To Avoid Being Called Racist, Starbucks Now Welcomes Homeless People And Other Non-Customers

Previously: Starbucks Is Imploding Because Two Black Men Didn’t Want To Leave A Store

Via USA Today:

You don’t have to be a Starbucks customer to use the bathroom.

Starbucks informed employees of the official policy in a letter sent to them on Saturday, spelling out that “any person who enters our spaces, including patios, cafes and restrooms, regardless of whether they make a purchase, is considered a customer.”

Portions of the letter were first published in The Wall Street Journal.

Starbucks employees are told to follow company procedure in dealing with customers who might behave in a “disruptive manner.” If there is a perception of imminent danger or safety concerns, employees are still urged to call 911.

And in a policy statement shared with USA TODAY, the company indicated that  “When using a Starbucks space, we respectfully request that customers behave in a manner that maintains a warm and welcoming environment by:

  • Using spaces as intended
  • Being considerate of others
  • Communicating with respect
  • Acting responsibly.”

Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz had already signaled the policy change at an event hosted by a Washington D.C. think tank on May 10. Schultz said at the time that, “We don’t want to become a public bathroom, but we’re going to make the right decision 100% of the time and give people the key, because we don’t want anyone at Starbucks to feel as if we are not giving access to you the bathroom.”

In April, two African American males were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks after one asked to use the restroom but was told only paying customers could use them. After he sat down with his friend while waiting to be joined by a business associate for a meeting, the police came and arrested both, sparking national outrage.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson subsequently apologized to the victims and reached an undisclosed financial settlement.

The company has also just apologized to a Latino customer for a racial slur that was allegedly written on his drink cup in a suburban Los Angeles Starbucks.

Starbucks is going ahead with plans to close its more than 8000 company owned U.S. stores and corporate offices on the afternoon of May 29, so employees could receive anti-bias training.

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93 thoughts on “To Avoid Being Called Racist, Starbucks Now Welcomes Homeless People And Other Non-Customers”

  1. sadly this is just for the first world. Here in Mexico, we have starbucks and the racist victim card is worthless, you will be kicked out fast.

    1. Doesn’t Starcucks also have locations in Middle Eastern countries where they hang homosexuals from construction cranes? I’ll bet (((Howard Schultz))) hit the pause button on gay marriage virtue signaling in those places! The man and his fag-happy company have absolutely no integrity.

      1. REALITY
        You people are so naive about foreign countries.
        They don’t hang gays from cranes in Dubai Star Bucks. Gayness in Dubai or other Gulf Arab States is defined by who received the penis and how drunk either of you were.
        It is astounding how ignorant people who have not traveled are. You just don’t know anything but what you have seen on the television.
        This is why I could never return to the US. Especially Podunk towns where people think Arabs ride camels through the middle of a Starbucks.
        It is no surprise the globalists are kicking your asses. You’re incredibly naive.

        1. Comparing the 45 degree centigrade shopping mall which is Dubai with nearby Iran or Yemen is kind of comparing apples and oranges mate.

        2. REALITY
          I don’t that Yemen HAS Starbucks. I’ve been on the border but never allowed to enter and it was anarchy even in 2000.
          If you want to see a country that is biblical, go near Yemen. Dudes walk around with swords and guns.

    2. Some random points:
      -Starbucks is already starting to backpedal on this whole sit-and-use-the-bathroom thing. Blowback from shoot-from-the-hip virtue signaling is already causing them to “revise and clarify” their policy statement. After all, crazy homeless people scare off the regulars who are paying customers.
      -In sketchy areas or areas dominated by (((mooches))) you already see them taking steps to limit access. For example, the Starbucks at Zuma Beach makes you request a key to use the bathroom. Plus they keep the chocolate/nutmeg/ vanilla/cinnamon behind the counter so people won’t steal them. In similar fashion, the one in Malibu doesn’t even have a bathroom in store. You have to cross the street and use the public bathroom in the next building over. (Problem solved.)
      -There’s no doubt in my mind that the guy who had “Beaner” on his cup asked the clerk put it there, meaning that the clerk went along with it because it was all treated as a big joke. And then the tables turned….
      -Starbucks is discovering what happens when you become so big that you’re an easy deep-pockets target for every scam artist and disaffected minority group looking for some air-time and internet traction. Rather than cave into what effectively is extortion aided by MSM hysteria, they should adopt the Tesla Model of counter-attack: telling the interested reader truthfully and completely what really happened and why. In this case, that would includie the release all store security tapes so people can make up their minds about events.
      -With that in mind, there’s no doubt in my mind that the two guys who just sat there waiting for the “Investor” were part of setup to embarrass the company and shake them down for some cash. I mean after all, what kind business meeting you go to looking all baggy pants and ghetto? (And doubtless the “Investor” who suddenly shows up to protest the arrest was part of the scam as well.”
      Anyway, that’s my take on this is whole thing. Starbucks is acting gutlessly.
      Just a thought.

    3. Let’s Starbucks and PC-correct corporatists engange in the racial equality SJW dialog that they promoted in their holier-than-thou activism. Starbucks is reaping what they have sown. Good riddance.
      The problem with non-customers occupying Starbucks is that they drive away customers who’d rather not have to see them sucking up precious scant table space, suck up the free internet with the massive torrent downloads adn live streams, and generally creep out paying customers with all manners of glares, stares and unwanted akwards comments and conversation.
      I’ve noticed a marked increase in loitering by “regular” vagrants in the couple of Starbucks near my home that I used to frequent. And these are in the nicer upscale parts of town. The proliferation of the homeless under Obama’s reign along with the SJW friendly attitude of Starbucks has fostered an environment that allows a psuedo homeless shelter to thrive in their retail stores. That’s why I haven’t spent don’t spend time or money in Starubucks stores in the last couple years.
      So, it was not surprise that, prior to the media shit-storm over these two non-customer loiterers, Starbucks may have asked people to leave if they were not customers (e.g. purchasing a product of service). On the flip side, blacks have been enboldended with a sense of superior entitlement due to perceived their victim status enough to be beligerent towards any suggestion that they do not belong in a place of business if they are not customers of that business.
      So we are left with the wreckage of SJW activism that defines every institution and place as a equality empowerment zone above any other purpose for that institution or place. The movement’s goal is to turn the entire country into one giant equality safe-zone where they, the arbiters of fairness through fascism, take control over every enterprise and institution.
      Starbucks can suck it! I’m looking for a better country with more of a gated-community sensibility .

    4. Never went to a starbuck & never intend to go ?
      Shit called starbuck coffee is good for shabos goyim only ??

    1. We tend to try and promote the following things which are antithetical to dropping dollars at Starcucks
      1) Avoid giving business to SJW, pro-homo, anti-masculinity, and/or virtue signaling corporations
      2) Avoid herd mentality consumption. Just buy what you truly need or want, not because everyone else seems to do it.
      3) Avoid nutritionally bankrupt and sugar / high fructose corn syrup infested drinks. Calories in the form of liquids should be avoided in general, especially if your over 30 and your metabolism ain’t what it used to be.
      4) Be thrifty. If a less expensive alternative to the product in question exists. Use it instead.
      Starcucks is guilty of all four points.

      1. Amazon Coffee chain in Thailand is so much better. Vietnam can’t be beat overall for quality coffee at a low price

        1. I LOVE Vietnam. Beautiful countryside, beautiful and feminine women who stay thin forever, and cheap as can be.

        2. I’ve read Viets aren’t the friendliest SE Asians. The French mark on their cuisine intrigues me. Like the French, they may be snobs but have awesome food culture. Though Thais are no slouches in that department either.

    2. In NYC – just for the toilets.
      but, now they have security codes…
      so go elsewhere.
      fucking shit hole

    3. To pick up chicks to bang? You’d be surprised when the acknowledgement is that crazy women are the best type of women to pump and dump

      1. Talking to Western broads about this makes me loose all hope. I’d be happier working for madman on his wifes sugar plantation.

  2. Yes, those two poor victims of the modern, racist age took a buyout of $1 and donated the other 200k to charity because they got paid a million by their benefactor man-behind-the-curtain that paid them to go there and stage some shit.

    1. MITCH
      It will be gone in a puff of crack cocaine smoke before you know it.
      Rodney King got 4 mil and died penniless.

      1. I hate painting with a broad brush, but blacks in general have terrible money management skills. If you look at the listicles of famous and once highly paid US athletes or musicians who went belly up broke, it’s like a solid 80% black.
        In the case of the roughly 75% black NFL and NBA, it’s closer in the direction of 100%.

        1. REALITY
          Cocaine. Some, though not all, whites can freebase cocaine and take it or leave it. I have, once or twice.
          Once a black ingests a smokeable form of cocaine that’s it…they’re gone…they’ll end up with a $1500 a day freebase habit like Whitney Houston.
          The OJ case was little more than a public freak out by a glorified cocaine fiend.
          Also, the males will father many kids. The courts will go after them.
          In general, blacks are spendthrifts. Its been argued that if blacks did vanish from the US that the economy would take a dive for this reason alone.

        2. Allen Iverson comes to mind and yes, this is true. It’s why the black community is a dead shell of what it could have been.
          Fun fact: a black women’s net worth is only $5

        3. Only $5 ? Is that her spare weave money while everything else she’s got is a government subsidized apartment for her and her bastard children, along with a healthy dosage of food stamps?

        4. It’s true, black folks basically spend every penny they make, steal, get from welfare – on excess clothing, weaves and luxuries they don’t need. Few end up landowners, shrewd investors, or have substantial wealth, though many get fantastic pensions from working 30 yrs at the DMV and unemployment/welfare office or as jail guards.

      2. The smart dumbass strikes again. Those men are entrepreneurs in real estate & this is not the 80s you fool. Crack is no longer a popular drug among blacks especially due to the havoc it wreaked during the crack epidemic. Again, you traveled all across the world to post on ROK daily. YOu could have done that in the US you loser. Luckily, your lineage will not last after your death.

        1. HUEY
          I traveled around the world so that I would never be around someone like you.
          It has been a weight off my shoulders.
          Everyday I have woken up smelling the fresh air of the desert and the jungle relishing the fact that nobody like you lives there.

  3. I like it how when an organization goes into the extremes of antiracism & equality it ends up where it started.
    Basically this place is so elitist in a progressive type of way that not even leftists can get hired there, u must be a top ranking cuck to get to work there.

  4. YAY! Starbucks and McDonalds are step sisters now. Both will be nasty public bathrooms with restaurants attached. Who knew that shcithouses needed fancy names and trademarks?

  5. I worked at Starbucks about 15 years ago. We had a homeless guy who would come in regularly, give me $2 and demand 8 quarters from the tip jar, then accuse me of not giving him the right change. He also smoked crack in the bathroom. Naturally we all didn’t want him coming back because he never bought anything and he was a pain in the ass to deal with, but the boss instructed us to do nothing and just deal with him. I did make up my mind to just call the cops if he ever came in again, regardless of what my boss said. It looks like Starbucks hasn’t changed one bit since then

    1. DAN
      “He smoked crack right in the bathroom…”
      I’m sure he was Irish-American too.
      Can you specify his nationality,

      1. Irish-American? Aren’t their killing themselves mostly with alcoholic drinks instead of street drugs?

        1. Koreans drink like they want to kill themselves. And Soju was 1500 won ($1.50) a bottle when I was last there.
          They drink right on the sidewalks outside the 7-11 and GS25.

  6. Ugh why is there a pic of Lena Dunham in this article? She looks like a walking toilet so I guess it was relevant to the article.

  7. First off, fuck Starbucks for caving to PC fascists.
    Now that that’s out of the way, is anyone else irate over Disney making super suave Lando Calrissian into a faggot. I’m a half black/white guy, and am pissed that the coolest black character in the Star Wars universe is being retroactively bent over a barrel and fucked. But even more pissed that they are telling us he enjoys it.

    1. MAD
      That would make Harrison Ford a bit of a sissy since in Empire Lando kicked his ass in the scuffle. Or got the better of it at least.

      1. I didn’t see any Star wars movie after “The Force Awakens.”
        And to think people made fun of “The Phantom Menace.”

        1. The whole prequel trilogy is miles ahead of this garbage trilogy. I’ve watched everything just out of curiosity and it’s a trainwreck. Darth Mauls scenes > than 4 movies

  8. We should all volunteer at the local homeless shelters and pass out addresses to all Starbucks in the vicinity to let them know they’re free to use their bathrooms. If every man did this this would be the proper comeuppance for this anti-American anti-male company

  9. The best way to deal with this is to go in large groups to Starbucks, not order a thing, fill up all the seating, and then hold loud discussions about guns, Christianity, minority sloth, heterosexuality, etc. Let them kick you out but make a big deal about it.

    1. Won’t work. Your scenario likely has white heterosexual people leaning more towards conservatism, so they’d be “fighting hate.”

      1. Headline: ‘ white supremecists gather at Starbucks to preach hate.’
        “(((Starbucks ceo))) holocaust survivor was outraged at these white privileged hate groups”

  10. Quite frankly the whole thing sounds like an effort to close the place down. If that is a choice piece of real estate then this was what used to be called “blockbusting.”
    Can anyone link me to the full video of the “incident?” There’s supposed to be someone stirring up trouble gleefully in the background.

  11. Every business owner in the country will now be called to host every kind of rat in the gutter who wants to chill out without bringing money. Is that hyperbole? No.
    Am I calling the two (black) people who starting this thing racist or other derogatory slurs. No.
    No one should be able to require that a business be burdened by non-customers who don’t have the dignity and civility to move on if they are not participating in business. This is ludicrous and stands beyond any sensibility.

  12. Don’t these sheep realize how sick this is
    Lower your own standards of life just so you wouldn’t be called a racist

  13. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. What happened to that ? Now you gotta make cakes for fags and let homeless vagrants shoot up in your bathrooms?

  14. Starbucks has free wifi, there are plenty of comfortable chairs, and the company claims that they want to tolerate just about anyone showing up–even those who don’t buy anything!
    How about Starbucks for the next RooshV meetup spot?

  15. The word racist is just a racial slurs used against white people to shut them up and get free gibs. I’m a black guy and I have been called racist many times I don’t care.

  16. It has only been one month since Alek Minassian drove over eight females K.O. but men are losing it in Toronto. The Annex is one of the most heavily patrolled areas in Toronto because urban femcunts live there. I wish that thousands of these hoes die under the hands of lightning or a natural disaster. One less femcunt to ruin your day.

  17. starfuks really messed up. these homeless people are crazed and have no money. If they think people with class want to drink coffee with the rifraff. good luck.

  18. /pol/ and DS are already hard at work reaching out to all the poor and oppressed underclasses and letting them know of Starbucks’ touching generosity.
    Starcucks can’t go back on their word now, all that obnoxiously santimonious and smarmy virtue-signalling has come back to bite them in the ass.

  19. “Starbucks is going ahead with plans to close its more than 8000 company owned U.S. stores and corporate offices on the afternoon of May 29, so employees could receive anti-bias training.”
    I bet some leftist “diversity consulting” outfit is going to make serious bank from that.

    1. Now that Starbucks is essentially a free public restroom, open for use to any vagrant, meth-head, or vagabond, we’ll see how the perception of their stores shifts over the next several years.
      I’m going to write in pure generalities, so bear with me…
      Starbucks appeals mostly to the political left. Their stores are most saturated in urban areas and airports. You’ll see them at some rest stops, but they aren’t typically leasing any space at Walmart, for example.
      Leftists will clamor on and on about how they are in favor of social safety nets, how they have so much “empathy” for others, and how much they embrace diversity. But here’s the reality: Leftists want *YOU* to pay for the social safety nets. Leftists have empathy only for themselves. Leftists do want diversity… but only for all neighborhoods and schools that aren’t their own.
      The new “regulars” of Starbucks will include homeless people, broke people, people who need the free wifi to check the web to find out where to pick up their next crack rock or hooker, and the occasional “woke” protesters with megaphones espousing the cause du jour.
      When the current Lexus Liberal “regulars” of Starbucks in Blue State, Suburbia, USA meet the new “regulars,” they will not return.

  20. Learn to drink real coffee! I’ve never been to a Starcucks and never will after reading this. Same with McDonalds. Go and have real fries in Belgium and you’ll never want to eat that crap again.

  21. I live in a major city in the NE and my job requires me to visit clients throughout the day. Sometimes with only an hour or two break between meetings it makes little sense for me to return to our city office only to sit down for 15 minutes before having to leave again. I used to be more then happy to spend $5 on a coffee or snack item to “rent” a seat and wifi for an hour or so usually at a Starbucks as there seems to be one on every block.
    Went into one a few days ago and it did look like a homeless shelter. Just about every seat was occupied and not by people who had made any purchases. It was largely just bums. The few professionals who got coffee quickly left after completing their transaction. I doubt many will return.
    I quietly asked the cashier, who I am friendly with as a I frequent this location, about the situation. He just said he was tired of being harassed by the homeless, cleaning the bathroom on the hourly schedule and the disgusting, and one employee had been threatened with a small knife for telling a sleeping man that it was a violation of policy to do so and to please leave.
    That is probably the last time I will frequent any Starbucks. The coffee was only OK anyhow. I was paying mostly for the convenience. It wouldn’t surprise me if their stock starts to slip over the summer months when the homeless use their seating areas for the air conditioning and paying customers stop showing up for overpriced lattes. And who really cares if a liberal business who caves to baseless claims of fake racism has to start shuttering stores anyhow?

  22. The picture of these two Jigs the media has been using is fucking outrageous. Here we have two rabble rousing, aggressive Negroes with this sophisticated look of Simian butthurt in an almost artistic ploy to garner sympathy. These Blacks have no shame. Just a complete and utter embarrassment.

  23. What I cannot understand about people who pander to these sort of things is that they still do not realize that there cannot ever be an end to it.
    No matter how much you pander it will never be enough because 80% of the motive is complaining, be it from a “Millenial” SJW or some aging Baby Boomer radical who wants to feel “relevant” by keeping the 1960s going for eternity.
    Years ago, fine- I get it, who knew?- but now? Isn’t it obvious? And this whole Starbucks mess is an attempt at blockbusting; from what I understand the white person you see in the video is some real estate mogul.
    THAT is one’s reward for pandering to such SJW people.

  24. I work at Starbucks, it’s the only job I could get while studying Carpentry. In all honesty I’m there for the check. This company will let any scam artist walk all over it fearing that they will be called the dreaded R word. There’s people who go in there that are homeless, at times hopped up on who knows what drugs. We also have groups of blacks who illegally take out money from cards, yet we have to give them the money because they start complaining and try to start problems. Yet we let them have their way because who the fuck wants to fight or get in issues with them. They even tried pulling the same BS of the race card while I tried to explain that I’m a minority too.

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