International Outrage: Men Around The World Try To Stop Make-Up Artist Lecture Tour

Controversy has spread in recent days as an increasingly vocal chorus in both the media and government has warned of the impending visit of a famous “make-up artist.” Stacey Sexalot, 36, announced on social media last week her intention to visit and host a series of seminars on the use of alleged “beauty treatments.” The controversial figure and leader of the “neo-femininity” movement claims to have discovered ways for women to attract men, including the use of lipstick, eye shadow, hair dye, foundation, mascara and other “cosmetics” meant to improve a women’s looks. Since the announcement however, many critics have surfaced.

“Frankly, I think its disgusting” announced Women’s Minister, Fiona Frigid, in an address to the media yesterday afternoon. “We need to seriously consider whether we want to let such a horrible, blatantly dishonest person from entering our country. Can you imagine a society where makeup was commonplace? It would be horrific!”

“I feel this Ms. Sexalot has some very medieval ideas about gender roles,” she continued. “Saying women should wear makeup—honestly, I think she must have a very shallow opinion of men. She acts as if they’re animals that only care about looks, rather than my fabulous personality.”

makeup 1

A young woman fallen victim to Ms. Sexalot’s teachings

Ms. Frigid went on to warn about the dangerous path makeup could possibly lead down.

“It’s very much a gateway to other behaviors. I mean what next? Women wearing short skirts? Learning how to cook? Wearing their hair long? What is this—the middle ages?”

makeup 2

Yet more victims

Others have echoed this call, warning that no good can come from teaching such techniques to young women. Paul Neckbeard, of the National Anti-Makeup Society, has stated that he and his friends intend to protest the seminars.

“This scumbag is no real woman. All she’s ever done is trick men into sleeping with her by covering up her true face. It’s practically rape!”

makeup 3

“I mean really—I’m so triggered right now,” Mr. Neckbeard continued. “But these ideas are spreading. Just the other day, a young women came up to me on the street and said ‘Hi.’ She was wearing lipstick, eye liner and she’d started to grow her hair long so that it needed a hair tie. I mean really? I just laughed at her and kept walking. What is wrong with these people?”

“Even worse,” he continued, “if they start putting this much effort into their looks, then what if it affects me? What if someone starts bullying me about my appearance? What if they laugh at me and say I should start jogging? Or wear a collared shirt? Or gel my hair? You have to understand, I’m far too busy for such things.”

“Fortunately,” he went on “I can still be at the protest this weekend. I have no particular plans for this Saturday night.”

makeup 8

Mentally stable protestors preparing to picket Ms. Sexalot

Already, an online petition for the government to ban Ms. Sexalot has attracted 50,000 signatures. Bertha Jolene-Doris, a student of the University of Trans-Cultural Spiritual Studies, started the petition.

“I have never needed to use makeup in my whole life, And I still get plenty of dates” Miss Jolene-Doris declared, unscrewing a 10 kilo can of buy-n-bulk tuna. “Women don’t need to trick men into sleeping with them, or to have children to feel complete. I already lead a very fulfilling life,” she concluded, stroking Mr. Tibbles behind the ear, the youngest of this year’s litter of twelve.

makeup 6

Ms. Jolene-Doris completing her degree in intersectional discrimination

While some have criticized the slow response of the government, contingency plans have finally been implemented to deal with the threat. Yesterday immigration authorities denied Ms. Sexalot permission to enter the country, and are said to be taking every effort to prevent her entry.

The navy has been put on alert and a number of Patriot batteries installed along the eastern seaboard in case Ms. Sexalot tries to arrive by sea or air. Army engineers are also monitoring ground vibrations in case an attempt is made to tunnel under the border and into the planned seminars. This morning the nation’s nuclear arsenal also had its alert level raised to DEFCON 3, in preparation for a possible first strike against Ms. Sexalot and her mascara-wearing followers, although authorities stressed this was “just a precaution.”

makeup 7

Some more practitioners of extreme femininity

Meanwhile, a minority have urged caution, arguing that Ms. Sexalot has the right to be heard.

“Call me crazy, but I don’t think make-up is necessarily all that harmful” said journalist Andrew Sane. “I remember my grandmother used to use it, before they passed the Androgyny Act of 1975. Apparently, women used to wear make-up all the time, and it wasn’t even considered sexual assault. I think if you look at history, femininity wasn’t quite so demonized as much as it is today. At times, it was even seen as praiseworthy.”

Most however, are demanding zero tolerance for those who engage in the practice of applying make-up, citing the dangers posed to those young men who might be hoodwinked by women using such techniques.

When questioned about the difference between make-up artistry and the already existing multi-billion dollar pick-up artistry, however, critics were equally adamant.

“Pick-up artistry is completely different” Mr. Neckbeard declared. “Men only learn pick-up lines to improve their own confidence, not to sleep with women!”

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    1. Having sex with the fatty holding the feminist looks like sign is hitherto known as “unscrewing the can of tuna”

      1. The guy on the wall provoking Brazilian feminist rally when the fucking savages start whipping their purses around like goddamn flails in some sort of instinctual menstrual warning signal. Like a boss he whips his dick out for them and a full blown riot ensues.
        The pigs arrest the man as usual

        1. ha….wow, that is pretty intense. Took me a few times to get it because being attacked by a mob of Brazilian women isn’t something I necessarily ascribe a negative reaction to

        2. Shitlord hero. This man has what it takes.

        3. Next time I hear “Jukebox Hero” by KISS, Im gonna be thinking Shitlord Hero in my head

    1. I am not sure what that was all about but then general notion of being chased down by brazilian girls is very similar to the death I would pick were I sentenced to death and got to pick the manner of my execution.

        1. I wouldn’t say exactly. Instead of jumping off the cliff, I would have let them catch me and gone down fighting!

      1. yeah, kind of a cross between the chase at the end of a benny hill episode and the walking dead

      2. And yet another Monty Python reference. Dude…

        1. Yeah, they do seem to breed themselves. Doesn’t hurt that they all just played on tv not too long ago.
          Last night blazing saddles was on. So expect references to that.
          Speaking of which, I remember during Obama’s first inauguration I was in a bar. There were a lot of people there who took the day off of work to watch on the tv. I don’t remember why I wasn’t working that day, but the bar was packed.
          As Obama walked towards the swearing in my friend and I were screaming THE SHERIFF IS A-NEAR! THE SHERIFF IS A-NEAR

    2. He should have defended himself….oh wait, boys don’t hit girls. My bad.

      1. They outnumber him greatly. There’s no point. He was quite brave anyway. Cops arrested him eventually.

        1. They would have taken him to jail anyways even if he had punched one of them. To be fair, that’s one flaw of the patriarchy. Making women seem like delicate little flowers for so long you just can’t touch them.

        2. Indeed. Women are not flowers. They are weak and childish, but otherwise they are quite tough and ferocious inside.

        3. 5 against one, too much to ask for anyone….sorry, had to quote Mr Miyagi.

        4. It wasn’t a flaw *when* there was a patriarchy. You defended your women because she was yours. In the true sense, not the sappy poetical sense. Today, eh, fuck it.

    3. I am not at all exaggerating when I say I am orders of magnitude more “fearful” of groups like this than I am of whatever the rebel group of the day in the Mideast is being called. This is actually a possible future America if trends are not reversed.

      1. What feminists lack in strength and mobility compared to men is covered over by their shrill screaming. I loved the one approaching from above, whacking her purse it appears against the surface. She dared not descend the steep incline for fear her fat ass would tumble down. So she and other try to soak him in beer, or soda, or whatever.
        The dude then taunts the mad mob below by gesturing to show his schlong. Bwahahaha! I guess idea of seeing cock was the motivation the rabid mob needed to finally exert some effort and climb up the slope after him. But this was futile, as he was clearly much stronger and quicker than 10 of them put together.

    4. Isn’t it strange that whenever you see mob violence, the mob is universally wrong every time, no exceptions?

    1. Fine. I’ll take the one in the middle. You guys go on without me, I’ll…..I’ll be okay.

      1. The one on the right is either a fat Atlanta Braves fan or a fat Ashley

        1. Didn’t you read Nathaniel Hawthorne “The Scarlet Letter”? The dude must’ve been drunk and she did him.

        2. Or maybe that was the trophy from the last male she bested in consummation. I shudder to think what happened with his remains.

    2. There used to be four. Pac Man on the right is eating her way down the line of hotties.

  1. Ha. That was quite creative and funny. I note 2 things:
    1) It is impossible to go overboard with hyperbole in this article, because indeed police forces and even the military were mobilized against the ROK meetups.
    2) This satirical article was far more balanced to “both sides” of the issue than any real journalistic article about the ROK meetups.

    1. Hah, yeah the thing is, a woman like this probably *would* be attacked and protested, by feminists.

  2. Return of kings is what you get when Stormfront wears makeup so it can look pretty to gullible indecisives.
    “I hate women so very much, but how can I get them to bang me so that my feelings are less hurt?”
    Thats what you sound like. Your insecurity is reminiscent of the women you moralistically condemn.
    You machismo misogynists should invest in a mirror.

    1. Eh, nice try, but the article was about sex, not race. Stormfront is a white national racist group. But thanks for playing anyway! Better luck next time!
      Note to trolls: The correct response was: “You sick virgin homos need to keep your tiny dicks and your neck bairds in your moms basement you couldn’t get a date if your life depended on it”

      1. You forgot male tears and privilege. And computer games…….oh, wait, where’s the cheetos fingers?

        1. lolknee and I have already formed The Electro Lites. Don’t try to be a counter band poser-troupe, hoss.

        2. I can already hear the metal riffs (because of course it would be metal).
          Got me thinking song titles:
          “Land whale Landmine”
          “Ride the Walrus (I got her hot friend)”
          “Kratom and Chang”
          “Trump the Establishment”
          “(Shit)Lord of the Universe”
          “An Axe to Grind”
          “Rooshing headfirst into Australia”

        3. Electro Lites Orchestra. LOL!
          “Don’t bring me down. Chang, don’t bring me down.”

        4. I’m gonna take that guy who is always posting his awesome poetry here (sorry dude I forget your name)

        5. I would love to see a Spinal Tap style masculinity album
          She Triggered Me (with her penis)
          One Night Stand
          Daddy’s Little Girl
          Did Dunham Do em?
          I Don’t Know You (but I like your slut tells)
          Thousand Cock Stare

      1. And you stupid manboys keep forgetting that you occupy most of the internet and invade wimmin’s conversations, constantly….and you just assume that anyone hating on your macho manboy crap must be female? You really believe that all men would agree with losers like yourself?
        Fuck off, and get on your knees and suck my cock, bitch….doesn’t feel good being talked to that way, does it? Yet manboy fucks like you would do that to women….fuck you.

        1. it’s you feminists who see everything as being about power. Do you really think that’s what the attraction of a blow job is? To humiliate women? Years ago I read a book by a rad fem called Susan Griffin called Pornography and Silence: the silly mare was convinced that men liked watching bj porn because it was some kind of revenge for the male infant’s humiliation at having to suck the breastmilk of the all-powerful mother. That book was taken seriously by feminists. Why? Because for feminism everything is about power. A BJ is just sex, and if it happens it makes you feel better rather than worse. That’s all. Feminism has taught you to think of sex as warfare and that’s why we despise it.
          BTW you might want to rethink the way you communicate if you want to come aross as evolved

    2. Do you worry that you can only repeat what you’ve heard with a bit of spittle attached to it, son?
      Maybe you should consider independent thought. Free your mind, and read without trying to confirm your own hatred. Let reason take over.

    3. The computer you’re using relies on:
      Binary Code [developed by a German]
      Arabic numerals
      Manufacturing done by Asian labor
      Merit can be achieved by any race, it’s the culture of degeneracy we attack. This is where ROK and Stormfront diverge.

    4. Exactly….they hate wimmin but want to get laid….they want to humiliate wimmin and they wonder why they cannot have relationships. Losers, Rooshie bitch being the biggest one. I made Rooshie get on his knees and suck me off, then I flipped him on his stomach and gave him my nine inches of uncut manhood. He moaned like the bitch he is…..
      See? this is exactly how these manboys think of women, how they would treat them…..they can go to hell….losers.

  3. I was raped by her. Late one night at a dark club I thought she was a hot enough girl to take home. I can’t begin to describe the horror I awoke to the next morning of smeared makeup and sprouting acne and wrinkles. I had to chew my arm off for fear of awakening the beast. She manipulated my senses with her makeup in a way only alcohol could have so I have to conclude that I was too “drunk” to consent.

    1. Did you keep your polk-a-dot boxers as evidence? Go and wear them on your head as a form of protest.

    2. LOL. You know, by feminist definitions of consent and stuff, I’m a “rape victim”. When I was 19 and not at all sexually confident, I was pressured to fuck a woman I certainly didn’t want to fuck, all because I was too shy to say, “I’m not fucking that ugly slut!” (Thus, deprived of consent and coerced) Yup. I got raped on the penis big time!
      Funny as fuck to be a bonafied sex survivor… it’s a little unfortunate, though, because such humorous definitions of rape undermine the seriousness of an actual rape victim (where a girl is actually beaten down and fucked completely against her will).

      1. Sue her for that incident that happened back when you were 19 and gain some money like the bitches that are suing Cosby.

      2. The increasing range of the definition is to give women the maximum ability to do whatever they want(hmm will i send him to jail or date him, i’m not sure).

    3. I suggest that you start carrying your rape mattress around with you.

    4. True story….in my younger days, one night myself and a group of friends got quite intoxicated. I went to bed early but was awoken by an overweight girl climbing into bed with me, apparently urged on by my drunk friends. She shoved her oversized breasts in my mouth so i felt I had to have intercourse with her or risk the embarrassment of being called a homosexual.
      It was a traumatic experience that haunts me to this day. Being pressured to have sex with an overweight woman while drunk is not consensual sex. I will now file a rape charge even though the incident occured over a decade ago.

      1. I once met a woman one day, and didnt even recognize her the next day when I saw her again, such was the difference without makeup! Talk about fraud. For those of you who have never had that experience, just look for photos of Kim Kard. without makeup. That chick must put it on with a trowel.

  4. first paragraph in..i was sincerely hoping Ms Sexalot was real. 🙁 i’d go to her seminars.

  5. Nice satire.
    However, it’s interesting that ROK readers think that this is what traditional femininity is. That for a woman to be traditionally feminine, she needs to wear makeup, show off her legs, and love giving blowjobs. I bet Roosh would agree with me on this, given that he is tired of banging hot barbie-doll-looking chicks and is moving towards supporting traditionalism and family values.
    Edit: I see that the author is Australian. That explains a lot.

    1. True as fuck. Traditional feminity is a full length skirt and a swollen belly, and a smile and a mug of beer when you get home from work, and a cooked meal that night, and THEN blowjobs!
      It’s just satire, though.

      1. LOL. Roosh is a loser? He’s only banged more hot girls than all of us combined, while you sit at your keyboard wishing you got one-tenth the amout of ass that Roosh gets.
        What’s your ideal of femininity? A porn star? A stripper? You know the current generation is fucked when half the men on THIS SITE (not some mainstream site) believe femininity is all about having showing off your hot body and being down to fuck.

        1. Can you prove he banged them all? I say Rooshie is a fucking loser liar like most of the assholes commenting here who you can tell get more action with their hand on their dick wanking off to porn. You bunch of fucking manboy losers. Toxic masculinity horse shit.
          the ideal woman is one who would not put up with losers on this site and their fucked up notions of women.

  6. It says something about how rampant SJW stupidity is today that I thought this was real at first

  7. This won’t happen.
    I really enjoy this kind of litterature where one pushes a logic to its extreme.
    But in that case, I believe the breaking point will happen far before we reach a state where wearing makeup is almost criminal.

  8. Just tonight I encountered a dumb feminist child on the internet. She was a girl going to university and she made some really retarded comment defending muslim terrorists. I called her out on her comments, and I kid you not, in her first paragraph she was threatening me to “report” me to some authorities. Feminists are are very weak and cowardly crybabies.

    1. Cowards or not, the “authorities” are firmly on their side. We must band together and protect our own when they come for us.

      1. Whatever the ‘authorities’ conviction is, the biggest mistake you can make is to put your trust or your safety in the hands of the uniformed enforcers of your state. Some of them are real people and others are mindless bots but it is real people and comrades across the board that are your security. In grade schools they hand out ”Friendly Mr. Policeman” coloring books to kids but this is more nanny state conditioning to get youngsters to blindly trust authority. I haven’t seen any coloring books from Mexico though that show a picture of a corrupt ‘mexican police chief’ with a big black moustache and bandoliers of bullets shaking down a Winnebago with US tags while drug cartel coyotes scamper by in the background but I’m sure some cartoonist will oblige.

    2. oh and look at you, you brave little manboy, puffing up your chest as you type your bullshit screed…, you think women are children, huh, yet you want to fuck them so that makes you a pedophile….nasty bitch….time to slap your bitch head.

  9. I like my woman bare. Make up tastes yucky. I had these two girls living in my place for awhile way back. They regularly wore globs of make up but I didn’t notice when I first met them because I was slightly intoxicated at the time. So there they are living in my place and bathing in the tub daily. I only had one bathtub in the place. The massive globs of makeup they wore would always leave a ring around the tub. I had to take a credit card and scrape the tan colored film off the tub every time before I bathed otherwise my ass would get greasy as hell just sitting in the tub. I mean they wore tons of the shit. I would take the globs on the credit card and wipe them like collected boogers on the edge of the nearby sink.
    That was back in my sentimental semi beta days. See, I only screwed one of them but the other was her ‘friend’ that I allowed to crash at my house. I’d go to work in the morning and they’d be getting dressed for the day as well. I’d then get home from work and they’d be getting dressed AGAIN! Dummy me couldn’t put two and two together. They were bush bumping EACH OTHER while I was working. Damn I should have screwed the both of them. I kicked myself I don’t know how many times for not going for the both of them, but my half beta ass gentleman shit at age 24 didn’t quite have the game or the frame.
    The blobs of makeup were still on the sink when they left. I sent them away when the cops came looking for the other girl due to some dumb cunt bullshit. I missed the one terribly. She fucked like a super ho. I had every hole on her whenever I wanted and I could twist her like a pretzel however I wanted. In my broke ass half beta shit state, I’d stare at the blobs of their old makeup long after they were gone. All the whore pedestalizing love songs on the radio began making sense and haunting me when I stared at their old blobs of face paint. That music is serious brainwashing shit. I should have been sharpening my game and forgetting that ho bag but I was wincing whenever I saw their dried make up shit or whenever I came across an old panty or rubber under the bed. That shit’s seriously FUCKED UP when a ho bag bites you like that. That was decades ago but it wouldn’t surprise me if the blobs of make up are still there today. That place was kind of grungy.

      1. Naaw sweetie she was easy. I can’t really gague how easy because I was somewhat built yet naive back then. The first time I fucked her was the same day we met. We got some beer and we fucked standing up beneath an overpass. I said ”dang, my dry spell is overwith. I got me a goyle friend now. Bu-huh-huh”. She was probably not too much unlike yourself. Well maybe we’ll cross paths someday at a Trump rally. See you toots.

  10. Personally, I like girls who don’t need make-up to look beautiful. But even this kind of girls will look even more beautiful with make-up.
    Western hysteria is beyond crazy anyway. We are living in a dystopian reality? It’s just too absurd to believe.

    1. It’s a very personal thing. I had a girlfriend who saw makeup as a sort of social barometer. We were going somewhere? A bit of dolling up. And saying “You look so beautiful” after seeing her with it on guaranteed a BJ that evening.

      1. Indeed, it’s very personal. My girlfriend does not like too much make-up, and I appreciate this, I think she look more pretty with little or none make-up. However, sometimes the right make-up in the right moment makes her look like a princess, and I’m always greeted by other guys because of my luck, which of course gives a good massage on my ego.
        But in the past I dated a girl who looked another person without her make-up. In that cases, Is almost like a trap. I don’t think this is the right way of using make-up.

  11. Sounds like my piece of shit country Australia. Its the only country that banned Roosh and now trying to ban Trump!
    Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in Australia!

  12. The sad thing is that I had to get to the “fabulous personality” bit to realize this article was a joke.

  13. Alright, guys, I’ve been off-line for awhile but when the hell did ‘neckbeard’ become a meme? What are we trying to say here? Only useless basement troll faggots are allowed to have beards?
    Oh, good article, by the way. I chuckled my way through it.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with having a beard. However, if the beard shows up on the neck rather than face it’s usually, if not always, ugly, and men who have it that waytend to not take care of themselves, and those are the losers.

      1. Okay, first off, the combination of what I can see of your avatar and this discussion are cracking me up.
        More importantly, however, I have since decided to be less lazy (or more lazy? It’s hard to tell with Google) and looked it up, as well. I see that ‘neckbeard’ seems to refer to not just those who ‘only’ had beards along their jaws and necks (i.e. the Amish) but who CAN’T seem to grow a real beard due to some sort of testosterone disorder.
        Okay, gotcha. I still don’t like it and, personally, felt that ‘useless, basment dwelling, dickless troll’ was enough of a description and more fun to say, but that’s just me.
        Thanks for the comment, though. I appreciate it.

        1. Glad you enjoy the pic. It was difficult taking it, as my sister (on the left) wouldn’t stop laughing.
          ‘Useless, basment dwelling, dickless troll’ is fun to say, but isn’t really descriptive. You can call anybody that, but you can actually see the neckbeard, and only certain men maintain them.

  14. This is pretty weird because a few years ago, women would applaude it. Besides, this is just another proof that feminism = Making the lesbian lifestyle mainstream. Ugly, unkept women praised as the standard.

    1. Boy, are you ever stupid. it’s a fucking lame bit of satire, dumb ass. As for your assertions about feminism, you are so far off the mark…now go suck off a goat, manboy bitch.

    1. Well, regarding your bitter and frustrated comments here, you should rename yourself to Degenerate One. Not much “evolvement” going on here….

  15. Honestly, if you ever choose to marry or have a long term relationship, you ought to demand seein her without makeup at least once. I’ll tell ya, I saw this woman without makeup recently, and said “she looked tired. ” she told me that she didn’t have makeup on. LoL. Imagine? None wearing makeup makes you look like a tired mess? But seriously. Clown paint is pretty much like lying about your looks.

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