How Your Education Failed You

The educational system is one of the largest and most underestimated governmental regulation systems in the world.

Attending school in the United States is compulsory from the time we’re about 6 until we turn 18, which is a lengthy amount of time to be a slave in a system in which you have no control. The vast majority of children are taught the same subjects, and with the same techniques. Everyone is funneled towards the same end goal.

You are conditioned for over a decade to have behaviors within a certain range, and you learn preselected information using ubiquitous techniques. This is all done to make you a productive wage slave in our capitalist economy. Unfortunately, if you do not deviate from this path and change your mindset at some point, then you will end up as a wage slave. And this is exactly what they want.

You were psychologically and physically conditioned with this system, but this conditioning can be overcome. View the system objectively for what it is.

A special kind of hell


As a result of second-wave feminism in the 1960’s as well as the onset of third-wave feminism in the late 1980’s-1990’s, the school systems we grew up in were solidified upon the grounds of a feminine-centric mindset.

It is universally understood that boys have an innate biological tendency to be physical and active. But this fact has been shamelessly ignored. The system tells you to sit down at a desk for hours at a time. There is no relief aside from small breaks during a recess or lunch. Females are fine with this, as young girls are physically tame and very respectful of authority.

But the boys are overlooked. They cannot control what their physiology is aching to do, especially at an age when their self-control is still developing. They are reprimanded and made to feel sorry about their nature, and it is deemed unacceptable if they cannot fit in with this single-minded system. They are often drugged with powerful psychoactive chemicals to force their conformity.


As a young student I felt trapped in this system. I was the boy who could never focus and always had too much energy. I was punished continuously for it, both indirectly and directly, and struggled in school as a result. It is easy to harbor negative emotions towards a system that makes you feel like an outcast. I hated the teachers and the school system for trying to make me into someone I was not.

Subconsciously I knew it was absurd that I was being punished for not fitting in with their agenda. But I did not know how to consciously recognize or express this at a young age, so I developed a sort of passive-aggressiveness towards it all. Combine being ostracized with the intense need of a maturing child to fit in and keep up with his peers, and you have a recipe for soaring student drop-out rates and complete system failure.

Our educational system truly is failing boys everywhere.

Gurian’s book presents statistics that boys get the majority of D’s and F’s in most schools, create 90 percent of the discipline problems, are four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD and be medicated, account for three out of four children diagnosed learning disabilities, become 80 percent of the high school dropouts, and now make up less than 45 percent of the college population” (

This is a quote from a Huffington Post article in reference to Michael Gurian’s book The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and in Life. He uses facts and statistics to support the idea that our school systems are completely failing to meet the needs of their male populations.

Gurian also made another observation that is particularly relevant:

According to Gurian, boys learn by doing and by moving their bodies through space. The more emphasis is placed on the development of early reading skills, and the less emphasis is placed on a healthy amount of movement and experiential learning, the more disadvantageous our schools will be for males.

I can count on one hand the number of times my teachers used any type of “experiential learning” method. And yet we are punished and looked down upon if we don’t excel in a structure that is clearly disadvantageous to us.


He just realized that his grades don’t matter


These methodologies also overlap with the performance evaluations that are present in schools everywhere. Here is the method: you sit at a desk, the teacher talks, and you write. Or, you use a book and write whatever it tells you to. You are then tested on this information in one way: a written exam. If you do not do well, you receive a poor grade, a veritable punishment for your lacking performance.

What does this grade do for your future learning experience? Absolutely nothing. It does, however, make you feel inferior and unintelligent, regardless of how many times you tell yourself otherwise. You may continue to receive this same type of feedback throughout the years, all based on the same evaluation methods. The negativity can compound if you aren’t performing well enough or keeping up with what the system wants you to do.

Grades also make you care infinitely more about your future grades than any amount of “learning” you accomplish. School is supposed to be about learning, isn’t it? The school system that you’ve been raised in evaluates your intelligence with such a slim range of methods that it is disgraceful. Yet nobody questions it, and nobody re-evaluates what the grades mean with a proper perspective.


This man was the epitome of the school misfit

Gentlemen, you cannot let grades define your goals or self-perception. They are meaningless. It is a system of evaluation based on the short term. They never mattered and they never will.

This isn’t to say that you should just flunk out of school, but understand the importance of the real elements in your life. I have received many poor grades in my schooling years, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I realize it has no bearing on my intelligence or future success. I refuse to let another person’s evaluation stop me from achieving what I desire.

Understand that you were dealt an educationally adverse hand, and that there are multiple cultural and societal issues that need to be changed in order to better meet these needs on a system-wide basis.

No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past, you are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it. And that is the basis for all change.   – Jordan Belfort

If you do not enjoy school, struggle with the classroom setting, or just generally feel helpless, know that you are not alone, and have never been alone. I was there, and many others were too.

Don’t let school stop you from going after your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you.

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  1. I’m interested what decades the writer attended school.
    I was a mid 80’s -> y2k kid. All through elementary school I mostly remember environmentalism. Then high school it started becoming “support the poor girls”.
    I’m curious to know which decades the writer experienced.

  2. Our education system in america is a matriarchal Pavlovian system, designed to produce worker drones.
    It was never want to educate you. I’m sorry so many mediocre people cling to their degree as a form of validation.

      1. Exactly – 100% correct
        For more about how America has been deliberately dumbed down, listen to John Taylor Gatto. An outstanding 5 hours of riveting conversation – the most informative 5 hours you could possibly spend:

    1. Even if Finland, consistently one of the highest quality education systems, they say how they do it: look at America, and do everything the opposite. They pay teachers extremely well, encourage the best to become teachers, and give youths plenty of active physical time (aka recess)

      1. I don’t know if you are from Finland, but I must say that the Finnish education system is not that good. If you refer to PISA tests, I suppose that it is just like the Leaning tower of Pisa 😉 Teachers aren’t the best, many of them are women. Ofcourse there are a lot of good things in the Finnish education system, but it is not that much better than American…

    2. From reading the commentary here…it has profoundly failed…as not many ROK readers appear sufficiently qualified to be “worker drones”. Perhaps something more suitable would be the rock quarry or the coal mine.
      To characterize a *free* educational system…a system that tries, often in vain, to provide young people with basic skills in spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, history and science as “slavery” is so absurd its obscene. Certainly it has its shortcomings but to relentlessly inveigh against it while promulgating vague palliatives such as “go after your dreams” is foolishness.
      Face the facts…grades *do* matter…as the suicidal law student noted in Jeff Bridges’ “The Paper Chase”…”its a letter…its a number…but it controls salaries & futures.”

      1. Let me guess you’re a public school teacher (high paid baby-sitter)? Or just a huff post liberal woman?
        I’m an engineer and 90 percent of my education (k thru college) was 100 percent useless to my job. Back when my grandfather became an engineer, the credential process was done basically outside college in the real world. He didn’t even need a bachelor’s degree, but worked for the state department designing buildings.
        Women ruined education by turning it into a bureaucratic nightmare of jumping thru hoops.
        65 percent of special snow flakes (college grads) are women with 3.8 gpas ….
        …. in art history, english, and edujumacation.
        You go girl !

        1. The 90% figure you cite is, of course, far more a colloquial convention than a realistic percentage…unless you spent an inordinate amount of time engaging in basket weaving…which seems quite possible.
          As for the trip down memory lane with your ancestors; well, obviously decades ago, access to a university education was very limited and the percentage of Americans boasting a degree reflected this fact. Consequently those w/o a degree still had a good chance to secure high level employment. However, since the rate of advancement in the general body of knowledge in the last 50 years…taken as a sum total…likely exceeds everything known to mankind prior to 1964…to posit that the educational system has utterly failed is nonsense.
          As for your last point…once again the victim of self determined statistics…while art history may not have extensive applicability…mastery of the English language is and always be an extremely valuable skill.

        2. So you really do think graduating from college is an accomplishment and teaches you valuable info?
          It looks more to me like high school 2.0.
          My non science and math GPA was like a 20.00 out of 4. I went to Boston College … an elite uni. …. I thought it was a joke more or less outside engineering classes.
          Know your place Karen, my IQ is in the high 120s …. not in the 90s like you public school babysitters. Go find someone more gullible to parasite a living off of. And stop taxing me for your non-job.

        3. All these women swooping in with their talking points, just so tiresome. We’ve heard all that tripe a thousand times, then we had many deep discussions with other men…thus leaving women like Karen IN THE DUST. And they are oblivious!

        4. It’s very harmful though to men.
          Most men, I mean 75 percent plus, should not go to college. It is a waste of their youth and money.
          Shaming men into college is the trap of feminists … you are deemed a loser for being in the trades …only most trades I know make twice as much as their white collar friends who went to uni.
          But greedy women like Karen need jobs. So edujumacation is encouraged.

        5. I’m not a school teacher…that was *your* faulty assumption…I’m a public official…and I’d venture that my IQ exceeded yours while I was still in utero.
          As for my “place”…its where it should be…standing on your neck.

        6. “…nuh-uh! Man-up! I’m not worthless, I work with children!”
          There, took care of it for her, now she can get back to Kim and Kanye.

        7. you peaceful feminists get so violent. I imagine if that dude said the same thing to you he’d be on the news by now.

        8. The fact that the concept of “manning up” reverberates in your brain…so much so that you use it satirically here..and is now seemingly indelibly etched…tells me you have been trained oh so well.

        9. Karen you are a parasite who makes a living off of ruining the life of young people.
          I respect child molesters more than “public officials”.
          You should be ashamed of yourself to think you can even come on here and make a comment without prefacing it with an apology.
          I’m embarrassed for you.

        10. I do want to apologize…most of my commentary was written before I became cognizant of your “high 120’s IQ”. This perfectly marvelous trait that you trumpet unquestionably makes every argument you make undeniably true…in the dark recesses of your atrophied brain.

        11. I can sense the guilt.
          Now here’s what you do next … Resign your public sector parasite non job and go get a real one.
          Then pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars you stole from tax payers… Make a donation to your community.
          Then I will take you seriously.

        12. The masculine brain’s profound inability to grasp metaphor is just one example of its comparative inferiority to the feminine brain. Consequently, males have a strong tendency to seek out work that suits them…the coal mine, ditch digging, and various other similar endeavors. Often, while at home, I peer out my bedroom window to watch male laborers trim my shrubbery or cut my lawn…and I quietly giggle to myself…seeing them sweat in the blazing sun just to please me. But I then quickly reproach myself…remembering the wise words of my mother…who would often say…”There but for the grace of the Goddess go I.” *giggles*

        13. You need to refrain from posting until your sanity & sobriety make a collective reappearance…thnxs in advance.

        14. ^^^^^^^^^^^
          Look at this !!!!!
          Pure bitter misandry. I knew it was coming.
          You are an evil bitch.

        15. There is something intensely exciting about the codification of Gynocracy in the Western World…because, when you think about it, it *really* is the very manifestation of the weak ruling the strong. From Our perspective at least, male thralldom…i.e. the transformation of your current symbolic collar into one of irremovable stainless steel…is sooo very delicious…for your kind…probably not so much.

        16. You need to understand that Feminine Power is something you cannot and will *never* escape from…I do predict the MRM will continue to grow and expand in the short term…as your gender’s rights continue to contract. Ultimately you will probably come close in your revolutionary mission…before being collectively defeated, once and for all.

        17. Although the average man is oppressed to some extent, it’s still men at the top pulling the strings. Silly woman, your gender isn’t capable of rule. You are ‘allowed’ to exist as you are for a reason.

        18. “The masculine brain’s profound inability to grasp metaphor is just one example of its comparative inferiority to the feminine brain”
          Yet there are far more great male writers and artists.
          Nice try though.

        19. Genuinely intelligent people do not speak like that, nor do they waste their valuable time condescending in a forum that will instantly assign their opinion a face value of 0. She will not change anyone’s mind. I am also a public official. I am a judge. Big bullshit, no one here cares about my high IQ, or my pretentious sounding accomplishments. I don’t wheel out poorly placed terms of art to waste them on those who don’t understand or value them anyway. At the end of the day, extremist feminism is unsustainable. It is too consumptive, while handing the majority of its producers (men) a raw deal. It would most likely result in an equally extreme and opposite reaction. Fascism. Her ‘Opinion’ is unfounded pretentious shit, and I dissent. And on that note, I have a continuing education to work on.

        20. First off, I don’t hold in contempt or seek to ridicule anyone. What I try to do is persuade people that many of their long held beliefs and values…when carefully reexamined in an unemotional fashion…invariably do not hold water.
          Secondly, I never made mention of my IQ…the Orange Man made mention of his…along with his engineering accomplishments…so I suggest you get your facts straight…as they say, reading is fundamental.
          Thirdly, I was designated a “school teacher or Huffington Post reader” by the Orange Man…when he persisted with this incorrect characterization, I moved to correct him.
          Fourth, your use of vituperative language only weakens any case you might potentially make.
          Fifth, your lame attempt to apply one of Newton’s Laws of Motion to a complex and difficult sociological question is laughably simplistic.
          Sixth…does your continuing education somehow involve you being elevated from Traffic Court?

        21. Since I am an extremely fair minded and honest individual…I will quickly and respectfully concede your point. However, I would add that the so called “Bell Curve” for comparing male and female intelligence is the likely reason for the disparity. The plain truth is that there have been and likely currently are more males with extremely high intelligence quotients than females…though many of them were sorely lacking in basic social skills and often seemed to exhibit what we today would call Aspergers Syndrome. Moreover, the number of males that would fall well below the median when it comes to intellect greatly exceeds the number of females…so things are certainly balanced out there.
          Feminine social intelligence is legendary…and, when one comes right down to it…skill in persuading someone to do your bidding may have far more practical value than familiarity with many academic subjects.
          As Samuel Johnson once noted, “Nature has given the female so many advantages over the male that the Law has wisely given her very few.” Johnson, one of Britain’s greatest thinkers and writers, understood feminine superiority. Since the constraints of his era no longer apply to Us, we are now in full bloom…ready to spread Our wings and, more importantly, ready to rule.

        22. Also, if “no one cared” about your “high IQ” or “pretentious sounding accomplishments”, i.e. position in the judiciary…then there was really no need to make us aware of them in the first place, now was there?

        23. I tell the majority of the young guys I know to go into the trades or join the military and get the free training to become a mechanic (something that is useful to the civilian market).
          Blowing $25,000 or more on a piece of paper is a waste of time and money especially if you can’t get a good job afterwards.

        24. Education opens doors for people and increases their earning potential…but I guess I shouldn’t be telling you that…because if the Beasts of Burden of society (hint: people like yourself) ever got wind of this fact, well, they might not want to be Beasts of Burden anymore!

        25. Yes, education does open doors for people and it does increase earning potential so long as they get a degree that translates into something that is marketable and can earn them money. Not sure what your Beasts of Burden comment was supposed to mean. Um, thanks?

        26. You really are one sick minded person. Here you go on saying how most males are inferior to females, when the system is catered to them? Also, the ones who are more intelligent fit into the lovely box you call “Aspergers.” I cannot believe that such parasites exist in the education system. You should be ashamed of your misandry. It is people like you who make our system worse than Finland.

        27. “Invariably hold water.” And you believe the only reason why males can be smarter than females is because they have Aspergers? Seriously, YOU need to reexamine yourself, you misandric shrew.

        28. You are damn near Poe’s Law in action.
          You think length in commenting correlates to breadth and depth. So many of you dumb broads think you’re articulate and intelligent because you know a small academic lexicon of “big” words. You’re stupid. You’re weak. You’re like one of those little shake n’ piss dogs, all noise and rage and fear.
          I know you. Men KNOW you.
          I suspect you drive a car you didn’t pay for.
          I suspect that if you’re not obese, it’s not because of self control, but due to manic bouts of exercise that nearly kill you.
          You read pop fiction garbage and have never read a book that wasn’t a best seller.
          You’re on at least 3 medications.
          You are no more capable of happiness or being free than a stone.

        29. If you’re not savvy enough to be ashamed, I guess that explains a lot.
          I’ve never really believed in evil feminists, but you’ve got me wondering. Talking to you must be like what talking to Ted Bundy was like. You are one fucked up girl.

        30. Soo many unpleasant, profanity laced tirades directed at me! Well, as the old saying goes, nothing is more offensive to the sensibilities of the public than the truth…the cliché is substantiated yet again.

        31. You need to write something a little more substantive if you want me to waste a few minutes of my time on your commentary…now think hard male!

        32. “Dick”, of all your shortcomings, the fact that you don’t even manage to hate very well is perhaps the saddest of all…*glum look*

        33. You’re all human garbage. Arguing like little fairies. Can’t you tell a troll when you see one? The feminist is best ignored. You guys are all playing into the game of giving this broad attention, which we already know women can’t live without. Cut off the attention, it’s like all their blood is drained.

        34. Just for fun, I took a couple of minutes to peruse your “body of work”…and I quickly determined that you are bat sh*t crazy. Your recovery will take a while, I would think.

        35. Bragging about a!n IQ in the high 120’s? Well, I guess that’s impressive for ROK posters.
          My daughter’s a babysitter with a 140 IQ, so take your own advice about knowing your place. Or just shove it is what I really want to say.

      2. Men get online and discuss how to best grasp reality, woman tells them they aren’t being realistic, cites fictional character as example.

      3. Another slave defending slavery.
        You have Stockholm Syndrome. You ought to see to that.
        A daddy with a little girl being mauled by the fucking retards of the US public school system.

        1. If you think about it, Strindberg’s *Miss Julie* really was a delightful read from a girl’s perspective…soo totally loved how she ordered the footman around all day…and his total inability to do anything about it.

  3. Boys have it pretty bad in public schools. I agree with everything in this article, but
    Boys need good fathers. Even realizing the stupidity of the school system (I homeschool my kids) isn’t enough. Boys need to be taught to be useful, independent, strong, smart, virtuous, and disciplined. They need to be taught all of life’s little games like– what are “good manners?”
    I “knew” I was too smart for my school but I was still a slacker and a lazy undisciplined punk. I was always tempted to blame it all on the school system, but at my core I knew it was me and my inability to play the game as it has been revealed. For example, in college, I aced my stats classes, partly because I earnestly learned stats, but perhaps more due to my ability to learn how the system (teachers and the assignments) could all be gamed.
    A meta intelligence is required to deal with society. This meta intelligence involves your ability to recognize the game, learn it, and play it. Whether that game is grades, women, manners, job interviews, or customer service at a business you own. I am always tempted to tell myself that I am actually smart inside, but not good with these games. But the truth is that if I were truly smart I’d know, play, and master the many games life has to offer.

    1. Standardized testing is a game, all the questions lead to one answer with little need in knowing the material. Word games, mind games, call them what you will… they’re psychological examiners not necessarily general knowledge testers.

    2. I concur, I love reading, but I have always inexplicably suffered D’s and F’s in English class.
      My father always insisted that it wasn’t me, but instead the Teachers and the system their Union pushed; Reading shitty books like Catcher in the Rye, and things like that.
      In a last-ditch effort to find out if I was worthy of graduating, they withdrew me from class and put me in an isolated room with computer program to see if I would do any better.
      Much to their shock and surprise, I was passing with flying colors. They called my dad on the phone, and all he could do was laugh and ask, “You see what happens when you take the teacher out of the equation?”
      P.S. Yes, I graduated.

  4. “The important thing is to keep pledging,” he explained to his cohorts. “It doesn’t matter whether they mean it or not. That’s why they make little kids pledge allegiance even before they know what ‘pledge’ and ‘allegiance’ mean.
    -Catch 22 (aka the greatest novel ever written)

    1. Sounds like the reasoning behind that recent video with the young girls using foul language to sell T-shirts for a certain left wing hate group.

  5. My most valuable schooling was in elementary. Reading, writing, math and English. Most everything beyond that was a complete waste of time.
    I was most excited about recess and gym, everything else was depressing. I flunked out of high school and didn’t finish my bachelors degree but ended up with a 6 figure salary and paid off my tuition without a hitch.
    I’m better off than most of the high school/college grads in my family and friends.

    1. Congratulations on your success, brother.
      I also did poorly in school, mainly out of boredom. Everything is geared towards not leaving leaving the slowest students behind. In the times I waited for everyone else to catch up to me, my idle mind found trouble. I barely graduated high school, and dropped out of college after less than one semester because it was worse than high school for me.
      I drifted/partied through my 20s and early 30s, then noticed my life slipping away and decided to do something about it.
      I am now a very successful entrepreneur, and will be retiring soon, still in my 40s. No one gave me a dime. I worked my butt off at crap jobs, saved my money, started a business with my savings, worked my butt off some more, saved more money, worked, saved, worked, saved, worked saved…and a decade later, here I am.
      Here’s to us, government labeled poor performers. 🙂

      1. Here, here! I wish I had the ambition to start my own company, maybe I could have.
        Congratulations on your success and know that there are men like me out here who have a lot of respect and admiration for men like you.

  6. Wise Man once said: Don’t confuse the performance with the performer.
    Apply this rule to everything and you can improve gracefully.

  7. The education system is a joke. They don’t teach kids any real world skills. Unless you have a true interest in Calculus or Biology, you should not have to take such a class. There needs to be classes around living in the post school world like budgeting, buying a home, how insurance works, investing, etc…

    1. Yes, I have been saying this for years. I would also add in a lot more home ec. course work – gardening, cooking/nutrition, sewing, internal combustion engines, etc.

      1. Good point. It is sad that we actually seem to need courses in common sense, but I agree that we do.

        1. All the classes benefiting boys are defunded- cost too much or create liability for the school system (wood shop anyone?).
          Guy my friend knows went to high school in the 70s. He took a class as a senior learning to fly helicopters. HELICOPTERS!!!

    2. Math is the universal language of the universe and as a living being you should understand the underpinnings of your own structure. I agree that there should be more life skills education, but most of those skills could be taught in one semester.

    3. You mean they should teach critical thinking skills as it pertains to the real world? That’s like prey teaching a predator how best to kill it.

    4. Maths would be the most important subject anyone can learn. Problem solving skills you will learn from maths willike help you for the rest of your life.

    5. Although one may actually never use calculus, taking the course(s) and mastering it will help you in developing an analytical mind.

  8. Any dad who loves his children will do his best to keep them out of the public k12 school system for as long as possible. For boys, it will prevent them from being turned into drugged out feminized zombies. For girls, it will help prevent them from being turned into feminazis.
    Contrary to what too many people believe, this system is broken beyond repair, and not participating in it is the only answer.

    1. The system is broken WAY beyond repair. Simply look at Common Core. I have yet to speak to a teacher who likes it.

  9. This is generally right, although educational credentials do have an impact on future success, unless you plan on being self-employed.
    Just make sure that you use your time properly. For example, learn a trade or something you can use after school, instead doing bs the entire time like humanities, which is generally of limited value in the real world.

    1. I disagree … if you want to go into big law, big finance, med school, engineering, computer science … by all means go get those credentials.
      But what has evaporated are those mid tier jobs … getting your CPA (unless you work big four) means a lot less than it did 20 to 40 years ago. Getting a CFA, JD from a top 15 to 50 school, or masters in a health care field is now generic … the market is saturated.
      That’s not to mention the question of debt … my neighbor works at a big four accounting firm, but he had to go into debt 120k for an MBA and bust his ass.
      Public sector and tradies are doing better than most white collar young people.

      1. Agreed. The money is in the public sector; further proof that the nation is spiraling towards heavy socialism.
        College is a joke. Spending thousands of dollars on a generic college education was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I would not recommend college to anyone. It’s a fraud of epic proportions.

        1. Public sector gravy train is coming to an end. Pensions in my state are 25 to 50 percent funded.
          High life of public sector was for those who are now 50 plus. Cops retiring at 45 with a 50k plus pension.

        2. I don’t think the public sector gravy train is coming to an end anytime soon. As long as they can keep printing money, the laws of economics simply do not apply.
          I have a strong feeling that the FED can keep printing money indefinitely. Who will stop them? Who’s not going to do business with the US?

        3. Not to mention those countries that depend on us. If we fail the ripple effect would be quite significant.

        4. State and local can’t print.
          And the fed can’t print to pay for social security without running the dollars value to toilet papper.
          So yes, the boomer public funds are fucked as well.
          You can’t tax people who aren’t working at high wage jobs and expect a return. Look at detroit.

        5. The Laws of Economics always apply! The Fed is not omnipotent. At some point, the chicken always comes back to roost!

        6. Laffers curve. You can’t tax the shit out of people indefinitely.
          And like I said printing on a massive scale (let’s say an extra 2 trillion equivalent in GDP to cover losses on top of current debt) will fail within 5 to 7 years… there is no return on the government’s money to pay for old people. Other types of spending at least give you 40 cents on the dollar or economic growth.

        7. Like Bugs Bunny says “If you can’t beat them, profit from them” or something like that, at least that is what I remember. LOL

        8. “The FED is not omnipotent”
          HAHAHA! Are you sure? Are you familiar with the grip they exclusively have on the world economy?
          Of course I’m being facetious, but am I really? The FED is extremely powerful and secretive. Their iron grip on power does not appear to be in jeopardy at all.

        9. You make good points, but ultimately time will tell. Of course any rational man would think that this shit show would have crashed down years ago, but it simply hasn’t. It keeps going and going, despite all economic indicators suggesting otherwise.

        10. Haha, I understand where you’re coming from. It may seem like they are all powerful. Which is what they want us to believe, because it is the only way that our monetary system can work. The People can never doubt or lose faith in the Feds monetary capabilities . If The People were to ever look behind the Wizard of Oz’s Throne, it would be all she wrote, for them and us.

      2. I agree with your point that there are many good ways to go other than college. When I said school, I meant the system in general.
        I was referring to the author’s statement that grades won’t impact his future success, and that he doesn’t care about his grades since he refuses to “let another person’s evaluation stop me from achieving what I desire.”
        I meant that just because the system is highly flawed, doesn’t mean one should reject it altogether, and that one should instead do what is most practical and useful.

  10. If I had sons, I’d also suggest they look into a trade instead of some bogus liberal college that will put them into debt. Working on cars, construction, etc.. The only catch there would be the cheap labor coming across the border pricing you out of your field.

    1. Those are outdated fields with low returns on investment and small growth. STEM majors are the way to go. Especially programming and comp science.

      1. Not everyone is destined for college and a technical career. The world needs plumbers, electricians, etc. A young man can still make a good middle class living if he wisely chooses a trade that can’t be outsourced to another country, and provides quality workmanship.

      2. comp science? u serious? Tech companies want h1Bs- they are modern day indentured servants. They get paid less, and they cant interview for other jobs or risk getting their visa yanked. there are no sure fire careers anymore.

  11. my school’s motto was something about “excellence”, but I can’t remember one time there where i felt *compelled* to be “excellent”.

  12. Let’s not forget higher education like college as well. The majority of college majors and subjects isn’t meant to make a person become a successful individual. It’s either to turn him into a nameless drone in some corporation or into some brainwashed ultra left wing nut. Looking back, I would have skipped my business college degree and either took up a trade skill or started a business online and learn by doing things personally instead.

    1. I wish I had skipped college. Major regret on that one.
      Fuck this lying society and all the assholes who I trusted for advice. My parents are the biggest culprits. God damn out of touch boomers.

  13. College and funding it is all that is prioritized and crammed down everyones throats. Its not for everyone. There is no more “shop” or “Home Ec” classes anymore. Now you have degree holding zombies wandering around who cant even fix a leaky faucet on their own and have to pay someone. Every time I meet a contractor they tell me “I wish there was 20 of me” because they are so in demand. Welders are in massive demand right now.

    1. While I was growing up in Chicago in the 1970s and 80s, there were quite a few vocational high schools, which taught trades to young people who were not destined for college. Chicago was a good middle class city built in large part by people who went to those schools. Many of my friends and neighbors back then had careers thanks to those schools.
      Those vocational high school are pretty much gone now, as the libs started preaching that everyone needs to go to college (to be indoctrinated) and cities like Chicago have suffered much as a result.

    2. Home ec would be oppreeeeeeeeeeesssssing women though, right?
      The Cathedral would have us believe that competent and loyal wives and mothers don’t play a vital role in a healthy, functional society. No, women need to be just like men. Dont believe traditional women’s roles are important to a society? We will just call you seeeeeeeeeeeexist. Any wonder things are so fucked?
      The Cathedral one just wants more warm bodies to keep money moving,, and all the better if it can eliminate that pesky viviparous reproduction and annoying nuclear family.

    1. The point of this article is that your high school grades mean little in the grand scheme of life, just like everything else that seemed to matter to you back in high school.

  14. The one thing to remember, and it should make you mad, is that “they” know that they’re ignoring the boys. This is being done deliberately. If boys were allowed to be boys and the tax payer funded schools didn’t discriminate against them, then, they’d be doing fine, in fact they’d be doing better than the girls. And that’s the thing…these monsters are literally stunting these children out of envy and ego.

    1. I’m curious…what does the male possess that the female should feel “envious” of? I know Freud made a long discredited argument on this matter…but seriously, I have never gotten this line of thinking.
      Since I’m not male I don’t really fully understand your life experience…but still, from my vantage point, I’m not quite sure what you are pointing towards?
      As women, we might periodically experience some minor attraction to your bodies, but to be encased in those hairy, rough incarnations would be anathema to all our sensibilities…with the coup de grace being your phallus…or, shall we say, that part of your anatomy that may be on *your* person…but is entirely controlled by *Us*.
      Modern Society has designed numerous restrictions specifically for your kind….while Ours has been liberated from most constraints.
      Its sort of like when the big loser kid in school…who every one makes fun of…is told the convenient lie that “they are just jealous of you”. Though nothing could be farther from the truth, this technique persists…perhaps, in some way, to provide emotional sustenance to the downtrodden. I think a similar dynamic is at work here..

  15. I definitely learned a lot in my Grad school studies and I’m happy to walk out with the experience I’ve gained.
    But overall it is a daycare program. Under certain circumstances it can be a good thing but the system uses you and gives you no definite ROI considering the huge opportunity cost (time + money).
    The heyday of higher-education might be coming to an end. Below is a link to a recent thesis by Noam Chomsky (came out this year) regarding American universities. His thesis is about the Corporatization of the University system. Essentially, the initial purpose of the university is being lost and universities are being run more and more like businesses. Businesses don’t care if their products are a benefit to society, so long as they keep making money. He goes into a lot of detail about how students are basically being taken advantage of… he thinks the broad ramifications are that the system generates a public that is indebted and conditioned to serve.

    1. Yes, but Chomskys type ruined the university… all of these liberals blame the “market” for ruining education when the exact opposite is true. Left wing managers run the rent seeking mafia known as “education” and profit handsomely off it.
      Contrary to what Chomsky asserted, colleges are not run like universities, they are run like Stalinist indoctrination camps (which has been an apologist for on the record).
      The consumers have no information about the effectiveness of the product, they go by what their left wing guidance counselor says. Oh, and something g like 80 percent of profs self identify as leftists, similar to public indoctrination, I mean education.

      1. Fair points.
        Regardless of Chomsky’s political position, I still think his recent thinking on this matter brings up some relevant ideas. The central point of his current thesis on the corporatization of college seems to basically be…
        – Universities increase tuition costs and require putting students in financial debt. All the while marketing their degree as a path to a better future that would suffice as a ROI.
        – Universities are growing their administrative branches and making direct contact with the university almost impossible.
        – Universities are reducing tenure-track professorships and creating insecure adjunct teaching positions.
        >> This leads to a consumer/worker class (i.e., the students who eventually graduate to enter the workforce, and their broke-ass university teachers) that is very obedient. Chomsky points to the fact that in business management, it is found that increasing worker insecurity and perceived disposability decreases likelihood that employees fight for rights. Essentially… by making studentship and teachership a very precarious position… university students/workers will basically follow along with what the university and corporate America at large wants from them.
        I can’t speak to whether or not he puts the blame on the correct party, but the implications he brings up I found worth the read.

        1. “Increasing worker insecurity and perceived disposability decreases likelihood that employees fight for rights. Essentially… by making studentship and teachership a very precarious position… university students/workers will basically follow along with what the university and corporate America at large wants from them.”
          You’ve just described what’s been happening in my field over the last 10 years. It’s becoming frighteningly similar to the corporate drone jobs I had BEFORE I went through the time and expense of my increasingly worthless rubber stamp/degree.

        2. Labor is in surplus, so we are all having our wages and security driven down.
          One of friends is an electrician who works at Gillette …. back 50 years ago a factory needed hundreds of workers, now robots and seven people are needed. That’s right 7.
          On top of automation, you have the prospect that a lot of white collar work can be outsourced.

        3. Yes and feminism is one of the main reasons it is in surplus. Without it the supply would be cut in half immediately. Women need to stop trying to be men and realize that being good mothers AND wives is one of the most important building blocks of a healthy society. Not riding the carousel until age 50 and

    2. One of the factors driving the business-ification of universities is a vicious cycle of reduced public funding and fiscal irresponsibility. As states cut, universities try to attract more customers… er, students. They do this by making creature comforts, having fun events, etc, and also by lowering standards. This lures students and raises revenue. In turn, state governments can justify further cuts because, after all, the universities are bringing in so many tuition dollars. Thus, the cycle perpetuates. However, to accommodate so many students, schools need to hire professors, grow departments, and try to funnel students into bullshitty majors, like entrepreneurship. Cost rises, quality falls.

      1. Good point. The “university experience” is definitely being marketed as a young person’s party paradise.

        1. Not in CA. Now we have the Yes means Yes law. The party is over. The UC System is shooting itself in the foot on this one. Expect male enrollment to decline massively in the future. Then, as soon as the women figure out that men are dropping out and it’s cool, they will start dropping out too.

  16. Think about the long history of humanity — the hunter-gatherers, the farmers, the craftsmen. For all that time people learned in small groups, primarily by applying knowledge and skill.
    Our school system puts children in every larger groups, and has them learn “knowledge” that is increasingly disconnected from application. Doing and making things allows people to take pride in themselves and their work, and it’s a lot more rewarding than the arbitrary system of grades.

  17. While this article is about 100% true, I’d like to criticise it for being what I’l like to call “dangerous”.
    I have taken along a lot from my extensive education, a few things taught to me (like math and languages), and a lot more things I had to figure out myself.
    One of the things I figured out myself is that most things they “teach” in schools (for me, that was mostly 1990s in Germany) are completely worthless by themselves, but I am not sure if they aren’s basically trying to teach you how to learn. Learning how to learn is about the most important thing in your life imho. If you know how to learn quickly and efficiently, you will at some point figure out something you both like to do and are good at, as it is easy for you to try new things out as you learn quickly.
    So, if you fail to learn whatever bullshit they are likely to ask you in the next exam, you’ll probably also fail to learn anything of real interest to you or your future, this is why they test you. At least, that may be the rationale behind any good education system.
    This, today, has of course several downsides. One being schools turned indoctrination institutions where you don’t learn shit anymore, which is quite true here in Germany – they don’t even teach ortography anymore. It’s really trendy. Imädschin mi vreiting leik tis. It’s not funny if you have to read it regularly. It’s horrible. And all the time they usually spent on teaching the difference between “my” and “mine” is – great thing – free for teaching whatever ideology is currently en vogue.
    This, of course, has tradition in Germany; the Nazis mixed their ideology into school curricula (which should basically tell you what kind of regimes tend to do that). Nazi algebra was like “A mentally ill patient costs about 1500 Reichsmark per year for the state. There are around 300000 mentally ill patients in the Reich at present. How many marriage loans of 1000 Reichsmark could be afforded if the money was used for it?”
    You see the idea: marriage good, mentally ill bad. Ideology. But, at least, still math.
    Today, the high school-equivalent final exams has questions like “There are 6 men and 6 women on an island. They have 3 boats that seat 4. How many combinations are there to fill the boats equally with men and women?”
    You see the idea? But, at least, it’s still math.
    Well, it should be. It’s not, the ideology is more and more important. The majority of people around, and I guess even here, is not able to correctly answer: “Statistics show that women earn 23% less than men. How much more would you have to pay women to archieve gender equality?”
    As I assume most readers to be American and more used to MC:
    (a) 23%, as they earn 23% less
    (b) 29.87%, as (1-0,23) x = 1
    (c) 0%, as job choices have nothing to to with gender equality
    (d) This is a sexist question and I refuse to answer.

    1. You are correct that schools should be teaching you how to learn, but American schools teach math students that equations only have one path to the correct solution these days, and any method besides the one the teacher showed the student is incorrect even if the student arrived at the correct answer with a sound method. Geometry is taught as the method for using a graphing calculator to solve the problem for you without understanding the steps that go into solving the problem.
      This has been setting into teaching institutions for years. I have been out of mandatory education for 11 years, and I saw this happening even back then. It started with literature teachers only teaching one interpretation of a book and not allowing any deviation in thought. History teachers would ask questions about the causes of historical issues and only allow one answer to be correct, as if every event only had one cause (the one they want you believe to push their narrative). They have been actively punishing critical thought for a long time now, and they do not want students who learn how to learn.

  18. “You are conditioned for over a decade to have behaviors within a certain range, and you learn preselected information using ubiquitous techniques. This is all done to make you a productive wage slave in our capitalist economy. ”
    This is the latest in countless RoK articles wherein the author doesn’t understand what capitalism means (neither, apparently, do the editors.) Public education is as anti-capitalist as anything can be!
    It embarrasses me to be a fan of RoK when I see a misunderstanding this basic. I’m so sick of it that I am willing to write an article explaining what capitalism is and why every red-pill man should support it. Contact me if you’re interested.

    1. Dont ask for permission just wrote it and send it in or post it and get a bunch of thumbs up which will give you clout for becoming a writer.

    2. Marxists have managed to influence culture and thinking enough where people think Capitalism = Status Quo. In other words, capitalism doesn’t have any principles attached to it.
      This is done on purpose. It’s easier to hide your intentions for power, when the subject at hand is grey, and not black or white. If Capitalism had a definite meaning, and was compared to any alternative that Marxists would suggest, it become quite obvious where most people would go.

  19. “This is all done to make you a productive wage slave in our capitalist economy.”
    Capitalist economy? That has been cast aside, albeit gradually over the course of time. It would be significantly more accurate to state that our current system has morphed into quasi-corporatism (a form of fascism).

    1. Add a hint of communism and *crony* capitalism to the mix and its pretty representative of the US economy.

  20. I worked as a language teacher in a French public school for a few months so I’ve seen both sides.
    School infantilize young adults. You can’t use unconventional methods in such a context because the kids have no self discipline whatsoever. They are used to being managed through bureaucratic means and are antagonistic. Ask them to form two lines in front of the board to play a ‘circle the word’ game (boys do much better than girls at competitive games like this) they will be unable to do it. Try a running dictation, it’ll be chaos.
    As a kid I felt that without having to go to school, I could accomplish so much: I painted with watercolors and oils, I played saxophone, I went surfboarding, I made models of planes. A lot of the things which are drilled into little heads for years such as calculus can be learned in less than a week if taught properly. After moving schools I went from ‘D’s in maths to ‘A’s in a matter of week simply because the teacher and the books explained it well.
    The most interesting things, such as meditation and all sorts of fringe science aren’t taught in schools. The most useful things such as plumbing, fixing electronic devices and starting fires aren’t either. Learning game totally changed my life. Why wasn’t it taught in school?

    1. I found my grades in school mostly reflected how well I got along with the teacher and how well the teacher explained the material. Grades, in essence, are a reflection of the teacher’s abilities and the social dynamics between student and teacher.

  21. I am 16 know and am glad I read this article. To be honest, I’m just passing time till I graduate and get the hell out of here back to my country.

  22. It’s funny – I’ve never been asked how many moons Jupiter has in any job interview I had.

    1. In defense of schooling its not what you know but the fact that you knew it. So you remembered 9 complex names amd the differences between the gas and rock planets. You then have the power to remeber 9 more things.

      1. You could learn all of that by spending an hour in a museum, and you’d also learn it in context as well, which will make it more memorable.
        In school, it takes them weeks to teach you all that, and it comes at the cost of tax payer money.

        1. Im going to respectfully disagree with that.
          Maybe the 9 planets could be memorized in a trip the museum. Sure you have context but you dont have need and interaction. Im not saying school gives you those things but if youre going to learn your science and history from a museum then youll be going A LOT

        2. You have to consider our times.
          All you have to do is spark an interest in a child and all the resources from apps to videos on youtube will provide all the interaction and need that the student wants…often outside of the classroom. When children have an interest in something, they go out and find all they need to find out about it, which is what makes them unique.
          Our schooling system, under the guise of “need” has this ideal or conception that there are certain things “you need to know” even if they have no utility for you whatsoever, but yet, what they believe we need, doesn’t correspond to reality or the workplace or even adult life, as most of us on here can attest to.

        3. …and there’s the rub. In Amerika, a chick with double-D’s can scoop your job right out from under you without even knowing which of the 9 planets she lives on.

        4. Nothing wrong with that, says I. Well, except for when D’s are part and parcel with an overly full-figure, y’know, big thru the hips, roomy…

      2. Meantime, you didn’t learn the psychological and sociological skills and realpolitik necessary to navigate the increasingly feminized and ruthless workplace, and wonder why you can’t keep a job only to find out years later that playing office politics and following a primitive dominance hierarchy are far more important than any of the skills or knowledge you wasted 20+ years of your life on in public edjumacation.

      3. If memorizing nine planets demonstrates you as suitable for remembering 9 other pieces of abstract information, then suitable young men should stop having their time wasted by women who need to feel useful. High potential men should be allowed to follow more cerebral pursuits like science or engineering. Demonstrating cognitive potential (or lack of) for 13 years is a waste of time for everyone involved.

    2. Job interviews in general are shit. Answering stupid questions like a good slave.
      “Why are you applying?”
      “Cause I need money damnit!”

      1. “well, uh, I’m applying because ever since I was a boy, I’ve always dreeeeeamed of driving a forklift. You might say that in the way Picasso was born to paint, I was born to stack and inventory. I’ll promise to always laugh at your jokes and always be cheery, even I start wondering why I sold my life off an hour at a time knowing that it would make me die sooner than expected.”

  23. Successful people are not concerned about grades. It’s more about staying passionate about your interests and focusing on them; the rest is bullshit.
    Out of a survey of 733 millionaires polled by Thomas Stanley in the Millionaire Mind, the average GPA for a millionaire was a 2.9.

  24. Funny this article came up as when speaking to my brother last night the teacher (female) wants to diagnose my nephew with ADHD. After some convincing I am hoping my brother and sister in law won’t fall for this shit.

    1. Dude. I pray for your nephew. I had someone try to diagnose me with that. The pills made me goddamn loopy. Theyre powerful shit amf keep him off it. If the teacher is trying to get the kid diagnosed it tells me the teacher just wants her job to be easy.
      i teach too. I teach esl in korea. Ive seen an experienced teacher or two come by and say OMG THIS IS WAY HARDER THAN IN AMERICA. Ive seen all types of kids. Chances are the teacher isnt putting enough energy into it amd just wants to be a goddamn tour guide. Spout info. Not deal with behavior problems, objections, or pushing kids to amother level. Just spout the teachers guide and cash a check. Ive done THOUSANDS of lessons. I read the book and come up with a plan every time and adjust to the kids and ive used the teachers guide less than 10 times.
      But lets say your nephew is the 1percenter. Ive had these kids too. No matter what brimstone and hellfire of wishy washy compliments i rain on the kid he doesnt respond. The best option is for him to get a new teacher and if it doesnt work then leave the school. Repeat the process until he realizes what a piece of shit he is. But whatever you do. Keep him off the meds at all costs.

      1. Yeah thanks for that. Im definitely trying to steer my brother in the right direction especially with any of those fucking pills. I baby sit him sometimes and he is pretty full on but nothing too overboard as far as I’m concerned.
        It’s good your dedicated as a teacher. I have met so many who start the conversation with some sort of messiah type statement of trying to make a difference. When you get to the bottom of why they are teaching it is so they can have a reasonable salary and do the bare minimum whilst there being zero chance of ever being fired.

  25. This article is a male rational hamsterization.
    If you cant do math, you cant be an engineer. Engineers are responsible for society being as comfortable as it is. Would I ever be an engineer? Of course not, I have a soul. Engineering and hard sciences are undoubtedly masculine endeavors.
    HOWEVER, Less than 10% of the population is suited for internalizing the complex ideas that engineering demands. This is assuming you are actually engineering things and not just using excel all day.
    School is worthwhile if you pick a legitimate discipline. Yall niggas just too dumb to do well and blaming it on the feminists. I just got out of it and i can honestly say that it does an decent job of teaching mathmatics, sciences and accounting.
    DISCLAIMER: im not invested in my schooling at all. I’m dropping out of a top 50 university next semester to focus on my business. And try to get famous.

    1. College for most is a scam. For some professions, it remains valid – such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.
      But the skills needed for the vast majority of jobs can be, and are, taught in a corporate environment in four or five weeks, not four or five years.

      1. I firmly believe everyone was encouraged to go to college starting 35-40 ago to delay peoples entry into the workforce. why? because there werent/arent enough jobs. 4-6 years to graduate, some drop out after a year or two. this way, the job market isnt inundated by 18 yr old job seekers.
        There is an article in the current RollingStone about Lima, OH. There were so many factories there in the 50-60s, you could literally walk into one place, not like the gig, and cross the street to get a new one the next day. no college degree needed. those days are obviously over.

    2. Gary- the point is academia is very liberal and teaching openly hostile shit about the private sector.
      Without free market capitalism we are just a shithole socialist country like all the others in the world. Professors teaching so many young people that big government is good —THAT is the fucking problem with academia. They have an unlimited supply of fed student loans so they can jack up tuition and be shielded from market forces….they are disconnected from reality.

      1. Academics generally aren’t fond of the free market, regardless of their politics.
        Academics or intellectuals usually spend most of their careers trying to appeal to their peers, rather than the market or people with money i.e. laymen. The respect of their peers and the acceptance of their theories are more valuable than money, which is why they tend not to be fans of capitalism. In capitalism, the market is mostly driven by the vulgar needs and desires of the aforementioned laymen.
        The only way these people are able to have a living mostly, is by government funding, many time for research that serves no utilitarian purposes, especially in the humanities. They do get some funding from the private sector too, but it’s mostly for the purposes of profit, which simply reinforces their resentment towards the private sector, since it doesn’t fulfill them.

        1. I am about as paleo-con as one can get.
          The free market approach ( a real one-not the corporatism we have now) would ruin so many of these fraudulent profs. The emphasis would then be on teaching students well in many places. It’s ideal for me, but 90 percent of profs hate and envy undergrads.
          So much so that popularity for your classes actually hurts your reputation.

    3. You need an IQ above 120 for engineering … either it comes natural or it doesn’t come at all.
      Yes, the job is soul sucking.

    4. What passes for math these days in public k12 schools (Common Core) will never give the students of this country any proper foundation to become engineers.

    5. Thats the point, public school isn’t about doing math. It’s about making a collage of MLK and writing a book report about “My Two Pole-Juggling Dad’s”.

        1. …yes, dunce-cap, it is. That’s why wasting time with the social justice agenda has reasonable people pissed off.

  26. School is where you learn to be what you’re not.
    It’s a place where a 15 year old boy can get head from a sexy 22 year old substitute teacher and is expected to act like he was abused and didn’t enjoy it, even though a 100 years ago he would have been mature enough to be married and run a farm all by himself…all because psychologists (the government’s version of witch doctors) says so.

  27. During my time in University I was astounded by the sheer amount of feminist male hating that was actively promoted. Some of the highlights:
    1- One lecturer stated ‘as far as history goes men are bad guys and women are good, it’s a a simple as that’. (This was a man)
    2- Another lecturer ‘Well let’s not get carried away there wasn’t THAT much potential, it was an all boy school after all… (This was a man)
    3- A female lecturer claimed ‘I don’t believe these men hating feminists people talk about even exist. (She was one)
    4- A student told me that in one class where he was the only male, his female lecturer asked him why men rape and what the mindset was behind it.
    Double standards everywhere. All the narcisstic, princess type girls with barely a brain cells between them, eat it up and take turns pontificating.

    1. Gotta love this kinda thing. They’ll stand in an auditorium designed by a male architect and built by male laborers, adjust their glasses (invented by a man), tell you to take notes on a pc that was invented by a man and marketed and distributed by other men, give you a lessons on past achievements of men, be it politics, philosophy, or mathematics, and then bask in the Freedom of Speech that fighting men died to provide them as they bitch and cry about how terrible men are.

        1. No, women have their place, they just refuse to occupy it until they turn 40, at which they howl and moan about not being able to find a man.

        2. The one thing that men can’t do by themselves according to Nature, and by extension, the actions that must take precedence, and its aftermath too.
          e.g.: sex > procreation > raising offspring

        3. Mostly, yes, women are worthless.
          What worth do you have? The concept of inherent worth is bullshit. I strive to be useful and to accumulate worth. People directly benefit from my knowledge and skills daily.
          You may be worthy, personally, but on the whole women are consumers and add virtually no benefit beyond being blessed by the biological accident of having wombs.

  28. I feel like most of my life has been wasted due to our school system. I had such a hard time studying, and told to complete assignments that I found extremely boring, due to most of them not helping me learn actual life skills, such as earning money or maintaining “frame”. I just didn’t have any interest in it, school didn’t motivate me.
    You’re right though William, that compounding failure affects your pride as a man, should it continue to happen over a long period of time. I “felt” like a failure even though I knew I wasn’t an idiot. Doesn’t help when you have teachers telling you that you won’t be anything in life, and other kids trying to act smug since they can get good marks. Screw this, there’s more than one way to the top, college isn’t the only way. Make your own path in life, take chances, and never give up. Can’t give in, have to have that “fire” in you, keep going no matter what life throws at you, and ignore what other people think of you.
    I’ve been repairing electronics since I was ten, and you know what? I was amazed at how fast I learned to repair new items (working with my hands vs reading), bringing new life to once thought broken items; it is a wonderful feeling.
    Put a school book in front of me and make me write a paper on some random useless subject, and I will most likely fail. Allow me to take something apart like a computer or tv, and I will most likely fix it. It’s a lot of fun knowing how things actually work.
    Fuck our school system, I’ll never do that again, hell, I’m not sure if I should even do college anymore, I can’t stand that damn boring ass, hive mind indoctrination environment any longer, I need my freedom!
    I’ve been running my own repair business for a little while now, and while I’m not making big bucks at the moment, I am a FREE MAN, I answer to no one, and I am learning something new almost every day, due to needing to repair new things constantly. Things WILL pick up, I make my own luck!
    Great article man.

    1. Exactly.
      I didn’t do too bad at school because my father always emphasized the importance of learning (he was a late student himself) and I was a geeky kid, but I preferred doing stuff than reading and writing essays so I could sit an exam. From 16 I had enough, even though my peers would say that I should’ve gone to uni.
      From as young as I remember myself, I always liked to know how things work, taking them apart, then back together. From basic meccanos, bikes, electrical/electronic appliances, computers, elevators, now onto aircraft – to this day I haven’t stopped learning. I suppose what I mean is that I learned much better if I was applying the theory as I went along, not only as abstract concepts.

  29. Thanks for posting this.
    A lot of the idiocy I believed in was fed to me during grammar school days. My second grade teacher was a seriously wacky brawd who should have been fitted to a straight jacket.

  30. Maybe instead of blaming your teachers you should take more responsibility for your own education…your teachers can only bring you so far and then its up to you to put the work in and all!

    1. By choosing educational alternatives, such as private or homeschooling, we ARE taking responsibility and trying to solve this problem.

        1. The only thing anyone can learn from a public school is that women will abuse a man no matter how young he is, just so long as she gets to feel in-charge.

        2. Women are the overwhelming majority of primary and elementary school teachers, but the higher on the education ladder you go, the more likely it is that you have a male professor. Is that because women are too dumb to teach at the college or post-grad level? Or is it because women just loooooooove being around children? Curious that these child-loving women rarely have children of their own. So what does that leave as motivation for female educators?
          1. My authority is beyond question
          2. The material is simple
          3. I get summers, holidays, and weekends off
          4. I can sit next to a male construction worker and bemoan the drudgery of “working life”.

        3. I teach high school and yeah I would never even try to teach college and yeah I love my summers off 🙂 I don’t just loooove being around children

    2. You’re not suppose to bring anyone up! Just stick with the ABC’s and 123’s…leave out the rest. Oh, can’t do that…too lazy, not enough time off during the summer. You teachers are monsters! Fucking monsters. No go molest one of our students and abuse the males so you can “feel” better about yourself.

      1. no, we don’t do that, not most of us anyway. And if we aren’t supposed to help bring students along that kind of makes my point? We want to help but we can’t make you learn, that part is up to you

  31. This article is balls-on accurate. From 6th grade on I got D’s and F’s and was constantly berated over my “behavior problems” and “poor study habits”. When I finally escaped the Drone Factory, which is all a public school I, I was surprised to learn I wasn’t so dumb after all.
    Today I have a Masters degree (gi bill, I ain’t dumb enough to go into debt for that) a business, and speak 3 foreign languages passably.
    Bottom line: Sitting still and taking notes on Harriet Tubman just so some lazy woman can pay her rent while pretending to “work about children” is not learning.

      1. Oh I’ll agree with that, there’s nothing a woman takes more seriously than her own self-esteem, even if it means medicating every kid within a 1000 miles.

        1. An obsession of indoctrinating children to obey the state. Strict adherence to socialism and the cult of personality. In this case, President Obama who plays fast and loose with morality and human life. Apt comparison.

        2. I don’t agree with everything going on either but I do the best I can with the classes I have 🙂

        3. “…I’m teaching leaders of tomorrow, I’m the caretaker of the next generation, I’m the almighty keeper of knowledge…there’s a problem? Don’t look at me, I’m just a teacher.”

      2. Oh, pluralis majestatis? How can you speak for all of you? The schoolsystems worldwide are pure disgusting indoctrination. You never learn what you should know, you only what you are allowed to learn, see history for example, or banking industry, health issues. Truth is to be found elsewhere.

        1. It’s unfortunate that I have to educate you on basic grammar, as you’re the educator.
          It’s called an adverb. It modifies a verb. Thus, you take your jobs “seriously.”
          Our kids are doomed!

  32. Public schools teach you to show up on time, focus on a mundane task, and switch to a new task when the bell rings. read: SLAVE FACTORIES.
    If you don’t toe the line they’ll try to dope you up. My dad was gone working a lot trying to make enough money to satisfy my alcoholic mother, she allowed my older brothers to get put on ever drug under the sun. My brother finally killed himself and my other brother has been off the meds for years but is still screwed up pretty bad; apparently Prozac is bad for kids.
    Thank Christ I never got put on that shit, I read that school push the stuff because getting you on the meds means you have a learning disability, and kids with disabilities is more money in state funding. No surprise seeing how many women are in charge of public schools, only an american woman would sacrifice a young mans sanity to make herself feel independent and powerful.

    1. Check out “Karen” in the comments above to see the kind of evil we’re dealing with.

  33. I quit teaching in 2006, after 10 years in this domain because I had enough.
    There are definitely not enough role models for the boys in most of the schools.
    I believe it is a good thing to have women teaching from Kidergarten to grade 3 because children are still very young and need more feminine presence than masculine one. However from Grade 4 and up, the system needs more men.
    I taught at the High School level and most of the time, men were less than 30-40% of the staff, and among those men, there were many manginas, so it’s easy for those people to shove their vision of the world into kid’s brains.
    I think it would be a good thing to have separate classes for boys and girls, simply to be able to adapt teaching to optimize the kids’ learning according to their sex, but it is hard to implement in a system were Leftists rule.
    If our education system was not controled by leftists, as it is since at least the 1960s, our society would be different today.

    1. Nobody is telling men they can’t teach high school…we have plenty of men teaching with me, and they are really smart and good teachers too!

      1. Because it’s not enough for y’all.
        I’d love to teach at a high school. But when I finally do, I will get to you about all the women who express disdain that I’m no longer in higher Ed.
        The general principle: most ordinary men do 90 percent of what they do to please women. That’s why the world is what it is, and getting worse.

  34. The Baby Boomers have instigated numerous conflicts around the globe while denying the most recent generations any chance of defending themselves. Competition and Physical Education are deemed ‘violent.’ Whereas the sciences are frequently discouraged in favour of softer subjects. We lack both the spirit and tools to defend our culture. It’s the proudest tradition of the left punishing the future generation for the ‘sins’ of the past.

    1. It’s inter-generational warfare.
      I am unaware of any other other instances in history in which an older generation actually wages war on its own offspring. If anyone else knows of one let me know.

    1. Then why don’t more men go to teaching school…my education classes were almost totally female

    2. It would be nice if the field wasn’t saturated with feminist ideals. These days it’s like trying to be a male head of HR.

  35. Great article. I understand completely. I remember getting into trouble a lot in junior high because I was absolutely bored with sitting in class for hours on end. I think I spent about a quarter of the year in in-house suspension. My teachers and counselors convinced my parents to get me tested for a “learning disorder” so I had to go through a whole battery of tests. Long story short I wound up being put into higher level classes. The education system is biased against boys in this country and I don’t see it improving unless more boys are homeschooled or parents take a concerted effort to educate their boys beyond what the schools are doing.

  36. I try to design my courses in such a way as to enable the students to recognize what’s going on around them, particularly through precedent.
    But it’s a stressful thing; I have to make sure that I don’t push things to far. It’s an art to try to get as red pill as possible without being dragged before the party committee.
    There was a time in which the humanities served a purpose; create an educated public that can discern when it’s being lied to in order to prevent its being enserfed. Now education is part of that enserfment.
    You’d think people would listen to alienated losers like me; unlike the party commisars we may have closets for offices, but we’re well-read enough to see that all of this has happened before and are honest enough to state openly that we notice. I don’t need tenure if it means I have to help with the dismantling of the society I live in.
    Plus when the bubble busts I won’t have too much to lose.

  37. When you can’t… you teach.
    (Sorry if I offended any teachers). Not really. When I was younger, teachers just taught me to apologize. Sure enough, regardless of sincerity, the world accepted it. Hasn’t school been a magnificent boon on society?
    Seriously though….
    Who are your teachers in your most formative years? When you are a blank slate, when the world is all brand new and everything is just a map without landmarks, when you assume the best is yet to come. Who is your guide, your mentor through preschool, kindergarten and grade school? 9 out of 10…it’ll be a woman.
    Fast forward 20yrs –> do not pass go, do not collect $100. The world you were sold on in those years was a lie, because your teachers were liars. Nevertheless, like a good little skull full o’ mush you accepted it. Why? Because Ms. Crab-apple was just like mommy away from home. Why would school mommy lie?
    The early years should be sex-segregated. Teach boys to be men and girls to be women. You want to try & co-ed later? Fine. But for the love of Jesus, let the kids understand themselves as human beings before you sink your progressive claws in.

  38. Come to think of it, the whole aspect of boys left behind may be systematic and closely correlated with out-sourcing of mental resources at a fraction of the cost. That men typically have higher IQ’s than women on average may also be another clue.
    What if, all hypothetical of course, the reasons behind removing true advancement were to stymie boys from becoming free thinkers? I think quite a few people have commented on this already to show the proof, but in thinking of the school system, promoting memorization, patterns, and paper tests is the opposite of innovation. Any true innovation would crush this concept because the question must always arise with education: what comes next? Sexist chiding aside about women being ahead of the curve in regards to socialization are cute, but while that works short term to get immediate needs met, long term, the rest of the world, spurred by competition are closing the gap on America in mental capacity.
    We need a reform on schooling because the minds we have, evolution and opportunity factored in could and should shape the world’s thinking. What de-motivating boys to learn really does is control the wages on graduation, balancing out payment based on outsourcing resources, excuses half the population for mental atrophy and removes America one generation at a time, from being the true face of the world’s progress. If we had thinkers, corporations just might lose control of free thought in public domain and more minds would be allowed to truly shape the world, as we would have worked out a better standard of living overall.
    An idea that may be helpful, leave school as it is, the corporations can have the monkey race. I have only tutored in schools and seen their failures and closings in passing. What about a summer school system developed and applied for boys? I say boys because, while girls may benefit, I feel enough boys may need to receive explanations without having to further explain for women. What of a school system designed to instill free thought? A pushing of mental, social and physical applications based on the grades? Use math applications to showcase why a tennis player will beat another or a literary test to show how one word can best explain an idea over another? New environments and a lack of understanding will force the naturally curious minds of boys to try and come up with an answer for what they are witnessing. Home schooling is a solid effort in that regard. We can stand to improve over all if more minds come together. No grades need to be placed but if that will spur on competition in a way that improves thought why not?
    If we improve our minds earlier in developmental stages this will also force colleges away from the corporation factories as they will prove backwards to the intellectual levels of their entry students and level the field on Ivy league as they will prove only adequate in relation to what students come in with.

  39. Hahah here’s the kicker, private school is no better. Just as PC infested, shoving college down throats, grade oriented bullcrap as public. For my graduation, being a black student i had to wear an African scarf…you know…for diversity.

  40. As a father with a daughter in the quasi-evil public school system I feel confident in saying it doesn’t benefit anyone. Little girls like to move and play too. I think the damage schools do to them manifests psychologically later in the form of tattooing, pill popping, and slutty behavior.
    Some caged animals attack the bars (boys), other caged animals chew off their own feet attacking themselves (girls). Neither is happy.
    Boys who fail are messed up and doubt themselves and have their ambitions killed. The girls who excel are fucked up because when their academic proficiency fails to translate to success outside of school their whole identity is shattered.
    Ain’t nobody winning.

  41. It’s funny that we assume women make better teachers but men by far are better suited for the task. Natural leaders, more logical minds, the ability to present abstract ideas in a rational manner (aka say what we mean). The best teachers I ever had were all men.

        1. I hope you raise her with moral values and to slut around like a whore, be a good person of God.

  42. If I become a father I will send my kids to public school for:
    1. Meeting friends
    2. Meeting girls
    3. Playing sports
    If he/she is academically gifted, push towards a college scholarship. Save the costs of college/private high school for something that they could actually use. How this scam hasn’t completely been uncovered is beyond me.

  43. If u kan reed this thank a public skool teecher..
    After all it takes a school to bankrupt a village.

  44. I had a saying back at school, “only girls and gays get all As” really struck a chord with the other lads as I recall.

  45. I will do something for a moment, which I generally try not to do; I break my rule because it is very relevant to this article. I am going to “boast” for a moment.
    I have always been a bright guy. I learned to read shortly after I turned four. I know several languages well enough to read and write them, at least (I could speak them well enough to get by, as well). I have always enjoyed learning; as a kid I read books on science, mathematics, art, music, etc. for pleasure. I read at a post-high school level in fourth grade. When I was twenty, my friend’s mother – who was the head of special education for the local school district – administered in IQ test to me, her daughter and a mutual friend; my test results were inconclusive, because it only measured to 155, and I had placed in the 155+ range. She said there was another test I’d have to take if I wanted a more precise score.
    I *barely* graduated high school, with a 1.667 GPA. On graduation day, I did not know if I would be walking with my class. My best subject was Spanish; I placed second in the State Spanish exams (for Arizona, which says something) and got a 5 on my AP exam. Yet I never got anything above a C in Spanish. My favourite class was a “zero-hour” class (meeting early in the morning, before regular school starts) called “Academic Decathlon,” which prepared our school’s team to compete in a ten-subject, Academic competition each year. I was one of the team’s top performers. Yet I never got anything but a D in the class (because I never handed in busy-work, but spent the time actually preparing for competition).
    How could a man with my intellectual potential and interests, perform so poorly in school?
    Because grades, and the public school system, have very little to do with real learning. I taught myself everything I know (with the exception of trigonometry) by ignoring my schoolwork, and pursuing the intellectual goals that interested me. I got bad grades in Spanish, because I refused to do worksheets and other busy work, and instead improved my Spanish by reading Borges’ short stories. I taught myself ancient Greek in Physics, when it became clear that we would not be doing anything important. I taught myself a bit of German during my Sophomore English classes. I read the Canterbury Tales during Geometry. Do not let “education” interfere with your learning, gentlemen.

      1. Likewise; it’s the perfect time of year in Arizona. Cool nights, temperate days. Beautiful, beautiful weather right now.

    1. We have something similar, called Academic Olympiad. It was a lot of fun, especially the current events part. They didn’t so much ask questions about the events, but because of the big BP oil spill they had us explain the amount of oil spilled in to the ocean in terms of barrels of oil and cost. Just an example, maybe not very well explained…heh. point is, it was fun, and studying for that was much more interesting than Calculus homework.

      1. Well, our programs sound fairly different! In Academic Decathlon, Calculus was one of the subjects you were expected to take on, even if you weren’t enrolled in a Calculus class. Our ten events were: Art History, Classical Music, Mathematics, Science, Languages and Literature, Economics, an additional, rotating topic each year, the delivery of a speech and participation in an interview with a panel that examined your personal engagement with the subjects, especially the rotating topic, that year. The Class exposed me to Opera, which I had never thought I would like until I took the class; I learned an immense amount about art, from the Renaissance through to the Surrealists; I received instruction in Chemistry and Calculus, though I never took classes for those subjects in High School; two of our rotating topics were the development of computers, and the rapidly-expanding knowledge of brain function. They tended to stay away from current events, since those topics usually avoid any in-depth learning in favour of factoids and activist opinion. I did have a blast in that class, but for us, studying Calculus *was* (part of) the class!

        1. Wow, that is different. Minus the calculus part, I think yours sounds better, but I’m just based about calculus. For the more traditional part of the event, we had four test. Applied mathematics, modern science, literary arts, and I don’t recall what the history test was called, though that and science were my best areas. My AP world history class was probably my favorite, ever, period, because it was about understanding cultural differences and connections, rather than a dry list of names, dates, and events, the way American history is taught these days. The history test was much the same. Our version was also entirely extracurricular, we didn’t have an actual class for it, we stayed after school for it three nights a week. We studied as a group, there was 12 of us, but we focused a lot more on the current events portion. All of us were in AP classes anyway

        2. Yes, ours also involved a lot of purely extra-curricular activity, but the school required team members to also take the course. I certainly agree that remembering the relevance and significance of historical events is better than just having a few factoids down by rote; but I would say that neither of them should be neglected, because somebody who doesn’t remember names, events, dates, etc., can’t really have a very good grasp on the connections between the who, what, where, when and why of history.
          I wish more students had the opportunity to pursue learning for pleasure’s sake; often it is turned into a chore, and people never develop the taste for it.

  46. I spent all my school years put in special classes, remedial classes etc. I was treated like shit . So much so when I showed a specific interest certain teachers tried to crush it. Many years later I had a medical issue which resulted in various tests on my neurology and mental health. I was told I had genius level intelligence. Needless to say nowadays I home school my boys and if they show a specific interest in anything we pursue it. State school is only concerned with creating weak average people and decapitating those who excel.

  47. With the feminization of our school system we have seen a very dramatic rise in the rate at which all kids are drugged, and particularly the rate at which BOYS are drugged. For me, this is one of the most important issues of our time because it’s taking otherwise very capable, bright young boys and men and making them slaves to very dangerous chemicals (SSRI’s, stimulants, anti-psychotics, benzos), which in turn makes them slaves to the government. These drugs rob one of the innate drive and motivation young men have to make and mold their own lives as they see fit. When one gets on these drugs they happily accept their servitude to the state. Having been drugged by female doctors in my youth, and nearly losing my life in the course of coming off two of these drugs, I urge all men everywhere to educate themselves and the people in their communities about the dangers of them. A great resource to start with is the book Anatomy Of An Epidemic by Robert Whitaker. The fewer young boys and men on these drugs the brighter the future of our society will be. Plain and simple.

  48. Public schools are the cultural ministry extension of the feminist state.
    Look at what they are doing on college campuses. Creating a “rape culture” myth out of thin air. Making college campuses very uncomfortable for young men. They get away with it, even though their claim that “1 in 4” women are sexually assaulted on college campuses is utterly absurd. If it were true, the country has a crime wave of epic proportions on it’s hands. If it were true, Obama is irresponsible for not sending the national guard to every college campus in the country. In fact, maybe ISIS has taken over college campuses and we just have not gotten the news!
    The feminist state needs to use a ruse like “rape culture” when attacking young men on college campuses. They are young adults, after all, and have some rights. A few of them can even communicate with the outside world.
    But, just image what the feminist state does to young boys in public schools. It’s behind closed doors. They have an air of authority. Parents are working and trusting. The boys are literally helpless and have no chance of being able to tell the outside world what is being done to them. They are too young to understand that it is not right.
    If they can create a myth of “rape culture” on college campuses, the feminist state must literally be raping boys in public schools.
    I got just a small taste of it in public schools in the early days of the feminist state. Public schools today must be coming just shy of castrating boys.

  49. The public school system is a nightmare as it stands today. I liked the active classes, didn’t complain about taking gym like a lot of girls, and when I had the chance, I joined shop classes and such. But how the hell does reading A Scarlet Letter help anyone excel using modern writing styles? How about learning how to understand the economy and knowing what politicians actually mean when they’re speaking? I had the good fortune to go to private school for several years. We still had to complete a state – mandated curriculum, of course, but at least the teachers tried to make it interesting. I recently end a book called The iCandidate. The main character makes a few comments about modern teacher that I think are very true. Check out the book, it’s interesting, if on the girly side in some places.
    I’m glad there are more and more alternatives to the traditional public school education these days. I’m glad to know there are teachers like my mother out there who know how broken the system is, and stretch the boundaries as far as possible. People drawing attention to the issues like this is a good thing, nothing can be fixed in ignorance. Thanks for the article, William.
    Ps- true story about Einstein, I wonder how many people realize that?

  50. I forgot to add, people who diagnose any kid under the age of 12, maybe even 15, with any kind of attention disorder, better have a damn good reason, not just that they don’t focus well in class. Most kids have the attention span of a goldfish unless it’s something they are interested in. (Hands) Who enjoyed learning about prepositions and sentence fragments for the tenth time? Seriously? Sheesh.

    1. Or diagramming sentences! Yippeee!
      PS: The same is true of Thomas Edison. His exasperated teacher called Edison “addled,” so his mother home schooled him. At last count, the General Electric Co. founder was awarded well over 1,000 patents for his inventions.

  51. Corporate America is not that bad provided: you’re not a ladder climber and think you’re moving and shaking, kissing ass to reach some big position that occupies your entire life and time. Use it for what it is. Get your personal stuff done while at work, do not over achieve, get on dating sites to score with women while you’re on the clock and maybe do about 4-5 hours worth of real work.

  52. Homeschooling is not the best when done by women i got my expereince and hated it especially when women control the homeschool groups and tell you what reilgion to follow what to think and following them.

  53. I find it amazing how even though the odds are stacked so high against boys in school, they still make up 45% of the college population. That’s male perseverance.

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