Angry Mob Wants Footballer Ched Evans Blacklisted For A Crime He May Not Have Committed

Ched Evans, a Welsh football (soccer) player, was convicted of rape almost two years ago. In reality, it appears to have been drunken consensual sex, but he was convicted and served his time anyway. He has recently been let out of prison on probation and is seeking to play football again. Liberals are protesting hard about it, much as they did with Michael Vick in America. Evans has a detailed website devoted to explaining his innocence.

Interestingly, it is illegal in the United Kingdom to even name the plaintiff in a rape case in the media, although the defendant is fair game to slander. The notion of being too drunk to consent is also apparently a valid claim in the UK, as that actually was the claim the prosecution was making in the original case, although other cases have set precedent that drunken consent is valid consent.

It appears that British courts are in flux over this issue. Evans maintains his innocence. Oddly, there was a second football player there with Evans and the girl, but he was acquitted.

Protesting On The Internet

Today Evans is seeking admission into a new football club. Rumors circulate that he is being signed to Oldham Athletic or is training with Sheffield United. Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have taken to the internet in storm to write articles, tweet in bad grammar, and type their names into petitions to make sure Evans is no longer able to earn an honest living.

Evans has complete legal right to play again, and the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association has maintained this, even though the PFA’ s rules forbid Evans from being the director of a football club.

Leftists have left no stone unturned in the public lynching. The Guardian complained that the footballers referred to the girl as a “bird,” as though that’s degrading towards women. “Perhaps Evans is a misogynist who sexually objectifies women,” thinks the casual reader. As always, the primary point of rhetoric of the leftist is “Think of how the women and minorities feel!”

Rapid Fire Round: ROK Debates The Mainstream Media

Obviously I’m of the opinion that 1) Evans made a poor decision, but it wasn’t a rape, and 2) If someone serves their time, then they should be allowed to resume their place in society (with some exceptions, obviously, but that’s beyond the scope of this article).

The Independent has done us the favor of making a handy rebuttal guide for leftist usage, since many think he should be allowed to play. I accept their challenge and will counter each of their points. Game on.

Ched has served his time – Well actually, he hasn’t. Evans has been released under licence, but his sentence isn’t finished yet, it’s only the custodial aspect that is over. He could return to prison at any time if he breaches his probation conditions. He’s not allowed to go abroad, for example. He is far from being a ‘free man’.

Right, but those probation terms say nothing about playing football. The emphatic phrase there is “if he breaches his probation conditions.” The notion of probation is that one is allowed to return to society. It’s a compromise solution between prison and regular life.

Furthermore, if he isn’t allowed to play football, then what job should he be allowed to hold? Is ditch-digger kosher but investment banker forbidden? And if I discover that I don’t like the person digging ditches for the city, is it acceptable to start a petition demanding that a better breed of person dig our ditches? Should we put an income limit on felons?

He didn’t even do it! – A jury disagreed. The facts remain that on 30 May 2011, Evans got a text from his friend, Clayton McDonald, to say that he had “got a bird”, neglecting to mention he had “got” her at 3am in the queue for pizza when she was so drunk that she fell over and twisted her ankle. In fact, she had drunk so much that she doesn’t remember how she got to the hotel room where she eventually woke up, her clothes scattered around the floor. But this isn’t about her actions: it’s about Evans. And he does remember. He remembers – and freely admits – that he got a taxi to the Premier Inn where McDonald had taken the 19 year-old, let himself into the room and watched his friend have sex with her. He then “got involved”, while his brother and another friend watched through a window and tried to film it on their phones. Evans left later that morning via a fire escape.

Evans doesn’t think this sequence of events makes him a rapist. But unfortunately for him the jury did, and it is from that foundation that all our conversations about Evans and his professional career should start. The Football Association are not able to overturn or ignore the decisions of our legal system. Should the decision be overturned in court, then it’s a discussion that can be reopened.

The whole crux of this is that the jury was wrong, so she is making a couple fallacies in assuming that a jury cannot err. We’ve already seen that similar cases were decided differently, and in the present case, the other player was acquitted for doing the same thing as Evans. More than anything, this controversy is about the validity of such convictions. So it’s totally relevant to ask whether or not the jury was correct.

But what is irrelevant is whether or not the Football Association is able to ignore court convictions, because the court conviction had nothing to do with the Football Association.

He has been punished, so now he should be rehabilitated – We need to be very clear what we mean by rehabilitation. Because rehabilitation does not mean a return to ordinary life, as if nothing has happened. Rehabilitation for Evans is not analogous with playing professional football. He could be rehabilitated without ever touching a ball again.

Rehabilitation is about reintegration into society, with the fundamental basis of this a reasonable understanding that the individual will not reoffend. And this is where we run into some problems, because Evans does not accept that he did anything wrong. In fact, he has repeatedly refused to accept even a modicum of guilt for anything other than cheating on his girlfriend. If he does not understand that what he did was rape, can we be sure he will not reoffend? He has shown no grasp of the issues surrounding consent, so can we really say he is rehabilitated?

I kind of answered this one above. At any rate, I would imagine that’s he’s learned pretty well to be careful of banging groupies in the dead of the night. And even if he hasn’t learned anything, it doesn’t change the fact that he may have done nothing wrong.

The girl made several poor decisions, starting with drinking far too much alcohol. She chose to drink, and she chose to go to the hotel room with a football player. Did she think they were going to play Scrabble?

But saying sorry isn’t part of his punishment – No, but acceptance and a willingness to change is part of rehabilitation, which is surely the issue at question here.

If he apologizes, then he admits that the conviction is valid. He will give credence to his enemies’ laughable claims. Apologizing would certainly make it more likely that he wouldn’t ever play football again. And it’s not like these public apologies ever appease the mob. Every time a celebrity says something that isn’t politically correct, they apologize profusely with tears, but it is to no avail.

Most importantly, if Evans were to apologize, it would set precedent that such actions are terrible crimes and should be punished to the fullest extent imaginable. So I think it is laudable of him to stand his ground. Ched Evans may not be the hero we deserve, but he is certainly the hero we need. For that he should be inducted into The Hall of Kings.

So are we saying that his life is ruined because of one mistake? – Are we really suggesting that simply not being able to play professional football will destroy his life? The woman he attacked has just had to move and change her identity for the fifth time, after his supporters tracked her down and abused her. They even have a website vilifying her. Evans has yet to condemn their actions. Perhaps when talking about lives that have been ruined, we should first talk about his victim, and learn from his response to her ruined life.

Not being able to play football is not the only consequence of this. He will likely never be able to get a job anywhere. Imagine if you knew that the person selling you a tv in Wal-Mart is a rapist. Would you buy a tv there? Maybe, maybe not. Now imagine if every customer knew the salesman is a rapist. Would Wal-Mart be likely to hire them?

And of course the writer transitions into how persecuted the alleged victim is, which is off-topic. However, I’m glad the girl is terrified. Good. This whole scandal sends a message to other girls who consider lying about rape. Women should be really damn sure it’s the truth before they come forward with a rape accusation.

Is he never allowed to work again? – Of course he is! But a rape conviction automatically excludes you from a vast number of professions. A convicted rapist couldn’t be a teacher, doctor or police officer, for example. In fact, there can be few companies that would allow you to walk straight back into your job after leaving jail. Should football be so different?

He may be legally and morally allowed to work, but will any individual put him to work?

But a footballer isn’t in charge of children or vulnerable people, he is not a threat. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to play? – Not a threat directly, no, but footballers are idolised, and – rightly or wrongly – presented as role models. Regardless of how he has acted since his release, allowing him to walk back on to a pitch to cheers makes a mockery of what he has done. Do we really want his face decorating the bedroom walls of young fans?

I could agree with this if it was clear that he had actually committed a rape. However, given the lack of clarity on the facts and the treatment of similar cases, we must acknowledge a large chance that no crime was committed and the jury simply got it wrong.

Other sports stars have committed crimes in the past and been allowed to return. Why not Evans? – A wrong decision in the past shouldn’t stop the right thing being done now. This case should be judged on its own merits. And it is clear that public opinion now is overwhelmingly against Evans being allowed to return to professional football, with a petition to Oldham Athletic against the signing gaining 24,000 signatures so far, making it one of the fastest growing ever.

Perhaps it’s because he has shown no remorse, or because he has taken no responsibility for the despicable actions of his fans, or maybe it’s because he is so unwilling to learn from what he has done. But it could also be that public opinion is finally starting to recognise rape as the most appalling of crimes which deserves to be met with nothing but disgust and contempt for the rapist, rather than a new contract and football shirt.

I’ll agree with her first two sentences if taken as an abstract principle and not contextual. However, she commits another fallacy (we’re up to at least five here, if I’m being generous). Truth and justice are principles in and of themselves that are irrelevant to whether people agree with them. After all, the whole concept of liberalism is that justice is often denied by the masses.


What we have here appears to be another act of discrimination of an undeserving man. The SJWs are unwilling to forgive him regardless of the merit of the accusations against him. Of course, if a woman or a minority chooses to do something, it must be overlooked or forgiven. But if a man—especially a white man—is accused of making a poor decision, we must assume the worst. This is the new Jim Crow law.

The common people of the United Kingdom seem all kinds of screwed up, but at least here in America, the tide may slowly be turning against leftism and political correctness. Hopefully it will spread to the rest of the western world.

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61 thoughts on “Angry Mob Wants Footballer Ched Evans Blacklisted For A Crime He May Not Have Committed”

  1. Those companies, politicians, individuals that cynically and cowardly bow to the swj lynch mobs need to be targeted for forceful retribution.

  2. There could be a silver lining to all this. Maybe people in Britain will become so disgusted with organised sports. We all know that sports is the opiate of the masses/the circus in the bread and circuses. With no more mindless entertainment, maybe some Brits will wake up to the destruction of their very being.
    Anyway, who cares about these people? A pox on both the footballers and the sluts they hang out with. Would the footballers give a shit if you could not pay off your mortgage? NO? Act accordingly.

    1. Yes. In the future all fun will be abolished. People will only work and the scourge of leisure time forever banished. In time, smiling will be made illegal, punishable by 40 lashes.

      1. You are the new face of England, eh?
        Amazing how an amazing country went from being a Imperial powerhouse to sniveling about football in less than a century.

        1. So you think the crumbling of the British Empire was caused by football. Interesting perspective, please tell me more.

  3. I have been waiting for this article for a long long time.Every morning the first thing I do is take a look at every football website i know looking for news,and I must say since Evans has been let out of prison and resumed his career(or what’s left of it),I haven’t seen a single newspaper that mentioned his name without puting ‘rapist’ next to it.As if his freakin name was Ched Rapist Evans.The fact that this guy served time for a crime he may not have done and the press is still trying to ruin his life for it makes me cringe,sick and angry all at the same time.It’s also worth mentionning that a shitload of clubs have made offers for Evans to play for them,only to withdraw those offers due to pressure from the media(DailyMail comes to mind) and those club’s fans.This ongoing saga never fails to remind me what kind of shithole we live in.

    1. He dared to stand up to the Feminine Imperative, so he must be cut down in any way possible.
      Welcome to our modern hysteria.

      1. The only thing that the UK has apparently done better, infinitesimal though it may be, is actually prosecuting false accusers. They have a feminist showing up because she’s pissed about women (a professor from Kansas is the speaker) being prosecuted for perverting Justice and a anither group howling for that reason. Apparently some bint who claimed (falsely) rape killed herself. To whit, it’s too bad she did that because I’d rather her in jail as an example.

      2. I think he is just standing up for himself and this because he really has no choice. I wouldn’t read any more into it than that.

      3. Correct…..There is an appeal going on and I wonder what will be the reaction if his conviction is overturned.
        My guess is that the feminazis and the MSM will simply say that “he got away on a technicality”.
        Interesting enough the list of cons and former-cons professional players in the US and the UK is quite extensive….including murder….but of course murder is not as bad as rape.

        1. There was a guy on that list who was a youth team coach for Chelsea FC who served 12 months jail time for having sex with a 15 year old girl. Upon release from prison he was reunited at Chelsea and they kept him on for another year. Statutory rape of a minor seems to be less severe than ‘rape’ of a 19 year old woman. Crazy!

    2. Discussion about this topic was rife at work. I haven’t followed all the info pertaining Ched Evans, so went about it asking questions (like how soon after the incident the victim went to authorities) and a bloke who’s a work colleague said ” he is either innocent or he’s the most remorseless piece of shit ever.”
      One thing that puzzled me slightly, is that both his wife and father-in-law have stood by him…

    3. Agree…but we have to remember. The MSM is all about creating news, creating viewers (to create a profit). It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, innocent or guilty…they are all about making money. This type of sensational news is what drives all of the outlets today (and it’s a shame). I turned off the TV awhile back because I saw this fucked up trend coming awhile back.
      The guy was charged with a crime, did some time in jail, is on probation and is trying to get back to work. But that’s not good enough and we still need to think about the “poor victim”.
      What about the bad decisions made by the poor victim? When are we going to start using that “equality” thing and start holding the poor victim accountable for her actions – equally?
      That’s how you know this new level of feminism is bullshit. It’s not about equality, it’s about power and control (plus a little payback).

    4. Agree, and how many other premiership and other league footballers bang “birds” left right and centre after a drink and drug fuelled night without any accusations of “rape”. But the ladies don’t drink and do drugs……

    5. What follows ia an article published today in the Daily Telegraph about the Ched Evans case. The thing to notice is that the mainstream media have concerns about how rape is defined and you’ll also see that female as well as male journalists feel the same.
      Reason plays no part in the Ched Evans saga
      Thousands of sadistic rapists pose a greater danger to women than footballer Ched Evans
      More than 10,000 people signed petition opposing Ched Evans’s arrival at Oldham Photo: Eamonn & James Clarke
      By Allison Pearson
      The last time I wrote about Ched Evans, I got several thousand responses. Many said I was “brave” (always a bad sign) and some accused me of being a Rape Apologist. Well, I’ve been called some things in my time, but that was definitely a new low. As an old friend emailed: “You’ve been hiding your support for rapists very well. How cunning of you to raise all that money for victims of domestic violence and to shout from the rooftops every time a rapist is set free to rape again.”
      I got some other interesting reactions to that Ched Evans piece. Here is an email from Jenny: “Thank you, Allison, for the article regarding rape. A similar thing happened to my 16-year-old son last year and it has changed him as a person. His story is that he and the girl had consensual sex, they carried on drinking afterwards but in the morning she couldn’t remember having sex. Her friend then said it’s rape if you can’t remember, so the police got involved. Long story cut short, it didn’t get to court because none of her witnesses came through and all his [group of friends] they spoke up for my son. But it absolutely devastated my lovely lad who would not hurt a fly. I think it is wrong that girls cry rape just because they drank too much and can’t remember the incident. It’s not fair and it’s ruining peoples lives.”
      So that’s Jenny’s story. Is she a Rape Apologist, too, I wonder? Or is she a mum who is worried about a legal system which allows an apparently consensual sex act to be reinterpreted hours, or even days, later by a young woman who didn’t think she’d been raped until her friend suggested it? In the Ched Evans case, the 19-year-old victim did not go to the police to report that she had been raped. She made no complaint whatsoever. She had no memory of being raped. She called the police to report a missing handbag. It was the police who suggested that she might have a case for rape against two well-known footballers.
      Why might that have happened? Here’s another response to my Ched Evans’ piece. This is Deborah speaking:
      “Dear Allison, Having recently sat as a juror on a rape case in which the defendant was acquitted, and having subsequently taken quite an interest in the subject, it strikes me that the motives of both the police and the CPS in bringing rape cases to court is often highly questionable. One really does wonder if both organisations are under some pressure to reach annual conviction targets – especially since the 2003 re-definition of what constitutes rape.
      Related Articles
      Sponsor cuts ties as Oldham agree Evans terms07 Jan 2015
      I’m not going to LA for a holiday, says Gerrard 07 Jan 2015
      Evans must be allowed to play again 23 Dec 2014
      Sorry, but all rapes are not the same 12 Nov 2014
      “In the case in which I was involved, it turned out that at no point had the alleged victim ever had any intention of reporting rape, but had been persuaded to do so by domestic violence officers whom, it emerged, told her that what she had experienced ‘could be construed as rape’. In fact, she and her long-term partner enjoyed nightly booze/cocaine/porn-fuelled sessions and regularly beat each other up. The result was a frustrated judge and a huge waste of public money.”
      Is Deborah another Rape Apologist or is she a responsible citizen entitled to wonder whether police are encouraging certain vulnerable women to trump up “rape” charges in order to meet official targets?
      These are reasonable questions, questions which any thoughtful society should be asking itself, but reason has long since jumped out the window in the case of Ched Evans. You may have noticed that Evans, who is out on licence after serving half of his five-year jail sentence, has become the designated lightning rod for anger about rape. (An anger I have long shared.) It’s ironic, given the wide selection of evil bastards out there, that feminists should alight on Evans, who makes a rather pathetic poster boy for rape. To take an example at random, how about Brian Shayanowaka, who poured boiling water over a woman and raped her in August last year, deliberately infecting her with HIV? Shayanowaka was sentenced to 12 years, but only in his absence, because he had fled to Zimbabwe. Absolutely grotesque – yet the sadistic, woman-hating Shayanowaka attracted none of the shrill opprobrium poured on Evans. The same goes for thousands of other rapists all of them, I would contend, posing a far greater danger to my sex than Ched Evans.
      In fact, I am much less disturbed by Evans (an off-the-peg, callow slimeball) than I am by some of his attackers and supporters, and their online lynchings. They remind me of the atavistic frenzy in Lord of the Flies: “Kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood!” Alas, all online opinion now is intemperate. Think of the poor man who received death threats when he made so bold as to suggest that The Dark Knight Rises was not an unqualified masterpiece. To hardcore Batman fans, who had not even seen the movie yet, this was heresy pure and simple, and must be silenced.
      Such ugly, blinkered righteousness is everywhere. Ched Evans’s victim, her identity cruelly unmasked by his supporters, is effectively on the run, changing her name and moving five times to escape the vengeful mob. I find that deplorable – but so are those who seek to force Evans onto a medieval ducking stool because he insists on protesting his innocence.
      When Channel 4 news ran a story about whether Evans would be signed by Oldham Athletic, the reporter concluded that the club would have to choose “between money and morals”. Oh really? What morals did he have in mind? Christian morality says we should hate the sin, forgive the sinner. Jesus Christ spent his time with reviled outcasts. Outcasts like Ched Evans. Yet we hear nothing from the Church. As for our political leaders, instead of urging a sense of proportion, they take dictation from the mob.
      For the record, I think Ched Evans should have waited until the Criminal Cases Review Commission comes to a decision before continuing his career in football. He may feel he was unjustly convicted, while his co-defendant went free, but he should apologise anyway to the young woman in the case for the misery and fear she has suffered subsequently. If Evans must take up a role in the Oldham Athletic team, the least he can do now is tell his supporters that he vehemently opposes any attempts to pursue and harass the victim. Two witch-hunts do not make a right.

  4. Didn’t know much about this story till I saw the social justice warriors in the media condemning him. So I researched it and I’m shocked. There’s no way he’s a rapist. What a horrible miscarriage of justice. And now the feminists are trying to stop him playing football for good. What a bunch of disgusting hatemongerers, spewing bile and shit from out their mouths, trying to convince the whole population to join them in their sorry endeavour. There’s a facebook petition for a retrial for Ched Evans, please sign it.

  5. If he was a nigger or mooslem he’d be a national saint! “Oh poor Leroy(or Abdul) how you have been wronged,you need anew chance! God bless you,thats who we are,compassionate caregivers!” Scum mob of shite!!!

      1. What are you talking about,moron? Balotelli got in trouble for a harmless instagram.He is white and he had to crawl for a harmless joke. How does that contra my comment? I am American so maybe I am missing something,but in Uni here the nigger ballers rape a LOT and its swept under the rug. False allegations against hi status white guys, as in Univ Of Virginia recently,get the howling mobs of femcunts and their faggot followers all a twitter.

  6. “Is ditch-digger kosher but investment banker forbidden?”
    Professions wise there used to be many jewish ‘disabilities’. I doubt football as a whole is in danger but I imagine effectively the ‘rapey’ status of heterosexual males may well down the line effectively disbar many of us from working in certain types of profession and roles or minimise our presence in those professions: we are already being squeezed out of teaching or at least marginalised to some degree where roles may involve working with kids etc . Safeguarding women & kids, minorities etc., will down the line probably work to exclude men from certain professions. Never thought football would be one of them

  7. This is evidence that the U.K. is even more pathetically fuck*d in the head than America.

  8. Just learning of Chad Evans and his case only proves me correct how Anglo culture is THE REAL GYNOCENTRIC culture of 2nd Millennium Europe.
    So, how come the Church of England STILL hasn’t made a formal announcement of ordaining Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) into a saint? Really, reading news like this only beatifies Anglo women that lack PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. Looks like Angles are wanking themselves out to extinction, courtesy of their own women.

  9. Didnt same thing happen to Mike Tyson ? I’ve never seen people with less moral than women. How can anyone live with themselves after ruining someone elses life ? These women can for some reason.

  10. Funny how Ronnie Radke (Falling in Reverse/Escape the Fate) fucking MURDERED a man, and it’s totally fine for him to still have a music career, but touch a drunk girl who’s flashing her cooch at everyone and that’s it, you’re done for good.

  11. In my opinion, the guy made a very bad call, any situation where a group of men end up taking a drunk teenager back to a hotel room so they can watch other naked guys around her is weird and irresponsible.

  12. Yeah the guy is no hero and certainly doesn’t deserve to be inducted into any Halls. He is obvious operating in his own best interests as advised by his lawyers. As for the “rape”, don’t know, wasn’t there. Seems like one person’s word against another, primarily.

  13. Do people really give a damn about what someone says on twitter?
    God I hate twitter so fucking much. How the hell did we get to this point where even the news will report what someone says on twitter? Twitter is for gossiping bitches and faggots.

    1. Sport has sponsors who don’t like negative publicity. Stupid or not, in this age of sensitivity they are effective.

    2. Amazing how an entity that does not produce any goods (manufacturing or fabricating parts) or facilitate a necessary service (healthcare or IT etc) is considered a major ‘company’. *mind boggled*

  14. I notice the Independent used the word “attacked” in describing Evans’s actions towards the woman in question. To attack someone in my book would demonstrate some form of bodily harm inflicted on the alleged victim. She woke up in a bedroom strewn with clothes with a few naked men lying around. Sure it’s “weird and irresponsible” but is such behaviour actionable? It seems so if a young lady out on the town, drunk and persuaded to go back to a hotel room with a footballer is to be believed.
    How many front pages of the red tops in the last few years have been emblazoned with headlines about “birds” being “spit roasted” by footballers in hotel rooms. The only difference between this case and those other too numerous cases is this “bird” got a bad case of buyers remorse and accused the guy of “rape”.
    She’s had to change her name several times, well tough shit sugar tits, end up in a compromising situation, think you’ll get a pay off, etc., you own your life…..

  15. Even the UK PM ‘call me bro’ Cameron has waded in(angling for the wimmin’s vote no doubt) saying Evans shouldn’t be signed up.
    Now, George Best was a role model…but modern day footballers are such tossers I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be like them.

  16. Social Justice Warriors want to beat people over the head with the law, but even after the law has punished someone, they wish for more punishment. Punishment never ends from SJWs. Once you have transgressed, you must be punished until the day you die. The logical end of SJW thinking would be to institute the death penalty for all crimes. Clearly no one ever rehabilitates, or their punishment would not continue indefinitely.
    However, their own pasts are to be ignored. Never mind that Sarah was born Nicholas or that Chris used to make fun of molested children.

    1. Ched Evans isn’t being punished for rape, he is being punished for not prostrating himself at the feet of feminist SJW. Men like Bill Cosby are suffering from the same mob justice for the exact same reason and have literally committed no crime at all.
      These people are the barbarians at the gate of civilization.

  17. Lesson #1: NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE!!
    This was his biggest mistake. Girl claimed she didn’t remember anything. Evans and Mcdonald incriminated themselves by telling the police they had sex with the girl. If they kept quiet the police would have nothing.

  18. The media liars have buried the truth about the “victim” She was caught lying under oath about her cocaine habit. She destroyed evidence from social media before the trial. Most importantly, she bragged on twitter she was out to “win big” with a payday to buy her friends matching pink Mini Coopers and take them on holidays.

  19. Wait a minute, from what I understood the guys took turns on the chick or gangbanged her (makes no difference) and she filed rape charges just against him? If it is just against him then she’s falsely accusing, if it’s against all of them, one can see a dim light of truth on the situation. Gentlemen, we should all be for freedom and masculinity but advantage taking and possibly rape (we must keep an opened mind) are not things to be taken likely.
    From my personal point of view, when we discuss topics on actual human beings we must be completely impartial and compare notes and evidence. Jumping around to conclusions like ,,yeah, she was a slut, and the SJW are in this so he’s got be to innocent” don’t allow yourselves to be duped gentlemen. We should not make any claims until facts are properly studied, otherwise we just state opinions on a tabloid like mindless morons.
    Gentlemen, we must act like the National Anti-Corruption Direction devise ,,Impartiality – Integrity – Efficiency ” . We are talking about a girls reputation and a young man’s career and image. Keep an opened mind. This article should’ve become a case study not a tabloid open discussion.

    1. “Gentlemen, we should all be for freedom and masculinity but advantage taking and possibly rape (we must keep an opened mind) are not things to be taken lightly.”
      Advantage taking is very different from rape.
      Reminds me of the situation where a prostitute consents to sex without demanding payment upfront, yet the man leaves afterwards without paying.

  20. From my understanding he tagged team some drunk broad(Consensual sex) however she didn’t like something so she accused him of rape where he gets convicted because by law having sex with a female who has consumed alcohol is rape, yet the other guy gets nothing.
    I’m supporting Ched Evans, I do not agree with the law regarding drunk sex = rape.

  21. Generally agree with the article, but he could really help his cause by not a coming across as an spoilt brat.

  22. No. I’m a man of the opinion that playing sports is a privilege, not a right. The chance to earn millions playing a child’s game is reserved to those of skill AND good character.

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