Why Leftists Tend To Have Offensive Body Odor

We’ve analyzed leftist ideology nine ways from Sunday here, trying to figure out why they’re so consistently wrong most of the time, and more importantly how we can stop them from wrecking society. However, the olfactory factor thus far hasn’t been explored yet: why do so many of them smell like used cat litter? B.O. doesn’t only stand for Barack Obama, after all. So what’s up with leftist hygiene deficiency?

As an example, a former college roommate (who I endured for mercifully less than a semester) was a Social Justice Warrior. He sold drugs from our room, and eventually flunked out after frying his brains on the merchandise. I could write an entire article of anecdotes concerning him, but for now one thing comes to mind. He got a bad cut on his knee, probably from a skateboarding accident. Rather than clean it up, he let the blood dribble down his leg and get all crusty.

Not every leftist looks (and smells) like Pigpen, of course. Some of them are tidy and, to their credit, maintain a normal appearance. Still, there seems to be an odd correlation going on, as we’ll examine. Are they allergic to water or something? Why would someone want to be habitually grungy?

Dirty hippies

My fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t give me enough time to shower, man!

The hippies of old were notoriously fragrant. There’s only so much that patchouli can do to cover up unwashed body funk. As Ronald Reagan put it:

Hippies act like Tarzan, look like Jane, and smell like Cheetah.

Was their soap-free aroma simply a result of itinerant lifestyles, communes lacking plumbing, and all the rest of it? Tom Wolfe paints a fuller picture here, giving us the first clues to the matter at hand. In Hooking Up, he wrote:

In 1968, in San Francisco, I came across a curious footnote to the hippie movement. At the Haight-Ashbury free clinic there were doctors who were treating diseases no living doctor had ever encountered before, diseases that had disappeared so long ago they had never even picked up Latin names, diseases such as the mange, the grunge, the itch, the twitch, the thrush, the scroff, the rot. And how was it that they had returned? It had to do with the fact that hundreds of young men and women had migrated to San Francisco to live communally in what I think history will record as one of the most extraordinary religious fevers of all time.

The hippies sought nothing less than to sweep aside all codes and restraints of the past and start out from zero.

Part of the discarded rules included:

…those that said you shouldn’t use other people’s toothbrushes or sleep on other people’s mattresses without changing the sheets or, as was more likely, without using any sheets at all, or that you and five other people shouldn’t drink from the same bottle of Shasta or take tokes from the same cigarette.

Since the germ theory of medicine was common knowledge by the 1960s, they should’ve known better than to trade infections. As an illustration of the problem, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys had the Manson Family camping out at his place in 1968. Their mooching cost him $100K (about $700K in 2017 dollars), and part of that included an epic doctor bill for treating their venereal diseases. Still, the worst was later to come with the AIDS epidemic.

Indeed, what leftists still don’t get is that throwing out all of society’s “outmoded” rules is a pretty efficient way of discovering why they existed in the first place. The most radical elements of the counterculture took this up to eleven:

One Weatherman would later tell me that in order to rid the members of their bourgeois habits, the collectives forced couples to separate, required homosexuality, drugtaking and round-the-clock sessions of self-criticism. One time, they skinned and ate an alley cat. My contact, thin, trembling and glassyeyed, said that the houses were full of dirty dishes, rancid food and stinking toilets.

Other than that, coordinated public urination was a feature of some 1960s civil rights demonstrations. Of course, official accounts usually leave that out. Naturally, irritating the Establishment like this wasn’t exactly a good way to win hearts and minds for the Cause. “Shit-ins” weren’t unheard of either, and not the last time this creative form of protest has been used.

Still, I have to give credit where it’s due; hippie fashion was kind of cool. I’m okay with sandals, tie dye shirts, headbands, and love beads. When I was a little brat, I found those guys a bit fascinating. They’ve made a comeback lately, reinvented with their original name: hipsters. Unfortunately, today’s hipsters dress funny; it’s their uniform. Worse, they frequently disfigure themselves with piercings and low-quality tattoos, which the 1960s Flower Children generally had the good sense not to do.

I can’t hate on the Occupy Wall Street folks too much, as they did have some valid points about the state of modern globalist finance. However, they diminished the impact of their message by creating public nuisances with their months-long sit-ins. Part of that included leaving piles of trash for other people to clean up, and there’s an iconic photo of one of them pooping on a police car.

Dirty big-name leftists

Quite a few of the best-known leftists also had little use for the rudiments of personal hygiene:

  • Diogenes: Not a leftist in the modern sense, rather a kooky philosopher who specialized in defying social norms; if the shoe fits, wear it. He started out as a banker, kicked out of his home city for debasing the currency, though his sins are picayune compared to the Federal Reserve. To describe himself, he invented the word “cosmopolitan”, though at least he didn’t take cosmopolitanism to destructive extremes like Coudenhove-Kalergi. By choice, he lived like a bum, dwelling inside a large cask; basically Oscar the Grouch of ancient Greece.
  • Jean Paul Marat: This revolutionary fruitcake was a demagogue who exhorted the public to go on a rampage: the French Revolution. Other than that, he had epic body odor because of a skin disease he caught hiding in the sewers. After the point of no return, baths could only alleviate the itching, which is exactly where Charlotte Corday put him out of his misery.
  • Karl Marx: He lived in a filthy apartment, and carbuncles covered his body. He could afford booze, but apparently not a bar of soap, or for that matter food for his family.
  • Che Guevara: This murderer of hundreds (at least) avoided bathing and washed his shirt once a week. Since he had a medical degree, he should’ve known better. He didn’t mind that his friends called him Chancho (pig).
  • Fidel Castro: Like his pal Saint Che, Uncle Fidel didn’t care for baths or fresh clothes, earning him the name Bola de Churre (grease ball). Surely the smelly cigars didn’t help either.
  • Mao Zedong: Chairman Mao didn’t bathe, though of course killing tens of millions through malice and incompetence was a smidge worse. He didn’t brush his teeth either, causing them to turn green and leak pus from the gums. He suffered from fleas and lice, which would make any normal person get hip to cleanliness. Despite the protestations of his doctor, he didn’t get his venereal diseases treated. Still, he managed to get laid like a rock star, truly a testament to the power of power and fame. Other than that, he crapped in the garden.
  • Jean-Paul Sartre: This drip of a philosopher considered hygiene and grooming a waste of time. Simone de Beauvoir, in a polyamorous relationship with him, was notoriously stinky too.
  • Many of today’s celebrities could stand a little more acquaintance with soap and water.

Needless to say, if you were on a long flight, you wouldn’t want to be sitting next to anyone like these characters. Did they think they were too important to be bothered with things like bathing? Were they taking the phrase “unwashed masses” a bit too literally?

I can’t think of any comparable rightists notable for being grungy. I just don’t understand. If I’m not freshly showered and in clean clothes, I feel impure and then clean myself up.

Pourquoi vivent-ils comme ça?

I’m hard pressed to find an answer to the great riddle of leftist squalor. Rebellion for its own sake seems to be a contributing factor. Still, likely the best explanation is the same as why they make themselves ugly by choice, sometimes with horrifying results. Staying neat and maintaining your appearance isn’t just good for your love life; let it be an act of defiance too.

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379 thoughts on “Why Leftists Tend To Have Offensive Body Odor”

  1. Oh God, I had to comment on this article for the sheer entertainment value of the title alone. Hoping it’s an utter festival of clickbaits for the reprobates.

    1. I doubt it will get as much as the – attractive girls who got ugly because of feminism.., but hopefully it will drive traffic and increase revenue for Roosh

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    2. It’d be nice to repeat the miracle of “27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism”, which must been linked to from feminist sites because it got angry comments for 8 weeks after it was posted.

      1. We need the reverse: 12 girls who dropped feminism and got smoking hot!

  2. I can’t stand perfumes as much as I can’t stand filthy bodies. To make it worse people tend to over do it and as of recent the offenders are mostly men. They are dressed smart but there’s a massive cloud of perfume odor moving with them. It makes me sick.
    There’s a particular vagina smell that is very common in women in EE, who otherwise look clean – I don’t know why. That smell kills my boner instantly regardless of how hot the woman might be.

    1. Trade secret, they don’t bathe as often as you think or a human would expect. The excuse is water damages the hair so they shower less to retain the oils and their ph levels. Apparently it is better to shower once or less a day, and wipe the loins with a rag.

      1. No wash/No poo (as in shampoo) method. Don’t wash, just rinse with water, because cleansers strip your hair and skin’s natural oils blah blah. Sometimes they wash with a baking soda paste. Super popular with leftist crunchy girls. Revolting.

        1. The lengths the “don’t wash” people go to in order to justify a small complaint about hair washing “stripping oils” (ok, maybe, whatever) is easily alleviated by a thing we call “conditioner”. I think that they’re just lazy, personally.

        2. Typical leftist over reaction. Men with short hair might not notice this but plenty of shampoos really will dry and damage your hair. The answer is better shampoos, not no shampoos. The trick of not washing your face for better skin, is legit called the “caveman method”. Which should tell you all you need to know.
          It’s all just another way women reject their divine mandate to make the world a more beautiful place.

        3. You can wash your hair with a bar of soap, has everything necessary to clean your hair.

        4. Well, YOU could, m a :), but I cant. Unless you mean a shampoo bar? Like Lush? But I’m guessing not.

        5. Nah, usually Irish Spring. Had four sisters and two daughters and have occasionally used shampoo … doesn’t seem to do anything that a bar of soap doesn’t do. Notice how they now sell ‘body wash’, which from looking at the ingredients isn’t really different than shampoo.

        6. lol how wonderful are men? :))) My bf uses Irish spring bar soap and I tease him about this relentlessly, but the truth is I secretly like the old school fragrance. shhhh
          If you have long hair, the ends are old, and old hair dries and splits easily. Long hair requires serious maintenance. Trust. There are websites devoted to just this. So avoiding harsh shampoos makes sense, but dirty hair isn’t the answer. Some woman have lost all common sense. Uncleanliness is a sure sign of mental problems ime
          I will go one further and say a lot of shower gels aren’t far off from dish detergent.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you but there isn’t much of a riddle here. They just don’t care about themselves. They are overweight, sleep with whatever comes across their plate, jump into defending homosexuality and transexuality and all the other isms because all of that is easier than applying effort. The ’cause’ is all they are because it is easier to be responsible to a cause than to look themselves in the mirror and decide to make an effort on themelves.

    1. Yep, it’s little more than two words: “Self loathing”.

      1. Know of one who would likely be hot if she took care of herself. With red hair, green eyes, fair skin, and what appears to be 38 DD breasts, she would have been a nice mother and great wife. Instead she is a leftist in its extremes; tattoos, cats, morbidly obese, houses cats, reeks of sweat and vagina. All she would need is a month to survive in a war torn country on her own and most of this leftism would flee right out of her, but for now she doesn’t care much for herself unfortunately. And it shows.

        1. Terrible waste of DD’s. I have entertained the thought of making her a project from time to time, but I doubt I would have the patience. Plus there are hotter non project women to focus on.

        2. I suspect those 38DD tatas can be ascribed to her being morbidly obese.

        3. Fortunately, they don’t look like they are. The stomach is another story entirely. Just unfortunate.

        4. While it isn’t the biggest problem facing the world today, I feel that the general misunderstanding on the part of men on the difference between Big Tits and fattits ™ is def in the top 5

        5. You are being generous here ! She can’t even survive (on her own) in a war torn country for a one full week !!

        6. What’s amazing is that aside from gauges in the ears and prominent tattoos, if they woke the fuck up and applied themselves, most of them could be attractive in a year. Shower, grooming, diet and exercise, drop 100 pounds of fat and gain ten of muscle, cut out most of the crap in the diet and wash their skin regularly, and most people can gain several points on the 1-10 scale.
          Easier to blame the patriarchy, I guess.

    2. You are so right Mr. Assault. If you do the polar opposite of SJW’s then you will probably be a success in life.
      1. Respect, befriend, and business network with White men (SJW’s hate white men yet they are the cradle of civilization and are the chief gateway to most decent paying jobs and careers).
      2. Learn a viable trade skill or degree program (SJW’s study worthless liberal arts / cultural marxist garbage at university)
      3. Don’t get tattoos, piercings, or an alien hair color (SJW’s love them and yet they only stymie your employment prospects and entry to higher order social circles).
      4. Take responsibility and action for your own misfortune (SJW’s all blame the cis heterosexual white male patriarchy for every problem under the moon)
      5. Don’t use profanity for the sake of profanity (SJW’s swear like sailors and yet it stymies higher order social circles, employment prospects, etc. again)
      6. Dress for success (SJW’s wear horrendous attire)
      It goes on and on

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Just about everything you mentioned would only require you to think and leftism is almost the opposite of thinking.
        Ran across a cold 9 Asian lady. Southeast Asian with long hair, a tan, and smooth D cups. Either way, we started to address literature and off the cuffs she started to mention gender issues as ‘that new thing where women are underprivileged or whatever’. I couldn’t even hide my laughter as she knew the pretentious of gender issues as an excuse for ugly women to parade themselves. To hear a stranger say this with such disdain though? Society is finally waking up.

        1. I’m sure women will feel so privileged when they get all the male “privileges” we enjoy that they don’t (like male pattern baldness, living on average 6 years less, paying 5x as much to enter Las Vegas pool parties, free pour ladies nights and nightclub entry etc.)

      2. Just be glad you don’t live in my area. 99% of the women have tattoos. Half of them have them before they’re 18. 99% of them get drunk at least twice a week. About 25%of them are addicted to meth. Around 80% are addicted to drugs. They’re fat, have nose piercings and purple hair. If you’re lucky enough to find one who is attractive they have several kids by several different men. I can say all this with full confidence because my town only has a population of 2,000. It’s not difficult to extrapolate the numbers. It’s a pure he’ll hole when. It comes to finding quality women. I started a few businesses where I live but as soon as I can find employees who can properly manage them I’m moving to a conservative town.

    3. Yeah, they don’t seem to understand the conflict between their egalitarian beliefs versus their psychobabble in other contexts about having “self-esteem.” Why should you esteem yourself if you can’t become better than anyone else as a matter of principle?
      Progressive degenerates have especially gone out of their way to try to destroy white people’s self-esteem, which has now entered the phase of erasing memories and physical reminders of white men’s accomplishments by, for example, putting out propaganda claiming that obscure black women made America’s space program a success, instead of rocket engineers from Nazi Germany and the white, mostly Southern and Midwestern American men who worked with them.
      How far can this nonsense go? Any day now I expect to hear calls for demolishing the buildings on the campus of the University of Virginia that the slaveholder Thomas Jefferson personally designed.

  4. I read somewhere, in a book about the Old West, that some people’s body odor was so strong you could use it to track them or to know their presence if they were trying to ambush you. I did not believe it, until I met modern SJWs. LOL

    1. That would not surprise me. A rugged frontier environment combined with something of a shortage of water, combined with the kind of personality that thrives on frontiers, and you’re likely not going to find many fancy smelling types wandering around town.

      1. Old west towns had baths and laundries.
        The frontiersmen may have only bathed once a month, but they did bathe.

    2. I experienced that if you are in the field for a few weeks and spend alot of time sitting in one position (defensive Perimeter, ambush, etc..), you will be able to smell BO, cigarette smoke, bad breath, etc.. further away than you think. It depends on the wind.

        1. It was actually on the German TV a few nights ago, but I stopped watching as they cut it too pieces (no violence on kraut-tube). Even the classic scene, “what did you do with Sulli? I let him go.”

    3. There is a very particular smell of the armpits, it is a type of bacteria, which is really shivering and powerful. Fortunately it’s weird, I think if the spread of baking soda became more popular the world would be a better place.

    4. We do that now on our own with cologne. I know when certain people have been in the office because the hallway stinks for an hour. Don’t spray that shit on with a crop duster!

    1. “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.”
      “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.”
      Dude was just pure comedy gold.

      1. “cut the pizza into 4 slices, not 8. Im not that hungry.”

        1. “Congratulations. I knew the record would stand until it was broken.”

        2. roger ailes just died, guess he wont be starting a new news channel. chris cornell too. dude was too young

    2. “Being dirty and smelly is edgy and hip.” – Many maggot lefties

      1. another corgan lyric has been popping into my head alot the past few years
        “despite all my rage, Im still just a rat in cage”

      2. “I know, too, that death is the only god who comes when you call.”
        ― Roger Zelazny,

  5. It’s quite obvious considering that leftists are against everything that is natural and beautiful in the world. They have no art or culture and most of their literature is the same rehashed trope of workers against capitalists. A primitive ideology for primitive people.
    BTW, totally WB the chick holding the sign (on the condition she shaves, brushes, takes 10 consecutive baths and undergoes decomtamination).

    1. Yeah, first thing I thought when I saw that picture was that she could be bangable if she’d just learn basic hygiene.

      1. Strange. Googling “smelly hairy communist fatty” doesn’t turn up anything.

        1. try just googling “communist” you might have a tautology filter on your browser.

        2. I tried it as well when I saw your post here.
          However, use duckduckgo and prepare for the eye bleach.
          Sometimes my curiosity goes too far.

        3. Hey, thanks for the cool search engine! To me, curiosity can never go far enough!

      2. Umm…No. I didn’t even notice her. Had to scroll back up just to see if there was even a girl.

        1. I seem to have this weird ability that a lot of guys here don’t, to see the actual human being underneath the superficialities of clothes or cleanliness. She’s skinny without being bone thin, she has facial symmetry, her smile is pleasant despite the circumstance where it appears, her face is reasonably attractive without makeup. Not saying I’d bang her like she is there, but clean her up, let her hair down, put her in a nice dress and put on a bit of makeup and she’d look right as rain.

      3. Saw the same. I would stopped, pointed at her and said, “have this one bathed, scrubbed and brought to my chambers at midnight.”

      4. My first thought was- is she dressed up to beg? Just posing as homeless/bum? Seen several newscasts about professional beggars makes me wonder.
        I notice she seems to have a dog leash around the end of one foot — shows indicated the professional panhandlers use dogs to up the sympathy factor.

      1. anyone who reads the title of this video, sees the still frame and still pushes play really has to be questioned.

        1. I cant even stare at a fuckin brillo pad anymore, and all i did was read the title

        2. Yeah, just from reading the title, I need to take a brillo pad to my brain to scour the mental image out of there.

        3. I cannot be convinced through curiosity to open that video

        4. Lol. Was thinking the exact same thing just before reading your comment.

      2. I refuse to open it, but can tell just from the title and the horrid, grimacing countenance of this “woman” on the still frame, that she is advertising that her soul is dead and that she wants you to join her in her spiritual suicide.

      3. You know, a few years ago I was at this party where I saw this drunk chick who had been arguing feminist garbage and getting angry at the patriarchy. She was so drunk that she concluded underwear was a restrictive invention of men so she pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and then stuffed said panties inside her vagina to protest male oppression.
        I don’t thank you for reminding me of that.

  6. I have a good friend from central British Columbia that told me that most grizzly bear attacks end up with the bear mauling you. That is, unless you are a vegetarian, then the bear will go ahead and eat you. I guess the smell is different. Any validity to this?

    1. isnt that a good thing? one less preachy, low T vegetarian driving the speed limit in the fast lane

      1. Not saying it isn’t good, I never could find any data to back it up though.

    2. Just bring a Zippo lighter whenever you are out country. No animal on Earth pounces or strikes a human being in possession of an open flame, no matter how small it is!

        1. or put the trash in the car, and then sleep in the car bc it was too cold in the tent. I wish a bear ate him

        2. I hate sleeping in cars while camping, never enough room, plus it ruins the experience. Just invest in a decent sleeping bag or two. 90% of why people hate camping is the lack of proper bedding. Most parents get these cheap walmart sleeping bags for their kids who ending up shivering on the rocks all night, then wonder why they would rather stay home and play video games. That, or you have the big 5th wheel campers that people take to the paid campsites, where they hang out and play video games.

        3. That, or you have the big 5th wheel campers that people take to the paid campsites, where they hang out and play video games.

          Camping = Turn the AC to “Medium”
          Posers. Heh.
          I like camping where there’s a chance of injury or death if you do stupid shit.

        4. True, while it is fine if you are doing family reunions and such, the best adventures involve backpacks.

        5. Yeah, that’s not really camping for camping’s sake, so agreed.

  7. I have to say that while the methodology of this “study” seems a little faulty and an identical article could easily be written about the right, I must say that this was one of the most entertaining articles in a while. Nice job. A good fun way to start the day.

    1. Not really sure you can find enough stinky dirty right wingers to draw any meaningful examples from to make a case. Say what you will, but unless we’re out at a deer camp or fishing expedition, we tend to bathe rather compulsively.
      It’s a fun clickbait article. I hope it draws some SJW ire. Boring day and I need something interesting to do, heh.

      1. I do believe lots of it comes from a self loathing attitude. SJW’s hate themselves and so they don’t care about themselves.

        1. Yeah, they can hate themselves, fine, but don’t pull others down to be equally as miserable as they are.

      2. Any one who has ever gone camping for one. Once you have gone camping there is an ontological odor that no amount of cleansing can’t wash. If you have ever used non-indoor plumbing to take a shit then you can never truly be clean again
        In general people stink. My level of cleanliness is so far beyond what most people consider that I generally consider 90% of the population impossible to stand next to without getting angry.
        agreed on fun clickbait article though, and said so. I actually really liked this one.

        1. Well, I can’t fault ya Jim. Everyone has to be wrong sometimes and you have had a pretty good run of being right.

        2. If you have to invent an odor where none is present, then I kind of can’t take that seriously at all, heh. Just seems exhausting to search for reasons to hate 90% of the population. Of course, I suspect that you’re just trolling me for fun, so, well, ok.

        3. no, I really do think most people smell really badly and it has nothing to do with politics. People are very lazy when it comes to cleaning themselves and usually opt for the bare minimum. Also, not trolling about camping. There is a level of disgustingness there that is intolerable. You know how some guys here won’t fuck a girl if she has been with a black guy? I mean, no judgment from me a man is free to pick his own poison. But for me, if a girl has been camping she is on the WNB list. Any woman who cares so little about personal hygiene is worse than a mudshark to me.
          My larger point though was a much more simple one. Yes leftiest smell bad for the reasons the OP said but poor hygiene and body odor is in no way limited to one political ideology. Nevertheless, fun article.

        4. Yeah, I’m going to stick to my original point and go with that. I’ve spent a fair portion of my life out camping, hunting, fishing, etc. You basically just said I stink and that being near me physically would make you angry. I bathe religiously, sometimes twice a day and am quite observant regarding my hygiene, but I “smell” because “invented out of whole cloth” ontological odor. So yeah.

        5. The only smell that lingers from camping is campfire smoke. It gets into your clothes and doesn’t go away until you wash them. You go home, take a shower, change. Then you are fine. A week later, you grab your jacket that you took camping, and you can still smell the campfire. Still, better than someone who smokes and it gets on everything they own.

        6. he is a product of the concrete jungle- the stink of hot garbage and urine while he waits for the subway to come is rather soothing

        7. I find that not wearing cloth type coats out in the field solves a lot of that week later coat smell. I have a fighter pilot jacket from the 1980’s (think Top Gun green jacket) that won’t absorb an odor if you placed it in a den full of skunks. Leather also is great as you can wipe it clean with some neatsfoot oil and it’s good as new. Usually when I retain odors after camping it’s because of wearing wool coats or cloth jackets.

        8. the smell is on your soul. it’s not something that can be washed.

        9. no sir…I said that 90% of people do not meet my standards for hygenie. That you are one of them wouldn’t surprise me. I grant that my standards are incredibly high and that I am a touch on the OCD side but your portion of life which was spent camping, hunting and fishing is, frankly, disgusting to me and something I would need to intentionally block out of my mind. “Sometimes twice a day” isn’t close enough to a valid bathing standard in my opinion. Twice a day is a minimum and that doesn’t even begin to touch on other parts of hygiene which I know you are opposed to. I say “ontological odor” not because it is “made up” — I know its a big word but usually you are good with that stuff — there is, quite literally, something in ones being that never becomes clean.
          A person who goes camping is a little too granola, a little too close to the earth for my taste. Animals eat and sleep and shit outside, not humans.

        10. Now that is just trolling. Dude, you need to come out west some time and experience life beyond the concrete and asphalt.

        11. Didn’t you say you showered like 5 times a day, put on lotion, and cologne

        12. I believe that we’re done this morning. It’s one thing to troll a buddy, it’s quite another to call him a dirty scuzzy person with something wrong with his soul and insult his intelligence regarding “big words”.

        13. It really isn’t trolling Jim, it is honestly how I feel about it. I would never come out west. I have a mother in Texas with cancer and I will see her when she comes to new York for Christmas. I’ll fess up to the fact that I troll a bit just for kicks…I think it is good fun, but I tell you truthfully you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever see me camping and I simply will not leave NY for any other place in the US other than LA, LV or Miami.

        14. Screw granola, that is for the hippies. Steaks and burgers with dutch oven beans is proper camping food. Hot dogs and can chili if you are backpacking.

        15. ha! I didn’t say there was something wrong with your soul I just said that you were a little earthy for my tastes. I did mention that I have a much high attunement for these things. What I don’t understand, and I ask this question in earnest, is why people seem to feel perfectly fine with this notion that some people would never want to enter an urban life because it is abhorrent to them (something I am clearly on the record as totally understanding) but are too cognitively dissonant to realize works in the other way for others? What exactly is it about people that disallows for them to realize that they way they live their life is something not just foreign but genuinely disgusting to others.
          You have some kind of notion of “rights” and “freedoms” that makes submitting to what you consider a “police state” or the “TSA” totally unacceptable to you. I think that that is patently absurd but still allow for the fact that you see things this way and if you chose to conduct your life in this manner, since it doesn’t hurt anyone, I can’t see why it ought not be respected. But as soon as some, myself for instance, says that your way of life is simply abhorrent and submitting myself to the hell that would be your blue heaven it is “trolling.” It seems to me disingenuous at best and lacking a real understanding of the world outside ones own mind at worst and since I know that you aren’t a man who tends towards being disingenuous and I know you aren’t a man who lacks understanding of the world, it leads me to wonder how it is you can’t see this, even as a theoretical framework, without thinking you are being trolled.
          It isn’t trolling when I say that I would kill myself before living your life in Ohio or partake in your hobbies. I would rather hang myself than go camping or hunting, or sit in a biker bar. That doesn’t make that stuff bad, just bad for me. And while you can say that you would go into open rebellion if placed under what you consider a terrible living situation (mine for instance) you recoil to the point of horror when you find out that others might feel the exact same way in reverse.

        16. The food sounds great. Let me know if you open up a camping themed restaurant where people can go and experience the food without having to deal with the whole camping thing. Jim…that’s a million dollar idea there.

        17. with HIS level of hygiene, the clerk would have checked off “homo” for him!

        18. I am not sure if it is because of how it is cooked, or because I am cold, tired and hungry, or just the atmosphere, but the best food I have eaten has been out camping. You fry up a sirloin steak over a campfire in a cast iron pan with onions, peppers, Worcestershire sauce….maybe a little salt and pepper. Have a side of properly cooked beans, and corn bread and you got a fine meal.

        19. I think it’s the iron-clad unwillingness that’s so baffling. F’rinstance I’m sure Mr. @ghostofjefferson:disqus would suffer the big city for a visit or if business required it, but to choose suicide over Indiana is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle unreasonable.

        20. Indeed. A good 5-10 mile hike uses your muscles in ways that a gym simply cannot recreate. You can be in the best gym shape in the world, but feel totally bushed after a good hike out to a remote camping area. The hunger feels different, more primal, and the food just tastes so much better by it.

        21. oh man, I haven’t had fiddle faddle in years. This conversation just went to a whole new place and I am starving.

        22. I always struggle with cutting the meat right in the field. cubed is not bad, but if I try to cut out steaks, they always end up lopsided or cut somewhat along the grain.

        23. I’ve been to Indiana. It’s not that unreasonable. Suicide is, of course, hyperbole. I am sure there is an airport there and I could just go back…..a much more elegant solution…but the point remains.

        24. And…I don’t go out of my way to call out city people, but once the tit for tat starts, obviously I’m not going to hold back giving back a little of what I get.
          This isn’t, to me, about city mouse and country mouse. I don’t care where people live. I don’t like cities in general as living space type areas, but I value what they bring to the world, and I’m quite fond of how beautiful they can be, especially choice American cities. People that live there, are perfectly peachy to me, and I phrase my objections to living there as a “me thing” whenever I think it might not be clear. And as you say, I don’t frame my objection to living there as “if I ever step foot in one I hope somebody shoots me in the head because it is just that awful”. I’ll visit a city for a few days, enjoy the time, but after a couple of days will need to leave and decompress. No drama required.
          I’m just not fond of being told that something is defective in my soul ontologically, that my lifestyle is only fit for savages, and that my intellect sometimes is up to the challenge of “big words”.
          Maybe I’m PMS’ing today or something, dunno. I may well need to find something else to do today to pass the time, we’ll see.

        25. Last time I experience this I was 9 and my dad did it.
          I personally know fukk-all about hunting….

        26. I for one have ALWAYS said that hyperdole is the GREATEST thing in the UNIVERSE FOREVER

        27. Cast Iron makes everything better….and, as the French say, la faim est le meilleur condiment…..hunger is the best sauce. Again, I can understand that people enjoy things that to me are repulsive but aren’t, in and of themselves, bad…like camping or hiking. I just view the world differently. But the idea that I ought to let my abstract understanding that these neutral activities which I find abhorrent other people may love and extrapolate that to some concept of me being wrong is absurd. I am not going to pretend that I don’t think camping is ridiculous just because men I respect enjoy it as a hobby any more than I expect some of the guys here to ever pretend that the constant, never ending buzz of cars and horns and construction and people and crowd and background noise is something that they would truly enjoy for my sake.

        28. I had one last night. Have you attempted to do a reverse sear yet Jim. If, like me, you like a very bloody and juicy steak it is a must try. I admit, at first I was a little nervous, but it worked so well.
          Basically what you do is the opposite of what is normally done. You get a low temp oven and a nice thick steal. Think lowest temp you have and maybe 2 inch thick steak or more and you let it cook up in there for an hour (or more check thickness google “reverse sear steak” for detailed instructions). Then you take it out and let it get back to room temp while firing up the cast iron until it is rocket hot. Melt some butter in that pan and hit each side for 1 min.
          The level of perfection the cooking yields is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Learning the reverse sear was one of those great things in my life.

        29. Butchering is getting to be a lost art. One of my earliest memories was I was a little kid, we brought a deer home and hung it up to skin it. My great-grandma was rustling up lunch for us, and this little 90 year old lady grabs a knife, goes out to the barn and just whittles off these slabs of meat and takes it into the kitchen without saying a word. Not her first rodeo.

        30. 2-3 times a day and yes I use lotion and I use cologne. I also brush and floss frequently, wash my hands quite a lot, tend to the general care of my nails and cuticles (pedicures and manicures weekly), skin (facials, masks, pour cleansers etc) and hair with meticulous care. I shave a minimum of once a day and if I am going to go out again at night I shave before I go out. Like I said, I recognize that I am a bit over the top with this and it is not like I recommend my personal habits for everyone, but I am a bit of a clean freak and I am not ashamed of it nor do I find it to be a vice.

        31. Agreed, I respect that you stand up for your opinion. You see so many guys (myself included at times) talk a talk without anything to back up for it. I don’t find any interest in professional sports at all. Here in the office, you see lots of guys doing their best to sound like they know what they are talking about, it is laughable.

        32. come here you little French creamepuff! I can’t leave GOJ but don’t you worry, ill still meet you on occasion to wipe the floor with you in chess.

        33. It amazes me that you do all that shit to keep yourself clean, but you’ll raw-dog some chick who gang-banged the entire Baylor football team the week before.

        34. “2-3 times a day and yes I use lotion- on my victims”(fixed it for you)

        35. The wonderful thing testosterone can do to your mind. It blocks out that repulsiveness just to propagate the human race.

        36. yes…that is a part of my psychology which I stuggle with too. There is a bit of dissonance there which I can’t explain and do think is probably important. That said, most of the girls I am with are incredibly clean. I have a few just totally filthy whores in rotation so it isn’t an argument against what you are saying, but the vast majority of them are white, well to do, professional and with incredibly high standards. This isn’t to say they didn’t get piped out in college…all girls do…like day one after they show you where the cafeteria comes your first gangbang, but generally it is pretty high end mean.
          Still your reflection and amazement is on point and something I frequently think about wrt my own psychological makeup and don’t really have a good answer for yet.

        37. Whenever he sees his enemy destroyed, but since he hates nearly everyone, it stands to reason he is in a good mood often.

        38. That’s all incredibly well-thought out and self-analytical. Let me rephrase: you voluntary exchange bodily fluids from multiple orifices with a girl who could easily have been getting literally shit on by multiple 65yo Arab sheiks just before she met you. She drinks the herpes-laced piss of some hood drug dealer to get free pot, and then meets you in the club and shoves her tongue down your throat.

        39. Hehe I can’t relate to you on this at all.
          Seeing beavers, Moose, black bears, and giant-ass snapping turtles just doing their thing in Algonquin park are some of my clearest memories.

        40. haha, I get it….especially here where I am the voice of a vast minority on this topic for sure.

        41. No no no, I totally understand. I am fairly self aware. In my rotation now I have a) A corporate arch type goodgirl…no drinking, wealthy Korean family and also b) a Russian girl who quite literally and explicitly texts me asking for violent beatings to to be fucked and used in ways that almost 100% guarantee that this girl has had a really traumatic life as well as c) an aspiring model who I am hoping to close deal with on our first date this weekend who very likely is, has been or will be a sponsorette and this doesn’t include the 2-3 go to girls I keep in my phone…all of which I will raw dog despite being very, very, very persnickety about hygiene. Yes, I understand the strange conflict here…that said…I do avoid kissing as much as possible….lol

        42. I have internalized the pat bateman morning routine and taken it to all new levels. Also, my skin is as soft as a babies vagina.

        43. Summer vacation this year will be this. I could not think of a better place to be, and even chose this over Iceland (although Iceland is next year). You can place an atheist out in the “old” West and he’d come out a true believer in God. Photos do not do Wyoming, Montana, etc. justice.

        44. There is a constant rotting stench that permeates from the sewer systems below the downtown area of my city that gets incredibly worse when the weather gets hotter.
          Suburbs have a nice mix of city and country.

        45. You’re definitely the resident New York City real-estate mogul registered-philosopher playboy of ROK.

        46. Tetons eh? Beautiful country not far from me. If you are around on a weekend, let me know, and I might bring the family up and buy you lunch.

        47. Going up through South Dakota, then through Wyoming, swoop around north into Idaho, and then cross back east through Montana. Last week of August first week of September, if any of those places sound reasonably close.

        48. It’s as heartbreaking as our glorious FAMAS being replaced by the German HK116.

        49. Hey, that’s what America likes….they even hired one for president. Unfortunately my moguling isn’t really all that great…im more like a mogul-minion–but any port in a storm huh

        50. I find the country has the ideal mix of city and country.
          0% city, 100% country.

        51. I will lose with so much panache, that it will go down in history as a tremendous win.

        52. I hear the suburbs have drive thru strip clubs, always wanted to try that out

        53. When you are in WY, just before you turn north. I am about 50 miles on the other side of Salt Lake City. Would be a road trip, but a fun way to spend a weekend. I want to go camping in the Wind River Range (just as impressive, but poor access which means less people) this summer. I will keep you posted.

        54. Suburbs is the worst of both worlds, people around, but you have to drive a long ways to do the errands.

        55. Im only kinda sorta kidding- theres a rabbit hole here, not sure if you wanna go down it

        56. Still gotta listen to barking dogs but you have to walk further to complain about it….

        57. “If you have ever used non-indoor plumbing to take a shit then you can never truly be clean again.”
          Bro, you should hear some of my Iraq stories. The flies……

        58. true, both lolknee and I would be annoyed at suburbia, but for different reasons.

        59. any time I see a seal yell out “GAY” I have to smile. Those stupid ones on the ocean can’t do jack.

        60. I love the wilderness and outdoors and nature but I’m with lolknee on the camping part. Done it once, never again. The sleeping in a tent aspect with poor bathing facilities became a nagging nuisance on my mind. And I don’t understand fishing for fun. But the fun part was getting attacked by a pack of raccoons for our food and then shooting back at them as well as hiking and exploring the great scenery. Day trips I’m all game as long as I have a proper home to go to afterwards. Give me decent cottage with proper facilities in the middle of a jungle and you can call me Tarzan.

        61. I’ve been known to spend a week or so at a time in the wilderness with no way to bathe beyond a pack of baby wipes.
          I understand it’s not for everyone.

        62. When I get home from being outside I like to lay in my stink for awhile and really appreciate it in an indoor setting. Accomplishment smells like body funk and wood smoke.

        63. It concerns me that a man with no children and no intention of having any is familiar with babies’ vaginas.

        64. Damn things are suicidal. I adjusted course on a motorcycle to miss a rabbit and he jumped into the back wheel…

        65. Some public parks require all campers to remove everything they take into the park. They hand out nice little paper bags to store your shit for you to carry out of the forest when you are done camping. Nothing like seeing a pretty girl with a bunch of bags of shit in her hands.

        66. Nope, I suppose being born around 1890 without power or running water and raising a family through the depression would make you pretty tough. My great grandpa built the house my parents now live in using local trees during the 1930’s. He got a portable sawmill and cut the lumber himself. A 2×4 is a 2×4.

        67. Not really a strange conflict. It’s a risk/reward calculation you are willing to accept the risk given the upside.
          It’s similar to a quirk I have. Any surgery carries the risk of death. I have never seen a woman that I thought should risk death to get a boob job. Something that she will enjoy the benefits of for the rest of her life. I don’t know what the male equivalent would be for cosmetic surgery.
          Yet, I’m willing to parachute out of an airplane, SCUBA dive, ride motorcycles– all with substantially greater risk in terms of likelihood for much shorter timeframe upsides.
          It’s about personal assessment of risk/reward.
          Also– isn’t this part of the reason you keep yourself in good shape/health, to be able to do the things in life you enjoy?

        68. You would think that, but for some reason I don’t feel that is my thing. It is almost like as soon as my dick gets the scent I forget all about how fucking gross most people are and then moment I nut all I can think is how I want to other person to spontaneously combust or somehow cease existing

        69. the thrill seeking stuff, now that I think of it, probably has something to do with it.

      3. William F. Buckley was said to have atrocious hygiene. A friend who worked at the local PBS station said Buckley stopped by to do a special taping of “Firing Line.” My friend said he nearly passed out as he was mikeing Bill up.

        1. Yeah, I did forget about him, good catch. I think the point is that it’s either the rule or the exception. With us, it’s the exception. With the left, generally, it’s the rule.

        2. But he didn’t do it as a costume, like those dikheads in the picture.
          some people are just slobs.

  8. Mao Zedong was one disgusting beast. I’m pretty sure all the women he banged are still seeking mental health counseling from the one disturbing evening with the Chairman. Green puss leaking teeth, with a touch of lice and a STD for the memories.

    1. True. That, and I doubt they walked up and said “Fuck me”. My guess here is that he used Mauser Game more than anything else.

        1. I was thinking Luger instead, but it just made more sense that the commie revolutionaries would have had Mausers for some reason. I doubt that they had any German weaponry, but “Kalishnakov Game” seems so cumbersome on the tongue.

        2. I had the same feeling about “Torture and Murder You and Everyone You’ve Ever Loved, Known or Even Met Game”.

        1. And likely half their families as well.

  9. People in many leftist countries tend to stink. Don’t believe me, sit on a plane full of French or German people. It will usually reek of old Camembert or Limburger, I am not kidding. One thing I noticed about Hungarians is that while many are poor in comparison to French and Germans, they bathe regularly. So its rare to sit on a bus next to a stinky person, but go West and its a different story.
    I was also in a hotel that was occupied by mostly German guests and the lobby smell liked strong body odor, and it wasn’t that the hotel staff were not cleaning it, it was the stinky guests.

    1. But, and I say this in defense of the Germans and French, I believe that their odor factor was present long before they got the socialism disease. Americans are and have been for a long time considered OCD regarding bathing (nothing wrong with that).

      1. I met quite a few who were attractive but smelled terrible.

        1. I dont know where you went or what your experiences but I call bullshit – germans are pretty big on hygene

        2. funny anecdote – some years ago a german politician told a protestor who was yelling at him complaining about being unemployed to wash and shave – this was followed by a lot of media attention and caricatures mocking antifa

        3. I was there for a while and a lot of people didn’t bathe on colder days.

      1. I find Eastern Europeans usually have much better hygiene than Western Europeans. They also tend to keep their homes much cleaner.

    2. Faced pretty much similar “unpleasant” experience ! When I was working in the United kingdom/Europe, way back in 2002 !!

    3. I find the bit about Mao Zedong to be the exception rather than the rule in China. I’ve regularly been packed on to buses and subway cars there, and smelled nothing untoward.
      I suspect this is largely because Asians don’t sweat as much or as easily as, well, everyone else.

      1. My experience with Asians is they tend to be pretty strict about their personal hygiene and grooming. Also their personal spaces.
        It makes me wonder about Western Europe, most of them are reasonably well off and have access to running water and hygiene products.

        1. Actually I met some portly people who smell fine. It’s personal habits that make a difference.
          Also there is not much difference genetically between Eastern and Western Europeans but Eastern Europeans always seem cleaner.

        2. I once dated a Chinese woman for a few months and can say that at least in her case she indeed paid close attention to her personal hygiene.

        3. They sure as hell don’t mind invading my personal space. Japs just walk up and grab my arm, like total strangers. There was a Jap dude who was an exchange student at my high school and we he first got to his new family I came over (their kid was my friend), and this dude just walks over and grabs my arm and does some kind of anime thing and says “Power!” I’m like What in the fucking fuck is wrong with this dude.
          Repeat performance two years later, only a Jap chick who grabbed and giggled, which didn’t make me feel even 10% as uncomfortable as when the Jap dude did it. But it was still weird.

        4. That is why Japanese guys tend to struggle with women of other nationalities. Japanese women tend to have an easier time.

      2. The Thais keep a pretty strict with the hygiene. During the hot season, it is not unusual to take 3 showers a day.

  10. “Why Leftists Tend To Have Offensive Body Odor”
    I fucking love RoK.

    1. gotta admit, when it comes to titles that one was on f’n point.

  11. Orthodox Jews tend to have bad hygiene as well. Chaim Potok in one of his books recounts how the Jews in Eastern European ghettos would get sewn into long johns in the fall and wear them all winter without washing. Today’s Jews in developed countries don’t have the excuse of poverty for this practice, but they haven’t gotten much better at staying clean.

    1. Isn’t Chaim Potok the real name of Gene Simmons from Kiss?

      1. who in the hell opts out of the fucking foodchain?

        1. Most people go vegetarian for weight loss. Some are vegetarian because of religious reasons.

        2. I go meatless for the duration of Great Lent and every year, without fail I gain weight and feel like shit.

        3. An acquaintance of mine is a Level 5 vegan. One of the heaviest people I know.

        4. Level 5 vegans dont eat anything that casts a shadow, right?

        5. I have known “vegans” who are just anorexics looking to justify why they aren’t eating. I am ok with that.

        6. The good thing about vegans is they leave more food for the non vegans to eat

        7. They were planning the the Christmas party at a place where I briefly worked. Someone asked “are there any vegans?” and I blurted out ” yeah – so WE can eat THEM!”
          No one laughed….
          I knew at that very moment that I had no future there.

        8. Same here. The trick is getting enough protein, do that and your body won’t go into “starvation mode” and you shouldn’t feel like crap. Tofu is overrated, I find a variety of beans and a variety of fish works best. And guacamole is good as a snack and has the lipids you might be missing as well.

        9. Indeed. I ventured into avocados this year but I really have to step up my Bean Game.

        10. I forgot the bit about “pocket mulching.”
          Grinned and threw up in my mouth at the same time.

        11. Sprouted beans are a great source of protein. So are chick peas and kidney beans. Tofu isn’t that bad when stir fried and mixed into a bean salad. Home made yogurt with flaxseed is also very filling.

        12. Vegans are the worst. I met one who called me a murderer for drinking a smoothie. I’m vegetarian due to religious reasons so it was really funny when she had a meltdown.

        13. I think it depends on why. You met the militant animal-rights type, who want to give snails the right to vote.
          If it’s a health thing, no amount of steak tartare discussion will trigger them.

        14. I avoid all forms of soy of possible. That shit seems to destroy testosterone. I think that is why so many vegetarians and vegan males look and act like hairy flat chested girls.

        15. Ever read Dr. Dean Ornish’s stuff?
          Went pescetarian (fish occasionally, no other animals) for 5 years to reduce/eliminate plaque in the veins. I’ll do it again in another 10 years.

        16. Do I need to watch my back every time you get the munchies?

        17. Well, if we’re camping and there’s no other source of protein….
          but then again, I find city people who use a lot of cologne tend to have this odor that clings to them and you can’t really clean it off….
          Can’t imagine the meat would taste very good that way, its barely tolerable on someone working out near you in the gym, kind of like smokers…

        18. That’s the plan! Keep people in the gym away! muhahahaha.
          Side note wrt smokers….had a meeting earlier…short and unimportant. Guy game in and introduced himself and I felt like I just smoked a pack of cigarettes just standing next to him. It really is an oppressive thing

        19. There’s a reason hotels have non-smoking rooms. That stuff takes a long time to fade. Really annoying riding in a smokers car.

        20. I think now that fewer and fewer people smoke I notice it less and less. In my office there are about 70 people and as far as I know only one smokes and you can smell her from down the hall.

        21. So many places have banned it compared to when I was a kid. It’s not just that less are smoking, the smokers have been kind of walled off.

        22. There was a time when I really believed in the whole “my business, my customers, my choice” ideology. Why not let a business owner make that decision and then the customers can vote up or down with their feet as they say. But in the end I think it is just better to build a fence around the smokers and let them succumb to their cancer. With any luck this absurd habit will be totally gone in 10 years.

        23. The building I am building here in NYC is officially going to have a zero tolerance for smoking policy. It will be written into every lease, every employment contract etc. We will consider smoking grounds for eviction. Just had that meeting a week or so ago and made this official policy.

        24. I’m still of the ‘my business, my customers, my choice’. Folks are going to do stuff that ruins their health, so be it. One life to live and if they believe their lives are better smoking, have at it. Their overall cost to the healthcare system will be less than mine. I don’t know if the habit will disappear, folks have known the downsides for a long time but still choose to do it- government makes a lot of money off the cigarette taxes.
          However, I agree that you have the right to ban it from your building. It’s the same principle, folks don’t have a right to space in your building just because they can afford it. Your building, your rules. Same as– nobody smokes in my house.

        25. I really sympathize with the my customers my choice…but smoking seems just dangerous not just to the smoker but to those around the smoker. I think it is a tricky one.

        26. I hate the cigarette butts everywhere. SoCal banned it on the beaches citing second hand smoke (I don’t think the evidence is there, deeply flawed studies), but I’m fine with the ban due to the number of those assholes tossing the butts on the ground/sand. Love it when someone tosses a cigarette butt on the ground from their car at a stop light and a bystander chucks it back in.

        27. I find avoiding Lent to be the best way of avoiding Lent related diet problems.

        28. Kneeman, please add minimum distance for smoking, and no 8 feet from the door stuff, like maybe “not on the lot of the property.”

        29. Some bitch painting my place smoked in here. It was one of the reasons I sacked that contractor.

        30. If you’ve got a blender, hummus is pretty easy to make, and adding to it and dipping with different things helps stave off dietary fatigue.

        31. How dangerous can smoking really be to others?
          OOH, there’s the tale of the tar blotting out the “sky” at Grand Central Station. OTOH, if secondhand smoke were as dangerous as claimed, the USA would’ve died off in the “mad men” era.

    1. There is one guy who was totally ripped, vegan hippie guy who makes all these youtubes videos and he is either a genetic freak or juicing.

      1. You mean Vegan Gains, right? That guy’s fucking hilarious. His antics always crack me up.

        1. that’s the guy. Total bullshit. I really don’t know enough about steroid and shit to straight up call him out, but there is no way that fucking guy is natural AND isn’t eating any animal protein.

        2. Roaming millennial called him out. They’re supposed to have a debate.

        3. ha. when I am done watching this paint dry over here….

        4. not sure why they need a debate. Why don’t they ask him to write down his exact diet and supplement regimen and then he can take a blood test and a few GI tests and we can have a doctor say whether he is lying or not. no debate necessary.

        5. side note, while I used to like him over the last year or so Kris Gethin has become utterly intolerable. I think his DTP training method is smart (I am a big fan of massive volume training) but he is such a fucking tool bag, corporate shill, lying cocksucker and, I believe, faggot it isn’t even funny.

        6. I’d give him the benefit of doubt. Although it would be every hard, he could be eating a lot of plant based proteins.

      2. If god wanted us to be vegetarians he would make meat taste like tofu.

      3. How do you know when there is a vegan in the room? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you

        1. also works for doctor, crossfitter and pretty much anyone with a strongly held political opinion.

        2. I like how you included Crossfitter in with the religious fanatics. So true. I’d also add mountain/whitewater guide as well.

    2. Right, the quote meant that they acted uncivilized (Tarzan), looked like a woman (long haired and wimpy, Jane) and smelled like a beast (Cheetah)

  12. Charles Manson was friends with Dennis Wilson, and Charlie jammed with Wilson quite frequently, as well as with Neil Young…Neil Young liked Charlie’s music so much that he promoted him for a time to music execs, in an attempt to land him a recording contract:
    From: http://www.openculture.com/2013/01/the_time_neil_young_met_charles_manson.html
    “Young stopped by the Los Angeles home of Dennis Wilson, the drummer of The Beach Boys. There, Wilson was living with three or four girls who had an ‘intense vibe’ and a ‘detached quality about them.’ Young continues:
    “After a while, a guy showed up, picked up my guitar, and started playing a lot of songs on it. His name was Charlie. He was a friend of the girls and now of Dennis. His songs were off-the-cuff things he made up as he went along, and they were never the same twice in a row. Kind of like Dylan, but different because it was hard to glimpse a true message in them, but the songs were fascinating. He was quite good.
    “I asked him if he had a recording contract. He told me he didn’t yet, but he wanted to make records. I told Mo Ostin at Reprise about him, and recommended that Reprise check him out…”
    Here’s a recording Manson made, back in the late 1960s –

    1. Fascinating. The fucker could of been a rockstar serial killer instead of just a serial killer.

    2. All the rock stars who hung out in the Laurel Canyon area knew Charles Mason. Mason was the guy with all the girls of course they knew him.

      1. Charlie was supposedly a sexual legend. He claims to have porked Doris Day and Jane Fonda, among other Hollywood stars. He said Jane Fonda used to do bestiality porn flicks. If I had to believe the MSM or Charlie…I’d go with Charlie.

        1. It would not surprise me in the least all those Hollywood losers will do anything for money, just like the Instagram whores who bathe in human excrement for Arab Sheiks.

        2. Agreed. It’s amazing how all the Hollywood stars have pet human rights causes of one sort or another, but they always appear in films that socially engineer the viewers to be dumbed-down, idiotic, leftist stooges who enjoy giving away their freedom and human rights…

    3. The singing psychopath ! Wow. But it did sound ok. Nothing great though. Scary.

  13. My lesbian neighbors’ house reeks of cat piss, un-emptied garbage and a third thing I can’t quite place which, when I was a cop, I just referred to as “dirty House”.

  14. Someone with medical knowledge help me out: Women have told me that when multiple guys put a load in a woman in a short time period that it creates a low-intensity infection (vaginitis?) which has a funk that you can identify.
    Could this be one of those odors?

  15. In several European countries more $$ is spent on cologne than soap. I flew 1st class once (due to a mistake made by a ticketing agent) and a guy in a sharp suit and shoes worth as much as my car sat next to me. I found out he was Swiss but his accent seemed French (they speak 3-5 languages there, I know).
    He reeked of cologne AND bad BO. After a while I kinda got used to the cologne but the BO would waft over me occasionally, making me almost visibly flinch.

    1. I lived in France in the 80’s. I was in the dorms. It was nice because I never had to wait to get a shower. Nobody ever used them.
      I rented a room from someone in their home once in Strasbourg. It pissed them off that I used the shower daily. So they started to use the shower as a storage space to block me from it. Clothes and boxes were stacked up there.
      I got my own place after a month.

  16. After seeing the girl at the top of the article, who caught themselves saying, “Maybe with a shower and a change of clothes…” ?

      1. Any man with a love for women might think the same. Kind of like guys who love old muscle cars looking at one that’s been neglected. You just see the possibilities…

        1. Yep, lust would be more accurate- just an external assessment of looks/potential.

    1. That phrase “You can take the loser out of the slum, but you can’t take the slum out of the loser” rings true. You can get her physically cleaned up, but not mentally cleaned up.

      1. That is so true. I just think of what she looked like before the stupidity, like we’ve seen in previous articles. What a waste.

  17. I’ve known a few cats that I have no idea what their political beliefs were as most of the time they probably didn’t know who was president but evidently they stayed far away from soap and water.
    During fall harvest one time this guy showed up on Sunday with a relatively clean white shirt and blue jeans, wore them every day until the next Sunday. I guess he went home at night and just laid down with them on and got up the next morning still wearing them and left for work. By Tuesday morning I made him ride in the back of the truck if he went anywhere with me and instead of embarrassing him enough to wash his ole nasty ass he would get mad at me every time for not letting him in the truck. It took weeks to get the smell out of the tractor he drove. He’s not the only one I can think of either. Makes my stomach churn a little just remembering it.

  18. Leftists in general are vile disgusting creatures even when they bathe regularly, they should all be hunted down and fed to the lions for our amusement.( provided the lions aren’t picky eaters if they are I suppose we could feed em to the buzzards)

    1. Lions and other big cats need lean meat. Scrawny leftists have no meat on them and landwhales have too much blubber on them.

  19. Ask any leftist moron and they’ll say something like this:
    “But, you see, being clean takes time and effort that you could spend whining and protesting against the man holding you down instead. And also, those soap bars and hot water are like, a proof of conformism to society, dude.”
    It’s all about rebellion.

    1. That’s a good point about daddy’s credit card. I grew up and have since left Colorado. That trash as shown in the first picture is now all over that state. Last time I was in my hometown, there a bunch of them hanging around a street corner, when at one time that wouldn’t have been allowed. I was asking where the hell do they get any money to just bum around, and that’s what my wife figured… parents.

      1. If I recall right, near my stomping grounds the patriarch of a local gang died a few years back. That allowed for NY gangs to migrate up and raise cain… quite a contrast for Vermont.

  20. I have a soft spot – or more like a hard-on – for petite White hippie chicks with dreads. Even if they are self-proclaimed Feminists (but nothing serious which can not be cured with a liberal application of my Fascist dick), if they have a cool and fun and hot vibe, I just love them. Sleeping with the enemy and that sorta thing. Psytrance parties are un-tapped safe-spaces where hippie chicks are not expecting guys to approach and Game them. But shhh, that is my secret little hunting ground.
    Hippie guys, though… they aren’t men. I am more like in favor of the Warrior male archetype, I can have my peace in the arms of a hippie girl. But hippie guys, especially those who commit the grevious sin of cultural appropriation of Rasta dreadlocks, just aren’t men in my eyes. If a male wants me to take him seriously, then no bullshitting about so-called “Peace” is allowed, whatever the fuck that is supposed to be.
    I would fuck that cute hippie girl in the first picture holding the “Need Beer”*sign silly, and I am sure the guy sitting next to her is not fucking her, although he secretly wishes to do so. I would have a much better chance at her pussy with my Hitlerjugend haircut and Game. Hippie guys are simply no competition. Period.

      1. They are just punks, usually middle-class kids looking for street cred. Not a warrior type. But they indeed have a chance with straight-laced, corporate world-type women, if the guys are being of the bohemian, laid-back hobo type.

        1. Not sure, since I haven’t seen this particular film yet. Is it a good film? Would you suggest watching it? Life is too short to watch bad movies, hence the reason I ask…

        2. its an older Quentin Tarantino movie so no “leftist” slant like he does now, same era as Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Til Dawn, Four Rooms, Natural Born Killers & Reservoir Dogs etc

  21. I suspect the bad hygiene follows logically from the assumption of “equality.” If you can’t make yourself better than anyone else, then you have no incentive to bathe, take care of your teeth, eat a healthy diet, exercise, clean your living spaces and do the other things which physically elevate man above the animal level.
    By contrast, as I keep saying, a hierarchical society offers people standards to live up to, and it rewards the individuals who succeed in doing so. Our ancestors called the men above them in the hierarchy their “betters” for a reason.

    1. Liberals don’t want total equality. No one would want total equality, it doesn’t make sense and it’s not fair. However, equality of opportunity — that’s a whole other thing. Equality of opportunity is merely giving people the *chance* to succeed, as opposed to ensuring everyone will succeed no matter what. Equality of opportunity means that everyone can try out for the track team, but only those with talent and skills can join.
      So, equality of opportunity is a hierarchical society — but also a merit-based one. If one has the skills and intelligence to succeed, then they can! If they don’t, then at least they had the *opportunity* to try.

      1. Meta4, Liberals don’t want total equality because then women would be responsible for their actions/choices and wouldn’t be able to enjoy their ancient female privileges like safe jobs, women’s work instead of men’s work, and men paying far more than their share to benefit women. That and the over 100 rights, in law, that women enjoy, that men don’t have, while men have zero rights that women don’t have. Disagree? Google “rights women have that men do not” and learn the truth about the real issue of “equality”.

        1. I actually did Google that out of curiosity, and found an interesting article about it here: https://thoughtcatalog.com/janet-bloomfield/2014/08/5-legal-rights-women-have-that-men-dont/
          I just had a few amendments to the author’s points:
          1. Women have the right to genital integrity
          The reason this law had to go into place was because so-called “female circumcision” is dangerous, painful, and results in life-long agony for the woman. Male circumcision, on the other hand, is (medically speaking) perfectly safe, and ultimately poses no lasting harm or pain to the man. However, just because this law is in place to protect female genitalia, that doesn’t mean that someone can mutilate male genitals and not be persecuted! That’s still sexual assault and attempted murder, at the least.
          2. Women have the right to vote without agreeing to die
          This is referring to the fact that men must register for the draft in order to vote. I agree, this is a discrepancy that shouldn’t be allowed; women should also have to register for the draft.
          3. (and 4) Women have the right to choose parenthood, Women have the right to be assumed caregivers for children
          Women do have the greater burden of childcare, which I don’t agree with. While rights such as the above (the ultimate decision over whether to have a child, the right to be presumed guardian) afford some perks along those line, women also are penalized to a greater degree in cases of child abuse or neglect — even when the father has committed the same crimes. Even, in fact, when only the father has committed the crime; the mother is still considered guilty for allowing her child to be in that situation.
          The solution would be to afford equal child rearing responsibility to both fathers and mothers. Again — equality (of opportunity) is the solution here.
          5. Women have the right to call unwanted, coerced sex rape
          Whereas a man raped by a woman has suffered what’s legally called, “made to penetrate”. I don’t figure you care about this one as much, but I do consider this a right women have that men don’t; one that should be rectified. Unwanted sex, no matter the configuration of genders, is rape.
          Anyways. If you find some other rights women have that men don’t I haven’t covered, please enlighten me. I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say; and if it contradicts my worldview, I’m open to changing my opinion. Try me.

        2. Meta4, Women uniformly, across the board, receive FAR less punishment for crimes than men do. Apples for apples. 1/5 to 1/8 the time for the same crime with same criminal history. That’s ONLY when she is actually prosecutes which they are let off from at a FAR higher rate than men simply because they are girls and getting them to stool on a man to be let off is standard practice. No one likes to prosecute women.
          Women BY FAR default on child support at a higher rate than men, YET, men are FAR more likely to be prosecuted. Why? Easy, because no one likes to make women pay money to men. It’s Mommy support, NOT Daddy support.
          If you want to learn about more rights women have than men just google it. There’s plenty. Look at the tax code for women owned businesses and the quotas for certain fields of employment, gov contracts, etc. You will find a ton there.
          The more you look the more you will find.

    2. The left talk about equality but don’t differentiate between equality of opportunity verses equality of outcome. Almost everyone in Western society has the same opportunity to be successful and create wealth for themselves but they often believe that everyone should have the same amount of wealth regardless of what they do.
      Someone can discipline and educate themselves, put in the hours of persistent and practical effort to create wealth and a better and more comfortable life for themselves. But to the left this is unfair to the guy who sleeps to 1pm in the afternoon, gets up, sits on the couch and lights up a bong.

  22. Beau, great article but I think you missed the elephant in the room: mental illness. Leftism and liberalism is a form of mental illness. A very common symptom of mental illness in general is poor hygiene and squalid living conditions. I see this on a daily basis in my job.
    And additionally,
    “what leftists still don’t get is that throwing out all of society’s “outmoded” rules is a pretty efficient way of discovering why they existed in the first place”
    Brilliant quote

  23. Quote: We’ve analyzed leftist ideology nine ways from Sunday here, trying to figure out why they’re so consistently wrong most of the time, and more importantly how we can stop them from wrecking society.??
    But…But… It’s all for a GOOD CAUSE !!

  24. I recently lived with a “social activist.” He appeared of normal cleanliness to outsiders, but ultimately turned out to be what I now call a dirty, fucking hippy.
    On the first day that he moved in, he brought a tea rag into the house that smelled to high heaven of mold. I asked him about it and he said that he used it to filter his green tea and that its aroma was “earthy.” He clearly never washed it.
    I don’t know if he ever showered. I think he was letting the dog shit in the bathroom. He never cleaned the bathroom either. After a few months, my house smelled of mold and feces. It was a new house that smelled only of pine before.
    After six months, I got a serious fungal infection that blinded me in my right eye. I knew it was related to what he brought into the house. He moved six months later, I cleaned the house so that it no longer smelled of mold and feces and … only then… did my fungal infection go away. I am still half blind however.
    Not only does his ideology interfere with what he believes to be healthy, it also interferes with what he thinks is natural and what he thinks is scientific. His ideology infects every aspect of his lifestyle and is unhealthy and regressive in every respect.
    These people are insane, literally “not healthy,” and not only are they harming our Western culture, intentionally, but destroying themselves… unintentionally.
    Their “culture” is not viable and will likely fade into oblivion here soon. Thank God.
    If a civil war does break out, I know who my first targets will be…

    ‘In that moment I noticed that the woman emitted an overpowering odor of perspiration and greasy hair. I hoped that I wouldn’t gag when she got in my car,’ she said. ‘The sandal-shod woman with lank, smelly hair stood off to the side and glared at everyone.’
    Dolly Kyle, Bill Clinton former mistress, describing meeting Hillary for the first time.

  26. Diogenes was just like Oscar the Grouch.. if Oscar liked to masturbate in the middle of Sesame Street, in full view of adults, children and animals alike. No joke, Diogenes was notorious for jacking it from the non-privacy of his barrel.. and when disgusted passers-by would rebuke him on it, he’d respond with possibly the best example of ancient trolling:
    “If only hunger could be cured by simply rubbing the stomach”.

  27. It really smacks of a lack of self respect, or more specifically a denial of their divineness as a creation of God. What I’ve found in my 45 years on this Earth, is that leftist is a cute name for Satanist or Luciferean. Who is Rules for Radicals dedicated to? They think themselves smart apes, and much smarter than you, which gives you an insight of their true opinion of you. When faced with this knowledge, one no longer has to wonder how hundreds of millions could be slaughtered by their hands as their goal is the same as Lucifer’s; Destroy mankind. (oops; personkind)

  28. They are “pro-abomination” transexuals fit well with 7 day old tshirts.

  29. Mental illness!
    Thats why they cant handle normal emotions and are triggered to violence.
    Fragile liberal psyche.

  30. Some months ago I was listening to a talk radio out of San Antonio, TX and the host was talking about how when he went to Austin, some people in places like Whole Foods and elsewhere were not into bathing apparently. These were not poor people. I mentioned this to a lady I was dating at the time who used to work in Austin, and she confirmed that the talk host was not making this up.

    1. Those are people who think they are above everyone else. That’s why they shop at Whole Paycheck and don’t bathe.
      They believe their body odor smells like roses and their bodily excretions are nectar.

  31. A lot of people are not into bathing. I dated a girl who didn’t shower daily. It was ok, she was still clean, but that shit’s weird. I shower in the morning, and after workouts or strenuous labor.

    1. Totally weird. I expect any woman Im with to be clean, and to smell nice and feminine, and to have good hygeniene.

    1. Many left wing people have an over inflated self image of themselves. They often think their shit don’t stink.

  32. Brad Pitt has appalling halitosis, so what? Hitler was a chronic farter so mainly ate a vegetarian diet, abstained from alcohol but was a humongous cocaine addict thanks to his personal doc giving him interesting nasal drops, so what? At least he wasn’t French. Peeweh

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