How Oneitis Almost Wrecked My Life

I was a jolly lad of 12 years. I had just been enrolled in a kind of fancy Christian classical/liberal arts school along with my best friend, and boy, was I pumped. As I walked into the school with my dapper new uniform and my buddies beside me, I was excited about this new experience.

I had a blast going through my day. I loved my teachers, loved my classes, and knew I was going to meet some great friends. But then came Mrs. Davis’s 12:30 Latin class. It started out just like any other class, with prayer and an introduction to the course. Excited to learn about my new classmates, I listened eagerly to them tell the class their names, where they lived, and their hobbies. Then, this one girl stood up and started talking. Her name was Martha, she lived in Atlanta, and she liked dancing. She was also the prettiest girl I’d ever seen in my 12 years.

Needless to say, as I got to know her, I developed a crush. Well, a crush is an understatement. I became obsessively fixated on her for four straight years, right up until age 17. I spent two years mustering up the courage to tell her I “liked” her, got friend-zoned, and spent another two falling into depression.

I just finished my junior year in high school, and am finally proud to announce, I am a red pill male. In what follows, I’m going to detail my journey from a promising young pre-teen to a miserable young adult in the depths of darkness, and back again into the light. Hopefully my story will show you how truly horribly the disease of oneitis can destroy a man’s life.

The Former Two Years

At first, my crush didn’t really affect me all that much. I was 12 and my balls had barely dropped. I still vehemently denied any sort of attraction to girls, like we all did at that age. However, the seeds were planted in my mind. Between my own obsession with the girl, and the poisonous doctrines of chivalry and monogamy taught by my school, a disaster was in the making.

Shit started to hit the fan when I turned 13. At this point, my friends were also starting to vocalize their interest in the opposite sex. I did as well. Unfortunately for me, I was not in Martha’s league at all. I don’t really remember the social dynamics all that well, but my clique just wasn’t on the same level as hers. So, while my friends actually had the ability to get the girls they liked (who were on our level), I was stuck looking up to Martha. It really wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I had my mind set that the only girl I could ever like was Martha. There was no way anything could change my mind. And I believed it with all my heart. You can imagine how I felt when she got a boyfriend way above my league.

Now I was 14, and I was starting to understand the ways of the world a bit better. Most of my friends have girlfriends, school’s getting harder, and Martha’s body is beginning to fill out (quite beautifully, I thought). I started to feel left behind. I had always been a good student, but my grades had started to slowly drift down. I wasn’t really interested in hanging out with my friends that much anymore. I was bitter because they had their girlfriends, and all I had was my obsession with Martha. I found solace in video games. Along with video games came obesity. With obesity, came self-consciousness and depression. Although I have to attribute some of this to my hormones as I grew up, I do believe that my fixation on Martha had the biggest part in it. If I had simply gotten over her, I would have lived a healthy teenage life.

Then it happened—she broke up with Andy. Unfortunately for me, it was because she had gotten really religious. You have to realize that at my school, most of the students were half-assing Christianity. They would vehemently defend it in one breath, and be cursing and jacking off in the next. Therefore, when I say she got devout, I mean it. She renamed her middle name after a saint, started wearing a head covering into church, and not one foul word escaped her mouth.

Out of desperation, I finally confessed to her that I had a crush on her for the past two years. She said, “Oh, well, thanks for telling me. You’re a great friend. If you ever need to discuss something, just remember I’ll be here.” I went home and cried like a little bitch.

The Latter Two Years

The next two years, I became almost a hundred pounds overweight, lost all of my friends to stupid arguments, and played video games. The worst part, though, was that it was all because of the fact that I was so obsessed this girl. I remember spending nights on my laptop stalking her social media and crying. Talk about a beta male, I was the very definition of it. I cringe at the thought of what I was. A decrepit, miserable chunk of lard, jacking off to video game characters and whining about how much the world sucks.

I missed so much in those two years. I had no friends. I went to no social gatherings or parties. People looked at me with disgust (and rightfully so), and I was cheating my way through school. To think that one female could do this to a man is really scary. To think of what I could have been, a football player, or a musician, or even just a normal teenager, it’s quite sad.

Now, what would the mainstream, feminized media make out of my obsession for Martha? Would they look at my whole story and reel back in shock at the devastation it wrought upon my life? No, of course not. Instead, they would say that my fixation on this one girl was cute, maybe normal. That although things didn’t turn out in a good way, I “remained faithful” to my love, and never turned aside, even when I got rejected. It’s the stuff that makes up tragic romance movies, right?

In reality, as we see here, though, the belief of obsessive feelings for one woman is extremely dangerous. There is no nobility in this state of being– only psychological and, therefore, physical self-harm. Of course, our feminized society loves this situation– where the female is some untouchable goddess and the man is only a lowly minion who cannot get close to her, except by her own will. They encourage the lowering of males, and the raising up of females on a pedestal. This is where the manosphere gets the term “pedestalization.” When I started to read about the evils of feminism, I began to realize that this is what was happening to me. Suddenly, the stories of feminists destroying Western Civilization became very personal.


Well, it turned out that Martha wasn’t going through a devout phase. I heard she wants to go to college and get a theology degree. She can go be a fucking nun for all I care, now, because I finally took the red pill on December 31st, 2013, after having read ROK and other manosphere sites for a few months prior (that’s an interesting story as well, but maybe for another time).

Disgusted at the state of my body, I began to attend a local gym and research fitness. I started an intense, 12 week program and diet that pushed me to my limits and forced me to discipline myself. I fell several times—some days I didn’t go to the gym, other times I binge ate, or pigged out at a restaurant. As I went on the program, I began to realize how little self-discipline I had. My motivation got the best of me, however, and forced me to get back on track whenever I fell down. I’m 208 pounds right now, and am medically considered “mildly overweight” instead of morbidly obese. I still have a little ways to go, but the bulk of the work is done.

Working out wasn’t the only change I made. I began to cut down on video game time and read more books. The Great Books collection had been sitting on the shelf in my house since before I can remember, and I decided to dive in headfirst. I had never been a stupid kid, but those books really challenged me. I remember spending an hour on one page of Plato’s Crito, trying to understand what the hell was going on. Right now I’m starting Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, as well as listening to an audiobook of Plutarch’s Parallel Lives. Although I still do play video games, it has taken the role of a hobby rather than the center of my life.

In terms of girls, my life has also changed dramatically. After losing weight, learning game, dressing well, etc, I get more attention from girls, and guys have started to respect me more. Although I’m still a virgin due to logistical reasons (living in a Christian home does that to you), there are two girls who seem sexually interested.

Finally, I gained direction in life. When I crawled out of the mire of self-pity and misery, I was directionless. I changed that promptly. I decided that, based on all the great men I had been reading about and from in the manosphere, that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and location independent businessman. Therefore, I took the steps required to do so. I began to prepare for the SAT and finally get enthusiastic about looking at colleges. I have a very good one in mind right now, and am about to take the ACT one last time. I cringe whenever I think about the utterly emasculated creature I was only a year ago.

It is easy to see from my story, and the millions of others that are out there, that oneitis is a horrible, dangerous disease, even in something as little as a teenaged crush. It is encouraged and exalted by the media to make men into slaves who are at the mercy of women. There is, however, an antidote to this cancer—a pill of the color red. Take this pill, and you will find the disease slowly, painfully, removing itself from your body. The process will be slow and agonizing, but the reward at the end is worth it. I am still in the process of shedding off my beta shell, but I am glad and impressed at the progress I have seen so far. Don’t be a little bitch. Get rid of oneitis.

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173 thoughts on “How Oneitis Almost Wrecked My Life”

  1. “Man in the Making”‘s avatar/profile picture is whiskey and a cigar. Is he even old enough to BUY those things? I’m sorry, but I’m a grown-ass man and I just can’t relate to this. Hopefully though, this will be useful for some other high-school kids reading this site? I just don’t think a 17-year old has acquired enough life experience to be writing these kinds of articles. I mean, Jesus, he says right there he’s never even fucked.

    1. I’m happy he’s doing well and trying to better himself. But can’t this website find a better source of relationship/game/oneitis advice than a virgin, high-school junior? I was a virgin at that age too – I want to clarify that there’s nothing to be ashamed of – but is this the best we have to offer?

      1. But can’t this website find a better source of relationship/game/oneitis advice than a virgin, high-school junior?

        I was just thinking the same thing. RoK needs to establish a few quality controls and do a better job of vetting new contributors because it affects the quality of the readership. We need only read the comment section to see that.
        Further, many of our best commentors rarely comment anymore, if at all. I can’t help but think that all of this is somehow related.

        1. Thank you. Best of luck to Man in the Making. There is nothing wrong with his article. But, like you, the quality control and vetting alarms went off in my head when I saw his age. and then again when I saw his whiskey/cigar picture. I think the average age of the readers of this site has dropped. In which case, I guess the article is totally appropriate.

  2. Hey, glad to hear that you’re on the path of self improvement but to be brutally honest this reads like an excerpt out of Elliot Rodgers manifesto. No one cares really cares about the details of your high school awkwardness.
    Try to create a better overarching theme by not deviating into detail and you will definitely drive your point deeper. There is no need for us to know that this year you were doing this and then this happened and that next year this happened. Just give us the gist and then tell us why it matters.

  3. I think you have a long way to go before you start sharing your story with the others here on ROK. You are a decent enough writer, however in the meantime I would focus on your own self-improvement and perhaps writing in a journal or typing passages in Word. Personally, I visit this site to seek the wisdom of other “red pillers” not to read about “men” who have just discovered the red pill and think that they can hold a candle to some of the legends on this site. Keep on writing, just keep it to yourself in the meantime.

    1. This kid is miles ahead of a lot of grown men, and a lot of other teens will find inspiration in his words. Are you always this solipsistic? This site is not just for you.

      1. “Return Of Kings is a blog for heterosexual, masculine men.”
        Notice it says men, not 14-17 year old boys. Additionally, this website isn’t called ReturnofPrinces. Its a site for adult men. I think its a great resource for younger men and teens. Its also great that this kid is getting some perceived wisdom from the things he reads online. But look, having a teenage crush in high school does not qualify you as having enough experience to educate people. At best, it allows you an opportunity to regurgitate some things you have read on other manosphere sites as your own wisdom. Honestly, this is a story about a 12 year old who has a crush on a classmate for four years. It has nothing of value for anyone outside of that age range. I applaud the writer for getting the balls up to write something and submit it, and I don’t intend to discourage him at all. But this shit belongs on a LiveJournal or Reddit post. If he keeps it up, in a few years he can come back and write some awesome posts and maybe help a lot of men. But now is not the time for him. Now, for him, the time is to learn.

        1. Fuck you, I’m 19 and I can still tell you’re a beta that get’s validation, from the number of times you’ve blown out candles, alone. This article is better than what a lot of the people who write here put out, specifically Raywolf and C. contrary, prolly Oracle-z and cpt. capitalism too. Just because of the way you condescend towards other people I can tell you’re a DIPSHIT. Oh yeah and this forum posts nearly every day, so read some other articles if you cant handle it.

        2. guys chill out, we’re supposed to be men, relax. its true, I have to admit that the kid has awesome writing skills , especially considering his age. And his story can help inspire a whole lot of guys aroindhis age, amd make us reflect onour past mistakes. Hell what,it can even help steer a lot of youngsters from beta and omega pitfalls. But I have to go with Robert on this one, too little experience to write here. It’s like junior league amd major league. Great debut, lots of potential, but its just a start. Maybe someday there could be a junior version of returnofkings. Return of Princes is hilarious though, made my day.

        3. Whoa, buddy – calm down. I don’t really know how to respond to this intelligently. Apparently, by suggesting that a 17-year old might not have enough life experience to give relationship advice, I am a “beta”, candle-blowing-counting (I don’t even know what this means), condescending “dipshit”. Whatever. I’m glad you liked his post so much. Clearly you can relate to it. I couldn’t. I’m getting a pretty clear indication here that about half of these ROK readers are adults, and the other half have only been out of high school a year or two, yourself included. I’ve met a lot of 18 and 19 year old men who were grown adult men by every measure. Age is not an indicator of masculinity. However, I can’t think of a single high school junior that I look at and think, “That is a paragon of manliness. Surely my life would be enriched by hearing about his opinions of relationships, of which he has has zero”.

        4. I mean jesus christ its not even one-itis. One-itis doesn’t apply when you even fucked or kissed or dated the girl. Its obsession at that point. I have no problem with the author’s writing but holy shit… He can’t even legitimately write about one-itis because he’s never even had “the one”. Its a fucking zero-itis, childhood crush from a 12-16 year old’ point of view. Why do I feel like I’m taking crazy pills for thinking that the author has chops, but maybe should wait a bit before giving advice. I understand that the goal of this post might be to help other teenagers. But then, is that the main demographic of this website now? Teenage boys?

        5. Yes, you ARE 19 and it shows. No one needs a lecture from some punk who’s still wet behind the ears.
          Sit back, read, learn and shut the fuck up.

        6. Dude Im 17 and I can most assuredly tell your a bitch who’s over sensitive and needs feminist trigger warnings. Why are you bashing people much more successfull than you, who are helping you, for FREE YOU UNGRATEFULL FUCK.

        7. While I agree that this post might not belong here, shouldn’t 14-17 year olds be young men rather than boys? 18 or 21 is the traditional legal age for full manhood, so there is no reason we should treat teenagers like children instead of men in training. Many of our grand fathers and great grandfathers were playing the role of a grown man by age 16… And doing a hell of a better job at it than many modern men.

        8. Seriously? This kid is more successful than me? Ok. Again with this name calling. I have been called out twice by two teenagers and neither of them can offer any argument other than to call me a bitch, beta, dipshit, ungrateful fuck. This fucking website IS full of kids… you guys don’t realize how much your immaturity is showing with this stuff.

        9. Dude I wrote back to Porphyry, who said that freaking ROK vets dont contribute. And no Man in the Making should not have shared his story, he should have waited to improve instead of giving us his ‘Im on my way guys” search for validation. Still Man in the Making you are smart and you got balls, nice to know there are some teenagers with heart out there.

        10. Hi Mjolnir, If when I say “kid” or “boy” or whatever, its not a definitive descriptor. Sure, “young men/man” is a better way of putting it. For me, “kid” gets typed for brevity. By all means, looking at the reading list, writing quality, and workout discipline of the author, I would qualify him as a young man. Your point about treating them as men in training is a good one. Especially when you consider how they ARE treated like children, until they inevitable encounter the criminal justice system, which sure as hell treats them like adult men, warranted or not.

        11. DLD – I think MITM should share his story. I think it has a lot of value for people his age and close to it. The Manosphere is important for people at his/your age especially because it can help you avoid making some of the mistakes that some men don’t realize they are making until much too late. I’m just surprised that ROK published it because MITM is so inexperienced. But then, maybe they know that a certain percentage of this website are of the age where this article can be greatly helpful and relevant. I’ve tried be clear that I don’t want to call out the author. But that I’m a little surprised by ROK. I’m sure someone will be along here eventually to justify/explain it.

        12. Roosh runs ROK like a free market of sorts. We can choose what we read and not every post if of the same quality. And I didnt mean to demean Man in the Making, its just that the message of his post has already been beaten to death by other posts, from other more experienced ROK writers.

        13. MAN, I’m Sorry. I just now went back and re-read your first post. I thought you were responding to me and telling me that I was a bitch. My mistake. You and I agree. It’s been beaten to death. Its good advice but, its not REAL advice. Its just someone repeating what they read on the internet. It isn’t really based in life experience, hence all the comments back and forth about “he’s too young!” or “No he’s not, you’re just an asshole!”. That’s really strange about ROK not using any of the old writers? I wonder why that is? I think we should all encourage MITM to keep writing and continue his path of self-improvement. I think we should also ask ROK why they published this one from someone so obviously inexperienced, Or maybe they were just taking a chance and giving MITM a shot and it backfired.

        14. Haha it’s alright Robert, myself Im prone to the occasional brash action. And yeah I think Roosh is taking a chance, and ven in his case it didnt completely backfire. It sparked a conversation, a much needed one. Fuck, i might actually write something on that topic.

        15. haha. I was so confused when I read your second post because I thought the first was directed towards me. I was amazed by how drastically you’d changed your opinion in a few minutes. I guess I should I have read who you were replying to. But yeah – we’re on the same page. I thought teenagers were coming out of the woodwork to insult me. 🙂

        16. and it IS a valid topic I’d never thought about until now: The importance of, and relevance to, the young men who are in their late teens today. I’m no geezer – I’m just 27. But having lived ten years longer than yourself or the author, I can attest that those ten years provide a lot of learning opportunities. e are given many opportunities to fail in life and we take most of them. But that’s how we learn. Maybe there should be a more directed effort on behalf of the manosphere, or MRM or whatever, to include the young men. After all, you are still at the age where not ALL of the conditioning has cemented yet. To be honest, Maybe RoK thought long and hard about this, and decided to post this article because of it.

        17. Most of my classmates are fucking pathetic as fuck compared to me or Man in the Making. The guys who actually need mentors the most, we probably never get them in time. The sad reality of our times…oh well thats life.

        18. Isn’t the point of this site to have young men? Why would you think you can change the direction of society or thought by targeting old men? That’s retarded.
          Also, the point is to get better. The kid might be 17 or 25, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere. It’s not right to hate on the kid for no goddamn reason. Stories like his could be very helpful to a lot of people in the same situation. Everyone is a different person who grow up with different circumstances, have different skill sets, and different capabilities. Shit that doesn’t seem like a big deal can be really hard for some people. Don’t be so quick to judge.

        19. I am also 17 but have had reasonable success with daygame. Although most girls my age rank males based on the social hierarchy and so pickup artist approaches have very little success. Think back to highschool and try to remember how helpful it would be to understand some of the information this website offers.

        20. Children are the future. A well taught boy becomes a strong wise man. The State grabs our boys and indoctrinates them. Its easier to undo that indoctrination when they are still boys than when they are 40 years old and bitter.

        21. You are the kind of guy who would dump on someone because they are only half-way up everest.
          Getting where you want to go is a long hard road, and ROK should be the place where this guy gets a pat on the back for at least fucking trying, and being honest.
          And I would suggest that this story has value because most of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have been where this guy has been.
          “For now, the time is to learn” – You condescending tool.

        22. Learning has occured.
          If feminist can troll us, young boys can idolize us. While I agree that ROK should have tighter posting standards, you can not be mad if this attract young boys/men to attempt to use this as truth. Try to show em that they are welcome if for no other fact that a revolution takes more than just you to work.

        23. In some cultures swallowing a 14 years old’s semen is frowned upon faggot.

        24. Fuck you, I’m 34 and I can still tell you’re a faggot that get’s anal rape, from the number of times you’ve blown elderly men, alone. Be silent you worthless fucking loser.

        25. Agree, I glad the teen writing this figured it out at 15 and not at 28 but then again there was no internet when I went to high school.

        26. Disagree, First of all I don’t like how other men are shaming this young man who has courage to tell his story, quite well I might add, instead of showing some encouragement.
          I am sure a lot of teen males and even some younger men can relate to this dude’s experience and I didn’t see how he was lecturing anyone rather he was just explaining how placing the pussy and not self on a pedestal was ruining is life and how sites like ROK helped improved him for the better.

      2. Let’s no ostracise this kid just yet. Whilst your points are valid, RoK has given those without a place in MSM a space for self improvement. Furthermore, since E Rodgers blew his gasket, the RoK has been emphasising the need to reach out to the younger audience for guidance.
        Whilst this article shows a need for validation, we ought to provide feedback for improvement.

        1. That’s a good point. But remember that Elliot Rodgers was distinctly anti-PUA/manosphere. He was the perfect example of a snapped white knight. Anyways, I haven’t said anything negative about the author’s article. I guess ROK needs a kids section now? Seriously. Not in a cynical way. Does ROK need a section for like “Young Kings” or “Soon to be Kings” where high school students can share stories about prom or whatever?

      3. Yup. He is a kid … you don’t start to actually mature until your late 20’s.
        But he is on the right track. Good article.

    2. Hey pretentious, self-righteous bozo, I am 35 yrs old adult male and I found it to be a very good-read. What’s your problem?
      Stop demoralizing young talent. No one is stopping you from publishing your own article, so mind your own business and STFU.

        1. Criticism is not the same as demoralization. And criticism for what? His age? Is it a crime to be young and write articles?
          We are men, not imbeciles.

        2. I think ‘demoralization’ is a bit extreme.
          I enjoyed his testimony and I’m glad to read about a young man who has decided to grab life by the balls but this isn’t a support group.
          RoK is for men. Further, us [men] should be instructing boys; Not the other way around.
          The author writes well for his age but he should have saved this one for his freshman creative writing course and we shouldn’t be coddling him.

        3. Agreed. I have yet to see anyone shit on the author for his age. I suggested that ROK might be a poor venue since this since, technically, the author isn’t even an adult yet. Let alone had a girlfriend even. Or had sex. Or had a full time job, gone to college or the military, moved out of his parents house, had to manage his own finances, etc. But apparently, having a childhood crush is enough to qualify as a “red pill man”. Like another commenter below, I too would be interested to see a demographic break-down of how many readers/commenters are over 21, and over 25, and over 30. I think the author should pursue any dreams his has of writing and, so far, I haven’t seen any comment that criticizes his writing. All I have seen (and posted myself) are men asking ROK why this qualifies as a reasonable post. There’s nothing wrong with it. But again, maybe a lot of the readers here aren’t far from 17 themselves.

        4. Those of us mature enough to understand your angle appreciate the sentiment.
          Parents these days treat their kids like “friends” and not subordinates like they should be. That’s why they feel so entitled. No right of passage, no respect.

        5. NO ONE is slamming the kids article. No one has said negative about it all. All we’re saying is that he is 17 years old and a high school Junior. No one is saying you can’t like his article. Or that it’s even bad. I’m saying that it shows a lot about the direction of this website that the musings of a 17 year old are considered a valid contribution to the manosphere. What kind of game can you even spit at that age? Gonna go take a girl out for a yoo-hoo? Borrow pop’s car? wtf.

        6. “this isn’t a support group” “shouldn’t be coddling him”
          In order to make your argument sound valid, you deliberately twisted my argument. No one said that this is a support group nor that we need to coddle him. However, this does not negate the fact that this is not a justification for putting him down.
          To go out of your way to disparage him, and to use his age of all things, as the base of your argument is pathetic.
          Had you pointed out a flaw in his reasoning, and then used THAT as the base to make your case for his immaturity, that would have been justified.
          But no, you instead resort to a ridiculous rationale, viz – ‘Your argument is invalid: Why? Because….age!’
          His age does not and should not abrogate his logic.
          And to say “us [men] should be instructing boys; Not the other way around” is fine, but you also failed to consider the fact that he did not instruct you in the first place. Nor did he force you to read it.
          If it is too much for your ego, your pride, to handle someone’s stance simply because he is younger than you, regardless of the validity of his reasoning, then the problem lies elsewhere, not in him.

        7. Ego and pride have are irrelevant.
          The young may instruct the old where you’re from but if a boy would like to contribute to a forum meant for men, he can expect to be treated like a man and we shouldn’t make exceptions because of his age.
          If the boy can’t handle heckling from anonymous strangers on the internet, he shouldn’t be contributing.
          Moreover, if you honestly believe telling a young man he has a long way to go [we all did at his age] but still encouraging him to write is demoralizing and disparaging, maybe you should check out Return of Queens?

        8. The hamster is very much alive in this discussion.
          There were direct statements about the poster’s age. Those aren’t critical arguments, they’re false ones. Take the topic and dismantle it, bit by bit, piece by piece, and be blunt about it. That is being critical.
          But there is a fine line between “complaining” about a post created by someone younger than you, and actually critiquing the post. The most I’ve seen here, is the former, with the hamster spinning in favor of the latter.
          The references to him getting out of the kitchen if he can’t take the heat are redundant as well. You can be straightforward without talking down to someone. The truths exposed here may be disconcerting or too much to handle for some, but those truths do not talk down, they just are.
          People however, do have the ability to talk down, even if they are espousing truth. Keep that in mind, people. Don’t let Feminist victim hood get in the way of supporting your fellow man, and treating each other like halfway decent human beings. We’re all on the same side here.

        9. I believe a 17-year old virgin lacks the wisdom and life experience to admonish grown men about the perils of oneitits. Do you agree or disagree?

        10. “If the boy can’t handle heckling from anonymous strangers”
          So you are condoning heckling kids now. Just as I thought, you are a bully.
          “Ego and pride have are irrelevant.”
          You meant ‘here’? Not what appears from your response. Your ego and pride seem to be threatened by that kid. Envy, too, perhaps?
          “meant for men, he can expect to be treated like a man”
          Yep, telling him that he is too young to write, was totally treating him like a MAN. And to lash out against him for no other reason apart from his age, is not “treating like a man”, but is downright bullying.
          “Moreover, if you honestly believe telling a young man he has a long way to go [we all did at his age] but still encouraging him to write”
          Stop misrepresenting the argument, you duplicitous fraud. We both know that it was not merely “telling a young man he has a long way to go”, but much more censorious than that.
          Like I mentioned, it was deliberate demoralization that was a result of the wounded ego from butthurt pansy guys like yourself.
          Freaking bullies. Get a life.

        11. “If the boy can’t handle heckling from anonymous strangers”So you are condoning heckling kids now. Just as I thought, you are a bully.

          In the past, regular contributors have been taken to task by the ‘peanut gallery’ and they at least have the life experience to back their views.
          Critiques of Athlone McGinnis’s work, for example, have been absolutely brutal and you don’t him crying about it or anyone coming to his rescue.
          As I said before, if a boy would like to contribute to a forum meant for men, he can expect to be treated like a man and we shouldn’t make exceptions because of his age.

          “Ego and pride have are irrelevant.”
          You meant ‘here’? Not what appears from your response. Your ego and pride seem to be threatened by that kid. Envy, too, perhaps?

          No, that’s what we called a typo [didn’t mean to type ‘have’]. I apologize if it offend you. As I said below, I believe a 17-year old virgin lacks the wisdom and life experience to admonish grown men about the perils of oneitits. It’s not jealously, just common sense.

          “meant for men, he can expect to be treated like a man”
          Yep, telling him that he is too young to write, was totally treating him like a MAN. And to lash out against him for no other reason apart from his age, is not “treating like a man”, but is downright bullying.

          I have no vitriol and haven’t lashed out at anyone [as you are now].
          In fact, I’ve said verbatim: “The author writes well for his age…” and “I enjoyed his testimony and I’m glad to read about a young man who has decided to grab life by the balls…” You should really learn how to relax.

          Stop misrepresenting the argument, you duplicitous fraud. We both know that it was not merely “telling a young man he has a long way to go”, but much more censorious than that.
          Like I mentioned, it was deliberate demoralization that was a result of the wounded ego from butthurt pansy guys like yourself.

          I’m not even sure how to address this.
          First, it’s ironic how I’m the butthurt pansy in this situation when you’ve resorted to name-calling and melodramatics.
          Secondly, recognizing the hyperbole of your statement is not ‘misrepresenting the argument’
          Lastly, I’m genuinely shocked at how effeminate and politically correct RoK’s readership has become. I believe someone said ‘His age does not and should not abrogate his logic’ which is absolutely true but to disregard his age entirely would be irresponsible.

        12. Obviously, I agree. And I don’t feel like anyone is belittling the author or failing to treat him like a human being. We are just calling his credentials into question – as ALL critical readers should.

        13. I agree with you across the board. I wonder if we would be reading the author’s testimony had he not been rejected by Martha but have decided it’s better to extend the benefit of a doubt. Either way, the piece was well written.

        14. “have been taken to task by RoK’s ‘peanut gallery’”
          Thanks for admitting that you are a part of the peanut gallery. You have no interest on RoK apart from trolling. Good to know.
          ” Athlone McGinnis’s work have been absolutely brutal”
          Yeah, and about what? His CONTENT. Big difference. Like I tried explaining to you above, but you seem to tune out any logic that contradicts with your extremely limited reasoning so you didn’t get it, it is NOT this guy’s content, or article’s rationale that some guys have been whining about, rather his age only.
          Had the argument been regarding the content of his article, then it would have been completely acceptable. Therefore, it cannot be termed “criticism”. It is bullying.
          “17-year old virgin lacks the wisdom and life experience to admonish grown men about the perils of oneitits”
          Cool, then don’t read it!
          Did he perhaps force you to read it? If you have a problem with the article, simply don’t open it. But to sit there and fervently disparage and bully the other person, just because you can, is frankly, pathetic.
          “I have no vitriol ” But you are defending someone else’s vitriol. Stop doing it, if you want to prove it.
          “how I’m the butthurt pansy in this situation when you’ve resorted”
          By this logic, every single person on this earth is in the wrong for condemning anyone with a harsh word. Understand how stupid that is? This is your logic –
          “I enjoy bullying and I will bully. And the moment someone calls me out on it, I will play the “you are so politically correct and effeminate” card and silence them”
          It won’t work.
          “recognizing the hyperbole”
          This. Your mind is infected with such an extreme confirmation bias, that you are unable to think properly. In order to justify yourself, you rationalized that there is a hyperbole, when in fact, there is none. I hope you realize your highly flawed reasoning.
          “disregard his age entirely would be intellectually irresponsible.”
          Yet again you twist and misinterpret. How desperate are you? You don’t realize the absurdity here, do you?
          To NOT disregard, is NOT the same as bullying.
          Sigh…I am pretty sure you still won’t get it.
          And lastly, about the video – How downright retarded does one have to be to confound a 17 yr old guy with a “child”?
          I hope that at least this makes you realize how deluded you are. Realize your confirmation bias. I only say this to help you.

        15. No one has critizied the author’s content because as you said, the logic is sound. I thought it was impressive as well.
          However, you’re not going to convince anyone to completely disregard the fact that he’s [self-admittedly] a 17 y/o virgin who still lives with his parents. It’s an exercise in futility. I don’t believe age is the end all be all but it is a significant factor.
          I’ll disregard the rest of your response as you seem to be having an emotional meltdown and I’m not interested in going tit-for-tat with you for days on end.
          It’s just the internet Dave; I admire your passion but no one is as heavily invested in this topic as you are at this very moment. Learn how to relax.

        16. “disregard the fact that he’s [self-admittedly] a 17 y/o virgin who still lives with his parents.”
          See this? Now close your eyes and imagine a feminist trying to make an argument. What you’ll realize is that this is PRECISELY the feminist’s rationale. Disregarding the actual argument, and instead concentrating on personal attributes, and attacking the individual personally.
          I sincerely hope you get this.
          Nevertheless, what you said about me, applies more so to you, since if you count the number of comments, you’ll notice that your comments heavily outnumber mine, in addition to the greater passion. I have not the slightest of interest in commenting on this topic, and you’ll also realize that I have only replied to your comments not anyone else’s, since you were the one who first tried to counter me. I am merely carrying on since you intervened out of nowhere. I believe it’s time we let it go.
          Good day.

        17. Lol. DAVE you are killlling me. You were so desperate for the last word, you literally replied with one word? Come on man, you’re better than that.

        18. Disagree. Oneitis is a constant. It starts in early childhood and develops further into adulthood. Establishing a baseline for when it occurs can only help us verify its existence, while admittedly it won’t be of much use to the older and more experienced readers, it’s still useful information.

        19. I agree. The dangers of ‘one-itis’ are constant.
          I think the issue I [and others] have is the redundancy of the issue [due to the age difference] as well as the credibility of the author.
          If the story were framed differently I’m sure it would have been better received.

        20. Awww. Is all that cum in your belly making you grumpy faggot? o(╥﹏╥)o

        21. In some countries homosexuality is a crime. Fortunately for you this country is not one of them.

      1. I’m still waiting on an article about our culture’s liberal use of the word ‘Bravery’

      2. Agreed.
        Man in the Making, youth and others’ perception of it as a limitation are two obstacles which you seem to be overcoming with grace. Keep it up.
        You might find Plutarch on Alcibiades and Lysander interesting. Those two started young.
        Exercise virtue. Take control.

    3. It’s up to the editor to weed out whatever doesn’t belong and maintain the appropriate focus of the site. There are stories I abandon halfway through, arguably because of editor failure in this regard. Complain to the editor rather than pissing in this kid’s cheerios.

    4. I disagree. The fact that he is sharing his story while it is unfolding is inspirational. You get a feel for where he is through his writing. Yes, he should continue to grow, but isnt progress what this sphere is about anyway?

  4. At least you were in your teens. I was in my late twenties when I had my own terrible oneitis sickness. Delayed my finding the right career for several years, and now I’m doing my darndest to make up for lost time.

  5. I appreciate the story, I really do. Too many stories are these grandiose tales of flying to other countries to fuck hot young tail, or having three ways with models or some shit. Those stories might be great, but to me the point of any story should be to prove a point. And the point of this is to show how easily the average man can fall into these behaviors. How this guy is not that much different from anybody else, and how most of us, including myself, were far less masculine before taking the redpill.
    You sound well on your way to getting better in life. I have a friend you we’ll call Steve who sounds just like you in the worst stages. He obsesses over women. He’s morbidly obese. He’s still a virgin and has obsessed and white-knighted five girls in the past 4 years, getting nowhere with them. The first girl all he did was hold her hand and he obsessed about her for over two years. But I know his life story is filled with things like maternal and paternal abandonment issues, no guidance, no siblings, and nobody to help get him through adolescence into adulthood. And no one in this society dare talk about these issues for fear of being a “misogynist”. Give me a break.
    Some people might ask why I remain friends with Steve. That’s a good question. Would you stop being friends with someone who is like a perfect template of how to not your life? Think about that. But I can tell that my own improvement has rubbed off on him, at least he has a decent job now and has lost some weight.

  6. Not a bad article but I really don’t want to read RP from some one soo young and hasn’t really done anything or experienced life yet

    1. It doesnt matter. What matter is the RP, everything else will fall into place. Some people have a wealth of experience but no RP. what is most important ?

  7. Glad you figured it out at such a young age. Consider yourself lucky-I know men approaching 40 that still catch the oneitis and plenty of women and white knights that feed into the delusion. I’ve had GF’s in the past where people constantly asked “when you putting a ring on that man??” like I was luck to have someone and I clearly had little value in the relationship. Guess what, all those girls turned sour so had I just followed the script and wife’d-up, I’d be divorced.

    1. Why ? I think those guys are the ones who need our help the most. And I think it’s nice to hear it from their perspective.

      1. I,was just saying it to be a dick cause some guys were getting hostile to posts like this. Yeah , article is ok, just generally like to hear from a little more experience. Yeah..I like hearing from the younger guys perspective. Maybe articles like this could help prevent future Elliot Rodgers.

      2. Im 21. Had I never found this site I probably wouldve gone the same route that Elliot Rodger went…..

  8. Another young buck in the making. Kudos to you for admitting and realizing all of this early on, earlier than many including yours truely. Become scientific about it. You will see results. Its ok to post on here for a bit of guidance/validation, but beware that validation bug. Even alot of self professed gods on here still secretly need validation (you can tell by the way they comment). Stick to sound principles of treating women like whores and hookers that they are and reap the benefits. We are all alone up in this business. Keep progressing and wearily ignore the bull shit and smoke blowers. Cheers mate.

  9. I like to know, how many of the writers, let alone respondents are over the age of 18, let alone 28 and up.
    To say one is a red pill man at the age of 16/17 is not credible for me. It’s like he’s still in Red Pill school just by the number of years he’s been on this earth. He needs to go out, game, meet women for at least another 10 and come back to me. Just like one article on ROK talked about, that a man’s sexual peak is around early 30s. By then, a man has mastered his game as well as himself.
    I am all about age – what would you prefer guys, a free bottle of bourbon or scotch that was aged for 16 years or one that was at least aged for 25 years? Since this site gives us free bourbon (information) every day, I would hope that most of the batches here are ages 21+ years. Cheers!
    *sips from snifter glass*

  10. Well I am glad most of those commenting agree with what I thought after reading this.

  11. Everyone has oneitis. Its how you deal with it.
    And i agree you are quite young. You have a lot more failure to go.

  12. I don’t have an issue with this article at all. I should’ve read something like this 7 years ago when I was 17. Instead I googled “how to get girls to like you” after being dissed for another guy for the umpteenth time. I ended up on bullishit like askmen and yahoo answers. If I had this type of thing back then it would’ve saved me about 5 following years of pain and misery: learning this stuff the hard way. Getting flaked on, lied to, always passed over, always the friend and never the lover. I’m not going to pretend I can suddenly get women today as I still didn’t get the girl recently, but now I’ve learned how to deal with it. I’ve improved in many areas and I’m not the sad clown I was then and I’m even able to understand that there’s nothing wrong with me, as I used to feel there was in said 7 years ago. It’s not my fault or my problem if a girl doesn’t see what a great deal she’s getting with me. I used to feel unworthy, like this guy.

  13. I havent even read the comments yet but I have no doubt at least half of them will be from disgruntled blog addicted failures who think you have nothing to offer because you are…gasp..17! My god you didnt even finish high school yet what could you know about life?!!
    Fuck those people they’re negative because its obvious that you have done more in the last 12 weeks to make yourself into a man than they have done in their whole lives. Newsflash: most of ROKs commenters (especially on the race/religion articles) are obviously on the beta/omega border and they are here to vent their frustrations at their own shitty lives while feeling like they did something because they read a self improvement article.
    Hey if you’re a virgin, dont sweat it. Seriously, living in a repressed environment in your parents house will do that to you. Now I’m sure some fake ass poser will be here to say…”brah just be alpha and fuck girls at the locker room and then give them skittles lolllzzz.” Sex is pretty fun and my personal advice is if you’re still a virgin past 19 then get a hooker, but dont put too much pressure on it. Believe it or not, its not the end all be all of your life.

      1. Well what are you waiting for LL, those faggots arent going to light themsleves. Go on and blow some torchwood fire for your camp manager.

    1. Wtf get a hooker at 19, mofo slow down the guy is already on the path to improving I mean I think in a year hel get layed for sure.

  14. A constructive word of advice: do NOT go to college. Learn a trade. Be a plumber or carpenter or electrician etc.
    College will only put you in debt and teach you to regurgitate other people’s ideas. It does not give you an education. Trades will make you money.

    1. Or find a job with tuition reimbursement. Get a degree on the companies dime. Degrees are pretty much worthless these days anyway. They hand em out like candy to any fool that can cough up the price to pay – and most corporations are well aware of it.

  15. So that’s where the term red light district takes it name from, all those people there that have take the red pill.

  16. Everyone attacking the messenger and not the message. OP must be doing something right.

  17. Look at the conversation below. Someone make an article about respect and slander in the manosphere before I do! Mods, you can’t just sit back and ignore all the trash talk and fake-assumption crap these “men” create on your site. Give them a set of logical, ethical rules.

  18. It appears that Jerp and Robert and some of the commenters here need to think before they speak.
    1) This is a personal reflection, not advice. If you’re offended because you feel someone is suggesting you take advice from a 17 year old virgin, you have completely missed the point and have projected your own insecurities onto this personal reflection. (it would be interesting to explore exactly why this set these guys off so violently)
    2)Because it does not resonate with you does not mean it will not resonant with others. You sound like typical women when the words me/I/my appear in a one paragraph response more than 2 times. Everything isn’t about you.
    3) Young men need an outlet too. I happen to be 47 and really appreciate what he has to say. Am I going to change anything in my life because of this piece; no, probably not. But I don’t know where it is written that this site is solely and exclusively to help middle aged men score with women.
    4)Censorship is never good. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t. But don’t suggest that it shouldn’t be read by anyone on this site. Only the site founder decides what is consistent with his vision for this site. He makes the product, if you don’t like it don’t buy. If you don’t like that coke doesn’t taste like pepsi, then don’t buy the coke.
    5)Way to mentor a young man trying to find his way in the world! Rather than being such a complete narcissist and having a hissy fit because something is precisely to your very specific and rigid taste, a far more productive approach would be to make an attempt to productively mentor this young man, a far more valuable and manly behavior than mangina rants and pouts.

    1. My issue, Rowedscholar, isn’t with the article or the author himself. The problem is, that when you have a teenager regurgitating ideas that he himself has no practical experience of, it becomes nothing more than shallow, pat-ourselves-on-the-back rhetorical pedagogy. It discredits the entirety of the “manosphere,” or the “androsphere” or whatever you choose to call it. (1) If this is personal reflection it belongs in a journal. I distinctly got the impression that this was meant to be advice. (2) I do not care if it resonates with others. I hope it does. There’s nothing wrong with the article. Except it is manifestly “phony”. This young man’s never gotten his dick wet. What can he possibly know about “oneitis”? But, if you want relationship advice from someone who’s never been in a relationship, be my guest. I’ve never worked on an automatic transmission, but I’d be more than happy to make some shit up for you if you chose to work on one. (3) What do young men need an outlet for? To complain? Buy a journal. To educate? About what? Buy a guitar. Write a poem. Learn to box. Lift Weights. Whatever floats your boat. (4) Censorship is bad. However, quality control is good. When an editor refuses to publish something that isn’t worth publishing – that is not censorship. It’s quality control. I’m sure this will offend plenty of people, but most 17-year-olds don’t know jack shit about life. Would you read a book by this young man about saving for retirement? How about a book about Engineering? He has no experience in either. The same is true with the article. (5) I want to say its not my job to mentor the author – and it isn’t – but because feminism has ruined marriage and created so many households with young men being raised by single mothers – men have to mentor one another more and more. Return of Kings is a great place to find advice and mentors. What kind of website would this turn into though, if all of the articles are written by 16-21 year olds? The best advice I can give him right now is that he is on a great path, he needs to be careful not to get full of hate like a lot of “manosphere” folks, and spend some time learning and growing. In the meantime, sit back and learn. Now is not the time to start writing articles that repeat that same platitudes we hear over and over again with no personal experience to back it up.

    2. Rowedscholar,
      Right on. I appreciate what his article said. First of all, he was articulate. Good writing.
      There is no doubt that content for me was lacking. But hey, I’m a 53 year old physician and have an attractive wife and a 22 y.o. daughter and a 19 y.o. son ( to whom I want to be the best father I can be). My kids are attractive, well balanced and have partners.
      I find it disgusting that the negative comments above are critical of a young man’s efforts to make himself better. The article is not about you it is about him. If this guy learns how to be a better man in the process of exploring the manosphere it is a win for the manosphere.
      Two comments:
      1. I think the Man in the Making original poster should read Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men”.
      Develop Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor.
      Then tackle what is life.
      Also read Rollo Tomassi “The Rational Male” which no doubt you must have already read if you write about One-itis.
      2. Secondly I had a get together with two other men friends this past week (ages 48 and 29). I fancy we are in a tribe/gang. We are devoted to wildlife deer habitat and walked a 20 acre property and then sat down at a campfire and discussed things while eating elk-meat hamburgers and drinking quadrupel Ale.
      The discussion turned to some of our more wealthy members of our tribe/gang of habitat managers. We proceeded to be critical of their intentions, limitations, abilities etc. Weeks ago I sat with two separate members of the tribe eating steaks and bourbon and doing the exact same damn criticism of one of those in last weeks meeting. (Self aware there I deflected some of the criticism).
      Give me a fucking break. I sat here a day later realizing that this behavior is Beta as hell and I am not going to allow intra-tribal criticism in the future. You can shit test all you want in person, but to talk down tribal members behind their backs if female Beta bullshit.
      Give this guy a break. Don’t be a mangina Beta. Be a man. Don’t not care that this guy needs to a better man.

  19. Just thought I’d put this here, I don’t plan on writing any other articles instructing men how to do anything, and I totally agree with the criticisms you guys bring up. In fact, I wrote this more with people my age in mind. Obviously, I have much to learn. I have nothing but the greatest respect for all the other posters on this blog, and realize that I am not their equal in any way, shape, or form. I do, however, firmly believe that there cannot be enough posts denouncing oneitis. The disease of oneitis is one area in which I have much experience; enough, I believe, to allow me to comment on it and dissuade my peers from following the same path I did. If you have a problem with that, just press the “back” button and read one of the other posts by men who are much older and more experienced than me.

  20. Just thought I’d put this here, I don’t plan on writing any other articles instructing men how to do anything, and I totally agree with the criticisms you guys bring up. In fact, I wrote this more with people my age in mind. Obviously, I have much to learn. I have nothing but the greatest respect for all the other posters on this blog, and realize that I am not their equal in any way, shape, or form. I do, however, firmly believe that there cannot be enough posts denouncing oneitis. The disease of oneitis is one area in which I have much experience; enough, I believe, to allow me to comment on it and dissuade my peers from following the same path I did. If you have a problem with that, just press the “back” button and read one of the other posts by men who are much older and more experienced than me.

    1. I agree. This “oneitis” shit is incredibly hard to break free from even for men older than you, like myself. There are thought processes, emotional attachments, and more that you have to chip away at in order to break it down and start over.
      The more personal examples that are seen here, the better. Not only does it reaffirm that it is in fact a common weakness, but also gives encouragement & a more perspective on things than one can see on their own, alone.
      Bravo to you for paying your dues early, while you’ve still got years ahead.
      Just think about how many guys go through the same thing you did and do nothing to improve themselves—they seek no answers—yet you have—awesome!
      I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to lose weight & build a more athletic body. The benefits are multiple. I wish I had started young & stuck to it. It’s an awesome feeling to have great confidence, fill out a shirt very well and be proud to take your shirt off, not ashamed, unlike 99.5% of all other men.
      Thanks for the article!

    2. // Your comment is an great example of a mature response to criticism. I liked your article. I thought it was good. I would just like to see RoK finding authors with a little bit more age/experience to contribute to this site. You might not feel this way now, but you really are young. You have a lot of failures and chances to grow and learn ahead of you. You may say you are RP now, but eventually you will get a girlfriend and have a first hand chance to learn more about oneitis and relationships. Hopefully the things you have been reading here and learning will help you, and not hinder you. You’re on a good path. Keep reading, writing, learning, etc. Take things with a grain of salt and compare them to your own personal experiences. there is a lot of bad advice on the internet, and the manosphere/RoK is not immune from that. Best of luck to ya!

    3. I’m a bit late to the article but I must say, well done. The article was good for a teen who recently took the red pill. Keep at it and don’t lose sight of the goals you’ve recently set.

    4. You said you live in a Christian home.
      Are you a Christian?
      If so, I wouldn’t try to act like pagan fornicators, the players that only want one thing.
      You may get some pussy that way, but ultimately, won’t be good for you.
      Learning the game is one thing but acting sexually irresponsible isn’t great and simpoly getting pussy won’t solve your problems of loneliness and wanting to be in a relationship.
      I certainly sympathize and know what you’re going through as i also seemed invisible to women until my late 20s.
      One can be a Christian gentleman without becoming something they shouldn’t.

  21. You do not become a man until you live on your own and pave your own path. The lessons you learn early can easily be forgotten. The lesson you learned is minor compared to how that would have effected you in real life. You’d have lost your job and gotten skinny from starving. You wouldn’t have been able to pay your Internet and power bills. The difference is how far you have to fall.
    You’re attitude is “better than nothing”, but taking credit for something you haven’t done just to relate to a bunch dudes you want to be more like will only hurt you. In life you really only get what you or someone else puts in. Everything you get can be taken and usually will be at some point.
    The true problem of oneitis or whatever is the fact that you could lose everything. No matter what shade you color it oneitis is just a way to run away from yourself and lose everything by focusing on things that may or may not be changeable when you should be focusing on you and reaping those natural benefits that come with a tan, muscle, a big dick, your own business, and your awesome hobbies. All of which if you took away you’d have nothing to offer.

  22. You do not become a man until you live on your own and pave your own path. The lessons you learn early can easily be forgotten. The lesson you learned is minor compared to how that would have effected you in real life. You’d have lost your job and gotten skinny from starving. You wouldn’t have been able to pay your Internet and power bills. The difference is how far you have to fall.
    You’re attitude is “better than nothing”, but taking credit for something you haven’t done just to relate to a bunch dudes you want to be more like will only hurt you. In life you really only get what you or someone else puts in. Everything you get can be taken and usually will be at some point.
    The true problem of oneitis or whatever is the fact that you could lose everything. No matter what shade you color it oneitis is just a way to run away from yourself and lose everything by focusing on things that may or may not be changeable when you should be focusing on you and reaping those natural benefits that come with a tan, muscle, a big dick, your own business, and your awesome hobbies. All of which if you took away you’d have nothing to offer.

  23. Git some, MIM. Youre on the right path. Fuck the naysayers, cuz they dont mean a thing.

  24. Only thing I disagree with is this:
    “To think that one female could do this to a man is really scary.”
    One female did not do this to you, man. You did it to yourself. With maybe a little help from the zeitgeist.
    “She can go be a fucking nun for all I care, now”
    Good. Even better when you 100% get past the anger. As far as I can tell from your story, Martha did nothing to you but look pretty.

  25. Good for you for making positive changes in your life, but you’re being a huge drama queen when you claim that oneitis almost “ruined your life”.
    Two years of being fat, miserable and friendless in a comfortable middle class home with your own laptop falls way short of this standard. You didn’t get sent to prison, you were not destitute, homeless or starving, you didnt end up with 18 years of crippling child support while trying to get on your feet, you didn’t get seriously injured in a car accident or in a war and you didn’t get hooked on hardcore drugs and end up selling yourself as a rent boy to pay for them. Thats what Id describe as a ruined life – what you’ve experienced is more appropriately described as a “teenage awkward phase”, and even as those go it doesn’t sound particularly bad.

  26. A great and inspiring read. Good to hear about these steps that you are taking towards self-improvement. Most men don’t start “self-improving” until the doctor tells them for the third time that they are going to die. You are way ahead of the game.
    A fast way to shed fat I have found is cutting out grains, sugar and alcohol, increasing “naturally occuring” fasts (as found in meat and eggs) combined with intermittent fasting. Worked for me so might be worth you checking it out. Also, read up on Tom Venuto for inspiration on how a former fat guy became a natural bodybuilding champion.
    Last, to Hell with the naysayers leaving comments here or those who you meet in life. You set your own path and drive yourself forward with positive self-talk.
    Well done brother!

  27. Good job brother. It seems you’re on the right path. Just keep up with what you are doing and find a mentor to help you alnog the way.

  28. At least you were not legally bound to that pussy. Imagine if married her. LOL
    Always remember one thing though, it is very easy to fall back into the blue pill mentality regardless of the way you think now.

  29. Don’t listen to the naysayers. I’m glad you discovered the red pill early on in your life and are able to tell your story in this forum.
    I just wish that I would have the opportunity to discover the red pill while still in my youth. It would have saved me from so much heartache.

  30. Good man for making the drive to succeed. I’m sure you’ve realized your latent but instinctive goal to MOUNT THE BEST. Your intelligence prevented you from forgetting the instinct. I’ve known guys who were just too stupid to live, but like idiot savants they somehow were naturals with the chicks. Perhaps they weren’t programmable to become inhibited, or programmable with ANYTHING for that matter (including schoolwork). [email protected] school anyway. I taught myself everything relevant as necessity demanded, and raced ahead. YOU are your own best teacher. The national merit scholars of my class were totally neutered. A few of them are now ending their professional careers childless and with reproductive tumors. IF YOU DON’T USE IT – YOU LOSE IT. So much for the educated. If you attend school, KNOW YOUR GAME FIRST. It is the prime vigor that carries to all other areas. But to what end does it all serve? Why family of course, right? But the vigor continues. . . So here’s a little secret. . . . polygamy is the answer!
    I’ve heard some old mythos that it was an actual HOT ‘war between the sexes’ that ultimately destroyed ancient martian civilization. It sure would destroy everything. Gender cuts across all lines religious, cultural, racial economic, geographic. We don’t need to bow to our females. We need to REIGN THEM IN for our species to survive.
    Ancient Egypt was built by the pharoahs – who were male. In the end, great Egypt fell under a state of renegade ‘bitch rule’ under the priestess judges, who would hand down castration orders for the most minor of offenses. A man would get ‘whacked’ for the equivalent of a traffic ticket.
    We must rescind the covenant of circumcision. Anyone who breeds dogs, horses or barnyard animals knows that the more genitalia you remove, the more tame and broken the animal becomes. You can take a raging tiger and depending on how much you cut off, you can make him curl up on your lap like a kitty cat. Circumcision is as much for disease prevention as the government is honest and truthful. It’s about control. Chopped down at birth the ‘whacked’ man grows up to be a ‘whipped’ man. Never the master of his own house, but rather THE OTHER WAY AROUND. We must say NO to bitch rule in all its forms. It is time FOR MAN TO RETURN TO THE THRONE.

    1. Interesting. Where can one read about the part of Egyptian history you mention?

    2. Fucking well said. Did I say fucking well said? Well then fucking well said.
      The only people I have heard say male circumcision is OK, are women and male circumcision victims (properly known as Male Genital Mutilation). MGM causes a man to feel a muted sensation from sex thus making sex less appealing (and he less likely to breed). Totally correct on control.
      As for the Egyptian priestesses – ouch!

      1. You know who a lot of the supporters for keeping men intact are? Moms. And future Moms, like me.

  31. I read some of the comments about this kid’s age, and I get it. He’s young, he’s blowing his life experience way out of proportion as young kids do, and seems to be prone to over emphasizing his emotions ideas, thus the root of his problem with said girl. You gotta remember being that age, full of testosterone, too much energy and no wisdom. However, romantics tend to do great things in time, and he has time.
    I wouldn’t post if I were him, however I applaud him on discovering the red pill at such a young age, and I hope this reaches someone his age. There was nothing like this webpage when I was that age, just me and my buddies figuring out how to get laid etc.
    *Perhaps there needs to be a brother webpage for redpill young men? They could even start groups at their colleges etc.
    BTW, maninthemaking, you need to get a 300$ hooker and just get that out of the way, maybe a few times.

  32. Relationships are sort of a legal version of prostitution. The only difference is the payment method.

  33. I’m reading Meditations right now and it’s incredible. It’s basic, yet powerful and something I’ve been able to think and apply to my own life. I’m something on the same path as you (oneititis, self-loathing, anger) and I can only wish this stuff was around 10 years ago.

  34. I give this kid props. He discovered the Red Pill far earlier than most of you did, and I really enjoyed his story. You should be proud that he’s on the right path so early. Stop hating, faggots.

  35. Good story, young man. I can certainly sympathize as I too had a bout of one-itis when I was your age. I guess most of us have. Great for you that you have seen the light and are improving yourself mentally and physically. Keep it up.

  36. Few points. For those hung up on how old the author is…I understand. It is a site for men. Nobody comes here to read the thoughts of a teenager. But what about fathers of sons this kids ago who read this site. Maybe this is the article he can show his boy to finally open him up to the red pill community.
    Also, although I think it is too reactive to be the case, isnt it possible the site allowed this uplifting “found manosphere/improved life” story on here as a response to the negative eliot rodger attention which has been wrongly attributed to sites like this?

  37. I normally don’t read the comment section on most websites because they often contain beta bickering by boys seeking self validation.
    However, optimistically I looked at them on this post because I expected better from the reader on ROK and while I don’t expect everyone to agree I did expect everyone to keep their cool.
    Readers of ROK should not stoop to levels of the Beta which is exactly what I see is going on. And while I do agree that this article should not be posted here, it really is no different then other ones I have read about people that have taken the red pill and depths they were in prior. Granted his age and experience makes me question some of the things he has said it is still a story most can relate too, to a certain degree, which makes it worthwhile.
    I propose that a new tab be added to this site for success/horror stories of men and young men before and after they took the red pill. A collection of men who rose from the ashes.

  38. Reading the comments was a poor idea on my part. Lesson learned.
    This is a site for men, yet so many of you are bickering like women.

  39. People tend to forget, what it is like to be 17. That just means that a short not even two decades long period of time represents your entire life. And if you wrecked a large fraction of it, then yes, you ruined a major part of your life by this time. If you die by the age of 20, then this is a hard fact, which is not changed by the following 60 years of what could have been, because it never happened.
    Commenters forget, that people have different life expectancies.
    For this reason, the first ten years of you life aren’t the just same as any other ten years of your boring 80 years long life, they are much, much more important. Having a good father and good male role models is so important for young men, because it can’t be repaired later, only mitigated. My father died young shortly after he created me and he never had this awesome life traveling the world full of hot young pussy.
    I myself got infected with one-itis for two times in my 30 years, which made about one third of my life miserable. But I saw it as a change to grow and get stronger. If I die tomorrow, that’s a fact and I have every right to see it this way. Maybe there are now following 50 years of SEA bang expeditions and the one-itis episodes become side-notes in remote memory. But that hasn’t happened yet and you can’t expect young people to pretend, as if they just have lived an unimportant fraction of your own life.

  40. Good for you buddy. The earlier guys take the red pill the better. I’m not going to knock your article because obviously its for a younger demographic, and like it or not there are probably young 4chan types on here anyway, might as well educate them.
    Good stuff, may your improvement continue. Don’t beat yourself up for slow progress just keep going. Some things will be figured out over time (I was a heavy gamer, it plays zero part of my life now) and interests will mature over time. I applaud the effort

  41. Congrats to you, Man in the Making! I wish I had discovered the Red Pill at 17. My life would look a lot different right now.

  42. I have a loser brother who says he is liberal and isnt gonna judge a woman just because she slept with many men in her past. Hes a fat dweeb who wears flip flops in public. Ive tried to get him to work out with me but he doesnt care that hes fat. He thinks this website was written by a bunch of people who cant get laid (Funny thing is that he hasnt gotten laid himself!). Hes dating this girl but he hasnt even kissed her on the lips. She once didnt respond to his texts for 2 hours (supposedly her battery died but im not buyin that). She gives me certain looks every time she comes over to our house. If I didnt have any respect for my fatass brother, I get the feeling I could actually fuck her. I have a strong suspicion that shes cheating on him…..

  43. Great article! keep on going, Im very happy to hear that, many of us has been through much of the same as you! Is it you on the photo?

  44. I had a crush that actually worked out the best for me. My hopeless crush as a beta made me want to make myself worthy for this girl. Well she’d lost a bunch of weight in the past and I was severely overweight so I hit the gym and started extreme dieting. I ate 3 small meals a day usually consisting of a biscuit and a glass of orange juice for breakfast, a plain baked potato for lunch or a raw ear of corn, and a handful of lettuce from a salad bag for supper. I ran everyday for an hour. I lost 60 lbs in around 3 months. She still hooked up with other dudes all over the world and went from being the sweet girl I knew to getting some of the most hideous tattoos I’ve ever seen and becoming a sort or techno rocker gamer chick, but atleast I lost the weight.
    Ofcourse, losing the weight so drastically may have fucked up my gallbladder. I actually had an abdominal ultrasound this morning. We’ll see.

  45. Way to show support. I don’t read bullshit irrational bickering like this on Jizzabel. Why is it men get their asses handed to them by feminists? Exhibit A … this comment section … lack of unity.
    Keep it up kid. I wish I had your insight at 17. You’re on the right path.

  46. Hey man, congratulations on getting the red pill early. I wish that knowledge was around when I was your age. And don’t listen to the whiners who make this comment section sound like a bitchy edition of a feminist blog.
    Also, your best years are yet to come – from mid 20s to late 30s, when you are financially secure, have traveled a bit and bedded more than a handful of women. See Rollo Tomassi for his explanation on male sexual market value.
    I wouldn’t too much about trying to read all the classics at once. You’re better off getting your ass in college, developing skills and expertise that allow you to find employment in a large part of the world (ie programming, engineering, science etc), then use that expertise to live and work abroad for a while.
    And keep working on your fitness!

  47. Great Article. As a young man figuring this crazy world out, I sympathize and remember what my one-itis did to me. The depressed nights, the frustration. Keep on Keeping on.
    As far as the select few that chose to attack this Man, I am appalled. We were all in his shoes at one point or another in one form or another. This is a safe haven, and it will be treated as such.
    Instead of turning on each other, we need to stick together i we are to ever see real progress in our lifetime. If American men truly unite, perhaps we can revert to a time where we didn’t need to read books and study “game” to sleep with women. Go back to mutual respect between the genders, and elimination of this incessant, primal Beta competition for pussy.

  48. Fair fu*ks to ya dude. Your story is inspiring regardless of age or when you took the red pill. Don’t get bogged down in two-itis either! Game is numbers. Don’t give a shit about making the first time ‘special’. stick it in and enjoy it.

  49. Life not started for me until I was 26. Before that, it was just….bad.
    Man mature slower, but when they do, it is like fireworks! Bam! You are on the right path, don’t rush it. It will take a few years, but it will be worth it.

  50. I sympathize with you greatly. I find myself in much the same boat, though hopefully a little ahead of you (I’m 20). I’ll admit I had some pretty obsessive crushes on girls in school. Its only later on that you realize those girls aren’t really anything special, and that there’s literally millions of pretty girls out there who are more-or-less interchangeable.
    I’ll be honest – I was the biggest beta at a kid as well. I had no idea when to shut up, or how to make friends. Going to a select entry all-boys high school didn’t help either. I never had any friends over at my place in the whole 6 years I was at High School for instance (though admittedly I live an hour or so out of town).
    Since then however, I think I’ve slowly been making progress in the right direction. I first started going to parties in year 11, and had a partially successful 20th (about a dozen people turned up) last year. My first kiss was at a school social aged 16, and I’ve gone on a few dates since, got to second base once. I’m still a virgin, but that’s hardly unusual for 20-something males here in Australia (I sweat at least 90% of my year level graduated HS as virgins). I only go out with friends maybe once a month, but its miles better than it used to be.
    Otherwise I’ve been working on self-improvement. While I suffered from social anxiety as a kid, I’ve been working to overcome it since then. I’ve always done a lot of running but since I left High School I’ve been going to the gym regularly (my journey there mirrors Tuthmosis). Sometimes when I’m too busy during the day I wonder down to the local park at 1 in the morning to do some chin-ups on the monkey bars instead.
    I’ve even branched out into writing (I submit short stories to magazines and have a couple of blogs), radio (where I volunteer at a local station) and even stand-up comedy (been going to open mic nights – have had a lot of fun, and its great for your social life), maybe it could even become my ‘niche’ as Roosh recommends.
    A benefit of living at home and having a slow social life is also the ability to save money, and I’ve now got over 10 grand in the bank, hopefully enough for a car and a housing deposit at some point. I’m also considering laser eye surgery (I wear glasses, which seems to disqualify you instantly in the eyes of girls at nightclubs around here. Many of my friends wear contacts, but I hate them). I found Return of Kings about a year ago, and while I don’t necessarily agree with everyone on the site (I’m not really a conservative) a lot of the articles on women, dating and self-improvement are just spot-on.
    I also take solace in the fact that while I still have a long road to go, many of my fundamentals are good – I’m very fit, skinny, just over 6ft tall, very nerdy but got good marks at school (I’m now studying law). I don’t recall anyone ever really calling me ‘ugly’, and I don’t have a small penis or anything either (it may not break any records, but I’m not expecting any complaints 😉 )
    One more thing. I don’t know about other people, but much of my motivation comes from anecdotes like this –
    Once, when I’d just turned 18, I went to a nightclub with some friends. At one point a girl, not even all that pretty (maybe 7/10), leaned over and said to me ‘Don’t bother – she’s out of your league’ referring to her friend who I was dancing near.
    Quite shocked, I said back to her – ‘Ok, how about you?’
    She just looked me up and down, with a look on her face like I was a toad who’d just asked to kiss the princess, and immediately said back to me – ‘I’m so far out of your league, its not funny!’ Before turning around and stalking off.
    I think that might be the day I swallowed the red pill, even if I didn’t know it yet.
    Lets just wait a few years, bitch! See who’s out of who’s league then!

  51. A decent rule of thumb for “the young man starting out” runs as follows:
    After age 30: Look for Miss Right.
    Before age 30: Prefer Miss Right Now.
    This might not always have been a reliable guide, but in 21st Century America it is.

  52. Let us not victim blame a fellow male. (I feel that some of the haters of this article are paid shills of establishment propaganda.) Let us encourage his journey to evolve and grow into a more alpha male. I’m 32, and I am inspired to hear someone blessed to learn in their teen years something that I did not learn until my twenties. His story highlights the progress of male society. Men value the truth, so we should value his field report as an indication of progress being made. If you don’t like his article, what have YOU brought to the table as an alpha? If you have something better to write, bless the site with YOUR article.

  53. How would you recommend I help a friend in a similar situation…?
    A good friend who I really care about is a pretty religious virgin in his mid 20’s.
    Years ago he explained that his plan was to find another Christian virgin in the church, fall in love, marry her and be each other’s first and last.
    But as time advances I think he’s seeing how unrealistic this plan is… but he is irrationally motivated by his faith that says it’s the worst sin to have sex with a woman who isn’t your wife.
    How do I get him to understand that he really needs to get some sexual experience under his belt if he wants to attract a quality woman?
    I think waiting till marriage probably made a lot of sense in decades past when people got married in their late teens or early 20’s and stayed married for life. The modern Church does exceptionally little to prepare young people for marriage at a young age yet still shoves abstinence and monogamy down their throats, which I find really unfair…
    I actually have some respect for religion, I think it’s a net positive for society but religious deprogramming is essential for redpillers.

  54. Congratulations – you are on your way. Thianks for sharing your story; in many ways it’s similar to my own, although I didn’t clue in to how the world works until years after you did.
    Continue your journey toward self-improvement, and keep us updated annually.

  55. SHE did this to you? You did this to you. If she was “out of your league”, doing something to get into her league would have been better than eating and cheating. Self-pitying chump

  56. A little young for sure, but respect for getting educated on self-respect at an early age. Don’t write off women though; you’re definitely (no disrespect, we’ve all been there) a little young to make that determination.

  57. I wouldn’t blame feminism on the part of you oneitis. I would blame the rigidness of religions.

  58. You said you live in a Christian home.
    Are you a Christian?
    If so, I wouldn’t try to act like pagan fornicators, the players that only want one thing.
    You may get some pussy that way, but ultimately, won’t be good for you.
    Learning the game is one thing but acting sexually irresponsible isn’t great and simply getting pussy won’t solve your problems of loneliness and wanting to be in a relationship.
    I certainly sympathize and know what you’re going through as i also seemed invisible to women until my late 20s.
    One can be a Christian gentleman without becoming something they shouldn’t.

  59. It is good to see you are building your confidence. One thing I will say is do not be bitter. Life is a journey. You got through a rough patch. Now just move forward. Do not let the past eat you up.

  60. It is a good story, it is from the heart. everyone has to start somewhere. Some parts of it are spot on , other parts seem contrived.. but if its his story.. then its all good. The whole journey to becoming a solid man, to discover what it means to be a man..its a different path for many.. but we should all end up in about the same spot. With friends and relationships that fill us with joy and happiness and a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. Otherwise what the fk are we doing here ?

  61. Here is a cure for oneitis. Sign for a dating website such as OkCupid, POF, and Tinder. Browse through as a social media website such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Research multiple girl’s profiles for patterns. Most of them have selfies, yoga pants, fitness, 50 Shades of Grey, One Direction, Reality shows, Iphones, Starbucks, duckfaces, booties, cupcakes, traveling, vacation, beaches, family, etc. The more I browse those websites, the more I took girls of the pedestal. They were all interested in the same things so they are delusional in the princess/special snowflake mentality. None of them were actually special. Guys, if you think one girl is special and not like the others, think again. If they are interested in similar activities, each one is easily replaceable. So you are able to date multiple girls since common interests and behavior patterns destroy the “special girl” mentality. Girls often compete with each other over the popular guy/Alpha Male because he sees them as the same/commodity and easily move from one to another. Reflect on that this weekend.

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