6 Reasons To Date An Obese Girl

Today I read an article called 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder. I was shocked by some of the attitudes displayed, especially the idea that men should prefer slim girls. Don’t these people know that all women are beautiful?

Some of the comments were shocking too. So much hate. So much negativity. It almost seemed like some people felt insulted. Personally, I prefer that everyone get along well. So please try to see the titillating side of obesity as you enjoy these six reasons to date an obese girl.

1. Hard work makes a man stronger


Building muscle and getting strong has always been an obsession in the manosphere. It’s so hard to find the motivation to attend the gym regularly, though. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to lift heavy without even leaving the bedroom? There is an easy solution to these problems.

2. Lower risk of pregnancy


Pregnant or fat?

Raw dogging is the last word in pleasure, but it comes with all kinds of risks. One benefit of obesity is that it reduces fertility. For a man who doesn’t want children, it acts as a convenient natural contraceptive. The expected child support load is less for each load ejected. Thrust the risks to the back of your mind and plow straight ahead with a feeling of safety and security.

3. You look forward to not having sex


Eventually you will get tired or disgusted of having sex with your girl. This allows you to focus on other tasks like work or reading. Instead of being a sex-crazed maniac all the time, you can look forward to being productive during the inevitable periods when you can’t bear to have sex with your obese girlfriend.

4. Lack of other options


Sexual scarcity is a fact of life for men. Every man has gone through dry spells. Lack of success can snowball as confidence is lost. Sexual health and function will start to droop if not exercised regularly—it’s use it or lose it. Offer your sausage to those who really love sausages and do your part to feed the starving.

5. Opportunities to explore buffet game


Debates rage over the relative merits of day game and night game. Men write serious, sober articles about relative returns to their different types of pickup efforts. Imagine intercepting your girl as she picks up that third bowl of ice cream. Your wingman helps you isolate by discretely neutralizing a cockblocker at the cake table. Go where the really big game grazes. Be the first to write a post about buffet game.

6. Returning to quality gives more pleasure than before


Everything is a circle. No phase continues forever. There will come a time when a man will regrettably have to give up the delicious sexual buffet that obese girls can provide. It’s only the result of patriarchal brainwashing, of course, but afterwards those lesser girls will give so much pleasure. Release from your obese girl phase may intensify some other kind of release.

… and that’s just the beginning

I didn’t even mention looking slim by comparison, access to her slimmer friends, more surface area for expressive tattoos, improving the gene pool, and greater floatation for your boat.

So next time a BBW walks by, don’t look away. Hide your disgust and try to see her as a kind of larger, sweatier red pill. See it as an opportunity to go on a journey into the heart of something luscious. Remember, everything that leads to comfort leads to weakness. Take the plunge, and you may find yourself a better man afterwards.

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302 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Date An Obese Girl”

  1. Stop. With social media fat chicks have egos of dimes, that or major self-esteem issues she’ll project on to you. If you’re into cubbies do you. Nothing worse than a fat girl who thinks she has value.
    Regarding #2 I’m always amazed when I see landwhales lugging around 3 or 4 kids.

    1. “Fives who think that they’re tens” is an increasingly common phenomenon in our present society.

  2. Ah, the joys of fat love! No. 4 on this list gets us all. To avoid being rude, I imagine 65% of sexual interaction from men came at that perfect Dry Spell moment. A little bit of alcohol, a ton of testosterone and a hint of depression mixed with desperation saved many a hideous woman from loneliness.
    As I type I am cornered between a woman of 260 at 5’3″ wondering, would I find my sausage again if I followed this article? Granted, I’ve gone big before. Honestly, I went home and haven’t looked back.

      1. Depending on how fat she is, ass-crack might get the job done without even soiling the private’s helmet.

  3. I was in a Starbucks the other day when these two obese white girls came in. I had to stifle a laugh when I heard one of them say, “let’s get one of the tables, the chairs are wider.”

    1. Noooo. They order the choco mocha double cream latte as a “skinny”. Ha! Makes me laugh every time. Sister, there ain’t NOTHING skinny bout you.

    2. Note to the mocha-frappo drinkers: if it’s made with milk, syrup, and whipped cream then it’s a milkshake. The addition of a shot of espresso does not make it a coffee: it’s still a milkshake.

      1. “I can get that shit at Arby’s …”
        The Jamocha shake — love it for what it is: cheaper than *fux.

  4. No. There are no valid reasons to ever date an obese woman. If she is obese, she has mental issues. No dry spell is worth that “oasis.”

    1. I have to admit I once visited the oasis during a dry spell. The risks didn’t justify the low intensity relief obtained.
      You are 100% correct. Unfortunately I was thinking with the little head and did not have the benefit of a reliable mentor to point out my folly.

      1. Well all those folds of skin rubbing together relentlessly causes perspiration in places most non-obese people don’t even produce sweat, so that’s that!

        1. I’ll tell you something else nasty that occurred to me while contemplating a she-jabba once. The way it looked to me, it was bio-mechanically impossible to reach around all that superfluous flesh to the asshole…so does the ass just stay shitty? Shudder…I never want to get close enough to find out.

        2. Well, youngster, I’ll have to let you know from my bygone youthful days, certain fat broads who actually wanted dudes to get off on them used things like enemas (on themselves, before going out on a cock hunt) to make sure no unpleasant surprises occurred during the, let’s say, interaction between Man and Beast.
          Then they did stuff that crazy Filipina tilt-a-whirl operators would charge way extra for, if they’d even consider it.

    2. Yes, they are bitter, crabby, rude gargantuoids. Mad at the universe for something they did to themselves (and don’t buy their “B-b-b-b-but I have a thyroid disorder!” cop out, only a small iota of them actually have this! It’s a bold-face lie!). Gentlemen, don’t ever hesitate to say to one “Listen, in today’s world, you can either be fat, or you can be a bitch, but you CANNOT be both!” if a situation calls for it. Watch how fast you make the thinking gears in their head start grinding after that!

    3. On top of that, even if you think there is a valid reason, you still gotta get yer dick hard…good luck with that.

    1. I said the same thing:
      Buffet Game.
      You should write a book like Roosh, it would be interesting. I can see it now….
      “Okay, so at the buffet, I would pick the far left side of the room because that’s where you can trap and talk to her. Make sure you mount up on food for her so that she doesn’t have to go back to the buffet table.”
      Hahaha he said Buffet Game.

  5. My ex really found her self after we parted. Grew into her role as a woman. Maybe our relationship was keeping her (weight) down. I hope some nice guy sends her this article. Even fat girls deserve hope!

      1. I’m proud to say she had much finer bone structure and better muscle tone when I had her.
        I suspect something more than her bones got bigger after our parting.

        1. I hadn’t even considered that.
          Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. It is absolutely certain that it wasn’t operating at full capacity during my tenure.

        2. Back at you. I really enjoy your quick wit. If I see you’re in a thread that needs help, sometimes I move on rather than get involved. I know if you’re there the argument is in good hands.

    1. “My ex really found herself after we parted.”
      She went shopping for some exotic cock?

      1. Well, she didn’t exactly wait until we parted, and you might change exotic for “any strange”, but you have the right idea.
        By found herself, I meant she not only lowered her standards for men, she lowered her personal fitness standards. She found at least 40 lbs. of herself in the first four months after our parting. In total, it looked as if she’s found around 140 more lbs. of her over the next few years.

        1. Now, now. That’s your fault don’tchaknow because you dumped her and ruined her self esteem, therefore, she developed an eating “disorder” due to the trauma of you dumping her. By the way, the last time you had sex with her it felt like rape so that knock on your door is the cops.

        2. It was her idea to leave. Her self-esteem took the hit when I refused to ever accept a “Lets be friends (who fornicate)” phone call. I rented a big house with four other single guys. They had my blessing to have their fun with her anytime her phone number was on the caller ID.
          To say they were clever and cruel would be an understatement.
          Her last attempt came in ’92. Sam Kinison was a friend of one of my employees. We convinced him to return the call during his act that night. We all went to the club. It was epic. There was one more call after that. She left it on my answering machine. It was a deranged rant which didn’t end before her minute was up.

        3. Forgive my harsh language, but you started it.
          If you want to demean a man by using a body part, you call him an asshole.
          If you want to demean a woman by using a body part, you call her a cunt.
          No matter how hard I could have tried, I would never have been a bigger cunt than she was.
          You on the other hand, have an excellent shot at being a bigger cunt than she was.

        4. She definitely developed an eating disorder. She was a competitive swimmer when I had her. Putting my hand around her waist was like fondling live electricity.
          In my absence she quit her regular workouts and quickly turned into a human termite queen. When she wore a dress with a lot of buttons she looked like a human example of metamerism.

        5. You should be envious. At least she could keep a real man interested for a while.
          Use your vocal chords for birth control much?

        6. You’re picking a rhetoric fight with Cicero.
          Give it up now, before he focuses on you, you stupid fat cow.

        7. I’m actually flattered. Being called a cunt by the likes of you warms the cockles of my heart.

        8. Picking a rhetoric fight with someone who can’t spell is hardly intimidating. Cicero? The misplaced admiration you roosh fans have for some of the commenters here is nothing short of hilarious.

        9. Read English. He didn’t call you a cunt, even after you called him an asshole.
          What you wrote here was actually a confession.
          Take you cuntish behavior and your FaceBook trolling somewhere else.

        10. Not Cicero the commentor, Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Roman orator and defender of Republicanism whose style of speaking has has profound effects on the way other languages, including English, even the phrasing you choose, is spoken.
          They must not have taught Rhetoric as part of your Womyn’s Studies edcuation.
          Truly you are an ignorant cunt.

        11. The likes of what? A family man who takes is busting his butt to make it happen for his wife and kids?
          Don’t you have a lesbian Womyn’s conference to be at this week?

        12. Said the FaceBook, shit-storm, cut-and-paste, SJW, troll who left her modern day hen party to barge into the garage and tell the men how it is gonna be…

        13. You’re responding to yourself.
          You must decide if you are an asshole or a cunt. Choose one and stick to it.
          I understand that pinworms can make a fat girl insane. If that is the problem, just admit it here, and I will leave you alone.

        14. I bet you’ve had more than your fair share of cockles.
          We know the blue one is your favorite.

        15. If he was the bigger asshole, that status definitely ended after roughly her 600th cheeseburger post-breaking up with the Shep..

        16. You know, now that I think about it, you are absolutely anatomically correct!
          Sometimes I just miss the obvious.
          Thanks for the 30,000 ft. view, and she can definitely be seen from 30,000 ft.

  6. Wow. When i read the title, i was agape, with my jaw firmly on the desk.
    Clicked the article link, hoping for sarcasm.
    It was sarcasm. Phew!
    End of story.

  7. Well, this article should at least balance the scales now with that other excellent classic ‘Eating Disorder’ article. Metaphorically, balance the scales……

      1. Lindy West? Even Captain Ahab is going, ‘Fuck that. I’ll pass. Don’t wanna overload my 2 big boats’.

  8. Don’t forget, when the zombie apocalypse comes you have plenty of time to get away with your monstrously obese fatty feeding the horde for days.

  9. I think it was over at one of Vox’s sites recently there was an article that obese women were far more likely to have “unplanned” pregnancies. So while obesity might hinder conception, obese women are substantially less likely to be using any form of contraception. Raw dog at your own risk.

    1. The fatties know they can never snag a man with high value so they try either trapping him through pregnancy or just squeeze out a few and get on the dole. Just go trolling through the trailer park and you’ll know what I mean.

  10. Just profile surf on OKCupid or POF and there’s more than enough cows to go shopping for. Headshot selfies only, top-down MySpace angle selfies, pics that were obviously once medium or long shots that used the iPhone’s zoom and crop features to showcase only the head and ended up all fuzzy and distorted, plus other forms of female subterfuge, deceit and attempted insults to your intelligence galore!

    1. Shortest distance between two points: Just post a profile mentioning how much you like fat broads because there’s so much more to love.

    1. “if it’s doggy style, well, there’s nothing quite like watching the waves propagate across their behinds.” You left out one important tidbit… the smell, oh God, the SMELL!!!

      1. You might want to protect your delicate member with some padding – by immediately burying it to the hilt, in, say, 175 kilos of soft, wet, horny, sweaty, cheese-odour on it’s way to becoming vomity smelling, fat broad pussy hole.

  11. smart men recognise there is nothing like a woman of substance. sometimes, quite a lot of substance!

    1. And that’s why we have programs here for those who have fallen prey to substance abuse.

      1. Or perhaps, been preyed upon and abused by substance? Seduced by abundance and sexually steamrollered flat by freaky kink that no one in their right mind would ever admit to thinking about – and yet, she does, she just did that, twice, and the real crime is he can’t stop thinking about it and begging her to do it again, yet she cravenly and cruelly not only refuses, but insists she’s just not that kind of gal.
        Time for Fataholics Anonymous to save the day.

  12. #7: because the simple burden of living makes every fat fold sweat profusely, the sexually adventurous man will find many more options for naturally lubricated copulation.
    #8: if you’ve ever laid face down on a waterbed, felt it jiggle beneath you, and thought to yourself, “I want to nail this thing,” you can indulge your fantasy every time you have missionary sex.

    1. “#8: if you’ve ever laid face down on a waterbed, felt it jiggle beneath you, and thought to yourself, “I want to nail this thing,” you can indulge your fantasy every time you have missionary sex.”
      Bro, stop, this had me rolling to damn hard!!!

  13. I prefer young thick/slightly chubby blondes with big tits and a pretty face.
    Niche interest I guess.

      1. Agreed. If the apogee of her fat rolls project out as far as her nipples, she doesn’t have big tits, she just has two fat containers on her chest.

        1. “she just has two fat containers on her chest”
          Most likely filled with cottage cheese.

    1. No, though you will likely find 200+ pounds of curdled ice cream if you dissect one. Curdled ice cream != beauty.

      1. You know Thomas Jefferson and George Washington counted their ice cream makers as treasures, but by age 12 Laqueffa on welfare has likely eaten more ice cream than both in their entire lives.

  14. I think this site could use a bit more satire. Some comic relief from dealing with all the feminist, SJW bullshit is refreshing.

    1. A very wise woman (no, she wasn’t The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, she was actually real!) once told me “Smart people don’t read the comments” about the comments sections of articles, which is generally true, but man, the comments on ROK articles are solid gold! Platinum, even! It sure is nice to finally find a safe place where a man can be a man and not be chased with cyber pitchforks and torches through town! We’ve practically formed a brotherhood here!

      1. Only glass-headed SJWs don’t read the comments because it bursts their equalism-social marxist-pajamaboy-hugzone bubble.

        1. If what you’re saying can’t be defended and stand up to scrutiny, maybe it’s not all that intelligent in the first place.

        2. Actually, there’s no good reason to read the comments on news, sports, or tech sites. People just get emotional based on their own personal biases or vendettas.
          Here, we speak from actual empiricism and stereotypes that oddly seem to perpetuate themselves.

        3. The women’s movement was started by tatted up fat sluts?
          It sure looks as if tatted up fat sluts are trying to end the women’s movement.
          I like to call this picture, ‘Lena Checks for Pinworms”

      2. Hell yea, the social justice warriors and politically correct idiots can’t censor here!

    1. No whaling is allowed in our waters! So do like the Japanese, and say it’s for “scientific purposes”…
      Greenpeace will be hysterical. But you see, as we reach peak oil, we may once again find blubber is a necessary fuel to keep our economy running.

    1. MOTHER OF ALLAH! That girl lives in my town! I know her! I saw her one night out at a bar drunk and all alone with her mascara running down her face and she was BEGGING me to hang out with her, as if being seen with her alone in a bar and not with other people in a group to use as cannon fodder was going to somehow be okay with me. I said “Oh, uh, I have plans, but, uh, hit me up on Facebook sometime, yeah.” and ducked the fuck out. I have a reputation to uphold, dammit!

    2. That’s the same silly bitch who posts article proclaiming that even the hourglass shapes on plus size models are unrealistic and that we should be embracing women who have gone full Jabba as models.
      Notice she didn’t have a fat guy as her companion for the shoot. Double standards?

      1. The guy’s definitely on the bigger side (though not as big as her)… her
        massive body just blocks the view.

  15. Somehow I find myself more disgusted by that guy in the top picture than by the landwhale next to him. You gotta wonder who got bigger mental issues.

      1. She doesn’t have one. That’s what made her fat. An embarrassing lack of neck, needing to be concealed by layer upon layer of fat.

  16. Can somebody get a buffet game data sheet immediately?!? I’ll take on old country buffet tonight and post the results.
    Truly a good article.

    1. You know… I think you might have just inadvertently pointed out a new gap in the market…

      1. The ones who believe in #2. Wrap it boys or that gigantic hairy maw will crap out a five pound baby tumour in nine months. Just imagine having to deal with she beast for 18 years and of course she will completely destroy the kid. Of course pregnancy will result in a 75lb. weight gain because she is “eating for two”.
        Who breeds with these beasts? Dumb guys who go for the wet hairy hole and have no thought process.

        1. #2 is actually true – but it’s about percentages and thus makes your point equally valid. If you pick 1000 obese 21 year old girls and 1000 slender 21 year old girls, the % of slender ones who can get pregnant is significantly higher – there is a very valid reason evolution makes men revolted by fat chicks of reproductive age. Problem is, there is still a significant part of the land whales who get pregnant, too.

        2. Rofl!!! Land whales! I lived with a fat chick once in college and the most disgusting thing I ever heard was her mating with her fat loser boyfriend (who actually had rich, Harvard educated parents) in the morning before they ate KFC with syrup off of each others belly’s. Poor guys parents were probably super ashamed of him.

      2. Just visit any large military town like Norfolk, VA or Fayetteville, NC where the ratio of men to women is completely skewed in favor of the latter.
        Your eyes will never be the same……….

        1. yeah, raging hormones and a complete lack of options will have you sticking your wang into any chick you can.

        2. That’s why I’m against the “if you’re in a rut spear a hog” mentality. Just jerk off if you’re that damn thirsty that you might actually consider lowering your standards so much that you will be disgusted with yourself afterwards.

        3. Agree completely, the hogs just aren’t worth it, even if they’re ripe for the pickin’.

      3. Awww, you must be one of those guys that tried to get laid with one but got turned down because they could not handle your charm. Don’t worry you will be able to find someone soon to lose your virginity to.

    2. Be nice, she’s not fat, she’s “curvy”. It’s what’s inside that counts. She has digestive problems and addictions and allergies (not to food), PCOS, insulin resistance, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance………

      1. Dunno the name of the planet, but she sure as fuck be influencing tidal patterns across the northern hemisphere.

  17. They say that deep down, in every 300 lbs chick, there hides a 149 lbs beauty. If you ask me, that probably has something to do with them swallowing one…

  18. Lmao. Wonderful! We needed a comedian in resident. All the drab melancholics here including myself at times just need to laugh every now and then.

  19. My mind was blown for a second, then I realized this article is brought to us by the Onion and sponsored by high fructose corn syrup.

  20. I had a male family member whose first marriage ended in divorce. He remarried an obese woman who lost all the weight for him and has stayed skinny. I’ve tried not being shallow and briefly dated obese women. But I can’t do it. I can’t fake arousal. It feels like hugging a giant marsh mellow.

    1. – I’ve tried not being shallow and briefly dated obese women. But I can’t
      do it. I can’t fake arousal. No, its not a form of discrimination,
      because obesity isn’t genetic except for about 5% of the population.-
      But….but….but arousal IS shallow! Men of substance or REAL men should aim for meaningful conversation or engaging discussion with women instead of aiming for shallow things like arousal or attraction. Seriously, I pity you for missing out so much on meaningful conversations under the full moon with those quality werewhales.

      1. Boo-fukkin-hoo, you male chauvenist pig-haters – you have no problem using ‘boner pills’ like Viagris for sexy broads, use it when SHE, the fat one, needs your cock.

  21. Spinal Tarp said it best…..
    The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’
    That’s what I said
    The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
    Or so I have read
    My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
    I’d like to sink her with my pink torpedo
    Big bottom, big bottom
    Talk about bum cakes, my girl’s got ’em
    Big bottom drive me out of my mind
    How could I leave this behind?
    I met her on Monday, ’twas my lucky bun day
    You know what I mean
    I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek day
    You know what I mean
    My love gun’s loaded and she’s in my sights
    Big game is waiting there inside her tights, yeah
    Big bottom, big bottom
    Talk about mud flaps, my girl’s got ’em
    Big bottom drive me out of my mind
    How could I leave this behind?
    My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
    I’d like to sink her with my pink torpedo
    Big bottom, big bottom
    Talk about bum cakes, my girl’s got ’em
    Big bottom drive me out of my mind
    How could I leave this behind?

  22. I went to buffalo wild wings and picked up a to go order this past sunday. It was absolutely sickening. The place was filled with morbidly obese men wearing jerseys with another mans name on their back. I looked around and didnt see 1 man with muscles. Just men being bitches and fat chicks in attendance. I had my meal at home then went to the gym later that evening. Obesity is a serious problem with our culture.
    Bring back #fatshamingweek.

  23. The girl in the top picture looks like a goddamn golf ball on top of a basketball!
    “Those she were HIGH heels when she bought them!”

  24. Dating a fattie signals to other white people that you are a sweet and sensitive man who can look past the undulating jelly rolls and love the unique snowflake buried beneath the blubber. If there’s one thing women love, it’s skinny white men with big toothy smiles who unabashedly drape their spaghetti arm around the beefy shoulders of a female linebacker as she takes swigs from a bottle of bleu cheese dressing. I’m happy ROK readers are sold on the concept of dating these sweaty, lumbering beasts. Fat chicks need love too. But they gotta pay. Giggity giggity goo.

  25. In other news, the stock of flour manufacturers skyrocketed this afternoon. However, industry insiders expect the gains to be tempered by a forthcoming FDA ruling establishing two grades of flour, “food grade” and “moisture prospecting”.

    1. Dowsing rods might be more economical in the long run if one is to become an “oinker stoinker”.
      On the other hand, one could save a tonne of cash by avoiding the need to add yeast to rise the dough after rolling the fat one in it.

    1. Yeah so? Men in manosphere are heterosexuals who have no interest nor intention to fuck other men, why the hell should they even aware or care that men can look kinda gross too???

      1. Vibrator electromechanics are dreadfully inefficient – therefore, I bet she actually rations her power-tool assisted self-abuse sessions to save money on batteries.
        Or she might combine her freaky exhibistionist tendencies with her SJW/environmental/green activism, and use her solar-powered dildo at high noon every sunny day.

    2. Only homos give a crap what other men look like.
      Now you, for example, might be intriguing.
      I might have to give you the pleasure of being the first participant in my new test research on the viability of a new form of game that I call, “ROK comments section Game”.
      Are you game?

      1. No thanks, I only visit here occasionally to see what new asininities are being posted.

        1. Good, I was too busy for that anyhow.
          Asininities – one day someone’s going to smack your asininities just the way you like, then you’ll finally get your comeuppance (in an erotic, informed-consent-in-advance kind of a way, nothing non-consensual or violent, of course, doll).

        2. “sweeties”, you used the “royal singular” on me, are you trying to turn me on by pandering to my self important contempt?

        3. I heard that warthogs do, because the scent reminds them of their moms… Is “He” one of those?

  26. Obese women complain men are so unfair. But would they buy lingerie from a store that had Jabba The Hut has a mannequin in the display window?

      1. She don’t look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid; I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.

  27. Fat chicks give good head. So they say. I mean that’s what this dude I work with told me the other day.

      1. Moral of the story – only let fat broads with no teeth get your wang in their pie hole.

      2. No doubt the idea fatties and uglies are better cause they’re more grateful is, ahem, blown all out of proportion. Probably a lot of fatties aren’t even good at giving head. They can be lazy and selfish, sitting there, angry cause they’re fat. Unable to really respect a guy that’d fuck ’em. Maybe she gets excited spotting a bag of cheetos out of the corner of her eye at the right moment and becomes really enthusiastic, salivating, head bobbing seal-like. Reward her with a doughnut.

  28. Eww… Fatties (even male fatties), they are lazy and need to workout. There is nothing disgusting than a fat slob. *Vomits

  29. Fat women’s opinions should never be taken seriously
    They’re either bitter or believe in idiotic things
    The few that might be reasonable are an extreme minority and should be assumed negligent out of caution

  30. Also, fat chicks with no muscle tone generally have bigger, looser pussies, so think of all the fun you can have fisting her, she won’t even notice. Everyone’s a winner.

    1. In the olden days, we called this kind of writing “humor”. You may wish to acquaint yourself with it.

        1. Also note the knee pointed straight at the camera so you can’t contemplate the vast circumference of that thigh, while the other is squashed into the protesting recliner.

      1. I’d hit that. Like the fist of a miffed demigod.
        I don’t like fat chicks but Rubenesque will do. The whole standard of modern beauty where models have a body of a 13 year old boy is quite revolting.

      2. That girl is one doughnut away from the women pictured in the article (and I don’t see her getting any smaller).

    1. Holy crap. I thought that was photoshopped, but it’s real.
      Our society is a sick place, and the sickness is being manifested in many ways.

  31. Ah, Mr Kassel, I see your grand plan …
    You believe that if these men see the product of giving up their exercise regimens and general good sense toward activity, they’ll avoid the Choke-It-All-Down Festival known as the Christmas buffet.
    Also, you’ve undoubtedly caused some of our members with weaker stomachs to empty the contents of these stomachs, possibly causing temporary weight loss (as well as a bit of tooth erosion). Again, you are to be commended for thinking ahead in this manner.
    As for the … dreadful scenery … you’ve forced upon us, that too must be part of your plan of making us appreciate good times when we have them, again another Christmastime tradition.
    Yes, Merry Christmas to all, and may all your chicks be light.

  32. Fat women are lazy and disgusting. .they make. Me. Want to vomit. Just shaming to get men to date ugly fat single mom’s.

  33. OMG, That first photo reminds me of the big open air concerts I would attend as a teen in the 1970’s. Tons of hot, topless chicks on the shoulders of their man.
    My, my, my how the world has changed. I feel sorry for younger generations of men having to wade through a sea of cows to even have a glimpse of a beautiful mermaid.
    I hope that such rampant obesity does not make the earth start to wobble!!!

  34. 7. If you express interest in fatass women, people will assume that you have a huge cock.

  35. I’ve heard from such men who dated fat chicks only was that the fat and sticking your dick in it feels really good. Strangely, I’ve never heard of a guy who loves fat women go back to dating thin women.

  36. Reminds me of the old joke.
    What do fat chicks and vespas have in common?
    They are fun to ride but you don’t want anyone to see you doing it.

  37. They’re either too skinny or fat. One of the reasons i broke it off with my ex was the fact that she was getting too skinny. and she was already thin enough. I need a tad bit more than just skin on bones.

    1. Don’t take one to the beach, Greenpeace will keep trying to roll her back into the water.

    1. Freaky. She looks like one of my snakes on feeding day when it’s starting to eat the rodent. Her jaw looks like it’s going to come unhinged and she’s gonna swallow his face.

      1. Oh, so this is actually a screenshot from the “Eaten Alive” special? I thought the dude survived that.
        No, wait – remember the movie “V”?

  38. Seriously? This article strikes me as the epitome of pandering to the beta male. It should be posted at Jizzebel. Is the American male so desperate they pick the lowest hanging fruit . . . then feel the need to come to a manosphere site & shamelessly spout the virtues of such pathetic, disgusting conduct . . . ?
    Haven’t been to this site in a while. I am dumbfounded to see this.
    Please tell me this is a joke.
    The virtues of sleeping with bona-fide land whales! How can a man live with himself after such activity?
    What’s the next cock-eyed “badge of virtue” on the way to becoming Western male?
    Could an essay on the virtues of engaging in sodomy with lady boys be far off?
    If so, then Fallen Archangel Lucifer is among us.
    . . . and he is snickering.

    1. Dude, there’s been some totally cool articles recently. Jefe’s article on the benefits of mass carb loading was particularly illuminating, and Quintus Curtius’s article about how Japan was totally justified in the Rape of Nanking was just unforgettable. I don’t know what you’re worried about 😛

  39. I have dated and fucked a few obese women… never again. I have more dignity than this. There was nothing good in those experiences.

  40. I like fat girls. They don’t look as good as thin girls, but I like how they feel. The only downside is that their personal hygiene can be “problematic”. But if they’re clean and sane, a fat girl is great to have in bed.

    1. So long as you only do her missionary or doggy style, yes. Cowgirl is a hazard to your health.

    1. You don’t have any more jam, the fat chicks stole it, spread it with half a pound of butter on their bread, and ate it.

  41. Looking at these pics made me realize that I need to be kinder to myself when it comes to my body. I always think that I am fat….yet when I look at the pics in this article, I realize that I am half the size of those beasts and thus I cannot really be as fat as I think I am.
    I have cousin who had two kids with a man she was with for over ten years. He was muscular and handsome while she was a juggernaut. He wouldn’t marry her no matter how much she pressured him. Finally, he told her that her weight turned him off and he didn’t want a fat wife. My cousin refused to lose the weight and now she is an enormous single mom just like her mother. So sad.

  42. What’s your problem? You spend a lot of time worrying about fat girls.. I guess we all know, that no man in ROK would never ever consider sleeping with a fat girl. OK you’ve made your point, what is all this mincing and moaning? Leave fat girls alone, they are not raping you or anything..

  43. Reason #4 is the first and only for overweight and obese guys: is the only chance you have. Even so once in a while you find overweight women (actually fatter than you) making you feel uncomfortable ’cause they prefer slim and/or athletic dudes.

  44. So this is meant to be satire? Looking forward to not having sex? You really must be insane. In my experience fat women are hornier and much more willing to please. They are amazing.
    Most of you guys show an attitude that will never get you laid with anyone out of free will that is. But that is probably for the best since the world will be a much better place without you guys spreading the genes.

  45. This is a joke right ? …, here’s six reasons not to, 1: YUCK!!! 2: YUCK!!! 3: YUCK!!! 4: YUCK!!! 5: YUCK!!! aaaaaaand 6: YUCK!!!

  46. Or you could pay a hot Columbian woman $100 to have sex with you? Aiming low just cheapens the whole process. I’d rather have a 16 than an 8 any day but there are limits

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