The Most Powerful Yoga Exercise

Yoga is an ancient philosophy that means literally “to unite with the Divine.” It was a way of life that helped one focus all of one’s actions on attaining this goal. Real men will tell you that to achieve anything in life you have to give 100 percent of your focus, a type of singular one-mindedness. Why should yoga be any different?

Yoga has gotten a bad rap in the west, and is considered something that women do. American women have taken such a great philosophy like yoga and they’ve turned it into a very shallow and superficial concept. What women call “yoga” nowadays is nothing but gymnastic bullshit. Real yoga requires a very high level of dedication. One has to be willing to change their entire lifestyle and outlook on life. Yoga is not just something you do for an hour a week, practicing pointless gymnastic exercises. But American women will corrupt whatever they can get their grubby little paws on.

Fat Women doing yoga

Fat women doing yoga

To achieve anything requires very hard work and effort. The nature of women is that they want to be given everything for free and do not want to work for anything. However, for a man who is willing to put in the time, it can be highly rewarding. Yoga can offer men a much higher level of concentration, energy levels, and overall physical health, to name a few of the benefits.

This yogic breathing exercise is called Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. It is considered by many to be the most powerful yoga exercise ever. If you were to practice just one yoga exercise, this is the one.

Instructions for performing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya:

1. Sit up straight, preferably in the siddhasana posture (picture below). Try to keep your spine as straight as possible.
2. Rest your left hand on your left knee. Block your right nostril with your right thumb and have the remaining fingers pointing upwards.
3. Now breathe in deeply through the left nostril filling your lungs to capacity. Lower your right hand now and place it on your right knee.
4. With your breath held in begin to pump your stomach (pulling in the abdominal muscles) and mentally count with each pump, 1, 2, 3, and so on.
5. Once you have reached 48 stomach pumps with the breath held in, raise your right hand, close off the left nostril with your right pinkie and breathe out of your right nostril.

This completes 1 cycle – breathe in through left nostril, hold and pump, breathe out through right nostril. Continue to repeat this cycle for the duration of the practice. This can be practiced for up to 3 hours daily.


Siddhasana sitting posture

In the beginning, it will be very hard to hold in your breath long enough to do 48 pumps, so it is best to start small and work your way up.

Beginner’s Level: 16 stomach pumps instead of 48
Intermediate Level: 32 stomach pumps instead of 48
Full level: 48 stomach pumps, as described above

A video demonstration of it:

The only modification I have made to it is that instead of mentally repeating that “wahay guru” mantra with each stomach pump, I mentally count 1, 2, 3, and so on, for each stomach pump. I don’t know how I’d be able to keep track of the number of stomach pumps unless I mentally kept track of the number. This yogic breathing exercise is very simple to practice and you don’t need to go to some feminized yoga class to learn it or listen to some mangina yoga teacher.

It is best to practice this on an empty stomach, before eating or 2 to 3 hours after the last time you ate. This yogic breathing exercise will also help purify your eating and drinking habits. It’s very difficult to practice it if you eat a lot of processed food, because the processed food will slow down your digestion and clog up your stomach. This is especially true for products that are made with white flour. As for drinking, it’s impossible to practice if you’ve been drinking hard liquor the night before because your stomach will feel like complete shit.

This yogic breathing exercise falls more into the category of pranayama or kundalini yoga rather than hatha yoga, which is the showboat gymnastics yoga that most women practice in the West. It will not only help improve your physical health but also your emotional and mental health as well.

Ending Image

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100 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Yoga Exercise”

  1. Excellent. Anything that will help take me to my goal of becoming a better man shall at least be tried once. Thanks.

    1. If you want a solid truth, doing yoga promotes health and will temper your mind in such a way, you will not only improve strength and gain a pleasant demeanor, but the calm it applies may eliminate any desire to masturbate again as similar chemicals for that high will be released in your body regardless.

  2. A. Do you use ujjayi breathing?
    B. Hot “power flow” yoga is one of the most brutal workouts I’ve ever done, both strength and endurance wise. I need to find time and get back into it.

    1. Twenty minutes for starters. Yoga is slow movement and not designed for perfection. Go from where you are at and build over time.

  3. I usually associate men that do yoga with being vegan and getting their protein from soy, which in effect increases their estrogen levels making them more feminine.
    So no yoga for me

    1. Yoga postures and sequences put pressure on, and massage, your internal organs, glandular system, lymph nodes, etc.
      This regulates their secretions and optimises your endocrine system as a whole, including T levels.
      Soy products are a silly mistake and an aberration of western civ. I just smashed half a smoked chicken and I do yoga, what of it?

    2. As sure as you breathe to stay alive – your breath being yours which you can control – yoga is yours by right. It’s a shame its been so corrupted by association with manginas and women.
      You can be a lifter or sprinter, it really doesn’t matter – yoga objectively improves your life. The important thing is to make it yours and not theirs. The important thing is to develop a sense of ownership of it

    3. You probably shouldn’t stop eating vegetables just because vegans do it. Or stop lifting because some gay guys do it. Or say no to yoga just because some assholes do it. Find a regime that’s meant for strength building and it will do you right.

  4. Having practiced some yoga and martial arts I can definitely vouch for the benefits.
    Basic yoga practice (not the flowery stuff entirely for chicks… try Bikram yoga for the most intense workout you’ve ever done) works your heart, works your balance and coordination, works your muscles towards balanced strength, reduced chances of getting an injury compared to other athletics, keeps you flexible, girls everywhere…

    1. Agreed, it is the fast moving yoga and weak physiques of some practitioners that promote the yoga is for pansies approach. You don’t know strength building until you sit back, on one leg for balance, for a minute, and slowly, one centimeter at a time, uncross the leg, and level yourself out, to stand up right. When done with true yoga. Going from a hand stand, into a split, into a hand stand with your weaker arm, becomes second nature.
      I also practiced yoga, individually, and will freely admit, it is far and away, the toughest physical modality out that doesn’t require you to get injured to feel the burn. Practicing yoga with others is a fool’s errand as most aren’t regimented enough to apply yoga how it was meant.

  5. Yoga is legit. Its fixed my back problem, straightens my posture and helps me sleep A LOT better if I do hot yoga in the evening. I tried it to do something new and I had qualms about doing it at first since its a girl thing, but dang was I wrong. If you got a teacher that will turn the screws on you its just as painful as any weight lifting exercise.
    Yall can dump on yoga all you want. It worked for me and it worked for Diamond Dallas Page.

    1. My ankles, knees, and lower back were in a lot of pain before I started doing yoga. I was also waking up with so much stiffness in my left foot that I couldn’t walk straight on it and sometimes had to stretch it just to put weight on it. Doing yoga is fixing all of that. I haven’t found any other exercise that’s as good for dealing with injuries and pain while also building the body.

    2. After almost two months of doing twice-weekly hot yoga, I’m hooked. I’ve never stretched in 3 years of lifting weights until now – it’s a perfect complement to your training. Yoga as a standalone practice is equally awesome – it builds strength and helps you look leaner. You’re practically meditating under stress for an hour. You’ll see results no matter what.

    3. I’ve also tagged two yoga teachers and they are of the most primo girls out there. It would have been a lot harder, if not impossible, to tag them had I not expressed my like for yoga.

  6. I happened across Yoga during my first year of undergrad.
    Stil do it to this day, and the girls are hot and fit.
    I met my LTR there.

  7. Yoga can offer men a much higher level of concentration, energy levels, and overall physical health, to name a few of the benefits.
    Yoga improves balance and flexibility, as well as strength, which weight lifting alone does not do. But it also has serious MENTAL health benefits. After a good strenuous one hour yoga workout, during the meditation phase at the end I often enter a euphoric near dream state that feels amazing. Yoga, like so many activities (cooking, gardening, etc.) has taken a feminine connotation in the west, but it is a masculine system for physical and mental health. Likewise, Pilates was founded by a German man, Dr. Joseph Pilates, but is almost completely practiced by women in my area. I don’t care, I enjoy it, and the women typically have amazing bodies and no guys hitting on them besides me.
    That being said, I’ve never even heard of this exercise from any of my yoga instructors, and the video was essential to understand what you were talking about. I will have to experiment with this.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Another reason that women can’t become the face of certain things. Their child-like nature weakens the overall quality to very serious practices.

  8. we know there are several benefits to doing yoga, but you don’t fool me; we know this is just one elaborate way of dancing around the fact that you want to be flexible enough to suck your own dick if some bitch flakes.

  9. Real yoga is great for the slow twitch muscles and for flexibility, it is the single best thing for my long stiff back. I’ve noticed at the last two gyms Ive been to there “yoga” is body flow, which is all chicks dong more silly, easy dancing calling it a workout !!! No real yoga is nota effeminate it is hard, but women have corrupted it.

  10. I’ll throw my 2 cents here :
    I used to practice this yoga meditation jiff and stuff. And it does work, it calms you down, help you contemplate easyer, helps you think. One major setback ( if you think it so) is the proven fact that : once you start that mind opening experience, in due time, you will find yourself un-easy and under attack by entities. I shit you not. The entities of which I speak of are deamons and other visual and audio elements you start seeing and hearing that influence you to do something or other. Being a christian I, my self found the best way to deal with the entities is to say ,, Our Father ” – they vanised like flies. Saved me some sleep-less nights. I am not fucking around and I strongly believe that if you dare to start doing some shit, be prepared for it’s repercusions.
    If one must obtain peace with himself, meditate, but also pray your dumb ass isn’t lost on the way.

    1. Yeah I see what you’re talking about.
      I don’t do yoga but I’ve got this ring, when I put it, there this huge eye of fire which appears in front of me.
      True story.

        1. As bizarre as it may seem, there is verifiable truth that what he sees may not be an illusion. Flowers have been tested for reactions and a study was done if intent affected them. It turns out of a person murdered a plant, and re-entered the room, the surviving plants energy read out would spike. It would subside once the murderer left. The plants can’t see, so what are they reacting to?
          Spiritual experiences are hard to quantify because of the inability to prove them without faith. Usually the most problematic are the “message from God types” looking to capitalize on the desire from most to yield to superiority.

        2. That accounts for an energy read. This is why food changes can be accounted for when placed in a microwave. When enacted independently by the plant, it suggests consciousness and awareness to surroundings. Not too different from the aspect applied by people who see spirits.

        3. Hallucinations from expanded consciousness are a sign of a weak mind converting environmental energy into a more readable experience. The fact that he needs to rely on prayers to pull you out of the experiences instead of learning to filter correctly shows a lack of mental fortitude. And I agree with plant consciousness so there is no qualms here with you…

        4. From a person who has what are considered spiritual experiences on varying degrees, I agree. If you are experiencing anything spiritual, usually something that occurs from expanding your consciousness by tempering yourself, martial arts, yoga, meditation etc., you will experience odd spiritual affairs. My personal favorite experience was seeing colors surrounding bodies. Everyone has a field of energy around them that leaves when they die. It is color coded. And the colors, not unlike nature’s colors, mean something. I imagine once upon a time before we got sedated with the world we see and claimed atheism, we discussed such topics regularly.
          To Johnny, virtus is right. You shouldn’t need prayer to temper yourself. Sit in the moment with what you experience, without a thought, and it should pass freely.
          On another note, you practice parkour? That is dope as heck! Do you do street parkour or practice in a sanctioned area?

        5. One with fortitude would walk willingly through your experience, one without would run to the comfort of prayer. There are many for me: sex, extreme workouts, psychdelic experience, mediation in various forms, playing music, dancing, achieving flow state, and many more.
          Also study of all religions, philosophy and mysticism.

        6. Interesting checklist. It was exercise that brought on the visual energy. Quite the impressive list. I think they all can lead back to getting out of your head.
          At times, I’ve often wondered if harnessing your own energy/spirituality and studying mysticism was a feminine aspect. It is comforting to see another who has devoted time to spirituality beyond being a devout disciple of one doctrine.

        7. Yet it should be pointed out that many Christian ascetics, also versed in contemplative techniques, specifically state that the devil delights to deceive men by giving lights, fragrances and other experiences. The entire purpose of this, they said, is precisely to turn the spirituality into a self-centered “spiritual experience,” one of “consciousness-expanding” and personal improvement, rather than one of worshipful service. The possibility should at least be entertained, that the experience of pagan techniques of prayer and contemplation, which are almost always recommended on the kinds of ego-centered grounds just mentioned, may in fact be dangerous. The fact that they bring experiences that seem interesting or positive in their effects, especially at first, would not be surprising if their point was to deceive and entice men to embrace them.
          Some other effects, I would not deny, are the natural effects of contemplative techniques. Some Catholic ascetics have pointed out that books like the Tao Teh Ching are amongst the most perfect of books not written by the Church, because they contain the fulness of natural wisdom. Many Christian ascetics have even remarked that truly proficient Buddhist, Hindu, etc. contemplatives, are having a natural and non-demonic experience of contemplation… and that they make the mistake of thinking they have attained to Nirvana or other contemplative heights when they have simply attained to the natural perfection of natural contemplation – the vision of the divine image in man – without being able to go beyond this to supernatural heights only possible by grace. So, I don’t want to be misunderstood as saying that all non-Christian contemplation, at all times, is demonic. Sometimes it is natural. But the possibility that it is fraught with actual spiritual dangers, should not be dismissed.

        8. The people who have moved the farthest into the understanding of consciousness and energy manipulation were mostly men. Yin is feminine, yang is masculine. Both useful and must be in the correct ratio per gender.

        9. Fortitude is merely the virtue of the will. Fortitude should be guided by prudence, disciplined by temperance. Being willing to walk through any experience can be a sign that the will is strong, but not always that the mind or the appetites are.

        10. My point, was that the intellect must determine the reward is high in the first place, and proportionate to the risk.

        11. I think it would be a solid article, since apparently we can all choose to submit one, if you addressed the benefits of parkour as well as display some exercise routines. It is almost a lost aspect of man to be into spirituality and a physical discipline other than lifting. Whether that be weights or a remote control.

        12. There are definitely spiritual dangers, which is why I chose not to address Johnny on that point. In truth he would need to worry more from his mind and it’s interpretations than any entity.
          I tend to not give much voice to the idea of the Devil or God only because those aspects are held sacredly by some. Spiritual experiences do cross well beyond any one religion’s walls and I’m glad you respect that. On experiences, they are typically very good things to have. Especially if they manage to open a mind to the world around them. It might be this was the gentle hand that has guided some of man’s greatest inventions like the plane or electricity or harnessing radio signals.
          Nothing is bad in and of itself. Sometimes it takes a while to see that. That isn’t to say be passive. Just be open to there being a second or third or even fourth option to what you originally thought.

        13. We would agree that no *thing* is inherently bad in and of itself. But I do think there are certain thoughts, ideas and experiences which are inherently evil. St. Isaac the Recluse was brought under the yoke of demonic delusion for seven years, despite thinking that he was making great spiritual progress and becoming more “open” to spiritual development. He was only restored (after nearly dying) by the prayers of his two brother-hermits.
          I think spiritual experiences are amongst the most dangerous possible experiences. The truly dangerous ones seem pleasant and good. It is foolhardy to judge the benefit of a spiritual experience merely from its perceived effects; their most important effects are often imperceptible, and all the more so to those who have not yet disciplined their passions and developed real virtues, especially humility.

      1. I just love people who think that nothing can influence their lives. Now that’s funny. I’ve met some foreigners from a Western European country that said to me ,, you know, we don’t believe in God anymore here, we feel like we’ve evolved” at which I responded :,, you know, God is meant to take a place in your mind & soul, if He ain’t present in you, I’ll let you guess who’s taking His place.”

        1. You seem more superstitious than spiritual. I’ve explored more of consciousness than most could even begin to conceptualize. The fact that you using pronouns to describe your “God” and referring to Satan shows that much is to be pondered in your spiritual quest.

        2. Greater contemplatives than you have believed in Satan and referred to God as “Him.” Perhaps you can stop being “spiritual” long enough to stop being condescending.

        3. I have heard this before, and cannot understand where people get the ignorance to make the claim. The very name, “Satan,” means “the enemy” or “the adversary.” He shows up twice in the Old Testament, neither place in a favourable light. And in the New Testament, Jesus Himself is referring to Him as “a liar and murderer from the beginning,” the “father of lies,” etc. The Jews, moreover, had more to their culture and religion than merely what was recorded in the Torah or the whole Old Testament, and thus the epistle of Jude makes reference to the argument between St. Michael the Archangel and Satan over the body of Moses, where Satan is rebuked by the Archangel. Satan is rebuked by God in another place:
          “And the Lord shewed me Jesus the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord: and Satan stood on his right hand to be his adversary. And the Lord said to Satan: The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan: and the Lord
          that chose Jerusalem rebuke thee: Is not this a brand plucked out of
          the fire?” Zechariah 3:1-2
          In the book of Job he slanders Job, provoking the examination of Job’s righteousness. The book demonstrates that Satan’s malice often provides the means for the righteous to grow stronger and holier than they would without his opposition – a theme the Church has always recognized in her doctrine. Even Tolkien, a devout Catholic, weaved this bit of Christian lore into his account of the world’s creation in the Silmarillion. This doesn’t mean Satan is really our friend; it means that adversity provokes a crisis, and the good will come out stronger for it.
          In any case, the idea that Christians “invented” the villainous Satan at a later date is obviously a first-rate bit of historical ignorance. His very name, and his whole history, from even pre-Christian times, is one of evil and opposition.

        4. This is the later Talmudic interpretation, coming from Jewish philosophy of the Middle Ages, which viewed the idea of rebel angels as an impossibility. But it contradicts earlier Jewish tradition and rabbinical commentary, and certainly it contradicts the plain text of the books of Job and Zecharias. I have not known many “ideas of temptation” to argue with Archangels, to oppose the high priest and receive censure from the Lord, to have conversations with God Himself, etc. Generally personal entities do such things.
          It may surprise you to know that not every Jew in the world is guaranteed to have an accurate knowledge of the Old Testament. I know some Jews that eat lobster and cut their sideburns, even.

    2. Yoga is not an exercise system. It promotes solid physical elements but it is a tempering system, physically applied, to accessing spirituality. It was a way to be closer to the spiritual nature of man. Falun Dafa, Tai-Chi and Qikung are similar systems.

    3. I remember being told that that was the original purpose of yoga. Aligning of the charka spots and so forth. Shits real, I tend to actually pray to God while in those yoga spots, cause like how women fuck up yoga in America, d(a)emon fuck up the pure form of fellowship all should of had. I am glad someone had the balls to bring it up.

  11. Wow….two in a row. I need to double check that ROK wasn’t recently purchased by Jizzabel.
    Truthfully, I don’t think the author is totally full of shit only that he is completely misinformed and that his misinformation gives him pleasure so he can’t bring himself to realize it is total bull.
    To begin: Yoga is only ancient if you consider the 1960’s ancient. While I consider any girl born before 1990 ancient, it isn’t quite the same thing. Yoga (series of postures combined with breathing techniques) is a 1960’s movement (coinciding with early feminism).
    That people say it is ancient is based on very old drawings of some people sitting cross-legged which also happens to be how most people natural sit when they are on the floor…the club chair having yet to be invented.
    Next. While the author of this article claims that “Yoga is an ancient philosophy that means literally “to unite with the Divine.”” that is the workout equivalent of yelling “patriarchy.”
    Yoga LITERALLY means yoke (yeah the thing on a horse) and is used in a Hindu Holy book as a metaphor much like Christ used the birds in the fields, the Jews used the forbidden apple or Domino’s used the Noid.
    Then, in the 1800’s, a hilariously named prince called Krishnaraja Woodeyer III wrote a book called the Sritattvanidi which combined stretching and breathing and composed, in a nut shell, the first official gym class handbook of India.
    Note that in the Sritattvanidhi these exercises aren’t refered to as yoga. This is because it is just gym class. If in 200 Years people are paying $200 a month to climb a rope and trying not to either fall or get a boner and calling it their serious Noid practice it will be the same thing.
    However, prince Wadiyar’s gym class totes caught on with the English because they were there conquering shit and bored as fuck and when they came back, along with curried peas, they brought this shit to their middle class women thinking it would make them more flexible for boning and not realizing the long term social ramifications.
    Then in the 1960’s a guy came along named BKS Iyengar and said “well fuck, Americans are dumb as fuck and I like shit like gold toilets and stuff so let me combine this old metaphor from a book that no one here has ever read along with a 200 year old gym class manual and convince people to give me money.
    Early feminists loved this because it allowed them some form of exercise without doing things like raising their heart rate and lifting heavy objects.
    The rest is lululemon and a billion dollars a year on idiots.
    Don’t get me wrong…stretching is very good…both before and after actual exercise. Further, spirituality and meditation is very good for a man to center his mind.
    An occasional yoga class to help with stretching out muscles made sore from actual working out is a good idea and doing hot yoga (which is just normal yoga in a sauna) isn’t a terrible idea now and then to stretch, take a sauna and see some mostly naked chicks at the same time…but please don’t be fooled in thinking that you are taking part in some ancient spiritual practice other than the practice of people exploiting the american notion that something slightly different and requiring very little work is a really awesome thing that should have money thrown at it.

    1. one last side note…yoga is far less likely to mean “to unite with the divine” as it is to mean “be prepared to be totally disappointed when i take off my clothes”

      1. Lol, speak for yourself. You can easily, without pulling a muscle develop the body of a gymnast, by practicing yoga. And the women who practice yoga steadily, rarely disappoint either.

  12. If you idiots were smart enough you’d try Yoga out and see if it improves your way of living instead of comforting to the socially accepted belief, that yoga is for women, vegans, and homosexuals. Don’t you want to have a good life? I bet you don’t even meditate.

    1. Lmao!! Homosexuals won’t touch yoga if it had a 12 ft penis! If they did, I suspect half may drop to bisexual or fully become straight again. And women apply it for short term sexual benefits. Much like other disciplines, it requires a very high level of discipline that most people aren’t willing to apply, myself included. I’ve flitted in and out but the practice has palpable benefits.

  13. I wish I could apologize for the behavior of some of the commentators on this article. The Author has written this piece from a sincere place. Trying to enlighten. To expand out current paradigm. But we have almost literally shi*tted on his attempt. What a shame!

    1. Not all of us are blinded to practices of value building outside of game and crushing your career. He wrote a valuable piece which I am pleasantly surprised to see in the manosphere. If he wishes to address yoga and like processes more, I’ll read.

    1. For people who are just getting into fitness, yoga alone can give the benefits of lifting. A decent yoga workout will involve lifting most or all of your body weight very slowly. My pectorals, biceps, quads, and calves are getting large and defined. Lift if you want to or if you’ve done yoga for awhile and plateaued. You can always go somewhere else with a yoga exercise, like arching your back with your legs in the air while you do slow push ups or using less limbs to support yourself during downward facing dog.

  14. Dear ROK, as some of the recent articles have intended your obvious reader expansion to various ages and countries, I must emphasize the importance of the basic manly values, which obviously lack in a large number among the commentators. Values such as Respect, Humbleness, Honesty.

  15. What the fuck is going on here? In the last week, we have been subjected to articles extolling the virtues of “exquisite morrocan pocket squares”, “the intrigue of the wine drinker” and now “yoga as a path to masculinity”. Whats next? A primer on chihuahua ownership?
    I could simply state that these things are effete affectations for limp wristed pillow biters, but that would be too shallow. The real problem is that the authors are positing that something you can wear, drink, or bend yourself into somehow makes you a better man. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your manhood is a state of mind. Demanding the best from yourself, then achieving it, in whatever endeavor you are pursuing. Wine drinking and pocket squares are so pathetic I wont even mention them again. Yoga ALMOST comes close to an activity/sport/whatever-the-fuck-it-is that you could put that sort of effort into, but it fails, because there are no metrics of success. Nobody gives a shit how many savasanas you can do, or how deep your bow pose gets. In fact, such competition is actively discouraged, yogis are supposed to let go all those demands on themselves and “just be”. My wife is all into yoga, and that’s fine…those behaviors fit quite nicely with a woman’s mindset.
    But for us? Fuck that. That ain’t the man’s way. The man’s way is to strive, overcome, and succeed. Beat your fastest time. Paddle into a bigger wave than you ever have before. Clear that gap jump you’ve been thinking about. Stack another plate on the bar. Be a fuckin’ MAN!

    1. Well said.
      However, along with the pocket square, wine and yoga you forgot to mention the article pointing out how we need to overlook a woman’s past history. When you get her yoga pants off and her cunt looks like she has been sitting naked in hot gravel for a week…..don’t ask….just be glad that she has seen enough cock to feel comfortable with pleasuring you.
      I am all for the fat shaming and the slut shaming that goes on here…both the serious articles pointing out what is going on in this society and the ones that are amusing and good for cathartic purposes…but maybe it is time we look at ourselves and start shaming ourselves a little bit — collectively as men.
      A misbehaved dog or infant is not to blame. The blame goes to the parent. Women are no different. If men refuse to be men then can we really blame women for having turned into pigs?
      Let’s all go do some yoga. Then we can stick in our pocket squares and go to a wine bar while some guttercunt shit tests us and we eat it up like candy.
      See upcoming article: Why you should always hold her purse.
      Is facepalming these inane articles considered yoga?

  16. I’m torn on this one. I’m sure Yoga has some of the same benefits as any other physical / mental discipline so I’m not going to just take a dump on the author like our more ‘something to prove’ fellows here.
    But for -me-, I have found the very same thing initially with 24 form Tai Chi Chuan. Massive focus on breath and body control. MUCH more fluid in movement and really is ancient. If you start to get in pretty good shape and master the ‘standard’ 24 form version there is an added benefit Yoga will never deliver. You can start the 42 form (wushu) version which builds on the 24 form version and is FAST as well as fluid. It is, in fact, a martial art and you can beat the ever living shit out of someone with it, with or without a weapon. While being spiritually and mentally balanced of course. 🙂

  17. all my martial arts instructors do yoga. and they could kick my ass everyday and twice on sunday. go figure.

  18. Meditation > Yoga. Less pain, less time, no cash outlay. The primary purpose of Yoga is to prepare the body for meditation anyway.

  19. Definitely an interesting article.
    But I admit I am a little skeptical. Why this particular exercise? Does it build a lot of core or cardio strength? How does it compare to a basic sit up?
    If someone answers, keep in mind I have no knowledge of yoga. I’m interested in incorporating this exercise- but I would like more info if possible first.

  20. The video link says this exercise will help me develop “psychic powers”. Professor X look out!
    I’m glad yoga isn’t full of girly mumbo jumbo and mysticism. Will there be articles about homeopathy and aromatherapy too?
    Seems to me like the gymnastics part is the only legit part. Making the chakras flow and developing “psychic powers” sounds like the iffy parts.

  21. This sounds good and all, but how about at least attempting to explain why it works and how the less obvious physical or emotional benefits are derived. Obviously this would help with posture, wind and core strength, what about the promised lifestyle and well being improvements?

  22. After looking at that first picture, I decided to forego the extra helping of potatoes. Speaking of which, is there another fat shaming week coming? RoK has contributed to my weight reduction, dressing feminine and wearing a little makeup when I go outside. Really guys, you have made me get in touch with my feminine side again. No, not looking for a guy, but I just don’t want to look like those unkempt slobs I see.
    Might I contribute by fat shaming that opinated pig Kendall Rae and her food un-boxing suet fest?

  23. Yoga has nothing to do with spirituality unless you’re in India doing it after consuming copious quantities of ‘ashish, as this is where and how yoga was born. stilling the mind becomes a real issue then – not when western people have “ADD” – it’s a real issue when there’s a massive input of consciousness via plants, or “communion”. people lose their way, hence there is yoga.
    Yoga, without plant substances such as are consumed by saddus in India and Nepal and other places, is a physical, not a spiritual, discipline. it’s excellent for the body. obviously. it can still the mind and increase clarity and focus, which can cross over into a “spiritual” thing if one has something to focus on.. as in, they ingested the Kind Of Thing and are having an experience with it which makes focus a challenge.
    However let’s not get carried away.. yoga never ended a war. it doesn’t change a single person’s political or philosophical views, which is how the author of this article manages to persist at being a sexist a-hole after doing it over and over again. likely he would have a serious problem sitting still with psychedelic plants. 🙂

  24. Hi, so far you are only one did variation on Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. And I kind of curious on the effective n efficiency . Mind to share more details. Thanks

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