Arizona Lawmaker Attempts To Starve Social Justice On College Campuses

Arizona Representative Bob Thorpe (Republican, District 6), has recently introduced an amendment to existing Arizona legislation that would impose crippling financial sanctions on any Arizona college or university that offers courses, activities or events that contain social justice themes.

HB 2120 would give Arizona’s attorney general absolute power to withhold up to 10 percent of state aid if he or she determines a college or university is in violation of the law.

Are you as sick of SJW enablers as I am?


Representative Thorpe said his bill is aimed specifically at things like the “privilege walk” exercise which is currently sponsored by the University of Arizona, as well as a course entitled, “Whiteness and Race Theory,” which is currently being offered to students at Arizona State University. The “privilege walk” exercise is described as, “helping ‘privileged’ students become aware of their own privilege and its impact on others.”

Included in these exercises is a cute little maneuver that encourages students to step forward if they meet certain criteria, like having more than 50 books at home, or attending a private school, or having inherited money. Conversely, those who were raised in a single-parent household, or had to rely on public transportation, or were ashamed of their clothes while growing up, must take a step backward for each of the criteria met.

Sock-puppet participants in this brain-twisting, University of Arizona exercise are encouraged to then take notice of exactly where they stand, in relation to all the other students doing the exercise; in other words, white people are to be singled out and shamed for their oh-so-obvious “white privilege.”

The Arizona State University class, “Whiteness and Race Theory,” is described as teaching, “postcolonialist, psychoanalytic, deconstructionist, feminist, new historicist” schools of thought. Among the required reading for the course is an interesting little book called, “The Everyday Language of White Racism,” which is described as providing “an incisive analysis of everyday language to reveal the underlying racist stereotypes that continue to circulate in American culture.”

Rep. Thorpe is taking action regarding what all of us have been thinking


Representative Thorpe said he sees those and similar classes as signifying a giant step backward for mankind in general: “The gains that were made in the 1960s are now being eroded,” Thorpe told the Arizona Daily Star. He continued:

We’re now finding ways to divide people and put wedges between people. Take that privilege walk exercise, for example. Somebody is being classified as being less of an individual based upon their social classification, a classification being placed upon them, the ZIP code they grew up in, whether their parents were successful in business or not. If you then look at an individual whose ancestors, because of their race, for example, they are linked to people that did something 100 or 200 years ago, that person who’s living today has little or no association with what happened 200 years ago. So let’s not have a wedge issue and cause that person to be vilified when they absolutely had nothing to do with some event that happened in the past.

“I’m not saying in my bill these classes cannot occur,” he continued. “What I’m saying is taxpayers should not have to pay for them.”

(His actual legislation, however, provides no such distinction, which is perfectly all right with your old Uncle Bob. In a nutshell, according to the verbiage of Thorpe’s actual bill, state aid would be at risk whether or not public dollars are involved.)

Heidi Vega, spokeswoman for the Arizona School Boards Association, said her organization believes these standards should be set not by the state legislature but by locally elected school boards. But Thorpe specifically said he crafted the measure because local school boards and the Board of Regents are currently not addressing the issue.

University of Arizona spokesman Chris Sigurdson said the “privilege walk” is an optional activity, saying the optional materials have been in use for more than 20 years. He said it is “not part of any formal curriculum” at the school. He referred questions about the legislation to the regents. Spokeswoman Sarah Harper said her board has not had a chance to review what Thorpe has proposed. A spokesman for Arizona State University would not comment. In other words, all of the participating SJW mouthpieces in the loop  are passing the thing around like the hot potato it really is…

SJWs are freaking out over this bill…and everything else that is changing


Lee Bebout, the Arizona State University associate professor who offers the course that Representative Thorpe finds offensive, defended it as a means of addressing the various aspects of social conflict: “College is exactly the place where students and teachers must work together to confront difficult ideas,” he told Capitol Media Services. And Bebout also said that college curricula, “should be designed by experts in the field rather than by politicians.”

But the co-sponsor or Representative Thorpe’s bill, State Rep. Mark Finchem of Oro Valley, heartily disagrees: “I oppose taxpayer funding for anything that seeks to divide people by race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. If private groups want to fund such things that’s their first amendment right, but taxpayer resources should not be used to advance discrimination and bigotry,” Finchem said.

Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona, an immigrant rights advocacy group, had this to say on the matter: “It doesn’t sound like any curriculum I participated in when I was going through the school system. We need to teach the history of our country. I have several children and grandchildren, and none of them have ever come home from school saying we learned how to hate.”

This implications of this exciting new trend are not lost on NY Post columnist and SJW sock puppet Shaun King, who had this to say on the proposed new Arizona legislation –

All of this is completely and utterly disgusting. That an aloof lawmaker wants to actually oversee and monitor individual activities and events to prohibit students and staff from discussing economic and skin privilege in this country is not just petty, it’s deeply problematic. What is his aim here?

It appears that Bob Thorpe actually has a bigger problem with students and staff discussing white privilege than he does with the unfair privilege itself. That should disturb all of us. For all of their talk about local rights, it’s deeply telling to see conservative lawmakers go so far as to say what individual dormitory directors and instructors can and cannot discuss with their students.

Conservatives like Thorpe are fully willing to be control freaks when it protects white supremacy and cultural hegemony — then say they stand on the principles of local control when it benefits them. I have a hunch this bill is not an anomaly, but a troubling sign of things to come.



Well, at least Shaun King got one thing right in that leftist screed of his – this bill is definitely not an anomaly, and it definitely is a sign of things to come.

Arizona bill HB 2120 makes total sense to your old Uncle Bob, as I’m sure it does to you, too. And I think we need more legislation exactly like this beautiful piece of manospheric weaponry, in order to balance out the egregious nature of leftist, SJW groupthink.

With Donald Trump about to step forward as our next president, and with the obvious, full-blown idiocy of SJW dogma beginning to grab the national spotlight, our time truly is at hand, my fellow shitlords.

All we have to do now is continue to turn up the shitlord volume, and close the deal.

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185 thoughts on “Arizona Lawmaker Attempts To Starve Social Justice On College Campuses”

  1. Glad to see a bill like this. I have serious doubts it will ever pass in a retard stronghold like AZ, though. Those dipshits just re-elected McCain.

        1. McCain is an actual example of privilege. Shouldn’t have been sent to Annapolis, shouldn’t have graduated, shouldn’t have been commissioned, shouldn’t have been a pilot.
          Got shot downot while fucking around, sustained his ‘torture wounds’ from failing to eject properly.
          Upon capture, he sold out and squealed like a bitch, for which the NVA treated him as a VIP.

        2. When your father and grandfather are rear admirals, that has pull.
          Maverick McCain should have hung up his spurs a looonggggg time ago.

        3. I know people that went to the NA with him. It’s also public record, but no one dares to call him out on it because ‘muh veteran!’

        4. Interesting. First hand stuff is priceless. But how do you know he was fukking around when he got shot down?

        5. He rides that pow experience like John Lewis with the civil rights movement. Old news flunkies

      1. His opposition looked like she would knock him off quite easily, but she really fell off after the race started.

  2. ‘Whiteness and Race Theory’ sounds as though it might have started life in Hitler’s Germany, only to be marched through by cultural marxists. Now as the world swings back to nationalism I’m sure the race warriors would be only to happy to march through it to take it in the other direction.
    Courses like this should never have been allowed to enter the university system, because, whether they’re about social justice (dressed up marxism) or something different (racial theories were common in academia in the early part of the 20th century) they have nothing to do with actual learning or critical thinking (despite the fact that the word ‘critical’ appears in many social justice type courses)
    Mr Thorpe is a hero and a man to be emulated

  3. State legislator passes law for his own state. Sounds like local control to me, Shaun King, you moron.

  4. 2017 is so awesome already.
    Trump inauguration.
    Angry goy game released (GOY – Game fo Year already).
    And now this song:

  5. “I’m not saying in my bill these classes cannot occur,” he continued. “What I’m saying is taxpayers should not have to pay for them.” His actual legislation, however, provides no such distinction […] In a nutshell, according to the verbiage of Thorpe’s actual bill, state aid would be at risk whether or not public dollars are involved.
    Is it just me or is anyone else having difficulty parsing this?
    I can’t make sense of the part about a distinction and what distinction is being made. And is not ‘state aid’ exactly what ‘public dollars’ refers to?

    1. Basically, he implied that the government would only be cut off to the sjws, but the cuts still happen if sjws arent using school money to fund their walks.

  6. You mean the SJWs will have to raise money on their own to fund their privilege walks instead of stealing from the taxpayers?
    If they weren’t too lazy to go out and do some work to raise the money, I’d give them some ideas:
    1) Car Wash: Except all their women are fat and repulsive. Fatty might break through her customer’s windshields. Plus using girls in bikinis to make money promotes sexist stereotypes.
    2) Kissing Booth: Except all their women are fat and repulsive. Nobody will want to kiss them. And using female sexuality to make money promotes sexist stereotypes.
    3) Lemonade Stand: Except all their women are fat, repulsive, and refuse to bow to gender stereotypes that would have them in the kitchen making lemonade.
    4) Bake Sale: Except all their women are fat, repulsive, and refuse to bow to gender stereotypes that would have them in the kitchen baking cookies.
    Looks like their privilege walks will become a thing of the past unless they’re willing to become hypocrites, recruit some hot women, or get a job.

    1. Its as if they are afraid they will lose the “PRIVILEGE ” of getting everything paid for by the government.

  7. Federal funding gets cut off when false rape allegations do not end with the males getting expelled, but hey, this, this is BAKWRDS!

  8. Good for this lawmaker, and Shaun King can kiss my ass. Why am I a villan just because I am white to him? What is his aim in suggesting these things? What have I ever done to Shaun King?
    God forbid “white” people begin to fight back against this systemic oppression and hate that has become the norm in our country.

  9. So having more than 50 books at home is somehow ‘privileged’??? WHAT nonsense!!
    I probably personally OWNED more than 50 books before I was 16 — but then, I also was earning my own money by mowing lawns and delivering newspapers, so I also wasn’t going out and blowing my money on alcohol or drugs, either.

    1. Once upon a time, kids who didn’t have a hell of a lot of disposable income had access to these book repositories that would let you take their books home for a while. If you liked it, you could take the book back on the agreed-to date and get the book back.
      I want to say they were called…libraries. With these libraries, you didn’t have to own books to have access to vast stores of knowledge and wisdom.

      1. We got one of those! Big giant building with columns an shit – you can rent DVDs there for free!

  10. Something needs to be done to dismantle the entire anti American apparatus on campus, media, and government. Its time to go on offense. In many many cases it is as simple as
    1. Cutting their public funding.
    2. Holding them to their own standards.
    3. Black knighting their systems.

    1. I hate to do this but you have to give credit where it is due. Obummer did initiate a program to stop funding college degrees that did not generate a likely post school income sufficient to pay back the government loans.

    1. One of the offices of the financial institution for which I work is near the ASU campus and I love going there. The women are slim and dressed to the nines. I don’t know about the education provided, but they are consistently listed as the number one party school in the country. I wish I was 45 years younger so I could go there.

  11. I don’t know about this one, Uncle Bob….do we really want “elected” officials having the final say on what is and is not worth studying?
    Slippery slope, I fear..

    1. Just as an SJW would like the world to comport exactly to their altruistic hopes and dreams, I, too, would like things to be all daffodils, rainbows, puppy dogs and love and light for all. But since we’re dealing with elitists who control the whole shebang whether we like it or not, I’m all for a shift in the overall equilibrium here. And this is a fine start, I think. Beats the crap out of all the recent “SJW victory” news we see in the MSM. At least it’s an attempt to make all the slaves equal.

    2. It is a public college, of course elected officials should have the final say ad to what is and is not worth studying.

  12. No additional laws need to pass.
    We simply need to use Title IX as a red pill hammer in the same way leftists have been using the amendment against us for years.

  13. They should start with replacing those retarded courses with classes that teach the truth about slavery i.e. Africans were themselves the greatest slavers, kidnapping men, women and children from other tribes and selling them to the Europeans for export not only to the US but the Caribbean, Brazil, etc. Only 2% of whites in the US ever owned slaves. Also Barbary pirates kidnapped thousands of whites and sold them into slavery in the Middle East. Black Americans do not have a special place in the annals of slavery. It has been part of human history for thousands of years. As I like to say to the SJW’s “I never owned no slaves and you never picked no cotton.”

        1. THIS. It is funny to blame whiteness for things that have been done in ALL cultures. But nobody cares.

        2. I’d like to know what “segregation” is in Obama’s America (3 days left of it!) in the current year? 80%? Not much of an improvement in 150 years……

        3. As I said above Black Americans don’t have ownership of slavery…. and what is the rate of black white “segregation” in Obama’s America in the current year?

        4. If you don;t give a fuck about what’s happening now, why should any of us give a fuck about shit that happened 50-150 years ago?

        5. Wtf are you on about. If I didn’t care about what was happening now I would not be on this site regularly.
          My comment was about Obama. Focus!

      1. well western civilization end slavery, slavery is not an invention of the western civilization, no other civilization end it in all human history, whites did, and the elites hate it. Go back to Zimbabwe or south Africa to witness the wonders of the black civilization when they expelled the white devil from government. And enjoy the peaceful and tolerant black majority being you white.

      2. Today its self segregation. Blacks complain when whites or latins move in and complain about white flight. White are racist either way.

      1. Radicalise a bunch of young minds while indebting them to the gills with student loans after which you let them face the reality of employment in a not so good economy. Oh, did I mention their Mickey Mouse degrees which is totally worthless?
        What’s their reaction going to be like?

      1. Only…. Who were the “venture” capitalists ?? Who were the captains on slaver ships ??? who were the slave dealers in the Americas, Brazil, USA, Caribbean ??? Not the ottomans & arabs ??

        1. The Ottoman’s Had the black slave trade going long before and long after the cross Atlantic slave trade. And the passage through the Sahara was much more deadly than the middle passage on the Atlantic. And when the black male slaves arrived at their middle eastern destinations they were castrated (100%), which is why there are no middle eastern or Turkish vibrant populations that trace their history back to that slave trade. The Quran is in favor of slavery.
          And it was Whites (notably the British) that put an end to the Atlantic slave trade. And whites that put pressure on the middle eastern slave trade which has reduced it greatly.
          Every population on the face of the earth experienced slavery at one time or another. the black American experience was neither better or worse.
          Remember that the Amistad defendant that won his case about overthrowing the crew of the slave ship transporting him, went back to Africa and made a fortune selling black slaves to white men.

        2. mike..see
          1947 ‧ Drama/Action/Adventure ‧ 2h 27m
          7.2/10 · IMDbTo
          avoid execution on a trumped-up charge, Abby (Paulette Goddard) “agrees
          to be enslaved in the British colonies of North America.” The captain of
          the transport ship, Martin Garth (Howard da Silva), has his eye on her,
          but he is outbid by Capt. Chris Holden (Gary Cooper), a Virginian. After
          setting Abby free on shore, Holden learns that
          Native Americans are plotting to attack the settlers. Holden, suspecting
          that Garth is in on the scheme, aims to stop them before all the
          colonists are killed.
          This is just glossed over by weirdwood the white slaves of XVIII & XIX Centuries ??
          See in West Indies black people with Irish names ?? Why ?? They were owned by Irish ??
          Did you know that more Irish slaves were sold in the 17th
          century than black slaves? With a staggering death rate between 37% to
          50%, this is the story the history books will not tell you.
          see more @

    1. My father told me how he picked cotton on his grandparents’ farm in Oklahoma. Yeah, Dad enjoyed “white privilege,” all right.

    2. The
      most comprehensive analysis of shipping records over the course of the
      slave trade is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. Between 1525 and 1866, in
      the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, 12.5 million
      Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the
      voyage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America.
      Of these 10.7 million Africans only about 388,000 were shipped directly to North America. They estimate that another 60k to
      70k ended up in the US after touching down in the Caribbean first
      bringing the total to 450k.
      So not only was the slave experience for blacks in America not unique, it was not even as bad as most other places where far more slaves were owned and treated far more brutally. And, at the end of the day, a few hundred thousand white people died in this country in a war that resulted in freedom for the slaves. So I’ve heard about all I care to hear about how all whites are to blame, etc…

    3. “only 2% of whites in the US ever owned slaves.”
      What percentage of free blacks owned slaves? The answer is out there, but you won’t get it answered in a public Institution today. Because…narrative.

      1. I’ve read about a couple of them. Among them, in the Old South, were black millionaires.
        A bio that comes to mind is “The Barber of Natchez”, a freed slave who started out as a barber and made himself a millionaire. Not that he didn’t have problems due to race but it didn’t keep him from becoming rich and owning slaves. Can’t recall the author’s name.
        No, slavery wasn’t a good thing but let’s get a perspective on it.

        1. Did not hear about that, but knew alot of the ships were dutch owned. But I really don’t care who owned them. US slavery was ended with 600,000 mostly white men dead and twice that wounded, so the whole “repriations question” is mute as it was paid for in blood.
          Also I find the whole jew conspriracy scripts occassionally posted here as a bunch of hokum, but people will believe what they want just like feminists, NOI, BLM, IS, etc..

        2. Well slavery wasn’t even “abolished” until 1865 and was not the reasoning for the Civil War (War between the States is more accurate).
          Whites in the north did not care enough to die for black’s “freedom”.
          To you Jew comment, It’s pretty well documented their involvement. Especially the ship’s owners.

        3. I agree with your post, but I do not find Jews making money off a former legal business enterprise (for the time period) an issue. Quantify how many non-Jews made money off the slave trade and compare numbers. As I recall, plenty of NYC banks (Morgan Chase) made money off it, but it took awhile that to wash out into the daylight.

        4. See above. The stats I have seen verified is 6%, still three times the Christian white American rate. BTW my grandfather was a Jew, so I have nothing against Jews.

        5. Also, everything built on the backs of slavery (mostly in the south) were utterly destroyed by the civil war.

        6. Scapegoating never goes out of fasion, but this could be pointed out as an example of my white priviledge.

        7. LMAO ever heard of taxation without representation? It wasn’t about slavery my friend. I live in Phoenix Arizona. Rather live in northern Az life hasnt taken me there yet….

      2. The “only 2% of whites in the US ever owned slaves.”
        Is a wrong argument..
        I’m no sjw but come on,
        Ok 2% had slaves but 98% worked around the slaves (overseers, pattyrollers, merchants etc….)

        1. Not quite. Even those employed whites as you infer, they do not make up a significant amount of people and historically speaking most southern whites were poor themselves. I do not understand how that gets over looked in the history books and that people take this race baiting tripe seriously, but here we are. I do know that alot of the danergous work was done my poor whites as the slave owners didn’t want to risk their “Investments”, so the hired day laborers (Irish, etc..) to complete it.
          I would love to have an honest dialgue about race in this country, but American blacks (and more specific the democrat Party) will never hear of it. If would destroy to many fictional narratives that have been built over the years via government and academia, so the race hustling show must go on.
          I would recommend to anyone to read the compiled testimonials of former slaves done by the Federal Writers’ Project (1936-38). It is revealing.

        2. Since slavery was illegal in about half the states (and they were the most populous ones), where do you get 98% of white people profiting from slavery by working for or with slave owners?

    4. ha,, the great Islamic Slave Trade… 7th to 19th century… By the way, slavery, in the most traditional sense STILL exists in Africa.

    5. Only 2% of whites in the US ever owned slaves.

      and slave ships were 99% Jew-owned. Blacks should really be demanding reparations from Jews and Muslims but Muslims are too barbaric to tolerate Black crybabies. Also, White guilt is the most mineable resource on planet Earth.

    6. Also that Jews ran the slave trade and profitted the most from the ships, not Christian whites.

    7. And how only 1% of the population of the south and less than that of the whole union owned slaves. And they were owned by some prominent families of a specific ethno-cultural group

  14. “Social justice” can never happen any way because society’s losers, scolds, misfits, utopians, degenerates, etc., have conflicting grievances that they can’t reconcile.
    Just look at the infighting going on among feminists. One, many feminists don’t want these “transgender” defectives showing up at their events, trying to pass themselves off as women and using the women’s restrooms, because, frankly, they give many women the creeps.
    And now the feminist movement has split along racial lines, where the feminists of color complain that the “white” (most likely Jewish) feminists enjoy “white privilege.”

    1. “social justice” cannot be a top-down enterprise. We can’t expect to legislate away all the bullys and bad guys.

    2. Social justice is even more fundamentally retarded.
      “Justice” has as a definition “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness.”
      What is antithetical to any of those ideas about society’s losers being treated as losers? It is not “justice” to give these bottom feeders wealth and privilege that they did not earn and do not deserve. Nor is it equitable or moral to those who are not losers, nor is it righteous from society’s perspective to encourage degeneracy in your populace.
      So “social justice” can really be answered by saying, “yes, but we already have social justice as evidenced by your standing, and it sucks to be you.”

    3. The good thing about these retarded idologies is that they normally end up destroying each other. Problem is, they usually destroy a lot of the society that allowed them to rise in the first place.

      1. “Problem is, they usually destroy a lot of the society that allowed them to rise in the first place.”
        Ideology working as intended.

  15. How about teaching a course showing how much better lives white people would have if we lived in our own ethnostates and we kept out all these other people who don’t fit in?
    We could title it, “Living Over the Rainbow,” since the rainbow has become the symbol of progressive degeneracy.

    1. The rainbow was a sign of the covenant between god and Noah. Fags culturally appropriated it from christians

      1. Yeah, but then Isaac Newton came along and demythologized the rainbow into an ordinary physical phenomenon you can demonstrate with prisms.

        1. Newton didn’t demythologize the rainbow into an ordinary physical phenomenon…the rainbow was always an ordinary physical phenomenon and newton just happened to mention it. Then the homos learned to roller skate in their underwear

        1. I think you should start this movement. Grab a big rainbow flag and a shirt that says “Two of Every Animal” and start walking around the streets.

        2. Picture it! Pairs of every conceivable meat-bearing creature trotting hoof-in-hoof from a rainbow to your plate!

  16. A question far more important than any asked by the various SJW movements: “why?”
    Why is racism ethically wrong?
    Why is segregation ethically wrong?
    Why is it ethically wrong to be born into a wealthier family, or born with a particular skin color, or build success regardless of birth?
    In pursuing the answers, we come to all manner of interesting ideas. Perhaps racism is not itself unethical, but many of its possible applications are (e.g. US Constitution still allows for enslaving prisoners for the duration of their prison sentences). Perhaps segregation as a universal has its flaws, but the natural segregation that occurs among peoples is actually ethically and pragmatically correct.
    Perhaps success is success, and unsuccessful people love to blame anything but their own actions and mindsets.
    If the schools were about this nobler pursuit, I’d throw money at them happily. But as they are not, defund the everloving crap out of them.

    1. “Perhaps success is success, and unsuccessful people love to blame anything but their own actions and mindsets.”
      Witnessed that amongst my own family. Blaming wealthy people is easy, but becoming wealthy is a lot of work.

  17. The State govt selectively defunded a ludicrous diversity program at Univ of Tennessee Just rejected the premise that there was a diversity problem at Univ of TN . They selectively took away their money and then gave the money directly to minority scholarships. The schools and universities are the fever swamp origins of SJW insanity and they need to be brought-to-heel…

  18. Included in these exercises is a cute little maneuver that encourages students to step forward if they meet certain criteria, like having more than 50 books at home

    Like Che Guevara? I guess he enjoyed “white privilege”:

    The Guevara home contained more than 3,000 books, which allowed Guevara to be an enthusiastic and eclectic reader, with interests including Karl Marx, William Faulkner, André Gide, Emilio Salgari and Jules Verne. Additionally, he enjoyed the works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, Vladimir Lenin, and Jean-Paul Sartre; as well as Anatole France, Friedrich Engels, H. G. Wells, and Robert Frost.

    1. “Like Che Guevara? I guess he enjoyed “white privilege”:
      Only if white privilege is defined by an entire decade worth of idiot white girls wearing his likeness on a t-shirt.

      1. If you’de ask them “who is on your shirt and where does he come from?”, half wouldn’t know his name and all couldn’t tell you where he came from.

    2. che was a privileged rich kid and a sociopath. All the left idols are champagne socialist. Look how socialist Bernie sander live. It´s seems that the communist/socialist redistribution of wealth is only for you. That´s the reason celebrities indulge in social justice and socialism causes, to distract you from the fact that they live a luxurious life and give little back, activism is a good business

      1. Guilt and virtue signalling perhaps.
        Something about charitable giving by the rich. They never simply write a check to the public treasury. They want legislation seizing other peoples incomes despite circumstances.
        Something I don’t think people understand when the rich give millions away. The charity is (1) deductible from personal income taxes and (2) they are usually giving to established NGOs or charities ran by people they know (Clinton Foundation) which is distributed to friends or to simply buy influence (Bill Gates). It has nothing to do with helping the poor or whatever starving waifs they use for PR purposes.

        1. and the idiots help them, in charity they take other people money and give all the money in the name of their company not your name so the charity company gets a deductible with money that was paid for retards who believe that they are making a change in the world. So basically is a form of tax evasion. So when you are donating to whatever cause, in fact you are helping some rich guys to pay less taxes.

  19. Hey if the State has to invest its money in education it has every right to demand the courses taught be something the state gets its monies worth. Courses like Accounting help business and stimulate the economy, Science and Mathematics advance the cause of knowledge, Agriculture, Cooking and Auto Mechanics provide the student with something to get a job with unlike Courses on ‘sexuality’ or watching soap operas, or the Black Studies and Gay Studies type courses which are more Indoctrination of empty minds in one part and jobs programs for the politically correct idiot types who currently flock to the liberal standard to teach and spread such manure.

  20. Good idea, but by failing to ground it properly the courts will knock it down.
    Cultural Marxism is a religion. It meets every qualification. Ban it from government institutions on that basis and they can’t argue. Make the enemy live by his own book of rules. They made the rule that no government funding can go anywhere near religious instruction or practice. So make them choose, keep the rule or drop it, both have pretty obvious implications to make our enemies suffer.

    1. The left has no shortage of idealistic lawyers and professional victims who will try to manufacture a precedent.
      Create scenario–>#Step in the lawyers to argue their “victims’” case–>outcome? may be favourable, maybe be not, but they’ll never stop trying.

  21. The difference will be offset by J funding. As we all know, they don’t pay for work. They pay to fuck things up.
    Iraq, Syria and multiculturalism are some examples.

  22. I see a potential problem with this section:
    To my reading of this statement, the full value of the monies withheld are to be restored to the institution from which they were withheld. This will have no effect. My first thought is that the guilty institutions will simply give these course offerings as a part of one or two quarters or semesters per year and, when averaging the periods in which they offer these courses with the periods in which they choose not to, the violating institutions will still net the same total revenues from Arizonan taxpayers.
    I’m not familiar with legal proceedings regarding the application of the penalties for this kind of legislation, but is this a potential problem? I would imagine a more effective measure against secondary educational institutions’ offering of these courses would be to never dispense the portions of funds withheld during the offending period.

  23. “ having more than 50 books at home..”
    Because public libraries (which usually have annual bag-of-books-for-a-buck stock clearances) and used book stores don’t exist near a college campus.

  24. How about this: Give the Attorney General absolute power to cut 100% of state aid if it has a Women’s Studies department?

    1. Very bad idea. The next attorney general (or 10 attorneys general from now) might feel different and he will then have the power to make the choices he wants.

      1. In reality, as a rule of thimb, I agree giving someone absolute power is a bad idea. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
        It was really just a play on words of the article. The point of the comment was not about giving a position 100% power, but to highlight the idea of eliminating Women’s Studies. This is a main, if not the main well from which SJWism (or whatever you want to call it) springs.

      2. Harry Reid learned this the hard way. Never assume your side will always hold power.

  25. Wait… so let me understand this…. there is actually a major state politician taking a bold initiative to change the course of toxic sjw bullshit in the college and university environment?
    It’s not April 1, so that’s good – ok so what’s the catch?

    1. The catch is the liberal media will do everything in their power to discredit him. He will be tarred and feathered and ran out on a rail by next election.

      1. “The catch is the liberal media will do everything in their power to discredit him. He will be tarred and feathered and ran out on a rail by next election”
        Thought it would be something like that.

  26. Offtopic but I wonder one thing. I know a guy who says PUAhate was a Manosphere forum? Was it? PUAHaters are parts of the Manosphere/MRA right?

    1. No, they’re the opposite. They loathe PUA and the manosphere, and sit around and whine about their victimhood at not being “born hot enough or rich enough” to get a woman, and condemn all things PUA. They are our antithesis.

  27. speaking of manly change, Obama just commuted the sentence of Man-ing.
    I wonder if Assange will surrender?

  28. Off wire: “The South Carolina Republican (Trey Gowdy), popular with the conservative wing of the GOP, was chair of the Select Committee on Benghazi and will now be tasked with the oversight of the United States intelligence community in his new committee.”
    The agency is really going to love that. Heh.

  29. As a fellow Arizonian, I applaud this bill with my utmost “white privilege”. These people will not give up the victim card.
    So many applaud Kaepernick for dropping to his knees during the anthem and claiming blacks have never had it good in this country, despite the fact that the NFL and NBA are for the majority, African Americans (not even to mention our current president is black).
    MTV’s “white guys” video was made to show us the privilege we take for granted, yet they yanked it as soon as we called them on their own racism. The fact that they mentioned Brock Turner tells me there is no way that video was satire.
    I for one will not give in to that victim mentality. It’s time to stop being nice to these people and call them out for what they really are. Constantly being nice to someone will only lead you to being used and abused. Any guy who has ever tried getting better with women will attest to this.

  30. Hope they pull that off in North Carolina. As a parent of a college student, I am sick of the curriculum imposed on students and PC BS.
    Glad my son gets opposing view in ROTC

  31. If people like Shaun King invest as much time in actually working hard to improve their standing in life as they do on whiny bitch sessions about nonexistent “white privilege” and other assorted scapegoats for their abject failures in life, they’d find their situations would improve greatly.
    Unfortunately, it’ll never happen. It’s so much easier for the mentally decifient Shaun Kings of the world to blame whitey than it is to actually get off your ass and do something. You could give them a free ride through life in a platinum plated Rolls Royce and they’d still bitch about the air freshener.

  32. Now they need to start requiring loans to be aligned with productive majors, no bullsh*t gender studies or basket weaving. Then start investigating the wholly arbitrary “rape” and “sexual assault/harassment” codes in the universities.

    1. Agree. I’m not entirely against the notion of free college, however there must be strings attached. No free college for majors that won’t give back to society. And no, the vagina monologues as a dissertation is not “giving back.”

  33. To be fair there are people who have it easier than others. Take race and SMV. There are definitely hierarchies.
    The difference between acknowledging that and the lunacy of the SJWs is how to act knowing this truth. The realist will know what cards he is dealt and learn to maneuver with what he has in order to gain more should he desire. The SJW way is to complain without actually doing anything.

    1. Women always have it easier than men. Why can’t we get some SJWs demanding equality for us.
      Western women can choose not to work all their life, someone will always provide them with free food, housing and spending money. I’d like to lead a life of leisure too!

      1. Yeah I feel you, but as you probably know the equality for men movement (MRAs) won’t really catch steam because they use the same complaining tactics as the SJWs. There is no preference for men because we are relegated to be workhorse providers (i.e. human doings instead of human beings). Thus we must take our destiny in our own hands. Yes it sucks that no one will provide for us, but remember we have many advantages. Our looks don’t decline as rapidly as women and we can always move up, whereas women’s status is inextricably tied to their looks and once they fade it’s all over. We aren’t inherently solipsistic. The list goes on. Sure they might get welfare and the like but it won’t be the same as landing a quality guy. Basically what I’m saying is that in order to succeed in whatever it is that you want, you need to realize where you start from and work from there. Don’t expect the system to cave into your demands because you want “equality.” They don’t care about us unless we have vaginas. Be your own man. Kind of esoteric I know but I think you get where I’m going with this.

      1. Yeah I just don’t want people to oppose something without realizing that the other side may have a point but has just taken it way out of proportion. There are inherent privileges, and as I said before the sexual marketplace is where the privileges really stand out. Not that they can’t be overcome by other things, but they are present. Another example, a short guy will always start out at a lower baseline SMV than a taller guy, all other things being equal. “Looks” (I mean facial symmetry, jawline, e.g. how “ugly” or “hot” your face is) is another thing that one can’t control without plastic surgery. Yet you don’t see a movement for “equality for ugly, short, and balding dudes.” In fact if such a group tried to get off the ground they would be laughed off the planet, especially by SJWs (who wouldn’t realize the irony).
        I’m ranting but my point is this, acknowledging differences is no vice, but arbitrarily complaining about it like SJWs is.

    2. Great comment. That’s why liberal progressivism is a loser ideology. The most repellent of all liberal progressive creatures are the people who do have it easier (be that looks, smarts, intelligence) and believe this shit.

  34. Now if they can only sort out the divorce laws, I’ll move to Arizona …… but that’s never gonna happen!
    Total aside.
    Some friends and I were talking about false accusations of rape in the UK, we concluded you should murder the woman making the false accusations the moment you heard about them. The penalty for murder (5-10) being a lot less than the penalty for rape (5-10 plus life on the sex offenders register).

    1. a Chinese ruler had death penalty for Generals showing up late.
      2 generals were trapped behind flooded river, impossible to make rendezvous on time…
      “What’s the penalty for late arrival?” Death
      “What’s the penalty for losing a revolution?” Same

    1. Family courts are not legitimate. I can’t believe how many men sit there in family court courteously like peasants being beheaded and allow extra legal field marshall authorities to dismember their family and estate. If it’s one place a man should object, declare soverignty and reject the authority it’s in a family court and not a trivial traffic stop for an allegedly bad tail light. There is open war against the family and the family court mechanism is no different than any other wartime tribunal we’ve seen.
      The Imperial Japanese set up field tribunals in the nearest grassy field and they were no different than the kangaroo family courts of the west. Note how the captured Chinese sit there peacably awaiting decapitation just like dear John in the west twiddles his thumbs in a custody hearing or contesting a child support blood money warrant. He sits there too full of angst, lost hope, apathy and worry to go apeshit on the hostile family court thugs that hold his family for ransom. A man sitting in a family courtroom is the same as a POW in an international conflict who is about to be executed.
      Power is power and brute force is brute force. At the other end of the cabal waging war against family are more anti culture and anti family wartime field operatives like the abortion syndicate. The Japanese had that aspect of the war covered too only without the posh rented office space of modern planned parenthood.
      Today if a mother despises abortion and bucks the system, there are coteries of the worst vermin from hell, more branches and tentacles ready to over vaccinate, fluoridate, propagandize, emasculate, disarm and dope up the progeny. As you can see this is overtly a war against YOU and your tribe/family. The Japanse conquered in war the same, anihilating the progeny of the conquered but the Japs were direct and foreward about it.
      Aside from old black&white Jap war photos, the enigma continues. Isis is no different. ISIS uses the same old playbook rules utilizing invasive radical presence enforced with brute force, the same M.O. as the resident enemy within the west uses when they utilize the kangaroo family chopping block slaughterhouses to conquer our territory and dessimate our tribes.
      ISIS headchopping is no different than a family court hack practicing their GOLF swing chopping up your family. It’s all wartime sport. Shit the Samurais chopped head for sport just like Arnold Palmer bogied. Would YOU just sit there and let some bogus fat family court hacking crew do this to YOU the head of YOUR family?? “ARE YOU A FUCKING GOLF TEE??” Wake up western man. And those ISIS butchers relish a chopping session with high fives and celebration just like the CPS goes out for drinks after a day of baby grabbing. And CPS sells abducted western kids to trafficking networks that are funded by the same worldwide cabal that bankrolls ISIS. They’re THE SAME.×195.jpg
      In the west the CPS celebrates a day of successful kid grabbing, high fiving the guardian ad leitem, the CASA workers, the prosecutors and traffickers, the women’s advocates, the divorce attorneys, the kangaroo feminazi magistrates and the other socialist worker creeps. And their trustees and fundies with the big backyard pools who profit off the trafficking and the liquidation of estates, more high fives, toasts and hors deurves for the fat pigs that cannibalize the culture and stock of the west. Note how this ISIS dad celebrates the beheading of a Syrian soldier by showing his toddler son how to play ‘kick the head’.
      You think the family court cabal with their rows of snickering feminazi witches and manginas doesn’t play ‘kick YOUR head’ behind your back as you leave the courtroom with your family dismembered and your estate shoved into the county drawer? They’re LAUGHING behind your back. Feminazi witches and mangina goons all of them. Don’t even go into a family court. Their ‘rules’ are wartime rules imposed without respect to the constitution. The family must survive. The family court cabal and divorce rape industry must go.
      The divorce rape industry operators shy away from parts of the world where the communities are hostile towards them. They only set up their ‘chop shop’ where people are docile and climb up on the chopping block like good obedient sheep. The founders of the US would gladly have accepted a swordfight duel with the short Japanese Samaurais. I doubt Aaron Burr would have put his neck down for Hashimooga whatever the fuck’s name the guy with the samaurai sword is. Aaron Burr and every other founder of the US carried a sword and would be more than glad to rumble.
      Basically what I’m saying is – JUST DON’T FUCKING SIT THERE western man!! Don’t be a golf tee. Don’t let the family court or any other belligerent party practice their ‘swing’ on you. Not ISIS, nobody. They’re killing off families for sport. Get in the game and swing back. Defend. Don’t let them decapitate your family!

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