The 5 Easiest Clubs In The World To Get Laid

I estimate I’ve been to at least 500 bars and clubs in my lifetime, spread across 20 different countries. Some clubs are  much easier to get laid than others due to variables like the layout, music, vibe, and culture. Here are the spots I recommend you visit if all you want to do is get laid…

5. Casa da Matriz (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Brazil used to a be a popular place in the 80s and early 90s for American men to visit and get some easy loving from sexy women who were impressed with gringos. Times have changed: Brazil’s economic miracle has created an entire class of snobby girls who rather play on their $1000 iPhones than give love to an American traveler. The top clubs of any major city will be stuffed with amazing talent, but unfortunately they won’t give regular guys passing through much of a chance. You need to find a middle-of-the-road club that has nice girls who are still open to foreigners. In Rio, this place is Casa do Matriz.

Casa, as it’s affectionately known, is a hipster rock club with cuties that don’t mind flings with foreigners. In a country where one-night stands are not exactly easy, you should be able to get one here. Show up on the weekends before 12 to avoid the line, sip on some caipirinhas, and get ready to approach girls who speak English. This is where I met the most beautiful girl I’ve ever had sex with in my life.

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4. Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Sweden women are positively portrayed in American media as blonde bombshells (the movie Dumb and Dumber comes to mind), but unfortunately this isn’t the reality on the ground. What you have instead are chubby white girls who are obsessed with the hipster culture and think that wearing Chucks 24-7 is acceptable. The elite clubs have some of the Swedish hotties you probably hope for, but they are constantly surrounded by a social circle full of sniveling beta males hoping to get it in before Christmas. In a short trip you won’t have access to them.

Your best bet if you’re in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is Sticky Fingers, a two-floor rock venue that has acceptable Swedish women who are crazy about American men. I’m not exaggerating—once they find out you’re American prepare for an automatic five minute conversation with very little effort on your part. With a bit of game it won’t be hard to translate that interest into unprotected sex.

I like the semi-circle bar upstairs but the main bar downstairs is also good. The key here is not to be shy if a girl is with guys. Unless she’s kissing or touching them, they’re just friends and probably won’t cockblock you when you start a conversation. Hell, he’ll be impressed that you’re American, too.

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3. Bakken (Copenhagen, Denmark)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Danish girls are ugly. Compared to other countries in Scandinavia, Denmark has by far the worst chicks when it comes to appearance and attitude. I don’t know why this is but I strongly suspect inbreeding back from the days of Vikings. Nonetheless, if you find yourself stuck in the capital and still want to get laid, there’s no better place to pull one-night stands than Bakken.

Bakken attracts a large cross-section of the Danish young set, from tattooed freaks to posh girls who don’t care if they spill beer on your suit. The club is dank, cramped, and dark, making it a perfect venue to rub genitals with the opposite sex. There is even a back hallway behind the bar where you can get intimate without your other prospects for the night eyeing you.

There are two bits of advice I can give you if you want to smash: (1) go early on the weekend before the mammoth line develops after 12, especially in summer, and (2) hang by the main bar. There are going to be assholes who try to push you away from a prime bar spot but you have to be firm in staying because it’s there where a nonstop procession of girls will brush against you to get their drink. They even may approach you outright.

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2. Bakkus (Reykjavik, Iceland)

It took me a while to figure out how to get laid in Iceland. I didn’t understand that the people have a village mentality and don’t want all their business on display to fellow villagers (the entire population of the country is around 350,000 people). While some of the young girls will slobber all over you face in public from not having yet developed a slut concealment mechanism, most girls want to be discrete. They don’t want to be the girl who left her group of friends early to go hook up with a foreigner. So what’s the solution?

Go to Bakkus at 3am, chill for an hour making small talk, and then approach girls in earnest starting around 4am, at a time when girls are splitting from groups. By then they’ll be drunk and looking for a hookup. Ironically the very best time to approach in Iceland is on the weekend at 5am, right when the nightlife shuts down. Ask girls where the afterparty is and don’t be surprised if you spin one at your apartment.

The interesting thing about Bakkus is that before 4am, it’s really hard to get anything that leads to action. Save your energy for the final hour where you can probably score the easiest lay of your life.

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We’re now at the number one spot. Thee easiest club to get laid in the world is…

1. Milliklub (Helsinki, Finland)

Fellas, it doesn’t get easier than this. I know no less than three other men who also got one-night stands here. The proof-of-concept test has passed with flying colors. In Helsinki you should just ignore every other night venue if your main goal is to rack up notches.

The funny thing is that Milliklub is just a typical bar with a small dance floor. It’s not obvious that sex will flow freely like Alpine water when you walk in, but soon you’ll notice girls checking you out and approaching. You’ll notice that everyone is getting fucked up. And you’ll notice the amount of grimy dancing and hooking up that goes down on the dance floor. As long as you don’t have high standards, it will be tough to fail here. I recommend starting on Tuesday night when it’s ironically easier than the weekend. Make sure your hotel is close by so you can go for the old nightcap move.

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It’s no surprise that most of the clubs on this list are in Scandinavia. God bless gender equality and the eradication of the slut concept, where girls have absolutely no problems sleeping with foreign men in record time. While clubs in other countries have better looking women (Poland, Estonia, and Croatia immediately come to mind), look no further than Scandinavia if your goal is fast sex. As long as you avoid the snobby clubs and focus on those that have a slight rock vibe to them, you won’t go wrong.

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    1. Gotta respectfully disagree, VK. Maybe 5-10 years ago Tom Tom’s would have been on a list of easiest places — for DC.
      Except for the short cicada-like period of summer interns, there’s a lot of attention whores not looking to hit it. And there’s a lot of drunky and surly military dudes, ghetto guys from deep Southeast DC, and beta orbiters from MoCo cockblocking full-time there.
      Much better odds are available at:
      * Saturday night at BlackFinn on I Street,
      * Monday night half-price wine night at Clyde’s – Rockville, and
      * in AdMo, True Story/Angry Inch/Draft Pix/About Last Night/whatever the fuck it’s called now…

    2. All is correct except for sweden. sweden is the worst country in the world if you want to get laid.

  1. Dont agree about milliclub. It was full of attentionwhores. The bigger clubs in Helsinki are better.

  2. I’m gonna have to read bang iceland. I’m curious as to why Reykjavik has this late night/early morning swooping loophole.

  3. Well, this top 5 is certainly determined by one factor: YouR experiences. But I think it’s an interesting article., andI think this topic can serve to share expieriences of other people in other clubs all over the world.
    The only one I have been to in your list is Casa da Matriz. I think this is a good place for one night stands, but the problem is that the girls are mostly not the most beautiful compared to other clubs (which you wrote yourself in ‘Gheridge’, which doesn’t mean of course that there aren’t cuties at all. Also it’s a rock bar, so sometimes you just see hipster chicks headbanging on bad music. But there is also electronic music and I was lucky there too. In Rio you just have to try another club every week because there are so many, and they all have a different atmposphere, and I certainly would’t say CdaM was the best.
    In my opinion touristic party destionations (most important facor) are the best (ex. Cancun, Ibiza,Mykonos,..), people on vacation are very open to one night stands because they are away from home and don’t have a reputation to care about. Research revealed that 34 % of the women on holiday have a vacation love.

  4. if you like hot finnish girls that dress like pin-up models go to navy jerry’s in helsinki. it has a great vibe and good music and lots of hot chicks if you arent into typical plastic club trash

  5. Im Skandinavian and i can seriously tell you Guys that the idea of coming all the way over here to feel a little bit better about yourselves through getting make outs or getting laid with Scandinavian girls is a bad idea. First of all scandi girls are not easier than American girls, second even if you do get laid shell find a way to strip you of that warm fuzzy feeling before you leave anyway, third you have to humiliate yourself in one way or another before shell sleep with you. Save the airfare and buy a hooker. If you don’t believe me, come anyway and be surprised, there is a reason why Scandinavian guys have a reputation for being beta, it’s called social pressure. If you still disagree I challenge you to try get and keep a job here while still being so awesome and American alpha.

    1. What a defeatist fuckin’ attitude.
      Maybe you should bother reading one of Roosh’s books, so you can figure out how to sleep with a girl from your country without demeaning yourself.
      After you learn some game and have the balls to run it properly, get back to us with your whining.

      1. “scandi girls are not easier […], if you do get laid she’ll find a way to strip you of that warm fuzzy feeling […], you have to humiliate yourself in one way or another before shell sleep with you. Save the airfare and buy a hooker.”
        That’s about as defeatist as it gets around here from a non-feminist.

  6. Roosh must be from another planet.
    Danish girls are one of the prettiest in the world, but Estonians, Polish and especially Croatians are not. Finns and Icelandic women are also pretty. Swedish girls would be lot prettier than in US, but it´s true that many times they are as chubby.

    1. The Danish were born with good genetics but they will do everything in their power to REPEL a man.
      Have you ever seen a Danish woman walking?Scary stuff.
      Danish are clumsy,rude,pretentious,arrogant,hypocrite and think they have monopoly of opinion.
      And you know why?Because nobody calls them on bullshit.
      ps: they also have problems with personal hygiene.

    2. Feminists get fat, so as Sweden is more feminist than the others, it should only be expected to have more fat broads.
      I’ve met two Danish girls, and hung out with one for the afternoon in Kiev (I was bored). The first I met briefly here in the USA, and she was friendly enough, but very tall and slightly mannish. The second was cool to hang out with, but again, it was rather like chilling with a dude. I did chat up a visiting (slender) Swedish girl in a Minneapolis coffee shop once, and she did certainly seem more feminine.

    3. Your perception of female beauty is completely fucked up. Croatian girls are one of the most beautiful girls in the world, just go to Zagreb, walk around at the main square and you will see a lot with model looks. Danish girls on the other hand….

    1. Depends on if you count Finland. All my life Finland has been “Nordic”, not “Scandinavian” (even according to the Scandinavians), but in recent years some groups have started pushing real hard to include Finland in Scandinavia (it’s a geopolitical issue really), according to the common misconception prevalent in the US…

      1. Scandinavia as a culture means Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Finland and Iceland, because in the middle age curch. Scandinavian mountains are mainly at Sweden and Norway, and just a little bit in Finland.

      2. Finland is not technically Scandinavian because they don’t speak one of the Scandinavian languages / dialects, except for a small minority of Swedes living there who managed to impose their language as official on the rest of the country (like French in Canada, but Finland is only 5% Swedes). The Finnish language is completely different. It actually sounds a little bit like Italian.
        Finland is still Nordic, though, because it is still related culturally to them. Because Estonia speaks a language related to Finnish, it now considers itself a “Nordic” country too.

      3. Eastern European girls are very pretty but they have no freakin boobs at all. Scandinavian girls tend to have bigger boobs, and I like boobs. Boobs.

      4. @corvinus
        You could argue that some northern parts of Finland are geographically in Scandinavia.
        The boob point is true, but they have LEGS, Looong legs; eepecially Russian, Ukrainians, etc. They like to show them too, so it is heaven for a guy like me who likes to look at a nice pair of legs.

  7. Regarding Bakkus, I was in Reykjavik a few months ago for the Airwaves music festival. On a Saturday night after the last show ended (Gus Gus), I started looking for Bakkus, as I read your glowing reviews of it in “Bang Iceland”. Turns out it moved from where it was when you were there:
    “Bakkus moved this year from it’s old location in Tryggvagata (where the German Bar venue now stands), to Laugavegur 22, a much smaller venue.”
    Once I found Bakkus, it was too late and the line was too long that I didn’t make it inside. 🙁

    1. Bakkus has closed down – It no longer exists. Most of the crowds from that place have moved to Kaffibarinn which is pretty bad(for Iceland) for one night stands.

  8. (Btw, this story was featured on many finnish news sites)
    Traveller’s info about Milliklubi: it’s next to the main railway station. Age limit is 24. Even if you look 50 and you’re a foreigner, they will check your papers and you won’t get in without. There are some 18+ year olds, mostly regulars, friends of the staff or workers from other clubs, restaurants etc and occasional random ones. Entry during week 2.80 eur. The club can be quite empty (10-20 customers) until about 1:30am when people arrive from smaller pubs as they close at 1:30, after that there are maybe 50-150 customers on average. It’s a small club and a bit trashy, it’s not high profile or anything like that. Large percentage of visitors are daily regulars and many know each other.
    But this list is based on very limited experience anyways. Still, during weekdays (wednesday excluded, there’s more action all over then) milli is almost the only night club type of venues in Helsinki that has enough people. If you’re under 30, a better place for you will likely be BK which is on the other side of train station next to the casino. During weekends you’re better off going to one of the larger night clubs.

      1. Depends on your target age group. 18-24 go to Onnela or Tivoli (or Tiger on sundays), 24-30 go to Namu or Baker’s and for 30+ go to Apollo.
        On thursdays there’s this place Kaarle XVIV or whatever, Kalle more familiarly, there’s a huge queue after 11pm, it’s mostly 30+ but I’d say it’s going to be even easier than Milli. Lots of company meeting after parties, etc.

      2. Keijo, Roosh has visited two of those places, id you’d read his articles on Helsinki.
        Roosh, for 30 plus visit Kaarle XII, I concur with Keijo on that. My ex though seems to be going to Adams lately, and she’s a fucking slut. With a model’s body.
        Ps. Your list stirred alot of attention in the Finnish online media. Congrata, and notably there are no hater-comments alike bang Denmark, Lithuania or Iceland.

      3. Onnela is a teenage hell, don’t go there.
        Adams is a club for hipsters to show off and very dull place.

      4. If youre under 30 dude in helsinki and interested in 18+ girls, then go to tivoli/circus/onnela/namu.. you will deffo get laid if you just give girls attention! finnish men in helsinki seem to wait for women to come to them, so its a VERY positive thing to go up to a girl in helsinki!

        1. Finnish girls easy? You must be really awesome then. Or American – it’s true they have something for Americans. I have been an expat in Finland years ago and for us foreign workers it was a hell to get anything in any club. I have never lived in any country as hard as that one.

  9. Went to Casa da Matriz a few times last time I was in Rio.
    I did not see anything bangable. I dont think I even did one approach.

  10. Ok, here is my list:
    5. St. Trop, Lloret del Mar (Spain) Lloret is rather for the younger crowd. (18-24) Everybody goes there to get laid.
    4. Mett Bar, Tenerife (Canary Islands) This destination is ruled by English tourists. English women are worldfamous for getting very drunk and being extra slutty. In the summer it gets really crazy.This is the only place were I saw teenagers stripping, licking eachother pussy, sucking breasts etc. (this happens because there is an bar animator whe feeds them alcohol). One time a girl pulled me in the toilet of the club (which has a lot of space), locked the door and asked me to fuck her.
    3. Chinawhite, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Not so many English people as Tenerife, rather a mix of European crowd. This place surrounded by other good clubs, but this one is the best of all. Logistics are never going to be a problem, because the area is full of hotels and appartements.
    2. Fosfobox, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Of all the clubs in Rio, this one was the which had the most prominent ‘kissing vibe’, and always filled with cuties. One problem might be that girls are too promiscious, so you need some game to keep them with you and get laid. There are many other clubs in Rio which would also deserve a place in the top five.
    1. Mandala, Playa del Carmen (Mexico) In this place there are not so many Americans as in Cancun, but more a mix of locals, and tourist from Argentina, Chili etc., and not to many Europeans and Americans. Girls like the gringos, and they are very open like Brazilian girls. It’s a crazy place, and there surrounding clubs are also very nice.

    1. Man. Fosfobox is a gay club, It is hard to get laid with a girl if you are not a girl. But the sex vibe is all over there really.

  11. man if you want some gash that lapps up the american accent head up to northan england, liverpool, manchester, newcastle. seriously either you get laid or beat up, it is about 50/50 go for it, but wear a johnny.

  12. but for a bloke with a british accent, the posher the better, head to the US. you have to a have game but the accent gives you a way in. and the talent is high. south better that north.

    1. I second this, I’ve got something of a Northern accent even though I’m not English and the girls love it. Has helped me get laid in my country and Eastern Europe too. The English girls I meet tend to be positively intrigued by a Maltese dago who sounds like a Manc but interjecting with an Italian phrase or two helps the panties drop faster. I bet Spanish is just as good.

    1. Yes but some Scandinavian places are easier than others. It would be foolish to think that ALL places are equally easy.

  13. I agree and disagree. Especially the (American) media about Swedish blondes is true. How does one miss this phenomena? You surely can’t expect that everyone would be a super hot blonde, but the percentage still surpasses other countries. And what comes to Danish girls, from where do you get all the inspiration for your statements…?
    Some points are from the perspective of a tourist and hence superficial. Americans are cool, but not in the way that the author thinks; desirable. Many other nationalities are also cool, though native English-speaking people can rely on their clear accent that makes conversation often easy, interesting and sensible. Of course, when almost everyone in any Nordic country speaks English it also increases the odds of success for a tourist.
    When it comes to clubs for getting laid, Alepubi is by far the easiest place. Everyone is aged +/-18 there, and I personally think it is the introduction to nightlife for young people in Helsinki. To go there as older than 20 is faux pas, so the insecurity is constantly in the atmosphere. The price to be paid is embarrassment, but it’s still _The #1_ choice for getting laid. The more mature version of Alepubi is called, [insert drum roll], Milliklubi and is located in the neighbor 🙂

  14. off topic but.. the swedish speaking minority in Finland is not Swedish but Finnish! They are NOT from Sweden in any way. Just like the french speaking population in Canada hasn’t moved there from France..

  15. You apparently have not visited Sokos Hotel Vantaa (Vantaa, Finland 15min by train from Helsinki) during the weekend ;D If you can’t get laid there, you can’t get laid anywhere else..

  16. Nobody calls Casa da Matriz “casa”, which means house in portuguese. People call it “matriz”.

      1. So you are wrong and stupid cause you are a foreigner and we here don’t call it Casa. Just Matriz.

    brazilian women predisposition to have any relationship with americans don’t varies acording to the country’s economy! You won’t get laid here cause that’s all your narrow mind allows you to see.

    1. Oi Deborah, infelizmente o Roosh pegou muitas brasileiras, mesmo com atitude americano estupido dele 🙂

  18. Hi guys, I am danish and have been mentioned more than one time in Roosh’s book and blogs. We lived together in Rio de Janeiro, and since then he came to visit me and try the ladies in Denmark. Unfortunately we had a fall out, and we don’t talk anymore. Nevertheless I will stick to the subject of “pulling”. Roosh did excellent in Rio at Casa de Matriz, 7 times in a row is impressive!! But when it comes to Denmark he had serious difficulties getting anything back home to his room on Istedgade. He did get his flag at another cafe where he used to hang, but to my knowledge not at Bakken. I agree with him that danish women are not the top of the cream, and they are difficult to sleep with, unless you are well into danish culture and drop the typical arrogant attitude that many americans have.
    So guys, save your money, go to Brazil where the real beauties are.

  19. Probably just because you didn’t kiss any girl you said that about the clubs in Brazil. They like the brazilian’s and europeans, americans don’t have a spot here!

  20. I’m a local, Casa da Matriz is real easy to get laid and the place is simple but pleasant, but as someone said it does not have the best girls, far from it, except if you are in a lucky day. The girl’s picture posted was NOT taken in Casa da Matriz, i know that place very well and that scene does not exit. Also do not represent the level of girls over there.

    1. True, a more representative picture would be some guys with a beard an alternative chicks with black lipstick, nails and eyeshadow.
      But Roosh didn’t discover Rio’s nightlife very well, something I can conclude from some previous articles on the Roosh website.

        1. The gay club Fosfobox if a hipster or rock party is going on is a good try, Bar Bukowski if you are into desperate losers who could not marry before their 30s is easier than Matriz. Anywhere in Lapa if you go to cheap places or hipster parties. Avoid Rio Scenarium or any renowed place in Lapa, they have great look women but they don’t even cross eyes with anyone.

        2. I think just about anybody can get married if they wanted to before 30. The “to who” part is a different story. Getting married in and of itself is Far from any accomplishment.
          And if a bar is crowded by (straight) men, it does add more effort to things, to one degree or another, regardless of game. It adds to the degree of difficulty.

  21. Has anyone ever been in Asia?! What a heaven for European (white) guys to get laid. Go to any izakaya in Japan and you will be able to get drunk with local girls and the hot sake will heat them up only for one purpose… Then you have South Korea (so gorgeous girls), China, Philippines and Indonesia to explore and while doing that your mind will be blown away with all the naughty and willing beauties you are able to hook up and have amazing time with. The thing in Asia is you don’t have to spend your nights in nightclubs, just go to local bars and before midnight you will be hooked up and next morning you wake up fresh, next to a hot girl giving you head and making sure you feel like an emperor. Just watch out, “asian fever” is something very difficult to get rid off!

  22. I am originally from Finland, but I have been living outside of Finland for many years, currently in the United States. I have visited over 160 countries, so I should know something about this. The Nordic countries definitely have some of the most sexually liberated women in the Western world, so if you are considering only the Western world, then you are probably right that you can get laid the easiest in the Nordic countries. However, if you consider the entire world, then it is a completely different story. Basically you should forget the developed world and instead focus on the developing world. This is because women in the developing world are going to consider a Western man a much more preferable partner than a local man, so you have a huge advantage from the very beginning, when the local women notice you. Black Africa is a paradise, if you are a white man and you want to get laid. Many countries in Eastern Asia are great too like for example China and the Philippines. You do not need to waste your time in bars and night clubs, if you want to get laid. You can meet women basically anywhere. When you see an attractive woman, then you just strike up a conversation and take it from there. Language skills are of course always very useful. French is very useful in Africa. Spanish is very useful in Latin America.

    1. Well, I guess the local ladies in Black Africa will be a little disappointed when they find out that I’m not as well endowed as what they’re used to… 🙂

      1. Myth, Moe. Ask most porn starlettes and they will tell you whites are more endowed than black men.

  23. This is the funniest article ever!!! I am really surprised the the british aren’t on the list. But all the northern countries are represented, with Finnish women at the top of this list. The whole mentality of women who put out r whores but men seeking for it are studs is so typically american. Speaks volumes about a man who doesn’t look for quality rather just an easy hole and lowering a standard is a viable option! And that attitude can be seen from miles away, and won’t get a guy anywhere.Maybe the luxury of having standards is purely for the females, bcs I never ever would sleep with just anyone not even if there wasn’t any of my liking available I wouldn’t change my “standards”, I would just go home alone.
    Perhaps what he meant is that it’s easier here bcs women have different standards then elsewhere. We couldn’t care less if a guy makes more money than us or not, bcs women here can support themselves and often their guy too, we don’t need sugar daddies or alimonies to get by. Also the metrosexual trends haven’t sunk in so bad here, so men look like men and women like women and that suffices.
    The best thing that the guys can do to help themselves is not to drink too much. A perfectly normal male who is able to talk for 5min is enough in many cases, bcs the decision has been pretty much made before he opens his mouth, the question is whether he will fuck up his own game in the 5min when he does talk before he gets to the kiss, which is the last verdict.
    The difficult thing is not to getting the woman to sleep with a man here, keeping her interested is the hard part. And that is what separates men from women, for men the sex is the goal for women it is just having fun or a test drive. In Finland women just don’t like wasting time, we have places to go and things to do, so if the timing is right then why not. It’s better then wasting time on dinners and movies and then finding out he is bad in bed. If he is good, then maybe we will go for the movie and dinner.

    1. “wasting time on dinners and movies and then finding out he is bad in
      bed. If he is good, then maybe we will go for the movie and dinner.” Second time I’ve heard something to this tune today by a girl. Brilliant, FINALLY females are beginning to drop their society-enforced masks.

    2. You say that “keeping her interested” is the hard part. I disagree with that. The hard part is that you have to deserve my attention because you are not the only one on my list. If you ever deserve it than I’ll promise you that you will be interested. You’ll come back begging for more of my French Canadian meat package right were you love it. and if you are nice enough and get good grades I’ll probably give you a compliment or two in French but just if you are nice…. after that you can go and wash the dishes.

    3. “for men the sex is the goal for women it is just having fun or a test drive”
      I don’t really see the difference. Unless you mean teasing and getting guy-attention & drinks paid for. If so, you can’t laugh at the guys — the female in that role is actually worse. At least in sex there’s a mutual benefit (if the guy or gal is half-way decent). There’s no trickery or leading on necessary.
      A gal wanting to get her ego stroked by guy-attention and free drinks paid for by him? Yeah, not a step up in civilization — more like a step down.

  24. The easiest place to get laid is Philippenes. I have beet there several times and it is really so easy. I was there 3 weeks and could have every night (free) girls 18 to 23 yrs from night clubs, streets, shops, malls etc. Even father and mother is suggesting their daughters to you. The one nice and easies plave is J.Ave Night club in Cebu City. Have fun! 😉

  25. Guys, don’t go to Milliklub! If you have a passion for running game, don’t fucking go there. The whole joint stinks of desperation.
    I recommend this: start at Aussie Bar. You can go there any time from 7pm and get lucky. The Finnish girls who go there are definitely OK with fucking foreign dudes. After 12am, on Monday, go to BK (short for Baarikärpänen). Tuesday, maybe BK (I never made it there). Wednesday, Onnela. Thursday, try a bar on Iso Roobertinkatu . Friday, heck, go anywhere. Saturday, anywhere. Sunday, I really don’t know (you might as well call up one of the girls you met during the week). Also a good place to start off is Corona. Women in Helsinki are awful nice and straightforward, I see no reason why you should waste your time going for the lowlifes at Milliklub.

  26. This site is for caucasion people, I feel left out. Didn’t find very much help here :/

  27. Me i´m an african and finnish citizen also…i live in finland with my family i´m an hard worker… very peacefull..i have face racism in this MIlli helsinki…i was racially picked out of the line not allowed in…just because i was the black man….and there where others peoples who witness the same thing that happened to me….i think that this club is one of the most stupid place to be in finland…..they are very ignorants….belive me Milli Klub in helsinki is an racist Klub

    1. Yeah, because black Africans in Africa are just keen to allow white men (or any other men) to mate with their women.

    2. I was there one night and briefly chatted with a black guy.
      Also I’LL take your word that you are a hard worker and even a good guy but Africans don’t belong on Finland… your homeland is calling.

  28. hahahah finally it is said: nordic women are fucking whores. soooo easy. you’re not “sexually liberated” you’re just loose. hahah holy shit. sexually liberated omfg hhahahahhaahah no. sluts. get it? sluts. whores. easy. i show up and you bang me, even though i say shit like this because its that easy. hahaha

  29. Thing is, bars change over time. The scene, mood, atmosphere, higher # of particular types, etc — they shift somewhat. A new bar opens, a current bar changes some stuff up, seasons change, bars adjust to this or that…
    And one person’s experience even in one’s hometown can be a different take/viewpoint than another — although there will be some similarities and overlap to some degree most of the time of course.
    IMO, advice in such counties is Great, but don’t take it’s worth in gold — kick it off that way… and if the bar-scene-description is 2+ years old — IMO, take it as a grain of salt and aim to just use it as a launching pad.

  30. Who says Danish girls are ugly? this article is wrong they are beautiful and sexy, I have seen them for myself.

  31. Haha I read about this just as I happened to be in helsinki in the winter and went out on a Tuesday night (last night in Helsinki, spent the other days just hiking and chillin with friends) and went over to a chick’s place. So I guess this is another tick in your assessment of milliklubi.

  32. This thread is funny. Apart from the annual travel to Spain/France I did with my parents when I was a child I did not do actual travel later in life. Now I’m single again and still young I’ll give it a shot starting this summer. Can’t wait to find out if it is really so easy to get laid abroad.

  33. Try a Norwegian, guys. Or a South African, Finn, Hispanic, Chinese, Indian or African woman. I’m never sleeping with an English or American woman again.

  34. Only don’t perform oral sex on an African woman. She’ll go completely mental

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