Have You Swallowed The Red Pill? Take The Test

There’s a lot of guys who claim to haven taken the red pill, but I suspect there is a sea of blue still swirling within their core. To find out if that’s you, watch the following three portions of the above video:

0:47 – 0:53
1:22 – 1:34
2:24 – 2:31

Time to grade the test:

1. Did you think what you just witnessed was the most heart-warming thing in the world? If yes, you’re drowning in blue pill.

2. Do you wish you could have a female friend like the Indian man in the video? If yes, you’re still blue pill.

3. Did you think there’s nothing wrong with being friends with a girl? If yes, you’re bluer than the ocean.

4. Did you run to the nearest bathroom and throw up in the toilet at his display of supreme betatude? If yes, you’re red pill.

5. Did you viscerally cringe and actually get angry at the world when the girl said, “You’re my best friend in the world, and you always will be” while the beta withheld his tears of emotion? If yes, you’re blood pill!

One problem with swallowing the red pill is that you will get offended at just about everything that mainstream people enjoy. You can no longer digest their media, enjoy their viral videos, or even have a normal conversation with a blue piller. You form your own red pill bubble, whether it’s frequenting sites on the manosphere, not dating women from blue pill societies, or outright expatriating to countries where men are rewarded for being masculine. Long live the red pill!

P.S. I make an appearance at 2:24.

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138 thoughts on “Have You Swallowed The Red Pill? Take The Test”

  1. “You’re my best friend in the world, and you always will be”
    My head flashed with the voice of Hank Moody shouting “SUCKAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”
    You could hear the poor man’s soul crushing under the unknown number of stories that he had listened to after she got a man who is not worthy of her so valuable friendship to ravage her carnally and then leave her dug deep in the bedsheets…
    Try watching any romantic comedy; Zack and Miri make a porno, or the Crazy Stupid Love etc… Soul crushing, clostrophobic stuff. Poison.

  2. The way the girl in 2:24 – 2:31 said she loved her friend(?) was really fucking weak. She was speaking in flat tones and with an intonation which sounded like she was asking a question. Her delivery gave away the fact that she had none of the emotion towards her gay friend that he had towards her.
    If a girl says “I know I don’t always act like it” but then professes the opposite, believe her actions not her words.

      1. Soon we’ll all be ghey. It’s just the way it is. Just try and get as much poon as you can until the time you get an electric car and are fully assimilated.

      1. I didn’t expect you to look like that. Was that really you in the clip above?

  3. I look at the world entirely different and I start calling out tv shows, movies, etc while whoever I am with gives me long, strange stares. Sometimes its hard not to get angry. Long live the red pill.

  4. That was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. Even when I was technically blue pill and Beta a few years ago, I still would have considered that the gayest thing Ive ever seen.

  5. Where’s your appearance Roosh or is that a joke? Nevertheless that was a good video. The father and son seemed ok, but the dudes and chicks chatting with each other I agree was utterly disgusting.

    1. What makes it disgusting is that a red pill awareness reveals the innately two-faced nature of female desire.
      This type of sentimental confession on the one hand appeals much more to women than men. Yet at the same time, guys who play along with this kind of heart-felt complimentary game will repel chicks. Only the most self-interested, cocksure alphas will benefit from a rare lapse into this type of emotional exposure.
      The male equivalent in terms of attraction would be as if we wanted the really hot chick who occasionally let her guard down and let herself be plain.

  6. FWIW, I also got the idea that he was gay..
    That said though, I really don’t see why many red pill-ers are against having female friends. My female friends have gotten me laid tons of times. Granted, we don’t have relationships where we say heart-felt ‘I love yous’ or ‘we’ll be best friends forevers’ but I hang out with plenty of girls in social settings who will actively prospect and put in good words for me. How is that a bad thing? If nothing else, isn’t being seen with a bunch of girls a form of preselection?

  7. A year of reading manosphere blogs have succeeded in converting me to the red pill. Many thanks to Roosh, Roissy, BronantheBarbarian, Professor Mentu, Ferdinand Bardamu, Captain Capitalism, Matt Forney, and others.
    Now I just need to take the wisdom of the red pill and convert it into action.

  8. Having anger and disgust is normal in the beginning, but its not a state to be in.
    I have been reading less and less manosphere blogs lately because it makes me more stressed. Feminist bullshit is all around us and can handle it better than 90% of guys. I also don’t live in an extreme feminist country (but its going in that direction).
    This made me laugh a little. That indian beta almost having a tear in his eye when an ugly chick gives him a forced obviously bullshit compliment. To him it was real. It doesn’t make me cringe anymore; it makes me feel like a cool mathafacka because I don’t do that.
    It’s good to be acquainted with hot chicks that you fucked or weren’t able to fuck. If you live in a small town, a “warm” cold approach is easier when the target knows that you are friends with a sexy acquaintance of hers.

    1. Your first two paragraphs are exactly on the mark.
      And I might as well mention, I have a female “friend” (who’s not much on the eyes) recently tell me, “It’s hard to be a girl and be your friend” haha. I never thought red pill would change my world view so much.

    2. I nearly cried through out the whole thing. People complimenting each other. Friends happy they were still friends, Father and Son having a moment, Mother and Daughter having a moment. I totally LOVED this! 🙂

  9. Right on the money…90% of modern society bores me too the point of walking around yawning in public…since finding the manosphere it’s only confirmed to me that generic betas and piss weak boring girls with zero interests or spark are just a waste of time . The most frustrating thing is watching it happen right I front of you in bars and clubs etc. but because these people are so blue pill sometimes you can’t even game them because they just don’t get it …hail return of kings and the rise if man !

  10. I liked the kid and his Dad, the hipster flattering a 5 was ridiculous. She’s probably 18 with the face of a 35 year old. I hope her talent is being an HR manager so she can survive on her own income.

  11. Not all compliments are blue pill… If some real men were in that booth you would hear things like:
    “I enjoy waking up seeing my dick in your mouth; move over Folgers.”
    “I like the fact that you still cook and clean for me, well-knowing that I am sleeping with other women.”
    To the bro:
    “I just want to thank you for jumpin’ on the grenade last weekend. That chick sure was a dragon, but you slayed her like a champion. I am glad to call you my wingman- Don Quixote”.
    To the emo son:
    “At first- I was a bit upset that you announced to the world that you were a faggot- it embarassed me both personally and professionaly; however, you did suggest that I wear this sweater vest, and it has gotten me a vast amount of poon. I will not refer to you as my son in public, but you can bet you’ll have a nice christmas gift coming your way this year from Daddy.”
    To the hot co-worker:
    “Hey babe, I enjoy lookin’ at you. When you are sending faxes, I purposely place litter on the floor surrounding the machine so I can get a better scope on that ass of yours. The coffee you bring me tastes like you brewed it in a gymsock; but I drink it and converse with you as to buy myself 5 more minutes of starin’ at those tig ole bitties of yours.” A+ for objectification.
    Not all compliments are blue pill my friends. It’s all in the execution, and if you’re worth a shit- your words will have the weight of a slow moving glacier. Just tell them the truth and be sparing with your niceness.

    1. “I just want to thank you for jumpin’ on the grenade last weekend. That chick sure was a dragon, but you slayed her like a champion. I am glad to call you my wingman- Don Quixote”.
      Ahahahahahaha, no shit!

  12. Yeah I don’t get it. That Indian kid is obviously gay. As in, a homosexual. So whether his behavior is beta/blue pill is kind or irrelevant, right?
    Or does being “red pill” now include being disgusted by homo culture?

    1. Or does being “red pill” now include being disgusted by homo culture?
      The answer would be yes.

      1. I have acquaintances who are gay and “married” lol. Just because someone is gay, doesn’t mean they can’t be manly. I don’t care if they’re gay.
        And sure, guys are diverse in their nature, but I’m sickened when I see them so emasculated. I don’t have to accept or tolerate this, nor their apologists. Boo hoo.

    2. If the manosphere doesn’t check itself, it’s spiralling into jezebell style rah rah +1 +1 territory.

  13. watching this and thought this is soo gay(nothing against homos) but so lame
    ill admit the only blue pill question i answered yes was number 3
    and number 5 is sorta cuz i really just dont care
    i see friending women(even fattys) as a scoial in to hit on the hotter friendds or get to know them
    so self rating on that test 3.5/5

  14. Oh god, the whole thing was cringe worthy but yes the betatude of the dude and his female best friend was just horrid and definitely stuck out.

  15. Assuming the guy is gay, which I think he probably is, it changes the whole context of the situation. A lot of gay guys have very good female friends. If the guy isn’t gay, then that is fucking pathetic betatude at it’s worst.

    1. Even if he is gay, gay guys are ruining the game by pumping up females’ egos to ridiculous levels. Gay guy friends will always be making your girl feel like she could do better (but not with him, because you know, the gay).

      1. Notice lesbians will never ever ever pump up guy’s egos to any level, ridiculous or otherwise.
        Neither guy friends, nor girlfriends, nor platonic girl friends, nor lesbian (non)friends will feed into men’s egos. Men can only find fulfillment in accomplishment.
        While gay men parasitize off aging single women, lesbians go their own way better than MGTOW.

  16. I was expecting something about the workplace, whether we realise we’re slaves or to what extent we think for ourselves. This was more beta alpha stuff, it’s cool.

  17. Did anyone else have a burning desire to take the idea and flip it to insults or breaking up with someone? Seriously, break up by being in a booth incase the bitch goes psycho crazy on you, do it in public, and then just walk away when your done. Bonus points if you make her go first, give you compliments, and then dump her.

    1. Dude, I like your style. *amused*
      This thing made me cringe all right. It’s like music these days: I try to listen to stuff (for dancing to) and the fem-centric pops right out at me.
      Take Grenade by Bruno Mars as an example of pukedom. The song is so putrid/whiny in the way it goes on about lapping up a woman’s runny shit and that she does nothing for him in return…then again, even I want to kill themotherfucker…

  18. I recognize that neighborhood. It’s right down the street from UCLA, the blue pill capitol of the world.

  19. “One problem with swallowing the red pill is that you will get offended at just about everything that mainstream people enjoy.”
    Oh God.
    Oh God God God.
    This is me.
    I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought there was something wrong with me when I downvoted every stupid flash mob video I ever came across.

    1. this is also me, and i am often told that there is something wrong with me. which allows me to easily sort who i should and who i should not be associating with.

      1. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain–but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life. There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there. Like a splinter in your mind. Driving you mad.
        It is this feeling that has brought you to me…

        1. yes. This is awesome. Describing my life. I remember when flash mobs were a huge thing on youtube, and I couldn’t put my finger on WHY I didn’t like them. Same thing happens when guys post these huge elaborate beta wedding poposals on youtube. And thinking “This is supposed to be a wonderful thing, why does that guy make me cringe? Why would I never for the life of me do something like that for a woman? What’s wrong with me?” It was subliminal RP wisdom. We’re all supposed to be thinking this way, society been bullshitting us for too long.

    2. I had that problem before taking the red pill, I was called hater or a negative person since childhoods.

    3. It’s pretty intense, the cringe-worthiness of mainstream bullshit. I especially hate when guys go out of their way to do these huge extravagant proposals to their girlfriends, I want to punch them in their little fucking beta faces. Slap out of it man she doesn’t give a shit about you.

    4. That’s the worst part. Sometimes you feel like a complete asshole and you have no grasp of reality. Oh well, keep on plugging away.

  20. “You form your own red pill bubble, whether it’s frequenting sites on the manosphere,”
    “not dating women from blue pill societies,”
    Yes, but unfortunatly this includes all of them.
    “or outright expatriating to countries where men are rewarded for being masculine.”
    Yes, I have always lived in such a place.

  21. When I listened to the girl say, “You’re honestly such an amazing person. You’re my best friend in the world, and you always will be” the thought that crossed my mind was that she admired him, that she would do anything for him, that her world revolved around him.
    I project, but ask yourself: how would your perspective of that exchange change if you knew she was just one of the girls in his rotation?

    1. No one says best friend to someone they fuck. NO ONE. That’s how I know you’re wrong and why I wasn’t manipulated like you were. They call them babe, hon, sugarpie honeybun buttercup ect. but they do not call them a best friend. IF they do it is tacked on the end, you are the most amazing guy in my life and I’m happy to have you and more than that, you are my best friend in life, my partner ect. but it is TACKED ON not the main part of their “speech”

  22. I used to cringe at everything society did and everything blue pill people did.
    But then I realized, there was nothing I could do to change it even if I tried to help the people living in a delusion. They all lived in a false hope and called me stupid.
    So, I’m trying to appeal in a way now, which makes me more blue pill like. However now that I think about it, that’s making me seek approval in which I don’t have to. I always thought it was being humble until just now while I’m typing this, I realized being humble is something totally different.
    Wtf, I sound like a fucking faggot in my post. Ignore that shit. I’m not deleting it.

  23. I felt the need to tease, neg, and not do it in a video while saying it through giant earphones. What pill am I?

  24. Check out dude’s fists jammed into his pockets, too. Shoulders all hunched up. So uncomfortable with himself… the anti-alpha.

  25. Hahah this is so funny. I pity those beta orbiter fags always complimenting an ugly girl as beautiful and a dumb one as smart. This is actually shoot at Westwood very close to UCLA, my school.

  26. It is exactly as twee as i imagined it would be once i heard the grating “indie” music. I did not get annoyed, rather i got bored.

  27. Of COURSE that Indian dude was gay…don’t you see that Asian or Indian men on western tv are either sexless smart nerds or fags???

  28. there’s still some blue pill within me. however as time progresses i find these “feel good” displays of kindness to be more and more insincere. it’s like when people tell me thank you too much. i think american society puts too much pressure on us to be nice and polite cuz you never know when the next lunatic’s gonna snap and shoot you for stepping on his air force ones

    1. Does that warm, self-validation feel good Raul? Tell me, what’s that fuzzy “reason” female friends are bad?

  29. Wisdom indeed, “One problem with swallowing the red pill is that you will get offended at just about everything that mainstream people enjoy. You can no longer digest their media, enjoy their viral videos, or even have a normal conversation with a blue piller”
    But as I watch my marriage crumbling, after 12 years of increasing unhappiness, and with a sense of something akin to relief, I have come to understand that I actually swallowed the red pill way back in 1996, when I discovered the need for an objective philosophy – foolishly, I was to regurgitate the red in favor of the blue a few years later.

  30. There’s something else here at work that really bothers me… the overall message of this video seems to be that it’s a brand new discovery that sometimes you say nice things to people, and wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all did that more often! No, it would not. When someone deserves something complimentary, I tell them. And the more you compliment people, the less value comes from the compliment. Compliments should be rare, and hard to earn things, not handed out like candy.

    1. It’s truly and art, I’m so cold and Machiavellian that some people are almost reduced to tears when I casually throw out something that suggests that I actually like them.

  31. Am I the only person that had a violent reaction to this? This shit made me want to start a fist fight.

  32. I would say it’s ok to be friends with a girl, just not the way western people do it.

  33. Homophobia and misogyny is just bigotry, I feel sorry for you, because you see over half the worlds popualtion as being subhuman and will therefore shut yourself off from all the amazing input they have to offer. As with all bigotry it stems from your own insecurity that you must feel you are better than them. When I come across nasty aspects of humanity such as this I will be forever immensely grateful for being lucky enough to even know my Dad.
    He is the most honourable, good human I have ever had the privilege to know. My Dad was a solider and is a hero. My Dad is a feminist and taught me that I could do and be anything a man can do, from my earliest ever memories, from when I first came home crying because new boys moved into the neighbourhood and decided I couldnt play football anymore, even though I was great at it, and before that my friends had never discriminated or even bothered about my gender, to every obnoxious sexist incident Ive had to endure in adulthood. Thank God for good men like my Dad.
    Shocking as this might be too you Women and Gay people are human beings too, and all human beings deserve rights. Equal, neither one above or below the other.
    I hope bigotry like yours will be overcome by good people and become as unacceptable as racism is. Im sorry you feel ‘less than’ to act in such a way maybe you should question why this is instead of easy hatred and blaming of women. Just like when African Americans fought for equality, many white Americans blamed them for their own misfortune instead of the very system under which they lived and took out their hate filled bigotry on them. Women, dispite what the media and porn industry like to portray to you, (and you swallow hook line and sinker), are not just on the planet to be your sexual play-things but real people with real brains that obviously you have become too shallow to comprehend. Women’s hard fought for achievements in academia, science and all fields have demonstrated this. An anti pathetic bigotry pill is what is needed here.
    I hope that hero’s like my father will one day outnumber those who need to place people beneath them in order to feel good about themselves. Good people. Tiocfadh ár lá!
    Signed, A Human being.

    1. Also these game rules are ridiculous! I would only ever date a man who
      treated me with respect and as an equal, as would all the girls I know,
      at least since they grew up and turned 16. A man being a good
      person is the most attractive quality in a man, hands down.
      Because of how I look I
      get chatted up by shallow ‘alpha types’ all the time, looking for a
      ‘conquest’ and I run a million miles away. This is, I suppose, because I dont feel subhuman to them. I have a happy relationship with a wonderful man with constant amazing sex and adventures around the world together. And Im glad to know many amazing, accomplised happy men that dont buy into this superficial little boy nonsense. Grow up and stop treating women like your latest car orcut of meat. We all have to share this earth lets do it together with equality and dignity for all.

      1. You wrote an emotional-based response that not only was too long, it was not at all reflective of what is represented here. No one here is denying anything such as rights for women, and certainly not for blacks! What are you smoking?
        This was not at all homophobic or misogynist. Those are two buzzwords used to attempt to discredit opinions like those seen here.
        The reality is, no matter what you as a female might like to deny, is FACT: generally speaking women desire, respond, and crave leadership and stimulation by a man who possesses “alpha” traits & behavior. And conversely, men who are “beta” types are typically treated as convenient resources to fall back on but NOT equally as the more desired type.
        Been there, got friend-zoned, learned the lesson.
        It is a sad fact that women who cheat on their husbands or boyfriends often cheat with “bad boys” (alpha types); In other cases, they lose sexual interest and respect with their husband, the man who goes to great lengths to show her respect, equality, provides everything she wants, and more. If you don’t believe me check out the infidelity and sex in marriage sections of marriage forums.
        All the “warm and fuzzy”, “peace and love” feelings and words are great in a world full of unicorns, rainbows, and gumdrops but that’s not the world we live in. In the real world, human nature (ESPECIALLY for females) tells a far different story than “equality” and other keywords.
        Don’t lecture other people about equality and dignity when “nice guys” who make the mistake of buying into the mistaken feel-good motives are left on the wayside as second-class citizens by women.
        A man needs to be strong, a leader, and not be a woman’s little bitch. Equality only applies to general things, not necessarily everything in life. Men and women can be equally valued but we have to be realistic and understand the roles both have in life.

        1. You are right women like leadership in men, those who earn respect by their peers because status is sex. We equally love kindness, unicorns and other Disney stuff (sorry couldn’t resist). You seem to understand what we desire but it’s silly for you to teach men not to have female friends. Those who do figure us out do so faster with lots of female friends and as a result calibrate the too nice guy (needy and clingy which suffocates men as much as women) to the asshole. You seem to be in between – someone balanced, in the middle, God forbid that scary word Average or Normal!
          I think you’ll find more women cheat on asshole jerks with the “Beta” guy for that emotional need.

        2. I think he’d be doing a disservice telling him to be friends with a woman. It serves no objective purpose. None. Do you want him to be used as an emotional tampon or a walking wallet? Because that’s what often results in female-male friendships. Exploitation. There’s no such things as friends of the opposite sex. None. No reason to try and convince someone otherwise. If a woman isn’t fucking you, you are in the friendzone which is demonized rightfully so. It doesn’t matter if you find comfort in the friendzone, you’re a bird who’s decided to love its cage.

        3. Also your last statement is patently untrue. A woman will never cheat on a jerk with a “Beta” because she doesnt see a Beta as a sexual being; only a provider. You’re clueless but don’t try to put the blinders on men that are only now starting to see your sex’s manipulative ways so they experience the heartache we’re trying to help prevent.

        4. I dont see an inherent issue with a man being friends with a woman. There’s only one condition though. He mustn’t feel any attraction to her whatsoever.
          I have several female friends and i see them as sisters. I am not attracted to them at all and I’ll hang out with them just as friends.
          Ive effectively friend zoned them and I dont see anything wrong with that.
          Right now at 31 all I care about it getting over a million net worth and fucking hundreds of bitches

        5. Guys who want to be friends with women (in my experience) typically don’t fall into the category of being successful with women so therein lies the problem. Sure it’s fine to be friends with women if you can handle it and if you have an abundance of women in your life. Otherwise I think you and I can agree, it is mostly detrimental to young men to be friends with women and nearly no benefit. I mean what are we supposed to say? Listen to what women have to say about women? HAHAHA make me laugh. They don’t know what the fuck they want or who the fuck they are most of the time to tell you anything about other women.

        6. I’ve always been pretty alpha, and in college my girl – mostly due to pressure from her left wing friends – started seeing a beta guy behind my back. She came crawling back, admitting they’d put her under pressure because I was an arsehole.
          It does happen, but bottom line she couldn’t be with him and stood there behind me while I humiliated him in front of her friends.
          It didn’t last after that. I couldn’t look at her the same way any longer and got rid. She had a string of relationships with beta guys, even having a child with one, but none ever gave her the spark I did – she’s a lesbian now.

        7. There is a problem with your situation, the problem being that you consider your time well spent with low SMV women. Chances are your social circle isn’t what it should be, and you aren’t networking with enough high SMV men. Low SMV women should be invisible to you once you have swallowed the pill.

      2. The guy I used to be believed in all that dribble even as some one who could see through societal b.s. early on. I became the walking poster child for Puddle Of Mud’s She Fuckin’ Hates Me. Lots of these guys had thier guts ripped out and thier lives ruined by these nasty women.

    2. Nowhere in this article did I read anything about taking rights from gays or women. How can you hope to have your opinion taken seriously when you are not rational? Opposing the state female entitlement has nothing to do with rights.

  34. grrrr girls won’t just be a walking vagina for me something is wrong with the world

  35. This made me want to puke my guts out all over the floor. So much feminism concentrated in one small location could cause the earth to tilt off it’s axis and hurl us into the sun. Let’s just compliment each other all day everyday for just existing! I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, I made it about halfway through and started to black out.

  36. They just found some simpering idiots -gave them a big prop and made all the other simpering idiots go woooo,
    arrested develpopment will eat itself and eventually it will eat its own cute cats quite possibly if it carries on for much longer

  37. I find instead of cringing or getting angry I just laugh hard at this stuff… Media or not I will just always laugh my ass off to shit like this and hope they grow up… Growing up = Taking the red pill.

  38. Female friends are fine. The problem is when you get friend zoned. These are two different things. If you’re a guy with masculine interests, normally your best matches for friends with be other guys, but sometimes you’ll find a girl you’re not attracted to who has something in common with you that makes being friends useful.
    Also, the Indian dude might be gay, in which case there’s no problem, he’s just close friends with her in the same way she might have close friends who are female. Or he might be straight, and they might be dating, probably long term. Sometimes people who are dating like to emphasize the ‘friend’ thing, because it ‘feels good’ to be like, “hey, we’re not *just* having sex, we’re also best friends!’ Pattern matches to some serious beta shit for sure, but some guys just like having close, sort-of-gay things going on with their significant other. Straight feminine guys with girlfriends who love them exist. You may not want that, but people have different values. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.
    Furthermore, there’s no reason to not enjoy mainstream stuff. If you let your understanding of the world make it impossible to have fun with normal people, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Essentially you’re making your life less fun just so you can convince yourself how intelligent you are. Doesn’t seem like a smart move.
    Fuck red pill and blue pill. What about understanding how the world works, but still enjoying people? The truth should never make you less happy, because being unhappy means you’re doing something wrong. The truth should also never make it harder to fit in, because if you suck at relating to people then you’re missing something big in your belief system.
    Fuck red pill and blue pill. How about ‘understand the world but don’t let your understanding make you a jaded asshole’?

    1. I wish I had met you when I was a young girl. You could have saved me many years of pain. Hopefully at least one of these guys will listen and get out of this cult and start having fun like all the other men having a ball being friendly AND sexual with women and not vomiting thinking about it.
      Having a bestie of the opposite sex may be more fun than you realise.There are many reasons to be friends with a female as described above. Sometimes having a close friend you are not attracted to can teach you more about our different ways. The sexes think different but we are not evil…just different

      1. The guy I used to be believed in all that lovey dovey dribble. I became the walking poster child for Puddle Of Mud’s She Fuckin Hates Me. Monsters with make-up and tits. Culturally brainwashed hormonally destroyed harpies what’s not to like? I remember the time she dragged me to some bar and tried to humiliate me in front of some macho redneck no dicks. Totally backfired I made her and those 4 witless dolts look dumb in front of everyone there man you should have seen her face. Priceless. Anyway after they wouldn’t join me outside for a friendly game of your face tastes my shoe I laughed it off and walked home. Walk in my dog smiles, I feel ok now so we go out in the front yard to grill a steak for us. By this time its dark and I cant help thinking this is not over. Sure enough she got those poor no-dick bastards to come after me after they had consumed more liquid courage. Pulled up jumped out with sticks. After decorating the yard with them I took a look around and decided to dump.thier car in the river at the end of our street. Walk back to the house she pulls up drunk, sees the carnage in the yard, goes apeshit screaming “wifebeater” the cops show up she tries to play the vic and lie just then my neighbor, the asistant states attourney saw the whole thing she rolls of in the back of a police car smashing her face into the glass screaming bloody-murder. I play music at venues again and they love me when I sing about how shitty they are. But instead of falling into one of thier traps, I remind myself of the five words a man needs to know to have successfull relarionships with women. They are as follows… GET DRESSED AND GET OUT.

        1. Ask yourself why you are hanging out with that type of woman to begin with me. I have as much sympathy for u as u have for a woman who hangs around a bad boy.

        2. That was 10+ yrs ago not like I found her at a bus station but there were plenty of warning signs. She became abusive when she didnt get her way at the end but most women are like that I see it all around me. They have only one thing I need the best part of them the rest has gone sour and is of no use.

      2. Jesus christ the amount of hamster rationalisations in your post… No, there are no reasons for a man to be friends with a woman, and you should be aware that every man who you believe is a platonic friend, actually is an orbiter wanting to fuck you. You might even be aware of this but you are rationalising it as all women do. Men can work with women and socialise with women, but all women, you included, are solipsistic and not capable of forming the kind of male-friendships that men need.

        1. ” No, there are no reasons for a man to be friends with a woman”
          Yes there are. Women tend to have many connections, and can have resources too. You can totally make girls orbit you for benefits other than orgasms.

    2. Females can never be friends and it’s not even a man’s fault. Whenever a female gets in a relationship she’ll abandon your “friendship” it’s really to only serve her own ego. There is no mutual benefit to it, and I’m not even saying that because of not having sex with her. I mean that she will want to talk for days about herself, go out somewhere because she’s lonely while probably not even paying for it because like OMG she forgot her wallet 🙁 and you’ll say ” no problem” even though you think she hadn’t planned to do that. You’re not even close to the red pill if you think you can be friends with a woman and get anything out of it. As soon as the boyfriend pops in the picture you’ll be forgotten just like her girlfriends which is why a girl that’s been in a relationship for years will call up her slut friends and be like “OMG girl what’s up it’s been so longgggg, we need to go clubbing!” until she falls back on her face or into another relationship and those “friends” only serve a temporary purpose as well. It’s about as convincing as seeing a woman say she’s going to lose 15 lbs; it happens but not often.

    3. Oh and also this should be obvious: NEVER LISTEN TO WHAT A WOMAN SAYS ABOUT WOMEN. EVER. They don’t know what they want let alone what another woman wants. It’s useless and actually counter-productive to listen to them squawk about what they don’t even believe. Her actions prove more than her words do, every single time.

  39. I couldn’t make it through the whole video. I often praise those whom I love, and the praise is for them, not for the world to gawk at. I don’t expect a medal of honor for being a decent guy. I, too, would cry if a woman considered me her “BFF,” because that would mean that I’m obviously a faggot.

  40. Hang on Roosh. Was that weirdo talking to the hot Indian chick you? You smash? If so, congrats man – respect!

  41. I would have no problem with having the indian girl as a friend, I’m not really into her but I could use her as status to get other girls.

  42. Lets all just stroke each other’s egos for eternity and never offer useful criticism – which is the hardest and most loving thing to do for someone you care about – and pretend its all good.

  43. What a pointless test and website. Why don’t you properly define red pill, blue pill, alpha and beta. More wishy-washy, imprecise BS, that is useless, unless you’re a reader looking for self-validation.
    You don’t have any formal theory to work with. A bunch of conjectures built on conjectures. Not to mention the ridiculous shit I’ve read on here (I’ll dig up references to articles if anyone wants). Natural doesn’t mean good. Evolution doesn’t mean improved. You can’t base your conjectures, at least in part, by drastically reducing complex biological and psychological systems (ie. mindless, SUDDEN, reductionism) to monotonic changes in testosterone levels.
    I still don’t see what the point in being totally masculine/feminine is? There is a point to NOT BEING GUTLESS. There is a point to satisfying needs (eg. sexual urges). There is a point to moderation. Clearly tell me why I shouldn’t have a female friend? We’re HUMANS not rabbits. I hold certain values. I act based on those values. If having a female friend (non-intimate) either doesn’t go against my values, or is beneficial to me in this way, then I will pursue one! For the sake of space, this is an oversimplification.
    All of this is just a bunch of mystifying garbage (simple to complex) that is really useless. This is cosmo for men who need to be self-validated.

    1. What is feminist rhetoric about patriarchy besides empty rhetoric? Also no one asked you to like or understand anything on this website, you choose what to read and what sites to go to for w/e reason you decide to. This is not a reflection of the information presented but a reflection on the reader’s reaction to text on a page i.e. you. No one cares if you pursue an imaginary friend; people are talking about why having female friends isn’t beneficial to most guys. It’s a statement, your reaction is just that, a reaction that is neither important nor objective. You have the right to speak your mind but you don’t have the right to bend others’ wills to achieve what you think isn’t “mystifying garbage”.

      1. I didn’t say I was a feminist, and I hate them. But I know enough about you just based of that baseless assumption (if you were making it).
        I’m not trying to bend anyone’s will, asshole. Do what you want. My point is clear. Red pill is a fuzzy ideology that doesn’t revolve around any formal theory. It is not a framework you can build claims with.
        Red pill, and the alpha/beta dichotomy are 1. not sufficiently grounded and 2. too wishy-washy to be useful (they don’t have definable identities). Like I said before, they consist of and are conjectures built on conjectures, various ideas loosely slung together. I can give you examples if you want. If you want to pursue women then, fine, cherry-pick from the tangled mess that red-pill is and see if it works.
        The biology and psychology various conjectures rely on is wishy-washy as well. For example, look at how in certain ROK articles manliness is (often singularly) reduced to testosterone, and, then, how THAT is used. As far as psychology goes… well anyone can pretty much cherry-pick from it and support whatever they would like.
        We’re humans. We have more cognitive capacity than animals. We have the potential to progress, which results in better survival for all of us. But we’re held back by these silly notions that NATURAL is GOOD. These are not equal concepts. Just like EVOLUTION is not the same as IMPROVEMENT. Feminists, being the retards that they are, seem to understand this well. But yes, I think that I can interact with females without wanting to have sex with them. What benefits most men on here is probably mostly sex. But if a girl is a friend – who can be someone who shares certain values, or who is supportive, or is interesting, well, those are benefits in my eyes. Of course you don’t have to be on the verge of tears everytime you’re reminded of a friendship, like that crying guy in the video. We’re really held back, but we have a lot of potential. Just imagine a society where people interact on more of a cognitively valid basis. It doesn’t mean that everyone is a wimp or loser, it means just what is does.
        As far as your statements about my post being a “reaction:” this article may have engendered some feelings, but I disagree with its contents. In fact I am POSING THE ARGUEMENT that much of ROK is baseless. I know my cosmo statement went a little far, but I am guessing that it is accurate for many people. Just stroll through some of the comments. People fight over what red pill and alpha/beta means, when it comes to something they are or do. And by the way, that’s ONE example OF ONE reason that they are such useless “concepts.”

        1. People can argue over what a democrat and republican means it doesn’t change the ideologies. That’s people’s interpretation of it. I wasn’t making the assumption you were a feminist, I was just stating that it is full of empty rhetoric that you claim this is. I understand what you are saying, because you can’t read about red pill/blue pill in a textbook this is what makes it baseless?
          Evolution is still a theory. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with it being a scientific theory, I’m just stating that it is. Much like Feminism is a defined ideology but when you see it in the natural world rather than in a text book it doesn’t seem much like the definition. Red/Blue pill isn’t going to be found in a textbook, not even MGTOW is because these are reactionary ideologies to the mania and oppression of feminism. Thus it is a new “ideology” and I use that word with hesitation because to me it seems to be a concept with which to identify behavior that hasn’t been identified in sociological terms.
          People can misconstrue the concepts to their liking, people do that all the time but in my opinion the concepts are clear and it’s a good way to identify these behaviors however sophomoric the concepts may be. I don’t see anyone else coming up with any concepts to identify that. So we have what we have. The problem is no one even cares about men’s issues whether sociologically or legislatively and that’s why these offsets of ideologies exist. Feminism has become too powerful in the courts and in the media. When their lobbying can influence billions of dollars spent on this country that is a fucking problem. When infrastructure and men-dominated professions are being failed by their own government in order to serve a corrupt ideology , that’s a fucking problem. The political-correctness of today and the propaganda we’re made to swallow on the daily is evidence that there needs to be a dismantling of the feminist power structure to restore balance to society. Female friends is just a microscopic part of a bigger problem and bigger ideas.This is the sociological part of the red pill/blue pill movement that has very little importance on the grand scheme but very large importance to the individual.

        2. If democrat and republican, along with red pill and alpha/beta. cannot be succinctly defined then they are USELESS. Everything has an identity. It is the make-up. Our own physical/mental presence does not affect that make-up. This concept of identity extends to mental abstractions, in the presence of some assumptions, maybe (which for the most part don’t selectively relate to specific theories). Despite semantics of vocabulary, this is why I think ideologies are useless. They aren’t grounded in more general theory, which is truly useful. Identity is the problem here. You’re right. Red pill fails primarily as an ideology, but also due to its poor foundations and generalizations that build its claims.
          I don’t care much for the propoganda being shoved down your throat and the fact that you don’t like political correctness. I don’t care why you cling to these ideologies, if you do. I think it’s faulty, and I think that as humans it’s time to realize that, all these things aside, if we want to, we can put sex male-female predetermined gender confinements aside and fucking interact and progress to our potential. Stupid things like pursuing mindless pleasure constantly and these silly rules for women really are sophomoric, like you said. When higher intelligence comes around, you won’t see dynamics like these, will you? I’m no feminist. Just fucking shocked at how much time people waste over pointless shit on a daily basis.
          And no, a fucking textbook isn’t my standard for determining what’s right and wrong. Textbooks have been lying for ages and they still do! Evaluation, based on certain cognitive areas, with support, is the way to go. Anytime, anywhere.

        3. You seem like a reasonable man, we just happen to disagree. I find it necessary to combat feminism in this day in age due to its social and legislative implications that we are currently witnessing. Something has to or we are all going to be in a worse situation than we already are. I’ve enjoyed reading your responses though and you form coherent sentences defending your position. So I tip my hat to you and say have a good day. My beliefs are: 1. Feminism is causing problems sociologically, economically and legislatively. 2. That an ideology that combats feminism is necessary to balance out the feminist-leaning politics and media that is going on right now. I see it as there are three prominent groups reacting to feminism: MRAS, MTGOW and Red/Pill, there may be more but that is what I see. I think they all serve an objective purpose some more important to others on a societal scale but not a personal one. Mras are necessary for societal change but they do not provide sociological advice which is where MTGOW and Red/Pill comes in to combat sociological advice from feminist-tainted individuals in everyday life. I mean the media and most people in the US are steeped in toxic feminist values. This is why these sub-groups exist. MTGOW says “hey we’re just going to work on self-improvement and self-enjoyment” Red/Pill says “we’re going to work on getting our sexual needs met and try to get more men to realize the relationship atmosphere of todays society” MRAs say “we’re going to fight for men’s right’s legislatively” They all serve a purpose. Importance is given to whichever happens to be your concern at any given time. They exist for a reason though. I apologize for deeming you a feminist initially but if you take a look around some of them really have nothing better to do than to disparage this and all other men-oriented websites with their vitriol. If you’re doing fine enough in your life relationship wise, I’m happy for you but some men need help and that’s why the Red/Pill exists. It’s a resource some men need. Hopefully you can be considerate of that.

  44. Did anyone else notice how cold the little girl was to her dad? The boy seemed genuine in his affection for his father but the little girl seemed so cold. Could be my bias but I think it’s telling about father-daughter relationship. For every good father-daughter relationship there’s 10,000 bad ones it would seem.

    1. That was a Jewish daughter-dad combo, if you noticed the hebrew script on her uniform.

  45. The blue/red pill dichotomy has absolutely fuck-all to do with masculinity or femininity. You people are weird.

  46. And I thought i was just being cynical. Thank you RoK, I am not alone after all these years (and refusing to watch TV post Ponderosa)!

  47. This is bullshit.
    This is totally unrelated to whether one has or has not taken the red pill.
    The real criterion is whether one believes that collectivizing coercion through “democracy” (mob rule) makes brute force coercion morally legitimate.
    The real criterion is whether one adheres consistently to the Non-Aggression Principle, aka NAP.

  48. Soon as I heard the kid’s voice I wanted to power up a Godly Final Flash and obliterate that queer.

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