The Globalists Strike Back Against Trump

During the election, the globalist elites that run the US (and most European nations) threw everything they had to stop Donald Trump. Despite an unprecedented media blitz of every sort of lie, Trump soundly defeated his globalist opponent. It was stunning victory for the American people. But only the naïve believed that the deep state would surrender so easily. We are already seeing the first signs of a plan of the globalist elites to crush Trump and return full control of the United States to their hands.

The “Muslim Ban” that never was

As soon as Trump was sworn in, he quickly moved to fulfill his campaign promises. The number of executive orders he signed in his first week was breathtaking. Anthony Cumia captured the sentiment in a tweet: “In under a week the Trump presidency has me wondering what the fuck we’re all those other presidents doing?” Every executive order was criticized, but the real ire was unleashed when Trump signed a temporary travel ban from seven countries.

The Left immediately went into action. Soros-funded protestors clogged up airports in several cities and the media reported that this was a “Muslim ban.” Matt Walsh, who writes for the Blaze, explained why calling it a Muslim ban was disingenuous:

A “Muslim ban” would be a ban on Muslims. A ban on Muslims would be a law that prevents Muslims from entering the United States based solely on the fact that they are Muslim. No such law exists. No such Executive Order was issued. Trump’s policy temporarily prevents citizens from only 7 Muslim majority countries from coming into the country, which leaves about 43 Muslim majority countries unaffected.

Trump didn’t even name the seven countries in the Executive Order. He merely referenced the Obama Administration’s list of “countries of concern.” And to put things into perspective, the travel ban only lasts for four months—it is not a perpetual ban. The moderate nature of the travel ban did not stop the globalists from hyperventilating. Of course, their favorite trope is to compare Trump to Hitler, implying that the travel ban was the start of another Holocaust.

The outrage that was unleashed at the “Muslim ban” is being used by the globalists as a wedge to attack Trump. The globalists are furious that Trump, in keeping his campaign promises, has issued an Executive Order announcing the end poorly negotiated, multi-country trade deals, and Trump’s intention to replace them with trade deals with individual countries. Although this is the big step away from globalization, it is hard to get the public motivated about trade deals. Instead, the globalists have chosen the travel ban because they can manipulate heart strings with photos of dead children or sob stories of people who experienced injury because of Trump’s travel ban.

Planning a coup

The news media is deliberately misrepresenting everything Trump does. The news media claimed that Trump’s election was illegitimate because of “Russian hacking” although there has never been any solid evidence produced to implicate Russia. With regard to the travel ban, the Washington Post law blog abandoned its usual scholarly, circumscribed approach and went so far as to accuse Trump of putting travel bans on countries where his company does not have business dealings and called it an impeachable offense.

When high ranking State Department offered their resignation after the new President was sworn in—standard operating procedure whenever a new president is elected—the news media reported that it was a protest walk out to make it look like government had no faith in Trump. Trump’s appointment of his top advisor, Steve Bannon, to the White House National Security Council—something that is well within the President’s power—has been called “Soviet-style political power play.” The reporting is so clearly wrong and unhinged it makes one ask: What is going on here?

The answer is that the news media, which is owned by globalists, is trying to de-legitimize President’s Trump. Their goal is to lay the ground work for an impeachment, and if that doesn’t work, a violent overthrow of Trump. An impeachment is a trial, but unlike a criminal trial, where the judges are supposed to be dispassionate enforcers of the law, the impeachment of a president is a political process. Therefore, it should not be possible to impeach a Republican president if Republicans hold a majority in the Senate. But the Republican Party that Trump heads has traitors within its midst. These traitors, men like Lindsay Graham and John McCain, have put themselves into the service of the globalist elite. These GOP traitors stand at the ready to undermine the democratically elected President and replace him with Vice President Pence, who would be easier to control than Trump.

Still, it would be difficult to remove a popular president using impeachment. And Trump’s approval rating currently sits at 60%. As long as the people stand behind Trump, it will be unlikely that a majority of GOP Senators would be willing to risk their cushy positions to remove Trump. That’s why the Left, and their GOP allies, have a backup plan—violent overthrow of the Trump administration via a coup. That’s why there have been large, well-planned, well-financed protests virtually every day from the moment Trump was inaugurated. And that is the reason why the media has worked so hard to label Trump supporters as “Nazis” and Trump advisor Steve Bannon as a white nationalist—it is all part of a project to make it acceptable to use violence against Trump supporters or even the Trump administration.

In truth, the globalists are in uncharted territory. Their usual methods of control—buying off politicians, guiding the narrative using the news media, and making the public docile with entertainment and fake guilt—all failed when the voters ignored them and voted for Trump. Thus, the globalists are in the process of trying different strategies in regaining power. For them, nothing is off the table.


Trump’s power as president comes not from his personal magnetism, but from the fact that he struck a chord with a large group of voters. As long as the voters stick with Trump, he will be able to withstand the globalists. While it is important for us to focus on their own careers, families, and fitness, we can’t neglect the political realm. If we do, we cede the ground to the globalists. And by the way, keep in shape, train martial arts, and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. We could be in for a bumpy ride.

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450 thoughts on “The Globalists Strike Back Against Trump”

  1. “The Globalists Strike Back”. Prepare to defend yourselves gentlemen. And I do mean DEFENSE only.

  2. The Left has always engaged in outrageous, breathtaking lies. These Protest-Du-Jour temper tantrums that they’re having are going to go one step too far eventually. They’re fine to firebomb at will in their own big disarmed cities, but one of these days, and I think it may be sooner rather than later, they’re going to step outside of their zoos and into Right Wing Country (i.e. – the vast overwhelming rest of the nation outside of disarmed big cities).
    On that day, they will learn quite a few lessons. The few remaining survivors can communicate these lessons back to the Hivemind.
    On a parting note, as always, most of these protests which erupt simultaneously and at the same time (fat chance) are organized by Soros funded groups.
    That man and his high ranking henchmen need “talked to”.

    1. I say let them keep up with these outrageous protests. They accomplish two things (for us). They’re increasingly crossing the line which leaves them further and further outside their zone of safety (legitimacy, plausible deniability, etc), and they’re showing the world just how insane and violent they are. Normal people don’t want to be around people like that.
      Also, that man and his henchmen need “to be talked to.” Heh

      1. Oh, I’m perfectly content to let them torch their own homes and campuses. The small business owners there get it in the shorts, no question, but as anybody who has watched closely knows, shop owners who stand outside their stores with firearms somehow never seem to have their shops trashed or burned down. Not that they should have to do this, but we’re dealing with a slavering horde of idiots not much more intelligent than the mythical zombie hordes we keep seeing in entertainment.

      2. Saw a great video from Portland. The idiots were shutting down rush hour traffic in an intersection, yelling at buses, etc. Then all of a sudden a bunch of cops in riot gear showed up, knocked some of them down and cuffed them. Onlookers on the sidewalks just cheered!

    2. Soros needs to be in jail. He has financed every single one of these riots, BLM, and so forth. He should be held personally liable for all property damage and the expenses incurred by state and local governments having to deal with this crap.

      1. Jail? Son of a bitch needs to be kicked off the fucking planet. He and his neocon brethren.

    3. Aside from Austin they won’t even pull it outside of downtown in South Texas. My wife’s cousin pulled police duty at one of the protests and chuckled at the possibility of them trying anything. He said something along the lines of “Unlike most cities we’ll send them to the outlying county jails where they can meet the Bubbas, the Chulos and country gang bangers while we leave them in there for about twelve hours. We’ll give them the diversity they crave and scream for.”

      1. What Disneyland are you living in? Jail is easy and nobody will do shit. Have you ever been to jail? Everyone in jail just wants to go home.

    4. I’m debating whether I should show up at one of these protests with an AR-15 or whether that would probably make us look stupid.

        1. Depends. If the “protest” turns to riot, it could help quite a bit, from an escape hatch perspective.

      1. It would make it real easy for a provocateur and facilitate the SJW sect of the Republicans, the semi retarded freedom fries idiots.

    1. lol yeah, that seems about right. Meanwhile, I don’t have any sympathy for Milo here (though of course I do have sympathy for small business owners and others who were wrongly fucked 8 ways to sunday). Milo’s entire thing is being a controversial right wing faggot right? His entire brand is predicated on stirring up emotions. Then he goes to UC Berkeley, the home base of extreme liberal / socialist political activism since the 1950’s at least. Why did milo go to Berk? Did he think he would get his message across to the students there? No. He went there specifically to cause this. He is just as culpable as the idiots causing the damage imo

      1. Just to add:
        The Young Republicans group on campus invited him and agreed to pay for the extra security the administration knew would be necessary.
        This is what I meant by flashbang the other day, he shows up legitimately to speak, the opposition shows the world what they’re really all about on live TV. We sit back and chuckle and point out all the BS to the rational people around us who can’t believe their eyes.

      2. In a way, he does show the world the hypocrisy of the Left. Any rational human being can see that.

        1. Showing the hypocrisy of the left is like proving that elephants have big dicks.

        2. Thought I’d mention this – I’ll be working a Barnum & Bailey gig this weekend. One of the elephants got sick and they needed a stand-in…

        3. Granted. But every time the left shows its hypocrisy this blatantly, it forces more and more of middle America (geographically and politically,) away from the left.

        4. That’s very correct. The more they do shit like this, the more they marginalize all of the “fence sitters” against them. There’s a reason that the right has been taking victory after victory in elections, and a lot of it has to do with two major things, that is, the blatant legislative push to make us slaves and also the huge demonstrated “We can do anything we want fuckers!” bullshit from the Leftist hordes.

        5. Some people dont believe it til they see it.
          They just dont want to think of elephants that way.

        6. Awaiting the glorious day when these liberal cancers finally cross the line & the opposition responds back also with violence. Dont give the good ‘ol boys an excuse to come into town. Right now the snowflakes are just being ignored & the pot is simmering. Sooner or later though, the regulars will be fed up with this shit & join hands to stomp it out.

        7. Bingo.
          Years ago I leaned left of center. Outside of actually questioning things, the irrationality of those on the left drove me to do a 180. I worked some Democratic campaigns years ago. Many of the people running ’em were smug, arrogant, “smarter than tho” a-holes. And everything to them had to be a focus on gayz & women. Since doing a political 180, I’ve attended Republican events & the experience is night and day. Those who attend Republican events are normal people concerned about economy, taxation, jobs. And the girls involved are f-ing HOT!

        8. I’m waiting for someone to finally drive their car/ truck through the social justice wankers blocking roadways. I fear if I lived in a city where they’re impairing the flow of commerce on a regular basis, I’d snap and be know nationally as the guy who stomped on gas and took out 20 of them on I-whatever.

        9. Ghost why don’t you american right wingers organise a massive march in Washington DC in support of the president ? I think he needs your support right now to push his policies even further.
          It pisses me off that the media in Europe has managed to portray Trump as the bad guy. Because of all these liberal protests and that popular vote bullshit they are making it seem as if Trump somehow “stole” the elections but nobody really supports him. If you showed that the american people actually support Trump and his policies than the media fuckers would shut the hell up.

        10. It wouldn’t surprise me if that happens eventually.

        11. We don´t because we have jobs, unlike the leftists. When the time comes we will load our rifles. For right now, Trump can handle these turds.

        12. And when you retire you can make wallets out of the foreskins that will turn into steam trunks when you rub them.

        13. Keep in mind that a good portion of the protests you see are the work of professionals, planned well in advance of any action by the president. Look at the travel ban: Nobody in the general citizenry spontaneously drives down to an airport, pays for parking, bustles through security and waves signs to protest an action that has no negative impact on a single citizen. These are centrally planned, funded, and organized affairs.
          My guess is that there will be a continual state of “protest” for the duration of the Trump presidency, no matter what he does or when he does it. But it’s all theater.

        14. Exactly, why gather to march & make yourself a target? We’ll come out to scrape when the time is right.

        15. It’s a continuation of ‘Occupy/StoptheWar’ movements from the tail end of the Bush administration. All that BushHitler type stuff.

        16. The economic issues raised by those filthy hippies needed to be discussed. People forget how the money fuck you came first. Well, after he planes anyways., and the legislative one as well.

        17. When rolling thunder motorcycle 911 protest totally shut down DC. The left was unnerved but no media coverage at all from mainstream.

        18. TRUMP had 2 people show up before he announced his supreme court pick so that people couldn’t make signs ahead of time. They ended up making signs that had to have the name written on.

        19. they needed a stand-in…
          No wonder my email is clogged with request from Barnum & Bailey.

        20. I would be too scared to do something like that. Leftists on welfare have lots of spare time to identify people in photos and dox them for retribution.

        21. I can’t stand Trump and I’m not a right winger, but you have a VERY solid point here. If the right wants to counter all the leftist protesting, the best thing to do would be to get out there en masse and let the world see that you stand behind your guy instead of being pussies and calling everyone “snowflake” from the safety of your computer.

        22. They are not the work of professionals. The “muslim ban” protests happened within days of the signing of the order. Professionals need a bit more lead time than that.

      3. Anyone from any political representation should be welcome to hold an open forum at a state university (provided adequate interest exists). That so many in the millennial generation oppose freedom of speech should terrify Americans.

        1. He is neither encouraging nor urging on these actions. That’s what “incite” means.
          He was asked to attend by a conservative group. Simply showing up is not “inciting a riot”.

        2. Sorry, I can’t get behind you on this. He got exactly the attention he wanted. Congrats, they made the news and got another 30 seconds of fame and more local business owners suffer because a bunch of faggots and childish cunts are playing politics

        3. So basically if you’re right wing or at least, not left wing, you are not allowed any speech. The Leftists will start burning down shit and hurting people, which of course means that the peaceful *speaker* is to blame.

        4. Sorry guy, this one you wont convince me of. The rioters are rioters and should be punished for their criminal actions. I am not excusing their behavior. But milo is a professional agitator who agitated a group who is known to be volatile in the first place. Maybe if people would actually start having discussions instead of just trolling each other back and forth some understanding would happen.

        5. Not at all. Berkeley had a right wing judge not too long ago. There were some people with signs which is their right to protest but nothing like a riot happened. The point is that Milo is not a “peaceful speaker” Milo is (intentionally) a lightning rod for this stuff…that is his whole act. If a riot like this breaks out because Ted Cruz comes to give a discussion on conservative values in American jurisprudence then fine, you are 100% right…but you are telling me that a fight broke out at a hockey game here.

        6. Why should a nihilist care?
          Besides, considering who the rioters were, this was more about being given an opportunity by a complicit university administration and educators who taught these very people to behave in this very way, it’s a delicious karmic BBQ.

        7. Simply stepping foot on campus is not “agitating”.

        8. So as long as you’re not famous or controversial, you’re good. Which is basically keeping the message silent.
          A fight breaking out at a hockey game is a mutual thing. Showing up to speak is not inciting or agitating in the least. That standard has no place in a free society.

        9. I think what we have here is a “legal” vs “good idea”
          issue. Indeed, this fool, like anyone else has the legal right to speak, assemble, be heard, etc. but designing what you have to say and delivering it in such a way as to cause crime and suffering is not “a good idea”.
          It’s like having a BLM rally near the funeral of a white cop
          killed by black villains. “legal”, yes, “good idea” no.

        10. Tough shit. WBM goes to police and service member funerals all the time and I don’t condone oppression tactics to eliminate their freedom of speech. Even though on a personal level I 100% disagree with their message and delivery method.

        11. care? I don’t. fuck em all. The two thoughts I have that do matter to me is the thought of the asshole small business fucks who are stuck between an attention whore and an angry mob for one and the other being that in their thirst to have their own little celebrities the right is glorifying his homo

        12. Look man, I’ll grudgingly go to bat for those idiots who stand on the road outside of a military funeral and scream “God hates fags! Glad he died because the military supports fags!”. Protest and speech have to be covered in places like universities FIRST AND FOREMOST. If they can silence people there because “Well, it is a Leftist university” then we’re truly fucked because the precedent will be set that if a place has a lot of Left wingers, and you walk in and they start rioting, it’s your fault and we should stop that kind of thing in the future (your walking in).

        13. I admit I have no legal leg to stand on. I’m just calling for personal responsibility. If you KNOW you’re going to cause trouble for innocent people, you better have a damned good reason. BLM, WBM, and Milo dont really.

        14. We either have freedom of speech or we don’t. There’s no gray area in this case. And setting a standard that dictates otherwise would be a dangerous precedent.

        15. so he was walking by whistling a tune one day and took a walk through the quad? Every single thing he has done for the last few years has been to intentionally agitate people. Then he brings the show on the road and people get violent. Again, again, again….the rioters are criminals. But if you really think poor innocent Milo was just trying to go to a college campus and calmly make a reasonable point when out of no where all this violence happened and he was totally shocked by it then I don’t know what to say here.

        16. Agreed, and I don’t want THEM to silence anyone. I would only ask for a little foresight and personal responsibility on the part of those who seek spectacle over message.

        17. I think I would have liked to have seen a little more foresight on the part of the school administration who did nothing to inform the rioters that violence and arson were non viable forms of protest that would be met with arrest and expulsion, y’know, instead of creating the entitlement mentality and environment that brought it about. So much for safe spaces.

        18. Our society is supposed to be built on contentions differing opinions- NOT uniformity of thought. There’s no possible way for anyone to objectively delineate between provocateur and debater so all perspectives are accepted. The moment our society begins deciding who should/should not be allowed freedom of expression is the moment we stop being a free society.

        19. Tell that to people yelling fire in a theater.
          Yes we have freedom of speech and that is what the gripe against the protesters is about. Good. We all agree.
          Now on to milo. His constant desire for attention helps to create situations which help make the conditions for this shit very ripe.
          Two totally separate issues.
          I will even acknowledge that one (the rioters) is criminal while the other is ethical and possibly moral but in no way will I totally remove all blame from milo here

        20. I’m not suggesting ‘society’ make this delineation. More like: “hey Milo, is your show (yes, show) really worth the damage you’re causing?”
          “OK then”

        21. That’s the part that bugs me. An attention who’re faggot goads a bunch of criminals and some guy selling pizza or whatever is caught in the middle

        22. It’s not illegal to say there is a fire/bomb/etc. in a building. It only becomes illegal if it prevents the structure from being occupied by others.
          Individual opinions on the party exercising their rights should carry no weight.

        23. Until those folks finally get fed up and say no more.
          Then accounts get settled and we have a bit of settling down, then we get complacent and start to hibernate, then it all starts up again when the next generation comes up being told they’re smarter and superior, and the sleeping giant awakens all over again different verse same as the first.
          Call it the cost of society, it’s as certain as the sunrise. Unless the sun doesn’t rise and the society falls to another (where it will still all cycle again) or nothingness.

        24. So you’re saying that if I’m controversial and show up at a PUBLIC COLLEGE CAMPUS to speak, I can be arrested if the students don’t like my viewpoint and go out and start breaking shit. Because that’s what you’re saying. “Inciting riot” is a legal definition and is illegal after all, and you’ve expanded that up to and including “Holding a viewpoint others disagree with in a manner that mocks them”.
          Public universities are supposed to have a higher standard here than you’d have, say, walking through the Ghetto. What you suggest will shut down all free speech on campuses across the nation because eventually the Leftists will claim, and successfully once the precedent is set, that any right wing view “trolls” them and causes their self control to go away.

        25. Words mean something Bem. If somebody is legitimately inciting riot, as lolknee suggests that Milo is (which is incorrect, but let’s roll with it) then the law would have no choice but to arrest Milo and charge him with inciting riot, and using this standard laid out by lolknee, the jury would be legally bound to convict, short of jury nullification.
          The end game thus would be “No right wing speakers on any campus in the U.S. that is funded by public money, or we’ll have you thrown in jail”.
          That’s where this leads, and not in some “slippery slope” future dystopia, it leads there almost immediately.

        26. “Good idea” has nothing to do with it. Inciting riot is a legally chargeable offense.

        27. Yep. You can tell because his supporters aren’t prepared to fight for their beliefs. They just want to get punched.

        28. That is where a lot of this blame lay. The administrators who smiled and let it happen, the media who did everything in their power to rile up the students, and the students and faculty that are the ones actually inciting riot.
          They have every right to protest (gasp!) in a free nation, but they do not have the right to destroy things, burn things, or shut down speech of people that they disagree with, no matter how “trollish” the person may or may not be.

        29. In this day and age, spectacle is needed to even get your message heard if it’s not Left wing. That’s part of the problem right there. The media will NOT cover our protests at all, they will not air our opinions, nothing at all, unless we have a hook to draw the media to us.

        30. He should arm himself. In every riot I’ve seen by the Left, which is basically all of them, they give a wide, wide berth to businesses who have armed people standing outside. And wouldn’t you know it, the 2nd Amendment is a right as well, so hey, that works.

        31. Can’t disagree, counselor. Like I said, I have no legal leg to stand on. I can’t condemn Milo under the law, which is why I can’t call for his (or your in your analogy) arrest or indictment.
          lots of stupid, reckless shit is technically legal. Legality doesn’t absolve someone from common sense.

        32. a couple points here. Arrest for students not liking your view point? No. In fact, I never said Milo should be arrested. As I said below, I feel he is ethically culpable, not criminally (the way the rioters are). I do think, however, that if you are known to agitate a certain group for very little reason other than your own self glorification and constant need for attention and you go to a college campus which is known to house the most violent and virulent types of that particular group then you should be held to account. Again, no criminally. But Milo is no innocent snowflake who just came upon a college campus to have a nice rational little talk with the best interest of public discourse in mind when he was ambushed…..this is what he does, he courts this kind of attention. Do I think he should go to jail for it? No. Of course not. However, I do think that serious men should separate themselves from his bullshit even when his bullshit happens to conform to their beliefs. I further think that he is a despicable shit for allowing his own need for a few more minutes of notoriety to allow him to make decisions that will actually harm him. I don’t think he is a criminal. I think he is a despicable little shit who, in the end, is probably doing a lot more harm than good.
          I would never suggest shutting down free speech. I would suggest not being stupid about it. If a drunk girl roams the streets in the middle of the night dressed like a whore and winds up with a dick in her against her will the rapist is the criminal, like in this case the rioters are the criminals, but that doesn’t mean that the girl doesn’t bear some responsibility for what happened.

        33. Yes, legally he is innocent of that charge. I think.
          And “being a reckless ass” is not illegal.

        34. I have no interest in Milo in the conversation, this is about the overall principle.
          If you state, and you did, that he shouldn’t be arrested, then charges of “inciting riot” are pointless and, further, inaccurate, as actually inciting riot is an illegal offense with severe criminal penalties.
          And that is my one beef with your previous wording. If you’d have come out with your post I’m answering now, without “inciting riot” I’d be inclined to agree with you.

        35. In all honesty, at this point in time, I don’t mind too much, especially on college campuses. The Left has held dominion far too long over far too many institutions. Without trolling or being really “special glittery” our message was and is swept under the rug.
          Once these cretin fascist thugs are finally put in irons and their professors reprimanded or fired, and things get back to a 1st Amendment standard of peaceful speech and peaceful protest, then I’m all for poo-pooing gaudy trolling.

        36. That is fair enough. I will say that I do not think he meets the legal definition of incitement by a very long shot. My point, and if my terminology was wrong I can accept that, was that the people who wanted Milo there and Milo himself knew exactly what would happen if they brought him there and did it not despite the fact, but because of the fact. It may not make him a criminal, but it does make him an asshole of the first order and someone who, I believe, really ought to be treated with disdain and looked down upon.

        37. Who said anything about Milo? I mean the pizza cart guy, or the business owners.

        38. oh. ha. sorry, misread. Yes, you are probably right. But it shouldn’t come to that. If you court violence and violence happens to you then you are at least partially responsible for that violence. We talk here all the time about how people should be aware of their surroundings, how young women should not be excused for being pass out drunk at frat parties, how one should not be out of his mind drunk while meandering through bar areas. There are certain facts of life which we may wish were different, but they aren’t different. I would imagine that this little performance art piece that happened on the Berkeley campus probably effected a bunch of people who don’t give a shit about either of the absurd sides of this issue and are just trying to live their lives. That they would need to be armed to prevent that is, frankly, sad.

        39. I may be slow on this, but taking the specific person out of the equation, their “agitation” is a thing now?
          These are people who become agitated hearing that there are only male & female and that they are different (a scientific and provable fact) who took the psychological term of “trigger” and turned it on its ear so that it became impossible to treat them for developmental trauma and other illness, people who become “agitated” because they are incapable of tuning out a differing opinion much less considering one. People who burn books because they were written by someone they don’t like, smash storefronts in their own neighborhoods because it’s Tuesday, and beat people for whatever reason gets them off the hook for it. Consider this, if they didn’t believe that all this was acceptable, if they were mature and lived in reality, and had been prepared to stave off incitement by “agitators” (mostly paid professionals), would they have rioted?
          Perhaps if their education were correctly focused they would have instead invited him to debate on their own, had their position prepared, and trounced him publicly (wouldn’t happen because the ideas don’t hold up, but still) instead of having a tantrum and wailing about their agitation/feewings.

        40. Damn you and your cold and impeccable reason, man!

        41. Best to be armed and practiced long before you need to be armed and practiced.

        42. Nothing you say is wrong here. But when a drunk bitch dresses like a whore and passes out at a campus party and gets raped, even though the rapists are criminals she isn’t wholly without blame

        43. Yes, you are probably right. But it shouldn’t come to that.

          It’s not a matter of “come to that”, every person is ultimately responsible for his own safety. SCOTUS was very clear about this, the police have ZERO obligation to protect or defend you, at all, period, that lay entirely in your bailiwick of responsibilities. So whether or not there are riots, you (and store owners, to get to the point) should already have a means of defense available for any such contingency.
          Scooting along day to day utilizing the Hope and Pray method to protect you (Hope and pray nothing happens to you that day and then you go unarmed and unprepared) is always the losing strategy the one time you are attacked.

        44. It’s not that I reject a social contract, rather, I’ve read the fine print on ours, and the fine print says, in bold print (in order to be ironic, because it is The Current Year), that we alone as individuals are considered by the government as solely responsible for our own personal safety at the time when it becomes necessary to use force to defend oneself. The contract does stupilate explicitly that we’ll have legal recourse *after* the event, but gives us no guarantees of physical safety at the time of the assault or attempted murder.
          It’s always good to read the large font fine print, I think.

        45. I remember quite fondly the Korean liquor store owners during the LA riots a few years back. They stood on the roof of their business with high powered semi automatic rifles and shot at any mobs approaching their store. As far as I know they didn’t shoot anyone, but they sure showed the resolve to do so if necessary to protect their property.

        46. The administrations of Universities in the US are 100% behind the rioters and not behind free speech. There are starting to be a few (very few) who are awakening to the horror they have created. But do not think that the rioters don’t know they will only get rewarded for their “activism” by the administration.

        47. The knee man is implying that the hockey teams or the league should stop having games because fights sometimes break out. If there were no hockey games, the fights would not have happened. So, it is the fault of the hockey league and not the idiots that fought.

        48. I disagree with you, but feel free to look down on him with disdain all you wish. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But when you start restricting freedoms of association, and speech because someone might be offended or because you look down on them with disdain, then we part company violently.

        49. Exactly the same way the students at Misszu were taught and allowed/encouraged. Boy did it turn around and bite those administrators and academics on the butt. It couldn’t have happened to a more disserving bunch of idiots. It even had the benefit of waking a few colleges to the danger of appeasing any irrational leftist student protests.

        50. See my comment above. Be like the Korean liquor store owners and don’t allow the rioters to burn you out. Use your second amendment rights to the max.

        51. Belgium put up a good fight in WWI. They delayed the Schieffen Plan long enough for France and Briton to get their acts together and stopped the Germans from winning in the opening phase of WWI. This led instead to a long drawn out stalemate killing millions.

        52. Right but both times they were just minding their business when they got plowed over by someone else’s war

        53. Once again, he did nothing to encite but show up. This “designed to encite” bullshsit really needs to be put aside. Tantrums train weak parents and his is the process of training, they archer up the tension. The poz feel sufficiently triggered to attack people and destroy property ? There is absolutely no reason not to bust ass at this point. I don’t like milo, but this isn’t tolerable and needs to be addressed.

        54. What you suggest in a case like this ? He was the only person allowed to make a feminist look stupid on television. I don’t think that it’s reasonable not to demand more from the rabble.

        55. Ok then we should probably set some base level expectations and enforce them because he is most definitely ok with everything. Let’s recognize the obvious line that was crossed and the threat to our fundamental quality of life before we start getting paranoid about people being allowed to speak.

        56. No it doesn’t. It is irrelevant. I don’t like him either but this isn’t him doing anything other than existing and agreeing to speak.

        57. Can you explain to me how he isn’t a “peaceful speaker”. I must be missing something here.

        58. There’s no line. Who should know to stop speaking ? Rather we should recognize this for what it is, oppression. I really can’t understand what the goal is here.

        59. Except that this was a very significant escalation, there hasn’t been this kind of violence before.

        60. He’s allowed to trigger the poz and ridicule feminism. He has no obligation to refrain from doing that. That’s the end of it.

        61. If one is setting up shop near the hippies then one must have a shotgun with the appropriate loads. Is it still legal to murder hippies there ? Who are these small business owners that they disappeared ?

        62. Already govt certified lead slanger on m4, just into bolt actions for most part. Can someone please take a Mossberg 590 loaded out with bean bags to the next mob of protesters…for the lolz?

        63. Who’s “we’ then?
          there’s really nothing to enforce here. Its the responsibility of the individual to know how and when to exercise his rights.

        64. I respect it as a high expression of civility and respect, but position is untenable and inappropriate to this situation. Berkeley was a clear escalation.

        65. Or in any other sense. He has done absolutely nothing but exist and accept an invitation.
          Man: ?
          Woman:BECAUSE YOU MARRIED ME !
          Man: ?
          They play songs about the glory of being a coke addict on the radio. They simy can’t handle their shit in the current year. He wasn’t “offensive” and he is triggering nothing but narcissistic rage. The appropriate pill for this condition is a bullet, taken once until the symptoms clear up. Someone yells at you, you walk away, they chase you, you run… What do you do if they catch you ? These fucking animals weren’t inflamed, they are flamers. They are soley responsible for this shit, and this line of thinking needs to be addressed. If someone puts a hand on my shit because they don’t like what someone on TV said then they are catching a 12 ga. slug the hard way, and I’m not sending the bill to Milo. There is a base level of civility. This is like “m’lady” levels of worship for a road slag. These are levels of fucking civility that are unattainable (to expect a provocateurless society for example. This is a road so high that we have never even fucking seen it as citizens. I appreciate your call for restraint and decency, I sincerely do, but I am neither milo nor anarchist. I’m the guy in the shop or the apartments (for fucks sakes..) above the shops. I absolutely can not understand how this argument fits into this world. Burning down the place !? You fucking kidding me ?

        66. We to me is my community and people. It is the responsibility of the men in a community to enforce standards in the event that individuals can’t act right. This isn’t a math problem, it’s a physics problem. We are everyone involved.

      4. In a society with a 1st Amendment, one should never have to justify “why” one went somewhere to speak, especially in regard to a university that survives by sucking off of the teat of tax dollars that all of us pay.

        1. No, of course not, you are right and the people behind it ought to be culpable for their violence and vandalism. Rioting is a crime. I am merely saying that inciting a riot is also a crime. This wasn’t a conservative think tank guy or a strict constitutionalist federal justice: milo is a least knowingly and I would argue intentionally inciting these riots for his personal gain and to get attention and that is, imo, just as bad as the idiots setting the fires

        2. Showing up to speak at the behest of a conservative group is not “inciting a riot”.

        3. I don’t buy it. It doesn’t take a Lot of brains to know what would have happened. If the 3 gay guys in rural Ohio invited the gay pride parade to show up and do a big fag festival on Easter Sunday i wouldnt blame the locals for getting rowdy either.
          Again, not saying that the protesters are right. They are violent criminals and ought to be treated that way. But whoever organized this foresaw what would happen and wanted it or was such a moron that they shouldn’t be organizing events

        4. It doesn’t matter if you buy it or not. The people inciting riot are the ones running out of their dorms screaming “Fuck this Nazi, let’s burn down shit”. That’s what incite means. It does not mean that simply showing up to speak at a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY at the REQUEST OF A CONSERVATIVE GROUP WHO ATTENDS THE UNIVERSITY, is somehow urging or telling others to riot. You’re misappropriating blame. Further, that standard that you’re using can basically shut down any speech anywhere if enough Leftists congregate together and start rioting. You are, literally, blaming the victim here.
          If Milo were out strutting around in front of the Team Diversity dorm with a middle finger and screaming “Come do something about it you niggers/spics/wops/whatever” then sure, that’s an issue. Otherwise, it is not “inciting” jack shit on his part, the inciting is coming *only* from the ringleaders out urging people to break things and burn things down.

          If the 3 gay guys in rural Ohio invited the gay pride parade to show up and do a big fag festival on Easter Sunday i wouldn’t blame the locals for getting rowdy either.

          That’s called mob rule. I do not and have never agreed with mob rule.

        5. You know…the media is fanning all these flames. They are the major enablers/inciters. Treason…sedition. Both of those things come to mind, at least for me.

        6. And that argument can be made. Inciting does not mean “showing up”.

        7. hey bob- was it you who stated the endgame is a cashless society a few days ago? How will people buy illegal drugs w/o cash?

        8. agreeing with it or not doesn’t matter nor does “who started it” we aren’t 12 years old. Milo is a professional attention getter. The only reason we even know his name is because he is inflammatory. Him going to a place that is absurdly left lunatic like Berkeley had an obvious outcome…an outcome I am sure he wanted. Again, I am not removing blame from the criminals who ran out of their dorms screaming. I am not even trying to see their side. They should all be arrested and charged as harshly as possible. But to think that this isn’t exactly what event organizers had in mind for a few minutes of airtime is naïve. This riot was the intended consequence of this talk and I call Milo just as much to blame as anyone else. Milo isn’t a respectable member or the judiciary, politics, academia or even the media who was going to Berkeley to make a reasoned and reasonable point. You know his schtick. I am not a fan of the Ku Klux Klan stringing up blacks. But if you are a black power political agitator and show up to a klan meeting then you are as much to blame as the guy tying the rope.

        9. Clinton, Obama, et. al. could condemn the violence. Instead Kaine recently gave a “we will fight them in the streets” sound-bite.

        10. Cash will still be around, I imagine. It will just be illegal, like drugs. If it isn’t around, maybe by that time drugs will be legalized, and the government will give addicts little debit cards, sponsored by MasterCard and Hank’s Heroin. Maybe McDonald’s will start selling meth – Methdonald’s. Who knows but it’ll be weird as fuck dude.

        11. That’s how you know it’s all staged. All choreographed. It got the thumbs-up from the major money men. Nobody is mentioning sedition/treason. At least that I have seen. So it’s like wrestling, but more entertaining…

        12. Soros is funding the groups and the “airtime”.
          Fuck if it’s even about Milo. The Left does this shit *all the time*. They are NOT allowed to shut down freedom of speech in the public square. Blaming dissenting opinion individuals for the actions of the mob rule riot inciting hoodlums is not the way to go.
          A Klan meeting is, I’m betting, on private property. Still wrong of course, but this is a public square issue first and foremost. The Left doesn’t get to create “safe spaces” with violence, period.

        13. That I don’t buy. The plan as I’ve read it is to allow low denomination bills (like, $20.00 bills and lower) to float around still and be printed, in order to not wipe out things like kids at lemonade stands, or buying a pack of gum out of a vending machine, etc.

        14. “They are NOT allowed to shut down freedom of speech in the public square”
          Fine. Arrest them. I never denied that they were criminally breaking the law. They should be arrested. Some time in the can might be good for these spoiled little norcal cocksuckers. No argument here. But are you really going to make the argument that Milo doesn’t intentionally court this kind of bullshit for his own attention and glorification? And if he does that that shouldn’t also be condemned (even if not with the severity that violent crime is at least called out for what it is…nothing more that an attention whore getting his name in the news)

        15. I don’t think they are going to get away with completely wiping out cash. They might try to do it in stages (as you suggested). But virtually nobody will heed an edict like that one. Well, nobody, except libs. It’s one of those ideas where it may be what they want, but what they will get, will be a different story. My thoughts on how it might happen (cash being illegal) were based on “if” they actually brought it all about. Which I don’t think they will, not completely.

        16. I’m inclined to agree that eventually cash will be phased out. And most people won’t even notice. It’s ridiculous how many people use debit or credit cards for small purchases.

        17. It really is. Most people (especially women) wouldn’t object to a microchip being implanted in their foreheads (or wherever). Pay for Starbucks quicker that way…

        18. You don’t see the similarities with what’s going on with Milo and what happened to Roosh in his speech last year? We know that Roosh wasn’t trying to draw attention because we read this site.

        19. Nothing like getting stuck in line behind some hammerhead buying fritos with a damned credit card…

        20. This is the reason I refused to go to any kind of meetup.
          Similarities, maybe…but I honestly do not see roosh as such an attention whore. Yes, he is controversial at times but he doesn’t jerk off in public like milo…no way.

        21. I doubt Milo would hold secret meetings away from camera-view just to connect with his viewers/readers, which is exactly what Roosh ended up doing.
          Milo comes across as actually wanting to instigate this chaos.
          Just my 0.02.

        22. Everyone thinks that the final loss of freedom will involve grand, sweeping totalitarian edicts. In reality, we are willingly giving it up in small steps. And most people are too shortsighted to see it.

        23. I assume if they tried to do this it would be heavily incentivized. If I was told that if I get rid of cash and only use an app to pay or whatever I receive 5% cash back on all purchases I would fall in line

        24. Hell they already have saline injected into their tits and lard injected into their lips, why not

        25. Women. The source of all problems and evil. They will probably just put the chip in an apple – supposedly it worked with Eve.

        26. Agreed. I doubt milo has secret bowel movements. It’s probably on his snap chat. The meetups I felt from the start were lightning rods that I didn’t want to get anywhere near, but roosh holding a secret meeting for a dozen people in an undisclosed location and getting attacked is a far cry from an attention whoring fag who intentionally courts drama going into the lions den of socialism and violent activism. Again, I will make a distinction between the criminal acts of the rioters and unethical acts of milo. I don’t think milo should go to jail for what he did (though he might like that). He should not be looked at as a victim though and he should certainly not be held up as innocently falling into a situation where his rights were denied him.

        27. It’s a hoot. Well, really sad actually. Meth-crazed (?) female customer can’t get her chicken McNuggets and starts attacking the driveup window.

        28. I wouldn’t. I know this because I refuse to get the grocery store “loyalty cards” aka “let’s track your every purchase card”. They offer a discount for having one, and of course, most people do it. Me, I like walking into a store, buying something, paying cash and not having committees of people sitting around analyzing what I purchased. Further, I’m fairly certain that insurers are eventually going to get a hold of these databases, and the last thing I want is them setting actuary tables on my spending habits and denying me coverage because I’ve been known to buy Scotch or beer. Or courts and lawyers, who will of course conduct their now legal warantless search (the database belongs to the store, not me, so if the store gives the government free access, then fuck my 4th Amendment rights).
          I know most people don’t give a shit, but to me, there are some things that are way more important, even economically (insurance as noted above), than a small discount at the register.

        29. I had an issue with the tracking of every purchase when that first came out. Duane Reade, our local big box drug store chain, offered that card and for years I said no way. What do I need to be in a database for. I eventually succumb. My life really isn’t interesting enough. If the CIA wants to know the rate at which I buy toilet paper and tooth paste then fine — if it saves me money I accept it. I absolutely understand the initial distaste for those reward cards but as time went on they wore me down. I don’t do anything illegal so it was a call between some kind of obscure notion of “freedom” which I don’t believe in to begin with and certainly don’t care about and a concrete notion of “money” which I do believe in and do care a great deal about.
          The insurance thing is interesting. You can’t buy hard liquor in a drug store here but I do have a rewards card at the liquor store and they even keep my card on file so I can just call up and order and have them deliver it to my house. There are defiantly reasons for concern, but in the end I just didn’t care quite enough. I don’t think, however, that this is anywhere near the realm of tinfoil…it is a pretty valid thought.

        30. I KNOW they’re tracking my junk-food intake, and just as our office’s sole smoker pays more for insurance, so then will I someday.
          Fair enough, really, but I’d like to have at least a little agency in the discussion.

        31. You do have a little agency in the discussion….that agency comes in deciding whether or not to eat the junk food.

        32. absolutely! I’m saying I’d like to be aware of/participate in any adjustments to my insurance policy in that regard.

        33. My only concerns are as I outlined, and concern either my insurance rates OR the legal system getting ahold of my purchasing habits. The actual data, outside of that realm is actually, as you say, not interesting. If this were simply to give me a discount on things I buy a lot, I’d still be suspect, but it wouldn’t really trigger my “Fuck you!” gland that much. But with things like Obamacare (or whatever will be instituted once the Dems get back in charge) I surely don’t want to be laying on my death bed 20 years premature because insurance (at that point, likely single payer government socialized insurance) says “Eh, hey, you used to drink, so fuck you and your cancer at age 65, you’re getting some narcotics and we’re going to let you die”. And the legal loss of 4th Amendment rights in court *really* is a burr under my saddle, and has precedent for things today like your call records or what books you buy, or what have you.

        34. don’t be silly, white men won’t be allowed to have health insurance in 20 years. WE will have to pay in for it but opt out of coverage so extra money can be spent on ass implants for 14 year old aspiring Instagram whores.

        35. Eh, it would likely just be added to the “welfare” system and honestly that might be pragmatic. As a matter of public safety and health, I’m not certain people with impaired motor skills in rush hour traffic (or operating a meat slicer, nuclear conning tower, etc.) is a great idea.

        36. This is what I don’t understand….shouldn’t some of these responsible parties be tried with sedition/treason? shouldn’t these “protesters” be shot dead in the street for spreading violence and chaos?

        37. Once the smoke clears, we’ll have the answers. We will probably be able to buy the whole staged-protest DVD collection (you know, like we can do with “The Walking Dead”), after it’s all over.

        38. So you feel the right should cede the left the power to prior censor anyone they feel like by threatening violence? This thinking is what encourages violence not Milo showing up at Berkley. If violence works it will be used over and over until it no longer works.

        39. Don’t forget that your reasoning was used by the MSM to trash Trump. He was inciting violence of the anti Trump crowds trying to shut down his rallies. The reasoning said he should have shut up and stayed quite or the mob would attack him violently, therefore it was his fault if the mob attacked him or his supporters. There is no end to this if you allow the tip of the camels nose in the tent. Free speech must be absolute or it ceases to exist.

        40. The Internet has made the world fucking !INSANE!. the Internet is allowed because it makes it easy to expose and shame people. Before that you’d be sitting there with guys you don’t know and there would be no question about sluts. The idea of slut shaming would be openly laughed at.

        41. Dude might mess up and have his big mouth wired shut again. This might be good for everybody.

        42. It would be fair if they weren’t actively working towards our collective enslavement. The true costs of the way we eat are very high.

        43. Last time I was at a Taco bell it was taking a while to run the only people in front of me, they used the foodstamp card to pay for it.

        44. “you’re getting some narcotics and we’re going to let you die” I’ve gotten very cynical about this, a big morphine side effect is respiratory failure.

        45. “I don’t think they are going to get away with completely wiping out cash. ”
          Fuck I hope not, I love cash jobs!…I give these communists in power up here enough of my money in taxes so I need my cash bonus here and there..

        46. They sheeple, did you expect different?
          The average person wants to be told “everything” is ok just do what your told.
          Look at Western Europe it’s a perfect example..

        47. “I’m fairly certain that insurers are eventually going to get a hold of these databases, ”
          They’re already doing it with spped and breaking mintoring devices in cars.
          Right now it’s “voluntary” but we know where that’s going..
          My insurance company asked me I told the “no fucking way I’m a busy guy that speeds when necessary.”

        48. “Milo comes across as actually wanting to instigate this chaos.
          Just my 0.02.”
          Wish we had something like him up here to troll the Left. The Left is way too powerful and destroying everything, especially in Ontario…maybe the sheeple would wake up but who knows..
          We’ll see at the ballot box in Ontario..If we get the Liberals in again Ontario is fucked..

        49. I hear ya, my friend. It would be pretty hard to eliminate it entirely. Some people would tell them to eat shit and die and keep hoarding it and using it. Hafta see how it all plays out…

        50. Very nicely said. Your logic is airtight mate. Nice job putting Lolknee in his place. Well done !

        51. fukkin ay….
          Too many times I’ve tried to buy toothpaste and been behind some ass doing their “grocery shopping” at rite aid with a card of some sort…

        52. If we get liberals again in Ontario I think it’s time to abandon ship…
          It amazes me every day how blue-pill our fellow Canadians are.
          Just last night my friend was telling me how bad Trump’s Muslim Ban is. I asked him what he thought the problem was and he said it’s hurting Americans who are stuck in those middle-Eastern countries. I asked him if he was sure that American citizens couldn’t return from those countries and he gave me a half-hearted “Yeah…”
          I got home and checked if that was true because the US should never turn away their own people at the border. I would change my opinion on Trump in a heartbeat if I found out he was not allowing Americans to return home to their own country. So of course this was complete horseshit and my friend was just talking out of his ass (
          Why are people so brainwashed I really don’t get it? Surely there are legitimate reasons to criticize Trump, so why does everyone have to exaggerate and lie? Honestly I feel disappointed in my friends coming out of this election.

        53. “If we get liberals again in Ontario I think it’s time to abandon ship…
          It amazes me every day how blue-pill our fellow Canadians are.”
          Yeah I’m too entrenched but it will require extra special cunning as these faggots turn our once powerful province into Greece…Maybe Alberta, fuck soon Quebec will look business friendly compared to Ontario..
          “Why are people so brainwashed I really don’t get it?”
          Canadians are fundamentally retards. For example, I mean who would willingly vote in leaders that won’t address debt and the deficit like Wyntard Mr. Fuckin Potato Head..??
          If they don’t understand this 1st grade concept it proves my point how dumb they are.
          Dito with the Muzzies!
          Who brings in 50,000 illiterate (often in their own language) good for nothings who mostly will never work and who might be terrorists?
          Only the dumbest people of the face of the earth..

        54. Trudeau is a fucking idiot.
          The day after Trump announces the halt on immigration Trudeau says he’ll take them all in instead. Then Trudeau changes his mind a week later…
          It comes across as nothing more than a shallow political stunt to appease the leftist bleeding hearts, without putting any real thought into what he’s saying.
          And the carbon tax wtf? We have a tiny population living in freezing cold temperatures amongst some of the most vast forests in the world… This carbon tax isn’t going to make a lick of difference other than to steal more of Canadians’ money.
          You’re right… Canadians are fucking dumb.

        55. Lolknee, your argument is strawman and I’m siding with goj. No offense, but my initial reaction is that your line of thought is coming across as leftist reasoning.
          It takes logic and critical thinking skill to keep a cool head. Blm or Stormfront could have a parade, I don’t care and would not protest it, much less riot. Now, kick in my door or invade my space, or touch my family and it’s go time.

      5. Completely disagree. A speaker hosted by Berkeley students should have ability to actually talk. Those who find him so repulsive don’t have to attend the lecture. Or they could challenge his views with questions post discussion.
        Besides taking on the lies of feminism, he’s on greater mission to expose how intolerant and irrational academia has become.
        Have you ever listened to Milo before? He’s addressing a lot of the issues we here at RoK are always talking about: false rape allegations, destruction of due process, divorce and custody laws, the drugging of boys in education, completely concocted feminist “stats,” HR policies which have men’s balls in vice, etc …

      6. So Milo was rightly fucked? How about Young Republicans who invited him and the people who wanted to attend the speech (some of who were beaten up and pepper sprayed)? You just have sympathy for small business owners, what about the bank branches that had windows smashed and were vandalized?

        1. Fuck the banks by there were some very serious assaults that night. The reality is that they feel not only correct, but downright heroic when they attack someone.

        2. I was replying to “I don’t have any sympathy for Milo here (though of course I do have sympathy for small business owners and others who were wrongly fucked 8 ways to sunday)”.
          I agree the assaults were terrible and much worse than the destruction of property. However I don’t condone either.

        3. The assaults on the people are actually far far more significant. They pepper sprayed and beat up girls ffs. It’s getting real out there, there will be blood unfortunately…

      7. No excuse for this. Stalin at Berkley could talk and there’d be no problems… I think Milo is very important. He reaches young people. So what he stirs up emotions?? Differing opinion should be the pillar of academia…

      8. Hey, on the contrary: it’s a masterpiece. Milo is not so known outside the manosphere, and the regressive left is much seen as misguided more than evil.
        Such an event is great !
        No more feferal fund for Berkeley, Student burning down their own base, the general public embarassed by the way ‘progressists’ treat an homosexual…it’s like a wet dream come true !

      9. The way for the right to win is to show the left being its true self. Colin Kirkpatrick was reality that couldn’t be hidden.

      10. Getting a.message out is more than just the students listening to you. The reactions it causes and people who watch the speech are a larger audience.
        The silent and scared in places like that need him. Places where he is unopposed would be places where people can already speak up. Milo draws the ire in the places that would throw it at any opposition.

      11. Thats ridiculous. Milo is harmless. The truth is exactly the reverse, the antifas went after him precisely because he is not a threat. They are cowards who just lost their boy in office to a crass moneyman and they are busy throwing a fit against anyone that they think wont fight back, because they miss feeling powerful. Like a bitter little boy who kicks his own dog since he cant find anyone else to pick on.
        The police were given orders to stay inside the nearby buikding and avoid any involvement, this means the antifas were given a green light from city officials. Thats past a few angry assholes, now we are talking government collusion to prohibit speech.
        The US has a first amendment, that first amendment does not get abrogated because you or anyone else does not like whats being said. Nor does anyone stand down because trouble inconveniences you. If you want to sit poolside and have an iced tea while hitting on the hot girls, no one blames you. But do the rest of us a favor and dont talk shit on the ones that are actualky trying to keep the place from being wrecked.

    2. Check out and dislike this SJW feminazi commercial. “Bianco #WomenNeedMore”

      Spread the word.

      1. What the fuck these bitches dont need more money what they need is a family and more importantly a dick up their mouth

    3. although many can criticizes Milo the homo…
      its not about him.
      It’s about observing the enemy showing their hand…

    4. The people who are rioting are: illegals, third world migrants (look at that East Indian holding the “I didn’t immigrate for this shit” sign), betas, white knights, and neo-feminists. That’s all. Other decent people don’t freaking care.

    1. She wasn’t gonna help keep Crimson Jihad out, so Trump had no choice but to say “Your Fired” and do it himself.

    2. It’s hard to play that game “Trump hates women” when he appoints Kellyann Conway as his advisor and serveral other women in his cabinet and appointments. They can’t say he’s racist because his cabinet has multiethnic background.

    3. She knew full well that it was lawful. What she said was that it wasn’t just or fair. Which is none of her business; that is a political decision made by the elected official given the authority to make it.

  3. Watch the public k12 schools. That’s the left’s single largest incubator for future supporters. Do everything in your power to remove your kids from them.

    1. Better yet, we should do everything in our power to remove the indoctrination system from the public schools.

  4. I have noticed the anti-Trump hysteria becoming louder and more pervasive here in Vancouver. The latest “stop islamophobia” protest is less a response to the mosque shooting in Quebec and more an opportunity to bash Trump. I ask them why so much hatred for Trump and They scream “Trump is a racist!”. Why do you say he is a racist? “Because he is racist!”. If one should point out to them that this isn’t actually evidence the usual response is to double down on the hyperbole. As a side benefit, my questioning the narrative has apparently led to the leftists in my social circle branding me a Muslim hating fascist; I didn’t know until the wife pointed it out to me since I don’t live to Facebook. Do they have pro-Trump rallies just south of the line out west? Would love to go to one…

  5. I’m tired of the Trump Cheerleading Squad. Yes, the man is waayyy better than The Cunt, and his actions so far are not bad; but calm down, he is not a messiah.
    Also, I’m more than tired of people saying that “he is against the Globalists”. Who’s his pick for Treasury Secretary? Steven Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs. What were Kissinger’s words about him: “let the man work”. Do this sound like Antiglobalism?

    1. I’m not particularly fond of judging a man by association with private firms. I used to work for a pretty big bank at one time, whom I’m fairly certain is all about that whole globalist thing, but I’m the opposite of globalist.

      1. yea me too.
        I designed and built software that allowed them to go full dr evil…
        but, I’m not one of them…

      2. Goldman Sachs is more than a big bank, its an investment bank run by the Chosen Ones in benefit of the Chosen Ones and their policies. I’m not judging him because of his association with the private sector, I’m judging him because 1) he’s jewish, his only interest is what is good for the jews; and 2) he worked for Goldman Sachs.

      1. I do vacillate between him being the savior, and its all just wrestlemania.
        but, the hilarity of the ill-liberals is worth it no matter what.

        1. Stone Cold Steve Austin for press secretary. Every answer to the press would be “Cuz. Stone. Cold. Sez so!”

        2. “Mr. President, what are your thoughts on the destabilization of the middle East?”
          “Can you SMEEEEEELLLLLLLLL what the POTUS is cooking!?”
          “I’m sorry Mr. President but your policy positions are completely unclear. Are you sure you are qualified to hold this highest position of office?”
          “Mr. President please, you are not making any sense!”

        3. Jesse Ventura said DC is just like rasslin- its all scripted, heroes and villains for the cameras; behind the scenes, they are all friends drinking a few beers after the show

    2. remember – kings always intermarry themselves, and their kids with other empires/traders…

    3. This is perhaps the only intelligent comment I’ve ever seen from you. Can you tell your brother “Albionic American” this? Or Vox Day? Or (((Roissy?))) They all still seem to be drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.

    4. I revel in the fact that he is better than the Cunt. I acknowledge that he is just a man, but it gives the enemy pause and encourages other men to step up and fight. His victory gives cover for the rest of us to speak up. Even some of the Cuckservatives are finding their nut sacks, which can only be to the good.

  6. I wonder how triggered they’ll be when actual construction begins on the US/Mexico border wall. Hopefully they’ll all get walled in on the Mexican side and can’t come back into the US.

    1. That’s actually a brilliant idea. Just like the piss your pants for feminism troll protest, lets stage another troll protest where they stand on the Mexican side of the wall as it’s being constructed. Hopefully they don’t realize they need to come back over before it’s too late.

      1. Two blondes are standing on opposite sides of a lake. The first blonde yells at the second blonde, “Hey! How do I get to the other side of the lake!” The second blonde yells back, “You already ARE on the other side of the lake!”

    2. Govenor Moonbeam said he will welcome ALL illegal immigrants(wants to make California a sanctuary state). Build the wall until it reaches Cali, then go north around its eastern border. If thats what they want, thats what they’ll get

      1. Saw a great YouTube comment: So, they want to secede from the Union to keep their slaves.

      2. so what about the navy, and marine corp bases? relocate?
        they keep the femaleLBGHTM tropes?

  7. The never-ending SJW shtick is getting tiresome. Time to end it.
    Arrest Soros and freeze all his assets to take away the financing. Then take progressively more decisive steps against the useful idiots as required.

    1. Taking out Soros would put a stop to a lot of this nonsense because he works behind the scenes and he doesn’t have much name recognition among the American people as an elite troublemaker, unlike, say, Mark Zuckerberg, so that his fall won’t generate much controversy. I could just see the Section One-like team which grabs him off the street, throws him into a nondescript van, drugs or tasers him, binds his hands and feet, puts a sack over his head – and we never hear from him again.

      1. And then casually release without comment old photos where he has been airbrushed from the scene.

  8. A lot of the beaten down, politically correct people in this country – basically the Winston Smiths after the Ministry of Love breaks them psychologically – act increasingly deranged in response to the ascendancy of the God Emperor because they have to confront the reality that diversity, feminism, equality and broken sexuality just don’t work with man’s nature, despite their best efforts to believe that 2 + 2 = 5, Islam is a religion of peace, education makes dumb people smart and men can turn into women. We can’t flourish under these conditions, and the spontaneous outburst of vitality by the Deplorables shows that we can see a way out of this nightmare and towards an authentic life worth having again.
    The God Emperor excels at trolling the nation’s progressives and weak conservatives, but we need to go further by naming the real issues here and showing why their childish utopianism has to stop, and immediately, for the good of the country.

    1. So when will you acknowledge that “the God Emperor” is surrounded by more Jews than a rabbi?
      I’m waiting.

      1. Jews don’t all work in lockstep, you know. And the fact that some Jews submit to a German-Scottish alpha male as their leader sounds pretty good to me. The God Emperor has started to restore the natural hierarchy of man.

        1. And the natural hierarchy of man is Jews on top.
          Have you accepted this yet?
          The God Emperor seems to.

        2. Jews ain’t on top of shit. They are a tiny demographic group that was bred to be bankers. So they do well right now. They’re not chosen people and they are nothing special.

        3. The Ashkenazi have the highest average IQs of any ethnic group (approximately 110), roughly a standard deviation higher than Europeans and East Asians. According to Charles Murray, IQ is the highest indicator of success. As a result, the Jews will always be overrepresented in positions of importance, as has been seen throughout history.
          This is not limited to Jews. The same has applied to Germans and the Chinese wherever they went historically.

        4. They’ve been slaves for most of their existence. Yeah the Euro Jews are smarter than average, but they ain’t some fucking alien race of Jedi Masters. IDGAF about them one way or the other. I don’t feel bad about what Hitler did to them and I don’t feel bad about what they do to the Palestinian savages.

        5. Honestly, I don’t care either for the most part.
          But the point is, if there is in fact a “racial hierarchy,” or as AA puts it a “natural hierarchy of man,” whites are not on top. Whites are somewhere near the middle.

        6. Whites will end up where we belong. It won’t be the bottom so I’m not too worried.
          I don’t subscribe to this messianic Trump image either. He’s doing well pissing off the libtards which I love. Lets see how his policies really work out and how many promises he inevitably reneges on.

        7. I appreciate your controversial statements. Alt-Right is obsessed with IQ being the sole-determiner of a race’s value, and as you point out, it creates an ironic contradiction for them.
          Where I disagree with you though is in thinking that IQ is the sole virtue of worth.
          I actually am disappointed in self-hating whites as they are right now to be honest. How easily they’ve been duped to work against their own interests, how easily distracted they are, how conformist they are. It seems like the modernized white is incapable of understanding that other people might actually think completely differently than they do.
          The Jews’ neuroticism and nepotistic nature has turned out to be a great strength for them, as would be expected from a clever and nomadic minority group.
          The Gentile mind is simpler and more erotic. Where the gentile searches for aesthetic beauty, the Jew searches for satire. Where the gentile wants peace, the Jew wants controversy at arm’s length. Where the gentile wants directness, the Jew wants plausible deniability.
          I do not accept this hierarchy you present. But I acknowledge that the different races and cultures have different strengths and weaknesses.

        8. This fucking guy with more jew bullshit. As far as I can tell, pretty much all you are good for around here. GTFO

        9. I do not believe IQ is the sole virtue of worth. Not in the slightest. But if the alt-right is going to say that it is, and if more and more alt-righters are posting on this site, I’m merely pointing out facts which fit into their worldview.

    2. The cognitive dissonance is getting to a boiling point for them.
      I think they can’t handle that Trump is acting exactly as he said he would during his entire campaign. Trump’s merit as a doer with some level of integrity offends them on a deep level.

  9. “tolerant libs” and “they’re the hypocrites” for the millionth time. The left had a party last night. Cernovich and Milo take the money and run while their supporters bleed. Cernovich even admitted that Trump supporters can’t protect conservative women in his last periscope. This is not a good look for Trump.

      1. Yes, and all leftists, sjws etc. I’m fucking sick already of their constant whining and crying over nothing for no reason at all. They bring no value and stir the shit up. I cannot even read about them anymore. I think it is time to fuck them up physically. I literally cannot stand these hopeless faggots.

    1. A few reasons I imagine.
      We’re not being bankrolled by Soros to cause mayhem.
      We don’t suffer the amygdala overloads that libs do.
      We’re not privileged, pansexual, nonbinary, genderqueer, demisexual blithering idiots.

    2. outnumbered and outgunned.
      beside they have automatic triggerings.
      and mid-west merely have semi-auto

        1. Probably a niagara. They always go for the fucking someone else’s woman. Never fails with them.
          Muh diiik. Muh diiik.

      1. The the countless boardrooms, design rooms, staging, lighting, sound positioning, filming and other areas where men shrug and say “it’s a paycheque” and continue to enable this shit.

    1. Well the feminists wanted chivalry to die, so fine. I’ll be a modern gentleman. There’s nothing in that video that can’t be solved by a swift smack. Though the one hopping on the desk and the other one on the car, I think a pair of black eyes is the minimum punishment.

    1. Yeah, I think we all agree that the horrible travesty of heart disease, which is borne solely by women, is a tragedy. If *men* got heart disease, why, *then* it would get the attention that heart disease deserves, but as you know, we live in a Patriarchy where the rule is “To hell with women” so heart disease goes virtually unnoticed by most and is excluded from almost all medical consideration and research.

      1. wait…this is actually about heart disease? I just made that as a joke….I figured it was some kind of lesbian valentines day or something. hahaha….holy shit this is backwards and stupid.

        1. Yep.

          In 2003, the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute took action against a disease that was claiming the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year – a disease that women weren’t paying attention to. A disease they truly believed, and many still believe to this day, affects more men than women.
          Stemming from that action, National Wear Red Day was born. It’s held on the first Friday in February every year to raise awareness about heart disease being the No. 1 killer of women.

          Apparently heart disease is only important if it affects human beings who own vaginas and a pair of tits.

        2. To be fair, us men have no hearts….women tell us all the time so it must be true.

        1. I am going to, if given the opportunity, totally play dumb on this and tell people I think it is lesbian valentine’s day

        2. i wonder if they’d get angry and recite false statistics of men only cancer and medical research

  10. The media is obviously complicit in all of these Trump “protests”, as well as the Milo “protest” – “Hey, point the camera over there, Joe! Nice! Okay…protesters? Start milling around. Hold up your signs. Now – get that fake Hollywood fire started! Yeah! The cops? No worries, we told them to stand down, they do what they’re told, just like YOU do”, etc. A monkey with brain damage could see that one.
    Some of those “protesters” at the fake Milo “protest” were smiling at the camera like they were on a paid vacation – which they probably were. I see Soros money floating around here. What’s startling is the fact most libtards will think these protests are on the level, and not media-fomented (i.e., globalist-fomented). If they think they’re on the level, that makes them dangerous. Lots of dangerous people running around lately – namely, the leftist firestarters and their robotic followers/believers/TV watchers/idiots. “Popcorn! Get your popcorn RIGHT HEEEEER-UH!” What a freaking sideshow…

    1. It is Soros money. He doesn’t even hide it. If you’re right wing, and you show up somewhere, and you have any amount of fame, count on Soros’ flying monkey brigades to show up screeching and destroying things.

      1. Yup. This is beginning to look more and more like a completely choreographed sideshow on all levels. Big media is globalist owned. Check. So they are willing team members. Leftists are globalist owned. Check. Get ’em a helmet, they’re playing, too. Soros and Co. are funding the whole shebang. Check. The question is, what do they want. Why are they doing this. To make Trump look like Hitler, like the source of all America’s ills, before they implode the economy again? Whatever it is, it can’t be good. Civil war, states seceding, riots in the streets. That will necessitate bringing serious law and order to the situation. And something tells me the globalists and the Feds already have that one covered.

        1. Already rumblings of what you’re noting.
          From Breitbart:

          In a blog post for Foreign Policy magazine, Rosa Brooks, a former Obama administration official, outlined four ways to “get rid” of President Trump, including declaring him mentally unfit for command or carrying out a military coup.Brooks is a Schwartz senior fellow at the New America Foundation, which is funded by billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

          Military coup, how nice.
          Problem for them, is that this isn’t Germany or England. All of us “deplorable” types are heavily armed and I’d wager a good 70% of us have military training. This goose won’t be led to the pot to be cooked.

        2. Law only applies to us, not them. Been that way for a while now.

        3. I am one of those militarily trained vets you are talking about. I am not armed at this point, but now my wife is staring to ask me to buy a hand gun. I counter that a shotgun would be more useful to protect the home. However, I am old. The majority of existing vets are old. In my youth it was just assumed that if you were a man you were a military veteran. Years ago, in church on Veteran’s Day, they asked all us to stand. It was me, one other Vietnam vet, and a WWII vet who died a few months later. This was in a fairly medium sized crowd of typical middle Americans.

        4. Well I don’t attend every social group in my area, but I do know that the big ass biker groups I hang with are almost all pure vets, thinking around an 80% ratio here, meaning, the ones that aren’t, are known by name. The bars I go to usually find me (former airborne MI), a former Navy chief, a Force Recon sniper and at least three other more “normal” MOS types (11B, etc) sitting around drinking. While I’m not 22 or anything, I’m not 70 and on a cane either, and they’re about my age. Seeing lots of Millenial-ish vets nowadays too, mid to late 20’s, most who served in Afghanistan at some point.

        5. You do know don’t you that the entire biker sub culture was created by WWII vets that felt they couldn’t fit back into civilian culture. It has remained true to its roots ever since. It is not representative of the US population as a whole. Last I looked only about 6% of Americans are vets.

      2. Do you start to see the point Putin made of deporting and outlawing any and all Soros backed NGOs from Russia?

        1. I never doubted why he did so regardless. Soros really does need to be tried and hung from a tree.

        2. He is well over due. He should have been hung as a war criminal for his cooperation with the Nazis in the holocaust (sending his own people to the extermination camps).

        1. I’m looking for the plausible side to it (because I always do that I guess). Trump had his list of candidates published long before he was elected, so I’m betting that this gave them a lot of time to prep by grabbing domain names and printing signs for everybody on the list.
          Which still, points to a very organized upper management type of thing leading the charge on this. It’s so staged it makes MacBeth appear to be reality television.

        2. It is a colossally staged, top-flite, Hollywood-epic-type mindfuck – and it’s coming at us from every conduit they possess (TV, newspapers, online media, etc.). They are bringing out all of their big guns for this one. And they are pushing for a clearly defined goal – otherwise, they wouldn’t bother. The trick lies in seeing through it all and staying cool, I think. There’s going to be some major upside for red-pill guys, after the shit hits the fan, and the smoke has cleared. So let the libs get emotional. And we’ll meet in the middle of the battlefield afterwards, for a well-deserved quaff of some single malt…ahhhhh. So fucking tasty.

        3. I’m on board with that. I don’t mind them torching their zoos, really. I mean yes, arrest and try them and put them in jail because I’m all about rule of law, but when it comes to the morality of the whole thing, the more that they burn down their own shitters and flophouses, the better. Eventually they *will* get to the point where they take it outside of their protected bubble. And then, my friend, that’s when the real fun starts (and by that, I don’t mean that they will enjoy it).

        4. Those filthy hippies would smell like a Sasquatch giving a homeless dudes ass hair a perm.

      1. Gorsuch is gonna help bring sports betting to every freakin’ state in the USA – assuming he gets the gig. There are a lot of layers to this onion. Go Gorsuch! “Get it done.”

        1. Haha I’m already in Vegas, so it won’t matter much to me. But it will be nice for everyone I know using offshore betting sites.

  11. Lmao. If this is serious, they’ve jumped the shark so bad that it’s going to accomplish the exact opposite effect they were hoping for. All I see is a bunch of women are are either about to get fired, arrested, or bitch slapped into next month.

    1. there needs to be a better “they’ve jumped the shark so bad” line like maybe “…..that they have bite marks on their asses” or “…..they landed on the beach” I don’t know, those aren’t too good, but there has to be a good one.

  12. These protestors could be George Soros rent-a-mob clowns. Despite that Trump is in office, and so far he seems to be coming through on his campaign promises, there are plenty of patriots armed, locked and loaded. Should any of these high and mighty butthurts march down the wrong street, and piss off the wrong people (who have had enough of cultural marxism) these demonstrators are bound to be fired upon.

    1. If they are fired upon, then the media will spin it so they become the victims. Trump needs to put an executive order criminalizing false reporting by the media.

      1. When you leave determination of what constitutes “false reporting” to the government, you get real problems.

      2. If it gets to the point of opening fire, then I suspect that what their media says or doesn’t say will be irrelevant.

      3. “If they are fired upon, then the media will spin it so they become the victims.”
        Assuming the media, themselves, aren’t fired upon.

    2. This shit has been prewritten and calculated with precision. They probably wrote the first six chapters of post-election protests way before Trump and Clinton squared off. The media is aiming its cameras at the every single staged protest. The media is owned by the elite (i.e., globalists). I’ve mentioned this a few times – the elite (globalists) want Federal troops of some sort in every single major American city. At some point, they want to replace them with U.N. troops. These “riots” and “protests” give them the pretext to do just that. If blue-haired libs venture into the wrong parts of town, and armed citizens fight back, it all plays directly into their hands. Trump has already Tweeted about Chicago – a week or so back. He said if Chicago can’t lower the gun violence, he will send in the Feds. So…it’s all staged, unfortunately.

      1. ” a week or so back. He said if Chicago can’t lower the gun violence, he will send in the Feds. So…it’s all staged, unfortunately”
        Yeah I hear ya – one has to wonder about that. But it may be just to address the current problem at the moment. When the Rodney King riots happened in california the fed. troops were dispatched and then went home after the situation was contained.
        I’m still pleased Trump is at the helm but it behooves us all to monitor carefully what he does and why and if there any side deals going on, in particular with the globalists. He is still a pilitician and politicians have always been the hand maiden if the elites.

        1. I’m glad he’s in there, too. Beats the hell out of Hillary (who would still help get Federal troops into U.S. cities, but at least we have a man serving as the front man)…

    1. Trail Life:
      BSA volunteer leaders are quitting en masse as are District and other officials, parents are pulling their children’s enrollments, charter organizations are rescinding their involvement and all BSA rank and advancement are transferable into Trail Life so boys can go there and not lose their accomplishments.

    1. Well that’s the funny part. They want a war but they don’t have any guns. It would be the shortest, most one sided war ever.

        1. Heart is an anagram for hater.
          And it is said love and hate are two sides of the same coin. We all know the leftists live in Bizarro world…I’m thinking they are feeling massive guilt right now along with some self-inflicted repression. Like when any female spits out that she hates you but jumps your bones at the first chance.

      1. These are my thoughts entirely. Liberals aren’t good at fighting, also don’t have guns. Its like that annoying kid on your bus in middle school that talks shit and pisses everyone off RIGHT up to the point he gets punched in the teeth. They don’t REALLY want to fight, they just want to push buttons and see how far they can take it.

      1. It might happen. They legalized pot in a lot of states. It’s a liberal world. And yeah it would be funny as fuck…

        1. I’m for legalizing (albeit heavily regulating) drugs. If people are always going to want a fix, we might as well profit off of it in a legal manner.

        2. Yeah, I’m with you there. They are going to get a fix anyway. Might as well get it at MethDonald’s – weird Value Menu, eh? $1 Heroin Nuggets. $1 Double Speed Burger. Etc.

  13. You can see it like this, or you can see it as the political left refusing to let go of the power seat they have been comfortably in for 8 years, at least not without a fight. They never expected losing that election, so they have to improvise what to do now.

        1. trump is evil to the media for not promulgating (fake) war with Russia…among his many other crimes against the ill-liberals.

  14. Leftists on social media are starting to sound crazier than some of the prepper loons I see commenting on Infowars. They are coming up with some crazy theories, and are on the cusp of shouting, “Donald Trump is part of the Reptilian Elite!” And many of these theories are coming from well respected, highly educated individuals. It’s like this election fried their brains.

      1. Rat Race was an excellently funny movie that was genuinely goofy and didn’t give a shit.
        John Cleese taking bets on th G5 on who would become airsick first after the pilot started swaying the plane to and fro was funny as hell.
        And “Let’s stop at the Barbie museum!” was classic. Heh

        1. It really was one of those straight funny movies no bs like we had in the 80’s.
          Betting on what the hooker would charge for the kinky bathtub with the butler was also great.

  15. Trump didn’t even ban Saudi Arabia, arguably the #1 terrorist exporting country. Politics as usual; the US and Saudi relationship is still alive and well.

  16. If these motherfuckers want to start a war… lmfao… it would last a week and then we would have total control of the country. Bring em on I say.

    1. Half of them have never fired a gun in their lives and the other half shoot sideways.

  17. May the god emperor live 1000 lives. May his reign be long, fruitful, and just, his enemies crushed under his boot heel. Praise be to Kek.

  18. There are so many protests now that I can’t keep up with which one is which. I saw one on the news this morning that looked more like a riot than a protest. Do all these guys with the black hoodies and masks not have JOBS? If they spent as much time working as they do throwing crowd barricades through windows and spray painting stuff they could be making a pretty good living.
    Eventually this situation is going to come to a head and the left is going to get what’s coming to them.

  19. Anyway, they wanted to destroy us, but slowly boiling the frog. It’s better to fight in our own terms. At least we would die with our boots on, instead of perishing with their sextoys in our arses.

  20. If one must think in identity politics, consider the regressive left predecessors meekly submitted to Nazi germany. And who has over 1000 years of warfare experience? White working class folks

  21. Excellent article. Any American patriot who has not armed and equipped himself for this struggle is a fool. The Globalists may think they will run Trump out of office like the hapless Nixon. They are dead wrong. Trump will fight. He will not hesitate to use the military, he will call on the police and Republican governors to support him, and he will call out the militia, which consists of every able-bodied man in the country. The Globalists and their friends had better think twice before starting any foolishness. It will end with all of them dangling from ropes, and you better believe Trump will hang them.

    1. What are you talking about?
      There was no “ban” there was a 120 day temporary hold on immigrants from a very small handful of nations, that OBAMA identified as problem children. The reason is so that we find a way to screen these hooligans *before* they get in and start shooting up night clubs instead of letting in hordes of Hate America types and hoping for the best.

  22. Unfortunately the lemmings fall right into following the illogical globalist agenda too. I’ve watched many former coworkers (males) go into meltdown on facebook, some have gotten so frothed at the mouth over nothing that they have deleted their accounts and quit their jobs LOL. It’s truly amazing at the number of so called “men” who came out of the woodwork right now that are completely and utterly controlled by their illogical emotions and the media. Some have even surprised me a little, I did not think they were that fkin beta.

    1. Echo that. Some previously very intuitive and hawkish men (or so I thought) are in melting avalanche mode, particularly on FB. I have no idea what has happened to turn their previously erudite brains to mush, I sincerely thought they were above all that.

      1. There are sadder graphics on what Marxism does to people. Watched this show last night about the famines in China brought about by Mao. 50 million dead. Destruction of the family, put China into the third world. This picture is the pleasant side of Marxism, when they can still leach off a capitalist society.

    1. A few of those women looked they could have been real wife and mother material but decided to throw it away.

  23. The establishment don’t seem to have any new tactics except to hold protests and to demonise Trump in the media. However, the more they do this, the less popular they will become. People will become fed up of listening to the same old thing and tune out.
    Incidentally, the USA has the right to ban any non citizen from entering the USA for any reason.

    1. It is a specific power given to the president in the constitution, to use at his discretion.

        1. Oddly, don’t supersede our constitution. Strange, wot?

        2. I was listening to some douche from Amnesty International earlier on the radio and from his waffle you would swear that his Uuuummmmaaaannnnn rites laws were unquestionable….. needless to say he’s a queer that was molested as a child…… and he’s left in charge of an organisation…..

        3. Just because Angela Merkel and a bunch of unelected officials in Brussels want their citizens to eat shit, makes no requirement for me to eat it too. The voters there need to take care of that business. Brexit, and the soon to be Frexit, will pretty soon pay back the Brussels dictators.

        4. That’s Colm O’Gorman you’re talking about, head of Amnesty International in Ireland. Married to his husband, he has two adopted black children. Rabid promoter of abortion. Calls people bigots and plays the homo card if losing an argument. Currently appearing on Celebrity Masterchef Ireland and likely to win. Also has his eye on the Irish Presidency.
          Fooling no one.

  24. This excerpt from George Washington’s farewell address in 1796, given the context of the divisive tactics being utilized by the media to divide and conquer Americans over Trump’s presidency, is most especially pertinent today:
    “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy to be useful must be impartial; else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it. Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.”

  25. The USA is full of unemployed (unemployable) and underemployed bums, students and immigrants. It is very easy to create protests in America with these kinds of losers. It is all the more reason to go full steam ahead with the Trump Revolution, and defeat these people.

  26. I like how the “protesters” are burning leftist shitholes like Berkley, lol. I guess it never occurs to their malformed brains to go to rural areas where the majority of Trump supporters live instead of looting and pillaging their puppet masters’ ivory towers?

    1. They may be dumb, but they’re not *that* stupid. They run around on the ground and chimp out, while we choose more appropriate and long distance means of dealing with a threat. It’s no contest, and they know it.

    2. It’s a media show, nothing more. Soros paid protesters break stuff, get video taped by Soros paid media

  27. Had to laugh at the angry phonecall with the Australian Prime Minister, who is himself a trust-fund baby, “Please take these dark-skinned people from islands we stuck them on that Obama promised you would”…”Hell no!!” lolz

  28. Didn’t police used Berkeley crowd for target practice back in days ?
    Old solutions are not always bad solutions.
    Maybe would they prefer more leftist tactics ? I mean: tank and reeductation camps ?
    So much choice for any reasonable decision.
    The hilarious thing is those rioters gave Milo 100 million dollars worth publicity.

  29. “the Republican Party that Trump heads has traitors within its midst.”
    Who should be reminded that while Soros may fund their campaigns it is the Deplorables that vote for them.

  30. LGBEEGEES having riot at Stonewall in NYC Saturday…bastards – going to have to stay home
    check all the groups involved — I feel part of a weird cult – being here:
    Join us in front of the Stonewall Inn as we stand in solidarity with every immigrant, asylum seeker, refugee and every person impacted by Donald Trump’s illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and un-American executive orders.
    Co-sponsoring organizations [LIST IN FORMATION]:
    Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
    Make The Road NY
    Immigration Equality
    Coming Out Muslim
    Trans Latina Network
    The New York Immigration Coalition
    The New York State Immigrant Action Fund
    Muslim Democratic Club of New York
    Audre Lorde Project
    Carribean Equality Project
    Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club
    Latino Commission on AIDS
    Hispanic Federation
    LGBT Network
    Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City (SDNYC)
    The Anti-Violence Project: AVP
    Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID)
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
    Lambda Legal
    Black Lesbian Conference 2018
    LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent
    Hetrick Martin
    National LGBTQ Task Force
    Destination Tomorrow
    CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
    Harlem Pride
    Brooklyn Community Pride Center
    Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE)
    The NYC Equality Coalition
    Family Equality Council
    Ali Forney Center
    Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club of Queens
    LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (LeGaL)
    Equality New York
    Housing Works
    Human Rights Campaign of Greater New York
    OutRight Action International
    Rivers of Living Water
    Bailey House
    The Stonewall Inn
    Gays Against Guns
    Circle of Voices
    Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect
    New York Area Bisexual Network
    Lambda Independent Democrats
    Swish Ally Fund
    Heritage of Pride
    New York Legal Assistance Group LGBTQ Law Project
    Iris House
    Love Alive International Sanctuary of Praise {LAISP}
    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
    Congressman Jerrold Nadler
    Public Advocate Letitia James
    Comptroller Scott Stringer
    Borough President Gale Brewer
    Senator Brad Hoylman
    Assembly Member Deborah Glick
    Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell
    Assembly Member Matt Titone
    Council Member Carlos Menchaca
    Council Member Danny Dromm
    Council Member Corey Johnson
    Council Member Rosie Mendez
    Council Member Ritchie Torres
    Council Member James Vacca
    Council Member James Van Bramer

  31. Soros is using the same tactics he used back in late 2013 in western Ukraine.
    When the government there voted in a Russian friendly leader Soros put agitators to work to try and reverse that decision.
    There were riots just like what we are seeing in America.

  32. What I see is that America doesn’t deserve Trump. The reason why he is in office is because of gods mercy. Look at the people who are against him. Look at them on twitter even celebrities have gone ape shit crazy that I am disgusted with them.
    People want change but hate on a president that is actually doing it.

  33. Problem: Trump is also a globalist. He’s expanded his business in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, and the # of Americans working for him hasn’t gone up. Just this week his son in law did a business trip in South America to promote Trump industries. Not bringing jobs to the US, sorry.

  34. I only wish the alleged muslim ban was actually a muslim ban. General Wesley Clark suggested internment – I think that is a good idea.

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