7 Ways Modern Women Treat Men Like Dogs

For all the feminist criticism of men supposedly treating women like dogs, it is actually today’s feminism-infected women that are treating men like domesticated animals.

While the majority of women still prefer masculine men for relationships, I’ve been noticing how more and more women today are defying their biology for ideological reasons and are pursuing long-term relationship with men they’re not even attracted to just because they are supplicant and effeminate. If this trend continues unabated, I expect the entire male population to turn into weak and feckless bonobos who grovel around to serve female interests.

Observe the following comparisons to see how men are being turned into dogs for both women and the state:

1. Dogs are optional

Dogs as pets are optional. People get a dog only when they want one; it’s not a necessity. Men today are also increasingly becoming an object of utility for a woman rather than a man whom she forms a bond with for a nuclear family. She will marry a man when she wants to (if at all) and she will dump him when she feels like it.

2. Once attached, dogs offer unconditional loyalty

If you want a picture of what the feminists want from men, just imagine a world where all men are male feminists.

Once dogs have a human to call a master, it doesn’t care whether he is a scumbag, loser, criminal, or homeless. Dogs are faithful no matter who their master is and what he does. In fact, they’re so loyal that they’ll even remain with an owner that mistreats them. And that’s exactly what feminists want men to be.

If you observe the rhetoric of the feminists, you’ll notice two general themes: first, the desire to be free from all criticisms. And second, for men to believe them and “support” them no matter what. Feminists want their prospective low-testosterone boyfriends and husbands to fully accept them for who they are no matter how disgusting, slutty, crass, and toxic they are. They want their men to show unconditional loyalty so that they can openly cheat on them and brag about it. And men, if they don’t want to be called a misogynist, must never question their partner’s past or present behavior and remain faithful even if they’re treated like garbage.

3. Dogs do what they’re told

Once the owner has secured his dog’s loyalty, he can train it to behave on command. Some owners enjoy the power they have over their companions and they will order their dogs around for fun.

Western women today have discovered that there are truck loads of desperate men who will do just about anything for them to win an ounce of female approval. These women have successfully used men to take them out on expensive dinners (only make fun of them on their blogs afterwards), buy pizza for them for free, shovel snow for them, and so on. The women who order these men around like dogs didn’t even have to train them as they’ve already been conditioned from birth by the society to do what women tells them to do.

4. Dogs are treated for good behavior

Dogs need to be treated to reinforce good behavior; the same is true when you want to domesticate men as second-rate citizens.

Women understand just how desperate the general male population is for affection and sex. Women today are leveraging this power over men to make them behave the way they want them to, rewarding these simps with faked compliments so that they’ll continue being good boys.

5. Dogs defend their masters

One serves a man, the other serves the government and its harem of women.

Besides companionship, the main roles dogs play is to defend their masters. In spite of all the calls for equality, the reality is that women still expect men to defend and save them. The men suffering from white knight syndrome will go as far as sacrificing their own lives to rescue women they don’t even know.

Feminists also don’t mind that many men are serving the police and military force to serve their alpha boyfriend: the government. Women are innately attracted to power and the government is the new protector and provider of women that grows bigger and stronger each day while ordinary men are becoming weaker and irrelevant.

6. Dogs are neutered


Although men aren’t getting physically neutered the way dogs are, other methods are being employed to psychologically castrate men. This includes the epidemic use of ADHD drugs to tame boys, ridiculous laws aimed at controlling men’s sexual interactions with women, and the overall cultural currents to shame masculinity while promoting all sorts of degeneracy that dilute it. Today’s wives don’t even want to get sexual with their husbands.

7. Dogs that are not domesticated are pests

“Masculine men are organizing a meeting? They must be rapists!”

When a dog is not owned by a human being, it is considered a pest that needs to be controlled.

Men today who do not submit to the feminist agenda are constantly attacked as being losers, sexists, misogynists, rapists, and so on. In today’s feminist society, you either serve the female imperative or you’re a Neanderthal who is out of touch with the times. Steps are already being made to control every aspect of male behavior in public.

You should also remember that dogs are natural pack animals (think of their cousins, wolves). By being removed from the pack, they become isolated and dependent on their masters. Can you see how the same applies for today’s men?

The Differences

In addition to being dogs, men are also expected to serve as drones to keep the feminist nanny-state running.

In spite of all the similarities, there are differences that need to be addressed.

First, unlike dogs whose owners house them and feed them, men are not supported by women. Women are free to throw men away like used tampons or divorce their husbands to extract their cash. If anything, men are usually the ones who must provide for their wives.

Second, whereas dogs are under the responsibility of their owners, men are expected to be fully responsible in all their interactions with women. It is the man’s job to ensure that a woman is giving consent even if both parties are drunk; it is men who must watch over their own behavior to ensure that what they say is non-offensive and conforming; and it is men who must ensure that women feel perfectly safe and comfortable in all their interactions. If you so much as walk past a woman in the wrong manner, you’ll be accused of rape. Again, it is the man’s responsibility to ensure that he is acceptable enough to share the same space as women, not the other way around. Feminists want “equality” without accountability.

Are men becoming collectively domesticated?


The domesticated cows we see on farms didn’t end up the way they are now naturally. It was through thousands of years of herding and selective breeding that they became smaller, more passive, and accepting of their conditions. But the fact is, it doesn’t take thousands of years to transform entire species. In this article which I recommend you read, a Soviet project to domesticate foxes have shown that it only takes several generations of selective breeding to transform wild foxes into effeminate and tamed versions of themselves.

The global testosterone level around the world has been mysteriously dropping for the past few decades. While chemical toxins in all the products we consume and come in contact with has been given as one possible explanation, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we as species are gradually becoming emasculated at a genetic level through the selective breeding process. In other words, we are becoming socially engineered to be effeminate. It’s not something impossible when you consider that easily tamable beta males, the sperm donors, are usually the males women select as their mates after they themselves are done riding the cock-carousel. I think it’s a factor we should consider besides the emasculation through cultural degeneracy that we’re already familiar with.

Men are supposed to be men unleashing their primal energy through raw adventure instead of getting tamed into submission. I have no doubt that the systematic domestication efforts of today is what is causing collective male nihilism, depression, and frustrated energy. Men who are awake must allow themselves be men.

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385 thoughts on “7 Ways Modern Women Treat Men Like Dogs”

  1. “I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we as species are gradually becoming emasculated at a genetic level through the selective breeding process”
    Doesn’t this stand in direct contradiction with “alpha fux, beta bux”?

    1. Women don’t necessarily breed from riding the carousel chasing alphas. They get off it and find a beta to give her kids when they realize time is running out and no top dog wants to be tied to her.
      At least that’s the pattern I see in middle class Toronto.

      1. Theyre accepting anything at 30+. And there is no such thing as alpha cock fix there always a desire for more alpha fix.

      2. My husband and I left Toronto because it is a hotbed of toxic feminism.
        Women who are wife material generally do not live in large cities unless they are extremely religious e.g Hasidic Jews.

        1. As a native Torontonian, I couldn’t agree more with your first sentence. TO is a male’s nightmare in many ways.
          But, there are many good women in the cities who yearn for a good alpha husband. And Hasid women aren’t what they seem. Judaism is inherently a SJW theology..

        2. I see. I used Hasid women as an example because they seem to be very traditional.
          Perhaps you know more about that religion than I do.

      3. Women also get pounded by the pool boy while their beta husbands are at work so the kids could be the spawn of either guy

  2. Dogs do have one thing over emasculated, feminized girly men though… at some point, the most beaten down and abused of dogs will lash out.

        1. “These boots last twice as long, they cost half as much and they’re great for STOMPING FAGOTS”
          One of the most classic lines.

      1. And thus, another way in which modern women treat men like dogs. Beat the dog down enough, and it will lash out…and then get put down.

  3. This article sounds like a massive victim’s syndrome. Whoever allows to be treated like a dog is NOT a man.
    Newsflash: Just because you have a willy, it does not mean you are a man. Same with women and vagina.

    1. “Just because you have a willy, it does not mean you are a man.”
      What do you expect in a time where guys think “alpha” comes out of a needle?

    2. “Whoever allows to be treated like a dog is NOT a man.”
      Yeah, that was sort of the whole point of the article…

        1. Is the complaint legitimate ? Are you conflating complaining with whining deliberately ?

    3. Look moron, you completely missed the point of the article, and you decided to be a douche about it. You’re actually saying what the author said, but then inexplicably needing to insult and accuse him of something. If you can’t even comprehend something, you have no right to criticize it. And you certainly have no right to insult the author. So until you learn reason, and manners, kindly fuck off.

  4. How much I hate that fag husband of Alison Rapp (the last picture).
    Fucking unmanly disgusting hipster fag.

    1. I had to google… considering what made her “famous” at least she’s with someone of legal age.

      1. I knew about the whole affair through the Daily Stormer. It amazed me on multiple levels, but the bottom line is: everyday this world reaches a new low.

        1. There has already begun a campaign to normalize pedophilia. It is sick and disgusting.
          And you know that’s how it always starts… they say “I am sexually attracted to children, but that doesn’t make me a monster!”

        2. I read that article too (Salon? Huffington post?), and was aware of the whole thing thanks to Jim Goad at Takimag. It is literally (Hitler) incredible that we can read in a mainstream website an article written by a fucking pedophile claiming that he “is not a monster”.

        3. I don’t know if they’ll so much “normalize” pedophilia as much as it’ll be allowing children as young as 2 to sexualize themselves as much as they want without consequence. If 5 year-old Jessie wants to run around in a mini skirt and halter top, that’s her right and if you have a problem with that, too damn bad.

        4. I don’t believe this. Feminists tend to keep wanting to increase the AOC such as to artificially preserve their SMV and a 40 year old man dating a 20 year old girl is considered a paedophile in their book. In fact it has already reached mainstream perception.

        5. Already knew about that article, and I don’t buy it. Allowing paedophilia stands diametrically opposite to the leftist narrative that pedestalises older women and shames men who like younger women.

        6. I see it as part of a larger push towards normalizing deviancy. That has always been a goal of the left.

        7. Pedos have already been doing this for years with the short skirts worn by private/catholic school girls. It’s like the school and the parents want their daughters to be raped. Those uniforms are sold as slutty Halloween costumes in sex shops without any modifications.

        8. Most pedos are homosexual men. It will only be legal to bugger little boys. Homo/pedo has a higher victim status than an old hag.

        9. (((Gyorgy Lukacs))) tried this in (((Bela Kohn’s))) Hungary a hundred years ago. They implemented a sexual ‘education’ campaign for children with disastrous results.

        10. back then we found homosexuality very disgusting and anyone that was gay was imprisoned
          nowadays it’s not just acceptable but encouraged
          pedophilia is found to be disgusting and anyone caught doing it was imprisoned
          and the future will tell a whole different story… just like homos were

        11. The leftist narrative is not specifically about pedestalizing older women. The Leftist Narrative is at its root all about DirtBag Supremacy. The filthier the DirtBag, the more Supremacy they enjoy in the Leftist Hierarchy, or as CS Lewis called it, The Lower-archy.

      1. I believe she convinced her hubby to become an escort. For men. Strange days…

    2. As with many hipsters, the facial hair is only there to provide plausible deniability for his emasculated, sackless existence.

      1. Yeah man. Not the dog for the minimalist type though.
        This girl that works nearby to me showed me pictures of hers (and offhandedly mentioned she just rented a house all alone in a country town nearby) said he eats two 50lb bags of food a month.

        1. That thing is scary.Dude in my old hood had one, always crossed the street when I saw it…I KNOW it wanted to eat me

    1. I’m a dog,
      walkin’ along,
      being a dog,
      ..sniff, sniff..
      (yanks leash out of owner’s hand)
      chase the pussy!
      catch the pussy!
      eat the pussy!
      just being a dog.

      1. I know we had that article a while back about women and their purported tendencies to go above and beyond for their pooches..
        But years ago a close friend and I used to joke about making it big one day and owning a Corso to be fed a stable diet of steaks and used-up spinsters.

  5. #5 confuses me. I thought most of you guys were in favor of #bluelivesmatter.
    The one thing I am sure of is, cops in this country get no love from anyone. ROK just compared cops to obedient lap dogs, feminists see cops as defenders of the patriarchy, black people see cops as racist thugs, white cops see cops as servants of the hated Washington D.C. overlords.

    1. A large chunk of police and military servicemen are cucked by their wives. That may be what he is referring to.

    2. Why would you think that? The police are the first ones to kick in your door in the name of #onlyfeministlivesmatter.

      1. But that’s only after said feminists accuse cops of ignoring rape accusations. And that’s my point. As much shit as I give cops, sometimes I’m glad I’m not one. At least in the military, you might get a chance to shoot an ISIS haji. Cops have become the Sideshow Bobs of American society.

        1. The cops job is to keep you in line. Only a certain kind of person would do this kind of work and in practice they provide me only with direct costs but not direct benefits. I think we’d be a lot better without them.

      2. yup. Not saying there aren’t good cops. It is a lot like any other profession. 20% are great guys 20% are total cunts and between them there are just 60% of the guys doing the least amount of fucking work possible and trying to get their time in so they can retire.
        I like that my city is a police state because I am exactly the kind of person the police need to protect. I don’t break any laws, I don’t get into trouble, I am not political, i make good money, stay in good neighborhoods and pay like 30 times the national average in taxes.
        But while they are keeping me safe from the vermin that live 3 miles away from my hood I know that if I didn’t tow the line for one fucking second it would mean my ass.

        1. I wouldn’t expect you to say this. Given what I know about you, you seem like the precisely the kind of person who doesn’t need police protection.
          In practice, here in London, the official and historical job of the police is not to protect civilians or private property but rather to protect the State and generate income for the State.

        2. While it is true that the police here is to protect that state and its income. Sources, There is at least some long term thinking.
          I am an income source. I am a model citizen. Can I protect myself? In a fight? Probably. I’ve won some and lost some? But walking home at 1 am half in the bag from 3 guys? No fucking way. Not without my kratom.
          New York is basically a police state, at least in certain areas, and it allows me the freedom to feel at peace. Yes, j know that this is, in its own way, very bad for me and blah blah blah. But I like that girls can walk around late at night and feel safe and that I don’t have to think about getting into fights as an actual part of my day to day reality.
          I lived here when it was like that. This is better.

        3. Prior to the police, citizens patrolled their own neighbourhoods and would tackle offenders themselves. I cannot tell you of one single time that the police have ever protected me from anything. For three nights in the past week the police have disturbed (the peace?) my sleep by the hovering loud helicopters low over my house. I have never been mugged but the police have taken thousands of dollars off of me just when I have been minding my own business.
          In Britain the police no longer investigate personal crime but they do catch a ton of speeders.
          It might be that without the police “protecting” you, you might have to consider your behaviour, your awareness and your ability to protect yourself. Maybe what you have in New York is a socialisation of the costs of your protection but for your benefit. Perhaps society at large foots the bill for you leaving it up to the Government to ensure your safety, instead of you doing it yourself.

        4. Not sure how it works in London. I have grown totally immune to police presence and don’t even really notice it.
          There is a cost to my safe society and it is one I am willing to pay. I have lived in NYC since the ’70’s . That toughness and situational awareness I needed all through my life until about 3 years into Gulliani’s first term as mayor is something i can live without.
          Yes, other segments of society suffer for my safety. But I honestly don’t care about that. I am what this city is geared towards. A grown up yuppie who pays his taxes — absurdly high though they are. I’ll take it

        5. I have no doubt about it. I am rolling the dice that you fuckers couldn’t plan a revolution any better than Leslie Jones could plan a diet and that other than a couple bits of technology I will see nothing new in my lifetime.
          In 60 years people will still be jerking each Other off about the revolution while I am living a life of repose thinking about how great I am

        6. I really think that things won’t collapse as easily as people think. I would guess an easy 100 years before we see anything even close to a hiccup in civilized living.

        7. There doesn’t need to be a lot of planners, just enough who know what they want to do and where they want to go. Like in the French Revolution, for example. A small handful of Jacobins managed to cut the heads off thousands upon thousands of aristocrats and other personages just by riling up the stupid rabble who couldn’t have planned a Sunday picnic on their own. Ah, the good old days.

        8. it required mass starvation. As long as there is fast food, the NFL, car leases, easy to obtain mortgages and saint pats day just around the corner there will never be anything like that. Fat lazy fuckers don’t rebel. This is the brilliance of the modern American world. The gallows and guillotine were not enough of a deterrent—but as long as people have huge HDTV and can get a bunch of fast food and lease a new car every few years and have some drinks with the guys after work and barely make their mortgage etc etc there will be no rioting in the streets.
          I could be wrong, but you have to make a choice and mine involves creating a life betting on this. Never underestimate the power of American sloth an greed my friend.

        9. “Fat lazy fuckers don’t rebel.” I agree that FLF’s do not organize effective political revolutions the way Adams and Jefferson and Washington and Hancock did. But FLF’s can and do go crazy and riot and murder and cause mayhem and burn down their own communities. See the difference? You’re not telling me that the FLF’s in America don’t riot, are you? What FLF’s in America have most in abundance is free time.

        10. I don’t see that of the FLF’s (nice acronym). It is the poor blacks on the boarder of not being able to feed themselves that have no fucking hope at all for a future that are rioting and causing mayhem. Let me know when the average debt slave white American who cares about his football team, has a kid in college and a steady job is ready to take to the streets…that’s when I will worry about rebellion.

    1. Hard to believe these guys are descendants of samurai. Its gotten very sad over there, there economy collapsed around 1990, they did their version of QE, no job growth since….men under 30 have no interest in sex, a lot of women claim this too…zzero libido…more adult diapers sold than baby diapers, you get the idea

      1. It much worse. These guys are essentially homeless, they sleep in these coffins/internet cafe cubes. No one cares about them.

        1. This whole “herbivore” phenomenon is mystifying . If media (((brainwashing))) doesn’t exist in Japan, what exactly is the causation ?

        2. You tell me. What I do know is there are alot of men in Japan who went back to university for more degrees(sound familiar for Americans since 09, no?) who work at their equivalent of star bucks- men there simply cannot afford to raise a family anymore

        3. With maybe some input from Fukushima too ? Those poor Japs have had it hard, I’m surprised they’re not walking round with two heads like zaphod beeblebrox !

  6. Found a box burrid in the ground with a message inside. Do you know what the message was?

  7. The Dog must bolt from the doghouse, get its bark on, it’s bite back and start leading the pack. Get unleashed! Fight back, mark your territory and defend it.
    The bitches come to you.

        1. Lol Hitler want what you would call a soft beta, au contrare, he was quite the leader.

        2. I like Mussolini’s smile. He probably doesn’t understand what they are saying and tries to pretend he got the joke.

        3. I disagree on this.
          However, one thing we can agree on is that he was literally hitler

        4. Ya think? Can you objectively assess Hilter and WW2 without your own personal Judaic bias? If you can, kudos but, I find it a lot to ask of one.

  8. Feminism only exists because men have allowed it to exist. Feminism CAN only exist when men allow it to exist.
    It has been said on ROK many times, and I tend to agree, that feminism is one giant shit test. And men failed, so the fems just keep getting wackier n wackier. The moment men collectively start acting like men again and stop putting up with this garbage, feminism disappears very quick.

    1. Feminism exists because it is massively bankrolled by the Elites. Do you think that women/gender studies majors exist at ALL colleges because of some grassroots movement brought about by the 20% of women who identify as feminists? No! It is brought into being by the Alpha dog of government and anti male Elites using money from their tax free foundations to create gender studies programs en masse. Men have had no power or say about whether feminism exists or not. It is being rammed down our throats by the One World Order that realizes that white European males have been the ONLY group in all of history that overthrew their Lords and Masters and thus they must be made powerless and exterminated via destruction of the family which has caused the plummiting of white European birth rates around the world, while the subservient, compliant, enslaveable ethnic groups breed like rabbits.

      1. Both are correct. At the individual level, men are failing the punk test. No one is making men cook and clean like sissies.
        But, obviously there is an organised effort at the state level to subjugate men and specifically White men.

        1. Feminism has always been tied to Marxism. But I absolutely agree that the marxist/globalis elites use feminism to destroy men.

        2. Really? More women are going to the feminized colleges than men. Employers would rather hire submissive scabs (women, illegals, minorities) than real men. For alot of young guys it’s a choice between cooking/ cleaning or being unemployed while living in their insufferable, ignorant, liberal, SJW, entitled, idiotic baby boomer parent’s basement and never gettig laid.

        3. Reality check bro – your fucking just fine. do you have food? Water? A job? Yeah your fucking fine and making up problems that don’t exist. Moron.

      2. Freedom as we have known it (modern liberty as it was in Europe and the US) is the direct product of White European male thinking and efforts. Period.

        1. Actually, it’s a right. A divine, natural right every human is entitled to. (As described in the Declaration.) But I follow your drift- it’s been a rare privilege in history to have access to that natural right. Rights are inherent- privileges are granted at the behest of the government or king or corporation or whoever exercises current control in a setting.

      3. ^^^yes AND to keep enrollment and therefore tuition/fees rolling in. Chicks now make up 60% of college admissions. Pure greed….

      4. You hit all points
        Whites are difficult to enslave except when the men are isolated and then their own women control them with the help of the state. Notice how no Negro or Asian country has ever enslaved or colonized a white land. It’s kind of mutual with Asians. Anglo ‘French’ Indo-China (Vietnam) wasn’t successfully colonized and retained by Europeans and Hawaii was vehemently contested by the Japanese in WWII. They wanted polynesian (Asian) Hawaii back under the mongoloid umbrella. Asians haven’t colonized Black African territories either. There’s a pecking order.

      5. I posted yesterday, let’s see if I’m being censored, European males have been the first ones to master treachery, given. However, Toussaint Louverture was a black male that overthrew Napoleon led French forces. White liberal guilt is why your birth rates are dropping, and ethnic groups breed like rabbits because the culture is still non-secular and 9 out of 10 gods agree abortion is wrong.

    2. Feminism isn’t going to be defeated by a collective group of alpha males unless they take it to the lobby, business, law and media. Educating pre beta males and beta males is necessary. Insulting them isn’t going to make them listen. Even alpha men don’t sit around dealing with someone running their mouth on them though they have more tolerance for it.

    3. Indeed. It starts with one man and one shit test at a time. The best response to women when they trying to pull this bullshit on a man is to laugh and walk away from them. It’s a test to see who is in charge or who has the power.
      I have pulled this countless times on women and it works like a charm. Women don’t want to be in charge. They only want the benefits of being in charge (the positive, never the negative). If you’re that man that can show them you’re not falling for their bullshit then they will see you as a high valued man.

      1. Yikes, lots of generalizations here. It’s not about being “in charge”, it’s about having the opportunity to pursue what you like as opposed to having a couple options such as being a housewife or a secretary. There are many women out there, just like men, who have ambitions beyond answering phones and data entry and have the smarts to do it. Just like on the flip side, there are plenty of men content to toil away in an entry level job as long as it funds their video games and beer. Not everyone wants to be a CEO, and that goes for both sides, but knowing that it’s possible through hard work is what’s motivating.

        1. Making generalizations is the entire point.
          How else do you explain trends that are statistically significant?
          Raising your hand and exclaiming “Hey I’m not like that!” is entirely pointless.
          Women want the perks of achievement without accountability. It comes through in all their various behaviors, it’s part of what makes them feminine.
          They will, and often do, sacrifice salary for comfort but they’ll bitch incessantly about being underpaid for their efforts.

        2. lol Do you know what “statistically significant” even means? Generalizations are, by definition, NOT statistically significant. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t some truth in them, but they are, by definition…general.
          You’re making a lot of very declarative statements about human nature, can cite some scientific literature to back up those statements?

        3. Omg there is a reasonable one in the lot. I believe everyone has different potential and talents and we are better off working to leverage them to maximize benefit to society. Doesn’t help when men try to demonize high potential women.

        4. Haha I’m a women and I know better than you. You have no idea. There is no way in hell men want accountability without any benefit. If they did – there would be a lot more single fathers and a lot less single mothers. But men want reward without accountability for children so they run away. There are cowards on every group.

    4. Its all great I get the points…..but at the same time….. roll back the clock 500 years or even 150 years…. did you really want to defend yourself with a broad sword or a six shooter on a daily basis ? Life used to be brutal and dangerous….. technology and progress has made us weak but lets not glamorize how it was before.

      1. The moment you get on the radar of the ruling elite, ie the moment you accumulate considerable wealth or power for yourself through a significant achievement, I guarantee you, you will be even less safe now compared to how it was in the earlier ages…
        Yes you needed to know how to fight and defend yourself in the past, but no government or power structure was able to systematically destroy you through false rape allegations, sexual harassment claims or other character assassination techniques (most of which have become much easier to achieve through constant surveillance and dissemination of information provided by 21st century technology).
        Plus if you were a high achiever, you could hire a group of people to protect you whether on the ranch or around your mansion. Not much has changed in terms of what’s available to you as security. The protection provided by law enforcement and the army, especially when it comes to protecting the rights of men, has become a total illusion now…

    5. Being a man is stripping women of basic human rights and protection against domestic violence? Sound like being a something, but good person isn’t the word.

    6. It’s about women fighting for basic human rights. Jesus Mary and Joseph how is that hard to understand??? What you think we like being your slaves?? How are you so fucking stupid? You can strip my rights from my cold dead body I’d literally rather not breath then have my rights taken. So good luck living in a men only society.

  9. Well there’s a major difference between dogs and men. Dogs have rights groups and their issues are dealt with seriously. Men not so much

  10. 8. An owner can choose to ignore her dog for long periods of time, but always expects platonic affection whenever it’s convenient.
    Ever had a great start with a girl and then had her randomly unmatch/stop replying/refuse to answer your calls? They seem incapable of saying “I’m not interested” when you ask them out, but if you text something different or amusing later on, that’s perfectly acceptable, so they’ll reply.
    I’m strongly considering leaving the United States for good.

  11. On a more upbeat note, there is a miniseries on Harley Davidson starting tonight on Discovery Channel

  12. Hail the day when the marxist satanic system crumbles, and the true strong rise anew to lead humanity out of this mess.

  13. We don’t need a dog, but a woman needs a man. Doesn’t matter which man, just a man to do shit she is incapable of doing. Once she finds a better man, she discards the old one. She will fake sympathy and help you drown in your sorrows, but she really doesn’t give a fuck about you.

    1. The rare women who do care about their men are often peer pressured into being selfish feminists.
      Former friends used to mock me for staying home to cook for my husband or refusing to go to bars and strip clubs. What is a wife doing in a bar with a bunch of women anyway? Completely inappropriate.

  14. If modern women really treated men the way they treat dogs…wouldn’t they be having regular sex with them.

    1. True. Ask any nurse what type of vaginal wounds she had to take care of. Especially old ladies. It’s crazy.

      1. I read a study where 3% of all women fantasize about fucking dogs. And those were just the ones who admitted they fantasized about it – one out of 33.3…scary shit.

        1. I’d bet the stats on horses and donkeys are even higher, considering there’s an active subgroup of women who openly fuck them.

        2. Judging from the videos, they must be giving them sedatives or something, tho. Fucked up as it is, the only people you will find videos of who take a hard horse’s cock are men.

        3. I heard that. Hey. What is up with your Disqus image – you swap that thing out more often than George Clooney swaps out girlfriends.

        4. I can’t say I’ve ever deigned to watch one of those videos. IIRC, more than a few women have died from the trauma of the event.

        5. It’s tied to my Facebook account. I like to play around with Photoshop & Shit and so I kinda upload that stuff every now and then and Disqus just leeches it.

        6. I see. Thanks for clarifying. It was very important to know that due to my curious disposition. Say, you wouldn’t happen to be a Gemini would you (my first guess). Or an Aquarius. Or a Libra. I’m a shitty amateur astrologer so cut me some slack here if I’m wrong…

        7. Do you think that discourages the fantasy ? Lol they dream of exclusively expensive things that require insane amounts of labour.

        8. Every obsession about word definitions (and corresponding judgments) is a wordplay. To me, a man is simply a human with a dick. But if you want to use the word in another way, I don’t mind.

    2. They would, only that they view male feminists as *neutered* dogs. A dog is more sexually attractive to an average woman than a male feminist.

    3. This sounds like a joke but I have seen more videos online of cute girls letting their dogs lick them than I have seen videos of goofy dudes fucking cute girls (non paid amateur looking). Thus, its pretty clear a woman would rather get intimate with a dog than an ugly dude.

  15. Anonymousconservative discusses this in depth. Its called r/K selection theory, basically a society that lives in hardship forces the population to be smarter, more stoic, brave, altruistic and xenophobic to outsiders. This is the “K” in “r/k”. After a while, these viking supergeniuses start to get a good thing going.
    Over time, when that society generates more resources, it becomes more advantageous to be a gutless degenerate parasite instead of a hardy viking warrior. This is the “r” part. Think about rabbits. The cute flufflu bunny has zero loyalty, fucks all the female bunnies it can and dedicates no effort to raising the next crop of fluffly bunnies.
    Hence the effeminate beta fags shown above.
    After a while this progresses, until the degenerates become really pathetic, and start infesting the entire society. At which point everything collapses. HARD. Because retarded degenerate rabbits are neither capable of keeping a civikization going nor do they really care.
    In the ensuing chaos most of the r-selected bunnies die and the K selected winnow each other out.
    Youd think the K selected would get smart and externinate the bunnies, but in reality, they tend to murder one another. Some rabbits get killed, most just die of disease and starvation.

  16. Slavery never went away… it just changed its image and added a few “shiny things” intended to make us WANT that lifestyle.
    Education and rejection of this is the best thing to do moving forward.

    1. Here is what I wonder though.
      Ok, slavery never went away it just changed its image and added a few shiny things.
      What if slavery can’t go away. What if Education and Rejection of this just leads to yet another form of slavery. What if it is just part and parcel of being a human to be enslaved.
      I mean, at no point in time during human civilization has man ever not been enslaved. Yes, that slavery has been different. Whether it was the Hobbsean state of nature or debt slave or pussy slavery or feudal serfdom. Even the intrigues of the nobles and kings enslaved them. Slaves to their destiny’s slave to their blood lines.
      There just has never been a time when human’s haven’t been slaves. This tells me it is very much possible that it is just in a humans nature to be enslaved and that if you educate yourself and reject the shiny things you will break out of this slavery but trade it for some other, new slavery.
      If that is the case, if kings and peasants, the rich and poor, are all enslaved anyway and will always be enslaved anyway, I will take the version with shiny things.

      1. Society can’t be sustained without an underclass of people that exist entirely to do dirty things. We, as Westerners, outsource our slavery to other countries.
        Paying someone just enough to be able to eat (tiny out-sourced wages) or simply giving them the food directly (slavery). Is there really a difference?

        1. No. But that was my point. If we are going to be forced to be skaves though, I’ll take the 63 inch tv, good whisky and getting to bang the brakes off of hot women in high heels rather than some other form

      2. This current era of enslavement is done through the financial and tax system. We have to pay property taxes to have a place to live so we have to work. We have to pay for outrageously cartel priced medical insurance so we have to work. The money is inflated and loses value. The interest rates on savings are reduced to zero. This prevents capital formation. Income tax is claim on our labor. We don’t own it. The lure of cheap debt sucks in the majority and prices get bid up for those who won’t bite. On and on. It’s getting worse as things are moving to a rental model. Rent everything, own nothing.
        Even those that choose to live out in the woods and deserts these days to be free are harassed. Their vows of isolation and poverty can’t even achieve freedom now.
        There was time and place with the ability to avoid slavery or at least break out of it. The USA between about 1870s to 1912.

        1. You are right about the current situation but the idea that you weren’t enslaved otherwise at other times is incorrect. The slavery was just a different brand. The hardships of life enslaved you, lack of transportation, technology, etc.
          I will take today’s spaceship and the yoke of subtle financial oppression that comes with plenty of fun toys and comfort than the actual yoke

        2. Modern financial bondage has nice cages but the problem is the lack of escape. Free range livestock no matter what we do.
          The hardships of life are overcome with free markets. Where a man keeps what he earns by making things easier for his fellow man. These tools, everything from farm equipment to air conditioning and more free us from the hardships of life but we first must be free to create these things. It’s why financial bondage was developed and imposed. It keeps those on top on top while still allowing a perception of freedom.
          Thing is the financial bondage is pushed ever further. Tighter. More for those top, those in the club, less for everyone else. We see it in everything from wall street, the federal government, to the local government employees that fill the pot holes. All using the system to extract more for themselves. It’s going to break eventually. At that point things break down into poverty, despair, dependency, and hardship. This present condition of nice cages is temporary unless people act. Then again maybe they are then supposed to submit to something even greater for the promise of having the nice cages back.

        3. Agreed but thinking that the struggles of farmers in the late 19th century was insignificant is wrong too.
          The people who have nothing are usually given, through debt, enough to keep them fat and slow

        4. I did not say they were insignificant. Those struggles were quickly being ended and lessened by countless different inventors and retailers to get those inventions to the farmers.
          Is not better to struggle for oneself than be a slave?

        5. I am saying that there is always some brand of being a slave. This idea that those people struggling for themselves were free of slavery is idealizing the past. They weren’t slaves like us, but make no mistake they were slaves.

        6. A slave is someone who is owned by, or rather who’s productivity is owned by someone else. Just because technology isn’t present and one has to work harder to get by on his own doesn’t make a person a slave. It’s not the same thing.

        7. It also doesn’t mean he isn’t a slave to something else.
          There is no freedom, just different brands of slavery

  17. “The global testosterone level around the world has been mysteriously dropping” That’s not entirely true, as we can see here http://www.ergo-log.com/rurt.html . In the countryside of Bolivia, where conditions are almost medieval, older men have just as much testosterone as young men. and I also do not believe that the testosterone levels of “refugees” is low. as we can see by their levels of aggression and sexual libido. If we in Europe had men with those testosterone levels, our problems would be resolved quickly, and all that junk (SJW) eventually eliminated

    1. If men in europe had that kind of testosterone the prisons would be full to capacity.

      1. They are. France has its prison full at 200%. They are often eight in very tiny cells. The funny thing is you have more chance of getting raped and murdered in our prisons if you were sentenced for punching someone too hard in the face during a bar fight, than if you were sentenced for buggering little boys.
        The pedo being the most compliant and at-risk-to-get-gutted prisoners, they are the only ones with the politics and terrorists to get individual cells.
        They even have an outdoor prison in Corsica, with minimal security and access to the beach.
        Fracked up, that is.

        1. Definitely. If he loses an eye or something you’re in big big troubles, even if he was the attacker. What would be the point all of these taxes if self-defense wasn’t de facto forbidden ?

        2. lol. well said.
          But yeah, I mean, if you beat someone to the point of them losing an eye there probably ought to be some kind of punishment for that assuming you did it because you were just peacocking and not in self defense.
          Keep in mind the words of the sick and very much demented kenny rodgers in the coward of the country (seriously, listen to this song, it is one of the most fucked up deranged set of lyrics ever)

        3. I’m trying creatine by the way. Already took 50 pounds of raw muscle in two days.

        4. I wouldn’t say bad. It is goal specific . If you are looking for a shredded look j would say stick with HCL because yes, mono will bloat you. But if you don’t care the mono is actually probably better for getting you stronger

  18. Being a beta blue pill feminist has been a bluepill mating strategy since the 1960s and look at where it has gotten us now. I consider these men part of the problem really.
    I know men my age who have wives that stay at home and do nothing. They do not work, cook, or clean. Then man comes home from work and does everything. WTF? How is that a good deal for men?

    1. The blue pill mating strategy is such an important part. It really does start in the 60’s with this kind of idealistic young man who is a warrior for a cause (in this case equal rights or anti war or whatever the hippie fag was into) and then women being turned on by that.
      The mistake men made was to think it was the cause and not the passion and dedication that gave women the tingles. So the passion disappears after the war is won but men hold onto this idea of equality thinking that is what the women wanted.
      Meanwhile, women would suck the dick of a strong passionate man who was protesting the use of mayonnaise on roast beef so long as it was at least a little dangerous. Men made this situation by misunderstanding the desires of women and it is only by fixing this misunderstanding the true desire of women that men can sit them back the fuck down.
      The cool thing is that this can be done on an individual level, which people might call PUA culture or being a player or whatever, but is really just learning how to decode women and make them do what you want. But if instead of an individual level men did this on a global level shit would change fast….at the exact same speed that it takes a girl to go from “hello” to sucking cock.

      1. I am pretty sure these blue pill feminists NEVER gave them the tingles in any way. It was pure deception/manipulation and a dog wanting to submit.
        In a way it was a trade for sex too: trading subservience to women for sex. At least back in the day women were more loyal.
        Now women are so awful that they expect this same trade and will jump on Chad’s cock. If you criticize this behavior you are sexist.

        1. I disagree. Back in the day a young John Kerry tossing his purple heart over some fence in a defiant protest. I bet he got his knobbed sucked good that night. The problem was that guys like him thought it was being anti war that was turning the women on and not the part where he was being a bad boy. He could have thrown wonder bread at the rye bread factory, what the cause was didn’t matter…it was the being naughty that the bitches like.
          For this reason the early male feminists who were violently protesting women’s rights and shit were confused. It was the protesting the women wanted, not the rights.

        2. If there is an element of danger to it and you do it with conviction some stupid cunt will think its hot.

        3. John Kerry appears to be a complete and total moron but he must be smart enough to know something about women since he’s managed to defeat female hypergamy.
          He can’t ride a bike, use a weapon or even catch a football properly but he seems to have done one thing that too many better man have not.

        4. So true.
          I once had these “animal activists” protesters walk by my house, annoying me. I went out, caught up with the mob and screamed out of my full lungs “Hey Animal Fuckers! Eat Shit!”, while flipping two birds at them.
          The guys in that group were annoyed and flipped birds back at me. Now guess how some hotties in there reacted.

        5. He knows how to use a gun. He was in Vietnam and very close to the fighting where a sniper hidden in a tree could very easily pick you off on those river boats or where they’d lobe a mortar shell over trying to hit the boat.Kerry may be a dick but I didn’t like the fake criticism of his service that they attacked him with.

        6. The guy’s an awesome (and somewhat aggressive) Secretary of State, he played full-contact ice hockey into his sixties, and he survived the jungles of Vietnam as a grunt. He also married a billionaire and narrowly lost the election for the presidency of the United States.
          How many of those things have you done?

        7. I don’t even like him but I still have to give him some credit.He was a marine so I’m sure he knew how to use a rifle and pistol.

      2. Funny you mention this. In the 90s, long before pick-up became a topic, a good friend of mine and I were burning a joint, and philosophizing about the causes for society’s ailments, we quickly and collectively landed on this: “So you know when things really took a wrong ‘left turn? It was when women started burning their bras in the 60s.”
        Really most of what we’re dealing with now can precisely be tracked back straight to those beginnings. Others might argue you need to go back to the 20s and women’s voting rights, but the real attitude rebellion, in action, from females happened in the 60s and has been men have been getting ass raped ever since.

        1. I don’t know if you could pin that as THE moment, but it was definitely big.
          I think that fashion, believe it or not, has played more of a role in the way that the world has gone than anything. Remember when the Russians got blue jeans and americans were all thinking it was fucking insane how happy they were like they were totally fucking nuts? They weren’t.
          I will go you one further than women burning bras. And keep in mind that I firmly blame feminism on men. It isn’t the woman’s fault. She is acting like a woman. It is the mans fault for letting her get away with it.
          When men stopped wearing neck ties for pretty much everything and started becoming casual I will say that the world changed, and not for the better.

        2. Good point. To be a man, meant to be professional in appearance. You lose your respectable edge dressing down. Class-cast wasn’t about your income then, rather your conduct and the respect you had.
          Also, in the 60s, it was very easy for the anti-war bitches to tag feminism onto the fringe of Nam deaths, and free love, peace, and hippiness. More social design.

        3. I am not sure how much of this story is true and how much is bull but IBM was really nutty about appearance. Back in the 60’s when IBM was upstate new york they were so fastidious about making sure their employees wore very particular clothing, clean pressed white shirts, ties, etc. When you see pictures all the men are dressed like that. But apparently it is rumored that if you were caught out dressed like a slob or acting like a drunk you could lose your job.
          While I am not for this kind of corporate domination, I can see where they come from. I, for my part, try to make my life for myself from the ground up and how I dress and present myself is no less a part of that than having a masculine handshake is.
          In about an hour I am going out for brunch. I am going by myself. It is labor day monday so I will put on slacks, loafers, a button down and a blazer. I will shave and do my hair. I will show myself respect and then demand it from others. Even if the place I am going to doesn’t have other people doing it. I am not here to sink to someone elses low standards.
          You will notice an immediate change in the way people treat you if you dress like a man, walk and talk like a man and, as the godfather said, ACT LIKE A MAN!

        4. On a side note, has the “bras cause enhanced sagging” ever gotten past just being conjecture?

        5. I’ve been astounded at the difference- sometimes I do go out shaggy… When I groom and dress fully, the reaction is exponentially different. From everyone, but especially from women. They are more attuned to grooming and dress than most men are.

        6. Agreed. It’s like you are a whole other person with women. With men it is different and context dependent but in a conference room if I dress casual versus dress well the exact same speech will have two totally different impacts and results

        7. They watch everything, and note it, and it’s seemingly subconscious. When I started making a concerted effort to dress better, women would consistently make little, positive remarks.

        8. To you, the conclusion is “I must dress better”. To me, the conclusion is that “dress better” does not exist and that the “suit & tie” is simply an arbitrary yet strangely effective conditioning in our culture. I hate that shit. When I see someone in a suit, I mostly think “Well, there you go, another sheep who wants approval for being ‘a respectable man (TRADEMARK)’”

        9. A suit and tie is a descendant of armor. Possession of armor, particularly ornate, well fitted quality armor, was a sign of status and capability. Men in shitty suits don’t radiate status, except to the uninitiated.

        10. Well, define “independent”. I think it’s certainly possible, without enough mindfulness, to at least be aware of the games everybody is playing and to immunize the mind against it. It opens all kinds of doors to manipulation and fraud, that’s why I dislike it. A choice should be based on more important stuff than whether you are impressed by someone’s exterior.

        11. The bra burning fuglies were pretty much ignored and in fact men liked females not wearing bras.The real Alpha men still wear ties even though a tie is a useless piece of clothing.However, it is a male phallic symbol.I’m surprised that femtards haven’t tried to ban it as being oppressive or being too aggressive. We need to bring back the codpiece just to really upset these prudes. yeah honey, that’s may package and why are you always staring at my crotch you sex harasser.

        12. slacks, loafers, a button down and a blazer
          Just normal garb for we preppies although in hot weather we’d ditch the blazer and wear a Lacoste shirt or something.I had met this girl once, 30 years my junior as usual,and she mentioned that I was all dressed up. All I had on was a blazer lol

        13. I see absolutely no difference what so ever between ordinary and dressed up. But I do see a improvement in reaction from women when I am particularly grungy. Where I needed something mid project and didn’t bother getting out of my work clothes or even cleaning more than a quick hand washing. Usually days I didn’t shave because I was going to be working on stuff all day. Sweat, dirt. basically rags for clothes, shoes with holes.

        14. Maybe a suit and tie is ridiculous and in the future we’ll dress differently but there may still be ways of looking that will send a subliminal message to the female.The message that you are above the common herd.As clothes have become simpler there are still subtle ways to communicate class and status

        15. And very era dependent. If it were the clothes then one could pick something from 1750 and it would work as well today as then. It’s just social conditioning. People responding to costumes. A cop, a solider, whatever monkey suit we pick.

        16. Did you read about that incident where a guy got himself a uniform and studied the mannerisms of officers, then recruited some soldiers and took over some official house? Brilliant.

        17. Nope. But there are all sorts of costume based scams and cons out there so I am sure it would work.

        18. Conformity, plus materialistic gouging. Status and capability in the age before credit cards you pay the minimum on each month

        19. You know why (((businessmen))) wear a neck tie?
          To save you the trouble of tying a noose to lynch them with

        20. Exactly.
          This makes me think of that ‘measurbating’ video where the guy basically said that people try to optimize in the wrong way. For instance, instead of buying a faster train to get somewhere, they should just pay to make the driving experience better for people and they would actually enjoy the long ride more than the short one.
          This puts a nice angle on art. I used to laugh at how people sell any kind of bullshit as art. But maybe the crux is really that there IS no ‘objective art’. Rather, there is simply a handful of people who are talented at making others enjoy stuff.
          Then again, when you’re enlightened, you probably make no distinction between ‘art’ and non-art. 🙂

        21. Well said. I get more respect by being a fit, sharp tradesperson than stage shabby suit draped slaves for a reason.

        22. Art requires a skill that has been trained and nurtured. Nailing dildos to a wall because patriarchy requires a government grant. It is most definitely not art.

        23. Yeah, well, that’s your definition. If I can convince someone that it is art and something else that is skillful is not, how can you tell which is truer?

        24. I don’t think it would be possible for the simple reason that they are cheap and that any slob could dress that way.Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because some millionaire rocker dresses that way that you can because she already knows the guy is rich.
          Females are looking for signs of status and clothes are one of the things she observes.Then she’ll observe you car and home.It’s a whole package. Wearing the best clothes but taking her back to your crib in the ‘hood is more likely to get her mad than horny.
          Even if we all dressed alike in Mao suits there would always be some difference in class, it would just be more subtle and females would be attuned to it.
          Mao himself had his suits custom made in the best fabrics that to the outsider may have looked just like the ones the proles were wearing but insiders and females who could see subtleties knew better.

        25. I disagree. I think it’s all about how you sell it.
          But if you really think status is the main thing, just consider a reversed world where suits are very cheap and t-shirts are expensive. You have basically said it yourself. It is about the status, not about the thing itself. So just associate t-shirt with ‘expensive’ et voila.

        26. People are responding to how they’ve been conditioned but there’s a reason for it.Cop and soldier uniforms are considered low status(unless you’re an admiral or something)
          Even wearing some cubicle worker’s type suit can make you look like a flunky so it’s not just wearing a suit that gives you status.Everyone wears suits or something similar at work so people don’t pay much attention to them.But I can judge class better by the type of sportwear(casual clothes in newspeak) a man wears and you can be damn sure that females can too.Females are always looking for status and class and you can deny it all you like but it’s true.

        27. And your point? That’s he’s a good actor and con man? Not going to fool anyone in the long run.

        28. Yeah? Let me ask you. If someone came to your house with a police car, dressed like a police man, with an authentic looking badge, and talked like a police man, would you get into his car if he ‘arrested’ you?

        29. The exterior is the first thing people see.There have actually been studies on this and that first impression seems to make a very strong impact on people’s minds.Even when the person realises that the first impression was entirely wrong it can take 5 years to change that first impression.
          It’s not a matter of even being impressed but one of identification.

        30. Well, naturally it works. What kind of conditioning would it be if it DIDN’T work?
          You could do a study where you ask people if they know Obama. Of course most would, because they have been bombarded with information about that guy.

        31. No one is permitted on my property and if someone made it to my door it wouldn’t matter because we don’t answer the door unless we’re expecting someone and can see who it is on the monitor.A cop would be ignored because unless it’s a detective in a suit it could only be something trivial and no concern to me. The detective would have to hold his ID up to the cam, and after I verified it, I would ask him what he wants.

        32. This is the era of ZIRP, home equity loans, and credit card debt. These old signals of wealth don’t mean much until you get WAY up into specialized custom fitted and hand made stuff that is exceedingly low production and expensive from places that don’t take credit cards.

        33. That’s going to take some doing because our minds are always fixed somewhere in the past and besides T shirts were always considered underwear.
          But even if street sweepers all wore suits and after a few generations people associated them with the dustmen and Alpha men all wore T shirts, females would be able to distinguish the subtle differences between the 10 buck T shirt and the Smedley sea isle cotton T shirt for $200.I wear these myself.
          Things would just be more subtle like the Mao suit that looks the same to us but local people can see the difference in the person’s status.
          Men didn’t always wear suits and looks can change in the future but there may always be distinctions where you can tell status and you can be sure that females will know it.Ties serve no purpose other than decoration but men still spend a $100 for some.Status.
          Personally I think that female dress should change and when they want to go on dates dress like this and put themselves on the carousel.

        34. Call the mayor and ask him if Sgt Schmuck works for the town and his description and find out why he came to my estate.

        35. Mmm yeah.But then why is it that most people look crappy if everyone is buying even more upper class wear and shopping at top places on credit? If you don’t pay your Amex bill every month in full after a while you will no longer be a member.
          And the sort of clothes you’re referring to even the top 1% don’t usually wear.Not all of even the very wealthy wear Saville Row suits or bespoke Lobb shoes.

        36. Will you actually do that? If so, alright. But then, do you know the Mayor personally? Will you recognize a false voice on a hacked telephone?

        37. Knowing Obama means nothing, I know Obama, and Hillary and Bill( their house in Chappaqua is right down the road from me) and even met trump in the 80’s when my partner had to discuss some business with him at the Plaza.
          But what does all this have to do with the impression you make on people? Recognising some well known person isn’t the same thing.Half the people in this town you would consider well know but they’re pretty much ignored since it’s so common.

        38. why do people choose anything?
          The fact is that ‘stuff’ is no longer a sign of wealth. It can be faked easily. And maybe that’s why a lot of people don’t bother. It’s lost meaning. Just about everyone can buy the finest brand name stuff made in China, Vietnam, and other places so it doesn’t matter much any more.

        39. The analogy wasn’t so important. It was just icing on the cake of the point I was making.
          But anyhow: The fact that you know him and know of his ‘status’ would likely strongly influence your behavior if you met him in person. Because you associate him (the combination of his name, his looks, his tone of voice etc) with something.

        40. Just want to say, somebody here talked about wearing brighter colors while going out. Its been working great in terms of getting attention. Bright Red button down, french blue, even green really gets the double take that I need to move in and start the clown show.

        41. The IBM story is very true but then again so was society into suits and gloves and hats for women. Now the fashion houses are going out of business because even the rich are not buying clothes in that way anymore. Women are spending elsewhere which means that when they start collecting shares and bank accounts like the men the world will change again.

    2. It’s not. My husband made it very clear that since he did not want me working outside the home, the house was my responsibility except for heavy yard work and taking out the garbage.
      He has set conditions for being his wife. I am to be pleasant, neat, sweet, a great cook, cute and his personal sex toy. I am to be a gracious hostess when required. My career is homemaking and I cannot have any friends who discourage our lifestyle. I don’t mind because I am getting an amazing deal-the protection of a loving Alpha male who provides for me without having to deal with corporate nonsense.
      I couldn’t respect a male feminist and it’s too bad that those are the norm these days. That’s why I enjoy reading Return of Kings.

    3. It’s more recent than that. Began around the time Clinton took office and slowly increased until it reached a peak in the early 2000’s. And don’t judge men by the people you know in your small circle because people always know other people like themselves.The lower class men have always been hen pecked and pussy whipped.

      1. Ya right, all the wives walking around with black eyes claiming they just fell all lived in the upscale neighborhoods

      2. That’s contrary to my experience. By far the most henpecked men to me at least seem to be office drones, management types and surprisingly professionals. I don’t really know what you mean by lower class though. If it’s money, I’d say that the guys making good money in the trades are as intolerant of bullshit as they come. Get a trailer load of broads too.

        1. Stop believing that libtarded Hollywood crap where they always portray blue collar men as wife beating neanderthals.The females they’re married to are from the same class and are not exactly little snowflakes and can dish it out as good as they get. Many a working class man has got his head cracked with a rolling pin or skillet haha

    4. A co-worker told me unless I am willing to do things (work all day followed by ‘happy wife, happy life’) like that I’ll never get married. If that’s what marriage is I don’t want it.

      1. “…unless I am willing to do things (work all day followed by ‘happy wife, happy life’) like that I’ll never get married.”
        Oh really? And the problem is…?

        1. “Clean House Clear Conscience” can be an Alpha thing… It’s like doing exercise or reading books, if you do it because you’ll be better, you’re improving yourself. If you do it because some VagaPower told you to, you’re just a petty drone…

    1. Every time I hear a man, even jokingly, refer to being in the dog house I cringe.

      1. Where I work we gave away a series of gifts to our best customers recently, September is hell-month for us as they run all sorts of specials.. we sell mechanical systems, B2B sales.
        One customer won a basic camping gift set. Had a small tent, cooking stove, fishing gear, etc. As I handed him the tent – knowing he’s a beta-ish schmuck – I patted him on the back and said;”Here’s your portable dog house, you’re gonna need it apparently.” Laughs.

      2. I still shake my head when men talk about a “man cave”. I have one…it’s called a house.
        I’m not sure how many of these men got roped into paying for a house but they are pushed into one room of it.

        1. Yup dude. They talk about their “man cave” with such pride. Ha. Amazing

        2. The insidious thing is how pervasive the language is, even guys who are decent but unaware use words like that.

        3. yes. It isn’t even like they are neutral to it, they flaunt it. My aunt’s husband is a good guy. Big into fishing. Hard working. Fun guy all around to hang out with. When they bought their house I went to visit and he took me into a room and said, with the pride of a new father, “this is where I will put my man cave”
          I literally (hitler) cringed. I didn’t say anything. Why rob him of his happiness.

        4. I park my motorcycle in my living room so that I can look at it. I have a garage too, but thats where I work on my dirtbike so why crowd it.

      1. I wonder if most women keep an atomic dog, woofing at their privates…probably not. Women are so, you know, above-board and clean…

  19. My harpy older sister is married to one of these pudding-spined dopes. When I show up at their house it’s like an alien landed, and it makes my sister nervous because she has established “Control World” inside her household…this sad dude has no idea what he’s even looking at because he has ZERO male friendships and his entire life revolves around his wife. I love obedient Labrador retrievers and their unconditional behavior…but it’s just pathetic to watch another man act like one. I think his balls are kept in a box somewhere in the basement.
    My compliments go out to every man who never played the “dog” for even two seconds in his entire life. You know who you are because you were born that way, and didn’t really have to work at it.The rest of you can go get your head together (and recoup your status) or fuck off and die. I personally resent dudes who play the cowering dog in mixed company–they actually think they’re setting a good example for other men! Instead I tend to go directly after this kind of guy if he starts acting like *he’s* the enlightened one or thinks he’s going to be teaching any other men around him his “new way of being.” You know the kind — always fishing for compliments from the other women in the room, always shying away from bonding with men who have masculine personas, easy to spot.

    1. Women have been trained to think that if men aren’t obedient to them, they’re “bad” men. Plain and simple. That’s why they go for men they can control, because society has eliminated the repercussions for a woman going after a simp. Men like these have the look of a dog who knows he doesn’t have much life left. The listless, “Yeah honey. Sure babe. Whatever you want, sweety. I’m gonna go out, is that ok?” type of simp has to rationalize his entire EXISTENCE every day.
      As someone else mentioned, women were given equal rights as men, solely so they would then be able to be TAXED as men are. The govt knows goddamn well that women are the weaker sex for a reason. That’s why more often than not, the legal system (cops and courts) steps in like a father, telling his son to be nice to his sister, even if the sister treats him like shit. That’s what straight men are up against. Women and their “ideologies” can be easily dissected and dismissed as the nonsense it is. But since the vaginas have backing from the govt, their horseshit is taken seriously. So now men live in a pussy-whipped society, where a guy who does as he’s told (subservient) is seen as a better mate, as opposed to a guy who’ll call out a woman’s nonsense every step of the way.
      As I mentioned women being trained to think a certain way, the simp sort of men will adopt the characteristics of the bitch, up to and including shaming men who actually put themselves first, and will dismiss a woman’s existence to maintain his happiness. To the “happy wife, happy life” assholes, masculinity is frowned upon because they forfeited theirs long ago.

    2. I noticed at work over the years that the more powerful at work the male was the more power at home the wife has. I wonder if this is related to the same men being attracted to sex with women who carry whips.

    1. ‘Falling’ in love period is a phenomenon describing the chemical pheromonic intoxication and withdrawal mechanism that makes a man dysfunctional. The point where he fails to control and manage her properly and master her loyalty, her pussy swamp gas kicks him in the cortex of the brain like a donkey. He gets used to the convenient nut dump. He gets complacent. Then whamo. “Can you do this?” “Can you do that Fido?” “Smell this. Does my new thong turn you on?” (her drooping cake ass flaps would never be seen in a real advertisement) You say “Yes honey” when you should say “On your knees bitch”. Never show or bring her in public lest she become a monkey on your shoulder or unless you’re out exercising her on the jogging trail. She must follow like a loyal lab. Never follow her in a grocery store with your hands in your pockets. Never let her tell you to go in and buy her tampons. Look at her coldly for 5 min if necessary. Say “You want me to WHAT?” Then scan the parking lot and put phone on ‘phone game’ screen. Exit car to chat up hottie. If she doesn’t pop a breath mint, perking her nipples up while snapping it into threesome mode then you move frame to next level. She must follow and obey YOU.

  20. “I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we as species are gradually
    becoming emasculated at a genetic level through the selective breeding
    process. In other words, we are becoming socially engineered to be
    effeminate. It’s not something impossible when you consider that easily
    tamable beta males, the sperm donors, are usually the males women select
    as their mates after they themselves are done riding the cock-carousel.”
    Spot on.
    Just look around you. Look at how pathetic most young men (under 30 or so) are. Hear how they speak.
    People who talk about women having a dual-mating strategy (alpha fucks beta bucks) are mistaken. A very small percentage of men are actually unknowingly raising another man’s child. Women may fuck around with guys but when they settle with a melvin, the children they have will be the melvin’s children. And that is why children are getting sicker, more autistic, shorter, have T levels of a 90 year old man, start balding at age 20 etc.
    Just look at photos of men from the Civil War or even the 1960s: 18 year-olds looked much older (more like they were 30-something). They had full beards. Most men today can’t even grow a beard: it comes in patchy.
    Women don’t want alphas. They see such men as threatening. Also, the vast majority of women are on hormonal birth control from the time of their first period (from age 13/14 all the way to 35). It’s been shown that women who are on birth control find more feminine men attractive and find masculine men unattractive, the opposite of their preferences when ovulating.
    If women preferred masculine men, I would be knee deep in the gash. But from what I see, it is the most pathetic men (scrawny, squeaky voices, etc) that always have a female companion with them.

    1. True. I think most women want a beta cuck to order around…they want someone they can control. They like fucking alphas, but they fear them.

      1. After the end of my marriage, I realized that that had been the problem: My former wife couldn’t control me, not the way her mother controlled her father. I’m captain of my fate. So she walked.
        Now she’s remarried to a Mexican immigrant who is still learning English and looking for a job. TOTAL CONTROL ACHIEVED.

        1. I bet she beats the little guy up regularly now that she wears the pants. That’s some lame ass shit. I hope you can call out her shit from the outside now. Being consigned in any way to a bitch like that and her group of predator bitch hens get stirred if you speak up or try to put her in her place. But break free and watch her slide into the gutter. Those kind of bitches need shaming more than the obese pigs. If I see a mangina being led on a leash and I’m not rlated to them, I’m tempted to swoop on the bitch or I scheme to cleverly trip the bitch up. A community of controlling bitches threatens the fiber of any community. They stink up the place like thieves and predators on the loose. They make market value of your property go down. They’re like stray packs of dogs crapping on your streets.

        2. I’m coming around to that way of thinking. Kate Gosselin and her legion of imitators present a bigger threat to American communities than ISIS. That’s God’s honest truth.
          My ex had a predator bitch hen as a best friend, and I’m 100% sure that she was prodding my ex to ditch me. This bitch even delivered the divorce papers into my hands, if you can believe that.
          I remember that the ex once had a gathering of all the predator bitch hens. I happened to be home that afternoon but wish that I hadn’t been. As a red-pill male, I had absolutely no common ground with them. Her only cool friend, a tall smart low-maintenance girl who I would love to fuck today, refused to join the hens.
          I now live in a different state, different phone number, different email, different everything. I left all that shit behind. New girlfriend, new job, awesome new condo. Life is great and I’m blessed.

    2. What type of female companions are with the pathetic men?
      Surely not attractive and feminine women…

  21. Women don’t like high-T men:
    What type of man will be surrounded by fawning women?
    a) A Duck Dynasty type into mudding, fishing, hunting, etc
    b) a sassy sarcastic gay or gay acting man who is up on the latest fashion, gossip, and loves to travel and instagram his meals

    1. Women are more attracted to a), and think of b) as essentially male girlfriends.
      And, unsurprisingly enough, those women who are brainwashed into sleeping with b) also tend to be into lesbianism.

  22. There is also a racial aspect at play:
    Asian and White men are getting more beta as time goes on while Black, Latino, and Arab men are getting more masculine due to artificial selection by women.
    Asian men used to be quite masculine. Think of the Mongols, the Japanese samurai, the Japanese Imperial Army, the Japanese kamikaze, etc.
    White men are expected to be beta supplicants. So, when women encounter an alpha White male, they cringe because he is not fitting into their mental classification scheme.
    In our current society, only Black, Latino, and Arab men are expected or allowed to be masculine.
    So, if a woman desires an alpha male, she will seek one out who is Black, Latino, or Arab. If she desires a supportive beta, she will seek out a White or Asian male. Effeminate Black, Latino, or Arab men will not breed and their traits will not be passed on. So too with masculine Asian and White men. Over time, Asians and Whites will become more effeminate while Blacks, Latinos, and Arabs become more masculine.
    So over time, humanity will diverge like in HG Wells’ The Time Machine into the passive and androgynous Eloi and the predatory Morlocks.

    1. Just observe how men of different races are portrayed in the media. Black, Latino, and Arab men are depicted as more masculine, more assertive, etc. While White and Asian men are portrayed as house husbands, providers, boring betas.
      So this will of course influence women and their selection of partners.
      Also, different traits are desired by women in a partner: Black women prefer more masculine partners who will not stick around while White and Asian women prefer low-T beta schlubs who are guaranteed not to wander.
      There is a reason why Mike Brown was a “gentle” giant. Have you seen some of these black women in the ghetto? They are built like refrigerators. Who do you think they’re going to mate with? Steve Urkel. No way. It’s going to be with some similarly large specimen.

      1. Your point about media/TV is of course 100% correct.
        This is the lefty war against White Christian Heterosexual men that has been going on for a very long time. This is the Alinsky-ite method to take down traditional America. Hmmm…Alinsky…I wonder what Church he attended???

      2. Stop paying attention to the Media and in fact turn the damn thing off.You’re beginning to believe it’s real life.Who controls everything and has the assets? The Whites and Asians or the macho street thugs who spend half their life in jail or work at some menial job.

    2. In today’s dating market, particularly passive and effete White and Asian males do well (as these beta traits are desired in White and Asian males) while particularly aggressive and masculine Black, Latino, and Arab males do well as these traits are sought after in these types of males.
      Masculine White and Asian men and effeminate Black, Latino, and Arab men do not do well.
      So certain traits will become preferentially enriched in subsequent generations.

      1. I’d say it’s more complicated than that. Effeminate provider betas do well with older and less-attractive women, and masculine men with younger and more-attractive women. And whites and Asians tend to settle down when — yup — they’re older, while the low-IQ races procreate (even if they don’t necessary marry) when they’re younger.

    3. How in the holy hell are blacks, mestizos, and muslims “alpha males”??? Because of their violent behavior and lack of impulse control? Is that what an alpha male means?
      To me, alpha male is a societal leader, not a crip, blood, ms-13, or al-queda. George Washington was an alpha male, as was Douglas MacArthur, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh. Audie Murphy, Alvin York, Thomas Watson, Nathaniel Greene, Teddy Roosevelt, etc…
      The problem with American women is not that they want alpha males, it is that they are completely perverted and totally obsessed with brutality. Unfortunately, many if not most females (Whites included) have nearly as little impulse control as the nogs and the beaners. They gravitate to the lowest common denominator because feminism has told them that it is OK.

      1. You can’t have it both ways. An Alpha male is a law to himself. He doesn’t give a rat’s fanny if you call him names.

        1. Who is asking for it both ways?
          George Washington = educated, sophisticated, productive alpha male.
          Tookie = vile, animalistic rapist and murderer.
          Any questions?

      2. Which reminds me that, perhaps because he had some sort of TBI, Theodore Roosevelt became an alpha who sought to make all other men betas.

        1. Well, not sure about the TBI, but he certainly inspired his own son to be a great leader like himself. Only 2 father/son CMH winners in history. The MacArthurs and the Roosevelts.

    4. While I agree with you here, why do you call it “artificial selection”
      It would seem to me that the selection is the exact opposite of artificial if your argument here is correct, which I believe it is.

      1. I deliberately use the term “artificial selection” to reference the very large role artificial mechanisms and influences like the media, TV, entertainment and advertising industries play in outlining expected and acceptable behaviors and appearances in males of various racial groups.
        It’s not that women seek out a generic alpha or beta type across the board but rather according to a very strict racial categorization scheme.
        A bellicose and aggressive White man is deemed unattractive (negative) while a similarly in-your-face Black man is just being himself and can’t help it (neutral or positive).
        I would say this can be observed in the nightclub: watch the reaction when an unknown / strange
        guy starts grinding on a girl from behind. If the guy is black, the girl is more likely to continue dancing. If the guy is white, the girl will react negatively.
        Also, witness the collective reaction of people and the media to when White and Black men commit
        crimes. When Blacks snipe coops, they are expressing their righteous indignation at unfair treatment but when Whites like Brevik, Jared Lee
        Loughner, Adam Lanza snap and go on a rampage, it’s not because they were suffering from mental issues like isolation ,alienation, etc but because they were “evil.”

        1. see, this is a perfect example of asking a specific question about a post and getting an excellent answer. Thanks Pabst. That makes plenty of sense.

        1. Mel has been standing up against the Hollywitz hate machine for 10 years. And he is still punching.
          “They” LOVE Brad Pitt. A nice goy boy who does their bidding.

        2. They are very different. Doesn’t mean they both aren’t absurd fags

        3. How the hell is Mel a fag?
          He’s got like a dozen kids or or something, and he’s banged all kinds of hot tail all over the world.

        4. yes. he is not a homosexual. I was using fag in the way of meaning a weak, sad and pathetic human being.

        5. OK, I get it, you just don’t like the guy.
          I don’t see him as any of those things. Sure, he had a drinking problem, but he stood up to the “Spielbergs” of the world and he is still doing what he wants and is highly successful at it. Not weak at all, in my opinion.

        6. Look, I don’t know you and I am not looking to be hostile, but he didn’t stand up to anyone. Celebrities making a few comments means less than a bag of dicks to me. He is a drunk, from his public statements he seems pretty dumb. He has profited hugely off of a few good movies he has been in and, in the time since, has done nothing but be an alcoholic, washed up has been.
          Sorry, not impressed. That’s ok. I like his movies fine. Just like Brad Pitt. I like his movies too. But he isn’t worth spit as a person. That’s ok. I don’t need my actors to be good at anything other than acting. What they believe in, what their opinions are mean nothing.
          Some guy who made a few good movies in the 90’s isn’t to be admired.

        7. Yes, back in the good ole days we could call people fags whenever they did something pathetic.

        8. Still do in the trades… But it is absolutely astounding how heroic some dweeb thinks that he is for screeching outrage over that. One guy got like that and was forcefully and instantly put into place. His nickname was mr.fansy facefuck after until he left. On that note there is a much more friendly, productive and happy environment than when I was corporate. People were constantly whining about some slight beef or imagined insult or slight despite the multi million dollar department dedicated solely for the purpose of exactly the opposite. There’s simply no substitute for good intentions acted upon without delay or indecision.

      1. In his movie We Were Soldiers, Mel tells the feckless beta combat reporter to trade in his camera for a gun and join the fight.
        That’s all I can think of with this Doss person. He’s not alpha at all.

        1. Hi,
          Read the wikipedia post.
          He saved 75 men all by himself!
          And then many more afterwards.
          And when he was seriously wounded (compound fracture due to being hit with ammo!) He INSISTED that the men who were more seriously wounded be evacuated first. And then, he used a rifle to SET HIS OWN SHATTERED ARM and crawled BY HIMSELF to safety!
          Sorry to disagree with you but that’s as Alpha as it gets!
          Who in your opinion would be an Alpha? Forrest Griffin?

        2. There’s nothing alpha about what you listed.
          That’s a noble attitude and maybe some stoicism on display, but it’s not alpha.

        3. Then please tell me where you think I am wrong. To me, an alpha male is one who leads, protects, and mentors. One who sets an example and who follows through on what he believes in.

        4. No, someone who wasn’t a race traitor that saved the scum bags who were attacking and invading a country that was allied with the only people in europe who gave a shit about white people.

    5. Japanese samurai were masculine? AFAIK the Samurai were the gayest group of people outside of Ancient Greece.
      I echo the disagreement with latinos being masculine as grandstanding and preening do not make masculinity and, looking at their relationship with latinas, they’re very often more cucked than than strap-on beta depicted above.

    6. “White men are expected to be beta supplicants. So, when women encounter an alpha White male, they cringe because he is not fitting into their mental classification scheme.”
      I had this happen to me but on the flip side, being white and behaving semi-alpha will have women value you more (mainly as marriage material).
      The reality is mega brutal for the non whites since very few men in any group be it racial or ethnic can pull off an alpha act. They are almost expected to be more aggressive and assertive than Whites or Asians unless they are very well educated.

    7. I don’t really want to say negative things but blacks and ricans are the biggest pussies and crybabies around.It’s not even their fault but they’re brought up 80%+ of the time by irrational self entitled ghetto mamas and they begin to behave like females themselves.Many of them are abused physically and mentally by these stupid females who spend their time looking for trouble or worrying about their weaves.They get themselves killed over some trivial crap like accidentally stepping on some little thugs Nikes or other dumb stuff like someone thinks you dissed them.They behave just like females.The thing is though that females get away with bad conduct while they end up in jail.Females get into a big weave pulling fight but when the cops show up no one ever gets arrested. Men do this and someone ends up getting shot or going to jail.You will never see black females do what they do to black men to white men.To them niggers ain’t shit while the white man is like a god. If they happen to get knocked up by some white guy they’ll treat that kid better than their all black kids and play with his ‘good’ hair all day.They probably also sense that the white man will kill them faster than any black if you push him no matter how nice and civilised he looks.White men are the most efficient killers on earth and that includes even the beta boys.

  23. We men are no more than clowns to women these days. We really need to organize ourselves to overthrow cultural marxism. PUA and MGTOW are not options.

    1. It won’t help to overthrow the government or anything. What you need to realize is that this conditioning is already a firm part of the psyche of these men. Help all those men, somehow, get rid of the conditioning, and stuff will just balance itself out. Example: If all men free their minds, they will no longer vote for feminists, hence feminism will lose support. The women of these men will adapt, too and before you know it, it’s all dust in the wind.
      The question is how… the typical approach seems to be to shame and attack these emasculated men. I think it’s the wrong approach and actually reinforces their conditioning.

    2. Looks like that would require our very own “long march through the institutions” and have a secret underground help network with very careful vetting process of potential members.

    3. Don’t be a clown or think that you have to entertain females.When you’re young even if you are the alpha type you are still very self conscious.As you get older you lose that so you can speak to anyone even the president just like you speak to your friend.Maybe it’s because that from experience you know that people are all pretty much the same regardless of rank and maybe there’s even been a chemical change in your brain where you simply do not get nervous over the same stuff you did as a youth.When you’re young you may feel nervous speaking to a beautiful woman but when you’re older it doesn’t mean a thing.
      Just take some Kratom and you’ll be fine :o)

      1. We are (considered) clowns. I don’t behave like one, but internally we are expected to, since this is how we are portrayed by TV and media. Women do not respect men anymore.

  24. “Besides companionship, the main roles dogs play is to defend their masters.”
    Funny thing. Now that I think of it, the “men treat women like dogs” gets a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? Men do not want women to fight for them or defend them or anything. They typically want the opposite. Makes you wonder how evil “patriarchy” really is and who the real masters are.

  25. “A woman’s power lies in a man’s ignorance”
    They need us dumb and stupid. And when I mean “They” I am not just speaking about women.
    Society as a whole needs us dumb and stupid for the benefit of producing more worker bees
    This is why the “Illusion” of women placed over men is so apparent as It benefits those on top to remain on top while the ones at the bottom produce more workers.
    Women don’t want us reading sites likes this. Why would they? Sites like this causes men to do their own thing and give them the option that they not only can do their own thing, but, also get the kind of pussy they desire without having to get married and shack up.
    This does nothing for them. When women say “us” they mean “Them”. Its always about them first and foremost. Period. Men having the option to not only fuck but fuck and leave throws a monkey wrench in their plans
    They need us deaf and dumb like dogs in order to make their life easier. It is what it is.
    Now, am I saying having kids is wrong? Well, that’s debatable. My thing is kids help keep the world moving once you are dead and gone. Whether you care what happens to the world after you are gone is again, debatable. Point is, I am all about what is good for the benefit of the world as I grow older. I realize its not about me its bigger than me. Its why I hope my words and blog posts will somehow reach the men and even women of the future to teach them better than the people before us taught us.
    Women, do not think this way. At all. They are HERE and NOW. They are for THIS moment and THIS moment only no matter what. Its about the FEELS as we joke about.
    Its why a balance of our bullshit and their bullshit is suppose to come together and create something more beyond ourselves. Women and society have tangled this order in and out and has caused to much damage and confusion to the psyche of the world.
    Break out of the cycle if she is not down for what is best for the future. Society is a machine only out for what is best to keep the cash flowing. If you have kids remember to teach them how to spot this bullshit and not get sucked in to chasing material over wisdom and knowledge
    Say what you say about certain religions and cultures but, at least there is some sort of order, history, and system there. Be oak tree to her mother nature.
    Don’t be a dog. Instead, make her your bitch and she will be thankful
    “Women, ironically seek freedom through restriction”

  26. At least as a ugly guy I don’t have to put up with that shit and learned early on the
    only time that women were interested in me is when it was useful for them.

  27. Feminism could be destroyed in a heartbeat if men simply made up their minds and said “Fuck feminism and fuck political correctness – and whoever doesn’t like it – fuck you too.”
    That’s the only way this toxic hate movement will be destroyed.
    Be wholly, completely, and confidently your true, unapologetic masculine selves. If a women doesn’t like it…….. a pair of tough titties to her.
    Women hate “manginas.” Sure they’ll treat them like gold – as long as the mangina is being a good little lap dog. But, rest assured, all the while he is pandering, scraping and serving she is clenching her teeth to hold back the vomit.
    A mangina means one thing to a feminist – a servile door mat.
    Women are drawn to masculine men – always will be……real men who shut down feminist shit real fast.

    1. Right. A mass movement to reject feminism is what is needed and lo it is now emerging in the west. Some massive pockets remain oblivious but the spirit of patriarchy is driving a few voices with such immense truth and power that human civilization has already been seeded and the time and season is right for a millennial era of patriarchy. Patriarchy will explode soon and feminism will be driven from the land with the force of a hurricaine. Would upvote squared if possible. Can’t do that so I’ll ‘gif it’.

    2. “Feminism could be destroyed in a heartbeat if men simply made up their minds and said “Fuck feminism and fuck political correctness – and whoever doesn’t like it – fuck you too.””
      True but I don’t think that will happen on a wide scale. Too far gone. Over half of young males don’t even identify as strictly heterosexual. The left has been given control over the entire educational system to indoctrinate.
      What you’ll find increasingly (already happening) is a subgroup of men who increasingly reject feminism and its assorted toxicities but they will either have to share about it anonymously or they will need to separate from society so that they can’t be destroyed economically or socially by not going with the plan.

      1. Since when do half of men define themselves as not heterosexual ? That sounds like some wage gap bs.

        1. Look at public k12 school systems. Boys are often drugged up and punished for acting like boys typically act. I wouldn’t be surprised at all that so many don’t identify as heterosexual after years of this kind of abuse.

  28. Males are not getting smaller. Most beta males are relatively tall they’re just usually very scrawny probably because by being tall they feel they don’t have to assert themselves so you won’t find these guys in the gym. Lot of them go vegan as well which could be like how herbivores are larger than carnivores but are passive and eat vegetables. Women would not pick a beta male if he was short. And sperm donors don’t take short men sperm, height has a requirement in these eugenics sperm banks and women demand said sperms.
    Men are getting taller as time goes by based on genetics.

    1. Progenetivity + height difference:
      Jim Bob Duggar – 5’11”
      Michelle Duggar – 5’4″
      Progenetivity + height difference + intelligence:
      Dmitri Mendeleev – chemist, developed periodic table, 2 shorter wives (consecutively), produced 6 offspring total
      **had long hair and full BEARD
      Progenetivity + height + political savvy:
      John Tyler – height 6’0″, US president 1841-45, served as veep under Harrison until Harrison died. Tyler was first US VP to serve as pres. He produced 15 children with 2 consecutive wives. His 1st wife Letitia died of stroke in 1841 with 8 children so he had to marry his runner up vice-wife Julia (Gardiner). Julia (G.)Tyler produced seven more offspring. by Tyler. Tyler’s wives were short with wide hips. Julia was a fertile 20 yo when she met 52 yo Tyler and they wed 2.5 years later upon the sudden passing of Letetia.

  29. From what I felt people give too much to their dogs in a relationship. All dogs have to give is unconditional love to their owners. Women do not pay for a beta males food, medical bills, house utilities etc.
    Master and dog relationship works like master takes all responsibilities, dog is expected to be obedient.
    Parent and child. Parent takes all responsibilities, child must be obedient.
    Teacher and student. Teacher takes all responsibilities, student must be obedient.
    Woman and her beta boyfriend. Beta takes all responsibilities AND is obedient see what’s wrong here?

  30. And the logical conclusion is that when the New World Order pukes have their way and America is invaded by the rest of the world….. Why the fuck would a man want to protect and provide for a woman in this environment. Stand back and let them be raped to death.

  31. Jeez, this article describes my neighbor almost perfectly. He’s got this cunt landwhale for a wife who is obnoxious just standing there in silence. Based on what little conversation I’ve had with them, you can tell she wears the penis and he bends over and takes it. He barely utters a word and shakes hands like an effeminate bitch. They have kids. Oldest one is probably around four or five. How he managed to stay hard enough to impregnate that hambeast wife of his beyond me, but you can tell by his sullen, silent expression that he knows he’s trapped. He never smiles, doesn’t say more than a few softly spoken words at a time, and you look him in the eye and you see absolutely nothing. He trudges by my place daily with the garbage in hand on the way to the dumpster and I don’t see a happy father in a healthy relationship. I see a walking dead man who is just shy of butchering his whole family in their sleep before swallowing a round from a .45.
    Every time I see him I’m reminded of just how horrible the modern, empowered Western woman really is. One day I know I’m gonna wake up to cops flooding my neighborhood and body bags being hauled out of his house.

    1. Big Lololol. Get pics and footage when that happens. For a moment there it sounded like a neighbor of mine until you mentioned the dumpster. We burn our trash but this scenario is quite common. My landwhale neighbor is dumber than a bag of rocks but you see a lot of whales and tard class skanks on assistance who know nothing more than how to hook and control by threat some beta schmuck. Otherwise they don’t know shit about anything. They can’t fix a fan or a chewed cord on a good TV. Tons of bikes, good fixable shit in their garbage always and the pile reeks from maggott infested uneaten food stamp food slopped on top of clothing that the stupid bitch can’t even sew. All the fat bitch knows is how to call the law on her man and the ‘services’ to snatch the kids of anyone who crosses her. Her old bf once was crying at midnight for her to take him back and the next day there were cops at the house. She manufactured some crisis to have her current bf ‘removed’ and the old bf came in promising her money or some bullshit. I just watched and remembered faces of the ‘enablers’. Who the fuck pays these ‘enablers’. I would vote to have my tax dollars purge the land of these ‘enablers’. Trump 2016.

  32. “Western women today have discovered that there are truck loads of
    desperate men who will do just about anything for them to win an ounce
    of female approval.”
    And that’s the problem. When a man says ‘no’ a woman just goes and finds a guy who will say ‘yes’. If it became more difficult for women to find a guy who says ‘yes’ they’ll reform pretty quick.
    Game works to keep them in place, not to leave when told no, but that’s just domestication in and of itself. Relationships have turned into struggles for domination. It had to be a deliberate social engineering or a side effect there of.

  33. I think 5 is an interesting one. The article is spot on to call men guard dogs for their masters. Another way to look at it is that they are mercenaries hired by the citizenry but not given full benefits of citizenship and can be cast out at any time. Men either need to demand equality and fight for it along with guarding (probably unlikely) or they need to say, fine, “women, you guard.”

    1. Cops are literally the dumbest fucks around. In the city where Roosh was attacked the cops are having their pensions stolen due to austerity measures to recover massive amounts of tax dollars stolen in a governmental fraud. Juniversity students are also having the cost of tuition raised. As a “protest” the cops put stickers that read “we didn’t steal anything” on the riot shields they attack the student protesters with!

  34. Pardon me, but isn’t this what ROK wants women to be? Isn’t this exactly how you wish women were?
    It’s a serious question, not looking to start a shitstorm.

    1. Let’s not talk about what men on ROK want for now. Given the steady decline in female hapiness since the beginning of feminism, what do YOU think women want? Being submissive (the same way a colonel is submissive to a general) to an alpha male who goes out to make money, or being the man of the house and having to make money while there’s a beta male hanging out in the kitchen taking care of another man’s kids?

      1. No. Let’s talk about what men on ROK want. Then we will discuss whatever you like.
        Is it not true that they would like to be able to treat their wives/partners the same way it is claimed that women treat men in this (whiny) article?

      1. I’m a woman. If it’s either-either, I choose a man-dog. If it’s not an option, a man and a dog. If it’s not an option, a dog.
        I wouldn’t choose to be the dog, though. Some women do, and some men do, too. Usually, they are the less attractive partner or have that kink.

  35. Fuck that. Its horrible how a man can get himself this horror. I face palmed when I saw guy on 2nd point. How can you respect him? I see so many man being servants to women in Mississauga, Canada and not only… its fucking sad and scares me the fuck out. I will never let woman lead me, until I fucking die. I am the king, I am the boss, she has to submit or fuck off.

  36. The number of women in the drivers seat and emasculated man in the passenger seat has gone up at an alarming rate. If he’s not drunk, what the hell is he doing there? “Wanna go for car ride?!”

  37. If a woman can’t cook or keep her house clean, I don’t even want to fuck her. She just isn’t worth it.

    1. Not to mention if she can’t balance a budget, is neck-deep in debt, goes shopping for ‘therapy’, etc.

  38. Unfortunately for the modern west, not all men are loyal dogs. Some are strays, and some, like all the peaceful young muslim men who have poured into Europe, are wolves.

  39. This link to dogs, reminds me of a good friend of mine. When i taught History, i was with him and his girlfriend, a pain in the ass control freak women. She was always on his neck and in one particular day, she treated him like complete shit. I have to say, i never saw a women treat a men like that before.
    He was silent, with no reaction, behaving like a wounded lamb…He was so taken down, he did not utter a word in the entire way home. All i could do, was to look at him with pity.
    Dogs are synonym with blind obedience and blind affection and if a men is on that category, well, he is no longer fit to be a men. For the record…she was betraying him with another guy and ended the relationship soon after…

    1. If she left him without engaging in legal theft from him, then he was lucky. Hope he’s okay and refuses to get involved with society-approved abusers (i.e., women).

  40. Modern western education of the mass of population of the last 100-150 years is the taming factor. We are talking about of more or less 100.000 hours for about 15 years (without college university) of forced behavioral conditioning at first. You have to sit your ass, not talking, no fighting, no speaking without being told, for many many years. I don’t think there is any other behavioral training for so long. Lions in circuses get trained less, to not eat people! Men are behaviorally trained for far more time to be “civilized”.
    The informations and skills taught are secondary. They could be compressed in a few hours a week.

  41. Lol, it’s not the case only for women. I am a guy, and my brother, forces me to work for him, and make money, while he wouldn’t move his fat ass to help me achieve something in life. He’s four years older than me, and I hate him very much.
    You shouldn’t let anybody abuse you, just break your chain and free yourselves from monsters around you. These types of humans are everywhere, and especially in women.

    1. The difference is, any decent person would call your brother a “moocher”.. and with respect, call you an “idiot” for doing what he tells you.
      OTOH, women who treat men likes dogs are called “empowered”.

      1. I might be an idiot, but if I don’t do what he asks me to do, he will cause harm to my parents and me, both physically and mentally. I can’t get rid of him now, but would do when I am done with him, and shove enough money in his ass, and then escape the hell out of his sight, I go somewhere and live alone.

  42. My wife forces me to sleep on the foot of her bed, eat out of bowl and takes me on walks. the struggle is real

  43. My dog does almost none of those things quoted. The only thing I can see relating to men and dogs is dogs humping strange legs. As a lot of articles recently are quoting research about the aggressive and violent male and women are the main readers in society I think this is promoting women to avoid anyone with any sort of control or hyper masculine issues.Also as more women go to university and women like to be involved with higher status men than them this is also driving women towards men who have similar education levels. Just as this site collects believers so do a number of places for women where the numbers are very high. They quote lots of statistics and research papers and give women a belief that brain is better than brawn.Lucky for a number of men it has not reached all the female population yet.

  44. We macho men should not give up hope as there are really few of us about for women to choose from. 10% are gay, 15% like little kids, 10% are mad, 10% are bad and 5% are disabled. Does not leave a large pool of men to choose from and we need to tell them that.

  45. One of the biggest differences between men and dogs is that dogs actually have ‘anti-cruelty’ organizations like the SPCA and PETA to prevent/stop abuse and enforce the laws against abuse and cruelty. The only organizations that are like that for humans are for women only, never for men.

  46. I’m releasing a new book in a week or so about this called “Bitchology: Truth and Lies about Who Men Love and Marry.” It’s written for American women who are getting horrible dating and relationship advice from third-wave feminists, but I know many of you will enjoy it… and no doubt have a few thoughts of your own. Here’s the link to check it out, if you’re interested: https://www.amazon.com/Bitchology-Truth-Lies-about-Marry-ebook/dp/B01J9225VG. Cheers.

  47. with the amount of female hormones they put into all the fucking food that is affordable no wonder men are turning into a bunch of sissies

  48. The photo example under no.4 was horrendous, to think some poor emasculated bastard out there is saddled with that obnoxious creature.
    Otherwise, excellent article, unfortunate that these are true but those are the facts.

  49. Well that will end with the islamisation of the western world. Just look at what happens in Europe. An you can note that you don’t hear feminists say any thing when refugees rape white women. No instead they continue blaming white men

  50. I told my wife many years ago. You’re pussy ain’t all that and there plenty of women in the sea. I would prefer to be with you but will walk away in a second. We are going on 19 years now. And more in love today then when it all began.

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