Backlash Against The Boycott Of Sci-Fi Publisher Tor Books Shows The Hypocrisy Of SJWs

For the past few days, social justice warriors have been browning their panties over a boycott of science fiction publisher Tor Books launched by independent sci-fi author Peter Grant and supported by several prominent Sad and Rabid Puppies figures, including Castalia House founder Vox Day. The impetus for Grant’s boycott was a series of angry, lie-filled claims that Tor editor Irene Gallo made about Sad and Rabid Puppies, as well as Tor owner Tom Doherty’s failure to take action against her:

There are two extreme right-wing to neo-nazi groups, called the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies respectively, that are calling for the end of social justice in science fiction and fantasy. They are unrepentantly racist, misogynist, and homophobic. A noisy few but they’ve been able to gather some Gamergate folks around them and elect a slate of bad-to-reprehensible works on this year’s Hugo ballot.

SJWs insulting the people they expect to buy their products is nothing new, but this time, their targets have decided that they aren’t going to take it anymore:

Finally, there are some who fear that we can’t succeed in the face of what they consider overwhelming support for liberal/progressive/left-wing ideologies in our society. To them I can only say, never take counsel of your fears. Stand tall. Turn Alinsky’s own tactics against his followers. Boycotts are a part of his script. Use them. You’ll be surprised at what hard work and dedication can achieve. I’ve seen that in a country and a continent ripped apart by war (where I learned such tactics by watching the disciples of those who taught Alinsky and his mentors in the first place). It’s a whole lot easier to succeed in a society like ours.

Since Grant launched his boycott of Tor on Friday, it’s picked up steam among Sad and Rabid Puppies supporters and drawn the opprobrium of SJWs, who’ve launched a “buy-cott” in response (complete with fake Twitter accounts in support). Vox Day has been one of the most vocal supporters of the boycott, pointing to libelous comments made by another Tor editor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and how both his and Gallo’s remarks violate Macmillan’s (Tor’s corporate parent) code of conduct.

SJWs’ panicked response to the Tor boycott is yet more evidence of how hypocritical and lacking in honesty they are. Leftists are happy to launch boycotts against companies whenever their employees make “racist,” “misogynist” or “homophobic” comments: indeed, instigating witch hunts against those they deem “bigots” is practically a sport among the left. But when one of their own is targeted, these fearless moral crusaders suddenly cry foul.

More importantly, the frenzied fear that SJWs have of the Sad and Rabid Puppies is indicative that Tor Books—and mainstream publishing in general—are in trouble. For the past few years, self-publishing and independent presses such as Castalia House, Nine-Banded Books and Counter-Currents Publishing have been eating away at major publishers, who no longer enjoy the privilege of determining what books see the light of day. If this boycott is successful, it may spell the death knell for not just Tor Books, but for traditional publishing in general.

A Brief History Of SJW Entryism


In the past couple of decades, publishing in general—and sci-fi and fantasy publishing especially—has become increasingly dominated by leftists, who have jettisoned the genres’ focus on adventure and exploration in favor of heavy-handed social justice narratives blaming cishetwhitemales for all the world’s ills.

Any writer who dissented from the SJW line was effectively blacklisted from Tor and other major publishing houses, as well as denied nominations in the industry’s prestigious Hugo and Nebula Awards.

As you would expect, sales of newer sci-fi and fantasy books have flatlined as SJWs such as Nielsen Hayden and N.K. Jemisin have become dominant voices. As it turns out, nobody wants to read “socially aware” dreck like If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love and other works that cast straight white men as the devil incarnate.

Sales figures show this: of the top ten best-selling sci-fi books in 2012, all but two of them were either Star Wars/Halo tie-ins or published decades ago. The number one best-selling book was Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, published in 1985.

Last April, SJWs threw conniption fits when the Sad and Rabid Puppies, two campaigns spearheaded by sci-fi authors Larry Correia and Vox Day, respectively, successfully nominated several non-SJW works for this year’s Hugo Awards. Beyond showing how petty SJWs are, the Sad and Rabid Puppies’ campaign showed that SJWs are a vocal-but-tiny minority, since it only took a handful of votes to swing the nomination results.

The inability of SJW science fiction to turn a profit is likely the primary motivator behind both the anger at the Sad and Rabid Puppies and the panicked response to the Tor boycott. At present, the closest thing Tor has to a big star is John Scalzi, a middling blogger whose most notable novel is glorified Star Trek fan fiction.

Scalzi recently inked a multi-million dollar deal with Tor, a questionable move for them considering that Redshirts—as well as Scalzi’s other books—have never cracked the top ten in sci-fi sales for any year.

The SJW Cries Out In Pain As He Strikes You


SJWs’ slavish defense of Tor Books is also more evidence that, contrary to their belief that they’re fighting for oppressed minorities, they are in fact tools of corporate power.

The authors represented by Sad and Rabid Puppies were denied a voice by the SJW-dominated publishing industry, but they’ve chosen to persevere anyway. They’ve chosen to either take their chances with self-publishing—which gives you maximum freedom, but also requires you to market your own work—or band together to create independent publishing houses such as Castalia House. They are, by anyone’s definition, the underdogs in this war.

In contrast, Tor Books is a mainstream house owned by a major publisher, Macmillan. They are precisely the faceless, uncaring, capitalist behemoth that SJWs purport to oppose, yet SJWs feverishly defend them. They also have conjured up fantasies of the Sad and Rabid Puppies “silencing” them (as Irene Gallo’s comments show), when in fact they are simply fighting for a place for non-SJW sci-fi. No matter how powerful they become, SJWs live in perpetual fear that evil right-wing “shitlords” are coming to oppress them.

While I can’t join in the boycott of Tor Books (since I’ve never owned any of their books and wasn’t planning to buy any anyway), I wholeheartedly support Peter Grant and Vox Day’s campaign against them. With luck, we will see the destruction of traditional publishing and a renaissance in not just science fiction, but in American literature in general.

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98 thoughts on “Backlash Against The Boycott Of Sci-Fi Publisher Tor Books Shows The Hypocrisy Of SJWs”

  1. The SJWs are going out of their way, intentionally, as change agents. It’s not that they are writers with beliefs or something like that. These are people who had their Marxism first, and decided “where should I go” next. It’s why they basically suck at what they do. They were not writers first, they were Marxists first. It’s easy to tell the difference between a “write” and a “typist”. So they go “entry” into any area they decide to in order to spread their poison, and suck at it – but have success only because of fellow travelers. This is why they are so vulnerable. It’s a house of cards. One of their favorite parables is “Stone Soup”.
    I wonder… how many people fed a garbage diet of this SJW brainwashing had their lives ruined? How many for example are trannies now who would not normally have been? How many are homosexuals now who would not normally have been? We see a lot of people around touting Marxism who, not having been born in a Marxist state or raised by red doper parents, could have had no other reason to be?
    Of course the same people who would find insult in my inquiries are also the same people who try to tell us that gender is a social construct to be tossed aside.
    The infection of cultural Marxism in “everything” is what makes such double standards and contradictions possible. I am really starting to think that it’s possible to exert such control across the entire spectrum of media and education to the point of creating one big factory that solely creates crazy people.

    1. i am beginning to think that a lot of what we call ‘insanity’ is simply confusion. me myself, i always ‘felt’ like i understood things, basically outputting somewhat coherent word soup by random association. then, when i started to have real discussions, my head suddenly stopped to hurt and i thought to myself: this is good.
      regarding stone soup: smart trick. fact is, though, many tribe cultures do this kind of sharing. in small circles, it seems to work reasonably well. not so in a civilization.
      but hell, you gotta wonder what came first: civilization or capitalism?

      1. Rome was a civilization but started as a collection of tribes derived from large families.
        I think the answer kind of lies in there. But there’s always a chance to spawn new civilizations without having to lose the old and hence the “what came first” question has not a clear answer from that point.

        1. But there’s always a chance to spawn new civilizations without having to lose the old

          what do you mean by that?
          well, i was being cryptic as to the thing i wanted to say, which was: the tribes probably stayed tribes for a reason while other tribes maybe annexed others due to a different, more aggressive belief system and grew to the point where we could call them civilization.
          but that is pure speculation from my point. my history skills do require some serious study.

        2. What I mean is, we don’t necessarily have to go back to the rubble and grass huts before we can have another civilization.

        3. What Doktor Jeep is referring to- I think- is that fact that no civilization collapses completely. Idiots of the Edward Gibbon (The Decline and Fall of Rome) stripe paint a picture of civilizations that decay, are over-run, and disappear into the dust.
          In the case of Rome this wasn’t the case. It more or less dissolved into Feudalism in the West, with the Church and the Franks carrying the torch. The Western Roman Empire changed and became a Religious culture centred around Feudal Lords instead of a large bureaucratic Army.
          There was less prosperity, sure but there was less bullshit too.

        4. interesting. i actually had that implausible picture of a disappearing folk in mind.
          i had the idea that all this marxistic democracy thing is bringing us closer to the law of the jungle actually. leftist voting is not about principle, but about whims. once the leftists realize that morality merely restricts them into using the state to get what they want and wanting others to agree with their ridiculous demands, they may just go full retard robin hood lawless. actually, look at all those riots. take it a step further and you someday end up with a lot of smaller or bigger clans who dominate everything – oh, what a surprise it may be to those who wanted “freedom”.
          getting me interested in history here, my friend.

        5. The left love “mob action”. That’s their lawlessness. Does not matter what they use to get the mob all frothed up to wreck cities with. The police brutality riots are merely practice. Each and every time, even with legitimate reasons to be pissed off at the cops, it always descends into out of town groups showing up and that’s when the fire starts.
          George Soros, a well known leftist, has been funding this in the USA. He also funded the revolution in Ukraine.
          Another telling thing about leftist and their communist “mob action” fetish: they absolutely despise automatic rifles and high capacity magazines. The idea of an individual standing up to a (their) mob is to them like a cross to a vampire. We know this and would rather get the civil war started now while we have them rather than give them up first and end up victimized by their mobs later when THEY decide to start their own Marxist civil war.

        6. sounds plausible. remember an acquaintance coming to visit me in munich for a demonstration. you know, marching through the streets. in the front, there is an agitator with a megaphone, calling out cops who supposedly “pull out members of the group” while the reality is that the people are just having their fun while the cops really only look at them with the mild contempt you would look at a 10-year-old crying about a lolly he didn’t get. it was pretty obvious to me, but most people there actually seemed to buy into the narrative. i thought they were just having fun – the alternative scares me.
          i actually enjoyed the action in the ukraine, though. what was leftist about that? love putin and i found the decision to go full separatist pretty reasonable.
          interesting angle with the rifles. something in their brains tells them they aren’t gonna gun you down with their emotions. but, frankly, i don’t think they have the clarity of thought of actually consider that scenario – maybe the leaders, but not the little people, they just ride the wave of wonderful, fuzzy irrational hate.

        7. Ah, what happened in Ukraine need not be “leftist”. But of course what we call left in one country is right in another, and the other way around.
          The objective of the globalists is to destabilize Russia and whatever it takes to do it, they will go in that direction (left or right). Russia is a target for western globalists because the Russian banking system has not joined in with the western banking cartels and IMF scheme. In fact Russia is one of the last countries to fall to it. Notably the other “terrorist” country, Iran, won’t yield either. Libya didn’t for a while, and then you saw what happened to them. Syria is also part of the “axis of evil” that won’t join with the western banking cartels and rob their own people. Yes all terrorist anti-freedom nations that need our democracy bombs dropped on them to help them.
          Truth is, there are a lot of movements that are good and bad, even in spite of that the results can be good or bad, but they go nowhere…. until rich old guys hand money out and get things rolling, which they only do for their own benefit.

        8. i don’t subscribe to good and bad – more of a talentless machiavellian, really. but of course. only sheep think that taking a walk with other nutjobs, indignation and posting angry memes about conspiracies will solve problems.
          some of your arguments i can’t follow – missing historical background, again.
          do you consider globalization to be generally a problem? if yes, for whom? i have read good arguments for global trade, namely a greater market for local goods and, on average, a rising economical quality of life, only encumbered by regulations. and, of course, cheap ware for the western countries.

        9. Someone a long time ago in the manosphere pointed out demographic predictions are always shifting as new factors come into play. The predictions can shift year to year.
          One thing to keep in mind, one of the reasons for the collapse of Roman authority in the West was that Germanic military chiefs (many of whom started out as Roman Army auxiliaries) levied far lower taxes than the government in Rome.

    2. The media is owned by all the rich ‘tribe’. It’s like a fog of war, because most information and news is mere propaganda and false – and the game is soon to end. EnglishBob, Ghost of Jefferson and other folk laughably talk on this forum abut how they are the shit, wasting time, as they are mere weak-minded fools whose countries have less than five years to survive without a major collapse, partly thanks to the stupidity of the people in general, including bob and ghost. They’re enablers of evil men, just like most of the west, which is unfortunately fucked due to the mass social engineering that has taken place over the last 70-100 years, leading to Godlessness and a decline in personal responsibility and holding governments’ to account.
      Bob, Ghost, and most folk lacking awareness and a survival instinct are going to learn how to suck bankster cock real well; and even then, the ‘leaders’ will just send them down – and there’s not a damn thing most folk will be able to do about it. The banksters and allies will shortly in turn also end up dead, but only after much destruction.
      I would bother replying to any hate this post gets, but its true – and worse still, i don’t respect most folk these days as they really have nothing important to say as they are too blind to see the writing on the wall, even though you are trying to raise awareness and help them. America and the UK are especially the only countries on earth enforcing global slavery for non-whites via corporatism/wars/banking as well as having put into motion many sociological changes that mean the end of white people, more or less. Instead of giving a shit about our fellow man, whomever he may be, folk boast about their exploits like useless moronic imbeciles. The only way this fallen society is possible is to have the male population of such places to be deluded brainwashed faggots for the most part, though some decent ones remain.

      1. Ghost and Bob have both given me unique perspectives on alternate ways of living. Your mind lies in the gutter of disgust and inability to see mentorship in its purest forms. Reflect or perish.

      2. Yeah man, I totally lack awareness and survival instincts. Good catch. I’ll get right on those, as soon as the “banksters” let me.

    3. how many blue haired feminists would be bitter, maladjusted losers if they weren’t taught a lifetime of resentment at college?
      that’s what i mean when I say equality is a social disease

      1. “…if the were’t taught a lifetime of resentment beginning in gradeschool?” Fixed it.

    4. I worked in a mainstream publisher for a while and I can attest to the fact that the field is dominated by leftists.

    5. Social marxism = consumer capitalism
      HP Lovecraft understood that capitalism promoted liberal values and back then it wasn’t even this bad. Today now you got major corporations promoting a 1000 times more degeneracy. I bet he’s rolling in his grave.
      The rights greatest weakness is their love affair with a economic theory that is murdering them. Corporate power is not your friend. It is turning on you and destroying everything you hold dear. If you want a return to traditionalism, you have to fight against the consumer capitalist culture that is turning women into shopping whores and empowers the most shallow idiotic people on the face of the planet.

  2. It’s really sad to see the decline of science fiction and fantasy as a genre. The whole reason that Hollywood hasn’t produced anything new or thought-provoking is largely because of the failure of scifi/fantasy literature. No production company would make a movie for “Redshirts”.
    The whole point of science fiction is about exploration and adventure. The whole point of fantasy is about adventure and heroism. And yet, none of the SJWs can seem to understand this because heroism and exploration are a foreign concept to them. George R. R. Martin is a great example of this as his Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones) is filled with people we’d rather see dead. No heroes, no hope, no adventure. It’s kind of like watching a porno-adaptation of ET, where there’s a lot of sex and violence, but not much about aliens or adventure.

      Look for it July 2 on the Apple Store and Google Play. I want to write more red pill shit and promote neomasculinity. This game is as good as it is because it is based on my experiences as a section commander in the Canadian military. I am much more optimistic than GRRM and don’t kill off or torture my heroes so often. I like women and they play a huge part in the mythology, but I am not a feminist or some SJW.

  3. I honestly can’t recall the last time I bought any literature that was under a decade aside from the”Warhammer 40k” books. Practically anything that’s up for sale in a bookstore (if you can find one) is unreadable women’s porn.
    Soulless, boring and cookie cutter. If anything, this is another last gasp from a dying industry.

  4. Who’s worried about some fat nerd with a big mouth, consistently exhibiting beta behavior on his computer who never works out?

  5. I don’t read fiction. I read perhaps one non-fiction book per month but my fantasy fix has always been audio-visual so I take in more movies and cable TV than I can shake a stick at.
    But still, this topic touches me. I write some sci-fi that might become a movie some day, and I have great respect for all these authors who can come up with some new ideas. It just seems that award ceremonies are a joke. Even with my love for movies, and even working in the industry, the Oscars do nothing for me. It is just a bunch of rich, white (overly Jewish) fucks having a gas and passing the cost onto your $15 movie ticket.
    Fuck that and fuck the Hugos. Perhaps we need to create our own echo chambers?

    1. yup, fuck awards. it’s like a college degree? what sane person needs to be told what to like?
      while we’re at it, check out the movie critic armond white. he’s considered a troll and very controversial by many people. even got kicked out of some critics circle or whatever. truly a man of conviction. i agree with him on many things and love his style. as long as he doesn’t rant about racism, that is – he’s another black victim.

      1. I have to sort of agree with you: college degrees are largely bullshit. Anyone with an internet connection and library card can get a university level education if they have a triple digit IQ. My formal education is in business and law but given a week and the copy of the curriculum and syllabus I could cram and pass pretty much any freshman or sophomore social science final exam. I read A LOT.
        I don’t put much faith in movie critics not that Siskel and Ebert are gone but I will check out Almond White.

        1. armond. not almond, fatass.
          yeah, i never liked ebert much – seemed like a kind of witless guy to me who argued mainly based on sentiments i didn’t share.
          and it’s not about putting faith in them – that’s for sheep. it’s about getting some interesting input without necessarily needing to agree. learning something. and armond has seen a lot and often suggest seeing an older movie that did the same job better.

        2. Don’t bust my nuts about almonds.
          You have to have faith because most people read reviews before they see the flick. I like to read reviews after watching to consider if I missed something.

        3. Most people read reviews to decide if they will watch the movie. Fuck, most people read the book before watching the movie which is a complete mistake.

        4. i don’t follow. what do most people matter? you said that you need faith.
          disagree about the book thing. i think it is irrelevant. but it is a mistake to judge a movie by how well it follows the book. just like judging a sequel by the first part. people would greatly profit from erasing expectations and seeing each piece as a thing in itself.

        5. I don’t know if you are purposefully being difficult or obtuse, but here it goes.
          I am just making an observation about humanity and the media.
          A movie can’t follow the book because they are different media and have different rules about how they convey a story. It is nothing like judging a sequel by the first part.
          Some sequels can stand alone (I have seen every James Bond movie, and read all of the novels) but you get an appreciation for what comes next if you saw what came before.
          Maybe trust is a better word than faith, but you read what reviewers have to say and after spending a few minutes on them you decide if you want to invest 2 hours in that movie.

        6. what’s with the ad-hominem?
          i really don’t understand it. you wrote that you read reviews after you watch movies, yet you keep stating that you need to trust in a reviewer to decide whether to invest money in a movie. your choice of a movie critic has nothing to do with the choice of other people.
          but hey, fuck it. i am just confused.
          yes, that’s true. i don’t think reading the book necessarily lessens the joy of seeing the movie, but that may be different for you.
          about the sequels – i was speaking from my own experience, where i used to basically expect another first part instead of appreciating the second more independently.

    2. I pretty much scorn anything by Hollywood nowadays. Most of the films I’ve bought are from East Asia or just flat out Anime. Of course going through Anime is like digging through crap for a diamond.
      Additionally, award shows have been circle jerks at least since the 80’s. Does anybody remember a best film of… in the last 20-30 years that’s stood the test of time?

      1. Back in the late 90’s I was in law school and acted as an associate producer (legal) to a grad student making a feature film as his masters thesis. I commented to him that most movies are crap which is why I like action flicks: they are crap and you know they are crap but shit blows up and looks good on a big screen. It completely confounded him but he could not argue against me (while not agreeing with me, most certainly).
        At one point I owned about 300 DVDs but the only ones I paid full price for were superhero movies like Ironman, Spiderman, Unbreakable and such.
        I love the medium but really, who formulated the law that 90% of everything is crap?

        1. they are crap and you know they are crap but shit blows up and looks good on a big screen

          yeah. but why bother calling them crap?
          if i like it, if i need it, if i watch it, does that make me a crap eater or am i simply dishonest?

        2. Bad dialogue, poor acting, lame story lines, weak characterization. . .but shit blows up.
          Edit: Fuck it, I will watch some Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer bullshit extravaganza rather than taking a chance on some fru-fru art piece that will be complete crap where nothing blows up.

        3. i see your point.
          i dislike it when these qualities are unintentionally low. there are movies where it is a part of the concept, though, like transformers – i greatly enjoyed them.
          stupid when a story tries hard to look deep, fine when it is straight-forward about being all about the fun.

        4. I like the mind fuck movies from Chris Nolan, Darren Aronofsky or the Wachowskis or Coens. Some others will attempt it but leave you thinking: “WTF did I just watch?”

        5. aronofsky not (yet) my thing, but nolan i started to appreciate. i somewhat enjoyed shutter island, too – felt like losing my mind myself lately.
          it’s interesting to see one’s taste change when one changes one’s perspective on life. especially after some exchange with doktor jeep here, i feel a lust to watch old movies again, simply to form new connections from a red pill viewpoint.
          yeah, the copycats just don’t get it. they want to make it feel deep without understanding why it did. i think it’s a bit like imitating the bad boy without understanding red pill philosophy, it just is incongruent.

        6. Aronofsky’s debut pic, PI was pretty good. Requiem To A Dream is trippy although disturbing. The Fountain took me a while to figure out. The Wrestler was solid but Black Swan was rather forgettable for me. Noah is largely unwatchable. He also has two producer credits with Below – which I know nothing about – and The Fighter, which was a good pic.
          Nolan’s Memento and Inception stand out as classic mind fucks but he also had some good stuff with Insomnia, The Prestige, the Batman Trilogy and Interstellar. Apparently his first movie took in a quarter million at the box office but the rest racked up over $4 billion.

        7. thanks for the recommendations. last one i remember is actually the black swan and i found it pretty bland, too.
          love the batman trilogy. has some nice concepts in it, but i always feel like it could be a bit more integrated and straight-forward with the messages. not as big a fan of cryptic stuff and ambiguity as i once was.

        8. Here’s something for you. There was an old western series called “Sugarfoot”, late 1950s to early 1960s I think. Straight up Hollywood stuff with a cameo in one episode by Maverick.
          Sugarfoot is about a young cowboy who also happens to be studying to go to law school (yeah go figure).
          I watched a bunch of episodes of it last Christmas day while just laying around and was floored by some very red pill moments in that series. Yes, this was a Hollywood production.
          That series was roughly within a decade of people becoming worried that communists were trying to infiltrate Hollywood. If you bring that up in the USA now, you will get made fun of and called a “McCarthyist”. McCarthy was the famous politician who tried to root communists out of government, but failed thanks to the media. Now his memory is ridiculed. But looking at the past and what was put into movies then before “they” started to mess with them tells much.
          This is why, figuring that movies are not doing so well these days, and TV is also down thank to the internet, “they” have to infiltrate and fuck up sci-fi literature. You see the next genius nerds who invent great things must also be SJWs so that when we try to use it, we’ll get banned from it. Imagine an entirely new fast internet to replace this one but ohhhh look, the entire board that created the protocols and RFCs were a bunch of SJW/polyglot/otherkin types and they put in “hate laws” meaning tow their ideals or be locked out. You know how it goes.

        9. thanks for the recommendation.
          have you seen jurassic world yet?
          that thought about a new internet is interesting, but i think it’s impractical at this point to just replace it. unless they figure out some satellite solution. yeah, the social justice net. ugh. will be like in “the lives of others”, only that no poor soul will have to iron old-school mail.

  6. As a fan of fantasy novels (one of few here, it seems), this has been an interesting issue for me.
    It has also opened my eyes to what killed the genre for me – the long-time-coming takeover of Tor by the Nielsen-Haydens and their kind (Gallo, Feder). When the people at the top have this… disdain for people who enjoy their genre it should come as no surprise the books produced are boring tripe.
    Reading Corriea has reignited my enjoyment of fiction books.

  7. Politics and SJW bullshit has no place in any form of art unless we’re talking about social commentary or satire, not heavy handed garbage. When you start trying to force a narrative as your main goal instead of entertain, no one buys your crap.

  8. I will continue not buying anything from Tor (or McMillan for that matter). I will try to throw some business Castillia’s way, however. I honestly don’t see how companies like Tor stay in business. I do see how companies like McMillan stay in business, however: they are part of the huge captive-market text book wheeze, where millions of students are required to buy overpriced textbooks which can rarely be reused due to constant meaningless “revisions”. The instructors dutifully insist that students purchase the most recent revision every year which keeps the money flowing for crony companies like McMillan.

    1. The college text book racket should be investigated under the RICO act. I recall being forced to buy a new book at $55 and the used student book store, where I bought it new. offered me $5 for it 10 weeks later. I refused and tossed into it the trash. Universities have become such a scam in the US.

      1. Can’t students download these books somewhere for free? There is really no excuse at this point for students to have to pay for books when they can be scanned and easily updated.

        1. Some start ups have started “renting” books for a huge undercut on the market. I think Barnes and Nobel is trying to get in on this as well. Hopefully it destroys the college racketeering of books.

        2. Sounds like a good start if there is a way to produce college degrees without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars we can make some progress.

      2. It is a criminal enterprise, no doubt. However since people high up in the government food chain are getting their share, it will continue. Although even crony help from the top will not keep many colleges and universities afloat as more and more of them go belly up.

      3. With text renting the college textbook thing will be drawing to a close soon I suspect. The price difference is staggering. It wouldn’t surprise me if colleges “ban” renting textbooks because they are undercutting traditional “buy it for $300, give the professor $100 and then sell it back for $3.00” scams by up to 85%.

      4. I just kept all my books for that reason. Buy for $75, sell for $8? No…I might as well just keep it.

  9. We all know that equality isn’t possible without dragging everybody down to the lowest common denominator. Feminists want to to this with books as with everything else. Since they can’t write good books, nobody else should be allowed to either

  10. It gets boring and Predictable after awhile when the Same SJW themes appear in nearly every story.
    Originality in the Entertainment Industry will forever remain Stagnant and Repetitive as long as all Scripts, Book- Plots, and Ideas have to Travel through the SJW Approval Filter.

  11. “There are two extreme right-wing to neo-nazi groups, called the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies ” Hahahahahaha hilarious joke!

  12. SJWs just want to always portray themselves as victims and use shaming language on anyone who criticizes them, it’s getting old.

  13. Entryism is the result of containment failure and such infiltrators should be dealt with no matter how apolitical the group by an inquisition so that they cannot ply their trade without expulsion.
    Because apoliticality is no defense against entryism and hence politicisation.

  14. Well, there are websites that have classics and other books in that sci-fi fantasy area where you can download or read free online like I read that one on my cellphone and computer.
    or big independent ebook publishers like smashwords
    or lulu that has a big selection of independent print and ebooks.

    1. Some of the older stuff is better like the site with some classics you mention. Speculative fiction started going politically correct a long time ago when the characters started being brown and from India or elsewhere -no anglophone names allowed.
      Some core rules though are don’t turn your book into a political tome whether right, left or whatever. Evil future societies are really just a backdrop for your tale. My favorite sci fi, even horror, is near future, when the lead character, usually male, carries the story forward inside of some world gone completely wrong. He is usually an outcast of some type, but if you want to kill your book and characters fast have them start expounding on political issues.

  15. Excuse me people but modern ‘Science-Fiction’ is hardly science these days, as a struggling author trying to get published I really have to say the Political Correctness crowd pretty much sucks and pushes Crap. Alternate History is a good place to start, most on the shelf I find is certainly not written by anybody with any knowledge of any history these days especially the periods in which they set their junk.
    I would love to see novels about Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill’s Space Island Habitats and things that are Scientifically Challenging but what I find on the shelves is Sci-Fi and fantasy manure. It has been a very long time since I have found a book worth reading these days.
    This is all kind of odd for me to say since I am trying to get my works published and all I have to say about this all is the type of rotten future the liberal crowd pushes is a dystopian mess especially since much of their great liberal social experiment has failed already.
    Publishers don’t accept material these days unless it has been pushed forward by an Agent who basically has to like your work. Now they require a lot of marketing information as to what kind of audience you are writing for then they ask if somebody has read your work and what they think of it. They also feel you should not ‘alienate’ specific groups, specifically Don’t Mention Their Politics and hint what you think of them, try not describing your average Animal Rights nut, gun carrying gun grabber or other nutty political activist and try not to mention how stupid they are. Some of these demands are reasonable but sometimes I wonder if some of this is to weed out the Politically Not Correct.

    1. You have more leeway with small houses, though, of course, publicity is more work. That’s been my experience, anyhow.

      1. I know, it was with a small house that I managed to publish my novel back in 2004. I really understand all businesses have to make a profit in order to survive but at the same time publishing rubbish just does not motivate me to buy.
        I want real science fiction.

  16. never take counsel of your fears. Stand tall. Turn Alinsky’s own tactics against his followers.
    That’s badass. Peter Grant has a big ol’ set of alpha brass balls. Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to who he called the “first revolutionary”… Lucifer. You can’t make shit up crazier than that.

  17. I like Scalzi’s stuff well enough, but I’ve only read a few of the “Old Man’s War” books.

  18. The Hugos haven’t been representative of good SF for a long time, which still exists. They are as irrelevant as the Grammys or the Oscars.

  19. I have to laugh at those entitled POCs who dare to look down on me for not wanting to read their trite monosyllabic buffoonery masquerading as Science Fiction. Some idiots believe that Sci-Fi and Fantasy are the same genre when they are actually polar opposites. There is no way I’m going to buy Science Fiction from someone who can’t invent a wheel. People who can’t point out what continent they live on here on Earth should not bother to ruin dead trees with misanthropic revenge porn fantasies like Djingo in Space.
    The idea that womyn who hate chauvinism can write about Chivalrous Knights and Beautiful Maidens is also completely ridiculous. Man hating wads of fat that munch carpets all day in a dog-eat-dog world know NOTHING about Martial Arts, History or Heroism! Their idea of heroism is lobbying the Government for more laws. They are actually the enablers of Tyrants not their enemies. Look at how much they love Castro and Stalin! Fuck you bitch, but not the way you’d enjoy it!

  20. I have the feeling that Tor, like a lot of things, started out with something worth offering and later got infected by SJWism. Read a lot of titles under them from the 80’s and early 90’s that were good. Just checked out their current list- not interested.

  21. Does anyone even buy books made from paper anymore? As books become more “virtual” the cost will plummet, meaning any author can quickly and cheaply publish any book he wants. As such, the ability of SJWs to promulgate their corrupt view of the world will be eroded.
    In point of fact, I bought a bunch of Roosh’s book online, quickly and cheaply gaining immediate access to his thoughts without the threat of censorship from SJWs.

    1. Plenty of people buy books made of paper, yes.
      But otherwise, yeah, what you said.

        1. Actually I enjoy reading canonical classics in paper. Most of the ones I’ve wanted to read I’ve purchased already, but if I find one I still haven’t read, more likely than not I’ll buy it in paper.
          The rest is irrelevant to me. Modern fiction leaves a bad taste in my mouth so it’s not like I’m out buying lots of books these days.

        2. I’m just teasing. I own scores of books in paper. The trouble is the sheer amount of space they take up not to mention the comparative difficulty of reading them. Since I’ve started reading them on an eReader I find it really difficult (nay impossible) to read them on paper. For me, there are few things more dismaying than to open a Christmas gift and find a paper book inside.

        3. I agree on the space that the books take up. However, what do you do if the power’s out and your ereader is out of juice? What if you can’t have have any electronics where you’re going (Doctor’s office, for example)?

  22. SJW’s suck at making or marketing games, too.
    Agency for Games, a consultancy firm headed by games blogger Leigh Alexander, “didn’t help sales one bit,” according to Tale of Tales, an independent video games company that recently announced its closure.
    And here’s a description of the game:
    Sunset places you in the role of Angela Burnes, an African-American immigrant to a 1970s Latin American dictatorship. The player’s role is to perform various housekeeping tasks for the dictator while a civil war rages outside.
    Thoroughly uninteresting socially correct game marketed by an SJW firm flops horrendously.

  23. Load of nonsense. Science fiction has been espousing social messages since the beginning of the medium. Science fiction has effectively delivered such mores, lessons, philosophies and political views under the guise of an adventure. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. Take away the social messages and you just get empty adventures. Any kid can read a cool adventure. Adult scifi makes you think.
    You can’t just dismiss that just because the thing that made you think is something you disagree with.

  24. — Leftists are happy to launch boycotts against companies whenever their employees make “racist,” “misogynist” or “homophobic” comments: indeed, instigating witch hunts against those they deem “bigots” is practically a sport among the left. —
    Jim Goad made an observation in one of his TakiMag articles a few months ago [as best as memory serves] – “If the pro or semi-pro Social Justice Warriors don’t like authors’ comments or the content of their works, why is it they let things fester to the point where it sends them into apoplectic fits?” I think it’s merely that they blithely ignore things which don’t interest them until one of their own tribe plays the “ultra-outrage game” & gets the rest of the herd-mind lathered up into the same emotional state.
    Funny how the SJW’s have never gone after Del Rey for their Gorean fictional universe by the author John Norman. Those novels have tales of sex slaver trade, rampant rape, non-negotiated BDSM, downtrodden womenfolk, alternate lifestyle types being persecuted, assassination/ murder against others who have differing religious beliefs or lack thereof & many other subjects held near & dear to SJWs’ hearts. There’s more than enough content there [in print since 1966] which they would find as being uber-offensive to their “delicate sensibilities” which would get their collective psyches wrapped around the axle to the point of breaking.

  25. Never liked TOR’s offerings anyway, but then I’ve not been much of a sci-fi fan versus modern/urban fantasy.

  26. I read a lot of SciFi. I will never read liberal drivel, and I’ve found the types of non-politically correct books in the self-published section of Amazon. While they may have banned the Confederate Flag, they haven’t banned this type of story.

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