Why Foreign Women Are Better Than Western Women

My article last week sparked a lively debate with its bold but personally well-researched claim that Western women have become the worst in the world, with some men defending their honor even as they plunge Western nations into sexlessness, fatherlessness, and take beta male provider roles away through careerism, rendering modern men nothing more than sperm donors and utility objects.

To some men the demographic destruction of Western nations, dying populations, hateful femcunt marches demanding the right to kill a father’s progeny without consulting him, demands for more gibsmedats from the cuckolding welfare state, a dearth of satisfying sex lives for millions of men – all don’t mean Western women are broken.

As the society around them crumbles, and Western women either breed with men conquering America (and Europe) or take cats home rather than bouncing baby boys and girls, some guys insist nothing is wrong. They take a “Walk away, there’s nothing to see here…” approach even as some notice the massive (pun intended) Anglobitch trainwreck unfolding.

No, somewhere in the Midwest or another hidden corner of America there’s a fertile damsel in distress just waiting to save the West if a man “alphas up” and finds her.

This attitude is why Western women suck, and why they’ll never change. There will be 100 white knights defending them for every one asshole that calls them out on the substandard companionship they offer and the destruction their wild woman ways are bringing to society.

While there was some reasonable criticism of the article, predictable boilerplate attacks quickly ensued from white knights and jaded American women who try to defend their sullied reputation with hot air. White knights and Anglobitches laughably say every man who’s not into them is a basement dwelling loser rather than someone who has discovered he doesn’t need or want them or their well used, moist piece of anatomy anymore. It never occurs to these myopics that maybe he’s found a far better deal in life, and is calling a spade a spade.

But there is an important point to be made when comparing and contrasting American vs. foreign women. AWALT still applies – All Women Are Like That. All women have wild and base sexual instincts, and it’s true that foreign women are just as bad as Western women IF their behavior isn’t modified by the culture they’re in.

The crucial difference is as follows: American women have been allowed to return to their wild instincts which quickly cause civilization to become unstable, while foreign women in many countries still have cultural constraints placed upon their sexuality. This crucial difference averts the return to a sexual Law of the Jungle that has descended upon America (and the rest of the West!)

Here’s why Western women suck, and how to fix them.

5,000 Years of Anthropological History

No society on earth that has stayed civilized released inhibitions on female sexuality

When women are left to return to their true nature with no cultural checks and balances on their behavior, we see the post-feminist clusterfuck that is quickly killing the West ensue. As I frequently point out in my writing, 5,000 years of anthropological history has proven this should come as no surprise, as no society that ever stayed civilized eased inhibitions on female sexuality.

Inhibiting and controlling female sexuality is the price of living in a civilized society. Anglo-America has forgotten this. Across thousands of years of human history, in J.D. Unwin’s study of 80 tribes and 6 high cultures, 100% of societies that loosened constraints on female sexuality, opening Pandora’s pussy box quickly degenerated and fell apart. Natural female instincts are destructive to civilization as the following happens, elucidated by none other than Unwin and Aldous Huxley and simplified into bullet points by me:

Huxley put it like this:

All human societies are in one or another of four cultural conditions: zoistic, manistic, deistic, rationalistic. Of these societies the zoistic displays the least amount of mental and social energy, the rationalistic the most. Investigation shows that the societies exhibiting the least amount of energy are those where pre-nuptial continence is not imposed and where the opportunities for sexual indulgence after marriage are greatest. The cultural condition of a society rises in exact proportion as it imposes pre-nuptial and post-nuptial restraints upon sexual opportunity.

Controlling female instincts with the proper cultural restraints is how a civilization is built up. Female “sexual liberation” is destined to end in disaster as it tears a civilization down. Other cultures still control female sexuality, and therefore the women in these cultures are superior to the Anglobitch for commitment and companionship.

Checks And Balances On Pussy Power

Women possess an enormous amount of biological power over men; this power is checked by culture in a sane society

Again, this isn’t because foreign women are innately better. All women are born the same. But proving that nurture is of utmost importance in the nature vs. nurture debate, foreign women are better options for sane men for three reasons:

  • Culture: Women are taught to respect men. Female sexual depravity is constrained by a patriarchal culture and slut shaming. Women with illegitimate (bastard) children are ostracized rather than praised as saintly single moms. Fathers are central to the family and not depicted as sex-hungry oafs and check writers as in the West.
  • Pussy Power: Women’s enormous biological power over men is checked and balanced by a patriarchal culture. Women can’t therefore can’t lord this power over men, using nature’s credit card to get what they want. Enforced monogamy means no beta thirst allowing low quality women to act like goddesses.
  • Hypergamy: Women’s instinct to “marry up” in social status means they’ll comport themselves better with men they see as useful utilities or who are part of a higher caste, i.e. Western men abroad or the average working man in the States when there is no welfare state sugar daddy.

Take these bulwarks against female depravity away and you will destroy foreign women as well. The reason Western women are so bad is because the West has removed all three of these protections for men with the institution of feminism, female “empowerment” and the resource cuckoldry provided by a beta male robbing welfare state.

When it comes to culture, commenter “David” makes my case very well:

Personally, I speak enough Spanish and Italian now to see that foreign women have a general respect for men that Americans don’t. They look men in the eye when they talk and they don’t interrupt when he’s speaking. Even with strangers. They love their family and are respectful of their fathers and brothers. Asia was the same. For that reason, those men don’t need that weird “clown game” for attention that Roosh refers to. They are given attention as a man.

…Every American girl I know is estranged from her dad. Probably because her mom divorce raped him and shit talked him.

Women are all the same sure. But those patriarchal societies are happier because the women have less power. No woman in Colombia would win a custody battle against the bread winner, or a rape case against her fucking husband or boyfriend.

A crucial point is made here: Once patriarchy is overthrown, women have almost unlimited power. And as Lord Acton knew, when it comes to human nature, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Patriarchy Vs. Degeneracy

What’s most unreal about the West’s woman problems is men who defend Western harlots

Patriarchy is the only counterbalance to the immense amount of power women enjoy by virtue of their biology. It is what made the human species different than the lower animals in the animal kingdom. If there is one constant in biology, it is that the male is disposable.

The Black Widow kills and consumes the male after the mating act, so does the Praying Mantis. In countless species, the male exists to do little more than survive and pass his genes on to the next generation.

Humans were different in that they offered the male a seat at the head of the table of the human family, a role which he has demonstrated an aptitude for as his guidance of the human family led us to the abundance we enjoy today. But, no sooner than the Western male completed his job as a utility object giving the world abundance like it has never seen, are some ready to throw him overboard and reduce him to his former role in animalistic world of the matriarchy as sperm donor and laborer.

That’s where the West is headed. It’s not going to take me with it.

So, while it’s true AWALT/All Women Are Like That, there’s no doubt foreign women are superior to Western women where checks and balances are still applied to their biological power and they’re shaped and molded by a patriarchal culture rather than a degenerate culture.

This isn’t an illusion, it’s just an inconvenient fact until the wild women of the West either destroy themselves and their men, or Western culture as a whole grows a set and once again tames the wild beast known as female sexuality.

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371 thoughts on “Why Foreign Women Are Better Than Western Women”

  1. I think your summary is that yes, AWALT, but it only manifests to the extent allowed by the culture they are in – hence foreign women are currently ‘better’ (i.e. they are restrained while western women are not).
    What is remarkable to me is how we ever lost this knowledge in the first place! The so-called ‘Red Pill’ is not a recent phenomena… it was well known to the Ancients (read Ovid for example), and is strongly present through the authentic Western Tradition. I was listening to a couple of Mozart Operas the other day and chuckling as to how well his librettos illustrated Red Pill concepts through and through… read the Libretto to ‘Don Giovanni’ and ‘Cost Fan Tutte’ (all women are like that!) and you will see exactly what I mean…

    1. “.. it only manifests to the extent allowed by the culture they are in – hence foreign women are currently ‘better’”
      Yes! The local laws reflect and reinforce acceptable norms and behavior from that culture. When a woman acts outside of that, she will be punisned if not corrected by her family, but by the police. Smacking your wife for making a spectacle of herself will have different implications pending where you are. However when a culture allows a woman’s word to be enough evidence to have you dragged out of your home and locked up by the state, that is a culture that not just beyound the traditional understandings of justice, but a dying one.

      1. Where I live, if you smack your women and it is reported to the police, they come and ask you why you hit her. If they agree with you, they will probably give her another slap for wasting their time.
        If they don’t agree with you, they politely suggest you be a bit more restrained next time.

  2. “American women have been allowed to return to their wild instincts which quickly cause civilization to become unstable, while foreign women in many countries still have cultural constraints placed upon their sexuality.”
    That is the cancer in a nut shell and is seems to be spreading across the globe. The society that prevents gynocentrism might survive, but the West is in a nose dive of its own making. As they continually follow a dead ideology and keep electing functioning illiterates to lead their countries into servatude and debt, the question isn’t if we collapse, but how.

  3. And if you select to travel to those other countries where women are still Feminine instead of putting your own women back to their places at home, you will corrupt those new women as well.
    You do not know how to treat your own women, what makes you think that you would know how to treat those others?
    All women are like that, period.
    You will do the same thing while expecting a different outcome? That is stupid.
    There should be a “Stand Your Ground” Law for Western men!!!
    Do not go searching for foreign ass until order is restored in your home countries!

    1. Have at it sonny, I for one prefer to live in a sensible country and have children with a sensible wife, and being Swedish born I had absolutely no interest or inclination to do anything other than GTFO as the first chance.
      If you want to waste your life fighting for something that by now is virtually worthless, that’s your prerogative. I chose to go get what I wanted in life instead.

      1. You wrote the post I was thinking of writing…
        Apart from pump and dump they *have* made themselves worthless, and, quite frankly, I see none who are worth ‘fighting for’.

        1. My instinct is to agree with you, but I think in the end I feel a little different. You seem to be seeing a woman’s value in a binary state: either good woman for child rearing or hole with pulse for cum extraction. This is a totally sensible way to see things, but I do believe there is more. I think a woman can add a lot of value to your life in other ways than simply draining your balls or shitting out your progeny. There is a softness, a silliness, a genuine funness to women. They look nice. They smell good. They can be entertaining. They challenge you in ways that other things don’t. A subtle flirtation, a girl who sits at dinner and looks at you and you know she is being kind and sweet and nice but she is thinking that pretty soon she will be fucking you. And more than just fucking. After you wreck her ovaries and you are laying there in bed, sweating, exhausted, drained and she is looking at you like a golden god of fuck and has her head on your chest and you smell her hair. This is valuable.
          This morning a girl I am seeing texted me just to say that she thought of me last night and can’t wait to see me and she doesn’t want to go out or do anything but fuck. I have been walking taller than usual all day. pump and dump? I have those. A girl you meet, you fuck…don’t get number, probably don’t bother with name…whatever. But there are other relationships beside wife and pump and dump that are genuinely valuable I think

        2. I agree. Fighting for a woman is like fighting for a scorpion. You might save it, but it will sting you, given enough time. I’ll get aggressive for that piece of ass I want, if need be. Beyond that – hey, women are the way they are…caveat emptor.

        3. No you have got me wrong, in the sense that I do agree with what you’ve asserted here. It hinges on ‘pump and dump’ I believe. I don’t necessarily mean ‘one night stand’ by pump and dump.
          Hey, I’ve been married, I’ve done long-term relationships, short-term, and one-night-stands. If I’ve learnt *anything* is that in any relationship a minimum of one of you will cheat, and a minimum of one of you will leave. I have come to the conclusion that it is better to be the one who cheats and the one who leaves.
          As for your waxing lyrical about women – for sure I can get behind that! I adore women too…. for the stuff they *can* be adored for…. the stuff you list, not the fairytale Disney bullshit…

        4. You have a point, but you should also account for the fact that a good wife provides that aspect also, maybe not in the same intensity, but still.

        5. ahhh but remember that cheating is only possible if there is a mutually agreed monogamy. I take a girl out to dinner and then for drinks and to listen to some music. We go to my place. We have sex. If it was fun for both of us, likely it will happen again. I am very clear and very much upfront that I do not intend to be in a relationship nor do I expect her to be faithful to me. We are having fun, that is all. I find it annoying when all a girl does is sit around the house waiting for me to fuck her. She will never cheat on me because I never will ask her not to see other people. Occasionally we click so well that it naturally works out that way for a little time, but there is never an agreement.
          I think what I wanted to point out most specifically was regarding the value of women in our lives. Simply put, too many men seem to look at them as breed sows or masturbation devices when, in truth, women add valuable companionship that makes this mortal coil all the more bearable. What do you need to own her to enjoy that? carpe some diem and keep your feelings to yourself.

        6. I get the point about cheating – I’m a huge fan of Blackdragon too (you appear to me a living embodiment of much of his work btw!), but most of us, myself very much included, *have* fallen into that monogamy promise trap.
          It’s an interesting point, and one I’m increasingly coming to appreciate… again very Blackdragon…

        7. never heard of black dragon. I see that a lot of people are in the monogamy promise trap. It simply isn’t for me. I don’t get sad pangs thinking that some bint whose cunt I reamed out last week might be out with another guy today. That’s fine. I am not sitting home crying my eyes out. Meanwhile, if I had that monogamy bug I sure as shit wouldn’t be doing what I am doing and hoping for the best. I would most likely do something similar to what Jim Johnson has done which is to look for a church to be a member of in a tight knit community and meet a woman for marriage that way. Again, it isn’t my bag and I don’t know much about it but that seems the right way to go about attaining that goal. My goals in life have 100% to do with me and I see women as a fun distraction to make life interesting and full of life juices ya know.

        8. You are 100% correct here. However, for people looking for that perspective they have you and GOJ and Jim Johnson and a lot of guys who have taken sensible paths down this road. It isn’t the road I wish to travel so I would never presume to give advice on it. I can only speak to what I know. The value that a good wife and a family life can provide is, 100% without question, out there for the people who want it, but I think at this point it is pretty clear to any of the people here looking for that life, that listening to my advice is not going to get them there. I have my little thing and for what it is worth I am very good at it. I wouldn’t attempt to extrapolate my own life and say it is “good” and everyone should follow it.

      2. I would advise: Make Sweden Great Again!
        I understand where you are coming from. See, I am from Hungary, and Liberal-Bolshevik Sweden is a laughing stock here. In Hungary, for Odin’s sweet sake!
        Go to adventure abroad if you like. Find feminine and submissive girls to your liking, have fun with them, make them pregnant if you wish so!
        After you are done, go back. Because SWEDEN BELONGS TO THE SWEDISH PEOPLE!
        The Fatherland is calling you, the spirits of your Swedish ancestors are whispering in their graves:
        -“We did not fight and die for this! We gave you the country to live and to prosper, so our genetic stock, our grandchildren has their own country to live in happily! Not to hand over to foreign peoples who do not belong there, who are your enemies. You are of warrior Viking stock, Son! Will you really, really let a few piercinged, blue-hair Feminist bitches, some mincing faggots, and a few brown-skinned third-world trash boss you around, to make your lives miserable? Would you pretty please Make fucking Sweden Great Again if we ask you really very, very sweetly and nicely?”

        1. Sorry but no, I’m not going back to Sweden. And I’ve told my friends to get out also, and my childhood friends have done so.
          You have no idea what it’s like when the whole society shuns you because of your political opinion. Sweden is taxing everyone to extreme levels but then you get money back like housing support and child support etc, but if you are marked in the file as a right winger you won’t get those tax returns so to speak. They bleed you to death basically…

        2. NOW you feel you will not go back to Sweden. I have no problem with that. Go out into the cold , wide world like your Viking ancestors did, do your plundering to your heart’s content.
          All I said was, when you will feel that the Fatherland calls, heed that call.

    2. We can’t put our own women in their place. You’re not fighting women, you’re fighting women plus the state, plus both political parties, plus most of the church, plus endless legions of white knights.
      I’m still libertarian enough not to put my life on hold for utopia.

      1. I did not say it will be easy.
        But it is necessary that in your own life, concerning all the women you come across, you must stop pandering to their Feminist BS and give voice to your dissident thoughts.
        Change will only come if everybody does just that. You can not expect politicians to come to your aid.

        1. Well shoot you’re not wrong. On a personal level though I can’t fix crazy so I’m not going to cut off the avenue of marrying a woman who likes men and isn’t mean just because she’s foreign.

        2. I think that is a perfectly right attitude.
          But while sorting out our persional lives, with foreign women if necessary, we must not forget to wage the Cultural War, and to win it, because good old Trump can not do everything on his own alone.

    3. I don’t care if I corrupt other women, the important thing is I can protect my money and jump to the next one when I feel like it.

      1. I’m pretty sure that’s the same argument the pedophiles use before they’re caught.

  4. That pic there is from the Brazilian volleyball team. Brazilian women are WORSE than American women, just to make it clear.

  5. If we want to about western civilisation let’s look at the ancient Greeks, after all they are the founders of it.
    For them, the polis (city state) was everything and they would rather die than give it up. At worst they took it with them and founded Greek colonies. The point is, the founders of the West stood their ground and didn’t run away.
    We are not defending anything by running away to easy foreign pussy. If you want to stop declining birth rates then you’re gonna have to literally put money where your mouth is and get a native girl pregnant and grow your family and take the risk.
    Women can’t escape their biological instincts to have children. No matter her background she will submit to a man who really wants a family. But youve got to want it. How many men complaining about “Anglo bitches” really want it? I’m not sure it’s so many.
    If immigrants really are coming here and dominating women and making them pregnant then that means I’m right and women do submit. It also means those who run away are ultimately weak because if newcomers can do it then native men shouldn’t have any trouble.
    By the way I am a well traveled man who has had many foreign adventures and I used to believe that foreign was better but I’ve come to realise strong men dominate and there are too many weak men in the West.

    1. “because if newcomers can do it then native men shouldn’t have any trouble”
      Newcomers have no money and no assets so nothing to lose.
      Those who run away (me being one of them) have assets to protect.

      1. That’s exactly it. Mohommad has nothing to take– no wealth or career at stake. Lock him up at club-euro-spa where he is fed 3 times a day and has a TV in his cell and he will be eventually be released to live off the dole paid for by the people he terrorizes.

      2. It’s really the government betraying their own men. Take away the state persecution of men, then the trouble with women go away.

    2. As Roosh said in a recent YT video (and I FULLY agree), “I’m not waiting for the culture to change”.
      Cultural change takes decades to ferment. And there is no guarantee it will ever change or even go in a direction that is even remotely close to what is right and proper. So (and I will quote Roosh again)…
      Just “take what you want. Find a decent woman who sees your value and wants to follow you. Tell people what you want them to do.”
      You’re going to go set out to change a whole culture??? Take what you want (and need) and focus on keeping that unit healthy (both professionally and in relationships). Where I live now (abroad) I have decent control over my surroundings, my compound, household, business, etc. I’m setup in a way that would make it damn hard for someone to mess with my lifestyle. But… it means no working for corporations, and you need to be self-employed or own some kind of online enterprise. You can’t really free yourself from degeneracy until you have that minimal level of independence from “the system” that was setup to shape you and your family.
      So my advice to ANY man is before you go getting married and officially tethered to “the system”, get yourself setup with some method of earning revenue OUTSIDE of corporate America or anything that restricts you from executing your life exactly how you see fit. If you decide to go for a western woman, fine. But don’t do that until you have traveled and you have “red-pill” perspective FULLY in place. If you fail to do that, your chances of getting ran the fuck over by western degeneracy is VERY high. That system is NOT in place to see to it that you get a fair shake. Just remember that. You will be the only one who controls that outcome by either making great decisions, or simply opting out of that system.

  6. “But those patriarchal societies are happier because the women have less power”
    Less Power mostly means their friends and family dissuade them from being a slut – perhaps especially with a foreigner..Seems will be much more work/time
    At my age I go foreign where there is a buffet – don’t care about regular society…

  7. I really liked the article and agree that Western women are fucked up and need serious supervision. But Aldous Huxley was a Freemason; so was George Orwell (“1984”). Huxley taught Orwell French at Eton. They became lifelong friends.
    Huxley was hired by Hollywood (a major mindfucking operation) to write screenplays, of all things (he was hired to mindfuck the masses via Hollywood films). And those are some seriously major “tells”, right there, that Huxley was not working for the common man’s best interests.
    “Brave New World” and “1984” read like blueprints for creating a New World Order. Huxley’s family has serious ties to the British elite. Huxley was softening people up for the inevitability of a one world government – via fear. Orwell did the same thing.
    Due to these obvious red flags, I wouldn’t believe anything Aldous Huxley had to say, if my life depended on it. But these are minor, cautionary quibbles of mine – nice read, all the way around, IMHO…

  8. I am coming to realize that it isn’t so much western women, that it is western men who are to blame. The white knights who run around, trying to be the first to defend women’s bad behavior to score some brownie points. the SJW’s who champion a woman’s selfish attitude, the television executives who push the sensitive, new aged guy, the beta “man” who works a full day to come home to an unappreciative wife so he can do the house chores, the legislator who enacts divorce laws, “equal opportunity” laws, and other laws that are inherently destructive to the family…..the list goes on and on.
    AWALT……that is a given. We are the gatekeepers of the culture. Women follow, men (should) lead. We are the ones to blame.

    1. 100%
      This article seems to be more “why the best of foreign women are better than the worst of western women” but in the end you are completely correct. A woman acting like a piece of shit is indicative of her not having a man to make her stop. A woman not taking care of her physical appearance is indicative of a woman not having a man keeping her on her a game. A woman with SJW tendencies, political opinions in general, bad attitude etc is all just indicative of a woman who doesn’t have men around her who make her into a woman

      1. Then let me correct the article. The worst foreign woman is better than the best western woman. It is true that this is due to culture and tradition in those foreign lands. AWALT if given free reign to run amok. Think what it would be like if men were given free reign to do what ever their basest instincts told them to. Now, that would be a rape culture. Violence would rule, and the rule of law would go out the window, at least a first. Then men would start forming groups and enforcing rules and laws. They would kill off the assholes try to run things by shear violence and strength. Remember that colt made men equal, and organized groups of willing men can take down petty dictators any day.
        Then they would bring in women who would appreciate and respect these men for protecting them. Then the shit all happens again.

        1. Probably right, or like my dad, he was constantly threatened by the police because my mom called the cops anytime he yelled at her. Eventually he left and my sisters are manhating butches.

      2. We need to bring back smacking a bitch when she gets outta line. In the past it was culturally accepted that when a woman flips out and starts screeching her incomprehensible babble, it was on the nearest man to smack her ass back into line.
        I bet she even appreciated and respected him for it too.

        1. I absolutely agree. What is more, if a woman knows that getting out of line will result in her getting cracked in the teeth she will be much less likely to do it. Women test for boundaries and what you will do if you cross them. Men should make no mistake that if they do not find a solid wall they will keep walking down that line until some other guy is bending them over your back. I have held a woman down and given her a slap in the ribs not enough to really hurt but enough to let her know I mean business and then push her face in the pillow while I calmly explained “this bullshit will not be tolerated” This is one of my currents and she has behaved ever since. She knows where the line is now and she knows that she doesn’t want to cross it. You know what, she fucking loves me for it.

        2. This is the principle behind Christian Domestic Discipline.
          Many people confuse CDD with BDSM but there’s nothing sexual about it. CDD is about giving a husband the power to turn his wife over his knee and spank her if she passes her place. He is the Biblical head of the household. It’s based on the idea that women resist authority.
          It works in our house. My husband’s hard slaps on my bare ass make me cry. The discipline keeps me from acting a fool but sometimes I still forget.

        3. It’s real. I can’t find any statistics but there are many websites about the topic.
          As expected, feminazi websites such as Jezebel are all over CDD. lol

        4. We don’t discuss CDD with anyone because it’s private and there would be a huge backlash.

      3. One day My grandma on my dads side told my mom ” sometimes a man needs to hit a woman when she gets out of line” and my mom lost it. She said for years how bad that was. The thing is, My grandma was the most amazing woman who ever lived, she spoke highly of her husband who passed away, loved her family and everyone adored her. She still has a legacy with all of us.
        My mom is a man hating piece of shit and no one wants to see her lol.

    2. The government has the women’s back. If Trump won’t stop the gynocracy in his mandate, then what’s your solution to stopping this? Destroy the infrastructure?

        1. Exactly…..I don’t understand the preoccupation with marriage. An expensive day out so she can live out her deep seated princess complex, then when all the excitement dies down it’s paying the bills, day to day bore….. then when it doesn’t match up to the movie portrayal of wedded bliss it’s half your stuff on the line and monthly payments up the wazoo…….

        2. I am a family man, I always wanted progeny. Granted, marriage is a lot of restraint. But, as far as raising kids, it is the best institution. I do love my wife and look forward to coming home to her dinner and playing with the kids.
          Problem is, the modern model marriage is messed up. One or two kids going to daycare, she has a successful career (rolls eyes), and the huge house and huge bills. The beta male comes home and does house chores. No wonder guys want out.

        3. This is excellent advice. However, if you are already to the point where you are assuming that if you get married you are going to get raped at it then self fulfilling prophecy time ya know. I see the family guys here who are doing it right and I feel one thing from all of them, you included, which is a confidence that what they were doing was right and that they were doing it the right way and that it would work out alright. It is the mindset necessary to go into something that big. Also, I see guys who went out of their way to secure wife material in local communities, churches or other cultures where things might be more suited to what they wanted…..I don’t see people like this failing. It is the people who worry they are going to get screwed and then wind up marrying some girl that blew him after meeting him at a bar that wind up getting exactly what they thought they would.

        4. There is something to be said about the self-fulfilling prophecy. Time and again, it goes back to the half-assed concept. You pick your poison, drink it, and reap the benefits. Trying to do both ways only makes it so you drink both poisons.

        5. that is the truth. Every road you take disallows a road you could have taken. Every road has its high points and its low points. Thinking you can have it all is a big part of why we are in such a mess these days…from the family woman who wants a career to the man who wants to be rich while not working too hard and a million other things. In life we make choices. Those choices have consequences. Some of those consequences are positive and some negative. Sad thing is, it is all so simple. If a generation of spoiled boomers didn’t tell their idiot children that they could do anything in the world just fueled with wishes and dreams this might not be such an issue

        6. how long you been sitting on this one just waiting for the opportunity

        7. I worked with a chick whose married name was “Cockburn”; its the one time Ive felt a woman should keep her maiden name

        8. as @disqusbobsmith:disqus will tell you, that is the true last name of the girl we both lust after.

        9. In NZ they have laws, since 2003, where “de facto” relationships are classed equally to marriage, and the only way out is if one partner, if he even knows about the law, is to sign a government form to opt-out of it, otherwise he is on the hook for “divorce” settlements after 3 years of a de facto relationships. It has created a class of predatory man hunter females, looking to hook and suck dry wealthy men, which is why NZ has the highest rate of female promiscuity in the world.
          In the UK, Parliament is now debating to bring in similar laws.

        10. That’s some pretty f’d up shit right there. I’ll be the first to admit that while I am the best in the game, I only know how to play it by the set of rules I know. If you take me out of NYC it takes a while for me to acclimate and I am ever playing at the same level. In a place like you described, I’ve no idea wtf I would do other then leave

      1. Indeed. His daughter Ivanka’s speech at the nomination echoed the same feminist talking points we have been hearing for 50 years. I have an article that analyzes what she said on my blog.
        Even if a man avoids marriage, there’s still child support financial rape.

    3. SJW males, beta males, white knights and Western women. All of those groups act the way they do, because they have been blue-pilled to the gills via indoctrination. They are the way the are almost entirely due to social engineering. If I were going to cast blame, I would cast it at the social engineers and their myriad institutions. Because it didn’t happen in a vacuum. It happened via design. (And yet, a man can definitely stop a woman’s bad behavior – if he has balls and the desire to do so…beta males, SJWs and white knights? Takes too much effort. Let ’em rant and rave.)

      1. It wouldn’t solely put the blame on social engineers. I would blame the men who who do not want to be unplugged from the matrix even if the evidence is clearly in front of their eyes.

        1. Indoctrination began at 3 years old. It´s hard to be unplugged if there is not some one out of the matrix pulling the plug.

        2. Yes. A new born baby boy has to cry twice as long as a new born baby girl to get any of his needs met.

        3. no it’s not hard and everybody can do it on it’s own.
          Did you need someone else to get out the matrix ?

        4. Right. We have to blame weak males the most. Are they not responsible for their own choices in life? I don’t give a furry rat FUCK about the social engineering. I was exposed to all of it just like the rest. My parents divorced when I was 8 and my dad took off to another state. Even with all that I fucking resisted. I hated every weak piece of shit that tried to make me become like them. As a result I became stronger than all the rest. If I can do that, anyone else can too. NO FUCKING EXCUSES.

        5. I’ve only managed to pull the plug after years of internet investigating. And I’m so weak by overfeminine upbringing and unreligious nihilism that I haven’t managed to do anything about it yet. 10 years taking anti-depressives have also managed to make me content with wasting my life away. The West is going to fall, I’ve no doubt about it.

        6. You are probably suffering low testosterone from those drugs and that form of ‘socialisation’. Hit the gym and in a few months you’ll feel much better. Start eating right to detox that prozac shit out of your liver. Anti-depressents also increase estrogen, the female hormone, which kills testosterone. They also destroy gut bacteria, which has to be replaced (via fermented foods such as Kefir, Saurkraut and Apple Cider Vinegar (on everything). Start doing high intensive training, explosive short bursts of running and weights to re-start up your testosterone, and make sure you look smart, hit the bars and fuck as many bitches as you can.

        7. Agree. I make half a litre of kefir every night. And I try to average 2 bitches per week, out of my ‘reserve bench’.
          Gym makes me feel good. Just need to sort the wardrobe out.

        8. That’s where we come in.
          I won’t pretend that embarassing betas has nothing to do with latent sadism, haha.

      2. Having balls is considered to be abusive. You don´t let you woman have girls night out with confirmed slut, Abusive, Demand respect, abusive. Don´t want to buy her shit, financial abuse. The white knights are everywhere.

        1. Stop DV; never put a woman in a domestic situation, ever. Don’t marry, don’t cohabitate, don’t date. If men never put women in a domestic situation, then any violence will not be DV. Of course the safest place any woman can be is in a domestic situation with a man.

        2. Then the welfare government will need to collect more to pay for the cat ladies. In a Feminist Utopia There will be “Being single” tax for men over 25 years old. So the escape will be to marry a guy in a gay marriage, but the the feminist will demand proof of your gayness because some men have fake gay marriages to avoid to pay taxes. And they will put a sensor in your rectum to monitor the number of anal sex in the month so if you are short in anal penetration this month they will charge you with tax evasion.

        3. White knights everywhere can work to your advantage. Living in China (where many men are effeminate 63kg dweebs), its easy to stand out.

        4. White knight is a state of mind is a way of living, nothing to do with physical appearance. There are all types of white knights, big and small.

      3. I’ve witnessed this first hand a lot. The younger guys are the worst…especially in a liberal hell hole like Cali.
        Instead of keeping the women in line and shaming them when they act out or act like men, they defend their behavior. It’s just sickening.

    4. what you say is true.
      But what is the one small step for “a” man?
      Personally don’t like the blame traditional men…
      It is bigger than all of us.
      as I pointed out yesterday Steve Bannon was subjected to at least 2 divorce rape, false accusations…Sure hope he goes full retard on the divorce rape industry

      1. Yeah, a culture is bigger than an individual. Same way you can’t blame a woman for becoming who she is. The narcissistic princess is who she is because of the lies our society tells. Frankly, i believe it is harder on women than on men. Through the lies, she becomes this unhappy wench that nobody wants once her looks fade. Men, on the other hand, have a rougher start, but are able to grow through the trials.

        1. “The narcissistic princess is who she is because of the lies our society tells. Frankly, i believe it is harder on women than on men. Through the lies, she becomes this unhappy wench that nobody wants once her looks fade”
          this is so true. So many in the big cities. and most don’t seem to let up on the party time.
          If only they knew.
          In anycase, there will be a society upheaval of legions of older, childless women, doing ??? who knows what in the next 20 years. and men will be forced to pay….
          unless it changes.
          this is an amazing mother daughter photo sums up our times:

    5. Yup…. I’ve given up on trying to show my male relations and friends what the true nature of women is like. I have a close relation who keeps virtue signalling that he is going to marry his Asian girlfriend…..I tell him to be careful but don’t think he’s listening. He wants a family and I tell him he doesn’t have to get married…..

      1. If he wants a family he should get married, but don’t do it in a country with alimony etc like the USA.
        I have absolutely no worry if my wife divorce raping me because she simply cannot, and her family would never let her bring that kind of shame to them.
        If my wife were to divorce me, she’d lose her residence permit, and in all likelihood access to our son, and she’d be broke because she doesn’t work, and she’d end up having to be the caretaker of her parents living on their dime back home.
        Edit to add that bastard children are a big issue already, let’s not promote having more of them around.

        1. Bingo! But that’s a big fucking difference than the freedom these bitches have in America, my friend. I’m 34 years old and an older man once told me long ago, that he feels sorry for my generation. And this was before the cell phone, social media, transexual bathroom bullshit. As far as marriage goes, no fucking thank you..If i want a family, tough shit…I also want a yacht and a rolls royce wraith. Tough shit. Sometimes in life you don’t get what you want, and these are dangerous times for men in the west, especially those who want a family. I refuse to trust any woman and i’ll be damned if i let one of these conniving, lying and cheating, backstabbing sluts bring me down.

        2. “If i want a family, tough shit…I also want a yacht and a rolls royce wraith”
          This is a very smart thing to say I think. I don’t want a family so it isn’t an issue for me. But if you want one then you either do what it takes to get one sacrificing everything else for it or you put it on the list with the private jet and the yacht of things that would be wonderful to have but we live in the real world.

        3. I haven’t fully excepted dying old and alone yet, but i’m damn sure gonna ride this muthafucka out until the wheels fall off. My happiness has nothing to do with having a woman. Dying in peace is all a man could really ask for.

        4. I once told someone that anyone who actually cared about me, if they were around when I was going to die, would do me the service of making sure the room is empty. You live your entire life, from the moment you pop out of your mother’s twat, in one way or another as part of a intertwined mesh of humanity. We get one fucking moment all to ourselves, our death, and I would just as soon be able to enjoy it in quiet. There is nothing to accept, for me, in terms of dying old and alone. Not only do I know it will happen, but that is exactly the way I want it.

        5. I think i’m with you, my friend. Pussy comes and pussy goes, but a man’s soul should fucking be in peace at the time of his death.. We don’t know what’s gonna happen in 5 mins, let alone in 5 years. So i just keep on keeping on, until my time is up.

        6. If you survive to old age without any disease or accident striking you down, then just be grateful. You can die every time you get in a car. I won’t have a family either. If I’m a lonely 97 year old one day, I’ll just be damn grateful nothing killed me; no car, plane, bear, thug, plague, falling branch, whatever. Old and lonely is lucky. If it’s too lonely just blaze up.

        7. Lmfao, who hurt you? You’re trying so hard to sound masculine, but you sound like a whimpering dog. You’re 30. Grow the fuck up.

      2. I tell you, I have seen it lots in my church. There are plenty of hot, young, virtuous women. These guys get married and I am jealous at their pick. 20 years later, he is some tired simp with an unhappy wife. His “social” time is his work. What happened to him? or more importantly, what happened to her? She used to be this fresh, vibrant woman. Now she is this bitchy cow who expects him to do the chores when he gets home from work.
        Maintenance is so important. Her mom and dad did their best to raise a good daughter. But that is only the starting point. You have a battle with the media over the mind of your wife. If you let her have Oprah on day in and day out while you are at work, you will probably lose.

        1. Thats why hes so gung ho about fantast football. The biggest trash talkers are the most desperate

    6. Amen to this!
      Without weak men there are no out of control women. I knew there was a reason why a weak male inspired twice the amount of disgust in me that a bitchy female does.
      One simply is begging for someone with balls to put her in her place. While the other is a disgrace to nature.

    7. There seems to be only one sane solution, men who want the patriarchy to return need to dually keep women on their backs while disseminating all of the additional groups allowing for women to support their assault on family. This is the real fight that most avoid and why our women will remain the same or get worse.

    8. We, as men, really have to put more effort into educating and training the next generation. The harder, stronger and more masculine we can make them, the more hope we create for our society.
      We can do this indirectly by setting the example, but we should also do it more directly. We need to find a way to start taking back the schools, or at least things like the Boy Scouts and youth sports.
      Or, perhaps develop something as a test of masculinity, a new rite of manhood. Something that combines the best of the physical and mental qualities. Disguise it as a new sport or recreation. Like a pro-heterosexual male version of Crossfit (minus the trendiness) or obstacle course racing, but add in a healthy dose of Fight Club.
      Advance the manosphere from the internet into a true IRL cultural phenomenon with a recognized, universal rite of passage.
      EDIT: “Crossfit” and “Fight Club” may not be the best actual examples of what I am talking about. I naturally assumed it would include true lifting. I just picked these as examples of varied forms of physical exertion and bare knuckles combat between men.

      1. You should look up TheFamilyAlpha, I like his approach. In my opinion, men need to start organizing on a local level. Have your own kids, red-pill them. Have their friends over, red-pill them and their parents. Start doing manly shit as a group and spread it around
        Speaking as someone who was a Cub Scout in the early 2000s, I can’t tell you a single useful thing I learned. Also, one of our troop leaders was a woman who later divorced her husband and abandoned her sons. That institution is thoroughly cucked and needs to be burned to the ground Take some survival and firearms classes taught by professionals and then build on the foundation and pass it down yourself. Just my thoughts.

        1. I am a Scoutmaster. There is quite a bit of merit to what you say. The cub scouts is primarily ran by women. Consequently, they do crafts and other womanly things. Boy Scouts is better, but it too is thoroughly cucked. I can’t tell you how much of a pain it is to go on a hiking trip. You have this Scout Committee that you have to plan through, there is insurance, permission slips, physicals, two deep leadership, and all this junk in the way, taking the fun out of it. I do it because I am asked to. I love working with the boys and teaching them new things. But so much of the emphasis is on getting their Eagle, the merit badges, the bureaucracy that I want to see our church drop out.
          That being said, it still is fun to take the boys out on a hiking trip. Many times, I will just tell the parents it is a family trip and my son is inviting their boy along. It gets around the bureaucracy. Not sure it would be wise if you don’t know the parents well though.

        2. My days as a scout included out of control camp fires, hypothermia, and near death experiences. Ah, the good ol days…nothing but lawsuits these days…

        3. I think I went through right as it was changing. the last ‘camp out’ I participated in was in a fukkin parking lot….
          Time to go.

        4. A guy I knew at work took his son on a Boy Scout camping trip about 5 years ago. This was like a formal, troop-wide event, it involved a lot of scouts. None of the kids (or parents) were allowed to bring knives. They also camped in a place where they were not allowed to have fires. They were prohibited from fishing in the nearby lake, or going anywhere other than the designated campground and a 2 mile gravel-paved hiking path.
          More than half the parents that went were moms, and most parked their SUVs right next to their tents… so the kids could watch the TVs set up in the back. The kids set up wifi hotspots so that they could play video games against each other on their iPads or whatever.
          My friend said lots of the married moms were getting banged out in the back of their SUVs after the kids went to sleep by some other kid’s dad.
          At the end of the trip, the Scout leader guy was passing out pre-packaged bags of patches for each kid, including badges for all kinds of activities that most or none of them did, like fishing, hiking, compass use, etc.
          One of the moms was joking with the others about getting two of her own badges, holding up two different condom wrappers, presumably from two different guys.

        5. and hazing! how could I forget the hazing! the loudmouths got tied to trees inside their sleeping bags overnight!! lololol

        6. O man….an older kid sold another guy a ‘joint’, only it was in fact black powder in a rolling paper. Damn near blinded me from 50 yds away. Intended victim lost his eye brows and couldn’t see for several hours.

        7. Yeah they went a little to far on that one. Now that I think of it, that kid offed himself in high school.
          Bad example.

        8. I haven’t seen anything that bad, but we are in rural Utah. The big, formal events do draw some real winners though. I have seen troops that don’t let the 11 year olds and younger carry knives.

        9. I had a hard time believing the story at first. I even left a few details out that were a little crazier. But he showed me the instruction sheet that they were sent, and it laid out several of the rules, including no knives, no fire or fire-building materials, and that all the Scouts would be required to stay in a specific area.
          One of the Scout leaders set up an electric burner thing attached to his car, and kids were allowed to “roast” marshmellows over it in turns. He said that was probably the saddest part.
          I’m also confident about the part about the TVs because this guy admitted he brought his and his kid had his gaming console or whatever. Another guy in the office who was listening to the story said that when he went with his kids, all the dads brought their big screens and because there was a big football game the same night.
          Whether or not some of the moms were really getting banged out… well, I don’t think I really need to prove that is true.

        10. That’s the good stuff. A couple years ago, I took the kids on this 10 mile (one way) hike, supposedly to this lake. I let the boys do the navigating. A couple miles in, they looked at the map and made a wrong choice at this fork in the trail. Not saying a word, I just winked at the other leader and followed the boys lead. We hiked for miles and miles, the terrain didn’t look like the boys were expecting. I knew exactly where we were, but just kept quiet. They eventually gave up and set up camp in this flat.
          The following day, I took out the compass, laid it out on the map, and pointed to some peaks and reverse triangulated right to where we were. It was a lesson none of them ever forgot.

        11. The older scouts were tough on us. If we fucked up dinner, too fuckin bad. We had a few kids with Italian moms in the troop, so there was always a Plan B if they screwed up dinner- they would whip out a tray of lasagna or sausage and peppers and put it in the fire. Kids wanted to switch- packs?- to be in the one with the kid who had an Italian mom, just in case the food situation went to shit. One of the leaders or whatever you call them was an Vietnam vet, he was the guy who was in the chopper who would fire his gun at people on the ground. He wasnt the most stable of human beings. There was some corporal punishment too, but, years later, I would talk to some other guys who were on the receiving end, and the would chuckle “Yeah, I was a knucklehead, I deserved what I got…”
          Good ol days!

        12. “Have your own kids, red-pill them”
          I’d suggest to home school them. It will be much easier to red pill them.

        13. You have to allow the boys the latitude to fuck up(within reason of course). Some guys didnt listen to a senior scout, and walked out on a frozen lake; of course, the ice broke, and everyone else had to drag them out of the water. They didnt bring extra pairs of socks, so us more prepared scouts had to give them ours. We didnt let them forget what happened the rest of the weekend (Me? No YOU get the firewood, I had to give my socks bc you are a moron!)

        14. The crazy thing is, the blue pill is what is not natural. Throw away the TV and home school them. The red pill is just healthy reality.

        15. Yup, make sure they do their job, and keep them from killing themselves. Otherwise, let them do whatever they want.

        16. That’s one possibility, but when I went through public school, I watched as everyone collapsed into degeneracy and failure and decided on my own that I wanted nothing to do with them. Sometimes, it’s helpful.

        17. I made it up to them by taking them to the lake the next month. Naw, they think it was funny.

        18. I don’t know anything about either the boy scouts or camping but if you are on a trip where you are sleeping outdoors, there is no fishing, no fires and no knives and you have a designated gravel path to walk on I am fairly sure you are just practicing for homelessness.

        19. That is a disgrace. I remember even the cubs in Australia used to camp in the wild at the jamboree. Even a radio was forbidden…. let alone an i-pad.
          It was up to the leaders to teach the boys how to light the fires, sharpen a knife, and tell a few scary stories around the campfire.

      2. I tell you, I spend several hours every week working with the youth at church. There is a real dichotomy between those kids that get it and those who are oblivious. The boys that get it are into shooting, sports, cars, girls, etc. Then you got these others who are into anime, video games, and marvel comics. A few weeks ago, I invited this kid to go shooting at targets with us. Being very involved with “Call of Duty”, I thought he would be all over that. Nope, he would rather live in fantasy land. Poor kid will be plugged into the system for the rest of his life.

        1. I was the same way when I was younger. Let the red-pill take its natural course for that one. For me it happened very fast once I had broken free of a relatively sheltered home life.

        2. I hope so, I think the youth may have a brighter outlook than we had. It is getting more difficult for the establishment to hide the truth.

      3. I think this is right but it is much more simple.
        Train to be physically strong. Study to be mentally strong. Get good at a variety of different things. Accept responsibility. Remain self aware. Don’t be a pussy. That is literally it.

        1. This is “literally it” to you because you are a natural. But there are so many of us who weren’t born naturals. So many of the things that men used to have as training, as masculine education, as rites of passage, as tests of manhood, have been taken away, watered down and diluted.
          Naturals don’t need training. But a lot of the rest of us do, and very few of today’s men are training today’s boys.

        2. I don’t know that I didn’t need training. I train very hard to be physically strong. I literally go to the gym twice a day 7 days a week and bust my ass until I can hardly walk. I am not just mentally strong. I worked very hard both in school and in life and in personal time to learn stuff because I didn’t want to be a moron like my father was. I wasn’t born knowing how to play guitar or cook well or talk to women….it seems natural now, but I spent years failing, paying attention, learning from mistakes, embarrassing the hell out of myself. I agree with you that masculine education, rites of passage and tests of manhood have been taken away, watered down and diluted. Totally agree. The fact that it isn’t given to you any more only means there is more responsibility on you to challenge yourself.

        3. Do discount the role/existence of “natural gifts”? Even as simple and mercurial as one’s ‘will’ to excel?

        4. Natural gifts? I mean, yeah some. I mean, I assume guys like Michael Jordan or Phelps or, ya know, like professional test pilots or astronauts have a lot of natural gifts. I assume there are some people that just really had some bad luck and wound up fucked by nature. But on a scale of mediocre like most of us are…relatively average height, build, athletic, but not enough to ever go pro at anything, bla bla bla….hard work is really the key I think. There is no amount of work that will turn me from me into Eric Clapton but if I practice playing the guitar enough I get pretty good at it. Likewise, I will never be a young Tyson, but if I practice boxing enough I will get ok at it. I think what people need to do is push themselves to be the best they can be. I don’t know.

        5. Absolutely agree – you must push yourself to be the best version or yourself possible, gifts and handicaps aside.
          My question is philosophical and totally irrelevant to one’s actions. But the will to do so – I wonder if that’s hardwired, I mean , are some people just born lazy or cowardly and thus never discover their talents/limitations? Or is it conditioned?

        6. That I don’t know. I mean I have always been one to push. I was also born into a fairly shitty situation so my entire psychology is informed by the attempt to get and stay out of the fucking ghetto at any cost. Hard to say in the end.

        7. I agree that the drive, the will, has to come from inside you personally. But when I talk about training, I don’t mean you training yourself, I mean someone else, a respected figure, showing you the path. So many of us have had to go out and find everything that we needed to teach ourselves and train ourselves. And yes, at the end of the day, that made us stronger and better men. But we are leaving behind a lot of boys who want to be men, who want to be masculine, but who get brainwashed into thinking being a “man” or being “masculine” is evil, or that it is something entirely different than what it truly is.
          These boys go looking for the path to being a man, and instead of finding the Red Pill or some SJW crap, or something else that locks them into the Blue Pill for some of the best years of their lives. There are so many powerful forces pushing them down. The natural masculine paths are not just discouraged, they are forbidden… in some places, they are outlawed. In other places, the main cultural influences are telling boys that being a “man” means being an effeminate beta orbiter, an SJW anarchist, etc.
          If we truly want to make things better, we need to get ourselves to a good place first, and then reach back and lift others up, or at least give them a path or an environment in which they can find their own way up. That’s what the manosphere is doing now, but primarily for the men who have been Blue Pill for years and been through hell because of it. There are ways we could reach some of these guys before they have to go through that hell.

        8. IMO, best comment on this article.
          My father was a “natural”.
          He also did not give 1 sh*t about training me. And boy did I need it. A “Natural” I am not…

        9. I remember reading about your status in a prior comment. I imagine we wouldn’t have grown up that different if you were also in New York your whole life.

        10. “But we are leaving behind a lot of boys who want to be men, who want to
          be masculine, but who get brainwashed into thinking being a “man” or
          being “masculine” is evil, or that it is something entirely different
          than what it truly is.”
          You are batting 1.000 today, sir.
          I can add that many of us were never brainwashed (or allowed ourselves to be brainwashed). Rather, we always knew what we wanted to be, but had no idea how to achieve it. Allowed to slip through the cracks. A good father would never allow that to happen to his son. If he is unable or unwilling to train, then send the boy to military school, boxing/martial arts training, mechanic and carpentry training, etc..

        11. Funny but all things considered, I imagine had it not been a weird stint towards the end of my teenage years, we would be more alike than not. Even being lumped in with the Millenial crowd, there is a lot to be said for those who had a bit more struggle in their paths.

        12. Even high school athletes have natural gifts. Some two bit HS QB/LB/RB gets to bang the cutest cheerleaders. IN my book, that is a HELL of a gift!

        13. some do. But a lot of high school athletes are people like me. Born with a modicum of natural ability (6 foot tall lean frame) and then who work their asses off. I knew all of 2 kids in my life who were so naturally talented that it didn’t matter what they did everything always worked for them. Both of them wound up playing pro ball…neither really distinguished themselves because even thought they were 1000000 times better, naturally, than every single hard working kid on the squad in the majors they were average at best. When you look at the absolute top athletes, these are gifts that you simply can’t work for..you have them or you don’t….but they are so incredibly rare.

        14. agreed. I will have more in common with a millennial who struggled and made it than a gen x’r who was handed everything and never had to work. There is only so much that the zeitgeist can take credit for.

        15. Well, I am 6’1″ and was born with a “lean frame”. Real lean, like 115 lbs at high school graduation lean. I worked my ass off too. Worked my way up to 800 pushups (in sets of 40) a night to get to 125 lbs at 18. Also worked my ass off taking (and trying to avoid) all those beatings in grade school / high school. Finally starting gaining real weight at 19/20, but was too late by then. My future had been mapped out by that point.

        16. The naturals are the ones who knew that nobody cared. The younger you are when you find that out, the sooner you hit the ground running to take care of your own shit.
          I occasionaly have a voice telling me some beta shit like “maybe i should get a girlfriend because all my buddies are settling down.” Then i think ” fuck those sellouts.”
          I have too many passions. I have stories that would make Buckowski jealous, and I do what i want with my time. Youll never find anybody who likes the same shit that you do, so why not go do it now right?

        17. On a similar theme, in the Navy, the ship captains used to be the smartest people in society, who knew every type of science to a high level, including knowing commercial law and every aspect of geography and history. It was basically a comprehensive general education of everything, as they might have to fight a war with no communication to HQ. Now that we have instant communication (to the President), the Navy captains are just place-men homos who flow orders. They are just specialised in taking orders. Specialisation is a fast track for being conquered.

        18. They are also often drugs cheats. Usain Bolt went from a 10.12 to WR in under a year, whilst Jamaica didn’t, and doesn’t, perform proper random drug testing – basically an impossible feat of speed for the time period. Floyd Mayweather was on Xylocaine (strong painkiller) for most of his career. The top female tennis players have the physiology and hip-to-waist anatomy of men, and could have been born male due to the 1977 LTA policy change which prohibits gender testing.
          It wouldn’t suprise me if breaking 10 seconds in the 100m is physically impossible without drugs.

        19. Yep, but a lot of families now are so female-centric, that your average young boy doesn’t have a chance.
          Most mums now wouldn’t allow their kids to do martial arts, join the scouts, or even just play mock fights with rubberband guns…. the would worry that their little precious might get hurt.

        20. No one will take up this fight because usurping pussy authority over children always has consequences. At worst they’ll paint you as a pedophile.

        21. There’s an idea. Go in the woods ‘We’re staying here for two weeks, survive or die.’

      4. Bring back the draft, and clean the pussy shit from the armed forces – done.
        That was a rite of passage and test of masculinity.

    9. The first real war that hits Western Society on the home front will put an end to most of this crazy social mania and degeneration.

    10. “I am coming to realize that it isn’t so much western women, that it is western men who are to blame.”
      Totally agree with that sentiment. Have been thinking about writing an article about what weaklings American men are after my recent coast to coast tour of the USA. They’re especially bad/weak/pussified in liberal cities. I saw some of the weakest men of my entire life in San Fransicko/Portland/Seattle. Don’t know what it is about those cities, but the liberalism/weakness/self-loathing amongst whites is off the charts.

      1. Looking forward to that article! I can see what you mean with San Francisco and maybe Seattle, but Portland does surprise me since they seem pretty crass and normal. Then again I” only going by the few I met and have never been there. For all the flack NY could get for it’s liberal ways it is a conservative sort of liberal where women are always in competition with each other and the men in the race are heavily in competition with each other.

        1. Leftists migrate, and their poison is contagious. Once they have fully converted an area like San Fran, they realize how miserable a place it is to live, so they move somewhere else… and immediately proceed to start making it just as miserable as the place they left.

        2. I was in seattle back in the late 1990’s and there literally was not one girl I would fuck. Seattle is totally unfuckable. I did turn out one girl from a suburb called Everett, but she was maybe a 6 and I was on the road. Holy cow they make ’em ugly out there.

        3. really bad. If there were any women in the entire city of Seattle worth fucking I didn’t see them.

        4. Very true. My (Russian) wife and I like to go out to various places and people watch. We were chilling out in a Mongolian Grill in Mill Creek (north of Seattle), and we swear that out of 30 women between the ages of 15 and 35 there was one that wasn’t obese. They had some heifers that must have weighted 250lbs at all of 5’6. My wife was trying not to laugh herself to death.
          You can find some slim hot women in fremont, ballard, etc. There are boatloads of Asian American woman with jobs and slim physiques in Bellevue. The whites? Lord, even the young ones have fat thighs.

        5. Sadly the men are worse. Lumbersexuals, limp wristed pansies, etc. The whites, I mean. You have to go up to Arlington, Lake stevens and the outlying towns to find men with balls.

        6. The entire Pacific Northwest is a festering cancer of rabid SJW’s and PC white guilt. Avoid at all costs.

      2. I think it’s an important link in the chain of causation (culturepoliticseducationweak menslutty crazy women
        And importantly the only link with Agency and the ability to self change, and hence the only place where working on may solve the problem

        1. Well said. I see lots of articles about the degenerate women. Granted, they do get more hits, but as far as the manosphere is concerned, we are better off writing and reading self improvement articles and “how to” articles.

        2. Absolutely! I’ve said I before and it’s worth repeating – RoK is at it’s finest when it focuses on self-improvement for Men!
          Plus I really hate whiny… We are *Men* and should leave the whining to the ladies…

        3. Apparently you guys don’t read my shit enough. Because that is nearly the entire reason I started a blog was first to shame and call out male weaklings. Second to give them something greater to aspire to. To turn their eyes upward to the sky and have a fire burning bright inside them.
          Hatred is one of the greatest motivators for this fire and I’m trying to rekindle the flames of hatred in the western white man. I knew that only few could stomach the message anyway.
          Regardless I stay talking shit about weak males because as you said, it ain’t the women who are ever gonna change a fucking thing.

        4. I have found the best word you can say to a woman is ‘No’.
          And this is because, as has been pointed out so many times, that they are basically children grown old. They are not used to a man looking them in the eye, and just saying no. They are used to being coddled,… and have orbiters agree to whatever they say.
          Even yesterday, a girl suggested dinner for a first date, and I said “no”. She asked why, and I basically told her that if a girl is boring, I don’t want to suffer through dinner. If she is boring, I can just drink my drink and leave.
          Or even just that girl in the shop who asks you to sign up for their loyalty program. Just look her dead in the eye, and say ‘no’. And when she looks flustered, just say – “You can have my number, but don’t give it to your boss”.
          Women are surrounded by betas. Stand out.

      3. Agreed. I’m in my 40’s and been doing research on TRT for the last couple years due to diminished physical state & mental acumen. Been on TRT for 3 weeks now & the change is AMAZING. I’m not going to get into theories about BPA, fluoride, high fructose corn syrup, etc.. BUT it is well known that men today suffer from less testosterone than men of past generations. Maybe lack of physical work, sitting on computers all day, “toxic masculinity” being criminalized, whatever.
        Beside the increased mental sharpness & strength gains I’ve noticed my tolerance for bullshit & willingness to call people out on it (politely when possible & using logic to back it up) has increased. I’m not sure how we can use this to make a change, but if more men had adequate testosterone levels I think it would go a long way towards correcting some of this bullshit being accepted in society.

        1. You’re right. I wrote about TRT recently on Relampagos site. Every modern male likely needs exogenuous testosterone since our levels are falling around 1.2% every year for the last decade or more.
          You can’t be a man with low T PERIOD. Get the fuck up off your asses and do your own research if you must. Testosterone replacement is the way for our future. We must use the technology we have available to overcome the weakness in our cultures.
          I’ve been using for years and I fucking love it. I think it was the smartest thing I ever did for my body and mind.

        2. What exactly do you take for TRT? The injecrions? Pills? Or a more homeopathic method?
          And can acupuncture be used for TRT? Maybe not, but perhaps in cat help.

        3. Injections all the way. Testosterone Cypionate being my fav. Pills are usually toxic to the liver and shouldn’t be the mainstay. I don’t kno about acupuncture. Test injections is the best way to get exogenuous hormone into your body

        4. There was one injection that is a gel that gets injected in one of buttocks and it’s slow release into the system. Is that what you take? Or is it the other?

        5. I don’t take any gel but I’ve heard of it. I don’t use doctors or a clinic. You can get your levels checked fairly easily without paying a doc. Plus I don’t have insurance and the black market is much cheaper if you know what you’re doin.

        6. Been thinking on this for a bit, got any good resources you could post? Thanks in advance

        7. Good lucking getting Test-C pharma grade. Either you buy it from the black-market or claim you’re a female trapped in a males body that needs more test for masculinity …lol

        8. Getting quality test c is no problem. I’ve known guys who had connections to the powder from China and he made it into injectabke himself. The quality was top notch as we tested it

      4. I live in San Francisco and I can attest to the grand number of beta cucks that are out here. Coupled with the fact that San Francisco brings in a lot of H1bs, specifically from India, Indians are generally all beta white knights to begin with. That adds to the increased number of male betas in the city. You would think an alpha man would have success in this city given the amount of beta dudes around. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Asides feminists, the vast amount of girls are looking for Mr. Perfect – 6’1, white male, makes six figures, has his own place and no roomate, lives in the city, drives a nice car, etc. Mr. Perfect does not exist. But if someone comes close, the women enjoy having the options of betas, because betas will pay for their food and drinks, while an alpha will not. This creates the worst dating life for a decent man in San Francisco.

        1. Seek out the rock clubs where the punk chicks hang out. Wear black clothes and sing some 80s karaoke. Thats how i escape the gold diggers… The bearded tattooed guys of today arent as alpha as they look, but the girls there are there looking for them.
          You wont find a wife but you might find a minimalist slut

        2. Odd, I find Indians are either flabby wimps or outright sexist pigs.
          In SF six figures might not be enough for some women.
          At least there are women in SF. In the south bay it was a wasteland. If you are into short, hairy brown women it is a gold mine.

        3. I think only Stockholm would have more beta pussies than SFO. Maybe toronto would be there too.

        4. I like using movies as metaphors.
          I assume none of us are here to learn how to find a good wife… we all just want to ball good quality babes.
          So your 6 figures doesn’t mean anything when a super cool bad boy rocks into town.
          Check out the first 5 mins of harley davidson and the marlboro man. That is what gets tingles going… not a 6 figure bank statement.

        5. Some of the most leftist tools in the world are getting around with beards, checkered shirts, tatts, and a couple of piercings. Its just basic social signalling.

        6. Thanks David! The problem is that gentrification has totally wiped out much of the counter-culture venues that SF was known for. As a result, the 80s rock bars with the punk girls are close to none-existent. If they are playing 80s music, it’s usually sorority type girls who work in tech (recruiters, and customer support chicks) who usually flaunt those areas. Much of the rocker girls are gone due to how expensive the city has gotten.

      5. I’m in madrid and I’m a weakling like that, raised by an overprotecting feminist mother and an absent father. With such low upbringing, I can’t even be considered to mate, as the 80/20 does it’s work in sexually unrestricted western women. It’s feminism, the disease of the west. Look into jordan b. peterson conversations with stefan molyneux and reality calls, he talks about how compassion can be the most abusive if you’re constantly treated like a diseased child or if you’re considered the predator (as of now, “straight white male”). I can’t see the west surviving my generation, probably asia will be the most powerful civilization. Though, there seems to be a bastion of AT LEAST sexual western values in Russia, even if it’s a dictatorship that imprisons critics and journalists. Maybe the west can survive through it.

        1. Do not go gentle into that good night,
          Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
          Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
          Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
          Because their words had forked no lightning they
          Do not go gentle into that good night.
          Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
          Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
          Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
          Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
          And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
          Do not go gentle into that good night.
          Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
          Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
          Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
          And you, my father, there on the sad height,
          Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
          Do not go gentle into that good night.
          Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
          – Dylan Thomas
          My friend, you are on the path, you understand that you have been lied to by society. Really, we are rebounding from a long social experiment that yielded bad results. It started in the 1950’s, the powers that be tried to see if they can control society by controlling the media. For decades, it has permeated everything around us. Many fell in it’s grip, me being no exception. Something just didn’t feel right. This control of society has one weakness, it is not based on the truth. Now with the spread of mass communication, the scales are falling off the eyes of millions and we are again realizing the truth. We are living in exciting times, just have a proper outlook on it, and be a part of it.

      6. yep. one of my best friends accusing me of being a women hater, and told me not to talk to him about women…. just being I suggested he read ‘the manipulated man’.
        He got through a chapter, and basically told me we should take a break from being friends.
        Pedestals everywhere.

    11. That’s what I am saying from quite a long time ! MEN (especially the west & asia) are responsible for the “entitled, bitchy and arrogant” attitude of their women. We just “let them go free” with what ever they do, however they behave.
      MEN always “over exaggerate” women and give them “undue credit” for something that is quite natural, mundane and obvious: getting pregnant and rearing children. Any damn female in any damn species does the same !!
      Indeed, we are the ones to blame.

    12. Yup. Just like a parent who doesn’t discipline their child. That child likely grows up to be a spoiled, entitled brat. (The “Cash me ousside” girl is a good example). Personal story: I was at 7-11 yesterday (I live in West Texas, the “Southern Gentleman” capital of the solar system). Got to the door at the same time as an attractive mid-twenties woman. I held the door for her, and was FLOORED by how appreciative she was (usually, you’re lucky to get even a whisper of gratitude). I ended up behind her in line as she was paying for her beer. When the cashier asked for ID, she pulls out a passport. I asked her where she was from. “Costa Rica” she said with a smile and a moderately-thick accent. My immediate thought was “Yup, that explains it.” She even looked at me and said “have a nice day” as she was leaving.
      You see, American women are SO USED to living in a world where men do nothing but WORSHIP them. A world where men make zero effort to call them out on their bullshit or challenge them in ANY way.
      So, a la Dr. Phil, I don’t ask myself WHY they behave the way they do. I ask myself WHY NOT? What incentive do they have to behave any differently?

      1. Hold the door and American women give the bitch-face lookaway, like, “I could’ve gotten the door myself because I am as physically strong as you are and you’re not getting ANYWHERE with me just for holding the door”
        Don’t hold the door and American women, including the ones nearby will glare at you for being a selfish, chauvinist pig with a “There’s no good men anymore” eyeroll.
        Because Anglo women ONLY want to be pissed off. The reasons for that and the proof of that are inexhaustible.
        Any of you alphas notice the pussyhat hate marches?
        All of you “Be alpha enough like me and they’ll come around” are just wasting time. Jumping through another one of their hoops. And all of you “Don’t know what you’re talking about Furioso. I turn out my 180 pounder in Laramie 6 times a month. You must not be alpha like me.”
        How far does the magic of being an alpha go? Be alpha enough and dogshit in your yard turns into Haagen-Dazs?

    13. I’ve watched foreign exchange students go from sweet little peasant girls from some Romanian fishing village to raging feminist cocksluts in less than six months when they were picked up by the “cool girls.” You can watch their corruption in real time.
      “White knights” had very little to do with it, because no one else is calling them out on their behavior either. The huddled little corners of the internet like this one where people are afraid to show their faces in public lest they have their bar meetups protested or have bomb threats called in… they’re not keeping anyone in line either.
      The simple exposure to American women and the culture of extreme degeneracy pushed upon them by jews is all it took, and it happens frighteningly quickly. The only men they had any exposure to were the never-ending line of cocks they picked up at bars and frat parties.
      None of you hypocrites give a single goddamn about loose women. This is a hook-up “game theory” site dedicated to getting your dicks in as many of them as possible. Even when going overseas the writers here aren’t looking for good Christian wives to bring home; they’re looking to stick their dicks in pussies and the occasional asshole. You all LOVE sluts and have absolutely zero actual concern stopping the cock carousel. It’s all about making sure you have a ticket to ride.

      1. I don’t know if you ever went on some “womens” website to call them out on their behavior. The White Knights will jump on you like flies on shit. I do not get it, it isn’t like they are going to get laid from this girl in Delaware for being a brave knight in shining armor, defending her right to wear tattoos and slut around.

        1. Pathetic yes-men trying to get sympathy pussy don’t make policy. Their behavior is simply accepted by their handlers, in the heavily-moderated online forums. They are not contributing to the degeneracy in any significant way, and you’ve already noted why that is; women don’t respect their opinions at all either.
          The Chads that the Stacys actually respect aren’t calling them out for being dick-chugging whores either. They’re using that tattoo on their asscrack for target practice when they’re finished fucking them.

        2. Agreed, I just like to tell the lurkers that the feminist behavior is not attractive. Hopefully, it changes a mind or two.

      2. “This is a hook-up “game theory” site dedicated to getting your dicks in as many of them as possible.”
        Which is why it’s pretty funny and also slightly annoying to see these otherwise well-thought-out anti-Marxist pieces on this site, which from another angle plays into the degeneracy of modern society.

        1. It’s a rotten facet that plays into the Satanic agenda of the Cultural Marxists that are destroying the proper functioning of society. It’s also the most popular aspect of so-called “neo-masculinity” because let’s face it: most people reading this stuff aren’t here for self-improvement or to have a harmonious relationship, but to get laid and satisfy their lust. They are part of the rotten problem.

      3. This bothers me. I have promised a lot of foreign girls that i would bring them here. They will be missed.

      4. Agree completely. I live in China, and the girls who get sent to Australia, Canada or the USA for university (or even a 1 year working visa) come back corrupted.
        And it is to easy to spot them. Their legs and asses are 20% bigger than the locals… + a nice gut to match.., they dress like sluts, permed out dyed hair and fake nails with stars on them… all that kind of shit…. and they get a real attitude on them…. so I give them nothing. I have banged a few, but I just can’t tolerate listening to their newly-acquired western bullshit attitude.

    14. I don’t get the whole brownie point thing. I tried that in my 20s and never got an ounce of pussy, lol. You’d think that these retards would eventually wake up.

      1. I had two girls in high school, both of them were from single encounters where I was unaware of them the day before. About a dozen other girls, I was duped into thinking I could develop a relationship by “becoming friends” first and working into some relationship. All of them ended up going nowhere. These guys are in that same mindset.

        1. Yup, that is where the bulk of us learn about women. No wonder western civilization is so messed up.

    15. Err no, beta and blue pill men are to blame. not us, who have swallowed the red pill and see the ugly thruth.

    16. yes, the archetypal traditional female was one of the main pillars of a noble and decent society. feminism would have been better off supporting that rather than trying to turn women into ‘little’ men.

    17. You are right that men should lead and women should follow. But WHY have men failed to do this? Why have men so quickly and so easily dropped the ball? My theory is that the roles of the sexes boils down to pure demands of reality. And this bring me to war and technology, and the varying effects that changes in these areas have had on the demands that reality places on us.
      War keeps men locked in reality, no time for lala-land social justice theories. It ensures men are well respected by society as it’s ultimate protector.
      Women used to be kept too busy doing washing and sewing to have time for intellectual pursuits and politics.
      Now, technology has liberated women from those mundane tasks. There is no imperative anymore to keep them in their feminine, submissive roles.
      Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that technology has ‘liberated’ men from the brutality of war. But we haven’t had a big, existentially threatening war in 70-odd years. So neither is there any imperative for men to keep to their manly roles.
      Unwin’s research is great and all, but asking men and women to study previous societies and say “look at these guys, they were doing it right, see how successful they were” is never going to cut it. People are too weak. People are too lazy. They need the imperative of war and necessity to force them into their natural roles.

      1. You are right on the money here. We have become weak because we can. It takes effort to be men, it takes effort for women to be women. While not necessary in many aspects of life, there are some that do require the gender roles. Marriage and family are on the top of the list. The question becomes, “How do we motivate ourselves and guys around us to be men?”, or “how do we motivate our women to be women?”
        I tried to answer that question through religion. I surrounded myself with people who fulfill their roles for religious purposes. While I found many men who have integrity, I also found many men who succumbed to being the beta. “Let me go ask the boss” they joke (or is it a joke?).
        War may be a way, but is it worth it? The 1940’s were horrible on the family. Guys left their families for years, women took up the slack at home, working in factories. And that is in America, Europe and the Far East saw way worse destruction.
        The Amish may have the right idea. shun technology and live in a simple farming life. But, is that practical in the worldwide market? Could we afford the cost of land if we are just using manual labor to farm it?
        Point is, we as individuals need to pick our poison. Some become players, some are MGTOW, some become religious nuts like I did, others just acquiesce and decide they are fine being a beta. Personally, that is not for me. I see what my dad is going through, trying to keep his wife happy amid all the lies put out by society.

        1. “How to motivate” is the $64K question. Honestly, I don’t see any way other than war. It is the only ‘large scale’ way to force people into their proper roles. The problem is now that war has become too destructive, thanks to technology. What a bind we’ve created!
          Without war, I don’t think there is any way to avoid the decay. The fall of our civilization has become inevitable. Amish life would be great, I think. All our technology is ultimately pointless – it presumes that an improved quality of life is beneficial to us. I would disagree with this, and so would many of the ancient Greek philosophers. But it’s pointless to talk about this; Amish is never going to be fashionable.
          Some say ‘protect your own, and watch the decline’. But I am a Christian, and aren’t Christians are supposed to go out and convert others to Christianity? And, is converting going to be more profitable in a virtuous or in a hedonistic society? I would say the virtuous society is more able to produce Christian converts. So, notwithstanding the inevitability of our civilization’s collapse, I don’t see it as an option to go MGTOW or accept beta-hood. I must fight the decay in my own small way.

    18. As long as the society (men) continue to allow and give them “pussy pass” and pander to their bad behaviors instead of shaming them, women will keep acting like cunts.

    19. Hold on. Before you all blame betas. Think about our laws. The law and the culture are against the alpha men here. Wouldnt you act differently when you see someone who gets fired from their job for flirting, or gets divorce raped? Examples:
      A woman in latin america would never win a rape case against her own boyfriend or husband, like happened to my friend.
      A woman in latin america would never win custody of the children while the man was a good breadwinner, like happened to my dad and multiple buddies.
      A woman in latin america would never have section 8, EBT, and free healthcare as a backup plan if she decides to make her man miserable so he leaves.
      A woman in latin america could never get a man fired for sexual harassment when they both had consensual flirtations like happened at my old job.
      Women here have the law on their side. They have the gov to support them. They know it. They dont need us for shit. They act accordingly. Yes AWALT, but few have the power and rights that I just mentioned.
      One alpha male can only undo so much engraved privelidge with the law working against him. We almost had fucking hillary clinton in the white house for god sake!
      Check out blackdragonblog.com he’s an asshole, but at least he admits relationships are done here. You have two choices: stay here and fuck sluts while society plunges, or try the family thing in a small untapped village in the jungle 10,000 miles away.
      By default I am in the first category. I had no respect for women because of my moms treachery. But i have a few sweethearts in latin america who i wouldnt mind bending my rules for… As long as they never meet eachother.

    20. I think the true problem here is ignorance. Some people might argue about this against me, but I find Americans to be the most ignorant people in the world. The feminist problem is something that I only have seen in the western culture and probably is connected in the ignorance of their own government, society, other countries, and their lack of general knowledge. That ignorance then extends to everyday social life were men and women growing up not knowing what to do with their lives and lack any sort of direction that weak, willed beta males and crazy feminist women are produced and grow up what they truly want to do with their lives, what they want, how to be in a relationship, and how to take of a child.
      The problem originates in the western cultural upbringing were teenagers become “independent” before being inform about how society and relationships work. American culture have overdone the concept of democracy and freedom and as we know too much of something or too little of it is both bad. In other countries and cultures teenagers don’t live by themselves until they either have established a successful job or finally getting married. They are still guided, and taught by their parents until they become fully mentally matured (Noticed the word mature and not adult), only then would they be left own their own to decide their own decisions. If teenagers want to be independent much more sooner than they are also given that choice of their own, or if the teenagers find their parents overbearing it is usually recommended for them to live by their own sooner.

    21. I do not think it is right to remove all blame from western women.
      While the cow-towing actions of western men exacerbate the issue, it is the women themselves who start the negative feedback loop.

  9. Taking the manosphere to task again on the American woman Furiouso! I love it. People have no clue how much damage the culture has done for sexual relations and think it is all simply a smooth transition to eliminating ‘tax eaters’ while also supporting the heavier tax eaters of single mothers and their soon to be degenerate children. By in large the gamut of single children seems to have one thing in common, horrendous pair bonding abilities due to modeling what they grew up with.
    I really don’t understand how, where in America game is mandatory, social status is mandatory, all to appease a woman who you would be a fool to not preselect what culture she stems from, just to have a spouse who will likely birth you a child that is yours, isn’t seen as extreme, when I can go to another country and have women who aren’t afraid of my sex who will look me in the eyes and address me as a human over utility? The majority of women I work with, are not mothers. This number goes down immensely if they are white. Yet the majority of them have twitter/Tinder accounts. With the country I could have been born in, they barely know about Twitter/Tinder and I can have a new wife who is in her early twenties with a great body with ease.
    Sure one can point to how women use men. But if all women are like that then why fear or attack the woman who at least makes my time seem valuable? Is there some mystery siren call not known in this equation where the foreign woman will lead me to my death quicker than the woman who has been statistically quicker to be unattractive, say no, or both? It is a level of insanity in a way addressing this as this is a self improvement site. I see it differently since my culture is both Foreign and American. While America is winning economically and can be a poosy paradise, foreigners are winning because they will still be creating new families all day everyday while we twiddle our hands on it like it is a Rubix cube of epic contortions.
    And yes, any woman you bring from foreign land can degenerate in America. But that is because America allows it while Where she grew up would make an example of her.

    1. He’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite voices in the, er ‘manosphere’ (whatever that means). Keeps hammering the same points, but is doing it with passion and style… and the points he’s hammering on really do need to be drilled in!

      1. It is sad when one of the best commentators, Avi8tor, is praying for the day to hit foreign soil. Especially with all the articles and frequent poosy miles he has shared with ROK. Having an idea of where Furiouso is at only cements my desire to leave. All of my older relatives used to joke about having girlfriends for every day of the week before coming to America. They all still had kids out of the marriage for one reason or another but the ease to which they enjoy life is palpable. Intersex relations just don’t need to be that hard or grating.

        1. Yeah, Aviator’s insights are excellent… would like to see more articles by him too!

  10. bit off topic.
    usually dont watch/listen to any MSM
    but, listening to Joe Piscapo AM radio.
    He had Raoul Felder celebrity divorce lawyer – total schmuck
    asked number one reason for divorce?
    then Anderson Cooper who said his mom
    “slept with a lot of men” – Frank Sinatra, etc
    google search — “Gloria Vanderbilt” — photos of her at old age — massive facial contortions from plastic surgery…
    So, my take is AWALT — birthed into wealth, fame, beauty – yet still craves strange, and subjects herself to horrid surgery…

    1. They’re masochists. They can’t stand it when things are going well. They have to fuck it up. I guess suicidal is a better word. I don’t for sure because I’m not a woman. Glad I’m not.

      1. “They have to fuck it up.”
        Noticed that myself. Also if they have nothing legitimate to complain about they will make something up.

        1. yesterdays posts about arguing is relevant.
          you cannot win an argument with a woman. as she is not debating/discussing fro a resolution.
          they only wish to create drama. the subject/result is irrelevant.
          drama, feels -> fun

        2. We’re back to that, “If mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy” truism. As my brother-in-law once said, “Any man who understands a woman is one.”
          Sometimes I think – a la “The Matrix” – women are agents, put here to distract us, fuck us up, and keep us from awakening. But then I get a really great blowjob, and…I forget about it.

        3. I just might be…but seriously…look at how women operate. Look at how men crave them, physically. We crave something that is guaranteed to stunt our growth, fuck us up, and in some cases, ruin us. That’s like a drug addict living in a pharmacy…

        4. If men for some reason stopped craving for women, then I guarantee u that in a decade or two female humans would go extinct.(either through starvation or murdered by bored men)

        5. This is a deep insight and one I have been pondering for the longest time…
          Even knowing their true nature we *still* crave them!
          I am thinking the craving itself is not the problem… it is our interpretation of what it *means*… so instead of accepting it simply means we want to fuck the shit out of them until the craving passes, we go and add a load of societally programmed shit like “I must be in love” or “I should marry this one” or other total nonsense like that…

        6. Well to look back on our evolution men are programmed to propagate the species….. i.e. to fuck any fertile woman in the area. Our “progress” has overtaken our instincts as humans. Our civilisations know the value of eggs as opposed to sperm.

        7. It seems like the perfect trap, doesn’t it. Let’s say something feeds off of our energy (like in “The Matrix”). Okay. That’s a pretty strong premise. What is a more perfect scheme in that regard, than biologically predisposing the captured male (Matrixed male) to an overwhelming urge to procreate (i.e., fuck) the captured female (Matrixed female). It creates more captured slaves, male and female alike, and the whole thing perpetuates itself. Now if this were true, then as you mentioned, in terms of this craving, “it is our interpretation of what it *means*”. Maybe what we’re speculating about here is indeed what it means. (Good word, “maybe”…it has infinite possibilities.) If that’s true, then maybe the secret to escaping is to overcome the programming (i.e., craving), and focus the energy elsewhere. I should give Morhpeus a call…

        8. It *is* the perfect trap, no seems about it!
          How much of our life is absorbed into it, or trying to avoid it, or trying to outwit it?

        9. And yet we know, instinctively, there is so much more. I look at the whole thing optimistically – like it’s a school, or a test. We can pass the test if we can solve the riddle. In terms of our life being absorbed into it, or avoiding it, or outwitting it. Yes. But maybe it’s the last part where we should focus most of our energy. To outwit it, to figure it out, to solve the riddle. Most men expend the bulk of their energy on being absorbed in it, or trying to avoid it…thoughts are great, they don’t cost anything, do they. Heh.

        10. Elvis:
          We’re caught in a trap
          I can’t walk out
          Because I love you too much, baby
          Sensible Man:
          I don’t think we should see each other any more.

        11. Women understand one another. They also hate each other.
          Was invited to a dinner party last weekend by an old friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. He is recouping from a nasty divorce from a few years ago and introduced us to his current GF (16 years his junior). Tall, lithe blonde and was so accomodating to please him it was almost embarrassing.
          The wife made her the topic all the way home. Ha!

        12. I used to talk to a psychologist that specialized in marriage therapy. He once told me that women seek emotional conflict as a means of “bonding” with you… really sick shit.

  11. These defeatist posts (and the punk-ass bitch who marked this as spam last time) are really beginning to grate on me.You can still acquire a pleasant, feminine woman in this society if you look hard enough. It’s just more difficult because you have to kick a bunch of tatted-up, shrapnel-riddled club whores into the gutter first. Go young, go traditional and boot those gutter sluts into the stratosphere and away from everyone else. Half the women I’ve dated were virgins who wanted to wait until they were married to have sex. That’s respectable in an LTR prospect. I’m no lolknee or Casanova, so I didn’t go through tons of women to find them either. I was just selective and knew what I wanted.
    Culturally, the pendulum buried itself in the left wall for years and is now starting to come free with a vengeance. Celebrity culture and consumerism have taken a massive blow recently (Black Rifle Coffee firing a shot across Starbucks’ bow and being backed up by the public). Not only that, but Gen Z is shaping up to be as red-pilled as they come. Also, conservatives are reproducing faster than progressives in the US (still need some help, though). This points to a change back to traditionalism or better values in the future. Not to mention that the countries frequently listed here as poontang paradises are also beginning to feel the sting of feminism. They will have to go through the same convulsions we did as they purge that poison from their system. All bad things come to an end/ Not all good things last.

    1. I agree with u in regards to still finding pleasant, feminine women in the west.
      But what gave the impression that the Taylors Swifts of the world are going away?
      Do u believe clubs will close down & they’ll be replaced with libraries?
      Do u believe people will stop going to blockbusters?
      Half the kids that belong to conservative families will turn liberal and nihilistic. Do u believe that if kids have supportive conservative parents they can’t become social parasites?

      1. They can become social parasites but by and large they don’t. We don’t need theories for this, we have the facts and data to back it up. Children born in wedlock to conservative parents on average tend to grow up as balanced conservative leaning productive members of society, who pair bond and make stable families for the next generation of conservative productive children to grow up in.
        Children of Single mothers and children of progressives who were raised by nannies on the other hand are a different kettle of fish.

        1. Moving from hometown to a cosmopolitan place it’s EXACTLY like a migraint moving from Northern Africa to Paris. Some of them degenerate when they reach cosmopolitan soil(the 2nd generation degenerates in bigger %), yeah liberals don’t have kids, but there is an environment change that happens when a young person leaves the confines of their familiy structure.

        2. Weird example, a North African who moves to Paris doesn’t change in any way as far as I’m concerned. Their France born children will perhaps have a higher likelihood of surviving to adulthood, but otherwise will be fundamentally the same as if they were born in North Africa with the possible exception of speaking broken French and wearing Nike Airs.
          Statistics show that the effect you describe is minimal, but also it goes in both directions, so there is no large shift happening.
          Anecdotal but I was raised by a divorced single mother in Sweden of all places, and I grew up to become about as conservative as you can get.

        3. “Anecdotal but I was raised by a divorced single mother in Sweden of all places, and I grew up to become about as conservative as you can get.”
          That happens cause people see the consequences of unchecked liberalism.
          “Weird example, a North African who moves to Paris doesn’t change in any way as far as I’m concerned.”
          My example was bad cause the north africans are the least muslims of the muslims.(they were never properly islamised, there always was savagery in them)
          People have too much bias against muslims, most muslims hate everything u hate, the thing is they see easy white women and they treat them as such, what would u do if u were in their place?
          Statistics should show that the most conservative families are muslim. But if u look at the muslim youth u’ll see how they fall into pittrap of porn , drug addiction, rap, just as any other white conservative that leaves home and goes urban.

        4. I am unconcerned with Muslims, conservative or not, for the simple reason that the majority of them are not smart enough to uphold or participate meaningfully in an advanced society. So what happens to them or their children is of no particular interest.
          I should point out that there are many different kinds of conservative, and since Muslims in the US and Europe all vote for liberal progressives, that’s what they are to me.
          Western people should distrust Muslims for the simple reason that our civilizations have been at war for the 1400 yrs Islam had existed, that ample reason to not want them in our countries.

        5. When I say conservative I mean patriarcharchy: man provides, woman(virgin when she gets married) takes care of the family, anything aside from this is not conservatism(in my opinion at least). These are concepts that are found in any tradition on the planet.
          Muslims vote liberal, because liberals permit Sharia Law in Western societies, if liberals were to intervene in their neighbourhoods then the muslims wouldn’t be voting them, they would be protesting(becoming violent)
          I was not trying to change your mind in regards to muslims, I don’t trust them either. I just wanted to point out how cosmoplitanism softens people up, makes them forget where they came from, it makes them degenerate. Urban areas are havens for deviation.

      2. The sluts will die alone, or have one autistic kid with a beta they hate. That’s the end of them after the new generations see their misery.
        I couldn’t give 2/5 of a fuck about clubs, if people go there expecting anything less than highway robbery and embarrassment, they deserve to have their money taken.
        I know many people who have already given up movies, or will only pirate from now on.
        False, the kids being raised conservative are not raised with the obsolete “don’t you trust that durn gubmint” conservatism of yesteryear. This is red-pilled empirical knowledge bolstered by observations of the world. There is no denying such things. Only bad parents will manage to screw that up. I was raised conservative, attended many years of public schooling and then completed a degree at a very liberal college. I came out being far more rooted in my beliefs than when I’d gone in.

        1. U’re kidding yourself if u believe liberal ideals will go away. High-comfort cosmopolitan societies will always be susceptible to promiscuity & nihilism, it’s the true nature of reality.

        2. I never said liberal ideals would go away. Only that current societal trends and history indicate that they are on schedule to be severely weakened.

  12. The “biological power” women have over men is somewhat of a myth. Sure, women can get sex easier, but that is based on social constructs. For example, women are the gatekeepers of sex based on slut shaming and the idea that men “score”. Obviously it will never be reversed, but look at another construct: rape laws.
    In the past, did cavemen spit game? No, they used brute force.
    “Biological advantage” is not necessarily the truth.

  13. {IF} I get married again, it will be a woman from a country that borders the Mediterranean or far East Asia. That is it!

  14. “A large population of disgruntled, sexually disenfranchised men forms”
    This is a recipe for civil unrest.

  15. Great article. I think that this restraining of sexuality works both ways however. Let me put it this way: Men, as a group, won’t work harder for anything than they do for sex. If sex is easy for them to get, they’ll be lazy workers. It seems like I see this happening with the Tinder generation, and the better looking the dude, the lazier he is at the job. If you live in a promiscuous society, where it is easy for dudes to get laid, particularly confident, smart and well put together men, the bulk of their energies will be spent on banging, drinking and laughing their life away. They won’t be investing their energies on pushing society forward through new innovations and discoveries. Of course, you still restrain the men’s sexual energies by restraining the women’s sexual energies. Women are still the gatekeepers of sex.

    1. That’s assuming what men want is sex. I for one do not place much weight on it anymore. I want to take good care of my wife and son, and I want there to be a future for my son, including a wife eventually for him to have children with.
      That’s what men should be aiming for in my view, not random sex with low grade sluts. But then again, it’s logical to have a certain amount of low grade men in any large enough group.

  16. “Women are taught to respect men. Female sexual depravity is constrained by a patriarchal culture and slut shaming. Women with illegitimate (bastard) children are ostracized rather than praised as saintly single moms.”
    The author hasn’t provided any evidence for this. I’m not disagreeing, just saying… please do a simple Google search. Some numbers. An anecdote. SOME PROOF, PLEASE.
    Here, I’ll do your job for you–
    Globally, 15% of all children live in single parent households, but those numbers could be vastly underreported. For example, a single mother living with her spawn AND the grandparents doesn’t count.
    Meanwhile, the U.S. is at 26%, which has tripled in recent years. The English-speaking world has by far the highest rate of single parenting.

    1. lacrosse ass is up there as well. Also, you need to differentiate between talented and athletic yoga ass and fat chicks who wear compression wear whose ass is actually like 15 pounds of cottage cheese mushed into a balloon.

      1. There is also a difference between true “yoga ass” and mere “yoga pants ass”. Admittedly, “yoga pants ass” is nice, but it can be very deceptive, especially as these evil Lululemon bastards advance yoga pant technology. You can see a perfectly sculpted, well-honed yoga ass through a thin veneer of high-tech yoga pant fabric, only to find it sag, droop and flop when the yoga pants come off. Again, this is still a high grade ass, and still lots of fun… it just falls a notch short of the holy grail: true yoga ass that retains its perfect shape even after pant removal.

        1. omfg you should see the hot Vinyasa yoga class I have been going to. Vinyasa is a much more athletic form of yoga. You work your ass off. It is a legit workout. Plus the head. Plus the fact that it is 30 people in the class plus the instructor and after 4 classes I have yet to see a single other male. Lord oh mighty it is a wonderful thing.

    2. Female volleyball athletes are like 6 ft tall, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  17. The real problem is that the West has been a cult of woman-worship for a long time. This situation started when the Catholic Church created the concept of modern chivalry. Modern chivalry is basically the notion that women are the counterparts of the Virgin Mary on Earth and are thus perfect. Men still inherit their fallen state from Adam and are thus relegated to being beasts of burden.
    Anglo Puritanism created an even more concentrated version of this cult of woman-worship. The fucked-up nature of sexual relations in the Anglo world is due to this Puritan influence.

    1. “Repeal the 13th and the 19th Amendment. Take the vote away from the women and make slaves out of them.” –Dean Martin
      (actually he said 14th and 20th it is a movie good from Ocean’s Eleven, but whatever)

      1. I had to go back and check the film to be sure. Sure enough, 14th and 20th! I wonder if put the numbers off on purpose? 🙂

  18. “Why Foreign Women Are Better Than Western Women”
    Not for long. Any expat out there will report that things are marginally better, but can also sense the coming feminization. Only the next World war is going to clean this shit up.

    1. “Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph”

      1. ““Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural”
        Seems to prove itself correct whenever we get our World Wars.

      2. The elite are the people pushing wars and barbariansm – and feminism/ matriarchy. Civilisation is rational mens fight against oligarchy.

    2. True that. Things are only marginally better in South America and Eastern Europe, China has 116 males per 100 females, India is becoming more and more feminized by constantly passing some crazy laws in favor of women.
      Virus is spreading faster then we imagine
      I used to laugh at Talibans banning tv, radio, internet, phones…now i see why it makes sense

      1. “Things are only marginally better in South America and Eastern Europe, China has 116 males per 100 females…”
        Pure horseshit dude. You need to actually go to these places.

        1. I lived in eastern Europe, thailand for 1 year and now australia, been to sth america a few times. No doubt anglo countries are the worst but other places are catching on fast, obsession with social media and smartphones is in every corner of this planet and that in itself leads to a lot of problems such as overinflated sexual markt worth. Do you think that only American guys are thirsty? LOCAL guys are as bad, yes young average girl in brazil, ukraine and thailand still gets a lot of messages,likes by local men.
          That leads woman to having unrealistically high expectations, puts her in good position where she can demand things from guys

        2. That is because everyone is skinny there. American guys have obsession about skinny girls(understandable) but. skinny does not mean she is hot or even average.
          She still needs to have attractive face, ass and boobs and im afraid Thai women lack in all of these areas

    3. I can see some bad changes in parts of Southern Europe. Notably in northern Italy. But “marginally” better? Compared to the US it’s a freaking paradise out here. 😀
      However, if the bad affects aren’t curbed, I do think it’s going to eventually cause the west to totally fall. But since we’re heading for war anyway, looks like that might be the correction needed. It’s just a great shame a bunch of people have to die in order for various societies to get a clue.

    4. thai girl ask me if she should cut her hair short and shave part of the head and the whole bit. I said oh hell no you don’t. she won’t do it. This literally (hitler) happened today.

  19. Part of the problem is that men have lowered their standards way to low, guy who is geniune 7 or 8 should never, under any circumstances go for 6 or below…what we have today is guy that is 7 will screw 4 just because she is easy to him and willing and that my friends fucks it up for everyone else, whole mating game is in disarray because we sell ourselves too short.
    West is on its last legs, christianity exists only as a word..muslims will eventually take over, question is when and how it will happen, if not by force then by combination of immigration/out-breeding white population.

  20. Categories of undatable midwestern men:
    – jocks/players with stds (likely) and no intellectual curiousity
    – nerds with no game
    – fatties with dad bod or worse
    – white trash/ fathers of bastard children/ drug addicts/ porch beer drinkers/ lacking in ambition
    – mentally ill- bipolar, anger management issues
    – artists/musicians ( rarely father material)
    – normal guys who have some ex incessantly texting/ calling = baggage
    – atheists (no spiritual curiosity = boring)

      1. Categories of fuckable midwestern men (FIFY):
        – jocks/players especially with money
        – nerds with no game (these are not fuckable, but make for good betas)
        – fatties with dad bod or worse (unless they have money)
        – white trash/ fathers of bastard children/ drug addicts/ porch beer drinkers/ lacking in ambition (these are highly sought after if they have a criminal record)
        – mentally ill- bipolar, anger management issues (These guys keep women on their toes and are “exciting” for women to tame.)
        – artists/musicians (These guys always have a hard time getting women /s)
        – normal guys who have some ex incessantly texting/ calling (women don’t want exes still in the picture as they don’t like competition)
        – atheists (I as an atheist never have problems getting women, especially those religious types. I blame/thank daddy issues.)

  21. Not sure about the others without seeing there faces, but I can say one thing for certain. You can keep Fabana…

  22. Yes. Some foreign women could be actually better.
    But only by approx. 5%. Don’t delude yourself that the girls in these countries are traditional, perfectly feminine woman.
    If you still stuck with these ideas, you’re still a blue pill.

  23. Good piece. I married a filipina, and we go over there to see her family once or twice a year. Every time we do, I’m struck by how westernized the place is becoming, with more of the girls glued to their iPhones and whatnot.
    I guess it’s inevitable, but it’s still sad to see the West’s creeping death.

    1. Philippines are pretty open to the LGBT-WXYZ thingy when I visited a few years back. I had thought they were not opened to that sort of shit, but I was wrong.

  24. In a decade you will have more single western mothers then married. They will all be applying for some kind of aid but there will be nobody to tax anymore. From robots to men who will not leave the basement for full time crappy jobs. Throw in the the muslims and illegals sucking off the same system and collapse is inevitable.

    1. Your right and it may start happening within ten years take a look at Greece no one paying taxes add in plenty of leeches – down she goes

  25. too much bitching about women on this site lately… we get it already. now can we focus on constructive things? making money, travel, philosophical issues, or at least how to make the best of relationships? no matter how much bashing goes on on this site the majority of readers will still end up in a LTR

  26. Round two of the “Man Up Alpha Signallers” versus “The guys who have actually been overseas and know exactly what Furioso is talking about”
    Ding, ding

    1. I have been overseas and brought her back with me, now we have a son.
      And I concur with most of what he is saying, I suspect though that the window is closing on some of the good places.

      1. Same pedestalization of Western bitches, just approaching the pedestal from a new, “This time, I’m alpha” angle. Suckers getting fooled again. The “Be alpha and tame the wenches” crowd has just found a way to STILL pedestalize women without realizing that that’s all they’re doing. They’re STILL appraising themselves and their life quality by their ability to win approval from Western bitches. Boring. I’m much more interested in true femininity and physical perfection overseas than all of this incredibly over-involved, time-killing gender stupidity in Anglo hellscapes.

    1. There still will be fat women and they join the facist feminists. The white knights are the problem that hurt the rest of the guys.

    2. Not just fat…
      “Like my new tattoo, haircut, tongue ring?”
      *gags* “yes dear, it is so independent of you”

  27. If you want to know why majority of American women are unattractive compared to foreign women, all you need to take a look is at American men (not all; most) and how they act.
    How American women act are direct reflection of the quality of American men and its modern society. We must understand that there are multiple causes and not just one.
    First give them too much comfort by allowing them to have options at their fingertip. Technology can amplify human behaviors in impulsive ways.
    Then brainwash them from early age that they don’t need “no man” and that men are trying to compete with them for job market.
    Throw fear mongering in the media by showing extreme cases of male-to-female rape while ignoring men-on-men rape in US prisons and unwanted female-to-male coerced sex.
    Encourage shitty SJW style culture and unhealthy fast food on top of quantifying the concepts of “bigger is better” and fattening everything.
    Shaming men from early age that masculinity is evil and limiting natural male instinct behaviors and punishing them for it. Teaching and brainwashing kids that women are always right and that you should “never lay your hands” on her no matter what (even if it was for self defense).
    Encourage extreme individualism, divide people via using race baiting tactics, force multiculturalism, feminism, excessive anal kangaroo court and police control…
    Yup, it’s many factors put together which contributes to why American women will act the way she does.
    Also because United States has the status symbol across the world as the most dominant force, Americans can walk around with chest pumped up. Now imagine the females (American females), they will feel untouchable. She got her government, police, society, SJWs, orbiting and getting her back. Also USA is one country where individualism is seen as norm therefore it’s automatically by default, female will look for herself (in addition to female’s natural solipsism).
    ** If another foreign country becomes rich, technology develops, those women will behave very similar to American women (with slight different cultural variation but still cuntish nonetheless) **
    In order to get the best behavior from a female, you must seclude her away from any distraction or influence which can alter her behavior and do not give her any chance of having options outside of you and act dominant towards her. Also be physically fit and semi-attractive which helps.
    The major reason why foreign women behave better is because of this and also add to the fact that (unlike anglo culture which promotes extreme individualism), foreign culture (Asian and hispanic to certain extent) are collectivism and women are known to be less selfish in those type of environment.

    1. Your right a lot of societies where the group comes before the individual women are far better behaved, more productive and generally a lot nicer.

  28. Nothing for us to do here, we know. Sit back and enjoy the decline. It wont be in our time but eventually the muslim horde will come and all these thunder cunt feminists and road-house skanks will have to submit to the enemy they invited in. Forget about changing society, it isn’t worth saving. Let it burn. For those cunts who want our protection, such will be on our terms, at least when war eventually comes. Bitches aint shit. I wont bow to Sharia law. By then, women will have 2 choices. Allah or Odin. Take your pick.

    1. I would like to just sit back and watch it burn, but it’s hard to see what my niece and nephew have to deal with. Me, I don’t care so much. I can live the rest of my days never having married and be just fine with it. My house is paid for, so if I’m out of work, I still have a place to live.

      1. I hear you. I have two nephews that I worry about. They’re real boys, and should end up real men (their parents are seeing to it). I just hope that they can find decent women when they grow up. Not like the 27 ugly freaks… (haha)

  29. Even the influence of “power” that women somehow hold MUST be enabled or allowed by men (daddy gov’t, cuckoldry, etc) shows enough of the “power” they have – none.
    It isn’t power they hold, its biology. And the more western women deny it, the more they lose.

  30. Face it guys, the whole world will eventually turn into Portland Oregon.
    Enjoy the few non dykes before Milo Fagopolous co-opts traditional values in the next country.

  31. Glad my Sig Other does not dig foreign girls. He specifically prefers fair skin and blue/green eyes, with a good Christian/conservative upbringing and a selfless, caring personality. One who stays fit and there are many in the red states like this.
    Morality, appreciation for western knowledge, and common sense matters when raising the offspring of a WASP male.

      1. They seem nice, well Melania Trump seems very lovely and demure, which I personally like.
        Foreign women can be wonderful, and even kinder and more feminine and classy than so many Westernized females.
        I meant to say that you can’t just stereotype groups of people. Many foreign women are much more loose and liberal.
        Besides, you also have to think about your own personal culture, values, and motivations too. I think it’s great if like-minded people connect for long term goals. 🙂

  32. One problem not mentioned here. Western men with their equally f*cked up values go to places like Philippines, etc and encourage women there to embrace all the idiotic western values. Men visiting these places aren’t going there to better themselves or contribute something good to their society – they are there looking out for themselves and ready to teach the locals all the things they complain about when living in the US. Stay your ass in your western homeland instead of contributing to the destruction of these other pure nations.

  33. I was surprised by the photo of the volleyball players of Brazil, hahaha you do not know the shit that we live here, we do not have restrictions for the feminine behaviors, they are rebellious and hipergámicos, they are related to traffickers and bandits, actors or foreigners who have a currency More valuable than our economically speaking. You do not know what Feminism did to the minds of Brazilian women.

  34. Im from San Francisco, but currently living in south east asia and I can attest to a couple points here:
    1. American women are a complete turn off by and large. The ones at home have gone off the deep end and when I see them here in south east asia as travelers juxtaposed to the lovely thai women, I cant believe anyone would put up with the entitled, foul mouthed, disgusting man emulating creatures many of them have become. However westernization is quickly enveloping the last vestiges of these well cultured women.
    2 Foreign women, not subjected to third wave feminism and western culture, are so much more humble, intelligent, caring, funny and warm. Its so much easier to establish a connection of mutual respect with the ladies outside the USA.
    3. San Francisco has become completely fucking annoying and unlivable unless you’re a cuck/whitenight or feminist. I am completely alone in that world when I go home and it blows.

  35. I live between California and South East Asia. Every time I go back to Cali, it gets worse and the obvious becomes painfully obvious. Women in the USA have more rights than most women in the world and yet carry on as though they are victims of everyone and everything. I was raised in a hard liberal family, but I’ve come to see that that was never who I was. It was what was attempted at me.
    Here in SE Asia, when I see (I should say hear because that happens first) these women, I am appalled that anyone would find them desirable. Especially if they are at all attractive, because the entitlement just amplifies ten fold if they are. They are typically way louder than they need to be and all speak with this nasally upward inflection and say “like” way too much and talk as though they are the holder of all sentient information on every subject ever.
    It becomes even more pathetic when these things are juxtaposed to the amazing Thai women you can meet if you put in any effort beyond drunk backpacker boning. I avoid western women at all costs. They’re Kryptonite to a man.

  36. I’m sorry to burst the bubble of this article, but I’ve lived in Europe for about 10 years now, and I can say, that women in certain countries, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Norway, have also fallen to the degenerate philosophy of feminism.
    However, praise be, Slavic women are by far the most culturally traditional. Along with Asians and Africans. These places are where real feminine beauty can be seen, you can forget about Western Europe, and America.

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