11 Hard Truths I Learned From Taking The Red Pill

For most of my life, I’ve been that friendly small town guy, a likable guy who always seemed to establish a good feeling and friendly rapport with the people I meet.  The kind who would stop to help a stranger with a flat tire or that a father wouldn’t mind taking his daughter to dinner.  I was the type of fellow you could invite over to visit your house without even the slightest concern about anything going wrong.  And yet, at the hands of a woman, I was so vulnerable and so prone to error.

Having been the classical “nice guy” I was for so many years, I can recall many instances of humiliation, wasted time/money/effort, missed opportunities for romance and sex, and much more.  I have a number of stories regarding dating women in which, after always being the best gentleman I could, I simply couldn’t fathom how it was that the girl I pursued ended up giving her attention, and worst of all sex, to some loser, all while I was waiting with baited breath, ever devoted and waiting for the sweet princess I desired to give me the chance to make her happy.

I spent many a dark night sitting in my little Toyota MR2  beside a lake with nothing more than a bit of classic rock and Bud Light to ease the pain, trying to understand what mistake I possibly could have made to keep the object of my affections from being mine.  I felt sorry for myself as I was the downtrodden Mr. Sweet Guy.

It was during a recent long-term relationship in which the woman I was with (an authentic Latina, not an Americanized watered-down version) gave me some of the most painful and emotionally damaging moments of my life.  Many truths were revealed to me.  But the truth was, like many men, the unpleasant facts of life had been in front of my face all this time. I simply had to be knocked into reality.  My new discovery of wonderfully blunt and honest manosphere outlets like Roosh, Return of Kings and Heartiste has helped in filling in the gaps to many formerly mysterious concepts.

As a relatively new taker of the red pill truth, allow me to share with you some of my hard-earned lessons in which red pill truths were harshly shown to be true:

1.  Women will treat you the way you allow them to


The “nice guy” is meek, humble, and sadly in many cases, submissive to a woman.  This is the root of the problem.  In his race to be all that she needs, he attempts to please her, and in his quest to be the lovable underdog who makes her happy in order to win her over, he often shows no resistance to her undesirable behavior.  Instead he shows weakness.

In all cases where a woman took advantage of me, disrespected me, or otherwise acted out of line, the cold truth I see is this:  I allowed it.  I didn’t put a bitch in her place.  I didn’t hold firm to a “NO!” or show her the door.  I didn’t know what frame was, and sure as hell didn’t maintain it.

You can’t depend on a woman to be a sweet fairy princess.  Even the best woman will get out of line sometimes.  Be prepared to maintain your boundaries and if necessary walk out the door.  You’re the man-you don’t take shit from a woman.  And women don’t get a wet vagina from being with a passive, weak man who they secretly despise for his lack of fortitude.

2.  Being the classic “nice guy” means being a sucker… and not getting laid


As I mentioned above, the “blue pill” man has a theme that’s consistent:  he works too hard and sets up his thoughts, emotions, and more to please a woman, always ready at the helm to spend money on her or do things for his precious damsel.

Hence he can be manipulated.  Being able to be talked into spending large amounts of money or giving Ms. Perfect a ride to another man’s house are some simple examples of passive stupidity that such men demonstrate.

I recall many times doing hard work out of the “goodness of my heart” (beta desperation) only to have the girl run off to some dickhead.  In one case I tinted the windows in the Nissan Pulsar of one girl who was the apple of my eye many years ago, only to see her run off later to another “bad boy” while I sat home alone again.  So much for appreciating the nice things I did ever-so-galantly!

Or I sent money to other women, only for it to be forgotten down the road.  Enough.  I’m no longer a sucker, but I’ll be helpful when I feel it’s justified.  And remind a woman she has to “pay me back.”

Classic “nice guys” think they’re being “decent human beings” by not escalating and pursuing sexual opportunities all while providing the benefits of emotional, moral, and financial support without any worthwhile return on their investment.  To be a “nice guy” is to be a fool at the hands of woman.

3.  “Oneitis” = weakness


Oh sure, monogamy is necessary for a long-term relationship, but how many times have we seen this story:  “She’s a real bitch sometimes, but I don’t want to lose her.  I love her, man… uuurrrrr.” And then the poor Schmoe continues a life of suffering, nagging, and general misery because he’s so needy and dependent upon that “one true love.”  Even worse if she humiliates him and cheats on him with a more “exciting” alpha-type until he drops her and needs her nice guy provider (a.k.a., “plan B”).

It should go without saying that neediness and dependency are signs of a man with emotional weakness.  I’m speaking from experience.  It’s not easy to break free from that stranglehold our hearts and minds seem to keep us in sometimes.  A man who’s suffered enough will be more apt to accept this truth and break free, and a man who’s warned beforehand can also know to avoid these situations.

The truth is when you’re too dependent upon someone you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Another red pill truth:  there are more women out there. She’s not one in a million, but one OF a million.

Accept this truth: she can be replaced.  Treat a good woman well, but don’t invest 100% in a woman.  When things come crashing down, you’ll fall hard.  To give a woman that much control over your life is to lose yourself.

4.  Don’t tolerate being “friendzoned”


One particularly harsh lesson I’m embarrassed to admit I learned:  once upon a time I had a fondness towards one Dominican woman I met.  As time went by, I kept trying to be that helpful, nice guy, only to find her keeping me at arm’s length without even being honest enough to tell me the truth.  Funny how I was interesting enough when she needed help with putting some equipment together, or when she felt like going out for dinner (with me foolishly paying 100% of the bill of course).

With little surprise to most of us here, I found out she been visiting other guys and more.  I was good enough for validation, paying for meals, and helping when she needed it but nothing more.

Being “friendzoned” should not be tolerated.  To allow it means you allow yourself to used, abused, and disrespected.  And as I’ve learned, once in the friendzone, it is almost impossible to climb out—the woman has already decided you have little sexual market value (SMV) to her.  Don’t waste your time—move the fuck on.

Don’t be there to be that “sweet nice guy” she calls to fix her new hair dryer  before she goes out later that night to give Mr. Cool a blow job.  Doing otherwise sets you up for disrespect and to be a provider and the shoulder to cry on when the guy she gave anal to ends up breaking her heart.

5.  Women want to be led


In the most recent long-term relationship that I mentioned earlier, with the Latina, she often became more and more annoyed and put off by my lack of leading and handling things, both big or small.

As time went on, she came to lose respect for me as I wasn’t taking control of where we went, our plans for time spent together, and more.  A woman who is with a man who is not in charge – no matter what feminist propaganda or magazine snippets claim – is a woman who loses respect for him and resents him.

In the quest to be “nice” and “easy to please her,” I lost my position as the leader in the relationship.  The consequences are at the minimum having a woman getting bitchy with you, and at the worst cheating on you with a more dominant and confident man, then one day divorcing you while you pay the rent for she and her new bad boy lover.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of the marriage forums on the internet.  It can be quite eye opening.

You also can’t give a woman everything she wants, as I once did.  I was even told, at one point, “I need to be told NO sometimes.  I might not like it, but I respect it.”  Yes, a woman told me that.  Can it possibly get any more clear?  A woman needs to know you aren’t a pushover, and you have to keep her from going out of bounds or attempting to take a route that a good leader wouldn’t allow.

Get yourself out of this easy-going, afraid-to-anger-her mentality.  Examine your behavior and words every day.  Be confident, and make decisions.  Delete the “what do you want to do dear?” (indecisiveness) and replace with “We’ll go for a drink” (strong decisiveness) with a bit of flexibility thrown in.

6.  The western ideals for femininity and beauty are crap


I grew up in a small town in Alabama where women were quite plain.  I never saw a woman in a sexy, fine dress or extremely feminine attire (makeup, accessories, and more).  Honestly, I never knew what a truly beautiful, feminine woman could mean.

After moving to a bigger city for my professional career, I did see slightly better examples of womanhood, but unfortunately now that my perspective has changed the truth is now clear to me:  the average American woman is plain, dresses far too casually, is overweight, and puts little value in sexual attraction.  Plain, naked faces in dire need of some eyeliner and makeup are everywhere.

After traveling to Colombia and a few other countries, my perspective was forever changed.  Average women in other cultures take pride in being feminine and maximizing their sexual attraction.  One of my favorite types is a fine Latina in ass-tight jeans and sexy high heels, along with matching earrings, painted nails, dolled-up hair, and a little bit of eyeliner.  I have seen feminine latin women as old as 50 who were more sexy than some 35 year old women here.

Check out a few videos of Brazilian TV shows or Colombian girls out dancing.  Look at pictures of Ukranian, Latvian, or Polish women.  How many plain Janes do you see?  Food for thought!

While back here in the USA, morning radio shows refer to women who are no more than 5s or 6s as “hot” or “sexy and fine.”  Talk about pathetic standards. I simply had no frame of reference before, but everyday now I see the man-jawed women alongside fatties in my workplace realistically: they’re plain and ugly.  They don’t try.  For better or for worse, once the red pill truth hit me, I’ve never seen women the same anymore.  It’s like the filter was taken off the camera.

Unfortunately, it is getting worse now as the fat acceptance movement is attempting to promote fat women as beautiful.  In all fairness, American men typically have a lot of room for improvement too, but that’s a subject for another day.

7.  People won’t like that you’re pursuing foreign women, especially American women


Despite the fact that mixed-culture relationships are often good ones which benefit both the man and woman, one of the more interesting things I’ve noticed over the years is the following responses when discussing my interest in foreign women:

“What, you can’t get a woman here?”

”It‘s too dangerous there.”

“She’s probably just trying to get a green card.”

“No, you need to get a woman close by.”

”Plenty of nice girls around here, you shouldn‘t need to do that” (In other words, lower your standards, and conform)

“Not me I just couldn’t do it.” (Along with failing to admit not having enough courage to even try)

I also receive condescending looks and attitude, with a look of disapproval thrown in for good measure.

Whether or not it is a good idea to pursue foreign women is not the issue.  The smart man already knows what the risks are, and knows the value in a sincere, more traditional woman who is worth pursuing.  However the amount of animosity towards such men is often aggressive, butthurt, and follows the feminist agenda:  a condescending attitude, a faux “fear for those poor women”, ignorance, and insults.  I have seen this in many places where men mentioned their desire to pursue a loving, traditional foreign woman.

As an example, check out some excerpts from angry emails sent from an American woman to the owner of a Colombian introduction agency:

“You must realize that the only reason males look for foreign brides from impoverished nations is because these are the only women who are desperate enough to pretend to care about you”

“You are just trying to console yourself for being undesirable by saying that American women only want “Mr. Big”. The only thing you can offer is passage to America and a possible green card (things that American women do not need). So you provide these things to lure vulnerable young foreign women away from lives of poverty.”

“Accept the fact that you are a loser, doomed to be alone, or content yourself with finding another loser like yourself who may want to be with you. Lower your standards to what you can reasonably attain, and leave these poor, vulnerable women alone. I want to cry when I think of the horror these foreign women face when they are stuck with losers like you.”

Nice.  Of all the people who gave me these heavily negative opinions, one thing was a common factor:  they had no idea what they were talking about, and had never even been to the country in question.  Most had never been outside the USA.

8.  Lack of strong fathers create blue pill men


Over time I have come to understand that my lack of expertise with females and the realities of the world have been greatly influenced by the lack of an involved father in my life.

Boys need examples to follow and father figures to teach them the right road.  Blue pill men are often especially the result of single-parent (read: single mother) homes in which little male influence is provided.  The end result?  Boys who grow into quasi-men without the strong confidence and characteristics needed to live at their masculine potential.

I have seen the same in other men I know as well who are great guys but lacking in confidence and leadership abilities when dealing with the opposite sex, or submissive to women and not demanding more in their lives.

Accepting this means accepting that there’s much work to be done. All is not lost.  Enjoy the wealth of information the manosphere can provide and take steps to fill in those areas where you lack as I’ve done.  The sooner a man gets started the better.

9.  Being “yourself” isn’t what it takes


Another “feel good” blue pill expression is  “Just be yourself.”  Unfortunately in the real world, simply “being myself” with all my flaws, lack of direction, and much more is how I ended up with little to show for my effort, and taken advantage of by women.

The truth is, that’s not what it takes.  Rather, the red pill version should be “Be the best you can be.”  You can’t simply be yourself in life.  Everyone has a need to be filled by you:  your mother wants a good son.  Your friends need a man they can talk to and be masculine with.  Women need a strong man they are attracted to who can fuck them well, won’t be emotional little bitches, and can lead.

Being that sweet, timid guy who doesn’t know how to talk to a woman won’t cut it unless you want to be stuck with the first fatty that comes along.  Build confidence.  Change your body language.  Keep your frame.  Learn game.  Put on some decent clothes and a bit of cologne.  It takes more than what you were born with to be successful in the real world.

10.  A better appearance leads to more attention from women


I believe this to be one of those truths that we all feel intuitively but are programmed by the blue pill messages in TV, music, and peer pressure to ignore.  Today’s extreme feminist views attempt to ignore and denounce a fundamental human characteristic.  The fact is that the better you look, the better you’ll do in life, especially with the opposite sex.

Until relatively recently I wore anything I wanted to wear.  I even had dorky t-shirts with custom nerdy logos I made myself.  Ill-fitting clothes, no concern for color or style, and more.  My body was thin and average at best.

Since changing my wardrobe, working out regularly, and changing my body language, I’ve quite often gotten the attention of women I meet here and there and also get more respect from men.  I’m now getting compliments on my clothing and looks (especially my new physique) from ladies.

Of course what’s on the inside does matter, but so does what’s on the outside.  You don’t have to look like a Greek god; however wearing NASCAR t-shirts, having a shitty goatee and hoop earrings, along with sloppy, torn pants is not conducive to the style of an alpha male.

Ultimately, life is better when you look better.

11.  Escalate or expect to lose


Personally, this is one of the hardest truths to learn.  It’s like there was an invisible wall in front of me to be broken through.  I can remember from the age of 18 many occasions in which I found myself sitting alone with a girl, only to procrastinate and delay making sexual advances towards her.  I was too shy, or being too “decent towards women” and was not “just trying to get one thing from them unlike other guys.” Then they slipped through my hands and another opportunity for getting laid disappeared forever.

In reality, your competition won’t make the same mistake.  The same woman who patiently waited for you to make your move will soon be taking off her cute panties for the next man who doesn’t give a shit about being a “nice guy.”  They might even have a laugh at your expense.

A man has to feel out her body language and make his move.  Getting last-minute resistance (LMR) does not mean giving up forever, but rather perhaps regroup and try again in a little while.

Women are more sexual than I was raised to believe and aren’t the precious innocent angels they’d have you believe they are. In my early 20’s I had dated Trisha for a short time, only to do the usual beta things with her including never making a move.  I didn’t escalate for sexual advancement.  I was waiting for the “right time.” Ultimately, I found out later she and a female friend had a good laugh at my expense—evening gleefully mentioning it to my male boss—because I never took a shot at getting that cooch.   That was a slap in the face of my “nice guy” ego…and a permanent reminder of the true nature of some women.

Unless she’s a prude or has personal issues, a woman loses interest in a man who’s too weak to go for it.

Final thoughts

Life’s truths cannot be denied—they are, in fact, proven to be true by trials and tribulations, deserved or not.  So many of us share common factors, and so many of us here share common beliefs which we sense somehow to be true, despite running counter to our ingrained blue-pill brainwashing.  By sharing our brutal truths freely we validate those ugly truths we must embrace as men in order to rise above our past and our former selves.  To be real men indeed!

The hard lessons I shared here I hope may benefit my fellow man, even if only marginally, to promote his enlightment and escape from the chains now cast on men in our society.  It’s time to break free—using the knowledge of these hard truths and more gained from taking the red pill.

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    March 1, 2014, 11:30 A.M. Japan Standard Time Special news alert: About three hours ago Russian special forces engaged US ground troops in the Ukraine, according to Russian government and gnostic illuminati sources. This move was in response to the imminent bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board.

  2. This article gets better and better with each paragraph. I actually laughed out loud many times. Well said, and well done. You obviously learned this the hard way, and hopefully others can learn from your experiences. Keep up the good work!

    1. Red pill offers hope, but there is one ultimate redpill truth that is both liberating and depressing at the same time, fundamental to redpill beliefs.
      That is, ” Once you come to recognise redpill beliefs are the truth, whilst it may help you make better decisions, YOUR LIFE MAY NOT IMPROVE AT ALL, BECAUSE YOU REALIZE HOW THE GAME HAS BEEN RIGGED AGAINST YOU YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND CANNOT BE WON WITH THE WAY SOCIETY IS STRUCTURED AT THE MOMENT’.

  3. Exceptional, albeit fairly long, article. Looking forward to more from you I’ve liked everyone so far.
    I really like number six because it’s the exact opposite of what we are taught as western people. In the west everyone is beautiful and white, 9’s-“10″‘s and driving solid gold lambourghinis or some other crap. That’s what we’re told other countries see us as through our media. Absolute garbage. The truth is if they stepped past famous movies and tv shows they’d learn about feminists, the fat acceptance garbage and our LGBT movement. I don’t hate gays but there’s a point where they (read feminazi lesbians) need to stop poisening things.
    Also number eight should be remembered, without a father how can you have a male role model?

    1. “Also number eight should be remembered, without a father how can you have a male role model?”
      That being the case even better. The man becomes his own role model. My dad was not much of a role model. When he was younger he was pretty indifferent and apathetic. Sure, he taught me how to ride a bike, play chess, how to display good manners and show respect as a child but beyond that?
      He was just another 9-5 wage slave trapped living a boring mundane life working for someone elses company.
      If someone without a dad has access to books, the Internet and the world – he should have the deterministic capabilities of developing into what he wants.
      Its not the lack of a dad that is poisoning these young men.
      Its the presence of a female…

      1. I was in a similar yet worse position, growing up with a single parent was hard. But I guess you truly have a point, often when asked who my role model was as a child i was struck dumb, i hadn’t looked up to anyone but rather did my own thing. By default i used my mom because she was really all i had.

  4. ” Look at pictures of Ukranian, Latvian, or Polish women. How many plain Janes do you see?”
    Many, many. I have this nasty habit of looking beyond the cherry picking. The best of Warsaw is no more indicative of the Polish average than the best of NYC is indicative of the small town Alabama average.
    In fact, historically (within my own living memory) these women were considered to look like masculine, ill bred peasants. But that’s only because they did.
    “I’ve never seen women the same anymore. It’s like the filter was taken off the camera.”
    Dude, what you were seeing was reality. The make up and clothes are a filter being put on the camera to hide the ugly, which you are prone to ignore because of the added filter of novelty. Spend enough time in a foreign country, measured in years, and the women will start to look just like the women back home.
    Here’s a bit of red the chew on: If an 18 year old woman doesn’t look good dressed in used sack cloth and without makeup – she doesn’t look good.
    The make up and the clothes are not the woman. They are the filter. Look at the woman.
    “. . . it is getting worse now as the fat acceptance movement is attempting to promote fat women as beautiful.”
    OK, I be with you and shit on this one, but I’ll note that that is the propaganda, not the ideal. The pin ups are still of Morgan Fox.

        1. The Ukraine has a Statue of Liberty too?
          Must have bought a knock-off from China I guess.

        2. You know how American men go to Kiev to meet Ukrainian women; our host, for instance?
          Well, what do you suppose the Ukrainian women who want to meet American men are doing in the meantime?
          They may be masculine peasants, but they’re not stupid.

    1. Well actually I think I did not clarify what I really meant. My intent was to express how it is more common here in the USA to see very poorly dressed, frumpy, and sloppy women who need to get a decent hair style and put on some feminine clothing & makeup.
      I do realize (from personal experience) that being in a foreign country does not necessarily guarantee that women are exceptional. I’ve seen plenty of “plain Janes” anywhere I’ve been.
      I’ll be careful to more accurately express my ideas in future articles.

      1. I appreciate your response. In fact, I might go so far as to say I’m impressed.
        While it isn’t universal, and there are pockets of strong resistance where there is a substantial fashion and entertainment industry presence, I have to agree that America is becoming a schlub nation.
        And it’s not that they are just not dressing up. There is a peculiarity about it, as if people were obtaining clothes at random and weren’t quite sure how they are supposed to be put on.

        1. Absolutely. But honestly I believe it is really as simple as them not giving a damn any more.
          Seeing a woman out and about in public in stores & restaurants while wearing pajamas says so much more than words!

  5. So true. Even betas like me who import wives have to play alpha.
    Today she said she wants to go to “Target”, can we go before lunch?
    “Sure honey, whatever you want” I said, then realized this attitude would destroy our possibilities for afternoon fun.
    So I said gruffly “We’re going to Target, Bitch!”
    She smiled knowingly.
    I asked her if she liked it and she nodded yes.
    I am in for a good time tonight.

    1. good save. western men(women too) have a bad habit of ruining n spoiling foregin women.the typical western beta tendancys will turn her into americunt 2.0(prolly to overcompensate all that “lost” time).
      your game has to be tight to keep her feminine.
      it must suck to be a foregin man where they train their women properly only for her to get coruppted by westerners.

      1. No foreign women are the same as western women. When they learn what they can get away with in the western environment, their true nature comes out.
        There is no such thing as a good women, only a women who knows her limits, how much she can get away with. In the west women have social license to do almost anything they want.
        Women will be put back in their place when civilization collapses. (Women where limited and controlled in the past, not out of hatred but because society knew that not limiting women, lead to societies destruction.)
        Women are limited creatures,

  6. I believe the manosphere is saving lives. It’s tough sledding for beta males these days, and it seems that more and more are sinking into a dark abyss of hopelessness. I feel for these guys because I used to be one of them. I shudder to think where I’d be without discovering men like Heartiste, Rollo, and Roosh and diligently absorbing their wisdom.
    The lessons enumerated by the author in this article might seem like boilerplate to inveterate red-pillers, but they can be downright life-changing to struggling men who have the desire, the will, and the sinew to improve their station in life and with women.
    Excellent post.

    1. We all used to be one of them. It just makes me squirm that females will have the opportunity to read this. Knowing how devoid of integrity they are I would imagine they will find it “amusing”.
      It will be interesting to see their sarcastic comments. I hope they are immediately banned.

    2. I think red pill beliefs are useful to men who have been screwed over by the international banking cabal and the various social policies they have enforced over decades in order to consolidate wealth, whilst their closest competition, other western males, suffer.

    3. You have it all wrong. We do not “improve” our station in life with women. You are still beta my friend. I don’t give a flying fuck what women say, think, or do. A woman does not run my life, EVER. I am the man, I am the leader, I am the provider. If she doesn’t like it, tough. Go to some beta bitch. Don’t get me wrong though. I won’t beat her or abuse her. I will however make most of the decisions and do what I want, when I want. She can make some decisions and do what she wants, but as I have always said, “if you screw up or around, you are gone.”
      Guess what, all my past GF’s still love me to this day. They compliment me in front of other women if I pass them on the street. That’s confidence baby!

  7. If anyone, especially American women, ever questions why you’re with that hot Latina, or that sweet petite Asian girl. Give them the 10’s that apply to the majority American women at the age of 25. I’m a straight up dick, and don’t give a single shred of a fuck if I offend an American woman. So I lay it out for them, here’s the 10’s:
    A minimum of 10 lbs overweight
    A minimum of 10 other dudes that have previously fucked them
    A minimum of $10,000 in debt with absolutely nothing to show for it
    A minimum of 10 times the self confidence she should have for what she really is
    Seriously, where’s my motivation? Someone motivate me in some capacity. Please, do something to make me think that getting with someone like that on a long term basis is a good fucking idea. Why should I, as a man that’s put in the work to be where I want to be, settle for someone that doesn’t even deserve the privilege of shining my fucking shoes? A fat frivolous money spender that’s buried more bones than the Third Reich is not going to make my life a fraction of a percent better.
    When you’re out with your foreign girl- enjoy it. Enjoy those looks from American women displaying their disapproval. Because I certainly disapprove of them too. The only difference is that I have a reason for not liking them. They just don’t want anyone else to be happy, especially a a man.
    The only person in charge of my happiness is me. Everyone else be damned. That should be the redpill man’s mindset for life.

    1. “The only person in charge of my happiness is me. Everyone else be damned”

    2. “A fat frivolous money spender that’s buried more bones than the Third Reich…”

    3. This applies to many/most Anglo women, not just ones from the US. I say the UK women are worse.

      1. Here here. Every time I see USA or America, I replace it with British and continue reading, same thing.

        1. Every time see Usa or America or British, I replace it with Denmark, same thing.

        2. Every time I see USA, America, British or Denmark, I replace it with Australian. Same thing.

        3. Every time I see USA, America, British or Denmark, or Australian I replace it with Western. Same thing.

        4. Same thing in Canada…. But since, Canadian don’t reproduce enough (wonder why?) they opened the gates and we are flooded by immigration …. this allow the opportunity to have a fresh off the boat Asian and Latina …

        5. Every time see Usa or America or British, I replace it with Uruguay, same thing.

        6. Every time I see USA or America, I replace it with Colombia, and continue reading, same thing.

      2. You got a lot of American whores on craigslist looking to settle down with a man in the UK. (They want you to finance their move to the UK.)
        These women have most likely destroyed their lives in the USA women are incapable of self reflection and self improvement, so they burden themselves onto a man and spread the chaos.

      3. Every time I see USA or America, I replace it with Colombian and continue reading, same thing.

    4. “A minimum of 10 lbs overweight; A minimum of 10 other dudes that have previously fucked them; A minimum of 10 times the self confidence she should have for what she really is”
      These points are true even for a lot of non-English speaking women in Western Europe.

    5. In my experience no one wants to hear what I have to say regardless as to why I would pursue a foreign woman.
      I’ve come to expect that the majority of people DO NOT CARE about anything except what is in front of them, and will not allow themselves to be mature, intelligent, and open to learning.
      I’ve tried before to explain things and go nowhere.
      I should note that in those cases I’m referring to people who have not even stepped foot into the countries in question, but have no problem giving an opinion anyway.

      1. “In my experience no one wants to hear what I have to say regardless as to why I would pursue a foreign woman.”
        Other than a few quips about greencards, gold diggers, and being poor; they can’t say too much. My dick has never asked me once how much money a particular girl has or which country issued her passport. It comes back to doing what makes you happy. As long as no one is getting hurt and no laws are being broken, we as men do whatever the fuck we want. If that means going to Borneo in some jungle to find a woman- then that’s what we do, because our happiness isn’t contingent upon anyone else’s approval- it’s quite possibly the most beautiful thing about having a “redpill” mindset, this is freedom for the individual man like never before. I love it, as much as I ventilate on here, I truly feel good knowing that the usual trappings of the modern American life flat out do not apply to me (personal life anyway). If anyone ever tries to chastise you for your desire to date foreign- kindly remind them that only you know the path to your own salvation, and they can get on board, or they can get fucked, their choice.
        “I’ve come to expect that the majority of people DO NOT CARE about anything except what is in front of them, and will not allow themselves to be mature, intelligent, and open to learning.”
        Of course they don’t care- caring takes effort. People hate effort. They’re more than happy to just take what’s in front of them. That’s their problem and there’s nothing you can do. Their ignorance can be their own downfall once they commit to some American skank that can’t cook a Pop-Tart. Not everyone will get a spot on the life
        “I should note that in those cases I’m referring to people who
        have not even stepped foot into the countries in question, but have no problem giving an opinion anyway.”
        No surprise there. It boils down to ignorance once again. Ask
        them how long they’ve had their passport in a condescending tone. Inevitably they will say, “I don’t have a passport.” Then you say- “Well, then perhaps we should change the subject of our conversation, I don’t want you to feel left out.”

        1. “No surprise there. It boils down to ignorance once again. Ask
          them how long they’ve had their passport in a condescending tone. Inevitably they will say, “I don’t have a passport.”
          I read in some article that more American women than men hold passports.

      2. Most people are not hardwired to reason critically. Only around 10% of the population really thinks.

        1. They are just jealous. Misery loves company. American women hate men that travel and meet beautiful women.
          Kind of upsets the Matriarchy Matrix that way.

  8. I feel you buddy. We have followed quite a similar path. You’re doing great and your article proves how far you’ve come. Looking forward to read more from you.

    1. Thanks man. We all need to come together and promote this information and self-improvement that until now has been shamed and kept in the dark.
      Always appreciate the feedback!

  9. If these women would ditch you and go for the “bad boys” what does that say about those women and the fact that YOU still want to court them? These are dysfunctional motherfucking women. Their is no need to attempt to impress them, which is pussy groveling itself. Self improving for the affections of wenches is just more “beta” male ways to attempt to court women. With this attitude you’ll never be the dark mane lion, only an imitation of him because you happen to have found a coal mine and rubbed your mane in it.

    1. While it is true game is a coping mechanism, and it is true that these women are dysfunctional, the problem is that its impossible to change anything else! Hence it is the best coping mechanism

    2. No, that’s not correct the way you’re seeing things.
      The truth is, I didn’t KNOW how those women, and many others, were. I accepted the idea that women met some kind of standard as sweet creatures ready for a devoted, loving boyfriend and that was all that was really needed.
      I had no idea what I was in store for—unlike a man who knows he’s dating a “bad girl” or similar. I simply was naive and wasn’t aware.
      I don’t disagree that women who are like that lack character and good values.
      Self-improvement in order to BETTER GAIN women is not beta. Because it encompasses the acceptance of bigger truths—that I alone an not enough—and that there is more to the formula than just being beta.
      When starting self-improvement, it is inherently opening the door to many other things and that is those things observed and learned as a consequence of a different road taken.

      1. Look man, if you’re so obsessed with getting pussy and your blowjobs then that’s fine. I’m not arguing against that. Your second to last paragraph proves my analogy correct about you specifically and a lot of men on this site as well. You aren’t self improving to better protect yourself from violence (working out, fighting) you are doing it for the affections of wenches. If they did not exist you wouldn’t lift another weight or practice “game” (whatever this term means to you) ever again. Self improving to get a better sense of self is what I believe it should be about. Not to get laid.

        1. Yes, I am now self-improving for my own benefit. I understand now the importance of that being the primary motivation and not just pandering for the sake of women.
          I don’t know where you got the idea that it’s the only reason I was doing so. Or that I’m obsessed (?).
          No, when I started working out it was for my benefit, and then later as a side benefit I saw the advantage it gives when it comes to women.
          I get what you’re trying to say but that’s not at all what I’m doing, nor did I mean that I think that’s good. Maybe I wasn’t clear.

        2. “Self-improving in order to BETTER GAIN women is not beta.” That’s is what made me kind of think you were obsessed with getting laid.

        3. Yeah I see I didn’t say what I really meant. I’ll be more careful next time. 🙂

      2. ArmchairMeerkat has a point to some degree, but take it a bit further down the rabbit hole…. men have a tendency to blame themselves and then find ‘solutions’ to the problem that rely on them doing things…. fixes in effect….. All fine and good from a male stand point.
        My experience and research indicates that no amount of redpill or betterment makes any real or lasting difference where women are concerned… if it did wealthy handsome alphas would settle down with lovely women having attracted the cream of the crop.
        What happens instead is that even the best alphas on top of their game find vapid, pathetic women, that can not provide any lasting benefit to their lives. You might avoid the most bitchy problematic hoes, you will get to bang hotter younger chicks…. BUT there is no cream of the crop…. and no amount of self improvement will get you anything more than a better level of unhappiness with women.
        There is no cream of the crop, because all the cream is sour. If you want to work out… fine go do it… if you want to make loads of money fine… go do it…. if you want to climb mountains or become a famous engineer…. great…. learn game, be more confident, be more fun and dynamic with women, but there is no happiness or final solution to females… they are all little spoilers, their very essence is about disrupting and degrading men. A pig cannot be a horse…. it just cannot… no matter how well you learn to ride the horse, buy equipment, dress up for horse riding… it just doesn’t matter much because there are no horses… only pigs…. riding a pig in the long run is no fun.

  10. great stuff…. but here is the problem….
    many many men who might be considered ‘nice guys’ can certainly benefit from changing their attitude and approach… HOWEVER !… if you want to go to Somalia, you will need all kinds of heavy military hardware just to protect yourself… there is no magic in territory where people are that vicious…. no amount of luck could save soldiers with helicopters and armored vehicles if they get in the wrong situation.
    Now if I don’t want to tote M60s and buy armored vehicles, I could chose instead to go for a trip to Switzerland or New Zealand… where things are much more peaceful… and I am unlikely to get put upon….
    with women, it’s always like stepping into Somalia…..
    there really isn’t an option for someone who doesn’t want to be tooled up and ready for combat… and frankly these days I just can’t be fucking bothered…. take your $100 and suck my fucking dick – and leave when you are done.
    I really don’t see any alternative, because no matter how smart you are, how well practiced you are, and how much effort you put into all kinds of areas some of which are personally beneficial and some of which are just a vain waste of time aimed at pandering to a woman’s sensibilities….. You always stand a good chance of having her switch roles on you and trying to fuck you up…. It’s just the way that savages are.

    1. “You always stand a good chance of having her switch roles on you and trying to fuck you up…. It’s just the way that savages are.”
      Read my post. I used the same term as savages and wrote the same thing about roles funny enough. A lot of men have lost that power to destroy a woman physically, emotionally, and psychologically and yet control it and show respect to our weaker halves (Which is a gentleman) in return for their understanding, sweetness, and love. The difference between men and women now in the dating and hookup scenes of America is that roles have switched for many except women actually employ these savage tactics instead of refraining like us. There is no equivalent to a chivalrous woman.

      1. The understanding, sweetness, and love offered today is a woman’s marketing campaign….. it’s what makes men think that life with a woman will be better in some way…. even the Roosh type strategy of gaming girls and throwing them back – as fun as it can be, is only a temporary fix…. AND needs more day to day input and effort than the old school LTR.
        The world has turned to ‘self’ as the new religion, thus everyone is competing with everyone else to be number 1. There was a time when a woman took great pride in avoiding that competition and was happy in taking on the very important role of number 2 – which is in many ways more important than number 1. A good second in command, a good right hand man, a good support system is one of the things that makes the number 1 successful… any bum can be number one of his own shitty cardboard box, but with a good number 2 at his side… almost anything is possible….
        Today women don’t want to be number 2, they also want to be number 1 AND they have less skill on average at filling that role….
        If you watch the movie about J Edgar Hoover, you see his number 2 was almost if not more important than he was…. bad example but you get the idea…..
        If a woman knew how to support, and guide and most importantly… sexup and relax her man…. her man will give her more than she ever dreamed of….
        Instead today we have this zero sum game, this seesaw, this childish idea that if the man is having a good time, or even having good sex, that somehow the woman in his life is losing out. Life is competitive enough, so people especially men and women used to form tight teams….
        Sadly now they just form mediocre selfish egoists, mired in their own self pity and hampered by their own lack of acumen. An LTR is not about working together using each other’s best qualities to move forwards as a unit, rather it’s about an endless competition, a struggle to get the best of each other, to be the boss, to take control….
        this is not something i have time for….

  11. “Just be yourself.”
    Is the biggest crock of shit I have ever herd and just lazy advice. If you have been yourself your entire life and still have never been laid once, what does that tell you? That “being yourself” isn’t fucking working. Obviously.

    1. “Just be yourself” Is used as a manipulation tactic to make you a happy slave in the matrix. What if being yourself is knocking back brews and watching south park?
      Male individuality and self-improvement is a massive threat to feminism. The hope for feminism is to create a utopia of beta slaves in which the guys will slay their own brothers to get a whiff of pussy.
      If you had a slave, would you like it if he acquired knowledge that wasn’t moderated(PC)?

      1. Exactly. The cuntresses have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark. They want their silly little fucking game to continue as long as possible.
        After all, who doesnt like free stuff with zero effort?
        Fuck these bitches.

      2. Male individuality and self-improvement is a massive threat to feminism.
        Same as saying really
        Male individuality and self-improvement is a massive threat to the elite controlled Government.
        RoK is the beginning of Men standing together to CHANGE the culture.

      3. gay guys in a way are a threat to feminsts since they wont fuck em and apperntly not afriad to fight with women.

      4. Self improvement is mostly a capitalist scam, it makes the person only focus on themselves, and not look at issues in a systematic cause and effect way. Self improvement is a product of a feminised society.
        The only skills a man really needs are critical thinking skills, understanding of cause and effect. If you got those tools and mindset you can tackle anything.

        1. Truth.
          Don’t neglect learning to introspect though. As a man, you must understand how you think and be able to realize you have your own faults. This helps immensely. Also, it makes you more able to resist manipulation by men and women.

    2. I do not see it as lazy advice. In fact, I see it as the first step in a long and powerful journey. “Just be yourself’ . . . ok, the next question is who am I, who is the ‘self’ I should just be? What kind of man am I? What kind of man do I want to be? What kind of man should I be? Should I be the kind of man others want me to be?
      See how that statement is only the beginning? That is if you want it to be.

    3. Just be yourself, please, who ever got a job, at a good company! being themself. They want you to talk in corporate bullshit. No different than women

    4. I think that perhaps indirectly you’re right. To me, following acceptance of the red pill truths in life, I now see that expression as a feel-good notion devoid of reality. One of those cute expressions that ultimately amounts to nothing worthwhile.
      Definitely agree with your point about it not working!

    5. That’s not entirely bad advice – If you want something, grab it. Blue-pillers deluding themselves into thinking they aren’t into women because of sex aren’t being themselves. They’re supposed to be sons, husbands, brothers and fathers but they aren’t *being* their roles properly.

    6. Just be yourself is fine advise if you are a secure decent person. I am a secure decent person, so self improvement is a a waste of time.

    7. There is another take on “Just be yourself” which most people should be learning. Stop giving a fuck what worthless people think about you. Learn to determine who worthless people are, then proceed to ignore everything they have to say about you.
      The converse of this is learn to figure out who the good guys are, and pay attention to their advice. None of us are perfect, and we can all improve ourselves with effort.
      The main point of “just be yourself” is that you will never succeed in life if you are constantly of low self esteem and uncomfortable in your own skin. Work on improving that esteem (and not by adopting narcisism) through personal accomplishment, and accept that you can do better. Confidence and not accepting bullshit from other people works.

      1. How true that is! I spent way too many years in a toxic relationship vwith a psycho bitch control freak because i was a classical beta male.
        Been divorced for four years. Enjoying the presence of women without worrying about gaming them for sex. However, i am still a gentleman and a nice guy, my mom beat it into me.
        There is one woman at the smoke shop who has gone out of her way to give me hugs. I think it is time to be an alpha male and tell her we are going to a motel. Not my style but i am an old man who doesn’t give a shit anymore what people think about him.

    8. I think It depend how you see it. If being yourself mean: Being a
      egocentric son of a bitch who want to conquer the world while fucking fresh
      pussy …. I say, it could work! 🙂
      It depend are you lying to yourself about who you really are and what
      you really want! Do you really want her
      to have a nice dinner with you? Or you really want to fuck her? For me being my true self has been the path
      to liberation …

  12. Good article – solid truths that it helps to be reminded of now and again.

  13. That bit about single mother households creating blue pill men is spot on. Men who’ve grown up in single mother households are some of the most supplicating, sensitive, irrational men I’ve ever met. They’re like children in male bodies because of their lack of a strong male role model and the traumas they’ve experienced end up stunt their emotional growth.

    1. Also people who grow up in two parent households that were of the old variety, where the mother was really devoted to the father, are also prime for being blue pill.

  14. Not a bad article Mr Barney Fife. I guess I was wrong about you. actually, a pretty damn good article.
    Now we just need one for the cuntresses. So they realize that this lttle fucking jig – their preferential treatment, deferring to privilege and provision and expecting men to stay in the dark about their little fucking “game — is up.
    We shouldnt put all the effort into ourselves if they arent going to do anything to improve things about themselves for us.

  15. Excellent post. Full of honest and helpful truths gained from years of painful experiences. Hat off to you, gent.

    1. Thanks.
      I have to agree. The willingness to tolerate an amazing amount of abuse & bullshit is symptomatic of an unhealthy dependency on that one “special” person.
      Yes definitely requires a LOT of effort. Shit, it’s HARD. Breaking one’s own thought processes, emotional attachments, and personal dependencies is a challenge the likes of which I have yet to encounter.
      The funny thing is, I kind of feel like most men know the truth and what is right and what is not, but that we often aren’t willing to face that uncomfortable truth. At least regarding that I speak from experience.

    2. ” I had an epiphany about a few days ago. I’m starting to recognize how
      many guys have oneitis, and how much oneitis I used to have back in my
      younger days. The only thing I can conclude is that for most guys,
      getting girls is hard. It requires an amount of effort that most guys
      aren’t willing to exert, or just don’t have the stomach for. These guys
      get one girl, and then hold on to her for dear life.”
      Just don’t make the mistake of assuming exclusivity if you have not had “the talk”.

  16. If only this article had been the day one reading for our first public school sex-ed class. Well done.

  17. Well done.
    Your ‘before’ profile sounded like it was right out of the target demo for Robert Glover’s ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy.’
    This is good red-pill 101.
    I married a Brazilian beauty before we both hit the wall. several kids and more than several years later, I no longer have to listen to the people who predicted that she was gold-digging, seeking a green card, etc. The assholes who said that are all either divorced or now out of the closet cat enthusiasts.

  18. blue pill children can be caused by rebelling against their red pill immigrant parents to fit in with their so called “progressive” friends.
    that angry letter was more for american wonans benefit then anyone elses. if she said green card,cultral differences and poverty not love is ger motivater(american man being beta an not know howvto lead in her culture) then id agree. if she recommded girls from first world nations like argentina chile taiwan japan korea lativa czech etc then i belive shed be right and actually care about the guy and poor girl.but that “loser” part is just a dead give away…complete self interest on her part. if she wasnt a loser she wouldnt be threatened by it.

    1. That’s an interesting point about blue pill children. And an unfortunate scenario.
      To clarify, the letter to the Colombian agency was almost a boilerplate template for the angry, quasi-feminist American woman who has absolutely no real world knowledge of the social situation of the foreign women in question or those American/Canadian/etc men who show an interest in pursuing them.
      I have seen nearly the exact same response by western women in blog comments which encouraged men to seek foreign brides.
      It demonstrates the typical hyper-critical attitude I’ve seen before: the idea that men want a “slave”, or that men wish to take advantage of women from an economically disadvantaged culture or country.

  19. One of the best articles in terms of summarizing the principles of RoK
    – Friendzoned is a joke to me now. It’s a myth. The last time I was “friend zoned” was when this woman texted me “you’re not a good friend, are you?” after I didn’t answer her call. I texted back later “we’re not friends” I met with her at a lounge that weekend and now she pays me a visit whenever I’m in town. I don’t want to be harsh to the new guys but if “a girl says I see you as friend, or I hope we can be friends” either she’s testing you or you must be a huge pussy. I can’t believe that men even allow getting to that pathetic point. You lack balls plain and simple.
    – I don’t like this notion of blaming fathers. If he was a pussy then you should learn from his mistake in a state of disgust. If he left, then be successful and prove you’re better than him. If your father didn’t teach you about game, then find an uncle or cousin who knows game.
    – It’s not being nice that’s the problem, it’s not having that firm wall that she feels. Being a gentleman is when a man has the ability to destroy but keeps himself in control. Women know that you can dominate them physically and emotionally but you keep it in control in return for their sweetness/caring. That’s when women value, fear, and respect you. However, being savage and hitting and abusing is just as bad as pussy guys. Nice guys fail to understand that as men we have the ability to physically dominate most girls (IDK about these big girls now a days) and abuse them at any level – emotionally, physically, psychologically. We CHOOSE not to do this out of humanity and honor. That’s why olden women never hit their men, they appreciated the security, sex, and stability a man offered in return for their tenderness, homeliness, and support. The reason women are now abusing men physically, psychologically, and emotionally because some men have forgotten the powers they possess and these women think they possess that power now.
    – Oneitis is not bad per se. When have a girl you’re physically attracted to and enjoy her company AND she feels the same, then why not her be the one…for now. If those parameters change then you can move on.

    1. “- It’s not being nice that’s the problem, it’s not having that firm wall that she feels.
      The firm wall is something her father should have provided. As an adult she then needs to grow up.
      I might be her lover, her boyfriend, her husband.
      But why the fuck are you telling me I need to be her fucking dad too?

      1. First – take it easy. Second, the firm wall is when you can invoke that little anxiety she has in her stomach where she thinks before she acts. For instance, she doesn’t call and start babbling. She asks if you have time. It’s when she asks for something politely and doesn’t demand it. She doesn’t bitch and complain because she knows you’ll tell her stop or walk away. Nice guys take their shit, let them abuse their time, and mooch off them. Why? Because they don’t have that wall, that barrier that prevents anyone from taking their soul. If her father didn’t instill in her to be respectful, deep down she yearns for it.

        1. That kind of baseline respect for men should be instilled in every bitch by mother and father in childhood.
          If its not, then you are dealing with damaged goods and should run, not walk — to the nearest exit.
          In fact, thats why we see the problems we see today.
          Women have no respect for men in general.

    2. Thanks for the feedback.
      I’ll address some of the things you mentioned because I think there are some items I can’t agree with, or perhaps they are misunderstood, or something similar.
      – Being “friendzoned” is, at least partially, the consequence of “nice guy” syndrome and the pseudo-romantic scenarios I remember on TV & movies in which the lovable, bashful, sweet guy was demonstrating chivalry & earnest honor for the lovely young snowflake. Such examples commonly seen demonstrate that such behavior is rewarded, if not marginally for at least a “warm and fuzzy” feeling for being that wonderful guy. The classic “nice guy.”
      I can’t honestly say that is about lacking balls so simply. I believe, through experience, that is the painful acceptance of the reality of demonstrating attributes that are desirable to women, and realizing that one’s entire manner of thinking, personality, and approach to matters in general are insufficient and WRONG.
      Also I believe it is “understanding the beast” (in this case women) and accepting that in order to tame the beast, one must change.
      – You might not like the notion, but I feel I’ve earned the right to place blame. What is different, however, is if I make excuses for myself based on this.
      My point regarding the lack of involvement of a father was to highlight, accept, and overcome the negative consequences of a childhood lacking of the critical input from a father-figure.
      Ultimately, a man is responsible for handling his problems on his own-he has that ability, should he choose to climb those mountains. But with many personal issues, it is often important to understand where the source of the problem comes from when addressing it.
      – Well when I say “nice guy” I am referring to the more commonly used terminology here (USA) which implies a passive, complacent, and non-offensive man who is a bit weak and does not challenge women or social mores.
      I heard what I think is a reasonable description somewhere: There are bad guys, good guys, and nice guys. Bad guys do anything they want regardless of the consequences to others. Nice guys are soft and sweet and so nice, but too passive and don’t attract women. Good guys have good characteristics but are willing to keep a woman in line,and have the audacity the backbone to be a strong man while still treating a woman well.
      – When referring to “oneitis”, I mean the term which commonly is understood to include that terrible emotional and mental grip on a man when it comes to his life and the power one woman has over him & his decisions.
      I believe what you described does not illustrate “oneitis” because it shows a willingness to walk away from a woman. (“for now”, moving on)

    3. Lol. Friendzone = not good looking enough for the girl. Girls are only friends with males that they find unattractive (90% of them at least). Sure, there are rules to the exception (they grew up as childhood friends, etc). “He is such a nice guy.” It has NOTHING to do with their persona; it is their looks. You can still be a nice guy but if you are good looking, the girl will still want to fuck you.

      1. You’re somewhat right but when you’re good looking but haven’t sparked them they don’t say let’s be friends, they just don’t bother you anymore. The latter is more respectful and not insulting like the cliched let’s be friends.

  20. Now THIS is what I want to read. Heavy on the solid real-life advice about female psychology and how to navigate it, and light on the pointless juvenile homophobia.

  21. Here is the biggest red pill:
    12) Your looks dictate the quality of women you will get and WORDS do not help build attraction (if a women’s words don’t get us attracted to them, why would a man’s words help “build attraction”?) Game only works for women who are already attracted to you. The best a 6/10 male will do is get a 7/10 female (assuming he isn’t a baller or has supreme status).
    13) Your face is the biggest predictor of how much success you will have with women:
    Good looking face = good success (assuming you are not a social retard)
    Great looking face = great success
    Average looking face = average success
    Ugly face = poor success (sorry, but its the truth )
    14) Genes dictate your success with women (your height, your facial ratios/features, your hair, skin tone, frame).

      1. Except I’m dead serious…take a lot on Facebook at all the ROK followers…they are all average to below average males. You honestly think good looking men read much about game? Not really.

        1. Then they are underutilizing their good looking ness. Alot of good looking guys are fucking alot of women, but they cannot pull the same level because most american men are daing down

        2. Bullshit. Clearly you don’t any objectively good looking men. They fuck cute girls all the way up to hotties. They fuck a lot of girls yes, but they can pull their own level.

        3. And..you think that the small segment of RoK facebook followers represents the entire group? Ive been here for almost a year and never clicked the Facebook page.
          Its not all about “game” and pussy you know. Its about risk management, time managemnt and protecting yourself = physically, mentally and financially.
          I would trade what I have learned here at Rok anyday over being an extra point or two higher on the “looks” scale. Those dudes are just accidents waiting to happen.
          When it comes to Cunttery — It really is a jungle out there.

      1. Srs. Dude is a total douche. More realistically another female troll like this Kee cunt above.
        I wonder what it is with these bitches that they hate males so much.

    1. That’s very true. Sex is all about physical attraction and no woman wants some geeky poor deformed blanket boy.

    2. False. If no game is required then I should have been drowning in pussy before learning game. You have to know how to close. Its no different than a sales person. A good sales person can sell you shit you do NOT WANT. You might get to your car and say why did I buy this shit? I encountered a good sales woman in my beta days who tricked me into buying a $40 nail kit for my mother (mother’s day was around the corner). I didn’t go to the mall thinking this is what I was going to buy, I even said I had no money (I did) and (that line is no different than I have a boyfriend really) but she was actually quiet good in sales. There were about 20 things that went on during that interaction where had she done just one thing different she’d lose the sale. It is no different than game. You can get a girl to fuck you who has no interest in fucking you. She might get to her car and ask, why did I fuck this dude? Just being just because of being aggressive and trying to close the deal quickly you can fuck girls with good game.

      1. Like I said, game only work with GIRLS that are physical attracted TO YOU. If you throw in alcohol, this will increase your chances since standards drop. You cannot “game” a female that is not physically attracted you just like a fat girl cannot convince you to like her. You cannot spot any game because they girl has already chosen that she does not like you based on your looks (mostly your face). No matter what you say, she will most likely reject you (unless you have large amounts of money or appear to have a large amount of status). Also, good looking = less work. You have to pull 20 moves to lay the girl, he only has to pull 5. Which is okay, but don’t try and say that you can “game” a girl who is not attracted to you.

        1. You can create attraction in women. Your argument would be tantamount to saying, sales only works on CUSTOMERS that WANT to buy from you. Which isn’t really true, a slick sales man can get you to buy shit you don’t want, like a slick talker can make a girl fuck a guy she didn’t want. Which is why many women experience regret from fucking men with good game (who maybe otherwise below them in terms of look).
          A fat girl cannot convince me to like her, but a thick girl with a big ass and big titties like the Kim K type could (not my type per se) but if she demonstrated that she was easy enough and I had to put no work, I may fuck her simply because its so easy and for no other reason. Likewise some women will fuck a man solely off his high confidence or because other women like him (social proofing).
          You certainly can create attraction and it involves a whole area of psychology called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Basically you are hi-jacking the female brain to create thoughts of sex and you and then sex and you together to make her think of having sex with you. Its actually quiet complex and there are entire books written on the subject which I won’t summarize here.
          You definitely can create attraction with a girl who doesn’t like you or who didn’t initially find you sexually attractive.
          There are men who can speak and make people fall asleep and do things that they don’t want to do, it is called hypnotism. I saw a hypnotist come to my high school and get 5 students on the floor swimming on stage and a kid in the audience went into a trans like state, you cannot fake that. To pretend that same dude could not get a woman to fuck him when he had 3 women howling like monkeys and swimming on the floor is utter lunacy.

        2. LMAO. Sorry, but you sound a typical PUA manipulated jockey. “Hypontize a girl.” You fucking serious bro. Let me break it down for you. You just proved my point: you would fuck the thick girl with big ass and tits (even though she’s not your type) because you still LIKE her appearance to an extent. All is needed is a small amount of physical attraction. It just means you need to lay MORE game down. Same applies with girls. Women are not attracted to confidence, they are attracted to a man’s looks and if he is confident, that is a plus. They are not attracted to average men with confidence. Looks = gets her pussy wet, not words. Good looks will kill game any day of the week so if a guy keeps failing with women, it is probably because of his looks, not his game.

        3. Part of game is being in at least modestly good shape and not having a beer gut, and judging by what I’ve seen having a beer gut isn’t exactly pussy repellent, there are plenty of fat and soft guys fucking women above their level.
          No, I do not like a thick girls appearance, I like the thick girls personality and sexual easiness, if she had a different personality I’d not give her the light of day.
          If all is needed is a small amount of physical attraction unless you are a homeless or morbidly obese pig or don’t shave and give zero fucks about your appearance as a man then fucking any women is pretty much possible by your own logic.
          No, women are attracted to a man’s personality. Looks are important, will a good looking guy have an easier time, to an extent, but it depends on his level of game. An average looking guy with a good personality can close more women than a “boring” good looking guy.
          Your looks will only take you so far, women are stupid, they seek beastile emotions like excitement and leadership and fun. If you think words don’t get her pussy wet it is because you havem’t seen it in action.

        4. Lol. You can be in great shape…but if your face DOES not match her standards for attractiveness, it does not matter. Try online dating and tell me how that goes. If you are average or even above average, you will struggle. Good looks is universal. Game only helps getting girls on your levels

        5. Online dating is your problem, unless you look a very particular way it will be hard to pull even a 5. And even if you are a model looking man you will not be pulling model looking women. Trust me I uploaded a profile a male model who would easily be a 10, like you would not find a better looking man, equally good looking, possible, but better looking, not really. The attention he get from women aren’t the ones that you or I’d want to or would fuck. Online dating is the lowest pool of women available and generally the hardest place to game. It is full of women who basically rejected every man they ever met in real life hence they just have grossly unrealistic expectations, which is why you hold that view. In reality you can be a 6 in looks and pull a 7,8,9, or 10. All you need is access.
          A guy who is a ten in looks and money will not only sleep with 10s, sometimes he will sleep with 6,7,8,9,10s etc. And neither will a girl who is a 10. You simply need to let go of your negative view that no one will fuck you, because it might start to be true if you keep thinking that. If all you think about is how any hot chick won’t fuck you, you’ll find a way to screw up any encounter you have with one. Now if you go work for a fashion magazine and take pictures of hot chicks all day, you going to have no trouble pulling a model girlfriend. Even if 19/20 reject you for being too ugly, you’ll still find 1 girl who will fuck you because she has nothing better to do.

        6. Tinder is not like POF/OKC. The majority of females on tinder are 18-28 and most of them are attractive. Some of them are smoke shoes. The quality of women on tinder compared to POF/OKC is 10 fold. It is basically a sex app. Sure, a lot of women use it for attention, but they are just hunting to good looking men on their while a nice looking guy will be lucky to get a few dates….I went on a date with a 6/10 and she had 200 matches in less then a month. Now imagine a 7/10? 8/10? A male must max out their looks at all costs and then his game will grow.

        7. Why would any attractive mentally stable women look online for men when she is surrounded by beta orbiters who show her real life attention and is constantly hit on?
          Why are you going online and bottom feeding and going on dates with 6/10 women? The fact a 6/10 is getting 200 hits from men online would be like a 6/10 being hit on by every male in the bar and I’ve only see that happen in the navy, in mining towns with female shortages and in Toronto. 3 dangerous places that a man should never go except to make money.
          I’m not encouraging men to slouch on their looks but looks is but a small amount of factors overall. Being good looking will require less game, but I know good looking men who can’t pull the trigger and they end up with women who control them and wear the pants in the relationship. Even if you can lay any woman effortlessly and you look like a god from a magazine cover, a woman will:
          -walk all over you, enslave you, cut off all your contacts family and friends, isolate you, take all your money through divorce rape while fucking all your friends behind your back and deny you from seeing your kids; if you do not have game.
          -If you are good looking learn game for the sake of not being divorced raped and cut off from your kids and broke and friendless and isolated. When you see some 20 year old sleeping with your wife, is it any wonder hollywood hogan said no wonder why O.J. did it? Being beta can cost you everything you have.

    3. Sigh…fine. I’ll just tell my ugly bald friend that he’s got no hope of Game…except for the small matter that he’s usually busy with his 2 girlfriends. One of them who’s fabulously rich and giving him everything he wants…

      1. Doubt he is that ugly or doubt that his girlfriends are that good looking (like most men who say “my ugly friend gets girls”, are either underrating their friends or overrating the girl. Of course there are rules to the exception, but for the most part, hooking up occurs with people on your level of physical attractiveness. They are probably around looks-matched. I never said ugly guys can’t pull; they just pull on their level (which means ugly girls). Rich girl = does not equal attractive.

        1. Reading your comment, I see that you honestly believe what you’re saying. And all other things being equal, of course a woman is going to want to fuck a good looking man as opposed to a bad looking man; you’re right, of course. But suppose, as I believe is the case, that all other things aren’t equal. So there’s a guy who isn’t good looking. He can do nothing and get nothing. Or, as Get It Going said in response to another comment, he can “highlight, accept, and overcome” his problem(s). He can get in shape, get some sharp clothes, get a decent hairstyle, learn a foreign language, become an expert on something– anything at all (chicks dig that), stack cash, travel to foreign countries, etc. In other words, he can put into practice what RoK preaches: self-improvement. He can approach with confidence, knowing that he is a badass, and not give a fuck if he’s rejected, instead viewing rejection as a step closer to getting laid. I assure you, a man who has done those things will do better than someone who is better looking yet who is a blue pill pussy.

        2. I totally agree. The guy can overcome and still get women…but only on his playing field. He will have trouble scoring females above his looks…look around you…everyone is looks-matched. Attractive girl fuck attractive guys, averages fuck averages, etc.

        3. “So there’s a guy who isn’t good looking. He can do nothing and get nothing.”
          Most people are capable of improving their looks by at least 1 point. That means if he’s a 3 and only able to attract 1s and 2s, he can become a 4 and then be able to attract 3. If he really goes all out for an extreme makeover and becomes a 5 (average) then he can attract a 4 which is a whole 3 points higher than the 1s he used to attract when he was a 3.

        4. “look around you…everyone is looks-matched. Attractive girl fuck attractive guys, averages fuck averages, etc.”
          Of course. That is Natural Law. That is the Tao.

    4. Joe: ok, looks, but women crave status, not only looks. So $$$$ > 🙂

  22. This is exactly what I needed to read today; thank you for this.
    I just hope its not too late to salvage my current relationship and stop looking like an asshat.

    1. I learned that it might be too hard or unrealistic because the precedent of the relationship (the dynamics, who’s in charge, etc) were already set and are hard to redefine once you change.
      But I hope you can!

  23. Fellas, I started reading Return of Kings a few months ago. Being in my early 40’s the lessons demonstrated and discussed here will definitely help you in years to come.

  24. Nice article, GetItGoing. Hope to see more of your work around here in the future.

  25. What I’ve learned…
    – Being beta is a skin that everyone has to shed. Every relationship informs the next, so you become less and less so over time. No one can be told what the fire is; you have to walk through it.
    – Your friends have to do the same and will reject the red pill if you explain it to them. Wait for them to approach you, if they ever approach at all.
    – “If she ain’t related to us or she ain’t sucking your dick, don’t help her move.”- someone’s grandma. Not mine.
    – If you’re in the friendzone, it’s your fault. Take the all-or-nothing approach from here on out.
    – There IS a way to get out of that friend zone and it’s not confessing your love. It’s hanging out with her less and dating someone else. Like trout for the bait, she’ll come.
    – Learn to laugh at any failed relationship you had. If it worked out, you would be miserable with that bitch today.
    – Female acquaintances are good for social proof. Not female friends. If you hang out with them routinely and are not fucking them, you are wasting your time.
    – A girl who has more male friends than female, and explicitly says, “I get along better with guys, girls are too much drama,” IS drama.
    – A member of the band Chicago, who’s slept with literally thousands of women, gave me the best advice ever: “If the relationship isn’t perfect in the first year…and I mean perfect…get the fuck out.”
    – Every relationship has an end. Whether that’s death or getting caught fucking her sister, it’s there. Enjoy the now.
    – If a woman texts you to feel good about herself, cease all contact. She’ll either fade away or come to the realization fucking you is the price she must pay for your attention. Win-win.
    – The reason 80-year-old couples have been married so long is because they got hitched at a time when divorce was worthy of shame and wasn’t incentivized. Explaining this to anyone is a waste of your time; knowing it is enough.
    – 90% of advice is useless, including this. Take what you will and discard the rest.

        1. “If a relationship isn’t perfect I mean PERFECT gtfo”
          There are no “perfect” relationships, pal. You’ve never experienced intimacy nor been with a good woman you can trust. That kind of relationship is never perfect. You have to struggle and come out strong and invincible on the other side to achieve that.
          “Every relationship has an end blah blah blah get caught fucking her sister”
          No wonder you have trust issues and can’t sustain having a good relationship. A nihilistic pile of feces like you sleeping with someone’s sister is not a good relationship make.
          In this life, we get what we deserve. Sounds like you’re getting all you can handle and then some. You reap what you sow.

        2. Lol.
          I’m sure you subscribe to that lesson taught to us all by “The Notebook”: If you argue all the time, it’s all good, because you LUV each other.
          He said if a relationship isn’t perfect that first year. And he’s right. That first year should be a peaceful time, a blissful time. If you weren’t too busy taking the sexual abuse imposed on you by your father and pushing it on others, you might know what that peace is.

        3. At least I had a father. Bastard children like you are where they are now, miserable sex starved, ugly and lonely because they didn’t have fathers. Isn’t that your fav and most familiar red pill talking point here?

      1. Thanks, man. Maybe! I like your shit, too. Email some stuff to you, Mr. Knotts?

  26. Western Girls role models :
    Man, so fucking stupid on just about every level possible

  27. All true.
    And no reason to worry about justifying looking in foreign countries for women that are worth something. Those of us here already know the scoop on that. And of course American women are threatened by that. If they can’t get their hands into your wallet, how will they survive? Answer: The will not survive.
    Ultimately, competitive pressures might create red pill women in some future generation. But in our generation, the best option is to simply use American women for what they are good for – a good, hard ass fucking. Just make sure you get “consent” in written form (you’d be surprised how easy that is to get in a text message, if you have not tried).

  28. Western women are the most weakest in the world. They are so easily influence by dysfunctional feminists values. These women end up getting tatts and acting muscular cause they are so weak minded inside. A normal feminine women isn’t so easily influence.

    1. Gotta agree with this. Entitled, bratty, stuck-up, fire-breathing feminist bitches would be the most generous description I can come up with. But this does not really sum it up. There is something intangible about their bitchiness.
      Date an asian girl 10 years younger than yourself… and you are “creepy”.
      Date an eastern european…. and you are “desperate”.
      Date an Latina… and you “like bimboes”
      Reject American women… and you “just can’t handle a strong woman”
      That’s their logic i guess…. -____-

      1. Don’t forget how I’m an abusive, slave-driving, controlling monster if I get a more submissive, conservative wife from another country.
        Can’t forget those lovely hate-filled labels.
        +1 on the “just can’t handle a strong woman” especially if she’s a bitter black woman. Ooooffff.

        1. I could handle eating a dog turd, but thatdoesn’t mean that I would ever want to.

  29. “Just be yourself”…translation, don’t bother with self improvement et al. A central tactic in feminism is bring up by bringing down. You see, men and women are different, and no one understands that FACT, TRUTH and REALITY better than feminists. Need proof? Well, why are women encouraged to be their best and men to “just be themselves”? Why not encourage everyone to be their best? Answer: if they did then women couldn’t compete against men. That simple, hence, men today are literally being kept down.

    1. Honestly, I lean towards the simplest explanation: that it’s far easier to be lazy and self improvement is too much work.
      Easier to rationalize, justify, and downplay one’s faults and seek validation and play the victim card.
      But I think you’re making good points about keeping men down. Certainly see a lot of male-shaming in a variety of subjects.
      What a mess society is now.

  30. “A better appearance leads to more attention from women”
    “I believe this to be one of those truths that we all feel intuitively
    but are programmed by the blue pill messages in TV, music, and peer
    pressure to ignore. ”
    – Its not the blue pill or the media, its the “Manosphere” who thinks “looks don’t matter for men” and they are DEAD WRONG. The media in fact does a pretty good job of physically objectifying male models and actors. I’m glad you figured it out. And I’m sure you’ve noticed how exceptionally goodlooking men lead a charmed life getting perks everywhere from the job market to the shopping mall to the mom and pop pizza parlor down the corner.
    “Women will treat you the way you allow them to”
    – Holds true for everybody and every relationship you will ever have, whether its with your parents, your kids, your siblings, your best buddies, your pastor/rabbi/imam/guru or whatever. We don’t get the relationships we deserve, we get the relationships we tolerate.
    “Oneitis = Weakness.
    Oh sure, monogamy is necessary for a long-term relationship, but how
    many times have we seen this story: “She’s a real bitch sometimes, but I
    don’t want to lose her. I love her, man… uuurrrrr.” And then the poor
    Schmoe continues a life of suffering, nagging, and general misery
    because he’s so needy and dependent upon that “one true love.” Even
    worse if she humiliates him and cheats on him with a more “exciting”
    alpha-type until he drops her and needs her nice guy provider (a.k.a.,
    “plan B”).”
    – Well your last sentence in that paragraph is your big mistake. A person cannot “cheat” unless he or she is married. There is no such thing as a mere “girlfriend” being “unfaithful”. Until marriage there is no binding contract and no claim over someone, so get over it.
    “Being “yourself” isn’t what it takes”
    – No, but being your BEST self is!

    1. There is no binding contract in an illegal craps game, and yet if you are caught palming a pair of loaded dice you are going to find yourself in an alley having the rules pounded into your head . . . with tire irons.

      1. How it works:
        Dating is assumed to be open until and unless you two sit down and have “the talk” and mutually agree to be an exclusive, monogamous couple. Dating someone regularly, or sleeping with someone regularly, does not automatically translate to “exclusive.” You’re a damn fool if you think so.

        1. Nice goal post move, Sparky, but your premise is clearly written and visible on the page just above.

        2. To be honest, I don’t believe in “monogamy” before marriage. But I have noticed that the assumption of it is a staple in this culture. So I tell guys, at least have “the talk” before you assume anything.

        3. If I need to have a “talk” with someone about that – then I am going to “walk”.
          Now get the fuck off our website you fucking cunt. I am getting sick of listening to your vagina dribble.

  31. I look at women much differently, from even 5 years ago. There is no such a thing as a ‘hot’ woman. There is such a thing as ugly women, but hot? Not so much. The simple fact is that females all conform to the standard of what human look like. That picture of Blake Lively is the perfect example. She’s attractive don’t get me wrong, but hot? No. She’s a not fat healthy western woman. When you realize that that’s all she is, that she’s not special in and of herself you realize that all women are game. My girl is pretty but no more or less pretty than the Hollywood women that western men idealize as ‘hot as fuck’.

  32. The truth is that most males are sex deprived. Ever try Tinder? There are TONS of attractive girls on their. These girls only fuck the top 20% of males. All the make up, filters and tights make them much more attractive then they are. They will gladly pass up on looks-matched males when in reality they aren’t all that special without their make up. If you are an 18-25 year old male that is average growing up in this generation, I can feel for you. This is the sluttiest generation of all time but yet the hardest to get laid. The hyper competitive nature of dating gives females ALL the power in dating. Girls put out….but only for guys who are attractive and good looking. Average males go for the scarps…and if you fuck up even A LITTLE bit, its on to the next 20 choices that these females have. All they have to do is set up a tinder profile and BAM, there goes 100 matches in 3 days. I went on a date with a slightly less attractive female then me and she had 200 matches in less then 1 month. I could barely get 10 in a week. A male must approach and face massive rejection to overcome this obstacle…which most men cannot deal with because large amounts of rejection is dangerous to any human psychology

  33. QUOTE: ”
    7. People won’t like that you’re pursuing foreign women, especially American women”
    So True. The only exception is if you are an expat and the girlfriend you are with is from the country you expat in. For most americans this is acceptable as they certainly do not expect a man to find an american female (i.e. stupid, entitled sack of pig vomit) in a foriegn land.
    Worse case scenario you get socially shunned. Even American men wil give you shit because they have to tow the line and cater to an American nagging shrew and resent seeing you with a quality female.

  34. @ point 6:
    Those ugg boots spread like a disease here in central europe. Fucking bitches following every trend.

    1. Sorry to hear that! I just don’t see the appeal anymore. Kind of tired of it.

  35. >Nice. Of all the people who gave me these heavily negative opinions,
    one thing was a common factor: they had no idea what they were talking
    about, and had never even been to the country in question. Most had
    never been outside the USA.
    People in areas with the lowest percentage of foreigners are also the most xenophobic.
    Most people are afraid of the unknown, that’s just a fact of life.

  36. Great post sir, one more reason I come back to ROK daily.
    I specifically agree with #9, being yourself ain’t going to cut it in the real world. Every young man should be told this once he has ears to hear and a mind to understand it.
    Guys, you have to go out and accomplish things in life. Be somebody, not just anybody (i.e. Yourself). You are not beautiful women who get an A+ for just showing up. Hence why most women, maybe 6 or above, have this undeserved sense of entitlement. They’ve been brought up to believe the world owes them something.
    Not true for men. Even the best looking guy in the world would quickly be forgotten if all he did was roll out of bed and make it to work on time.
    You need to be a better version of yourself and work on it everyday. This ties in with the self improvement/ self cultivation theme of dress better, carry yourself better, read more, work out, see the world, etc.
    My redpill moment came after I shed my nice-guy skin as well. Since my dad never taught me the precepts explicitly, the last few years has been quite the crash course in reality. That being said, my old man was masculine enough that I had a compass. It’s the single-mother raised boys I worry about. They grow up 2 ways; either effeminate perpetual nice guys of suburbia or feral animals of the inner city. No good comes with any of those options.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Excellent point of being a better version of yourself.
      I like to think now, after maturing, that what is needed is a balance of things: be the better version of yourself, and yet try to retain what you can of those good things you had before you changed as needed.
      If you at least had a father involved in your life, you had that benefit.
      Yes, unfortunately I had an uninvolved father and an overly critical, negative mother. The effects of only have a mother in one’s life can be very bad, and takes a lot of work to overcome.

  37. Good read. I’m oroginally from a small southern town and even though the women here are a bit more traditional, they have horrible fashion, and are pretty obese normally
    I’ve learned all these lessons the hard way too

    1. Yes, obesity has become the norm in so many places like that across America.
      Looking back on pictures from the same place in the ’80s & ’90s I don’t see nearly as many obese, unattractive women.

  38. The saddest thing is there are too many beta males to shift the paradigm of dating. This one girl I know told me she hasn’t paid for a date in 6 months simply off using tinder. Absolutely pathetic.

  39. 5. Women want to be led
    This is so true. One time when I had several girls in my grills because they thought I was cute, the first time they spoke to me in a group whilst we were walking, I was very rude to them and showed lots of disinterest. I treat them as if they were worse than shit.
    The next day I had one of their friends come up to me that I never speak to, tell me that the girls are starting to not like me anymore because I wasn’t being nice, and this conversation went on for five minutes.
    There’s nothing worse to a woman, than a pussywhipped white knight who will applaudingly nod his head to every female who shows him interest because she has a vagina. Because I had turned them down whilst indicating I was still interested in being their friends, their respect for me increased immensely, as they thought I was genuine and not trying to get in their pants. It also let the women know who led the relationship, me, and that they could only talk to me on my terms, not their terms, which they found hot, as not only was I confident enough to be rude to them, but I took leadership like an alpha male should.
    Women think with emotions and men think with logic. While it’s logical to be a “nice guy” and cater to a woman’s every whim and fantasy, emotionally, it’s bad, because it means that you’re a white knight giving a woman special treatment because she has a vagina, just like GetItGoing did who wrote the article who white knightingly tinted a girl’s car windows because she had a vagina.
    All this does is put pussy on a pedestal without the naive and ignorant blue pilling white knighters being aware of it. If men stopped putting the pussy on a pedestal, their control over men’s sexual need would stop.
    So the moral of the story is, if a girl shows interest in you, show disinterest back, and it will make her respect in your genuineness increase, her trust for you increase, but more importantly it’ll make her love you more than ever before.

  40. First of all good article, I totally agree with it.
    I have a foreign girlfriend and nearly always since I went to high school I dated girls from different countries, I travel often and visit countries far from mine (Switzerland) in different continents, and everybody keeps asking me if I cannot find a girl from my country, or if I just go abroad to be able to bang.
    What people don’t understand is that it is my choice, I do that on purpose, because I see what guys who are engaged with girls who lived two minutes from their homes are experiencing and how frustrated they are.
    If the girls of your country aren’t feminine and have a crappy attitude I don’t see anything wrong with trying your luck abroad and be happier..

    1. Interesting comment.
      Yes, at the very least, a man should travel and see what his options are. I can tell you that when you’re with an attractive, nice foreign women, you know those American men who are accompanied by doggish, man-jawed women are paying a heavy price for their lack of ambition.

  41. “Being that sweet, timid guy who doesn’t know how to talk to a woman
    won’t cut it unless you want to be stuck with the first fatty that comes
    Ohhhhhh yeah. Where the fuck were you assholes 20 years ago I wonder?

    1. When I think about subject, I often come up short of answers.
      All I ever could say in response to something like that is that “the answers & guidance simply weren’t available…it wasn’t there…” and that we have to find it on our own.
      Yes, for sure, my life and I’m sure the lives of others would have been remarkably different had we known even 10% of what we know now.
      It’s a shame it has to be that way–look at the affects the lack of guided masculinity is having on American society.
      If I could choose between being rich and getting to go back in time knowing what I’ve learned now, I would choose to go back and redo my life—and rock ‘n roll with those missed opportunities!

  42. I had a harsh reminder of #1 this weekend.
    Still a long way to go. Just gotta get up, brush myself off, and do better next time.

    1. Yes-and I’m finding it’s helpful to see that it is a common theme amongst other men as well.
      It’s encouraging to know you’re on the right track, and not alone.

  43. Every-time I resolve something in my life that’s been bugging me ; I feel an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders. Over the past years I spent time in introspection to resolve the following:
    1.) Religion: don’t believe in any human created religions or gods.
    2.) Politics: less government, more personal sovereignty
    3.) Family: cut ties with a life long toxic relationship with my brother
    4.) Marriage/children/women: don’t want anything to do with them
    Now that these things are out of the way, I see the future with clarity and purpose and am very excited about working on my hobbies, building wealth and friendships.

    1. Great list. Id assume that includes pretty much the majority viewpoints for most of us here.

    2. #3 is a major point, and not to be taken lightly. I understand now why your life is looking brighter!

  44. THESE ARTICLES ARE ALL THE SAME. Just regurgitated using different wording. What makes you guys better than Jezebel again?

    1. They’re not the same.
      What makes us better is that we write from hard-earned personal experience, or at least it is common at RoK to do so.
      I do not spit out emotionally-charged drivel used to further a personal belief or agenda.
      My target audience is my fellow man, and my goal is to better myself and contribute to the better of my fellow man & friends. In the spirit of humble men before me, I strive to accept my own faults and accept responsibility for them myself-not to find a convenient 3rd party to place blame on.
      I don’t need a group hug and bashing which seems to be the norm at places like Jezebel.
      Happy to clear that up for you.

  45. Women will treat you the way you allow them?
    There is a element of truth in this, but a women can still treat you like shit and get away with it even if you don’t allow it. Women have higher social power, backing from the rest of society. Women can do you real damage and their is nothing you can do to stop it.
    (Taking no shit from women does reduce the risks though, it makes them more likely to look for someone else to victimize.)
    You are still a blue bill thinker article writer. If you escalate you risk sexual harassment. You can’t game that risk away. (A women who is attracted to you, will falsely accuse you, after you have dumped her.)
    Self improvement is capitalist bullshit. You are selling a lot of blue pill stuff in your post.

    1. I have no idea where you got some of those ideas, but I’ll bite and respond.
      It is important to again clarify that my article is not something I made up—these lessons are TRUTHS learned from very hard, real-world experience. Life is truly a bitch at times, and unforgiving in the lessons it teaches. And hence the value of red-pill truths.
      There’s always an opportunity for someone (women, here) to do damage. However, ultimately whether it is as simple as avoiding contact, getting out of the situation when she starts getting violent (and is prone to claim abuse), or telling her you will not tolerate her being a emotionally abusive, cruel bitch, a man has the choice of whether or not he will allow himself to be subject to it.
      Blue pill thinker article writer? That doesn’t even make sense.
      Be realistic. Outside of shoving my hand down her pants, beginning escalating progressively by start with a comforting touch or two is not going to get the sexual harassment card played.
      A confident, smart man will know when he’s welcome to start her engine, and when to avoid a potential bitch land mine.
      Self-improvement is absolutely not “capitalist bullshit” and doesn’t even having any relevance to capitalism.
      I bust my ass in the gym, eath healthy, maintain my appearance, study information & the experience of those who came before me, and work on my inner strengths & weakness as needed to move forward as a man.
      The red pill truths I’ve learned and wrote about came from painful lessons I’ll not soon forget. To be blue pill, I would continue to deny these truths, and continue living a life as a weak, complacent, and “nice guy” man, pursuing women with themes not based in how they actually are, but based on how people would have me *believe* they are.
      Tell me again how life’s hard truths are “blue pill.”
      “Blue pill” is not finding out the woman you were so enamored with and devoted to is ridiculing you in front of others because you didn’t make a move sexually. And having her friend come in to your workplace and laugh with the boss about it while you’re watching.
      “Blue pill” is not learning to deal with having a woman hide a very dark, personal secret, and having your whole world torn apart inside-to realize that woman you were so devoted to is in fact leading you on the whole time–and rug-sweeping the truth.
      No, sir, that is not blue pill.

      1. In the UK sexual harassment is now totally subjective.
        Yes you got to escalate to get sex as 99% of women never instigate sex. (Passive and lazy.) This would not bother me except this is done in the context of a legal system that punishes male heterosexuality.
        Self improvement comes from capitalist culture, it is there to make people insecure with themselves and make them endlessly improve themselves. There is a reason why a lot of self improvement is written for female.
        I believe in self reflection, that is different than self improvement. Self improvement has no end. (A lot like consumption.)
        I honestly think there is a limit to how much one should change themselves, you should only adapt oneself so far for a shitty culture like this one.. (If someone is a fat mentally ill cunt, they should of course lose weight and take some meds/seek a mental health professional.)
        I do the minimal amount of work outs possible to get a decent shape. Heavy weights are good for a lazy person like me.
        Also I am getting older, not as horny as I used to be. My disgust at western women, makes me feel less inclined to bother with them. I am thinking of moving somewhere else.

        1. Self reflection is pointless without action.
          What’s the point of finding faults with ourselves if we’ll do nothing to work on what is holding us back from being our best?
          Self-improvement is not endless. That is illogical.
          Self-improvement can be an ongoing process of learning, goal setting/acheivement, or something as relatively simple as getting in shape physically and dressing better.
          The last 2 items, for example, can provide immediate benefits and are hardly “endless.” By your logic, noone should ever bother to lose weight, make themselves more successful, and be able to attract a higher quality of mate.
          It’s sad to see others live with a self-defeating mentality.

  46. what the hell is wrong with you. You can be attracted to more feminine presenting women but why the hell should every woman have to go out of her way to wear constrictive clothing, makeup, and spend time on her hair for you? No one has a responsibility to please others with the way they dress unless you’re at work. It’s not a woman’s job to please you. A woman is exactly the same person in makeup and a dress as she is wearing a snuggy on the couch. Sorry not ever woman in your entire homestate doesn’t dress in the way you prefer.
    Also the friendzone is complete bullshit. Women “friendzone” someone because they don’t ever want to date you but worry you might overreact or get violent if they flat our reject you. Many women agree more than men in order to please others and never cause a scene, or maybe they just wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of a friend. Also speaking as someone who has friends who have “friendzoned” others who make grand romantic gestures I can just tell you it’s annoying. If they make it clear they aren’t into you by saying things like you’re a friend or brother they DON’T want you doing these things for them. It’s annoying to have to accept these unwanted gifts just so we don’t cause a big scene yelling at you. If a girl who you already said you’re not interested in continues to stalk you and give you unsolicited gifts and ignore all your feelings and then laugh at the idea that your friendship was enough then I’m pretty sure you would end up calling the cops or having someone intervene. It’s just a group of guys who think women are only machines you put favors into until sex comes out and then judge you based on their sexual choices; some friend right!?
    on another note your idea that thin and having big boobs is the only true standard of beauty and that everything else is unhealthy is filled with fallacies. Other cultures don’t share the same beauty norms as you pointed out, and many non-western countries actually prefer larger women as a beauty standard (yes even today). The West also have some weird obsession with women’s boobs that surely isn’t biologically programed, in fact people in many non western communities laugh at, or are creeped out by Westerners who put so much emphasis on them. Even in the West it’s easy to see how beauty standards have changed over the decades. Remember in the medieval ages and renaissance where a woman’s plump stomach was considered equally as erotic as her chest? What about the 20’s where the “petite garçon” look came in ie no curves visible? Dude don’t expect your individual standard to be applied to every culture or every woman and it’s definitely not biologically programmed thanks

    1. Why does a woman need to spend time getting made up?
      To attract a good man. Which is why she was created.

    2. ^ Found the male feminist.
      No one has a responsibility to please others with the way they dress unless you’re at work. It’s not a woman’s job to please you.
      That’s fine. They can stay alone and miserable. A woman not willing to make an effort isn’t a woman worth my long-term investment & commitment.

  47. I agree with you about Colombian women. They possess a sensuality unlike any other group of women. What is astounding is that the more beautiful they are, the easier they are to meet, especially if you are a gringo. The culture in general is more sexual and oriented toward relationships and sex. We, as Americans have all the material things; cars, big screen TV’s, big house. Colombians have fun and sex. When I return, I am depressed and disgusted with American women. The USA sucks.

    1. Yeah it was a great experience. I’m likely to go back, although I find the cinnamon/slightly-darker skin of some Panamanian women very sexy too. Something about that skin, dark hair, sexy eyebrows, and little round nose gets me.
      I have Colombian friends here and I met a Barranquillerana while in NYC, very sexy, cool woman. Fantastic booty.
      I remember walking through the airport in Bogota and how many “average” women were quite beautiful by our standards.
      The US is very depressing in that regards, I totally agree!

  48. while i do agree with a few of your points (such as #6 & #7), they all seem to be from YOUR point of view, and not just good general advice. it is advice if you want to get the kinds of women that YOU like, not good advice for any old person.
    i’m not very masculine, but i’m not overly emotional either. the “right woman” is different for each person, and any woman who doesn’t like someone who is “being themself” is probably not someone that person should be dating in the first place.
    the nice guy can find the right girl, i am proof of that. it’s just not always easy, because not everybody has reached the same point in their lives as everybody else. we all grow at our own rate, and in our own choice of direction. if you can’t find the right someone for you, you probably need to look outside of your immediate vicinity. you don’t just find a “soulmate” or whatever overnight…
    most of your post just sounds like machismo, which is iseless to someone like me. but that doesn’t make me (or you) wrong. everyone has their own opinions on what should be done. when you treat that like fact though, it becomes flawed logic, as it only applies to some situations. if it works for you, then great, but don’t treat it like it is “fact”, when it is only “opinion”…
    remember, opinions are neither right nor wrong. they are simply your opinion.
    well, that’s my opinion anywayz 😀

  49. So much bullshit wrapped in anti “blue pill” propaganda I don’t even know where to start.
    Where does ROK finds its writers?
    The synagogue?(race mixing propaganda)
    The gym? (Gym rat propaganda)
    The STD ward at the local hospital?(women are only useful for one thing-their vagina)
    I could write more but you get the point.
    It is dangerous and unethical to write some of the things you are writing.
    Roosh, your choice of writers is very telling of your integrity.

  50. “Being ‘friendzoned’ should not be tolerated. To allow it means you allow yourself to used, abused, and disrespected.”
    Seriously. Are you kidding me. Are you saying that it is impossible to be friends with females? Does her possession of a vagina automatically prohibit any sort of non-sexual relationship with you? The last time I checked, being friends with someone was, in fact, not abusive, using, nor disrespectful. It’s just being someone’s friend :O
    Just because you are halfway decent to a woman does not mean that she owes you shit. Also, on the points that no potential sexual partner will notice you if you are ‘decent towards women’ and a ‘nice guy’ is…it is so stupid that I can’t even understand what was going through your head when you typed that. What kind of preschool-like idea of flirting do you have? This is the type of thinking that the playground bully has, when he pushes his classmate’s face in the dirt because he doesn’t know how to tell her that he has a crush on her. Apparently, you never really grew out of that mindset.

  51. There are gold digging women in all countries. So, good luck with the foreign women not looking for money. Some men are so silly. Those women are skilled at pretending.

    1. Oh really? How many countries have you been to and how many women have you been in relationships (short and long or otherwise)?
      The men who are silly are those who don’t know what they’re talking about yet seem to know everything.
      I’ve been known a bunch of women from a few countries and I’ve seen both types: the sincere and the gold-diggers/scammers. Not all are bad. I knew quite a few good ones who just honestly wanted a decent man.
      You are exactly the negative, opinionated type of person I wrote about. Thanks for proving my point.

  52. The only problem with escalating is that it is incredibly easy to catch a rape charge due to feminist law. Remember, she can change her mind about what happened after the fact, and unless you have documented, explicit consent, you’re in for a very expensive, drawn-out and torturous process. I brought home a girl who had a boyfriend one night. He found out. $4200 spent so far, and haven’t even had the first hearing. ALWAYS text her “wanna fuck? (yes/no)” and once she responds “yes” via text, proceed. We live in a world that has declared war on masculinity and male sexuality, so closing the deal can be a very dangerous endeavor, nowadays. Proceed with caution, these bitches can’t be trusted not to put you in jail if a night of sex with you later poses a threat to her agenda.

  53. I disagree on 3 points.
    1) “Women will treat them as you allow them to”, same with men with women, men w/ men, women w/ women. This is purely mirror neurons doing their job. But yeah, women will get less consequences for mistreating a man so they are more likely to do it as they’ll get away with it – that is why you see it more frequently from them. In states/nations where women misbehaving is punished, you don’t see this happening, therefore the theory that women are inherently evil is false. It’s a culture thing.
    6) “Femininity = good”; I’d rather say excessive femininity or its opposite cause most behaviors you guys criticize on this site. Humble/sporty/tomboy women don’t fit the evil harpy archetype, it’s usually either the excessively feminine or excessively non-feminine to – basically, insecure types. Femininity is a set of tricks to deal with insecurity. Moderate femininity is much more sexy (not slutty, but still feminine).
    9) “Being yourself = wrong”, that is a big sign saying Beta. It’s exactly being yourself, keeping your frame that wins. If you create a fabricated personality you aren’t keeping frame, you are creating a fake one that will eventually collapse and/or make you unhappy. I’d say instead: “Improve yourself to the point being yourself is the best thing”. Once you turn yourself into the man you want to be, there is no benefit in not being yourself.
    Other than these, on point.

    1. 1) They’re not inherently evil (not that I believe in the concept of evil to begin with). They do what serves their interest and what they think they can get away with. It’s just human nature. And they only get away with what you allow them to get away with. What he basically means here is that you should set boundaries.
      6) He just finds women with accessories and stuff like tight jeans hotter than plain small-town Alabama women. I think most of us do.
      9) We’re never really ourselves. Yes, we’re all predisposed to certain behaviors, but we all have potential for different behaviors within the spectrum of our natural predispositions, and you adopt your shade of behavior depending on the context.
      He gave two other contexts to make his point clearer: You can’t behave with your mom the same way you behave with your pals and the same way you behave with chicks you’re sexually interested in. You behave like a nice good boy and don’t talk about that girl’s ass in front of your mom because that’s what she wants; you behave like a “duuuuuude!” with your pals because that’s what they want from you and that’s also what you want from them; and you behave like a man with your chick because that’s what she wants from you. It’s like when you wear a suit and behave professionally at work or during a meeting with the board of directors and you say shit like, “While I believe this analysis is definitely worthy of a more extensive review, allow me to suggest, Mr. Kasinski, that a slicing of demographics based on educational attainment might be a better marketing approach to determine the potential popularity of the product in that county.”
      Now there are limits to this. If you think you’ve got this in you (i.e. what you’re displaying to the woman you’re courting), then you’re just lowering your inhibitions and pouring out what’s inside of you, what you’ve been inhibiting out of politeness or perceived respect for the girl. And that’s not really cheating. It’s like when a woman displays some cleavage: she already has those breasts; she’s just displaying more of them to look sexier. However, if you feel that you’re not just disinhibiting your already-existing potential behavior and state of mind and are just acting the whole thing from scratch, then yes, it’s cheating and it’s dishonest. The female equivalent in this case would be wearing padded bras.

      1. Precisely. Excellent response.
        I don’t know why people often want to over-complicate things.

  54. It,s interesting, the contradiction of saying men are valued for their character achievements and intelligence only in your about section
    while here you say just like women they are valued for their beauty.
    However I suppose that women are much more frivolous in your eyes for wanting eye candy ‘entertainment’ than men are.
    Of course, cause justice is a concept too complicated for your brain.
    At some point you started to loose ability to see nuances and see things in a vast persepective, and you think you see clearer cause you see up to your nose only. You call that the red pill, evoking some bloody commotion.

    1. Your comments don’t make any sense, and are certainly not accurate:
      1. My About section does not have anything that conflicts at all with what I wrote. If anything, it supports it. Hardship often builds character, and hardships are how I came to know the thing written about here
      2. Yes, women are often frivolous about what they seek in men, at least until their clocks start ticking more loudly. However I don’t fault women’s natural attraction to certain things in men. That’s just how it is.
      3. Your last point is a distortion of the truth, and an attempt to portray what we write here as something bad.
      The fact is, the red pill is the opposite of “up your nose only.” Having a rough life and having to struggle just to make it makes men humble, not arrogant.
      Your last comment shows a lack of understanding about some basics tenets of life. But that’s often the case with those who have lived an easy life and pass judgement on those they have an axe to grind with.

  55. There are two types of men that women look at. Don Draper, and Henry Francis. Everyone knows Henry Francis is sexier, funnier, a better spouse, a better lover, leads a better life… and yet men still want to be Don Draper. Seriously. Men – this is why women think you are undateable. Red pill exists because misery is comfortable.

    1. Men want to be Don Draper (the bad boy) because Don attracts the pussy that’s fresh and young and probably not looking to settle yet, whereas Henry Francis (the dad) attracts the worn-out one that’s becoming less attractive, has had its dose of bad-boy cum, and/or is looking for a provider.

  56. Have you ever maybe considered that women are human beings, people like you? How is the ‘friend zone’ a fucking punishment? You made a friend, why is that bad?? Women aren’t cattle. We aren’t objects to be bought and sold. Our value as a human race is based on our personality-not our looks. It’s not women’s fault you’re a bitter person because you felt entitled to another HUMANS body.

    1. “You made a friend, why is that bad?”
      If he wanted to be friends with her, he wouldn’t have made romantic/sexual advances to her in the first place. So he basically “made a friend” he didn’t want. “Yay!”
      “It’s not women’s fault you’re a bitter person because you felt entitled to another HUMANS body.”
      I don’t know if he felt entitled to it. It’s just that he tried to get pussy one way, it didn’t work. Now he’s just laying out the way that works to get pussy. Is it slightly less humane? Yes. But he didn’t make the rules; Nature did. He’s just following them.

      1. He didn’t ‘make’ the rules, but he’s perpetuating a horrible cycle of mistreatment, and an attitude of self entitlement that leads to feelings of self hatred and low self-esteem. And he isn’t treating women like humans, he’s literally treating ALL women like walking pussies for his dick, which is a lot worse than ‘inhumane’. Women aren’t pets, women are people. Maybe if he just tried to be understanding that women have the right to make their own decisions, and have their own will and mind he’d have better luck. Th problem lies with the expectation that he is entitled to sex, and while I believe everyone (minus child molesters/murderers/rapists of course) totally deserves awesome sex, nobody is entitled to sex from a specific person, or group of people.

        1. Wtf are you talking about? He’s not feeling entitled, in a rapey mood or anything; he’s just doing what he has to do get some attractive puss and get more respect. Think of it as a woman dressing/behaving sexy to get more attention from higher-status men. No mistreatment here.
          And he’s not treating “all” women like walking pussies, only the bangable ones, which is usually between 50 to 70 percent of women around you, depending on median age and some other factors.

        2. The entire thing has extremely sexist “women need to be ___” overtones. He bashes women for not looking ‘pretty enough’, he says that men deserve sex, this entire thing has a complete “women need to learn their place, and any women who aren’t like x are not attractive/sexy/ect”. Definite mistreatment, not inherently rapey, but this extremely sexist and ignorant-and the friend zone bullshit? That’s an excuse people make to blame others instead of trying to improve themselves- A women gets to fucking choose if she doesn’t want to be with someone, men don’t ‘deserve a women for being a good friend or buying a dinner for her. I understand you might have a hard time seeing a problem with it, but he (who is a man) is saying what women want, as if he has the authority. I get a sick feeling when I read this, it’s really backwards thinking and it’s incredibly frustrating that so many white dudes buy into it to avoid self reflecting and accepting that they have massive amounts of privilege and power compared to women and people of color.

        3. “he says that men deserve sex”
          No, he doesn’t. You did in your previous comment.
          “and the friend zone bullshit? That’s an excuse people make to blame others instead of trying to improve themselves- A women gets to fucking choose if she doesn’t want to be with someone, men don’t ‘deserve a women for being a good friend or buying a dinner for her.”
          That’s exactly what this article is for. He’s telling men how to improve themselves so as to not get friendzoned and so as to quit bitching about this whole friendzoning thing. And yes, that doesn’t happen by buying her dinner or by being a good friend. That shit doesn’t work. That’s exactly what he was saying. Have you read it?
          “but he (who is a man) is saying what women want, as if he has the authority.”
          He’s just describing what he sees that works as opposed to what doesn’t. He didn’t create reality; he’s just reporting it based on his own experience.
          You’re talking about self-reflection. That’s all he’s been doing: Talking about his past mistakes, and how he corrected them and became a more successful man in the dating arena. This is self-reflection.
          And finally, what would you want him to do? Remain a virgin, alone, mistreated, and miserable? And if he did and complained about being rejected, you’d start bitching about how no woman has the obligation to be with him simply because he’s a good guy. He can’t win either way. So all I can say is good on him for figuring things out and changing his behavior accordingly, and hopefully giving the forearm to the ill-content.

      2. so what dude, she should force herself to have sex with a guy she isn’t sexually attracted too? That sounds pretty rapey. I get it. I’ve fallen for guy pals and had them not like me the same way many times. It sucks, but they don’t owe me shit, and I also valued them as PEOPLE rather than walking penises. I got over it, I moved on. There is no friend zone. Just men who feel entitled to women enough to guilt and harass them for not having the same feelings. You can’t force love. That is controlling and creepy!

        1. We had the exact same conversation three months ago.
          “she should force herself to have sex with a guy she isn’t sexually attracted too?”
          No. How the fuck did you get that from what I said?!
          Reread the whole thing.
          “There is no friend zone.
          Of course there’s a friend zone. It’s when a woman sees you as a fucking friend. But again, if you read the article and my comments while your tits are calmed, you’ll see that neither I nor the author are blaming it on the woman, but rather on the man for being weak-ass sexually unattractive specimens. If a man is sexually unattractive, then the woman will be sexually unattracted to him. And vice versa.

      3. I saw your comments when perusing my old article. You make some great points. Thanks.

    2. Here we go with the same, tired male-shaming comments. Very predictable, and it never fails to show up any time a man has unfavorable viewpoints about some women.
      Whether or not “women are are human beings” was never relevant or even considered by my article. That’s a diversion from the points I made, and has no merit.
      To educate you, a little bit:
      • The “friend zone” is quite often used as a manipulative tool by those women to extract time, attention/validation, and resources from men who they string along and would not return benefits to, in any shape or form, likewise.
      Men and women can’t be friends in the same way as same-sex friends. It doesn’t work that way.
      FALSE. Your value is greatly based on your looks, and to say othewise is a lie. Men are visual/sexual creatures, and a women’s attraction and femininity greatly influence her options for obtaining, and remaining with, a man.
      High value (rich, famous, etc) men get with high-value women, a.k.a, women who are beautiful, not fat women with “good personalities”, etc. Similar can be said for women, too.
      (One of the greatest judges of a woman’s value per her beauty is actually not men, but other women! Hence the jealousy, and how women change behavior when a more attractive woman is present. That is a fact).
      I’m not bitter. I lived through a lot in my life, and have learned some extremely hard lessons from women I’ve been with.
      I never made any point whatsoever, implied or otherwise, about being “entitiled to another human’s body.” Take the hateful, weak, anti-male feminist bullshit somewhere else. No one’s buying it.

  57. Great article, could you explain a little more what you mean by this :
    “It was during a recent long-term relationship in which the woman I was with (an authentic Latina, not an Americanized watered-down version) gave me some of the most painful and emotionally damaging moments of my life”
    What exactly happened if I may ask? She was a classic latina yet she gave you pain? Sorry man, just a bit curious.
    BTW cool avatrar 🙂

    1. Hey, amigo, sorry that I didn’t see your comment somehow!
      Shit, there are so many things I could mention, but taught me so much, as if often the case with those turning points in men’s lives which come from being involved with a woman who makes them suffer.
      I’ll recap some of the things that happened:
      – Her personality disorder behavior [borderline personality disorder (BPD), I suspect strongly] caused her to constantly drop me hatefully, at random, then turn sweet again very soon. Extreme highs and lows, basically. It was hell
      – Was the first time I dealt with a “real” latina in the sense that being “blue pill” means clashing with her expectations for being confident and secure in a masculine way. So she sometimes viewed it as weakness, and even said so
      – Extreme emotional outbursts, and suicidal words/some behavior a few times. One time I had to rip a handfull of diet tablets out of her hand, after she got up suddenly in the middle of the night and went for them (??).
      – I found out she had a secret “2nd job” involving setting up hookers with clients/website work, etc.
      – Was trying to manipulate me a bit (and pressuring a bit) into marriage
      – Was very bad with money, and I had to loan her money on several occassions (typical of her type of personality)
      Those are a few…
      So, she had the classic latina traits (sexy, feminine, could be a good lover) but with the unfortunate addition of a personality disorder.
      It definitely set me down a different road. I learned so much. Honestly, it was hell, but a few good points I appreciate.
      A lot of red pill truths I got to see proven in front of my very eyes.

      1. ” I suspect strongly caused her to constantly drop me hatefully, at random, then turn sweet again very soon. Extreme highs and lows, basically. It was hell”
        This happens with many latina chicas – in particular argentina women.
        But overall, it would be safe to assume that even though you were with a latina, this particular one was off her nut?
        Again – GetItGoing – great avatrar! Here’s another I found:

        1. Yeah, she definitely had a personality disorder. I had never dealt with that before, and later when I read up about it I saw how other men had dealt with similar symptoms and behavior, which was eerily similar.
          Thanks, LOL I like the thumbnail. I used to listen to The Doors years ago, too.
          I can’t see your link, though (?) 🙁

        2. My link? For my profile ? I night have set ut private when ROK got invaded by a bunch of sjw faggots.

        3. Ok, never mind, I was referring to the picture you posted but it’s appearing ok now.
          However, I think I can top that!

        4. Nooooo, ha ha. Actually it was The Love God.
          A great movie for Don Knotts, and a fun movie to watch.

  58. Dames are generally very simple creatures that have been well-indoctrinated by society and corporate advertising. Few of the wenches are worthy of a decent, civil, intelligent, law-abiding man. Let the dames know it and shun the MANY idiotic emotion-laden materialistic little girls (mentally little girls) you will encounter.
    Wait for one of the few worthy of you. And if things get serious hire a qualified private detective to discover what negatives she brings with her… excess debt, criminal convictions, whatever. Remember… you marry a wench her economic foibles after marriage are now your horrors.

  59. When a guy is looking for an ego – a false self- he will find an ego. You still did not take the red pill. Or else you would have found out that you are not a nice guy, but a fake guy…who likes “fake women”.
    Beauty comes from within. A guy can make an average woman shine. What you do is put women down, you label them…you want a fake woman to get real…guess what, it will never happen.
    There are many kind-hearted good looking women out there. But they will see through you, because you don’t accept the real woman in them. You are hooked on their image (ego) and put down their real self. There are many men (unaware of the self) out there who will find ditto women…until they finally learn they have to accept their REAL self, meaning ALSO their ugly side they really don’t want to see… if you can accept that part of you and get whole….you will find TRUE love….this also means you have to accept a woman as she truely is…without the make -up, high heels…and not bitch about that❗

  60. To all men who read this article…you need to accept the red pill – your true self – learn to love who you really are….see the loser, the ugly one, see your ego ….then when you love YOUR TRUE SELF, you are ready to love someone else’s true self.

  61. What a joke.
    In the movie the matrix, red pill represents escaping from the programmed collective mind set by deep state/cabal computers. It is not about male-female relationships.
    Real men don’t give a shit about this crap. Never have, Never will…
    Real men are concerned about World War III, the world being controlled by debt by the Bankster’s, the poisoning of the food and water by the cabal, and the whole mind control thing.
    This whole narrative is a distraction for what is really happening in the world.
    Grow a pair, check out what’s really happening world, and try to act like a man.
    We are in tough times now, and we need men, not a insecure pussies.

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