5 More Kama Sutra Positions

Recall a few months ago that I wrote an article introducing Return Of Kings readers to that classic of Indian eroticism, the Kama Sutra, and enumerated four sexual positions contained within that text. The response to that article was, for the most part, positive, notwithstanding a few commenters questioning how I could possibly learn anything from a barely civilized nation of street soilers!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Ignoring India’s massive and memetic problems with open defecation, the Kama Sutra is still a masterwork of erotica, and should be studied by all.

Indeed, Vatsyayana’s magnum opus was the first Indian literature to be studied by both myself and Harry Flashman, and likely many other Western rakes as well. And so, handing the torch to a new generation of cads, let us learn another five positions from this text.

1. The Belly to Belly

Each partner stands with their legs planted on the floor (or the woman can wrap one leg around the man’s thigh should she desire). This allows the woman to either thrust or move up and down as the man thrusts as well.

Personally, I prefer the supported congress I discussed in the last article (because of the psychological sense of feeling like a barbarian), but this position is alright if you want the woman to do more of the work.

Playing this album is not required

2. The Top Position

Or, as I like to call it, the “literal spinner” position. Perhaps you’ve used the term “spinner” to refer to tiny, petite women, a term that refers to the potential for them to literally spin on the vertical axis represented by an erect penis.

Well, this is no longer mere hypothesis!

In this position, the woman gets on top and then “swivels 360 degrees.” And in case you were under the impression that this was merely a swiveling of the hips, the text continues to state that: “This position is for novelty only—the woman should be careful to avoid injury to herself or the man”.

Presumably what this position is named for

3. The Swing Position

Another woman on top position, this one manages the dual feats of feeling good for both partners and conveying a pretty clear psychological implication.

The woman places her back to the man and straddles his waist, mounting the penis. It facilitates the female orgasm, as most woman-on-top positions do, and the fact that the two partners never see each other’s faces makes it clear to both partners that this arrangement is purely a physical relationship, and that there is no longer-lasting affection. Should that be the message you want to convey, I would recommend using this position, and thus it is a useful position in your repertoire.

4. The Snake Trap

The name comes from how, in this position, there is no escape.

Anyway, the woman mounts the man in the usual way, but with her legs on either side of the man’s hips while the man outstretches his legs. Holding onto each other’s feet, both begin to thrust. A bit less intimate than the standard cowgirl position, but fun once in a while.

It doesn’t quite resemble an actual snake trap

5. The Bridge Position

And finally, we end with a position where the man gets on top, but with a bit of a twist. With the man on his knees, the woman does a back bridge, where the man then begins penetration.

This one is not one of my favorites, mainly because it’s apparently less pleasurable to the woman than a standard missionary—and yes, keyboard alpha males, I do concern myself with pleasing my women in bed. With all that being said, it does feel pretty good for the man, so I do not totally eschew it.

Reading my two Kama Sutra articles, you have a nice library of sexual positions. But there’s plenty more, and those will perhaps be another article some day in the future.

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  2. My favorite position?
    Picking them up and banging them in midair.
    I suppose this has something to do with my being 51.
    I guess it proves I am still strong enough to do this.
    But it takes cooperation. I hate when they lean back. Puts a lot of strain on my lower back. They should instinctively know that when we pick them up they should wrap their arms and legs around us and hold for dear life.

  3. I don’t heed the advice or value the knowledge of Indian Hindu’s, especially when it comes to construction, quality assurance, or love-making.

  4. This is more a ‘Woman magazine’ than RoK article.
    What’s with all this feminist shit being posted here recently?

  5. Most guys are lucky to get some clumsy one-time drunken hookup sex. You have to be in a committed long-term relationship where you get to have sex dozens or hundreds of times with the same woman to start experimenting. Most guys have sex with all the frequency of a car accident so they don’t get to experiment.

    1. I’m using talented Asian professionals that suggest all sorts of weird stuff.
      Sometimes I hire them for a week. Once I hired one for 9 months, and she had an endless supply of suggestions.
      But I agree white women are generally disappointing …… the one I was married to for 30 years hardly got beyond ‘missionary’.
      I think probably white women are the worst sexual partners in the world (for entertainment). Japanese are probably the most experimental (no I don’t want to wee on you). Latino women always want to shove things in your arse while you bang them (too extreme for me)

  6. The Swing Position just sounds like the Reverse Cowgirl. Granted, the authors of the Kama Sutra wouldn’t have called it that, but the author of the article should have clarified if it’s a modern semi frequent position, or something else.

    1. Thy don’t specify squatting or kneeling either.
      Most Asian ladies seem to prefer squatting on top so they can control penetration and skin contact (and can hold the position for 60 minutes or more). My English wife would be exhausted if kneeling on top for 5 minutes.
      Looks it up,
      he pretends to be a face up stool, she sits on him facing away.
      So nothing like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl (him lying, her kneeling)
      And nothing like crouching tiger (him lying, her squatting)
      I prefer crouching tiger, it’s an Asian specialty with both Thai and Filipino girls.

    2. “The Swing Position just sounds like the Reverse Cowgirl. Granted, the authors of the Kama Sutra wouldn’t have called it that”
      Reverse Sacred Cow…….guuuurrrrrrlllllll

  7. Larsen, this was pretty cool. I wonder if you might consider mixing your other field of expertise and talking about updated fitness culture “kama sutra” style positions.

      1. I don’t think they exist…that is kind of the point. This would be a great place for you to create them.

  8. So I gather all the scholars here of Vātsyāyana’s work are married to women who were virgins and of the same Varna as themselves, and study it to pursue the virtuous life. That is, after all, the subject of eighty percent of the book.

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