Why Men Are Intellectually Superior To Women

David Stove was an Australian philosopher who died in 1994.  He was not well known outside Australia and not even particularly well-known in Australia.  He left academia eventually for the familiar reasons that right-thinking individuals usually leave academia.  His views led to his being threatened with disciplinary action by Sydney University.  If you haven’t already guessed; he was a scathing anti-feminist, anti-Marxist and an untiring enemy of ‘progressive’ thought.  An introduction to him and his work is available here.

Below you will find some choice selections, in italics, from his essay ‘The Intellectual Capacity of Women’.  It’s a long essay and well worth reading in full but I’ve tried anyway to select a few of the most representative, interesting or agreeable parts and filled-in the gaps with my own commentary.

female scientist

The Poor Intellectual Performance Of Women

The main reason why I believe, and the main reason why nearly everyone always has believed, that the intellectual capacity of women is inferior to that of men, is just this: that the intellectual performance of women is inferior to that of men.

This is sound reasoning but Stove goes on to say that it is, however, fallible reasoning.  It is perfectly possible that the inferior intellectual performance of women has its cause somewhere other than in inferior capacity.  Perhaps the feminists are right: perhaps women’s intellectual performance has been marred by oppression.  Or perhaps they have not had a fair chance to perform to their capacity or perhaps Satan has prevented them from doing so.  Performance, however, is the only guide to capacity available.

Merely possible interfering factors, or actual but indefinite ones, or ones which, even if actual and definite, are undetectable (like Satan), will not do.

The reason why they won’t do is obvious enough: that otherwise anyone could safely ascribe any capacity to anything.

If we don’t have performance as an indicator of capacity we have no indicator at all.  I haven’t played a game of chess in about ten years but I can claim to be as good as Bobby Fisher and I can claim that the only reason I’m not known to be as good as Bobby Fisher is because all the grand masters refuse to play me.   It is possible that my performances have been prevented by grandmasters’ refusals to compete with me but it is nothing more than a possibility.  Without evidence there is no reason to believe my claims.

The logical possibility of interference is no evidence whatever of interference. The possibility of patriarchal oppression does not prove it.

Questions Of Probabilities

Probabilities are a sort of graduated capacities, and the question about the comparative intellectual capacity of men and women is… …a question about probabilities. What we want to know is whether the probability of a woman having (d), where (d) is a given above-average degree of intellectual capacity, is equal to the probability of a man having (d)

In the absence of tests that can measure intellectual capacity we are left with having to depend on inferences and probabilities.

We are therefore thrown back… on having to infer the probabilities from the observed frequencies: that is, on inferring the comparative intellectual capacities of men and women from their comparative intellectual performances in that large and varied “sample” which is past human history…

… In every field in which intellectual capacity can be exercised, from the most severely theoretical to the most intensely practical such as business, or medical practice, or war, there have always been far more men than women at any above-average level of performance. This is not in dispute.

What is in dispute is the reason for such an imbalance in intellectual performance.  What is needed for an accurate inference of what is the probable reason for such an imbalance is a large enough and varied enough sample.  That sample is all of human history.

Has the variety of human circumstances been great enough to constitute a fair trial of the intellectual capacity of women, or has it not? This is the question, I repeat, on which all turns.

History has been very varied and through it all some women, somewhere and sometime, have been in any social position you care to name (biology allowing): scientists, adventurers, paupers, popes, warriors, painters, bakers and candlestick-makers.   And yet though their positions and opportunities vary their intellectual performance does not.  Even when society attempts to compensate for this it fails to bridge the gap.

Wherever some defect has been found or imagined in existing arrangements for the education of females, energetic and ingenious people have always been busy setting up a form of education free from that real or supposed defect. Novel schemes of education, intended among other things to remove obstacles to the exercise of the intellectual capacity of women, are. at least as old as Plato, and hundreds of them have been put into more or less widespread practice. Yet despite all this variety in the supposed causes of female intellectual performance, the effects have been singularly invariant.

Female Engineer 1

The Wrongness Of Equality-Theorists

Equality-theorists are never tired of reminding us of the obstacles which have been put in the way of the exercise of the intellectual capacity of women, at such-and-such a period, in that society or the other; and of course there are countless such cases.

But in any case where some obstacle – the patriarchy, child-rearing, home-making, misogynist murder, debilitating rape – has prevented a woman from reaching her intellectual potential there has invariably been another case where such obstacles were absent.

You can’t go on forever saying “The game’s not fair,” when the game has been played ten billion times, under a billion different circumstances; at least, if you are rational you cannot, unless you are prepared to say in just what way it is not fair… Just what is that factor, common to all or most past history, which has interfered with the exercise of the intellectual capacity of women?

Some people love just stringing together anecdotes: women were prevented from exercising their intellectual capacity by this obstacle in Periclean Athens, by that obstacle in Confucian China, by the other obstacle in seventeenth-century France, etc. But an equality-theorist must do more than this. He has to offer some definite explanation of why the intellectual capacity of women has so consistently met with obstacles it could not overcome, and his explanation must be one which is consistent with the equality-theory. It would obviously be no good, for example, if he were to say, “The main interfering factor has been the aggressiveness, sexual exclusiveness, and superior cunning of males.” This suggestion, considered in itself, is by no means without merit: aggressiveness, sexual exclusiveness, and superior cunning are definite and detectable things, and I at least believe that they actually do operate in males, and do impede, to some extent, the intellectual performance of women. But of course the suggestion is not one which an equality-theorist can adopt, since to ascribe superior cunning to males is to contradict the very intellectual equality for which he contends.

Some equality-theorists may alternatively argue that the one obstacle that has impeded women’s intellectual performance across all human history is her reproductive role.  But such an equality-theorist will have to reject certain scientific facts….

Gender Roles

Now in man, as in all animals, a peculiarity of reproduction-and-nurture is this: that of all the major tasks of the species, it is the one for which the innate programme is most complete, and the one, therefore, which requires the least intellectual effort for its performance. In plain English: a woman does not need to use her brains to have a baby, and doesn’t even need to use them much in order to see the infant through the period of its most extreme helplessness. Nearly everything she needs to know is already written in her inner manual.

One of the facts about Darwinian evolution, and one so clear that it was noticed long before Darwin investigated its cause, is the fact of specialization.  Animals that are fast tend not to be strong; animals that are strong tend not to be fast.  An animal that might be both strong and fast will in fact be neither.  Nature is very stingy when it dishes out resources and abilities.  If there’s no need to fly, an animal will not fly.  A woman does not need intellectual capacity to have babies.  Reproduction uses a lot of energy and resources but those resources are not intellectual.  Men are free of the drain on resources that is reproduction, they, however, have other functions.

The intellectual activity which is required for successful hunting is extremely great… One would expect that the sex not burdened with reproduction-and-nurture would shoulder the main burden of those other major tasks which are intellectually more demanding; and therefore, by the principle of parsimony, that men will have a higher degree than women of what is peculiarly required for those tasks, intellectual capacity. I do not claim that this inference is inevitable, but it is at least a natural one. And vague as its premises are, they do furnish, I believe, the lines along which an explanation must be sought for the intellectual difference observed between men and women.

In Conclusion

Out of interest, what would it take to convince David Stove of the equal intellectual capacity of women?

Here is something which would not convince me of the equality-theory: reports by psychologists or educationists of tests, conducted within recent years, on (for example) the comparative mathematical ability of boys and girls. Such reports would not only not convince me: I do not believe that any attention at all should be paid to them. My main reason for this is not the public record of psychologists for fraud or susceptibility to fraud or of educationists for unswerving obedience to the winds of fashion; although this record is sufficient in itself to justify a hearty skepticism towards their reports. My main reason is a quite general principle: that a person’s testimony should carry no weight or little weight with you, if you are sure or nearly sure that his testimony would have been the same whatever had actually happened.

The equity-theorists seem to be so invested in their ‘theories’ that they are blind to everyday evidence provided to even the most inattentive observer.  If you can go through decades of life and continue to stubbornly believe in the intellectual equality of men and women you must have been either paying no attention to the activities of either group or been willfully ignoring them.

What would convince me of the equal intellectual capacity of men and women is, simply, the kind of evidence which, as things are, convinces me of the opposite: that is, equal intellectual performance, over a long time, and in the widest variety of circumstances.

But there is no such evidence.  There is other evidence:

The evidence for the inferior intellectual capacity of women is so obvious and overwhelming, that anyone who can lightly set it aside must be defective in their attitude to evidence; and our contemporary equality-theorists are in fact (as I have hinted several times), religious rather than rational in their attitude to evidence

Much like how a believer in the apocalypse ignores that, once again, the apocalypse did not happen at the appointed hour.  The equality-theorists’ theories are held much more religiously than is appropriate for those who claim to be rational.

He Would Have Appreciated The Manosphere

The equality-theorists have created in recent years a climate of feeling in which many men are afraid to deny the equality-theory openly, and even ashamed to doubt it inwardly. Hence the phenomena which are now so observable, of hypocrisy, self-deception, and pious fraud: those invariable concomitants of a militant religion.

Space and a desire to stay within the bounds of ‘fair use’ mean that I have not quoted anywhere near as much of this essay as I would have liked.  I suggest you read the whole thing.  It gets particularly good after the dry section about probability.  Other insights you might find include an aside about the uselessness of those (beta) men who insist on being present for the birth of their children and criticisms of those who promote only the ‘evidence’ that supports their progressive ideologies.

I don’t know whether there is anyone in academia writing the sorts of essays that David Stove published in his time but I doubt it.  The early ‘90s may have been bad – bad enough that intellectuals such as David Stove were being disciplined for their ideas and so bad that even the occasional liberal like Jonathan Rauch felt the need to stem the tide and defend the principles of liberal enquiry.  But these defences failed with the result that academia today is no place for either rational thought or liberal enquiry.

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538 thoughts on “Why Men Are Intellectually Superior To Women”

  1. I suspect that, like many other traits related to performance, men and women have differently shaped bell curves. Among women I’d expect to see fewer geniuses but also fewer dolts.

    1. Being a dolt can be very advantageous in some instances. For example, to be a good boxer a man must be able to turn the cognitive part of his brain off and rely on instinct instead. This is easier to do for a dolt than an engineer.

      1. So how does that explain some of these Russian fighters who have doctorates? The US has all of the dummies in sports.These guys aren’t capable of doing anything else outside of the entertainment business.It’s really stupid to take a 1 in a 100k chance in some sport to make any money and never learn anything else. One bad injury in college before they turn pro and their career is finished before it even began.Now, what do they do?

      2. I don’t know how much fighting you did, but to be a good one (and especially in the past when fighting was to the death) you must be extremly smart. Always be extremely aware of your oponent, really understand his style, predict his moves, feign weakneses and so on, all this in milliseconds while under a flurry of blows. THAT is real intelligence.

    2. Hey Blaster – genius – show us just one comparative bell curve (which are obsolete, BTW, but who caresl.) Or sit back and finish your corn flakes.

    3. I think the problem is that MEN MAKE/DO STUFF THAT MAKES SOCIETY RUN. Women do not (for the most part).
      Men get the oil we need for modern society.
      Men are the electricians.
      Men are the plumbers.
      Men are the sewage disposal workers.
      etc. etc…
      Women sit in cushy cubicles(things men build) creating work of no value.
      Women get paid wages to create lower value work than men.
      Women are the ones divorcing their husband on a whim(and cleaning him out)
      Women are the ones who whine that its ‘all the mens’ fault’.

      1. I think women cleaning out men’s finances during a divorce would imply a degree of intelligence, heh.

  2. Brilliant article, Seville. The simple question of how women’s intellectual capacity has not been able to overcome the real or imagined obstacles before it, is essentially game, set, and match against the argument of equality. Men, over the entire course of human history have constantly climbed the walls before them, whether it was scientific knowledge, technological advancement, or oppressive institutions, whereas women have continued to run face-first into the same old speed-bumps, even when given a step-ladder by society.

  3. Thanks for bringing back the name of someone, such as David Stove, that feminist history has attempted to “eradicate.”
    His logic is impeccable. I would like to see a feminist white knight attempt to refute David Stove based entirely on a logical argument. Of course, I will not wait for that, because refuting Stove using only logic is quite impossible.
    As far as academia goes, the only area of academic inquiry I still trust is that of the hardest of sciences, such as physics and chemistry. And even those areas of scientific inquiry are becoming suspect.

    1. That’s what happens when everything becomes politicized. In that way it’s like the old Soviet Union.

  4. “Woman Engineer”
    Graduates college with a 2.7 GPA- gets numerous job offers starting at 50k per year due to anti-discrimation laws/affirmative action.
    “Man Engineer”
    Graduates college with a 3.5 GPA, tutored woman engineer for hours to help her achieve that 2.7 GPA… gets one job offer for 40k a year and has to move across the country… and is grateful to get it.
    Feminism- allowing men to compensate for the deficiencies of women so they can live out a dream that they aren’t qualified for. Home of the “not good enough, is the new good enough” mantra… you go girls.

  5. “Woman Engineer”
    Graduates college with a 2.7 GPA- gets numerous job offers starting at 50k per year due to anti-discrimation laws/affirmative action.
    “Man Engineer”
    Graduates college with a 3.5 GPA, tutored woman engineer for hours to help her achieve that 2.7 GPA… gets one job offer for 40k a year and has to move across the country… and is grateful to get it.
    Feminism- allowing men to compensate for the deficiencies of women so they can live out a dream that they aren’t qualified for. Home of the “not good enough, is the new good enough” mantra… you go girls.

    1. It does look like most modern day “jobs” that women (and “minorities” in general) have are totally makeshift, nothing positions.
      If you’re on LinkedIn for example, take a look at the “job” titles these people have – total nonsensical doublespeak. And you can bet they’re landing these “jobs” with the barest of competency.
      I’m convinced that companies set aside these useless “jobs” to fight off litigation from the minority/underrepresented race/class lawyers.

      1. You just never know when a company might need a solid Global Initiatives Associate, Senior Integration’s Facilitator, or an International Customer Configurations Strategist.

        1. An integration facilitator is a figure responsible for coordinating necessary inter-departmental communications in large and complex organizations that operate in complex, rapidly shifting environments.
          Can’t speak to the others though…

        2. Actually according to Cosmo instead of ‘on time’ they go home an average of 15 minutes early… Particularly during the summer months. (I almost want to say the average was as high as 30, but it has been since 2014 since I read the article. I can’t quite remember.)
          They did an article on the pay gap. It was rather honest.

        3. Their office time is wasted on typical female behavior like gossiping and ruminating on “women’s issues.” And note how, in better paying office environments, they get pregnant within a year of being hired and take advantage of time-off for family issues and benefits. When I was at a big pharma company it was discussed that women didn’t have the constitution to make good executives because of their emotionalism and inability to make proper decisions, and their gender’s propensity for leaving “trails of bodies” behind instead of positive results. I’m 55, and have seen one female executive after the other build their careers on fabricating issues just to fire innocent people. They leave departments in shambles and the next guy holding the bag. Yet they can’t be fired.

      2. Large corporations also invest heavily in such areas, while pushing for them to be mandatory, as an anticompetitive measure designed to prevent the entry of new competitors, who are unable to afford the luxury of unproductive employees initially.

        1. There was a change a few decades ago. In the old days if you wanted to be a pharmacist or an accountant or a lawyer then you found a mentor, convinced them that you where worthy and then you trained under them to get your ticket. Nowadays corporations refuse to invest in talent, they want you to be plug-and-play.
          So kids these days have to invest $40k+ to get some bullshit university degree just to get in the door.

      3. “minorities” in general…screams I’m white and im insecure anonymous. grow up. You think companies are in the business of not making money? Ya that’s why they unecessarily hired that smart indian guy next to you. How about being an alpha and not blaming the refs. Shouldn’t need LinkedIn to get a job. Sounds like your job may have been one of those replaced by a useless one.

        1. Hey genius, I’ve been self employed for years. So your attempt of playing Freud is as pathetic as you are.
          Have a great day! 🙂

        2. The large corporations realize that by virtue of their size they can absorb the costs of these regulations (and other regulations) better than smaller companies. Since the costs are enforced to all their competitors they have no impact on their ability to make money amongst their peers. A common cost that all competitors must bear has no affect on competition. When fighting off the upstart small companies it is a god send.
          I have no problem with the capable minority or woman replacing a less copable man. That is playing fair. What really happens is that total incompetents are hired and promoted to meet quotas. I recently sat through a diversity presentation made by the one female executive in our small subsidiary of a large financial institution (who is competent and a nice person). She stood in front of the work force of 98% middle aged white men and put out the goals that the company put the highest priority on hiring diversity, retaining diversity, and promoting diversity. In other words, we don’t want to hire you guys, keep you guys, and we will not be promoting you guys. She had the decency to be highly embarassed by what she was saying. She is a blonde and was blushing so much and looking down so much you could feel sorry for her having to toe the corporate political line.

      4. They are considered reparations for “misogyny” & “racism.” Another one of the reasons we are in economic decline. These jobs add nothing to the GNP, in fact, they shrink it. +FD

        1. True. But it must be cheaper to keep the “workfarians” around then to have to deal with lawsuits and the bad PR of being “racist” or “misogynistic”.

      5. A lot of these bullshit jobs will be going the way of the dodo soon enough. Many companies are getting rid of HR departments because the cost isn’t justied.
        But you are correct that women do excell in bullshit roles. e.g HR, consultant, project manager (for non profits) etc.

        1. You forgt Old Hag At Counter in construction supply pissing off men client looking for someone with actual knowledge of the products and no attitude!!

        2. “Many companies are getting rid of HR departments because the cost isn’t justied.”
          How will holidays parties get planned now?

      6. Totally, minority hiring polices actually degrades minorites that are compitnent and insults their intelligence..

      7. “If you’re on LinkedIn for example, take a look at the “job” titles these people have – total nonsensical doublespeak.”
        What’s even worse is the ego inflation that women get from this euphemistic word play. Oh yes, you are the Administrative Coordinator…Executive Consultant…etc, etc, etc. Blah, blah, blah…
        I am so glad that businesses like Yahoo and Twitter and plummeting. Serves them right for hoisting incompetent women into positions of power.

      8. A funny story is that when I was on a business trip, a German guy gave me his business card. It said “Handlungbewolenmachtiger” . I asked him what that meant and he fudged for a bit and then said “manager”. What the fuck is up with the German language where Handlungbewolenmachtiger = manager?
        However, part of the SJW project is to make up names for the appearance of doing work rather than actually doing work.
        There is only one title on my resume that needs two words: game designer. Otherwise, soldier, lawyer, teacher and entrepreneur suffice.
        This is all a result of women invading the HR department. They make up all sorts of nonsense names for the jobs that they do and who they hire.

      9. You’re right, and as long as they don’t create a lot of controversy everything’s OK. Unfortunately, many think that they really have real jobs and get uppity. Then the female attitude of demanding respect and competing starts problems that land people in HR for months at a time. A problem with it is that they don’t know enough about the job to know that they aren’t doing anything, and you have to skirt around their behavior without pissing them off. Of course, they can never come at you with facts, so they start with the sexist allegations. How many times have you wanted to tell them to just shut up and collect their salary and let you do your job?

      10. And what exactly do YOU do for a living? As a female, mine is pretty straightforward. Chronic wound specialist. I grow flesh where it does not want to grow. You? I am guessing you are a wee bit more “useless.”

        1. Let’s see…between my degrees in biology, biochemistry, computer programming and quality systems design, what I “do” depends on who’s paying me.
          As far as “useless” goes, not even close.

    2. Yeah….that’s only half of the story. Actually, she got grade inflations to get that 2.7 because tutoring isn’t enough.

      1. Actually, it’s only 2-3 stories that somehow excuse the engineers in this discourse (if there are any) from getting work.

    3. It’s important to note that intellect and intelligence are not the same thing. Intellect is derived from left brain characteristics such as logic, reasoning, calculating, etc. Left brain characteristics are primarily masculine. Right brain characteristics such as emotions, the arts, intuition, creativity etc are primarily feminine. Intellect is just one half of intelligence, where intelligence is composed of mastery of both left and right brain characteristics. Leonardo Da Vinci is an example of such mastery.

      1. http://amr.aom.org/content/12/4/600.short
        Left brain/right brain division is a myth. While it’s true that certain association areas take up residency in one hemisphere or the other, that actually has little or no effect on personality or execution of certain tasks. For instance, if this hemisphere mythology were true, then that would mean that “right brained” people wouldn’t be able to speak or understand language, and “left brained” people wouldn’t have any spatial awareness.
        Many “right brained” concepts are also very masculine. Spatial awareness, as I just mentioned, patterns and sequences, and creativity. Creative forces as Mozart, Dante, and Michaelangelo, belong right beside engineering and science masters, such as Da Vinci, Einstein, and Hawking, in history.

        1. You’re correct, however it seems it’s common for people in society to praise those with a high intellect as intelligent, when they are really just intellectual. When I refer to the left and right brain, the masculine and feminine, the sun and moon, i am using metaphors.

        2. Left brain/right brain division is a real thing. It’s just that the way people commonly understand it is wrong. That paper you cited is all about experimenting with the common understanding, and then comparing with the actual science. That paper in no way shows that Left brain/right brain division doesn’t exist. There is definitely a mythology about the common understanding. However, the non-existence of the mythology doesn’t mean that there isn’t a valid source from which the mythology came.
          Here’s how it actually works:
          RE: learning language:
          Right-brained people learn grammar and intonation first.
          Left-brained people learn definitions and sentences first.
          RE: spacial awareness:
          Right-brained people use proprioception for external purposes, and “feel” spacial awareness.
          Left-brained people use knowledge and understanding of shapes and other data types and use logic to predict spacial awareness.
          In all cases, being dominant in one hemisphere does not prevent the use of the other hemisphere. (whoever said so is an imbecile who doesn’t understand logic).
          PS. yeah, yeah, replying to a 2 year old comment. whatever.

      2. Left/Right brain division is much simpler than that. The left brain is about collecting data points. The right brain is about connecting data points. Then there’s intuition on top of that which is about annealing data.
        Men and Women are fairly varied between right-brain and left-brain orientation. The most intelligent people, as you said, are those that properly use both.
        The difference between men and women is about the use of brain capacity (and a few sections of the brain that don’t exist in women because they develop between age 23-27, after women’s brains have stopped developing).
        Women are “better at multitasking” because men tend to use all of their mental capacity on one thing at a time, while women don’t have the ability to do that. Women are “more intuitive” because men use their intuition on project success and human safety, while women use their intuition on social cues.
        If there is a male-female split for left-right brain, it’s actually the opposite of what you said. Women are usually left-brain dominant, while men right-brain dominant. It’s the right brain that lets people use all of the data they obtained through life to accomplish complicated goals; which is what men are known for. It’s the left brain that allows for organizational skills and rote learning, which is what women are known for.
        PS.. Yeah, yeah, replying to a 2-year old comment.

    4. “gets numerous job offers starting at 50k per year *due to anti-discrimination laws/affirmative action.* ”
      It’s kind of typical that at the same time, any skilled male with some kind of physical impairment or disability, veteran or no veteran, can f*ck off. Affirmative action is applied in a highly selective way.

        1. Feel better? I am fucking off. Inside whatever female family member is dearest to you. Or likely have, alpha male! LOL

      1. I’m a veteran that used his hiring preference to his advantage. Putting male brain power to good use!

        1. Public sector?
          Or did they take you on for the tax break?
          Nothing wrong with it. Fight fire with anything you can. If I ever formally apply to a job again Im going to report hispanic ethnicity.

        2. that’s exactly whats happening…thanks to modern PC mentality, we are seeing an inverted version of the ‘one drop’ rule, people trying to ‘pass’ as a minority (Rachel Dolezal, etc) and claim ‘oppression’

        3. An effect as unfortunate as it is bizarre. I propose using the system against itself as leverage. Im fully willing to claim a legally unverifiable status on an application if it means the difference between my resume actually even being read or not.
          Then again, the day I apply to a company large enough to care about such things is the day I’m admitting defeat, so paradoxically I must be a very confused zombie.

        4. MY wife is a minority. And she has the ability to do the job. She is a shoo in! I laugh when I explain it to feminists. LOL Their head spins when their own “fool proof” tricks get pimped out right in front of them!

    5. I appreciate this. However, I am in my thirties and going back to school for engineering. I recently got out of the military, and was not able to take these classes back then.
      I can tell you that in both chemistry, calculus, engineering, physics, and medicine that there are numerous women going to these classes with me. Many who can get good grades. Despite many men who cannot.
      I think it more beneficial, outside of some pleasant ribbing, that one acknowledge one of the true reasons these women stay out of engineering. Other than that it is hard. That reason is they go into the medical field where teh work hours are low, and the pay and time off is high. Also, they get an engineering or science degree, and wind up teaching instead of doing research for the same reasons.
      You are right, I see many women gaming the nerdy ones to their advantage. But many are able to hold their own. They just choose a career more apt for producing family then machines or industry.

      1. “That reason is they go into the medical field where the work hours are low, and the pay and time off is high.”
        This is true, in part. They often have glamorous expectations of being a doctor, and either consciously or subconsciously believe the associated social status grants them access to quality alpha c**k.

        1. Don’t disagree. Just appreciate the site, and though I love the inspired taunting of feminist’s bs; I think the movement as a whole is going to go mainstream.
          Which means acting like a total asshole in the public sphere can be counterproductive. Better to be the spontaneous asshole who uses humor, then dumb ass arguments that cloud the specific nature of what our argument is; and thus keeping others away.
          I don’t care about the manboobs, jezebels, or other such cuntery. I do care about the message! The message needs to be clear, concise, and rooted in mathematically verifiable facts, and research. That way, everyone will know that manosphere operates off that tenser calculus that feminists truly can’t understand! Because they are women.

        2. Too bad for them looks are what they really need, something that gradually slips away from them throughout the years they spend becoming a doctor. 😀

        3. Concurrent to women going in to the lettered professions, they are also (surprise!) getting pregnant. Children chew up so much productive time, it’s a wonder why we bother. Husbands won’t cut back their hours,so mothers do.

        4. Agreed, it will go mainstream (with a ton of kickback), so it has to stay light, accurate, and emotion free, and unfortunately this thread has way too many people complaining about a career they couldn’t get because of someone else. In essence too many pretty good contributors said something along the lines of “I or one of my compadre’s was beaten out of a position by a…”. That’s some info I would keep to myself…

        5. husbands don’t have the coo coo gaa gaa crazy for the baby gene… so better they work, not least since pregnancy, giving birth and breast feeding are quite demanding past times that really don’t mesh well with a corporate or science career…….
          i think maternity leave is of the single most unfair and crazy disbalances in the work place…. i can get 6 months off, to do something totally unrelated to my profession and which will medically effect me…. and then come back and expect my job back….

        6. Awwww. Here men get mat leave also. Those stupid babies cut in to their corporate performance, what can I say? Me, I had a meeting with my secretary less than 24 hours after an 80 hour labour and a baby in ICU. Try that after shitting a watermelon, bozo.

        7. so what are you saying ? there are only a few options for a woman who behaves like this.
          you’re a shit mother or your husband makes a better mother than you do (sad), or you had a baby as a trophy for facebook ?
          clearly you are not even smart enough to take advantage of the feminist machinery and claim maternity leave, and when you talk about ‘shitting out’ your own baby, i would have thought social services should pay you a visit and make sure it’s well treated and or still alive.

        8. You brought a new human life into the world, yet your concern 24 hours later was a business meeting. And yes, you rationalised the choice to take it. We focus on the things that are important to us, and your child will never mean more to you than your ‘career’. I pity your kid, but when you’re old and dying, your career will be there to hold your hand.

        9. This has been an entertaining conversation.
          The subject is … the subject, stupid women.
          Now we have a psychic predicting the outcome of my life based on a one hour meeting 22 years ago.
          No worries. I AM old now, and my daughter is completing an Honours BA this year, thanks for asking; I’m muddling through an MBA from Wharton (look that up).
          Lost her virginity to rape, mind you, but doing fine – with an IQ of 135, just like mummy. And she is beautiful.
          You don’t believe half the things you post here. It’s garden variety venting, and it sure won’t hurt the likes of me.What I see is a lot of fear, and a lot of loneliness.
          i am sorry it is that way because it doesn’t have to be.
          I wish you all the best, and good luck.

        10. One of my older sisters was an accountant, CPA, CIA (certified Internal Auditor, and an executive at a locally important company; now retired. When she had her 4th child he was born on a Friday night of a three day weekend. They did not manage to get all of her street clothes off before the baby was born. She was back at work on Tuesday morning and did not miss one minute of work. BTW that child is now a pediatrician.
          Not all women are drags on performance.

        11. and you really think that your ugly ass is something that women would want to sleep with? women don’t like men like you because you are UGLY- that’s why you are a sexless bitter troll- UGLY, look in the mirror UGLY. you might have better looking friends, that you are secretly jealous of of course, that can get girls and you are trying to round them up in this bitter bull, but I hope they see through your crap and tell you all to f off.

        12. I wish you die slowly and painfully you fucking cunt.
          And your daughter deserved being raped.

        13. I’ve had the good fortune to experience being taught by & working with a few worthy women over the years. But they’re in the minority.
          Doesn’t invalidate the article’s content at all.
          I wish you & your family well in your endeavors.

      2. I can get on board with some of this. Here’s the thing I take the most issue with, and I’ll be using my personal experience as an example, and even though such things can only be whispered in my profession, a lot of it is echoed by my male peers- even without a redpill asshole like myself instigating any of it.
        I’m a pilot, and a former flight instructor with a wealth of experience training both men and women, in a one-on-one capacity. That includes ground schooling, flight, and simulator training.
        Women aren’t bad in the classroom- I will give them that. Many put in the work necessary to do what it takes to get the grade and to get the job done. I have no problems with that and commend them on it.
        Where women excel- they are incredibly organized, neat, and strongly follow checklists, SOP’s, and the FARs/regulations. They run a very good cockpit in that capacity, and are in many instances better than men. They also put in the work necessary to achieve the required knowledge in terms of the fundamentals of flight, the wealth of regulations, physics, weight and balance, weather- all of it. They tend to know their stuff, and dare I say- even work harder than men to achieve this knowledge.
        The problem is they can’t fly an airplane worth a shit. Stick and rudder skills are generally bottom rung. They have a great amount of knowledge, but the problem is implementation. There are natural talents, there are unnaturals that put in the work to become proficient, and then there are people that have no fucking business even sitting in the emergency exit aisle on a commercial airliner- and no amount of instruction and hand holding can change that. Are there exceptions to this? Of course. However, is it almost always the case that women can’t outfly men? Bet your ass it is. The minimum it takes to get a private pilot’s certificate is 40 hours, with about 45-50 being the average I would say. The women I worked with generally took anywhere from 65-90 hours to get the certificate, with many failing their checkrides in the first attempt. They would pass the written portion with great scores, pass the oral portion equally well- then bust on the flight portion. They’re more prone to becoming overwhelmed and panicking- not good traits for an airman.
        The most afraid I’ve ever been on a commercial flight wasn’t an emergency situation. It was when I walked on the aircraft and saw a female captain and a female first officer… and the biggest peter puffer male flight attendant I’ve seen yet. Flight went without a problem, but I was certainly praying that nothing irregular popped up. It’s an easy job when everything goes smooth and simple, and a complete pressure cooker when you’re in a bad spot. When I’m in a pinch I want a man next to me, and you know what? Every staunch, militant, bull dyke feminist wants two men up there too when the situation is in dire straights. Would they ever admit that? Fuck no, but if they were in that situation as a passenger- they most certainly would want two men up there over two women. It’s an incontrovertible fact.
        The point of all of this is to demonstrate that men are actually better at “doing”. All the book knowledge in the world doesn’t mean shit without putting it into practice. Men dominate this- it’s not news.

        1. Totally concur, but I can’t actually say it from experience…yet. But based on whom I see teaching, it leads me to believe they could not handle the long hours of isolated research.
          And it makes me wonder why they don’t fly for the navy anywhere near as much? I guess that makes them rios or something?

        2. This even applies to other fields requiring no physical skills, like accounting and computer science. Women are very good with the exams and making documentation, but when it comes to solve concrete life problems, they fall short. Life isn’t about learning something by heart and repeating it.

        3. very interesting and there is your empirical hands on evidence right there….. women are good at nesting which means organization, fine details, social skills, memory, even being finicky and bossy etc… but under pressure… in a shoot it from the hip emergency – NO CAN DO!

        4. there was a series of videos for babies called little einstien or something and they were all recalled for making false claims when it was proved that the kids were just learning parrot fashion…. that’s what women do on degree courses…..

        5. “Women are very good with the exams and making documentation, but when it comes to solve concrete life problems, they fall short. ”
          That’s why they do well in academia. Too bad so many people mix good grades with good skills.

        6. oh goody, generalizations from a sexless bitter dork. here is one, men are great at generalizations, but not really good at understanding complex data.

        7. oh goody, generalizations from a sexless bitter dork. here is one, men are great at generalizations, but not really good at understanding complex data. FU

        8. And how about you go fuck yourself you stupid whore.
          I bet you are nigger and on welfare to boot. Cunt.

      3. It’s not only that… a women can cram information in an academic environment, and come out on top…. but when faced with a real life challenge.. “let’s build a second golden gate bridge”… she doesn’t have the ‘think outside the box’ skills to do that….. and neither does she have the drive and ambition to sit up all hours of the day and night thinking into it….
        ever noticed how a girlfriend will slow you down, want you to relax and chill and do mundane things, distract you from your inner ambitious drive etc. etc. etc…. WHY ? because women don’t have this drive to the same degree and if they do… they always have the fall back of husband and kids…..

      4. I was a 70s engineering graduate. I worked as an engineer in the field for over 20 years. I worked with quite a few female engineers, even some that were being fast tracked due to their brilliant academic records. I cannot recall a single competent female field engineer in all those years. I do recall the one that went into a radioactively contaminated work area in the usual anti-C suits and then when she took them off at the public step off pad was found to be wearing only a pair of black lace panties underneath. All work stopped for the rest of the day; the next day there were company provided shorts and shirts that everyone was required to wear under the anti-Cs.
        I shifted careers in midlife and now work as a “quant” in the financial service world. It is a highly technical field with requirements for a strong math and statistics background. About half of the people in my current field are women. I can’t recall a single one that I have worked with that is not competent. What is the difference? The current field is all theoretical. You build mathematical constructs and statistical models that are supposed to reflect reality. You never have to deal with practical realities on the ground. Also, it is all done in comfortable air-conditioned and heated cubicle farms.

      5. no they stay out because they are HARASSED in school- they are passed over for bimbos and sluts and they are rarely offered work no matter how good they are or how much the proved themselves or even how much some people in their industry steal their ideas- your thoughts (however misguided and demented) are interesting because there are quite a few women in the building industry out there with good averages that know their stuff and couldn’t find work- and get passed over for men with lower averages, but have daddy’s and friends with connections. that good ol boys club, gotta love it. FU

        1. Need more than that. Because with all the statistics, office of equal opportunity for women, and PC double standards from the white house to main street, I think your full of shit.
          I have worked in numerous fields, and NEVER have I seen women treated the way you describe. If any women was treated that way…LAWSUIT! And in a hurry, and a big way.
          But there isn’t, why? Because businesses will trip over themselves to hire a competent, capable, and educated woman. With or without kids. But if she already has kids….Whooosh, they are stupid if they don’t hire her.
          Plus, she is a three for one tax break.
          Your a moron.

    6. I knew a girl who played out this situation exactly. Graduated with an engineering degree, wanted to get into a graduate program but was rejected due to poor performance, then got several 40k/yr job offers in her home town.
      Fast forward a year later, she admitted to me and a bunch of other friends that she sucked pretty bad at her engineering job. Instead of firing her, the company transferred her to the sales/marketing section. By the way, her dad has two PhDs and is out of a job.

        1. If it helps, it was basically because she didn’t get a scholarship because all the scholarships were already allocated to other women (and a few genius guys).

      1. It’s a game to most of them – like dress up Barbie day. Hey, today Barbie is an electrical engineer! That will be so cool to role play.
        But wait, I have to work 50 hours a week…

    7. While minoring in electrical in college I had a female lab partner that was majoring in electrical. I didn’t have to take any of the prerequisites (Calc 1-3, Linear algebra, etc.) that she did because I was a minor. However, I was the one understanding and completing the labs while she made constant mathematical mistakes. She is now a engineer at GE and I am in logistics at a big oil company. GE politely handed me back my application without even reading past my font page data (name, university, GPA, etc). Oh yeah, I had to move to buttfuck North Dakota to get my start. She moved down the interstate in NY. This reverse discrimination does exist, but it’s okay because I know my ceiling is much higher.

      1. oh really? you j#rk would be happy to know that there are women with high averages out there that didn’t sleep their way through school and get passed over because a dumb man has connections to get a job- so it goes both ways you MORON

        1. I would never hire a man cause he is my friend,
          Only hire people who can get the job done on time without bitching.
          I repeat, would never hire or vouch for a guy unless he is highly competent and doesn’t bitch.
          When you are on a site where every decision you make could get you or someone seriously injured or killed you might understand the stupid nonsense you are dribbling.

      2. It’s ok you have “merit” a man doesn’t need handouts to succeed he has himself, a work ethic and his intellect.

      3. “She moved down the interstate in NY…”
        They can give her everything, but they cannot save her from a life on Cymbalta.

    8. It’s a 20-year old study with no statistical base of any significance, but what the hell; we’re not fucking market researchers; we’re MEN!

    9. At my old med school, one of the girls slept with the Prof marking her attachment. She got 95%. This happens all the time.
      Seriously? Do I need to do a Van Wilder with the women in their 60s/70s to compete with these cheaters?

    10. They need to man up and refuse the tutoring bs. I worked in the early days of satellite communication. 1986-1989 to be specific. I had master the MSC-64 Satcom Terminal procedures. You didn’t need to be an engineer to uss it but you had to be smart to make sure you were always on the network. Sometimes it just meant turning it off then on, other times you had to pull a board a do a little soldering. If you were off net for 15minutes :31 seconds you were dropped. In the cold war dealing with nuke codes was considered serious business. They would send me every black and backward ass hillbilly they had for intensive training. No overtime pay in the army. So I got to teach Jerry’s kids on my “free” time. I showed them over and over, had them do it and most still failed. The rednecks were usually given general discharges to get them out but the black dudes were inevitable sent to PLDC (SERGEANTS SCHOOL”. This allowed them to get promoted out of the unit and put them in charge of the E4’S and below so they didn’t need to know what they were doing. I went and asked the first sergeant (1SG) why (I was naive) and explained that if the shit hit the fan we would lose commo to a lot of nuke sites. Yes, there were backups like the AM. ANC/213 ^SP. But we were primary. That was my first exposure to “social policies” overriding tactical combat decisions. Only going to get worse with more women in the force. Sure, you have outliers, but not enough.

    11. I do think when it comes to college, you get what you put in. If you get a shitty GPA of 2.7 then you clearly did not work hard enough. The same applies for both genders. Jobs should be offered to the candidate best suited and qualified for the role, its unfair that companies have to settle for second best because they’re afraid of being sued. With that in mind, even if the company in question was to deny a woman a job based on a GPA of 2.7, in favour of a man with a higher GPA, I don’t see how the woman’s case would stand in court if she choose to seek legal action. Its pretty obvious the male candidate was better qualified. Similarly, if a man with an equal GPA to a woman was offered a job, due to him being more experienced, then that case would not stand up in court either. As the man was more experienced in the field.
      Employers should not feel like they must settle for a second-rate employee because they fear legal action against them if they do not hire a woman. Employers should hire the candidate best suited for the job, based on qualifications and experience, instead of gender.

      1. You are extremely naieve
        You are extremely naïve. The company will not let it get to court because the harm to reputation and public perception of them being a regressive, evil, bunch of prejudiced asshats is more than the suit is worth.
        Companies get sued by women left and right. Most companies put a lot of money into avoiding the damage. There is a saying well known in corporate circles: hire a woman, hire a law suit. But not hiring them or not promoting them will also get you a law suit so all you can do is minimize your risk.

      2. In an ideal world perhaps.
        But one takes the world as it is as opposed to how we would like things to be. And being too logical & empirical minded will get you ostracized by your sisters & enablers from the Equalist mob.

    12. BULLLSH&T absolute and utter BULL- there are women with high averages that get passed over for men with lower GPA’s in EVERY field- it’s about connections you moron. simple.

    13. “The main reason why I believe, and the main reason why nearly everyone always has believed, that the [starting salary of a female engineer with a 2.7 GPA is superior to that of a male engineer with a 3.5 GPA], is just this: that the intellectual performance of women is [superior] to that of men.”
      Of course I don’t believe that the intellectual performance of women is superior to men. I believe in the intellectual performance of individuals. Just wanted to point out the flawed argument of the article. Just because something happens to be the norm / the common belief, doesn’t make it true / right.

    14. You guys do know this isn’t the norm, right? I have a 3.6 GPA and tutor the guys in my classes. And no, I’m not a theater major or something like that (no offense to theater majors- some of my best friends are film majors which is similar). I’m a Mechanical Engineering major, but I also have an Applied Mathematics degree in the works. I take twenty credits every semester. I’m taking two majors, twenty credits a term, have a part time job as an engineer in an aerospace company which is predominantly male. I used to think similarly to you (the injustice of affirmative action) and although I do not agree with women-only scholarships if men-only scholarships are not also offered for same amount, sexism does exist. I experience it everyday. I don’t think men necessarily mean to do this, but they do. Truth is, I excel in this male-dominated world of math and science. I tutor them in calculus, abstract algebra, physics, thermodynamics, vector analysis, you name it. I pull their grades up from a D to a B. I teach them. Sometimes some women are better than other men at math and sciences. It’s just the way it is and no one should be ashamed of it or of asking for help from the smart girl in the math class.

    15. After I graduated from law school I was looking for my articles – my apprenticeship. I applied to the Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman Office. I had 10 years of military experience and I completely nailed the interview because I did my homework. So who got the job? Some bitch who spoke French. As a consolation prize they hired me as an investigator. I should have kept that job but I gave it up to get my ticket for a paltry wage.

    16. School GPA’s are bullshit barometer. You can’t say women (or men) are smarter
      because they have higher GPAs. Higher GPAs mean you obey more. Schools
      are enclosed and controlled systems, and the GPA is a measurement of
      how well you perform in that system. There are reasons why successful
      entrepreneurs quit their school days.
      Not saying GPA should be disregarded, but it’s not an accurate measurement of intellect.

      1. with all these ID’s and comments on each, it’s no wonder you’ve never had a job. You really take the nickel a post thing seriously.

    17. Wow, as a researcher of this field, I must ask WHERE did you get these statistics, because NONE of us have ever seen such a study. OR, you just made this shit up because you are an insecure fool who is afraid of girls.

  6. The picture of the faces of the two women at their graduation, looks like they’re hungry for cocks in their mouth.

      1. The projection, rationalizing, and false schema building of these dissenters is really fascinating. I would guess these are social outcasts who have invested their time and egos into feminism, but who have a limited playbook as their veneer of normalcy is stretched very thin.

        1. You talking about Boomy? He is just some broke old english dude. AKA Mashenka, Maria, Maureen. He likes fucking with us. Kind of an unhealthy addiction if you ask me.

        2. Boy those geeks here at Princeton are fast when you show them a bit of cleavage lol
          This “guest” here is the same loser who fancies himself a pick up boy and haunts Spearhead.The loser,Price, who runs the silly blog that has about a dozen real readers doesn’t ban him because “guest’ sends him a couple of dollars. This is why Price won’t print any rebuttals to this “guest” moron. Price is apparently a $2 whore. He wife left him because she just didn’t want to grow old with some loser who never had any anbition. I don’t blame her. Why would any woman want to waste her youth and best years of her life?

  7. The picture of the faces of the two women at their graduation, looks like they’re hungry for cocks in their mouth.

  8. Women’s intelligence may have evolved to mimic the male’s. Women may have evolved an intelligence sufficiently large to assess the intelligence of men as potential sexual partners. They are good at the mimicking/copying of displays of male intelligence.
    It would explain why women do good at university, because it’s nothing more than reciting facts and numbers these days. It would also help explain why they – as a gender – don’t innovate. They latch onto things created by men. There are no true woman ‘geniuses’ because they generally don’t possess what it takes to come up with something new and revolutionary. On the other hand, there is a male drive to be creative and to critically analyze problems and find solutions, a drive that is being stifled in the education system, so they are ‘left behind’.
    Of course, the media and academics keep disseminating the same bullshit that men and women’s brains are the same or evolved the same because they ‘look’ the same (which is questionable, refering to some recent studies on neural wiring; Heartiste wrote a post on it). An evolutionary pressure differential between the brain of the human male and the human female is inconceivable to these people, because it doesn’t fit the egalitarian narrative (let alone that of female primacy). Universities these days worship their egalitarian gods before the scientific ones.

        1. I believe humanity is a primitive animal species possessed by alien spirits. They have figured out that spiritual interstellar travel is much easier than moving their physical
          bodies across the universe.

        2. Where the fuck do you think you are? This is a place to discuss ideas born of reason and analysis. Go take that shit to tumblr.

        3. It looked like a joke to me as in which came first, the chicken or the egg. Apparently no one was smart enough to answer her.

        4. MrBig is the next troll version of Mashenka.
          You do have doggedness and persistence to spam this site!

        5. Something needs to be done about all those trolls screwing up the comment space on ROK.

        6. I did mention that I know Maria. She’s a med student in NJ but already has her PhD from when she was 18 and was somewhat of a prodigy in Russia, a lot smarter than the blanket boys on here.
          You all sound like real poor pussies who are just jealous of anyone better than you, which is like almost everyone.Do you understand how weak and pathetic you look to real men when all you do us criticize and insult women? And all because you are sexually frustrated like your leader, Doosh, who couldn’t get a girl to even look at him at school and is now mad at the world. Now how can a complete loser teach you geeks anything?
          I’ve been assisting Maria with her Thesis on American geek boys and losers and every one of these blogs whether it’s the Spearhead or the Heartache Shack is filled with cellar boy losers. My advice to you all is to get out into the real world and throw the dumb PC away. I never used a PC once as a medical student and look at how successful I am.

        7. Maria may or may not be a genius, but this article is about comparing men and women as groups. If so, good for her! But an outlier individual cant change the population curve much, sorry.

        8. Lol. Dont fall for any of this bullshit. Boomer made up all these alter egos, Mashenka, Maria, Maureen, etc blah blah blah. Dude is a nutjob troll who is just pissed because he keeps getting banned.

        9. More reasonable than your arguments. Hell, dinosaurs walking the Earth with humans is more reasonable than your “logic”.

        10. And who is “guest”? And btw, I didn’t see any “Boomer”. Why don’t you use a real ID you loser?
          Nevermind, I’ll get one of the geeks here at Princeton to to check the Doosh’s web host in Florida and check all of the IP’s that went through it. Now, buzz off pajama boy.

        11. You are a wasting a lot of your time if you go to Princeton and you are trolling these comments under multiple names. By the way you are aware Princeton does not have a medical or law school right? Also Princeton is very liberal , yet you insult people by calling them pajama boy. Maschenka is that you again dude, I miss your trolling , so stupid , so reactionary.

        12. If you received a PhD at 18 and are currently in Medical School in NJ (what university would that be? Not Drexel because I would know about the 18 year old Russian PhD prodigy) there is no reason to be writing any paper about male oriented sites. If she were currently in medical school she would be struggling through residency, attempting to get a competitive fellowship, or doing research of a therapeutic nature. Even if she was researching male oriented sites for a psychology or sociology PhD lurking in the comments and announcing her intent to compline a thesis would violate research protocol and invalidate any results. What would her research methodology even be? Me thinks Maria and Mr Big are one and the same and he needs to get a new hobby.

        13. What P450 is the most common ant what is its primary antagonist Mr Big? At the NMJ what type of receptor is there and is pre or post ganglionic? In the the most common G protein coupled receptor how many times does it traverse the phospholipid bilayer and what type of G subtype is it? You claim to be successful what type of medicine do you practice and what was your score on STEP 1? These questions are as basic as it gets from a real medical student prepping for STEP 1 , because I think you and your other name ” Maria ” are full of shit, you have not ever been to med school. And if Maria has a PhD what was her thesis on and where was it published? If it is in Russian I will use google translate, oh yeah it does not exist ….

        14. I figured that you were still a schoolboy.Funny, you boys are always trying to test the professor. I used to do the same thing as a student lol

        15. You have me confused with my girlfriend Maria (Mashenka is just a diminutive). Now, first of all, just about every woman that I know has some sort of advanced degree and we really don’t sit around talking about our school days. If she happens to mention her dissertation, or if I happened to have asked, I certainly do not remember every one.
          Why would Maria be a resident when she hasn’t even graduated in medicine yet? And btw, she’s at Robert Wood Johnson, not Princeton, although she does work with a relative in Princeton who owns a generic drug company there.
          And you would never know of any Russian student because few people even know she’s Russian her English is so perfect although they may mistake her for English since she speaks the King’s English, unlike school boys from Atlanta.
          Apparently you know nothing about Universities outside the US. I never attended a Uni in Russia but believe that they have sort of a two tier system. What you would called a PhD in the US is called a candidate of science there, which she has and it’s in pharmacology. I’m not familiar with the 2nd tier which is above the qualifications of a PhD in the US. Dissertations are not always published in Unis outside the US. I recall that when I was at Oxford only members of the particular faculty, and any student there who wanted to sit in,were present at the defence of the dissertation. I don’t recall any dissertation being published either in the Uni so you’d probably have to ask the candidate if you were interested.If it were published for some reason you would still have to try to get it from the candidate if you were interested because in these grey publishing areas it would be impossible to find.Universities in Europe were very closed societies in the past and it still sort of lingers on.

        16. P.S. Blanket blog boys as she calls you are just a hobby of Maria’s She’s probably going to sell her research to a publisher or something, or turn it over the the Abnormal Psych Dept. at her Uni for further investigation. However, from what she’s told me you boys on All of these blogs combined only amount to the lunatic fringe of 1% and are no way representative of US men in general.You’re basically the losers and malcontents who are found in every country.You invent these ridiculous game “theories” to rationalise your own shortcomings and inability to deal normally with women, and with life.
          She really didn’t have to waste her time because being 35 years her senior I could have told her anything she wanted to know. The Internet, AS YOU KNOW IT, has only been around about 15 years but pyjama boys and nerds pre-dated it and are eternal.In the days before the lower class masses had computers there were still pyjama boys and inept nerds around but weren’t able to anonymously vent their frustrations with life in public because people would just laugh at them.
          They basically spent their time alone or with other nerds reading comic books, talking about Star Trek, reading How To Pick Up Girls books,trying to get some porn on tape at some sleazy shop, collecting baseball cards or birdwatching, and spying on hot girls through binoculars from a distance. Not any different than today and only the technology changed a bit.

        17. You are full of shit, if you get a PhD in a you must defend a thesis and it is published, if for no other reason to be recognized as prior art for patent purposes . Even if you go to a school in Mali it can be found online. You did not answer the basic science questions I asked you and if you really are a doctor which we both know you are not, you could have answered as easily as a lawyer can give the elements of a contract( offer, acceptance ,consideration. You never forget these things.). You probably tried to google the answers but without the foundation in science it was too difficult to ascertain so you talked around the specific answers with you convoluted attempt at an insult. If you really were a successful doctor you would not be on this website because you would not have the time, and those basic science questions I asked would be automatic. I am reviewing pharmacology in FIRST AID and Kaplan as we speak for STEP 1, what was your girlfriends thesis on? There is no way she wrote a thesis and does not remember the title, abstract,efficacy and if her hypothesis was proven so confer with her and let me know, but you won’t because you are full of shit. You are not a doctor and your “girlfriend” if she exists does not have a PhD and is not in medical school. Let me hip you to something shithead, the medical community of students in America is very small and I have friends at most universities especially in New Jersey, a Russian girl who received a PhD at eighteen in pharmacology who is currently in school in New Jersey who has Princeton ties to a generic drug developer is big fucking news and it would get around on the various blogs dedicated to medical school students prepping for STEP 1. But you would not know that because you are not a doctor and have never gone to medical school, troll where someone who is actually going through medical school does not regularly comment Biggs M.D.(Make-believe Doctor).

        18. You’re dismissed little boy. Run along. You’re too stupid to even understand what I wrote and think that the Universities around the world are like your Community College.
          Now buzz off because you bore me. Probably some dumb negro from Atlanta lol

        19. For sure you are not an MD, thanks for clearing that up. Cannot answer basic science science questions fundamental to medicine , evades direct questions that require factual answers, uses racial based insult when confronted about bullshit online persona, that is the troll trifecta. I did this same line of questioning to a dude trying to pretend to be a doctor at a party after finals in December he acted just like you talk around the question, evade, then insult and walked away embarrassed. You did not dismiss shit, you got exposed, pick a new name and troll better.

      1. I like how you resort to name calling, proving the point of MichaelSeville’s article above.

    1. Academia favors women’s soft skills of communication, rather than productivity. So as careers like medicine in the UK have become woman friendly (70% female), it has favored women’s soft skills over raw talent and productivity. Whilst in recent years it has improved a bit, English/Welsh women doing this career can be absolute c*nts to work with and this hurts productivity and my ability to compete where I need to fit in the feminazified environment. I have won some prizes for medicine, but I wonder if its all worth it and whether I would have to do something else in the future, as I love the work, but not so much the environment. Its better now than in the past, but I should’ve done a career that caters to men.

      1. “women doing this career can be absolute c*nts to work with and this hurts productivity and my ability to compete”
        It is going to be a real pain in the ass if -figuratively speaking- you’ve swallowed the red pill. In ten to fifteen years time, almost the entire lower- and midtier jobs in medicine are going to be occupied by women. Whether this will increase the quality of care is another story. But the crux is, it will be hell to work in such an environment as a red pill-aware man.
        If you aim for an M.D, or already are one, you could try to aim for a (highly) competitive specialism that relies heavily on manual skills, like surgery. Women are more attracted to ‘soft’ specialisms like psychiatry, ophthalmology, and pediatrics. But dont kid yourself, even surgery admission boards like to swing the affirmative action “hammer”.
        You could also choose to begin a private practice (it’s going to be expensive) or go into medical engineering.

        1. for most roles i expect women make pretty good medical staff, but if i’m having a 20 hour emergency life saving operation… i want a man’s hands on the scalpel.

        2. I have seen female surgeons get a post because they are female, then go half time, meaning the men have to take up the slack.

        3. I have heard that in future, they will use more robots to do surgery. They are mostly human operated as of the moment, but it could be possible.

        4. They may deliver a good standard of care overall, true, but I wouldn’t count on them to swiftly advance medical science in the process.

        5. there would be nothing wrong with it, provided it was done in an open and honest way, and this stupid competition between men and women would stop…..

        6. Women try to become surgeons and end up washing out and becoming anesthesiologist instead, surgery boards are brutal and graded harshly.

      2. If you don’t mind going through US licensure , private practice here is lucrative and you may hire as you wish.

    2. I’m a biologist, do you know anything about evolution at all? Seriously, anything? Because every god damn word you just said is idiotic.

      1. Another rocket scientist who reads a kid loser blog written by some jerk who can’t even hold a job lol

  9. Life is better when you recognize men are smarter. Day-to-day, I will choose men over women for simple things like getting a haircut from a man, choosing a checkout line run my a male cashier, organizing outings with co-workers, and getting advice in all areas of life. And when I personally perform a task usually done by a women (like washing dishes), I discover I am done in half the time with better results! Astounding!

    1. My live-in girlfriend still cannot navigate how to properly load the dishwasher so that the plates, glasses, etc can actually get cleaned! I’ve tried to explain it a dozen times, and point to the interior of the dishwasher showing her how it functions, but NOOOOOO — she can’t fucking do it. Too distracted I guess. Plus, she hates the criticism. I’m always hauling half-clean shit out of the dishwasher because of her inability to realize that stacking bowls, plates, etc on top of each other prevents the water jets from cleaning them. Absolutely brutal and I could give you 100 more examples of her vastly inferior “brain processor.”

      1. Reminds me of the time I tried to explain to a girlfriend that her ownership of a HD television did not mean she was watching programming in high def.

      2. She is not a live-in girlfriend, she is a common-law partner and depending on your jurisdiction, may be entitled to the same rights as if you two were married.
        Get a fucking cohabitation agreement. It saved me more than once. I am not fucking kidding.
        But on the other hand, if you have nothing to lose then don’t bother.

      3. You gf must be retarded, just the sort I would expect a pajama boy to have. Like always goes with like. I bet she’s fugly looking too.

  10. As a student currently in a STEM university, I regularly see women outperforming men in academic testing.
    I consistently am able to discuss topics being taught in my lectures in more depth, with a broader range of references and concepts that I know of and understand than any woman I have yet to speak with. I outpace even my female peers, whom I previously considered intelligent.
    However, I consistently perform relatively (to the standard I desire to perform at) poorly, while my female peers seem to do quite well, when, just a day before these tests, I often converse with them on the topics at hand, only to run circles around them.
    Considering that the only measure of capacity that we possess is performance, I see this and despair. I often feel frustrated with this and am seriously considering abandoning my academic pursuits for greener pastures where my strengths can be better applied and where they can reap rewards, instead of performance reviews inferior to those of my (seemingly) intellectual inferiors.
    With this in mind, how are we to apply the theory of female intellectual inferiority to University Educational performance? With performance as a measure of capacity, how is this to be explained? In order for this theory to be further supported, confounding factors that account for this divergence from this hypothesis need to be identified.

    1. Great observations BMRod. The problem extends into the job market now as well. Once a company hires a woman into any management position that affects future hires, you may rest assured that all future managers will eventually be women (or a very dominant number of them) as she will hire more like her, and they then will hire more, etc. Their sisterhood hivemind is staggering, and you let that poison into your chain of command you might as well retire.
      I work in a very technical field and have for decades. Management across most of the industry now is female dominant and getting worse by the month. And it’s not because they’re good at their job, or even competent, but because they get a foot in the door with one Affirmative Action chick, who then hires ten thousand Lunch Lady feminists as managers over time, and they all mean to judge technical men’s jobs with a new Old Girl’s Club mentality. The female managers I’ve had over the last year, every damned last one of them, had no idea what I or any of the men on my team did and no way to gauge our technical performance. Reviews have been changed to be female centric, so now we have male engineers/programmers/techs/etc being judged not on their production and engineering performance, but rather on how much of a “team player” they are and how “well you contribute to the hivemind…er…group”. Not to mention now getting dinged for nor smiling enough (or too much, it depends on the broad and how she wants you to act). But technical competence? “Um, I don’t know that stuff, besides, whether you say hello every morning (or not) is more important than keeping airplanes from falling out of the sky!”
      To top it off, they’re as guilty of “sexual harassment” as they claim men are, except that they are allowed to get away with it with impunity. My last job with a female boss it was suggested that I could get her to attend company after work bar visits (I never asked her to even come to one) if I agreed to strip on the bar table (!), etc, to which all the other fat feminist hens clucked their approval. I was absolutely revolted, yet clearly they all thought that I should take it as a compliment. These fat, incompetent versions USSR Soviet KGB in American business could and did get away with anything and everything, no punishments, no removing them from office.
      And to reiterate, they were all, to the very last woman INCOMPETENT to actually be a manager in my industry. Absolute idiots who couldn’t be taught even the BASICS of how to understand our (the men) jobs.
      This is a huge sickness. We’re being led and increasingly dominated legally by idiots who are only marginally qualified to manage their own bladder activity.

      1. Hearing your story of female management disappoints me. It seems that the only way to avoid the crushing disability of women would be to become an owner of your own company and keep it small enough and specialized enough that you can avoid hiring women without attracting attention. This would have to be done while maintaining the savvy to erase and replace the company’s legal presence under another name in the case of litigation against your discriminatory hiring practices. Of course, this kind of business would have to be in an industry, where this would be feasible.
        Perhaps enclaves of competent, like-minded men (red-pillers) could be found in regions and their resumes held, concentrated into a single place by a company who would work in concert with companies who would desire to operate under this paradigm, which would reduce the legal risk of hiring blue-pillers who would act as whistle-blowers.
        Of course this would have to be managed and kept under wraps quite carefully, but could have an exquisite result. Perhaps the beginning of a second renaissance?

        1. That’s not an awful idea, but it would need to be encrypted, accessible only through some kind of onion routing, and membership based by recommendation only from existing members. Or something like that. The moment white knight schlubs get ahold of something like that they will run straight to Gladys with her double barrel shotgun and have the lot of us punished. You can count on white knights to sell out their masculinity like that.
          What I related is quite serious btw. Starting your own company and having < 15 employees is the escape valve for now, but for how long who knows?

        2. Yeah, I was thinking about the extent of security measures and care in selection of new members that would have to be taken to pull that off. Plenty of secret societies have existed, I’m sure there would be a way to organize another one effectively.
          As time continues, this idea may become increasingly attractive and worthwhile for those of us who aren’t plugged into the feminist frame.

      2. exactly my experiences – I would have half yearly and yearly reviews with my fat female manager and despite outperforming everyone else and having an understanding of the business beyond everyone else, my performance was ‘poor’ because I didn’t smile enough or was not a team player because I didn’t eat cake every fucken day with all the fat drones etc. Result – no bonus, bad report.
        That was in corporate finance, now I’m in oil/gas construction, It’s like night and day, although all women here (including the engineers) are thick too.

    2. Women love university because it’s so straight forward : study this by heart, repeat it at the exam. But life and work just don’t work that way. Don’t worry about your marks; when you get on the job market things will change.

    3. Bill Gates abandoned his academic pursuits for greener pastures.
      Let women rule their little structured academic worlds and then their little structured career worlds. We are men. We create!

      1. Abandoning academic pursuits can work, but it can be tricky. A friend of mine is a highly skilled IT professional. He worked since his early teens for various computer companies, after highschool he went to university but decided to drop out, not because of his grades, but because real work suited him better. Nowadays companies tell him how much they appreciate and depend on his skills to keep their networks running and how much they want to employ him, but HR has decided that degrees are a must have for their new employees…He is laughing about such decisions because they need him and have to pay him nearly four times as much, because he is working for them as a freelancer. But it does not work out like that for everyone.

    4. The environment favors social manipulation and skills (traditionally women’s strengths) whereas productivity (traditionally male strengths) takes a dive. So it is natural that as an organization becomes more and more female-heavy, the strengths are geared more and more towards women and less and less for men.
      Not making stuff is the downfall of any society/economy.

  11. This is ridiculous. I have to put up with so much bullshit on a daily basis being a female chemistry major, when in reality I usually end up doing all of the work in lab. I came from a public magnet school with the finest minds from my state, male and female. My senior year, our school won the international math competition in Singapore. Half of the team was female. A friend of mine, recently MIT’s MVP in Women’s Volleyball has worked with NASA with Astronauts’ inner ear problem. And they have done studies. Men tend to be on either extreme of the bell curve whereas female’s are grouped towards the middle.

      1. It’s not ebonics and there’s nothing wrong with her English. If you think so then I suggest that you just don’t know any better and there’s something wrong with your English.

    1. Go ahead ban me you little creep pyjama boy lol Still jumping over tables in Brazil because some girl took a sip of your cheap fizzwater? You’re lucky you didn’t get your arse kicked lol You’ve been barred from Brazil, Eastern Europe, and most of the civilised world and wanted for rape in Denmark.

    2. good for you! at my own college the male to female ratio was 40% male to 60% female with more women than ever studying sciences. don’t like things like this get you down as you can tell by the men on this comment board most of them could barely get through high school! these guys are bitter because they are being outperformed by women and that is scary to them! but there are tons of guys out there who will love you for you intelligence

  12. This is the thing, woman don’t need to be intelligent. They sacrifice their potential for intellectual efficiency for emotional manipulation which is more effective in locking down either an alpha male in her prime, or lock down a beta provider after she hits the wall and her cock carousel years are over.
    This goes back to the dawn of man, It takes a level of intelligence to hunt for food, It takes a level of intelligence to turn natural elements into weapons for protection and expansion, it takes a level of intelligence to build a homestead. Compare this to preparing food and child rearing, almost no capacity of intelligence is required.
    Name me five prominent female inventors that actually created something truly unique of the top of your head? Didn’t think so.
    ” Theoretically it is possible for a beautiful woman to have less intelligence than a chimpanzee and still be considered an acceptable member of society”
    -Esther Vilar, Manipulated Man

    1. Women are inventors. Some of their notable inventions:
      – They invented the theory of oral sex (cunnilingus) is more important in bed than actual penetration
      – They invented intrigue, deception, lying, feminism, cuckoldry, and host of ills that plague men.
      Don’t underestimate the power of the stupidity of women. When dangled with the prospect of free sex, it can make men stupid too.

    2. My problem is with paying wages for women to do a job which is unnecessary. We live in the era of ‘fake jobs’ where men’s money and energy are used to create these useless jobs to prop up the workforce, at the mens’ detriment.

    3. “They sacrifice their potential for intellectual efficiency for emotional manipulation which is more effective in locking down either an alpha male in her prime, or lock down a beta provider after she hits the wall and her cock carousel years are over.”
      Especially true in the sciences today, where nerdy, beta males will roll out the red carpet for women who acknowledge their existence.

  13. I wouldn’t want to say that women are intellectually inferior to men, but I’d say that they’re intellectually different for sure. While they are able to be as ‘smart’ as men, I believe what they fail miserably at is ingenuity, and all the smarts in the world means nothing if you’re not going to push past imposed limits and forge new realities. That’s what men are good at: adventurous new ideas!
    Women are programmed to stay within their safety zones; men are programmed to leave their safety zones and create new ones (for their females).

    1. They’re also demonstrably inferior in logic, mathematics and mathematics related fields (“hard” sciences for example). Their brains are wired differently, I believe there was an actual MSM article on it a month or two ago. No amount of biasing tests will change these facts, no matter what kinds of results they produce.

      1. Well, I’ll have to argue with you there, because my ex excels at math.
        But she’s just a bean counter. As far as I’m concerned, the only math that matters is PROFIT! She’s great at keeping track of revenues and expenses and calculating taxes, but make her go out in the real world and CREATE revenue from scratch and, well, she’s petrified at the thought of it. Like I said, women need to work by established rules within a safe environment.

        1. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are math 101, anybody can be good at that. Even then young boys consistently test better with even the basics than girls (until tests are biased so hard against them that it becomes impossible, which academia has been trying for decades now).
          I’m talking about things like vector calculus.
          I actually agree quite a lot with your idea that men are the creators. But my familiarity with women and logic, or even semi-complex technology, informs me that what women do grasp them are the very small minority exceptions to the rules, the outliers if you will. Kind of like emotional, weepy ostensibly heterosexual men who excel at feminine use of language yet cannot add 1+1 or use a screwdriver are outliers.
          Men are creators, risk takers and comfortable with the new, clearly. But you don’t evolve those traits lacking a higher capability to deal with the unknown as you’re wont to encounter in unsafe environments.

        2. I haven’t got a god damned clue what vector calculus is, but if it takes imagination I know that women will fail at it.

        3. Those few women that do grasp complex mathematical concepts were usually heavily tutored by male experts on the subject at hand. In addition, I’m aware of some female professors of theoretical physics who can’t keep themselves from spewing feminist bullshit at every opportunity (ahum Sabine Hossenfelder).

        4. Nobody on here is at any level above ordinary so I wouldn’t be concerned with what a few top men such as myself are able to do. You’re ordinary or more likely below and that’s the best you’ll do regardless of all of your silly bragging. If you’re lucky you’ll get some ordinary job and get a #3-4 girl. If you’re stupid you’ll get a Doosh job and try to sell some $3 e-books to losers. So far Doosh has sold less than 50 of these books and is likely living on welfare (like Nolan) in some dump

      2. God knows, we need more hard science, even if technology does this stuff and toasts bread too.

    2. The ones I encounter in Encorpera are typical drones – devoid of character, personality, humility and the complete lack of any sense of humor.
      Now — sarcasm? — they have no shortage of that at all.

  14. “Feelings>Facts”
    -Every Leftist/Socialist/Egalitarian/Feminist that has ever lived.
    Actually observable objective reality means absolutely nothing to them whatsoever.

  15. MARIE CURIE- Polish-born
    French physicist and chemist best known for her contributions to radioactivity.
    JANE GOODALL- British
    primatologist and ethnologist widely considered to be the world’s foremost
    expert on chimpanzees.
    MARIA MAYER- German-born American physicist who received Nobel Prize for suggesting the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus.
    RACHEL CARSON- American marine biologist and conservationist whose work revolutionized the global environmental movement.
    ROSALIND FRANKLIN- British biophysicist best known for her work on the
    molecular structures of coal and graphite, and X-ray diffraction.
    BARBARA MCCLINTOCK- American scientist and cytogeneticist who
    received Nobel Prize in 1983 for the discovery of genetic transposition.
    RITA LEVI-MONTALCINI- Italian neurologist who received Nobel Prize in 1986 for the discovery of Nerve growth factor (NGF).
    GERTRUDE ELION- American biochemist and pharmacologist who received
    the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
    CHRISTIANE NUSSLEIN-VOLHARD- German biologist who received the Albert
    Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research in 1991.

    1. Of course there are going to be a few respected female intellectuals throughout history, but your short dainty list shrinks into relative insignificance compared to the towering colossal roll call of history’s important men.

    2. I think women posting on the comments list deserve an article itself.
      “The Intellectual Inferiority of Trolls”

    3. None on your list can measure themselves against the likes of Einstein, Gauss, Newton, Hilbert, Fourier, Heisenberg, Schrödinger… well, the list is practically endless. The entirety of science has been built up by men. Yes, sometimes, in a very rare case, a woman managed to contribute something *after* a man already established the subject at hand.

      1. Newton in fact was a virgin when he died, and is considered to be the greatest and most influential scientist in human history. Proof enough that sometimes, limiting female company or celibacy/avoiding women altogether, can be a great way to developing the human intellect.

        1. I think Nikolas Tesla was the most intelligent man to have ever lived, whose ideas have been ‘removed from public view’.

        2. Even Nikolas Tesla, for that matter – if considered to be the most intelligent man to have ever lived – was unmarried, and didn’t have a woman.
          Proves the fact again that limited female company can be a great way to develop a man’s intellect.

      2. Nietsche, Spinoza, Craig Venter, Steve Jobs, Gates, Copernicus, Leonardo da fucking Vinci, Michelangelo, William James, Faulkner, Hemingway,

      3. Women can be inventive like men. Its true in the past they didn’t have the opportunities. But men make things and take risks far more often than women(more towards Capitalism), so a feminine-‘friendly’ society in contrast tends more towards a Communist society. Which is fine, except that it is usually a repressive society too and one that eventually ends up hurting both women and men.

        1. i think the porn industry proves the point perfectly.. it’s only exploded since early 2000s with broadband internet….. the directors and those making all the settings, positions, roles, etc. etc. etc. are usually men, while the pornstars that have to perform all these crazy sexual gymnastics… two cocks in the ass etc…. are women…. (usually untrained and learning on the job) who’ve been persuaded to do these things for a small fraction of the revenue….
          now if women were so smart and equal and capable… then the porn industry would use men only where absolutely necessary and women would completely dominate in directing, production and INCOME.
          but they don’t………..

    4. Not sure if those women were that smart, doesn’t take a genius to work in a lab. Certainly “foremost expert on chimpanzees” just means she was allergic to cats.

    5. The hypothesis in question does not deny the existence of women with superior intellects. The hypothesis simply predicts that the vast majority of superior intellectuals are men. This prediction is based upon empirical and statistical evidence. The vast majority of movers, shakers, builders, inventors, and philosophers throughout history have been male and, despite today’s vastly changed paradigm, men continue to be the higher-performing sex in both professionally and in the leading edge of science.
      However, I would argue that the contributions of women likely pale in comparison to the males in the fields of scientific inquiry.

    6. Charles Darwin, father of evolutionary biology:
      “The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is
      shown by man’s attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up,
      than can woman whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination,
      or merely the use of the senses and hands. If two lists were made of the
      most eminent men and women in poetry, painting, sculpture, music
      (inclusive both of composition and performance), history, science and
      philosophy, with half a dozen names under each subject, the two lists
      would not bear comparison. We may also infer, from the law of the
      deviation from averages, so well illustrated by Mr. Galton, in his work
      on “Hereditary Genius,”
      that if men are capable of a decided pre-eminence over women in many
      subjects, the average of mental power in man must be above that of woman”
      (The Descent of Man. New York: Clarke, Given & Hooper, 1874, p. 643).

      1. And again on page 644:
        “…without the higher powers of the imagination and reason, no eminent
        success can be gained in many subjects. These latter faculties, as well
        as the former, will have been developed in man, partly through sexual
        selection that is, through the contest of rival males, and partly
        through natural selection that is, from success in the general struggle
        for life; and as in both cases the struggle will have been during
        maturity, the characters gained will have been transmitted more fully to
        the male than to the female off-spring. It accords in a striking manner
        with this view of the modification and re-enforcement of many of
        our mental faculties by sexual selection, that, firstly,
        they notoriously undergo a considerable change at puberty, and,
        secondly, that eunuchs remain throughout life inferior in these same
        qualities. Thus man has ultimately become superior to woman. It is,
        indeed, fortunate that the law of the equal transmission of characters
        to both sexes prevails with mammals; otherwise it is probable that
        man would have become as superior in mental endowment to woman, as the peacock is in ornamental plumage to the peahen”.

    7. Those are only a handful of women, and handful of women in the sciences, compared to the scores and I mean scores of men throughout history, now why is that? This article sheds some light on it.

    8. Now make a list of men with an equal or better level of accomplishment and compare its size with your list of 9 women.

    9. Isaac Newton – discovered gravity, invented calculus, then he turned 26.
      One man can defeat every female intellectual on your list.

  16. I am truly disappointed to see that ROK has more and more pointless articles going above and beyond bashing and demeaning women, while having less and less insightful or entertaining or constructive articles like it used to. Who does this kind of information serve? What value does it bring to the male kind besides rationalizing one’s own dating/sexual failures?

    1. Actually that is where the comments come in. While you may think that some articles are pointless, even those can spark very interesting discussions, some of them not even remotely related to the article, but well worth reading.

    2. Since when is being a man just about having sex and nothing else? Sure, getting laid is important. But you can’t be a man without the other stuff as well.

  17. A grizzly bear can outrun a racehorse. This has little to do with the article, but many animals that are strong are also fast.

    1. “A grizzly bear can outrun a racehorse.”
      I agree that this isn’t true. (strong and fast animals) But I’m pretty sure that on average, horses are faster than bears, or at least can run for longer.
      Now, strength vs quickness on the other hand.

    2. Most importantly is the question WHY is a bear faster than a horse. Grizzlies need to be able to sprint to catch prey. Whereas a horse may have developed better endurance to escape predators. Also they can eat grass which is everywhere. This is all personal speculation, lol. The key point is that nature doesn’t give what you don’t require.

  18. Men are more intelligent and logical. Women, however, are significantly smarter (on average). If men were so smart, how come society has been set up to serve women?

    1. I wasn’t aware that intelligent and smarter were different words. You’re confusing.
      Society was set up to protect mates from other men, which was done by men, against other men.

      1. Smart in the way that women have a sense of the social reality that men don’t have (except maybe red pill men) and an ability to rationalize their actions that most men fall for.
        I think the greatest “achievement” of the socalled fairer sex is to have made men believe they’re the stronger sex, when in fact the men (not true men) have become servants with a slave morality, while most women have a master morality.

        1. So by smarter you mean grand master level skills in manipulation and dissembling. I think you’ll find no disagreement here…

    2. “If men were so smart, how come society has been set up to serve women?”
      Because thirst overcame their rational brains.

  19. “The logical possibility of interference is no evidence whatever of interference. The possibility of patriarchal oppression does not prove it.”
    Excellent observation. Good article.

  20. Read “The Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar.
    Women and men start life at basically the same level (with some variation is talent for different intellectual tasks).
    The different development of the intellect in life, comes from the privileges that one group gets.
    Girls are privileged due to their gender. They can choose to not even work, just be pretty and a hard working man would provide/marry you.
    Power and privilege corrupts.
    Imagine if men had the female privileged life, would many bother to develop their intellect (or do like most women instead):
    Men would not need to work, but can if they want to. Women would be lining up from start of high school to offer them dates, free stuff and favors. All in the hopes of marrying them and then providing a good life for their husband.
    While the wife works to provide for him, the man would clean up the house (if he feels like it) with all the automated gadgets. Then go have fun with friends and the kids (fishing, biking, playing Xbox etc.). The wife pays all the major bills, the house mortgage and so on, because that’s the feminine thing to do (if she is a “real woman”).
    If there is a small child (baby), the wife would hire a babysitter, so the husband would still have his free time to party and enjoy life.
    How many men would still choose the option to work hard and develop their intellect. Not many.
    And so, the privileges of being a woman make developing intellect a needles excreting thing. Most smart women are unattractive, as their poor looks did not provide them the typical female privilege. When the privilege is not available, they go and develop their brain as most men do.

    1. The working environment now has a lot of women in many fields, and as a consequence, instead of favoring productivity, they favour ‘soft skills’ – ie emotions etc.. Many men are productive and not so attuned to the emotions as women are, so the working environment/academia naturally favors women for their ability to ’emote’. Problem is, the women are favored by such an environment, yet when it comes to the production side, they cannot actually produce anything useful.

  21. Women’s grades, even they know they don’t really deserves them.
    Haha, the amount of hilarities to watch womens grades and then ask where the country Africa is…
    I’m not an intellectual, but still run cirkles among most women. Although they seem to study harder, but lack the thought-capacity to create own theories and conclusions etc. Maybe that’s why they are doing good in school, they are good at copy the thoughts, the opinions and the facts that the political driven school has decides what’s correct thinking and what’s incorrect.
    And before anyone says anything about politics, i’ve been thrown out and given lower grades constantly because i just naive enough to voice my opinions. My opinions was “un-democratic” and therefore they could always hold my opinions against me.

      1. No, 14 year old, girl who asked it was not only the best looking one at school but also had VG (equals B-D in american system i guess) in Geography.

    1. I’m not an intellectual, but still run cirkles
      Yeah, I bet you’re a real rocket scientist lol

  22. It’s important to note that intellect and intelligence are not the same thing. Intellect is derived from left brain characteristics such as logic, reasoning, calculating, etc. Left brain characteristics are primarily masculine. Right brain characteristics such as emotions, the arts, intuition, creativity etc are primarily feminine. Intellect is just one half of intelligence, where intelligence is composed of mastery of both left and right brain characteristics. Leonardo Da Vinci is an example of such mastery.

  23. One thing that I love so much about RoK is the images that they use at the top of each article. Case in point: two cute girls in graduation clothing, mouths wide open in the “insert playa’s cock here” pose.
    So perfectly on-point to the message of the article, you can bet that pair majored in something Worthless™.

  24. This article includes no evidence substantiating the inferior intellectual abilitites of women. In fact, the inferior intellectual abilitites of women is presented as a given, and the author just waffles about to make up for the lack of evidence.

      1. Thank you. I had a look and as I suspected, the conclusions are far from being as clear-cut as the author of the article would have you believe. I guess that he didn’t think anyone would double check his claims anyway.

        1. which is no wonder seeing as you already have a hard time stringing together a sentence that is more than 3 words long…

        2. I was thinking the same thing about you. I find amusing that you just ask this question to the same person that have shown you the links to begin with. You clearly didn’t knew them before reading my post and you obviously haven’t read them at all:
          “Thank you. I had a look and as I suspected…” I had a look? I laugh at you.
          What’s my name?

  25. On pretty much every “intelligence test”, the top 25% women score better than the bottom 25% men. Anyone genuinely interested in determining someone’s intelligence, has plenty of extremely simple tests he could perform; all with better predictive ability than peeking at genitals.
    In addition, the whole “lets all rank order each other according to ‘intellectual capacity’ ” movement is itself uniquely progressive. Hence part of the problem. It’s a game played by half literate garbage for for others of similar ilk. Inevitably, the entire purpose is to justify some “privilege” being bestowed on someone (by that progressive God society, of course) because of some nonsensical criterium. Progressivism at it’s crassest, iow.
    Pumping out kids may not in and of itself require “intelligence”, but neither is it sufficient for a woman to ensure her genes propagate; any more than randomly tossing a spear around is sufficient for success as a hunter. Evolutionary pressures ensure that in order to survive more than a generation, the woman must rear her kids to be the ones that get to the deer and land the spear in it two seconds prior to her neighbour’s kids would otherwise do the same. That way her genes survive, theirs die out. IOW, while men may need brains to hunt, women need it to train the hunters. Possibly different neural pathways, but not a priori better nor worse.
    Manosphere discourse really need to be upgraded to entail more than sitting around a sandbox saying mean things to girls. Otherwise, it’s hardly any different than one amongst a litany of other so called conflicts; all played out without ever posing any serious threat to the pervasive progressive worldview most people have been so thoroughly indoctrinated to believe in.

    1. Intelligence is more than IQ. And productivity is far more important than lots of fancy nice pieces of paper called ‘University degrees’.

  26. Now that women make up the majority of college graduates they now have a chance in the next 20-30 years to prove us wrong. To prove that women are just as smart as men and capable of making major contributions to society. I doubt they will rise to the challenge though. It’s going to be business as usual with men leading the way in all things science, math, and medicine.

    1. “Now that women make up the majority of college graduates they now have a chance in the next 20-30 years to prove us wrong.”
      What will actually happen is a rise in women who cannot find men with higher SMV levels. This wil lead to a further cultural discontent.
      If 90% of the women want 10% of the men, what will those numbers be as the diploma disparity grows larger?

  27. http://chartsbin.com/view/3069
    There’s lies, damned lies and then there are statistics…
    The best showing was in the “peace prize” category at 15! Still being shown up by us knuckle-dragging jingoist brutes.
    Maybe all the nobel prize voters are misogynists? Yeah, that’s probably it. Sure thing.
    Even in academia, the homeless shelter of feminism, the real schools of intellectual thought (engineering/science, medicine, literature/fine arts, politics, economics, etc.) are dominated by men, albeit liberal men.

  28. Men are the outliers while women tend to fall in the middle when it comes to intellectual capacity for every Einstein there’s an Algernon. Also it is very possible to have a capacity for something without being able to perform. For example feral children who never learn to speak often have difficulty learning to speak properly because they did not learn to speak at the time in which their brain was most responsive to learning language. This even happens to people who simply try to learn a new language after puberty. The intellectual capacity is there but if it is never “filled” with anything it will become useless. Throughout history most women were not even taught to read so of course there weren’t as many of them becoming high level intellectuals. The same is true of people in lower classes this is not proof of a lower intellectual capacity. For such a smart man Stove made quite a shitty argument.

    1. Even if you were right and women had the same intellectual capacity, they’re still not wired to compete. Exceptions aside, their biology directs them to the role of supporters and mothers rather than tough workers and leaders. Women don’t fail in the work place because of their lower intellect, but rather because they simply can’t compete with men on masculinity: boldness, ability to perform under pressure, taking responsibility for one’s actions, rationality, etc.
      The only way women can hold respectable positions like today is by having society raise men to be effeminate wimps. That way, men are no longer men and are no longer competent, work places are feminized, performance and hard work are no longer the most important criteria to keep your job, and women can “feel safe” at work. It’s an illusionary victory because it resides on casting men aside.

      1. I never said that women were as competitive as men. I was just pointing out the logical inconstiensies in this article which clearly states that women are intellectually inferior which is not true.

      2. I never said anything about competitiveness. Men are more competitive then women for the most part but that doesn’t mean that women are intellectually inferior which is what this article says. Also the argument is weak because capacity and performance are seperate things.

      3. I never said anything about competiveness. This article was about intellectual capacity in men and women which varies vastly. Also the argument made by the author was a poor one.

  29. I know why women overachieve.
    Women seek help. Though only about 20 percent of CompSci majors at my university are female, over 80 percent of Compsci students at tutoring are female. This is the case for all subjects. I just saw a girl getting a teacher to practically write her chemistry lab report for her yesterday. I’m constantly seeing/hearing women going to professors’ office hours to get help on homework, understanding material, etc. Women also do schoolwork in groups, so that their smarter friends can help them. They ride on the coattails of smart people. Male students, on the other hand, try to be “lone wolfs,” who earn whatever grade they get on their own steam, thinking to themselves that it is more “honorable”.
    The fact is that diligence is more important than natural intelligence in undergraduate classes. These days, women have you-go-girlism, plus the blessing of coddling teachers, and men are beta-fied, so who do you think has the advantage?
    But in academic research, in solving complex real-world/business problems, and in any creative pursuit, genius wins out over diligence. Let us try to see who has the advantage here – male or female.
    Still, after decades and decades of women in universities, despite the fact that women get better grades as undergrads (and have for a long time now), the vast majority of the best research is done by males, especially in the most difficult and abstract fields. Almost all the distinguished professors at my university are male. Over 90 percent of math professors are male. Almost all (maybe all?) the great mathematicians ever were male. Almost all the best Compsci guys are male.Same with physics, chemistry, and engineering. The great majority of Nobel Prizes in science go to males. Only two women have ever gotten the Nobel Prize in physics (though Marie Curie got one of them alongside the male Bequerel, so really one and a half). Only four women have gotten the prize in chemistry. Only 10 women have received the prize in medicine (this prize gets shared a lot, so that figure is low). No woman has ever won the Fields medal for mathematics.
    Males almost exclusively brought technology to the world. Males are objectively more fun. They create the best entertainment: sports, movies, park attractions, you name it. Males are more funny. Most of the best comedians and all the most innovative comedians are male (As for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, they would never be on the air if they were not female. They’re boring). I’m not really convinced the average female really understands comedy. Women just laugh because they fell happy- like when the talk to a cute guy, for instance- even if nothing funny happens.
    Males create better music, even today, after any gender barriers are gone. Who composed Pirates of the Carribean? Who composed Star Wars? Lion King? Superman? Greatest Game Ever Played? Heck, despite the fact that females naturally have superior fine motor skills, males also dominate musical performance at the highest levels. Males innovate in music better than women. Males are always creating new breakthrough styles of music, not so much with women, as far as I know.
    Males are much better DJ’s, which is actually quite difficult. Historically, males write stories/plays of much higher quality, and which are much more interesting. I must give credit to JK Rowling for our modern classic, though.
    Women do most recreational reading now, so the books that sell are going to be like Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and Eat, Pray, Love. They will be written by women, though there will be males, such as Nicholas Sparks, who still succeed despite the gynocentricity of the market. Critics will wonder, “what happened to good literature?” Women happened.
    Disregarding differences in IQ, I would argue that men have a difference in temperament that drives them to push boundaries and create things. Men are just more boisterous in mind and body. We have all known this since boyhood. And when a man harnesses his energy into some skill, awesome things happen.

  30. By the way, Theodore Beale (Vox Day), wrote basically the same thing a few years latter:
    “The reason that women have accomplished very little of note throughout history is primarily due to male oppression.
    There is an element of truth to this, as the vast majority of women were denied access to the higher levels of education, then again, so were most men. However, it is also true that those women who did obtain excellent educations often chose to engage in light intellectual amusements instead of contributing anything of significance to the arts or sciences. There was nothing to stop the educated hetaerae of Greece from writing a “Metaphysics” or a “Republic,” nor anything preventing the mistresses of the famed Parisian salons from compiling, like Diderot, their own “Encyclopedia”; the fact remains they did not.
    But the most damning argument against this myth is the appalling behavior of the leading female pseudo-intellectuals over the past 30 years. Instead of taking advantage of their intellectual freedom and unprecedented access to education, the feminist vanguard has embraced an anti-intellectual dogmatism that imprisons the current generation of young women in the academic convent of Women’s Studies, robbing them of both foundational knowledge and the capacity for rational linear thought, thus ensuring that this generation, like its foremothers, will also fail to accomplish anything worthy of historical regard.”
    Source: http://www.voxday.net/archive/2003/060203.html

  31. While IQs between men and women are roughly equal men far outnumber women on the high end and the low end. Some people might say that extreme genius is important for excellence.

    1. Yup, males possess a significantly higher degree of variance. Not to mention IQ downplays the differences men and women have intellectually, as the IQ test is handicapped in favor of women so that the mean score is around 100.

      1. “IQ downplays the differences men and women have intellectually, as the
        IQ test is handicapped in favor of women so that the mean score is
        around 100.” how does that work?

  32. From evolutionary perspective women never needed high IQ.
    They just needed the skill to identify high IQ males for providers. Nature do not waste resources on skills that are not used.

  33. There are always going to be people, male and female, who are better than you at one or more aspects in life. Get over it. Each person is different.
    I’m not agreeing with this article, but to the males who think this way. With all the good you think males have brought, you have to take responsibility for the bad. And to tell the truth, the bad, at the current moment, outweighs the good. The world is in a downward spiral.

    1. The fact that without men you wouldn’t be typing away your stupid bullshit opinion on that laptop renders your point moot.

  34. Its interesting that still, feminists and femen (feminine men) insist that something needs to be done about the lack of female representation on the boards of major companies. I work in financial services and there are precious few women in my office. But it never seems to occur to these people that this is perhaps how it should be. That perhaps, women in general are not interested in this kind of work.
    Our admin departments are filled with women (many mothers) who appear quite content with the situation and also do not have the intellectual capacity to do what I do.

    1. Or an alternative viewpoint is that when it comes to money – most people, even other females – dont trust and cannot feel comfortable about women.

      1. That is an interesting viewpoint but I have seen no evidence. In all of the male dominated office environments I have worked in nobody has ever expressed such sentiments with respect to hiring women. In my experience, women rarely apply for these positions or have the qualifications for them.

  35. Wow this is really interesting. So if one gender is achieving more than the other academically, basically that gender is overall more intelligent and therefore we can assume, should we need to, on an individual basis that an individual of the “more intelligent” gender will probably be more intelligent than the other individual. Even more interesting now that it’s not the 90’s and women have surpassed men in academia disproving his whole sexist theory, proving it was right for the university to punish him for sexism AND if you subscribe to his way of thinking, it also means women were oppressed to the point where they couldn’t learn but actually were more intelligent all along!!! Really interesting. Thanks!

    1. Um, no. You’re gonna have to be more lucid in order to warrant a response. Also, achievement in academia in the liberal arts versus achievement in real life are two different things, not to mention you should be aware that at genius IQ levels, men outnumber women 9 to 1. There are countless studies on the subject, but I personally do not think you are intelligent enough to digest anything anybody says in a profound way.

      1. It’s nice for you guys that you think that because men are at the top and bottom of academic achievement that somehow makes them better instead of worse, and it’s adorable that you all seem to individually assume that you’re the geniuses, when in reality it’s much more likely you’re the dumbasses.
        When it comes to investments, what makes a good investment? A reliable one that grows slowly, not bitcoins.
        When looking for a political leader who do we look for? A middle-ground republican or liberal, not an extremist nut.
        To bet on a man’s intelligence without knowledge of that individual man is a risk, he could be of average intelligence, he could be a genius, he could be an idiot like you, but women tend to be all round just a bit above average. I know who i’d bet on.

        1. Oddly enough, my IQ is genius, and I have several masters degrees I regret earning. That being said, your first sentence has a reading comprehension error, as I never said men were “at the top and bottom of academic success.” It’s fairly obvious you are not giving this much thought.
          Also, the rest of your ridiculous post, utterly full of cozy rationalizations, is almost completely off topic. Why would we need to “bet on” who is smarter between individuals, and furthermore why are you implying that we need to make a blind guess without any background information on these individuals. Women are a safer bet in your scenario, as it is true that there are many in the middle of the bell curve, but why would we want an average leader make decisions for us, and more importantly, why did you bother thinking up such a scenario?

        2. If you also agree that men are at the top and bottom of the bell curve, while more women are at the center of it, then why are you even worked up about any of this? That is about the extent of my opinion. I fundamentally believe in gender equatism, regard genetic determinism as a rough guideline, and always judge individuals on their own merits.

        3. Okay great, then we agree, I don’t see what problem you had with my original comment, the whole premise of this article is wrong and outdated, I was merely stating that in an amusing way. While you’re busy being a complete genius who totally doesn’t make up false identities on the internet to feel better about himself, I am busy being a comedian, I just come here for material. RP guys are excellent to laugh at.

        4. Who is making up false identities?
          Surely it couldn’t be the women posting as “AD” in the comments section of a website banning women.
          You guys are fucking terrible at trolling btw, in fact you are giving it a bad name.

        5. I’m not trolling, i’m not pretending to be someone I am not, i’m not pretending to be one of you, i’m just being me, on this website which doesn’t ban women at all, I’ve actually seen articles written for women.

    2. coursework is a factor in the general trend – particularly in some of the ‘soft’ subjects. Its designed to promote regurgitative, uncritical thinking, and is easy to manipulate. Its a factor but it doesn’t account for the whole phenomenon. The main reason girls are doing well is that society just loves to see news photos of jailbait teens hugging and kissing each other in celebration of their exam results. Our whole educational system revolves around this soft-focus, faux lesbian rite of passage

        1. the introduction of coursework was a form of social engineering – exams were seen as disadvantaging certain groups. Its only conspiracy if its done in a dark room. As for the pretty teens hugging and kissing in the month of august, its the pillar of our western educational system

        2. Have you studied Plato? I know i’m only a mindless ignorant woman, but I have. Do you know what the cave is actually about? Plato believed in what he called “perfect forms”, these are the ideal versions of everything, he believed that everything had an ideal version because he was confused as to why two cats, or two tables, or two rocks could look completely different but still be recognized as the same, the ideal version which existed outside of our physical world was still somehow innately known to us, and from this ideal version, we can decipher that all of the different copies on earth are the same thing. This is where the cave came in, Plato was trying to make the point that our various copies of the ideals were merely like shadows on the wall of a cave in comparison to these ideal versions. We, are like men sitting in a cave watching the shadows, with only the faintest idea of what these shadows are actually of, and if we ever left the cave (went to heaven basically) it’d blow our minds.
          So what part of your red pill conspiracy theory has anything at all to do with this?

        3. I’m not suggesting the phenomenal becomes the noumenal as soon as you ‘take the red pill’. The possibility of an intransitive realm beyond our sense perception does indeed go beyond taking off some metaphorical blinkers as implied with the red pill. But it’s part of a long debate about the possibility of taking off those blinkers; about the possibility of seeing beyond a world that when you look more closely does indeed seem to be cast only in shadow. Recognising our mental schemas and cognitive biases, our sentiments and emotions, and above all what we are taught to accept uncritically as true and beyond the realm of doubt is all about that quest to see beyond those shadows hopeless though that quest may be. In the context of the red pill, which is a metaphor for casting away shadows that ultimately cannot be completely cast away, then the first order of business is identifying and discrediting the false teachers, the sophists who peddle their truths for money.

        4. Soooo… red pillers all believe in plato’s ridiculous theory of forms? He didn’t posit it as a metaphor, he literally thought that there were ideal versions of things outside of our reality, oh, and not ones we could ever see no matter how much we hate women. To be honest I don’t actually understand how your reply related to my explanation at all. It feels more like you just copy pasted an existing explanation of how they’re the same that you’ve already come up with without actually reading my explanation of what Plato’s cave is actually about. I understand that men don’t achieve as well as women academically, so it’s like you’re less intelligent than me, and maybe you’re struggling to follow what i’m saying. Don’t worry about it.

        5. So I copied my reply from a library of pre-prepared replies I keep for just such an occasion as this? I see.
          OK down to business. You dismiss his theory of forms. Ancient thinkers tended to think in more concrete ways than today’s thinkers. Today metaphysical speculation seems strange and its legitimacy questioned. Whether you find his philosophy sophisticated or not does not change the fact that his ideas (taken together with Aristotle etc.) have provided the seed for all subsequent philosophy. When a philosophy student asks what is ‘red’ or what makes a dog a dog when there are so many different kinds of dog they will eventually refer back to the ancients, and the theory of forms. The fact that Popper doesn’t like him & Derrida & women’s studies have tried to assassinate him doesn’t mean he’s out of business.
          No-one today simply ‘believes’ in an ancient philosophical system, but those systems remain a rich source of ideas and wisdom. As for the theory of forms itself it is a metaphysics of origins, just as it functions itself as an origin for all subsequent debate about the same. If you know Plato through women’s studies or something, then you will be concerned with the critique of logocentricism / phallogecentrism etc.
          But the whole of the twentieth century was been about denying and working to remove origin, presence, determinacy etc to the point that we are now we lost, rootless and at sea. What a great result! The revolt against (determinate) meaning has been a revolt of women against men, society against family, sex against reproduction. No doubt it was nice to be at sea for a while, to allow the free play of words , the outpouring of feminine jouissance, to float aimlessly and without anchor. But just as those who are land borne may have a desire to go sea, those who are at sea for too long, end up yearning for dry land, for the very origins they have been so vigorously denied. And look at feminism itself. In everything it does
          it imitates. It denies the real thing in
          order to pretend that imitation is all there is. But why as a woman should you settle for an inferior imitation of masculinity. Even
          rad fems end up laughing at those poor transwomen trying to pass themselves off
          as women when they go to the ladies. Even rad fems appeal to the originary gender. Can they really be women? Gender feminism says they’re no more rubbish at being women than women are, because everything is imitation. Everything is just a performance, but there is nothing to actually perform. What is a woman? What is a man? Those are questions that at RoK we still feel it is legitimate to ask. They are not only legitimate questions. Suddenly,
          and unfortunately they are urgent ones.
          For feminism (amongst others) not merely questions the possibility of truth, it has turned truth-seeking as an activity central to any kind intellectual activity into nothing more than the will to power. Power is always involved in truth (knowledge) but when the latter collapses into the former as happens with you seek out ideas and theories only to advance a cause while systematically trying to cover up any evidence of what are doing, then it makes perfect sense to ask how the shadows cast on the wall actually relate to what is being done behind your back. The allegory of the cave doesn’t just apply to men seeking to find out how society deceives them. It could easily have applied to women fifty years ago when they themselves felt deceived. Indeed although she was a conservative / religious voice, and not in any obvious way a feminist, I first encountered Plato through a Simone Weil, a woman, one of the real great souls of twentieth century. She wasn’t feminine, she was socially awkward and almost certainly a rubbish shag – she would have rated about a 2 out of 10 on this site – but she was an exceptional mind. She also believed absolutely in a thing called truth. She wouldn’t have liked this site but I think she would’ve believed in the red pill. The post-structuralists seek to explode the
          distinction between appearance and reality.
          But there is such a distinction. Taking the red pill is to be led out of the cave and to be prepared to live in the light of day .

  36. Intelligence tests are rigged from the construction. They construct them so the average is 100 for each gender. If one gender gets more correct answers on average, psychologists assume it is because the test is unfair. Usually women need less correct answers for the same IQ. Then they use the same tests to prove that men and women are equal in intelligence. Its like measuring with a curved ruler.

  37. Can’t speak for America but in Australia most academic philosophers are at odds with cultural and media studies departments. Why? Because they don’t agree with most of the PC bullshit that gets passed off as knowledge in those departments. My old philosophy professor used to get in trouble for saying that contemporary feminism was geared towards supremacy rather than equity.
    Philosophers are probably the only real thinkers left in the academic humanities and philosophy is the only field within that broader category that has yet to be overtaken by women. Coincidence? I think not.

  38. If you regular contributors to this website are so intelligent why to you spend so much time and energy trying to belittle around half of the population? There’s nothing clever about that. Shouldn’t you all be spending the day working on some breakthrough in science or something? The achievements of the men listed here were not your own doing. For each one of you there will be numerous men AND women who are intellectually superior to you. Get over it.

    1. “Shouldn’t you all be spending the day working on some breakthrough in science or something?”
      Yes, you are quite right. Once the incentive system is back in place, that will make perfect sense

  39. It is true that men and women differ intellectually, that women on average measure to above average intelligence, and that men are either extremely intelligent or extremely stupid, there is a reason after all that there were no female Beethovens, or Jack The Rippers. The flaw of Stove and this article is that it’s comparing male and female intelligence to industries that appeal to men’s intellectual strengths, that would be like me saying that women are a lot more nurturing then men, because they occupy the majority of nursing, and child care industries. The problem with Stove’s otherwise brilliant and well worded essay, is like that of all conservative academics, the logical fallacy that permeates through their writings is the black and white fallacy.

    1. Hmmm…how is this not a strategy of gender feminists to paint all men “black” based on the characteristics of a few men?

  40. the thing about discussing intelligence is that there will always be debates about what it is that’s being measured, and why that should be labelled intelligence. IQ testing for instance has come under criticism for measuring particular kinds of cognitive performance, so that the issue become ones of validity: i.e. are we measuring what we should be measuring. The point here is that measures of intelligence, of which IQ testing and academic assessment are two varieties are correlated to actual performance in society in very complex ways. When a billionaire boasts about having no formal educational qualifications he’s saying that maybe those tests he didn’t do so well on were not actually that valid; were not actually measuring real intelligence, or even that what we typically call intelligence isn’t that important at all; that maybe intelligence in any conventional sense Isn’t in a reliable predictor of actual accomplishment, the thing that measures how well we have adapted.
    What we are all talking about on this site is the idea that reality somehow differs from how we perceive it, and the red pill is what you take to see clearly again. In that context maybe it makes more sense to be talking not just about intelligence but about how intelligence relates to what evolutionary psychologists call machiavellian intelligence.
    The interesting thing about Machiavellian intelligence as opposed to IQ etc is that it is a form of intelligence that is measured relative to adaptation. It is about social intelligence that may be inversely or at least indirectly related to those typical measures of intelligence we take such pride in. Its important for men who have been so much maligned by our society to take pride in what we’ve achieved however what we need to focus on is what actually works in society. If you’ve got an IQ of 160 and the product of your genius doesn’t benefit you but someone else, who might well score less highly on the same tests, then who’s really the intelligent one? Currently if we really are brighter than women in whatever respect then what’s clear is that we are not benefiting from it in the way we should be. Lets focus our genius on that. We need to be geniuses of the red pill Anything else is vanity.

  41. This website publishes some of the most thought provoking articles I have ever read. This is one of them. I appreciate all the source references which allow me to read the other cited articles and form my own opinion as to the validity or fallibility of the argument or ideas presented. The amount of commentary on this article shows that the idea is worth discussing. Kudos to ROK. Please do not stop.

  42. Women who go into STEM are an aberration mostly. If you were to study the Marie Curie types I bet they would have more “male physiology” and higher T levels. I think women can do STEM but they don’t want to. STEM and male type jobs are being pushed on them by feminist overlords. I am all for choice and options but women DO NOT naturally gravitate to STEM or careers involved in logic. I was waiting for my car to be fixed at the dealership. In the waiting room the TV was playing “The View” and “Kelly and Michael” -99% females in the audience. Same for Oprah and Dr Phil.

  43. Good article, and well-written. Female intellectualism is an artificially accelerated construct. Their overall inability to adapt to (and fully take advantage of) said construct will ultimately prove it to be just that. Weeping and gnashing of teeth to follow…

  44. Very interesting.
    My university (Medical University – Sofia) has enforced gender quota – 50% females, 50% males. Otherwise there would be 2-3 male doctors/pharmacists and 157-8 female ones.
    This, coupled with the fact that, indeed, my country is still a (relatively) patriarchal one, gives me some interesting food for thought.
    Even more, I was competing for a place as an Erasmus student in Western Europe. There were actually two legitimate candidates – a male and a female one (me). I was about to get left out, even though my English skills were superior (which was required), because, as my professor said, “He’s the only male who was able to compete, and we believe MU-Sofia should send at least one male Erasmus student.” So I had to stay home… and I almost did. The guy in question decided to leave the spot for another one in a different country.
    At my entry examinations, there were several males who didn’t know what AgCl precipitation looked like, so they asked me… and we were at an university-entry level chemistry exam!
    So, is capacity that makes the inferiority? I don’t think so. My experience has forced me to admit male and female intellectual capacity is, indeed, equal. It’s all about motivation and laziness. These guys in this little patriarchal state are not stupid, they’re lazy., because society already favors them, and they don’t need to evolve. I think this is the problem with your women over there.

  45. Brilliant article …..
    Obviously over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, women NOT ONLY needed less intellectual capacity…. but furthermore just as being smaller, sexier, more feminine enabled her to find a mate….. because she was less physically threatening…. being less intellectually smart also made her less threatening and easier to get along with……
    Her function is/was to bear children and keep the nest…. AND rely on the man for provisioning…. There was never meant to be a 50.50 arrangement…. and I am sure that many LTRs go to hell simply because the woman doesn’t want to follow, whilst at the same time, lacks the intellectual capacity and is prone to emotional decisions….
    Nothing worse than being led by someone that’s not as smart as you are….. cue huge marital arguments… You don’t discuss or debate with a woman, you just give her instructions….
    Furthermore the popular culture of today, with all these super smart Angelina Jolie type spy characters in TV and Movies, puts forward a ridiculous stereotype of smart, capable, enabled women…. that are by and large pure fantasy….
    Finally it is a scientific fact that women while pregnant and breast feeding are running on very low brain power and are prone to be forgetful, dreamy, etc…. what’s more is that after giving birth, having spent a year or more of her life loaded up on powerful hormones…. many never recover their full faculties intellectually (if they ever had any to start with).
    What’s more is that a human female is innately aware of her feminine role from a very young age, (and the benefits / respect / privileges that brings) and thus has a very large incentive, NOT to devote herself to male type ambitions, prove herself on an intellectual front, because she can always prove herself on a maternal role.
    A man that has no skills is a loser…. a woman that has no skills can always have kids with a great husband…. especially if she uses clever mating strategies.

  46. To be fair, if you are a non-neoclassical economist, or a Marxist, you will be thrown out from academia in Australia or the US. There seem to be only space for Chicago Boys in faculty.

  47. Supporting your argument with your own argument, definitely not a rhetorical fallacy at all.

    1. Data or it didn’t happen. You idiots talk like you are scientists and engineers, but you are swayed by an argument that includes no data, no statistics, nothing. This article and Stove’s essay are just the ravings of limp dick, pathetic excuses for human beings who can’t formulate a coherent argument to save their lives. I have never been for sterilizing but I hope each and every one of you lose your balls in a wood chopper. Fuck you all and good night.

        1. Yes, ’cause the Daily Mail has always been a source of intelligent, balanced and well-researched articles. You are hurting the cause, dude.

  48. I have been in IT 32 years. I have never met a woman programmer above average. Not ever. In all that time I have met only one woman who could keep up with the men…and she was Filipino.

    1. A manager was once lamenting in one of the trade pubs that he had crackerjack women on his team, but their male peers kept insisting that their abilities were only average (they did 360 reviews).

  49. It’s ironic that an article on the “intellectual inferiority of women” is supported by vague generalizations and opinions paraded as fact.

        1. Got nothing to say, so you pretend to be a guy and resort to the usual “rape” this “misogynist” that. You’re just another butt sore little girl.

  50. My sister has a uterus of steel i think i should rape her to find out cause according to this website rape is legal sweet man you should have told me a long time ago hell yes watch out uterus owners my big penis is coming to rape you and your children and your wives hell yes

      1. wow this website totally changed me im totally gonna rape all those uteri cause they totally arent real ppl. just objects for me to rape hell yea

        1. Nawww… you’re just going to troll what you can’t argue against like the typical angry little feminist. It’s always the same old cry of rape and misogyny.

  51. Did everyone notice how that “Woman Engineer” magazine carried the prominent story, “Excelling in Government and Military Jobs?”
    In other words: nobody in the private sector wants you ladies messing with his bottom line, but the State can sure as heck afford to hire a bunch of dead weight. They’ll just take it out of the hides of the men working harder for less money with less job security and a child-support liability in the private sector…

    1. It’s like that throughout the government in all fields. Many of them can’t cut it out in the private sector so daddy government steps in (again) to save the day.
      I laughed when I heard some woman brag to me about how she used to be an attorney. I asked her “which firm?”. She says she worked as a prosecutor for the city of…..
      I just laughed.

  52. Men and women have careers for different reasons. Careers for men define their identity, it’s who they are, it’s about accomplishments and drive. For women it’s all about ‘grrl POWAH! and validation. Once they’ve proven they can become lawyers and doctors by regurgitating coursework, they promptly drop out of the work force to make babies whilst men carry on.

  53. hmm…i do not really buy into it. seems like intellect can go either way, i mean if these men are so smart yet blame the system for choosing the less smart women, then why can the men not change it. if they are so smart you know?

      1. Manipulative? Sounds like a facet of intelligence to me. Sheep, cows, and chickens rarely manage to manipulate themselves away from the slaughterhouse.

        1. A cat has half the IQ of a dog and is one of the most manipulative animals on the planet while a dog is loyal and protects its owner.

  54. It’s sad to see that such mentalities still exist in the 21st century. But what’s even sadder is that most of the men on this site-agreeing with and condoning such sexism-are probably unattractive, bored virgins who are bitter about still living with their mothers.

  55. I’m a female. Just graduated from Harvard with a engineering degree and a 4.0. My new job pays 300k a year.
    Insult women all you want, but I’m laughing all the way to the bank, and I’m going home to my hot tub filled with attractive naked men. Suck it bitches.

    1. You’re just the usual feminist troll that thinks you can shame people into not saying what you don’t want to hear.
      Have all the delusions you want. Your lack of any real argument supports this article. The naked truth sucks doesn’t it? Bitch.

  56. this article is sick. Do you honestly believe you can judge someone’s intellegence based upon gender? As a biologist and a straight a student through my masters.I find this incredibly offensive. I know plenty of men who do awful on tests that I excel at as well as some other.women that fail as well. Honestly if you believe any of this of this crap then you are obviously less intellegent and a bigot. I hope you can sleep at night

      1. Oh boy…another professional student..a woman.
        When are these women going to go out into the real world and work? When are we going to see these women taking on some of the equal work that men do such as mining, construction, working on an oil rig, etc….some of the labor.
        Women are good at staying in clean office jobs or joining the military (again, staying in an office job) but when are women going to actually chip in and pull some of their own weight?

  57. I guess that’s why women are the majority of college students and graduates, and males are the majority of dropouts, burnouts, and disability sufferers, not only in the West, but even in Iran and Saudi Arabia.
    Oh you sad boys, you. Btw, I’d like to see what this guy looked like. Ten bucks he didn’t look like a young Paul Newman.

    1. If women stopped working…the world would continue on.
      If men stopped working, then things would get ugly.
      Women like selective equality. They enjoy picking out things where they want to be equal (a nice, clean job in an office with equal pay) and they avoid topics discussing women doing dirty jobs (equal to men).

      1. It boils down to…as always with females…”feelings”. Equal when they feel like it and unequal when they don’t.

    1. And yet he’s still more intelligent than the average Gender Studies student for all that.

  58. I didn’t know I was inferior… Well shit. Haha. Goddamn, this is the most stupid shit I have ever seen. Idiots like you need to be weeded out of the gene pool ASAP!

  59. If women are so ‘equal’ all the ‘oppression’ would not be possible. Women are now given privilege and though they excel at mindlessly parroting the drek they are fed, they fail to show much capacity or initiative to be intellectually productive beyond their own vanity. I don’t need a study to tell me anything, I have experience in life and I can say without hesitation that women are the inferior gender and that in fact inferiority is their purpose and value as a gender and unless they embrace this they are worse than useless, they are detrimental.

    1. Right. It’s the same for minorities as well. We’ve had to come up with special programs or lower the bar so that these groups could be included. I know many hate to hear the facts but that’s what has happened..especially with the rise of feminism over the last few decades.
      Women are so busy patting themselves on the back because there are more women in (pick a field). But what they don’t realize is that we’ve had to change policies to give women a helping hand in getting to that point. If we were truly all equal, then the firefighting exams wouldn’t have had to change to accommodate women. There are men who didn’t pass the old entrance exam but we’ve changed it so women could pass it (and become firefighters).
      More facts…I know they are hard to swallow.

  60. Michael, you know that girls have been outperforming boys in school here for years, how do you explain that?

    1. Actually, this is a fairly recent phenomenon: only since the 70’s, with the onset of gender feminist policies and its impact on government policy and educational institutions. Much written about it, but either you assume such a “patriarchal correction” is necessary, with “inclusive” policies that pit men/boys against women/girls on an uneven playing field, or you see that replacing a “good old boys club” with a “good old girls” club is really not an improvement, and comes with a cost. How will YOU explain this to your sons or brothers?

      1. So boys did better when the men were in charge, but they can’t compete with the girls now? You can call it gender bias or whatever you like but you can’t tell me that girls are doing well because women have more impact on education policy. I’m not advocating that there should be tension or inequality between the sexes at all, but how do you square this website’s assertion that women are ‘intellectually inferior’ to men, while girls currently get better exam results than the boys? My brothers are fine thank you, and they have no problem working with or for women because they’re successful fully rounded human beings.

        1. Not surprisingly in your rush to “equality,” you’ve missed both the point of the article, and facts supporting it. The author contends, as is borne out in the research done both by Stove and other in the decades since, that, on the whole, men clearly occupy both ends of the intellectual spectrum to a much greater extent than women. They also constitute in the US nearly 90% of the prison population- a rate that has increased since gender feminisms heyday in the 60’s. Try not to personalize this: I don’t care what your brothers do, nor do your personal experiences give you permission to fling ad hominems. Gender feminist policies as a whole have punished males for being males, alienated boys from schooling, and are suspect, if for no other reason that they “empower” females while ignoring boys/mens needs in school environments. I AM telling you that gender feminism HAS had more impact on education in the US, and ignoring male needs in schools IS IN FACT advocating inequality between the sexes. This is not equality, but mere outcome-fixing, that in the end, hurts us all.

        2. I think the word ‘feminism’ taken on a different meaning to what it once had. A feminist, broadly, wants equality to men, and recognises that women might need a hand up to get there initially. They are disgusted and shocked by unjustice to men in the same way you are.
          The other kind of feminist, the one you describe here, wants to flip the inequality the other way (with all that entails) and sees all men as rapists. This is extremely rare. Every group and movement has its nutters- look at religious extremists or Justin Bieber fans. We shouldn’t assume that the most prominent radical of any organisation represents the average member.
          I honestly don’t know any women who think that life is or should be a struggle against men. It would be entirely self-defeating, no one would win.
          There aren’t armies of braless harridans coming after you with newly-sharpened penis torturing knives. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

        3. If you actually read what I said you’ll see that I wasn’t making that argument two years ago and I’m not making it now. I’m not a feminist or member of any gendered group so I have no particular axe to grind there. It’s not a fallacy to point out that there are extreme members of any organisation you care to mention, and that they are the ones who get the attention.
          I will say though that over the past couple of years that the internet feminist community has become increasingly shrill and unreasonable, so much so that they really are damaging both their credibility and that of their own movement.

        4. Nope. It’s the No True Scotsman fallacy. You’re trying to excuse feminism’s principles by saying that “extremists” are in effect not real feminists. Go find another intellectually dishonest debating tactic.

        5. Good points but these are more facts that get in the way of many feminists arguing their points.
          You’ll only see more women in the military because we’ve had to lower the bar on the requirements to enter the military….for women. The same goes for firefighting (now). Men could not pass the exams (back when) but we now have to change the policies so that women can join.
          You’ll see more of them patting themselves on the back once we have more “inclusion” in our military (due to lower requirements).

      2. Good point. It reminds me of how we have to lower the bar on all of the requirements for the military and to become a firefighter because women can’t make the grade (pass the tests).
        We always have to change policies to some how include women in everything and then when they pass they act like they’ve done it all on their own. We call these things facts that many don’t like to include or acknowledge that they exist.

    2. If I set up a math class in 1950 that teaches “1 + 1 = 2”, boys will excel far ahead of girls.
      If I set up a math class in 2016 that teaches “How do you feel about all of these numbers” boys lose interest almost immediately.
      And now you have an answer to your question.

      1. But maths isn’t taught like that, and girls are still doing well. I’m afraid your example does your argument no good.

  61. This is old and my comment probably won’t be read so I’ll just write for cathartic purposes. I dropped out of college at age 21 after attending off and on for 4 years. I tried to make amends as an adult, achieving two B.A. degrees and one M.A. after age 40. Yes, I’m a bibliophile and somewhat of a nerd and even worse my chosen field is in one of those worthless liberal arts subjects. Nonetheless I really enjoyed working towards and achieving those three degrees. While working for my master’s I ran afoul of the department chair. I was one of 4 to have a perfect 4.0 out of a cohort of 29 and the only one not officially recognized for it. So I got my degree with my 4.0 intact but it was made clear that this was where my academic career ended. At least at this particular institution. Believe me, I grew up on tough streets of rust belt cities, but academics are more vicious and ruthless than any street gang member. Tolerance? Diversity? They would make Stalin proud. I wonder how Stove lasted as long as he did. I’m thinking of a certain Cal State Long Beach professor, name unmentioned, who has endured decades of withering savage attacks while stubbornly holding on to his tenured position. You have no idea how savage the world of academia is.

  62. I quite enjoyed reading your article despite the fact that I am a woman. I enjoy debating issues of feminism because despite being a woman I disagree with most feminist issues, and think that modern feminism has ruined things for women. Although I do agree with many of your points, I do not agree difinatively that women are intellectually inferior. After all, women currently far outnumber men in college and are outperforming men in scholastics. However, you are right that in terms of the top performers in their respective fields, men far outnumber women. So why the discrepancy? It’s not because women are oppressed, but simply because we were not born with a man’s strong desire to conquer. That is what we see evidenced throughout history. Men conquer, women nurture. So why aren’t men conquering the scholastic world? First off, education is controlled mostly by women(honestly, how many men major in education?), so they teach mainly to how girls learn. It’s not that they don’t want the boys to learn, but not having been boys themselves they don’t understand as well how boys learn. Secondly, in times past boys were required to get a good education and establish themselves in order to get married and have access to regular sex with a good woman. Now they get regular access to sex without commitment, and the woman supports herself. Not to mention, the feminist movement has taught women that being feminine eqates to being weak, reducing man’s access to decent women. I’m not saying that sex with a good woman is a man’s only motivator to do well, but it’s a pretty powerful one.
    Main thing people need to keep in mind is that men and women were made to compliment eachother. Men were made to fulfill a role, and women were made to fulfill an alternate role, each equally important. While I understand why men are frustrated that women are trying to move into to role of a man and failing, the way to solve this dilemma is not to criticize women for being “inferior” in a man’s world. Rather, celebate us for what we are “superior” at (nurturing, understanding people’s needs and what makes them happy, emotional intelligence so to speak). I know men don’t see these qualities as much now because they are seen as weaknesses (catering to a man, yuck!, he’ll take advantage), but if women are appreciated for our strengths, you’ll see them more. 🙂

    1. ” After all, women currently far outnumber men in college and are outperforming men in scholastics.”
      In what courses?
      Gender Studies?
      Argumentum ad populum, which in effect this is, is an intellectually dishonest debating tactic.

  63. Interesting article. However, to write and read this article, we are using the inventions of some great women. Who was the first computer programmer? Who invented the first form of wi-fi? Women.
    You are all sad, strange little men. And you have my pity.

    1. Answering your own questions is a poor form of rhetoric. Men first warned us about that.
      Ad hominem is an intellectually dishonest form of debate. Again, men first defined that for us. As they also defined the mathematics upon which computer programs rest, and the physics without which wi-fi cannot function. Women’s contributions are those of short females standing on the shoulders of tall men and claiming responsibility for the entire achievement.

    2. The first computer programmer was the guy who made the first programmable computer who was a MAN who build and programmed HIS own and FIRST computer.
      Is like a guy who invents a calculator and adds and then comes a womynzz and makes a square root.
      Women are demonstrably less intelligent than men.
      Don’t know about Wifi but a lie too sure
      “Babbage developed some two dozen programs for the Analytical Engine between 1837 and 1840, and one program later.[13][18] ”
      “In 1843, the description was translated into English and extensively annotated by Ada Lovelace, who had become interested in the engine eight years earlier. In recognition of her additions to Menabrea’s paper, which included a way to calculate Bernoulli numbers using the machine, she has been described as the first computer programmer.”
      LOL Is that affirmative action in history????
      Can you explain how Bernoulli’s numbers have been needed to wrote that?

  64. You’re correct–to a certain extent. Research points to the notion that there are more boys than girls at both the high and low ends of the I.Q. distribution. There are more intelligent men than women, but there are also more stupid men than stupid women. But, of course you’ll never advertise this latter finding.Why expose yourself as a goon? 😀

  65. The main issue with Stove’s argument is that although women were historically limited but generally no longer so (wide range of situations), men do not have such a range of collective experience, making it very difficult to draw an equivalence. Remember, females still do the majority of the child care and are more likely to give up on career than men. Don’t forget the fact that men are valued based on their achievements by society, while women are valued for chastity/beauty. This has not changed much.
    However, he is generally still right. There are more male geniuses than female ones, perhaps due to the way genes are expressed in females (They can only activate one x chromosome at a time, so it ends up like a patchwork of each cell expressing one of the two x chromosomes. This causes an averaging effect, where most women are neither super dumb or super smart.). The conclusion was pretty much right, I just was not convinced by his reasoning.

  66. Pffffffff… There’s nothing I could say about this… let’s be nice…. “article” without starting to laugh… I wonder what kind of woman will be married with mr Seville. Some kind of cucumber, I’d say. I also wonder about what kind of mental illness do you all have.
    Bunch of degenerates…

      1. I’d say the man (Seville) is going to find the right kind of woman (one who doesn’t buy into all of the feminist bullshit) or he won’t get married. It’s sad when you see women who just don’t get it.

    1. There’s nothing I could say about this.
      Which you demonstrated with the rest of your post. Good job.

  67. I am disgusted by what I’m reading. So women are intellectually inferior? It is because of men like this that women are being dissuaded from majoring in science and engineering. I have a 3.9 GPA, have been on the Dean’s List, and am in the top 15% of my class. I also have the chance to intern at a very respectable company. You know what? I AM A WOMAN. This is riduculous and all of you are absolute pigs. Actually, that’s an insult to pigs.

    1. Rote memorisation and affirmative action. If I put you in an electrical engineering course where applied thinking is needed you wouldn’t last too long.

      1. Here we go….more women coming on here giving us their “personal story”.
        What do women want?
        Who cares.

    2. Lol I love it when these dumb bitches give us their resumes. And it’s always the same
      “I’m a woman, 4.0 GPA! honor role, intern at some prestigious fire, and I’m a woman!!!”
      Lol, good doggy, good doggy, jump through those hoops.
      Serious men don’t play these dumb games. Now go pay off your debts you childless slut.

      1. If you have to call a woman a slut to respond to an argument, you have already lost. I would also like to note that I have no desire to ever have children and, thusly, childless is a rather useless adjective in this context. Besides, what does being a childless slut have to do with anything?

        1. Exactly, no children but I bet you love having sex. Thus you are a slut, my argument is sustained.
          It has everything to do with your function as a woman. It shows you’re too dumb to use your womb intelligently. Hence patriarchy and its imminence.

        2. EW. Sex is disgusting. Regardless of my repulsion for sex and men, there is no shame in loving sex, for those that do, and there is more to a woman then sex and children.

        3. More to a woman than sex and children…
          Yeah, there’s also the cooking part.
          Kinder, Küche, Kirche

        4. Cooking is a basic necessity for life and everyone should know how to do it regardless of gender, unless you want to live on take out and instant crap.

        5. I find this website to be like a horrible accident. It’s sickening to watch but I just can’t look away. Then I become amused at the level of stupidity that goes on here. It’s like watching a real life group of NO MA’AM and Al Bundy.

        6. Yeah, single men should prepare their own meals for the sake of their own health. Women are supposed to cook for their husbands and families though. That’s their role.

        7. Liar. Male space bothers you at a core level. You’re here trying to control it, yet you can’t.

        8. It’s their role only if they want it. There are some women who are fine with being the housewife and the mom. My mom is one of them. It’s okay as long as it is their choice to do so. What’s not ok is when women are being shoved into the role when they don’t want it. As previously mentioned, there is more to a woman than marriage, children, and sex. It should be her choice as to what her role in life is going to be. Not some men she’s never met or will meet.

        9. Women only exist for reproduction, primarily. But they can certainly assist with things. That’s where the cooking and cleaning comes in.

        10. Actually no. I’m just laughing. I wouldn’t even be replying, but I’m bored and what’s more fun than trolling a bunch of cavemen with feminism? I can’t sleep and I have nothing better to do which is sad, but whatever. What’s your excuse?

        11. Women need male direction and designated roles. You’re not getting that these days, which is why you’re batshit crazy. Thus, women like you are on a men’s website posting comments at odd hours.

        12. A MAN discovered reproduction via bone marrow. Can women really say that men aren’t necessary for reproduction when they’re using men’s discoveries in order to reproduce? Anyway, it’s all very experimental. No healthy, functioning human being has ever been developed this way.

        13. It was also figured out that biologically and without the bone marrow technique, women only need a handful of men for reproduction.

        14. Beer goes back to Ancient Egypt, at least. Hard to say who invented it. At any rate, men perfected it.

        15. Such is the nature of things with mammals. For humans, however, extra males provide surplus labor. This is where civilization comes from. Male labor and innovation: Your standard of living is completely dependent on it.

        16. As things stand, a great many men have absolutely no use for women. The artificial womb will seal your fate. FWIW, I find it rather sad.

        17. Don’t worry, my father will choose me the perfect little house pet to do my cooking for me.

        18. You know … all these gender wars are making me so tired. ”we don’t need you” ”no we don’t need YOU” back and forth and back and forth. We are the same species yet we fight among each other.
          But the only important thing to remember here , remember who started this. Feminism advocated since it’s inception that men are not needed , men are useless , you can do anything without a man , and thus started these gender wars. What we do here is simply a response , a defense you might say , in face of this obstacle that wishes men extinct. This war must be stopped by those that started it , feminism must disappear and then we can go back to having normal happy relationships , like some time ago when none of this shit mattered and all were happy.

        19. He is saying that you are being tricked into forgoing having a child so you can serve your superiors at the uni and then at the work place.

        20. Actually looking at your posting history here, Sean Baxer’s conclusion seems to bear witness to the truth of the matter.

      2. It’s always the same response from them.
        We get the personal stories on “how they are different and….blah, blah, blah”.
        I’ve never seen a group pat themselves on the back so much as the modern day woman (for whatever reason).

        1. They need to do that to feel better about themselves between the anti-depression medication hours.

    3. We’re talking about general trends and you come up with a solipsistic reponse. Typical woman. If you’re so intelligent, try to refute the science behind the claim and then come back but don’t give us that “but… but… what about me, myself and I?” bullshit.

      1. What science? Unfortunately, I am unable to bring up the article. If memory serves me correctly, there were no hard facts in how women were intellectually inferior. It just said something about biology and how a woman’s job was to care for children and some other crap like that. Show me actual facts and research data to prove the thesis.

        1. Science isn’t always facts and figures. It’s also the use of reason. The essay is philosophical but I thought the reasoning that he used was valid scientific reasoning… Bet you never read anything like it at uni. He was probably the last one. I went to Sydney uni and did a PhDs there in fact. He must have been an intellectual giant just to be cleaver enough to write this and survive there.

    4. You are beyond inferior. You are a moron. Did you even read it or did you just say “sexism” before you got to the end of the first line? Have you ever had an original thought in your life? You think being receptive to educational brain programming is intelligence? And being offered an internship is an achievement? You are about to get used my friend. You are about to be worked to the bone and your silly little confused ego will be your downfall.
      Why not read it properly. If you like science there are some interesting Darwinian arguments in there. Don’t be so sensitive.

    5. So to dissect your screed.
      I am disgusted by what I’m reading.
      Feelings, rejected, who gives a shit?
      So women are intellectually inferior?
      Generally speaking, yes.
      It is because of men like this that women are being dissuaded
      from majoring in science and engineering.

      Doesn’t believe women have the capacity to make their own choices and are easily distracted and guided by others.
      I have a 3.9 GPA, have been on the Dean’s List, and am in the top 15% of my class. I also have the chance to intern at a very respectable company. You know what? I AM A WOMAN.
      Me me me me me me me me me me!
      This is riduculous and all of you are absolute pigs. Actually,
      that’s an insult to pigs.

      And…ad hominem.
      So in essence you just posted a paragraph that contains zero actual content. Congratulations.

  68. Hey, ah…are you guys okay? Like, do you want to talk?
    We can talk.
    I just don’t really understand what need this article would fill for someone. (Other than the same need an article titled “Top Ten Reasons Why You Really Are the Best First Soprano and Tiffany Totally Didn’t Deserve That Solo As Much As You Did” would fill.) But I’m open to listening. I’m a good listener. You can tell from my face, no black eyes yet.

  69. Yeah sure, my couple is in the university, and im not doing shit, but yes im intellectually superior, sure.

  70. Great article champ! But I did notice one teensy error in the article you’re quoting there. It really says, “The evidence for the inferior intellectual capacity of men like you is so obvious and overwhelming, that anyone who can lightly set it aside must be defective in their attitude to evidence, not to mention as bright as a black hole and twice as dense; and our contemporary meninists are in fact (as I have hinted several times), the reason we require warning labels on food.”
    Seriously, dude. As a girl, I’ve been called worse things by better people. All the same, I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are. Cheers!

  71. So, statistically it may be there are fewer women who have exceptional “natural capacity” for, say, engineering. (Of course it also goes the other way around, men on the whole are *on average* inferior to women in other capacities – in other words, women and men are, statistically, on average, excelling in different abilities.) However, even if positive discrimination were to be removed, there would remain a minority of women who *are* as good in engineering as the men in the field. The relevant question I would like men around here to answer: would you prevent women who want to become (e.g.) engineers to study (e.g.) engineering, just because they belong to a gender that is statistically less likely to excel? Say, you had a daughter, or a sister, who was excellent at math, and wanted to become an engineer – would you discourage her, or prevent her, from studying what she would choose for herself (i.e. engineering)? Thanks 🙂

  72. there are a lot of good articles on ROK written a couple years ago. glad to see some of them brought back.
    we need an encore of ‘how black America predicted our future’

  73. Only men could build beautiful cities like this one in Western Turkey. Islam- and Turkey-bashers, tell me these older men look unhappy in their fembot-free environment!

  74. To be perfectly honest, I’m a highly intelligent female and it highly sucks. I know many other highly intelligent women, but we aren’t the norm (see my guest blog post link below, my friend Pascale did the calculations). And women still are women, I don’t care what anyone says, I cry in the lab sometimes and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Women have a lower threshold for crying than men, it’s probably the lower testosterone or something, I’m not gonna apologize for biology.
    Anyways, being a smart female sucks because you have a limited mating pool, because our wiring seems to make us only interested in men more intelligent or at least as intelligent, and it seems like guys feel the same way too, they don’t like being with a woman they think may be smarter than them. I hate it when it comes to mating as a female. But I also really love it because I love learning.

      1. Women want to be taken seriously and not have something as stupid as gender be what keeps us held back in the work place. There is more to women than just marriage, sex, and children, believe it or not, and we would very much like the world to understand that apparently strange notion.

        1. Your gender keeps you held back at your workplace ? If anything , it gives you a great boost. You just have to take 5 minutes and watch how your fellow men are treated , and how you are treated. Well that is if the boss is a man. If she’s a woman , you’re usually doomed.

        2. Why should I take anyone seriously when their greatest ambition in life is not to be held back in the workplace? As if there is something noble, or meaningful, to working for a company in a disposable role that any man (or any woman) could do just as well as you?
          Marriage, sex, children. These are the things that make life. Unless you happen to be a pioneer in your field (which most people aren’t) then the ‘workplace’ is a meaningless time sink to earn enough money to keep on living.
          You believe what you have been told to believe.
          The fact that anyone aspires to office slavery strikes a deep chord of revulsion within me. By all means, take pride in your work as a matter of personal discipline. But do not try and convince me that work is enlightened, or anywhere near as important, as propogating the species.

        3. A woman who rejects marriage sex and children is openly declaring that she could care less about forwarding her genetics into the future. She is an evolutionary dead end and thus avoided by intelligent men who do not wish to see their DNA disappear from this earth. Quite rational of the men, wouldn’t you say? Sure sweety, we’ll screw you and drop our seed futilely into your barren, broken womb, but then we’ll just walk away and leave you wondering why we just don’t absolutely worship your aping of men.

        4. Especially that “being an evolutionary dead end” doesn’t stick well with anyone’s body. A sure fire way for a life in misery and depression.

    1. Hey if you’re open to it, I would really like to connect with you. You seem to be coming from a really good place, and it’s very rare for me to meet intelligent women (so 95% of the time I have to massively dumb myself down). Let me know if that appeals to you.

    2. Are you looking for superior intellect or a dominant intellect. I suppose they are the same thing in some ways. A dominant intellect will be able to convince you of things and make you believe that they are smarter. However, a superior intellect will probably be able to do that, but will also be better than you at a variety of intellectual tasks. Which is it?

      1. Superior would be great, but I’d take dominant. Any guy who can make me feel dumb sometimes is sexy in my book 😉

        1. Dominating people is really an intellectual skill in itself and a very masculine one in my view. Any man who can dominate, particularly if he can dominate a clever cookie like you, would have to have some intellectual prowess.

    3. Every genuinely smart woman I’ve ever met in real life that was even semi-attractive turns that intelligence into nothing more than a steroid powered hamster against men, especially in relationships. They use the raw IQ to generate an entire labyrinth of shit tests and circular arguments to the point that they simply are not worth bothering with. Yeah, I could smack down those tests and arguments, but they’d just see it as a challenge to “do a better one next time”. Who has time for hyperactive hamsters? I sure as diddly, do not.

  75. I have been having trouble with ROK lately. The text of the article doesn’t load, I can only see the main picture. It happens with a few articles, including this one. Is anyone else having the same issue?

    1. Are you on the phone ? I happen to have the same problem on my phone , on the PC it’s alright.

        1. Same here. Blank article. Never had that happen before to me.

  76. Sending women into higher education is like teaching pigs to sing. I am not convinced it is necessarily the best use of scarce resources.

  77. The oppression excuse is a curious one. Imagine the gains to society of having a second Einstein, another Mozart, a female Watt. The feminist ideas around oppression, glass ceilings and what have you is predicated on the idea that the entire male sex would rather forgo higher profits, advancement and overall quality of life than allow women to contribute.

    1. What’s stopping them? You think that Einstein didn’t have his obstacles to overcome…the story about how one of his teachers thought he was retarded is basically cliche at this point. I’ll grant you Mozart, a true rare prodigy, perhaps, he didn’t really have that many obstacles. Its not glass ceilings its women in general. History is not a just a story of just female oppression, history is a story of human oppression, and look at the results, men overcame it. Women? Well, look at the stats. If anything, today, due to the fact that women require state endorsed discrimination to arbitrarily put them into positions we are no longer a society that values merit. Merit, like bossy or Lynch or Redskins has been deemed a micro aggression and trigger, hence, politically incorrect. ?? Furthermore, we’re in decline. women are literally by force being given their “chance” and things are getting worse, not better.

  78. There was an important point there about men being pressured to constantly deny and feel ashamed of believing what is so obvious. I suppose women have a similar problem. They are forced to follow the script: “Yeah I can do what a man does”

  79. I became an aerospace engineer back in the early 80’s. I worked for a very large firm with over 12,000 engineers. During the mid 80’s we began seeing the first wave of female engineers. There were some who were very competent, but the vast majority of them were pretty weak in comparison to the average engineer. Of course, later on many of them were promoted ahead of us in the name of diversity in the work place. I believe that about 5% of women can compete and succeed in most male environment, but the rest are there just to fill quotas.

    1. I would add that career women are highly depressive. You cannot be happy whilst going against your nature.

  80. “Nearly everything she needs to know is already written in her inner manual.”
    So true just watch young girls look after babies, even when they’ve don’t have any, compared to boys and even grown men like myself. They are programmed to do it. They take to it naturally. We simply squirm and want to get out of it for the most part.
    We are trying to hard as a society to deny our inate abilites as men and women to please the fallacy of “equaility.”

  81. Been a very long time since I heard Stove’s name. Well done. Nice article and great to bring a more esoteric philosopher to the light (esoteric because of the prevailing ‘wisdom’ of academia…a wisdom which largely informed my own exodus from the field of philosophy).
    I will say this about women: they are fighting the wrong fight. If am building a house and I bring in several tradesmen to help me build it and all of a sudden my carpenter starts telling me he wants to run the electric a the electrician says he wants to do the masonry work and the mason says he wants to make the cabinets then I have a problem.
    The project – that is the building of a house—is best served when each person does that thing which they are uniquely qualified to do. So my mason is laying my foundation and doing other concrete and brick work. My electrician is safely wiring my house. My carpenter is building the frame, the cabinetry, etc. and my plumber is laying the pipes. Now my house has been built well with experts in each field, underneath someone who is an expert in operational organization, and I will live in it happily. If, instead, I say that it is unfair that my mason is always laying cement and I need to give him equal time to install wiring and plumbing and to detail woodwork then I will live in a house which is doomed to be fucked to death horrible.
    So too with society.
    Men, women are, in fact, our equals. They have an equal amount to contribute to the world we live in. If they could only see this and fight for true equality. A woman’s right to be happy. My plumber is no less of a man or a worker than my electrician he simply isn’t as good at electrical work just as my electrician is not as good at plumbing.
    If women demanded real equality it would look more like “so as we do what is in our nature to do (birth and raise children, care for a home and a husband, etc.) then we want to be treated with equal dignity and respect to the man who, in so far as he is able, does what is in his nature to do (build, create, earn and support, protect, make decisions, etc. etc.)” This is real equality.
    When a woman says “don’t look down on me for doing my womanly duties just because they are different from a man’s duties” then I will support equality for women. Until then, they are just a bunch of cunts pretending to be something they are not and deserve nothing but derision and the occasional cum shot on the face.

  82. It demoralizes men in STEM fields to see less competent women get jobs for ideological reasons that should have gone to male STEM graduates based on their objective merits. And then the women get bored with STEM and quit after awhile, so the resources invested into their “education” have gone to waste. We would have a more efficient and wealthier society by banning women from studying STEM and letting the capable and motivated men exert their strengths here instead.

  83. “You can’t go on forever saying “The game’s not fair,”
    And regarding the notion of obstacles that have kept women from fully attaining their potential:
    One big fucking thing that really sticks out and really (I mean really) gets to me, as in, why I so adamantly reject feminism, is just how fundamentally flawed this “idea” is, and furthermore, how fucking easy this ideology is to utterly dismiss into complete oblivion with a sense of regret and embarrassment that mankind ever entertained such an absurd thing. Here you go…every fucking person, man or woman, experiences fucking obstacles in life! For the Love of God already! Life is basically a struggle against THE odds aka obstacles, whether you look at it through Darwin (survival) or theocracy (your personal cross(es) to carry, or just good old practically – life sucks and then you die!
    We measure our ability to attain our full potential by fucking overcoming our obstacles! Not by fucking using them as an excuse. Fuck! I’m dyslexic, for crying out loud, and asthmatic too! But, I achieved in life what I set out to achieve. I don’t call for preferential hiring for my dyslexia, I think, frankly, I’ve overcome it. Life, dear women, is NOT fair at all, period. We are all dealt a set of cards in life and we all must make do…so you drew the female card. Boo, fucking, whoo! What about the person that drew, oh, the fucked face, crocked tooth, Holt-Oram, <80 IQ and bald cards? Is life fair for them? Where are the special uplifting programs for them? Huh? How’s that for “obstacles”?
    And, yes, history is the sample, and, sorry, it is what it is. You can sit around and concoct stupid “theories” all you want, you’re just diluting yourself. These “ideas” presume that men don’t have any obstacles, which is such an incredible insult! The truth, dear ladies, is very difficult for you, because, the story of man is a story of overcoming obstacles. Look at any of the historical luminaries and you’ll find obstacles, many times obstacles that compared to being a female were much bigger to overcome, yet they fucking did it! If there is one part of the human species that understands life’s inherent unfairness its men. Men have been persecuted, burned, eaten alive, enslaved, raped, tortured..generally fucked up far more than women who have enjoyed the luck of being feminine, which 9/10 times keeps them insulated from the nastier outcomes in life. Even today, men are enduring unfairness in the form of feminism itself, be it preferential hiring, assumption of guilt (and therefore removal of basic rights), killed/injured more often on the job, politically disenfranchised, brainwashed, structurally handicapped by a feminized education system (which, oh by the way, does that in the name of fairness). You have female students who go to phillips andover academy and then onto schools like yale who adopt feminism, which basically says – life has been unfair to me I had it tough, you see! Phillips andover and yale and you fucking think life has been fucking tough! feminism isn’t about “equality” it’s one big fucking excuse.

  84. How long do we have to run these social experiments based on the thinking of 18th Century philosophers in the Enlightenment before we admit that these ideas don’t work?
    I mean, seriously, the whole complex of democracy, egalitarianism, feminism, free markets and merging the human tribes together into one big mass of fungible meat has turned into a disaster and has pushed our civilization into decline. It has become the new frontier of free thinking and inquiry for men to question this project and to explore whether our racist, sexist, xenophobic and traditionalist ancestors got it mostly right the first time around.

  85. I would say that women are smarter than men on average because the typical women must be capable of keeping a child alive. They can not afford the luxury of stupidity. That said, great intelligence in a woman is somewhat superfluous, simply because men and women have different desires. I once complimented a bonafide genius on her intellect, and she replied, “but I no longer need my brain: I have you!”

    1. This makes no sense. For most of human history, we lived in tribes. Women nursed and looked after children. They also foraged for roots and other edibles. Meanwhile, certain men guarded the perimeter against enemies and predators, while other men hunted the land for much-needed proteins and fats. This involved, for example, taking down an enraged bull woolly mammoth that was fighting for its life, using a pair of tusks that could lift your refrigerator in the air and punch through your kitchen counter top, along with feet that could pulverize a cinder block. Men engaged a world that was extremely dangerous, and they suffered a high casualty rate. DNA evidence bears this out, as most men did not pass on their genes. I surmise that many a young, athletic warrior-hunter did not survive adolescence. Thus, it was men who could not afford to be stupid, not women. Women were largely insulated from danger and want, just as they are to this very day.

      1. While it helps to be smart, all a man ever had to do to pass on his genes was survive long enough to fuck a woman, which can be achieved with remarkably low intelligence. The bare minimum intelligence necessary to pass on genes is much higher for females. Moreover, for whatever reason, genetic mental defects seem more commonly to afflict males, bringing down the average male intelligence.

  86. The most mentally capable and work-reliable woman I’ve ever known is my own wife.
    She was: home-schooled with close oversight from her father and her “highest” level of academic achievement was graduating from her parent’s high school. One of her strengths is her recognition of her own intellectual short-comings. She’s never been a college student and I am not going to allow her to.
    She knows her female brain enough to know that linear algebra evaluation and data analysis are weaknesses for her. She works for me and we do a lot of that as part of our practice. She doesn’t fight me by trying to take that analytical job from me. She doesn’t slow everything down by demanding “equality” in giving her that work.
    Instead she insists on doing the data entry and clerical work that she’s good and that she knows I hate. She has accepted her female weaknesses, adapted to them, and instead cultivated her strengths.
    I think this is why the “best educated” women are some of the dumbest women around. They continue investing in their weaknesses (like going into STEM, Comp Sci, and Law) and neglecting their strengths.

  87. I also can’t read the article, the text doesn’t show up. Nice picture though, girl on the left looks like she gives a good bj

  88. I have a hypothesis that women and men might be similar in terms of average intelligence, but – as a statistical matter – men have a far higher standard deviation.
    The proof is a matter of simple observation. On the one hand, the vast majority of intellectually gifted humans have been men; on the other hand, the greatest fuck ups and miscreants have also been men.
    I think the president of Harvard or some other Ivy League school made a similar observation and he was driven out of office by an SJW campaign.
    I clock in at 138 but my verbal skills vastly outpace my math; I really suck at higher math. My talent is that I actually understand numbers, even if I am not that good at manipulating them.
    As a lawyer I had the privilege of dealing with some greatly talented women; I also suffered the scourge of some really useless cunts.
    I am not a STEM type and I have no formal training in philosophy so I will have to rely on the opinions of gentlemen in those fields.

  89. Women are not smarter than men, nor they are dumber. They just apply their intellect in different ways and different things.
    It’s a fact that women are less aggressive than men due to their lack of testosterone. Women pursue their dreams less than men because they have a lot to lose. Men on the other hand are wired to lose themselves in the pursuit of whatever it is they think is right.
    There are some notable inventions that women have done, so women are capable of inventions and pursuing higher intellectual capabilities, it’s just that most of them lack the will to do it, and choose not to.

  90. Another thing you have to consider, when looking at studies that show equal IQs for the sexes, is the fact that there are more boys than girls born with various conditions that can cause mental retardation, due to the “genetic safety net” girls get from receiving that extra X chromosome from dear old Dad (you could say females get extra protection and provision from males before they are even born!). So if you take everyone with a medical condition out of the study and only look at normal, healthy individuals, you could very well find that the average male score is higher than the average female score.
    For what it’s worth, I’m female, 118 IQ, good with words but I’m no Shakespeare, have no head at all for numbers,and find science interesting as long as too much math doesn’t get snuck in there. I think I’m a pretty typical woman intellectually, maybe a bit more academically-oriented than most (which isn’t the same as being smarter, interest and innate capacity are not the same thing). Is it possible to find intelligent women? Of course it is. Is it possible to find intellectually deficient men? Obviously so. But if you look not only at test scores but also at what men and women have done with their lives, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that on average males have greater intellectual ability than females. The only area I can see to possibly dispute this is in verbal ability, and even there it could be just that women have a greater INTEREST, not greater INNATE CAPACITY, for language (some have even argued that the tendency of women to talk more and use more words is because they are LESS efficient verbally than men and thus need more words to get their point across).

  91. I wish I’d come across the man when he was alive. He obviously loved poking the hornets next that academia has become. I hope some others, after reading writings like his and others like him, will take to and pick up the torch that he lay down.

  92. the main reason women are not as intelligent or work as hard as a man is because they already got a comfortable life given to them off the bat they don’t have to improve their intelligence nor their work ethic, the men that eventually succeed usually struggle more than the ones that dont and are always out to prove themselves, women are already given a home, an allowance from some man and the reassurance that they can get a man to provide when they don’t have any of it. how many beggars and people living out in the street are women? almost none unless they’re prostitutes (which is in many ways every women anyway), if men dont work and study they die, if women dont work and study the government or beta males will find a way to save them, in many ways women are the ultimate beggars, in terms of who has the most privileges its women then the second is tall men they too have an easy comfortable life where they are given everything
    there’s a reason why women are so uptight on their physical beauty, it measures how far they can accusition resources and favors from men, that’s why fatties want to get in on the same merits attractive women do thats what they are fighting excuse me whining for

  93. Just out of interest – what I gather here is that a few things would not suffice for David Stove (and the majority of readers of RoK): It would not convince him to have greater mathematical or comparable test scores, for fear of bias, it would not convince him to have greater performance of women in scientific careers as the quota system may skew figures. In addition to this, RoK readers would not like women to engage in these fields is it’s not their place… I ask you this, then, for the logicians of the page – if women should not engage in careers because of their poor mental capacity, and if that mental capacity is demonstrated by lack of engagement in those careers, does this not strike you as rather circular?

  94. If you need any more evidence, consider when I Phones became big. With access to cameras and the internet, what did women do? They took pictures of themselves naked in front of mirrors and sent them out to the world for all to see. And by the tens of thousands! I wonder how many of the women who did that also made false rape claims at some point in their lives?

  95. >>Probabilities are a sort of graduated capacities, and the question about the comparative intellectual capacity of men and women is… …a question about probabilities. What we want to know is whether the probability of a woman having (d), where (d) is a given above-average degree of intellectual capacity, is equal to the probability of a man having (d)
    I don’t even have to read the article to know where this shit is going. Men have a higher degree of intelligent individuals. but they also have a higher degree of stupid individuals. Thats because womens median variation varies less than men. The bell curve averages are still the same as you’d expect in the margin of error to say they are equal in intellectual capacity overall (some obvious exceptions like facial recognition to women and spacial recognition for men aside).
    Basically with this one line the guy is tacitly admitting hes cooking his numbers because the number of guys above a certain D is going to be more than women, this doesn’t prove women are intellectually inferior for reasons already explained.

      1. >string theorists
        Far less than men. It may surprise you but just because I think women and men are equal in average doesn’t mean I think all men are stupid because a lot of them choose to be involved with something as dumb as string theory

  96. Sorry, boys, but with a master’s degree in gifted ed and the construct of intelligence, your data isn’t even correct. The first IQ test resulted in WOMEN being 20 points HIGHER than men on average, so the test was tweaked over and over until the opposite finally resulted. Now, With the WISC test, it is back to normal with women being relatively higher than males. NEXT: the Y gene is simply an X with a missing quarter of DNA material. This lesser material means LESSER stability to the genetic expression. What does this mean? It means the male gene is more likely to feature an expressed mutation. (That is how evolution happens). These mutations result in more males that are mentally retarded or otherwise dysfunctional than females, as well as more male geniuses (also a genetic anomaly) than female ones. More females are “average,” on the other hand, due to their genetic stability. Women’s perceived lesser achievement in based on teacher expectation and male classmate behavior. When schooled in same-sex only classes, girls do just as well in math and science. They ALWAYS do better in language and communication, lit, etc. THOSE are the facts. Like ’em or lump ’em, silly little boys.

  97. When a man is new to something, a woman is quick to point out all his painfully trivial inadequacies. If a man is new to a job, a woman who has been there for a few years will talk down to him in disdain. She will laugh at him for not knowing a door code to get into the building or not knowing where the lunch room is. Trivial things that can be learned very quickly. But its her only chance to prove her superiority in the most pathetic way. It isn’t long before the man will learn all the trivial things along with all the important things that actually matter in the workplace. She had her moment in the sun and she will hang onto it.

  98. The truth, I agree with what says the article, since we are born, our intellect as abilities are already marked, and if man was genetically superior both physically and intellectually, why waste time with being equal, also know That it will never be like this, men are men and women are women, if you seek to be equal, you will stop being a woman to be a man’s imitation.
    And, let’s also accept the women who are insulting and saying “idiots, stupid, a single neuron”, etc. But stupid they see them as they do through a screen, in reality they would be preparing dinner or cleaning, at least I would if I did. And I am a woman.

  99. Oh me oh my, oh woe is me! It appears I’ve been frightfully prejudiced against my own incompetence! I’m so sorry, my poor masculine overlords, I don’t know how I’ve even been able to function as a woman without a man in my life to steer my the right way! Why, look at all these exclamation points I’m using — my frightful female emotionalism is even getting in the way of my commenting! I guess that’s just my sad lack of intelligence, a void in my brain that I like to fill with hysteria so I can pretend I’m thinking great thoughts when really I’m just squealing like a handicapped pig. Oh how your poor, delicate manly ears must suffer from my cawing! Why, I wouldn’t blame you for not making your way through this lengthy comment either. I am, after all, just a feeble-minded woman doing my best working two jobs to pay for college — but wait, I’m not nearly smart enough for college! Why should I work so hard in my two meaningless effeminate jobs for an education I can’t even comprehend! Wow, I nearly earned a masters degree before realizing that! Can you imagine? A woman with a masters degree — what would I do with that? I’d have no time between popping out babies for any real work, and besides, I don’t have the mental capacity for it!
    What a world, what a world. It’s too bad there’s no real evidence to prove women are dumber than men, otherwise your cause would be in the bag! Such a shame that years of IQ testing and brain mapping have found absolutely no cognitive differences between women and men. How terrible is it that women have the gall — the absolute nerve! — to just take this overwhelming scientific evidence and, just, believe it! We ought to be taught that *science* isn’t the way of…. of well science, but rather sheer denial and liberal use of lies! Or as I like to call them, “imaginative truths”.
    Whoops, I’ve been talking too much again. Please pardon my slutty behavior in expressing the tiny kernel of intelligence I have locked up in a fortress of emotions. Hey, I don’t think I’ve been pregnant enough recently, so how’s about I spread my legs and you guys and keep this outburst between us? That’ll show me my place!

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