Sunday In The Park

Although it was written decades ago, Bel Kaufman’s Sunday in the Park remains just as relevant today, if not more so, to what it means to be a man. Her story centers on a family enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the park and is told predominantly from the wife’s perspective. Relaxing on a bench, the wife watched happily as her son Larry played in the sand box before her. Sitting next to her, while reading the ‘Times Magazine section,” was her husband Morton.

Morton. A man as nerdy as his name sounded. Who was, “So city­pale, cooped up all week inside the gray factorylike university.”

As Larry played on, she noticed another boy digging in the sand too. This boy was fatter, more aggressive than Larry. And his father, a grizzly looking man, sat on the opposite side and  “seemed to be taking up the whole bench as he held the Sunday comics close to his face.”

Suddenly the fat boy threw sand at Larry, making him upset. After hesitating a moment, the wife intervened;

‘Don’t do that, little boy,’ she said sharply, leaning forward on the bench. ‘You mustn’t throw sand!’ The man on the bench moved his mouth as if to spit again, but instead let her speak. He did not look at her, but at the boy only. ‘You go right ahead, Joe,’ he said loudly. ‘Throw all you want. This here is a public sandbox.’

She felt a sudden weakness in her knees as she glanced at Morton.

Morton was listening too. But he hid under his magazine. Seeming to hope the matter would solve it self.

It didn’t.

He put his Times down carefully on his lap and turned his fine, lean face toward the man, smiling the shy, apologetic smile he might have offered a student in pointing out an error in his thinking. When he spoke to the man, it was with his usual reasonableness. ‘You’re quite right,’ he said pleasantly, ‘but just because this is a public place….’

The other man cut him off, and an argument ensued until the large man said “Aw, shut up!” They both rose. Morton reluctantly. The wife nervously imagined the coming violence, about what she should do, how she should react.


Morton adjusted his glasses. He was very pale. ‘This is ridiculous,’ he said unevenly. ‘I must ask you….’

‘Oh, yeah?’ said the man. He stood with his legs spread apart, rocking a little, looking at Morton with utter scorn. ‘You and who else?’

For a moment the two men looked at each other nakedly.

Then Morton backed down.

‘Come on, let’s get out of here.’ He walked awkwardly, almost limping with self-consciousness to pick up his son Larry and left with his wife by his side.

At first she was relieved. There was no violence. No one was hurt. But as they left the park, she began to feel something else, something…

Inescapable. She sensed that it was more than just an unpleasant incident, more than defeat of reason by force. She felt dimly it had something to do with her and Morton, something acutely personal, familiar, and important.

While walking to their car, Morton rambled on and tried to rationalize his defeat. But the more he did, the more distant she became.

Getting pulled further away from the sandbox, Larry’s cries grew worse. But once he started dragging his feet, Morton and his wife finally had enough.

‘If you can’t discipline this child, I will,’ Morton snapped, making a move toward the boy.

But her voice stopped him. She was shocked to hear it, thin and cold and penetrating with contempt. ‘Indeed?’ she heard herself say. ‘You and who else?’ 

At first glance Bel Kaufman’s story seems simple: There’s a stronger male, Morton backs down, he’s a wimp, needs bigger balls, women hate beta males, etc…

We know that already. But there’s another point to her story that’s hidden below the surface. Because Kaufman’s story isn’t just about lacking courage, it’s about what causes that cowardice; namely, apathy.

As a man, your first reaction to the story might be that she’s saying being a big brute pays off more than being a weakling. The big guy might have shown some dominating, alpha characteristics, but to think that way is to miss Kaufman’s point entirely.

The wife didn’t care that Morton was a nerd; that’s probably why she married him. Perhaps she was one too. But it was Morton’s lack of anger, his lack of pride in himself that bothered her. That he never developed the animal-like rage proving that he was the family’s protector in the most critical of moments.

…more than defeat of reason by force. She felt dimly it had something to do with her and Morton, something acutely personal, familiar, and important.

Morton’s cowardice proved to her what she knew deep down all along, that he didn’t love his family enough the way she did.

It is critical to realize that Kaufman never gave the wife a name in the story but did for the husband. By doing this she was trying to show that the wife had given her up identity to the family, and expected Morton do the same by being a man and fulfilling his end of the bargain.

That courage isn’t so much about standing up for yourself as it is about standing up for others. But he didn’t and that was the source of her resentment. So repeating the “You and who else” remark was a way of saying, “How are you going to raise your son to be a man if you’re not even one yourself?”

The great thing about Bel Kaufman is that she came from a time where women encouraged men to be what they are and not what they should be.

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  1. This is the main example of when white knighting is acceptable and positive: When a man is standing up for his offspring and for the women he is banging.
    White knighting for ‘women’ (meaning the sisterhood) is just being a mangina, and women will look at you with contempt. White knighting for women you might like to bang is a little more complicated. The act of white knighting will not help the man and probably acts as a net negative, but the man can overcome the negative by taking advantage of the white knighting situation to demonstrate masculinity (taking charge, beating the other dude up, etc).
    Even in this story, the women author implies that the lack of white knighting made her lose attraction for her man. However, I think what really was going on is that the challenge from the larger man caused her man to lose his frame, and this loss of hypergamy us frame is what caused her to lose attraction to her husband. Seeing her man simp to another man could have caused any woman to doubt that her man was the best.
    Since nobody wants to play in the sandbox with a jerk, there are plenty of ways the guy could have taught his son a lesson without even resorting to white knighting. In other words, even in this situation, where white knighting is understandable, acceptable, and positive, it may not even have been necessary.

    1. How so? He’s being pushed by a clucking hen into an trivial issue. Sand is there to be thrown or not, it’s for the boys to work out. The other man is forced to step in when a silly woman claims a right to control all children because she is a “sacred mother”

      1. You want the little boys to fight it out? Sand is to be thrown but not at people. The father of the boy who was throwing the sand should have said something to his son that throwing sand at another’s face is unacceptable behavior; instead, he encouraged his son’s bullying, which in itself is unacceptable. The mother, being naturally protective of her offspring, responded in the right way. Morton does, as protector and Man, have a responsibilty to confront the overgrown brute. Morton, could have easily ridiculed and mocked the father since he was more intelligent, and provoke the brute into a fight. Perhaps he would have lost, however, he had to fight for the honor of his family.

        1. Uh, yes? The kid should have thrown the sand right back. That could have been the start of a life-long friendship. Morton should pulled the her panties off right there to knock her up with a little girl to dote over

        2. If I was in Morton’s shoes I wouldn’t have given a shit either, and would have just carried on reading my book too. Kids need to learn to defend themselves, not be coddled by their mothers.

        3. This response is the reason western society is on the decline. Such enthusiasm in resorting to being a pussy. Shameful.
          How is he more intelligent if he lost the altercation? I bet you’re one of those guys who thinks the cubicle drone with the B.A. is the epitome of human intellect.

        4. If the kids are somewhat the same age and size, fine.
          But watching your two year old getting his head stomped by a teenager for “not defending himself” isn’t exactly the epitome of fatherhood.

        5. Where do you live, and what shit can I come take from you because I’ll aggress and you’ll back down?
          Sounds like we could be good friends.

      2. Jokes, agree & amplify, ridicule, even taking the other guys side of the argument against his wife might work. But, he needed to keep frame.
        The other guy isn’t the issue, the relationship with his kid (parenting) and with his wife is the issue.

    2. The author has a point, I would protect what I love, my friends: my family, even if it meant serious bodily injury. But the social contract between men and women has broken down and is in many places nonexistent. Because of this, I could never get married, and I seriously doubt I would ever look at a woman as a friend, as family. The friends that have become my family wouldn’t handle themselves the way she did in this situation. If something similar had occurred, with faith, I can defend my friend without hesitation knowing that they handled this situation in the “best way possible”. Women on the other hand, in “real” life, always seem to be trying to prove to themselves that you “love” them, or they’re live their lives caught in an endless loop of one-upmanship. I’ve been with many girls who put themselves in compromising positions because they intuit that my presence acts as a buffer/protection. They act not just for themselves, but for me and herself. They act with the expectation that should things go wrong, I will bail them out. Should things go wrong, I will shield them from the fall out. In my view, they do this because they feel empty (hence the insatiable need for love, or to put others down to feel better about themselves – one-upmanship), which is probably why so many women overeat/have breathing problems/have anxiety issues…

      1. Moreover, it’s unlikely Milton would have lost if his fight was just and one he could believe in. It’s unlikely Milton would have lost if his fight was motivated in the correct way by love. Love strengthens men and men’s resolve in a way few other forces can. It’s cause and effect; no amount of cowardice or physical weakness can assuage love.

      2. insecure people that are empowered will do very strange things…. just look at a jail, school, university, or office environment, where someone gets a position of power they don’t deserve……
        we’ve given women a position of power they don’t deserve and now they are wobbling inside with insecurities, whilst holding power over those around them……

    3. “White knighting” is when you defend a woman who isn’t fucking you and probably never will. Defending your family isn’t white knighting. It’s just the obvious thing to do.

      1. Defending your family against an imminent menace is the obvious thing to do, doing it because an stranger barely annoyed your wife IS white knighting (and stupidity).

  2. Sometimes its worth it to get your ass kicked in order to prove a point. I’ve lost a couple fights, but I still felt better afterwards having thrown punches.
    There’s more dignity in fighting and losing than simply running away.

    1. More importantly, men who fistfight over something often become friends later on. True male nature is so terribly unexplored, this fact of conflict breeding male bonding is utterly forgotten.

      1. Or more importantly, if you are worth 85$ an hour with a nice house, it’s not worth it to lose on some prole making 20$, who has nothing to lose.

    2. Don’t forget that this tale was written by a woman, a feminist icon. And women love instigating fights. The phenomenon is known as “Let’s you and him fight.”
      As surely as women will shit test a man, she will also test his willingness to fight for her and hers.
      Should you fight just because a woman thinks you should? Ask the thousands of men who are in prison because they went to the mattresses for a fight-testing shrew.

    3. Errrrr….there’s a time to fight and a time to back down quietly – but you need the skill to assess which is which. Potentially risking your life and limb is sometimes not worth it. Like having to defend the honour of a woman who deliberately persists in courting the wrong sort of attention and then neeing help to extricate her from a situation of her own making.
      Best is to assess the situation for riaks, evaluate how to mitigate the risks and then taking those steps to mitigate risks. Being manly is not to take stupid unnecessary risks in the name of bravado or machismo.

  3. Seems like a damned if you, damned if you don’t to me.
    Can’t see how Morton getting his ass pounded into the sand in front of his wife and son is much better. Yes, he’s brave, but still too weak to protect his family. Will seeing your father get beaten result in any positive mental growth for the boy? Or would be a horrible memory and nightmare? So instead of her scorning his cowardice and weakness, she’ll only scorn his weakness?
    I’ll happily stand up, and get my ass handed to me, but for me. For my own principles. Someone attacking my girl? Someone mugging my grandmother? But over a sandbox? Some battles aren’t worth fighting, no?

    1. I hear you dude. The rational, intellectual part of my brain agrees with your reasoning. But the primal fucking caveman in me says “No.” Even if your the smaller weaker guy, you pickup a rock and bash his fucking skull in. The essence of masculinity is killing and fucking – it’s what we evolved to do. Not poetry, not science, not law or literature or culture or mathematics – savagery, and brute force. To ensure the continuance of our genetic material.

      1. I mean no disrespect–I’m sure you are a great guy, good father, whatever–but this is the quintessence of the keyboard warrior responses so prevalent in these forums. Would you seriously bash some guy’s head in with a rock, face jail time, lawsuits, etc, because his kid threw sand at your kid, no matter how obnoxious he was? In real life, no, you wouldn’t. No sane person would.

        1. I guess the tongue in cheek aspect of my comment was lost on you? No worries, and I’m not a father or what have you. But as far as a ‘keyboard warrior’, I tend to think of myself as an actual warrior – having gone to war three times now. On a serious note though, much of men’s natural evolutionary impulses are now maladaptive for a society that increasingly subsidizes weakness and embraces the feminine imperative.

        2. And that’s the crux of the matter: It’s not that the other guy is “more alpha” or whatever, but rather that the government is.
          If a bigger kid harasses your kid in a sandbox without anyone disciplining him, you do the disciplining. If someone prevents you from doing that, you prevent them from preventing you. With words if that is convenient. If not, with fists. Or knives. Or guns. Or gasoline, artillery, chemical weapons, nukes; whatever.
          The great tragedy in our particular dystopia is not that there are some guys that are bigger than others, and like to show off their size. Sam Colt solved that problem a long time ago. Instead, the true problem is that we have a government that always and everywhere backs up assholes; whether they be lawyerrcunts, bankster trash, or simply sandbox bully dads.
          A somewhat analogous situation occurred in Pushtun Afghanistan some years ago; but instead of a sandbox fight, a son of some village chieftain raped (whatever that means) a girl from another village. I’m sure the girl got stoned as customs dictate, but customs also dictate that the perpetrator be handed over to stand trial. But, the guys father refused. So, not being a village of cowed-by-government dweebs, as soon as the winter receded enough to make travel from one village to the next possible; the villagers of the aggrieved girl went over to the village of the boy, and massacred absolutely everyone there. Men, women, children; everyone. Not one (there were only 40 something to begin with, but still) left alive. And while the British Nato contingent who were nominally in charge of that part found the whole thing “barbaric”, blah, blah; chances are guys in surrounding villages will think twice about raising their sons to be irresponsible. And, living under a saner and more limited government than we do; the response from Kabul was to do what governments everywhere should do; nothing.
          Anyway, the point is, that what is weakening guys like Morton, is not that he is “weaker” than some petty bully. Any cheap old .38 snubby long hence made men equal in that regard. Instead, what is preventing Morton from protecting his family, is the government. Because the kind of .38 Morton can buy, simply don’t measure up to the kit they have at their disposal in their quest to back up sandbox bullies everywhere. And hence, decent people like Morton gets to have his wife banged by some sandbox bully; while all he is left with, is the bill for raising the bastard.

        3. I’m a father, and personally, I’ve fought men much bigger than me over much smaller issues than this. Didn’t always win, but I got to walk away with my head held high and my nut sack full.
          Damn right this guy gets fought. There’s a point in assessing a losing battle where you swallow your fear and say, “Fuck it; I’m getting my ass kicked, but I’ll land a few good hits and teach him a thing or two, too.”

        4. Agree. And I would add, those instincts are ill-adapted to a society where the rule of law is the only permissible surrogate to inflicting physical punishment to a wrongdoer.

      2. Go ahead and bash his skull with a rock, since you’re not in war now you’d get your ass raped in prison for years, what a good choice.

    2. Whever you are in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation with a woman, you are usually in a shit test or a game.
      The key to passing the shit test, usually, is to not take the shit test.
      Here that means once the man confronts the other man he loses.
      One Solution: Dont Confront the man, confront the woman, another, don’t confront the man confront the child. Alternatively, play peacemaker. Alternately don’t get up at all, and treat her like she’s crazy when she gets mad at you for not getting up.
      You are allowed to be wrong, you are not allowed to be weak.

      1. If I was that big guy and I saw you castrating yourself to me by scolding your woman after I’d told her off, I’d give her a sly smile, slip her my phone number and tell her to give me a ring sometime.
        I bet she’d call.

        1. Your little kid plays with sand in a sandbox, a harridan obnoxiously comes over and screeches at your kid so you tell that woman to back off.
          That’s really a woman who you want to ask out?
          You are really seriously going to ask her out after husband comes over and tries to calm her down instead of fighting you like she wants?
          This woman is playing a game of let’s you and him fight, both with her husband and with her readers. That’s why the woman goes unnamed in the story, she wants no accountability.
          Once you start fighting in response to let’s you and him fight, she knows she can control you and will lose attraction to you over time because of this.

      2. All of your solutions are shit.
        The real solution is to call the cops, or pull out a gun.

    3. confronting the other guy wouldn’t be the right move in this case.
      if morton weren’t a beta, what he would have done is tell his son, ‘larry, do you remember what daddy taught you to do when a bully picks on you?’ and his son would have defended himself against the little fat fuck instead of getting upset like a little girl.
      beta begets beta. this fact is not lost on the mother.

  4. a brief story
    i am good 3 inches taller than my husband and don’t hesitate to wear high heels, so often people don’t read us as a couple. 
    one saturday night we were crossing the street, dressed for clubbing, when two large guys in a corvette made some crude remark s to me
    i just kept walking and was halfway up the block when the sound of horns made me realize my sweetie was no longer beside me and in fact was still in the intersection standing in front of the corvette, although the light was green and traffic was piling up behind it
    his monologue went something like this:
    ‘you are stupid negroes and have no manners but that is to be expected in men who have no fathers so i will explain that is not the way to talk to a woman NO DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR PRETTY CAR OR I WILL PUT A DENT IN IT WITH MY FOOT THAT THE INSURANCE WILL NEVER PAY FOR  and keep your voice down while a man is speaking that is what smart people do. i hope i do not see you again tonight’
    he then stepped out of their way and they meekly drove off, even though he had never lifted a hand to them. (just his foot)
    he is a man. the rest of you commenting here,i just don’t know what you are.

    1. If we expand this story to its logical end.
      The imaginary negroes get out of the car and level your husband because you admit as a woman you are physically more of a man than he is. And then the police book him for obstructing traffic.
      Then you get in the corvette and live out your repressed fantasy of getting banged by two negroes who fill you up in a way your husband never could.
      Cool story bro.

      1. he’s from the middle east
        guys either defend themselves or get raped by the Kurds
        its quite motivational !!

        1. Obviously you aren’t offering much better. Here in the bay area, the two Negroes would be from Oakland or San Jose or Stockton or Richmond, and they would have no problem seeing their friends in San Quentin again while making this woman’s husband a cripple. Either you are packing, and are prepared to use it, or you STFU.

    2. Uhh, I don’t debate for moment that your husband is a man. In fact I would love to shake his hand. But, how do you figure the guys that have commented so far are something other, that you would need to state that you don’t know what they are?

        1. I have, they don’t indicate to me that these men would do differently in the same situation. Maybe some wouldn’t and some would.

    3. So, in other words, “let’s you and him fight”?
      Further proof that women love seeing men fight for them. A man risked his life because Sidi the Slut was dressed like a slut and other people noticed.
      Fellas, don’t be that white knighting Captain Save-a-Ho who thinks denting a Corvette with his body is a sign of true love.
      Your husband is a moron. And you an attention whoring slut. Thanks for sharing.

    4. If you ask me, your husband is the front runner in the miss beta male U.S.A. pageant.

  5. All he had to do was…
    1) Tell his son to get a big fistfull of sand.
    2) Pick up his son.
    3) Tell his son to throw the sand in the big dudes face.
    Yeah, big dudes can be tough, but they’re not generally going to assault a child.

  6. Take a fist of sand. Say somewhing like “its not worth it, lets just be friends”. Throw the sand in his face and kick his balls.
    If you kicked hard enough he is done. If you didnt, at least his head will go down due to pain, giving your knee a knock-out opportunity.
    THEN you leave.

  7. “Thucydides : The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”
    all i have to say is that the divide between the intellectuals and warriors is wider than ever before. You either get nerds can’t even defend themselves or the meat heads spend hours training their bodies but not their intellect.
    In Ancient Sparta every man had to be a warrior and become part of the nobility and those who did not, were ostracized from every aspect of Spartan life; these had little to no rights whatsoever. But i guess Lycurgus was just a primitive man who wasn’t “enlightened” (because somehow having Flat screen TVs makes us much wiser and knowledgeable than the ancient man) with the ideas of equality and human rights; he just couldn’t get in touch with that “sensitive” side that modern man worships so much.

  8. Thucydides : The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”
    all i have to say is that the divide between the intellectuals and warriors is wider than ever before. You either get nerds who can’t even defend themselves or the meat heads who spend hours training their bodies but not their intellect.
    In Ancient Sparta every man had to be a warrior and become part of the nobility and those who did not, were ostracized from every aspect of Spartan life (these men had little to no rights whatsoever.) But i guess Lycurgus was just a primitive man who wasn’t “enlightened” (because somehow having Flat screen TVs makes us much wiser and knowledgeable than the ancient man) with the ideas of equality and human rights. He just couldn’t get in touch with that “sensitive” side that modern man worships so much.

    1. The culmination of this is drones. You (almost) don’t need soldiers anymore. You need people who can play real life Call of Duty.
      This is a bad development only because society needs an outlet for its most violent members. I don’t want them to walk around my city. I want them in Afghanistan.

    2. L taught the Spartans to be fags. The Spartans youth were to stock and murder innocent slaves. They were a pathetic culture that if not for the Athenians, creative people with a worthy culture, we would know very little of this pathetic band of faggot barbarians that ocassianily were able to be useful in the defense of Hellenic Civilization. I just found your page, apparently this is where adolescents with several decades under their belt and perhaps a few too many bad experiences with women hang out. Feminism may be the bane of modern American life, yet right Christian living might be a better alternative than the opposite extreme. Ps I found the ” how to get a girl to have an abortion” article to be very telling as to what you guys think an “alpha” is. Killing your baby becuase you don’t want to be responsable for the natural consequences of evil living.

  9. Fuck! I read this story for my Literature classes in college, I wrote an essay on it, and I never noticed that the whole point of Kaufman’s story is apathy. Thank you for this; this is really profound!

  10. It’s true that the thing that causes weakness is apathy, but how can you fix that? I just don’t give a shit about most things no matter how hard I try.

    1. “I study people, I know what your problem is. You know why you can’t fight? Because you got nothing to fight FOR! You don’t care about anything, you don’t value anything…you don’t BELIEVE in anything! That makes me better!” General Bethlehem, The Postman ( an ok movie with a great fight scene at the end)

      1. I don’t see how just pointing out someone’s flaws (which I pointed out myself as well) helps…

      2. so then your average white beta male, gets all fired up, figuring he has found something to fight for and heads down to the local cinema or shopping mall with a tactical shotgun… we all know how that ends…… nice……

  11. The MRA sympathizer in me just wants to point out that this situation would never happen today as men/fathers are banned/shunned/required to supplicate/automatically considered molesters at most SWPL urban playgrounds.

  12. The MRA sympathizer in me just wants to point out that this situation would never happen today as men/fathers are banned/shunned/required to supplicate/automatically considered molesters at most SWPL urban playgrounds.

  13. Male nature is admittedly very weird. We have 95% of the male population who are basically pussies. Regardless, we really don’t have long lasting feuds.

  14. You have to be very smart when approaching a street fight especially these days when no matter how much the victim you are the cops will drag your stabbed, shot, beaten body into jail along with the actual criminal. You’ll both be criminals, on or both of you might be dead. A street fight is not a boxing match. Than again you can’t live your life like a pussy. Don’t hind behind the newspaper when some one yells at your woman. Also if some one steps up to you and you can back down do so but don’t be a pussy about your back down. Tell your wife you would have loved to have shot that guy point blank in the face but he just isn’t worth it. Don’t be afraid of him either. No don’t get into a street fight you can avoid over a sandbox when you could have just walked away.
    Some times having a no bull shit attitude can calm the situation down. As opposed to sounding like a whiny wimp “please stop…”

  15. This reminds me a bit of the Louie episode “Bully.” It’s chilling and yet so true.
    It’s a shitty no-win situation though. If he backs down, he’s a coward. If he doesn’t, he’s fucked, because not only you can’t reason with that kind of people, they often hold the middle class in contempt for being “smart guys who think they’re the shit because they went to college” and actually would like to punch one in the face. Is a beatdown good for his family? Is it a good message?

  16. Hmm…yes and no. Kids have to show their guts on the ground, and their “reasoning” is full of spit and grass and mud and shades of red and blue over their skin. For adults, there are dialectic weapons that sometimes hurt far more than physical violence. As Lao Tse wisely put it, the best won war is the one that needn’t be fought.

  17. Hmm…yes and no. Kids have to show their guts on the ground, and their “reasoning” is full of spit and grass and mud and shades of red and blue over their skin. For adults, there are dialectic weapons that sometimes hurt far more than physical violence. As Lao Tse wisely put it, the best won war is the one that needn’t be fought.

  18. Once more, where is the balance between being aggressive and standing up for yourself and fighting for things that really matter?
    I think the choice to fight or not might not be the matter here but the fact that the man was weak in trying to steam of his shame and blame the son’s behavior. If you walk away from confrontation, make sure you are as proud of it as if you had just fought for something that really matters.

  19. This article seems to be promoting beta game for some reason.
    Just like a beta male offers support in the form of provision because he thinks that’s what makes a woman wet, a beta male offers support in the form of protection because he thinks that’s what makes a woman wet.
    There are a ton of beta males walking around trying to chest thump because of their own weak self image. Getting into pointless and retarded fights to “impress” your wife doesn’t make you alpha, it makes you pointless and retarded.
    A man worth anything would have walked away from a pointless conflict without questioning his own decision or how it affects his status in the eyes of his wife. He’d walk away with strength and dignity. Walking away from a fight for the right reasons is better than fighting for the wrong ones. You think your wife wouldn’t respect you if you left and explained to junior why you did so?
    That’s strength of character, that’s the fire of masculinity, that’s being a leader, that’s what women want to follow, and that’s what makes them wet. Not being a rottweiler on a leash who pointlessly fights idiots in the park.
    You can walk away like a pussy or you can walk away like a man, if you do the former your wife might see you as a pussy, if you do the latter she won’t.

    1. yes, you make a good point… it’s all in your own inner attitude….
      still the loss of possible violence in society is to the detriment of men….
      the male carries his authority with the under lying threat of violence… whether he uses it or not is down to his discretion….
      women ( and faggots ) carry their authority with the threat of shaming, guilt, ridicule and other social / psychological games…..
      this achieves relatively little in terms of building a decent society…. what you end up with is a socialist nanny state where everyone is busy trying to get their foot up each others asses…..
      meanwhile the only men left that are sanctioned to use violence are the pawns of the nanny state…..

  20. Morton was afraid because he had never been into a street fight before. It is the same thing as a guy who has never had a woman. None of them can react naturally to their needs. So they need to relearn their instincts.

  21. I disagree with the author here. First of all, you shouldn’t be getting married and having children, as having children is the province of poor and uneducated men. -Many of whom will end up a human wallet through a no fault divorce. Secondly, in 2013, why should any man let a woman define his role as being a ‘protector and provider’? So you can get laid? Give me a break.
    I think now that men earn less than women in most major cities, and men are much less educated than women (women graduate college at a rate of 5 for every 2), men should redefine their roles entirely. Why should men feel the need to protect any one of these women? Let her get her ass kicked if she wants to talk trash to some big thug somewhere. You think it is a smart man that assumes the role of unpaid body guard because he has been given the privilege of sex? I say the smarter man is the one that is able to get sex for free, and let the chump with ‘old-fashioned values’ that is committed to her take the beatings.

  22. This where your Ninja skills come into play. Take the Beast when least expects it, on your terms. Dictate the battle and battlefield.
    Thank you Ashida Kim!

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