How To Get Over That “One Special Girl”

Understand this: really grasping the concept of abundance is fundamental to success with women. When I did so my results skyrocketed – and that will happen for you, too.

The opposite of abundance: ‘Oneitus’

The seduction community frequently discusses a condition it calls “oneitus”: in fact, the term it has become something of a meme simply because the phenomenon it refers to is so common. Oneitus, put simply, is the myth of “the one” – the belief that one “special girl” is the only person in the universe who can make you complete, and that without her life will be meaningless.

Often, although not exclusively, a man’s “oneitus” will be a girl he is attracted to but has not yet hooked up with for whatever reason. Perhaps she is a colleague at work he hasn’t had the courage to approach; or maybe he has approached her and she has rejected him with the infamous LJBF formula – “let’s just be friends” – a line women use to turn down men so frequently that it has become a trope in its own right.


This is the most painful place a guy can be – in the throes of what used to be called unrequited love. That terrible, soul-destroying craving for that one special girl. If you find yourself in this position, and indeed if you’ve come to this book to try to get that one special girl to like you, then you need to take steps to disengage from those negative feelings and forget about her.

Banish from your memory all those romantic movies you’ve seen where the shy, nerdy but good-hearted guy winds up getting his beautiful long-term crush to go out with him at the end – real life just isn’t like that. The truth is that girls (like guys) categorize potential romantic and sexual partners very quickly – usually within the first few minutes of meeting. If you are in the wrong camp – i.e. a girl’s “friend” camp – then you will find it is very, very difficult to get out and in most cases impossible.

Far better to walk away from this girl and move onto a fresh prospect, who (with the help of this book) you will present yourself to differently – as a potential sex partner. Later on, when the first girl has seen that you’ve had success elsewhere and notes your change in demeanor then she might – and it’s an outside chance – reconsider, but don’t count on it. Do yourself a favor and move on.

Do not, under any circumstances, buy into the “friends” frame. Women are happy to spin out these pretend friendships for months or even years, as they receive validation from them for minimal emotional investment. But the truth is you’re not truly friends – there’s an imbalance. You want something more from her than she is unwilling to provide and you both know it.

No true friendship can exist on these terms. Don’t feel you owe her anything just because she’s being “nice” to you (on the surface at least). Life is short and you need to put your own interests first. The frame with which you should approach your male-female interactions should be honest and straightforward: either this leads to sex and a man-to-woman relationship, or I walk.


If at this point you are thinking something along the lines of “but she’s special and different and I want to get to know her first before sleeping with her”; or you think it somehow crude to put sex first, then you need to take a reality check and realise how things really work. Sex always comes first – the “relationship” afterwards. It is not even necessary for a girl to especially “like” you in order for her to sleep with you. Attraction is all that’s required.

If you have come to this book hoping to “convert” a special girl, you’ve asked her out once or twice and you’re getting no traction with her then you need to rip the band aid off and move on. Here’s a six step guide on how to do so:

  1. Accept that at the moment, the way things are, this girl is not into you in the way that you want her to be.
  2. Break all contact with her immediately: stop calling her, don’t answer if she calls you, de-friend her on Facebook, block her on Twitter etc. Shore up all possible routes of engagement, basically.
  3. Avoid all conversations about her with mutual friends. In fact, just cut out the mutual friends. The last thing you want right now are constant reminders of her.
  4. Stamp on any unwanted or negative thoughts about her unmercifully. Whenever a thought comes up, don’t wallow—suppress it hard and move on.
  5. Have guy friends you can talk to discreetly about it, but limit these to one or two at most. The friends must be male, and must be those who are going to understand and help you stick to your guns, rather than talk you out of your course of action. Don’t talk to anyone else outside of these people about the situation, and try to limit the amount of time you spend talking to them about it. Again, don’t wallow.

6. Go out and meet other girls.

This is an excerpt from my ebook the Seven Laws of Seduction. For more information on how to get out of the friendzone and into bed with beautiful women click here 

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159 thoughts on “How To Get Over That “One Special Girl””

    1. Quite a fetching young lady. She’ll destroy you and laugh as your soul turns to ash though. But very fetching.

      1. “She’ll destroy you and laugh as your soul turns to ash though.”
        Well said good sir.

    2. Emily Scott – Australia
      Minor celebrity trying to make a living off her looks. Probably few ten thousand beta male fans orbiting her on the net, with random gifts of shoes and handbags, and occasional proposition from arabs who want to use her as porta potty. lol

      1. She has a good start. Hopefully she makes a name for herself before the wall. Women should aspire to look like her.

        1. Her body ain’t made of makeup.
          All women come up short without makeup. A 10 becomes an 8. But at least with an 8, hey, that ain’t so bad.
          But she’ll still suck your soul out.

        2. not true- I came across a supermodel when I was awaiting a transatlantic flight once. I didnt know who she was from afar, but I did notice her. She got better and better looking as she got closer, no makeup on…but yea its rare…

        3. Is this the same bitch that is featured in the header image of this article?

    3. “Who’s that girl in the top picture?”
      I’m guessing some STD riddled piece of shit whore.

  1. Perfect timing for this article! I was having a blue-pill moment last month and thought I’d met “the one”. My brother started calling me BetaMax and said I was making a big mistake. After I spent time and money and shamed myself in the white knight ways I finally got rejected. This article nails it.

    1. This is one thing Islam gets right. Imagine being a young Muslim man and being obsessed with “The Three.”

      1. Thanks! Yeah that’s what we call our friends who have girlfriends, BetaMax. It’s fitting.

        1. Zombieland was fantastic and when Tallahassee did that to zombies, it was golden.

        2. Hahahaha doktor jeep’s comments are like his profile pic.
          Wild, entertaining and crazy as hell like DeNiro in Taxi.

  2. Greta piece Troy. Oneitis is one of the more toxic concepts out there for men. I’m glad to have gotten past it myself since I think most of us in our younger days fell prey to this. Abundance mentality is absolutely key-a divorced friend keyed me into that idea long ago, basically saying girls are like buses, there’s always another coming. I think also keeping in mind that nothing in this world is permanent helps alot. It’s not as nihilistic as it may seem. The idea that nothing lasts forever, we all die, etc… can help you live today to the fullest. That’s why I think vacations can be the best times-you know its a finite length of time before you go home so you make the most out of each moment.

    1. Buddhist say the same thing – change is CERTAIN.
      That’s what they call the idea of:
      More men who are apparently “going their own way” should read (not necessarily concert or claim the religion) but read into the principles of Buddhism.
      It’s life changing, who plus you’ll love being with yourself more.

      1. Ya but the Buddhist truths involve stamping out all desires as the path to enlightenment. All fine and well if you are in Monk Mode or MGTOW, but for other Red Pillers and such it isn’t a viable philosophy.

      2. Agreed-did some reading on Buddist principles and they are big on the concept of impermanence. A good intro read is “Buddhism Plain and Simple” by Steve Hagen. Our craving to make things permanent causes much of our suffering in life.

    1. That’s some solid shit right there. Perfectly articulates how I’ve been feeling about women these days.

    2. there is no special girl…. if you want to go long term you have to be extremely objective, pick one that suits you best (not just tits and ass) – AND make her believe she has met the one….. AND give her sentimental experiences including kids, that she cannot easily abandon…… it’s a shit ton of work…. and all you get in return is a fairly tedious lifestyle…. kids can be nice, but expensive, demanding and a constant low level worry.

      1. i know i’ve said this before, but i highly recommend latin american girls who go to church if you’re thinking LTR and marriage.

        1. I’d recommend latin women if you enjoy feminine women. Nothing makes you feel as masculine as when you are with a feminine woman.

        2. I agree in principle. My ex is a latina who was raised in a matriarchy. her father was a spineless white-knight. men in the family were treated like buffoons. Conversely, i am talking to a 23 year old who was raised in a patriarchy; her family has much respect for the father. Two very contrasting women and situations. It really depends on the family and background.

        3. absolutely. certainly not all pretty latina girls who go to church are marriage material, but i think it’s the best shot a guy has got. i’ve heard the opinion that if you’re looking for a foreign bride, russian/ukrainian is your worst option, asian is better, latina is best. i imagine that’s true.

        4. And, from my personal experience with Latinas, every man should have his life threatened at knife point at least once (maybe more).

        5. I put Asian above Latina and I have been married to both. But in any case, of course they are going to use you and hurt you; they are all women.

      2. There is one reason to have a pretty female “friend”. If she can get you into VIP at the club. Then you can bang all her friends before finally returning to bang her too.
        Job done.

      3. Agree with everything except the level of worry for the kids: high level, not low. Imo

        1. Children are a high-level worry because you can’t guarantee their safety (traffic, criminals, pregnancy, health) as well as their performance in life (school, abiding law, urge for independence) Having a child is a huge investment, and nowadays you don’t even can be sure it will be worth the effort of having somebody to care for you when you’re old. It used to be that way.
          So it’s actually a very expensive hobby with a lot of worrying.

      4. Agreed, except the kids. If you make it successfully with kids, far more likely she’ll leave since she’ll get child support in addition to any alimony. Not to mention, as you said, kids are expensive.

    3. Some men laugh at the idea of feminism having power in their country. Well, almost every country airs talk shows like: Dr.Phill, Ellen Degenerate, Oprah, Dr. Oz and commercials disrespecting men. Also women’s magazines are indoctrinating women from a young age until late adulthood with the approval on over the top hypergamy, cheating, hating men, and promote overall sluttiness. You’ll see it everywhere, if you look closely.

  3. Best thing is to spend some time in Thailand. I friend of mine did, and it totally healed him. Now he has girls all over the planet. Good work on the pictures. The first two girls are really nice to look at.

    1. I will second the concept. Travel, travel and more travel. No need to obsess over one lady.

    1. I find it helps just to remember that she’s only gonna be getting older…
      Most likely she is way more fucking lame than when you had her…
      All my exes? Way sexier and more fun when we were younger. True story.

      1. Everybody gets older. You can be 60 and settle for a 30 year old. She’s gonna get older. So are you. Mortality is a bitch. I fucking hate it.
        That said, yeah, agree. Go for as young as you can get. Once you reach an age to settle down, do it, don’t look back and put on those goggles fast.

        1. I kknow I will get older and so will my wife. I think as an Asian woman she will probably still look pretty good up until she is 50. At that time I will be 77 and it may not be an issue any longer. If it still is, I will just have to trade her in.

    2. How about looking at gorgeous famous/celebrity women who crashed and hit the wall hard.
      Look at their before and after photos.
      Imagine the “before” photo of the girl you have the oneitis for, and then imagine the “after” picture. Replace the “before” photo with the “after” photo in your mind. Imagine what this special one girl would look like old, broken down, bitter and insane.

      1. “Look at their before and after photos.”
        Facebook is great for this. If any man has a thing for a chick in his past, fb will show you that you are better off without her.

        1. If those ain’t some true words, I don’t know what are.
          Story time: I remember when I still used Facebook (hey, I’m not making money off of it right now, so it’s of no use to me), I was looking up people from my past just for the hell of it. I came across the profile of a girl that was my pity-date for junior prom back in high school. Let me preface by saying that back then, she was actually relatively cute, was my first kiss, and all that. I never had any negative issues with her, and she and I were on friendly terms for as long as we attended HS. She’s also a year older than me.
          Preface over.
          Fast forward to 2014, when I saw her. The years were not kind at all.
          “HOLY SHIT! What happened to you?!” I cried out in utter shock after seeing the pictures. As she and I had no ill will toward each other, I kinda felt bad for her. I won’t go into any details, but believe me…the cute, demure, introverted upperclassman chick I was cool with…wasn’t so cute anymore. I guess today I can breathe a sigh of relief that I never realistically went beyond that first kiss (and was rejected anyway after the fact), because…damn.

        2. In 5 years you probably haven’t changed so much, while she blew up and has has saggy eyelids. It’s funny to see chicks develop crowsfeet around their eyes in no-time. Nice payback.

        3. I appreciate what you’re saying, but I’d call it less payback and more Red Pill observation. Remember, I never had any negative issues with her.

        4. Overall I mean. How many times have you been rejected by girls that 15 years later are almost exact copy’s of their mothers?

  4. This is the most painful place a guy can be – in the throes of what used to be called unrequited love.
    Let me digress a bit.
    Unrequited love is the best kind of love. You do not get to see her flaws, you do not get to come to despise her, you do not in any way see anything but the ideal, and the sex is perfect and she never stops performing in new and amazing ways to please you unselfishly in your dreams. There is no higher love than unrequited love…because it is utterly unattached from reality.
    Perfection is a function of imagination only. Reality is messy and not ideal. If you have a “coulda, but couldn’t love” thank your lucky stars. You’ll have dreams of the proverbial “perfect” woman to last you your days that nobody else will ever, ever know.
    The rest of humanity deals with the muck of dealing with messy, stinky, mean, awful human beings, and once you get to know women you wonder if you really actually want to be with them most of the time. Compared to the fantasy woman, real women come up lacking entirely. Hell of a way to beat oneitis actually.
    As always Troy, outstanding. All red pill newcomers would be wise to read *all* of your articles.

      1. Whoa, I saw that scene when I was like 7 and I was like “aw come on tell me” now it makes perfect sense.

    1. Fantastic observation, and one that I have often made myself. I have one of these, and every time I find myself pissing and moaning about some shortcoming in what I currently have, and pining away for what could have been, I remind myself that had I made a different choice, I would have probably grown to detest this woman when I saw her flaws and the illusion of perfection, which is what I actually cherish, would be gone.

      1. Fuckin’ A, exactly. Perfect love is love unknown. The minute you get to know them, game over.

        1. almost always, but i actually keep appreciating my wife more the more i get to know her. there was an article on here last year about the qualities a woman you’re considering marrying should have, and she had them all. she’s not perfect, but she’s about as close to ideal as women get.
          what i’m saying is that there is hope for you guys who would like to get married and start a family. you just might have to look outside the west, go to church once in a while, and wait a few months for sex.

      2. My only disagreement with this is that if you are in love with someone, and get to know them and their flaws etc but it turns out they’re not into you long term, at least you can justify reasons why it wouldn’t have worked anyway. If you continually think they are a perfect person and never get the chance to be proven otherwise by them, there is always a sense of loss.

    2. I just realized there are no more “one special girl”s.
      Just bad memories.
      I would find myself lucky to look back on any past relationship and feel good or remember feeling good.
      My MGTOW status is earned. I have the ulcers and a long trail of lost money and abandoned equipment to prove it.

      1. Yes, I don’t even know how a man can get oneitis or even be remotely excited at the “prospect” anymore.
        Just thinking that she is fucking/talking to one (if not several) other fuckheads at any given time, her narcissistic obsession with selfie-taking to Like-collect, the monetary terrorism she will commit against me, her feigning interest in everything from exercise to pro football, her potential “rape” stories/delusions/fantasies, her Daddy Government-calling itchy thumbs if I don’t blink how and when she wants me to, how many Beta schmucktards have stuck God knows what into God knows which hole before me (and how many of them she claims “doesn’t count” based on whatever mitigated cop out she invents to save face) and on and on and on… can go straight to Hell.
        Hashtag-MGTOW for life!

        1. No matter who you are, there is always a girl out there who can fuck your head up.

        2. “Just thinking that she is fucking/talking to one (if not several) other fuckheads at any given time,”

        3. Absolutely. Any assjack who thinks that when he meets even a slightly, remotely pretty girl that she isn’t actively talking to at least one other guy and mostly like fucking him is badly deluded and deserves whatever fallout comes his way. This is an irrefutable fact these days, one that makes you not even want to bother talking to cute girls because the ends do not justify the means, unless of course she approaches you first (which should still be under suspicion).

        4. So true, and that “exceptional girl” that you think that doesn’t belong to the feminazi gang is actually the worse one, she will rip off all you have even your dignity.

        5. I dunno Bob,
          I have been there before and I honestly think I have reached a point where I simply do not give enough of a fuck to be messed up again. Maybe I’m just wishful thinking, but i see it like losing a grain of sand on the beach….

        6. I used to think that until I recently got fucked up. I’m over it now though.

        7. Just thinking that she is fucking/talking to one (if not several) other fuckheads at any given time
          The Ultimate Demystifier.

        8. Women will fuck up the mind of any man who gives a fuck about them.
          And thats key. NO FUCKS GIVEN.

        9. I thought that too.
          And then it happened.
          Lessons learned. Be on your guard my brother.

    3. What an outstanding comment, Ghost. Absolutely outstanding.
      You’ve summed up how I look back on those foggy, delusional days before climbing out of that abyss, discovering this place and these thoughts and these ways… when everything finally clicked and everything changed.
      It can be a touch nostalgic remembering that time, as if considering the innocence of childhood. But crossing such a chasm is a one-way trip. Gotta press onwards, right into reality’s murk.
      My salutes, good sir.

    4. Do you think an exception can be made for a 23 year old virgin with wife/mother potential who was raised in a patriarchy? No higher education degrees, no feminazi influences.

      1. Yes. This site decries relationships but theres nothing wrong with being in one, so long as you understand the negative signs and have the balls to walk away at any time. Pumping and dumping low quality whores gets old after a while, especially low quality american whores.

        1. thank you for your response. I don’t go near low quality american women (white, hispanic, etc.) unless it requires very small effort in my part to pump and dump.

      2. Don’t get into that shit. Virgin at 23? She’s either totally mentally fucked up or so slutted out she’s gone for hymenoplasty.
        “Raised in a patriarchy” That never stopped them from crapping out
        “No higher education” you don’t want a low value adding bitch by your side unable to rise above minimum wage.
        Dump her man!

    5. My only disagreement with this is that if you are in love with someone, and get to know them and their flaws etc but it turns out they’re not into you long term, at least you can justify reasons why it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. If you continually think they are a perfect person and never get the chance to be proven otherwise by them, there is always a sense of loss

  5. Roosh said the love equation is Mutual attraction + Lack of other options, he’s right.

  6. The easiest way to get “over” a woman is to get “under” another one
    ; )

    1. Or impose a personal ban on listening to all the broken hearted desparado love song ear pollution on the radio. It is all mind screw propoganda to facilitate the pedestalizing of all females. Get back ON TOP of another one and ride her like a fresh work horse but don’t pedestalize her. The love song jingles are burned into everyone’s hardwiring so blast it out with your own red pill RED NOISE.

  7. This is the article I wish I could’ve read back when I was in school. There I spent over 3 years chasing after the girl I thought was “the one”. It left me broke, miserable, and lonely. Even after I moved away she was always on my mind and I got horribly depressed. After I discovered this movement and learned about abundance mentality and realized the terrible bitch that she was, I moved on with my life.

    1. They’re an investment for your smaller head down there
      Simple as^
      Remember there is no such thing as “two-itus” just ‘ONE-itus”

    2. One of the symptoms of Oneitis is that a sufferer turns inward and forgoes social opportunities which would potentially lead to meeting other women – sometimes as a silent test of commitment to “the One.” Thus the condition perpetuates itself as over time as “the One” becomes comparatively more, not less precious.
      Ironically, a man suffering from Oneitis and who is emotionally unavailable will often be perceived as aloof by women, which they find attractive. The best medicine is to get out and mingle even if (or especially if) you don’t feel like it.

  8. One thing to keep in mind is be really careful of the “one guy” that you might confide in. Chances are good that will be a friendship test, and it’s a pretty beta exercise to even be confiding like that in a man.
    Best thing to do is really just turn your back and forget you ever met the girl

    1. I’ve found that it builds up good karma to enforce the codes of honor onto the women of other men, not just your own woman. If another man’s woman comes on to you, then REPORT HER TO HER MASTER. Rat her out to her man. Squeal on her and tell the dude to put a leash on his bitch and he’ll respect you as a friend for keeping an honest eye out on his wylie bitch. I know I always hate being surprised by a woman’s misdeeds because no one told me so or warned me. Help your brethren police the herds of wild bitches and keep the patriarchal order for all. You’ll find then that you have NO PROBLEM finding respected male friends that you can confide in. Only a gutter dweller would take his buddy’s woman up on her offer for her vile SLOPPY SECONDS. Breaking the bitch rule and bringing the order to our women takes a team effort.

      1. In the more strict Islamic countries it is absolutely normal to report a woman to her master. If she runs away every man will report her to the authorities, if he is a real believer. I’m not a muslim, but I think there is a lot of honor in that. But here in the west, we men would rather profit from a woman’s foolishness.
        It’s all our nothing. We either have respect for other men’s women or we don’t. 100% Respect or taking advantage. One or the other. We in the west are on the side of the rat. He will nibble on what he can get.

    1. Ha. I’ve got you beat. I don’t care what you went through. No one fell for the narrative like me. Oneitis for someone I never even dated. Jesus. So misguided.

      1. Your trophy is in the mail.
        Also on first reading I thought you meant you had oneitis for Jesus 😀

  9. hahahaha been there done that years ago. now with the red pill, its been a long time since Ive felt any girl was one special.

  10. Oneitis, whether the product of a failing relationship or admiration from afar is almost always the product of projecting qualities on a girl that she doesn’t have. The mind obsesses on an idea of a girl as it wishes her to be (and not how she is) and the emotional and ego investment is so enormous that to smash the idea is to destroy a part of the self. The pain is then amplified exponentially when the girl moves on, is seen with other men, or is revealed to be a slut.
    It’s obviously best to maintain a good frame as a prophylactic against Oneitis, and one should always be frank and honest with oneself about a woman’s shortcomings whether in the realm of looks, character, or personality.

  11. I know I might get some shit for this but honestly nofap helped me get over oneitis and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t even know what nofap was but when I would abstain from masturbating for like a month it becomes next to impossible to maintain oneitis. I think there are two reasons for this, one you stop lying in bed fantasizing and two your brain starts looking for new opportunities and forgetting old ones. Oneitis is a disease and for me the cure was nofap.

  12. Advice is good but I am not so sure about breaking all contact immediately portion. Always act like the rejection is not a big deal to you. You should not contact her but if she chooses to contact you no problem. Just be smart and do not let her flirtations throw you off.

  13. Women use their pussy LIKE A KNIFE to slash friendships and solidarity between men. Don’t give them that power.

    1. ^ Wisdom ^
      You can also use your dick like a sword. Don’t draw it unless you know what you’re getting into.
      Relationships are their battleground. What they lack in strength, they make up for in cunning.

    2. I’ve seen that before. Women HATE when a man has guy friends. It’s like intimidating to them.

      1. Wives of betas can also drive a wedge between her husband’s friendships and his male alliances. Take a typical house matriarch in your typical ‘golden girls’ picket fence neighborhood or complex. If the woman feels uneasy about her husband talking to his neighbor buddy, she can be a master of making shit up out of the blue to get her husband isolated and at odds with his own neighbors. She in effect controls his circle of friends.
        So many neighbors in residential areas barely get to know each other and barely interact even after living in an area for years. Usually the bitch tries to start a war with a neighbor thus forever preventing alliances from forming with her man and other surrounding males. SHE REALLY SHOWED HIM not to stray from the yard.
        And the effects of this lowest level of bitch browbeating can be found on nearly every street on every block in the west now. It’s like we’re in a stage 4 cancer of bitch rule through and through here in the west. In these zones of bitch gridlock, men mainly congregate and meet through local groups like churches or neighborhood groups where some old silver haired den mother is officiating. And usually it’s the kind of woman who believes that talking back to or slapping a bitch is a capitol offence.
        The manosphere is snowballing out of control luckily and a big restoration of the patriarchy is inevitable.

        1. this has happened to me.
          Ive had friends live with women for years, had no problems with the then GF. Once they got the marriage license, I was slowly iced out (some of these guys didnt even move! same apts as before the wedding. no kids either).
          two of them divorced.
          Another thing: you will probably cave in and move where she wants:
          “Hon, the property taxes are lower here, and the commute is easier for both of us.”
          “I NEED to live close to my parents, they are getting older.”
          This convo happened to my ex friend

        2. Watch the home improvement channel and you’ll see many shows where a wrecking ball is taken to a perfectly good house and the lady goes over describing everything she didn’t like about the old house. Then the man has ‘magic funds’ in his pocket to placate her with the brony’s new dream home. These types of ‘pedestalize the bitch’ and ‘please the queen’ messages are very subtle but they are everywhere in media programming and their effect is real.

        3. Chicks don’t understand the difference between wants and needs. Of course, plenty of guys don’t either.

  14. The most resourceful way to handle women is “out of sight, out of mind.” Simple though not easy, the task is made far easier when one’s mind is occupied with topics of a higher nature or prioritized interest. Thinking about women and trying to figure out what they mean, why they said that, whether they’ll fuck that other guy, etc is a total waste of time.

  15. “What to do when she’s on your mind”
    Good article. Keep in mind that for any of you who are thinking of that ‘special’ girl, are you thinking of her right now? Because I can garuntee that she is, most likely looking at her smartphone checking her facebook likes, or checking out the new designer dildo, or something related to fashion and stupid shit. And rest assured ‘missy’ could care less if you live or die.
    So forget about her, she already has forgotten you…

  16. Oneitis is a trait of immature, low-value men. Why? Because they have a scarcity mentality. Men who get oneitis need to make themselves more attractive through game. When you have multiple attractive girls vying for your attention, and know it, you don’t get oneitis any more.

  17. This post reminds me of why I am glad I don’t use Facebook.
    But yes this helps, especially with the chick at work I want to add a notch to my conquests of pussy. Gotta move on, it’s been to long. I have been on a stakeout with that pussy, it’s actually coming off sad lol.

  18. When I first took the red pill, it was without water. There, it just hung in my throat (that’s what she said) as what it felt like eternity (2 minutes standing still). It was bitter, it was large (that’s what she said), and I stood there suffering (for about a year) trying to digest this intervention drug. It made me very uneasy, very irritable and angry (a side effect the manosphere never really stated on their labels). In the beginning, I was like a man on roid rage, cursing, breaking things, telling bitches to go fuck themselves. Then through time it slowly formed me into a more tamed but enlightened individual.
    I now approach women with an abundance mentality, but I get these slight twitches to walk away at any sign of stupidity or bitchiness from a chick (has anyone else gotten that side effect)?
    I hope that this pill never wears off, because it has helped me to put value in my life over a female, yet still enjoy the benefits of getting pussy.
    Who made this pill, Pfizer?
    I’m gonna have to write them a Thank You letter.

  19. I think every man has to go through it on his own. after he has experiences with enough women and see’s how cruel and deceptive they can be I believe the red pill will naturally be swallowed and he’ll have an understanding of these whores and how they really are.

  20. I’m gonna forget you, baby. I’m gonna erase your memory. I’m gonna forget you baby, I never loved you, and baby you never loved me.

  21. I’ve found that ‘oneitis’, if controlled, can be a great form of motivation. Just imagine how regretful she’ll be when she sees the skinny, shy guy she rejected a few years ago is now a jacked, wealthy, confident guy swimming in pussy. Picture that on those last few grueling reps in the gym, or before/during any form of self improvement which requires discomfort of some sort. Then a few years later you’ll see her again, wonder why you ever got so hung up on a girl whom is of a lower standard than all of the last ones you banged, and be cured.

    1. I am a young guy at not even 30, but I already rub my hands knowing most of the girls I fcked will have a worse future than I have. In 10 years most of them will look like raisins instead of the beautiful luscious grapes they once were. Having a couple of whiny brats in a stroller whining about wanting candy. Because of their feminist indoctrination they’re probably already divorced or a single mother by the time the kid is 12. Living in poverty and making ends meet with alimony.

  22. Women are herd creatures, chances are if you’ve dated one you dated most of them. they dont usually vary in their personalities (unlike men), only really vary in appearance (height, weight, attractiveness, etc) made that ‘the one’ mistake too many times before. i was like that because i felt i had no other options.
    usually all they are, really, is a receiver to your sperm (to produce your offspring) if she can cook, clean, be nice and feminine, then shes good, if she doesnt (thanks to feminism) then shes useless.
    women arent smart, they never were and never were meant to be, hence why women are the unquestioning servants to poisonous ideologies like feminism and cultural marxism/ (evolution didnt require them to be) men had to, otherwise he would have starved to death, perished from the elements or was killed off by other men. all women did was prostitute their pussy to the biggest most resource rich alpha they could get their hands on.
    Women mature to the age of 18 and never progress beyond that.

  23. Huge bewbs and silver dollar nips will get you over oneitis really quickly. If your oneitis had silver dollars than you’re a bit screwed and I’m sorry. That’s a serious double whammy that I’ve never dealt with. I’ve had, I’d say, three more or less extreme cases of oneitis; all pretty but lean, elegant girls. Keiras not Salmas. Don’t let your imagination project perfection onto a woman because her face is perfect. It’s just a waste of time. Focus on the racks and the full asses. Butterface Before Beauty. Be a body man. Faces are for the oneitis crowd.

  24. I had that once and then never again.Women arent worth any emotions that are also connected to sexuality.The less emotional you are the better your game and hunting.They are not worth it.

  25. Hindsight is always 20/20. When you take off the love goggles and see what the relationship really was usually the “one” idea fades away

  26. I thought I’d never get oneitis again, but I recently lost my job and was in a really dark place and my girl was there for me and then some. Not saying she’ll put up with failure very long, or that Im totally hooked on her, but she’s doing an amazing job of bringing the chode in me back from the dead.

  27. guys who get hung up on the one – this was me – really just don’t have confidence that they can get themselves out of their current circumstances.
    do work. improve yourself so that you have more options at home, and then go and see the world. there are a ridiculous amount of women to be compatible with – and each comes in her unique flavor.
    my first break up was devastating. now – I look forward to the challenge of enjoying new women.
    With the confidence I now have in myself to meet and get inside women, emotionally first, and then physically – there is so much each beautiful one has to offer.
    being with one is great – but that same feeling you get with her – you can get with anyone. it’s work. but the newness and challenge of it make it worth it in the end.

  28. Sometimes, talking to a girl you like, really is the same as pissing in the wind. Jealousy is a girls battleground, if a girl that has just blown you out, sees you with another girl that is just as good looking, or better than her, she will start stewing in her own broken ego and all of a sudden want to know you, it happened to me a while back. Wealthy, successful men are turning more to sugar dating and using sites like and hooking up with gorgeous, classy women.

  29. just deleted her on facebook and instagram, felt so fucking good omg, I do have some doubts as to I will never know about her again in my life unless she contacts me, but that is the whole point I guess? Thanks for the advice I’m feeling very good right now for having moved on with my life.

  30. It’s like playing the bars video gambling machine. More you play more you lose. It’s better to invest money in the stock market than the casino. Casino chances are against you. In stocks chances can be in your side if you can manage to have a working strategy.

  31. First of all, never, ever date co-workers. When you are at work, nothing exists below the neck. Women are just floating, talking heads to you. A good friend of mine said it most artfully (and succinctly):
    ‘Don’t shit where you eat.”
    Secondly, if you are friend-zoned or, worse, acquaintance-zoned, just walk away. You save yourself a huge amount of pain and opportunity cost. And, don’t do it nicely, either. Turn on your heel and walk away. Immediately. I’ve actually had women run after me, “Wait! Wait! Um…” Keep walking.
    Men do not need female friends, but women absolutely need male friends. They’ll fuck the alpha to fulfill their sexual needs, and have beta orbiters around to fulfill their emotional needs. Don’t be one of them. All or nothing.

  32. How to get over one girl? Take the pussy off the pedestal.. chances are she wasn’t that great.. so realise that, and just go bang one of the many, many, many sluts that are in plague proportions these days. Just remember to bag it up!

  33. The whole thing is a mindset question and a question of experience.
    Oneitus is a huge problem for inexperienced guys. Guys who met their sweetheart in college by accident and never experienced the single lifestyle.
    They met this one girl, experienced more or less everything with her. First kiss, first sex, first vacation together. They can’t imagine a life without her, because they never had one without here.
    At the other hand you have the experienced player. He knows that he can fuck a lot of girls. Of course, not every girl is the same, not with every girl you have an excellent chemistry.
    I think we all know that feeling, sometimes you get a bang and after you shot your load, you only want her to leave. Every words she says is too much, every second she spends longer at your place is a major annoyance.
    However, sometimes you bang a girl which is a nice company and you don’t mind getting breakfast with her after the bang.
    The point is, the experienced man knows there is not the one. Yes, there are girls which are a better match and there are girls which are a worse match. But Oneitus is only a myth for him.
    I covered this questions recently on my german blog, in case someone is interested at

  34. Don’t become a woman’s emotional tampon. That beta-orbiter that’s waiting for her message in order to respond back the same minute. If she isn’t interested at first, move on. Chances are that she’s texting other guys and sees you as a last resort when plans don’t work out. (Maybe you played the provider-game and she only sees you as an investment for when everything in her own life goes to shit in her own life.) Don’t be there for her months or years later when she finally wants (needs) you. Especially the younger guys don’t see how women play the game. It always starts friendly, like they are genuinely interested. “Hi, how are you”. How nice, you think. “she is interested in me finally”. It’s a double agenda. Learn from your own mistakes or the mistakes of your older peers.
    Walk away and never contact her again. And if you can get laid, do it and give her nothing. Wear a rubber at all times. Don’t fall into the trap.

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