Owning A Gun Won’t Make You A Man

Let me start off by being absolutely clear about where I stand: I love guns.  I love their smell.  I love their sound.  I love the smooth slide of a well-lubricated bolt-action rifle.  I love the meditative perfection of feeling my round hit its target, before there’s any rational way that I could possibly know it hit, and yet I do know.  When body, mind, sight, and weapon all line up in sync, I know.

Furthermore, I love the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Without the Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Speech is an empty abstraction.  It is the moral duty of every Christian to be prepared to defend the innocent with proportionate force, up to and including lethal force.  All who can own a gun should own a gun, it is our duty to be vigilant for threats against ourselves and others.  The words of our Lord and Savior state: “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

Gun control is a false promise, pushed by cowards and conniving elites: security without responsibility.  It is a lie believed by fools and those who blind their eyes to the truth that evil exists in the world, and that good men must be prepared to combat it.

But with this established, let us not fall into the same intellectual trap as the gun grabbers: mistaking the object for the intent.  The root cause of mass shootings is never a gun.  The gun is only the means.  Similarly, with every righteous use of a firearm, the firearm is incidental to the heroic intent.

The gun is an excellent tool, but before you master it, you must learn to master yourself.

Military Training

During my seven years in the army, my primary weapon was the C7A1 Service Rifle; an AR-15 variant, nearly identical to the M16A1 model then used by the American military.  It is notorious for being one of the more difficult battle rifles to operate.  Unlike the AK-47, which can be left buried in the mud for five years, tossed into the hands of an illiterate 15-year-old peasant, and then employed effectively, the AR-15 is prone to jamming if it isn’t maintained correctly.

And yet, if you give me a week and a truck full of ammo, I can give you a squad of well-trained marksman who’ll be able to implement the weapon in a variety of climates and conditions.  The rifle might be complex, but it’s not that complex.

What I can’t give you is a squad of soldiers.  They’ll still be a group of young idiots with chips on their shoulders.  It takes a lot longer to train young men to the point where they’re battle-ready, than it takes to train them in the usage of a particular weapon.  The core values of discipline, courage, and restraint require more than a week-long course.

Wax On, Wax Off

The 1984 film Karate Kid follows the life of a teenager named Daniel LaRusso.  He’s the son of a single mother who’s being bullied at school.  He approaches his neighbor Mr Miyagi, a wise old Karate Sensei, and asks that he teaches him how to fight.  Rather than granting his request, Miyagi puts him through a series of chores to prove his worth.  It is only after mastering these chores that LaRusso learns he was studying Karate the entire time.  The motions behind “Wax On, Wax Off” are the same skills he needs to block another man’s punch.

More to the point, he was learning discipline and commitment.  Like all young men, he was full of piss and vinegar, and he had an intuitive sense that an injustice was occurring.  What he lacked was the restraint to respond appropriately and proportionately to his situation.  Learning to fight was the outward manifestation of his spiritual growth, but it was the internal transformation which made him into a warrior.

God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!

The great thing about the gun is that it’s just as dangerous in the hands of Bruno the Bodybuilder as it is in the hands of Beatrice the Church Lady.  The problem with it is that it can be mistaken for a short-cut to developing the warrior spirit.

Teaching young soldiers how to use guns – even a relatively complex one like the AR-15 – is the easy part of Basic Training.  Teaching them how to discipline themselves and restrain their heroic impulses is the hard part.

There are no short cuts in developing yourself as a man.  Mental ruggedness, fortitude, restraint, and guts are all qualities that have to be earned, and buying a piece of hardware won’t bestow them upon you.  While it’s your responsibility to own a gun if possible, it’s also your responsibility to be mentally prepared.  I’ll take an unarmed, grizzled vet over three young punks with pistols any day, because the vet understands that that the knives and guns are just tools; he is the weapon.

Until you’ve developed that same nature inside of yourself, you should be extremely cautious when handling your firearm.  Without proper mental care, the gun will provide an unwarranted boost to your ego, turning you into a loose cannon, rolling about the deck and injuring your allies.  Once you have developed that nature, you’ll realize the gun isn’t truly necessary.  It’s just an implement – what matters is your intent and will.

The gun can be used to implement your best qualities, or it can be a catalyst which brings out your worst.  Always be mindful that you stay in the driver’s seat.  Young men have incredible potential to do great good, or great evil.  Make sure you become an embodiment of the first.

The true warrior understands that it’s almost never the right time to fight; that fighting is deadly, and that all victories come at a great cost.  He fights not for the sake of anger, but for love; not with ego, but with humbleness.  From a place of confidence, not braggadocio.

He must seek his life in a spirit of furious indifference to it; he must desire life like water and yet drink death like wine.
~G.K. Chesterton

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45 thoughts on “Owning A Gun Won’t Make You A Man”

  1. Good article. I love guns, and own a bunch of them. Discipline, training, heart, wisdom, and virtue are also incredibly important.

    1. “The true warrior understands that it’s almost never the right time to fight; that fighting is deadly, and that all victories come at a great cost.”
      I’ll disagree and go with Genghis
      There is no pleasure so great as lying with the wives and daughters of your recently defeated enemies.

      1. Says a man who abandoned his British kids and married a zipperhead single mom . Please dont be an example

      2. The warrior term makes me cringe. If we are talking Mongol Hordes, then yes. The whole Kurosawa movie crap that we is commonly referred to is a fiction. War is war. It’s not some kind of zen bullshit. When Haji is out there raping little boys and mules (our allies), but we are still on a mission of mercy to bring civilization, save the whales or whatever bull crap our (((Leaders))) deem fit, we are anything but warriors. A gun is a tool that any member of the military caste must understand and use. Just a tool. It’s all about survival, and keeping the latest iteration of the NKVD from kicking the door down and sending us to the Gulags or worse.

        1. I have to disagree.
          A gun is a tool, yes. All weapons are. And even within their own category, the tools differ.
          Warriors have always been a part of all cultures, and they are like the canary on the gold mine. When they lose respect within the culture, or disappear, that culture is doomed.
          There are many passages in life that make a man. Puberty, sex, work, marriage, fatherhood. Death, especially of your parents. Heartbreak, old age. All these things are common experiences.
          But warriors occupy a unique, if not elite niche.
          Yes, guns are tools, but tools for a very serious job.
          Warriors must look inside themselves, and decide that question. Taking life, or losing your own, is as serious as it gets.
          I do not believe the warrior mindset is teachable. They exist as a separate class all their own.
          There are other life points that most warriors pass thru. Owning a gun, hunting and killing. Skinning and eating what you kill. Military. Combat. These things are often profound experiences, that only a few know.
          Rock bottom, warriors have decided to take Jesus advice, about buying a sword. They have examined the mortality issue in their minds, and decided to live with the possibilities and consequences.
          Guns are tools, but mortal tools, for a grave job
          So no, warriors are not just brain dead slackers who were handed a rifle and pointed at the enemy. They are a unique class among us, who live by a code of honor and are willing to sacrifice their very lives, for us
          “Greater love than this hath no man”

  2. If you want to know what “free speech” without the right to bear arms looks like – look at Europe

    1. My gun makes me feel like a man. Without it, all I got are my enormous genitals.

  3. Guns are just tools. If you want to find manhood you have to find within you meaningful courage and bravery (that you don’t have to demonstrate to others, just believe in for yourself). If you cannot stop and think logically and strategically, if you cant finds self discipline enough to get trained in how to use them safely and properly and at the time that is appropriate, having them is pointless. The best tools in a mans tool box is learning skills, learning to read your surroundings and situational awareness, learning basic psychology of humans, learning to think logically and several steps ahead and then be flexible and adaptable, but if you understand basic psychology of humans, most times you don’t have to be too adaptive because they are pretty easy to read 90% of the time, you can get it right and pretty much guess correctly exactly what they will do. So being strategically minded, tactically proficient, street smart and aware, you can use ALL of your tools in your tool box, for any occasion with anyone for anything long before you go reaching for gun metal. Gun metal is not courage, guns are tools, tools of last resort when you fail to do the other things I listed above. Sometimes situations go straight to needing them, but situational awareness allows you to see that coming three to four steps ahead of the threat where you are already employing courage and bravery first.

  4. I am naturally pretty brave, disciplined, and all that. But if I ever need to use one of my firearms, I figure it will serve as a pretty good management tool.
    Now… let’s see how quick it takes some fag/SJW to downvote this perfectly legitimate statement.

    1. Well, I for one, upvoted your commentary, and for whatever that’s worth. I agree with the premise of the writer. A firearm is a tool, and your last resort, but I ascribe to the axiom “rather have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it”.

  5. I am naturally pretty brave, disciplined, and all that. But if I ever need to employ one of my firearms in a serious scenario, I figure it will serve as a pretty good management tool.

  6. And for the soyboys and Try Guys of the world: Owning a penis won’t make you a man either.

  7. I didn’t think I was going to like this article, but I did. I thought it was going to suggest that most that carry guns are doing it to cover up shortcomings, as they say.

  8. This also- in my mind, this article should be at a fundamental basis of desperately needed compulsory service- for everyone. Any schmo who wishes to truly be considered a “citizen” in the eyes of his or her nation ought to be strongly encouraged to serve at a minimum two years in defense of, and appreciation for, something greater than themselves. The US Constitution. The federal government ought to capitalize on this by providing tangible benefits to that service and commitment. No income taxes, (Which are an illegal crock, anyway.) preferences in purchasing and employment opportunities. (For truly qualified candidates. No reverse discrimination needed here.) With that comes the undeniable sense of “ownership”, commitment and pride in having been an integral part of an elite and time honored warrior class that stood resolute for freedom, liberty and true justice.
    America is an idea. And ideas to Leftists are dangerous- to them. I for one stood my watch, yet encourage others to step forth and take possession of the mantle that educates, matures, provides individual and group purpose towards guarding against the evils that prey outside the doors of our home.

  9. This article seems a bit over the top. You don’t have to be a Zen 12th degree disciplined warrior to effectively operate your firearm, and it may not be necessary for where we’re headed.
    Most of us are not going to be part of elite squads of highly trained and disciplined special operators. In fact eventually those guys are gonna be just like everyone else, and will either go on to defend their own small group of peeps, or become part of gangs, big and small. When SHTF, the concepts like “defending the innocent” and morality are gonna change in a big way. Your “morality” might mean robbing some “innocent” fucker – who has some canned goods and listened to Hollywood and turned in his gun – because your kid’s ribs are showing from hunger.
    Most firefights will be spraying a bunch of rounds over a wall of cover. Not disciplined fire/cover/move (ready/moving) movements. There ain’t gonna be artillery and air support. Tactics that work for the US military under highly logistically dependent operations do not apply.
    Going excessively beyond the basics of familiarizing operation and basic maintenance is not helpful when there are a million other things you need to do to be ready for SHTF.

    1. thank you! i agree people have a very skewed idea as to what they think will happen in a world where rule of law is ignored, and as America slips into a complete state of chaos due to the domestic terrorist groups Antifa and the like, andwe will hit a final turn where the payience is exhausted and they will he full on dealt with. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, YOU WILL NEED THEM. The harder thing will be the personal renconciliation for HAVING TO HAVE to use them. better to be alive to think about it than a bleeding corpse.

    2. Two points.
      First, if it hits the fan, yeah, it will be a lot like that. Life will suddenly become hard and sharp for everyone. But, this is known and predictable, and can be prepared for.
      No, we won’t have artillery, air support, etc. But if you get confronted by a mugger on the street, you won’t have that either. But that’s no reason for refusing to take personal responsibility.
      If, (when) it hits the fan. I think the biggest problem for most will be making that ultimate decision. Ok. You have an arsensal, thousands of rounds of ammo. Its lawless out there. But…..will you really shoot your neighbor, even with cause? When they send the police or military to round you up, are you really going to hunker down and shoot it out? Against your own countryman?
      If something seriously bad goes down, a very high percentage of the population is going to die, very quickly. All the things you took for granted will be gone. Electricity, wster, food, hospitals, transportation. No police.
      Maybe 5% will be alive after 5 years.
      But, for me, I feel it is better to fight back, and struggle, than to just give up. Maybe my kids will survive

  10. I love the smell of my 20V Dewalt power drill but I’d rather crush your skull with my bare hands.

  11. Grandfather was a drill sergeant in the mountain division of the Wehrmacht.
    He told me the change from a recruit to a soldier came always, when a recruit realized, that there were guys outside, that would seriously kill mamas darling if he wouldn’t defend himself with all his skills….
    And among soldiers 95% want to go home. 5% want to win. The last ones decide the battle.

  12. We own guns to insure our way of life, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    Shooting them accurately isnt hard, if you put in the time, learn proper handling, breathing, posture etc, and have good ammo, barrels, optics.

  13. 12th Degree Zen? Sure. An ATS Agent couldn’t hold off a determined squad of little leaguers assaulting their position with high capacity Nerf guns that were firing marsh-mellows. Yet a properly trained, adequately equipped, well informed, self-disciplined American Member of the Brotherhood of Arms can unleash hell if pushed to the point of protecting his team, his position and his mission. Book learning and creating that oh, so perfect balance of warrior wisdom goes right out the window when the first round goes down range. Trust me.

  14. Regarding Karate Kid ( written by (((Kamen))) ):
    It’s actually the happy, well-adjusted, blonde-haired, blue-eyed teenagers who are bullied by Daniel LaRusso (Italian for “The Russian”) — the fragile, beta, neurotic, mystery meat spawn of a single whore mother — and his Asiatic demon sorcerer Miyagi who grants him unnatural strength & skill.
    It’s all explained very clearly here:

    1. And this is what happens when society champions the mystery meat. If only Johnny had had Elvis to train him. No one wants to be “The Gimp”. Take heed and never feel sorry for yourself:

  15. A gun is not a cure all. Most situations good communication skills, with firmness, is adequate. Guns in the hands of civilians is our last defense against tyranny (hopefully!).
    I like guns. The M16-A1 is the rifle I trained with, too. Personally, I like it.
    People are violent. Guns are implements; nothing more.
    Eventually, every nation falls. Don’t need the Prophet Daniel to read the writing on the wall in the USA. When that happens, those without arms will be wishing and praying they had them. Then they may remember they followed the wishes of fools in giving up their guns, the most immediate means of saving your life.

    1. Mene mene tekel upharsin
      Thou have judged and found wanting
      Oh America! She was Mans brightest light, for a time.

  16. I never want to need to use a gun against another human. Never want to be in a situation where even drawing the weapon is required. Never want anyone to know even have the thing. I don’t do anything different with a weapon then without. I know I’m not a god, the only thing the weapon does in a worse case…is give me a better probably of escape life and protecting those around me. Yet, the biggest thing gives me is solace. If worse came to worse, at least I would get dropped with no regret knowing did everything could to simply not be a toothless victim. That said, love my gun, I use it everyday to some extent… mechanical as possible…..everything about it brings me pleasure.

  17. March 9, 2018
    John Dodds
    “The true warrior understands that it’s almost never the right time to fight; that fighting is deadly, and that all victories come at a great cost.”
    I’ll disagree and go with Genghis
    There is no pleasure so great as lying with the wives and daughters of your recently defeated enemies.
    Now this is the answer

  18. I agree completely. Trainingninnthenproper ise of guns is essential. Being a fat, weak, sloppy beta male with no inner strength isn’t magically reversed because one suddenly holds an object. I see lots of the goatee wearing fags with sunglasses on the back of their heads “shooting” who seem to be obsessed with wasting as much ammo as possible in a short period of time with no apparent intention of actually hitting anything or improving their accuracy.

  19. True Common sense gun laws = temperament.
    That’s it folks. Screw the bs. And to that note I add –
    It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

    1. Same use Gamgee did pretty well when the pressure came. Don’t underestimate the gardeners.

  20. I agree that a firearm is just a tool, etc etc. But Karate Kid? WTF? How freaking juvenile is this? All this crap sounds like the kind of crap any McDojo puts out. A firearm is a tool. Learn to use it and learn applicable laws in order not to embarrass the fraternity of arms and give the Chekists more ammo. But a man should be beyond the need for some silly (((movies))) that pander toward the insecurities of 1970s suburban wimps. 8 years in the military of Canada seems to have been an exercise in immaturity. A true soldier lives a life a constant challenge and struggle. Its all about discipline and the constant need for it. It’s what keeps us from being a rag tag African militia. Set the sites higher than some silly fiction. Emulate real men, not some propaganda. And none of us need emotional clap trap in order to become soldiers. I guarantee that no professional soldier will anything but laugh at this article.

    1. Some professional soldiers never laugh. But they are reminded, “Hollywood will get you killed.”

  21. Haha. This guy was trained in the Canuck Army. I did not know that the Canucks had a military. I carry a firearm, because America is now a cess-pool of non-Caucasians prone to chimpouts, spontaneous outbreaks of jihad, and beaner crime. Plus, the cock-suckers will not let me carry a samurai sword, so a firearm is the next best thing.

  22. Good article. One addition:
    A free man, armed, is a terrible thing. A free man, disarmed, is neither free nor is he a man.

  23. “And among soldiers 95% want to go home. 5% want to win. The last ones decide the battle.”
    When you do go home and find it a smoldering ruin or your entire neighborhood, town, city a smoking ruin, your family not to be found, then what?
    Genghis Khaan didn’t defeat enemies. He and his horde exterminated (the men of) them. The young boys became Mongols and the women 8-40 the mothers of the next generation of Mongols.
    Look up “Ulaan Bataar International Airport” and see whose name it bears.

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