Korean Woman Acquitted Of Defamation For Challenging History Of “Comfort Women”

Intellectual bravery can take many forms.  Sometimes it manifests itself in the undertaking of a difficult, laborious work of scholarship.  At other times it appears in the selection of some controversial topic that challenges conventional wisdom.  Conventional wisdom, as we all know, does not appreciate being challenged:  its adherents are likely to react blindly, even violently, in their attempts to push the dissenting view back into the shadows.

The field of history—like science, engineering, medicine, and others—has many such sacred cows.  Every era develops its own accepted version of the truth.  Perhaps things need to be this way; history is such a vast subject, and so rich with examples, that one can prove just about anything through a selective deployment of one handpicked example over another.  At some point, a “conventional truth” is established by consensus to impose some intellectual order on the chaos.  A cynic might even call this a “mythology.”  Once formed, any attempt to deviate from accepted, well-trod lines of inquiry is likely to be greeted with hysterical rage from the guardians of the Sacred Temples of Truth.

But it is good that accepted “truths” are challenged every now and then.  Only by doing so can we maintain our sanity and integrity.  The law should protect the right to seek the truth, even the right to be mistaken.

This dynamic was on display recently in a notable court case to come out of South Korea.  Professor Park Yu-Ha, a female scholar of Japanese history at Sejong University, was acquitted of “criminal defamation” charges that arose from her 2013 book Comfort Women of the Empire.  Her work explored the origin, extent, and nature of the Japanese Imperial Army’s “comfort women” program.  As many readers will know, the phrase “comfort women” refers to Asian women coerced or recruited (take your pick of verb) for sexual services in the Japanese Army.

The cover of Dr. Park’s book

This was no minor foray into World War Two arcana.  This was—and is—an explosive topic in Korea.  Questioning it can set oneself up for criminal charges.  The issue has been a sore point for many decades in a region where Second World War history is still very much alive.  At issue are very real and practical questions:  who will have the moral high ground, and what country will be able to exert leverage over the other.  In Korea, the “comfort women” have almost come to symbolize the nation’s suffering during the war years.  It is against this backdrop that one must see just how shocking Dr. Park’s book was to many in her country.  After researching the issue extensively, her conclusions came to this:

After extensive research into historical documents and transcripts of former comfort women’s testimonies, Park said she found evidence that some women worked willingly with the Japanese, and that there were Korean collaborators who worked to recruit the women, which meant that not all of them were mobilised by the Japanese military.

Needless to say, this was not the kind of news that many in Korea were likely to welcome.  Japan bashing is a sport in China and Korea of ancient lineage, a sentiment frequently exploited by unscrupulous politicians in the region for one reason or another.  Although Japan and Korea signed an agreement in late 2015 finally to put an end to the matter, the “comfort women” issue still lingers in the public mind.  There is even a statute of a seated comfort woman sitting across from the Japanese embassy in Seoul.  The Japanese government has asked its Korean counterpart to remove the statue, but the latter has put them off, perhaps fearing a negative response from its people.

When Dr. Park’s book appeared, a group of elderly women claiming to be ex-comfort women sued her for damages.  Apparently, questioning the official line is a crime in Korea.  In 2016, a court found Park guilty of “defaming” the woman and ordered her to pay damages amounting to about $8500.  But this was not all.  Park herself was subjected to a torrent of harassment and abuse by the Korean media and public.  She was accused of being a crank, a traitor, and a pro-Japanese quisling.  It is also interesting—and perhaps revealing—that this free-speech story was buried in silence by the Western media, a fact that tells us all we need to know about our own media’s commitment to the principles of academic freedom.

While Park does not deny that comfort women existed or that many suffered grievously along with other civilians in occupied areas, she has questioned the extent of the program and how women came to be part of it.  Is Dr. Park right? I do not know.  I have not read her book; as far as I know no English translation is available.  I doubt any translation will be available.  What I do know is that her struggle to publish her findings is a very important event.

If academic freedom is to have any meaning at all, it must be embraced for even the most controversial topics.  It is a credit to the Korean legal system that it did the right thing and acquitted Park of the spurious charges against her.  South Korea has much to teach the United States on the subject of academic freedom.  Somehow, I doubt we would see the same kind of fair outcome if some equivalent drama happened here in the United States.

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        14. Evidence the USCT was guilty of mass rape? In contrast, the statistics on such behavior during the liberation of France during WW2 is well documented – Patton talks of it in his diary

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        22. I have no idea what you are talking about. What is the USCT? And what behavior following the liberation of France are you referring to? Really, I am interested.

        23. I’ve read about such incidents, but more as occurring in Italy, when the French deployed Algerian natives called ‘Goumiers’. IProbably were were some rapes, but the large majority were consensual liaisons. If this be wondered at, remember that in the immediate aftermath of the war, the people of Germany were starving, broke, with a greatly reduced number of men. Same thing happened during the post WW2 occupation.

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        29. The book “Year Zero” has a an entire chapter about the sexual “liberation” of women not only in the conquered countries but in the previously occupied allied ones. It quotes French and Dutch women who thought their own men looked so pathetic and defeated while the Americans looked so tall, handsome and healthy. Red pill truths lurking there . . . .

        30. You are welcome. I was sincere in my request and appreciate the information you provided. I am a bit of a history buff.

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        33. well that’s logical, and sounds like it may have a basis in fact – historically at least. I wonder if the association is still that clear in this day and age even if that is the origin of the prejudice

        34. my dad was from Guyana, and I have relatives and half-relatives from both the asian and black sides over there. I’ve never been there but I’m aware of how nasty the racial tensions over there can be – at least if online forums are anything to go by. I’m not so sure about the implications of skin shade though

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          This article expresses skepticism on the ability to manage, but not the desire to prevent rapefugees from entering at all, nor the opinion that it will impact their lives substantially if allowed in. The stats I provided don’t break down for women, so again I would skew them more favorable to rapefugees for female respondents.

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        39. We don´t have race census in Mexico, you could be white as paper with
          blue eyes but if you born in Mexico City you are as Mexican as the brown
          guy with sombrero. BUT If you are an Afromexican in some states they
          will deport you to Haiti if you can´t prove that you are Mexican. They
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    3. “Women voting is a clear threat for national sovereignty and civilization advancement.”
      Women’s suffrage is the death knell to any civilization. Once the decay picks up speed, there is no stopping it. Just look at Sweden and Germany. They are circling the drain.
      Another example is the recent presidential elections in Austria, where the women swayed the vote in favor of the pro-open borders globalist candidate:

        1. There’s more to come. In an unfortunate event, a Student from Bharat was shot dead in California (yesterday). No body supports crime and violence. As a person from Bharat, I obviously felt sad.
          But what irked me more is the Media in Europe & Asia going insane and blaming this happening on Trump ! Something like; the result of Trump-Era !
          What the hell President Trump has to do with that incident !? Guess the “losers” are trying their best to defame Trump in every damn happening.

    4. “Women are not loyal to their ethnicity, since they can always resort to spread their legs to their conquerors for survival.”
      No wonder I can legitimately claim pre-Crusades Englishwomen were complete and utter Viking dickriders.

      1. Or Scottish/Irish women with Britons , Roman women with Visgoths, Byzantine women with Turks, Central Asians with Mongols, etc…

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        1. On a more serious note, once Anglo women practice personal accountability and not instigating racial drama like Emmett Till’s death, for starters. And yes, this means that Anglo women start paying for the sins of their mothers.
          As to why I purposely singled out pre-Crusades, I learned on my own how the Viking Age happened two centuries before The Crusades.

    5. Imran Khan goes into this concept in great detail.

  1. ” Is Dr. Park right? I do not know. I have not read her book” – so what is this post all about?

    1. The post is not about Dr. Park being right or wrong. It is about Dr. Park facing consequences for deviating from a established narrative, something that readers here can surely relate to.

      1. So, no matter if shes right or wrong, all that counts is that she voiced anti-majority views and was taken to court for that?

        1. The point is that questioning history should not be reason for legal persecution, as it should fall right in with freedom of speech.
          It would be a different matter if she had (falsely) accused a specific person of having done something that could besmirch that person reputation, in which case that person could/should sue her ass.
          What she did was writing that some women were willing, which if you think about it is a statistical certainty, considering how whores are a thing.

        2. She was taken to court not by her government, but by some fellow citizens, who felt as if unjustice has been done to them, afaik? First time court ruled in favour of those, who took her to court, but later on court acquitted her, so whats the fuss? Court mistakes are common thing and there are dozens of bullshit cases in regards to how one sees historic events.

        3. Yes, I think that is the point of the article. It is not a defense of Dr. Park’s thesis about the Comfort Women.

  2. Just because a few do not fit the profile, does not invalidate history. Why does this woman deserve praise? For besmirching the honor of the victims? Why shouldn’t the women she smeared be angry? We already have an army of leftists preaching evil

    1. Because history is nuanced. What the woman is doing is “filling the gaps” and questioning the accepted narrative. The “smeared women” have every right to be angry but also decided to sue the writer. In the US, truth is a defense to libel but unfortunately in South Korea and other countries, free speech rights are more restricted.

      1. In the UK that a libel is true makes it all the more libelous. A lie can be defended against with truth; truth cannot be defended against with truth.

  3. I am probably the only one at ROK who reads Korean at an advanced level. Great article, Quintus.

      1. 제국의 위안부 = Comfort women of empire
        식민지지배와 기억의 투쟁 = Colonial domination and struggle of memory

        1. 우리를 곤경에 빠드리는 것은 우리가 잘 모르는 것이 아니라.
          우리가 확실히 알고있다고 생각했으나 사실은 그렇지 못한 것이다.
          – 마크 트에인
          It is not what we do not know that is putting us in trouble. We thought we knew for sure, but we did not.
          – Mark Twain

    1. How long did it take you?
      I taught myself hangul with this goal in mind, but never got past sounding out words — 99.9% of which I did not know.
      But then again, I have the attention span of a gnat.

      1. Years. Love to meet Korean girls in Seoul. For me it is more than that. It is a broad cultural experience. Like a new world that manifests itself.

  4. What Park has stated in her book could well be true Korean women could well have volunteered their services just have a look at how many French women jumped into bed with the NAZI’s.

    1. Most Germans weren’t Nazis. After liberation, it was the Allied troops fucking the Frog, Italian and German women. They preferred Americans as they gave them food, nylon hose and other essentials. After reaming them, of course. Men feel more generous once their prostates have been emptied.

    1. American females join the military to get the ultimate ride on the cock carousel. West Point is 81% male 19% female. Talk about pareto principle. Females have unlimited opportunity to get banged over and over again by top tier males. All they have to do is show up and bring their poosy.

        1. A bag fixes that. If they make it through basic, even with it femaled-down, they can’t be too bad below the neck.

    2. Like Jessica Lynch?
      I seem to remember her allowing the guys to take boob pics before being captured and “allah akbar’d”…

      1. She was an honest woman, extremely rare, who tried to derail the leftist feminist sanctification of her “bravery” for being captured.

        1. I agree with that.
          Even Rush tried to hype her up, ridiculing any male who doubted the original army narrative.
          But she did the right thing and told the truth, that she was helpless.

    3. I laughed so hard b/c it’s true. I remember several sperm buckets who had multiple kids from several different black men.

  5. If hitler brought mass destruction of german civilization, was he a race traitor or a race failure?
    (((stormcuck game)))

    1. German civilization had been destroyed pre-hitler (and, thus, hitler). It was destroyed after him.
      No net change.

  6. bringing the whole comfort women and holocaust themes together I find myself wondering if one exterminated every individual named Park how many koreans would actually be left? Would it be genocide or is my impression that absolutely everybody in korea is called Park an over-estimation?

    1. Perhaps the Park family dynasty will get a free pass to invade and displace a nation like Palestine.

      1. I just imagine the morning roll call in Korean school.
        “Kim Park?”
        Yes miss.
        “Kim Park”
        “he’s off sick today”
        “Kim Park”
        “Yes miss”
        and so on

  7. O/T The latest SJW convergence has overtaken Meetup.com.
    #Resist hashfaggery has folded this social platform into the outrage oblivion. Just killed my account. If you have one, consider doing the same. Starve the beast.
    Per their e-mail:
    “Meetup has always served as an organizing platform for a wide range of political views….Meetup will always welcome people with different beliefs.
    But after the recent executive order aimed to block people on the basis of nationality and religion, a line was crossed. At a time when core democratic ideals feel [ed. note: “feel”] under attack, we felt a duty to spark more civic participation.
    Last week we created 1,000+ #Resist Meetup groups to act as local hubs for actions on behalf of democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, and sustainability.”
    Know your enemies gentlemen.

    1. When someone’s religion is to kill every infidel – that’s you – who won’t convert, they are the enemy.

  8. This decision shows Korea is coming of age as a democracy and developed nation..
    Questioning the culture of “victim hood” cannot even be considered in neighboring countries like China and thus the horrible things they did to their own cannot be openly addressed either.
    Dito for present issues whatever they may be..
    In Korea not only has the “narrative” been questioned in academia of all places, but the right to do so defended in the courts as well.
    As the author of this article states this “comfort women” thing has been used as a slur against Japan for far too long, especially by China, while accepting foreign aid, of which Japan is one of the world’s largest donors.

    1. Korea is one of the biggest shit holes in SEA. The men are arrogant xenophobic brutes and their society is stuck in the dark ages.

      1. Korea is in SEA (South East Asia)? LMAO!!!
        What grade did you get in geography?
        Your attempt to get Korean poon failed which is why you sound bitter and jaded.

        1. You’re right, my bad, I’ve not associated much with Korean women, but seen plenty of the men. Always causing trouble in night clubs.

        2. You’re right, my bad. Seen plenty of Korean men, always causing trouble in night clubs. Not had much to do with the women, not keen on the big head, long body, short legs look.

        3. “Seen plenty of Korean men, always causing trouble in night clubs. ”
          This is actually universal among men. I seen this from Chinese men, Russian men, American men, European men, Middle Eastern men….
          When men get drunk, they tend to behave like barbaric brute.

  9. Why do I get the impression that the Japanese are the ‘straight, white, males’ of east Asia?

    1. Well, used to be anyway. Now there’s a lot of 30 year old virgins and MGTOWs, AKA, “herbivores” who beat off to manga porn and play video games all day.

      1. The stereotypical Japanese NEET ought to have been enough of a case-in-point to kill any argument for a “guaranteed income” D-E-D dead. Alas.

        1. I’ve read that before about how otaku have unattainable ideals about women, but I don’t really buy it. It’s too close to “blame the man -uhgain…” i.e. he should like pig-nosed chunky-legged J-girls, or man-up and wife-up that same.
          And what about the chicks? As many chicks bat their eyelashes at you, as are the super hot chicks who stare into their cell phones or spend the whole train ride fixing their hair, looking into a mirror. Shopaholics and narcissism are rampant as well.
          And hopefully they learn what many men in the ‘sphere already figured out: Online porn is like crack and will desensitize dopamine receptors, requiring more and more crazy ass shit to get those basement dwellers off, and removes motivation to get out and meet people (chicks in particular).

        2. Having been in Japan a few times I’d say there are virtually no chubby girls there.
          The issue with NEETs is that they do not work, and since dating in Japan is strictly for the purpose of marriage, girls refuse to date anyone with a yearly income of less than 4 million yen, which exclude a large portion of the population.
          Japanese girls expect to be able to stay home once married, often even irrespective of having children. That’s the reality. My wife is Japanese, so I have some direct knowledge of this topic, both from her, and her friends and family.

        3. Ask your self this question when insisting that these basement dwellers be motivated to go out and meet chicks. Do any of the chicks they have even the most remote chance of meeting have any value?

        4. What does your wife and in-laws think about Trump?
          What do they say about daikon-ashi? Since there’s virtually no chubby girls in JP.
          What’s been the impact of Macu?

        5. I asked my wife’s opinionon Trump, her answer was ‘funny… honest, because many politicians today are not honest in my opinion”, that’s verbatim.
          What I take it to mean is she find Trump both honest in contrast to most politicians, as well as funny, she speaks from least to most important.
          I haven’t spoken to my in laws since Trump got elected, but my sister in law was surprised that I was positive and upbeat about his victory.
          I haven’t had any of them discuss daikon legs with me, and my wife had no comment. Haven’t heard anything about macu.

    2. Japan’s success was based on copying Prussia, Great Britain, United States and Germany at that time.

      1. They considered Americans to be uncultured barbars, Britains to have too complicated system of power, France to weak and Russia too old-fashioned. Germany inpressed them with it’s politics, economics and etc.

  10. history is such a vast subject, and so rich with examples, that one can
    prove just about anything through a selective deployment of one
    handpicked example over another. At some point, a “conventional truth”
    is established by consensus to impose some intellectual order on the

    Profoundly true.
    Now, many people say, “The truth will set you free.”
    I say, the truth will unleash a firestorm of anger and hatred towards anyone speaking it, driven by an inebriating cocktail of cognitive dissonance, ignorance, and raw, undisciplined emotion.
    It’s no surprise that the momentum for the movement towards criminal indictment came from a bunch of old hag women — the allegedly injured party, but more like the guilty party! Injured by what per se? The TRUTH! Just like in the west men are witch hunted by women who recoil in horror at the truth of their own collusion in the so-called evil they accuse men of.

    1. The Truth will set you free. This is absolute truth itself. However, you will suffer great pain, maybe get tortured, and possibly burned at the stake, but you will be free.
      I tell my sons that they must learn the truth about female nature. I also tell them they will hate this truth, and it will not make them happy. Free yes, happy no. The flip side is the destruction they will certainly face if they cling to ignorance about women.

  11. You know quite well what is the real subject behind this news… Are you really ready to face it, and the shitstorm coming ?

      1. She’s still a 4 at best without make up but I might be up for a quickie with the lights off after 2 whiskeys.

  12. “It is a credit to the Korean legal system that it did the right thing
    and acquitted Park of the spurious charges against her. South Korea has
    much to teach the United States on the subject of academic freedom. ”
    100 % Agree!!!
    Now, where is the US History professor willing to research and tell the truth about the vile, perverted, communist, rapist and woman beater Michael King???

      1. Sure, him too.
        But at least that pedo does not have a National Holiday here in the US…yet…

        1. “Pedo?” One year too early? 10 was the age of consent in the USA until the end of the 19th century. Except for Delaware, where it was 7. Mohammed would have been OK in Delaware if it had existed. Why, he even waited an extra 2 years!

  13. It is just as likely these comfort women acted as any woman would act in the presence of a superior male force: Willing Submission.
    Their stories of abuse after-the-fact may be accurate, but is just as likely “regret rape” to make themselves look like victims instead of collaborators – after the formerly “strong” Japanese males subsequently got their teeth kicked in.

    1. That kind of perfectly sums up what might have happened.
      It’s not as if prostitutes have a professional rule against servicing soldiers or foreigners.

  14. “Japan bashing is a sport in China and Korea of ancient lineage”
    Sounds biased. As if you know what Japan is capable of bashing China and South Korea when given chance.
    The west has no say in what goes on between Asian countries. Let them sort it out themselves. We don’t need to try to be moral judge on what is right and wrong for those asian countries.

    1. Maybe not, but we’ve been serving as moral judge over there for so long (over a century) that it’s a hard habit to kick.

    2. No one is saying the west should have a say, did you even read the article?
      “Sounds biased” – not an argument, and as for the attitude it’s well known to anyone who has any sort of knowledge about the subject. Go ask a random mainland Chinese person about their opinion about Japan and you’ll find out. To quote my Chinese ex: “Japanese girls are whores who sleep with many men at a time” was one golden nugget.

      1. You quote one Chinese (your ex) and think as if majority of Chinese think that of Japanese?
        From your ex and you use that as solid evidence. LMAO!

        1. Pathetic attempt at a rebuttal, I quoted her because I remembered what she said. Did I imply it was evidence? Did I use the term solid? No, that was an anecdotal piece added for spice, but it renders the image as I see it pretty well. My Taiwanese friends prefer to not discuss the subject.
          So how many Chinese did you ask? I have asked about 60 or so.

        2. “Did I imply it was evidence? Did I use the term solid?”
          You drew a conclusion on what Chinese people think about Japanese based on ONE of your ex girlfriend which happen to be Chinese. And you drew a conclusion based on that which is why I said you are making solid conclusion. Did I spy that you used the word “Solid” necessarily? You fail to see bigger picture instead you nitpick on the words I use and get all defensive.
          You asked about 60?
          How many did I ask?
          More than that.
          Your Taiwanese friend is wise to avoid the subject because why discuss Asian political topics with a clueless westerner and waste time?
          It seems like westerners are obsessed and fascinated by Asian political history. Perhaps they should take that as a standard course for their college career.

        3. Hahaha you obviously don’t understand rational discussion, which in of itself is funny. However I didn’t base my opinion on ONE ex girlfriends opinion, as was obvious from what I wrote, that’s just shit you assumed. I used one of the things she said as a funny anecdote, which is something I and many others here sometimes do.
          What I base my opinion on is knowing Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese people, several in fact, for a longer time, as well as reading local media. And in Asia I would venture to say it is a given fact that at a popular level there is animosity, which is occasionally used by the government for one purpose or another. If you check north east China, where the Manchu occupied area was, the sentiment is more harsh.
          My Taiwanese friends know that my primary loyalty regionally would be Japan, and for them it is far from a simple issue so they prefer to not talk about it. Nothing to do with cluelessness, rather a difference of opinion and perhaps loyalty.
          And to wrap up, I nitpick as you say it on words, because it just so happens that words are important. The study of language and communication is in of itself quite important.

        4. “My Taiwanese friends know that my primary loyalty regionally would be Japan”
          So are you Japanese?

        5. Nope, but my wife is and so is my son in part. So what?
          I am officially married in Japan so I have automatic right to work etc, and I in some aspects adhere to Japanese customs and traditions, which naturally brings me closer to their point of view.

        6. “………which naturally brings me closer to their point of view.”
          That’s all I need to know right there…

  15. This is an excellent article on a subject that is sorely unknown in the West. “Comfort Women” are a major topic that anyone in Japan or Korea is familiar with, but I doubt one in a hundred westerners have heard of them. This is a major source of strife between two critically important world powers, and it’s one that anyone who wants to be reasonably informed about global politics should know about. If nothing else, a familiarity with the topic, and the deep hatreds between the Japanese and Koreans that go along with it, will quickly put to rest the liberal idea that “Only white people can be racist.”
    I don’t pretend to have a full understanding of it myself, mostly because I got so sick of hearing about it when reading Japanese media that I just blocked it out, but one immediate parallel suggests itself: the narrative of the comfort women is similar in many ways to the narrative of enslaved blacks in the United States. Both of these stories involved an oppressed people (the Koreans, or the blacks) suffering a terrible scourge at the hands of an oppressor (The Japanese, or the slaveholding population of the US.) In both cases, the oppression was real, the damage was long-lasting, and the suffering was immense. It was also a long time ago, with everyone directly involved either dead, in the case of US slavery, or rapidly heading toward the grave, in the case of the WW2 comfort women. In both cases, the narrative has achieved a kind of legendary and defining status that forever effects how the oppressed group treats the oppressor. The Koreans have been after the Japanese for reparations paid to the comfort women for a long time, in the same way that US blacks demand reparations for slavery.
    This analogy, while not perfect, should make the background of Quintus’s article easier to understand for someone new to the subject. If you think of Dr. Park as a professor at a black studies department who just came out with a book detailing African cooperation in the slave trade, the reaction of the Korean people becomes more clear. It is, as he said, a credit to the Korean legal system that they didn’t simply jail her outright, given how much anger surrounds the issue. An equivilant case in the US would likely end up with her fired from job and in hiding after a series of very credible death threats.
    It must be said that neither the Korean anger over comfort women nor the US Blacks anger over slavery have done them the slightest bit of good, and in fact, may be doing them real harm. At a time when China is a rising threat in Asia, the other nations should be forming closer ties, not squabbling over incidents that took place before most of the people mad about them were even born. And who knows how much the black community could have accomplished if it redirected its energies from anger over 160 old grievances and towards, say, the fact that all-black Detroit is rapidly approaching 3rd world levels.
    The fact that the anger is legitimate in both cases is, to my mind, irrelevant. If you want to see an example of what can happen if you’re willing to look past old anger, you need only look at the history of the United States and Japan post-WW2. During the War, both sides committed terrible atrocities. The Bataan Death March and the Japanese chemical weapon experiments are well known, of course, but the United States did horrible things as well. In the later days of the war, the US bombing raids of Tokyo caused casualties that easily reached into the 6 figure range. Pilots on the bombers would get sick because they smell the stench of burning corpses even from 9,000 feet in the air. As awful as the comfort women were, by any reasonable standard what the US did to Tokyo was worse.
    And yet how much good would it have done the Japanese if, after WW2, they refused to work with the United States and hung on to their anger? Would the post WW2 Japanese economy, one of the great economic miracles in history, have been possible? Would a statue of a burning little girl placed across the street from the US embassy improve the life of a single Japanese person?
    Learn from the past. But don’t let it control you, and don’t obsess over it. Because the one who suffers from your anger won’t be the person you’re mad at. It will be you.

    1. “”And yet how much good would it have done the Japanese if, after WW2,
      they refused to work with the United States and hung on to their anger?
      Would the post WW2 Japanese economy, one of the great economic miracles
      in history, have been possible?””
      While Japan has a good economy, it came at a bad price. The Japanese women routinely ditch the men for some loser White Guy or Rapist Black thug. US military men raped several Japanese women after WWII.
      Not to mention most of the Japanese men would just rather beat off to hentai or porn instead of attempting to get women (probably because they seen too many stereotypes of Asian Loser).
      The fact that the Japanese population is declining is a huge fail if you ask me….

  16. The truth does not fear investigation. If you have to make strict laws to protect the ‘official’ history from being challenged or investigated what exactly are they hiding.

  17. Speaking of crushing dissent to the national narrative: the only large scale media outlet to attempt an unbiased news narrative has recently turned into a SJW zombie site. Business Insider was one of the few safe places to go on my yahoo news feed: I didn’t always like what they said, but it was SJW programming free. I can say that no longer. I notice the change about two months ago–did some research, and sure enough they were recently bought. Sorry for the somewhat non sequitur, but I had to vent somewhere.

  18. My comment will be off topic.
    Could you guys red pill me on the Soldiers of Odin, a group of “vigilants” created by the natives on the nordic countries?
    I read about it on some news sites, but everyone knows that they’re not trustworth.
    It seems we’re finally seeing some reaction about the horrors of immigration in Europe. It is a interesting topic that should have an article here.

  19. When I was stationed there in the nineties, the most insulting thing you could ever say to a Korean is “Your mother has a bald pussy” While it’s obviously bad on its face, the meaning of the expression goes back to the days when the Japanese supposedly made the comfort women shave down there to prevent the spread of crabs while they were um, “servicing” the Japanese soldiers.
    Korean women (and most east Asian women) since that time eschew shaving, perhaps as a connection to that story (which may be partly myth). Nowadays it’s more common for them to trim the hedges a bit but still not as widespread as in the west.
    That there may have been some willing participation on the part of the Koreans is no surprise to me – prostitution existed in Korea, run by (often female) Koreans, to service Koreans and other groups. While there were no doubt women forced into prostitution, that the usual providers would suddenly suspend operations because of a new customer base is highly unlikely.

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