How To Join A Protected Class And Get Away With Insanity By Becoming A Male Lesbian

Equal justice under law is a fine concept, but in reality leftist policies and rhetoric mean every sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, and sexual identity except being straight, white, Christian and male gets protection. This permeation of “protected classes” of people has ballooned during the last 50 years of Cultural Marxism in American and Western Europe as little more than a way of figuratively placing targets on the backs of certain people. While the civil rights laws of 1964 may have been well-intentioned, 50 years later their protections have devolved into a collective albatross around the necks of straight men everywhere, and especially those from Christian and white backgrounds. George Orwell wrote about this concept in his novel Animal Farm:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

All an opponent has to do to gain an advantage over you and throw you under the legal bus is make claims of racism, sexism, genderism or Islamophobia, among other clever word jumbles, and as the penis-packing offender you will be promptly escorted out of your office, fired, subjected to a Social Justice Warrior swarming (i.e. a witch trial) and blacklisted. Of this type of behavior, astrophysicist Carl Sagan wrote:

The theologian Meric Casaubon argued—in his 1668 book, Of Credulity and Incredulity—that witches must exist because, after all, everyone believes in them. Anything that a large number of people believe must be true.

Unlike the past, today's witch burnings are only conducted against subjects with penises

Unlike the past, today’s witch burnings are only conducted against subjects with penises

And so, today, because everybody believes men are evil and all white people are racists, it must be true. So, they get no protection from witch accusers. The ever-expanding confusion as to which people are and which are not protected now includes gay people who identify as conservatives, such as Milo Yiannopoulos who was just permanently banned from Twitter. (Read: This banning proves we on the alt-right and manosphere are being placed in the crosshairs of the next political witch trial.) As revealed by Breitbart:

The [Twitter] platform has demonstrated an unashamed bias towards progressive causes like Black Lives Matter, ignoring open calls for violence against police officers that emerged following both the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings. In further indication of its political biases, Twitter also let death threats against Republican Senators remain on the platform for months without taking action.

So, as Twitter turns a blind eye to more serious offenses like Ghostbusters flop-actress Leslie Jones’ racist history including a post railing against “white people shit” while it targets certain groups of people, it shows a man can lose his “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” membership card if he identifies with the wrong political orientation. In the early 21st century it is now okay to discriminate against conservatives in general as Faceberg, Twatter, Microshaft, and Skynet (Google) are already doing in their plots with the communistic European Union and the crooked U.S. government.

As we saw last year, as a business owner you can also be forced to bake a cake for a gay couple even if it goes against your religious beliefs, but apparently Twitter cannot be forced to accommodate gay men on its platform whose politics and free speech they disagree with.

Becoming Part Of The Protected Class

Only with the "Superior Virtue of the Oppressed" can you get your victim card

Only with the “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” can you get your victim card

In order to receive equal justice under law, as the hated Evil White Males™ of the world we must find a way to make ourselves a protected class under the eyes of the law. So, I came up with a plan to assume the cloak of Superior Virtue in one’s daily dealings with a the political game and the corrupt media. Here’s a four step process to becoming a part of the legally and politically protected transgender and homosexual communities:

  • Report being a cisgender male (male at birth) but now having a female “gender identity”
  • Report you are a cross-dresser who likes to dress like men
  • Become a lesbian
  • Report being a Democrat while continuing our narrative

In other words, become a lesbian man who identifies as a woman but dresses like a man, who is a conservative Democrat, to boot. Once one untangles this twisted mess mentally, it illustrates we can remain heterosexual men who still dress like men but we use leftist gender identities and political affiliations to gain protection under the law. This is where the twisted world of Marxism has led us, gentlemen. The only way to beat the system is to infiltrate it and play along with its twisted and crooked narratives.

The blueprint for this idea comes from a Canadian transgender case. A girl who dresses as a man named “Trevor” had her breasts removed, but then decided to move in with a “gay” partner and got pregnant from her gay partner all while presenting as a man. Perhaps reading the full story will alleviate the headache that case probably gave you. Suffice it to say, when one untwists all the “gender identities” and “sexual orientations,” a straight couple went through an incredible amount of gymnastics to act like they’re not straight. So, if they can do it an get lauded by the press, why can’t we play a similar game?

Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell detailed the leftist playbook in 1950

Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell detailed the problems with the modern leftist “victim” playbook in 1950

Meanwhile, the entire multicultural façade and the ideas about the “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” are collapsing. Even Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell who wrote the essay entitled “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” knew the delusion about certain groups being morally superior to others could be maintained only for so long, and incidentally its collapse has coincided with America awakening from the collective delusion foisted upon the public by corporate media in the Television Age. Russell wrote:

The idealizing of the victim is useful for a time: if virtue is the greatest of goods, and if subjection makes people virtuous, it is kind to refuse them power, since it would destroy their virtue. If it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, it is a noble act on his part to keep his wealth and so imperil his eternal bliss for the benefit of his poorer brethren. It was a fine self-sacrifice on the part of men to relieve women of the dirty work of politics. And so on. But sooner or later the oppressed class will argue that its superior virtue is a reason in favor of its having power, and the oppressors will find their own weapons turned against them. When at last power has been equalized, it becomes apparent to everybody that all the talk about superior virtue was nonsense, and that it was quite unnecessary as a basis for the claim to equality.

In other words, the world doesn’t work the way leftists want it to. More and more people by the day are waking up to the fact that implying the so-called oppressed classes had superior virtue to everyone else was total insanity, especially as these “virtuous” classes become violent, burn cities down, persecute conservatives, kill police, conduct SJW witch trials, and kick men out of society. This shows us they don’t want to be equal at all, they want have their turn being the oppressors. A twisted and unending cycle of oppression in the saga of the human species is thereby revealed. Just don’t find yourself on the losing end of that cycle.

Until the entire leftist narrative obliterates itself, and it could take a number of years or decades before this degeneracy is either cleansed from our society or causes a catastrophe, this is an actionable plan to gain protection under the law. Is this plan really just exaggeration and sarcasm? Maybe, a little. But when it comes down to tactics in a culture war, sometimes a man has to fight fire with fire. And if he has to protect himself by assuming the mantle of the victim, a mantle invented to bring certain men down in the first place, then so be it.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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215 thoughts on “How To Join A Protected Class And Get Away With Insanity By Becoming A Male Lesbian”

  1. Yes, subversion works. You can literally profit. I work freelance and usually just deal with clients via email. If you suspect a regular client is SJW, just pick any victim persona, and you are gold–less criticism, more friendly relations, better pay.

    1. Do you have to make a politically correct stance to do business?
      Or can you mostly be neutral -business only?
      I’ve made statements that are not opposed to Trump lately. Mostly along the lines that the “show” is interesting…
      In hindsight I think I should say nothing…

      1. Usually I can be neutral, but if a client presses with Trump jokes or whatever and you want their money, you will have to take a PC stance.
        If they are regular lefty-type client and you communicate with them often, it’s more of the subtle ways they judge you that subversive tactics can help with.
        Just don’t get high on your own supply, as leftist subversives have been known to

      2. You just have to make it properly self-hating. Say you like Trump because he reminds you of your dad who punished you for wearing women’s panties.(Your can’t help yourself). Or because Trump is the kind of person who would hate you, and you really hate yourself.

        1. I’m voting for Trump because he reminds me of the man who rescued me and my Haitian rent boy when we went too far with auto-erotic asphyxiation in a hotel room in Ibeza after an Elton John concert. Why have any shame these days?

        2. Lol well writen. Uou need to start publishing SJW erotic suicide porn. Both SJWs and anti-SJWs will be satisfied with the outcome.

    2. In truth, you can even do this if you work in an office. If you ever get called on to the carpet for anything, just claim that you are being discriminated against because of your sexual preference or gender identity. In today’s climate, how is anyone going to question you?
      So what that you’ve always been seen out with women? You’re really a closeted homosexual trying to hide your true self in this oppressive world.
      You’ve always dressed like a man? Yes, but that’s because you knew that the real you would have been subject to horrible discrimination, JUST LIKE YOU ARE NOW!!!
      See, this game is actually really easy to play even in person. You just have to think on your feet and have no shame about playing it.
      Men fail at this game because we are men. We operate on concepts of honor and fairness. But our enemies have abandoned these concepts, and so should we when dealing with them. Do not fight with one hand tied to your balls. Turn their greatest weapons against them!

      1. Yeah, I’ve always wondered how it would play out in corporate. It just seems like it would be a lot harder to do unless you’re a really good actor and don’t want any alliances or friendships with the other “honorable” men in the office.

        1. I’m presuming that this person would work in a place where there are no honorable alliances or friendships to preserve. But, I will say this, if I knew a good man was being fucked over, and he used this tactic to turn the tables on them, I would not hold it against him, and would help if I could.

      2. “Men fail at this game because we are men. We operate on concepts of honor and fairness. But our enemies have abandoned these concepts, and so should we when dealing with them.”
        100% accurate.
        I’ve been struggling mightily not to succumb to this tactic (because it’s bound to alter your personality and remove you from your core logic/principles), but Sun Tzu would be laughing in my face by now. I don’t want to “mesh” with the trampling horde of dishonorable SJW manipulators by emulating a lying manipulator just to “flip” the game on them. I have seen how effective it is, though. I’d still prefer to just plow them over and crush them, but that’s more of a fantasy at this point. I need to delve into tactics. My, how we live in a world awash in irrational shitheads that make us STOOP to their level just to coincide or get over. They’re lucky we live in a world of laws…keeps them in their safe space to mete out ignorant vitriolic propaganda, and forces us to operate within their self-centered, confined, tiny-minded world. I’ve got no love for that.

        1. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!br305p:….,.

        1. Best comment outside of First Kratom Comment (mine mofo’s) in article in response to excellent response to response on article content!

        2. excellent reappropriation of running gag in response to comment to compliment to a comment on a good article.

  2. I’ve never heard of Leslie Jones before Ghostbusters and that one AllState ad I posted a while back. While understandably she’s upset that people ganged up on her on Twitter, for one, I had no ideas she was also throwing “racist” vitriol at others. Also, while I have not seen Ghostbusters nor will I see it until it comes out on DVD, just by the previews, the woman acts just like a stereotype. More precisely, she acts like the annoying sassy black woman stereotype.

    1. Look up the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on it which is pretty funny and the most honest review I’ve seen on the film. I’m among the satisfies that the flick bombed.

  3. On Wikipedia there is a list of “nonbinary identities”. Here’s a list of “genders” in alphabetical order from the wiki article:
    Agender, agenderflux, aporagender, bigender, demigender, genderfluid, genderflux, genderless, gender neutral, gender queer, gendervoid, intergender, polygender, transgender, vaguegender, and x-gender.
    However, someone forgot to add xboxgender and gender xbox to the list.
    FYI: I’ll try these subversion tactics in college and report on my experience.

    1. Why not edit the Wikipedia entry and add these? It’s not like anyone would challenge you on them or dare remove them. You can always claim its related to the X chromosome which you aren’t able to fully eradicate from the body.

      1. I hade a friend who edited himself in as the co-author of the “everybody was kung foo fighting..” song. He was on there for around 5 years, and countless articles were published giving him co-credit. Never mind that he hadn’t been born yet… Yeah Wikipedia is totally credible.

      2. Actually f someone doubted it they could tag it with {{fact}} prompting someone else to remove it later if no reference was provided to support it.

  4. When people ask me why I live a minimalist lifestyle, I point to articles like these. I can’t stand the world social media has created. 10 years ago before the advent of facebook or twitter nobody knew the agenda of corporations. Today I get emails from restaurants (nandos) informing me about their latest developments including attending pride parades. “We’re proudly flying the flag again this year!!” was the subject headline. After updating my junk mail filter I never went back to that food chain again.
    My neighbour who is quite well off sends his young daughter to a boarding school in India (his country of origin), it seemed strange at first but seeing the state of how things are and what kind of indoctrination liberal teachers are enforcing, I honestly think I would do the same if I have any kids in the future. Till then I guess I have to get down to business and make a good living for myself.

      1. Nando’s has been SJW heavy for a while now. Current t-shirts advertise them as a safe place for chicks which is both a play on their product and who they cater to for employment.

        1. Correct me if i’m wrong but did you frequent the telegraph website before they disabled comments?

        2. did you frequent the telegraph website
          they disabled comments
          And is there more than merely a coincidental relationship between these two observations? 😉

        3. Would love to take credit but nope. I think the poster you meant goes by the handle “Expat” and he posted under a number anagram which was later banned on that site.

      2. Bingo! Starbucks as well for supporting abortion and fag rights!
        We should have an updated list of SJW companies ot be boycotted!

  5. What the fuck on earth ‘polysexual omnisexual’. Really all of them are “humanexcretannededtobekilledhorrendously” sexuals

        1. gotcha. I didn’t realize you were heading out just yet. Hope it went well. The timing had me worried.

        2. Don’t worry. I was in the middle of the woods when it happened.
          I’ve been wanting to tell you that since the last three weeks :
          I talked with a nurse : she frequently has to heal wounds from dogs penises in old independant women’s vagina.

        3. It was an internship. Kind of like basic training but in shorter and faggier, designed to make you want to enlist. Went kind of well.
          There were women in the platoon… I now seriously consider joining the French Foreign Legion just to avoid them.

        4. Tiens je viens de trouver ça ce matin dans mon youtube. J’ai penser que ça pourrait t’interesser :

      1. Are u having intestinal problems press watch to get rid of all of them as you puke at this literal human shit faggots!

        1. No its wonderful look at the fancy colours hundred Facebook orientations and complete degeneracy!

      1. Top Comment:
        “you are laughing about life, and brave people that love themselves, and theres a lot of people that still afraid to come out because jerks like you.”
        Top Response:

        1. Men really had it good back then. “Bitch, one more word and you’re toast” – and she shuts the fuck up. Those dudes had their shit together…

  6. We are here:
    Women rapes baby. SJW feminist brainwashed imbecile
    “It’s her baby she can do what she wants. No man should tell her what to do”
    I’ve been through the maw of feminist divorce court. Was married to extremely wealthy “Marissameyer” type. And sub-contractor to her family business. One customer. Bad move yes…But didn’t matter cause we were married for ever…
    Any way upon divorce lost business, kids, home.
    And then to hear her lawyers screaming at judge:
    “impute an income on him”
    “He’s a bum and a jigalo”…
    Luckily I dodged that bullet due to the impossibly huge disparity in income…
    Bu it is a lesson, they will “impute an income”, and if you cannot pay its off to jail…
    I’m self employed and have utterly useless insurance. Practically forces you into a third rate job…And many are stuck there, heads down suckign it up…
    We really are at the end of empire. Only good for a few that can “enjoy the decline”…

    1. “No man should tell her what to do”
      Yet women keep proving over and over again that they do require men to keep their behaviour in check. Women left unchecked go absolutely insane.

    2. “I’m self employed and have utterly useless insurance. Practically forces you into a third rate job…And many are stuck there, heads down suckign it up…”
      Same boat key is to think and do differently than your competitors. Let them slowly die out in a race ot the bottom as you transition into something else..

  7. I believe this is the symptom of a culture which has gone too far in terms of promoting individualism. The practice of the philosophy of putting yourself first above everyone else without any fear of any repercussions. Since the advent of this whole LGBT, anti-religion movement I’ve learned one thing.
    You only have yourself to look out for. It’s one of the reasons why I frequent websites like these. I need to undo my innate nature of giving fucks about people. That’s always been my problem, I am far to compassionate for my own good. Even Alan Watts said (I’m paraphrasing) “You have to accept the fact that you’re completely and utterly selfish and that you’re the devil”. It’s the only way to get the most out of life.

    1. Esepcially if runing a business. Remeber gents the government is the “enemy” and thus must be gamed, deceived at every opportunity. They see us in this light. They need our taxes thats all.

  8. OT, but check this out(and its not a comedy):
    A woman is called up to pitch in the majors for the Padres. I know they have a crappy staff, but come on! Next up a woman will be playing RB in the NFL (“Shes got moves better than Barry Sanders!!!!)

    1. She will shatter all of Sanders’ records whomever she is because league rules will prohibit tackling her. Once she has the ball, so long as she can make it to the endzone, she will never encounter any opposition.

      1. it would be great to have a tv show about baseball aimed at guys a la Bull Durham. First weekly show ever features a female pitcher. yet another cynical attempt at getting more females watching the games on Fox- more pink caps and baby Ts being sold, more tv advertising dollars from female brands (this episode is sponsored by Revlon).
        anyway, here are Barry’s greatest moments:

        1. Barry was the man.
          Pro sports will cater to whomever is spending the money. The idea that a few die hard fans bought lots of gear and then other fans would buy, maybe, a cap or jersey wasn’t enough.
          When NFL started pandering to women they made themselves a fuck load of money.
          Until that changes, expect the league to get worse and worse. I have totally stopped watching and, at this point, barely even look at the scores.
          When people said women were getting into football I thought they meant the lingerie league.

        2. barry had 10 carries for 388 yards this day. might be greatest performance of all time

        3. Bo Jackson will still always be the number one running back in tecmo…you know it, I know it…

        4. hahahaha. I remember hiking the ball at the 30, running back to my end zone, and flinging it 90 yds in the air for a td to Duper…I couldnt understand why Marino never tried that shit when he was playing the Jets

        5. (Sigh) yet another reason to wait for the NES replica console. Hope they include Tecmo Bowl in it.

        6. yup. Remember, by rules of tecmo the further your quarter back drops back the further you could throw. If you hike the ball at the 30 and throw it, maybe 15-20 yards. But drop back to your own enzone and a 90 yard pass in no problem.
          I also have no doubt that while Marino never tried that, Namath might have.

        7. I have, and they’re not bad, but I do miss the experience of feeling a NES controller in my hands.

        8. Someone gave old Carol the “Hail Mary” in the broom closet, while Alice was out getting the meat from her boyfriend…

      2. If you tackle her or give her a good “sacking” in the end zone (sorry, couldn’t convince myself to use tight end for this pun, although wide receiver could be appropriate), she’ll cry out rape, you will go to jail and register as a sex offender, and your team loses 10 yards and they get an automatic first down.

        1. if the opposing team says something mean to her, its a 10 yard penalty, automatic group hug and a first down

        2. Truly laughed outloud.
          Anyone could have made the comment about going to jail. Tacking on 10 yards and automatic first down is what elevates this to brilliant.
          Well done.

    1. Ive never heard the ban utter the word “ban”. We dont need anymore people here, we have enough problems

    2. I am a Catholic. I am thinking of carrying a folding clip on pocket knife to church now, just in case.

        1. Not yet…and I gotta get a new ceramic sharpener, the kind with the knuckle-guard handle…use to have one, worked great…

  9. You cannot claim their victim status. They can spot a fake, and they judge you based on your looks. If you don’t look like a degenerate emasculated freak then your busted. You’d have to stop going to the gym and get some facial piercings

  10. Who gave women the franchise? White men.
    Who gave blacks the franchise? White men.
    Who built every single major university in the western world and then handed it over to people who hate them? White men.
    Who allowed their women to get fat and ugly? White men.
    Who allowed their women to become ball-busting shrews? White men.
    Who opened the borders to every barbarian in the world despite thousands of years of history demonstrating that this would be a disaster? White men.
    White men still control most political offices and top managerial places in the public and private sector.
    White men still control trillions of dollars in capital.
    White men still sit on trillions of dollars of real estate.
    White men are victims of themselves and nobody else.
    Most of the problems that white men cry about would end if white men had the courage to say no and say no often.

    1. I’m sorry but 2/3 of the world’s top economies are Asian countries. China and Japan have phoenix like qualities to their civilisation and have withstood far more travesties than their respective European counterparts or the United States. I don’t see how the white men are saviours of the earth especially when everything you note have been the fruits of collective efforts.

      1. You are factually incorrect.
        Add up the value of Europe, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and the UK and the GDP is over 40 trillion dollars. Plus, we are all advanced economies. The only advanced economies in Asia are Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.
        I never said white men are the saviors of the world but the saviors of themselves.

        1. also, as I have pointed out many times regarding this issue, the Chinese have a terrible sense of humor. They constantly find it amusing to make pee pee in your coke.

        2. always vigilant. I feel that airborne urine and fecal matter, along with mango pits, the unreliable nature of checking to see if mangos are ripe and Westerosi politics are pretty much the most important issues facing the world today.
          Turn your back for just one second and those crafty bastards will make pee pee in your coke.

        3. White men are the saviors of themselves and have to a great degree allowed this to happen.
          However, what you are discounting by saying that Whites shouldn’t have let this happen is the fact that there is an organised movement that is responsible for creating the infrastructure for this to happen.
          I can admonish my young daughter for not exhibiting more discipline to eat better at lunch time but, if she is not allowed to bring any food to school and the school only provides twinkies and coke for lunch, is she the only one to blame?
          Are men the only ones to blame for the current state of women? Were there not factors that led to the slutifaction of women?

      2. You aren’t adjusting for population. If white countries had populations on par with Asian countries, Asian countries would not exceed them, here is a breakdown of GDP per Capita of the top 10 countries according to the IMF:
        Qatar (Caucasian)
        Luxembourg (Caucasian)
        Singapore (Asian, built by whites)
        Brunei (Asian)
        Kuwait (Caucasian)
        Norway (Caucasian)
        United Arab Emirates (Caucasian)
        San Marino (Caucasian)
        Switzerland (Caucasian)
        United States (Caucasian)
        All but two are Caucasian, one of which was basically built and founded by Caucasians.

        1. No, I never get franchise with my chicken. It’s always a burger and franchise

    2. “Most of the problems that white men cry about would end if white men had the courage to say no and say no often.”
      No, dude. It’s DA JOOZ! Don’t you know that white men are never capable of making mistakes? It’s all the Kikes/niggers/spics! GAS THE KIKES, RACE WAR NOW!
      Sounds awfully similar to certain factions on the other side of the political spectrum, now doesn’t it?

      1. Yawn. It is always those ignorant of real facts that jump in to white Knight their protected group.
        You keep rocking and rolling young lady.

        1. Who let the Jews in? White men.
          Who let them attain positions of great importance? White men.
          Who willingly bought into every leftist ideology trotted out, from feminism to multiculturalism? White men.
          Am I wrong on any of these?

        2. Yes. Wrong
          Yes. Wrong
          Yes. Wrong.
          Frankly, you’re attempting to have an immature conversation ro minimise the real concerns that many have.
          Very few of us who are critical of the Jewish influence upon Western society, attempt to scapegoat a singular, individual Jewish person for blame.
          Rather, we would like to analyse the impact that Judaic culture is having and if Judaism is inherently anti-other which creates this tension between Jews and their hosts through out history.

        3. It is quite clear that there is a heavy Jewish influence in the media and other positions of power. As you’ve said, whether this is because Judaism as a faith is inherently anti-other or if it is simply the acts of a group of power-hungry individuals who happen to come from Jewish backgrounds is an interesting conversation to say the least.
          However, I don’t see how I’m wrong in anything I’ve said, and you have provided no information to refute anything I’ve said. White men freely bought into all of these things throughout history. Nobody pointed a gun to their collective head and said “you must do this or else.”

        4. True, I didn’t provide much information to highlite why I think you’re incorrect. Mostly because I have a full week of training and haven’t much time for a lengthy reply. Happy to have it another time. However, where you and I disagree is with your statement that White men freely bought into this and no was pointed a gun to their head.
          1) Whites did have a literal and figurative gun pointed towards their head up to band including today.
          2) Even today after all the Judaic Marxist brainwashing, White men still overwhelmingly vote against most of the progressive PC agenda. It’s women and other groups that usually vote for.
          If you really are interested in this subject matter I suggest you read the below poster. He does a far better than I.

        5. Forgive me if I don’t take a guy who spends most of his time on Taki’s mag- a notorious anti-anything non-white site- as an expert on this subject. A lot of these alt-right sites are simply the mirror image of mainstream left-wing sites.
          I disagree with your first point, with the exception of Germany. As for your second point, I do agree with you. However, who gave these groups, particularly women, the right to vote?
          White men.

        6. White men never gave Women the right to vote. It’s the gave part that I am disagreeing with you on.
          Did Blacks in California give homos the “right” to marry? No. Over 3/4 of Blacks voted against it. Did their votes matter? The Government went ahead with their agenda anyways. So unless Blacks (in this specific example) are willing to risk everything & go to war, they have to abide by the government giving homos the “right” to marriage.
          Same with White men. And who is behind most of these social changes? Well what does Joey Biden, the esteemed VP say.
          Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said.
          The vice president also praised Jewish contributions to science, immigration reform, the civil-rights movement, the arts, the law and to feminism.
          “I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense ”.

          And your self declared refusal to read a posters opinion due to him posting on a site that you do not care for seems like you hate facts. Whether you agree with one’s opinion or not, you can’t avoid facts.

        7. I read this man’s posts. He posted very few links to these supposed “facts.”
          And again, I am not denying the fact that Jews, or rather elite Jews in positions of power, are heavily involved in many leftist ideologies. But there had to have been enough white people who willingly bought into these ideas for these ideas to gain enough traction in the first place. I do not see why you find this so difficult to understand.
          And explain to me how white men did not give women the right to vote.

        8. BTT has done a great job of proving his opinions. The lack of mere links to NYT means little. However, if you are genuine and want more comprehensive information, read Culture of Critique.
          And the issue isn’t with elite Jews, it is with Judaism. Judaism is inherently matriarchal and progressive. Look up tikkun olam or the case of Anna Stubblefield.
          And white men never gave women the right to vote because of what I wrote above. The majority of men voted and acted against women voting. They were just overruled as the Blacks in my above post were.

        9. “BTT has done a great job of proving his opinions. The lack of mere links to NYT means little.”
          I suppose not, considering Taki’s mag is largely an echo chamber.
          I will look up the Culture of Critique.
          As for your last paragraph, you’re continually missing my point. I never said a “majority” of white men gave women the right to vote, or bought into feminism, multiculturalism, etc. I said “enough” white men, or more specifically, the white men who have historically been in power throughout the history of the United States (and the west in general). In the end, the “majority” really doesn’t mean anything. The white men who have historically been in power allowed all of these things to happen. They didn’t have to listen to the Jews, at least not early on. But they did.
          I think another question alt-righters should be asking themselves, but which I rarely see, is why are whites, in particular northern and western European whites, so susceptible to this “brainwashing?”

        10. God did tell Moses that they were a stiff-necked (stubborn) people. Can’t get along with others, can’t get along with themselves.

  11. Oh, how I have carried the burden of my secret for so long, even to the extreme measures required of my reactionary Creole family, by marrying and siring proper children of our social class. Those who truly know me, however, have noticed the joy with which I practiced my favorite performing arts, even receiving college degrees in operatic voice and ballet. They questioned my preference for ballet tights and stage makeup, but never overtly judged me as I pursued this inclination. Now I understand that I have been a sweet transvestite all these years, and that I ‘identify’ as a female in private and in many social situations. It is now an appropriate time to ‘come out of the closet’, and to confess how much I love the act of costuming, whether it is in the context of ‘cosplay’ as a woman, or in my vocational choice as a field geologist. I also love to dress up as Engelbert Humperdinck, and to sing at the top of my lungs. Many days, I love to dress as a vegetable farmer, exposing my bare chest to the world. My ultimate ‘cosplay’ is the annual disguise as a Mardi Gras Indian, complete with blackface ‘chansons et les claquettes’. Finally, I wish to confess, that in the privacy of the voting booth, I always vote the strict Democrat ticket.

    1. I find your courage remarkable. I have a very similar condition. Identifying as a woman has been hard. I have been lobbying my gym to let me use the women’s locker room and steam for weeks to no avail….animals.

  12. Where possible one should use the system to bring it down on itself, no point trying to beat it, it is an unsustainable monster, add more fuel to the fire to overload it to breaking point, that is when al these special people will eventually turn on each other like rats on a sinking ship.

  13. LGBTQIA! Forefront of equality. Look at these individuals, so hard done by. Since the approval of their marriage rights it’s like we’re living in a socialist libertarian utopia. Can you feel the equality in the air? Take a deep breath. Inhale and succumb to the self-righteousness of the “love is love” and “pride” brigade. Rainbows here, rainbows there, parades attended by corporations and politicians. True love!
    Let’s undo 10,000s years of history, philosophy, social constructs and fabric of what made civilisations resilient and successful. Let’s redefine what the nuclear family means. Let’s undo our gender roles and all that we hold sacred. Because……equality?
    It’s hard to believe; for the first time in history we have such an excess amount of information. The beauty of the internet means we can expand our knowledge by acknowledging and understanding the history and values of different cultures. We can read anything from Confucious to the greatest Stoics including Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. We made massive progress when it comes to science and technology but our philosophical pursuits have somewhat been stagnant.
    “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal”. Aristotle.
    Why do we continue to ignore the warnings of the greatest thinkers in history? For how long do we as a society keep our minds glued to the TV and smart phones, wasting our lives watching drivel such as orange is the new black? Look at what has become of our society. We won’t last long.

    1. well said man.
      The realization that stuff like social contracts and gender CAN be undone was somehow taken as a sign that they SHOULD be undone.
      This has been very bad.

      1. “Progressive,” by definition, implies that things have to change. It is never good enough. If the ideology is based on the principle that we always have to move “forward” and “change” it is only a matter of time until things must be undone. Of course, this also means that eventually things will come full circle.

        1. Especially how twisted this is. The conservative is trying to climb a ladder whilst the progressive beneath him cuts it down.
          Logically that isn’t how you make progress.

      2. As Krishnamurti said “We have to be a light to ourselves in a world that is utterly becoming dark.” We’ve allowed such incredibly intrusive organisations to invade our homes and our intimate private lives. They use our psychology against us. We’ve completely devolved into becoming human clickers and we don’t even know it. I wonder what Krishnamurti would say about our times today if he could see where this society is heading.
        I need to get off this laptop and go to the gym or something.

      3. There is some old proverb about before tearing down a fence, one must understand why it was there in the first place.

      4. Somewhere a chink is rubbing his hands together while craftily priming his micro-piston to pee in a big caucasian’s Coke….

      1. Virtue trumps love. Virtue is what all the religions and philosophies revolve around. Understanding what it means to be virtuous has long been debated throughout history but it is what keeps civilisations in tact. Righteousness (not self-righteousness) is also an extremely important concept which is now largely ignored.

    2. Simply put, its arrogance.
      Modern people think we are so much wiser and more evolved than our ancestors.
      Its sickening narcissisism.

    3. Mostly agree but nope, the sexes are intrinsic. Because you cut of your leg doesn’t mean that you aren’t a being that’s meant to walk. That can’t be undone.
      A masculine woman is broken and is actively making her life miserable.

  14. I identify as a cat. That way I could have a feminazi prepare my food and clean after me.

        1. I don’t know. However, I do see a lot of bitter old ladies with cats so…I am assuming.

    1. i identify as a snake, and i feel oppressed by the hate people have against my speacy. we do not all poison peoples some of us are good too.

  15. I’m a witch so I think I’ll just twitch my nose and zap myself into a black, lesbian, Islamic, gender dysmorphic pre-op female to male transsexual. I just might win the oppression Olympics with that one. Then all the world can tell me what a strong, brave, beautiful, wonderous woman/man/creature I am.
    Barack might even invite me to the White House.
    Kaitlin Jenner’s got nothing on me.

  16. You do not defeat them by accepting their logic simply because it provides a temporary advantage. Their hysterical hold over the culture requires the constant threatening drumbeat provided by main stream media, a media that is in the process of crumbling, we defeat them by doing everything in our power to silence that drumbeat and destroying their hold over the cultural narrative.

  17. Even leftists don’t believe this stuff, if they truly did, you wouldn’t see Black lives matter shutting down Bernie Sanders rallies.
    Perpetual victim hood is one of Saul Alinsky’s tactics (create an “us” vs. Them), and is being used to implement Cloward-Piven (deliberately collapse American society and government to create a hard tyranny state).
    I found this article hilarious, but in all seriousness, we as a movement need to retreat underground to have a shot at winning this. Why? Because if we do, the following things happen.
    1. We’re no longer the predominant “bad guy”… if the alternative right pretends to be a non factor, the left will go after some other group (the jews, possibly) given that leftist thought requires a huge adversary that needs to be publicly taken down.
    2. We control who enters our circles, ensuring little cuck or leftist infiltration
    3. We get to further our own efforts quietly without exposing ourselves. SJWs can’t target what they can’t see.

    1. There is a need for #2. Even in the comment threads here, women are invading and when you question them, a bunch of whiny cucks come out of the woodwork to play white knight. The moderators don’t seem to care.

  18. I long ago predicted that hetero-sexual military men will start claiming gay orientation so they can marry their “butt-buddies” (an old Army term referring to one’s best friend) and get coveted off-post housing allowance.
    I sent a sitcom pilot script to Hollywood where some GIs do that and have a nice crib off-post where they bang lots of chicks but have to feign gayness whenever the suspicious “Top” (a rough-tough jolly sort of fellow) comes snooping around . Lotsa laffs. Top also has a woodie for one of the guys which adds to the hilarity. So far have not heard back from the networks but I am certain they are giving it serious consideration.

    1. Elmer where you been? ought “Employment Game,” Convinced me to start my own CPA firm. Expected to launch by end-of-year. Sell, sell, sell…

        1. If it’s “tactical”, it sells. Bought my sons tactical ball-point pens for Christmas made of high-strength aluminum with built-in survival whistle. Can also be used for self-defense situations.

  19. problem is, by claiming victimhood for short term personal gain will not achieve the results that you want. Do feminists appear happy? They got much of what they want, but it goes against our God given nature. Same with BLM crowd, they are unhappy, not because they are being treated unfairly, but because they are living on welfare. That too goes against our God given nature “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

  20. Thanks to the mainstreaming of homosexuality we now have the first victim class you can actually fake. Just tell people you are gay if you are a single guy.
    I tried this as a “social experiment” around a new loose group of friends last year. I just would refer to myself when giving an opinion “now as a gay man…” and occasionally talk about social issues like gay marriage. I was treated like a minor rock star. And if you think it will hurt your chances with the ladies, you are dead wrong. Women, when they are around a gay guy, instantly drop their bitch shield. Sometimes they will even actively court you as a challenge (or so they can “fix” you). If you start having sex with women in the group, just say that sometimes you feel confused or occasionally have a bi-sexual fling. No one will question you – it is the ultimate pass.

    1. I did this for a laugh and was surprised by the result.
      15 years ago I’d have been mortified at being thought of as a ‘fag’ but now…
      Gotta roll with the times.

        1. Just make sure to wear trendy clothing and tight fitting clothes. Talking about social issues like you are a gay liberal is a plus. Throw in the occasional gay slur. Tell women they are “a bitch”. You will blend just right in and probably get lots of pussy.

      1. That is basically how it feels if you are a well dressed urban guy in a West Coast or NE city. Play the “gay game” and you will bang every woman in the group. Even guys with good game can’t beat the gay game. Bitch shield down.Photon torpedoes up.

      1. Some of the best places to pick up women is a gay bar. Especially one with a dance club on the weekend. Women will go there because they want to dance but don’t want “creepers” trying to dance with them. And again since they think they are around men that have sexual desire for them was women the bitch shield is always down (or a lot lower then a traditional nightclub scenario).

      2. Not exactly new. This has even been the plot of a few sitcom episodes over the years. However, I do commend him for making it his own. Well done.

    2. It isn’t even a lie since gay means happy.
      Even calling yourself homosexual isn’t a lie since it lacks context. You could have a same-sex.interest in boxing matches for example.

    Two soldiers and fathers died for some dumb drug stealing bitch.

    Two widows and a bunch of fatherless kids because some dumb bitch was getting checked by dude she stole from. And they played capn save a ho.

    Thos shit is on society fpr letting feminism go this far.

  22. I might just begin using the word “questioning” when describing myself……..
    Probably enough to escape further ostracizing.

  23. Beat you to it as I am already a legitimate 1/4 Lesbian-the real kind from the island of Lesbos.

  24. I’ve always wanted to be a lesbian. I’ll let my boss know tomorrow. But humor aside when applying for jobs I often just say I’m gay to bypass the positive discrimination that undermines my actual suitability for the role.

  25. Just skip all the BS and declare yourself as ‘trans-victim.’ Tell people you are a cis-white male but you identify as a victim. Then tell them that they can’t question your self identity, it would violate every rule in their book.

  26. Feminists highlight witch-burnings, male violence against women, etc, but they NEVER highlight male-lynchings, scores of human males dying or getting killed everyday, and so on.
    The typical evil LCFMSGE ideology: lies-defamation-censorship-manipulation-propaganda.
    (LCFMSGE-Liberals, Communists, Feminists, Marxists, Socialists, Global Elites)

  27. I have used a modified version of this to manipulate HR when I was the subject of a witch hunt a few years ago. Involve a minority lawyer, who is on board with your tactics, and everybody from the CEO on down doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind! The company went out of business about a year later, due to unrelated mismanagement.

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