Is Danica Patrick The Most Overrated Sports Figure In History?

In 144 NASCAR Sprint Cup and Xfinity races, Danica Patrick has never been on top of the podium. So for years now, the sporting community and wider world have been fed a pernicious lie. Patrick has been paraded around as a champion of NASCAR, a metaphor for victory against sexism and a role model. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At every stage of her professional career, Patrick has benefited from, rather than been disadvantaged by, her gender. Her paucity of non-existence of any achievements at the highest level has not stopped her from obscuring a litany of more talented and deserving drivers.

Endorsements continue to rain in for her, notwithstanding that there’s no evidence she had to work any harder than her male counterparts. Literally dozens of male drivers have repeatedly out-achieved her during her time racing. Where is this sexism that’s always implied wherever Danica walks or whenever she farts in the wind?

Patrick is far more homely without make-up, photoshopping, and a fake CV of racing achievements.

Danica’s story has never been about sexism

Few people understand that machines and racing are in Danica Patrick’s blood. Her entire existence came about because her parents met each other on a blind date when her mother was a mechanic. Her father was also an avid racer of a variety of vehicles. This is no story of a girl reaching the heights of NASCAR without any advantage or previous connection to machines and racing.

Danica’s exposure to racing, mostly via her family upbringing, was so encompassing that she moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 16 to pursue her career. Media exposés mythologize Danica’s story as if she came out of nowhere, or from Planet Talent and Totally Deserving.

When she progressed into the IndyCar Series, before either NASCAR division, she proved to be a grossly underwhelming driver, winning only a single race in seven years and 115 starts.

Her boyfriend is better but a hundred times less well-known

Both Danica and her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., are mediocre NASCAR drivers at best. The pair placed 28th and 27th in the 2014 Sprint Cup respectively. Sure, they could race the pants off every ROK reader. But we are not professional drivers. And both Patrick and Stenhouse are professional drivers with subpar results compared to many of those above them. Again, though, Patrick’s skid-marked record still doesn’t impinge on her exponentially higher national exposure.

Stenhouse’s achievements far outstrip Patrick’s, to say the least. He is also five years younger. In the Xfinity Series, NASCAR’s second tier competition, Stenhouse was the overall champion in 2011 and 2012. He boasted eight individual wins from 107 races (7.5%).

Patrick, you guessed it, won zero races during her stint in the Xfinity Series (0% for our math-loathing SJW friends). In 58% (62) of his Xfinity races, Stenhouse placed in the top ten; Patrick was in the top ten a mere 11% of the time (seven from 61 races). Stenhouse had eight Xfinity pole positions, Patrick had a measly one.

Ridiculously, after Patrick had her best Xfinity Series season result (10th) in 2012, the same year Stenhouse won the championship, she debuted as a full-time driver in the Sprint Cup before him.

Even in the Sprint Cup, Stenhouse has outdone Patrick. Neither has won a race, but Stenhouse has twice as many top tens (8) as Patrick, who has raced on four more occasions.

Patrick makes German tennis player Julia Görges look non-overrated, a truly stellar achievement.

Other drivers are justifiably annoyed

Ex-driver Richard Petty, who won 200 individual Sprint Cup races and seven Sprint Cup championships, said that Danica Patrick would win a Sprint Cup race “[only] if everybody else stayed home.” His son Kyle, another former driver, was similarly and accurately dismissive of the preposterous myths surrounding Danica Patrick.

Pressured by the pack of wolves known as the misandry media, other drivers would be financially and socially eviscerated for drawing attention to Patrick’s actual racing antecedence, rather than endorsing and promulgating the ultra-hype. So they keep quiet and grind their teeth as she takes center stage, countless places below them.

Feminists want attention for female sports “stars” because they’re women, not because of their “talent”

Though NASCAR is now a non-gendered field, feminists are obsessed with putting Patrick on a pedestal, despite her never being on top of the NASCAR pedestal known as the winner’s podium. This is an extension of their approach in other gender-divided sports, where tennis players such as Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are given equal standing with the far superior Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

These sycophantic feminists successfully pin their hopes on an ignorant sporting and particularly broader public who are shepherded into thinking Patrick is a legitimate champion. It need not matter that the evidence is there to prove that NASCAR’s token woman is a fraud in light of how she is incessantly presented. The story sticks if you repeat it ad nauseam.

Kevin Harvick, a NASCAR champion in reality, not fantasy. Note the absence of milking one’s gender.

The “truth” skeptics are out there

The Bleacher Report, that veritable bastion of (a kind of) red pill sporting wisdom, has been questioning Patrick’s missing credentials for several years. CBS joined the criticism in a more nuanced fashion, naming Patrick in their list of the top five most overrated athletes (although spare a thought and a tissue for Chamberlain, Sanders, Rodman, and Rodriguez for being bunched in with her!).

Facts are facts. But even facts don’t guarantee the truth will win out in the world of sports and money. Danica Patrick knows this better than anyone. All she needs to do is look at her bank balance and turn on her TV.

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211 thoughts on “Is Danica Patrick The Most Overrated Sports Figure In History?”

      1. That clip at 03:04 where she loses control instantly at the start and crashes into another car at the pit-stop is just awesome. The commentator: “I can’t explain that.” I can – it’s a woman and her hamster went wild.

      2. In a few yrs time, her only sponsor will be Chico’s Bail Bonds

    1. Those clips are hilarious. In Europe she would not never even come close to pro racing. At least she takes care of crashes which is part of NASCAR business. Other drivers would have been fired already.

  1. I don’t get why the dudes that oogle over her. Look at her picture up there, there’s better chicks at every coffee shop in the USA every day. She’s a 5-6 at best. I could understand people freaking out if there was actually a hot chick but she’s not hot.

    1. Most men do what they’re told. The media tells them to lick her taint, they lick her taint. Women too.

  2. Another example of female privilege in The West. If she was a male no one would care about her with that record.

    1. It’s this part (or benefit) of equality that women don’t want to talk about….the part where they get recognized for being “ok” at something professionally.
      Put her in a sport with all women and she might be the better or best. Put her in a sport with men and she’s next to last.
      But you’ll never hear women complain about how low this bar is set for them, today. They’ll only point at men as being the problem (instead of accepting personal responsibility)….and getting better.

      1. This is exactly right. It also shows more hypocrisy by feminists, they say they are eqaul or superior to men in every way an that gender is a social construct but they want special praise an affirmative action to do things men already do. If they are eqaul why are they praising a women who is clearly inferior to men in her field?

  3. Women mixing it with men is a guaranteed disaster. I’m not even saying that to provoke any lurking feminists. It’s a serious incident waiting to happen.
    Even at college level they tried to let girls play soccer with guys in practice sessions and it went badly. The best girl player, who looked in a girls game like she had good ability and technique, was worse than useless, because guys closed down the space so much quicker that it rendered her relatively decent technique worthless.
    The female teacher refused to see it, but the girl herself respectively bowed out after a handful of sessions. And this is a relatively non-contact sport like soccer. In more physical games serious injury is risked.
    There’s a good chance NASCAR girl will get herself killed out there if my experience in sport is any kind of guide

    1. I recall something like this about a teenage girl playing on a boys hockey team. The guys didn’t go near her and she got pissed because she couldn’t check them (they would dump the puck and then jink) and they wouldn’t hit her (sometimes they would double team her and simply use stick technique to take the puck).

  4. Danica Patrick also demonstrates something we used to call the “Baghdad 10.” In any other pool of chicks, she’s a 6 to me, maybe a 7 all dolled up. But in NASCAR, where it’s all dudes, her rating is substantially inflated just because there is no other point of comparison.

    1. Not among the drivers.
      Stand her in a line with most of the driver’s wives and her true rating becomes clear.

    2. We always call that the “Office Scale”. An 8 in the office (men and fugly old women) and a 6 in the real world.

      1. Our term for overrated average sluts in a closed environ such as science labs, private clubs, churches, etc. was “Belle of the Balls.”

      2. I have the luck of working in a women-free office (where we open carry handguns too) and never knew that term.

        1. Huh? Do you own an 1860s saloon out in the Dakota territories?

        2. Huh? Are you from the UK or do you just watch too much TV? Majority of states it’s completely legal to open carry without permit. Although I prefer concealed which requires a permit in all states except AZ.
          I work in an office and keep a 9mm in my laptop bag. I usually don’t open carry as is uncomfortable when sitting most of the time.

        3. Im from NY, which is UK west.
          That joke whooshed over your head!

        4. As soon as you use your weapon you will be placed under arrest, charged with a crime and have to defend your life/freedom from power hungry DA’s, corrupt judges and incompetent jurors.

        5. Thats not far from the truth. I just found out nyc observes something called equal force, which mean if someone attacks me and I defend myself with a knife, Im in the wrong. If someone attacks me with a knife, and I had a gun, Im in the wrong. Its madness.

        6. It is rather revealing that individuals in government-issued costumes (police officers) can legitimately plow 40-60 rounds into another individual without being subject to the consequences of “equal force”.

        7. It IS the truth. I KNOW from personal experience. Once you pick up ANYTHING it ceases to be a misdemeanor Simple Assault and Battery and instantly becomes a felony Aggravated Assault. It does not matter if you fear for your life the same as a police officer. According to German sociologist Max Weber government has a monopoly on violence and are the ONLY ones to have a LEGITIMATE use of force. – sorry for the all capitals there guys –

        8. Government employees get away with murder. What would land you or I in a prison cell or an insane asylum is par for the course in politics.

        9. Not over my head, just was a lame joke countered by sarcasm is all. However, NY = UK west… clever funny.

        10. In most of the US outside of restrictive municipalities such as NY, Chicago etc.
          Under the following conditions you are clear to use lethal force.
          Outside home – Fear of life and impossible to retreat.
          Inside home – Fear of life
          Afterwards STFU, simple clear-cut story with VERY minimal detail. Save the details for your lawyer.
          If you use a firearm to intimidate or escalate situations that could have been walked away from then yes, you will get raped in court… then later in prison.

        11. My main motorcycle shop has employees that open carry. And I open carry when I go there (and most other places). Here in OH! IO!

        12. You got a subscription to “Bucknuts” magazine? That title is hilarious.

        13. Stand Your Ground does not require an impossible to retreat caveat. That’s what makes it so valuable and desired. Ohio has “duty to retreat” which is what you outlined, but we’re chipping away at that fast.

        14. women, gays, and government employees all literally get away with murder all the time. Nothing to see here, move along…

        15. Glad I am not the only one from Ohio. Home of the Dayton 10 scale several years back.

        16. Can open (but I conceal) carry in the state of VA.
          They just appealed the law in DC (as unconstitutional)…you couldn’t go anywhere near it (transport or other) with a hand gun last year. That was struck down, recently (thank god).

        17. Yeah, yeah and your check’s in the mail and I love you and I promise not to cum in your mouth. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. If you really believe that you have “Rights” then please feel free to go out and exercise some of them, like Freedom of Speech. Just a little FYI for ya, the day you exercise your rights will be tossed salad day in the poky and I prefer syrup. See you on Cell Block D…

        18. All states should have Stand your Ground, If someone gets attacked they shouldn’t have to Cower away from the attacker, sometimes retreating is when a person is most vulnerable. States that don’t have Stand your Ground are giving the Bad guy Rights even after instigating and attacking an Innocent person.

        19. Absolutely agreed. The entire notion of “duty to retreat” is that the attacker is wielding a mace or sword and that you can simply run away faster and be safe. This standard hasn’t been relevant since the year 1400, yet here we are in some states with it as an absurd legal standard.

        20. Yeah, I know, steam roll those fuckers in DC.
          VA is great, I did my first out of state OC there a long while back while taking a ride from Columbus down to Florida. 1911 on the belt and all I got were waves and thumbs up on the highway and at gas stations. Great state for that.

        21. Kinda true. Most cases in Ohio of actual self defense only get to a Grand Jury at best, and then are dismissed. Some don’t even make it to that. We’ve gotten *very* gun friendly over the last 30 years, in law and practice.

        22. I went to a college game there, everyone will ask if you got your nuts(bucknuts that is).

        23. Leftists have a ridiculous concept of morality, which is based on ideals rather than practical reality. Their silly views are evident in the state laws of NY, CA, etc.

        24. When a government can rob its citizens blind and further humiliate them yearly via the intrusive tax return then getting away with murder is simply a natural outgrowth.

        25. You can carry concealed in Vermont without a permit too. Unfortunately not enough criminals for me to justify walking around armed. Plenty of heroin addicts though but it’s not legal to shoot them.

        26. All depends on the circumstances. If you stay with-in the legal framework you exponentially minimize risk . Nothing is a guaranteed “right”, including your life.

      3. In my work area there is a five that the mangina lab techs swoon over because she is one of the few females there. She is a 5 at best maybe a 6 after a keg or two. It’s really a sight to see.

    3. Good point. The old saying goes “In the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king”. Thus that one woman in the sausage fest is going to be like a 10.

    4. This raises the question, is a female’s attractiveness increased significantly by an absence of females multiplied by the number of males in the vicinity judging it?
      I wish i could express this in algebraic terms but algebra was never my strong point. grrr.

    5. Kinda like Ronda Rousey among the manly-looking dykes of female mixed martial arts.

  5. Danica is short and lightweight. Her low center of gravity and the fact that she weighs substantially less should put her at an ADVANTAGE against the male drivers, since no real physical strength is required for this “job”, yet she still can’t win anything!!
    But the media’s all like…. uurgghhhh durrrrpppp empowered female durrrrppppp!!

    1. What makes men better suited in most en devours is not simply strength. It’s that we are better wired for cognitive ability across the board.

    2. NASCAR requires that all cars, including the driver, weigh the same. Teams will add weight for light drivers and remove weight for heavier guys. IndyCar only mandates car weight, so yes, she was at an advantage when she raced there. She won one race, on fuel mileage, so there.

    1. Political Correctness is a communist term invented by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. PC kills comedy. Ever hear of a Soviet Comedian? When is the last time you heard someone tell a joke in America? They probably lowered their voice and looked around to make certain that no one would hear them and be offended. I mean who wants to lose their job over a stupid joke. Welcome to the USSA comrades.

        1. I was WAITING for that. Yakov was a “former” Soviet who came here and became a comedian. What kind of Soviet citizen is “allowed” to emigrate to New York in 1977? He didn’t defect or “escape” the Soviet Union. He emigrated. Hmmmm… Yakov was totally Alpha. The James Bond of Russia. He was a “comedian” with access to the entertainment industry (spy) who was also a master with the stiletto and an absolute magician at making bodies disappear. He got more ass than a toilet se… Okay I can’t go on. Enough of my bullshit. ~ Roses are red, Violets are blue in Soviet Russia poem write you!

        2. Is that true? He was a spy? Man, Id fork over cash to see that movie…
          You got a link?

    2. Show up and get a trophy (for being a woman in a man’s sport). Yep, you have to love that equality.
      She can’t compete…she doesn’t finish in the tops of any races but let’s give her a trophy anyways.
      Jay Mohr called it like it is…and she didn’t appreciate it. Well, she is one reason why women have their own leagues…they can’t compete with men.

  6. Always been like this with her. I think she had one win in Indy car (and I think that was rain shortened). Nothing close to an impressive record, and nowhere near championship contender ability.
    She’s a marketing machine, that’s all. She’ll get rides because she gets sponsors and sponsors pay the bills for everyone in racing.
    She can drive…you don’t get to race 1200 HP cars in Indycar or 900 HP cars in NASCAR without some driving ability, but there are dozens upon dozens of similarly talented men out there who don’t get a shot just because of their gender, and she won’t ever come close to do anything impressive.
    Basically, she can do two things, stand around almost naked and drive racecars. If she wasn’t willing to do the first, no one would care about her mediocre ability to do the second.

  7. Overrated, obviously. She’s still accomplished more than most of us ever will. Yeah, she’s a hype machine and the face of female empowerment, but It’s not right for us to boo her or any other subpar millionaire from the sidelines. That’s what losers do.

    1. We’re not booing her…we’re booing the movement that she represents. She’s another example of women trying to compete with men (and failing miserably at it). Women talk about how “strong and independent” they are and brag about how they can compete with men (no they can’t).
      That shaming shit is for XoJane or another bullshit site….not here.

  8. I don’t see the issue here. Is she a good NASCAR driver? Of course not. Is she good at moving product and being a corporate spokesperson? Absolutely. She has made a lot of money using her assets. Good for her. Being a good NASCAR driver and being a good corporate spokesperson are two very different things. Tom Brady may be the best quarterback in the NFL, but he makes less money than his wife, Gisele Bundchun.

    1. So basically as long as cash is turning over, fuck authentic things like real competition and such?

        1. Used to be. I agree it isn’t now. And the reason it isn’t now is because of people like Lance.

        2. It hasn’t been authentic since the 70’s, when it stopped being ‘stock’. Not in my lifetime.

        3. Same thoughts man. When it was at its roots of being an extension of shine running culture, it rocked out loud. Now, eh, it’s kinda went NFL on us. Show, lights, drama and…um…

    2. Right. So in the future we’ll have a professional NASCAR league with a bunch of “ok” drivers who really aren’t concerned with winning the race…just plugging products and selling things.
      So, who’s going to watch that bullshit? I would rather start a new racing league with a bunch of retards (or women) driving to watch the crashes…that would be better “entertainment”.

  9. The one sport where feminists do not want mixed competition:Chess !
    Because uhm, when they fail (and they would), there is only ONE explanation and NO excuse. Of course there is always the patriarchy..

  10. Every woman is easily the most overrated figure in history.
    Women are incompetent and pale in comparison to men. That’s why white women hate white men so much.

  11. She is an average driver in NASCAR. She can get your car around the track. She get’s the exposure your sponsor wants, and for the most part does not bend the car more than most of the men. A lot of teams are happy with that out of a third or fourth driver.
    There are actually a lot of former open wheel guys, even good drivers, that have struggled when they enter NASCAR. The cars and the style of racing are simply that different. There are some women in the lower ranks of NASCAR that have the potential to be good NASCAR drivers. I do think that Danica sucks all the air out of the room for the other female drivers.
    This is the final year of her contract with Stewart-Haas racing and I doubt she gets renewed.

  12. Janet Guthrie was racing in the Indianapolis 500 way back in the 1960s.
    Danica Patrick is no pioneer and broke no sexist barrier. She’s just an also ran. There are other woman racers who are just as good as her too.
    It is no coincidence that NASCAR ratings have slipped since Patrick Arrived (similar to Rousey’s effect in MMA). With Patrick hogging all of the camera time and media attention, the sport loses its showcase for the real superstars.

    1. She is a marketing gimmick but that isn’t what really started killing NASCAR. All the engines are manufactured by one team, Hendrick motorsports. That team also wins most of the championships. There is little difference between the cars, regardless of the nameplate on the front. The officials and owners are so aware of the “corporate brand” and the drivers display a bland and non-offensive personality because that is what the suits and the marketing execs want.
      It’s boring racing and lack of any distinct personality that is killing NASCAR.

      1. Go back to big block powered metal bodied carbuerated cars.
        That will return some excitement to the sport and get away from the boring homogeneity.
        NASCAR was a lot more fun in the 70’s and early 80’s IMHO — before restricter plates and such.
        All the rules and feminist ‘safety’ bullshit has turned into another version of the NFL — sterile, equalized, boring, and no more creativity allowed for innovative mechanics.
        I’d rather run my street car at the local drag strip on a Friday night than watch that crap.
        It’s as bad as the NFL is, the players are at least all men still.
        Just wait till we get a female kicker, who gets creamed on a kickoff or tries to make a tackle.
        Whoa Nellie Foooootbaaaaallll!
        (arcane Keith JACK-son reference for the old timers).

        1. I remember that one girl that tried to try out, and made dozens of excuses for why she massively fucked up. Lauren Silberman, I think.

      2. Back when stock car racing was actually racing stock cars, it was much more interesting.
        I’d like to see racing where a team driver has to go to the local dealership and pick out a car from the lot to race in.

    2. NASCAR…like the NFL with pink ribbons…could be on it’s way down as well.
      Once they focus the attention on everything else except the actual sport….why watch it any longer?
      Next, we’ll have retarded kids entering NASCAR and they’ll cheer as they make it around the track…but forget who won the race (at that point…you’re racing retarded kids).

      1. Yeah, that shit turns my crank as well. I don’t dislike handicapped or retarded kids, I really don’t, but by doing the whole SJW “put them in and let them win” thing is insulting to everybody, including the handicapped and retarded kids. It is patronizing at a saccharine level.
        I think things like the Special Olympics are fantastic, and there are some serious competitors in those events. It works because they are matched and *have* to compete to win, and the self esteem is real that they gain. Good for them, I say. But putting Wheelchair Willie on the football field and the real players just stand there looking around while he rolls across a line for a touchdown? In-fucking-sulting in the extreme, to him of all people. And SJW’s can’t clap hard enough, those self absorbed nitwits.

  13. Danica Patrick would mop the floor with her male competitors only if the sport in question were mopping floors

      1. Ah, but I bet she makes one hell of a good sammich and can fetch beers like nobody’s business!

        1. !!!!! DING DING DING !!!!! Jeff just won a Free basket of wings and a pitcher of beer from Hooters for that one!

      2. how about a putting up frilly curtains race? There are some games you’re not supposed to win

      3. In the Navy I did more than my share of mopping, and I can tell you that is truth. Tenders (pussy wagons) were always filthy versus our combat vessels, which were so clean you could literally eat off of any floor on the ship. (Sometimes we even had to prove that. Compelling reason to make sure the decks squeaked)

  14. I’ve been calling bs on DP for years. She’s another female that feminist libtards have attempted to promote as an example of a female having a commensurate superlative talent to Men in the racing industry. She is a joke and a fraud and anyone with a fully functional brain can see right through her hype.
    Whenever you have to promote someone’s mediocre ability as “outstanding” because of the fact they are the only gender exercising the ability, you only succeed in cheerleading for mediocrity based on a personal scale that emphasizes feelings over facts, or impressions over reality.
    This in essence is the modus operandi of the chronic leftist, be they male or female: the promotion of subjective opinion over objective facts.
    It doesn’t matter if DP sucks when stacked against guys, because she is the only girl racing (to my knowledge) she must therefore be given recognition not for what she does, but for what she is. This kind of thinking helped to get that p.o.s president of the US elected, btw.

    1. The trend is undeniable, a mediocre homosexual got drafted into the NFL. Its sad, professional sports should be for the very best but today its less about performance and more about things that have no place competitive arenas be they NASCAR or even High School varsity teams. But then again, we’re a culture that has been dragged down to celebrate mediocrity everything from body positive/fat shaming to the new “realistic” barbie.

      1. The NFL got vaginified through the bs breast cancer agenda, the NBA is now getting vaginified thanks to SJC’s (social justice cunts) like sheryl sandberg, so i guess boxing must be next. I don’t follow boxing but i’m pretty sure it’s on the feminist to do list.
        Pretty soon we are going to see the phenomena of “gender disqualifiers” taking place in events where females directly compete with males. With the rise of the bs women’s ufc, we are close to a natural (unnatural actually) transition to intergender boxing.
        And to make it “fair” Women will be given 10 points or so just for being females, and Men may be deducted 10 points or more just for being males, in order to make the sport more gender “equitable.”
        Picture tuning in to watch a boxing match between say, floyd mayweather and a girl that resembles danica patrick. You would think that she doesn’t have a chance right? Not when he is given 10-100 GD points just to make the match “fair”
        Going into a fight where judges judge on points, and where you are given a disadvantage right from the get go, and you can see how much easier it will be for a Man to lose and a female to win.
        Hell they may even make a rule saying you can’t knock out a female or hit her in the head, just to make sure there are no “quick cheat victories”

        1. The govt can use pro sports leagues to push an agenda- maybe one of the lawyers on this board can weigh in? I believe it has something to do with their govt sanctioned monopoly status, but then again I may be talking outta my ass

        2. I’m no lawyer, but that’s the connection. Professional sports get subsidies, so therefore, they’re beholden to the government and their social engineering agenda.
          I really don’t care if patrick is good or not, she’s one woman out of all men, which makes her an outlier at best. What I do care about is the social engineering because that’s telling all of us how to live and in what’s suppose to be a free society – that’s unacceptable. And, is this really “progress”, are women really liberate in the true sense of the word? Because all it seems like these fucked-up social engineers want to do is to force women into being more like men?

        3. “What I do care about is the social engineering because that’s telling all of us how to live and in what’s suppose to be a free society – that’s unacceptable. And, is this really “progress”, are women really liberate in the true sense of the word? Because all it seems like these fucked-up social engineers want to do is to force women into being more like men?”
          Ding ding ding! You nailed it. The crux of the issue is not Patrick’s talent, real or embellished, but whether or not she deserves the elevated status she’s been ceremoniously granted by the complicit bs feminist media by pushing her as an equal-if not superior-to men in her field.
          The answer is a resounding FUCK NO.
          Hell, even on ROK it seems like guys are white knighting her with pavlovianesque remarks.
          Our society is slowly conditioning Men through the idiot box and other technological means for the purpose of making us docile and subservient.
          The “Alex Delarge” effect, if you will.

        4. Right, and people have to understand that shes a tool of the same engineering machine that is working against us.
          I do see hope in the near future. The msm is feminized and that’s why there is so much outsized and undeserved attention going to patrick. But, its feminized because its centralized. I see a very decentralized media in the near future.

        5. “I see a very decentralized media in the near future.”
          You can see the roots of that now. Anyone with a smartphone or even a pen and pencil and an objective brain represents the new no spin media.
          ROK gives me hope that real Men have not gone the way of the dinosaur. Even after society formally collapses through the outright tyranny that’s coming, we will be in the shadows running sorties on these totalitatian scumbags.
          The 2nd American revolution, if you will.

        6. Yeah, I think that’s it. The Title 9 exemption and all the other bullshit they got to do because you cannot legislate equality in sports (well, at the time they thought you couldn’t).
          Fuck’em. Repeal all exemptions. They want equality? Great. Throw women on the teams. Make sure that the “demographic content” of the team matches society and is no longer 90% black men (nothing against black athletes, this is aimed at the idiotic owners and government). Fuck up every goddamned sport and set them all aflame. You want equality, why, we have gasoline cans full of equality for ya!

        7. We seem to *really* be on the same team on so many levels. In a world of weakness, the strong will eventually end up writing the history books. My pen is itching for a good dissertation.

        8. Pertaining to Title IX, we determined long ago in the USA that you cannot be “separate and equal.” Therefore, all college sports need to be unisex, which means few women will be athletically talented enough to compete. 😉

      2. The standards (for some) have been lowered (so low) that it’s not even funny. You only have to be from a certain group and breathing (as a requirement) to enter. Any other person (man) would have to be tops in the game.
        It’s the reason why professional sports is going to shit and it’s why our military force is weakening. They’re taking anybody and everybody so that it’s all PC (everyone gets a trophy mentality).
        They don’t realize how it’s going to effect a league (or the military) in the long run.

        1. “You only have to be from a certain group and breathing (as a requirement) to enter. Any other person (man) would have to be tops in the game.”
          That’s the rub, and instead of really doing some “social” good it just shits on those qualified people’s faces. For the military its like…well, I was a grunt or passed this school. In times past you could feel good about it. Today, when they make changes to let certain people in and reduce standards it robs you of a source of well deserved pride. They used to say, no one can take being a Marine away from you…but in reality it has been taken away. What’s the value in it if a house mom can be let in? Same thing for sports. And all the sacrifice people endure…its all shit on when “they” put so and so in just because they’re a homosexual or female or fucking half-purple-monkey-pedophilesexual.
          Sorry at the expense of sounding like a wet towel, nonetheless, today being a Marine…shit, just doesn’t mean as much to me as it did.

        2. They are doing the same thing in the FDNY.
          They have changed the standards so that more women can pass the tests (so they can diversify the fire departments). Imagine the men who just missed the required tests to get into this department and now they are letting women join (under new lower standards).
          They are making the department weaker by letting sub par firefighters in…versus passing the regular tests (standards). Everyone gets a trophy.
          No doubt this change is being handed down from higher ups (mayor’s office or other) to be PC compliant.

        3. Yep! ladies can drag you down the stairs if they cannot throw you over the shoulder. So while she saved you from the fire, she gave you a concussion as your head hit every stair on the way down.

        4. It pissed me off when they gave the entire Army berets. Total bullshit. I had to earn mine at Ft. Bragg, meanwhile little 21st century pussies with time out cards in basic got one as a participation trophy. It seems trivial and petty, but the little shit that stamps you as elite matters in a warrior society. Shitting all over our traditions strikes a real nerve to men who have earned their wings/berets/rank.

        5. And for that, people WILL die. And not a word will be said about the reason why people are dying, under pain of losing your profession. Because equality.

        6. Symbols of status lose their power when everyone gets them. Purple used to be considered a color of only the elites since the dye was so rare. Now even a homeless man can wear it, thus the color has lost its meaning. Of course, we live in a Western world where some people are getting increasingly hostile to the idea of social status. (Basically, it’s Marxism again.) They want to obscure the fact that some people really are superior to others because it doesn’t fit into their worldview.

        7. My father was a Marine during Vietnam. What him and his brothers earned was through blood, death and sweat. How the socialists cheapen all of this nowadays.

        8. Hopefully you’ll be upstairs when a female comes to rescue you…because if you were in the basement you’re screwed. None of the females in my Academy class could drag any of the men out of the basement of the Burn building.

    2. “She is a joke and a fraud and anyone with a fully functional brain can see right through her hype.”
      I’ll put my bias up front on this one; back in the day Patrick is one of the two women I picked out as having what it takes to make it to the big time, and even win, back when she was still a kid in karts (the other was Vanina Ickx).
      I would not say she is a joke or a fraud, but I would certainly say that, as these things go, she is overrated. She’s at the level of an Eddie Cheever, Good enough to be there, but only good enough to win under conditions of getting all the breaks.
      And most of the men out there aren’t even that good.
      And remember that she’s a TV sports professional. Professional TV sports aren’t about sports. They’re about marketing soap.

      1. Ok, she’s the NASCAR equivalent of a WWE sports competitor.
        In a stacked race where say, 10 guys are past their prime and ten more are just starting out, i’m sure Ms Patrick would do relatively well against them. However, take away that favorable scenario and one quickly realizes just how grossly exaggerated her talent truly is.
        I call her a joke because she is. She is the best female at being a mediocre racer. She is a fraud because she was promoted on the absence of a penis between her legs, when there are far more talented guys who get passed over because of the existence of a penis between their legs.

        1. “She is the best female at being a mediocre racer.”
          There ya go.
          ” . . . she was promoted on the absence of a penis between her legs . . .”
          It’s women who buy the most soap. If you want to see motor sport, go to a kart race. Most of the men out there in the pros didn’t earn their rides either; they bought them.

        2. Probably, i was just being generous in my remark. That doesn’t speak too well about her does it ? 🙂

        3. As far as televised motor sports World Rally Championship (WRC) is the way to go.
          Calling her mediocre is a stretch even, at least with NASCAR.

        4. “Most of the men out there in the pros didn’t earn their rides either; they bought them.”
          That might be true but it’s still a red herring, because patrick got promoted heavily for being a female despite her mediocrity, whereas other more talented males did not.

        5. There are the bikes as well. Some very fine racing still happens there, even at the TV level.
          I note that those are both forms of the sport that are traction, rather than power, limited.

        6. dirt car racing is where skill, grit, reflexes, and an instinct for the track really shine. Dirt Car races are REAL racing. Nascar has always been about selling cars… and with the new ‘default’ cars it is nothing but who looks prettiest on TV.
          It’s no secret that there are no dirt car racers that are female… they cannot even qualify.

        7. I’m sure the bar will be lowered to get one in there…the feminists have to have one female in everything, and then promote the hell out of that token girl, in order to show that women are as good at if not better at something as men.
          Perhaps training wheels will be allowed on dirt bikes for female dirt bikers only lol

    3. Exactly. I would like the olympics to become “gender neutral” and stop having events separated into men’s and women’s. Talk about instant sausage fest.

      1. it’ll never happen. The females would be completely destroyed 99% of the time. It would be fun to watch though, especially with a “benny hill” music track over it 😀

      2. Agree. If we’re all “equal”, then let women compete against men in sport’s leagues (then we can tell women to STFU about the equality bullshit).

        1. What about those female kickers, quarterbacks, and hockey goalies we hear about on the nightly news. We never get the follow up to when they get to college.

        2. The few that I’ve heard about just didn’t make it (couldn’t cut it). One of the kickers had an injury at one time (while trying out) but that didn’t matter. She tried out later and she still couldn’t cut it.
          The other problem I have with women playing in a men’s league is the pounding they’ll take from men (and the special treatment that the refs would give them).
          If you’re on the playing field, then you’re fair game. But, we’ve all seen how many fucked calls that refs have made in games. Women allowed in the NFL will be another reason for many men to stop watching (what’s next, flags instead of tackle?).

    4. She is the only one racing now. Look up Shirley Muldowney. She had real accomplishments.

      1. Yeah, Shirley was cool. Actually *won* things that mattered. My pop and uncle used to watch drag racing way back when, so I have some memories of this, albeit they’re all in Kodachrome and probably have some stupid Simon & Garfunkle music playing in the background.

  15. Carmen Jorda joins Lotus F1 as a development driver…. based on her stellar GP3 track record????

  16. Who was the gay guy who kept getting cut from NFL practice teams? Sam something? He was the most overrated person in sports. At least Patrick is finishing races in the middle of the pack.

  17. This phenomenon is so prevalent. they are desperate to give women special treatment. look at this video about japanese motorcycles. they show a man who was a great innovator and you continued working on these bikes despite burns sustained whilst researching. then at minute 22:15 they have segment about a woman who finishes 19th in a race. we are told that because she is smaller she can handle turns better. all the men in the video are there because they were great innovators, businessmen etc. but this woman is given more prominence than them because she is woman.

  18. Danica Patrick is proof that women don’t have to accomplish anything, all they have to do is show up.

  19. Well, given that womyn never built a damned thing in this world and do even less to maintain what men built, I don’t see what all the fuss over them is about. But whatever. I know the truth. They’re a hole with hair, hopefully not so obese you can’t even find the damned thing. Why are womyn pissed off? Because they don’t do anything except take up space. Most, a lot more than others.

  20. We’ve seen this movie before – Janet Guthrie in the 1970s was the first female to qualify for both Indy and NASCAR races. Alas, her best Indy finish was 9th, and for NASCAR it was a miserable 23rd. Her helmet and suit are in the Smithsonian, FWIW. I surmise the only reason she wasn’t even more of a splash then as DP is now is because a) she wasn’t all that pretty and b) the culture in the 1970s wasn’t yet as grotesquely narcissistic, consumerist and smartphone addicted as it is now. They had the ERA debates going on, but it’s nothing compared to the SJW tail wagging the dog nowadays.
    Once the rest of NASCAR realizes the DP factor you can bet there will be fewer male than female drivers. Start training pretty girls when they’re very young, get them just good enough not to wipe out and put them in a heavily sponsored car. The best sponsors have the best teams and the best support, but even if they don’t have the best drivers, it won’t matter who finishes where, but who everyone is looking at.
    So long as men still participate, the women will rarely if ever win, but as long as people still watch, NASCAR will continue to thrive. Depending upon audience reactions, eventually there could be no men participating and just a bevvy of hot-ish women riding around in 200mph billboards. Then the challenges to the SJW world view will shift – we can’t have mostly male spectators actually enjoying something involving thin, attractive women, can we?
    At that point the SJWs will get pissed and demand sponsors start hiring plus-sized female drivers, which make the cars even less competitive with the added weight. At that point, since nobody REALLY wants to watch a crowd of untalented fat women amble around the track, the entire sport will become as boring to watch as the WNBA and fold.
    There have been truly deserving female motor racing champions such as Shirley Muldowney and Angelle Sampey but the problem is they were never all that good to look at and it was NHRA drag racing – not nearly the same level of viewership and sponsor visibility as NASCAR, which is nothing but one big gigantic outdoor advertisement.
    They’re also trying to sell us on the idea of female motorcycle racing ‘champions’ too, but it hasn’t quite caught up to the DP nonsense. Notice in nearly every description, the poorly performing riders are not “living up to their potential.” Could it be that they are? That they’ve reached their potential and they just are not champions? Nah.

  21. It’s all her looks . Danica Patrick only gets any attention cause she’s hot. Like those insufferable chick sports personalities who do those hated court side interviews.

    1. She’s not hot, her airbrush artist is talented.

  22. Yawn…
    She qualifies to participate in the sport.
    She is a decent looking woman who is thin with long hair.
    She is a woman in a male-dominated sport.
    So she gets attention, endorsements, and makes a lot of money.
    Imagine that!

  23. If we’re talking about overrated NASCAR drivers, why hasn’t anyone brought up Dale Jr.?

    1. Another marketing machine. He’s a decent driver, nothing spectacular, but a mega marketing cash cow.
      Incidentally guess who Danica Patrick, another marketing machine, raced for when came to NASCAR intially?
      JR Motorsports.

  24. Naw, the most overrated sports figure is whatever black quarterback is the flavor of the month at ESPN.

    1. with nothing else on.
      and I disagree with the author’s assertion that she and her husband could ‘race circles around us’. Race drivers are not athletes, the best of them are ambitious technicians with great reflexes… Your average driver would be just as at home with a game controller as behind the wheel.
      I strongly suspect that a lot of people would make amazing drivers if they had ever gotten the chance or grew up in a subculture that encouraged it as the most ambitious goal to pursue.
      No driver starts at ground zero. Always there has to be someone with a racecar and the willingness to let them learn to drive it.

  25. On a different note, who really considers her attractive? She’s got the body of a young boy wearing a wig.
    Not since the renovation of the statue of so called liberty in ’38 has there been so much airbrush involved.
    And what’s with the resting bitch faced look? Is that her trademark or something?

    1. and now we know she has no sense of humor (or the truth hurts)…pick one.
      Maybe she should think of a new career…since this one isn’t working out to her favor. She may have a lot of money…but she is a laughing stock as a pro driver.

      1. Watch this vid..she’s got the same humorless resting bitch face fake public smile even here.

        I loved the way she got ripped though, even if it was only briefly 😀

        1. and Jay Mohr was a pussy for apologizing to her near the end. He should have said it and committed to it or not have open his damn mouth.
          It was the truth (it was funny). She (and her fans) didn’t like it because it shed a little light on an ugly truth….she’s not that good (compared to men).

        2. Amen. Even if it came from a beta wimp it was still hilarious.
          I wish Bill Burr had done that little roast…he would have been all hardcore with it.

  26. Those men who continue lose to danica should get their man card revoked for life. It’s pathetic to see them losing to a bull dyke. So many mangina/white knights in NASCAR, it sickens me.

  27. She’ll have a fully funded, top tier ride as long as some company sees the ROI on their marketing dollars regardless of her on track performance. A male driver with such a dismal performance in top equipment would have been released from his ride a long time ago.

  28. When I was in the military they used to have three junior leadership courses to qualify for master corporal, depending on whether you were infantry, combat support (armoured, artillery or engineer) or logistic support (log wogs and REMFs). Some genius decided to combine the last two into a single course so you had guys like me who built bridges for a living working with typists, musicians and medics virtually all female. Hilarity ensued.
    It was an open joke that the instructors were giving the women a free ride and coming down harder on the men in all their assessments. The field exercise was a mess as some of the women were simply not physically capable of completing a ruck march.
    When it came to combat drills and section assaults, they put all the women into a single squad. It was obvious that they didn’t want the women being embarrassed by their performance in a 100 metre pepperpot. Worse was that only one of them was really physically capable: a wiry musician whom the men nicknamed Vasques (from the Aliens movie) and she was the only one we respected. So with an all-female section, guess who had to carry the machine gun every fucking time? (once for each candidate to lead an assault). In the end, the top candidates on the course were women.
    The only up-side to this sorry tale was a cute clerk who had washed out of the course but ended up working in our camp afterwards. I would say she was an Army 7.5
    In other news, British Columbia has graduated drivers licenses and you have to slap and L or N plaque on your car while you are driving as a Learner or Novice, I suppose to warn other drivers that you don’t know what you are doing. Well, some entrepreneur started marketing plaques with C for Chinese. And hilarity ensued.
    So the discussion gets going in the comments section so I look a few things up and then point out to the punters that NASCAR does not have a single Chinese driver. Formula 1 has maybe 2. Yes, 1.3 billion people and they can only find one or two good drivers. The second one’s participation in the practice run – not even the actual race – was considered “ground breaking” (the first guy was not actually born in China).

    1. When I was in the military as a 19Delta Cav scout. I saw women Mps in their own squad. They literally shot an AT4 back words, had tons of friendly fire and were the first ones to kill most of their own unit. Women are a joke in combat situations. None of them deserved to carry a rifle or hand gun.

    1. Nah. World champion. Had fastest time in the world prior to Beijing Olympics. Was there for gold medal, but you got to clear every hurdle.
      After that, she’s had some set backs with injuries, hasn’t done as well in some of the bigger meets. Didn’t do as well in London. And some other women hurdlers, basically jealous of the attention and endorsements she’s gotten (which anybody would take advantage of) have put some effort into criticizing her when they can and spreading around that she chokes if you’re able to run next to her.(which may be true)
      Not over rated. Outside the track follower who only pays attention during the Olympics, the World championships are the same as the Olympics.
      But the always bringing up the virginity thing and the time she was crying that the media should be supporting instead of bring her down when she got compared to Kournikova, she is getting annoying and needs to toughen up.

  29. It’s the Promoted women age, A woman does something, even if it’s just average, and it’s praised as a huge accomplishment.

  30. I met her last year at the Las Vegas Speedway during a conference event. The first thing that struck me was that she’s much smaller in person than she’s portrayed in media (also, I noticed she was wearing 3 or 4 in. heels). I was a little taken aback. Definitely not like other racers I’ve met.

    1. No fights. Just she throws a fit and the other drivers know they can’t do anything, else suspensions and endorsements(which are their life line) disappear. Except back in Indy, there was a time she tried to do that with the other woman driver that’s from Argentina I think.
      Didn’t work with her. South American driver threw a towel in Danica’s face. She knew not to mess with her, so Danica just stood there and kept saying “what’s your problem”
      Problem was Danica should’ve stayed by her own pit.

  31. She is like Maria Sharapova David. Even if Wiliams sisters are better, no one gives a shit. They are not hot.
    Her, they can use her to attract guys, advertisers, and females. It’s all about attraction.

  32. she’s kinda like Sheryl Sandberg, basically a run of the mill babysitter CEO, yet somehow held up as exceptional by the media
    something about female mediocrity vs male excellence

  33. This is one reason why SJWs want to push “strong” female characters so hard in video games. Because they are totally fictional and in real life men are always stronger and better at everything.

  34. I live in the heart of NASCAR country. Absolutely no one gives 1/10th of a damn about her. There’s a cardboard standup of her at the grocery store I go to, and I don’t remember what product it’s in front of (something by a company that endorses her, I’d assume) but whatever it is, nobody buys it.

    1. Same here…down in VA. She is pretty much a “product pusher” because she can’t drive worth a fuck.

  35. Danica’s lack of achievement is probably biological. Women lack testosterone, which means they’re just less aggressive and less likely to take risks than men. This makes her less likely to win in a competition. Women will almost always fair worse in competition than men, especially athletic competition. See below.

  36. “Most overrated ever” is a stretch. Who the hell puts Wilt Chamberlain in “most overrated” anyway? He’s one of the top 5 players EVER. How is it possible to overrate him? When I think of “most overrated” I think of Brian Bosworth, Todd Marinovich, Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell.
    I don’t think Danica will ever be in the elite, but she won 1 IndyCar race, led laps at the Indy 500 and finished 4th, won the pole at the Daytona 500 and ran very well before fading late and finishing 8th. Any driver could take pride in those accomplishments.
    Sure, she gets a lot of hype for being the only woman in the Cup Series. But NASCAR is all about entertainment and she sells tickets. There’s 42 other drivers out there and she isn’t exactly finishing dead last every week.

  37. Driving a car is a sport now? I thought it was what you did to get to work,w hat next riding the subway is a sport too!

  38. Danica Patrick is just another token female placed in a 99.9% male arena so that women can take half (usually more) of the credit for the 99.999999% of the accomplishments and work men do.

  39. The Danica Effect is notable for occurring in a sport in which strength is irrelevant. A noodle-armed 120lb gnome of a fellow could theoretically control his vehicle just as ably/skillfully if not more so than a jacked 200lb gym rat. No crying foul due to ‘well, women have less upper body strength than men’ or other cliches.
    Danica has clearly proven that despite having plenty of experience, she just doesn’t have what it takes to be a competitive racer. Yet there she still is as living proof of the Russian proverb: ‘The marvel is not that the bear dances well, but that the bear dances at all.’

  40. a. Nascar is an incredibly expensive sport to participate in, so most of the drivers either “have it in their blood” and/or come from very wealthy families.
    b. She’s not the best, never will be, but she sells tickets. David Beckham was never the best either, albeit a better football player than she a driver. Perhaps a better example would be Anna Kournikova who’s only claim to fame was being smoking hot, and playing tennis. Any high profile athlete that brings money and attention to a sport is liable to receive far more attention, irrespective of actual talent.

  41. This is why feminism sucks. Women expect to be praised for doing unremarkable things, whereas if a man did exactly the same thing, nobody would give it a second thought.. what makes you so special, just because you have a vagina?

  42. Yeah, uppity fucking bitches! I mean, women drivers, right? Sure if she was champion like every guy who drives I would get the hype, but to have this constantly forced down our throats how she is the Greatest Driver Of All-Time is ludicrous. Christ she is in her FOURTH Goddman year of Sprint Cup and no championships, or wins and only one pole. Fuck Kyle Petty only took eleven years to get a pole and and a and eight for a win. For christ’s sake Kyle Petty and Dale Jr. have a full 32 wins between them in ONLY 47 years of racing. They did without being a marginally attractive woman.
    So don’t even get me started on that bitch’s nasty looks. Shit, she used makeup! Then she was photoshopped! Never in the history of girlie mags and pinups has a women ever had that done to her photos! Most model shoots are purely au natural, that is sans (without) make up. That’s fact, mu gut tells me so.

  43. Yeah, uppity fucking bitches! I mean, women drivers, right? Sure if she was champion like every guy who drives I would get the hype, but to have this constantly forced down our throats how she is the Greatest Driver Of All-Time is ludicrous. Christ she is in her FOURTH Goddman year of Sprint Cup and no championships or wins, and only one pole. Fuck, Kyle Petty only took eleven years to get a pole and eight years for a win. For christ’s sake Kyle Petty and Dale Jr. together have a full 32 wins between them in ONLY 47 years of racing. They got their rides through god given talent and hard work, not because they are a marginally attractive woman. Ditto the 53 of 76 racers last year who DID NOT have daddies racing before them. That stuff starts right at the top with Brian France who abhors any sign of favoritism because you are a woman or god forbid, your dad was Bill France Jr and grandfather was Bill France Sr. founder and presidents of NASCAR or something.
    Then don’t even get me started on that bitch’s nasty looks. Shit, she used makeup! Then she was photoshopped! Never in the history of girlie mags and pinups has a woman ever had that done to her photos! Most model shoots are purely au natural, that is sans (without) make up. That’s fact, my gut tells me so.

  44. Mr. Garrett and the rest of you haters are morons. The only way Danica could be overrated is if someone rated her higher than a top 20 NASCAR driver which I have not heard. Top 20 is exactly where she has been all year. And this is from a driver who until a few years ago never drove a stock car. Of course most of you idiots wouldn’t know the difference between a open wheel car and a stock which are about as opposite as you cn get. In open wheel she finished 2nd at the Ford Festival in England against the likes of Formula 1 Champion Jenson Button. In her first INDY 500 she finshed 4th as a rookie and might have won if her team would have gambled and let her run all out instead of coserving fuel when pulled away from the field inside the last 15 laps. In 7 INDY 500’s she was knocked out of one leaving the pits by Ryan Briscoe. In all the other she had top tens including a 3rd, 4th and 2 6th place finishes. Her win in 2008 was the only win in over a 3 year run that didn’t belong to a Penske or Ganassi driver. In 2009 she finshed 5th in points which was the highest American driver and the highest non-Penske/Ganassi driver. She left INDYCAR with a record 50 straight finishes beating the previous record of 31. For all you haters out there if you took all the women that ever drove a race car in the top levels of racing and there finishes they wouldn’t come close to her accomplishments. She has over 80 top 10’s, 25 top 5’s, 5 2nd’s and the only win by a female driver. Go back just the last ten years and you’ll find hundreds of drivers that never wo a race or even came close. I know it hust galls you haters that a 5’1″ 100pound girl is out there driving over 200mph with the big boys and holding her own.Garrett tell us what you have done the requires you to test your hand eye coordination, strength stamina,and courage every week against the best in the world at anything. By the way that last part defines an athlete.

  45. It’s even worse. Patrick had not won a single automobile race in any of the various categories – Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic, IMSA – in her entire, privileged professional career, from 1998 to 2004 when she was then elevated to Indy Car. Never mind a championship, Patrick had never won a car race, ever, zero. This was preposterous, and you will find zero examples of a driver being elevated to Indy Cars without any victories to their name. Danica Patrick is a stain on Bobby Rahal’s reputation as a racer.

  46. 2017 they still complaining about why she hasn’t won anything desperately reaching for a misogynistic answer other than she sucks.

  47. Well,I’d be an 81/2 in looks-I’m 63-but though Patrick is mediocre at best,why isn’t Derrike Cope,58,and a non-winner since NINETEEN-NINETY-the Daytona 500,the week my father died-being given a hall pass?Strange,what?

  48. First of all the drivers have to have fun joy with the doing, second of all I have to understand it’s a business. Clearly she’s competitive one of the few if not the only woman in the sport. The guts just to participate let alone being a woman and I am Sport dominated by men is tremendous pressure that alone is amazing. The other thing is there’s plenty of men that do worse than her. What’s the point of criticizing someone who is giving it their all, just jealousy. Far as I’m concerned it’s like white racist Sue didn’t think black people smarter enough to be pilots in World War II and they were some of the best there were. There are golfers will never win a tournament yet on the top 50 of career money winners position in the world . The fact is you have to have a full fleet of drivers just have the top 10 race and that’s it. There’s always going to be those people who aren’t at the top that’s part of life. The fact of people I got underdog like to see someone do well when all odds are against him something that most people love the city. And that’s marketable, and it being listed companies are making money because of her. And it makes more people watch sport which puts more money in the pockets of the Kyle Busch is, who are idiots for criticizing anybody

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