An Idiot’s Guide To New Western Sexual Orientations

Up until a couple of years ago, my basic understanding of human sexuality was roughly as follows: there are men, and there are women. A person’s sexual orientation could be defined as one of heterosexual (being sexually attracted to the opposite gender), homosexual (being sexually attracted to others of the same gender) or bisexual (being sexually attracted to both genders).

Recently, however, I’ve been coming across a plethora of new terms in mainstream cultural commentary that purportedly seek to describe other sexual orientations. I quickly found myself coming across such terms as “pan,” “demi,” and even “homoflexible,” wondering what the hell they all mean.

Even the dating app OKCupid has recently broadened the options on gender and sexuality its users can display in their profiles. What was LGBT has now expanded even further, with seemingly new sexual orientations materializing out of thin air on the regular. I’ve written the following “Idiot’s Guide” to help my fellow men avoid the same confusion I’ve suffered in making sense of this new alphabet soup of sexual orientations.

But first, a disclaimer:

You’ll notice that I’ve titled the article as a guide to new “western” sexual orientations. That’s because one would be incredibly hard pressed to find terms like “asexual” or “sapiosexual” being used in any non-western context. In fact, I can’t recall ever even seeing one instance of a woman on a Russian, Ukrainian, Asian or Latin American dating site ever mentioning she identified with one of these new-age, alternate sexual orientations.

Interestingly, the usage of these new sexual orientation terms seems to be primarily restricted to the discourse of two basic areas of the internet:

1. Articles by SJWs and feminists on known manosphere-hating sites (e.g. Jezebel).


I know I wouldn’t.

2. The social media and dating profiles of young middle and upper-middle class white women.


feminist, panromantic, demisexual, agender and apparent fast-food lover

The definitions and examples I’ll provide below are more relevant to understanding these terms as used in area “b,” but nonetheless will provide clarity in other contexts also. Okay, let’s begin:

1. Pansexual

Definition: sexual attraction to all sexes and gender identities.

Famous Alleged Pansexuals: Madonna, Lady Gaga.

More Accurate Description: Bisexual. Proponents of pansexuality claim that it differs from bisexuality in that it is gender blind, so allegedly pansexuals wouldn’t know a cock from a vagina if it slapped them in the face. The queer “movement,” however, claims both pansexuality and bisexuality can mean attraction to not just the male and female gender, but any gender (whatever those others are). So, they’re essentially the same.


2. Sapiosexual

Definition: hetero, homo, or bisexual attraction based on intelligence.

More Accurate Description: Heterosexual women who, after a few jarring alpha pump-and-dumps, temporarily delude themselves into believing that they will get more tingles from nerdy Betas.


3. Homoflexible and Heteroflexible

Definition: bisexual, but majority of sexual activity with one gender, minority with another.

More Accurate Description: Bisexual without an exactly even 50/50 split of cock and pussy.

4. Demisexual

Definition: sexual attraction to another person contingent upon deep emotional and romantic connection.

More Accurate Description: Women who are approaching the end of easy riding on the cock carousel and desperately want to lock down a good man before the wall or have the “baby rabies.”

With these in mind, a demisexual woman has resolved to restrict future access to her worn-out pussy to only those who want a deep, romantic connection (read: beta-provider LTR) with her. This is, of course, until she meets the next alpha who suits her fancy and is good for a quick one-nighter.

5. Asexual

Definition: is not sexually attracted to anyone; doesn’t have sexual feelings.

More Accurate Description: A woman who has allegedly never experienced sexual feelings yet signed up for a dating site and posted several extremely slutty, suggestive photos under the guise of “trying this out” or “just to make new friends”.

All indications indicate this woman has had multiple previous sexual encounters (including gangbangs), but is using the “asexual” label to discourage messages from thirsty betas who will pass over her profile because “she’s asexual”.



What’s common among each of these supposed new sexual orientations is that we already have a term that has long-described almost exactly the same kind of sexual attraction. This raises an important question: why are people classifying their sexual orientation under new, buzzword banners when there’s already a well-understood term that describes it precisely?

The answer lies in the attention-whoring tendencies of the two groups – a and b – that use these terms the most. To be merely bisexual isn’t counter-mainstream enough anymore and calling oneself that doesn’t get the same kind of attention it once did, when few people identified as this. Therefore, to feed the egos of members of these two groups, new terms for already-existing sexual orientations had to be conjured up to maintain a fresh supply of new attention and coverage.

They’re new labels for the same sort of old sexual behaviour. The next time you see an American woman who is calling herself sapiosexual, heteroflexible, or whatever new term is invented next month to describe long-standing sexual behavior, the most prudent option is to ignore it completely, as a shit test, and game on as you usually would.

These new sexual orientations are, for the most part, nothing more than a cry for attention. They win if we if give it to them.

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333 thoughts on “An Idiot’s Guide To New Western Sexual Orientations”

      1. This is kinda dumb. I mean, that is one huge fucking leap.
        Besides there is a name for this. It’s called Beastiality and it is already a thing.

    1. You have to laugh at it, otherwise you’d cry! You can’t make this shit up. Reminds me of an old Kinks song: “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world. Except for Lola. Lo lo lo Lola. Lo lo lo Lola”.

    1. The push to normalize sexual degeneracy is astounding. Homosexuals are NOT normal. The vagina is the correct place to stick your man sausage, not another dude’s hairy asshole.

        1. If from a male, I’d hazard a guess he’s going to say “yes”.
          Go find someplace to play dear, the men are talking here.

        2. The mouth is designed for things to be inserted into it.

          And teeth are designed to chew what’s inserted into the mouth.

        3. Dual purposes. One need not chew what’s in one’s mouth. One does not chew, for example, water. Or a sucker. Or ice cream.

        4. One does not chew, for example, water.

          And neither does one move water in and out to cause sexual pleasures.

          Or ice cream.

          Ice cream is even less natural than anal sex, anal sex existed before ice cream.
          Look, I heard it all before and there are less arguments against anal sex than against oral sex. I am not asking anyone to go anal. I am just trying to point out that being preachy about what men should or shouldn’t do sexually is bluepilled.

        5. Sir you are usually on point but i take exception to this remark:
          “I am just trying to point out that being preachy about what men should or shouldn’t do sexually is bluepilled”
          Arnold Toynbee and JD Unwin’s research shows that once society becomes so sexually permissive that they even tinker with formerly sacrosanct institutions like Marriage, the society basically ends up dying culturally and practically as a result.
          The reason being, in a society driven purely by selfish, superficial desires there is a lesser emphasis on culture, the arts, trade, and so forth. People simply exist to indulge themselves in every vice they consider a “right”
          You can’t have a dynamic capitalist society that is corrupt morally and has a deteriorating necrotizing character as a result. In the end, these societies end up outsourcing their livelihoods, independence and so forth to others (most notably to autocrats and the bureaucracies they tend to expand) while they die a slow blissful apathetic death.
          This is the current state of the US. It’s no coincidence that less people are actively working and more people are hedonistic than ever. The US has become an example of culture rot.
          Things like anal sex are becoming more vogue among heterosexuals but let’s not forget it started out as a favored method of homosexuals who by their very acts limit their sexual interactions to oral, anal, and mutual masturbation.
          Stuff like that needs to stay on the fringe, it should never be considered mainstream by mainstream Americans, otherwise it leads to far worse things becoming mainstream, as we are clearly seeing today.

        6. sacrosanct institutions like Marriage

          which has nothing whatsoever to do with wives giving blowjobs or anal.

          but let’s not forget it started out as a favored method of homosexuals

          No, the favorite sex (i.e. most frequent) of homosexuals is blowjobs.
          You see, every thing you listed I can apply to blowjobs, just like in the moralfag macro. “They are using tongues now! Our society is collapsing!”

        7. The mouth is designed for things to be put into it and not removed (ultimately).
          There was a comedy sketch spoof of Star Trek on tv with two lines something like this:
          Spock: Inserting one’s reproductive system into another’s digestive system is highly illogical.
          Kirk: Oh, shut up Spock! You wouldn’t know a good blow job if it slapped you in the face!

        8. “No, the favorite sex of homosexuals is blowjobs.”
          So scientific studies, anecdotal evidence, or personal experience and preference?

        9. Actually it is quite the opposite. You’re attempting to espouse some kind of equalist argument and failing miserably. Biology thankfully is not slave to rank opinion. The science is clear on this issue and it is an unequivocally unhealthy practice. It has only ever been mildly interesting or become a fantasy to normal people due to social taboo. The bottom line is if you find yourself regularly reaching for your girls asshole, you have far more existential questions than if you’re red or blue. I can’t even think about nor type the word moralfag without feeling like a queer and yet somehow you seem to expect respect among men? Despite what you’re overinflated inner monologue tells you, you are actually part of the problem and your pathetic dribbling is unbecoming.

        10. It does when you factor in that the progs have been chipping away at social deviancy laws bit by bit, in order to get perversions to go mainstream.
          It depends on which surveys you go by. A survey of the nation library of medicine says that 2/3 of homos engage in anal sex, for instance
          This stands to reason when you follow it up with the fact that “Men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than heterosexual men”
          When perversions go mainstream, they become more widespread and it makes it that much more difficult for a society to keep a focus on non sexually related matters. Look at our society…look at ROK…there’s an article on here that says the US is one of the most depraved nations. Don’t you see a correlation there?

        11. It amuses me when so called “red pill” alphas put social acceptability before personal preference. Playing woman games then calling it masculinity. Want to see culture rot? It’s in the core of every moralfag who uses their morality and tribalism to justify their passive aggressive teaming up with society against the individual. It’s hilarious, as the paleocon moralfags use the exact same argument styles as the progressive moralfags.

        1. Well sorry that I don’t like sticking my dick where shit came out.

          And no one asks you to. But don’t assume that other men feel the same. Other men would label you degenerate for wanting oral sex. And their preachiness would be equally wrong.

        2. There’s only one way to fuck a woman and that’s in the vagina, everything else is fine, but it’s foreplay or after-play, and that includes anal sex. Men have a Moral duty to pass this information to the younger generation that have been brainwashed to believe an anus equates to a vagina.

        3. The vagina is designed for sex and penetration. The anus isn’t designed for “things” to be inserted into it.

        4. I nailed a girl or two in the back. Honestly, it was not all that.
          After reading what happens to many men who do that a lot, male or female receiver, I never do so again. Everything that is in the rectal cavity, does not belong near the holy rod of fucking!

        5. Anyone who has flamethrowners and crosses together is automatically cool, where do I sign up?

        6. Anyone who has flamethrowners and crosses together is automatically cool, where do I sign up?

          At your nearest School of Moralfaggotry. Try some mosque. Anal sex is haram.

      1. I would say that someone with a real vagina is correct for sticking the meat sausage in any hole. Vagina, mouth, ass, between titties, the hole she makes by putting her two hands together (she needs two) to stroke the sausage with, the ear when she wants to stay pure, and the legendary “4th hole” where finding it is like finding the entrance to Hogwarts- you gotta believe man.

        1. Nothing like a bit of nasal intercourse.

          TEH NOSE JOB!
          Laugh not, I heard this was one of the specialities of French whores: You cum in their mouth, they do some tongue trick to let it run out of their nose onto their tongue (‘circle of life’) and then they finally swallow it.
          Don’t think they’re doing it still. Good ol’ times.

        1. well its only a matter of time. If we’re working our way through the colours of the rainbow….

      2. I agree but I noticed something. Whenever people talk about the degeneracy of homosexuality, they talk about two men. It seems (if you go by the complaints) that lesbians are cool, but gay men are horrid.

        1. I believe that’s it’s due to the fact that to men, two vaginas equals “twice as hot”, but two dicks equals “twice as gross”.

        2. I think it’s because, generally, when a guy is gay he is gay for life. When women are “gay” it means they are bi, but just prefer pussy (at least for the time being). Male sexuality is more black and white (either completely gay or completely straight, with a small number of true bisexuality). Female sexuality is less defined (few completely gay or completely straight). One of the first topics I talk about with girls I’m interested in is how bisexual they are. Almost every girl has fantasised about being with another girl, but most guys are disgusted by a similar thought.

        3. Everyone wants to see two chicks play with eachother; no-one wants to see two dudes doing the same (generally speaking).
          Both male and female babies get excited for the titty, it’s a metaphor for nourishment. And this obviously isn’t limited to just human beings, as seen in other mammals. I guess that biological urge just never goes away. There is no part of a man that is aesthetically attractive in the sense that sexy tits are, because of the fact healthy titties meant nourishment as babies, and greater chance of survival. We can’t help but to look at cleavage, but there is no part of the male body that can be flaunted to garner female attention.
          The men in trench-coats have tried, male flashing does not work. It was quickly labeled creepy and a sin against humanity.

        4. Because all guys are ugly, even the good looking ones. Plus, guy indulge in the fantasy that they can “turn” lesbians.

        5. I wish I had two dicks. That wouldn’t be gross. That’d be awesome.
          You could fuck two girls at the same time, or double stuff one. The possibilities are endless….,

        6. Biology.
          Twice as many of our prehistoric female ancestors procreated compared to men. This indicates that every successful man had, on average, two women. That or serial monogamy, which seems less likely given the physical requirements of survival at the time.
          Basically, we are hardwired to like seeing multiple naked women together.

        7. I don’t discuss specific cases, it’s like conducting a statistical test with a sample size n=1; you can’t take anything away from it. The question I am asking is not “Does 100% of the population enjoy seeing women together”. I am asking the broader question, “Is the proportion of those who enjoy seeing women together to those who do not greater than 75%?” And 75% is just a level of significance I pretty much arbitrarily specified, you could say 80%, 90%, whatever percentage you consider to justify the argument “most people like seeing chicks go at it”. I forgot to mention an assumption about the two women: we are talking about two generally ATTRACTIVE women together
          So my response to your comment is:
          Do you think the greater majority of people consider two attractive women making out sexy or not?
          That is the relevant question to be proposed.

        8. “I agree but I noticed something. Whenever people talk about the degeneracy of homosexuality, they talk about two men. It seems (if you go by the complaints) that lesbians are cool, but gay men are horrid.
          STDs are probably 99.9% spread by sodomite males (as opposed to lesbians), some of those sodomites also enjoy sex with a woman (or else they have a wife as beard aka cover, but still have to service her sometimes), whereupon it spreads to straight men who have sex with those infected women.

        9. Throughout most of human history the gender ratio usually wasn’t 1:1. Near constant warfare pretty much guaranteed there were usually more women than men. Plus men usually did the dangerous jobs, which also made them more likely to die. Hence, men could usually take more than one woman.

        10. That’s if your talking about different societies. But when babies are born, half the babies are male and the other half are female.

        11. If I’m fuckin one of them,yeah.
          If I’m not (for example-if I’m at a bar trying to get a beer and they are hogging up space in a crowded area attention whoring),no.
          Most guys would agree to some extent. Lesbians are of little use to guys,no matter how hot some of them may be (which many are not in real life. I know a good bit of them).
          Unless you have a lesbian fetish.

        12. Women don’t have the equipment to fuck each other. Scissoring and carpet-munching are hardly sex; seems like a lot of lesbians are either doing it for attention, because they hate men, or because they want to be able to have said “I was a lesbian for a few years in college”. Yet more evidence of the silly frivolity of the female mind

        13. Yes, bitches are attracted to money. I don’t see what it has to do with this thread… just trying to poke holes in my argument? lol

        14. The women that have to resort to those guerilla attention-whoring tactics in bars are trash heaps emotionally skullfucked beyond belief.

        15. Actually, slightly more female babies are born, and male babies are more likely to die young than female babies. All societies have war no matter how primitive.

      3. You are bang on mate! Oh don’t bother about the retard who is always quick to label anyone MORALFAG. Western LameStreamMedia which is an appendage of Cultural Marxism relentlessly bully the populace to tolerate homosexuality horseshit. But they won’t bother to tell the fact that HIV/AIDS is rampant among those who foolishly stick their meat inside the poop chute.

      4. not another dude’s hairy asshole.

        As I understand it, homosexual men who are the receptive partners frequently wax.
        So, you may be in luck.

      5. What about a woman’s asshole? ‘Cause an awful lot of heterosexual men appear to be want to have anal sex with their women.

    2. Spot on. Or perhaps I’d even go so far as to say
      Heterosexual = normal
      anything else = mental disorder in need of humane treatment

      1. They should do whatever the fuck they want as long as they don´t rub their bullshit under other people’s noses and as long as they don´t force innocent children into this mess (eg. adoption, in vitro fertilization, semen theft by lesbos, surrogate motherhood….). That´s all child abuse, no matter how “nice and cute” their gay parents are.
        Warning! The following picture contains child abuse:

        1. I don’t disagree that they have the right to do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt somebody. I suggested treatment, not mandatory confinement and institutionalized “therapy” a la the soviet union. Depressed people have a mental disorder, and I’d hope they get humane treatment, but I’m not going to pull the gun of the state to force them to do so.
          Agree on the child abuse, that’s all it is.

        2. “They should do whatever the fuck they want as long as they don´t rub their bullshit under other people’s noses and as long as they don´t force innocent children into this mess”
          I’m afraid there must be some level of active punishment for any open practice or even support of sodomy. Otherwise, it will be made into a positive good and anyone who openly disagrees (and eventually even fails to endorse) will suffer persecution. THERE IS NO SUSTAINABLE MIDDLE GROUND.

        3. Yes, the middle ground has been tried. Unfortunately, the painful reality is that homosexuals tend to be emotionally damaged people to begin with. As a result, they cannot tolerate a status quo. They are driven to social dominance.

      2. There are measurable differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals in terms of cognitive and neuropsychological profile.
        It is not necessarily a “straight male gone wrong” but possibly innate to the individual. Just a noticeable case of variability in human sexual preference. In most cases this would be weeded out through natural selection, hence why most humans are heterosexual.
        There is similar evidence for the biological basis of psychopathy and even pedophelia. These latter two cases are becoming recognized by public health as conditions to treat, along the lines of mental disorders.
        For example, there are cases of pedophiles coming to mental health authorities asking for treatment because they can’t reconcile their arousal by children with what they believe is wrong. A friend of mine works in a sexology lab by the way I am not pulling this out of my ass (no pun intended :/ ).
        Whether or not we should treat these people as having mental disorders, I’m not so sure… People can only receive treatment if they want it or if they are a true threat to society.

        1. They are obviously a true threat to society, that’s why they are being pushed into your face. That’s why it’s being pushed into your children’s faces. It’s not by accident.
          Homosexuality was classified as a mental disease up until1973. GGuess who led the push to have it taken out of the PDR?

        2. Slavery was legal up until not too long ago. At one time we also thought the Earth was flat.
          Just because someone in history thought a certain way doesn’t in and of itself mean it is the best way to think about something.

        3. and then you get vengeful women accusing men of pedophilia because they know over reactive men like you will do their work for them. Meanwhile the rest of us are so paranoid about false accusations that many men won’t even talk to children at this point,
          Thanks. But no thanks.

        4. You should have read this page before posting, my friend.
          “The myth of the Flat Earth is the modern misconception that the prevailing cosmological view during the Middle Ages saw the Earth as flat, instead of spherical.[1]”

        5. I actually completely took that myth for granted. Didn’t consider there was more to the story.
          My original point still stands though. People can be wrong. Just because our ancestors thought a certain way about something is not reason enough to consider it true or false. Don’t some people believe the Earth is 4000 years old? Maybe that is a myth as well?
          There are some extreme opinions on this forum about gays and other sexual vagrants. Some people are saying we should just straight up kill them because they shouldn’t be considered as persons… or perhaps are “evil” persons. Is this really the position that we should take? I’m on this forum to get ideas, not because I want to trade one hell for another.

        6. Firstly I think their behaviour should not be glorified as it is today. It is a self destructive behaviour in my mind; the same as alcoholic, nymphomaniac sluts, drug addicts or obese. They”re not “gay”. They have a particular sexual OCD.
          People should have the right to receive treatment for that.
          Not being forced into cure though.
          The same as you don’t force an alcoholic to give up his destructive behaviour.
          Don’t give me wrong, there was great people with destructive behaviours.
          Bukowski comes to my mind. Marlon brando had sex with men, if I remember well…
          But what annoys me, is being forced into encouraging them into their vices. And that is exactly what happened to psychiatrie in the 70s.
          I encourage you to read about the bullying of the psychiatrists by the homosexualists activists.
          As for the 4000 years old, you’d be surprised. I recently read that most catholics scholars consider the old testament as entirely metaphoric. So, cheer up, you’re not surrounded by stupids, brother.

        7. I personally don’t have much of a problem with gays doing their thing as long as they don’t bother me or anybody.
          Like you what I find annoying is this constant glorification of it. Like they’re somehow heroes for labelling themselves as whatever the new sexual fad is.
          There are people out there who actually deserve to have their merits celebrated, but somehow being gay is what is in our faces all the time. The first time I went to the Toronto Gay Pride Parade as a teenager (almost ten years ago) I actually thought it was interesting. But it has utterly lost its novelty by now and I see it as kind of disturbing.
          Our last Mayor Rob Ford refused to attend the parade because he had other plans and he just didn’t feel comfortable being surrounded by gay people and SJWs who would probably heckle him for being a straight white businessman. The media went into a hype portraying him as a “bigot, ignorant, anti-homosexual blablablah”
          It got so ridiculous that people stopped talking about Rob Ford’s policies whatsoever and the only political thought with regards to re-election was how he was an evil white man who hates gays.
          I know plenty of straight people who are quite degenerate so I am not quick to label someone who is gay as “evil” just because they’re gay. But I do think SJWs try to combine sexuality with victimhood in a destructive way. Somehow being a “cis-white male” is bad… doesn’t matter if you can land a fucking space-probe on a comet, what matters is whether or not your sexuality conforms to the “correct” sexuality.
          By celebrating gays and making normal nuclear families into a joke, I question how many gay folk are truly gay and how many are just confused and want somewhere to fit in. My point is I don’t blame the destruction of the nuclear family on gay folk, I blame it on SJWs and the social engineers profiting from all this.

  1. These sexual orientation options should be narrowed down to three: male, female and pervert.

  2. first time I found an article here to be really funny and on point. bravo (jaja, I will go back to the kitchen now.)

  3. There’s normal (heterosexual) and defective (anything else). There are no other orientations.

    1. 95% of all the big serial killers were always gays, pedophiles or other people with damaged sexualities.
      Do the math liberal cunts!

        1. As in, guys who – out of some strange ethnographic obsession – want to see what lezzers are like in bed.

    1. recently seen on reddit:
      “I’ve said it 100 times, check my comments. That partner was gender
      fluid. Identifying as different genders on different times. Had it been
      another day I would have said girlfriend. Just because they have a penis
      doesn’t make them a man and thus me bisexual. I am attracted to women
      only. I am a lesbian.”

  4. Asexual is probably the only somewhat even remotely “legitimate” one, as this behavior is seen in nature.
    All the others though, WTF?

    1. as this behavior is seen in nature.
      Not for long.
      Which if you think about it, gives lie to the notion that it’s something a women (or man) cannot control. Sure, maybe a genetic freak who is a one in five billion odds chance of popping out of a womb, ok, fine. But the hordes of “asexual women” is bullshit. They are precisely as described in the article, probably just burned out former porn sluts or women who get a high from super controlling and dominating any man stupid enough to hook up with her.

      1. But the hordes of “asexual women” is bullshit.

        Yes, it is.
        Although given that these women are undesirable, we should encourage this behavior in them, at least until their fertility runs out.

      1. bisexual man is a beta whose started sucking cock because he can’t get any pussy…. in time they all become full blown fags…. something about having another man’s cum blown into your rectum on a regular basis tends to turn you into a homo….
        a bisexual woman is a straight girl whose, either attention whoring, trying to fit in with her lesbian friends, uses her dildo way too often and thought it would be fun to get naked with her BFF, or has turned nympho but is too ugly / messed up to have sex with men.

        1. Yeah there really are bisexuals but the homo population is lower than what is reported. This comes to show that most people have an attraction towards the opposite sex. You can’t be straight and do anything sexual with both sexes. You simply can’t do it because you’re straight. Women’s sexuality also tends to be more fluid than men’s.

        2. All women are focused on sex all the time. They can easily be induced to make out with other women.
          This does not make them bisexual. It enables threesomes to happen.

    2. The one dude I knew who was actually (as in claimed to be) asexual still jacked off to a ton of porn. Like, all the time. So, I am going to say that 99% of the time it’s just a justification for “no one wants to fuck me”.

    1. “askatotalstranger”, if she’s real, needs a slap of reality across her face. What an absolute idiot.
      Oh, almost forgot:
      Bloody rapey kinks! Cracka nigga! Your daddy is at the door! Woof woof!

    2. There also was a day when two dresses cost 4.50.
      One has nothing to do with the other.
      It’s just a Cohencidence.

  5. Roosh, how the hell have you accepted publishing this thing? We MUST NOT use, NEITHER KNOW their vocabulary, if we end up knowing THEIR words, we are accepting THEIR mentally insane reality.

    1. Not sure how remaining steadfastly ignorant helps our cause.
      It’s one thing to know the words so that you can mock them, as opposed to learning them so that you can use them.
      They didn’t teach folks Japanese during WW2 so that they could fight for the emperor, they taught them Japanese so that they could intercept Japanese communications and understand them.

      1. These terms are not a different language, these terms want to artificially create a new reality. We accepted the word liberal, then we accepted gender, then transgender, then sexual harassment and this never stops. They are the ones in control of the meaning of these words, not us. They are the ones who have been modifying the West during the last 50 years. We’ve been losing since then.

        1. Have you accepted any of those words? I have not. In fact I make it a point to correct people on “liberal” when I hear it, which pisses a lot of them off.
          Knowing and understanding their terminology comes with no agreement to accept the terminology as valid.
          Cops learn street slang (if you need a closer to home example) to understand the gangs, not to become gang members.

        2. GOJ, gangs don’t pretend to change our lives by the means of their language. And yes, society as a whole has accepted these terms. Even if we may reject them on a personal basis.

        3. So are you suggesting that this article is aimed at “society” instead of us?
          Gang language actually is to “change things” in a certain sense, to remain somewhat above the normal communication chatter.
          Being ignorant is never a good thing. These people count on us disregarding them. Others, as you just pointed out, do not disregard them. If we stand like a fool looking at them with incomprehension as they bandy about terms that we could easily deflate, mock, belittle and disempower IF we knew them, we are doing our cause a disservice.

        4. I don’t care being an ignorant about what mentally insane people come up with. Behind each of these words, there is a concept to be beaten. Ok, feel free to start deflating, mocking, belittling and disempowering the word “gender”. Good luck with that. Although now it’s too late; we already accepted that academic damn word without even realizing.

  6. Does anyone think these degenerates eventually outgrow this ‘new gender lifestyle’ like it was always some sort of phase or type of rebellion?
    Yea they can be bi or whatever but eventually they get to be 40 or 50 years old and their biological drive for a family has gone unfilled and they end up miserable.
    Am I correct in assuming most people who are, uh, experimenting with different genders are in their 20s and 30s?
    I can’t imagine many 50 year olds would stay in that state of immaturity. Eventually they have to face reality right?

    1. My ex gf bought a dog as soon as I dumped her for being a lying cheating twat.
      Good luck starting a family with a dog.

        1. Well Mr. Kent, once a girl is with a superhero they get ruined. No man will ever be good enough, and dogs are the answer. So I hear you spent some time in Australia.

        2. Once they get the D of Steel they can’t go back eh?
          All they have to look forward to after that is Holy BBC… aka Black Jesus.

    2. It’s been found that at least 80% of self-proclaimed bisexuals are attracted to only one gender. So yeah, it’s just an attention seeking thing

    3. I knew a guy who suddenly wanted to go by made-up pronouns. It didn’t give him the type of attention he wanted. Instead of mixed reactions of hatred and support, which he was aiming for, he got universal ridicule. Everyone laughed, and from what I’ve heard he’s gone back to being a ‘man’ again.

  7. This type of puerile wordplay extends well beyond sex and can find its root in early 20th century leftist philosophy. The elitist left has been playing word games for years, but the grassroots social justice chihuahuas of today didn’t actually master it until prog gurus like saul alinsky came out with the poor man’s Art of War aka rules for radicals. Now suddenly every social justice millenial tool thinks he or she is doing the cyber equivalent of guerilla warfare just because they know how to spam troll conservative sites anonymously or dox people on the fly.
    To offer just a few examples: they have been successful in repackaging leftist philosophy as social justice, abortion as pro choice, homosexuality as alternative lifestyle, cultural communism as liberal, liberal as progressive, and so forth.
    Every few years however, they have to repackage these terms again because they get dated and are no longer considered avant garde by the lesser informed target demographic lotophagi youth among society. This is also done because once red pill thinkers catch on to what these terms actually mean and represent, their deception agenda is exposed and so they have to start all over again in order to better ensnare those who are on the fence regarding counter culture movements that are infested with cultural marxism and its fascist applications.
    The leftist agenda has always been about lies cloaked in deception. This is why they can’t debate their beliefs honestly on the open court of opposing thought, because if they did they would find themselves annihilated by cultural common sense and constitutional sanity.
    These moronic females you cited are just the post cum stains that drain out from the philosophical phallus of progressive elitists like George Bernard Shaw, Gloria Steinem, and so forth.
    Here’s a few more terms i’m sure are in the works:
    “violenty inclined” a practical term applicable to murderers, for instance.
    “intergenerational romancers” you can use this one for pedophiles, basically (i could argue that bs pseudoscientific terms like “hebephile” already exist as transitional terms meant to segue the ignorant blue pill population through pavlovian media groupthink facets for the purpose of having them accept legalized pedophilia later on)
    Have fun making up your own terms! The chronic left always does.

        1. Yup. They have moved on to getting sellout groups like the APA to medically destigmatize pedophilia, and the previous US senate tried to get bestiality removed as a court martial offense under the military UCMJ until the backlash made them reverse course.
          These people are f’in satanic and they won’t stop until stuff like “the purge” is legal and people are having orgies out in the streets with family, friends, animals, manhole covers, whatever.
          It’s why the US is on the cultural decline and why most non prog nations see us as a cultural cesspool that is on life support.

        2. Oh I don’t know about the “Satanic” part (if they actually were I wouldn’t worry in the least), but the do need to be shoved into blast furnaces for sure.

    1. it’s like something from high school, where ‘in’ terms get thrown about….. and you are not in the clique if you don’t use them…..

    2. I knew there was going to be trouble when the word “sex” was replaced with the overused word “gender”. This started in the late 1990s.
      I did not think it would get this bad though.

      1. Strap yourself in, cause the worst is yet to come.
        Incest is next, along with polygamy and of course pedophilia.

  8. Fucking weirdos. Fucking vermin, man. Seriously. Look at the fucking slimebucket from the Tinder pic, her boobs practically touch her chin. How would you even fuck that, with Crisco(TM) and a surfboard? And did that crazy “asexual” bitch wash her hair with a pack of Fruit Stripe(TM) gum? What kind of hard-up Beta pussy would embrace her like that dude? Fucking faggot, he doesn’t even deserve a woman above her caliber!
    A bunch of real-life Frankenstein’s skullfucked emotionally beyond belief want to change our vernacular. I mean I have my emotional problems too but you won’t ever know it because I won’t ever tell you. A real man knows nobody else truly gives a fuck, and those that do are pretending being they’re being paid handsomely to!
    Fuck this culture, man. Straight to the dustbin of history where it belongs!

    1. I give a fuck about you man. I truly care.
      Wire the money to Paypal by this evening per our agreement.

      1. I don’t know, Jeff, I’ve yet to see your mid-five figures framed piece of paper with a foil seal and pictures of some cool statues that legitimize how and why you might care. Until then…

        1. Wait a minute – we never negotiated actual sincerity here. Stick to the original bargain.

    2. “I mean I have my emotional problems too but you won’t ever know it
      because I won’t ever tell you. A real man knows nobody else truly gives a
      fuck, and those that do are pretending being they’re being paid
      handsomely to!”
      So true. And it sounds like I need to start charging.

  9. People who use these terms have too much damn time on their hands and tend to have a substantial victim mentality.

  10. Ive never heard of this crap before in my life. The way society is going it wont be long before its acceptable to fuck animals.
    By the way…theres no such thing as asexual. Find a male whos asexual and send him with 20k to a strip club in vegas. His beta self will be begging to pay for pussy.
    Find a woman who claims to be asexual and put her in a room with ryan rynolds, channing tatum, and tom brady. She will do anything for their approval.

    1. The way society is going it wont be long before its acceptable to fuck animals.
      Well, Miley Cyrus is getting laid, I hear.

      1. Okay when there’s no clear delineation between someone’s chin, neck and chest there’s something seriously wrong with that person.
        Oh wait, those are the frequent flyers on OKCupid and POF as a collective.

      2. wrong pig…. she doesn’t have a nose ring…… fucking funny though… ROTFLMAO………
        you know that originally a nose ring was a symbol of obedience…. like a ring in a bulls nose, or Indian brides put in nose rings…..
        for that reason i like to hit on chicks with nose rings…. they are all sado-masochists….

      3. The far-left millennial news sites (the Gawker network being the most common offender, but some other sites do this as well) have already been publishing what they would no doubt call “interesting, funny articles to broaden people’s horizons on bestiality”.
        There’s an effort already among the people who gave us all sorts of sickness in public areas.

      1. Right . Vice TV did a special on how bestiality is now legal in Denmark.
        Fucking sick fucks….

  11. sapiosexual, ha. if that was a real thing i would have gotten laid throughout high school many times considering i was intelligent. but that wasnt the case. and also considering i was obese too didnt help.
    Women are attracted to alpha men, the men that are at the top of male sexual value and social status. (they get the loins share of pussy) Betas are considered eunuch worker drones, ignored, scorned or just used as wallets or as emotional tampons (without getting anything back) Welcome to a world run by women, where 70% of men dont get pass on their genetic legacy for the simple fact they werent “hawt guys” (not tall enough, not ripped, no tatts, etc) of course she will marry you eventually, but out of desperation and no cashflow when she looks like shit and is post wall, but she will continue to try to seek alpha men to fuck, (those children most likely arent yours), and then divorce rape you (because after all, your just a mindless worker drone)
    doesnt surprise me women are the dominant supporters of perverted things like this. their sexuality is plastic, they can be moulded into liking anything, ANYTHING no matter how perverse or immoral. by the time a girl turns 18, i can tell you shes had about a dozen cocks already and been whipped, chained, tied up and fucked raw. And also not to mention the numerous lesbian encounters shes had with her ‘friends’. women are like a hive mind, more than one does it, they all do it.

    1. It would be more retarded if the SJWs considered ‘chubby chaser’ as a sexual orientation. Fatties need some love.

  12. I looked at the picture of the “asexual” girl who misspells her name “Jenni” and I immediately knew she was a liar. Tim I didn’t want to be the one to tell you. . . Jenni fucks skittles.

  13. Its called identity politics. Identity politics is the left trying to create identity groups from discourse. Judith Butler and the like consider that sexuality / sexual orientation is something that is ‘performed’ – in other words if people keep using ‘panromantic demi-sexual’ or whatever enough, and ‘performing that identity it will come to mean something, just as being a man, being a heterosexual etc has come to mean something over hundreds of years. The problem – to paraphrase Blackadder – is its bollocks. You can’t just conjure sexual identities into existence from thin air, but that’s the very reason all of this is fracturing and multiplying exponentially ,not to mention schizophrenically: feminist identity, gay identity etc, there’s nothing solid there, so eventually finding the identity lacking, and basically an insufficient form of identity, people (ok, wierdos) end up seeking something that will mark them out.
    Its our own fault though. Men and women just used to be men and women. The 19th century invented the notion of the homosexual, as something that was not what being a manly man was about. You create something in order to define yourself against it, and guess what it comes to seem real.
    Sometime soon, we’re going to be going back to being just men and women, but until then I should point out to the author that he’s been very exclusionary and insensitive by missing out the important sexual identity of ‘otherkin’

    1. “performing that identity it will come to mean something”
      it means you’re a nutjob….. perhaps we can just replace all the labels with nutjob and everyone will understand….

      1. I think they’d prefer ‘special snowflake nutjob’ – that way they can be reassured that their unique in their own way

    1. What scares the shit out of me is that she’s only 30 miles away. There’s not enough grazing land between her and my home, and I fear for the safety of my family.

        1. The anti-sugar ploy. Prudent. I’ll take that under advisement. Though it will put a dent in the kink I had planned for the wife tonight. But still, can’t be too safe.

      1. I’d be afraid alright. If she was 30 miles from me, that would put her in the same voting district, meaning she can hide in a voting booth (provided it’s a big one) and take vote meaning all that is “her” may become manifested in new laws enforced at gunpoint.
        And there is no way someone that fucked up is going to be considering things like liberty and civics when casting that vote.

    2. What the fuck does she say in that last line? This is what’s inheriting this country?? Almost makes me want to go lick Putin’s balls right now !

    3. No dick for you Kat.
      I just searched for ‘agender’ on google.. god damn.. it just gets worse.

      1. Agender??? Everyone has a gender and that’s just another term for someone who is androgynous. SJWs like to complicate things yet they say they don’t want to be labelled. It’s all their stupid logic.

  14. I agree with the guy below. The more attention you give them, the more validation they get and eventually it becomes the norm.
    Stupid article.

  15. I have almost completely stopped listening when women speak. It’s like the moment a voice raises into a certain frequency range, my brain just kind of shuts it out as if it were a commercial. Sometimes a woman has substance or an intelligent opinion on something, but it’s pretty rare.

  16. lol… rich comedy material.
    The reality is 80% of bi women are really looking for other women. They think bi is more socially acceptable term. As a man you pretty much have to treat them as pump and dump. Or else you end up like Ross on Friends, divorced from a lesbo who’s raising your son with 2 mommies, and you’re paying the bills.

    1. I used to (Well, still do) dislike that show a lot. I used to struggle to explain why, the best I could do was everyone seemed too ‘perfect’.
      Now I realise it was because it was an utterly emasculated facsimile of that stage of life.

      1. The chicks were hot in their day, but it seemed too high a price to pay to endure the show, just to look at them.
        I coulda done me a 22 year old Jennifer Aniston, oh yes son, I coulda.

        1. I’d still kick her back doors in, no trouble.
          I always wanted to punch that fucking Phoebe though. Ditzy stupid cunt.

        2. Aye, she’s aged really fucking well. Being a multi millionaire gives one that opportunity of course, but still, yeah, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers even today.

        3. I found her pretty. I could have intercoursed the weird out of her, using my imperial genitalia.

      1. Another thing that strikes me about this is that we have a drastic shortage of backbreaking dangerous toil, and entirely too much food and medicine. That’s really the only way this shit exists. In the old days, these fucking weirdos wouldn’t have gotten enough food or would have been sent to the mines or sweatshops to be worked to death long before they could crop up in the dating pool. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so harsh in our historical analysis of those times.

        1. It’s like the financial system and printing money. The excess money/food/energy ends up looking for somewhere to go, and it’s never good.

  17. Heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual. That’s what I’m sticking to. Asexual can mean hormonal deficiencies because they don’t have a sex drive or they want to be celibate. Most of these orientations are just different kinds of bisexual and the fancy terms are stupid. These labels are annoying and pretty soon the LGBTQAA whatever alphabet soup will just keep adding. This is just retarded.

        1. BDSM as a sexual orientation is retarded because it isn’t a sexual orientation. This world has gone retarded.

        2. The alphabet soup keeps adding. In a hundred years or less it will look like this:

    1. I think asexual women result from : 1. being too butt ugly to be attractive to men or women. Often become nuns as an example
      2. Have not been properly shagged. A woman who get correctly banged will then become a wanton she devil

      1. 1) Yes.
        2) She’s just a virgin, does not mean she’s asexual. She probably still secretly wants the dick because she’s just being a ‘good girl.’ She just lacks experience.

  18. This is fucking heartbreaking but some California politician has said he supports his 8 year old grandson becoming a girl. Liberalism is whacked. If that’s not child abuse, what is?

    1. it’s worse that supporting his 8 year old grandson becoming a pedophile’s next lay… at least that is only temporary….

  19. Arson, you forgot the granddaddy of the all to describe all of us – the illustrious “cisgendered”! Because apparently if you aren’t skullfucked enough to want to serve as a Frankenstein science experiment like 99.9% of the civilized world you get a special label!

  20. Is it wrong to wish for a nuclear winter that will almost certainly result in my own death as long as it gets rid of this insanity?

    1. @Roosh_V:disqus What do the seasons have to do with nukes?? God, you people on this site are such pathetic small-dick virgins living in Mommy’s basement and making up crap like “nuclear winter”! :)-

        1. No. I’m not familiar with you enough to know what your median position is on this and other issues. No offense, but i’ve dealt with hundreds of trolls and that was a knee jerk reaction.

        2. Yep, the only site I read the comments on, ever. No weirdos, no psuedo-intellectuals, no Hashtag Heroes or other frauds with a keyboard and a wi-fi antenna.

        3. On a tangential note, have you ever surfed the jezebel website, just to see what passes for “higher discourse” there?
          A few minutes ago i went on there just for kicks. I looked for conversations regarding the differences of binary economics vs macro economics (for instance) but i ended up finding an article on amber rose talking about some guy’s “nut.”
          FACEPALM…this site is like the kid sister to ROK that tries to be as relevant as ROK…and fails miserably.

        4. Yeah, once ever. Except women have nothing interesting to say. EVER. The usual negativity, hostility, “emotional problems” drivel that women in real life spew 24 hours already. And sometimes the usual female bragginess too about exercise (yeah, I’m really impressed by how a woman exercises!), travel (bitch your Daddy or Sugar Daddy pays for your trips, you ain’t foolin’ nobody!) and how “strong”, “independent” or “career oriented” (until they get married to some Betamax and have kids and suddenly “I just can’t go back to work! I just can’t!”) they are.
          You know what’s always more important than some woman’s “emotional problems”? My time.

        5. And I won’t hesitate to say it to a girl if she tries forcefucking her emotional problems down my throat. Often gets my number blocked. Oh well, it is no loss.

        6. There was a small weener article on that site a few weeks ago (fair enough). But the commenters, yeeesh, going into hoary detail about their vagoos (depth, breadth, texture).

      1. Youre a special kind of stupid. Its called a nuclear winter because all life is dead similar to winter dumbass

        1. Hey hey, thanks a lot there, Einstein – clearly you didn’t read the previous comments before inserting yourself.

    2. The motivation is not wrong, the tactic is rather questionable.
      Conventional warfare would work just fine, and the fantasy of a nuclear winter would seem to be a way to avoid the idea of having to take up arms and do it yourself.

    3. I was thinking a plague would be better for mankind. The weak and the sjw’s wouldnt last cause they would rather be politically correct than resourceful. Only the strong would survive.

    4. No. I’ve wished for it myself. I know where i’m going to end up, so i’m cool.
      I would better suggest wishing for a 2nd american revolution, where these scumbags cast off the pretense of civilization and come after us openly through full fledged tyranny, just so i can have the chance of putting my ruger to use for more than just target range practice.
      Trust me when i say, we are very close, especially if you’re a person of Christian faith, as i am.

      1. I feel like these degenerates will die out over time from evolution and mate selection. There are very few beautiful women taking on these titles. Just ugly and fat girls trying to give off the illusion that they choose their partners, when really they take whatever they can get. Who’s having babies with a feminist, pansexual, cisgendered tattooed female?
        Only a weak beta male who’s kids will be born with several illnesses and will most likely be born into poverty. They are the genetic losers and nature will rid itself of these abominations.

        1. The only thing in this regard that is worrisome is the evolution of technology.
          If technology does become so advanced that men are simply unnecessary, sorry to say but we might be the next ones on the chopping block of natural selection.
          Women only want men for entertainment or resources. If men become obsolete as resource providers, the world will be over-run by medicated clowns. Hopefully I’m wrong in this and the best and brightest will be able to continue breeding… but I do wonder…
          Eventually we might look like the Eloi from H.G. Well’s The Time Machine.

        2. I believe they refer to that as “social darwinism” a term a person of faith like myself can appreciate, regardless of my faith 🙂

    5. My daily conundrum.
      I’d take my chances with the wolves knowing that the kind of people making civilization unbearable would not survive more than a week.

    6. Careful what you wish for. Who knows WHAT these wierdos would do to your corpse after you’re dead. You would wish you were vaporized at ground zero.

    7. There are still pockets of beautiful places in the world/west so I don’t want nuclear bombs to scar the landscape and render places inhospitable. That being said, Im still on board for a different kind of catalyzing apocalyptic event. Maybe some kind of artificial sickness that specifically targets certain segments of the population that are long overdue for culling. Actually, you know what, fuck it, going nuclear may be the only option worth considering at this point. There are just too many damn cultural Marxists so some sort of surgical removal of them would be damn near impossible at this point. Conventional manhood, traditional gender roles etc are all dead and gone. Maybe we can bring them back in a post apocalyptic world that is free of all the excesses and exercises in degeneracy that we have now.

    8. I think the economic collapse will be enough. When the world turns into Thunderdome straight males will rule over all once again.

    9. You bet it’s wrong to wish it. For more than one reason. One of them being that there are those who cannot draw the line at a wish. Don’t ennoble them. Nobody needs more anarchist thinking, inching itself towards anarchist action. Please harness your thoughts into other, more productive and intriguing propositions.

    10. No, not at all. Because out of the wreckage of that post-apocalyptic nightmare a leader would arise to guide the flock back into proper form. And that man is Mel Gibson, or formerly known as Mel Gibson. Why formerly? Because the man has just been elected Pope Julius III of that name. A pope destined to lead his flock back to their former glory. Of this I am sure.

    11. Can we have a solution that doesn’t involve annihilating the world? That’d be great… mmk
      ; D

  21. Feminism is in a way a rebellion by the majority of women against monogamy and traditional civilisation by granting themselves access to alpha male sperm, for they dont seem to be satisfied with the sperm of beta men. in the old days, it was hard or next to impossible for them to get it (as the alphas would always have a high SMV female alongside them and would kick the ass of any other woman who would get near him) one woman for every man, everyone would reproduce etc.
    Now these days a majority of women, vote with their vaginas what they always desired, the essence of alpha males (semen). they just got to have that ‘badboy, hot guy,etc ) sperm.
    This rebellion is tearing society apart, as most men dont get a companion and a chance to reproduce, hence they lose their ambitions in life (one of these guys might invent the Faster Than Light travel) and dont do anything, try to become alphas or go MGTOW.
    Women dont care, for this system is the one they gain the most from. they gain the alpha cock/sperm they always desired and reproduce with what they consider the best specimens. however most of them end up lonely spinsters with a half a dozen cats.
    This rebellion or temper tantrum by women has to end (and it will) in the future, they will remember the latter half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st as the prime example of cultural marxism and its danger and damage it can do to society.

    1. I take solace in seeing these women get older, their power is taken from them. Many hot young girls already get lines on their face around 28 and it only gets worse from there.
      The wall at 30 is softer than we make it out to be, but there are multiple stages. Maybe at 37 she still has dudes trying to fuck her but in their 40s it just grinds down to nothing.
      Let these bitches suffer.

  22. Only a liberal mind could complicate the birds and the bees.

    1. I never understood why that couldn’t have been explained as “stick in the hole.” If the stick goes into the right hole, a tree will grow.
      And if the stick goes in the wrong hole, it could break- or rot.

  23. Manosphere definitions to keep you from taking it seriously:
    Pansexual – Screws the handles of pans. Or if she’s feeling naughty, pots or skillets.
    Sapiosexual – Crosses the homo sapiens line at the local zoo.
    Homoflexible/Heteroflexible – Prefers tantric sex.
    Demisexual – Prefers 50 year old women (like Demi Moore).
    Asexual – Will only sleep with people who’s names begin with the letter A.

    1. Damn, lol! You should write an article for ROK, morph all of this alphabet-gender-soup tripe into the laughable pile of shit it really is, mock them into submission.

  24. What kind of sexual do you call the naked old dudes at the gym and pool locker rooms who stare at any male with a fit body, especially the young ones? If transgenders are allowed into women’s locker rooms then the male queers should be banned from using the male locker room because they are peeping. It’s no different than if I went into a woman’s locker room and stared at them showering for my own pleasure. This has always pissed me off since these fags get away safely with their game due to this degenerate society protecting them.

    1. Seems he is banning this because agent provocateurs are trying to demonize him and using it as a “human rights” issue. He is not an idiot. He’s throwing a BRIC at the West.

  25. LGBT is the greatest sandwich in human history!!!
    Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato.
    Mmmmmmmmm, baaaaaaaacon!!!!!!

    1. Yep and the alphabet soup just keeps adding, at least there are more ingredients to this meal. I’m hungry.

      1. Hmmmmmm……..
        If you add in a “c” for cisgender, and an “s” for sapiosexual, then you get…..
        Which means you’ll have a:
        Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato and Cheese with a Salad.
        Sounds good!

  26. Westerner’s have nothing better to do, it’s just an attention grab, i’m a cyborg-bi-hetero-homo-triglyceride-quadricep-megaPan-a sexual-transexual-trans species, Every one look at how Unique I am.

  27. This article reminded me about this scene in the movie “The Other Guys” (with Mark Walberg & Will Ferrell) where Michael Keaton’s character (the police chief) says he also goes to work at Bed Bath and Beyond so that “I can afford to send my son to NYU where he can practice his bisexuality”

    1. There was recently an episode of South Park where eric cartman came out as cis gender so he could get his own private bathroom at school. It was pretty funny.

  28. Personally, I don’t care. Same way i don’t care when my friend tell some about that whale he just banged.
    I start to care when they start labeling be some bullshit made up word like “cis”. Don’t call me a sis. Don’t talk about my sexuality and keep yours to yourself. Want to be gay? Be my guest. I don’t hate. Want to complain about I don’t like cock and how you need to be treated special because of your sexual preference?
    Get the F out.

  29. time for a RoK vacation- almost every article makes me want to smash things, my things, your things, his things…I think I found what to give up for Lent, albeit a few days late.
    See you in April

  30. I don’t mind a girl who is into other girls and as well as me, but I wouldn’t marry that type of girl, or consider her more than a fuck mate for a very short time. Bisexual women are the least loyal women on the planet, and she has double the motivation and double the desire to cheat on her Man because these type of women think they have special rights that straight women don’t have, so they make the most of it. Most guys that have dated bisexual girls have discovered this is the bitter truth with these sluts. As for all the other categories you mentioned, they are joke, apart from the Pansexual, ( Pan in Greek means everything ) these type of women are disgusting hyper sexed nymphs and can’t get enough sex, they are opportunists and will fuck pretty much anything, non living objects, and including animals.

    1. They aren’t hyper sexual. They are just fucking crazy. Generally have no empathy or commitment and a string of short term relationships, They can’t bond to anyone. People are objects.

      1. Yep there is a difference between hypersexual, bisexual, and just plain crazy and these girls are just plain crazy because they can’t bond with anyone. An inability to bond with anyone is abnormal.

  31. Normal: “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”.
    The vast majority of the world (>90%) is heterosexual. Therefore, by definition, anything else is “abnormal” i.e. NOT NORMAL.
    This is not debatable, but as usual in our society, feels > reals.

  32. All of that should be illegal unless its 2 beautiful women who are going to put a man’s needs first in a 3 way.

  33. If I find a bitch on a dating site that says, “asexual” I’m not passing over her because she’s “asexual” or because I’m beta. I’m passing her over because I guarantee, 100% of the time, she’s batshit crazy.
    Notice Jenni Goodchild’s rainbow hair. Always notice the hair. Bright colors are a fucking warning sign.

    1. Anime hair coloring is the human version of aposematism. That, and I consider it the female “fedora”.

  34. demisexual? pansexual? asexual? Cisgender? Heteronormative?
    I’d rather go by the little kid in “Kindergarten Cop”
    “Boys have a penis and Girls have a vagina.”

  35. Can someone explain what the fuck is a cisgender? I mean, I know what it means but it just makes no sense to use the word. Seems like something that trannies made up, like it’s supposed to be a derogatory term for normal people.

    1. It’s another one of those terms meant to denigrate normality, like ‘heteronormative”. It’s a ridiculously redundant term otherwise, like coming up with a term for people born with both ears.

  36. 1. I am special. Special special SPECIAL. New words for my twisted, confused sexuality emphasize to other Specials that I demand (and deserve!) yet MORE ATTENTION. I can’t get that attention due to merit or personal character, so I’m going to force everybody else to refer to me by a new, Special title. Distract ‘n deny.
    2. I’m am too old, ugly, disgusting, or just plain psychotic to attract men. Therefore I will demand endless new Special categories to describe my sexuality, in the hopes that others will assume that I actually HAVE a sex life . . . or any sexuality that doesn’t involve my poodle and a peeled carrot. Rather than admit that I am unwanted and unattractive, I will deflect the issue by demanding that the world use new-PC terms to describe the sex that I’m not having. Because otherwise I’d have to admit that I desperately want men, but my super-empowered ideo-politics, my arrogance, my selfishness, and my vast pride won’t allow me to admit the obvious… much less to make any positive personal change in accord with reality. Instead, the entire world must change until I feel better about my nasty, thuggish, narcissistic Self.
    3. Whatever happens, I am still Special. And if you’re not ready to go along with that, my fellow Specials and I will get busy using the State, media, schools, etc. to make your life as miserable as ours, until you say what we want, do what we want, and think what we want.

  37. Why don’t they include three more rings, and every four years have an Olympics of Degeneracy.
    That way fisting,felching and scissoring can be Olympic sports. We could see these rejects on Wheaties boxes. Then we’d REALLY know we’re going straight to Hell…..

  38. I have never met a lesbian that didn’t go crawling back to cock. One girl at uni was a devout lesbian until a guy I knew got her pregnant. Now suddenly she’s a reformed heterosexual who’s happily married to the guy, quit uni and become a full time housewife who stopped wearing dyke clothes and now wears dresses. Coincidence? I think not.

      1. I doubt it. He’s got her so well trained she doesn’t speak out of line anymore. I don’t think she’d be dumb enough to go against him. She knows he’d take action, as he should.

        1. They might even have threesomes with another girl involved. Most straight guys like threesomes with two girls involved. This is probably why he married her. Lots of bi girls are dirty in the bed and the fact that she dated girls makes her bi.

        2. Nah he’s not into all that; typical christian man who wants his women straight and that’s how it should be. To be honest he started dating her as a challenge; can I make a good girl out of this defective slut? The answer is yes you can.

        3. So is he the religious type? Because not all Christians are that religious. I know Christians that are pretty liberal and have pre-marital sex. I’ve grown up going to church and see these things happen even among people I went to youth group with. But if he did manage to change her mind, good for him and I’m sure she’s just as content in being married to him.

  39. i thought for a long time that im gay, or at least bi. not because i slept with men too, but raher because beautiful men appealed WAY more to my sense of aestethics. A man with big muscles, compared to a pretty woman who exercises regularly as well, is at least to me way more sexy. the thing is, men doesnt get me hard. really, i tried. it does not work, they dont arouse me sexually. but in terms of look, a beautiful male is WAY ahead of females, at least for me. i get this proved regularly in the gym )))

  40. How about “rejectosexual,” namely, an adult male virgin rejected by all the women he has approached.
    I think you cross the threshold after about 20 women have rejected you, because you can’t even make it to a 5 percent success rate.

  41. What the fuck man? people just get bored with old terms and then conjure new ones that mean exactly the same. No I am not strange, I am weird!

  42. Not only does it make them feel especial, but it serves their overlords by further dividing a divided society

  43. Can we just call a man who does this a whoremonger and a sodimite, and a female a whore or a confused whore. No fancy names, you are just a whore who will sleep with anyone or anything.

  44. “Pansexual Definition: sexual attraction to all sexes and gender identities.”
    “Gender identity” would probably indicate that the “pansexual” is attracted to transvestites/transgenders/eunuchs as well as normal people.
    “Asexual Definition: is not sexually attracted to anyone; doesn’t have sexual feelings.”
    Maybe the “asexual” is secretly a pedophile who is afraid to reveal their true feelings, so instead claims to be “asexual” to get around the suspicion.

    1. Or has no sex drive for hormonal reasons. Or maybe a celibate person. If anything, it’s rare.

  45. I wonder what a dude claiming his asexual’s attentions really are, could it be part of a beta mating strategy?

  46. When they use these new terms, they are only shit testing you and are attention seeking, big time. Sugar dating is becoming more popular in the States, with many successful, wealthy men using sites like to hook up with younger, high class women.

  47. Funny, cause I do consider myself a sapio-heterosexual. Meaning Im only attracted to women, but more specifically smart women. A woman can be a 10/10, but if she isn’t smart, my dick will be hard pressed to get hard. It kinda sucks for me because as most of you know, most women are nothing short of fools. My ex was rather ugly actually, but she was very intelligent, with a nice body which is good enough for me. You guys can tell me I’m a fag or a fuck up, but I know who I am and what I’m attracted to. However, if a guy is intelligent it doesn’t make me want to get with him.
    It seems this sight, no matter how much they claim otherwise, puts pussy on the ultimate pedestal. Every article is fuck as many girls as possible and treat them like shit. Which I don’t understand cause that creates the very issues in women we complain about.

  48. Thank you for the in depth and educational breakdown. This read was both bizarre and interesting. I was unaware the, “please tell us we’re normal” crowd could clusterfuck themselves into a corner of such epic proportions, but low and behold… they take the cake once again.
    Bravo, nutjobs.

  49. More mindfuck-speak to brainscrew the west and arrest it’s reproduction. Who churns out this shit? I think it should be clear by now that EVERYONE is not our friend and cannot be expected to be so. Could it be possible that the west has PATHOLOGIC ENEMIES that will never in a million years waver their destructive bent and malevolence towards us?

  50. A weak identity always demands a new and ever changing identity to compensate.
    When it comes to this PC rhetoric, the best answer is: ‘I just don’t care’
    Man + woman leads to family and prosperous society. Everything else is just pretension, delusion and decadence.

  51. These people are nothing more than pathetic idiots begging for attention. These sad twisted morons are what happens when a child is raised with no real father and diaper sniffing helicopter mothers who give their fucking little snowflakes too much damned attention. It’s those damned mom’s with their kids on fucking leashes who cheer their shits even when they fail utterly. IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC.

  52. I travel a lot, and I always fly coach, because I’m cheap. Years ago, you checked in at the airport. If you got there early enough you were given 3 choices: window, middle, or aisle. I like the window, so if I got what I wanted I walked away from the counter satisfied. Nowadays, we all web check in. Depending on the size of the aircraft, I can be looking at upwards of 300 seating choices. This doesn’t make me happier, it actually creates quite a bit of stress and I spend an inordinate amount of time picking the PERFECT seat. Front of the plane? Back? The wing? Will it de-board at both ends? Why do I do this? Human nature, when given 3 choices, you pick your favourite, when given 300 choices you feel pressure to pick the very best. Choice is good. Too much choice creates havoc.

  53. The Internet Aristocrat has some hilarious tumblrism videos about this type of shit. They’re fucking hilarious.

  54. For the love of anything holy or the good stuff. What the fuck is happening?, It was LGBT, How many other letter from the alphabet are we adding to that thing? I’m 22 and this is confusing, I can’t imagine being a elementary kid nowadays and having those acronyms and gibberish thrown at your face. Wooah!.

  55. “They win if we if give it to them.” – You’ve somehow contributed to their “winning” by writing this informative and entertaining article. Thanks for posting it.

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