I Made A German Man Cry Because I Criticized Globalism And Muslim Refugees

Recently, for the first time in my life, I made a man cry. It was a baffling and odd experience that happened in the basement of a bar, with an acquaintance I was comfortable spending time with. I want to tell this story because the story itself is telling. It shows how far Germany and other parts of Western Europe have fallen—how they are happy to be invaded, raped, and pillaged. It shows how brainwashed the people truly are.

It Started Innocently Enough

I live in Eastern Europe, and generally speaking, I try to avoid any and all political talks with the locals. Many of them have grown up with far less than I have. This means that many of them automatically assume that I will preach down to them, by simple nature of being American. In addition, many of them also think they know much about the political scheme of the Western world than they do.

The combination of these two usually results in me wasting my breath. The reason for this is that when you add people’s general stubborn belief about politics, and add in the fact that some feel they have had it bad their whole life (and I don’t blame the ones who grew up post-Soviet Union fall), it’s clear they don’t want to listen to me simply because of where I come from.

And that’s fine and all—I just don’t talk about it. The problems start when people become insistent on talking about it. You’d be amazed how many people will simply not let you out of a conversation about Donald Trump.

Back to the story. A few months ago, I met this German fella at a language exchange. He was cool, and we swapped numbers. A week or so later him, another girl we’d met, my girlfriend, and I all met for some beers.

It Goes Political

The conversation went political at one point, and I tried to bow out of it gracefully. I already knew that he was fully plugged in to the “Angela Merkel is great, all refugees should be given a chance, we are all one world” matrix. I kept trying to change the topic, and he just wouldn’t. It kept going back to Trump and how horrible he was. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Finally, I engaged. I laid out everything, and three or so odd minutes later he was literally in tears at the bar. While that was bad enough, it was what he told me next that truly shocked me. He said:

I am ashamed of being German. Many of my friends feel the same. Since World War II, we feel like we must accept everybody for who they are. We may never say bad things, because we did horrible things. This is why we MUST allow all refugees in, and whoever else needs help. They deserve a chance at life.

This post also goes into great depth about it:

People here have been brainwashed with a guilt complex since World War 2 ….. guilt, guilt, guilt is written all over them. In schools the smaller children have to watch the concentration camp victim videos and are already traumatized at a young age. That is why so many hold their tongue when it comes to saying anything against foreigners. Apart from that it is against the law to say anything against certain racial groups and you can go to jail because of it. This is reality pure even though many of the Germans remain oblivious of this.

Never mind the fact that he’s making barely $1,000 a month working for a German company in Eastern Europe. This does not come from a position of having too much and being generous. Never mind the fact that Germany economically, and culturally, cannot handle it’s overflow of refugees (they let unskilled, young men in instead of importing hot girls). None of that mattered. In some ways, I almost admired him. He seemingly doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body (unlike me).


I was raised in California, where we welcome everybody. I take heat from family all the time, because I fully support building the wall. But this young German man opened my eyes greatly.

It comes down to people feeling they must be unselfish. Am I really a bad person because I want the wall built, so that I can stop paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes (speaking in terms of over my lifetime) funding education and healthcare for illegal immigrants?

Is it so bad if a German wants him or her self and their offspring to be able to live in a safe society, without the real risks that come in by taking on insane amounts of political refugees? Why is it so bad to look out for your own kin?

These were the questions that I was left scratching my head over, because they make no sense to me. Humans are, and always have been, inherently selfish. We always have our own best interests at heart, but sometimes it’s subconsciously. In the case of this German fella, his selfishness comes from societal shame. Society shames him if he is anything but selfless, so selfishly he preaches for acceptance so that he can feel good—despite what he truly thinks, deep down.

I suspect this is what brought him to tears. Perhaps at his deepest core, he believes and knows he is preaching for a movement he doesn’t fully believe in. Perhaps he does believe his homeland will fall at some point. Maybe he is a bit ashamed of what he has become.

Closing Thoughts

I realize that if you want to truly live in today’s world, it usually means pissing a lot of people off. The confidence to do that comes from living in such a place of despair that anything is better. I’ve been at that point before, too. I had nothing to live for—I couldn’t get girls, felt like I was going nowhere in life, and more. Now, I care far less who I offend because I have been in darker places.

Unfortunately, many German men are being raised in a dark place. They are afraid, and unable, to speak out. They fear the consequences of their action. They feel that no girls will want them if they do speak out—but hell, they already seem to prefer the refugees. It is not until these men find themselves in truly dark places that they will derive the confidence to selfishly state what they really think.

Little do these German men know that their own women would have far more respect for them if they actually did stand up for what they believed in, no matter the consequences. This recent conversation with one German guy showed real insight into how many of them currently think. Unfortunately, that thought process will not get them individually, or their country as a whole, into a safer space—no pun intended.

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278 thoughts on “I Made A German Man Cry Because I Criticized Globalism And Muslim Refugees”

  1. This man is the product of what leftism has been trying to accomplish for the last 50+ years. COLLECTIVE GUILT! This poor simp is not to blame for WW2 any more than I’m responsible for the My Lai Massacre. But the left pushes this narrative with incredibly destructive results. The Baader-Meinhoff (sp?) group was the other side of this insanity. They were so ashamed of nazism and fearful of its’ return they tried to kill anyone right of Marx.
    Next time someone tries to rationalize collective guilt (slavery in the U.S. for example), ask them if the peoples of the Middle East share a collective sin for the slavery of African peoples from around 800 A.D. to nearly the mid 20th century and count the seconds until they say “Well that’s different”.

    1. “This poor simp is not to blame for WW2 any more than I’m responsible for the My Lai Massacre.”
      Well it is YOUR lai massacre

        1. sorry. your comment was really great I just couldn’t resist.

    2. side note: I don’t even feel guilty for shit I actually am responsible for lol

      1. “Never yield to remorse, but at once tell yourself: remorse would simply mean adding to the first act of stupidity a second.”
        F. Nietzsche.

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    3. German real men are probably a rarity because of WWII. So many real men were killed by the allies as they marched towards Berlin that few were left to procreate. Many of the ones left were the cowards, the crippled, or the mad. Not all German soldiers, or probably even most, were political Nazis. Quite a few were just dying for their beloved Germany, rather than for Adolf Hitler, but die they did. Combine that result with the ever increasing feminization of the German male, and you get a Germany that will roll over like a whipped dog and allow Islam to wipe them from the earth forever.

      1. Just one word: Entnazifizierung. Per your theory, Sweden and the Scandinavian countries should be the most masculine countries ever. Almost no one there died in the Great wars. By contrast, Russia should be the gay capital of the world after losing more than 25 million men in WWII only, let alone the communist mass purges before that war…

        1. True: The Ukraine should be particularly devoid of masculine men (following the Holodomar) and yet seeing footage of rebels there would point to the opposite: men look much more masculine than elsewhere in Europe.

        2. Yes, albeit they appear to have little interest in being fathers. The Ukrainian birthrate is low, divorce rates are high, etc. However, I would agree that they make German, Swedish (etc) men look like pansies.

        3. As an American with Ukrainian ancestry, I see TONS of new Ukrainian immigrants (at church mostly) with a lot of kids. They have a lot of kids here too, and they have them young as well. It’s nice to see the “right kind” of immigrants for a change…

      2. Germany turned into a left wing social welfare society after World War 2 and remained that way well after reunification. That is why so many of them feel “guilt” even the most working adults there were not even born during the second World War.
        You will see a similar strain of “Guilt” in almost every major Western nation. They use this as an excuse to justify open borders and multiculturalism.
        Same thing going on in the US among the establishment and the leftists right now, they call chanting “We all Immigrants”:

      3. Its not just that it was social reprogramming that made German men the way they are these days. Otherwise after World War 1 they would have become a liberal socialist cucktopia that they are currently are in the year 2017 much earlier.

    4. thing is what happens is… take slavery for example – the abuse of the slave masters all those years ago, was passed onto the slaves – WHO most importantly passed it on to their children. It’s a known fact that an abusive parent, breeds a child that will later be abusive to it’s children. So although it’s been 200 years since slavery pretty much ended, the abuse has been passed down the generations and this is one of the reasons you see so much neglect, drug abuse, crime etc. in the black american ghettos – they are literally still fucked up from slavery….. there’s plenty of movies about the black sports star or the black scientist or doctor that finally gets a bit of a lift and gets going in life…..
      so there is an intelligence to the white guilt, even if it is miss placed….. there’s a hope that perhaps – especially in the black slavery situation, that by lifting up the black communities, some of the deprived situations might be ameliorated….. but ultimately, that was OK 50-60 years ago…. but today, it’s gone full circle and it’s become a kind of religion that white people should feel guilty… that’s not the point at all… it actually ends up making it worse…. no one needs pity….. and handing out guilt laden pity is actually the flip side of slavery and abuse itself.

    5. SJWism is a religion designed to allow the elites to hoard power and to give free undeserved promotions to female politicians and business leaders.

    1. brilliant over all but the protective kneepads are just perfection.

      1. Without those one can take an awful wounding from an arrow.

    2. Don’t forget about the extra padded cod piece that helps cradle his empty useless scrotum.

        1. a stay puft man who was in the gym, cut fat and became shredded in that case, so.

    1. I am not sure but Sie spielt die beleidigte Leberwurst kind of means your are being a drama queen and hilarious translates to “she is playing the insulted sausage

      1. Can’t believe I wandered in my life so far not knowing that one.

        1. It is an idiom that stuck out in my head Back in college and never escaped.

        2. Das Dasein der Schadenfreuden der Lerbewurst, eine Weltanschauung von Dr Heinrich Sauerkraut.

        3. Weltanschauung is my second favorite german word, second only to Weltschmerz

        4. I have always said that “Schadenfreude” is seriously underrated, both as a concept and as a word!

      2. I think I’m going to start using that in English conversation. Next time some chick is acting all butt hurt, I’m going to accuse her of playing the insulted sausage.

      3. I cannot wait for the chance to tell a girl, “Oh, stop playing the insulted sausage.”
        Just imagine the confused rage that will produce! The mind boggles.

        1. Pfft dafuq I care lol as long as she makes it nut

    2. Reis dich zusammen, Butterblume.
      To further bash him you can make that a “butterblümchen” which is the cute version of it and will be understood as derogatory in that situation.

    3. “Beiß die Zähne zusammen!” or ironically “Trag es wie ein Mann!” (literally: Carry it like a man).

  2. Great article Kyle. You are a great asset to ROK and I hope you keep writing and continue to speak out.

  3. I Made A German Man Cry Because I Criticized Globalism And Muslim Refugees

  4. Great article. I guess Germans (like other Germanic peoples) are at heart irrational underneath the thin veneer of logic and reason. Barbarians at heart so we they are… Everything is taken to the extremes. Either barbarians who enjoy raping other people’s women and enslaving their children while plundering and using books and other documents as fuel for the bonfire; or complete pussies who are likely to cry or get upset when their PC beliefs are challenged.
    Your experience with this guy reminded me to my old professor of Grammar who even in Class never stopped talking about politics and tried at every moment to introduce the subject in the essays and practices we had to make about social topics. Well educated, a boomer (nowadays in his sixties). A white knight indeed, always siding with the oppressed (ie. in the essays poor women who had been tricked by bad men into becoming single mothers, etc.) or with the poor downtrodden immigrant. Even before I became “red-pilled” (whatever that means) his constant groveling to females (they are the best, they are more studious, blablabla) just made me sick.
    Years later, I found him in a bar and between the beers, in the middle of our conversation he asked me (paraphrasing) “why they (arabs/persians/turks insert Islamic group) have so many difficulties fitting into western society”. I just said their damaged genetics (inbreeding) were the main cause and the look on his eyes would make you think he was sitting besides a serial murderer.

    1. I have known close and personally a number of germans (of different ages and regions), and I partially agree with you: their psychological structure is odd….

  5. It’s all a false equivalency!
    We’re talking about beliefs that every sane man of every race and creed believed in in 1900. They didn’t all become Hitler.
    The idea that if I want my own nation and its culture to be preserved that it will lead inevitably to Hitler is total horseshit.

  6. “we did bad things’ you weren’t even alive when that happened you fucking retarded cuck

  7. you never shared exactly what you said to make him start blubbering

  8. OT
    Don’t shoot the messenger, Trump fans (do you still even exist?), but here’s the breaking news going down right now.
    At 2 pm this afternoon, a panel of three judges in Eastern Virginia federal court has granted an order of execution to the U.S. Marshals to arrest an unknown number of associates of Donald J. Trump. It’s an enormous tactical movement involving hundreds (plural) of U.S. Marshals and presumably FBI agents. The number of Trump associates that has been targeted is rumored to be somewhere between twenty to seventy people, spread across multiple jurisdictions.
    This has been the biggest political news week in forty-three years. In the next twenty-four hours, it’s going to get even worse. Buckle up, everybody.

    1. the guy Rich sent the emails to is also dead- nothing to see there though…

    2. Eastern Virginia??? They split from Virginia during the Second Civil War, right?

      1. If it’s a prank, it’s the source’s first one. He’s never been wrong, not yet.
        What’s confirmed:
        1) Special prosecutor to investigate Kremlingate (former head of FBI) was appointed a few minutes ago.
        2) Deputy AG Rosenstein briefs the entire U.S. Senate tomorrow.

        1. Whatever, man. I am not defending the President, but this Russian hacker stuff is utter fiction. Gobbles would be green with envy over this propaganda coup. All the independent prosecutors in Hades can’t make a fairy tale legit. They are chasing down the crock of shit at the end of the rainbow.

        2. So let’s be clear. You’re saying that Obama, FBI, CIA, the FiveEyes countries, and basically every major intelligence apparatus in the Western world are ALL lying. None of them intercepted Trump’s people accepting money from Russian sources. Paul Manafort and Carter Page have no associations with pro-Putin forces in the Ukraine. In fact, according to you, there is NOTHING untoward going on with Trump’s finances.
          The smoke from this fire can be seen from Mars.
          Both Trump’s sons have admitted that the Trump organization gets money from Russia. From what I’ve read, during 2007-2011 he accepted up to $3 billion in loans funneled thru the Cayman Islands from a bank in the Ukraine owned by the pro-Russian son of the pro-Russia Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia after being removed from office.
          You’re gonna say this is a fairy tale? Really?
          Make some popcorn. We’re gonna learn a lot more. It took 15 months for the Watergate special prosecutor to eventually get to the Oval Office, forcing Nixon’s resignation. I have a feeling this will go faster.

        3. The long and meandering nature of your response tells me that the story is pure bullshit. If it had any merit, you could state it in two sentences. And even if you could – the charges are media-ex-machina.
          I am not saying this to be insulting or disagreeable. And the fireworks you expect to see are sure to be forthcoming. But, they are just another part of this fiction.

  9. “You’d be amazed how many people will simply not let you out of a conversation about Donald Trump.”
    I tried to make this point a couple months back, but got laughed at. Good to see Kyle’s experience jibed with my own.

  10. I think this brief little article is one of the most important things ever published on the pages of RoK.
    The German man did not become ashamed of his culture because of his direct, lived experience. He never walked the streets of his home, witnessed rampant injustice and evil, and came to the experience-driven conclusion that his land of birth was a cause for shame. No, he had to be taught that by his rulers and elders, conditioned by ceaseless repetition of “evidence” he could never qualify or disqualify with his own eyes. Everything he is “ashamed” of is utterly contrary to the substance of his experience and beyond the reach of his personal agency.
    It’s all a trick. His tearful reaction, so bizarre and outside of social convention, points the way to the truth: all these leftist sentiments are completely synthetic. They are Chinese footbinding for the mind and soul, hobbling the spirit to fit the aesthetic perversions of the elite. A murder-suicide pact between an abusive ruling class and a victimized and miseducated public.

    1. Never do you see a liberal express any guilt for actions they themselves have caused, it is their benevolent way of pointing the finger. Remember Obama’s kickoff apology tour when he got into office?

      1. Do you remember the little fistfight that his predecessor started without cause? It was called the Iraq War, it killed about half a million Iraqis, plunged our country into massive debt, and plunged the entire region into chaos?
        Obama’s was a symbolic trip, made to show amends to the Middle East, **thus ensuring future cooperation in fighting radical terrorism.**
        The long game, the long game. Always the long game with that one.

        1. ” **thus ensuring future cooperation in fighting radical terrorism.** ”
          How well has that worked so far?

        2. Well you know, ISIS, the Arab Spring, Syria…the usual.

        3. Mixed.
          Successes: No major terrorist attacks in 8 yrs. The drone program kills them abroad before they kill us here. We provide support to partners on the ground, instead of troops. Al Qaeda is a shadow of its former self because he gave the command that killed Osama bin Laden. Yes, ISIS has grown but is now in retreat, and it is still “the JV team” (as Obama famously put it) that has never struck the U.S. He rolled back Iran’s nuclear program. And no more waterboarding.
          Failures: Libya. Red line in Syria. Iraq withdrawal made the Islamic Republic stronger.
          Time will tell how he’s viewed later.
          I do know this: The Middle East is the graveyard of idealism, and every American president since World War II has seen his own dreams of Middle East peace die in the dust.

        4. Thanks for replying. I mean it. Some of what you state here I will delve into myself.
          Good day sir.

        5. They were totally spineless, and it was infuriating. Obama vaulted over HRC in the 2008 campaign partly because she had to explain her own awful Senate vote — but he had come out early against the war, when he was an Illinois state rep. Yeah, he rode that advantage hard.

        6. “The drone program kills them abroad before they kill us here”
          Except ‘they’ are entering the USA in droves as immigrants and refugees. Any security professional will tell you that a period of quiet doesn’t mean that your adversary has given up.

        7. Typical leftist revision and delusion. ISIS was unknown when Obama was elected 8 years ago. Now they are more powerful than al Qaeda.
          As for no major terror attacks, did you forget about Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando or do you consider those to be workplace violence? How about the dozens of ISIS attacks on NATO allies in Germany and France?

        8. How about that lil’ ISIS thing that your savior Barry cooked up as he supported every radical Islamic group from Morocco to the Philippines, urging them to “overthrow their masters”, with the subtext of replacing same with Islamic Fundamentalism? How’s that working out for the planet? Seems most of the world has caught onto his machinations except the World Media and the American Left.

        9. Ensuring future support for Islamists who cry “peace! Peace!” When there is no peace in Islam, only submission.

        10. That and the left in America defends Islam aggressively. They didn’t do so when Bush was President. That is why you see such a vigorous response to Trump’s travel ban for 5 countries. Bush and Obama had one for over 25 Muslim nations but the Left loves to ignore this as well as the fact that both Bush and Obama have created the current conditions in the Middle East.
          Why is there a refugee crisis? It’s because Western Neoliberals have been starting wars and uprisings in Middle Eastern nations.
          The liberal argument against this is that the leaders that were toppled were dictators. Well guess what is replacing them?

        11. You seem to think grovelling is a good idea and decent people know its pathetic and counterproductive.

        12. It also creates future “thems,” by the bushel so that we can continue to fund the MIC by playing Whack-a-mole with million dollar missles.

        13. The Islamic Republic? I didn’t realize they had a Republican form of government.

        14. Successes? You can’t carry water, tablets or a laptop on a plane (soon). You have a choice between irradiated or having your nuts felt up before you get on a plane. Overall increase in police power and a reduction in civil liberties.
          And the Boston Marathon bombing was four years ago. It was pretty major. And all the little bombings and mass shooting since…

        15. It hasn’t even been quiet. There’s been loads of terrorist attacks inside and outside of the USA that can only be considered “minor” in comparison to the Mother of All Terror Attacks on 9/11.

        16. “killed about half a million Iraqis,” you say? Iraq Body Count.org and the Iraqi Ministry of Health put the total of civilian casualties at a hundred thousand, and in that number, they included people known to have been killed by bombs and IED, not American weapons. Since Saddam killed a hundred thousand, and bragged about it, in the eight years or so leading up to the invasion, stopping him created an effective zero death toll, or possibly a negative number.

        17. Come on. He was, and is, a hater. He always sought to harm the USA, even treason

        18. Rode it right into Somalia and Libya. Such advantage. So feel-good.

    2. Its pretty much all synthetic, there is a similar strain of thought and feelings among urban whites in the large US cities. People by nature are selfish and think about their own survival.
      A big part of German life is dependence on government, its even more so than in the US. Everything there is government controlled in some form or the other.
      If you look up Angela Merkel more carefully her domestic agenda is like Bernie Sanders on Steroids. It is a cradle to grave socialist society.
      If you live in Germany you become a dependent of their government in some way or form.

    3. “I think this brief little article is one of the most important things ever published on the pages of RoK.”
      And your comment is one of the best I ever read on ROK.

    4. Beautifully said. I too, feel bad for those people. But they will be the end of civilization.

    5. Paint me impressed. It’s rare to read intelligent discourse anymore. Kudos

    6. “The German man did not become ashamed of his culture because of his direct, lived experience. He never walked the streets of his home, witnessed rampant injustice and evil…”
      No, he’s not to blame for the German culture of the 1930-40s. But what about the current German culture? He’s walking the streets of his home, witnessing rampant injustice and evil, and unable or unwilling to do anything about it. That’ll eat at your soul more than guilt about the crimes of your ancestors.
      If guilt about WWII drove Germans to what they are now, what will guilt about current affairs drive them to? A new tottering Weimar republic that brings us full circle?

    7. Crying? CRYING???
      I don’t think men like the late Max Schmeling cried much

  11. I don’t even feel guilt for things I do. I really can’t imagine feeling guilt for things I didn’t do.

  12. Are some sections of Germany worse than others when it comes to this?
    Interestingly enough, I’ve never really talked politics with my German relatives.

    1. Most PC region of Germany is NRW, where Cologne is located, also has the largest Muslim population in Germany. Hessen where Frankfurt is another, there is also Berlin, the city, not the surrounding area.

  13. These cucks know deep down they are full of shit, but sometimes ruin is as a masochistic feeling that losers can’t help but embrace. Maybe they weren’t always losers but after the beating they took in school with lolocaust propaganda and evil-white-nonsense shoved down their throats, its hard for sturdy souls to resist.
    Remember that ruin holds value to people who are inherently damaged, whether via indoctrination, mental illness, lefty feelings, or some other unexplained phenomena.
    The man described in this article is far from German, and if I ever had to witness one of my own reduced to tears over their enemies, I would silence them myself.

  14. Funny thing is, the WW2 Japs committed far worse atrocities. Why don’t you see any yellow guilt emanating from them?

    1. The Japs didn’t commit the Holocaust, and that’s apparently the only thing that matters.

      1. The Japanese were guilty of the Rape of Nanking. In retaliation for Doolittle’s Raiders, they killed at least 250,000 Chinese. The Japanese had Unit 731, which conducted chemical and biological experiments on captives. The difference is that Unit 731 was highly prized by Fort Detrick (US Army chem and bio research lab) so it was never held up to the same scrutiny as the Nazi death machine.
        The difference? The Germans have been made to feel guilty about the Holocaust because of the Nuremburg trials. The Japanese never had such trials and their government has never apologized, so the people don’t feel guilt.
        Lesson – don’t apologize if you don’t have to.

        1. True, the research from 731 was used in US weapons programs, I recall.
          I rather think part of it is that Chinese people don’t control the international banks, media (etc).

      2. Germans didn’t commit a Holocaust either… according to Red Cross reports during and immediately after WW2…

    2. The Chinese don’t control the media in the West, not yet at least.

    3. Because it is extremely difficult for the Tribe members to learn Japanese. If the “Chosen Ones” mastered that language en masse, like they did with every Western language, they would’ve had their long march through the Japanese Institutions too.

    4. Maybe it has something to do with the US dropping two atomic bombs on them. Personally I love the quirky culture of Japan and the people but it also feels at times like a nation that had its pride literally nuked out of it. It’s like they’re almost emanating guilt on a subconscious level. Grown men substituting anime girls printed on pillows for actual women for Pete’s sake.

      1. Could be. Memories are distorted with time. We did far worse in the firebombing of Tokyo, but because these bombs were atomic, they are what is remembered.

    5. the japs killed 15-20 million (mostly chinese) civilians from 1935-1945 but of course not too many shlomos so they get a pass

  15. I lived in Germany for years, reason people think like that there is their leftist education and media. I was there for a number of years, from the 1990s to early 2000s. It was a beautiful place to live around that time period, it gradually got worse in the 2000s with the Euro and EU. Germany really started sliding downhill when they started using the Euro in 2002.
    As far as selfless Germans, that has not been my experience, I dated a Ukrainian woman who lived in Germany and she always found Germans to be the total opposite compared to people in her own country. Not sure if she still lives there, but she found it to be very narcissistic and materialistic society, but she comes from Ukraine.
    See young Germans on holiday in the Mediterranean, not a pleasant group of people at all.

    1. I agree. I am a Polish guy in Germany on the French border and
      Germans can be very arrogant and almost sadistic towards Centarl and
      East Euroepans – simple arrogance ‘in your face’, ‘yes, we can’. Also,
      the French Alsatians behind the Rhine seem to consider Germans arrognat
      as well. on teh otehr hand, tehy almost fell on their faces before
      Americans, especially middle-age of them
      I think it was Poincare
      who said that Germans have slave mentality, they are slaves for some
      (Americans) and masters for others (Poles, Ukrainians, Serbs). There is
      long genealogy to that, with reasons which exist even today, to great
      extetent: Kleinstaterei, Beamtentum (Diener – servants of teh state, not
      of the people etc). My impression is, that behind all PR facade,
      Germans still have their superiority feelings, eo ipso, everything what
      Germany does is better than what East Europe does…. This is anyway
      extremely hierarchic society. Of course, not all Germans are delusional
      Übermenschen, but I would say 70 % of them. Also, Germans who lived
      longer aborad, are always nicer than locals: more polite, more humane,
      more relaxed (like joking with someone whom they do not knwo well), for
      example. In teh former DDR, the only place where there was, in fact,
      Denazifizierung IN PRACTICE (here in BW, first year after WWII the French supposedly were just sitting scared in their ‘occuaption’ army camps, soemtiems making tanks rides into German cities to scare inhabitants a bit) , situation is bit different in DDR, and it seems that there is a
      beleif there that they are more humans than Germans…Now, if you think
      that I am a bitter Pole, ask yourself why Ossi so much dislike Wessi,
      and it was so already before immigration of 2015 (and they are not
      getteing even half of immigrant load tehre which comes here). If you
      know German, read Arthur Rosenberg, he gives you a feel how this society

      1. The Ukrainian girl I knew absolutely despised Germans. And she gave great reasons for it.

        1. The only reason I did not become racist towards Germans is that I took notice that they love to hate each other as well, not only Wessi v Ossi, South v North, but BW v Saarland etc.
          I soemtiems think that maybe the liked war so much since the army belonged to Germayn, not to such and such Land.
          This is why there was ‘ein Reich, ein Führer’. because, in fact, tehre wasnt one Reich and it had to be made.
          I think it was a mistake to allow for German unifications – on many levels – but also on the level of human happiness: Germans are simply more happy in their 20 Lands as in Germany.
          Well, France and UK were against till the end, but USA and USSR made a deal ín 1991 to unify Germany.
          In spite of the fact that UK was the most bitter adversary of German unfication, Germans do love Engalnd sooo much!
          Well, Germans have some inferiority feelings towards Engladn (it is even in Mein Kampf), France and Switzerland, and they are afraid of Russia. And that’s waht you need to know to understand their racism. The arcanum Germanicum is that no one needs Germany in Europe: ithere is only indutstyr in Germany, and thats all.. it is, for exmaple, germany who is always spinning how Russia needs Germany, etc. russia never says it.
          It is like they are still iving in 19th century, even though now the indutsrail reviolution reached China and Japan.
          Germayn should be a nation of 1000 universities and 100000 farms (Dichter und Denker und Bauer) – anyway they love Natur soooo much, that shoudl be abel to see a beauty of Morgantahu plan of de-industarioliazation of Germany.

        2. Yeah, because UK and France haven’t done enough damage to Europe already…typical Polish opinion.

      2. I find Germans very arrogant no matter where they are. I know quite a few in North America, and I try to avoid discourse with them. First, they speak English like barbarians. Very direct, with no art or indirection in the language. They think they have mastered English, when in fact they wield it like a bludgeon. Second, they believe that they are moral paragons by letting you know how much they believe in diversity and tolerance.

    1. More testosterone in that one man than exists in nearly half of Germany combined today.

      1. “More testosterone in that one man than exists in nearly half of Germany combined today.”
        Or USA for that matter.

        1. Horsefeathers. Lots of corn fed men in the Midwest and the “old” West is chock full of men who could slam your face into the concrete.

        2. “Lots of corn fed men in the Midwest and the “old” West is chock full of men who could slam your face into the concrete.”
          Sadly, you will never see that happen to me.
          And my reply to your comment is intended to mean “half the men in the USA.” Perhaps I should have made myself a little bit more clear.
          Enjoy your evening sir.

  16. This explains a lot. I freaked out a young German guy in America because I asked him if it was really bad over there because Merkel had screwed up the country and let in a bunch of Muslims. Sheer panic on his face and he assured me the news reports in America were wrong and Germany was completely safe. I pretended to believe him but I knew he was lying. One just wasn’t supposed to say such things. Later, I said the same thing to an older German man who admitted it was true.

    1. Young German men tend to be cucks. Austrians are even more so, when I went there I could not believe Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up there.

    2. Yes, I have had that as well. ‘oh, the media is just misrepresenting the situation’. To which I usually reply that the media in fact has covered up a lot of it, including Cologne.

  17. I listened to a German ex-pat explaining to someone why they are so pro-Euro and pro-immigration, and the article nails it – the European nations were so traumatized by WW1 and WW2 that they mentally swore “never again” – even if they have to surrender freedom or even their culture to a transnational unelected bureaucracy so they can avoid the risk of another devastating war. The puppetmasters behind that want cheap labor, destruction of Western values, and so their guilt is manipulated and stoked to keep them in line with the globalists’ agendas. They willingly give up their freedom and ambitions out of a misplaced sense of guilt.
    When I interrupted and told him that besides the conditions of war and peace, there are also the possibilities of extermination and slavery – and by importing all the Muslims with their view of world domination, they were heading toward extermination of their race – the guy became quite horrified, as if I were blaspheming. After I got him to say what made the German culture special, I asked him if it was worth preserving. He put 2 and 2 together and left in a huff, but those he’d been talking to were left thinking about what I’d said and what he’d said. Maybe 1 of them will learn….

    1. Its a carrot and stick kind of thing, they do have a history of going to war with one another but behind the EU, the people at the top want open borders and unlimited immigration from mostly Muslim nations. The vast majority of Muslims in Europe are unemployed and are on social services, so it makes me wonder why they keep importing them. People are not rational, I guess.

      1. Depends on the unstated goals, not of the publicly stated ones. The man on the street? Of course he/she is irrational, hence the leadership one gets.

        1. People in America are accustomed to a high quality of life and a high living standard. For many that disintegrated after the global financial crisis.
          If Trump played things like a typical Republican he would have lost. However he did not.

        2. My opinion was in reference to current European situation. But my comment stands, the common people are irrational, swayed by emotions and social moods. One day they are cucks, the next day they are baby-eating Moloch worshiping good communists. As long as they feel good it’s ok. Hence democracy was always doomed.

        3. Unlike the US, France has a pretty generous cradle to grave social welfare system. That is why its citizens for the most part will just follow the leader, the establishment there provides them with enough carrots. In the US, there is no such system, you are on your own.
          The citizens therefore were not too keen on change, since the French state has been wiping their bottoms for decades.
          I lived in both the US and Europe so I can see it very clearly. I worked in Germany for almost a decade, I was stunned at how people often took long lunch breaks, usually took long vacations, or went on vacation several times a year. I knew most Americans including myself who went for several years without one. Also once its 5PM, they go home, they stop what they are doing and leave. If there is something left to do, they will do it the next day. Employers cannot also fire people that easily, I am not talking about the government, but actual private companies.
          After 16 years of mainstream Republican and Democrat rule, Americans hit rock bottom, so they wanted something different. That is why Trump won.
          If the Democrats had brains and common sense, which they did not, they would have propped up Bernie Sanders, and of course Sanders would fold on his wonderful promises just like Obama did. Obama was the rainbow candidate in 2008 promising all sorts of wonderful things to the masses.
          All these establishment types can talk about Russia collusion this and Russia collusion that but most Americans are fed up with our government. They keep trying to use Russia to rationalize their humiliating defeat but are to arrogant too see that so many people in America have been left behind. The MSM was constantly telling people America was in “recovery” after the 2008 GFC, really only a small percent of the country “recovered”.

    2. ” so they can avoid the risk of another devastating war”
      Yes, I agree with you that there is a general cultural aversion to war. Sadly, they don’t seem to teach history or ecology in the EU. They would know that avoiding conflict and importing millions of aggressive, low IQ, rapidly breeding third worlders is actually a recipe for an EU-wide civil war. Either that or genocide.

  18. I think its a internet generation thing I spent a fair amount of time in Germany in the 80s and they liked a drink a laugh, their sport , didn’t mind a punch up, got wound up about losing the war, if they liked old Adolf or not who lets be honest was a first class cunt ,in fairness Germans I encountered where very manly …and you didn’t fuck about with the police who where Fucking ninjas with a batton …but the internet and 24 hour news virtu signalling constantly has damaged a fair few across the globe but maybe many as you think ,if I mention any of this at work or the pub or the gym they look at me as if I’m from another planet ,so hope springs eternal

    1. 1980s are a very long time ago, Germany went through massive changes after reunification. I was there from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, hard to imagine running into masculine German men, they were a minority there for sure when I was living there.
      The women there used to be a lot of fun but now I wouldn’t bother with them. Much better options in Eastern Europe.

      1. German women are batshit crazy. They pursue careers and foresake having children, looking down upon child rearing as something fit for a dog. I’d rather blow my head off with a shotgun than have to spend 2 hours with one.

        1. That is mostly because their economy “took off” under Merkel and became Americanized. When I was there it wasn’t hard to find decent women. Today it’s become like English speaking countries.

  19. I’m going there in November. Looking forward to make the pussified men cry and the racemixing women scream.

    1. I hope as you do you yell ‘Achtung!’and goosestep. That would be lovely.

      1. Yeah, started practicing my goosestepping and my german this week. Also I’m going to make the Roman Salute in the Holohoax Memorial and take a picture, which will be posted here.

        1. Don’t forget to shout “Heil Hitler!”. On second thought, I’m sure that’s a bad idea.

        2. Yeah, I’m aware of the german laws about the Roman Salute and the 88 thing. However, if you do it carefully with no police around you can get excellent photo material….lol

        3. be sure to have a blog with a post “if you dont hear from me in 5 hours, notify my next of kin”
          this is the internet and im fairly certain that is law in these parts.

        4. please remember when in the supermarket that no one will bag your groceries and be fast to pay and leave, we dont like to wait!!!

  20. The Nazis were nice to the Moslims in WWII. Why would they feel a need to make it up to them Now?

    1. Up until their initial meetings with various Muslim sects prior to WW2, the Germans were more than happy just sticking the Jewish population in work camps. However after their meetings they decided on the whole extermination thing.

  21. A German friend came to see us in Miami a few years ago. She was shocked to see American flags everywhere. She said they wouldn’t dare fly a German flag in their yard. Displays of patriotism are not allowed. Puts all this migrant stuff in perspective.

    1. Go find the video of Merkel tossing off the German flag like it was a pit viper.

  22. Posting this for people to be aware: Sharia Law being adopted by San Diego School district:

  23. The mass cuckery and masochism in Germany only really started to rear its ugly head post-Reunification.
    Right after WW2, despite the country being bombed to bits and millions of men being killed, most Germans opposed denazification, as did the West German government.
    In the late 1980s, there was a debate in West Germany known as Historikerstreit, to address the proper way to remember the Nazi era. Many participants advocated for moving on and burying the hatchet. Could you imagine such a statement being made today?
    Ironically enough, the occupying nations were concerned that a reunified Germany would be a military threat. Instead, overt cultural Marxist brainwashing began as soon as Germany regained “independence”.

    1. A lot of paranoid folks thought the reunification of Germany would lead to a new Superpower, it has not panned out that way for Germany. Some even believe the EU is a vehicle for the Germans to use to become that kind of power, not really either. There were a lot of folks stuck in the 1930s and 1940s.
      One thing to note about Germany is that its the prostitution capital of Europe, no European country has more prostitutes and brothels than Germany, every single town and village has at least one brothel. On Father’s Day there most men visit brothels. Germany is a very hedonistic society, it will never be any sort of world power. They used to hold an annual event called the Love Parade in Berlin then stopped, it was absolutely insane.

  24. “In schools the smaller children have to watch the concentration camp victim videos and are already traumatized at a young age.”
    And people think I’m an asshole.

  25. Said it before, will say it again.
    White guilt a an extremely serious form of mental illness.

  26. I don’t remember West Germans that I knew before unification being like this. This has to be an East German thing. And it’s deadly poison apparently.

    1. As long as the communist threat was real, you couldn’t afford to be too weak psychologically. Now the average German knows if he resists he’ll just be destroyed because no one is backing him up. Easier to just believe it’s all for the best and hope to be eaten last.

      1. they should use germany to make cash and move assap from this commie hole.

    2. Very insightful, Ghost. I have always said that it was a huge mistake for the East and West to unite so soon. A better option would have been for the DDR to remain some sort of ‘colony’ like the British Crown Protectorates.
      The two Koreas will face similar problems should the Kim regime collapse and the North becomes ‘free’. Unify them? Hell no!

      1. The problem was not the reunification, the problem was that there was no purge of the East. No communist leader was hanged, monuments to mass murderers like Lenin, Marx and company (including the rape-mongers like Ehrenburg) still stand to this day throughout all of East Germany (Former central Germany) while none of the monuments to the real heroes of Germany (Bismarck or the old Kaisers) were rebuilt (they were originally destroyed by the Russians), Communist ideas are still being paid lip service under a thin veneer of Socialism etc. EntKommunifizierung never happened. And that is because the West itself was socialist, once there was no communist menace they could relax and drink the rest of the marxist poison. IMHO.

    3. The communism boogeyman served well in instilling western pride. Now the the powers that be are communists themselves, we can’t have that anymore.

  27. I had a similar discussion over drinks with an ROK friend of German descent this past Friday night.
    Talking to him made me realize that of the axis powers, ancestors of Italy (like myself) and Japan have a totally different view of WW2 than Germans. For a German to acknowledge any virtue of the National Socialists seems completely impossible, while many normal Italian men I know have mixed views of Mussolini and fascist Italy ranging from hatred, to neutral, to wishing he would return today.
    The Japanese think of Hitler as a friggin historical celebrity! They recently even added Mein Kampf to their list of teaching resources for schools. The West is trying to guilt trip them out of it, but hey it’s Japan and they can’t get their tax dollars so whatever (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/04/15/national/social-issues/japan-tolerates-use-hitlers-autobiography-schools/#.WRz48_nyuUk).
    My point is Germans are in a very strange place psychologically that other cultures can hardly relate to. Italians are still fiercely proud and family- and kin-oriented by comparison, but feminism and decadence is definitely having an influence.

    1. I kind of admire the Italian ability to always wind up on the winning side. Shoot even their oppression was mild by comparison. An old memoir of Italy I read said that there was always a belief that the winds could change, so you never really put the boot in.

    2. seems like Italians got off totally scot-free as far as having any lasting shame from their role in WWII

      1. Honestly no one from our community that I know ever talks about it, and if they do it’s mostly in context that Mussolini failed to deliver rather than he was an evil man.
        The post-WW2 Italian prime minister Berlusconi occasionally named the Jew and praised Mussolini openly in public.
        Italy lost the war and then moved on with life.

  28. I’ll take the liberty of saying it here. And I hope and pray that it doesn’t come to this. Just in case it does, here goes.
    Good-bye to Mercedes-Benz, Bavarian Motor Werks (BMW), Porsche, Heckler & Koch, Audi, Walther, and Volkswagen. Farewell Solingen.
    Nothing wrong with your products. They are the best in the WORLD.
    Only, you know like I do, going in the direction your country is headed thus far, the quality will suffer as those less worthy than you gain employment in your factories.
    And who among THEM will design new products to carry your company into the next generation?
    I hope I am proven wrong on this one. But I got a bad feeling that….

    1. I actually almost summed up the end of the article with something like “As beautiful and fast as some of your cars are, I see your entire country and culture being left in the dust.”

      1. That would be the perfect summation. Thanks for the help.
        *2 thumbs up*

  29. Here’s what us, white men, should be able to say loud and clear when some self-identified member of the “oppressed” group starts yupping about his/her self-perceiving sufferings and victim-hood. We should look the creature in his/her eye and say – ” I Dont Care about you!”.
    This is the best answer to whatever those Leftists creatures have to say – “I DONT CARE!”.

    1. “We should look the creature in his/her eye and say – ” I Don’t Care about you!”.”
      Fuck yeah!

      1. “Used to” part opens up possibilities for them to reopen your sensitivities. Just flat out say that you dont care about whatever grievances they have. End of discussion.
        “You dont know what, us, blacks had to go through!” . You – “I dont care what you had to go through.” And so on.

  30. WW2 would have been far far easier to win with current Germans instead of the old ones.

    1. Current ones are too soft and tame in their skinny jeans and oversized sneakers. Old one were bad ass and tough as nail

  31. Amazing part of this story is that the German man’s tears actually betray his alleged beliefs. He knows his country is being killed from within by inviting these animals in and yet he cries knowing that he accepts and promotes it because the “white guilt” has been beaten into him so hard from birth that despite everything his eyes, ears and heart are telling him…he goes along with it.
    Truly sad. I will lay a teddy bear and a candle on the street tonight for Germany’s beaten cucked men….

  32. And THIS is the reason why I don’t know a single person in reallife who is redpilled. There are maybe 50 or 100 guys in germany who are redpilled, to find one of these guys is like searching for the needle in the haystack.
    Meanwhile the german government is expanding its efforts to introduce a state trojan to spy extensively on german citizens.
    Take North Korea, add a bit of suicidal genocide and labels like ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ and you end up with modern day germany.
    Can’t wait to leave this shithole after I graduated…

    1. Get on Linux, get behind a proxy, and start a German-language blog to reach out to like-minded brothers. Groups like EDL and AfD had to start somewhere. You’d be surprised how many people will show themselves after a braver man goes first.

  33. White guilt is such an amazing thing. White people feel guilty about what their ancestors have done, yet other people whose ancestors have done equally if not more horrendous things don’t care.
    In America, all people ever keep talking about is slavery and how the white man holds down the black man. I am Arab (Palestinian actually) and no one ever talks about the huge slave trade lead by the Arabs before America was founded. Turkish people don’t feel guilty about the Armenian Genocide. Japanese people don’t feel guilty about the war crimes committed against the other SE Asian countries during the Japanese imperialism.

    1. it is amazing isnt it? it really is like there is some grand conspiracy solely against the white race. because you are right….none of these other races feel race shame….it is only the white race that feels this way. its like a clear conscious effort to kill the white race off.

        1. statistically most whites feel guilty. get the fuck out of here with your “but im not like that exception BS”

        2. If he’s not like that, how is that BS. It has to start with those of us whom don’t feel guilty telling everyone else how amazing that lack of guilt feels. Too bad watching your culture swirl down gutter just feels shitty

        3. There are a LOT more White men that do not feel guilty than you think. A LOT more.
          Coming soon to your town.

      1. there is a conspiracy because i’ve even heard Romanians talking about being ashamed of what they did to Ceaucescu like it was some huge crime instead of something courageous and good
        Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe and still they’ve had this garbage shoved down their throats – apparently they’re also supposed to be ashamed for not treating the gypsies well, as though its not the gypsies behaviour that’s the problem, as seen elsewhere in Europe too.
        (((someone))) is behind this

        1. while im unfamilar with Romanias specific circumstances….i wouldnt doubt what you say. whites in america basically all behave this way. we’re all ashamed of our race and heritage. hell i’d argue most whites think white isnt even a race. hell americans dont even think american is a culture but rather a nation of immigrants. and not just immigrants, but ANY immigrant from anywhere and that somehow everyone everywhere shares our american values.
          we’ve completely lost our national identity. and its mostly whites that have lost it.
          the blacks in america still behave like african jungle monkeys by and large. mexicans come here and remain mexican complete with mexican gangs. muslims come here and remain anti american muslim. Asians seem to be the only ones that make an attempt at integrating. also whites from other countries also try and integrate.
          so your story isnt shocking.
          and yes someone is behind it. Satan, the illuminati, jews, the new world order….pick one or pick all of them. theres no way such a large scale concentrated attacked specifically and solely on the white race is a coincidence.
          and you make a fine point….its never the gyspies that are the problem….its always the native white mans fault. same thing here in america….its never the fact that they are mexican gang lords crossing the border thats the problem, nope its the racist white man. its not the fact that blacks have received every possible free handout imaginable and they still fail at life…..nope its the racist white man.
          without fail….its always the white mans fault…..never that poor gypsy. could it be perhaps the gypsy as a group, simply doesnt share western civilization values? thats never considered. they somehow have that by default. yet it was white men that bled and died to give us western civilization and freedom as we know it. it was inherited by default. it was bled for.

        2. Jews probably use Gypsies as one of their many Golems, like they use the african and the mestizo in the United States. They always empower the groups that cause the most insecurity and social division.

        3. Funny how that is. It’s been their plan for thousands of years.

      2. Whites should be held responsible for the sins of 1% of their forefathers, but blacks aren’t to be held accountable for what their own sons are doing in the present day. The double-standard is mind-bending but it’s nothing but an anti-White shit test.

        1. i think its deeper than just a shit test. i think theres a global full scale plot specifically against the white race. seems to be the only logical conclusion at this point.
          i’ve become increasingly pro-white(my race) and anti all other races. its amazing how much BS the other races give my race once you embrace this portion of the red pill truth. and its not like i need science to tell me this….i can go outside to any local black community and find a freaking ghetto that wouldnt think twice about killing me if i walk down there especially during the night.

        2. And your White liberal friends would shake their heads and say “It’s sad, but he should have known not to walk down there at night.”.
          Imagine if blacks were lynched by White skinhead gangs merely for walking in the wrong part of town. It simply doesn’t happen anymore. But in the brief days when it did the (((media))) made a huge deal about it until the FBI closed all the skins down on gang charges.

        3. sad truth here. no one blames the damn black ghetto for that, but if a white neighborhood did that, the police would be here with the media in a heartbeat.
          or how liberals on TV will argue mexicans arent part of the MS-13 gang problem when 92% of the MS-13 gang arrests are illegal mexicans.
          I wish there wasnt a race problem, i really do, it sounds so nice to think otherwise. but the sad reality is I have far to many streets in my city where a white man will get shot if walks down them after a certain time. why? because of fucking blacks.

        4. Blacks don’t even recognise that slavery has been practised by blacks, using black slaves, for thousands of years, and the Arab Slave Trade and Atlantic Slave Trade, where just foreign traders buying already enslaved blacks. It is a history they can’t handle, as it demonstrates that the West was built by white mans work ethic and creativity, and not by black slaves seasonal farm labouring in the Southern states (as Africa should have developed like the West, if brute force slave labour was all that is required to develope a civilisation).

        5. You’re right, they just shut down or change the subject when you bring it up. They cannot mentally process the fact that their own people are evil, despite the mountains of evidence.

        6. It simply doesn’t happen anymore.
          Coming back soon. With a vengeance.

        7. Come on, man, everyone knows the White House was built by slaves.
          Out of cotton.

  34. “Finally, I engaged. I laid out everything, and three or so odd minutes later”
    What exactly did you say to the guy? I’d like to have a short, clear & concise, clue-batting retort to say to these pathetic european fucks should I find myself in a similar conversation.

  35. “They feel that no girls will want them if they do speak out – hell, they already seem to prefer the refugees”
    Indeed. I would never even think of going with a german girl anymore. The level of mudsharking going on with them is incredible.
    With regards to German women rebuking their white men exchange for being with apes, German men have nothing to lose by revolting at this point; both their bitches and their country are on fire.

  36. So true Kyle, this remembers me of an odd interaction I had with this old German couple in Poland couple weeks ago. It was at hotel breakfast just after the Dutch elections where extreme right didn’t win. They came to me and said “Thank you so much for your countries choice, you are the example of Europe.” I was flabbergasted, astonished. The Germans with their complex, ruining their own country. It’s sickening and just too much.

  37. Sweet. So,you live in Ukraine.”Language exchange” is where you losers go to pick up women (being incapable of normal “game”) and women who want to move abroad come to meet men. Where was it,Puzata Hata?
    In any case, we have your picture here. Expect to meet a tight group of DK ultras any time soon. Time to clean Ukraine from all the filth.

    1. Good luck with that. The Russians anally rape you for fun and it’s fucking hilarious.

  38. If I was german i would be proud regardless of the horrors of WWII. I actually like the idea that they were trying to create a superior human being. They we’re really strong and intelligent even now. They have superior products and all.

  39. But it is still the same.
    It`s false humility, and false guilt.
    Once again, since imperial dreams of Bismarck, Germans feel like they are better than other people.
    It`s Ubermensch story again.
    This time they claim they are better in “humanitarian” values, and are leading persecution against all rational-immigration-policy EU countries, mostly from central and eastern Europe.
    Instead of trying not to dominate their neighbours once again (countries who suffered most by Germans during both World Wars), they try to show how “good” they are by empty gestures and words of political corectness.
    Germany already is draining Europe economically and politically, and now they are trying to burden other countries with costs of Germany`s good PR – by trying to force them to harbour immigrants, invited just by German government.
    Germans fucked up again, and they are trying to find a scapegoat.

    1. Yeah, poor me, how could you force to take debt and buy your stuff, you are a nazi!!!

      1. you have a point, but on the other side it would be better for the average citizen in Germany if international competitiveness would decrease by way of higher wages so Germans could consume more of their own stuff instead of shipping it abroad, in a way that’s Germany still paying reparations

  40. Funny how it took everybody that had anything to do with ww2 to die off before this collective guilt to take effect. This phenomenon is artificial.

  41. The white American males will face similar fate as the Germans. It’s already in the pipeline.

  42. Literally all polls, surveys, studies and election results come to the conclusion that white Western European men don’t think that much differently than white Western European women.
    In Germany for instance, the only significant difference is that women tend to vote for Merkel’s party CDU whereas men tend to vote more often for the SPD, a party that might have more of a masculine working-class reputation but is effectively to the LEFT of Merkel; the platform of the SPD is based on the idea that Merkel is too *conservative*!
    The only country with a significant difference between men and women seems to be Austria, where the vast majority of men (also of young men!) vote for “right-wing” candidates, whereas women overwhelmingly vote for the “left-wing” candidate.
    Sometimes, the only thing I hate more than white Western women are white Western men – and the faux masculinity they have created: no color, no country, no border, no God, no sex – but a faux masculinity build on the sand of unhealthy fast food, video games and “Viking Metal.”

    1. Both German “parties” are cucks. CDU and SPD. They are pretty much like the Republicans and Democrats in the US, only thing is that both are more left wing than those two parties.

  43. >I am ashamed of being German. Many of my friends feel the same. Since World War II, we feel like we must accept everybody for who they are.
    Funnily enough this actually gives cause for hope. He’s not acting out unconscious guilt, which would be more dangerous. He’s *aware* of the situation. Which means he has the ability to reason about it and, ultimately, to deal with the problems that arise.
    >We may never say bad things, because we did horrible things.
    Germans may have done horrible things during WW2 but note that the German people were suffering badly at the time: the aftermath of WW1, the Versailles Treaty, hyperinflation, etc. They may have elected Hitler but they were a naive and fledgling democracy at the time.
    The Muslims, on the other hand, don’t yet feel their guilt.

  44. this is one of the harsher parts of the red pill. most here will dismiss it because LOL-Jews-suck-white-power-LOL….stupid privileged white man will be the other part of their response.
    but the reality is, this is a straight up attack on the white race/countries. refugees arent flooding to Japan or China….its only white countries. the domestication of males is primarily against the whites.
    its why germany has lost its identity. its why we have black pride month but not white pride month. its why you can ask your average white and they have no clue of their cultural heritage, but they can tell you all about african heritage or maybe even japanese heritage.
    its only the white race that has lost its cultural identity.
    and this is the heart of the post about this german man….he like most other whites has forgotten his own races heritage. his own races rich history. and hell his own country and its long history because it is a part of the white history.
    the once “Great” Britain is suffering the same problem. America is suffering a huge problem too with the mexicans, nevermind black communities are shitholes by and large. America though is really bad because no one is fucking american….everyone is African-American or Latin-American or Caucasian-American or whatever-America.
    you never hear African-Chinese for example.
    why only the white race? well….thats where we get into that oh LOL conspiracy theory stuff LOL. but that is perhaps for another time.

  45. The only reason we’ve had no wars in Europe for the last 70 years is because we divided Germany and deprived them from having a proper army. Even without an Army they’re screwing and impoverishing the rest of Europe with their Euro currency and their immigration policies. In the case of Brexit, they’re threatening the UK with sanctions for having the audacity of voting (democratically if that means anything anymore) to leave the EU because it went against their national interest, i mean WTF??
    Is it in their DNA that this country has the urge to fuck europe up every 50 years or so? The sooner that country disappears demographically the better for everyone.

    1. It’s all Germany’s fault. And Russia. Muh holohoax. Never forget.

  46. Many years ago, a german guy cried in front of me because he miss his family

  47. The idea that large scale civilization requires altruism and cooperation is true. It is also true that this altruism instinct is considered a form of higher intellectual development, for it allowed more complex societies and the division of labor. The downside however is when civilizations reach a higher degree of stability and resources, some people lose sight of the laws of nature and survival. Present sacrifice for future reward is replaced with instant gratification. This can also lead to pathological altruism and a more r selected psychology in some…especially when the power elites encourage it through cultural marxism.

  48. Met a few couchsurfers, why are they trying so hard to be liberal and accepting, it is almost like they have need to prove they are not nazis, they get shocked when tell them I am against any sort of race mixing and my that grandfather was in german army in ww2(its bs, I just want to see their reaction).
    They are messed up psychologically, only Germans know what its like to be German in 2017, very complicated issue

  49. Funny story but a sample size of 1 isn’t valid. I’ve worked with German NCO tank soldiers – good guys to drink with and definitely not pussies. Unfortunately, I fear they are outnumbered,

  50. I used to live in what was then West Germany in the the late 80’s. This phenomena that the author describes seems to be of more recent years. When I was there, Germans would not too happy to see another “Auslander” showing up in the neighborhood. And those that came were most definitely expected to assimilate. As for the men, I certainly never got the impression that they were a bunch of sissy-boys.
    But oh what a difference 3 decades can make. Especially when the Femi-Nazis (pun intended) take over the education system of a society. It’s not just Germany either. I’m seeing the same thing in the education system here in Canada as well. It both sickens me and disheartens me when I see a man trying to be woman-like and a woman trying to be manly. Just so sad.

  51. If the Germans did “horrible” things during WWII then so did the British, Americans and above all the Soviets..
    But then they’re nearly all dead so why take on the guilt of others?

    1. That’s why my screen name is what it is, there’s no reason for me to feel guilty about something I didn’t do. The Germans need to sack up and let that shit go.

      1. Of course…not that the Civil War was about slavery anyway..and it was only a small minority that had slaves ..like it was a tiny minority of Germans that engaged in atrocities.

  52. “I realize that if you want to truly live in today’s world, it usually means pissing a lot of people off”
    Indeed. These days you often have to use forceful, jarring tactics to make people see what’s “alive” in you and not take your presence for granted. Society in 2017 is not for the meek.

  53. The irony is that those ideas are being pushed by elites who are super selfish. For them its not enough to win..its that everyone else lose. So they poison the mind and body of everyone else and one day arises a superman like putin in russia. And the elites are found floating in the river.

  54. One mistake I see kyle made is generalizations. Just because he made one German cry does not mean the entire nation is full of crying liberals and cucks.How do we know the German was crying because he sees his once mighty nation and culture turn into a Germanistan?and he is afraid?

  55. It’s astounding what years of (((mass indoctrination))) can do to people’s minds. Enough of this rubbish, it’s time to invade Germany and hold it as a protectorate for a couple decades. They’ve proven they are too irresponsible to be allowed to continue in control of their own nation. We can’t let that military and economy fall into the hands of the muslims. Join me in petitioning Trump to invade Germany. We already have a lot of soldiers right there in country.

    1. thats so dumb, no need to invade Germany still IS a american protectorate and if it wasnt for you guys there would have been no brainwashing

    2. Germany has been under American military occupation since 1945. They are NOT doing this to themselves.

  56. Brainwashed since birth. The “leaders” of Deutschland deserve to be lynched.

  57. I’ve only once made a man cry and that was by fucking his girlfriend. I felt so utterly ashamed I never did anything like that again.

  58. When I think of the typical German male, Michael Fassbender comes to mind. Fassbender has become famous for portraying soft spoken but homicidal villains. He portrays Magneto in the X-men reboots, and David in the Alien reboot films. In the latter his character believes he is doing good things when in fact his character is the epitome of evil. Many German men are soft spoken, often have a holier than holy attitude and think they are doing good when they are really committing horrific atrocities. Its part of their unfortunate history.

  59. We could turn the shame game on the UK and France and the US for causing the rise of Nazi Germany, but would it b effective?

  60. I know several older Germans and they say the same thing, For decades Germans have been subjected to socialist brainwashing and propaganda. They do not believe Germany will survive the onslaught of refugees, because they are not really refugees, they are there for the hijrah. Why do you think the majority are men & male children, and not woman?
    Why do you think Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia have taken little or no refugees?
    The constitutions of some Muslim countries (ie Iran) call for attacks against infidels and Western democracies, and they do not hide their intentions. Hijrah.

  61. Imagine what this guys ancestors would think if, when prepared to enter a battle to protect their people, were shown that this whimpering cuck is the final result of their efforts.
    Would they even bother?

  62. I have been saying this for years, that Germans are compelled out of guilt to do things against their own interests…because they are hell bent on being seen as “good Europeans”, because they were made to believe they were the “worst Europeans” 71 plus years ago. This liberal apologist stance will not do them any good, and the once proud and superior Germans need to find their footing and push back. Also, because of history, many people shy away from checking out German culture, which produced most of Europe’s best art, music, literature, and most importantly…the best political philosophers of them all. As a political theorist, I can honestly say that when you study the canon, it all seems great…until you get to Kant, Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche (not to leave out the rest)…and then you realise that those who came before them were mere amateurs. Germans invented the automobile (and motorcycle), and no other invention has had the impact and transformation of human society than the automobile.
    Europe can only be as strong as Germany is, and until they are allowed to flex their muscle, Europe will be less than they can be. Also, people should read what General Patton had to say in his diaries (look it up), when he was in occupied Germany. Most may be shocked, because like Neo in the Matrix…their eyes hurt because they have never used them before. Guilt is slave morality, pure and pure, and no strength of will and character can come from this. Germans need to rise up, and put an end to this globalist nonsense in Europe, and hopefully, the rest of the West.

  63. “Why is it so bad to look out for your own kin?”
    Let me help you understand. It is quite easy. But first i must go back in time to make it easier to understand for all readers.
    It all starts in SPARTA!
    Back in the day good old communist sparta was the nuts. The kick ass motherfuckers of all of greece. Best warriors in town. Then they did what they could do best – fight and kill and get killed.
    At home was a lot of work to do and it was WOMEN who took over the role of the mostly absent fathers. It didnt take all too long for birthrates to hit rockbottom.
    By the time sparta fell it could only field 3 units while it hat built housing and arms for 16 units. The rest was simply never born.
    Now what has this old crap to do with germany?
    Ever since the 60s and 70s the birth rates have been in free fall. In the past 2 decades it has become a bit better….BECAUSE OF THE MANY TURKS WHO BREED LIKE RABBITS!
    Let that sink in. But even with the turks breeding like fucking rabbits and free money for mothers and everything else handed to them on a silver platter, they didnt have nearly enough children.
    We know and knew this for many, many years.
    Now the glorious elite leaders came up with a solution. WE NEED GROWN PEOPLE to replace the kids we never had. Our own kids, as few as they are, can build the helm and be in command but the bulk of lower-level jobs and grunt work we leave to those low IQ aliens.
    Additional benefit: Maybe they will fuck better than those native manginas and produce more babies so our factories can keep running and all will be well. This is the great plan. From germany over sweden to france – the elite has one mind and they will stick to the plan.
    If its a good plan or not, we will see. Unless you happen to NOT be part of the elite. In that case it is quite sure you will be at the loosing side whatever the result may be.
    Remember: Socialism is when the upper class and the lower class have the common goal to keep the middle class in check.
    The new lower class are these rapefugees, while the native europeans (who are not part of the upper class, or simply speaking = YOU) are the guys in the middle who get the brown dick up their arse.

  64. The Jewish elite have laid such an enormous, unsubstantiated guilt trip on the Germans that I don’t know if they will ever have a sufficient self preservation instinct to overcome.

  65. Damn you are stupid , but still can learn, you support the wall being built so you won’t pay money for illegals education , In fact there is no validity for nations; they are simply a calamity.
    In Ethiopia people are dying of starvation; in Europe they are throwing foodstuff into the ocean because they have so much that if they continue to keep it then prices in the market will go down; and prices have to be kept going up. The only way is to get rid of it. So much is being thrown away that just to throw it in the ocean one hundred thousand dollars are needed – just for the labor of throwing it into the ocean.
    This is a mad world. Ethiopia is so close to Europe – for one hundred thousand dollars all that stuff could have reached Ethiopia. And it is not a small amount: three million tons of tomatoes and eight million tons of other foodstuff.
    Can you believe human beings can be so inhuman when people are simply starving and dying just because there is no food in their country? For four years there have been no rains; even the moisture in the air has disappeared. People don’t have water to drink – they are dying of thirst. And you are throwing food in the ocean!
    This is what your nations have been doingNations are creating walls between human beings. Otherwise the earth is still capable of supporting beautiful, healthy life. And science has provided all the means so that there is no need for anybody to die of starvation, of sickness. There is a possibility that life can be extended to at least three hundred years avery easily. In fact scientific research shows that intrinsically there is no reason why a man should die, because his body is made in such a way that it renews itself continuously. If it can renew itself for seventy years, why not seven hundred years? Or why not seven thousand years?
    It is only a question of time – the mechanism is there. Perhaps there is need of a little scientific help to reprogram the inner system of the body. It has been programmed by nature for seventy years; the program can be changed, and the body will follow any program that is given to it. But nations will not allow this to happen. Be what you are, if your stupid be stupid

  66. In this upside down world it may seem easier to give our power away with our vote, dollar, energy, amusement, addictions, obligations and lifestyles to indulge our entitlement as human beings.
    We have been conditioned to believe that identifying, establishing and living our truth is needless, arduous, painful and dangerous and could lead to fatal consequences.
    The stigmatism of fear that has shrouded the existence of truth in this world has sustained the illusions of war, greed, violence, murder and environmental holocaust. This is the cost of our compliance to the lie of life.

  67. Please your responses are welcome
    Go to school. Get a job. Get married. Buy a house. Have kids. Retire. Grow old. Die.
    This is the formula for the ‘American Dream’. We don’t know who invented it and we don’t really know how effective or fulfilling it is. Yet, we chase this dangling carrot mostly because everyone else does. It is one of many societal standards that set the tone for an artificial, victimized and oblivious life. Billions are engaged, mesmerized and imprisoned by ‘the dream’. They are rendered powerless and fall prey to it. They measure it by their titles, possessions and bank accounts. Most people live out their entire lives never knowing whether or not they actually achieved their dream.
    The human race has never reached its full potential. As a global community, we haven’t even seen the horizon. There is a stark distinction between vision and reality. It is difficult to see one’s vision when it hasn’t been defined let alone beheld. The primary reason why we as a society have been unable to transform our lives and our experience of them is our lack of shared and manifested vision. This is the evidence of our narcissistic focus. It prevents us from reaching our full potential as a community. Our vision has been high jacked and manipulated into what we refer to as the ‘American Dream’.
    There is a deficiency of creativity in contemporary culture. Our lack of vision and imagination as a society has chained us to a reality where our dreams are not our own. We surrender our power to numerous people, vices, institutions and circumstances because we are terrified of claiming and expressing it. Eventually we allow the structures of society to shape us into “functionally acquiescent” adults. We settle for positions that give the impression of purpose and achievement. Yet in truth, they are self-centered and serve only the few at the cost of the many. We are so accustomed to this ‘dream’ it has become our life (lie).

  68. Calling the U.S. a nation of freedom-lovers doesn’t reckon well with the planet’s largest incarceration rate — a fact made possible by overstuffing private prisons with nonviolent criminals whose sole wrong, vice, would appall the revolutionaries of 1776.
    COUNTLESS BRown, black and asian DEATHS IN CUSTODY
    Truth is
    not wha
    you want
    it to beg itt is what it is
    and you must
    bend to its power
    or live a lie
    Bring your best game when you come try responding back. yall aint shit

  69. “The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.” (The Jewish newspaper, Central Blad
    Voor Israeliten in Nederland, September 13, 1939)
    “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of
    raw materials stopped, and
    retaliation towards every German, woman and child.”
    (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)
    “Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our moral enemy. Have
    no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German — wipe them out!” (Llya
    Ehrenburg, Glaser, p. 111).
    Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.” (Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs, 1938) 014 “Judea declares War on Germany…

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