Is Vitaly A Fake?

Vitaly’s ballsy pranking of Miami citizens has quickly turned him into a Youtube sensation with over one million subscribers for his VitalyzdTv channel. His videos are entertaining and even educational (the above video has taught tens of thousands of men how easy getting a phone number can be). But the skeptics on RVF and Misc can no longer remain silent in the face of some disturbing inconsistencies.

Exhibit #1

Here’s a video where he gets 40 second kisses from direct approaching during the day:

I believed this video was real because Vitaly has stated in an interview that it takes him hundreds of attempts to get just ten final responses for a clip. It’s plausible that women in Miami wouldn’t mind a man kissing them that fast. But Samseau pointed out how one of the girl’s he kissed is actually overweight porn star Katie Cummings (presumably not her real name):


Coincidence? Or is her response around 0:48 just bad porn acting?

Exhibit #2

In End Of The World (1:28) and Taking Pictures Of Strangers (1:45), the same man makes an appearance:

vitaly-bandana-1 vitaly-bandana-2

Coincidence? Or is he using Craigslist actors to get the reactions that don’t come naturally?

Exhibit #3

His zombie attack prank is his top clip, garnering over 20 million views, but there are repeat appearances by two black guys, and the first one appears to be smiling before he “runs” away:





Exhibit #4

The beginning of this video seems undoubtedly fake. What man climbs a tree like a monkey because someone made weird noises at him?

I don’t know anything about Vitaly’s character, but he is from Russia, a part of the world has no shame in taking shortcuts in order to achieve an end. I say this as someone who has lived in Ukraine for three long months.

Typical Ukraine

My takeI think most of the reactions you see in his videos are real, but if the final result of his work is determined through the randomness of approaching strangers, I can see him hiring an actor or two in order to maintain quality. High expectations to keep his channel growing while satisfying his existing fans may have caused him to lessen the chance element in approaching hundreds of people a day for original responses that can be more easily hired out.

This article is not meant to hate on Vitaly, but to keep him honest. I am rooting for his success, but I—along with most other people—don’t like being deceived. If you want to act then act, but leave a disclaimer so people understand they are watching fantasy instead of real life. I’ll continue to watch Vitaly, but with a bit more skepticism than before.


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73 thoughts on “Is Vitaly A Fake?”

  1. Perhaps you should show us how it is done Roosh. I would love to see some videos of you in action with a Brazilian, Polish or Southamerican girl.

    1. Here’s one …

      “Are you here to meet your dream man?”
      “I couldn’t help noticing that you have a very sad walk…”
      LOL …
      Seriously, if I ever used lines like that and they worked
      the woman would be too stupid for me to sleep with.
      No wonder Roosh is burning out.

      1. lines are not supposed to “work”, they are used to create a feeling. logic has nothing to do with it, so it’s not a matter of stupidity.

  2. This guys videos (real or not) made me laugh about as hard as I can. I think I injured my face after viewing his “Do You Even Lift?” and “Zombie Attack” videos from sheer laughter.
    The fact he only target blacks in the zombie video is just hilarious.

    1. The “Do You Even Lift?” sequel is so funny, it doesn’t even matter if it’s fake.
      (EDIT: wrong vid)

    2. I believe I saw him on Tosh.0 talking about only blacks responding in that way to his zombie attack. He said most everyone else just laughed at him.

  3. Who knows, man…I get the feeling that this guy has a blend of “real” unstaged routines and a little bit of “staged” stuff sprinked in so he doesn’t get shot or get his ass kicked. Maybe it’s like Bear Grylls’s stuff, where he really is doing it, but in some situations he has managed help. Hard to tell for sure.

  4. “Willing suspension of disbelief” is the phrase that enters my mind here. It’s more fun if you don’t analyze his videos too much. Besides, we’re talking about YouTube here, not National Geographic.
    He’s just a random guy from Russia. And he’s funny. And pretty creative. That’s all that matters.

  5. i think it’s real….google for Jeremey Beadle…this kinda of thing is nothing new…..

  6. Guarantee its a bogus video, these are either actresses or real campus skags giving out fake numbers. I suspect the former. For any of you in doubt who are the around the same age as the clown in question, his routine is easy to duplicate. Get a nice haircut, dark glasses and cool jacket, adopt a low keyed demeanor, emulate his voice inflection. Then get yourself to a few highly vagina-ed universities and do what he does. Then let us know how quickly it took before the first chick called campus security and had your ass hauled away.

    1. So true. I’m speaking of the header video at the begining of this article of the blonde at the table. Anybody who is familiar with college campuses today is aware of just hardcore women have become. That video piece is a work of fiction. Even if he were to say something that most college skanks would like to hear, such, for example “Would you like to get together some time and do a line of coke?” she would still dsimiss him.

  7. Also, in the second video, if a known washed porn actress is in it, then rest assured its fake. The ahem.. *guru* called “Mystery” was known for set ups like this. His students, er… chumps would come to his place top learn his routine, and then they would go out and low-and-behold these newbies were scoring like a dynamos. The secret: The guru clown hired a few females to be at the right place and the right time to play along with these poor schmucks unbeknownst that the skags were part of the scam.

  8. about the kissing: some of the reactions seem fake to me, but I think some of his moves are feasable for example in a nightclub
    I think it’s an original idea

  9. “but he is from Russia, a part of the world has no shame in taking
    shortcuts in order to achieve an end. I say this as someone who has lived in Ukraine”
    USA is a country of geographical morons,I am saying as a person who lived in Mexico for 2 months lol

    1. English much?
      what does Mexico have to do with the U.S.A and how does being there make you an expert on Americans?

      1. You seem to have misunderstood the joke.
        Roosh based his statement on Russians on the fact he lived in a neighboring country (Ukraine). Our friend above did the same with a statement about the US, backing it up with the fact he lived in a neighboring country (Mexico). Get it?

        1. Yeah because Mexico and USA are as different culturally as Ukraine and Russian.

        2. face it bro. you are surrounded by idiots.
          but a word of advice. never explain your jokes! ever! the idiots are not worth it.

    2. I realized geography is not Roosh’s best subject when I read some blog post of his that listed Denmark and Iceland as “non-Western countries.” The only Western countries were the USA, the UK, and Australia, so apparently “Western” is now synonymous with “English-speaking.”

      1. are you kidding? western is all European Union because civilization came from them also Australia, USA and Canada.

    1. Someone upvote this so Roosh can update this article. It is likely that Vitally’s videos are fake as he uses porn actresses and he himself has appeared in a porn. Google vitally porn… This website won’t let me post a porn hub link for some reason….

  10. Of course he’s a fake! As is most of the stuff posted on your forum. Men who just don’t have the skill to make a seduction. Sorry Roosh, but once a Beta, always a Beta, and by your own admission in your book “Bang!” you are a Beta.

    1. That’s bull, I think anyone can transition to alpha and that attitude is an excuse to wallow in self pity and procrastinate putting in the effort to make a change.

      1. there is a strange irony about beta men that go out to clubs, come home dick in hand, and call all women bitches…..
        then learn some game, get laid 1000 times, but when it comes to long term relationships, call all women bitches…..

  11. Roosh u aware? the misc is probably the closest thing on the web to the manosphere in terms of “red pill” thought

  12. Vitaly is a wanna be comedian just like Sasha and Simple Pickup. Justin Wayne. You can learn much from these videos except how to be a clown. Do girls lay clowns. Hardly ever!

  13. Imagine the scenario – a guy, emboldened by viewing what he believes to be real street interactions, goes out and performs the feats for real. Ironic, no?
    Real or not, I choose to believe this is possible. I will always choose any belief that allows me to excel in achievement over one that limits me.

  14. In what world is Katie Cummings overweight though? That’s not even one of those “oh, don’t make fun of big girls,” statements either….
    You figure Vitaly has to have some degree of staging here, especially in clips where you actually see the girl’s faces. Waivers and releases have to be signed and what not. The ones where the faces are blurred, those are probably less staged I would think.
    His vids are still entertaining though.

  15. Thank you for the post!!! I’m a little disappointed in Vitaly. The whole appeal of his channel is that the reactions are not staged – especially ones where he approaches women. The gross generalization about Russians and somehow having that be part of your Ukraine experience was actually not necessary, though. The video evidence was enough.

  16. Wow, you are a genuine hater. Real of fake who gives a damn. He isn’t forcing you to watch or charging you a fee to do so.
    Some people just love to whine and complain.

  17. “but he is from Russia, a part of the world has no shame in taking
    shortcuts in order to achieve an end.”
    Wasn’t that the U.S.A.? or am i mistaken? And seriously, Ukraine is the same as Russia? If you’re writing an article at least have some knowledge of what you’re talking about

  18. .they should leave a disclaimer for the daily news too then.
    who cares if theres some acting, the moonlanding was acting too and everybody was stoked.
    Vitaly is funny as f uck !!!! stop being so serious

  19. Im ukrainian…..just cause u lived in ukraine for 3 months doesnt make u an expert! So that comment was ignorant on ur behalf. Not every russian or ukrainian takes “shortcuts in life” it would be like me saying every american is “stupid and obese” which is clearly not the case. I dont agree with what vitaly did if its true that he hired actors….i hope its fake! But who knows :s

    1. Well from a technical point of view over 50% of Americans are overweight (and the public education system is lagging behind other developed countries according to 2012 research I recall), so while not *all* Americans can be called fat, the stereotype ends up being true most of the time.

  20. Well, I specially register at this site. I’m from Russia, but Vitaly is not Russian, he is a jew. Russians are much honest and proud, and I think it’s not correct smear of black pain all russians.

  21. Have you noticed that some of the girls make just 4 to 6 finger movements when they supposedly type in their “phone numbers”?
    Are US cell numbers that short? I doubt it.
    I think this is an indirect proof that at least a part of these scenes is prearranged with the girl in question, who then types random combinations of digits without checking the actual length, as she knows this is not for real.
    What do you guys think?

  22. Seriously, you’re making this about Russia? I was already skeptical about this article, but if any of these facts are true, well, I’m not believing them with your reasoning.

  23. Seriously, you’re making this about Russia? I was already skeptical about this article, but if any of these facts are true, well, I’m not believing them with your reasoning.

  24. On the contrar to his protectors, he’s a pretty insecure individual if he has to make videos of women constantly submitting to him to make himself look “Popular” while hiring porn actors with regular girls to make himself look innocent.
    If you look at the crime scene, how do we really know some of the “Real ones” signed disclaimers like he claims since it hasn’t been proven. It also takes a candidate of rape to condone his actions because “They think it’s hilarious.”
    I’m finding it quite coincidental that there are only guys commenting on the videos of a guy violating someones personal space while mixing them with regular women to make it look innocent. It takes an extremely insecure individual to hire porn actors who’ve been with quite a few individual’s to get an STD to make himself look innocent and “Popular.” I wonder if he gave a girl who supposedly signed a disclaimer herpes without them realizing because he didn’t tell them while being stupid enough to not know he has it. That shows that all the men condoning his action on this page are quite the candidate for raping someone because “They think it’s hilarious” just because they saw it done on youtube. I dare you to prove me otherwise. Now, if you look at the girl with the dark hair who got ticked at him (Not the one laying, but her too) at the end of the video, who is she since you’re enthusiastically advertising “Katie Cummings???” Prove that’s fake. You don’t see them talking about it in reality without a staged interview.
    If a girl were in a bar, and you thought the guy forcing himself on her was hilarious just because “You saw it on youtube,” I’m sure you’d watch the rape, or either that, take part in it. I don’t care how “Ticked off” you get at me for publicly labeling you a candidate for rape, it show’s your mentality about women and you having your cake and eating it too just because “You think it’s hilarious.” I dare you to prove me otherwise since there are a lot of con individuals who will mix real and fake to make you confused while claiming there’s a disclaimer that hasn’t been proven??? Prove me otherwise if you think I’m “Over exaggerating.” I’m sure that a lot of the girls who are extremely submissive to give him their phone numbers wouldn’t mind a black hat hacker to openly advertise their full name, street address and phone numbers with their social security number constantly on the same page with the video or other areas, even if they get a new one.

  25. Well, I’m a professional Dating coach, I’ve been teaching men to pickup women since 2007 – and I tried his experiment. I pretty much proved it’s fake. Women who I tried to kiss (including the one I made out with) MOVED AWAY SCARED – that’s a natural reaction. For him, they move IN fearlessly to make out. It’s bullshit. Plus their acting stinks! You can see the video on my youtube channel…. “Sashathepua” 😉

    1. shut up. 1- who said you do it as well as him? 2- who said you looked like him and had fit body as well?
      3 – i think you are an idiot for trying to publish your crap here after bs us.

  26. 1. Ukraine is different from Russia.
    2. whether he is fake or not, he is still pretty entertaining
    3. Stop hatin’ roosh

  27. I mean, most girls in LA is a whore, so it’s not that surprising finding one walking down the streets, It’s called silicon valley for a reason, yeah that reason

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