9 Important Lessons From A Clockwork Orange

It’s a tough competition for which classic novel (or film) best predicted a future which maps closest to our own. Was it 1984, with governments inventing endless fake wars and spreading its propaganda against fake enemies? Was it Brave New World, with the population on drugs to make them so happy they become complacent to the evil around them? Despite such eerily accurate competition, one strong contender is Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange and in particular, Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 adaptation of it.

But the importance of reading the book (or seeing the movie) isn’t just to see how uncannily someone predicted the future; rather, because of the many lessons that the book has for both the alpha male, and for the aspiring alpha male, since it is the story of a deeply alpha—albeit immoral—man. The movie is, indeed, the opposite of Kubrick’s warning for what alpha males should not do, Lolita.

Before we discuss the nine key lessons of A Clockwork Orange, we need to remind ourselves that the alpha male protagonist of the book and film is immoral, committing many terrible, illegal acts like brutal murder. We at Return of Kings strongly condemn all such immorality and law-breaking. We can learn from the best of the protagonist, not the worst. It’s like learning from Bill Clinton: we may object to his immoral corruption and possible murders of those who got in his way like Vince Foster; but we can still learn from his ability to excite women around him.

Lets go backwards in the film, since the overarching lesson is at the very end of the film: the alpha male wins. Alex DeLarge, the protagonist acts in the most evil ways imaginable and yet… ends up with the Prime Minister literally spoon-feeding him everything he wants. You don’t need to be evil; but to win, you need to be alpha.

1. Alex very explicitly rejects the societal norms around him, and carves his own path

Society was rightfully discouraging “ultraviolence” but he and his goons let their lives revolve around their “ultraviolent” ways. Alpha males must reject the expectations of society and find their own path—although, of course, in less evil ways than Alex did. As Joseph Campbell said, “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”

2. Society will try to stop you… but their attempts to stop you will often make you more powerful

The government subjected Alex to violent movies in the famous scene in which his eyes are forced open to watch them while constantly receiving eye drops. That worked until Alex tried to kill himself… which broke the spell, and let him return to his violent, alpha ways. This is a key non-obvious lesson of the book and film, and one of the central ingredients to Trump’s rise: the more the MSM tried to stop him, the more powerful he became.

At this point, I humbly tip my hat to my tribe’s fearless leader-spokesman, Roosh. He is carving out his own path, and society’s attempts to stop him have only made his influence grow.

3. Even the alpha male will be influenced by society around him

You can’t avoid society’s influence on you, so you have to acknowledge the influence in order to temper it. It’s key to the plot that not only are Alex and his gang sexually-charged (they wear huge penises on their outfits), but from the first moment of the film, the movie paints the entire society around them as being over-the-top sexual.

Literally, from the first moment: the movie opens with Alex and his gang in a “milk bar,” in which the tables are sculptures of naked women, and the exercise instructor whom Alex rapes has a statue of a huge penis and her walls are covered in penis-art. The message is clear: dangerously over-sexualized society leads to dangerously over-sexualized individuals.

4. Be alpha even in parenting

Alex’s deeply beta parents never had the strength to stop him from going down his violent path. The alpha parent role model and discipliner would have pushed Alex into a healthier direction.

5. Don’t trust the intellectual class; if they say they support you, it’s fake posturing

Intellectuals pretend to support you, so long as it costs them nothing… but the moment they have to apply their ideas to themselves, suddenly, they change their minds. Alex, a criminal and a victim of the government’s brainwashing, falls into a pro-criminal-rights intellectual’s house, and the intellectual pledges to help Alex fight the government. But the moment the intellectual realizes that Alex had, years earlier, raped his wife… he will no longer apply his belief in helping criminals to Alex, becoming a hypocrite. (Not to mention, the accurate mockery of intellectuals wanting to help the very class of people who are raping their wives.)

6. Clean up your own shit

Alex’s past problems keep on coming back to haunt him. He once beat up an old man for no reason—and when he stumbles upon the old man years later, the old man beats him up. Alex pushes the members of his gang too far and years later, when they are policemen, they beat him up.

7. The devil is in the details

How did the intellectual realize that this oppressed boy he took in had, years earlier, raped his wife? Because while showering, Alex hummed Singing in the Rain, the same tune he hummed while raping the intellectual’s wife. Lesson: the devil is in the details and, in particular, small details gone wrong make the best-laid plays go awry.

8. Inventing your own vocabulary is alphaful

While the adults and representatives of society in the film all speak in standard English, Alex and his goons only speak in a Jabberwocky-esque English-like language. While reading about droogs and devotchkas makes no sense out of context, it is understandable in-context. Selfdictioning is empowerificating, an observation which our friend Chateau Heartiste has amply proven with his amplious wordcreations.

9. You need at least one deep, cultural passion

Despite his brutish, immoral, and illegal ways, Alex maintains a passion, even an obsession, with Beethoven, whom he calls “Ludwig Van.” Without a deep passion, you’re just another plebeian. Just an ounce of high culture makes you different from the rest.

Beyond lessons for alpha males, one of the least obvious—and most important—meta lessons from this book and film is that morality is complex. When you’re a kid, and you have to read this novel in class, or study the Bible (as I did in my childhood religious school), you are taught that they are simple morality tales of good vs bad. “In this novel and film, Alex is bad, the Intellectual writer good. In the Old Testament, Jacob is good, but Pharaoh is bad.”

But as we get older, with more depth of experience with human nature and the world, we are able to see that everyone is good and bad. And that one of the key elements of timeless literature is to capture this nuance.

In the Old Testament, Jacob is one of the the great heroes, yet he steals his brother’s inheritance. Very good people often have bad sides, and very bad people often have good sides. One of the key challenges of adulthood is separately out what is ultimately good from what is ultimately bad. It is this challenge, this very complex nature of morality within our very human lives, that prevents most men from rising above the masses and turning themselves into better men.

Much more about conspiracy theories and protecting your privacy.

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67 thoughts on “9 Important Lessons From A Clockwork Orange”

  1. Teenage Precocity and Alpha Males
    Alex is older in the film than the book by 3 years and this is a huge difference in terms of impact (15 vs 18). He’s been a criminal for years longer (If you remember the watches and money in the drawer) and Malcolm McDowell is about the age of a high school senior and not a child or even a juvenile. His friends are his age, maybe older. The girls he fucks are also in their late teens. His truant officer reminds him he is old enough to go to an adult prison. There is no indication that he is a “child” in the film at all. This kind of detracts from the theme of “precocity”.
    But Alphas in high school like Alex are usually never Alphas in adulthood. They simply mature faster (Alex is 18 but is clearly full grown and mature) and exhibit precocity sexually or otherwise.
    Alex was already 20 years old when the film ended (He spent 2 years in prison before the Ludivico technique) and he shows no indication of every doing or being anything different than what he is. In fact his friends have all outgrown him (Albeit as brutal police; the third simply drifts away into adult life) and he wanders the road homeless and suicidal (When the homeless man spots him) because he has not completed his education and has a prison record and no money.
    This is quite realistic of the Alpha Negro Hoodrat who was the terror of the school at 16 and then when he is 22 and you come from college you see him downtown homeless begging for money to smoke crack cocaine. Kubrick nailed the adult future of the hedonistic teen criminal on the head. They go to jail young, get out broke and unqualified, end up being victims themselves.
    Also low-class whites and blacks seem to reach maturity slightly faster (Of course in Kubrick’s day lower-class whites could still work at factories and live in an apartment and be respectable people)…about 2 years faster than middle-class whites. They start smoking cigarettes at 12, having sex at 14, are using drugs by 15. In the case of blacks, they are full-fledged sophisticated adult criminals by 16. Blacks do not seem to grow after about age 16.

    1. I largely agree with what you are saying here but…
      I grew up in a middle class background, and went to a fairly well known and distinguished Catholic school. Yet somehow, a lot of the girls were fucking by 14-15, and a lot of the guys were smoking cigs and weed by 13-14. They (we?) were just smart enough to manipulate the system to suit our needs, unlike the over breeding low IQ trash that pervades our present society.
      When I transferred to public high school in my late teens…holy dumb fuck…nothing but trailer trash, jigs, and beans. I graduated early.

      1. DOC M No idea if you were responding to me or not
        The working-class white like Alex MATURES quickly (He’s 17 or 18 but looks and acts 25) and along with this physical maturity comes a precocious criminality or deviance.
        We see this more often with Blacks who like Alex look 25 when they are 17 and are committing adult felony crimes like Alex did.
        “Alpha Teen and Zeta Young Adult”
        One thing about Alex’s comeuppance after jail is that it happens on the same streets he was once terrorizing. Now he is a pathetic, huddled young ex-con clutching his meager belongings with no education and no money who is roaming old haunts after the other teens have become police officers or like the third gang-member just drifted off into adulthood. Not Alex. Like most shallow psychopaths (Especially blacks) he has no initiative beyond gratification or capacity for self-discipline so he will simply float around the city streets he was on before he went to jail.
        “Over Breeding”
        Kubrick did not anticipate one-parent households (His family life does not seem abusive or deprived; just lower middle-class white) or the K-strategy reproduction.
        Burgess’s book ends with Alex longing to have a family and woman to cook for him and to spread his shitty psychopathic genes.
        Well, we know how that one is going to end. He’ll have a couple of kids, lose interest in playing house, beat his wife up and go back to jail eventually and then the state will have two more psychopaths to raise at the taxpayers expense.
        Kubrick’s film on the other hand hints that Alex is simply going to go out, commit more crimes, get arrested again and go to jail for the rest of his life.
        “Incapable of Change or Growth”
        Kubrick makes a point about the shallow feelings of the true psychopath. He is incapable of learning. Of changing. Alex will probably go out and commit another crime right under the noses of his onetime gang-member turned cops and they will bust his head open again or perhaps even kill him. Despite the considerable physical punishment he endured, it does not deter him.
        “Allure of Crime”
        The deathless charm of Alex is his psychopathy, which we admire in blacks in fact.
        He is not emasculated by consequences and so seems fearless…we love this about a true psychopath who seems calm and carefree as if he’ll never get caught. Of course he is. Fairly young too. By 17 or 18.
        He feels no regret or empathy “My mother boo-hooing” that would hinder his gratification impulses.
        Abuse causes him no psychic trauma. The injuries Alex suffers-bottle to the face, beaten up by the police, jailed, half-drowned…nah, he won’t remember this one month later. The average person would have to spend the next 20 years in therapy. Alex is unaffected as psychopaths are.

        1. OTHMAR
          No but it enhances cunning. My guess is that the real poor whites in the US are not Irish-Catholic or Italian but Appalachian or Flyover Baptists.

  2. A brilliant article. A few points here deserve discussion in the Manosphere. Was Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert reaan Alpha? Personally I don’t think a character so beholden to his carnal appetite can qualify. Your point about not trusting the intellectual class – well, that cuts both ways really. I think what we saw in this case was an intellectual who had been betrayed by the tenets of his own half-arses moral relativism. If the professor had been a philosopher cut from the cloth of Greek logic, Alex would not have found his sympathy in the first place. Finally, language. “inventing your own vocabulary is Alphaful.” Ye-e-e-sss – but be very careful of this one because it is one half of an arms race which is being played by the ‘other side’ with their gender pronouns and invented pathologies directed at masculinity. Many a consumptive poet and hipster share the Chateau’s flair. While being extremely funny, the basic value of what the Chateau does is rooted in logic: using Gynocentrism’s altarpiece conventions as the means to describe the face of the man-made deity that they represent. Again, great article. RoK could use more book and film reviews in my opinion.

    1. ALPHA?
      In prison by 17 or 18? Homeless at 20 when released from prison? Banging on the door of a random house in the rain? Sure, McDowell was a real Alpha.

      1. I was going to argue with you, by asking if Spartacus was not a real Alpha, just because he found himself a slave. But the more I thought about Spartacus’s story compared to Alex’s, the more I agreed with you. Real alpha’s are not criminals, if they have a choice. Alex did. Which is the real theme of Clockwork Orange.

  3. The scene where Alex picks up the two girls at the record stand is a must watch example of impeccable day game.
    He’s jovial, ballsy, sparks their emotional interest by discussing a shared passion (music), and eventually makes great use of kino while not coming off as TOO strong while doing so.
    Sure, your actual results with this will be relatively low, but trust me in saying that the only guys who had threesomes in the pre-Tinder era were guys who were this charismatic, thick-skinned, and able to jump right into the sexual market fray.

    1. In the book, the girls he picks up are 10 years old and he drugs and rapes them. Not very Alpha — just criminal.

  4. This was juvenile. Very base analysis that oversteps numerous other deeper points.
    Acrually, Alex is highly moral.

  5. ”While reading about droogs and devotchkas makes no sense out of context”
    it makes perfect sense if you speak Russian or Serbian…

    1. And for the benefit of those who don’t speak those languages, “droog” means “friend” and “devochka” means “girl”.

    2. YMMV. I am a polyglot (English and Russian included), yet it took some time to get the hang of it at first.
      Regardless – I love the movie (slightly even more so than the book), and this article, in my opinion, does indeed bring up some valid new angles, not necessarily conflicting past analyses, but rather complementing them.
      Thank you, Mr. Deveer!

      1. polyglotism isn’t enough with CO, there’re these Slavic languages combined with rhyming slang
        ymmv, indeed

  6. lol I mentioned a week ago that a fat boomer-coworker woman gave me shit at a bustop for smoking, so I told her to stop being a bitch.
    Turns out she went to management. My boss emailed me this morning asking me if I was the one she was complaining about. I said yes, so he gets her to email me an apology.
    lol even old boomer men are getting sick of SJWs. I bet in some polite way he’s glad the young guys are putting old THOTs in their place.
    Got me laughing at my desk today.

    1. “…even old boomer men are getting sick of SJW’s.” Of course we are, and millions of us were sick of them as far back as the 1960’s.

  7. Clockwork Orange slang is mostly broken Russian, with some additions from other Slavic languages. Must have been quite shocking back then (at the height of the Cold War), English hooligans rampaging and murdering, while speaking broken Russian. Stirring up the fear of Communism and of the Revolution – almost every totalitarian regime relied on ‘youths’ for acts of violence against political opponents and real and imaginary enemies.

    1. VORTAC
      Burgess and Kubrick portrayed how socialism turns a country into a backwater slum of authoritarianism-this was the reason for references to Russian language.
      The writer in Clockwork Orange is writing a novel called A Clockwork Orange when they break in.

      1. or they just predicted western cuckoisation, so they looked to the east for a solution
        backwater slum? is that in birmingham?

  8. Interesting article ya droog! I’d love to see an article dedicated to #9.
    On Black Friday I popped into a newsagent for some birthday cards and saw books such as Clockwork Orange, Huxley’s Brave New World, all of Orwell’s hits (and Stoner, for some reason) all half price. Picked up a copy of 1984 as I’ve not actually read it. Unsurprisingly all of the tomes were covered in dust. A shame.

  9. CLOCKWORK ORANGE “Unrealistic”
    Why would the 2 cops who beat him up have held such a grudge after smashing a milk bottle into his face and leaving him to be arrested and to do 14 years in prison? They already ruined his life.
    Would the prison and state have done a load of media coverage on Alex and then turned him out with no halfway house to stay in and no job offer or probation?
    When he jumps out the window and lives why wouldn’t the writer have simply killed him right there and then? Instead of calling the hospital.

    1. Clockwork Orange is a parable, not real life. I liked this article even though it is not that deep.

  10. Calling Alex DeLarge an ‘alpha’ is completely missing the point of Clockwork Orange. He is not an alpha, he is a tool of totalitarian regime, which is using rampant violence to cajole its citizens into obedience (system used by almost every totalitarian government ever, which is additionally pointed out by using Russian slang and communist phraseology throughout the movie).
    Of course, in time Alex becomes another victim of the same regime, being used as a guinea pig for the “new rehabilitation programme”. Again, many communist thugs met the similar fate and ended up discarded, when they were no longer useful to the regime. Being alpha means seeking power over others, but that power often comes from above in which case you might still be an alpha, but also a tool for those above you.

  11. The slang is a mix of Russian and english, if I recall. “Horrorshow” as “good” comes from the Russian for good, roughly “horosho” (no, I don’t know how to spell it, sorry) – “Droogs” from the word for friend, etc.
    It’s worth noting a major difference between the movie and the book – the movie leaves off the 21st chapter (three sets of 7 chapters) which is a realization on Alex’s part of the horrors he’s inflicted, and a determination to become an adult.

  12. 10. Follow your intuition and drive, act, don’t think and let intellect get in the way.

    “I was calm on the outside but thinking all the time… But suddenly I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones, and that the omni ones used like inspiration and what bog sense. For now it was lovely music that came to my aid – there was a window open with the stereo on, and I viddied right at once what to do.”
    This advice had particular relevance to game. Act, don’t think. Thanks for the article. I am a great fan of that film and Kubrick in general, I love it more than is probably healthy. There is something very red pill about it.

  13. As has been described many times before (like in the recent piece on Charles Manson), Alpha is not the same as virtue.
    Alpha reflects the pecking order of the natural world which is amoral. Not immoral. Amoral. Nihilistic if you will. Women respond to displays of power, period. They don’t give a crap about a man’s underlying virtue. And there are far more alpha-like rule-breakers than there are high-status moralistic alphas.
    If men shape their behavior only around what gets them pussy, then we are likely to see more crime and society will crumble.
    It’s up to men to establish morality independent of the question of what yields the most pussy.

    1. “If men shape their behavior only around what gets them pussy, then we are likely to see more crime and society will crumble.
      It’s up to men to establish morality independent of the question of what yields the most pussy”
      Good point. Bonecracker once said that the true alpha does not get all the chucks, but rather the prettiets chock in the house.

  14. Alex was nothing but a parasite and burden on society, only sadistic Betas with bad gene pool rape. A one way ticket to Auschwitz if this was in the Third Reich.

  15. Funny. I just watched this movie over the weekend and was thinking many of the same things. A good analysis.
    I believe hat in order to be highly successful, a tinge of socio/psychopathy is necessary, but that tinge must be focused in the proper direction rather than wanton destruction. Likability is also a major factor. When one has the halo effect (Alex, being young, handsome, and charismatic could develop this in the eyes of some), they can get away with a lot more giving them room to be outlandish and praised for it rather than shunned and rebuked for it.

    1. If you saw Alex at 35 he would not seem so appealing. Probably in jail, maybe a few single-mother kids here and there he did not give a shit about, a few more victims and finally the life sentence.

  16. So from hedonism, to saving the West, to Traditionalism and back to dark-triad. Which is it? The lesson to draw from Clockwork Orange is that those type of guys need to be hurt and executed publicly and with vigor. Simple lesson really.

  17. Clockwork Orange is a tale of futility, not inspiration. Alex lives as an absurdist in a world of oppressive shit. Some of his behavior is humorous, maybe even clever-but his life is worthless and would absolutely not end well. Only MattTarngo and Vortac noticed that Anthony Burgess was writing a chilling novel of nihilistic doom. Try a single “lesson” from the movie in present day Soviet-America and you will have a SWAT surrounding you with AR-15 barrels rammed down your throat.

  18. After Rotherham and Swedcuckistan the White man has absolutely ZERO claim to the title of “Alpha Male”. Yet you guys just never stop talking about “alpha this, alpha that”
    Empty vessels make the loudest noise.
    If you want an alpha male then go emulate the brazen pimps of Rotherham who hit on schoolgirls in direct defiance to the culture around them, and the Anglo “men” did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just imagine how such spinelessness looks to British women as virile foreign brown men cart these women away as war booty while the spinelessly coward white man looks on impotently, dick in hand.
    It’s like 50 shades of grey, perhaps 50 shades of Pakistan.
    LOL, it’s funny how you never hear these virile Muslim youths talk about being alpha males, they just do it.

    1. “If you want an alpha male then go emulate the brazen pimps of Rotherham who hit on schoolgirls in direct defiance to the culture around them”
      Good point, but bear in mind that the sharia apes that were brought into the UK are literally given cart-blanche by the British authorities. This freedom granted, some say, is part of the effort to destroy the west- using moslem savages as the trojan horse.
      So seeing muslimes act all “alpha” is because they know damn well nothing is going to happen to them whatever they do.

    1. HH
      Book vs Movie
      Alex is 17, 18 in the film (Kubrick said this was to reduce controversy). He is 15 in the book. In the film he looks about 25, which McDowell was. You don’t get the idea he is a “child”.
      The book described him as a slightly modest-sized kid who was thin. McDowell is a strapping 6 footer who is obviously strong and graceful (McDowell was football player prior to acting) and can kick most adult’s asses. He’s bigger and more intimidating in the film.
      Alex’s criminal activity has been going on years longer in the film and he is far more mature and sophisticated.
      Alex is more of dim brute in the book and less charismatic. He rapes two 10 year old girls, Alex seduces women his own age. He is more intimidating to his parents whereas Alex’s Dad in the film is more of a no-bullshit type that Alex lies to.
      Society is not portrayed as quite as rundown in the book as the film. In the film its a socialist authoritarian slum.
      Petie is shot in the book in a later attempted home invasion. In the film his fate is left unmentioned.
      Now the big one of course is that Kubrick gives no indication that Alex will do anything but go back on the street and commit more crimes.

  19. I saw the movie for the first time in the 80s when i was a teenager.My favourite scene is definitely the record store scene.I have probably seen it 50 times. Back then I was impressed the way Alex approached the two girls in the record store.So therefore i tried to do it the same way.I went into my favourite record store and approached a cute girl in it and tried to behave and talk like Alex.To my surprise it worked and she responded very well.Unfortunately i was to shy to ask her to go to my place.She lived too far away.Therefore i unfortunately lost contact.

  20. Instead of always being worried about wether we are alpha at this or that moment or not, why not just all collectively do what needs to be done, stop trying to find a hiding place in this mess and get rid of the “Alex” types and all other garbage, sound good gents?
    Remember, Trump was “alpha,” how’d that work out? Non- alpha judges are going to run roughshod over his attempt to delay tranny troops in the Army.

    1. This “alpha male” fixation is just a last ditch attempt to preserve the materially-orientated “success” of boomer culture.
      These “men” are yet to catch onto the fact that in the modern world it’s not armani suits, big houses, or glorified cubicle slavery which will win women, but in the sectarian future of multicultural8sm it will take balls, defiance, and conviction (ie 14.88 n sheeit) to impress our sluts.

      1. Good comment matchstick. To be clear, I’m not against the whole “alpha” thing, as it does have much merit. The excessive preoccupation with it and it’s application to literally everything is a bit ridiculous. Also, that word today applies to the “all show and no go” situation we are in. As for “winning” women, in the future they should be distributed, as before. Save the winning for battles. Onward and upward sir.

      2. Brilliant Comment Matchstick! So True! The Hugh Hefner model of bitches happily standing next you and your Ferraris will be replaced by street scrambles for whores with HPV warts and a mulatto bastard to support. Taking your favorite siren out for an afternoon on your yacht will be impossible, so you settle for ‘club nights’ of premature ejaculation into some un-gendered, prolapsed asshole. The older you get the lower your ‘standards’ will fall until you are breaking every ‘vice law’ known just to catch a half-pressure release. – It’s a happy future that awaits every man!

        1. I’ve noticed women are becoming less impressed by wealth. Men are catching on too. Like what’s the point in slaving away under corporate feudalism being a debt slave when some unemployed brown guy with balls can easily get laid by these same sluts you’re chasing?
          Besides, typically when you see some white collar normie on TV he is either apologizing to some aggrieved minority over a pronoun, or he’s cucking for more feminism and diversity. It reeks of weakness. These people have no principles. And increasingly the business suit is becoming emblematic of such rank cowardice.
          I sure as fuck do not wear a suit unless I’m at a funeral. And weddings are for normie cucks, I don’t attend those female narcissism coronation ceremonies.
          Only betas need to play dress up and jump through hoops in order to impress some slut. And I get a fuck ton more respect and consideration from these same cuck’s wives and girlfriends because they know I’m not a pussy like their “men”.

  21. Good example of why you should read the book before reviewing a movie..it explains things the movie doesn’t. You completely missed the context of the story line. The slang they are speaking is english-russian, from soviet infiltration of this future English society through youth culture. Droog in Russian = friend english for example. Sorry if someone already made this point. Previet?

    Unemployed brown guy with balls.
    1) He roams the street all day or rolls around in a car without a pot to piss in except what the government sees fit to give him.
    2) YOU want a white woman who gives seedy Mestizos or blacks blowjobs in their ratty apartments? I sure don’t.
    3) He goes to jail for long periods of time. Jail for a white man is a hell. No women, shit food, no money. The brown does not care if he eats shit food in jail because that is what he eats on the street.
    4) He dies penniless, a ward of the state. Go visit brown guys my age (43) when they are too old to intimidate younger dudes and they have done to many drugs for too long and are soft in old age. No money, nothing to show for life but jerking off in jail.

    1. I never said anywhere that I wanted such a woman. I’m just giving you the reality at hand.
      Go read what the girls of rotherham had to say about their paki pimps. Many understandably did not enjoy thr ordeal. But some read like Anastasia Steele being swept off her feet.
      And it is our slut women who show up to these “refugees welcome” rallies, and fuck these guys in “refugee” centres around Europe.
      No one respects the rule-following white normie cuck in his emaculate suit anymore. That’s not gonna cut it for a multicultural future filled with vicious violence and ethnic cleansing. Our women know this instinctually. They don’t want to be on tbe losing team. And right now the white man is on team cuck.

        Loads of Dutch “refugees” came to Michigan after World War II (Grand Rapids) and took over the economy. They produced Upton (Singer) and Paul Schrader (Director) and Jan-Michel Vincent (Actor AIRWOLF).
        That is dominance.
        Rutger Hauer immigrating to Hollywood and slamming Sylvester Stallone up against a wall because he was arrogant (NIGHT HAWKS) is dominance.
        A Paki kidnapping a 13 year old girl is not dominance.
        The Hell’s Angels and Russians own the Red Light District and pimp adult women. Let us not let white men off the hook completely.
        Okay…you and I (I presume you are a grown man) could go and sweep 15 year old girls “off their feet” and pimp them. Any adult male could do that. Pimping grown women above 21 is much different.

      2. Refugee Centers
        Gee, that is a dominant Alpha male motherfucker.
        He’s got a free bunk in the refugee camp.

        If “Normies” did not work
        Blacks and Mestizos would be eating one another in 4 days if the welfare checks stopped coming in every major city. Nobody grows food in the ghetto or barrio. Whites own the agriculture and the corporations.
        If Normies did not wear suits and went off to be Amish farmers the blacks would loot KFC’s and then finally begin eating the old people and the children and pets like you read about in Africa.
        Mestizo’s economy is driven by drugs which are bought by blacks and trailer trash on welfare so if Normies stopped working then they would have no job running around distributing their cocaine or heroin.
        Removing the “normies” is like taking the oil from the Middle East. Instant famine, anarchy, Chaos.
        Try to imagine a US without Anglo-Saxons. The Jews might try to stay in power but the blacks and Mexicans hate them and we have seen what happened in Egypt and Mexico during the Inquisition. Asians are technocrats in the main and a minority anyhow.
        So these Alpha males of color would be fucked.

  23. Impressive piece. Particularly your observation of the often inherent hypocrisy of philanthropic do gooders. The migrant crisis is an excellent example of this. The EU globalists want to flood Europe with culturally and morally inferior filth, but don’t have to worry about it themselves since they’ll be living in walled off estates and it won’t be their daughters getting raped in the streets.

      Yeah but Kubrick anticipated this with the “Singing in the Rain” sequence where the liberals have all moved 20 miles into the country like the writer-victim of the home invasion.
      From time to time hoodrats do the same thing in the US. Steal a car and drive into some random suburb where the house is far back on the property and subject the family to a prolonged series of rapes and assaults (Often the man is fucked in the ass as well).
      Unlike Alex and his droogs usually they kill the entire family.

    If you saw Detroit or South Africa you would realize that the formula is that the liberals make a load of noise about promoting blacks to positions of power and authority and then immediately fuck off.
    Then the working class whites (Polish-Americans in Detroit or Appalachians; Boers in South Africa) are left as the Jews, Leftist whites (SA Brits, middle-class WASPS) sell their property and flee. The Jews or Leftists Anglo will write off these working-class whites trapped in Detroit in houses that took 20 years to pay for that have zero property value once the mayor is black or South African shanties as ignorant stupid losers who lack the skills or initiative to simply leave.
    You make a mistake by saying that the rich “live behind walls”. They are actually LONG-GONE by the time a city or country reaches the condition of Detroit or South Africa. They have moved to California or the South of France or Hawaii or Australia.
    The underlying purpose for their move is that blacks and Pakis cannot afford to move there.
    I’m a white man in Asia from Detroit. As a young man I moved overseas. The following happened:
    When my grandmother’s house was sold it was worth 10% of what she had paid for it in 1986.
    Her daughter (My aunt) moved to SoCal to live in trailer as Detroit was to bad to continue living in.
    Another aunt moved to Arizona where her husband took a job at less pay.
    The Jews and Leftists who engineered this don’t care. Their kids do not go to public schools and their property is already paid for so decline in value means nothing to them.
    The ONLY REASON I escaped was that I left the US as a young man. I’ve avoided seeing my daughter screw Hoodrats because Jews on cocaine and Tequila make movies glorifying Negros. My property is worth the same I bought it for-more actually as Asia has a booming middle-class. But unless you run away to another country young before you are married or have kids then you are fucked.

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