Dancing With The Obese In Australia

Australia is a wonderful country. Here we have the biggest of everything. Ayres Rock is the biggest rock. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest reef. Our kangaroos are surely bigger than any rabbit. We must have more useless desert than any other nation too. The country was even founded as the world’s largest open air jail.

Now it seems the dancers are bigger too. Sydney dance company Force Majeure has topped everything with their production of Nothing To Lose. In their own words the show aims to answer the question which was on all our minds:

What does it mean when you put really big bodies on stage and call them professional dancers?

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She seems to enjoy her work, that’s one person!
Image: Toby Burrows

The answer is there for all to see in these, tasteful promotional videos. Trigger Warning! Some camera and body movements may cause nausea in some viewers, Especially in those not already appropriately educated—or should that be “marinated in fat acceptance ideology.” Judging from the videos the work does have a certain macabre fascination about it. Like a good horror movie, it’s hard to look at but it’s hard to look away too.


The first pedestalized man ever
Image: Kate Blackmore

Australia has always been a great surfing destination. Now thrill to this display of some of our biggest waves and rippling bodies as:

Force Majeure’s artistic director, Kate Champion collaborates with artist and fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater to celebrate the sculptural splendor of the fat dancing body.


Bread making in one easy lesson!
Image: Toby Burrows

It’s so comforting to learn that The Australia Council for the Arts and Arts New South Wales are using taxpayer funds to make this noble and worthwhile artistic endeavor possible. This raises the wider and more serious point that all over the developed world leftist movements and propaganda from fat acceptance, to homosexual activism, to socialism, to environmentalism are all heavily dependent on funds involuntarily seized from taxpayers.

Kelli Drinkwater’s website is a kind of comedy festival all on its own. Kelli is apparently a model, who looms extra large in Australia. That’s right, here in the lucky country even the models are gigantic. She is also a mastermind of the cinema project Aquaporko!

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Ms Drinkwater invents human powered flight
Image: Toby Burrows

Aquaporko! is the story of Melbourne’s fat femme synchronized swim team sculling, egg beating and high kicking towards their first ever live performance. We follow fat activist and filmmaker Kelli Jean Drinkwater as she meets the team and uncovers a world of sisterhood, queer community and radical body politics.

Nowhere is it clearly stated, but it appears that Kelli is a homosexual with a partner who scores every bit as highly as she does in the beauty stakes. What a relief it is to learn that there won’t be one of those photos somewhere of her beside some thirsty man who consented to give her some Aquaporko!

Her work is concerned with deconstructing limited representations of bigger bodies and to encourage fat positive visibility.

With literally Nothing to Lose, Kelli may have succeeded in representing bigger bodies. The bit about encouraging positive visibility may be a fail though. She explains her inspiration:

Exploring ways to reclaim spaces and platforms that are often prohibitive to ‘othered’ bodies is a huge inspiration. I also enjoy the aesthetic potential of taking up space.


Alien abduction?
Image: Toby Burrows

So hop onto your mobility scooters and head down to the Sydney Festival. Nothing To Lose is Australia’s answer to the big game tours of the Serengeti National Park as some of our biggest and wildest life forms take to the stage. It promises to be a night of ponderous entertainment and an exquisitely unintentional self satire of the fat acceptance movement.

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286 thoughts on “Dancing With The Obese In Australia”

  1. For many years I’ve heard about the beautiful women of Australia.
    Olivia Newton John…
    Kylie Minogue….
    But for the last couple of years all I seem to hear about is how Australian women are nothing but fat spoiled rotten brats – especially in the Perth area.

    1. Yeah I don’t know man… they’re certainly crass and masculine, but I haven’t seen this supposed obese horde of Australian women. Granted I’ve never been there, and I only see them when I travel to other countries, so it may be selection bias – the ones I see are the ones who actually get off their asses and move around.

      1. I would assume the ones that travel come from affluence. Usually in wealthier circles anywhere you go in the world the women are always more attractive.
        Probably not a good sample to go on.

    2. The city I’m from Adelaide has a lot of hotties (for an Aussie city) but this is only around the city an beach area an the suburbs in between. If you venture out to the Northern an Southern suburbs which are lower socio economic areas there’s fatties wadaling around everywhere.

    3. I live here man, and I tell you, there are plenty of hot looking women, and plenty without shitty attitudes. There are a lot more fatter ones than there used to be, but that is a worldwide thing. One thing you have to remember – Australia has a big drinking culture. The men and women here drink huge amounts of alcohol regularly, and many daily. Think of those calories adding up.

    4. I live in Perth, and they’re all fat spoiled rotten brats. The mining boom has been going on for the last decade and its encouraged all the girls to shack up with the hard working FIFO guys. And even though the boom is over, all the girls are still booming outwards with their weight. More fat pigs here now than thin chicks…

  2. “…fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater”
    … more like fat activist Kelli Jean DrinkSODA, AMIRITE?

    1. I think you just broke the universe with the incredibly hilarity of that comment. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman.

  3. You should’ve put a disclaimer before showing the pictures.Yeah they’re that hideous …

    1. True, but even the thin and hot ones can’t seem to stay away from the tattoo parlor.

    2. I’d say tattoos signify “I have to appear tougher” – if you think about it, this applies to both males and females who get a tattoo

    1. God. Someone, anyone, pass the sick bucket over, please…
      No, not for me, it is for the pictured persons in the article, and their like – they are clearly sick. Worse, with their initiatives, they are spreading the “glorified” grease disease…spreading like lard at the height of summer.. disgusting.

    2. No good, even a nuclear weapon wouldn’t power a BBQ big enough to feed these sweatballs.

        1. yeah and you believe that. lol. anything to run for the covers. who initiated the “split” …”why?” …

    3. If you don’t want to see this, never go to any burlesque in Australia.( Except the one from my dance studio. They DANCE. )
      Seriously, when did burlesque become stripping for the large? The art of it, has been commodified.( I wouldn’t not do such, but I hear the gentlemen like a tasteful show comprising of fit, pretty ladies. )

  4. I think the fatter a woman gets the lower her IQ becomes. Who else but someone with a pea-brain would be able to dance shamelessly like that while being obese and expect people to accept their lardness?

    1. nah they’re just completely delusional… for now. it’s like ‘the emperor’s new clothes.’ once they wake up and realize what they see in the mirror, they’ll hopefully do us a all a favor and return to the ocean with the rest of whales.

        1. Once, a long time ago, a girlfriend asked me ‘do these jeans make my butt look big’…I said no it’s the bear claws at Shipley’s doing that.

    2. Moreover, how the fuck does one keep consuming calories when it’s literally killing you. The obese exercise the self awareness of animals.

      1. There’s no such thing as delayed gratification anymore. That piece of cake is clearly better than being able to walk at 60.

    3. There may be some truth to that.

      The researchers found that people with a Body Mass Index – a measure of body fat – of 20 or less could recall 56 per cent of words in a vocabulary test, while those who were obese, with a BMI of 30 or higher, could remember only 44 per cent. […] The fatter subjects also showed a higher rate of cognitive decline when they were retested five years later: their recall dropped to 37.5 per cent, whereas those with a healthy weight retained their level of recall.
      source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1531487/The-greater-your-weight-the-lower-your-IQ-say-scientists.html

      1. theres a fat weather chick in my city, she does gasp for breathe, and sometimes lose focus from time to time, so who knows…

        1. nyc, ch 2 news…if you are here, you know who i am talking about…

        2. Working in healthcare, a lot of my patients are obese. It’s embarrassing to hear them struggle for breath when they are doing nothing but lying on their back.

        3. It’s embarassing calling overhead for “lifting help” because it takes six people to role these tubs of lard over to clean their fleshy yeasty backsides. Been there, cleaned that.

        4. Dr: What’s your past medical history ?
          whale: I’m 100% fine, no problems
          Dr: Ok that’s good, so what pills do you take?
          whale: Lasix, Lipitor, metformin, etc…

        5. That’s the type of behaviour one expects from canaries you send down to test the safety of mine shafts…heh.

      2. Not at all surprising really. I think a lot of people underestimate the physiological aspects of intelligence. Good nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle make a big difference to the smooth and efficient operation of the brain, of course this would manifest in intelligence tests.

      3. I suspect that the causation is the other way round
        The dumber you are , the higher the chance you will become obese.

        1. That wouldn’t explain why the fatasses did even worse on the next test five years later, while the others maintained their scores.

        2. It does.
          How do you think your brain behaves, when you sit around, watch tv and shovel food into your figure for 5 years?
          In my office, all the fat people are somewhat not as productive as the slim and sportive ones.

        3. I agree, I was replying to Martin Woo who said he suspected that the causation was the other way around (stupidity was causing fatness).
          If you get dumber after being fat then that is pretty good evidence that fatness can decrease higher level brain functions.

        4. hey what about the cause of obesity being hormonal.. no the real one: having a bad thyroid, being in hypothyroidism
          if you like at the effect being slow mentally and gaining weight have the same cause.. in some cases. Maybe we are all saying the same thing after all.

        5. That is less common than what may turn out to be ghelin( sp?) overload, or some primary disfunction in what regulates hunger. They cant stop. This is the issue when your talking serious obesity. Thats why I chat up The french Dr Dukan. Hes gone beyond Atkins.

      4. I imagine it has more to do with their blood sugar levels than their potential IQ. If you aren’t eating and exercising properly, you’re ability to learn and retain information and focus will be greatly diminished. It’s like a permanent fog rolls into your brain. I imagine if they got into shape, they’re cognitive abilities would improve along with their ability to get dates.

    4. High amounts of cortisol hormone, estradiol, and possibly an imbalance in tropic hormones could lead to lower brain function. 100% valid hypothesis brah.

    1. Then it shouldn’t surprise you there are probably still guys lining up for these tubs ‘o lard.

  5. The fat acceptance movement is like enabling alcoholics by telling them they’re just social drinkers.

  6. Comically, Force Majeure is a legal concept that exempts you from responsibility for things where intervening circumstances were beyond your control. In other words, it’s not their fault that they are land whales.

    1. Being a landwhale or not is in their control, I understand the food in Western countries is bad but people can still have a healthy lifestyle an not be obese.

  7. If they were truly dancers they wouldn’t be obese. Good dancing takes many hours of every day. These people obviously burn very little calories. So in addition to fat acceptance, this is laziness and ineptitude acceptance.

        1. Even with bad diet, they still would be fat but it is impossible to do sport and be 300 pounds

        2. At this point, they could eat McDonald’s every day (they probably already do), it wouldn’t matter. If they simply reduced their calories to what’s recommended for a normal women (1200 – 1500), they’d lose a ton of weight without any exercise or change in diet. I’d guess they’re probably eating about 2500 – 3500 calories at this point to maintain that amount of lard, if not more.

        3. I bet it’s more than that, maybe 5000kcal or more. You have to drink a gravey boat everyday and pour sugar syrup on everything to get like that. I remember seeing an interview with a guy weighing in at 600 lbs. He was eating 10,000 kcal a day! They just took his soda away and he dropped 300 lbs in a year.

        4. Yes, but men have a advantage. More muscle, as hormones point to making muscle. Women must be extra vigilant, as estrogen wants to put fat on and adding fat, means more estrogen is produced. Vicious cycle.
          Progressive weight training, light weight, more reps. Also, nutritional supplements that adjust for various body types, to promote better body hormones( eg- apple shape means less estros than pear.)
          The only thing anyone needs is to break the addiction to complex carbs. ( ” The Hungry Years ” by some english chap, good tale on that. Dukan diet is the only thing that can cure obesity. )

        5. Ive got a cert 1 in gym instruction, they can do weight training. That combined with Dukan diet will work.

  8. Never been to Australia and haven’t had a lot of interaction with Aussies, but it seems their country is getting a lot of negative attention here on ROK recently.

    1. It has the same problems that most western countries have to a more or less degree.
      The worst thing is our political parties at the moment. Our politics right now are an utter disgrace.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Australia also have an obesity epidemic? How in the fuck do we square such a public health crisis with such a ribald celebration of gluttony?

  10. I can see plenty to lose. It’s all hanging from flaps.
    In what way does this serve the public? At least pretend the tax money is supposed to be for the common good.

  11. there should be a modern day version of the nuremberg trials for the folks who created video for cel phones as well as social media. these photos are a crime against humanity…

  12. Living in Australia, especially in some areas more than others, there are quite a lot of fat people. Back in my father’s day he used to play spot the fat chick. But now whenever my father and I sit down and observe people, we play spot the thin chick. A shame you can’t rewind the clock…

  13. Every time I start thinking about how fucked the US has become, I read a new article about Australia, Canada or the UK, and suddenly it doesn’t seem that bad over here anymore…

      1. Seriously. It’s the difference between driving a fucking Ferrari and trying to get a bloody Bongo started up.

  14. Nigerian readers are probably thinking these sexy Australian ladies must have very rich husbands

      1. that’s why NIgerian guys’ love the West! Its the skinny ones they’re scared of. Not that they need to worry any

  15. Australia is copping a battering on ROK lately an fairenough. I’ll never understand celebrating being overweight an unhealthy, you don’t celebrate having a medical illness so why celebrate an promote an unhealthy lifestyle?

    1. I hate to think how this is draining Medicare. There are serious issues from obesity in middle age. They ate beyond obesity. That is morbid obesity.

      1. Exactly that’s what fat enablers don’t understand, most health problems are due to obesity or being overweight. By encouraging fatness they are crippling the healthcare system, saying a fat women has a ‘healthy body’ is ridiculous an in factual.

        1. Its very good to see this starting to balance the delusional thinking.
          Men tend to approach problems more sensibly, less reactionary- and thats exactly what this needs. Not ” mummy” mgmt ( unconditional validation, inclusion ) but ” father ” mgmt- being tough on whats expected, because not only is it good for you, there is faith in that it can be achieved.

        2. That’s right people need to look at criticism objectively not just assume who ever criticizes them is wrong.

        3. Objectively. It seems so simple. Using science- e.g. what the Enlightenment brought into common usage is a much less volatile way to examine critique, than perhaps using say- humility. ( Which Western religion used in a older age, as a solution to solving things. ) I am still learning, so this may be a little off.
          Hmmm, intuition to words – this is perhaps the only way , women can overcome emotional bias ( which can be biologically wired, as well as their own subjectivity)in application to “the outside world.?”

        4. If some one is going out of their way to humiliate you or their criticism is obviously wrong an just to hurt you it’s different to normal criticism in my view. But I always try to look at when people criticize me to see if there’s any merit in it. Feminists though refuse to do that an want to ignore many science based arguments that prove the criticism true.

      1. You got the beer glasses on early today, bro.
        Still, I bet the pig got within one point of the flying Beluga.

  16. Did I see a dude in one of the photos here? I’m shocked! I though fat acceptance was a girls only club. Fat dudes just get called “creepy.”

  17. “Her work is concerned with deconstructing limited representations of bigger bodies and to encourage fat positive visibility.”
    hope she never has to deconstruct having a heart attack. As for fat positive visibility – unless scientists invent an invisibility cloak the size of circus tent I don’t think she has anything to worry about

  18. Ugh, just seeing those above images only remind me to de-carb my intestines, for a lack of a better term!

      1. Same here; I was gonna cook up some spaghetti for myself, but I ended up losing my appetite, to the point I’m just gonna use my juicer to blend lettuce, pineapple, banana, orange, and strawberry.

  19. If you feel the need to classify any part of yourself as “othered”, please do us all a favour and give yourself an uppercut.

  20. There she blows! Come on lads, man the harpoons, we’re going to be in for a fight of arrrr lives!!

    1. I’m sure we all died a bit on the inside, after viewing the exotic species Fattus Cuntus.

      1. Unfortunately, National Geographic could not complete their profile as they kept eating or scaring away the other beasts.

  21. It makes no sense that they can push this as “beautiful” when it is obviously just unhealthy.
    When it became painfully clear that constant chain-smoking leads to terrible health, the FDA forced warnings on packages and eliminated the false advertising concerning smoking’s “positive healthy benefits”.
    It is your right to smoke, and its your right to be fat… but claiming that being a diabetic coronary-bypass fat-bitch makes you “beautiful” just takes away the entire meaning of the word.
    This is not art. This is just circus. Is the whole world going full-retard?

    1. It’s disgusting how they are trying to normalize this level of obesity as being normal and beautiful. When they reach 50 the reality sets in and it is just too late.

      1. In Canada we already pay for universal health care… Thankfully our women are not quite that monstrous or I’d be annoyed…
        I don’t want to pay taxes for someone to be fat.
        Interestingly, Japan has been outlawing obesity to save on their health taxes. If you’re too fat, you might have trouble getting a job.
        While I do care about protecting freedom, their motives are to buffer their national finances and I can have some respect for that.
        I can’t really be judgmental at them for being economical by promoting good health for their citizens.

        1. Here’s what I would do… Every check out isle in groceries store.. You know when they scan your crap, everybody should stand on a scale that feeds your weight into the check out computer, and adds an additional tax to your bill based on your weight… I am a smoker and I’m fucking paying $12 for a pack of cigs something like $10 in taxes or something. Fatties should pay their fair share too.

        2. http://quebecme.me/images/posts/ZGp5AQx/thumb_640.jpg
          Not to do any quebecbashing ( cause it would be auto mutilation) but this what our health minister looks like 🙁
          He is a doctor that move from leader of the doctor syndicate to the ministy after taking a 1.2 million $ paycheck. These thing need to be feed you understand 🙂
          The left and the right hand together into the money bag

        3. I also live in downtown Toronto and have found that maybe 15% of the women are bangable….although not necessarily obese…the rest are ugly in various ways

        4. Yup.
          I kid you not, it has been 15 years since I’ve seen a decent pair on a chick. And that was in Burlington! LOL

        5. bushpigs… I love it.
          That term went out of fashion in Australia about 15 years ago, but it should be brought back into use. Since it accurately describes most of the female demographic waddling around Australia.

    2. To me, (and most other men) a woman with an hourglass figure is most attractive, not cauliflower thighs. (Cellulite is my trigger warning lol)

      1. Well, in keeping with the vegetable theme, I’d describe these figures more as eggplant than anything else.

        1. You’re not making it easy for me to describe them.
          Oh wait, it’s beyond description.

    3. clark i think you hit the nail on the head… the whole world is going full-retard. straight-up. i made the comparison to ‘the emperor’s new clothes,’ above, where i suggest that the media is force-feeding (haha) us the line that ‘fat is beautiful.’ is it really convincing anyone EXCEPT the fatties that there’s any beauty there? because…. there isn’t. hell, on top of the ‘unhealthy’ aspect, how about a personal hygiene aspect… you think these fatsos are keeping their bodies in any manner ‘clean?’ nope. blechhh vomit. shudder.

      1. Not long ago I was contemplating a Goriffalo: face like a gorilla, ass like a buffalo, I live in the Deep South & most of the horrifically obese are Negro females, anyway, the most sickening realization struck me, best I could discern it seemed physically impossible for this misshapen creature’s arms to reach around all that fat to wipe her ass! I’m sure I turned pale in that moment as I actually felt nauseous.

    4. As you and I Kent live in a society where our hard earned money is appropriated by the state for health care, it’s a piss off that fat acceptance is pushed when it clearly will eventually bankrupt the system.
      Smoking has largely been banned on the basis that why should 80% of the people pay for extensive health care for 20% of the people who want to fuck up their bodies with smoking. By that line of reasoning, why should even moderately healthy people have to pay for the poor choices of masses of huge people?

      1. Exactly. The answer: So Left-leaning politicians can buy votes by supporting this “aesthetic movement”.
        I think selling smokes has recently been banned on University campuses. I do like to smoke sometimes but I can say that banning smokes makes more sense than promoting being fat and eating garbage.

    5. it always gets me that society at large considers anorexia and bulimia terrible things (and rightly so) but that being 100 pounds+ overweight is something we’re just supposed to accept.

      1. I never made that connection before. That really is enough to just settle the issue right there.

    1. From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee, but I’ll be damned if I’ll grapple with thee and it’s not like you could move fast enough to catch me in the first place.


      1. Takahanada was bad ass! I was tempted to reply with Konishiki but that’s one hell of a good guy also and it’d be a sin to associate athletes (even if they are large) with these bilious sacks of lard

    1. Now just imagine the film, in slow motion. Imagine Isaac Newton weeping as he watches his third law demonstrated, as rolls of fat slowly ripple from impact, as you watch the cheeks heaving in and out as the dancer wheezes from aerobic fatigue…

        1. No, really! Imagine watching these “performers” dancing as recorded by a slow motion camera, with every wheeze, every bead of sweat leaping to its death from a white, fleshy cliff-face, every thump of the screaming, overstressed heart as it tries to push blood through that half-tonnage of shit. It’s the sort of thing that H.P. Lovecraft wrote about. You could use a GoPro to record it, I guess, but the thing would probably self-destruct from sheer shame.

        2. When H.P.LoveCraft was writing about unexplainable horrors things that couldn’t be described mentioned or repeated…You’ll know what he’s talking about now.

        3. I call bollocks because you don’t need a “slow motion” camera for this — they’re already in “slow motion”…

      1. Quiddit! Quid quid quiddit
        You’re gonna effin’ make me pass out…
        hhahahahah ahahahaha hee hee..

        1. Like the red giant stage of a star that’s run out of fuel. Come to think of it, I can detect a certain reddish tint around the faces of those models…

        2. We should throw a Big Mac combo out the window of their studio and see if Matt Taylor can land a spacecraft in between their buttcheeks.

  22. I want to know what brand of sneakers that last model is wearing. If they can withstand that sort of punishment they’ll fucking stand up to anything.

      quid, quid, quiddit, please, I can’t breath…

      1. I’m thinking something dense and compacted enough to have been produced at the heart of a black hole. And that’s just a consequence of the pressure from above.

        1. She’s not jumping at all, it’s photo shopped. At that height when she landed the impact would be catastrophic.

        2. Are we talking in the way of asteroid impact-sized crater akin to that which supposedly exterminated the dinosaurs? Egads imagine if all these disgusting blobs simultaneously “jumped” and landed-it’d either accelerate continental drift or cause catastrophic loss of life

  23. We could have saved the Uranium by dropping those things on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    They’d still be cleaning up the Crisco fallout.

    1. Given Newton’s law of F = ma, I’m reaching for ten digits to describe the number which occupies the F here.

  24. I could not read it. Each picture drove me further to the comment section to tell the author that that was a horrible experience. And at an increasing speed. Total, maybe like three seconds to get here.
    Because A: People let themselves get like that.
    B: Because people actually bone that, not just once while drunk, but on a daily basis. And then brag?

    1. But the odds of you contracting STD would be quite low…if you can get it up to begin with.

  25. This is just… sad.
    I have sympathy for obese people. Living with it everyday has got to suck. Some people mock or belittle fat people, which just seems like kicking someone while they’re down.
    But, the whole fat acceptance thing is another example of SJW philosophy–lie to people to spare their feelings while leaving the underlying problems to fester. I’m not going to treat fat people with any less respect that I would anyone else, but I’m sure as hell not going to give them a pat on the back and say “your body is beautiful–it’s society that’s ugly.”
    Regarding the Australian show, who knows? Maybe the jiggling fat is preternaturally engrossing:

    1. I have a lava lamp, sir, and it is vastly more beautiful an experience to contemplate its fluid dynamics than spend a moment burning my eyes on this tripe.

    1. Sure as fuck your dollar’s about the only thing “working” in that dance studio.

  26. Those blimps remind me of the fat dancer at Jabba’s palace in “Return of the Jedi.”

  27. “Exploring ways to reclaim spaces and platforms that are often prohibitive to ‘othered’ bodies
    And this is why fat stigma needs to be upheld and perpetuated

  28. Going to Australia in March for the first time…can’t wait to see for myself the level of obesity. Always thought it was populated by tough, healthy types.

  29. I’m Australian. Live in Melbourne. This show is just typical political correctness bullshit. I always here we’re getting fatter, but personally I find the girls here pretty fit. Plenty of slim, tanned, usually blonde types walking around on the weekends at my local shopping centre. Lots of hotties at the beach when I go. Either I’m deluded, or I just blank the fat ones out.

    1. Where pray tell are these hotties? You have piqued my curiosity. I don’t you’re delusional per se-maybe the trauma of seeing so many disgusting land whales has given you more sensitive faculties to detect hot girls; I for one find those balls of lard so disgusting it turns me off eating and makes me want to smash a weights training session so i don’t become the Hindenburg *shudders and takes up foetal position*

        1. Yes-that would make sense; ballet dancers are irresistible to me; supple and strong yet so feminine.

  30. Fat acceptance is insane. Should it become socially acceptable to let drug addicts have their own “junkie acceptance” movement?
    Fuck no.
    Destroying your body, no matter the mechanism, should be seen as an illness, not some political and/or social statement.
    There is evidence comparing the release of dopamine in an obese personal to that of a person getting high off opiates.
    Which, if you think about it, makes sense. What sort of slob would continue gorging themselves when it is having serious physical and mental effects on them?
    An addict.
    These fat-enablers are basically the scum of the earth by allowing the addiction and sickness to spread. Obese people need help; the kind that improves their health and their life in the long run, not this hand-holding, special snowflake bullshit.

  31. Instead of marketing this as dancers who happen to be fat, it’s marketed as fat people who happen to dance with obesity being the central draw. Isn’t this exploitation? I guess this would be easier to stomach if it wasn’t taxpayer funded.

    1. That really makes me irate. Ive got a disability ( not its got me, mind you ),and I cant get any help ever – luckily Im used to being poor.

  32. I cannot stand the current fat love “You are beautiful just the way you are” culture in America!! The human skeletal structure can only stand so many impacts under that much stress(weight). These people will need total knee replacements by their 50’s. Keep prancing fatty.

  33. If you don’t like fat people dancing/living/loving/breathing, then why do you constantly write articles about them? With photos?? Either you 1) secretly fancy them or 2) are really f-ked up in a way I am unable to comprehend! Listen: no one is forcing you to have sex with these ladies. So, let them be. Look away when you see them.

    1. Hogwash.
      – Articles are written to bring attention to social trends, most especially one that affects the society men live in, in this case the “fat acceptance” movement & propaganda.
      – This attempt to put obesity in a “postive” light (which, by its nature, it cannot be) further promotes poor physical health as well as encouraging men & women to regress instead of progress with self-improvement
      – As the number of obese females increases, fewer and fewer desirable women will be available for men to marry/procreate/be involved with.
      It’s disgusting and promotes a psychologically unhealthy perspective. This should be ridiculed, not encouraged.

  34. I wish I could photosynthesise; these porkers are so disgusting I’m contemplating giving up food…

  35. Fat acceptance is a really stupid thing to promote. No doubt. But I can’t be angry about it. It literally only harms the fat people deluding themselves. Fat acceptance doesn’t save them from poor health or limited choices of sexual partners. It also will not make them truly happy with their image, no matter how much they try to tell you they are. Be chill, be slim.

  36. im sorry but i cannot read the article because i cant go to any of the sections that have words without seeing one of those horrid pictures please either have less pictures or space them out for our convenience. thank you

  37. I had to stop reading, it pains me. Sports illustrated is trying to push the fat blob this year as well. We are going full circle as a society where being a lethargic slab of ground sausage is what the media now wants to be the new normal.

    1. swimsuit issue is featuring whales?
      Welp, I guess they are done. It was a good run while it lasted. Much like playboy, rolling stone, and GQ, I doubt they will last out the decade.

  38. This would actually be worth seeing if it were done properly…that is, audience members were handed tomatoes upon entry and it was treated like a mix between Aristotelian cathartic comedy and old timey grotesquerie.

  39. Doesn’t Australia have some kind of government run healthcare? How is this fair to all the fit Australians who don’t have more then 10 medical problems and are on $1000+ worth of medications a month. Not to mention the paid hospital visits, x-rays, ct’s, etc.
    This is the same problem here in America, so many fat fucks are wasting hard working middle class american money so the bottom 20% who don’t pay taxes can afford free healthcare and keep turning into behemoths and sedentary land whales.
    There’s a huge difference between a poor family who is in decent shape and does not require as healthcare vs a family of 35-40% BMI people.

  40. This is why we need fat shaming and thinspiration; to help these pigs understand that they’re not attractive and never will be unless they put the damn donut down and pick up a celery stick instead.

  41. Hilarious…..The comments have me howling! *pulls up chair and waits for the “Shep” crew to add to this blog* This ought to be good….

  42. Oh……my! I think dancer, and I think lithe. I can even take a curvy in shape woman dancing…those….animals, make me wanna wretch. Who in the hell is paying to watch tubs of lard jiggle across the stage?

  43. You know that song from “big girls you are beautiful”. Almost all women I met liked that song and thought big girls can be beautiful. Almost no men I know agree that fat women are pretty. That’s says it all. No man wants to see fat bitches dance on a stage.

  44. Damn it was hard to get though that article solely because if the pictures. That being said, this pushing of a fat agenda makes my stomach turn. I am especially annoyed by the “meet curvy women” ads being pushed down my throat on facebook. There is literally (to be clear i do not mean figuritivily) nothing curvy about those women except maybe the rolls. I like a woman with curves I like skinny women, I abhor fatties. If arm fat sags when one raises one’s arm, there is nothing curve about that. Curves imply form, as in tight skin. Fat giggles around and can be molded to take any form. Utterly discussing.

  45. Aesthetic monstrosity aside, being fat is unhealthy.
    I feel this picture is highly relevant.

  46. Man…Hard to believe these soap producers are from the same land as Margot Robie, Radha Mitchell & Yohanne Strahovski. (shakes head)

  47. “the aesthetic potential of taking up space”
    Aren’t they trying to stop that on New York subways? So all those men a just performance artists?
    “What does it mean when you put really big bodies on stage and call them professional dancers?”
    It means once again you’re trying to force people to find you sexually desirable, but aren’t willing to change anything about yourself that might make that happen and it’s not going to work.
    So now my question is, if people go to see this, or view the videos if that’s what they are, only for the sake of them being funny, who gets the blame for making fun of fat people? The artistic director made the videos.

  48. Seriously, Id like to see those women last thru one of my classes. Actually, two classes.
    As a someone who studies nutrition avidly, this is frightening. I expect them to drop dead from a cardiovascular explosion. Onstage.

  49. Australian women are either fat, classless or in the rare case alright. For the first two they are also sluts but picky ones. They’ll demand “chivalry” but be complete bitches. regardless if they are white, black, brown or yellow they have a narcissistic tendency and holier than thou attitude. See these sluts at work at all uni’s here. They think they are top shit. Funniest is esp the white aussie bushpig is jealous of Asian (Indian and Oriental) and Latin girls. Those girls are not so bad and keep their body in shape without drugs and thinshakes. Go to my freecams and see all the fat sluts in Australia to see how widespread (pun intended) this is.

  50. Let’s move on to another Australian women problem – actual normal size women.
    Many Aussies girls (and guys) are fatties with a lot more joining that herd after 30.
    So you have a bunch of good sized weight women from 18-30. This may sound good but no. As they are not always attractive especially in face. However as an increasing minority the value for these women has gone up as their bodies are okay or better. That is their desirability has gone up for many men. Suddenly a girl that would not be deemed very attractive is suddenly quite “hot” which is not the truth but anyway.
    Well these bitches have now got some value and they know it. I see a lot of these autistic and hyper socially awkard feminazi’s at uni and geek events. They doll it up and are able to milk beta retards and other fools for all it is worth. Their words mean a lot more than actual value. They are fought over by passive aggressive nerds. if you ever want to see these women really at work go to a cosplay event. These women who critisize “male gaze” and are just socialists with no sense of humour ironically dress sexily spending numerous welfare and other such money on expensive costumes they will wear once.. They themselves are treating their bodies like sex workers. Then witness the horde of acne ladled fat and skinny geek autistic guys swarm with their canon cameras to take pictures they will undoubtedly masturbate too.
    We as a society have letobseity bring us down. it’s let girls who are honestly 4-6 at best become 7-9’s! It’s made these girls rude, selfish and hypocrites. And it is disgusting.

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