A Guide To Wedding Game (ROK Mailbag)

Keep your enemies…closer?

Corey writes:

Does having female friends help or hinder your game?

Having female friends has never helped my game one iota – in fact, on balance I would counsel against it.

For a start, it is well-known that women give out hopeless dating advice of the “just be yourself and she’ll fall in love with you” variety. This isn’t because they’re actively seeking to mislead—it’s simply because they don’t really know what turns them on themselves. If ever a woman offers to give me dating tips these days I’ll tell her no, simply because I will certainly have slept with many more girls than she has (unless she’s a lesbian – and even then it’s likely I’ll have a higher notch-count).

Of course, being friendzoned and having a genuine female friend are two very different things. It goes without saying that you should avoid the former at all costs. As for the latter: I have many female acquaintances, colleagues and girls I get on well with in my social circle who I am not attracted to. But these are women I know circumstantially. At this point my close friends are exclusively male, and I think this is correct and healthy for a heterosexual man. I wouldn’t, for example, choose to spend an evening alone with a woman who I was not fucking or seeking to fuck. This is largely because I get more value from interacting with other men who challenge and inspire me; my time is simply better used with them. When the possibility of sex is removed then women—for the most part—offer me remarkably little.

As for the social proof argument—I’ve heard this bandied about a lot, but I don’t know of any successful player who consistently games with a women in tow, unless it’s his girlfriend and he is angling for threesomes. I have been to clubs with hot girls on many occasions and it hasn’t noticeably improved my results. Nor has being introduced to their friends, which can sometimes feel contrived and awkward. My best wingmen have always been male, and I have probably had the most success while gaming solo (even if my wing was simply elsewhere in the venue at the time).

– Troy Francis

Helpful advice

N/A writes:

You are all fucking idiots and assholes. You must hang yourselves, for the benefit of the entire world.


-Matt Forney

Mom! The Meat Loaf! Fuck!

Joe writes:

I’m going to my first wedding. It would be helpful to hear any advice on game in that environment, for bridesmaids/young women.

I’ve had some good success at weddings. Here is what I would suggest. First, if you are close to the bride or the groom, try to get some intel on which girls are single and if possible, slutty. That will narrow your targets and if you are really close to them, they will put in a good word for you. Also try to get seated at a table with single girls.

Come dressed to the nines. This means fitted suit, tie and pocket square. People get hammered at weddings, so be prepared to drink up and have cigarettes on you in case girls go out for a smoke break. it is highly suggested to be staying at the hotel where most the guests are staying so you can end the night at the same place as the available girl.

Other than that, just have fun and be the life of the party. This does not mean you have to necessarily be a clown, but get people to drink, suggest people go dance and so on. The girls are all horny and sad at weddings anyway, so you are working with a good handicap from the beginning.

– Law Dogger

I know where it is! Poosy paradise—the most guarded secret we have.

TeutonicLore writes:

My question relates to how you see the current Alpha havens in 10-15 years time.

It would appear that Feminism is having a ripple effect looking at the articles about Ukraine and Brazil in particular where technology coupled with feminism seems to have had an effect (and not in a good way) on the women there, since I haven’t been for a few years (EE in particular) I cant say just HOW bad it is.

So my question is; Do you see places like EE and South America following the same script as America, UK and Australia with aforementioned Anglo nations reverting back to a post-feminist times (ripple effect) or do you see places like Eastern Europe, Asia and South America becoming on the list of places NOT to go and we have to find new places to get away from the feminist influence??

I can’t speak to Asia, and I have not spent enough time in South America. However as to EE while I can give my opinion (and I will), it is of course pure speculation.

I don’t think EE has hit that point yet. It is much more resistant than the West, and the girls are still one generation removed from being entirely Westernized. For example while the Russian or Ukrainian girls would have iPhones and be Instagram whores, they would still cook and clean like champions and know how to please a man. I think the wall coming down in the East is a bit more resistant and will be for a longer time too.

Eventually and sadly however, I think it will fall.

– Law Dogger

…but at least he won the spelling bee

Young Homeschooler writes:

I’ll cut to the chase immediately. I’m in my senior year of homeschool/online school in a Christian environment. I have little to no social interaction, and almost all of my life is taken up with ridiculously hard courses that my mom thinks I need in order to go to college. My parents refuse to let me get my drivers license, so I can’t go anywhere. My school is too hectic for me to get a job. Thanks to my isolated life, I have no friends I could stay with. To add to my problems, I’m still 17 and therefore a minor.

What would an alpha male do in this situation? How do I deal with it? Just curl up and live in misery until I go to college?

What you’re going through is incredibly tough, but the fact you’re already seeking out other points of view and asking for help shows you’re on the right track.

The thing you have to realize is that the only power your parents have is that they control the money in your life. If you can find alternative sources of income or simply go without what they offer, you don’t have to obey their commands. Decide what their support is worth, and if they demand more than you’re willing to give, stand your ground and maintain your point of view. In my case, I had to be willing to look my parents in the eye and say I was willing to starve or be homeless, rather than live under their rules. It might sound dramatic, but you will respect yourself so much more if you’re that uncompromising – that alpha – with your boundaries.

Seek out real world support. A few friends go a long way. Lie a little if you have to. Tell your parents the skills you’re interested in learning will look good on your college application, or that you need a drivers license to go to go to extracurricular activities. Based on your question, it sounds like your parents value college and religion, and you might be able to leverage those two values to get what you want. Once you’re got a little support, it will be easier to get even more.

Remember that your situation will change. If you go to college, they will have less power over you. Be ready to work hard when you get out of this situation. There will be a lot of basic stuff everyone else knows that you’ll have to learn. Normal socializing may feel like a foreign language. You may even want to seek out counseling, therapy, or mentors to untangle the negative thinking your family has given you. Just be patient with yourself, enjoy the process, and know that you’re capable of pulling yourself out of this situation.

– Runsonmagic

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45 thoughts on “A Guide To Wedding Game (ROK Mailbag)”

  1. I know this has no relevance to the article, but worth mentioning here.
    Divorce rate is now 60%, with 70% being initiated by women.
    Watch the documentary “Divorce Corp” to learn more about the evil known as marriage. Also, listen to Tom Leykis. He is a genious and a true pioneer and visionary.
    Marriage which was once considered as a sacred establishment, is now treated by women as a business contract. It has no positive value anymore in this day and age.
    If you still decide to tie the knot, then you have not learnt anything, and expect no sympathy from the manosphere when you get screwed over.
    Listen to this. Very important and funny.

    1. The homeschool kid will probably get to college, get drunk and then go to a fuck the pig in the dark party.

  2. “I’ll cut to the chase immediately. I’m in my senior year of homeschool/online school in a Christian environment. I have little to no social interaction, and almost all of my life is taken up with ridiculously hard courses that my mom thinks I need in order to go to college. My parents refuse to let me get my drivers license, so I can’t go anywhere. My school is too hectic for me to get a job. Thanks to my isolated life, I have no friends I could stay with. To add to my problems, I’m still 17 and therefore a minor.”
    Jesus Christ this is how you raise a school/campus shooter at worst, or at least someone who, when not under the thumb of his bible-thumping watch-every-move parents, will go “hog wild”.
    When I was in the armed services overseas I saw a lot of guys raised like this finally get some liberty off base (they went straight from high school graduation to boot camp) and they were the ones getting into trouble for drunken misconduct, falling in love with fat strippers (read: fat sluts pretending they were strippers), getting tats all over their backs and piercings – name just about anything their bible-thumping parents would have been flagellating and crying “where have we gone wrong?” and lurching in the church over, these guys did it and did it in spades.

    1. Least he’s reading material that will help prevent him making stupid decisions. *hint* ROK.

      1. Considering that ROK has been producing a lot of “Omega Male” and “Yellow Fever” articles as of late, I wouldn’t say reading here makes his chances of being an actual Alpha Male are successful. Living a life of where you spend your every waking moment trying to get laid and for some reason trying to find a mate in an Asian chic 12 thousand miles + away isn’t sound Alpha advice.

        1. ROK & other manosphere sites are far better reference material than many other websites out there.

        2. ROK is more than a site for sharing a ‘thousand ways to slay Asian & East European pussy’ or bitching about feminists. I agree with your observation that a number of recent articles seem to be found wanting quality-wise.
          But i like the variety of topics & presentation styles here. The recent Quintus one with the monk interview is a top quality article for example. You’ll have to trust in the quality of men here to self police & qualify the type of content that will stick & make an impact & the fluff that will get sunk & forgotten.

        3. I agree, and to add on, it’s a bit silly to consider the site as a whole one unified voice. The men here have no duty to maintain a 100% consistent viewpoint with each other. It’s not Gawker.

    2. Dude I feel you. I’m in my senior year of public school, and I also have a ton of conflict with my parents about my future. Mainly the fact that I’ve decided not to go to college, but other stuff too.
      Fortunately for me, I’ve been 18 since September, so I can just leave the house and live on my own, which means my parents have no control over me. Plus, since despite their disagreement with me they don’t want me to do that, I am still able to live at their house (at least currently).

      1. You are nearly exactly the same age to the day as my son. And you use a “GhostOf” format.
        Ah shit, heh, you tailing me here son?

    3. The shooter/killer comment is bang on (no pun intended). Homeschooling is always about control, misguided protection and religion. Social interaction in teens years is essential for establishing relationships in future work and personal life. These poor kids get out to the real world and have no concept how to behave in public with their peers or the opposite sex.

      1. They may not have any clue about sex but they are usually way ahead on everything else. I know this from first hand experience both ways. The whole anti-homeschooling thing is mostly bullshit from the NEA. Home schoolers regularly outperform others on well just about everything.Of course, you can always find examples that didnt turn out well no matter what. A combination of home schooling + ROK is exactly the kind of people we need in America–not the bullshit propaganda shit you get in Public schools. While Christianity has massive flaws, at least the basic dogma is very sound when you take away the fundamentalism. Marxism/leftism? not so much.

        1. Excellent. An ROK foundation included in the 3 ‘R’s. I wonder where I’d be today if my parents of all people had taught me ‘alpha fux beta bux’, ‘don’t pedestalize the females’, ‘walk the plank cuckolding skank’, ‘don’t marry a ho – only brand new will do’. If these virtues had been instilled in me before puberty, I would have seen the hamster in so many of my friends divorced single mothers and could have called out the entitled selfish bitches on their bullshit. I could have truly lazered in on a QUALITY female in the beginning and avoided the damaged leftover scrough. . . If only.
          I used to say the three ‘R’s in homeschooling should be: 1)RELOADING 2).REBUILDING AN ENGINE BLINDFOLDED 3)RAISING A GARDEN 4).ROOFING YOUR HOUSE
          Many college educated people can do none of the above. The get a degree in a very narrow field like computer and they end up mortgaging their whole life paying SOMEONE ELSE to fix their car or fix a leaky faucet or build a roof over their head. Homeschooling should also include how to STALK, KILL, SKIN, CLEAN, BUTCHER AND PRESERVE wild game such as deer. FISHING included. I could spend all year with dad and count it as home schooling. Dads need to override cuckolding bitch mothers and TEACH THEIR SONS GAME. From father to son. I await online ROK courses for homeschoolers.

        2. If you are an expert at these pursuits I would encourage you to submit an article on one or more of them. We are much more likely to publish guest submissions when they contain content that in-house writers have little expertise on.

        3. Lately my church has been formulating a strategy to teach some of the subjects you’re bringing up. I even suggested we need to be teaching young men how game, especially for LTRs (not in those words), so they can develop healthy relationships with women. We’re doing a disservice to our young men in churches by trying to convince them that relationship with women are the devil when they’re young.

    4. Not all homeschoolers are like that! LOL Seriously though, he’ll be just fine if he is smart and does his best to learn some people skills.

  3. You can have female friends. Qualify them as soon as possible if there are any benefits (occasional sex) with their friendship so you don’t waste time and energy. In the event there are no benefits that way, maybe they can plug you into their social circle of single female friends. An intro from a female friend is big advantage in getting social credibility. Its like you’ve been pre-screened.

    1. Seconding this. If this female isnt your mother, sister or cousin you shouldnt befriend her. She is either your love interest or not aka the road to hell is paved with good intentions (friendzone).

    2. I made the mistake of having too many female friends in high school and college. They will cockblock you far more than they’ll get you laid. If they ever get you laid, which they won’t.

      1. Nobody gets you laid. You have to get yourself laid. Having said that, if a friend is cock blocking you, they aren’t a real friend. Doesn’t matter male or female.

    1. lol that was funny. though I stopped reading after the author admitted that he or she sis care if the evidence was fake or real.
      there would be no response. just ignore

  4. Young Homeschooler:
    Your psycho Christian education doesn’t matter, quit that. Get a job, get the fuck out of where you are and move into the city. Any city. Wash dishes, park cars, anything, just get away.
    I know it’s tough but people do it all the time.

  5. “I’ll cut to the chase immediately. I’m in my senior year of homeschool/online school in a Christian environment.”
    I’m calling bullshit on this entire post. Anyone that controlled for 17 years would be thoroughly indoctrinated into that lifestyle as normal and not be seeking anything else out. Now if this supposed kid was in a regular school environment where he saw all his friends behaving like the un-parented animals our society produces today then goes home to this totally iron-clad christian family where his every move is controlled, I could buy it. Otherwise, this was a bullshit story.

    1. Not necessarily. I was homeschooled (in a good way) and I’ve known a lot of homeschooled kids. The ones in relatively normal homeschool families did pretty well in life. The ones in the weirdo, controlling homeschool families sometimes stayed weird, many times rebelled and became slutty or thuggish, but sometimes managed to leave the control grid without going to either extreme.

    2. I disagree. The human mind possesses free will and a naturally inquisitive nature. This is why even under the tightest controls, people question authority. See Tienanmen Square.

    3. I was home schooled for quite a while and went to an uber conservative church growing up. I was a deist by the time I was 16. Not everyone follows what their parents / church says.

    4. yeah…. right….. because only the smartest and brightest thinkers ever come out of public schools and only in that environment do kids think critically and research things for themselves!

  6. Can anyone answer a gun question?
    Can a deflection or ricochet from a .45 auto travel 1000 feet? If you were shooting at an old microwave sitting on a drum from about 25 yards with a .45 and hit the target, would it be realistic or even possible for a bullet, shrapnel, debris, or any other dangerous material to travel 1000 feet in any direction?

    1. Standard .45 ACP has a velocity between 850 and 900 ft/sec. Not talking special hand loads or +P (yes, .45 ACP comes in +P).
      In order to deflect out to 1000 feet then, the bullet would have to hit at an angle of incidence that sent it upward into the air, to a height that would allow at least a little over a second and a half of air time before it hit the ground, while retaining it’s energy sufficiently to cover the 1000 feet, and the deflection would have to send it in a perfect straight line.
      This brings into question then the type of bullet? FMJ? Hollow Point? HMJ (half copper with lead on the end), as this would determine the bullet deformation, which would impact velocity through friction with the air as well as the amount of heat that was generated by the impact. Then what is the headwind, tailwind, crosswind(s)?
      And most importantly, ricochets impart a lot of spin to the bullet that was not there previously, which generally follows a vector *back* to the target that the bullet ricocheted from. When it doesn’t do that, then it usually will curve dramatically.

      1. Thank you for the response. I knew I could get an answer on here.
        I was shooting CCI Blazer FMJ. A neighbor complained that bullets were whizzing over his head. I think he’s full of shit, but I’m not going to rule out the possibility, as I have seen bullets do strange things. But I don’t think that a .45 has nearly enough velocity to send a bullet fragment or debris 1000 feet, over very rugged wooded, upward sloping territory. His property is not in direct line of sight, but maybe 30 degrees off from my muzzle angle, and over 1000 feet away, nearly 1200 feet I would estimate from Google maps. Does that make sense?
        I was shooting a microwave from 25 yard out. The terrain slopes gently away, and I have a backdrop of manzanita forest about 15 feet behind the target. There was no significant wind or any other factors like that. I know the situation is difficult to describe in words, but I really don’t think it’s very likely that .45 auto would do that.

        1. Based on that, I suspect that he’s full of shit. This isn’t to say that a random ricochet isn’t possible *in theory* but if he’s claiming hearing multiple bullets, under the circumstances you describe, I think he’s blowing smoke up your ass. Just my non-professional opinion on the matter.

        2. I appreciate the info. As a longtime shooter, I could only assume he’s completely full of shit, but I’m also not looking to piss off my neighbors.
          He may just be bitching about the noise, as I think the voices came from the direction down range. He was yelling at me while I was shooting. Quite frankly, it’s very difficult to judge direction and distance when it comes to sound out where I live. He may have been even farther than 1200 feet, making the whole thing even less likely.
          I just don’t know. I guess it’s time to retool my shooting range. Seems like the only rational thing to do.
          Thanks again for the info.

  7. I was guilty of having female friends that I wasn’t having sex with. It took me awhile to realize there really was no benefit in being their friend and hanging out with them, and especially having to hear stories about their boyfriends.
    I was really good friends with this one girl, whose boyfriend hated that she was always hanging out with me. She actually broke up with him, calling him insecure. She never saw anything wrong with having male friends and thought her boyfriend was just too insecure.
    Even though we had a wonderful friendship, I had to cut ties with her. I realized a man shouldn’t be platonic friends with a woman, especially while she’s dating other men.

  8. To our young home-schooled friend:
    Since you are stuck at home, prepare for when you will soon not be by doing the following:
    – read philosophy and history from sources you are not exposed to through your christian education.
    – get jacked. You don’t need a formal gym, or fancy equipment.

  9. I see a lot of interesting comments about home schooling. While I do not have the exposure that some folks have to home schooled individuals I do have some experience I would like to share. My ex of two years was home schooled during her formative years and sent to a community college (at 14) where she proceeded to earn both her high school diploma and associates degree by 18. When I met her she was working on her bachelor’s in biology. All this to say that I agree wholeheartedly that homeschooling – correctly – creates very intelligent students. (Her sister was doing the same thing and demonstrated a very healthy level of intelligence and dedication).
    By the same token, her father was an extremist, controlling Christian and her Mother had simply checked out. Her practical state was similar to the home-schooled gentleman’s no license, no job, etc… Over time I realized that her emotional state was an absolute mess because of her environment, she was constantly threatened, belittled, verbally and emotionally abused, and made to fear just about everything in the world. God was a source of extreme anxiety, and her self loathing was unlike anything I have ever encountered. It took my steady hand and stability before she began to actually have joy in life. Of course, true to form, she left a joyful stable relationship and went back to her Father when he threatened to “expose her” to the church, to this day I’m not quite sure what that means. In this same environment her sister had chosen to remove herself from her emotions and, as a result, had a serious sociopathic bent. This all to say that the most concerning aspect of home-schooling is the emotional and mental impact on an individual.
    Again, this could be an outlier situation, but what I gleaned from the situation and what I hope I can pass on to the young home-schooled gentleman is: You’re going to be ahead of the pack in your schooling and level of dedication. It would behoove you to capitalize on this to the best of your ability, stay the course and you can find yourself with a great job in college, tutoring or as a Residence Assistant with free housing, etc… Think about a job that gives you a certain amount of freedom in your hours or perks (such as a free room and no roommate, if an RA). You’ll begin to make friends right away in these social types of jobs. I’m a math tutor and I swear everyone seems to know me and say hi, even though, I honestly can’t recall having met them.
    You state only that your parents are controlling. I can’t know the exact emotional state that your mind is in, I understand that we men rarely speak of our emotions, however, if you are asking questions then you are at least unsatisfied with life. My biggest advice at this moment of time, until you are an adult and able to leave the situation, is to consistently remind yourself that this is not your lot in life. That you have a huge capacity to improve on your situation and become purposeful and joyful, given just a short amount of time and some self motivation. Others have mentioned that you can pass the time until adulthood and your college years by exercising your body and mind and figuring out what your passion is. Remember that socialization is merely an extension of the healthy lifestyle. It will be easy to talk to people when you have a broad knowledge of lots of subjects, it will be easy to have fun with people when you are in good condition and have found enjoyable activities and it will be easy to game because your lifestyle will be in place.

  10. This post from this young man, who is 17, has me greatly
    concerned and I hope he reads my reply.
    First off, I congratulate you on waking up at such a young
    age. All things aside, I believe you have started your path early and I hope
    you heed some of our advice.
    As controlling as your parents are at the moment, I fear it
    may only get worse as you continue into college. I am not sure what you want to
    do with your life, but I would read books by Aaron Clarey. If I had the access
    to his book “Worthless”, I would have saved me a lot of money and trouble. Find a trade school or a STEM degree or hell, even oil field work or healthcare work, but find something other than under water basket weaving for dummies (AKA feminist studies).
    Also, who is paying for college? If mom and dad are, expect
    the controlling behavior to not only get worse, a lot worse. Am I saying to run
    away from home? No, but I would think about your options. The military is not a
    bad idea at this stage in the game for you and could give you the ability to
    get away for a few years and figure out what you want in your life. Runsonmagic and doktorjeep had great responses to your question, heed our advice, choose your future carefully, then grab it by the balls. Remember, your destiny is that of a man.

  11. To the Young Homeschooler,
    I was in a similar situation, homeschool online, little to no social interaction, etc. Now I’m out of the home, graduated with a bachelors, in law school and so far debt free and life is pretty good. So don’t worry, it does get better. You just need to stick it out a little while longer. School may be hard now, but honestly, it will put you so far ahead of your peers in university it’s not even funny. I got almost all A+ in my first couple years of university after doing highschool at home, so it’s worth putting in the hard work now.
    You can’t get a job or a drivers license. Ok, that’s unfortunate. Can you eat healthy? So eat healthy. Can you work out at the gym regularly? Do so. Do you have time to read? Read as much as you can, you can find a lot of great book recommendations, on this site and on others.
    Life has its rough patches and you’re in one right now. The best thing to do is to work hard at school and hit the gym, so that you can capitalize on all of your hard work when you get to college/university (I think the terms are used differently in Canada and the US). Best of luck.

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