïve Scandinavians, even modern Scandinavians are far removed from Scandinavian hunter gatherers(who ibian was reffering to), Ibians suggestion there is something special about native Scandinavian DNA is nonsense. Unless the “Scandinavians” he is referring to are the “Germanics” in Germany, Holland, England etc. who have negligible native Scandinavian DNA. Germanic languages are rightly reffered to as Indo-european languages, and indo-europeans in this case are slavs and celts/atlantics, not native Scandinavians. It is you who is having hard time accepting that modern Scandinavians and other germanics are not native Scandinavian hunter gatherers. Ibian seems to think “Scandinavian” history goes back further than it really does, when in reality “Scandinavian” history is Germanic history which is Indo-European history, which goes back to southern Europe and the middle east, which eventually goes back to mammoth hunters 25000 years ago in SIBERIA. THIS is likely where the significant leaps in intellect and evolution of the Indo-European peoples took place. I expect You to thank me for educating you.

        9. No present day living germanic people are, whether living in Scandinavia or not, anything like what the ancient hunter gatherers of Scandinavia were like. On this point I agree.
          “Scandinavians are germanics not native Scandinavians, and the spread of Scandinavian genes follow the spread Germanic tribes like the angles, Saxons, franks and goths. who were only a fraction native Scandinavian.”
          No Scandinavians of antiquity were like the ancient hunter gatherers either.
          “Suggesting they are somehow Scandinavian, is moronic. The flame of “Germanic” civilization is far removed from natïve Scandinavians, even modern Scandinavians are far removed from Scandinavian hunter gatherers(who ibian was reffering to), Ibians suggestion there is something special about native Scandinavian DNA is nonsense.”
          The genetics stemming from these ancient hunter gatherers were an essential input in forming the germanic tribes. And the people living in the present day lowlands and germany do not have negligeble genetic input from these hunter gatherers, something in the order of 20% or more is standard in these regions. And 30-35% in Scandinavia, when just looking at the Y haplogroups. Possibly even more when figuring in all the genes.
          The flame of germanic civilazation was born in Southern Scandinavia/Northern Germany, regions were this pre-germanic genetic input is at its highest. So calling it “far removed” is somewhat of an understatement. I simply highly disagree on this point.
          You are also forgeting that germanic languages carry many Words which have pre-indo European origin. Which again underscores the importance of these ancient peoples in contributing to germanic civilization.
          “It is you who is having hard time accepting that modern Scandinavians and other germanics are not native Scandinavian hunter gatherers.”
          No not at all. But you are severely downplaying the importance of the ancient pre germanic(Nordic) peoples contribution to germanic genetics and culture.
          “I expect You to thank me for educating you.”
          I find this topic fascinating, and I appreciate discussing it, with someone who seems to have knowledge in the field.. But when it comes to education I prefer to trust academic sources rather than a commentator on ROK who I dont know anything about.

        10. You are ignoring what the commentator I was talking to was saying. He was claiming there was something intellectually superior about native Scandinavian DNA. Iv’e shown him that not only are Scandinavians not more intelligent than other indo Europeans, they are a product of those indo-europeans. He either didn’t know real genealogy or history or both. Scandinavian tribes are no smarter than any of the other indo-europeans they intermixed with 4000 years ago and you’ll have to go much further back to trace obvious technological and genetic changes. Scandinavians are no smarter than other Europeans now, and they weren’t then, when they first encountered slavs. I’m assuming as a Scandinavian you chimed in reflexively without actually comprehending exactly what I was responding to or what Ibian was saying. But everything iv’e pointed out is consistent with teachings of Christian Jurgensen Thomsen(a scandi) and many others. European civilization is Indo-european in origin. Nordics were brought straight into the bronze age via trade and mixture with slavs, like sub Saharan Africans were brought straight into the iron age by Europeans. If you don’t care to do the reading from the correct sources yourself, I suggest you take it from me or else stop responding or don’t respond in the first place. If your claim is that Scandinavians or even germanics are superior because they spread far and wide, you’d have to apply the same logic, to huns, slavs, avars, bulgars, mongols etc who conquered and pushed many germanics westward further along the line in history. I accept that Germanic contribution is important, I dispute that Nordics/Scandinavians are superior.

        11. “You are ignoring what the commentator I was talking to was saying. He was claiming there was something intellectually superior about native Scandinavian DNA. ”
          No I wasnt ignoring it, and I did read several of his comments. But I wont rule out that I missed some of his comments, so I will take your word on it.
          “I’m assuming as a Scandinavian you chimed in reflexively without actually comprehending exactly what I was responding to or what Ibian was saying.”
          No I wasnt chiming in reflexively, as I agree with much of what you wrote. The hypothesis of lower/higher/identical intelligence of certain ancient populations is quite hard to determine however based on archeology and genetics alone. And thats before intelligence has even been defined precisely. So under all circumstances this will be a question where a great deal of speculation will be involved.
          “European history is Indo-european in origin.”
          It is predominately indo-european, is a more accurate description. Ignoring the input from the ancient hunter gather tribes which predate the indo-europeans, will surely amount to false accounts.
          “If you don’t care to do the reading from the correct sources yourself, I suggest you take it from me or else stop responding or don’t respond in the first place.”
          No this is not what I said. In fact the opposite. I prefer reading the correct sources, and not taking info from word of mouth(or from an internet discussion). This is source criticism 101 more or less.
          If you dont want to respond, thats fine, that is your decision. But if see statements which I factually dont agree with, chances are that I will respond. Thats just the way it is, its an open thread.
          “If your claim is that Scandinavians or even germanics are superior because they spread far and wide, you’d have to apply the same logic, to huns, slavs, avars, bulgars, mongols etc who conquered and pushed many germanics westward further along the line in history.”
          It is naturally an accomplishment if certain peoples are able to conquer far and wide. whether its huns, slavs, mongols or germanics, they all display superior force, tactics, technology or ferociousness. So naturally Its admirable. If that makes a certain people superior in any essentialist meaning of the word is something that is debatable.
          Germanic people have been some of the most succesful at conquering, so this is naturally admirable. Some will disagree, for instance persons of a very pacifist persuasion. And this is all fine, it naturally boils down to which sort of worldview one adhires to when evaluating claims of superiority.

        12. Agree, I’m a big fan of germanics too. I was simply trying to make the point to Ibian that modern germanics are not “native” Scandinavians and indeed that “Germanic” peoples have a 2000+ year history before say anglo saxons arrived in Great Britain. They were a mixture of peoples, and a people in their own right long before they spread to other parts of Europe. It’s not the case that Nords moved into Europe, conquered and raped everyone, and germanics were born, as a Viking worshipper like Ibian would seem to think. It’s an interesting subject and a hard one to explain to a supremacist touting the virtues of any particular peoples, modern or neolithic, I don’t believe this is what you are however, and I think we have much common ground.

        13. Yes I understand, and I agree fully with this. There is a much longer history of the germanic peoples to take into account than simply starting of somewhere in the early middleages/late roman era.
          No I dont consider myself a supremacist, as this label is much to crude as it conventionally is used. I am however a nationalist, and I wont pretend that I am completely unbiased when studying these subjects. This however does imply that I am not able to respect other peoples or cultures for their accomplishments. Credit must be given when credit is due. On the other hand I will never succumb to a “we are all the same or equal” logic as it just comes across as dishonest. So it is a difficult balance to strike.
          But what I know from studying history years back is that especially archeology and historical linguistics have been plagued with alot of speculation and dubious theories. Especially since these areas at times have been hijacked for political purposes. I even have some friends who are convinced that biological anthropology is equivalent to nazi eugenics. LOL. So the Development and maturing of population genetics has in many ways been a godsend. Or it at the very least has made it possible to ascertain the accuracy of certain theories of ancient history more adequately.
          I have the impression that you are actively studying these subjects at present, since your knowledge comes across as fairly detailed. Is my hunch correct? Are you by any chance indian, I am guessing based on your account name?

        14. As it happens i am, I’m of Scottish, irish and German descent. My current girlfriend is an indian Oxford anthropology and archaeology graduate and gives me someone to talk to into this stuff. I tend to change my name with quite some regularity and pick something on my mind at the time, often depending on what i’m studying. I am simply a student of history, not in the academic sense, i studied engineering at university level, but history and anthropology is one of my main interests, and i’m lucky to have a nerdy gf that is into this kind of stuff. I can spend hours and hours reading and talking on these subjects, especially those related to “my” people but also others including the empires and peoples of central asia, hence the name maharaja or “Indian King”. It’s hard to find good sources of information on the internet with regards to ancient civilization, there is a lot of revisionism going on, one would be a fool to rely on most internet sources as even the most brief or concise sources of information about anything but pop culture. The fact of the matter is that the truth is racist. This may be one of the reasons for the accusations levelled at those who are informed or seek information about these matters. I’m one of the most passionate anti-Marxists around, heck I would even call myself a white supremacist, But i go all in on my supremacism and studiously assess and base it on facts. The funny thing is that i’m probably one of the closest things you could find to a Germanic-supremacist, i just happen to be more informed than most and itching to discuss the subject in detail, I guess I jumped down poor ibians throat in my eagerness!!. I hope it didn’t come across as though i was trying to diminish the history of the Scandinavian peoples, simply give an accurate account of it and their genetic make-up, as well as give an idea of the kind time scale in which technological and genetic changes actually took place. Indo-european History is replete with stories of slaves that become masters, barbarians that become civilizers, and old people being replaced with new peoples. Germanics are notable not only as conquerors and kings, but as civilizers, advancers of technology and religion, the torch carriers of Rome in western Europe.

        15. Interestning. I did a double major in philosophy and history several years ago, but then started over again in college studying economics. That helped me secure some employment, although the classical humanities subjects have always been my greatest interest.
          I guess it makes for some pretty interesting conversations seeing your gf is actively studying these subjects. I hope that she is able to get a decent job when she finishes her degree.
          I recently spoke to a girl living in my Apartment, who is doing viking archeological excavations in the Southern part of sealand, Denmark.
          In the last few years a Whole bunch of stuff has been uncovered. As it turns out that most of the Danish isles probably were heavily militarized during much of the early middleages. They were likely pretty well prepared for military expansions later on, seeing that a armsrace was underway with the frankish kingdoms and a looming threat of christianization. I find that quite fascinating.
          As mentioned I dont consider myself a supremacist, as the word normally is used. But in this day and age even nationalist sentiment, or taking an interest in ancient European history is considered suspicious. It is very easy to be labeled a supremacist or racist, so I dont take these sort of labels that seriously.
          And I am not offended in anyway, as long as the discussion is fairly factual in nature and not riddled with insults, its all fine by me. Thx for the discussion by the way.

        16. http://www.amazon.ca/The-Decline-West-Oswald-Spengler/dp/0195066340
          If you haven’t read already, i’d recommend looking into this book by Oswald Spengler. One of the best and most interesting single historical sources and critiques I’ve encountered. It’s pretty old which I believe makes it all the more prescient. Spengler is often cited with predicting the rise of national socialism, pornography, pro-sports, the decline of the family and western civilization. It’s a good jump starter for knowledge about many civilizations and in many fields. I believe it was in this book, Spengler declared that anthropology, the study of ancient civilizations and antiquity, and all that entails like archaeology, museums etc was a definite western tradition and that it would be lost as a science and heavily revised with the decline of western civilization. He also does a good job of filling in the blanks between ancient rome and what we call western civilization today, of which there is much relevance to the Germanic peoples.

        17. Interesting how different (less red) Portugal is compared to Spain. Portugal is completely surrounded by Spain, so you would think the populations would be almost identical. Did these people arrive by boat, instead of walking through Spain to reach Portugal? I know little about Portugal’s history but I think I shall search out a book or two.

        18. They were there all along. Compare the colours you see. Green, black, light red are very prevalent in Italy and Greece and the rest of the medditerranean. It’s likely these haplogroups represent the people who dominated southern Europe during the ancient roman and Hellenic(greek) periods. Red is basically the colour of celts/gauls, as well as a significant portion of the Germanic tribes. The prevalence of red in spain as oppose to Portugal is likely due to the greater impact and immigration of gauls from france into spain, and conquest by visigoths and other Germanic tribes. scandinavian DNA can be found all over Europe, including Greece, portugal and southern italy. The Germanic tribes travelled far and wide, but likely had a much greater impact in spain than portugal. And even greater impact in france and the UK. The short simplistic answer is that celtic DNA came in from the north, via Gauls and during the Germanic migrations, but affected Portugal much less. It’s also very likely however that there was red DNA there a long way back, and that reds were basically native to spain, with latins/hellenics/phoenicians predominantly dominating in the coastal regions in ancient times. These ancient peoples were almost certainly at least part r1b(red) themselves as this group appears in greeks, turks, as far east iran and central asia. reds, yellows, greens, and light greens(Scandinavians) all have distant cousins in central asia, who branched of and mixed with others to become what is now Indians, Iranians, khazakhs etc. This is how we know that central Asia was their origin 25,000 years ago. In that region of the world, the haplogroup maps get funky, and it’s obvious that a hell of a lot of the caucasian peoples originated there in the same time period, but spread at different times, in different directions, in different numbers.

        19. Thanks for the tip. I already read some excerps from the “Decline of the West” some years ago. Its a very interesting book and is written in a similar vein to Arnold Toynbees World history. These sort of speculative grand history narratives are not popular in history departments, to say the least. The methodology is considered outdated and flawed in mainstream history, but I dont really mind since the analysis is extremely interesting and enlightening. Spengler clearly knows alot about many different subjects.
          Here is an interesting YT channel which illustrates his grand synthesis of history rather skillfully:

  5. The Irony is that there ARE quick fixes, but you just have to be capable of breaking problems down into individual issues. There are no GENERAL quick fixes, but if you break a problem down far enough, it’s as amenable to solution as any well-designed program.
    Racism among cops- The quick fix, the ultimate breakdown of the problem, involvesThree factors- Why are they having experiences that make them respond differently to black criminals? Why are those experiences so pronounced? What natural factors are involved? Once you realize that Racism is a natural evolutionary response to subspecies competition, the solution becomes obvious…. racial homogenity between police and their charges. That may not help crime (almost certainly wouldn’t) but it would certainly stop racism.
    The overweight issue is the same. What causes fat? One word. Sugar. you break it down into what kinds of sugars there are in your diet, from starches and carbs to HFCS and real sugar, and simply eliminate those… It may be difficult to do, but breaking the problem into basic elements presents the answer, and something simple is always easier psychologically for men to accomplish than something complex.
    Game? That’s a toughie, because there are so many elements to break down… but not impossible, Roosh did it for decades. The idea of monogamous marriage was utterly elegant because it completely dodged the question.

    1. “The quick fix, the ultimate breakdown of the problem, involvesThree factors- Why are they having experiences that make them respond differently to black criminals?”
      Good luck having any cop admit to any of this actually happening on record.

      1. If you lived in southeast DC for any length of time, you would understand exactly why they are having these sorts of issues.
        If you haven’t… there’s a gulf of understanding that cannot be easily bridged. Blacks behave violently towards police in almost every situation, from a speeding or parking ticket to a drug deal gone bad. Black criminals honestly believe that they can ‘kill all the cops raiding them’ or just run away to get out of trouble, and thus they simply do not surrender.
        When criminals refuse to surrender to the police, things tend to get ugly very quickly.

        1. All I’m saying is cops would never admit to any wrong doing, let alone outright racism.

    2. There is only one permanent fix to this problem. A breaking up of the united states along racial lines.
      The mentioned problems will not be solved in a multiracial society.

      1. Only if that ‘breaking up’ involves driving them south of texas, north of alaska, across the ocean, or into a series of long trenches.
        This land isn’t their property. At no time have they contributed to it in any meaningful way since their forebears were property themselves. There will be no ‘breaking up’ or giving them what does not belong to them.

        1. Then a general worsening of the situation, ultimately ending in some sort of violent conflict, is probably the only outcome.
          I would think that a breaking up of the US would be the sensible solution. But ultimately I dont really have a voice in this, since I am not a US Citizen.

        2. With hispanics, breaking up would mostly involves simply making southern california secede and then pushing them all there. They would be happy, we would be happy.
          But the black population is concentrated in enclaves in every major urban center. abandoning those urban centers is a non-workable solution.

  6. More on 1: Why don’t we have a culture analogous to game for black people who wonder why they fail at life so badly and want to improve themselves? Do blacks lack enough self-awareness of their dysfunctional situation to see that they can’t live a decent life that way?

  7. I have a radical concept regarding #1, how about some kind of police force that actually fights CRIME instead of one that just hands out tickets to make money for the state and robs hookers and petty drug dealers when they need a little extra cash?

    1. That’s right. Why would cops put their lives on the line going after criminals and incarcerate them (costs tax money)? It’s a lot safer and profitable to go after good tax paying citizens who commits a small misdemeanor. Ever see how much money the traffic courts make every day.

  8. Congratulations to the author on the most homoerotic feature image in ROK history

      1. http://saintseiyafan.com/Forum/index.php?topic=482.0;wap2
        “Apollo is the only Greek god who did not sleep with Aphrodite, but he
        did sleep with her son, Hymen. Apollo’s other male lovers included: King Admetus of Thessaly, Amyclas and his son Hyacinthus the king of Sparta, Branchus, Cyparissus, Daphnis, Hylas, Iapis, Orpheus, Paros, Phrobas, Potneius, Troilus, Tymnius, Zacynthus, and the ram-god Carneius.”

  9. “Perhaps the first step to addressing racist incidents is making sure
    that police are moved around and get to see the good and the bad of
    every race.”
    Ooooh, the irony.

  10. #1–Racist cops.
    This results from a cultural issue that the black community will have to solve on its own. The rampant criminal behavior, drug use, illegitimacy, and total embrace of low culture are all hallmarks of modern black culture. When you consider this, then its perfectly understandable that if a crime occurs the best strategy to solving that is to find a black person because unfortunately that is the most likely suspect.
    If you don’t want people to hate you, then you should act civilized.
    “Perhaps the first step to addressing racist incidents is making sure that police are moved around and get to see the good and the bad of every race.”
    That’s a nice sentiment, but not really very realistic. Try walking around the Vietnamese neighborhoods in Orange County, CA then drive up into Los Angeles and try walking around in the black neighborhoods, and you’ll see what I mean.

    1. “That’s a nice sentiment, but not really very realistic.”
      It is, in fact, the very simplistic SJW solution.

    2. In Jamaica, all the cops are black All of em.
      Jamaica is the murder capital of the World. You are safer in baghdad.

      1. I don’t think I can even commment anymore. Just reading this article is depressing and shows just how easily this country could slip into nationalist state run by pigs and dictators. This very comment epitomizes what is being said on here. A blatant fallacy of correlation vs causation and racism: the belief that the pigment of skin has any behavioural or psychological effects on the person. I sincerely hope you are not such a complete fool in your day to day life.

  11. Cops aren’t that racist. They shoot blacks because they have to. Blacks give them little choice. It’s kill or be killed.

  12. This is a video I made debunking the whole ‘White privilege’ nonsense. I also address topic #1 in your article.

    1. What’s the end game of the white privilege rhetoric? Just say for argument’s sake that it’s completely true in all areas of life, what are we meant to do? Give up our jobs? Refuse promotions? It is only about inducing guilt?
      Personally I don’t feel a shred of ‘guilt’ over it. It’s the same as ‘class privilege’, which to me is a more plausible form of privilege than race or gender. Some people are born into wealth, while most of us have to earn it ourselves. Big deal. You have to learn to play the hand you are dealt in life.
      Some of us are obviously dealt better hands than others. Again, that’s just life. By refusing to accept this inevitable fact of life, SJW types cause more problems than they actually solve.

      1. Hopefully on an individual level they aren’t blaming systemic/institutionalized racism for your failures or using it as an excuse to mistreat white people. However, for intellectual discussion on sociology, politics, culture, history, and psychology it’s good to have a certain level of cultural awareness and humility, which includes realizing white privilege.

      2. White people have most of the money. It is nothing more than a wealth transfer through the medium of guilt.

  13. The problem is that cops, like regular people, know that it is black society’s dysfunction which is the problem. It’s not racism, it’s not racist cops, it’s not jacked up truck driving rednecks which are the problem. The problem afflicting black communities is black people. More specifically, it’s young black males. And white communities do not want this disease in our communities.
    We don’t want this disease and these people in our communities. What black people don’t seem to understand is that the backlash from established white communities is going to be worse than anything the police can do. They think the police victimise them now? Just you wait.
    Nobody wants a race war but somebody needs to get a grip of the black community and tell them that things are going to go terribly for them if they continue down this road. The race baiting media personalities are setting them up for a terrible fall. White people are not evil, but we are the absolute best at killing a lot of people very quickly. This isn’t a fight they can win.
    I don’t like these people but neither do I want to see a lot of bloodshed. I hope somebody has a quiet word with them. Black folks are their own worst enemy.

    1. I have reluctantly come around to thinking that we should just round up all the black males at puberty and evaluate them for their ability to function in a modern society. Release the Urkels and keep the rest locked up indefinitely. The Urkels’ offspring might inherit their fathers’ docility.

      1. Mass castration is the answer. Lower testosterone, no subsequent generations. And it can be done chemically, so the balls don’t need to be chopped off.

    2. “I hope somebody has a quiet word with them.”
      Quite a number of people have had a quiet word with them. Many of them have been black people. The effect is that those black people become shamed and shunned by the black community.
      On the day that the white community decides that the riots stop now, and if the official forces can’t manage it, we will, the riots will stop – and the Mississippi will run red with black.
      It is not what I want. It is not what anybody should want, most especially the black community itself. And yet that is the endpoint of where things are headed.
      Welcome the Cassandra Club. Duck and cover.

      1. Yup. This is why I am often told by other blacks that I “act white”. I only fraternize with other blacks who are like myself; I just encounter the trashy idiotic ones in passing.
        Then again, whites tell me that I don’t “sound black” either until I ask them what I’m supposed to sound like. That response always results in crickets and then a whispered “I’m sorry.”

        1. as Chris rock says, there’s a difference between ‘blacks’, and ‘niggas’.

    3. Yeah, that’s why the black wall street have been destroyed?
      First, the governement AND black people themselves are responsibles for it.
      Black men sleeping with sluts without condoms, but black women/mothers allowing them to do so…
      A lot of kids don’t have fathers because women receive help from governement only if they have no man home. That’s why there is a reward for black women to fuck bad boys… and the community destroys itself from inside.
      But if you think disease and bad behavior are black only, you might have a big problem…

      1. Yes, because white women are NEVER single moms or sluts right?
        Only STUPID black women have babies with “bad boys”. The smart ones choose successful black men or marry outside of their race.
        One issue is that daughters tend to take their social and moral cues from their mothers. My mother had all of her children after marriage and she chose a good provider. It is no accident that I have followed the same path because I was taught that my mother’s choices were the only acceptable ones.

        1. Black sistas are the population the MORE likely to have children OUT of wedlock!
          This have dramatic effects on developement of children and wealth and results in school.
          Fatherless homes affect too how young teens will have children, fall in drugs/addictions, or end-up in jail.
          This is why I said our community destroys from within, by the choice made by them, as INDIVIDUALS.
          People are and should be responsible for their actions! And the fact that white women do it doesnt exempt black men and women of responsibilty.
          I’m glad you had good step to follow, but you can’t close your eyes on it.

        2. My eyes are not closed. I just think it is foolish when people act like there are no trashy white single moms. Look at rural communities in West Virginia as well as Oklahoma.
          I agree that people should be responsible for their actions regardless of race. However, we cannot pretend that single motherhood is ONLY a problem in the black community because that is simply not true. I am not the only black woman in North America who grew up with a good example. Visit any affluent community in the US or Canada and the blacks who reside in those areas are vastly different than the stereotype.
          Maybe I have a different perspective, because all of the blacks I associated with my whole life were well-to-do and valued education.

        3. How does what you live or who you know solve the problem of black community is USA?
          Yep, it doesnt! Whatever white or asians do, our community has a problem, and sugarcoating it or denying it does no benefit to no one.

        4. I wasn’t trying to solve the problems as I cannot do that just by posting here. Pointing out that the white community isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that I am “sugarcoating”.

        5. So, how on debating why our community is screwed you mention other communities? I don’t understand your POV, madame!

        6. Acknowledging that the black community is plagued with problems does not negate the fact that whites have issues in their community as well. I was just pointing that out.
          I am well aware of the problems we have in our community. Because so many black fathers are absent, the children lack the guidance and security of a two parent home. Boys in particular suffer when there is no father to teach them how to be good men. They also grow up thinking that it is okay to impregnate women out of wedlock and leave. After all, that is what their fathers did to their mothers.
          Black women place too much importance in being “strong”. Too many of us think that it is a badge of honor to be a single mother and raise children alone. Again, many black women are raised by single mothers so they feel it is okay to continue the cycle of single motherhood and the poverty that comes with it.

    4. I’m not sure what you mean? White people willingly infected their own society with blacks, socially destroyed them as a people and then set them free in Atlanta and Harlem, and then killed their political leaders. And now Education, health, and crime are problems in the community and blacks need to to fix it?
      You said it yourself, whites have the power. Maybe you should read your own post and see your own prejudices and the negative effects they have

      1. Very few white people in the distant past owned slaves, you fucking retard, and most were slaves themselves.
        Most of the slave trade was run by jews, as it is now.

        1. nearly 100% of slaveholders in the distant past were white. Don’t give me that Irish Slavetrade crap. Yes white people have taken indentured servitude in Europe and America, but chattel slavery, power in the flesh, and social death aren’t on the same level a serving a year and being freed.

        2. “nearly 100% of slaveholders in the distant past were white”
          Unbelievably retarded assertion. Look up the Arabic and Moorish slave trade of Europeans through the middle ages.
          The “Slavic” people are named as such because they were slaves.
          Your bullshit isn’t working anymore.
          Also, I recommend you try to hide your hatred of the Irish at this point.
          Tic toc tic toc

        3. At this point, I’m guessing that you’re 15 or something. Anyone could see how the slavery you’ve described is irrelevant to America’s history. That’s why i said most slaveholder’s were white. Did you know that there was slavery in the Americas in the 1860s, and black people were considered a lower class of people, which has continued. You’d really have to to be 15 to not understand how that could contribute to a racist society in America. But please post more links about the middle ages, thats so fucking relevant.
          And no I don’t hate the Irish. i don’t hate any ethnicity or race. Whenever black people express any of their feelings about race, most white people get uncomfortable because blacks aren’t supposed to. Often the black is interpreted as racist.

    5. It won’t help until you root the Jooz from power. Nothing will change until then.

    6. Race specific biological weapons should be near ready for implementation. Imagine waking up one day to find there are no more black people outside of Africa.

      1. Omg! You are fucking idiot! Race specific biological weapons? Thats not possible you idiot, they are exactly the biological make up as you! How do you have tha ability to separate these people from being human and deserving justice just like you? Don’t give me reasons, I want solid explanation for why killing hundreds of millions of people is a good idea. And if you say some shit like they are all thugs I swear I will come through the internet and slap the shit out of you

        1. Because at this point and time that woud be the cheapest way of dealing with the negroid problem.
          I don’t feel like giving you an education on human biodiversity. However, Socoloco below me was kind enough to list a source where you can find information on race specific biological weapons.

      2. Are you fucking retarded? HAHAHA! How can “race specific biological weapons” be made when whites, blacks, asians, etc. are all identical biologically except for extra pigment in black people.

      3. The American think-tank, PNAC quotes in their report, “Rebuilding America’s Defences”, “An advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”
        The document is online in pdf.
        Whether it is reasonable or even possible the NeoCons believe that shit.

    7. Well blacks did have a peaceful leader once upon a time in Martin Luther King but the government decided to shoot him down. What is happening right now and your feelings and sentiments are going exactly to the plan of the elites to distract the people from their atrocities and turn everyone against each other.

      1. Oh, you mean the rabble rousing, race-baiting, communist preacher MLK? The one that was shot anonymously, while some white loser was railroaded into taking the blame by authorities threatening him with the death penalty, and who later tried to recant and get a new trial before he died mysteriously in prison?
        That MLK?

        1. No, I put them in exactly the same category.
          The only ‘black warrior’ I ever respected was Malcolm X. He was about ten times smarter than the rest.

      1. I wish the cops were as racist as you think they are and had as much power as you think they do, but they don’t.

        1. Actually cops have as much power as you think they do and more. The cop literally killed a man for selling cigarettes which plenty of us are guilty of. “Hey can I bum a cig of you for a couple quearters?” You’ve just commited the same crime that guy was murdered for. And I say murdered bc that cop had multiple marks for violence against women and others prior. The result? The cop walked and they arrested the camera holder later for talking to a girl that had a gun based on two cops eyewitness account that he gave it to her even tho theres no proof (fingerprints etc).
          It really isn’t about blacks tho, cops will kill anyone, they have just been allowed to kill minorities and this has continued because idiots like melmouth jump on their side. There are plenty of cases of police brutality against whites now. Just go on youtube. Police brutality in general is the problem.

        2. Leftwingers changing the law to make the jobs of policeman harder since the middle of the last century if not before is the main problem in criminal justice. Left wingers in general are the problem. An oven is the solution

        3. Can you not look at your statement and see blantant emotional blithering going on. I would wager that your fairly smart but you sound like a fucking moron. The reason cops jobs are harder is bc they abuse their power. Repeatedly. There is a reason we have laws, to protect those that cannot defend themselves. When people are given unlimited power they abuse it. And they start with those that cannot defend themselves. I’m making two points here, that cops are given near unlimited power with no recourse for mistakes and that they do and always have attacked the least able to defend themselves members of society, blacks and other minorities. Minorities are always the easiest targets. Hitler is a good example. Nazi germany is a perfect example of where your type of thinking leads too. Read martin niemoller’s poem called “first they came for…” If you make it easier for policemen to “do their jobs” you also make it easier for them to abuse power. Newsflash: if you give some unlimited power, they will abuse it, every single time.
          Not to mention your comment doesn’t even make sense. I tht conservatives wanted less government interference so more cop oversight aka making it harder for them to do their jobs should reduce gov presence. How is that even a liberal agenda? I want facts, come at me with bullshit arguments, I’ll enjoy tearing them apart 🙂

        4. Emotional blithering? I see plenty of it coming from your delusional, sentimental, expletive laced responses. The only man that sounds remotely moronic is yourself. Stop projecting. It makes you look like a leftist.

        5. The only “conservatism” you are even remotely aware of is the degenerate brats of an outdated strain of leftism. The only thing you’ve managed to tear is a muscle from trying too hard. All in vain. Peasants, slaves and bourgeoise abuse power because it is not rightly there’s. Power belongs to warriors.

        6. You’re right I should swear less but I’d rather have swearing as a problem than whatever disassociative mental condition allows you to say we should kill millions of people because YOU are afraid of them. And either you emotionally having a “I just HATE them” response typical of whiny brat or you were serious about recreating the slaughter of millions, in which case you are insane. I was giving you the benefit of doubt.

        7. And I still havent seen you give me a factual reason why blacks or any other race is inferior. So before you start with “slave priests” type of weirdness, STOP. And answer this question: what evidence do you see that supports your claim that these people should die other than your gut fear/hatred/distaste.
          And also if you were a true warrior you would be dead. Killed by the real enemy, people like the 400 families that control almost all the wealth in the country and manipulate history to suit their desires

        8. Yep, this is why you’ll always be some moron on the internet noone takes seriously bc you cant say anything meaningful

        9. Lol it took me about 30min to debunk every tht in the comments section about racism. I would say I didnt try hard at all and was quite efficient 😉
          And I kind of see where you coming from with the power thing albeit with outdated terminology. I agree the power is not theirs but they were given it and abuse it so we still need to fix the problem of police brutality

        10. You are the only proof I need that other races of spirit and body are inferior. As to your pathetic and small minded attempts to “debunk” my comments, you have presented nothing that I and every single other proponent of HBD have not seen a million times before coming from the left. You could literally go on any Altright website and find out for yourself whether or not your beliefs are false. You will not because you are as leftist a slave as your average generic “conservative” and are contended with messing yourself over an internet argument rather than learning the truth.

        11. You didn’t try at all which means you went to all the “safe” and “kosher” progressive websites where they still hail as gospel that which serious scientists like Herrnstein, Watson and Murray among others have proved to be false for decades. For the last time, I invite you to think outside of your box and go to the Altright. Otherwise, I shall be finished with you.

        12. I spent .000000016 secs finding that info, you can google it too if you’d like 😉
          I dont think I will check it out if it is more of this: bad statistics and racism wrapped in a thin skin of logic. There’s nothing you can show me other than empirical proof that color of someone’s skin will determine their path in life. I know you want to believe it. I know you believe that its right and that you feel it in your gut. But its wrong. It’s your brain lying too you, not because its supposed but because it has been conditioned too. Ever since caveman we have had a need to determine the “us” from “them.” It is hardwired in our brains, and it feels right because it kept us alive when “them” would attack us with rocks. This was used again by the rich in the south to stop the poor from rioting together and destroying their lust for money. But we are not cavemen anymore, we do not need to be slaves to our brains. Thats what it means to be human, is to be an individual. And while the us vs them problem exists all over the world, we dont need it here. The rich are still keeping everyone divided by race,by class, by political beliefs. Its all just to keep us docile and marching towards their endgame. At that point it won’t matter what you are, you will no longer be treated as human.

        13. “The rich are still keeping everyone divided by race,by class, by political beliefs.”
          I knew I smelled Karl Marx!

        14. Lol so which side are you on? To continue the trend I’ll make a sweeping generalization and say that all of that side are immature children who use comebacks like “gay”

        15. Lol now you’re going for a pedophile comment? What next? Your mom jokes? You’re an imbecile. Please don’t taint this website further with your lack of class

        16. “Please don’t taint this website further with your lack of class”
          you’ve done that well enough already, subhuman

      2. White trash criminals get blown away by cops all the time you stupid cunt. It doesn’t even make the freaking papers. I don’t recall ever looting Nordstrom for some brogues, silk ties, and blazers just because one of my white ‘brothers’ got killed by a cop.

    8. I typed out a long response but decided that it didn’t make sense to engage in conversation with such an ignorant lunatic.
      Yes, you are completely correct because there are NO BLACKS who contribute to society and do not fit the awful stereotypes.
      Will you burn a cross on my lawn when my husband and I purchase a home too? I guess you will also chase us out of the neighbourhood because I am a “disease” and my husband is a race traitor.

      1. I’m so glad you decided against a long, well thought out response and instead reverted to angry, irrational stereotype.
        Don’t come to us and tell us that there are some good black people while we’re seeing rioting mobs of violent blacks on our televisions. I’m sure there are good, valuable blacks, and I don’t hate anybody on something as simplistic as the colour of their skin.
        The fact is we don’t want to debate you. We’re not interested in hearing excuses. Neither do we want some sort of race war or other racial violence but we are growing tired of subsidising violent, black ghetto culture and being told that we are the problem.
        Your excuses and protests that there are some good black people don’t count for anything. The problems in the black community are for black people to solve themselves, and the onus is on you people to fix these problems before tired, angry white people organise themselves and solve the problem for you.
        Your future is entirely in your hands and I suggest you stop trying to argue with white people online and concentrate on the problems in your own community before you find out if white people really are the racist, ignorant lunatics you keep saying we are.

        1. I didn’t say that all whites were ignorant lunatics. I was specifically talking about YOU. Unlike you, I am able to separate the bad from the good in every race.
          What excuses have I made? I merely pointed out that not every black person is a “disease”. How rational are YOU being when you make sweeping generalizations about a group of people? Sorry that you cannot read and your mind is so small that you think every black person ruins society.
          You are also so stupid that you think you can speak on behalf of every white person. Of course you don’t want to debate me because you know that you will be exposed for the moron that you are.

    9. I’d like to introduce the term ‘informed racism’.
      It’s things like searching ragheads at the airport more closely than others. essentially, most major acts of airline terrorism have been performed recently by muslims… therefore, ‘informed racism’ dictates that you persecute the most likely group to repeat the act. It’s not about supremacy, or unfairness, it simply makes perfect sense to concentrate your efforts where they make the most sense and are most likely to have an effect… not on strip-searching white kindergartners or beaming 90 year old grandmothers with heart stopping doses or radiation in order to maintain the appearance of impartiality. Justice is not blind, it was never meant to be… that concept was intended to be left back in england, before the goddamned lawyers dragged it here treasonously.
      If you live in an area where 94% of all violent crime is performed by blacks, it certainly makes sense to concentrate your efforts on the black populace. If you can get them to stop breaking the law, you have cleaned up 94% of your problems right there… hell… 94% of your crimes could be solved simply by assuming a black guy did it. ‘informed racism’.

  14. I don’t think it’s racist to kill a black guy that pulled a gun on you.

    1. It’s not, racism and the police force is a non-problem. The problem is criminal behavior in the black community. Moving cops around would not solve anything but take cops and rotate them into white neighborhoods and only reinforce “racism,” while making it so the cops in the bad neighborhoods don’t know their own precincts as well. I don’t think poverty is the problem either. Like the article said, look at the deeper issues. The problems are single motherhood, non-existent fathers, welfare propping up welfare queens, poser behavior instead of true responsible masculinity…

      1. I think that exposing cops to blacks in the suburbs would be helpful.
        I grew up in a very white suburb but the few black families who lived there were just like mine; two parent homes with married parents.
        The black parents in the suburb I grew up in were strict and taught certain morals.Conscientious black parents often move their children out of huge cities.

    2. Strangely when a white guy pulls a gun on a cop they don’t get shot, it is racist to treat the same act with a double standard over skin color. Shooting a black guy with a gun is racist when you bean bag the white guy.
      Here is just a short list of 8 white men who point their gun at police and live to tell about it.
      Yet somehow any black person with a gun or even unarmed is a black belt lethal threat to white cops.

      1. ^^^good point^^^ Disproportionate police responses. What is lost is there is a general uptick in police brutality amongst all races. Old women getting tazed, pets being shot etc

        1. Exactly, I am so sick and tired of this ‘cop worship’ bullshit. These ‘people’ sought out a job where they are able to exercise ‘authority’ over other humans, not matter the morality of the law they are enforcing. It is time for people to wake and see this for what it is/ I am also tired of the BS of there are ‘Good’ Cops, NO there are NOT, if there were then there would be nowhere near as many Bad cops as there is today, period.
          Now mind you I saw this as a Gulf War Army Vet [not an observer either btw], a job I choose as I beLIEved I was helping defend my country, oh how wrong I was. It has taken me a LONG time to see through the fog of my own delusion of what I was doing for God & Country and come to peace with how badly I was lied to and fucked by blind patriotism and naivete. SO I do have hope that as a society we can figure out that we do not need a Police Force, we need Constitutional Peace Officers as it used to be in my youth.
          Just my 2c.

        2. Watch the “Andy Griffith Show”…We need more sheriffs like Andy Taylor i.e. no gun , no body armor etc

        3. what’s disproportionate?
          if your last three traffic stops involved someone trying to shoot you, don’t you think you have a right to be a little nervous and careful about the next one?

        4. Example of disproportionate…
          1. Eric Garner in NYC getting choked out for selling loose cigs
          2. In Albuquerque NM the James Boyd being shot
          3. again albuquerque NM a college student kneed in the balls for a traffic stop. Had a testicle crushed and needed it removed.
          I can grasp why cops are paranoid but they do run your plates before they walk up to your car and knowyour entire life story etc. It’s easy for me to say being an armchair cop but dial back the suspicion a bit

        5. 1. “The arrest was supervised by a female African American NYPD sergeant, Kizzy Adoni, who did not intercede.” He was violently resisting arrest, and had, in the past, been sentenced for over 30 crimes, including grand larceny and several other felonies. Why should I give a fuck if a repeat offending felon dies resisting arrest?
          2. I agree with you, James Boyd was a travesty. It was the dog’s fault, though.
          3. cite?
          As I have mentioned before, I hate cops as much as the next guy, but cops in high-crime areas have no choice but to act as if anyone could kill them at any time. And they do. The life expectancy for an inner city beat cop is less than four years.
          Criminals MURDER ‘good cops’ on a regular basis.
          No, country cops should be andy griffith. But inner city cops? ED-209 wouldn’t be ‘disproportionate’

      2. A racist’s list comparing apples to oranges. A man opens the door to his own house while holding a weapon and firefighters run off. (so what?) “Police engaged in an hour-standoff with Whitlock” (with him probably telling them to get a warrant) before forcing themselves into the apartment (no mention of the warrant, therefore this may have been illegal since they don’t mention it). Compared to hostile black man advancing on police with a knife while shouting “Shoot me, kill me now.” Request granted.
        “A mentally disturbed white man was arrested in Phoenix after pointing a gun at firefighters during an hour-long standoff. Steven Whitlock opened his apartment door with a gun in his hand when firefighters stopped by to conduct a welfare check. The firefighters dropped their equipment and ran for cover. Whitlock then grabbed their equipment and barricaded himself in his apartment.
        “Police engaged in an hour-long standoff with Whitlock, before forcing themselves into his apartment and taking him into custody.
        “Compare that with what happened to Kajieme Powell, who was shot and killed by St. Louis police after walking toward them with a knife while screaming,’Shoot me, kill me now.’
        “Police ordered the mentally disturbed black man to drop the knife, and when he didn’t they shot him. So much for trying to talk him down; as long as the perpetrator is black, officers can shoot first, and ask questions later. “

        1. You know there is a video of Kajieme Powell. The officer lied, you can clearly see in the video there is no knife and he never said anything. He simply walked toward the officer.

        2. Who the hell cares about someone named Kajieme? He shouldn’t have ever been born anyway. Only the socialist money shifting from whites to blacks even allows trash like that to survive infancy without starving to death.

        3. Wow see its garbage like you in uniform that’s shooting blacks. We won’t stop race shootings until we stop racism. It’s not about blacks being bad or good its about a provable bias that members of society have towards another race. This bias is based on fear and ignorance. You are afraid of those black “thugs” (the new word for nigger) and you think they are somehow different from you. This is the ignorance. Blacks have been treated more poorly than whites since the army left the south in the 1870s. During that brief period before today’s racism happened blacks were doing everything whites were doing and being great citizens. They were just freed from slavery, so they were fulfilling all their dreams from voting to traveling to education. During the time that the army subdued racism, it was clear that blacks were as good of citizens as whites. But ever since then they have been subdued as a race and every generation has learned from the last how subhuman they are. Its fucking psychology, you can control what someone things if you train them from a young age. You can’t even imagine the horror of living in a world where another man can shoot you with no provocation and suffer no consequences. What do you think that dies to your moral compassm? And don’t give me some bs racism shit, knowing that would fuck anyone up. What would you tell your children when they come home with a black eye because some white kid beat them up? Do you think black children deserve to be beat up too? How far does your psychosis go on this? Most blacks never have a chance. That racism is still here, to this day. Just as blacks are mentally trained to be subhuman, whites are mentally trained to treat them that way. If you think its gone you are idiot. They just lynched someone a few weeks ago. So when you say something like: someone with that name shouldn’t be alive, stop and ask yourself why you think that? Do you truly believe the amount of pigment in someone’s skin determines their behavior or is it just societal behavior obligations?
          Tl;dr blacks are programmed to be “thugs” by white like people melmouth here and whites like have been programmed by their parents to hate blacks with actually thinking of why.

        4. No. It’s garbage like Kajieme fucking around without a job that is the problem. Point by point, your post is pure, unadulterated victimhood.

        5. You know, a lot fewer blacks would get shot if they just STOPPED FUCKING COMMITTING CRIMES.

        6. Really? getting a lil sensitive because you just read about the cop shooting the black guy in the back 8x, 2(lol good aim) hit and killed him. He then proceeded to handcuff the dead body, without any attempt to save his life. Then he took the taser and tossed it next to the lifeless body. This was of course so he could lie on his official report and say the man tried to take it from and then he shot him, when he really just murdered in cold blood. And guess what he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that meddling kid! The man’s horrible crime? He couldn’t keep his dick btw his legs and owed child support. But that’s not a reason for murder is it? Why did he run from police you might ask? BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID HE WAS GOING TO BE MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD!
          I wanna add 3 things. First to all who would say this was isolated incident: I call bullshit. The cop acted without hesitation, moving the tazer and lying immediately. In order for him to be so comfortable things must have happened multiple times to other cops etc. The video was released after the depts official statement which was false but would’ve been accepted had the video not been shown. Whether intentional or not the dept. covered it up. All it takes for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.
          2: This not a black thing, yes this cop proy had the sickness of racism and yes due to that widespread “us and them” mentality minorities are killed more often. But this has a broader theme, the second officer was black. So not only did he kill on race but he covered it up with help from a black man: this transcends race. This is about police lying and acting like a gang instead of protectors. This corruption goes all the way to the top. They will kill you, bloody your daughter, because you honked at them and if someone doesn’t have a video of it they will walk away. These things have all happened. The proof is the fact some of these videos are released after the dept. has already made the statement practically exonerating the cop. It may not always be a direct cover up but that’s exactly what happens. How much would some of us abuse it if we were given unlimited power. I’ve heard people say we should kill millions on here. Whats one dead black guy when you are so sure you are right about their races innate “genetic” failures, such as they naturally are criminals? See how quickly you can go from ardent believer to murderer? Because thats what Slager is. I know several in this comment section think that way and have included statistics(that I have proven false). People seem to think America is different and that human nature is not the same as those horrible countries where.they slaughter innocent civilians. Well guess what?
          3: eugenics doesn’t exist and we are one people, thats proven by REAL science. So if you want to know whats the worst cops can do with their unlimited power look at the african ganglords who kidnap children, and then drug them until they become soulless addict soldiers who rape their mother and kill their whole family. Are you starting to see why police SHOULD be afraid to do their jobs(wield deadly force) princeoftheblood?

        7. Not sensitive at all, just getting ready to shoot me a few niggers.
          Frankly, I am sick of trying to see it ‘from your point of view’. White people who do that get shot in the head, beat to death, and robbed. I spent 30 years trying to be ‘fair’, and thinking that all men are the same color on the inside, and that racists were evil.
          I lived in DC for nearly 15 years, right off of Benning road. So don’t even try to pass this “Most of us are just misunderstood’ shit off on me. I have seen the culture, I have lived in it, and it’s nothing more than warlordism practiced on the nation that gave your genetically dubious subspecies everything you have ever had.
          No matter how many black dudes get shot by cops, your chances of getting murdered by a black man are still vastly higher than your chances of getting murdered by a white man. No many how many stories you cite, how much waffling and bullshitting you try to pull, the statistics don’t lie…. more people are murdered by blacks than by whites.
          a LOT more.
          I don’t give a fuck why. Neither do the families of people ‘your race’ has murdered. I don’t give a shit if you are misunderstood or feel like you have a harder time getting a job. (which is true, because the majority of american negroes are stupid, lazy criminals… why would you hire someone who’s going to rip you off?)
          Sure, there are lots of exceptions. and those exceptions are welcome to stay. The rest of you though? I could give a fuck if a 600 pound drug dealer is armed when he gets shot in the back of the head. as far as I am concerned, good riddance to bad rubbish. If I weren’t proud of NOT being a criminal, I would kill you fuckers in cold blood even faster.
          And as far as ‘accepting’ that I am a racist? are you fucking kidding me?
          Get off your ass. stop whining about racism. Fix your own goddamned problems, stop demanding we fix them for you. I hope the cops shoot a whole lot more of you fuckers (like they did MY people) until you finally learn not to depend on them ‘protecting’ you from your own actions. Fix what the fuck is wrong with you instead of crying to us like your daddy to fix it for you…
          Your problem is not getting prosecuted by cops, it’s the fucking thugs you allow yourself to be infested with making your culture nothing more than one big anarchistic crime fest. I hate cops as much as the next guy, but the ‘black problem’ is not police racism, it’s a reasonable reaction to a violent invasion of stupid fucking negroes.
          You wanna help ‘your people’? rampage, kill a couple of dozen drug dealers, thugs, and criminals. POLICE YOURSELVES SO WE DO NOT HAVE TO!

        8. Racism ladies and gentlemen the very thing that people so violently say doesn’t affect black people finally out in the open(joker slow clap). I bet you could read this right out of Slagers diary, right next to page about why black people don’t trust cops. I edited my comment I admit I was a lil mad then, needed to get laidlol, read the edited vers. Anyway I think its adorable you think I’m black because I dont agree with your bullshit. I’m not. Still, adorable. As for your shitty statistics to back up your racism?
          This is on my phone so bare with the grammar.
          I proved them false, find the lil blue picture and my comment explaining in detail that if pops were the same, violent crimes in black to white and white to black ratios would be the same. And where did you get that blacks commit more crimes?Now you’re just making shit up. Theyre are only 12% of the pop. Studies(just done in ferguson) show that blacks get pulled over more, have contraband less by percent of actual times pulled over and face stiffer penalties and thats just for traffic stops. I’ve heard about dc slums bc my sister works for the Pentagon. I don’t argue with bc you’re racist, we’re all a bit racist by nature. But you let it control you, fill you with hate and that makes you ignore facts become part of the problem. You wanna blame black people for their problems? Let me do a quick run down for you. The north pulled the army due to an agreement to with the southern states to get the president elected after the civil war. Before this blacks were getting an education, voting, had several senators and were being a functioning part of society. Immediately after the army’s martial law departed, blacks were beaten and killed in droves. You want to talk about barbarism try the kkk stories to innocent blacks only a few years from being slaves. Dragging families out of their house at night and throwing them through the ice in a pond. Letting the wife drowned and the husband barely crawling out alive, his children drowned but what do you think other blacks taught their kids? This went on for HUNDREDS of years. It started with innocent newly freed slaves, these people had done nothing wrong. They accepted it I assume only because they were used to it from being slaves. These people were never given the chance to be a part of society. They didn’t stop there. Blacks were made into the subspecies you like to so eagerly describe them as. They were denied education (a report shows that mostly non-white schools receive $733 less per student and that’s TODAY with all those whiny liberals). It’s been shown in instances over and over that police discriminate and intimidate blacks. Members of the kkk have also been cops so this was done since before you can blame blacks. They literally just lynched someone a month ago so don’t try to say that was then and this is now. Welfare for instance was created because black children in this country were starving and senators wives of all people had to force their husbands to pass the bill after feeding their children what blacks kids were eating. How could “lazy” black ppl get a job when education was so unbalanced and studies have shown the same resume with a black name will be less likely to be hired? Are you starting to get the picture? I could go on but I don’t have all night. The reason I dont want you to be racist is that it is like a mental illness. This cop Slager is a perfect example. He is racist, kills a black guy and covers it up. Black people become more violent, maybe riot or a mentally insane one shoots some cops. Now people like you say all blacks are subhuman and you wanna shoot some niggers. This started with whites and their humiliation of losing the civil war and the hardships the north imposed. This was taken out on blacks and they continue to serve as a scapegoat. If you have anything else to ask ill be in my soapbox car.

        9. apparently you don’t get irony, but at what point will you realize that you cannot shame me by calling me a racist? Frankly, anyone with a brain understands that loyalty to your own family, clan, and then species before loyalty to strangers makes good sense from an evolutionary standpoint.
          I didn’t say ‘subhuman’, I said ‘degenerate subspecies’. And from a strictly scientific species, the last 8 generations of american negroes have indeed lived a parasitic existence.
          As far as ‘lazy’ is concerned, I stand by this statement. I grew up poorer than almost any black family you will ever meet… the people who received welfare were far better off in the hills of west virginia than my family was. ‘rich’ to me was the folks who had a concrete slab for their tar paper shack, or who had trailers that did not have one wall replaced with plywood. I never completed the 7th grade, got a G.E.D. when I was 15 and went directly to work as a commercial artist.
          I never got any ‘special consideration for my race’ because us west virginians are mutts, and if anything, when I had to move to southeast DC when I was 16, I was far more ‘oppressed’ than any black person living in the boonies… black people have whites cross the street. Whites? we get shanked, or the shit beat out of us by a dozen guys, or shot.
          Now, I own my own business, I live a modest, but comfortable existence and have saved for my retirement, I do not have to suck up to a boss, I have decent transportation, a good life, a very good social life, and I have never had to commit a crime to do it.
          That is not ‘because I am white’ unless you make the simple assumption that because I am white(somewhat) I am simply a better person than 99% of all negroes.
          Frankly, I simply do not buy this ‘oppression’ bullshit, and I am sick to death of you crybaby racists constantly rubbing my nose in ‘white guilt’. In short, go fuck yourself. I don’t give a shit about your spurious claims, I could care less about your homoerotic shaming attempts,
          Teofilo Cruz summed it up nicely on Taki:
          And the answer is…………[drumroll]
          “black people commit so many crimes because they are black”.
          Blacks commit 56% of all robbery, despite only 12% of the population.
          Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database
          Blacks commit 53% of all murder, despite being only 12% of the population.
          Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
          Despite making up less than 7% of the US population, black males commit 1 in
          every 3 rapes. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
          Young black men kill 14X more than young white men. Source: Time Magazine
          Blacks make up more than 50% of all homicide victims. Source: US Department of Justice
          42% of all cop killers are black. Source: 2013 FBI Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers
          Blacks victims of homicide are 93% of the time killed by other blacks.
          Source: US Department of Justice
          In 2006, blacks made up nearly 40% of the total prison population, despite
          being only 12% of the general population. Source: Bureau of Justice
          Black males have “mean testosterone levels 19% higher than in whites, and
          free testosterone levels were 21% higher”. Higher levels of testosterone are
          linked to aggression. Source: US National Library of Medicine
          Some facts on the family dynamic and education
          achievement of blacks in America:
          73% of black babies are born out of wedlock. Source: US Department of Health Statistics
          67% of black children grow up without a father, compared to 25% for whites
          and only 17% for Asians. Source: US Census surveys and National Kid
          In 2012, the mean critical reading SAT score for college accepted students
          was 428 for blacks and 527 for whites. For mathematics, it was 428 for blacks
          and 536 for whites. For writing it was 417 for blacks and 515 for whites.
          Source: US Department of Education
          At both the grade 4 and grade 8 level, there is a persistent achievement gap
          between whites and blacks in both mathematics test scores and reading test
          scores in ALL states. Source: 2007 US Department of Education National
          Education Assessment
          Some facts on intelligence levels of blacks:
          1) Whites on average have a 15 point higher IQ than
          blacks, across many different studies.
          > “There is a long-standing 15 point or 1 standard
          deviation difference between the intelligence test scores of African Americans
          and White Americans, though it might have narrowed slightly in the then recent
          years. The difference was largest on those tests, verbal or non-verbal, that
          best represented the general intelligence factor (g).”
          Source: American Psychological Association
          2) IQ across different ethnic groups in the US: Blacks
          have an average IQ of 85, whites of 103, Asians 106 and Jewish Americans
          >The study found that the average IQ for African
          Americans was lower than those for Latino, White, Asian, and Jewish Americans
          (85, 89, 103, 106, and 113, respectively; Herrnstein & Murray, 1994, pp.

        10. Really? So thats a good story, I’m glad you have your own business especially. But do you think you would have achieved that if your skin was darker? probably. Would it have been alot harder? Definitely. I’m not here on white guilt lol I could give a shit how you feel about the past. I just wanna make sure you understand that treating another race substandard is wrong not bc of morals but bc its a mental illness. Your view of the world is skewed and backed up by other peoples views who are also skewed. We are not cavemen anymore so we dont need to put our ethnic groups ahead of others. This is america not some fucking Slavic, african, or gaza country where the slaughter each other for cavemen instincts. I’m glad we can both agree that racism is based on the same evolutionary principles as being afraid of the dark. Back then it made sense so are you going to ask mommy to check in the dark closet it too?
          And I love how you start talking about education when are I rdy debunked your nonsense before you started. The education gap btw white and black students in the hundreds.
          I didnt even bother googling for more than the murder stats but your full of shit. Where’s your citation? Did it come from the fbi? Because I checked their website and everything you said about murder is wrong. Whites kill more whites and blacks kill more blacks. http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/expanded-homicide/expanded_homicide_data_table_6_murder_race_and_sex_of_vicitm_by_race_and_sex_of_offender_2013.xls#disablemobile
          So you think blacks are somehow more violent? If this is actual science we should be able to find in other areas, right? Well we dont. In england whites and blacks have about the same arrest rate: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/statistics-on-race-and-the-criminal-justice-system-2012.
          However we do see a correlation btw income: http://maps.latimes.com/neighborhoods/violent-crime/neighborhood/list/ and crime: http://maps.latimes.com/neighborhoods/violent-crime/neighborhood/list/
          So when you say blacks are more violent, you really mean uneducated people are more violent. I’m nut going to try to convince you anymore hopefully you’ll die soon and the next generation won’t have your psychosis

        11. blacks definitely kill more blacks, but white murders are about the same between whites and blacks… when you consider that blacks are between 7 and 12 percent of the population, compared to 66-71% white(Numbers vary based upon self-identification vs. genetic history), That means that blacks kill about 6-11 times as many white people per capita as whites do.
          Are you really that bad at math? Or that willingly blind to an epidemic of race violence?
          Tell you what, Let’s try an experiment. have a black friend walk through a predominantly white neighborhood… like say, the hamptons. Or you could even walk him through the WORST white neighborhoods, say… hmmm… a trailer park in alabama. Have him wearing a tee shirt that says “Kill all white people and rape their women with my big black dick.”
          I can guarantee that after walking ten miles, he is likely to have nothing more than sore feet. At worst, he might have a couple of rednecks yell at him.
          Let’s have a white guy do the same thing, through…. say… Ferguson. Wearing a shirt that says something much milder, such as say…”Go back to africa.” or “Zimmerman was innocent.” or perhaps even a quote from Harriet Tubman: “I could have freed thousands of slaves if only they knew they was slaves.”
          Good luck getting even 1 mile without winding up in intensive care, let alone ten.
          If you are not black, why the fuck are you even fighting this? It’s none of your business… Making it ‘your fight’ helps no one, and makes you the worst sort of arrogant busybody. Why do you assume negroes are so stupid, so useless, so utterly worthless that they cannot get out of the little piece of hell they have gotten into without your help?
          You are like a fucking feminist. “Girls are too stupid, clueless, and helpless to help themselves, so we have to ’empower them’.
          Dude, go back to huffpo and try trolling them instead. You are a fucking loser SJW that just came here looking for a fight.

        12. Lol actually I came here for advice on girls but what I ran into was a bunch of whiny lil bitches blaming all the worlds problems on women, blacks and anything else that means that they don’t have to take responsibility for themselves. You know what’s fucking beta? Racism. Yiu think you are the first racist? Theres been racism towards irish, chinese, arabs, east indian and who knows what else. You think you’re the first person to try and legitimize your dumb mentality with stats and biology? Yeah, no. You’re puny lil anecdote about how aggressive blacks are is a perfect example of whats wrong with your mind? The shit about a shirt is simply not true. How many blacks have strung white people up in a tree for having sex with a black woman? Ever hear about the amazing racist? Its a youtube channel where a guy deliberately aggravates black people with kkk robes and more. He hasn’t been hurt, but I’ve heard stories from people who live in the south about chasing a innocent black family out of town by throwing rocks and them and their children. And crime is directly related to poverty which over half the black population suffers from. Let me be clear: YOU ARE WRONG.

        13. This site is not worth it, the small amount of good info and convo is not worth legions of morons that think they are smart. You know what’s beta? Ignorance and fear of an adequate challenge. These are from lack of experience and true understanding of how the world really works. You should pick up a book sometime that doesn’t completely agree with what you think. And this is on my phone as I mentioned rdy. And you had so little to answer with you resorted to attacking my grammar? Just sad. Goodbye

        14. You know what’s stupid? Your continuing insistence on using ‘beta’ as a bad word.
          Beta is NOT BAD. It is only this era which punishes the beta. Almost all of civilization’s advancements… hell, the idea of civilization, is beta. All brilliant technological innovations, strategic victories, and nearly every work of art… everything that makes us humans, has stemmed from the impulses of the beta male… Law enforcement, marriage, the car, getting to the moon, electricity, agriculture… all of these were the accomplishments of men who would be very firmly considered ‘beta’. Alphas may be leaders, but betas are accomplishers, innovators, builders, conceptualizers, and inventors.
          Marriage was invented solely to keep the creative betas happy… since they are not ‘pretending alpha’ within a stable dimorphic relationship, they were able to devote their energies to ACHIEVING and CREATING, instead of what is happening today… all of these great creative achievers are being forced to devote themselves to the acquisition of pussy or pussy hunting skills in order to get their rocks off… they are being forced to ‘play alpha’ and that is, flat out, sapping all of their ability that would previously have been spent on CREATING. The destruction of stable marriage and the family, all of these things serve to DESTROY the beta male, the accomplisher, the builder, to sap all of his time and energy dealing with trivia like eating and living and getting laid that utterly destroys his potential for creating something great.
          But let me make no bones about it… Alphas get laid, they lead, and they own, they take, they consolidate… but they are not creative. They cannot be. If you see a ‘creative alpha’, you are seeing someone who has learned to put up a facade to ease their life… They are no more alpha than a toyota corolla.
          ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ are not ‘good’ and ‘bad’, They are ‘adapted well to get laid’ vs. ‘maladapted to a profoundly sick society’.
          But, like every statement you have made so far, your ignorance is a bright, shining beacon of stupidity to those lost in a sea of facts and cast adrift on the bitter reefs of race realism, evolutionary psychology, and anthropology. Stand proudly like that French Statue polluting Liberty island, beckoning the stupid, the foolish, the useless, the helpless inward to power, give them virtual sledgehammers in the form of ‘universal suffrage’, ‘equality under the law’ and ‘special interest groups’ to help them destroy what creativity, hard work, and sacrifice wrought… Proudly gather those ‘huddled masses yearning to breath free’ and light your lamp beside the golden door of ‘free stuff’, racial apologism, and the great victimocracy that we like to refer to as ‘democracy’.
          You are a brilliant example of why people will be turning to cannibalism in less than 6 years. Dumbass, why don’t you try to take shelter with your nonviolent, sheltering, innocent and cooperative neighborhood drug dealer on the dark side of town… He’s only here to help.

        15. anecdotal evidence does not a system make.
          My contention is not that racism isn’t real, but that it is a perfectly logical and understandable outgrowth of human instinct to protect their own bloodline.
          It exists, and has existed, in every society, at every level. It has affected, both positively and negatively, every single racial group that exists or has ever existed.
          You will not get rid of racism. You will not mediate it or moderate it. The harder you repress it, the more violent it becomes when it finally breaks out. Black violence towards whites is a very obvious example of what happens when you force racial groups to integrate unwillingly.
          The ONLY solution, short of lobotomizing every single human (The liberal agenda… it’s not working out well) or ethnically cleansing every other race in the world (at which point we will immediately start dividing into sub races and go at it again.) Is to simply keep the races separate. Good walls make good neighbors. ‘experiencing another culture’ is a wonderful thing when you can GO HOME afterwards. Sure, there may be occasional ‘incidents’, but that’s better than forcing culturally contrasting racial groups into close proximity like pressing a chainsaw against a belt sander.
          And BTW, Your ‘block o’ text’ was difficult to read. Thus the comment. Stop being so sensitive. Maybe you should come back in a couple of days after your period is over.

        16. Oh snap you’re making sensical arguments with like logic to back it up with, I almost broke out the ole laptop.
          And I’m impressed you stuck your head above the herd here and said the beta is a good thing which I honestly just assumed meant “being a pussy”. As for your reasoning ill be interested if you can give solid arguments as to why races can’t coexist. My reasoning against racism beyond whats rdy been said:
          1) morally. Since birth we are taught “do unto others” etc. So to say it’s cool to belittle or kill people bc they are slightly different is just dumb.
          2) while I agree racism is instinctual, we have the ability to ignore our instincts, part of our dif from animals. And I’m racist too but It’s not racism itsself that’s causing the problem, it’s the fear and hatred scapegoating that goes with it. It’s easy to say “they” are evil when “they” don’t look like “us.”
          It’s actually funny in movies like django unchained how they portray racism because that type of disdain for blacks did not develop until the south was losing the war. The rich like they so often do, propagandized, hatred of blacks so the poor white farmers who owed them money wouldn’t side with the slaves. It’s funny because this is exactly what happened in germany, Hitler blamed the Jews and used them as the leverage to rally the people for his cause. Which leads to
          3) races can go coexist if we are smart enough to resist our primal urges just like we do with things like rape, fear of the dark, murder when were angry etc. Most instances of conflict racial or religious or anything else thats close to our hearts are started by manipulators. With religion less popular and most westerns christian, it jas simply switched to race. Look at imperialism, the darwinian evolution that weak races I.e. natives were justifiably slaughtered for resources. It’s just a reason to grab for power. We can both agree a perfect example of this jesse jackson, al sharpton etc. They have made millions off racism. How about the african lords who kill each other over race. Same thing. Not about race. About resources and power.
          So while it may seem like an impossible obstacle I’m sorry to tell you its simply a tool by the ultra rich so people don’t wonder what the real problem is like why 400 families own 90%ish of the wealth in the supposedly open market.
          You are right that there will always be groups but there has to be a point where we evolve socially to be able to choose our own groups. Its not natural to be biased it simply doesn’t work. Why? Because you are wasting energy that way. Think of what wouldve happened if the blacks had been assimilated into society, given the same education and racism never existed. Do you know how much further along as a country we would be if we directed that hate towards people who actually deserve it like congress and the corrupt rich? We would be so much more rich as a country we could have all the black people act as parasites and still have some left over. Imagine how many black scientists never came to be bc of the education deficit. It’s funny of America had just been a lil less racist there wouldn’t be anything to be racist about.
          Sure there’d be ghettos but every country has those. If we just focused our hate on the enemy that can actually hurt where it counts this country would still be at the top.
          Black people have no power and yet people are worried about them even though studies have shown that rich are prejudice against those of a lower class. And yet we worship them. This is why we can’t listen to our instincts bc they are outdated. Sure you might get stabbed by someone poor useless black guy but thats unlikely unless you go hangout with ghetto folk(thus why so many blacks kill blacks, proximity).
          But what about the super rich that control the government, they can sway the whole country to do their bidding and slowly corrupt america through fear until they have absolute control. I’d be much more afraid of the smart, rich powerful man then the druggie retard who thinks you’re a meal
          Think of Jesse Jackson and look up some racial/religuous wars. It’s always about power it’s always a sales pitch to get people to fight another people so the salesman can profit.

        17. Black people have no power as a group. As individuals, however, they have the power to cause fear and violence. When I look over my shoulder at the ATM, I am not looking fir George Soros.
          You mistake group oppression and individual oppression. Blacks have the former, whites the latter. The problem with that is, you can move past group oppression, but oppression on an individual level is much more pervasive and insidious. Someone who assumes ‘blacks are lazy’ can be convinced by a hardworking individual black.. But someone who is convinced you are a privileged person who deserves all the scorn, abuse, and injustice they can heap on you will not be convinced. Ever.
          You cannot tell me that (If you are white) you are not sick and tired of people talking about how much better than you they are because slavery, holocaust, uhh..marriage? poverty, etc. etc. etc.
          When you come from fatherless, barefoot ass poverty yourself, all you can have is sneering scorn for anyone who uses them as an excuse for failure. All the ‘oppression excuses’. ‘I cannot get a loan from the bank!’. “People look at me like a criminal when show off my gun to my buddies in a liquor store”. “The Police treat me like a criminal because I have a gold-plated grill, prison tattoos, carry an illegal firearm, dress like a pimp, and have a record the size of santa’s list!”. I too come from shit-low poverty, I too have never gotten a loan. However, somehow I managed to succeed… in an industry where my being ‘white’ is actually a handicap because it is flooded with SJW’s (The art world).
          Like I said, I am not a cop apologist. Any cop that invades another person’s property, no-knock warrants, Searching someone without letting them know they have the right to refuse, tasers, undercover vehicles, and military-grade firearms are CRIMINALS. If you shoot someone who is a criminal trying to assault you, It’s self defense even if that person is a cop.
          But, most of these ‘people getting shot’ are not innocent. You have arrested them multiple times for a variety of horrible crimes, helped treat the victims they have beaten almost to death, You know PERSONALLY that these individuals would happily see you dead and would be ready to pull the triger on you themselves… When you see them charging at you, cussing their head off and ready to kill you, well… I can excuse the cops for finally putting down a rabid dog that has bitten once too often, for fear of getting killed themselves.
          And as individuals, inner-city blacks have bitten the cops and everyone else far too often. All of my sympathy for negro residents of Compton, Detroit, Santa Monica, etc. is completely exhausted.

      3. apparently you haven’t heard of ‘no knock warrants’. Lots of white people get shot for carrying a gun… in their own home, when someone with a badge has invaded.
        Your selective blindness is becoming tiresome.

        1. Sure some white cops just end up going from abusing blacks to abusing everyone, this is no surprise. But these whites are usually armed, and half the time when whites are armed and point guns at cops they aren’t even shot or killed like they kill blacks.

        2. Day after day for 40 years, white cops have had to deal with hundreds of thousands of violent, unemployed black thug hoodlums. DAILY for DECADES. Of course there are going to be some deaths. Who cares? Oh that’s right–black lives matter. So they all get to have 4 or 5 kids a piece with no money to their name while whites are forgoing children to maintain fiscal responsibility. Unborn white children’s lives don’t matter because the tax burden on whites to pay for black lives is too high.

        3. Which white cop is working for 40 years? Most retire at 40 and are dead by late 50s from all the stress. Blacks only have 2.1 kids per family.
          White women don’t want kids, they are too self absorbed and only care about themselves.

        4. Fun fact, most recent shootings of white people in their own homes were done by hispanic cops.

        5. Yeah, I noticed that.
          Fun fact, in 1971, if a cop was in your home without displaying official reason, and you shot and killed him, you didn’t go to jail.

        6. You do know that there are redneck whites who aren’t fiscally responsible right?
          Also, there are blacks who believe in raising kids in nuclear families.
          Not all of us are ghetto and my life matters just as much as any white person’s.

        7. White women don’t want kids? What planet are you living on?
          White women tend to have more abortions and then go on to marry and have children.
          Most black women practice selective morals and refuse to abort their babies, even though they are fine with premarital sex and having babies out of wedlock.

        8. You are just blindly spewing hatred. Your arguments don’t even make sense. White women have abortions because they don’t want kids fool.
          Black women only have kids at 2.2-2.1 which is the bare replacement rate just not to shrink. This is considered a good rate.
          White women have kids at under 2 per woman, which is why the white race is dying, that and white women infatuation with black alpha males.

        9. per your citation, black WOMEN account for 30% of American abortions, so, while that’s not the majority of abortions, it’s a hell of a high rate

        10. This was my statement: “White women tend to have MORE abortions and then go on to marry and have children.”
          While I agree that black women do have a high rate of abortions, my statement and citation was specifically focused on which racial group has the MOST abortions. It is clear that white women terminate more pregnancies based on the statistical evidence that I have posted.

        11. That’s why women need to be more strictly controlled. Take away the rules and they’re nothing but wild animals in heat.

        12. I agree with everything you said. Based on your comments on this thread, you seem like an intelligent guy. Let me ask you this – why aren’t you and like-minded blacks pounding the table for change in African-American culture? If my brethren, whether a minority or not, were failing in every measurable category, I’d take an aggressive role in changing losing mindsets. But it seems most intelligent blacks sit back and take a passive stance while they watch things get worse. Or, even more disappointing, they blame whites. It would only take a few at the right places and times to shake things up and change the paradigm.

        1. You’re the one that is always crying about the right and the hardships of minorities…

        2. Please back that up with what I wrote. I’ll wait.
          Still waiting to hear what ‘bones’ the left have thrown you.

      1. I’m all for cameras on cops. Then we can have irrefutable proof of the ridiculous human behavior they encounter on a daily basis.

    1. My working hypothesis is that the author has simply spent too much time in NoCal. It’s not his fault, society is to blame.
      As for the editors who published it, well, ya got me swingin’.

  15. The reason why blacks are more criminal than whites is as always: Women:
    Single moms not only cost direct money but also cost indirectly by creating the next generations of criminals. Most criminals grew up fatherless. Single dads don’t have this effect, it’s single moms who mess up children.
    from 1965-1975 the largest number of African American single mothers were forming. So, the children of these mothers would be 17 years old from 1982-1992. Over 80% of black children born (roughly) in this era experienced some form of welfare (recall, this ‘welfare’ is broadly defined) by age 17. Compare the time period when these children would be 17 (1982-1992) to the following chart on prison admissions:
    What explains the skyrocketing rate of African American incarceration? It is so sharp and sudden there must be an explanation. I will offer a possible hypothesis: The exponential growth in single motherhood that began in the late 60s/early 70s was a double headed monster. First, the men who would have been married to these women were not tied down by family responsibilities, and did not develop strong emotional ties with their wives and children and thus led more erratic lifestyles that ended some in trouble with the law. Secondly, the children raised by these single mothers suffered from poverty that their mothers were unable to escape because of the previously mentioned work penalties imposed by the government.
    * 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
    * 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
    * 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes
    * 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes
    * 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
    * 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes
    * 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes
    * 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home
    Again: Single fathers do not result in this disproportional criminality. It’s the women that are the problem.

    1. You said it.This is the root of the problem.Boys need to always be mentored by their dads.Mothers can only give love and affection.Most cops do what’s best under the circumstances.They have very little time to think.

    2. Explain to me why homicide rates among the Kalahari !Kung are similar to those in Detroit. I’ll give you a hint: they’re populated overwhelming by the same race

      1. You’re a fucking idiot. Race is not possible as an explanation dipshit. Stop thinking with the stupid mentality forced on you as a child. There’s no hint, no coincidence of statistics, no obvious explanations that will show that blacks are more violent, it is simply not possible on a genetic level. If you say it is, you are referencing eugenics and you are fuckwit.
        Sidenote, Europeans have killed more people directly and indirectly(disease) then other races combined, and yet continue to have functioning societies, so your hypocritical as well as stupid

        1. It absolutely is on a genetic level and all the science on human biodiversity supports this. Europeans are killers and we have also built the greatest civilization that the world has ever seen. It is the law of nature that the weak are killed by the strong. Slaves view this natural state in a negative light. Superior men are at peace with it.

        2. All what science? I want to see this “science” you speak of. So you’re saying its ok for blacks to kill whites as long as they build a really good society after? Are you serious? Western civilization is not built bc of great ness it was built out of deceit and murder. From cortez to the other indians to the slaves to the imperialism africa where the killed more africans to the sweatshops in asia. Europeans have one attribute that they are good at and that is the lack of morals or a specific culture guidelines. This was created when the moors(arabs) killed all the men/male children and impregnated all the women, effectively destroying whites as a race. Whites is not a thing, why do you think Hitler wanted to kill brown.haired people? Bc they were descended from moors. What type of superior man are you talking about? The one like cortez who exemplifies Europeans and will kill, steal, and cheat to get what he wants? Or the superior man that gets it through hard work while maintaining a code of personal honor? According to your ideas about blacks, they and you have a lot more in common than you realize.

        3. The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. The works of John Watson are good too. Blacks don’t build civilization. They ruin it. They have only managed to survive to the present day by our beneificence. That was a mistake. A mistake we will correct. You want “morals”? Whine to your slave priests. You want truth? Nietzsche and Evola will answer you.

        4. Really because nietzsche was a big opponent of antisemitism(that periods version of racism) and nationalism. His sister decided to change his works while he was sick. Do you even research the shit you say? Your own mentor disagrees with you. And where is the evidence to support the “blacks destroy” thing besides jn your stupid brain? I won’t argue with someone that simply can’t form real logic based on clear evidence from actual events.

        5. So was Evola. Does not mean the majority of western Jewry is not still servile filth with no connection to truth. Unlike you, I have read Nietzsche (along with Evola) and lived him. I can assure you that he and I would see eye to eye, whereas the only way he could possibly see you is if he was looking down. If you are looking for sheer stats and papers about genes, read an HBD blog. They are cited in abundance. Your sheer vulgarity, lack of class, etc. reveal you have neither the rare dignity of spiritual race nor (very likely) the more common dignity of biological race.

        6. Ok if you’re going to say things you’ll have speak english. “Lived him” is not a phrase. I didn’t realize we were in the English and had to be proper. I thought we were just on some site where mindless racists diatribe . So let me say this if you have the audacity to suggest the extermination of entire peoples while still maintaining even a tiny lump of moral high ground you better have looked deep into the core of your being. You are not the first to think this way. It is going now in africa by the hundreds of thousands. These people are corrupt, their hearts are rotten and they are simply put evil. This is the reality if those that commit mass murder. So if you think that you are in the right in doing this you better have the most sound argument, that this is the only way. An argument that you can easily show to anyone at a moments notice, not redirecting them to some site that has statistics that I just earlier debunked. So if you are going to have arrogance to call me classless with such a horrible idea as mass murder than you better KNOW you are being completely reasonable. Because otherwise bud you are just evil and insane.

        7. Do you have anything better? This whole prole comedy gag isn’t really making me laugh as much as it did. As to grammar, perhaps “I have lived his experiences/experiences similar to those which he underwent” would have been more proper. It’s just that, “lived him” is far easy to type and much more congruent with my attitude of utter indifference towards peasantry, except when they are one with what they are. Then they’re alright.

        8. Still have not answered any thing I have said, this is the problem, you sit in your mother’s basement coming up with these idiotic ideas about things you could not possibly comprehend with your limited knowledge. This is the problem with today, people can just make things and no makes them own up to their ideas with logic.THAT is the real pussification of the male. The lack of responsibility for your own mind. You just create whatever is convenient and then spew it out like fertiliser. Hopefully nothing ever becomes of you, because people would proy get hurt if it did. Your royalty act is cute but nobody thinks highly of lunatics who propose mass murder. And it is intelligence that determines status, its Darwinian in nature. You my friend, have lots of a lot of things, but considering you have ideas based on fear and ignorance, intelligence isn’t one of them.

        9. Eh, I’d give you a “D” for effort, but one of your San Franciscan boyfriends beat me to it. I’ll just have to give you an “F”. Study harder, project less. Speak less in general. I get it that you want to impress me, but it displeases me to have to sift through paragraphs of fervent, inane, hilarious “arguments” to find any meaning in your speech

        10. Really clinging to the royalty thing huh? I bet youre your moms little prince, yesyouarelol. Anyway I’ve destroyed all your arguments and laughed at your pathetic logic. Not bad for a lazy Sunday of videogames. I’ll leave fjords last tht: every truly evil person in history believed they were right

        11. Video games in your mother’s basement and computer arguments: the life of an SJW

        12. You’re adorable. Sitting on the internet talking about how much.of royalty you are. I think that’s worse than a sjw

  16. Ghetto black culture is basically Matriarchy in action. In case what people wonder what it would be like to like without fathers and have mommy raise the men.

    1. they’re sado-masochistic because they just can’t seem to break away from the womb. someone needs to cut the umbilical chord.

    2. Right –single mom Matriarchy to be precise. Single mom households the boys grow up to be: beta simps, gay or wild feral thugs. Single mom households the girls grow up to be: teenage single moms , GF’s of gang members. All this predicted by Sen daniel Patrick Monyihan’s seminal work “Defining Deviancy Down”

  17. Ironically shallow article. Anyone in 2015 who still thinks that “police racism” is a thing needs to pull their head out of their ass.

    1. Really? Yeah it is very much still a thing. Ferguson was investigated and showed blatant racism btw courts and police. But I agree the problem is police brutality in general at this point.

  18. Police abuse…coming shortly to a white community near you.
    As America metastasizes quickly into Amerikkka,we will all have the joys of experiencing what those in Fulljah must have experienced. Enjoy the decline boys!

    1. The police over the past several years have gotten in the habit of marching down my quiet, colonial era street in a quiet little, decaying rust belt city, in platoon to company strength, while chanting,” Issue me an M-16, now I am a shooting machine.”
      Raising the obvious question, just who around here do these robotic shooters expect to be aiming at?
      All I have to do to see this is hang out by my front window long enough. Yes, it is that obvious.

      1. I have noticed a direct correlation between a communities economic decay and a police departments tightening of its iron grip. I travel extensively for my business through the northern regions of the US. The worst towns for an in your face police presence – are the burned out former pulp/paper mill towns. I avoid them like the plague. The cops are nasty, aggressive and always itching to nab people on the most minor of infractions. They’re essentially mini Detroits – filled with white people.

        1. ” . . . the burned out former pulp/paper mill towns.”
          There’s one of those bicycling distance down the road from me. It used to be the sort of place where half the town turned out on Sunday afternoons after church to go hang out at the soft ice cream and hot dog stand, and maybe play a bit of softball out back.
          Now it’s a squalorous hell hole. Have no idea what the cops there are like, but I don’t really want to find out either.

        2. I bet it is for the fine $$ money. I read that in Ferguson MO 70% of the city’s revenue came from fines and tickets??!!!

        3. “I bet it is for the fine $$ money. I read that in Ferguson MO 70% of the city’s revenue came from fines and tickets??!!!”
          Take a white city.
          Import black poverty with Section 8.
          Crime soars (16,000 out of 21,000 residents have arrest warrants), “white flight” happens, housing values crumble, businesses close, there’s nothing left to tax, so anything brought in from fines is a huge percentage of the revenue.

        4. My god is that true 16 k of 21k residents have arrest warrants?? That is staggering. I also read that because most of the black males/females that live in Ferguson did not graduate high school so they were not eligible to be a cop…

        5. Notice the “non-traffic related court cases” as 567 per 1,000 residents. That’s essentially Mad Max where the rule of law is collapsing into anarchy.
          Now that the full DOJ report on Ferguson has been released…
          With just 21,000 residents, Ferguson issued a staggering 32,975 arrest warrants for at least 16,000 different people. Not just parking tickets, Ferguson averaged 567 non-traffic related court cases per 1,000 residents—far and away the highest of any town in the state and more than twice as much as the town with the second highest average. To put that into perspective, the city of St. Louis had 80 non-traffic court cases per 1,000 residents and that’s actually above the state average for Missouri.

        6. Marion County, Indiana.
          87% of all males have spent at least a week in their local jail cells, Federal matching of which seems to be a huge driver of their economy… I spent three months there myself.
          Black inmates are easy to find reasons to Jail. White inmates, however, are much more difficult… One lawyer of my acquaintance spent over two and a half months locked up because he pissed off the judge for defending his client, and got caught Jaywalking next to city hall (which has no stop lights or cross walks and the parking lot is across the street).
          Unfortunately, however, if they do not jail as many whites as blacks, federal funding gets pulled. So be careful with having one drink in a bar and then walking home… you will be charged for drunken and disorderly, and get a max sentence plus max discretionary ‘contempt of court’ time.

      2. I would thank god sanity has finally Arrived. The Empire under Palpatine was a decent place to live before a bunch of multiculti guerillas fucked it up JUST because the death star blew up a known terrorist supplier.

  19. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve read that the slave owners were ‘breeding’ their slaves. They only wanted strong and dumb slaves, because dumb people are easier to control. Maybe that’s the reason why blacks in the US excel in sports and not in academics. Maybe it’s also a reason why a lot of them behave like dumb and wild apes.
    I don’t live in the US, but the blacks who live here are totally different. Most of them are African (Ghana, Ethiopia) and are very decent and intelligent people.

    1. “Maybe that’s the reason why blacks in the US excel in sports . . .”
      Many of the blacks who excel in sports in the US are, in fact, Africans. It is also worth noting that they don’t excel in all sports, nor in all positions within a particular sport.
      What’s more, it isn’t simply “Africans” who excel, but specific ethnicities. It isn’t Africans, or even Kenyans who dominate distance running. It’s Kalenjin

      1. Africans still do not dominate, or even compete strongly, in a LOT of olympic sports.
        Hockey has little african presence, and soccer not as much (The south americans have it sewn up)
        Shooting, and every single winter sport in existence is absolutely dominated by whites.

        1. A South American nation won the World Cup 9 times and European nations won it 11 times.
          South America: Brazil 5x, Uruguay 2x, Argentina 2x
          Europe: Germany 4x, Italy 4x, England 1x, France 1x, Spain 1x
          It is true that African nations have not performed that well, but players of African descent have done quite well. Many Brazilian players are of African descent. Pele is considered the best player of the 20th century.
          At club level it’s another thing. The top teams have players from all over the world, including various African countries.

        2. The only area blacks dominate is speed in short distance sprints and some long distance events.
          Strength, endurance/ stamina and agility all go to the white man.

        3. Long distance events? Do tell? as far as I can see, there are no long-distance running events where blacks are a serious competitive force.
          Or do you mean the women’s events? Sorry, I don’t take those seriously.

    2. The “slave breeding” that most people think of with the US slave trade was less of a eugenics experiment and more of a case of arranged marriages. “Hey Tyrone, you see Janice, over there, with the big booty and strong look? That’s your new wife. And don’t say shit, my marriage was a political one. No sympathy.”
      Before welfare and decades of the leftoid social experiment, American blacks had rates of crime, illegitimacy, and divorce only a little higher than American whites.
      As for why blacks in Europe are so smart and well-behaved… well… it’s the same reason why the Indian immigrants in the West are the same way. The Africans you’re getting are the Brahmin classes. Upper-tier, fairly wealthy, and therefore well-educated.

      1. ‘Before welfare and decades of the leftoid social experiment, American
        blacks had rates of crime, illegitimacy, and divorce only a little
        higher than American whites.’
        Not according to W E B Dubois
        ‘Especially in Philadelphia did the Negroes continue to give general trouble, not so
        much by serious crime as by disorder. In 1732, under Mayor Hasel, the City Council
        “taking under Consideration the frequent and tumultuous meetings of the Negro Slaves,
        especially on Sunday, Gaming, Cursing, Swearing, and committing many other Disorders, to
        the great Terror and Disquiet of the Inhlabitants of this city,” ordered an ordinance
        to be drawn up against such disturbances.5 Again, six years later, we hear of
        the draft of another city ordinance for “the more Effectual suppressing Tumultuous
        meetings and other disorderly doings of the Negroes, Mulattos and Indian servts. and
        slaves.” 6 And in 1741, August 17, “frequent complaints having been
        made to the Board that many disorderly persons meet every ev’g about the Court house of
        this city, and great numbers of Negroes and others sit there with milk pails and other
        things late at night, and many disorders are there committed against the peace and good
        government of this city,” Council ordered the place to be cleared “in half an
        hour after sunset.” 7’
        ‘Or to put it differently the problem of Negro crime in Philadelphia from 1830 to 1850
        arose from the fact that less than one-fourteenth of the population was responsible for
        nearly a third of the serious crimes committed.’

        1. sssssshhhh.
          I gotta keep some things on the downlow. Can’t be too redpill for red pill.

        2. Really did you finish reading the article? Like two paragraphs past where you stop quoting it mentions that of 723 “negroes” only 120 were ever brought to trial. It also says its own statistics should be taken with a grain of salt bc racism was more rampant than, than now. MORE rampant than now, with provably racist cities such as ferguson. So basically these statistics are bullshit and only go to show how racist Philadelphia was to a bunch of people who just got ripped from their families and homeland and sent to be beaten and tortured until they were subdued enough to be servants. Please go ahead and post more bullshit anytime.

      2. Thank you! Finally someone is not trying to make some pseudoscientific bullshit case about how blacks are somehow biologically inferior. The real problem is how they are treated and raised by society and their families, whi have also been brainwashed to be criminals. Its no different than white or mexican poor people. It’s all about cultural values and blacks by virtue of being slaves have none.

        1. Well… Africa is still an irredeemable shithole, so there is that. Either way, the dysfunction of the American black still has more to do with modern liberalism and welfare state bullshit killing the black father than anything else. Like I keep saying, put fathers back in the home of the American black, and you’ll see the worst of their community disappear almost overnight.

        2. Well when famine happens it usually messes everything up Altho it is a bit crazy over there. I don’t think it’s just dates, there needs to be education as well. But I think the most important part is the extermination of racism

    3. Yes the breeding is true. The fittest males were bred with the fittest females. Read about “BBC genetics”…it’s a funny term used in the bodybuilding community to explain how blacks are able to get jacked and ripped simply by doing 4 pushups a day lol
      And yes, the ones from Ghana and Ethiopia are very different from the African-Americans. I know Ghanans and Ethiopians, and they both look down on the American blacks as being inferior

      1. Artificial selection is part of it. Slave Masters breeding the biggest strongest males with the best females. However these huge massive blacks you see in sports today are the product of slave masters having sex with black females. Take a look at any old photo of slaves standing next to their white masters and the white masters tower over them. Remember the slaves came from west Africa where they were and still are very tiny people. Any positive qualities or attributes African Americas have, be it physical or mental came from thier white genes.

        1. West Africans are the bigger, stronger ones (Ghana, Nigeria) The small puny ones are from East Africa

    4. That’s because you got the people who volunteered to leave… pioneers are always of much better stock than those who stay behind.
      Ethiopeans IN Ethiopea are very often brutal, stupid criminals.

  20. Unfortunately, in my career I have developed a self-preservation instinct of being wary of black males with dreads and baggy clothes.
    My experiences have taught me that most threats to my person come from that demographic. It’s at a point now where it isn’t conscious; if I see a black male who appears “hood”, I am checking for weapons automatically. It’s not a choice anymore, I just do it.
    The problem, as many have pointed out, is a black culture in which single mothers who are under twenty are raising boys to be men. And we all see the massive issues with that.

      1. Beg to differ. I have been assaulted by black people more than white.
        A majority of the violent crimes that my agency investigates are committed by blacks. We don’t have robberies committed by whites.
        Just from last night I have a case where a black male beat another black male into a coma. It’s a fatherless culture and that’s what you get.

        1. LOL, the wall street banksters stole hundreds of million and bllions and trillions, but you are too stupid to investigate it.

        2. While I doubt that you actually have such a discrepancy btw the two races, even if there is, its a self-fulfilling prophecy not started by blacks. The racist white cop im sure is a stereotype in the black community so of course you will get assaulted by them more etc. Blacks think of cops as threats and whites think if them as protectors. And they have plenty of reasons to expect that, look at ferguson. Investigated, proof of racism, and thats just ONE city. Imagine if they look into your city or just about any city in the midwest/south. I can guarantee almost everyone will show bias that goes beyond the statistics.
          Lastly, you say black people but I feel like you really mean poor people. How many middle class blacks do you see out there robbing and pillaging lol. The poor will always be the least law abiding class

      2. Incorrect. More white men are assaulted by black men than by white men.
        It’s a staggering demographic, I know, but despite the fact that blacks are only 12% of the population, a white, asian, or jewish man is almost three times as likely to be assaulted by a black man as by a white, jewish, or asian man in every state where blacks make up more than 5% of the demographic.
        Ironically, even hispanic ‘thugs’ in heavily hispanic areas are less likely to assault someone than a much smaller population of blacks.

        1. Incorrect, white on white crime is the largest crime in the country. 84% of murders are white on white. You are lying, whites commit most the crimes and comprimise 75% of all arrest.

        2. When people envision themselves being a victim of street level violence and crime, they envision a black face doing it. This is because (despite all their faults) the average person is still pragmatic and reasonable when it comes to personal safety. Everyone knows black males are basically crime on two legs.

        3. Source? (rofl). Tell you what. Mine is the 2010 Doj Crime statistics.
          63,000 black victims of violent white criminals.
          white victims of violent black criminals? 320,000
          black victims of violent black criminals, 630,000
          White victims of violent white (hispanic, jew, asian, meditteranean, and every other sort of non-black) criminals is left at a piddling 400,000, and nearly half of that is committed by Hispanics, although admittedly almost all hispanic violence is on other hispanics, statistically.
          Not bad for only 12% of the population.
          total serious violent crimes total for 2010 was 1,300,000
          That means that blacks, per-capita,
          That means that per-capita, blacks assault whites approximately 5 times as often as whites assault whites, and assault other blacks nearly ten times as often as whites asssault whites. And even in sheer raw numbers, you are nearly twice as likely to be assaulted by a black as a white.
          Considering the uneven distribution of blacks in america, that means if you live in an area where you CAN be assaulted by black, it is approaching statistical certainty you WILL be assaulted by a black.
          But ooh! so sorry if I hurt your FEELINGS

        4. Uh I looked at your “source” it talks about victimizations but there’s no mention of any of the statistics you wrote out tho, nice try 😉

        5. would you like me to compare those to the criminal prosecution statistics? (which I assumed were already done) Those are easily accessible by anyone that has ever looked into the prison system, which is 90% black.
          We are talking about the chances of getting victimized by violence, to which those statistics are perfectly applicable.

        6. Yes a system which just two weeks was proven to be racist by doj investigation. It showed that despite blacks having a lower percentage of contraband etc they were stopped more often. 90% black? Source? And people like to associate things with blacks even tho they really should be associating them with poverty. With the famous 40% of blacks on welfare that means that almost half of all blacks are poor meaning they will be more likely to commit crimes like any other poor person. Why are they poor? Because since reconstruction, blacks have been undermined, not hired despite having equal qualifications(studies have proven it) have had their businesses torn down, been lynched and generally oppressed. By guess who? Whites like yourself that say they blacks are bad people. Ironic, isnt it? So do you want to try explain why blacks are evil without being a racist(without proof, you are being racist)?

        7. I did not say blacks are evil. I said that they are criminals.
          I do not wonder nor really care why they are criminals. It could be poor (I grew up in a tar paper shack in west virginia… and we were the richest people on the block because we had a concrete slab. fuck that.)
          It could be because they are feeling ‘put upon’, it could be because they do not belong in this country, it could be because they are biologically chimpanzees that wear clothes and carry guns. I honestly have no idea of the WHY.
          Every solution that has been tried has simply made the problem worse. nationwide violence has declined dramatically in the last 30 years, and yet in the black community it has trended sharply upwards in that same time frame.
          I am not black, It is not my job to ‘fix you’, or even sympathize with your problems… and they are YOUR problems, not mine. The only thing I can do is treat you like a criminal and protect me and mine from you and yours.
          If you want to be ‘fixed’ and behave like humans, you must fix yourselves. THAT is why I respect Malcolm X, because that is what he had to say… stop looking at white people to fix your goddamned problems. Fix them yourselves, or fucking die. I don’t have to care anymore, the only thing I care about is to reduce your threat to MY people by any means possible, up to and including acting like all american niggers* are criminals until proven otherwise. Assuming that all niggers* are crooks will help protect me and mine, and I could give a fuck if you are harmed in the process.
          *Note that a ‘nigger’ is not the same thing as a black person. If you are too stupid to know the difference, watch some older Chris Rock comedy.
          Black people are americans that happen to have a dark complexion. They are doctors, teachers, actors, and scientists, or have a job where they wear a suit regularly. They tend to get married and have healthy and well adjusted kids.
          Niggers have gold-plated grills, carry illegal firearms tucked into the waistband of their underwear, sell drugs, listen to rap, and use phrases like “Racist” and “respect” all the time with absolutely no understanding of the meaning of the term. They have multiple children from different fathers, live on welfare, and like ‘shakin their booty’.
          It is not my job to puzzle out what makes dark-complected Americans into niggers. It is my job to protect my family from them. Fortunately they are easily recognized and generally do not actually believe that you will shoot them without question.

        8. BTW I like how you asked for a source, and yet refused to supply any. I am not ‘debating’ you, I am arguing with you, because apparently you don’t know how to debate.

        9. That’s not a source bc it doesn’t support your statement that blacks are inherently violent. In fact if the numbers are adjusted for pop. Size blacks commit the same amount of assaults as whites, per capita.

      3. WRONG. You’re misreading the stats. Blacks are only 12% of the population. You’re reading the stats as if the numbers of whites and black are 50/50

  21. The author makes two unsupported assumptions in his first point: 1) that the police are racist against blacks; and 2) that such racism is unjustified.
    1) Police respond to crime. Blacks commit more crime per capita than any other group. Therefore, blaming the arrest of blacks on police racism is wrong; it is blaming the police instead of putting the blame on blacks.
    The author fails to evaluate this hypothesis and jumps to the conclusion that it is because of police racism.
    2) If certain police are racist—as in they have a ingrained distrust and/or dislike of blacks—then the question is why they are racist, and if black behavior bears any responsibility. In other words, if you stereotype a group of people, is it not possible that that group of people justify that stereotype?
    The author fails to prove these two assumptions: that police racism causes black arrests and that any police racism is unjustified. The crime disparities by race and the historical behavior of blacks undermine his assumptions.

    1. The police and justice system are, institutionally, racist against blacks and most minorities.
      The second point, however, I will not debate.

      1. Then why don’t Asians and Jews have a problem of being harrassed by cops?

        1. because they seldom commit crimes? When a Jew rips you off, it’s either a legal loophole or a bernie madoff style white collar crime.

      2. I am sure there is some bias against blacks and minorities especially in sentencing. Racism is part of the human condition. But the question is why are all these black folks constantly in front of judges?? Do you know how hard you have to work to be put in and stay in jail??

        1. If you, as a judge, have to put virtually every black guy you see in jail, eventually you start to get lazy and it becomes routine.
          It’s not fair, sure… but it is entirely possible to never be in front of a judge in the first place. And if you don’t dress like a criminal, the police will almost never stop because you ‘fit the profile’.
          Ditch the damned hoodie. Wear a Budweiser or chevrolet tee shirt with a hot girl on the front. pull up your pants. Wear minimal jewelry. keep a baltimore orioles ballcap handy even if you never wear it. Keep a dungeons&dragons book in your backpack.
          That last one is a great tip… a cop will STOP LOOKING in your pack if he sees a D&D book. I have no idea why, but it just screams ‘geek’ so hard that it’s almost embarassing to keep searching for contraband.

        2. Chris Rock (the black guy in the video) got pulled over 4 times in 2 months because he was driving a nice car. Another famous black dude gave him advice that he should get a cheaper car if he doesn’t want to be pulled over b/c it worked for him. There is definitely racial profiling, if your black in a decent car your ass will get pulled over at LEAST once a month.

      3. I’m Arab and have never been harassed by the police. I’ve been pulled over several times for traffic violations, and honestly every encounter with them was actually quite pleasant. I even cut off a cop making while I was making a left turn because my light was turning red (it was either cut him off or get stuck in the middle of the street on a red light) He pulls me over and I just straight up say “sir, I did not mean to cut you off but my light was turning red and I didn’t know which would be my best decision to take” He let me go with a warning.
        There’s a certain way to behave when dealing with police if you don’t want to get shot
        Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police!: https://youtu.be/QR465HoCWFQ

      4. No, they are not institutionally racist against them. They are institutionally against crime, which blacks commit at a frequency that dwarfs all other groups. If tomorrow blacks stopped committing crimes the police would stop arresting them.

    2. The answer is have all black police force. Have blacks police blacks. In Ferguson the force was entirely white ( or non African American) but you have to have a minimum of a high school degree to apply for the police force and most of the black residents there in Ferguson didn’t have high school degrees. If whites are incapable of policing other races due to inherent racism then pair the ethnicities of the cop and perp i.e. Black suspect /black cop , Sherpa suspect /sherpa cop on and on…

      1. Blacks do not have a desire for civilization and thus cannot enforce civilized laws en masse on their own. Unless there were pure segregation by law, your situation would devolve into the ghetto-scum attacking every non-white in site and never being arrested. Anarcho-tyranny.

      2. I know cops. I talk to cops. Having blacks police blacks has been rejected by…black officers….why? Its too dangerous!

    3. Career beat cops in general have an unusually low average life expectancy, not attributed to catching a bullet on the job (which is negligible compared to vehicular mishaps on beat), but primarily from stress related and suicide. Their life expectancy is in the high 50’s which is LOW, right down there with stressed out male trauma surgeons, rock stars and Saturday Night Live comedians.
      Cops’ families tend to be dysfunctional as well, with divorce rampant since loyalty is difficult to wrest for a professional beta establishment boot licker who can’t think for themselves, or at least can’t act outside the box on the job. Their children also tend to be minimal in numbers and damaged as well, probably from the obligatory vaccines since a boot licker can’t say no to his cathedral. The deformaty rates are similar to the messed up kids you see in the final dying generation of inbred royalty even though cops marry outside the immediate family but WITHIN the pickings of the city county complex. A socialist worker or meter maid, anything that pushes paper or sucks off the public dole will do.
      Career advancement to top cop? Yeah – trustees or community service niggaz cut your grass on your big yard that was inside tax seizure to begin with.
      Cops also unanimously throw their kids away into the garbage can public school system. And if the cop had so much the brains to home school, his fat cigarette smoking pig of a wife runs crisis game on him keeping his free time nailed, right? Show me one single cop family that bucks the pig system and home schools. Really, how much more undying and unquestioning homage can you pay to the GREAT BITCH SYSTEM?
      Like many, I used to patronize the cops. I never experienced anti-black racism since I’m white, but time after time after time with a flaky bitch calling them out on me like a free public service mob hit team to de patriarch and de father the western household, I finally stared the cop down, his eyes blue as mine and racially he could have been my brother. I told him ”take these papers back to the free legal aid schmuck that signed them and shove them up his ass”. Fucking traitor. He was trying to serve me walking papers to the house that I BUILT. Fucking retards, all of them. I can’t believe I ever patronized them. They get dumber by the year. I got my bitch outta there and the clusterfuck mob went elsewhere. Still they’re out there somewhere fucking with innocents or trying to eviscerate a traditional patriarchal family.
      The number of men who have been victimized and preyed upon by the bitch system has far exceeded critical mass across the land today and simple math determines not if but when it will come to a head.

    4. You have several unsupported assumptions. 1) blacks commit more crime, when the data demonstrates whites are the most criminal group and commit more crime than all other groups combined. That the author is blaming police for arresting blacks who commit crime. No rather, there is a disparity in treatment of people accused of crimes. Bare in mind most people arrested are never convicted of anything! When a white guy drinks in publci (Crime) the cops give him a slap on the wrist ticket. When a black guy does it, he gets beat up and bloodied and taken downtown and charged with a host of phony trumped up charges. Both men did crime, both in the wrong sure, but the police responses are grossly dispropotionate solely on color of skin. so the author is correct, the police behave recently in treatment of suspects.
      2) If there are white police who are prone to having racist beliefs they shouldn’t be police. Even if every criminal they can find is a black, because this violates the rights of mostly innocent people (blacks) who are profiled without having done any wrong.
      Racism is never justified but if it were it would be justified against whites for raping the planet and committing the most mass murders, rapes, pillaging and thefts in history.

      1. Your hamsterization is giggle-worthy, as you desperately flail about trying to prevent people from observing or criticizing black behavior. I’ll assume you’re one of those low-IQ types who also thinks Trayvon and Michael Brown were “innocent teens.” lol
        1) Blacks commit 52% of all homicides and their crime rate is far worse than any other group, however you slice them. The most dangerous place in America is standing next to a black male under 40. I realize your tiny brain doesn’t understand things like “percentages” and “rates” and thinks all math is evil magic juju invented by The Man to hold brothers down, but the rest of us are just laughing at your sad attempts to hide black violence.
        2) Racism and stereotyping and profiling is justified when the facts back it up. Blacks are the most criminal and most anti-social percentage wise. All facts back this up; no facts support your child-like argument that it’s all whitey’s fault.
        Nobody is fooled by your jive-talk. Stop defending savagery. Demand blacks act civilized.

        1. No he understands perfectly well. He just likes to throw around random statements that are clearly false, with the intent of trolling as many readers as possible. You cannot argue with a mentally unstable person.
          So I would advise you to not waste your time with “Hernan Cortez”. And I am speaking from experience.

        2. Understood, thanks for the heads up. From his statements, I guessed he was a lefty troll, so my response wasn’t taking his argument seriously, as it appeared shallow, insubstantial, and silly.

        3. Your deny of reality isn’t working, because reality will still be there no matter how loud you shout. Blacks are more criminal and anti-social than non-blacks. Period. Discussion over.
          As to your arguments, they are contemptible. You really think that the racial breakdown of crime rates doesn’t exist. I feel very bad for you, because you are so brainwashed you can do no more than deny gravity itself exists, while your lefty masters giggle at your stupidity. And your final appeal to authority fallacy is laughable doubly so because you appeal to Mother Jones, an SJW rag, and therefore without authority.
          Blacks are more criminal than non blacks. Stop defending savagery. Demand blacks act civilized.

        4. Haha argument over? Is that how civilized people act? Is that adults act? No it isnt. You’re acting like childish caveman and yet you have the nerve to call blacks uncivilized? What makes above animals is our ability to subdue our instincts in favor logic and reason. You’re failing right now. You can’t the FACT that black crime is caused by white racism and poverty. This doesnt excuse them but if we realized they are just doing what we would do if put in that situation then maybe we can have the functioning as a productive part pf society. Do you know where racism.started? It was rich white plantation owners seeking separate the poor whites and the poor blacks from coming together and overthrowing their rule in the south. So really you’re the one dancing on strings. You are wrong your statistics and I proved it with LOGIC, whats the foundation for your viewpoint?

        5. Also it’s not about whether the article is right it has nothing to do with the actual researchers, the study is a proven science. You know using logic? Reasoning? FACT? Any of these ring a bell?

        6. That you would subject your fellow man to the violent attacks of savages rather than admit the savagery of blacks speaks volumes of how selfish you are, how much you hate humanity, and how contemptible you are.
          That you would try to deny black crime, violence, and anti-civilizational behavior, that is confirmed by statistics, with your appeals to confirmed liars speaks volumes about your foolishness and your inequity.
          You are laughable, illogical, and base; utterly unworthy of anything other than dismissal. You are at once willfully stupid and willfully evil.
          Stop defending savagery. Demand blacks act civilized.

        7. That you would subject your fellow man to the violent attacks of
          savages rather than admit the savagery of blacks speaks volumes of how
          selfish you are, how much you hate humanity, and how contemptible you
          That you would try to deny black crime, violence, and
          anti-civilizational behavior, that is confirmed by statistics, with
          your appeals to confirmed liars nad illogical denial of reality speaks volumes about your foolishness
          and your inequity.
          You are laughable, illogical, and base;
          utterly unworthy of anything other than dismissal. You are at once
          willfully stupid and willfully evil.
          Stop defending savagery. Demand blacks act civilized.

        8. I’m not arguing whether blacks need to act civilized but that way to do that is nut the barbaric idiotic way you suggest. And really you’re going to use illogical here? Every speck of logic you’ve used as just been demolished. And the real savages are people that string up someone from a tree and then let them die. Would you not retaliate if it was someone you know who got lynched? Stop the us and them nonsense

        9. “Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least known.”
          Cortez is a SJW with little or no facts to support his arguments. Reading the irrational arguments is getting quite comical.
          Victimization is all it cultural marxist glory.

        10. Now little SJW your humorously and disreputably moving the goalposts, all to hid your own guilt at throwing your fellow man to the wolves. By denying the reality of black savagery, and castigating those who point it out, you deliver the innocent to slaughter. And you deny any correction to their savage behavior. And try to shun anyone who demand they stop their reign of violence.
          Stop defending savagery. Demand blacks act civilized.

        1. So this the problem with your “statistics” if blacks are only 12% how could whites possibly kill as many of them as they do of whites. Only 1/8 people are black vs 5/10 are white. So unless whites made a concerted effort to find and kill blacks they would never be able to kill as many blacks. Its simple probability as the majority, whites will always be killed at a higher ratio by everyone thats a minority. In fact if we inflate the black pop. numbers by factor of 5 to equal whites (5x38mil=190mil so just about 197 mil which is the number of whites) pop we would see that black deaths would equal white deaths (5×62000= 310000) As for your other statistics, simply looking at the fact that 40% of blacks are at the poverty line(welfare) eliminates these. Its proven that poverty causes domestic problems of all kinds.
          So basically your statistics are bullshit and you can fuck off with your lame ass fallacies. Facts will never back up your claims that blacks are different than whites, the only difference is in pigmentation and your brain is lying to you telling you its different. Its a caveman response based on sight info of skin color. It’s a defunct ability, cavemen used these differences to detect threats and it was reinforced by your parents. I hope you can overcome your disability.

  22. Going deep, huh?
    The same group of peeps are responsible for perpetrating the overmilitarization of police, the lack of healthy american diets, and feminism.
    Go all the way in, Pisner. Not just the shaft.

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      1. There was a nutty article on this guy in WIRED mag last yr. He claimed the FBI was after him bc he was working on a designer drug on which to get high

    1. Is this your version of Apollo to compete with the original image in the article?

  24. Why don’t white cops or black cops, who work in mostly white areas go on shooting and choking rampages shooting and choking every white who shoplifts a can of coke for that reason?

  25. Actually “fake it till you make it” is very good advice, provided that’s not the only thing you’re doing. You will gain confidence as a result of the experience and then you won’t be faking it (at least as much) as before.

  26. “Perhaps the first step to addressing racist incidents is making sure that police are moved around and get to see the good and the bad of every race.”
    Yeah, I can already see some beat cop celebrating that this is the week that he shifts out of the projects and gets to police nice upper-middle-class people for a while …
    [imagines a somewhat pudgy beat cop doing the Ickey Shuffle 🙂 ]

  27. What happened to the comment section of this site? As it attracted new members and increased its popularity the general audience diminished in quality. All this has become a bitch fest instead of men seeking to improve themselves. All the conversations devolve into race, Jews, society, etc instead of taking personal responsibility.

  28. What’s with the pony-tail archer? Is that design around his head supposed to be a halo? And that thing around his hips looks like a diaper. I can’t take an article seriously when it leads with a design like that.

    1. The object behind his head represents the Sun, indicating that he is the Sun God.
      The thing around his hips is a perfectly ordinary bit of Classical male cloth-ing, but it is arranged by the artist to call attention to the body image, as well as to add a sense of dynamism to an image that is not only obviously still, but a static pose in an otherwise still world. There is also a symbol representing the fact that there is an arrow in flight out of frame, not only giving a, rather slight, increase in dynamism, but indicating that the image exists in the context of a larger world, that of the arrow, that we are not being shown directly.
      It would be a rather standard bit of pagan iconography if it weren’t for the fact that the Sun God is male, indicating Helios Apollo, but also clearly Germanic, indicating a female Sun God. Sunna.
      So it’s clearly of neo-pagan inspiration; half of it taking from actual, old traditions, and half just making shit up without caring about those traditions.

      1. Thank you. More detail than I anticipated but a coherent explanation. I still wonder about that ponytail–but perhaps that’s the made-up part.

        1. Oh, that. Well, in both the Germanic and Keltic cultures long hair was seen as a sign of virility, but it might be tied back for combat to keep it out of the face.
          So the ponytail indicates that the arrow was not loosed in some recreational pursuit. This be serious bidness.
          However, it is tied high, which presents it as an obvious pulling target to an opponent. That would seem to indicate, and here I have to admit that I’m diving a bit into the realm of speculation, that after the battle is over he might want to pretty up with a bit of make up and enjoy the company of a young boy.

  29. way to insult the intelligence of law enforcement. If anybody’s racial attitudes are well-informed, it is the people who interact with the whole community everyday.
    Police are not idiots. Unlike participation in society at large, there is a minimum intelligence requirement to wear a badge.
    As for seeking a sense of self-worth from outside yourself, via accomplishments and acquisitions and a fitter body, good luck with that.

    1. Police are not idiots? I’d be careful with such a blanket statement. Police are human and are corruptible just like anyone else.
      That badge don’t make you invincible like they’d want us to believe.

  30. A larger problem that the media and majority of the public do not know about is the genocide of African Americans via abortion. Why doesn’t the media talk about this alarming problem? All of those protesters and supporters of the Ferguson circus are being fooled. They need to look at the abortion numbers among the African American community and focus their energy and efforts on a root problem. Furthermore, individuals like Jesse jackson need to stop perpetuating the problem and look for solutions from inside-out. They need to preach accountability and responsibility; stop blaming your problems on government, you are responsible for your own life and actions.

  31. As long as Blacks in the ghetto are tuning into cop-killer rap and taking it to heart, there are going to be lots of Michael Browns. And the only “inexcusable” part of THAT problem is anyone’s contention that a cop defending himself is in itself, without a “deeper understanding” of the situation, inexcusable.
    The rest, fatties, broads, game, concur.

  32. “Perhaps the first step to addressing racist incidents is making sure
    that police are moved around and get to see the good and the bad of
    every race.”
    Blacks commit vastly more crime than any other race, are more likely to argue with and attack police, and are more likely to use a weapon when they commit crimes.
    The problem is with black people, not police. What you’re saying is egalitarian liberal horseshit.

  33. Hate to see degrees held up as some sort of mark of achievement. Following directions, memorization, and filling in little dots on the scantron isn’t difficult. Yeah!? So why ‘aven’t you dun it!? ‘Cause it’s boring.

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