What The Anti-Trump Feminist March On Washington Really Means

Anxious to show the deplorables they still have balls and still cling to bitter Penis Envy, feminists were out in force in Washington over the weekend with their Starbucks lattes in hand. Establishment media was all over the event like a fatass, glouring feminist at an all you can eat buffet. Daily Mail had such a lengthy article about the “Women’s March on Washington” one might think they were covering a huge story like extraterrestrial life being discovered, when in reality all the story involved was a regurgitation of the same male-hating, anti-children, anti-family bile feminists have been spewing for half a century.

Unfortunately for them, feminists haven’t realized playing the victim card doesn’t work anymore. Anglo women are already the most coddled, pampered, and spoiled individuals on this planet, and the best they can do is fight for the right to kill their children in utero? What the hell? When one sees a spectacle like this, replete with such cultural pirates as Michael Moore, Cher, Charlize Theron, some washed up actress named Jessica Chastain and an aging Ashley Judd preaching the matriarchal evangel, it’s easy to see why white America is demographically dead and disappearing.

Incidentally, this is the insanity I gladly left behind for “fertile” and feminine shores elsewhere.

The red pill man knows never to believe anything women say. One of the most important skills men can learn in their dealings with dissimulating females is to watch what they do instead. Here’s a convenient translation guide to understand what the statistically sterile, solipsistic androgynes really mean when they peer into the camera lenses at the event and seek the attention and sympathy of weak White Knights and sleeping Beta males. But as we all know, women fuck bad boys and only seek to clean out good guys’ wallets.

Anyway, on to the list. Here’s what feminists are really saying when we read through the lines.

“I’m a selfish bitch.”

What does Charlize Theron have to be upset about? Being worth $110 million for playing pretend for a living just isn't enough?

What does Charlize Theron have to be upset about? Being worth $110 million for playing pretend for a living just isn’t enough?

What more do Anglo women possibly want? They already spend 90% more money than they earn in the economy. They gobble up 66% of public spending from the welfare state while men pay 75% of the taxes to support this gynocentric system. Women hypocritically make up 80% of all spending decisions in the materialistic, extremely wasteful and environmentally destructive economy they later complain about as not being “green” enough.

They then hypocritically say they Don’t Need a Man™ while statistics prove them dead wrong. Without men for the government to rob women would be up the creek without a paddle.

What’s most satisfying about the Daily Mail article was reading the “Best rated” comments below the article. Nobody is buying the propaganda establishment media is crapping out anymore. User Right Auntie wrote:

I’m not quite sure what they are protesting. Women in America can drive a car, get an education, get a mortgage and purchase a home. They can be doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers. They can be ministers or atheists. They can have children without men. They can speak their minds. I’m positive that they can still do these things now that Trump is president. This just looks like a giant hissy fit because their candidate lost. Being a sore loser is never a good thing.

Indeed, what are these women protesting? They live such decadent lives they’re literally killing the goose that lays the golden egg as the future belongs to those whose children will be in it, and the men who made their exorbitant, selfish existence possible are either breeding with other ethnic groups or becoming genetic dead ends.

“My sexual promiscuity is more important than a dirty little baby’s life.”

Hands off my uterus! Who wants that barren piece of anatomy, anyway?

Hands off my uterus! Who wants that barren piece of anatomy, anyway baby?

How many methods of contraception do women have today? There is a veritable cornucopia of methods available to women to prevent pregnancy from happening in the first place. But, rather than taking responsibility and actually using one of the dozen and a half methods below, feminists refuse to show the world how Strong and Independent™ they really are by preventing conception and instead opting to fight to the death for the right to kill their unborn children in utero.

Feminists, why not try one of these methods rather than sucking children out of the womb through a tube as is the case in a first trimester abortion, or dismembering them and crushing their skulls as is the case in a second and third trimester abortion?

  • Abstinence
  • Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)
  • Birth Control Patch
  • Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Birth Control Shot (Depo-Provera)
  • Birth Control Implant (Implanon and Nexplanon)
  • Female Condom
  • Cervical Cap (FemCap)
  • Outercourse
  • Diaphragm
  • Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FAMs)
  • Pull Out Method (Withdrawal)
  • Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)
  • Condom
  • Spermicide
  • Sterilization for Women (Tubal Sterilization)
  • IUD
How sadistic are you bitches anyway, to push for abortion rather than personal responsibility, and valuing life rather than presiding over the death of your culture at the hands of your own selfishness?

“I am a hypocrite.”

Fat slob Michael Moore, who still hasn't donated his $50 million fortune to the little people was at the event

Fat slob Michael Moore, who still hasn’t donated his $50 million fortune to the little people, was at the event

Bill Clinton womanized, fucked half of Arkansas according to state police testimony, got blow jobs in the White House, regularly cheated on and disrespected his wife Hillary as he chased what he called his “peaches” and yet we never saw protests of this kind during his presidency or Hillary’s failed bid for the White House.

Where were the protests for Hillary being an enabler?

There are also rumors Clinton was a regular guest on the island of a convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, flying down on Epstein’s private jet and doing God knows what while he was there. Even the lamestream media had to cover that story. Daily Mail wrote:

Bill Clinton’s relationship with a billionaire pedophile will be thrust into the spotlight once again in a major book by a bestselling author released just weeks before the presidential election.

The former president will face renewed questions over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, a registered sex offender who was jailed for 13 months in 2008 for soliciting girls for underage prostitution.

Feminists have been silent about that story, while they assail Trump for having normal heterosexual desires and grabbing pussies, much to the delight of hypergamous women when he does so.

“Fathers are less than human.”

A decrepit Cher was thawed from her crypt and hauled down to the march

A decrepit Cher was thawed from her crypt and hauled down to the march

Feminists, tools of the moneyed elite, continue being useful idiots for the NWO socialist world domination project. Along with a tyrannical government, they have turned fathers and men into enemies of the state, as recently revealed at TNMM.

Make no mistake, the institution of the welfare state is the single biggest act of cuckoldry in the history of mankind.

Under the Old World Order, men were charged with the responsibility of loving, supporting, and raising responsible members of society. They were also charged with directing the lives of their often overly emotional (and illogical, short-sighted and fickle) wives in a positive direction.

The institution of the welfare state and child support indentured servitude changed all that as the state cucked men and fathers by using the force of their own tax dollars against them.

Not surprisingly, the state is proving to be an inept leader of human families because the concept and importance of fatherly love and guidance means much more than simply a bureaucracy providing Government Check Dads via the Draconian child support system. Since feminism, women have proven they are not capable of leading responsible lives without male guidance, and our children are paying the price.

None other than Nikola Tesla knew what was coming as a result of this insanity.

Our civilization will sink to a state like that which is found among the bees, ants and other insects–a state wherein the male is ruthlessly killed off. In this matriarchal empire which will be established the female rules. As the female predominates, the males are at her mercy. The male is considered important only as a factor in the general scheme of the continuity of life. The tendency of women to push aside man, supplanting the old spirit of cooperation with him in all the affairs of life, is very disappointing to me.

Woman’s independence and her cleverness in obtaining what she wants in the business world is breaking down man’s spirit of independence. The old fire he once experienced at being able to achieve something that would compel and hold a woman’s devotion is turning to ashes. Women don’t seem to want that sort of thing to-day. They appear to want to control and govern. They want man to look up to them, instead of their looking up to him.

Indeed, the entire affair in Washington as well as 50 years of rabid feminism both reek of an agenda to turn men into nothing more than sperm donors and expendable laborers, and for women to live out their Penis Envy fantasies.


Pretty Woman no more: Wearing a "pussy" hat Julia Roberts flaunts her hate for the deplorables

Pretty Woman no more: Wearing a “pussyhat” Julia Roberts flaunts her hate for the deplorables

These are only four translations of what feminists really mean when they throw collective hissy fits like the one in Washington. They don’t deserve to have an audience any longer as everyone already knows what they have to say, and what they have to say is cultural poison loaded with anti-male bigotry.

It is an encouraging sign of sea change that we who are members of the new counterculture in America enjoy seeing when people are not listening to what these preachy, entitled feminists have to say as evidenced by the overwhelming backlash in the comments section of a mainstream newspaper article on the event.

Do you think the pendulum is about to swing the other way, away from the cultural and demographic suicide as well as gynocentric imperialism events like this represent?

Ladies, we realize you have a vagina. We realize it is nature’s credit card in your mind. But you are over your victim card credit limit, and your account is about to be closed.

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    1. She adopted a second African kid? Like they will be able to relate to a lilly white Hollyweirdo when they get older. She could adopted some poor white American mutts, but she went for the South African purebreds

        1. Funny how that works – a guy that’s physically punched multiple women is a Liberal Darling, and Trump’s the asshole….

      1. She is South African too. A lot of Africans have empathy to their home country. Except Nigerians. They seem to leave and never look back.

    2. A few years back wasn’t it east Asian children that celebrities were adopting en masse?
      After the African child fad wears off what group will be next? Arabs?

      1. Endangered species. Cheetahs, tigers, masculine men, etc…they will walk them down the red carpet on leashes

      2. Nah. With those burkas and all the religious protection nonsense, no white woman wants to deal with wrapping a kids face up daily. Not when they are too busy looking for rapist daddy or trying to find a good test subject to indoctrinate in the ways of matriarchy and faggotry.
        Right now, it’s Kind of a toss up between Chinese babies and Spanish babies. Sadly Mexican faces aren’t getting any more popular so the kid needs to Anglo in some way. China is throwing things off by getting back to replacement levels again.

        1. a lot of wealthy chinese couples are hiring American women (white surrogates) to carry their babies. it’s a huge business in california because there are tons of wealthy chinese and they want the US citizenship that comes with an anchor baby

        2. Well if the ladies will be putting random things there anyway, might as well give back to society in a positive way too. Crazy times!

        1. I´m curios about Muslims being happy about Muslim kid being educated by infidels, but yeah if it is a hollyweird couple probably they will raise the kid as a Muslim and sentdhim to Islam school to learn about muhamed teachings and be radicalized like a perfectly normal Muslim.

        2. I’m old-fashioned. In my rationale if you give up a child for adoption, you are OUT. None of this “Open Adoption” crap. The kid is MINE and I will raise it as if it’s sperm-donor and host-uterus never even existed.

        3. until a Muslim kills you and the kid, it is punishable by death to leave the religion of peace.

      1. You lay her down in bed and spread her legs only to hear an ancient sounding creak release amid a plume of dust as a gravely voice croaks out: “You rang, sir?”
        Do you:
        A) Get the fuck out? Go to page 26.
        B) Stay and see what happens? Go to page 7.

        1. A reference to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books ftw! I cant wait to get a few for my nephew.

        2. Lol! I used to play text based RPGs.
          *Charlie Theorn begins casting a spell at you!* “Oh great high priestess, grant me the power to smash the misogryarchy!”
          >kill troll
          *You swing a Scottish claidhmore with a leather wrapped hilt at Charlize*
          *INSTANT decapitation. The body of Charlize falls to the ground*

    3. Sean’s about to drill that snow cone into the faceless crowd and get wrecked on liquor.

  1. I saw a lot of women carrying signs championing their unalienable to right to have abortions on demand, to terminate the lives of their own children for any reason.
    I can’t get past just how insane this is. Nowhere in the animal kingdom will you find a mother animal that willfully kills its own young. In point of fact, every animal mother – no matter how small – will fight to the death to protect its young. No matter if it’s a bear or a possum or a 3 oz mouse. If confronted, even by an adversary much, much larger, that mother will go at the threat with complete ferocity. Even a tiny little mouse will bite at a cat or dog trying to get at its young. Even squirrels make better mothers than these Western women. Ever see a squirrel nest? Sometimes a hawk or crow tries to get at the babies inside. The mother squirrel will fight and scream making all kinds of noises trying to scare off the bird of prey.
    1000 years ago (or even 70 years ago with the Red Army), pregnant women were terrified of invading armies because the invaders would cut out the babies of pregnant women because they knew this was the worst thing they could do to their enemy. Women would hide in basements or in barns trying to protect their babies.
    And these women are OBSESSED with killing their own unborn children.
    When a fucking cold-blooded reptile cares more about its offspring than human females, you know society is terminally ill.

    1. It’s to the point that I think we have to get more confrontational. This keyboard venting isn’t going to change anything. When you see a folding table with planned parenthood brochures, fucking flip it over and walk away. Things like that.

      1. Think of a counter protest of 1000 men all calling these trolls fat and ugly. Their movement would disintegrate.

        1. The counter protests would be anticipated by the media and government. They would call it a pro rape rally of white supremacists. Riot police would gas them and send “fur missiles” at them.

        2. Parading on the streets protesting is so gay & brazilian, let them do their thing. It’s their time in history. Do you really see yourself screaming and bitching about your rights like a six year old spoiled brat.

        3. It wasn’t my idea, but I saw a friend post on FB that next time one of these things happen he’s going to bring a sign saying, “No Fatties Allowed” and said he’s pretty sure that would clear them all out.

        4. It’d be something like this:
          Back in 2014 when a group of men met to discuss issues (alimony, custody, divorce, suicide, etc …) the MSM nearly lost their minds.

        5. The old hag crone pos said “Native American matriarchs…blah blah blah” first off – chiefs were supreme, secondly: herein is where you find exactly their sentiments on a would be matriarchal fantasy. That’s the reason for the conference.
          Oh and: everything that reporter said was true! I can’t believe it isn’t fake news!

        6. I thought HS girls were supposed to be at or near the prime of their desirability. But most of the ones I’ve seen lately easily weigh more than me and I’m 175 lbs at 5’10- 11. The girls I’ve seen in public are quite a bit shorter but easily are more than 175. Some are pushing 200 or better. Girls are getting fatter at younger ages. The hr manager at my job who must be well into her 40s easily looks much better than a lot of these girls 16, 17, 18 and 19 I’ve seen lately. But in all fairness, she’s in the top 1 percent of women her age in terms of attractiveness. I thought she was in her late 20s or early 30s

        7. I see diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, folds that have yeast and wheelchair scooters.

        8. Look at the feet. No really, look at the feet. Large women with tiny feet. They are suppose to be tiny women with tiny feet. Also take note, especially in overweight children, of the tripoding legs. The legs deform inwards to support the massive weight.

        9. 16 is the AOC in my state. I have to ask though.. I’m guessing you feel it’s fine for a 16 year old girl to have sex, as long as it’s with someone approximately her same age?
          The question is why? Either a girl that age is old enough to have sex or she isn’t. If she is, what’s the difference between her doing it with a 16 year old boy or a 26 year old man?
          Is she mature enough to have sex with say 10 sixteen year old young men but not mature enough to have sex with say one 26 year old man? If not, why not?
          How does the age of the man affect whether she’s mature enough to have sex, because I know that’s where you’re going. You’re going to say a girl that age isn’t mature. But why is she mature enough to have sex with however many 16 year old boys (or girls) she wants, but after an arbitrary age, she’s no longer mature?

      2. When you see Girl Scout kids selling cookies, ask the little girl if Girl Scouts supports killing unborn babies. If her mother chimes in, ask the little girl, “Did mommy kill your unborn brother or sister? At least she let you live. “

        1. Terrorizing children without discretion is a hilarious thing to joke about online, you sure are a thoughtful, compassionate person (see this is sarcasm, terrorizing children is actually not funny or useful)

        2. Oh, let me sit and be lectured to by a superior moral reasoner…
          Terrorizing children with the awful truth is better than scrambling them up in the womb and suctioning them out, selling the body parts to mad scientists, and throwing the rest in a medical waste bin.
          You make me feel so guilty when you speak down from your moral highground!

        3. Better than letting them get brainwashed into killing their own babies, if they haven’t already.

      3. Pull a gun and shoot the fatty behind the table in the head. She kills children, you kill her.

    2. A lot of animals defend their young tooth and nail, but a surprising number of female species murder their young in infancy, use their young as food for their other children, or will be at risk of murdering their young if a new dominant male enters the sexual arena. Human females aren’t too different from the rest of the animal kingdom.
      Hamsters are often kept from their young since they will eat them themselves. Think about it. The idea of family has been killed and women have adopted the global family. Main problem there is the global family sees them as worthless too.

      1. I have heard of females devouring the male after intercourse (preying mantis) and of males killing the offspring of other males to being the females into heat.
        I tend to think the notion of hamsters eating their young is an urban legend soft of like lemmings running off a cliff
        Clerk: Look, kid, just take him before his mother eats him, all right? the Simpsons, Season 4 Episode 16

        1. I can confirm as fact that when certain conditions are present (not good enough hiding spot, too many humans around, or older kittens still around) a mother cat will kill her newborns. Dismember , in fact.

      2. People also try to point to the existence of homosexuality in the wild: when it does exist it’s under extreme unnatural conditions. For instance, male flies will try to mate with each other in single sex environments and kept at elevated temperature.

        1. I massaged my girlfriend’s dog last week, after 5 minutes she spread her asscheecks so that I could fingerbang her. When the mating season comes animals would either attack anyone or would fuck anything.

        2. The homosexuality in the wild situation seems far more outlier than not, save for the bonobos who clearly have a system of matriarchy fully establish for equal opportunity poon sharing. And then there are nature’s balls of wtf who can switch sexes based on needs. What tranny’s don’t get is most of these species can’t see. Still freaky.
          In a society where the pangs of war hit heavy or where the people aren’t as dependent on the state, babies are born in high numbers and family protected. As long as state is new daddy, women will continue to run infants over or cuckold men with another man’s child because they don’t have a desire to be responsible. Death, Famine, and true self reliance are the best reminders of why to have strong family ties. Insulated women don’t touch that stuff. Ever.

        3. Animals are not homosexual.
          You will never see an animal mate EXCLUSIVELY with ONLY same sex partners.
          Animals will never feel attraction for their mates, let alone “same sex” attraction.
          Animals will never demand the authorities issue them marriage certificates.
          You will never find an animal that marches around in asselss chaps, demanding other animals bake them gay animal crackers.
          They will never throw a lispy temper tantrum when you refer to your homework as “gay”
          Animals ARE NOT GAY

        4. “Death, Famine, and true self reliance are the best reminders of why to have strong family ties. Insulated women don’t touch that stuff. Ever.”
          – Words worth MORE than gold.

        5. Actually, paleontologists discovered a dinosaur that was homosexual. It was called Anusaurus

        6. Agreed.
          Those homosexuality in nature arguments don’t substantiate homosexuality in the natural order of life. When it *OCCURS* in nature – it is an abnormality and hence not meant to last – just as it is with humans.

    3. There are other perspectives on this.
      Look at the gene pool, and look at how these babies are likely to turn out, should they be born: criminals, homosexuals, BLM activists and, horror of horrors, liberals.
      If they want to kill their own early, let them. Saves us the trouble of having to do it later, in self defense – after our tax dollars have funded them through childhood and fed them until they are old enough and strong enough to be dangerous.
      Planned Parenthood is essentially liberals murdering future liberals.
      How is that bad?

      1. except no one in Africa or the Middle East practices abortion. All those cute little black babies you see with their outstretched hands that we send aid to? In 18 years time they will be in Europe raping, robbing, and living off welfare.
        there is a reason why in ancient times, conquerors killed the children of the vanquished: because they knew once they grew up they would avenge their parents

        1. give aid to babies and the youth in third world countries so they live to adulthood and then seeking opportunity elsewhere, migrant north, wreaking havoc.
          so we pay twice: in subsidies when they are young as charity and then later when the chickens come home to roost in Europe

        2. Good point:
          Older guys like me will remember when Ethiopia was center stage, having a famine, and was a great virtue signalling opportunity for celebrities… remember “We are the World” etc.
          Population of Ethiopia in 1985 (starving): 40M
          Population of Ethiopia now:94M
          What the actual fuck are we doing over there, doubling a population in a country where the population had already exceeded carrying capacity?

        3. And no one will now the Republicans have cut funding to abortion programs in other nations. It Simply is not a moral issue, its an issue of population control. If it was dogs or cats, we wouldnt even think about it.

      2. It points to deep societal trauma where women want to terminate the lives of their own offspring. It’s the most extreme manifestation of a deep psychosis.

      3. Although is liberals murdering liberals, it’s inhuman behavior, and it’s funded by tax payer dollars, and it’s enshrined in law, even touted as a constitutional right.
        All unacceptable

      4. Spoken by a true childless grand parent …
        Fire up that BABY BLENDER…..Whirrrrrrrrr……
        —THE Hil-Clit-Co. All new–
        “Bye -bye baby” … @ Home DYI Aboration kit …
        —–No coat hangers needed—-
        Now you and your Trollope can spend quality time together ,
        as you grind away your future brothers and sisters —
        Get the deluxe kit for your under-aged daughter/tramp —
        AND do it at home together and save …

      5. Agree.
        I’ve never really had a strong stance on abortion. However … it drives me nuts how these womyn proclaim government “keep off their bodies” while simultaneously DEMANDING tax payers fund abortions w/out ANY objection.
        I listen to conservatives cry over the 57 million unborn. Like you, I envision many of those aborted would have inevitably been on welfare and whatnot. What annoys me about conservatives is their notion people should be f-ing like rabbits as if we still live in an era where job growth is limitless. The reality is technology and automation are rapidly eliminating HUMAN jobs.

      6. Children usually oppose their parents views. So it’s essentially liberals murdering us.

    4. 57 million dead infants since the 70s. This is with near perfect birth control. Raped women have less than a 1% abortion rate. Women are mindless animals following their destroy society programming because nature designed them to increase entropy. Their emotions and hormones can render them near comatose, they should have no rights.

    5. Don´t use the animal kingdom argument that´s a fallacy, appeal to nature, Some dogs eat their puppies and some cats abandon their babies. Some animals rape, kill, and indulge in homosexuality, it is not justified in human because is morally wrong, animal have no morals. That´s a human trait. Feminism is immoral.

      1. Here in lies the quandary, we’re devolving to act more like animals. Ironic how we’ve got every techno-tool to go the complete opposite direction. The thing that’s great about technology is it really just amplifies who people as individuals, and in masses, really are deep down. The veil has been lifted, that’s for damn sure, the divisions for which I’m fine with because despite elitists’ desire for this division, it clarifies whose ultimately a piece of shit, and who isn’t. Enemy identification has gotten easier when you drown out the noise.

    6. To be fair… there are allot of mammals that will eat their young if deemed to have defective genetics. Funny thing is our society is the opposite. We kill off perfectly healthy unborn babies but then spend millions taking care of defective born children. When did the switch happen? Fuck me…

      1. Barring the who-knows-what that’s affecting unhealthy babies in our water and food, think of all the suburban women who know damn well past 30yo the chance of Downs Syndrome, Autism, et. all increase drastically. They continue to selfishly breed into their 40s and have kids with Downs & Autism, then we all get to watch the charitable football team in high school let the Downs kid run a TD across the goal line like it’s something to be celebrated. It’s touching, but also churns my stomach every time.
        I for one do believe in many ways MRDD, Downs, & Autistic kids are gifted, in fact potentially geniuses in their minds if we could only translate their reality for us to understand. Their ability to see the world for what it really is, but can’t mentally put together the words to say; “Man you people are all fucked up badly,” has always told me biology speaks in honest tongues.

        1. “think of all the suburban women who know damn well past 30yo the chance of Downs Syndrome, Autism, et. all increase drastically.”
          That’s actually not true. Downs is hereditary, Autism is probably caused by MMR vaccine.
          Scientific research cannot be trusted!
          Undesirable results are either altered or suppressed.

    7. Sorry, Waldemar, but:
      Also, there is a philosophical/ethical question of one’s “property/ownership of self”; i.e. the reason why only the person him/herself can have his/her body at his/her disposition…e.g. why no one should be granted the permission to explant your kidneys, or ravish you without your consent (even when you’re dead).
      Thus, inherently dependent foetus uses mother’s body, not by natural right…but by her CONTINUOUS CONSENT…until its emancipation, via birth.
      A wise society should not interfere with those rights…but instead, socially and financially, penalize single motherhood…and reward raising children in an INTACT, nurturing family.
      Just sayin’. 🙂

    8. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/03/140328-sloth-bear-zoo-infanticide-chimps-bonobos-animals/
      That’s an article from national geographic about animals of all kinds killing and eating their babies bud! Another great way to gauge when society is terminally ill is seeing people making statements without any factual proof that are based solely on the emotional responses they will trigger. I agree that abortion should not be readily available as a haphazard alternative to contraception, but if both sides refuse to talk and debate civilly over the issue we can never correct it as so abortions are available to those with physical or fetal health issues or who have been raped but not to women who simply aren’t willing to take responsibility for their actions.

    9. I don’t think any woman actually WANTS an abortion. But if she’s raped, birth control fails, the man ditches her, or the government won’t help her pay for her kids…what is there to do.

  2. Good article, but hundreds of words longer than necessary. Shorter version: “What were these retards protesting? Who cares?”

  3. I read somewhere a long time ago, that the fear of not believing in God isn’t that people will believe in “nothing” but that they will believe “anything!” I don’t know why that phrase popped in my head after reading what these wymenz are complaining about

    1. Women are worse than men when it comes to social shaming over infractions of their moral code. Men spend more time codifying and systematizing morality, aka philosophy. Then the men are more likely to use this codex for impartial justice systems. Women don’t care for philosophy or justice in the same way. Philosophy to them is the current fashion in opinions. Justice to them is when their status is retributionally elevated against another.
      The spiritual weakness of men is to become non religious or overly religious. The spiritual weakness of women is to become a witch, using magic to gain beauty and respect and to minimize her anxieties.

  4. Women like Cher are so mentally fucked from their children turning gay or trans (Chaz Bono) that they have to adopt the Leftist doctrine as sacrosanct; otherwise, they would have to admit how disappointed they are in their children, themselves, and their own lives:

    1. It’s sick to see someone from the 60s that advocated love (“I got you babe”) transform into such a hateful spiteful life-hating individual.

  5. (Slightly) OT: I think everyone here should email Madonna and thank her for helping to swing the election. I believe that a large part of the difference between polling numbers and results has to do with her offer to give a blow job to anyone who voted Hillary.
    She basically created a situation where a vote for trump is a vote for dick health and the ability to leave the shower.

    1. It’s a clear message to Madonna that her SMV has declined so much that most people couldn’t care less about getting a blowjob from her. She must felt insulted and had to redeem herself by doing this shit march.

    2. Would be nice if these over the hill stars would take a page from Audrey Hepburn and bow out gracefully at 40 or so, devote their lives to charity, etc…

      1. That could be a good article, how women should properly bow out of the meat market. Walking down the street, and I sometimes see who should be a grandma baking cookies, dressed up like a whore. They are embarrassing themselves, and turning my stomach.

        1. Ideally, written by a woman, but that wont happen on this site.
          Too much surgery on theses broads, I remember Greg Giraldo trashing Joan Rivers at her roast. “looks like you got a clown mask welded onto your face”, called out the audience for looking like “rubber faced monsters”

        2. Why written by a woman? They are horrible at giving advice to anyone. “You go girl” is not healthy.

        3. Strange but true, I was riding the train yesterday when i looked up to see I was surrounded by human hippos. The guy in front of me had his jeans on in a way that his revealed a 8 inch camel toe. Easily he was two of me. The woman to my left was my weight and a half. And another woman was also two of me. As two of them got off the train at the same stop, I literally, saw the train rock back and forth to account for the BMI shift that just occurred. I only thank God they didn’t leave at a stop that placed the train on the edge of an elevated platform.

        4. Oh please do. 🙂 In a youth worshipping culture, the traditional grandmother role is devalued and forgotten. I suspect you know there’s more to it than baking cookies. The matriarchal subset within the predominant patriarchy polices its own to the betterment of women and men both. But when the grandmothers have forgotten their purpose or lost the authority to teach the mothers and young women, to keep them in line, we all suffer.

        5. Agreed, just like there is more to being a wife than “making me a sandwich”. Our society today tells women that power comes from a career, independence, being sexually desirable and such. That is so fleeting. You want to see an old woman who isn’t invisible? The grandma of a large family reunion. My wife’s grandma has seven kids, 25-30 grandchildren, and several great grand children. Thanksgiving time, she sits there, getting all kinds of attention from the grand kids, she is waited on, and respected by everyone there. She worked hard all her life and is collecting the dividends.
          “Lay up your treasures in heaven”

        6. Where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break in nor steal.
          This is an image of my grandmother too. I hope it will be me someday, because I’ve seen the alternative and it is sad and ugly. The natural process is broken for almost everyone though and I don’t know how it will be repaired.

      2. Actually … they’re kinda helping our side.
        Strikes me any working person (who generally votes (D) is watching Democrats embrace these nut jobs who speak such vile of whites/ the working class and can’t help but acknowledge the DNC not only doesn’t give a damn about them: they hate them.

    3. A blowjob from the current Cryptkeeper versus a minimum 4 years dealing with a potential blowhard President. Yeah. Didn’t require a lot of complex brain power to weigh the pros and cons there.

    4. Why aren’t people making more of this over the hill sluts offer? She should be derided for her lunatic statements and called out for the mentally ill hose bag she has become. Didn’t Al Capone go mental suffering from syphilis? Maybe Madonna needs an intensive course of antibiotics……

  6. You have to understand that the animosity between the sexes that we see in the modern world is intentional and was created deliberately: it is good for the capitalist / corporatist system. Single people consume a lot more than families: each person needs their own place, their own fridge, their own car etc etc. Instead of getting a massage from your spouse at the end of the day, people tune in to ASMR videos on Youtube [insert advertisements]. Having a functioning family where the mother stays at home with 4+ children and consumption is minimized to essentials (food and hand me down clothes) isn’t good for Apple or Microsoft or Uber or Amazon.

    1. It’s actually ironic they also push for environmentalism and Globull Warming at the same time. Less cars sold and more public transport isn’t exactly good for consumerism.

      1. american auto companies will be selling in india and china and s america – they no longer need the american consumer: more cadillacs are sold in china each year than in the U.S.

        1. “Get people into high density cities and control their transportation.”
          Wow I had never even seen it under this angle. It’s frightening.

    2. This post needs to be highlighted and read by all. The current situation is all by design, and I can’t understand why people who are intelligent and think things through can’t see this. Maybe they have blinders on.

  7. It’s overused, but I’ll say it again.
    You’ll never see these feminists marching for “women’s rights” in places that really do lack them, like the Middle East or Africa.

    1. White women, maybe not, but sadly there’s increasing feminist awareness even in the 3rd world. Women in Kenya for example are known to withhold sex to push their agenda. The UN is also campaigning worldwide to end child brides and educate girls.

      1. Thank God. I hate other races, so having them suffer the same fate is something to cheer on.

        1. Are you kidding me? How would you escape Americunts and other femihags if you don’t have 3rd world women to replace them with?

      2. It is the only way for population control. Feminism should be dropped like a bomb in the Middle East.

        1. Why did we allow female suffrage? I think men are too nice for their own good.

        1. all of them have ugly and bitter faces. At least, with alcohol, men would see them prettier than they are

    2. You’re right. There were no “sister marches” in places like Riyadh, Mecca, Karachi or Tehran.

        1. Her body – her choice! Don’t grab them by the pussy. That’s hateful and derogatory. Suck that pussy. Hard. Randomly. Etc.

    1. Cant wait for that halftime show! It would be great if it was just marching bands and some children’s choirs instead of gagamadonnabeyoncejayZkanyebeiber every year

  8. I personally don’t care how many birth control methods that a women has since the only thing that is important to me is how many birth control methods that a man has. It is insane for any man to place the responsibility for birth control on the woman, since there is a very good chance that you will be surprised to learn that things like the BC pill is only 90+% effective (when used properly) and that conception has taken place (excuse used by women that it was ineffective BC that caused the unwanted pregnancy). Hopefully, male BC methods like Vasalgel will soon come to fruition. My opinion is that once a man gains control over the choice of when and if to have a child and no longer leaves that choice to women, the prevalence of single motherhood will dramatically decrease and the insanity of the Big Daddy Government welfare state will subside. Men, don’t leave this to the woman unless you don’t mind becoming a daddy because once conceived, the man has zero decision making authority.

    1. You do know that in the animal kingdom, animals continue to reproduce until they can’t, right? There is a rutting season. The animals go into heat each year. This idea of consulting the star charts to make sure everything is aligned and just right to have ONE child is fucking crazy. Having children is supposed to be normal and natural – not like conducting Doolittle’s Raid and living to tell about it.

      1. It was never my intention to pump out kids until I can’t pump out anymore. Have as many children as you want and can afford. Those on welfare will get more money for each child but most people who are gainfully employed have only the number of children that they can afford to raise. Most humans are not breeding like rabbits because they can’t afford it. I don’t care if you have 25 kids if you can afford it and aren’t being subsidized by tax dollars to do so.
        Once conceived, the choice is no longer the man’s. It’s only the man’s choice if he takes over responsibility for BC since it’s crazy to put that responsibility on the irresponsible single motherhood epidemic that is occurring.

    2. I like having babies, and will reproduce as often as I can. I just avoid reproduction with women who have access to my money. In Asia if they have a baby outside marriage, their body, their choice, their responsibility to pay all the costs.

  9. I have remarked for at least 20 years that to see how America is stratified, one need only go to a department store like Nordstrom’s to see that the men’s department is in the back of the second floor and gets about 20% of that floor space. All the rest is for women. And, still they complain.

    1. Maybe because now men have to invade all that female safe-space to reach their part of the store.

      1. I hear ya, same here.
        They dont make new clothing for fit men anymore, only skinny emo fags or morbidly obese fatass rotund tubs of fucking lard. So if you want good fitting clothing you have to take a trip back in time and go to the thrift store.

    2. Department stores still follow a turn of the century layout (and many other things) developed by Harry Gordon Selfridge starting in 1909. He’s the one who put the perfume and women’s stuff in front. Now consider why department stores are hurting, they haven’t innovated much in decades.

  10. My guess is that this march was supposed to be a victory parade for what was supposed to be President Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.
    But that aside, this march was amusing in its own right. It highlighted brilliantly the beautiful schism that is forming between white feminists and non-white feminists. To see the former trip over itself to look “tolerant” is hilarious.

    1. Agreed. This was a “recycling” of POTUS Hitlery’s victory lap.
      These slags have no idea how well they have it. None. Zero.
      Let them try to pull this shit in some “enlightened” Mohammedan country and see what happens. Maybe then they’ll start to understand the real meaning of the terms “pain” and “suffering”.
      Fuck ’em all…and I don’t mean in terms of laid. These bitter, entitled, worthless cunts need to be ignored and to be treated like the genetic dead end garbage that they are.
      p.s. Did Ashley Judd ever find out who her real father is? Talk about a nothing trying to be relevant.

      1. Agreed. These bitches dont go to some muslim nation or even some muslim embassy, or some muslim area in the West making this shit…Punches and kicks would be flying all around. Cowards and hypocrites, all of them.

    2. The left tries to hold together an unnatural coalition of society’s scolds, misfits, losers, utopians, degenerates, etc., who really have conflicting grievances. They can only agree that they have a common enemy in competent white men, and Trump represents the ultimate evil to them.

      1. You have point there. I have wondered for years how the democrats keep all these different special interest groups together voting their way.
        It does appear they have a chink in their armor though a lot of union people have voted democrat for ages even though they disagree with everything else the democrat party stands for. A lot of them are bailing out on voting democrat I think is part of how Trump won.

        1. Trump has to pay off by reindustrializing the country. Once we have more jobs and higher real wages for blue-collar guys, the morale in this country will improve noticeably. We’ll also see tangible benefits of affordable family formation, better maintained cities and infrastructure, lower crime and so forth. America will look like it has a future again.
          By contrast, the elite Jews who run this country now don’t want to see these things happen. They have perverse incentives to treat the United States an asset to strip, instead on an asset to maintain and build upon, because they know that Israel will always take them in if things go to hell here.

        2. And yet you continue to worship Donald Trump, despite the fact that every single one of his adult children is either married to or dating Jews.
          Who’s playing who exactly?

        3. I presented the same argument on vox populi. All I the responses I got were fuck you, non-believer. Apparently Trump secretly wants to save the white race even though in his speeches he talks about races uniting and how Israel is Usa’s greatest ally.

        4. Vox Day cracks me up.
          Half Native American anti-Semite preaching about racial purity and worshipping a literal magic Jew.
          Of course, Vox has his devoted cult following who believes that everything he does is brilliant, so…

        5. Trump needs to start taking up Obama phones and start passing out alarm clocks.

        6. The left betrayed them and they finally woke up to that fact. Decades late. I don’t think Trump’s pro-union policies are going to work out too well but he did one thing no democrat has done for decades, respected them.

      2. ‘How the Women’s March’s “genital-based” feminism isolated the transgender community’
        ‘Forrey suggested that the saturation of vagina-related messages and imagery reinforced the same oppressive structures the march
        was meant to oppose, which was a loss for everyone. “As a nonbinary person, the emphasis on genitals just bought into the rigid, Western concept of gender,” they said.’

    3. The feminist-lite is far more disloyal to the feminist agenda than even the alt-lite is to ours. They’re just women looking for a fun community. We could easily manipulate them to our ends, and convince them they’re ’empowered’ in the process. Like the muslims are doing, we just need to market veil-wearing catholics as ’empowered.’
      Granted, we still have to worry about this http://www.returnofkings.com/91905/how-societys-harridans-and-succubis-are-crushing-masculinity, but all the same sex-positive feminists are weak minded and can’t fixate on any goal. Game should be enough to manipulate them.

  11. I do give these Leftists credit: they actually do SOMETHING. Unfortunately, if Hillary won, there would have been no corresponding outburst from us on the Right. We would have continued to knuckle under, drinking away our despair, etc.

    1. The time of “knuckling over” is coming to an end. This is why the Democraps are trying to stall Sessions appointment as Attorney General.
      They know the gloves are coming off…and it’s long past due.

  12. Everything is now set in stone, so the protesting does absolutely nothing but waste their own time and annoy people who live in these areas. They need to admit defeat and get on with their lives.

  13. I don’t like the weather today. I am going to march down the street in protest. Not my weather! And this Big Mac is overcooked. Not my Big Mac! And my ass is too fat. Not my fat ass! And the sky should be purple. And…and…

  14. Trump should have carpet bombed them. Every president gets one and besides he still in his honeymoon period. It would have gone a long ways towards MAGA

    1. His Press Secretary did point out the bias of the media on the first day. MSM news are being discredited fast by this administration.

  15. some washed up actress named Jessica Chastain

    Chastain plays the leading role in the next installment of Holocaust propaganda:

    1. Why don’t they make a movie about the Dresden or Berlin Zoo? Oh right. All the animals there died in Allied air raids. Never mind…

    2. Has there every been a Hwood movie about Mao or Stalin? Probably in the 1950s if there ever were any?

    3. No film about the Danzig massacres where the Polish killed 50000 ethnic Germans in today’s Gdańsk. An event which some historians consider the trigger of the WW2.
      How many people even know about it?

  16. Attractive, smart, feminine and healthy looking women who were doing something productive on the day as opposed to the horde of protesting bitter, aging, unhealthy, mostly barren, entitled hags.
    It’s like Lord of The Rings, with the regal Elves and then their corrupted version, the Uruk Hai.

    1. I know plenty of attractive, smart, feminine and healthy looking women where I live and trust me there isn’t anything regal about them. Just regular bitches that do as they think others would like them to act.

      1. I’ll take a great paint job with a suspect engine over a lousy paint job with a damaged engine.

  17. What a bunch of spoiled children.
    Fortunately these women have run up against the tragedy of the human condition: The world doesn’t revolve around them and their ridiculous grievances. Not that long ago, women accepted that their lives would involve varying levels of hardship, and yet they managed to pull through any way. Whatever happened to those women and the excellent examples they set?

  18. An abortion is about terminating a pregnancy. It is not about “killing babies”.
    A C-section is technically an abortion.
    A fetus does not have the right to force the woman to keep itself alive. That’s a form of slavery.

      1. The fact that women don’t have the desire or will to protect or have children is the issue. It points to deep underlying mental issues.

      2. True.
        I don’t know what this has to do with abortion.
        Not keeping someone alive and directly killing them are two different things.

    1. Punch a pregnant woman in the stomach and see if any woman thinks you only terminated a pregnancy.

      1. You see: when a woman wants to kill her unborn child, that’s her legal right. When a man pushes a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs and the baby is lost, it’s murder.

        1. Yes. The child was explicitly granted that right by the mother through her willful, consentful actions.

        2. Does the woman have the right to force the death (i.e. to kill) an unborn child? Notice how I didn’t use the word foetus (prenatal human, unborn child). I always find the use of the term “fetus” says a lot about the person using it as it gives them some sort of relief to perform the mental gymnastics needed to get over the fact that the ending of a life is being sought. You are the one comparing it to slavery (property law as applied to humans allowing them to be classed as property). Try slavery out for 9 months and get back to me.

        3. A fetus is not a child. It’s a fertilized egg that has been partially developed.
          Do I have the right to force you to keep me alive using your blood?
          Abortion is about terminating a pregnancy.
          It’s not my fault you can’t understand this.

        4. What is she was raped?
          So the woman gives up her rights for 9 months?
          Do I have the right to force you to give me a blood transfusion, knowing that not doing so will kill me?

        5. What i[f] she was raped?
          Then the consent I referred to was not given. Many opponents of abortion believe that we can, with a clear conscience, correct what should not have happened. A lot of folks are merely opposed to using abortion as a casual form of birth control.
          And this is why rape is present in the oft referred to list of exceptions to a general prohibition on abortion. The others being an extraordinary health threat to the mother, and incest. Certainly not everyone who believes abortion should be prohibited agrees with those exceptions, but they seem to have the most broad support, generally speaking.

        6. That still doesn’t give the fetus the right to force to woman to keep itself alive.

        7. I gave you the definition of a fetus above…..read it again. What part of prenatal human do you not understand? In the mean time it is a good thing you have your degenerate attitude. It means you are more prone to abort your progeny and less likely to pass on your degenerate attitude to human life onto the next generation.
          And in regard to my blood I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire lying in the gutter…..

        8. Yes because terminating a pregnancy is degenerate.
          Can you tell me where the ‘degenerate gene’ is located in chromosomes?

        9. Does someone’s 2-year-old son have the right to force them (the parent) to give up an organ to keep the son alive?

        1. What does any of this have to do with terminating a pregnancy, and the rights issue?
          A fetus is not a child (in the early stages of pregnancy).

        2. Slippery slope. A fetus is an early stage of delevlpment of becoming a baby. You are using the fem-speak to deny or hide the action of abortion is in effect terminating a baby. You can dismiss it as a “clump of cells” next, if you want, but the dissonance it takes to believe you are not ending a life is bit much.
          Look, if you want to escape the moral, financial and social ramifications they pay for your own (ex)termination. I would prefer such people didn’t breed to begin with or just get a vasectomy or your tubes tied and be done with it.

        3. That’s the “Camel’s Nose” fallacy.
          You still don’t seem to understand the rights issue.

    2. by that logic, giving birth also terminates the pregnancy.
      Sooooo giving birth = abortion?
      I’d review my premises there, slick.

      1. Birth is not the termination of a pregnancy, it’s the completion of a pregnancy.
        Think before typing.

        1. I was following your reasoning:
          YOU said:
          “abortion is the termination of a pregnancy.”
          “a C-section is an abortion”
          so I concluded that
          A C-section terminates the pregnancy.
          but I’m pretty sure the critter is meant to survive the C-section, so it is akin to birth.
          If a C-section produces a living child (birth) and “a C-section is an abortion” (your words)
          A birth is an abortion. QED

        2. Birth is the completion of a pregnancy.
          Just because a fetus survives an abortion doesn’t mean it was (technically) born.

      1. And basically started out with a very protectionist economic perspective as well. Keep those jobs in America.

        1. I enjoyed his first movie a lot. In my plugged in days I also enjoyed watching him crap all over the Bush administration, but then once I saw him simping out for Obama, who is basically just Bush on steroids, I realized he was a fraud.

        2. Yeah, I never was into him but I completely appreciate what you’re saying. He was right, but I simply can’t respect a fat man unless he’s a steel guitar player or really jolly and fun.

        3. That added to his appeal for me lol. I find that less polished people tend be more humble and honest. Now his fat truck driver look is basically a halloween costume.

    1. i used to like him in the past because of his films and investigations.
      But now I just see a fat motherfucker.

  19. Trump managed to get more fat women out walking in two days than Michelle Obama did in eight years.

    1. Seismographs in the DC area registered activity in the Richter scale during the million woman march lolz

  20. At least the broads who knitted their own pussy hats have preserved part of women’s traditional set of useful skills. They might not know how to cook, clean or balance a checkbook, but they know how to knit.
    Women’s incompetence will only get worse if these transhumanist fantasies of self-driving cars and robots to perform housework become real hardware.

    1. that’s true but if they ever invent the artificial womb I do wonder what will happen to their world

  21. Off-topic but important. Atlanta +3 (spread) +130 ML (to win) in the Super Bowl over the Patriots. Unless the line changes. Basically, if the line stays the same or drops (it is currently New England -3, so if it stays the same, or if it drops to -2.5, or -2, or -1.5 or…whatever) make the play. Atlanta is moving into that new $1.5 billion stadium next year, so baby needs a new pair of shoes. (Cough, cough.)

    1. Best comment! Healthy walking, exercising vocals… holding heavy signs up… good job mr prez!!!

  22. “What more do Anglo women possibly want? They already spend 90% more money than they earn in the economy. They gobble up 66% of public spending from the welfare state while men pay 75% of the taxes to support this gynocentric system.”
    They know all that. They got all that by complaining, so they are complaining some more because they’re worried they might be about to lose it.
    The media / discourse still permits the most privilege women on the planet to act as though they’re the underdogs, representing ordinary women, or better still women in developing countries, whose suffering they claim for themselves in the same way colonial powers used to claim the raw materials from the third world.
    In fact Charlize Theron has done pretty much exactly that, in the greater cause of virtue signalling. Sad thing is she was a beautiful woman, the type who in days of old were the kind everybody thought were best suited to make use of their own reproductive equipment rather others.

  23. A funny Facebook post by our friend Margaret MacLennan:
    “Gendered signifiers are sexist,” she said, donning a pink pussy hat. “We women are more than just our bodies,” her friend agreed, getting into her vagina costume.

  24. All outstanding examples of why women are too stupid to vote or own property. I did not understand what they were protesting.
    But hell, Trump got more fat women to walk than Michelle Obama did in eight years.

    1. To be fair– they didn’t understand what they were protesting or even who organized the protests and what their goals were.
      A key co-organizer is an Islamist woman with ties to Hamas. Her goal is undermining the Trump presidency and inhibiting its opposition to Islam on the world stage. Hence her promoting the Muslim immigrant ties and concerns in the March.
      Useful idiots indeed.

    2. No, women should definitely be encouraged to own property. As is, they derive income from welfare/make work/pussy pass. They would learn to be much more responsible if they had to actually manage something and live off of it.
      Of course, they’d just fall back on the pussy pass, so fuck all that.

      1. In the early days of what is now called feminism they just had government force their husbands to pay the taxes on their property and income. If he could not afford it after supporting her and any children then he went to prison. Because feminism is about equality.

  25. These marches are serious, has they demonstrate how close we got, to the end of days of Western Civilization. If Hillary had won, these ideas would be made into laws in the States, and by influence in Europe. Think on that for a moment…
    As for the march itself, some thoughts on its composition with some “distinguished” participants as examples:
    – champagne socialists (Michael Moore)
    – Ultra privileged idiots (Julia Roberts and others Hollywood creeps)
    – sluts (Madonna)
    – beta males (Shia Labeouf)
    – insane women (Ashley Judd)
    – Old lesbians (Michael Moore…again)
    – fat women
    – ugly women
    – lonely women
    – women living with cats and gods
    – women with no children or husband
    – marxists
    – women who need a good fuck (Scarlett Johansson)
    – terrorists (Madonna, who wanted to blow up the White House…FBI…Lock the bitch up!)
    Lets just say, it was a powerful mix of dry vaginas and insanity, combined with some of the most decadent behaviors of modern Western culture. Our work, is far from over brothers.

    1. exactly.
      remember 30,000,000 well-adjusted women marched to the polling booths and voted for Trump

    2. – women living with cats and gods

      Wow, I never thought they brought their idols…That must’ve been a heavy march….
      Sorry I couldn’t pass the chance…

        1. And like in those days they would sacrifice their babies to the Nile for the hope of an easier life. But they did start the practice of shaving body hair so it wasn’t all bad.

  26. I would like to point out that many of these actresses, musicians, etc., and I use those terms lightly, all promised to move to Canada and other countries if Trump got elected. What were they doing in Washington D.C.?

  27. I think family men of all races who are not first generation are learning how bad this cultural marxism has been for everybody. If you cannot keep your women in check and out of the hive mentality it is not that great of a life for any of us.

  28. No mention of George Soros?
    The New York Times reported that, of the 50 groups organizing the march, all 50 were funded by Soros. This women’s march serves as AstroTurf for the Hungarian billionaire.

  29. Interesting to note that the actresses who attended are entering or well past their most attractive & fertile days. & what’s up with Ashley Judd crying over periods? its probably been about a decade since she last dropped an egg.

  30. When people go against biology and natural human instincts they lose. White people are insane and most of all white women. What race on earth other than whites are trying to commit suicide? What race on earth actually feels guilty about being whatever race they are other than whites? Why are white women so easily fooled into doing things that harm them? I’m a middle aged white man and I will never understand why white men who have accomplished so much as a race would allow women to have any say in anything other than what she is making me for dinner or what color drapes she wants. What kind of pussified loser would have a woman dictating this crap to them? White men need to inform these idiotic women that whites comprise less than 10% of the world population. Now honey that means out of 10 people only one is white and the rest of the world does not have what you have. Blacks, women and children are all basically the same as far as mental maturity. Children and blacks have an excuse.

  31. I think Judd remains in-character from Double Jeopardy – -the victim euphoria just doesn’t go away…

  32. This is a pretty good article except I have seen the “red pill” movement advocate abortion as well. Both here on this very site and on the site “Red Pill Wives” which is supposed to be a movement of traditional women but is a complete joke.
    I think that the men in the “red pill” movement would be miserable living a traditional life! From what I have read here, none of you would be able to get a real life traditional girl, and if you had one you wouldn’t know what to do with her.
    I am a 37 year old traditional wife and mother. I married my husband when I was 16 years old and have borne him 8 children since then. I have a twin pregnancy right now soon to have #s 9 and 10, God willing, which is why I am here (I am on bed rest to prevent premature labor, cruising the internet, otherwise I rarely if ever have time to touch the computer).
    My husband worked himself near to death to make money, and spent it all on our large acreage here in the forest, building our family estate. We have a real traditional society, no birth control, no hedonism. We all work ourselves near to death. Our days start at 4AM and end around midnight. My husband and sons spend all their time hunting, chopping wood, fixing fences, doing yard work, making wood crafts, fishing, and working in town for outside income. There is also planning, management, and making very important heavy decisions. My daughters and I put in long hours with the housework, cooking, preserving, spinning, weaving, and sewing. I have little toddlers and babies to breastfeed and care for. I homeschool my daughters all the way through to 12th grade, and my sons til 7th grade. My husband has other traditional folk living on his land for free, and they work morning til night doing farm work in the fields. I don’t think any of the men on these sites who espouse traditional roles understand what traditional life really entails.
    I think modern men would be more happy with their modern whores! I and the women here, yes we obey our men, we see them like they are our kings, yes we were virgins at marriage, but that isn’t some kind of fantasy like you imagine it. Our men shoulder huge burdens for being our leaders. They have to feed and clothe huge families with lots of little children. They have to make hard decisions that could result in life or death for their families. We have bears and cougars here. We need to have enough food and wood to get through winter. There are forest fires. There are rabid animals. There are swamps full of disease-carrying ticks. If you came up here you would probably die. If you tried to live the life our men lead, you’d probably get your wife and children killed.
    Our men generally see women as falling below them in the hierarchy, but traditional men do not hold the same views that you espouse here. They do not think that us women are lowly, or naturally bad, or stupid. Our men love us. They appreciate us for the work we do, our dedication and for being mothers to their children. They believe that virtuous women are superior to degenerate men. They do not pander to us but they also do not denigrate us, mistreat us, or disrespect us. They love us and honor our different but complimentary roles as wives, mothers, and homemakers.
    We obey our husbands and see them like being our kings because they earned it. We choose to obey them. “Red pill” movement seems to want to have it legislated that women must obey men or something. What you fail to understand is that men have to earn that trust from a woman. If a man doesn’t prove himself to be staunch and righteous, we are not able to obey someone we cannot trust. We would have no idea if he knows how to lead our family, or if he has our best interests at heart. Having a woman obey you isn’t some kind of game or sexual fetish. It is a huge responsibility that you guys probably couldn’t handle but only have an inaccurate fantasy about what it’s like. In reality a man worthy to lead a traditional family, worthy to have a woman’s devotion and obedience, has a huge burden on his shoulders and must carry that burden forever, never lay it down, and never complain about it.
    You complain about Anglo women. Everyone here is white, and about 90% are proudly English. Somebody who sleeps around with asian, or even slavic, women would be completely rejected. As would be anyone coming here saying that they like sodomy – the men and the women alike would think you’re a filthy pervert. Actually having sex while trying to avoid reproduction is condemned. It’s typically acceptable for teen boys to go through a stage of “sowing their oats” with public school girls, but they had best be over it by age 20 and get ready to marry a virgin and have a family, or they’ll likely be ostracized.
    I believe you would all be miserable no matter what, because your modern whores on birth control are the women who suit you, being modern men yourselves, you are men of your time, and belong with the women of your time. There is no reason to complain because you would be equally miserable, if not more so, with traditional women in a traditional society.

        1. Well now, congrats for your pursuit, I am sure that after 10 years your kids will make up about a third of the whites in your british or former british colony neigbourhood.

        2. see above, “Everyone here is white, and about 90% are proudly English.”
          I am English, my husband is English, our children are all English.

        3. “English” these days means probably white, but with a good chance of being Moozie or a Patel….

        4. It’s sad what’s happening, for sure, but I don’t think it will happen to us because there are hundreds of acres of forest all around us.

    1. “I am a 37 year old traditional wife and mother.”
      that’s wonderful…
      But, you are not the millions of degenerate, psychotic, abusive, man-hating, delusional women(and male white nights) we are talking about…
      Is difficult, I know, for women to not support other women, no matter what…

      1. No, but my point is that you are modern men just like they are modern women and have not much right to complain unless you are also willing to convert to traditional lifestyle.

        1. false premise.
          We have no control over what they do…
          Dearth of traditional women in western society.
          Therefore, we have no choice…

        2. There are traditional women in western society. I see, talk to, and work with them every day. My point was that you are mocking the women of your time, but you are also men of your time. You are the same, you are the male equivalent to the women above.
          You would be unhappy either way. You are unhappy with modern women, but I am 99.9% sure that you would be equally unhappy, or even more unhappy, with traditional women.

        3. Maybe I would be miserable with a traditional woman. But I would definitely be a miserable with a modern woman. At least with the traditional woman I could learn. But that probably won’t happen.
          This site is about how to treat terrible women. There is nothing worst than treating a bad woman like a good one; it demeans the good and rewards the bad.

      2. That degenerate , psychotic, abusive, woman hating, delusional men are best matched with degenerate, psychotic, man hating, delusional women is an interesting theory.

        1. Sadists atract masochists, thus abusive men cannot be matched with abusive women. We need traditional women to fuck up.

        2. haha you’re honest! 🙂 Yes, modern women are already messed up. Nothing left to do but hunt down the traditional women and kill them off too.

        3. Traditional woman’s role was to keep the other bitches in check, they failed and fucked us men up, now we fuck them up.

        4. Traditional women do keep their daughters in check. Do you suppose Jane will raise modern feminist sluts? If you desire traditional women, why shoot yourself in the foot by attacking those that remain? Maybe there’s truth in Jane’s suggestion that you prefer the modern feminist sluts you disparage? There’s no harm in admitting you’d rather be a modern man than a traditional one. Men always have the choice. Who would fault you for it?

        5. Modern feminist sluts no. Bitches with high attitudes that believe they deserve the greatest men out there, yes. You see traditional whores are as narcissistic as the other ones, their husbands, fathers, mothers won’t do anything to mitigate that. That’s when guys like us come along to show that their just as worthless as the others.

        6. A traditional whore? What is that? A women who feels worthless is desirable? This seems counterproductive to your aims because if you convince a woman that her femininity is worthless, naturally she’ll try to co-opt your masculinity.

        7. Traditional whore, how can I put this? I am a firm believer in regressive revelation, which means that most women( if not all )will come to the conclusion that they sacrificed too much in their marriage and that their husband has taken the best years of her life, regretting with passion that she hasn’t whored around when she was younger. And those women are right, because the passion a woman receives from one man isn’t enough to satiate her lust for the love drug, so she will be bitter on her man for tricking her into marrying him and not receiving enough love from other men and for not living up to her childish expectations.

        8. Oh wow. hmm ok yes I’ve known women who feel underappreciated and ignored. Sometimes legitimately, sometimes not. Idealizing bar sluts and demeaning housewives will lead to that. “housewife” is the worst insult, isn’t it? So women are as likely to have a self questioning mid life crisis as are men. Do men not feel “tricked” into marriage, wishing they had slept with more women before being tied down? Mostly, the regressive revelation I’m seeing is middle aged women wrestling with the realization that feminism screwed them over. In the last three moths Ive had two women in my fiance’s firm, both mid 40s, take me aside to tell me how lucky I am and they wish they had done things differently. Lots of disillusioned career women out there. But traditional women don’t fall into either category.

        9. Yes, old feminists have those views(grass greener on the other side). Ugly fat couples are indeed more accepting of each other because their looks have faded. But hot housewives, nah, those bitches are thirsty.

        10. This is a modern western man’s perspective. Very similar, oddly, to a modern western female’s view of men. It’s understandable you would think it, and perhaps even unavoidable, as most of you are modern western men living modern western lives. But it is not a traditional man’s understanding of traditional women. I was raised in a mini patriarchy of uber conservative, traditional, Russian Orthodox men and so I know the difference. Your post, along with most of the responses to Jane’s post, speaks to and maybe even prove her point.

    2. Not everyone that frequents this site is on board with a mentality that encourages whoring or that all women are stupid/naturally bad. A lot of this is pushback against feminism which DOES teach the men are stupid/naturally bad. Some just like the political commentary, the willingness to hit both democrat and republican parties, and of course some history lessons from time to time. if what you say concerning yourself is true, I wish you well: few women are proud to be mothers/actual wives.

    3. You are confusing Red Pill with PUA culture. Not every red pill guy wants to turn the clock back on material modernity, so you are also confusing that issue as well. That said, I approve of what you are doing and it does seem tough and will breed tough children.

    4. Where is this Shangri-La? Since you mention bears and Asians, I’m gonna guess Alaska?

      1. applying a venn diagram of bears in one circle and asians in another, the overlap region points to Alaska (aleutians) or possibly Minnesota (hmong)

        1. Not America, is all I will say. There is lots of land for sale here and I don’t think my husband wants other people knowing about it because he wants all the land for himself.

    5. I think you’re wrong: a lot of modern men, especially on sites like ROK would be up for putting in the long hours and the physical effort necessary. Most of us are so fried mentally from the never-ending insanity of life in the modern world, that we would gladly do something physical if it meant getting to do it with sons or friends and not some foreign fuck overlord who hasn’t learned English despite living in this country for 2 decades.

    6. Question: you say you only educate your sons to the 7th grade. So in your honest opinion, how do they measure up intellectually? Do they continue to learn things on their own or is their knowledge of history, literature, science paltry / meager?

      1. They go to public school after that because they want to join the sports teams. I keep them home for their early years because of all the bad messages the public school system tries to indoctrinate children with. But when they get a little older we let them go and just hope they’ll be wise enough to see through it.

    7. Good job Jane, congratulations on the twins. I am the oldest of 9 myself, home life was never boring.
      I think you are correct, most of us are modern men, and while we are a product of the world we live in to one degree or another, the common thread we all have in common here is that we all know that things are somehow not right. I believe you are correct, that the fully traditional lifestyle would be difficult or impossible for many or most me to handle. Conversely, the Red pill is about fixing things that we know are broken, starting with our own selves. It is true that we may never live up to the level of masculinity you have in your husband, but we can start where we are now and improve. That is my mantra, at least.
      I wish that I could have had a more traditional, farm-type upbringing myself (I grew up in the suburbs) and I envy your kids.

    8. Aren’t you special….at least you did not whore around in your youth I give you that.

    9. My aren’t you quick to judge. Even in the time periods you’re mimicking there was everything from family men to ladies men to mountain men to monks. You’ll find men of all types here but the way modern women are have often forced the situation for them in one direction or another. Some of us have dropped out, others have embraced the conditions for their own pleasures but the prevailing conditions are what is discussed here. There is no monolithic condition or desire.

  33. If only STARBUCKS sold “Baby Blended” iced Latte drinks
    …..made with real aborted babies parts …Yum –YUM…
    –maybe then;
    they { the latte liberals } might actually VALUE preborn baby humans….
    I’m told;
    —the Latte machine sounds remarkable like baby vacuum blender …
    used by the abortion crowd…

    1. Starbucks can’t sell them. Blended baby parts are controlled by a consortium of post-wall women who inject the product into their veins in order to fend off old age. Madonna is Chairman of the Board. Cher is CEO. Ashley Judd is COO. For fun, they sometimes let Michael Moore add it to his super-sized McDonald’s milkshakes.

  34. Funny —
    didnt see any–
    ” my daughter got an ABORTION, all I got was this ugly t-shirt…”
    there ….
    Or how about ;
    “i got this free shirt after having 5 Abortions ”
    or this—
    “”Ask me how i lost 20lbs of ugly baby fat with just one abortion….”
    Hmmm…..I wonder why…It’s just a choice after all

      1. guess you already ate her ….
        Just one more reason ….
        If Abortion is to be legal then…
        It must be RETROACTIVE …
        just for people like you .
        Have you got your free t shirt yet ? it reads …
        “Cold lonely bitch with 37 cats …
        one cat for each of my dead babies I murdered ”
        Yes they do come in XXXL

      1. I always just picture these fuckers as skeletons….man do they look silly as skeletons. Like a freak show in an underground crypt.

  35. I think this whole bit about the inauguration numbers is a set up and trap for the media to demonstrate their bias. He’s gotten them to push how big a deal it was that his attendance numbers were less than Obama’s. Yeah, no kidding it’s a dem town/area and he was the first black president. But– this gets the media setting a parameter for value- attendance.
    Now we have the Women’s March in DC. Far left progressives excluding the conservative women’s groups and pro-life women’s groups. About ~500K attendance, huge media coverage- google attendance and they all stay ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people marched….
    You know what’s happening later this week in DC? The March for Life pro life March, which has a typical attendance of 400-500K every year. Except last year when the snow was very bad and a city wide emergency. Yet, 100K still showed up with estimated 100K stuck enroute. Google coverage for articles about March for Life through the years- very little media coverage and despite equivalent attendance articles all say ‘thousands’ marched…
    I’m guessing when the media fails to cover the March for Life at anywhere near the level of the Women’s March– he’ll jump on it to highlight their bias. He’ll also cite the March for Life attendance as a counter to folks insisting he must give in to the Women’s March demands re planned parenthood and abortion.
    Trump- Hey media– March for Life has been showing up in these numbers for years– why aren’t you pushing for government to respect their demands? OR even covering and reporting their movement? Fake news, incredible bias, not fair reporting. No one can believe you. Sad.

  36. I was at the Inauguration and the best part was Schumer’s speech. The only parts I heard were “My fellow Americans” and “In 1861”. He was booed and shouted down the whole time. It was hilarious.
    “Trump”, “USA”, and “Drain the Swamp” chants were ongoing, as well as gems like “Stick a sock in it”, “You suck” and my favorite “Quit filibustering the inauguration.” We even started singing God Bless America at one point.
    You could see it getting to him on the screen. He started fumbling his words and it looked like his hands were shaking when he turned the pages. Trump had a big smirk on his face and even started laughing at one point.
    The establishment knows we’re fed up and Trump better not forget who put him in office.
    We drove 16 hours to get to D.C. and that speech made it worth it 🙂

    1. And of course the media either doesn’t report it or says we only booed the mention of immigrants. That’s BS. We were booing the entire time. We almost missed Pence swearing in because we were still booing Schumer.

      1. Watched the press-conference yesterday.
        Great information and facts about meetings with business people etc..
        but a couple of commie’s just wouldn’t let up on utter nonsense.
        and that was the Headline in today’s Daily News — utter nonsense…
        Hopefully he will not allow them so much rope next time…

      1. No problem. I’ve been a lurker here since late 2015 and it’s made quite a difference in my life. I was raised by an alpha male and traditional mother but a steady diet of media had turned me into a beta. Now I see the wisdom of my father and have reclaimed my God given alpha role. My wife and three kids love having an alpha in their lives.

    2. I don’t know why the feminists wasted their time with that stupid march.
      Their collective whining isn’t going to change the fact that Donald Trump is the president.
      We need to have anti feminist marches with women who are too attractive and nurturing to buy into the biggest lie of modern society.

        1. The good women who do nothing, except secretly enjoy the superiority that feminism offers, are the REAL problem.
          It’s their fault as much as the feminazi’s.
          Evil prospers while good (wo)men do nothing.

        2. No, the problem is that we listen to unhappy women.
          Caring what women think isn’t just beta, it can actually ruin your political system.

        3. As they should. It shows raw intelligence if they opted out of their own volition for obvious reasons.
          God bless them and then some. But those other slags need to be bumped off the proverbial glacier like the lemmings they are.
          Ask one of those feminist/sjw bitches to pick up a rifle and go stand watch for this country and the look of disgust at the thought will say it all.
          Cause we all know they are holding out for curing cancer and making mens lives bearable.

        4. Good point. It’s just that anti feminists need more of a voice in this society because we’re shamed for being traditional.

        5. I believe it’s a big problem because conservative men and women usually have families and dedicate their time to looking after their families. Leftists are childless and have more time to be interfering in public life causing problems.

        6. Bingo. All these people out to “Save the World” (whatever that means) should focus their efforts locally – to home, family, tribe, neighborhood.
          I think they’d be surprised to see how much the “world” improves!

  37. women who would murder their unborn are a self correcting equation and are actually doing us a big, big favor….the last thing we need is for them to reproduce and spread their hate and misery.

  38. “Ladies, we realize you have a vagina. We realize it is nature’s credit card in your mind. But you are over your victim card credit limit, and your account is about to be closed.”
    classic ROK

  39. That Michael Moore jab is spot on.
    Remember him scolding Phil Knight for outsourcing jobs.

  40. “A decrepit Cher was thawed from her crypt and hauled down to the march”
    – This had me cracking up

  41. I thought it meant these feminists are too stupid to realize they were manipulated by a woman who advocates Sharia Law and even read the fucking Quran to them during the demonstration.
    That’s so incongruent I could laugh if it weren’t so pathetic and telling when it comes to what they have inside their heads.

      1. and didn’t scream in his face to shut him down…
        makes a lot of valid bullet points.
        I think he will be household name soon…

  42. This is a little bit more serious then the author portrays. It’s a way to get ahead of the curve to oust trump in 2020 and should not be ignored.

    1. Ironically it will have the opposite affect, this is the kind of sh!t that brought us to electing Trump.

  43. I heard this was organized and funded by George Soros. Nothing unplanned here. I think that’s all anyone needs to know.

    1. Soros, my greatest enemy. Alt-righters always accuse me of being this fucker’s disinformation shill.

      1. Once you identify and understand the root cause of the problem, there’s nothing more to look for.

        1. It’s because I refuse to name Trump as my God-Emperor. In fact I refuse to name anyone but my dick as my God-Emperor.

  44. Men, in every society in this world, get the gov’t and the women they deserve. If white men can’t abolish the welfare state, they deserve their punishment.

    1. Always da white man. Most of us are all for ending welfare, but the alot of the free-shit-army parasites will have to adjust.

    2. So, upstanding men of character deserve the consequences wrought by the depraved and cowardly men, right? Because good each man should FORCE all the other men to do what is right?
      Your rhetoric is delusional and ignorant.

      1. Yes. If they were upstanding, the cowards would not be able to do anything to them.
        They have neglected their duty to maintain their freedom.

    3. I actually deserve my welfare as a vet with some fucked up injuries yet I get turned down for help I need cause these assholes (sjw-feminists) would rather hand out bennies to women and immigrants who complain that life is too hard or someone fondled them 30 years ago or whatever.
      Fuck this system. If I get punched in the teeth anymore for being a white male who actually would fight for his country I will indeed shed blood for this country on my home soil.
      If you have real injuries fine take welfare but if you cannot handle life and want to sit around and shit out thugs….you are cut the fuck off. #Trumobtainium (I made that fucking word bitches now suck it).

  45. As we always say, feminism simply exists because men allow it to. If mankind came together, with even half of this number and intent, feminism would collapse like a pack of cards. Women follow trends like a pack animal, and as soon as that trend is on to a loser they leave it post haste.
    The problem we face is that western society is indoctrinated in the worst way. Remember, that to a lot of young guys to be a red blooded, red pill male goes agianst all their cultural programming, The marxists did an absolutey fantastic stitch up job.
    It’s ironic that the women and men on this march will be the first to have their lifestyle curtailed when Islam starts to real root in the next 50 years or so. They really have no clue what is coming to them. I hope the guys on this site won’t be fooled into helping any of them when they come running to us.

  46. yeah like trump will swing the pendulum the other way. he’s no anti-elitist you dumbasses, he’ll do nothing

    1. He is still the kind of guy who will shit in you and your boyfriends faces when it suits him and thats all the reason we need to vote him in a second time…by the way your handle would be better if it were inbredz as it rolls off the tongue like your boyfriends prostate ooze.

      1. we’ll see how much he’ll do against rampant feminism and gynocentrism. i bet your boyfrend’s prostate ooze not a whole lot. given his cabinet choices he wont change the status quo too much. a little bit? yes. a lot? nono

  47. I just read that the limo set ablaze during the protest was owned by a muslim immigrant and the hispanic driver was treated for cuts from flying glass when the leftists threw bricks into the windshields.
    Leftists are FUBAR.

    1. They can’t even grasp that the limo companies are generally owned and operated by working stiffs. A limo driver saves up enough money to buy a car and goes into business for himself. Often working out his house. If it goes well he gets another car and hires a driver for it… and so on.

      1. They can’t fathom the basic fact all government money ultimately comes from working stiffs, or folks with the balls to set up and run a profitable company employing working stiffs.

    2. Poor driver. And to think this is the one person leftists claim to defend. Suddenly, getting deported is not that bad of an idea, if it means getting away from crazy gringas. Heck, let Trump build the wall. Keep them inside the U.S., so they don’t infect others with their feminist bullshit.

  48. I went to the Inauguration Parade in DC on 01/20/2017. As
    soon as I got off the train the butt hurt protesters were everywhere. They
    heckled us as we got to the top of the escalator from the subway. The harassment
    continued to the security zone where we stood for half an hour as every person
    was checked for weapons. They were inside the security zone along the parade
    route. There were the anarchists, the feminists, and cucked men of whatever
    leftist cause. There were lots of women with stupid knitted hats with cat ears.
    Some women had signs that read “Try and Grab this Pussy.” I’m not sure if that
    was a request or a warning. Some people engaged them, I was tempted too, but
    then I realized how enjoyable it was to see them cry out. It was just like
    November 9, 2016 all over again with the crying girls on TV and rabid Facebook
    posts from my friends who supported Hillary.
    It was a collective Waaaa and I enjoyed every second of it. There
    were so many hurt feelings that I could have taken a warm salt bath. The most
    important thing about this is never let your opponents see you get mad. Control
    your emotions, that’s what separates the adults from the children and men from

    1. When we were leaving DC Friday night I saw them start to trickle in. I saw some of the scrawny punks Friday but most of them looked like they were college students getting a free day off from school.
      One girl was trying her best to get some dick. She was dressed in a skin tight leopard print outfit and was wriggling around. Attention seeking whore. 4/10 wnb. My wife actually pointed her out to me and we laughed at how obviously she wanted one of the black dudes to nail her.

      1. The only schlong that could possibly fill that void with cash and prizes from big daddy gubmint and a sugar trophy too.

    2. Well done. Look them in the eye with a smug look on your face as they lose their shit. When the take a breath just laugh at them. You won.

  49. “A decrepit Cher was thawed from her crypt and hauled down to the march”
    This was most saddening sight to see of all. I’m old enough to remember back during the days when Sonny and Cher had their first TV show “The Nitty Gritty Hour” and then shortly after the “Sonny And Cher Comedy Hour” Back then, for a brief period, Cher was examplary of a good wife: she was a solid 8, by no means a perfect 10 so she wasn’t (at least not then) afflicted with the cuntish narcissism that the females on the higher beauty scale always have, but she was very cute and very fuckable. And at that same period in her life she was a loving mother, and a loving wife. Kudos to Sonny for being her first. After their divorce we all know Cher went on a non stop cock binge banging guys like Greg Allman, and Gene Simmons. These guys, plus every other dude Cher slept with were always on their “Hey, I’m banging Cher!” pedastol – uhm…. no guys, you are all banging Sonny Bono’s leftovers. Very beta if you ask me, especially for a guy like Gene Simmons.
    Those were the days, as well at a time when one could say “God Bless you” on national TV and not be imprisoned or fined.
    A brief momentous echo – one upon a time in America when the women were slender, feminine and were not vapid, zombified idiots:

  50. Guys if ever there was a reason to up your game, hit the gym, get your finances on track, learn to shoot, survival skills, etc., now is the time. On the evidence of this march the death throws of the sjws and feminazis will only get more extreme as they see their progressive agenda get ignored by the new administration. Get your shit together so you can take advantage of the dawn of a golden age. Also hold the line until these whiners really start getting out of hand and when the inevitable chink in their armour presents itself, strike and strike hard. No quarter from now on.

    1. I figure when they murder trump (sjw scum that is….keep it in your pants secret service we are the good guys).
      Pence will bend over for the globalists once again and we will be back to square one. It must be a fight to the death at that point.
      Any other country worth their salt this shit would be stopped with pure ultra-violence.
      That time will never come but if it does…..I got dibs on that .50 cal sniper rifle I had my eye on.

      1. Everyone is one the edge and one might argue that we are already begun our second civil war; we simply have not yet engaged in firearms combat yet. I have never before seen adults act like such babies as the sjw’s – and I’m not just talking the young dumbasses who don’t know they are being played for suckers by the left – I’m talking sjw’s of all ages young and old.
        Add in the patriots who have had it with attacks and violence from the left. The conservatives and patriots are armed, pissed off, and some are willing to sacrfice their own life to have the last word with any one of these liberal / socialist fuck-faces.
        I would wager it’s only a matter of time until a few libtard protestors march in the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time, and they will find themselves pumped full of bullets.

        1. Yea man, I know a shit-ton of good ole’ boys completely stacked and ready. Their tolerance is wearing thin. You can feel the tension in the air. At first I thought once Trump won, it might taper off, which isn’t the case it appears.

        2. so if we go into civil war its going to be a bunch of sniveling white knight weaklings vs. hardworking strong American Patriots? I say the sooner the better.

  51. So is the “pussy hat” going to be the fashion trend and political statement this winter? At least it’ll make it easier to pick out the “nasty women”.

    1. Unless you are fucking bill and hillary at the same time odds are you have no idea what runs through their heads….pretty sure it involves human sacrifice and thoughts of lording it over humanity.

  52. I went onto vice and dropped a few choice word bombs on them and all they could come up with is petty insults.
    Told them all they wanted was rights to more of our shit and the ability to fuck around in life and have others pay for the clean up.
    Ha these cunts have no idea what is coming for them and it ain’t chad or a fat wallet for most of them.

    1. “Feminism consists of Strong Independent Women demanding that the
      government play daddy to them with money taken from men.” Glenn Reynolds

  53. The Million Cat Lady March was just another shit test, an easily passable one at that.
    It overwhelmingly consisted of dried up ovaries and fugglies – genetic dead-ends. Why do those old menopausal bitches need contraceptives?
    After their hissy fit, they all went home leaving piles of garbage in D.C. It will all amount to exactly zilch.

    1. These women will be found as desiccated corpses half-eaten by their cats three months following their deaths. They have no friends or family to speak of and nobody will miss them.

  54. ” Women hypocritically make up 80% of all spending decisions in the
    materialistic, extremely wasteful and environmentally destructive
    economy they later complain about as not being “green” enough.”
    Don’t forget how they rail against “cheap men” and rating men by their appearance of material wealth. He might be in debt up to his eyeballs but that consumption is attractive to them.

    1. it’s incredible how the man who made the video is keeping his coolness. just by seing those leftists ugly women, i feel angry. And I even understood 70% approx of what have been said.
      Indeed, no resolution. And that’s fine to me. I don’t want to make peace with such pieces of shit

    2. I don’t believe that bitch in the middle was raped. By the time any man got drunk enough to find her even remotely attractive enough, his whiskey dick wouldn’t let anything happen.

      1. so true…
        but they all say that
        victim complex is the highest honor…
        “white men are racist rapists, etc..”
        he said “you are racist against me for being white”.
        She said – “not possible to be racist against a white person”
        Check mate from the commies— western women are off with the fairies…

  55. If there were five hundred thousand feminists marching, then there were at least five million cats left at home hungry…..

    1. No, I saw a great, big train of cats behind that march. They always go with their “priviledged” masters.

  56. In Washington, DC this week, I wanted to chant to this viragos, “You don’t have a dick, You don’t have a dick” sing-song like we did when we were kids.

  57. I hear about this Epstein fella. Apparently even Trump himself has been linked to him.
    As for Bill Clinton, the man played his cards well. It’s not his fault he got away with shit.

  58. Women scare the shit outta me. So nutty. These gals wanna be generals? They want to lead troops in combat?? I think if a man jogged thru that crowd with a Trump MAGA hat he’d be torn apart Lord of the Flies style by those deranged harpies..

    1. The crazy thing about women in combat is that they complain about getting raped by their own fellow soldiers. If you can’t protect yourself from getting raped by your own side, how would you protect yourself from getting raped by enemy forces? Wouldn’t you be completely useless in your job of protecting other people?
      That being said, I believe in the old Germanic value of women fighting in war when they had to. The Romans remarked that the women of every nation would gladly give themselves over to the conqueror once their men had been defeated; except the German women, who would put on the battle armor of her slain husband and fight until death or capture.

  59. I read this article to my husband and here is what he said he thought about it (kind of paraphrased because I can’t type all that fast as he talks):
    Everything about woman points to her life-purpose of childbearing. Her hormonal mood swings, her menstruation, her shapely hips and behind, her full oversized breasts (which are such a hindrance to her if she attempts masculine work) all point to her prime purpose: to bear children. That modern woman would scorn her own biology is insanity. It is the one thing she can do that a man cannot – logically you’d think that this special ability would give her a special sense of self-worth but it doesn’t, in fact, she rejects it in favor of pursuing masculine activities. She believes childbearing to be oppressive but it isn’t. The ability to create life is a profound and admirable thing. What could woman ever do that could be more important than that? And of course they are miserable, because they aren’t fulfilling their purpose. They aren’t using their most important body part. They pretend they don’t even have a womb and take drugs to stop it from functioning. Like a cooped up horse that doesn’t use its legs, or a bird that can’t use its wings, or a bull or goat that can’t use its horns, women who don’t use their womb go insane. Women are meant to live in a perpetual cycle of sex-pregnancy-childbirth-suckling. It’s their natural life cycle if they don’t take birth control drugs to prevent it. The solution to the problem of modern woman is continuous pregnancy. That is the solution to the racial demographic problem also. Even if a woman has one or two kids, she’ll often start chasing other men or initiate divorce after she has gone too long without a pregnancy. Cavegirl brain thinks “this man’s seed isn’t resulting in reproduction; I must try a different man’s seed instead.” This is her subconscious thought, regardless of what her conscious brain thinks, even if she thinks she doesn’t want any more children. Women who live the continuously pregnant lifestyle go through life with glowing faces, warm smiles, singing as they go about their daily work. You see it, and I do too. We all know that this is the absolute truth. This large family we work so hard for, we are all a support system for each other, we are a force working hard together to further our mutual interests.

    1. Civilization requires both sexes to clamp down on their primal drives, or as a friend had it, “If looks could kill we’d all be dead.” You are correct that a woman’s primal sex drive includes childbirth and lactation, whereas a man’s ends with ejaculation.

  60. I wake up every day and thank my feminist overlords for allowing me to check my male privilege. My only regret is I don’t have a time machine to travel back to the Titanic and inform all those cis scum men that they should also do the same.

    1. hey that’s mean. some of those women had their mink coats ruined by the sea air..
      Also – if you look at the stats — many many children went down (low-income children) — could have easily fitted them all?
      No more Titanics!

      1. Yeah, those mink coats were probably worth more then the lives of the men to those women. The poor children were dirty and would probably make matters worse for the fine garb of those ladies!

  61. It would be funny to send them all to to Arabia or some backwards African country so they could see what real women oppression is.

  62. The rise of women has seen the increase in the lack of accountability and the blame game.
    In regards to seeing Julia Roberts at this “event” it has me thinking about why her last “ex” was having the affair with that porn star.

  63. White/Western men are waking up but our women seem to be hopeless f##king causes. I agree with the author, there is a world of difference between American and foreign women. Foreign women do not take anything for granted and do not feel entitled to anything. At least until they are westernized.

    1. There are plenty of Western woman fighting back against the leftist propaganda and have been for a long time. They just don’t get the coverage that they do. That’s changing. Vice President Pence attended the March for Life 2017 event and so the cameras were there and they got some good coverage. Not nearly as much as the leftists, but that’s going to change.

  64. I have yet to meet a woman that is sexually abstinent and a total bitch (PMS days excluded).
    On the other hand…pill-girls are off the rails as bitchiness goes.

  65. The one thing i have learned is to never listen to a woman other than your mother. Most of the time their opinions and views are irrational, hypocritical, and illogical, especially on how to be successful with women. You should never listen to advice from women, as women don’t even know what they want themselves. They want you to be forward, but when you’re forward they report you for harrassment. They want you to be manly, but not too much. Be emotional but not too much, love your mother but not too much, look after your appearance but not too much. If you ever ask a woman what she wants in a man, they say the same old cliche; “an honest, kind, gentleman that can make me laugh”. It’s all bullshit – those kind of men never get a look in – it’s the arrogant alpha males with plenty of cash who always get their pick of the majority of women.

  66. My girlfriend had emotional meltdown this morning. She is having baby-rabies -desperate to have kid. Which is a good thing…
    her – Trump taking away abortion.
    me – No, he defunded something in Mexico. Why care about paying for that?
    her – How am I paying for it?
    me – Taxes
    more insanity/hilarity.
    She wants to have a kid, and worried about abortion…

  67. I can understand a man letting this shit go over his head-after all, life and work means he doesn’t have the time to condemn it, however, ANY man who actively supports this shit is severely cucked. All over facebook, manginas everywhere saying how great this is. And for what? To try to identify as male feminists for a scrap of vagina. Pathetic. Grown men of 60 plus saying how great it is. Have they not learned by now that women don’t go for their kind and that they prefer a self-contained man who doesn’t creep them out with false flattery? A once in a while ‘hey your hair looks good tonight’ from an alpha is worth a million ‘I identify as a feminist, I feel your pain’ bullshit from their kind.
    Men, with the exception of really exceptional females like Thatcher, have balls. This is why they make progress. Left to women, we would be in caves still. Yet these women whinge about ‘the white man’ . Fuck all these feminist nutjobs. They don’t know when they’ve got it good.

    1. I totally agree. Everyone knows what these male feminazis are after. Pathetic. Women in American are blessed because of the men in America. We are the luckiest females in the world! Thanks guys!

  68. This article is so shrill it could have been written by a feminist. Why are we giving these people our attention? Ignore them and move on.

    1. You can’t just ignore problems and hope they go away. The MSM celebrates feminism and this recent “protest” (lynch mob), and that cannot go unchecked. We need more articles like this one.

      1. Yeah. Maybe instead of working and raising a family I should start obsessing about spinsters and whales in pink hats taking a walk.

  69. Nice Tesla quote, kudos on digging that one up. It won’t be long before comments sections start disappearing; the already have been doing away with them. Truth undermining the the narrative must be avoided at all costs.

  70. Was listening to Talk Radio over here in Maine on Monday. The local update in-between national talk shows stated some gal at Womyns March at Maine State Capitol BIT a cop. Yes … BIT a cop.
    I couldn’t help by think of this one:

  71. “How many methods of contraception do women have today?”
    A lot, but hormonal birth control pills (among other methods, such as IUD’s and other methods) are technically abortion-inducing drugs. This means that conception still takes place, but implantation into the uterus does not. You’re essentially fertilizing the egg and then killing the embryo shortly after.
    There is not much difference between birth control pills and the “morning after” pill.

    1. I thought the primary mechanism of the birth control pill (not the morning after pill) was to stop ovulation so no fertilization occurs in the first place?

  72. I am worried I might be supporting some of these actors if I PVR a movie they are in. Can someone out together a list of actors to boycott an resultant films they get royalties from which I should avoid?
    Already cut DeNeiro.

    1. Hey Curtis Axel – I have given this conundrum a bit of thought. How can A-list actors, that actually have some chops for delivering dramatic roles (and thus do show some nuance of understanding around human behavior) otherwise be such airheads? Maybe because …….. you gotta have the mindset of the “receptacle” to be able to pull off allowing another characterization to inhabit one’s own countenance. Psychically, there is already something rather cucky going on in such dynamic. Note sure if this is exactly right ….. but this perspective at least allows me to give such actors enough of a break to allow myself to continue to enjoy their work, instead of holding their irl shenanigans against them to the degree that my disgust for their irl persona ruins their dramatic performances for me. After all …… not everybody got it in them to bend over deep and spread it that far so as to fully accept the cuck. Somebody gotta do it (you know – for art-sake). But such people should still be called out for their irl airheadedness (which is also a rather enjoyable endeavor). Hey – now I can enjoy these art-cucks both ways to Sunday!

  73. March of the pussyhats:
    I will now wear an emblem for my beloved status, as the ever-enduring
    hypocrite, …. an emblem for my eternal pussyhood, for all to see,
    …… and dare not mock me ……nor mock my precious precious pussy,
    for all to see …… atop my sneering face, now worn proudly, adorning
    me in everlasting pussyhood ….. my precious precious pussy …. I’m so
    in luv with thee, as the world should be, as plain for all to see ….
    for gooness-sake can’t you grok it’s the woman’s prerogative …. the
    luv army! – we will luv you till it hurts ……. submit submit
    ……………. to our luv conception, borne of our matronly loins
    ………… or else we will assfuck you. Cuck the world! Oh yes, we
    are now cucking the world! Feelz so wonderful, oh glee! (except this
    ass-fucking dildo is just a cheap facsimile …. I can’t feel a damn
    thing …… I guess I can’t really fuck anything … golly gee? golly
    gee?). Oh – I know! …. let me turn thine glorious cock facsimile
    inward and fuck myself …. fuck me right in my precious precious pussy
    …. now there’s a feelz to cop ……teehee! teehee! Oh … my truest
    self-luv … my precious precious pussy.

  74. The MSM gave all of less than half a minute of coverage to the March For Life 2017 event. Those people in the above photographs are not women. Oh, they are female, but they aren’t women. They are useful idiots and indoctrinated, men hating, baby hating, vulgar, nasty harridans. They don’t have a single normal feminine impulse. They don’t and have never, ever represented me. All those histrionics won’t save these leftists. They are doomed. Normal men and women are fighting back and taking back America. I’m enjoying the SJW tears aren’t you?! LOL!

  75. Irony is a lot of MRAs also celebrate victimhood by constantly talking about how society and women are out to get them. Instead of being a victim try being an alpha male who shapes his own destiny instead of talking about how you’re being oppressed.

  76. By the way, does anybody know any good right wing populist and liberty oriented websites in Spanish. I listened to Armand Alducin some, but that is just fundamentalist preaching. OK, but a little different from what I am interested in. I am working to learn Spanish.
    Daniel Estulin is ok, but still looking for more.

  77. Will you guys ever post anything critical of that spoiled brat, or are you just going to keep sucking his cock?

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