#GamerGate Draws Attention To A Game Banned On Steam For Having A “Racist” Trailer

SJWs are simply relentless. It seems as if they don’t sleep or rest at all, but merely dedicate their whole lives to finding new ways to attack, shame and blame everything that can serve as an expression of masculinity. While GamerGate has seen a rich collection of magnificent SJW fails, their renewed effort to stifle violent games has found another victim.

This time around, the waves of SJW moral outrage that resulted in the removal of GTA 5 from Target Australia shelves have now hit Hatred, a mass-murder simulator. Their complaints have caused Steam to ban it from its service.

Evil white murderer

In Hatred, the player assumes the role of an anti-hero. You are a nameless antagonist who’s fed up with humanity and, after a short musing about how he hates everyone, he equips ridiculous amounts of weapons and goes outside, blasting whoever is unlucky enough to cross his way. There is no noble cause or heroic pursuit, a princess to save or a dragon to slay, he just wants to die with guns blazing and bring as many civilians and law enforcement with him to the grave.

The feature that caused Hatred to get banned were the execution scenes, in which you see close-ups of throats being slit or faces being shot off. How bad are these? Take a look for yourself:

Notice the races and genders of the killer and victims

The petition which started the outrage talks about how people of color and women are unjustly targeted by evil white men and other nonsense:

hatred petition source 500x175

Try reading it without bursting out laughing

Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem if the victims were all white, hetero males and the killer a strong, independent black transsexual woman. In fact, it would probably be lauded as a great game with perfect gameplay and awarded 10/10 from Polygon and Kotaku. The developer explained that all genders and races of victims are randomly generated but, as you might imagine, logic and reason do not go well when it comes to arguing with SJWs. When pressed further to defend himself, the CEO of the developing studio simply replied: “We don’t care :)”.

Is it really that bad?

While it does have scenes which remind a lot of Manhunt execution scenes, where you obediently follow the orders of a snuff film-maker, Hatred doesn’t actually show anything worthy of banning. In fact, the gore is not worth mentioning at all. There were a lot worse things in movies, such as Human Centipede, and there are plenty of video game examples with similar over-the-top scenes. Sniper Elite series has the tradition of X-ray cam kills, which show your sniper round sloooowly crushing the victim’s skull, ribs or testicles, along with crunchy noises.


Now, if that were a vagina, we’d have to do something

In Blood, you can set cultists on fire, shoot them while they scream in agony, rip their heads off and kick them around. In F.E.A.R. there are literal fountains of blood along with squished people piled up to the ceiling. Also, if Manhunt taught us anything, it’s that excessive violence becomes grating fast and actually annoys the player rather than causing him to commit real murder.

Technically guilty

While Hatred hasn’t technically been banned from Steam, it’s simply because the game hasn’t been made yet. Hatred only made it to the “greenlight” stage, which is Steam’s pre-approval phase where customers can vote if they want the game to be available on Steam or not. Hatred got overwhelmingly positive votes on greenlight in its seven hours of being there.

Also, the above video is a trailer, showing what is supposed to be gameplay footage, but nobody can know for sure if it is. Seeing how often game developers remove content but leave the promise of it in the trailer, it’s surprising Valve pulled the plug so hastily and actually denied its customers what they want.

Hatred hasn’t actually broken any Valve or Steam rules other than treading on precious SJW snowflake feelings by accident and not apologizing. While Valve does have the sovereign right to do whatever it wants with its service, it’s built its success on the basis of consumer trust. Customers must know at all times that a company is going to be fair, reasonable and honest when it decides to use the power to censor. And frankly, the choice of games that are still available on sale on Steam does not instill a lot of trust that Valve cares about its customers.

Sadly, this could be the end of a great company, which brought us the wonderful Half Life series, Portal, and Dota 2. It’s not just the fact that a single game was banned from Steam, but rather the slow decline in quality, lack of consistency, and tiptoeing around SJW feelings. If game developers stop being bold and offensive, what are we left with? Mountain? Gone Home aka. Lesbian Diary Simulator?

Be fearless

nagging is a powerful weapon

SJWs have weaponized the most powerful weapon known to man—nagging

SJWs hold very little actual power. What they do have, however, is the appearance of power and they use it at every turn, mostly to create pathetic petitions which do nothing until the target censors itself. This is accompanied by unparalleled and unabashed arrogance.

This is exactly why you need to ridicule SJWs at every turn, which hurts their fragile egos more than you can imagine. That’s why Anita Sarkeesian turns off comments on all her videos and why Randi Harper created a Twitter blocklist.

Say something before it’s too late or everything even remotely offensive will eventually follow the example of Hatred, by getting banned from major distribution networks and only be available on the black market. If you think this is a joke, take a look at the UK, where female ejaculation is about to be banned in porn. Why? Because hurt feels.

There is no bright future with SJWs, only a dystopian nightmare devoid of any fun.

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106 thoughts on “#GamerGate Draws Attention To A Game Banned On Steam For Having A “Racist” Trailer”

  1. Someone needs to make a game where a testosterone filled, musclebound hulk of a man butchers SJW’s, manginas, and feminists with a bat and a machete.
    I’d buy it.

    1. Physical violence against mental manipulation is like pulling out a gun to solve a chess match. Yes, the situation was effectively changed but the game was never played.

      1. Hahahaha! You really don’t understand how the game is played, do you?
        In your example, this would be a chess match where a cop has a gun pointed at you and blows off one of your fingers every time you make a decent move.
        You still haven’t figured out that the ‘mental manipulation’ has been enforced at gunpoint the whole time?

    2. I dont understand the mindset of most GTA 5 players. They run around killing each other with no issues. As soon as I pull out the knife and stab only the NPC populating the world. They all vote to ban me. Apparently if you play the game the way Anita Sarkeesian suggests, they think youre a horrible piece of shit. They must not understand how difficult it can be to keep count of ones victims before the cops kill you. Some of them chuckle when I explain I target only the female npc’s because Im playing Anita’s game. Most GTA 5 players would rather shoot each other instead of cleansing Los Santos of SJW’s.

    3. Heck that’s too simple and easy.
      I’d make it more of a role playing game where we lob logic and facts at them and use Eliza-like AI to govern their response (which would be easy considering the pattern or SJW responses and knowing when they will start saying “wow just wow”).
      The scoring system will be based on the level of meltdown we get from the target. A few points for a “we’re done here” and they break off all debate without making any real points but for a totally sperging rage storm we get bonus rounds.
      And yeah I’d have it that they get mad enough to attack, then we get to use weapons on them in self defense.
      The expansion to this game would be a progression in the story line whereby they managed to enact all the laws they wanted and send SWAT and national guard out to anybody who creeps them out – thus the game does become a full blown FPS where we have to fight our way through hordes of cops and soldiers get to the SJW overlords in their Bunkers.

    4. I’d like to see someone gun down hippies, greenies, and naked women with ‘equality’ painted across their tits.
      Oh wait, we are talking about a game?

        1. i hope you put more effort into your business image than you do your online image… unless of course you sell douche kits for a living…

        2. Naww, I draw and sell furry porn and create 3d graphics for indy games. the worse my ‘business image’ the better my business. at 200-500 dollars a day, I am perfectly capable of concealing my disgust for the ‘furries’ that employ me or my disdain for the utterly talentless geeks that are trying to ‘break it big’ in the video games industry.
          I live comfortably, set my own hours, work at my own pace (which can be very fast indeed if I want to earn better), don’t have to kiss any ass I don’t care to, don’t have the ‘PC police’ or HR department staring over my shoulder, can party when and how I want, don’t have to watch my language or avoid offending anyone, never have to apologize, and have my own code of honor that I am never forced to compromise. It’s quite a fine gig for an ex-military lifestyle dominant.
          I am certain with just a little effort you could probably track down my livestream channel and game portfolio… I invite you to come in and attack me there… people LOVE Drama, and it will only improve my customer list (My blog article on why ‘female slavery’ is the only sane option nearly tripled my business in a week and gave me almost a million hits and tons of angry SJW’s, many of whom eventually became my customers, and one of whom eventually became my newest slave.)
          On second thought, based on your inability to track down the term ‘greeny’ as it refers to a member of one of several green political parties, You are unlikely to be able to garner enough search-fu to find any of my resources. Ah well, maybe the rest of your dungeons and dragons group is smart enough to do it for you.
          So how is ‘working for the man’ working out for you?

        3. overcoming your denial and admitting that you have a rage problem will be the first step toward healing.

        4. Why do you think unleashing your rage, or admitting it, will help you confront it?
          Humans, when they unleash their rage, do not deal with it. they find a focus, or a target.
          So, miss “I am in touch with my feelings”, who is your rage focussed upon?

        5. are you talking to yourself? i suppose it’s better than nothing… but i wasn’t expecting the gender confusion!

        1. You first.
          I consider socialism to be an infection. It may be harsh, but if a limb becomes infected beyond your ability to cure, you lop it off.
          Breyvik might have been out on a limb, or he might have been completely sane and logical. Time will certainly tell. But right now, it’s looking like the socialist infection has progressed too far and is killing the host. Greece was only the beginning.

    5. The game does not exist . It’s just a trailer that itself is a political tactic to get people on board with banning games.
      There would be no market for a game like this , except maybe psychopaths.

    6. Check out Duke Nukem, the latest one. Game starts with him getting head from Olsen Twin lookalikes, he later comes across a filming of a porno, etc., he beats the shit out of everything, and is hit on constantly by hot broads. if there was ever a “misogynist” game, that one would be it. SJW pajama boys and feminist twunts could not sneer at it enough.

  2. Maybe it’s b/c I am an old guy, but can anyone explain to me what the point of the “HATRED” game is and why anyone would possibly want to play it?
    (Full Disclosure: I take a dim view of video games as being life-wasters with little/no redeeming value. Of course, I’m not an SJW, so I’m not in favor of banning them, shaming people who play them, or forcing anyone into political re-education over them, but really, WTF is the point of something like that? Every second you play one of those games is a second of your life you will never get back. Particularly at the age that most gamers are, I would think (hope) that they would be far more interested in spearing vagina with their cocks than any of that crapola.)
    Anyway, I am open to being convinced otherwise.

    1. The sensless killing is almost like an extreme version of mowing people down on games like call of duty. It’s kind of fun every once in a while since it allows you to blow off steam and/or do something that you would never do in real life. It can get boring for me quick though.
      As for the whole video games are worthless issue, it’s just another hobby. I think playing golf is a good way to waste your weekends, other people love it. I like rock climbing, parties, and video games, but there’s people out there that hate all three. Everything can be a waste of time if you approach it that way.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I see the “different strokes” issue, but to me golf (which I don’t care for) and rock climbing (ditto) would have some benefits–exercise for the latter (and a bit for the former), plus being outside in fresh air and there are some business applications for golf (where applicable). Parties let you work on game and make social connections. I just don’t see the benefit to most video games–but hey, free country, so if others like them, fine by me. I’m sure gamers probably think things I might like are stupid, too. Video games seem to me to be more of a dopamine thing (or seratonin, or whichever one makes you feel good).
        Maybe it’s a generational thing–I’m on the front end of GenX–but if I had a kid who played “HATRED” I’d wonder about him more than if he played “Call of Duty” (which I assume, as a non-gamer, doesn’t have the malignant narcissism coupled with anti-social personality disorder* undertones). Probably unfair, but I am simply acknowledging my bias. *shrugs*
        Anyway, like I said, “different strokes.”
        *Which is how you wind up with “Natural Born Killers”.

        1. As a gamer I would also be worried about my kid playing this game. It’s definitely best left for mature audiences.
          Super fast-paced games tend to improve on-the-fly decision making in the real world. But I agree that it shouldn’t be your main hobby because of social issues. My social life disappeared for a month when Skyrim first came out, and so did my social skills for a while after that.

        2. I don’t think you’re giving your kid enough credit. I’m sure after a few minutes he would stop playing and find an article to read on ROK.

    2. Well the game is called “Hatred” and makes no shortage of that point.
      But I see your points. Sometimes I think such games exist as a means of “crowd control”. There is much to be angry at in this world because (and the SJWs have credit) we live in a world where indeed people went out of their way to single out groups of people they don’t like and then use all of the tools of the system from the media to education to democracy to fuck them over.
      The stark reality for a lot of people is that yes, your life sucks because someone at some point decided they didn’t like you and they did the homework to make sure you have no rights in the courts, no real job, and a system poised to jail you for minor infractions.
      (Because America sucks at being a tyranny as much as it sucked at not becoming one it’s not very efficient in the destruction of targeted groups either)
      So a game like this “Hatred” game I think is more geared to giving “Mr. Downtrodden” some jollies when in fact he should be putting the game controller down and …. picking up a real gun? No. Anybody who knows the ways of the gun knows that a gun is actually very limited as a problem solving tool. It’s the state that wants us to see their minions in the black body armor with the machine gun and think that gun is the end all be all weapon of instant death and destruction and you better obey. That’s why we have cases of a plurality of people being marched out to ATMs by one or two muggers or home invaders. Try that with my crew and the county coroner is going to be having to dig up the asses of some dead bodies to get the evidence. But the conditioned sheep will dutifully obey even to the point of being marched out in a field and shot.
      (I’ve done tests where people held at gunpoint at point blank simply take off and they were only hit – with non lethal rounds of course – less than 30 percent of the time).
      My point ultimately is that video games are a sop. A part of me actually hoped that the SJWs will manage to turn gaming into this dripping depression quest lesbo worshipping exercise in pastel wearing mangina-dom where every other character is GLBT and you lose points or something for not being. And once “that last safe space for men” is destroyed, we’ll see some real change in this world because guys getting fat killing pixels on a screen as a means of dealing with problems is not getting anywhere.

      1. In some ways the SJWs (aka cultural marxist activists) are correct. In a world were “racism” and discrimination is on par with heresy and the greatest sin, “Hatred” lets you act out on your “hate” for the “other”.
        It lets you act out violently on the forbidden, the taboo.
        It also has a fairly realistic everyday setting which makes it easier for the player to identify with this particular universe of “hate”.
        The game is surely a reflection of the degenerate culture in which we live in. But I am in doubt about one of the main reasons for its appeal.

      2. hehe, welcome to my world. I train women to RUN, first thing, when they are being assaulted. drop your goddamned groceries, drop your purse. run like hell…. You are far less likely to get shot running like hell and dropping the nearly worthless ‘goodies’ than you are by being cooperative or trying to fight back.

    3. You should play through some of the great modern storyline based games before you pass final judgement. Video games are evolving into a cross between the novel and the movie. Movies can only keep you in your seat for ~3 hours at most. Novels can keep you intrigued far far longer, but there is no interaction and the imagined space is not shared (individual imagination and personal perspective renders the novel experience unique to every human and each reading).
      Video games bridge the gap, giving you incredibly detailed worlds that everyone experiences more or less equally, and they can keep you interested and intrigued in the story far far longer than a movie can. What’s more, since you are often playing the role of the central character, you’re no longer an observer to the story (as you are in both movies and novels), you are an active participant. This makes the involvement even greater than both novels and movies.
      I suggest you go purchase and play completely through one of these, then perhaps you might have a different perspective:
      *) Dragon Age (either of the two)
      *) Mass Effect Series
      *) Fallout Series
      *) Skyrim
      *) Deus Ex
      *) Shadows of Mordor
      I’m sure others have suggestions as well. It’s fair to say that video games can become a waste of time. But so can movies, and novels. Individuals have to strike that balance in their life, I’m not going to judge someone so harshly by how they spend their time.

      1. Video games dont hold a candle to traditional tabletop roleplaying games. RPG achieve all the things you have mentioned, and are also social games, and require alot more imagination and creativity compared to a video game.

        1. Yes you are probably right. But I think RPG are worth it. When I think back I actually learned alot form them. Especially about social group dynamics and the use of imagination.

        2. I suppose the games that kids play with “online” groups probably have some similar benefits.

        3. Perhaps. But the social aspect is heavily mediated, and is rather toned down compared to face to face interaction. The social interaction is also far less pronounced. And can go far beyond the need to figure out how to kill something or solve a
          RPG also requires much more in the department of imagination.

      2. Thanks for the reply. Pls bear in mind that I’m trying to understand the appeal, not trying to be “judgy” at all and I’m sorry if I came off that way.

    4. I play video games but I find the concept of Hatred really stupid. I prefer games like RPGs and shooters. Hatred is the kind of game that appeal to teenagers just because it’s extremely violent. I am a grown man and I play video games because I don’t much else to do.

    5. It is mostly a Waste of time, hollow entertainment. I think most of these teenage guys want to “spear vagina”. But their options are just really limited, especially if they are fat or ugly nerds. So instead they retreat Into their virtual reality. In this World they are the badass heroes, so naturally it has some appeal to a pimple faced scrawny teenager with braces.
      Its really just escapism.

      1. That could be, although it could also be the “stereotype”. I just see it a lot with my friends kids where they disappear for HOURS and just play video games. I suppose for the parents it gives them some peace and quiet and they know where the kid is at all times, etc.
        I’m sure there are some guys who ‘binge-play’ a game when it first comes out and then go back to their more usual habits afterwards. I was just thinking more about older guys (late teens/twenties) who “over” play (if I may say so). Those guys might be better served by embarking on the type of self-improvement advocated here on RoK so they can get (in your hypothetical) at least “un-fat”.
        I played a lot of sports as a kid, and I’m sure that a lot of gamers would think that was stupid–and believe me, the last thing I wanted to do was play HS football for our dickhead, fake Marine coach–but I didn’t really have much choice in the matter (would have created issues with my dad) and at least had the benefit of exercise and learning teamwork. As an adult, I find that all the athletics I did were beneficial to me in terms of fitness and, from time to time, in business–I play on a couple of my company’s rec teams and, b/c I’m still a talented athlete (in terms of “CoporateLand”) that does score a few social points, which can be useful.
        I suppose I should also recognize that “HATRED” is, no doubt, and extreme example, etc.

        1. Yes I agree that it is not beneficial if you want to build up yourself. There is no real selfimprovement involved.
          I also used to do sports when I was younger (and I still work out in the gym), and agree that sports is a good way to improve yourself both physically and mentally.
          Team sports also teach cooperation and team spirit as a bonus.

  3. I’m curious how this game is going to make me like the primary character. On the surface there appears to be absolutely nothing redeeming about a man who decides that the time for his own mass-murder-until-killed has come. Frankly, I might buy this game on sale purely to explore that point.

  4. If I were to put out a video game this is exactly the type of marketing campaign I would do.
    Also now, a couple of weeks after the shitstorm and people announcing them dead I’m starting to think RSD might actually have acquired more potential customers instead of less.
    Like: Wow these whiny faggetz really hate dat shit – it must be awesome.

  5. I sincerely express happiness to see one of my favorite games mentioned in this article, namely ,,Manhunt” and I will give my 2 bits of experience here and now.
    Gentlemen, what do we have here :
    1. We have a game categorized as too ,,extreme”; fine, we’ll dig into it.
    2. We have a statement of the author that mentions Social Justice Warriors positioning themselves against this game.
    3. We have a reference and comparison to the Manhunt series game.
    I call this a bluff and bull shit I am angry to see this on a website like ROK.
    Taking a look a this game you see a long-haired hill billy getting angry at the world and suiting up for genocide. The murders he commits are those of innocent and helpless people as clearly visible in the trailer, we need look no further. Any person against the murder of innocence can be labelled whatever you feel like, but when you label them SJW then something stinks behind the message.
    Moreover making a reference to the Manhunt series game is a fucking insult.
    In those games you kill only killers that are in one way or another after you to kill you. There is no innocent killing in those games in comparison to his black bull shit.
    I call you out sir, to explain to us why in the hell would you use a subterfuge as using SJW to promote a piece of shit game like this from which society has absolutely nothing to gain.
    If I weren’t educated I would throw in some insults as well.
    Please remove yourself from this sphere.

    1. My gut reaction was similar to yours, but I’m now inclined to believe your theory isn’t far from the truth. Hatred, from what I saw in that trailer, is either a shit-test on the ROK audience, or more rage bait for SJWs. (It’s both in my mind, but what you say about this being an advertisement in disguise is likely also true.)

  6. Here is why I’m no longer really into gaming.
    The focus has shifted from coming up with new cool ways to interact with the virtual and instead we’re just trying to push the envelope towards all out smut porn.
    Its not that I’m too queazy to play these games… Its just that to me they’re all becoming the same… with just a little more blood… a little more bleakness… a little more over the top… and a little more hate.

    1. Since just about everything I did when I was 12 will land a kid in jail or in some kind of trouble with the Social Service Prison Complex, any appeal a game like this would have is a symptom.
      But we don’t see the SJWs addressing that. Mainly because their ilk is the cause of the disease.
      Again I dare them to destroy all gaming. Then the day will come when they have to directly face the rage that they are creating. They might think they can ban guns as a solution but then they’ll be on a two front war.

  7. The thing is, it’s not just SJWs phaggots that will want to ban this game. I am sure conservative douches will also want to ban it. Personally, I don’t like this game very much. It is a matter of time before it will known that some teenage shooter played this game. Then all the moral crusaders who hate gaming will be pushing for more laws to censor video games. So basically, the entire gaming industry might suffer because of one stupid game that went too far.

  8. This is ridiculous, this I agree is taking it too far. From what I have seen so far the main Character is shooting everyone who comes into his path he seems to hate authority and all people equally so he is not “discriminating.” I personally enjoyed the F.E.A.R. and Manhunt series. I like the diversity employed in some of the Comic Books, many characters come from New York a minority majority city so it only makes sense to start seeing characters who originate from New York to start representing the majority of that city. What I DO NOT like is when they lump every diversity on one character for example making a character black Latino Muslim or gay for example, it feels forced.
    The only thing I disagree with the author in terms of the information he did provide is that I disagree that the protagonist is an “anti-hero.” An Anti-hero lacks the conventional qualities of a “hero” is questionable in his actions but still can accomplish an overall positive goal outweighing any negative result, which gains the protagonist a sizable following. The Punisher is one of the most brutal Anti-Hero in history. Going simply by the information in this article, the Protagonist in “Hatred” is more of a maniac who hates society and kills everyone in his path including innocent civilians. Even Right Wing extremist in real life have a specific goal like bombing or attacking federal Agents. But this character is simply a maniac who kills everyone.

      1. Then he is the ultimate Selfish bastard lol. No one can support him them, but there would be no one to support him anyway.

    1. I dont view the main character as an anti-hero either. This is simply a wrong label.
      He is basically a degenerate outcast who hates everyone and wallows in his own nihilistic fanatasies of murdering all of humanity. Of course he takes it one step further by actually going on a murdering spree.
      The character reminds me more of the joker character from Batman, but without the wit and humor. Or some of the school shooters. I am quite sure that the shooters were part of the inspiration for making the game

      1. Yes I agree with you. It’s hard to defend this game against people who will criticize it. But this game is not racist, against women, or has a certain agenda…. that’s where the criticism of the game would be misplaced…the game should just be criticized for its violence…it basically is a maniac shooting everyone. However I think people should be allowed to play it above a certain age group, my minimum would be older teens. I think it basically comes down to the parents and the culture they instill at home.

        1. Its mainly anti human, misanthropic. But this really isnt that sexy of a concept to a SJW since there is no discrimination involved. Its indiscrimanite hatred of humanity.

        2. Although I would add that it also makes it possible to kill of members of the Groups that you hate. This is why there is lots of diversity among the victims. There is something for every kind of hate.

        3. Yeah its just complete violence, if they were protesting the game because they were simply anti-violence that is more of an argument for them…but they can’t argue a specific dynamic. I agree. However this game will gain considerable curiosity and popularity because of the greater attention so the game makers may very well win at the end of the day.
          My favorite game growing up was Mortal Kombat which my parents let me play at 12, however I was brought up correctly and was encouraged to play outdoors and participate in healthy boys competition and sports. I was also taught right from wrong, and to never take advantage of the weak.

        4. I’m curious to see this macabre games but I rather play games like Assassin’s Creed which I find educational as well as entertaining for the youth and possesses a restriction on unrestrained violence which is punished when the violence is unmerited.

  9. Thought experiment: how would you even remake this game (keeping the same premise) without ticking some kind of oppression checkbox?
    Game as is: sexist/misogynist for violence against women (don’t mind everyone else in the game).
    So you take women and non-whites out of the game. But wait, isn’t that a source of controversy and claims of sexism/misogyny in game development? Oh, so you mean we can only have roles for women in games that cast them as heroines or the protagonists of “groundbreaking and experimental” (i.e. boring) games that focus on their emotions (Lesbian Diary Quest Expansion Pack or whatever), cause all womyn are special snowflakes. Read you loud and clear, SJWs.
    Ok, ok, how about we make the mass murderer a person of color? Ohhh, that perpetuates negative racial stereotypes concerned with violence? Better retweet to #stopracism.
    Here’s one that might hit closest to the mark: switch the characters up to make a game about a hateful white woman murdering white men. Can this sate the SJWs (seems almost hilariously congruent with their agendas)? It still under-represents people of color though. Oh yeah, and you forgot the part about a female mass murderer introducing the flagrantly offensive notion that women are capable of any wrongdoing.
    Where does this end? Please stop this garbage. The game is totally realistic as is… can it not just be accurate circumstantial commentary on something completely real that actually happens every week in this country?

      1. I just imagined a “Valerie Solanas” scenario! (She was somehow affilatied with Andy Warhol and wrote a “manifesto” called “S.C.U.M – the Society for Cutting Up Men” or similar. She was regarded as something b/w a joke and a bacillus at the time, but is now some wort of “proto-feminist” heroine.)

  10. we should not even discuss if the game is politically right or wrong.To ban a video-game called hatred because of violence is like banning a Metal band or horror movie because of violent theme.Are SJWs THAT stupid???We may as well ban anything with any sock value(excpet if women slaughter male “subjects” of course).

  11. Gabe Newell stepped in already and reinstated the game back on Steam. He supposedly bitch slapped those who made the decision. Gabe is a Red Pill man apparently.

  12. If it were only white males he was killing these fuckers would be all, “How come minorities, women and LGBTs didn’t get included in the killing spree?”

    1. If the shooter was a gay, Islamic, negro, transsexual, wheelchair-bound, social justice whore shooting White men, the sjw fuckers would not let out a single peep.

      1. Bull. Then the complaint would be about reinforcing negative stereotypes about violent minorities.
        Critical Theory, Google it. The point is to criticize; relentlessly, remorselessly, repeatedly, always criticize. Never suggest a solution because there IS no solution, just criticism, any attempt to propose a solution is a distraction from the task of criticism.

  13. I’m going to create a game called 90%, where sjw’s cull the global male population down to 10% of what it is today. The best part is the white knight players who think they’ll be part of the 10% left…. they get culled too. The only remaining men are the gorgeous worth breeding with and the fantastically strong for cutting firewood and opening pickle jars. Eventually the 10% go mgtow and our species disappears… the planet eventually overrun by bunnies.

  14. I’m more amazed at the imagination of the SJWs to even be able to come up with all this stuff. I heard about this game a long time ago and didn’t think anything of it, just another violent game out of many.

  15. You know what? I’m going to go the crazy route and say we should make the exact game you suggested. Let us, indeed, change the main character into a black woman, and have all of the NPC enemies changed into white males. I’m really tired of the hypothetical questions of “what if?”. The developer could quickly come up with a female skin for the main character, and programming NPC spawn points to only spawn white male NPCs wouldn’t be very difficult at all.
    Let’s give them a game that, basically, acts like a mirror of their own ‘Hatred’.
    To sort of play ‘Devil’s Advocate’, however, the developer could have avoided this mess by giving players the option of being able to design their own mass murdering psychopath. Choose your gender, choose your race, choose your weapons, and fuck the world! That’s not to say I’m of the opinion that SJW’s DON’T need to fuck the fuck off and rub some ointment on their butthurt, because they do. Just because they find something offensive does not give them any kind of right to have it taken away from others who don’t. Just because they think something is potentially dangerous doesn’t give them any kind of right to take it away from others who don’t.
    I just have this sneaking suspicion these people are mostly only children, and the type of whiny brats that would cry and flail until mommy made them what THEY wanted instead of what she made everyone for dinner. Unfortunately, mommy made a monster by not putting her foot down with the child and telling it “You will not eat if you do not eat what I have made to be eaten.” Essentially, she ended up teaching the kid that as long as it whinges and whines long enough, eventually it will get it’s way. Definitely sounds like what we’re up against now.

  16. as an ethnic male i think its better to havw a white killer. think how bad itll look if it was a black muslim or latin killer.

  17. I thought the controversy was more about violence than race.
    But either way, this is clear evidence that equalist opinions should not be taken seriously

  18. And also, “lesbian diary simulator” is a lot like that depression quest game
    Just goes to show how little of value leftists can produce

  19. This just shows how pussified our society has become.
    People complain on youtube how this is the “white male simulator 2015” with more than 150 upvotes while sitting in their comfy chairs at home using the internet which was invented by the same evil white men they so love to bitch about.
    As always, the irony is lost on them.

  20. Beware folks: this could well be a case of malignant marketing. has all the hallmarks: 1. generate controversy 2. sell shit. 3. goto 1.

  21. To be honest, it probably was a calculated move to show executions of minorities and women in the trailer – it sure has gotten the game plenty of attention.

  22. The hilarious/terrifying part was this:
    “Ts possible to kill everybody equally.”
    So it’s okay to consider pseudo murder a fun pastime, But not if your victims are black?
    Should we be scared?

    1. Forgot to add: when a robotic child’s toy called My Real Baby was developed, they decided to add a feature where it shut down in a situation that would cause a realbaby pain, so as not to make a kids toy into a tool for the mentally disturbed.
      I think that ship has now sailed.

  23. “In F.E.A.R. there are literal fountains of blood along with squished people piled up to the ceiling.”
    Ummm, where? One of the EXPs? I recently ran through the original and neither of those two examples exist in that game.

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