6 More Double Standards Leftists Enforce On Their Enemies

The leftist establishment, that still holds most institutions in the West, enforces serious double standards. Many of the norms and rules we follow are the result of said double standards—and of the left’s power to enforce them. Conservatives must be incredibly mild in order to be accepted in the world of media and politics, and, more often than not, must go through complex philosophical arguments to make even basic common-sensical claims, whereas leftists have an implicit right to being hysterical and hammering unproved points without ever being called out.

If you never confront openly these double standards, you let them pass unnoticed and let the leftist claim their artificial moral high ground. Once a leftist double standard is unearthed, it loses much of its grip, and the liberal will usually try to back it with another double standard… that you can call out as well.

Some of these double standards were mentioned last week. Here are some more.

1. The right to victimhood

“Glory to the vanquished”, Antonin Mercié, 1874 (copy)

“Glory to the vanquished”, Antonin Mercié, 1874 (copy)

Since the “most underprivileged” have been placed on the cultural altar, so-called minorities rushed to paint themselves as such and occupy the field. Being recognized as an undeserving victim has become one of the highest honours, one that allows for public funding, positive—i.e. positively biased and pre-programmed—attention, academic sinecures, cultural weight, ability to make emotional blackmailing without getting called out and so on.

So-called minorities are nothing more than a circle of authorized lobbyists that pretend to embody whole social categories, which is why I would rather call them minoritists than assimilate them to said categories. These lobbyists are responsible for the constant leftward drifting of Western culture. They occupy many, if not all, mainstream metapolitical fields, and if you try to step up on one of these fields, they will sense a danger to their State-enforced institutional position and try to knock you down.

Remember, the victimhood cake can only exist

  1. as long some groups are acknowledged as “true victims”, and
  2. as other groups must pay for the former.

If those who eat that cake sense you go towards the slightest victimhood yourself, no matter what actually happens, they will deny you the right to acknowledgement—thus only allowing you to produce silently and get your blood sucked by them.

2. The right to mention safeness or wanting to be safe without being called an –ist or a –phobic

The one on the left is allowed to be “triggered”, the one on the right isn't.

The one on the left is allowed to be “triggered”, the one on the right isn’t.

Feminists constantly talk about muh harassment. Likewise, minoritists make a great deal of so-called microagressions, which are mostly a fancy term to accuse the dreaded cis-white-male again and again.

But if Whitey dares to speak about black-on-white crime, and by crime I mean real offenses going from random physical threats to violent murder, then the minoritists yell “racism!” This also happens more insidiously to blacks that get murdered by other blacks and whom the mainstream media never speak of. They can accuse us of making them “unsafe” whatever really happens, but if we speak of having been assaulted or notice the pattern of actual crimes and ask for more safety, they will call for laxity towards criminal while shrieking at us.

In the same way, if we want to be safe of SJW mob harassment, they will say something like “it is normal that you are made to feel like a racist if you are one”—which means, in other words, “we have a right to isolate you, shame you, ruin your life and deprive you of your job, we have a right to decide absolutely on the norms and frames of polite society, now shut up and swallow whatever we’ll do to you!”

As our calls to safeness mean safeness from criminals and from the SJWs who at least indirectly support them, and as our calls to safeness conflict with that politically correct lead blanket they made especially to enslave us, they maintain a double standard that makes them able to create “safe spaces” inside places they already control while we are supposed to let them roam and harm freely anywhere.

3. The right to recognition as a right to empathy and public consideration

Jack, the man who can cry in thick man-boobs without being a wimp.

Jack, the man who can cry in thick man-boobs without being a wimp.

This one flows from the previous double standard. In a nutshell, if you are not part of an acknowledged protected group, you’ve got no right to empathy. Being part of the dreaded majority, you must be either the bad guy or someone who does not matter as there will always be someone who’s more of an acknowledged victim or more fashionable than you are.

As the Big Other is pedestalized, we are the actual Other in politics: the mainstream media always designates us in third person, sometimes uses the second—as in their ugly “dear white people…” pieces—, but never the first. We are definitely something else than their establishment. And thus, being the real “otherized” ones, we are those who can be excluded from all care or positive attention. Hence the feminist “male tears” meme: using it is tantamount to claiming they are vampires feeding off our sufferings, i.e. the very opposite of compassion.

Here, another double standard slips up: feminists who betrayed their own sadism through this meme have been lauded as subtle and ironic, whereas so-called right-wing trolls have been accused of being dark triad types.

4. The right to recognition as a right to dignity and being respected


The previous double standard was about being considered worthy of empathy or compassion. This one is about being considered worthy of respect or dignity. According to the narrative pushed forward through the Frankfurt school, Boasian anthropology, second-wave feminism, the third-worldism and many other faces, the Western world must be equated with imperialism and oppression, and Westerners should feel guilt for being what they are.

Before the culture wars, thinkers would meditate about values, merits, moral character, the weights and qualities of good deeds. All these were intimately tied with respectability. And they have been phased out by a perpetual agitation about “privilege” or “oppression” that negates how we built the country, are the living core of the West, both its substance and condition of prosperity.

As long as we are considered as having exploited some fantastical Other rather than having built and created things out of raw genius and work, this one will persist.

As long as those who get acknowledged as “oppressed” earn more respect than those who are truly worthy of respect, we’ll keep seeing porn actresses branded as “warrior grrls” or “courageous” professional victims like mattress girl Emma Sulkowitz promoted, race baiters like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton lauded, outright liars like Walter Cronkite or Betty Friedan presented as heroes, nepotic job-stealers or cunning manipulators promoted.

5. The right to do identity politics


Who is part of “us” and who is not? Who are “we”? These questions are far from merely theoretical: if I want to be a normal person and part of the “we”, answers to these become norms I ought to follow. Whoever can define group boundaries and push norms along wields great power.

This power has been mercilessly used in the US since at least the end of the 1930s. Jewish lobbies then attacked Lindbergh’s pacifism by associating it with German interests—them. Eventually, supporting the troops engaged in Vietnam was not part of the “cool” liberal us and relegated to the dreadful status of uncool, hence a them. Leftist coolness and inclusiveness work along ideological lines to draw boundaries.

If people on the right, or what I would call normal people try to make identity politics, they get labelled “racists”, “xenophobic” and so on. Whites were trained to pretend being colorblind out of fear of being called racists—thus renouncing any right to set their own boundaries following racial lines.

On the other hand, the left continuously made boundaries: it created minority identities along a Marxist class model, i.e. separate group identities based on anti-majority resentment, and it single-handedly put the topic of race on the forefront in the 2000s. To us, identity politics has been a game we’d always lose, a dangerous game we’d be guilty to even think about, but to them, it has been an incredibly powerful instrument of ideological bludgeoning and norms-shaping through social destruction. No identity politics outside of the left meant no checks and balances.

Today, it is clear that professional victim groups overplayed their hands. They have no legitimacy, either to do racebaiting or wage sex wars, nor to reject our right to draw boundaries out of real differences or responsible free will.

6. The right to declare wars


In theory, declaring war is the exclusive prerogative of a sovereign State. In practice, all wars are not considered equal, and anyone who declares it cares much about present public opinion and how future historians will paint him.

Some may associate pacifism, the opposition to war in general, associated to progressives through secular saints like Albert Einstein or Gandhi. Yet neither the Left nor the mainstream discourse have been pacifists in all cases: the same who opposed the Vietnam wars were diehard warmongers when it came to attacking Germany in the 1940s. Now, the Vietnam war is often quoted as an example of “imperialism” and moral illegitimacy, but who dares to criticize the liberal choice of destroying European countries together with the Soviet Union?

This double standard—the left can declare wars and tout them as fair, the right cannot—is intertwined with another one, i.e. implicit and acceptable selective compassion. We have been widely exposed to sentimentalist propaganda about civilian casualties in this or that war, from Vietnam to the current conflict in Syria. Yet where were the bleeding hearts when Russian peasants were slaughtered after 1917, or when Western middle classes were targeted by Bolshevism soon after, or when thousand German civilians were atrociously burned in Dresden, 1944?

Every liberal has a very selective notion of compassion, but they’re too dishonest to assume it.


This list likely reminded you some particular examples, from particular news pieces or college classes to daily life occurrences. You may be tempted to shrug your shoulders like, yeah, so what?, as it may be seen as underlining ordinary stuff.

But this is exactly the problem—nothing mentioned here should be deemed normal or ordinary. These double standards have become commonplace, to the point of being still present in the back of many minds, due to a long “march through the institutions” and culture, but they ought not to be common any longer.

All these have to be called out when enforced, until they lose all legitimacy and undergo the same disgrace that happened to normalcy in the 60s.

Don’t miss the third and last piece of this series about Leftist double standards, and feel free to complete the list if you notice some I haven’t mentioned.

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356 thoughts on “6 More Double Standards Leftists Enforce On Their Enemies”

  1. The latest video from MTV News (owned by extremely white people) is the hot topic of the day among the manosphere and our populist / red pill brothers.
    It confirms the biggest double standard there is among leftists, that you can browbeat and humiliate not-so-extremely white males as much as you want, while if you replace ‘white males’ with anything else it’s automatically racist and deplorable. Go figure.
    Thankfully, it’s getting hammered in the comments and likes. You can barely see any blue. hahaha

    1. This won’t change until white women are made to suffer. White women are the major beneficiaries of affirmative action. White women are the most privileged group on the planet. I think white women need to take a back seat. We need to see more Asian women on magazine covers and in movies.

      1. In my adult life, I have honestly never had a white female (outside of my immediate family) ever be helpful, nice, or even friendly to me. Black women, yes. Asian women, yes. Never a white woman. They are uniformly stuck up, arrogant, entitled, haughty, and rude.

        1. You will never see a white woman stick up for a white man. You will see black women defend their men and Asian women defend their men. Never will a white woman stick up for a white man. White women don’t care even about the prospects of their husband, brother, or son. Talk about fucked up.

        2. I’ve had women stick up for me on many occasions. I’ve had them vocally or physically get in the way or other people (men and women alike), whom they thought had treated me with ill-intent. Heh, crazy, crazy broads, etc. It might depend on where a guy lives. Or how women perceive him. Or a host of other variables. But yeah, women are fucked-up.

        3. Think of every time some black youth is arrested for shooting a cop or raping some white girl … his mother is always on the TV screen defending him in the face of overwhelming evidence. If a white guy killed some random fuck, his family disowns him and his mother will be on camera sobbing about how sorry she is that her son turned out to be such a piece of shit.

        4. A woman’s desire to stick up for a man is generally a reflection of that man. Most women will climb naked, through barbed-wire and glass, for the right man.
          Mrs Luthor’s culture is extremely ride-or-die. I’m sure if I told her I killed someone, her first question would be ‘Where are we putting the body?’

        5. Exactly. I don’t get shit tests any longer. Women will sense your worth, based on how you comport yourself, and how you handle them. Mrs. Luthor sounds like a keeper.

        6. I know it’s hypothetical, but don’t tell her anything. One, you would make her an accomplice, two, she could use it against you later.

        7. “I have honestly never had a white female ever be helpful, nice, or even friendly to me.”

        8. Not as doubtful if he lives where I live, in the San Fran Psycho Bayarrhea Gruberfornia region. Then it is likely true.

      2. Women won’t suffer unless they are found undesirable. Hence the reason why feminists are trying to push the farcical idea that everyone with a vagina is desirable, no matter how fat, ugly and stupid they are.

    2. I won’t watch, but something I picked up an early about the “white privilege” tripe when it started being passed around a few years back. It’s just another means for a specific group of white people (leftists) trying to control another group of white people (non-left) through shaming tactics.
      In the end it is just another leftist mantra.

        1. Not sure what (()) means. I would surmize the “priviledge” thing is just another cultural weapon to bludegeon others with. White leftists tend to be a self-loathing bunch in any case.

    3. Remember when pop music actually featured white male artists? Think back to like 2000: you had the heart throb bands like Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, nu metal bands like Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, System of a Down, rappers / hip hop artists like Kid Rock and Eminem.
      Notice how there aren’t any white men in pop music anymore?

      1. I just don’t listen to music newer than about 1998. Right now, I have Bo Diddly going. Never listened to him as a kid, so I don’t think it is just my age.

        1. Bo Diddly is as straight up red pill masculine as music gets with the possible exception of Lightnin’ Hopkins

        2. There are so many from that era, Muddy Waters, Big Joe Turner, Blind Willie McTell, etc.
          “Red Pill” was just common knowledge in that era.

        3. Three other greats. Of course Robert Johnson who is one of my favorites….32-20 blues is such a great red pill song. You are right about common knowledge. It wasn’t called red pill then, it was just called being a man.

        4. love Bobby Darin! Good call. Between that and your default pic I thought of this gem…….man this was good stuff.

    4. Wow. Its so ridiculous now it appears like satire.
      Its a good thing we have those (((Extremely white people))) programming the public of ‘white systemic oppression’ out of the goodness of their hearts.

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, while passing comments back and forth with ROK readers, about why leftists act the way they do. Some of the notions we’ve discussed are that they are delusional, or lazy, or that they lack self-control.
    Whatever the case might be, suppressing a person’s natural impulses and tendencies, be they political, social, sexual or otherwise, creates conflict within the mind (this is experienced by everyone who is alive, except maybe the elite).
    Conflict within the mind creates uncertainty, low self-esteem, and great difficulty in moving forward. Which leads to poor mental health and irrational outbursts, such as lashing out at anything and everything, due to the projection, onto others, of one’s own internal state of anxiety.
    It could be the elite know all about this. It could be they have been using it to control men and women for centuries. Ir could be that this is a critical component regarding exactly how they divide and conquer everybody. It could be that this is why there are kings and paupers, Republicans and Democrats, feminists and red-pill men, etc…it could be.
    To extrapolate on this notion, it could be that this bottled-up, constantly increasing state of internal conflict and steadily elevating anxiety, leads to a condition whereby a person will irrationally scream at, or condemn – or even assault, kill, or imprison – anybody and everybody who holds the polar-opposite viewpoint. (Think Hillary vs. Trump here.)
    In which case, you would have one group that aligns itself with a particular side of an argument, because that side’s beliefs and ideals are comforting to them, and make them feel more in control of the world around them, while simultaneously allowing them the chance to get rid of some of that anxiety, internal conflict, and unhappiness, by projecting it with a vengeance at the other side, most of whose members are every bit as unhappy, conflicted, and filled with internal anxiety as they are.
    But no, that just couldn’t be true, otherwise we would have already encountered it somewhere else. Somewhere important. Somewhere official. You know, like HuffPo or CNN. Or the local lie-brary…

    1. The main body of Leftists are guilt-ridden losers. Typically from upper-middle class origins. They’re worked by the Elite Leftists.

    2. I agree, but I also think that a lot of modern leftism has to do with the abandonment of religion. When you really get down to it, all of this “strength through diversity” or “equality” is really just belief that utopia (heaven) could be achieved through faith.
      Many here are not believers. That’s fine. I don’t proselytize. But the masses need to believe something, and are not only willing, but eager to do so. Once “intellectuals” convinced lots of leftists religion was backwards, they needed something else to fill this void, and turned to “diversity” as the new god (you also see some of them adopt “science,” which is not really science at all). Even liberals that I know who still go to church attend watered down bitch versions of true religious worship, and when you listen to these sermons, they are really only preaching to the same false god of diversity, having largely abandoned actual Christian doctrine (because it is “mean,” “Patriarchial,” etc…).
      It’s important to understand why this happens. Why cast out the old God only to adopt the new one? Well first, you are selfish and the old God cramps your style because he tells you that being a worthless piece of shit is not acceptable, and you have duties to your family, your fellow man and yourself, and that wallowing in your sin is not allowed. So he has to go because the modern leftist has some dick to suck and some shit to buy and some ice cream to eat, and some TV to watch, etc….
      But once he’s gone, there is a void because morality is rooted in religion. Science has no morality – the strong do as they like/can, and survive. Period. Science doesn’t care about your feelings. In a world ruled by science, I’ll just crush your spaghetti-armed skull, take your shit, and fuck your women. And I won’t stop until someone crushes my skull. So where does morality come from now that God has been cast out? They conjure it by pretending that diversity and equality impose the same morality that was previously commanded by God. Without morality, it would be the rules of the jungle, and leftists instinctively know, like most of us, that they cannot survive there, or at the very least they would not want to.
      So leftists have convinced themselves not to believe in God, but they still need a god to believe in. They defend this new god with the same zeal, and irrationality, as the radical Islamists. And fundamentally they are no different. Depth of belief does not necessarily translate to depth of critical thought, and the two can be, and often are, at odds.

      1. I agree. While not personally religious, the vast majority of people need something to believe in. Even Communism realized this, and placed itself as a religion to an extent.

      2. I concur, finding religion in my early twenties filled a void that I tried filling with adventure. Once the weekend was over, I was looking for the next adventure. Being older, I am fairly content with my family and religion, although some adventure now and then is welcome.

      3. well said. I agree, in my experience the human being is a religious being. Progressivism, or whatever you may call it, functions as a religious system to it’s adherents.There is doctrine and orthodoxy, a priestly caste, sacramental ism. Understanding that for many it is their religion has helped me to realize that they cannot usually being engaged on a rational level. This is their faith- it requires no evidence.

      4. Truly one of the best comments I have seen in a long time. Well said.

      5. This comment would not have been produced without the required ,,provocation” of Mr. Bob Smith.
        Thank you both, gentlemen.
        Thank you.

      6. Good post. I admit after my red pill journey the last few concepts that clicked into place were politics and religion.
        If done correctly the journey begins with the need to understand and fuck many bitches. Then, as you keep red-pilling you unlock human nature. Understanding human nature leads you to conservative and right leaning politics. Finally the truth of religion begins to creep into your mind.
        I started red-pilling over 10 years ago, these last few years I went from atheist to agnostic. There is to much complexity and beauty in the universe to simply believe it just happened.
        Based on the way our culture is eroding, some good ole fashion carrot and stick religion needs to come back and be promoted. ie, behave or else.

      7. Science became the religion of moral relativity, “you are your own god,” from that perspective everything is possible, leading to absurdities like the following:

        1. What’s really scary about this is how quickly they default to the “tolerance” their diversity-religion compels. They know instinctively that it’s wrong, but once they realize that they can be called a bigot, they abandon their principles and defer to tolerance for something they know to be wrong.

        2. Science is not inherently morally ambiguous or amoral. In fact, honest science reveals the presence of basic moral imperative within the fabric of the universe. While it remains with us human beings to consciously assign useful value to such concepts, it is nevertheless objectively observable, demonstrable, measurable and provable that certain conditions facilitate improvement and change while others facilitate entropy and decay. No sane living creature would prefer the latter to the former.

      8. Great post.
        Your last sentence describes religion in general.
        Your second to last paragraph is an apt description of religion in general. You present a false choice. Not surprising since your last sentence shows your problem; critical thought squeezed out by faith.

        1. What is the false choice you see? That it’s some form of religion that imposes morality or the law of the jungle?
          I think that you actually present a false choice if you think that its either critical thought or faith. Why not both? It also possible to have neither.

        2. Yes. You imply that without God-whichever I guess- there is no morality. You said morality is rooted religion.You made a lot of statements of fact, without context or definitions. A type of morality IS rooted in religion, I’ll agree. But I disagree that morality is rooted in religion.
          I just restated your last sentence. You said critical thought and belief are often at odds. I agreed. The more critical the thinker, the less likely they are to be a believer and vice versa.
          One other thought…
          your colorful skull-crushing comment. It refers to your view of a world based on science. Your sentence also applied to the world based on religion-lot of skull crushing, murder and raping going on, much of it celebrated in the sacred scrolls.

        3. Regarding the violence in religious texts – I don’t deny it’s there, but remember, there are conditions under which it is allowed. Not necessarily so in a pure science world.
          I don’t necessarily disagree with you that there may be other sources of morality, but when I hear atheists talk down about religion (to be fair, I don’t give a shit if people are atheists, like I said, I don’t preach to people, I find it insufferable when people preach whether they are religious or atheist), I always ask them where they derive their source of morality, and no one ever gives me an answer. I’m interested to hear what other sources you see.
          I suppose that you could point to cooperative species of animals that appear to have some moral structure based on common benefit. But I would counter that this isn’t true morality – the only restraint is imposed by what you cannot get away with. If a chimp is strong enough to do whatever he pleases, it may violate the moral code of his group, but until someone can stop him, he isn’t bound by morality.
          Maybe we’re conceptualizing it differently, but I think of morality as something internal. Perhaps there is an argument that God, if you believe, is an external constraint the same as the stronger chimp. It’s interesting to think about.
          But where else does morality come from?

        4. Morality comes from human experience, as I understand it.
          Religion has traditionally been a primary vehicle of its conveyance, but it is not the only one, and depending on how consistent the role models therein, and how free of self-serving and hypocritical expediencies they may be, it may in some cases actually undermine and hinder its own endeavor in that regard.
          As a simple example: a child past the age where he has become sufficiently neurologically developed to experience empathy can be effectively instructed to imagine how he might feel if treated a certain way, as a deterrent to treating others in that fashion. A smarter parent might talk him through such a mental exercise so that he naturally draws the right conclusions from it on his own. Religion may be used to communicate such values, but it is not required in order to do so.
          Contrast this with the immature, careless, hypocritical or even abusive parent, who abandons firm principle (stops doing, himself, what he instructs his child to do) on a whim in favor of personal advantage, particularly of the sort that may be leveraged by playing power cards. I’m talking about the parent who behaves as though there are two standards of “moral” behavior: the unyielding, unwavering one to which the child is held, where any infraction however slight is to be met with immediate consequences; and another looser one for the people holding him to it, which suggests said “morality” is really just a systemically legitimized control dynamic and serves no real purpose other than establishing who may push whom about versus who may never voice even a legitimate complaint of disparity to whom.
          The problem with religion is that it too frequently communicates a prioritization of hierarchical pecking order over morality in the process of attempting to convey morality. The result, especially when it comes to more intelligent subjects (children or otherwise), is that morality is as much undermined, hindered, and fraught with internal conflict — and needless conflicts with authority, precipitated — as it is taught. And those methods of teaching, or conveyance, lead to unnecessary delays in moral maturation as the subject must now go the lengthy route of reconciling head and heart, motive and action, which never would have been at such odds otherwise.

      9. I think it might be even simpler than that. The “old God” tells you that individuality is an illusion at best and a perverse indulgence at worst. That you are inextricably entwined with the people around you, like it or not. That your worth is not something measured in a bubble and derived from a vacuum but is in large part dependent upon your impact upon others — a matter that is as much OUT of your individual control as it is within it. It is within your control to learn from your mistakes and choose your words and actions with more discretion and wisdom. It is completely out of your control how quickly you become better able to do so and how others decide to interpret your efforts.
        The “new god” — of falsely-so-called “diversity” (which in reality is little more than special-interest-group affiliation privilege) and “trees kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw” style “equality” — praises your every act of koolaid-drinking, propagandizing, and openly demonstrated conformity to regressive/SJW crap as further indication of what a special, true, just, righteous little snowflake YOU are and just how utterly precious and special YOU are and thus its “morality” is in service to self-aggrandizement and the interminable burgeoning of the ego. If you ever began with any sense of “mission” worshipping that particular idol, it is swiftly stripped away in the cyclically redundant, red-carpet gala parade of what a unique, diversified individual you are — just like everybody else doing the exact same things for the exact same vapid reasons while believing they are “saving the world.”

    3. My theory is a little more simple: I think the left adopted white male bashing during the 50’s when they realized that they couldn’t sell Soviet socialism to the American public so they decided that if they could win elections in the short run by throwing some voters under the bus while gaining (faster) new ones, they could get their agenda in place and then do some “housecleaning” (Dr Evil double quotes, wink wink) and then get what they wanted afterwards.
      But after nearly 4 generations of leftist elites being indoctrinated in universities where they lose sight of what’s strategy versus what their goals are, they lost track of what they wanted in the first place. In addition, whites who leave (or never enter) university quickly abandon leftist anti-white male thinking when it suits them so there simply are fewer credible white male leftists around.

        1. Thanks. We tend to over-estimate the leftist and right wing elites because we think they’re like the film Tomb Raider holding meetings in Venice with 5000 year plans. They’re more like a bunch of networked businessmen with short term goals to make money/power for themselves that probably change on a whim.
          RoK has had articles about how cultural leftist religion is different than what the elites do in terms of just gaining power and although the two often work hand-in-hand, there are conflicts such as how Hillary, Obama, and Bernie Sanders represent three totally different types of leftism: Sanders (my wife calls him “Trotsky”) was the old fashioned economic class leftist appealing to dying off whites in the Democratic party, Hillary was a white feminist elitist, and Obama a non-white race panderer. I find it amusing that the left bashes the right of being made up of dying white males when Sanders personally is a dying old white guy who won’t be replaced by any young cuck leftists.
          So rather than there being a 500 year plan, perhaps they are almost as random as we are personally in our evolving lives. I think I even have more self-awareness than most of them.

    4. Nature is a competition. We humans are a remarkable species and have the unique ability among living creatures to survive comfortably without having to fight for survival daily. Humans and all other animals survive by biologically evolved instincts that help us ensure the continuation of our species. These instincts are most transparent in mating behaviors. Mating is survival of the fittest, period. Feminists do not want to compete. They know innately that they are at the bottom of the food chain and they have chosen not to improve themselves. Liberal and leftist views directly contradict every natural law on Earth for the purpose of false comfort. Denial can be an involuntary psychological defense mechanism to ward of extremely painful emotions but there is no denying nature. A woman without children is a biological failure, there is no marching or protesting that can change that.

  3. Fantastic article.
    How about the double standard regarding the right of peoples to self-determination?
    Students in the West are taught that colonialism was a bad thing and today we celebrate the independence movements in India, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa but at the same time you’re labeled a racist for objecting to mass migrations of Muslims, mass numbers of Central American immigrants, mass numbers of foreign students, or mass numbers of foreign professionals on H1B visas.
    Funny how that works!

      1. Australia and New Zealand are for everyone too. Walk around central Sydney, Melbourne, or Auckland and you’ll think that your in another Chinese & Indian mish-mash like Singapore.

        1. Yup. And if an Aussie man goes abroad to Thailand to find a wife, he’s tarred and feathered, labeled a creep with yellow fever. But the never ending influx of Asians into Australia is a good thing because they’re all (somehow) medical doctors and violin / piano prodigies. Asians are always industrious and whites are always slackers according to the narrative.

    1. So Gandhi getting his diaper in a twist about British colonialists = global hero
      Richard Spencer sounding the alarm about Islam’s colonization of the West = reviled bigot

  4. Exactly. The same Leftists who were demanding unconditional surrender of fascist countries later argued for detente and coexistence with International Communism.

  5. Funny how the press were committed to showing us the horrors of war during the Vietnam War but they were all rah rah rah pro America during WW2 and the Gulf Wars. Seems they have a soft spot for Communism but hate far-right leaders.

  6. Lefties will also excuse any kind of massacre caused by Muslim migrants plowing a truck through a thick crowd of infidels. But if it’s a white guy like Dylan Roof, you’ll be hearing about it FOREVER. Derka Derka Derka!

    1. Obama: “don’t jump to conclusions about his motives … maybe abu snackbar was just a hard working truck driving man who fell asleep at the wheel and crashed through that Weihnachten market by accident! He a good boy!”

    2. Yup. Looks like they’ll be giving Dylan Roof the chair but you can bet people will fight tooth and nail to make sure the Mad Mullah who steamrolled Germans at the Xmas market gets life in a cushy prison or is “rehabilitated” … maybe he did it because he imbibed some wicked western alcohol – something as an honorable Muslim – he never did before

  7. Western imperialism = bad
    Colonization of the West by Asian, Middle Eastern, and African peoples = good
    Rationale: China for the Chinese, India for the Indians, Africa for the Africans. N. America and Europe? Oh they were never white countries. They’re just free trade economic zones.

  8. Or how about how at every university, there are student groups for Chinese students (Chinese Students and Scholars Association – CSSA), Korean students, Korean Catholics, on and on but no groups for White students cuz that would be racist.
    Chinese have such an amazing culture you know. 6,000 years and they have chop sticks and it’s important to keep that tradition alive doncha know no matter that eating with a fork and spoon is far more efficient because muh culture

    1. something about eating rice one grain one at a time allows a person to really savor the all the flavorful goodness

    2. the same people who praise the “richness” of Asian cultures are the same ones claiming America never had a culture.
      In 400 years, America had a far, far richer culture than India or China evidenced in 6,000 years.

      1. What’s richer about it? We have feminism and gay rights 200 years after the Founding Fathers implemented their noble plans. Chinese have patriarchy and mandate of heaven, which are the only things that matter in the long run.

        1. That’s tech, not culture. If a kid from the inner city buys a Glock and mugs an engineer on his way home from work, it doesn’t mean he has a superior upbringing.

  9. So American students learn all about the Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, British colonial troops firing rubber bullets at protestors in India – all as proof of the evils of imperialism, while at the same time being told it is racist to object to rich Chinese buying up all the real estate or allowing millions of Muslim men to come in and be given free shelter, free food, and free healthcare. Cognitive dissonance much?

    1. And they aren’t told about how the once civilized and prosperous Rhodesia fell back to savagery after the Evil Whites went away or how South Africa became dangerous and violence-riddled after the end of the Apartheid (which was primarily a defensive measure).

  10. Regarding the Vietnam War: Funny how for the US allegedly being in it for imperialistic reasons, it voluntarily pushed tens of millions of dollars worth of military hardware into the ocean to make more space for refugees on the aircraft carriers…

    1. I’m surprised he didn’t throw her through that plate-glass window, the bitch assaulted him…

    2. Self defense hasnt been legal in nyc in many many moons- someone tries to jump you and you pull a knife, youre the guilty party; someone pulls a knife on you and you pull a gun, same thing…good ol “equal defense” law

      1. I have a t shirt with a picture of Bernie Goetz on it lol. Yeah, NYC is pretty draconian with that shit. Though, I haven’t felt the need to defend myself in over 10 years…police state and all.

        1. They do have their perks. I’d say more, but I don’t want a knock at my door. Not that I’m in one right now, or anything. Man, I love my host government. Greatest country in the world.

        2. In NYC, youre expected to bleed out like a gentleman….coroners need something to do, ya know?

        3. some of the NYPD cops make me laugh so hard: I just don’t think some 5 ft tall fat Latina is gonna be able to do much …

        4. I could seriously pick some of these NYPD officers up and put them under my arm like a barrel

        5. True. But there are different levels. Beat cops are generally laughable. They are there as eyes and users of radios and presence for the most part. On the other hand, the guys walking around with M4s and MP5s in full body armor which I see patrolling the streets are basically spec ops soldiers.

        6. ha. it is true. However, if you look at violent stats at respectable times in good neighborhoods you will see that they are incredibly low. It isn’t an ideal situation, but I feel safe at all times and haven’t even seen a fight break out in a decade.

        7. Everything has its ups and downs. The reality of the situation is that despite our asshat socialist mayor NYC still realizes who butters their bread. The city does better keeping me happy, healthy, safe, spending and forking over ungodly amounts of tax money so I am a protected class. Ups and downs to everything and a total draconian police state has plenty of downs. However, it has been a very, very long time since I have felt any kind of danger or had to alter my normal routine to remain safe and I like that.

        8. They show up quickly here. All I have to do is type in one single word, and they’ll be at my domicile within 10 minutes.

        9. How does that explain the short, chubby women I see decked out in that gear then?

        10. I had an Apache helicopter in full battledress, aiming its guns at my townhouse balcony years ago, when I was an activist. And I’m in the States…but Big Brother isn’t watching. Shit, man, that’s a fictional novel.

        11. not very. Stick to St Regis, Plaza, Mark, Carlyle, The Surrey, The Pierre and Trump International, Elios, Le Bernardin and a few select places on Madison avenue and a be home by 1 am and you will find you rarely have any troubles.

        12. I’m not. Not any longer. Heh. I was active. Really active. Wised up. Never held signs or any of that shit. I was on the front fuckin’ lines. Realized most people were incapable of waking up, and the rest didn’t want to wake up.

        13. I can’t imagine being active for something else. Being active for myself is challenging enough.

        14. Yeah. I came to that conclusion. An activist friend of mine took a bullet in the throat while holding his three-year-old daughter’s hand on his front porch. Sniper. That factored into it.

        15. depends. There is an army of short fat minority women who stand at crosswalks all the time. They do not have guns. They reinforce the concept that red means stop and green means go and have radios to report on stuff. This is basically a minority entitlement program. Then you have beat cops. Most of these are just regular guys who got into being cops and, now, more and more women who are just fat pigs or dykes with radios. Then you have detectives which are the educated fellas. But if you walk around and see the guys in body armor they are all over 6 foot, in excellent shape and very fucking serious looking. Those are not guys I would want to run afoul of. Where I live I see army style vehicles patrolling. I think the crime stats show that the NYPD is a very effect police force in policing what the city considers to be important areas despite the fact that they have been castrated a bit by our current mayor.

        16. My life is stranger than fiction. I will never tell anybody all of it, even my closest friends. When I was “active” (this lasted about two years), I had things happen to me that would make the wildest movie look tame…but…the hell with that. It’s over. Now I look at the world in almost the polar-opposite fashion.

        17. police academy for real…
          from workign in bar security. Only one tpye of guy is suitable.
          BIG, strong, capable, and affable…and nothing ever goes wrong…
          the smaller, bad-attitude guy, with black belt skills. Always a problem, and gets scared, and goes for the ‘kill’…
          that’s what worries me about non-tough cops with guns…

        18. Hollywood would rewrite it and make it completely SJW…no doubt about it. I might write it out and have it marketed as fiction in a book someday. In my declining years. Probably not.

        19. As a side note, NYC when I was younger was not like this. This is a reaction to what was a very fucking frightening place to live. Man I loved Bernie Goetz. Not sure if you are old enough to remember him or if you have been in NYC long enough but in 1984 4 men tried to mug him on a subway. Having previously been a victim of a mugging he began to carry a gun. He shot all four of them. He was acquitted on all charges except possessing an illegal fire arm (which wasn’t as much of a crime then as it is now). The best part was what he said in court on the record.
          In his statements, Goetz described his past mugging, in which he was injured and the only assailant arrested went unpunished. He called New York City “lawless” and expressed contempt for its justice system, calling it a “joke,” a “sham,” and “a disgrace”. Goetz said that when the four men he shot surrounded him on the train, he feared being “beaten to a pulp” as well as being robbed.[32] He denied any premeditation for the shooting, something that had been speculated on by the press.[17]:58 Asked what his intentions were when he drew his revolver, Goetz replied, “My intention was to murder them, to hurt them, to make them suffer as much as possible.”[23] Later in the tape, Goetz said, “If I had more bullets, I would have shot ’em all again and again. My problem was I ran out of bullets.”

        20. I’m old enough to remember that. “Yeah, I got your fucking quarter right here.” BLAM
          Didn’t he do a SNL sketch where (IIRC it was Bulushi) Bernie was asked for a quarter.. and he slowly reached in his jacket.. crowd is LTFAO all the while…and whips out a quarter and hands it to him.
          Some one tapped into that and there was flood of Charles Bronson movies and Taxi Driver.

        21. I don’t remember the SNL episode, but if so I will need to find it. I just love that he said he would have shot them more times but unfortunately he ran out of bullets and then proceeded to be acquitted of attempted murder.
          There is a trade off here. The thought of 4 guys publically beating you down and robbing you on a subway at a decent hour is really unheard of right now but self defense like that would land you in jail for a very large portion, if not your entire life.

        22. yea – I lived in East Village, and hell’s Kitchen from 1987
          It has changed much.
          Only danger now is a strong and independent type walking thru you and spilling her latte…

        23. Funny, when I think back on my life the vast majority of guys I have known and got along with have always be big guys. I am 6 foot and of the three weddings I was a best man for last summer I was shorter than all three of the grooms. There is a certain calm, easy going affability that comes with being large, strong and capable.

        24. LES back then was really loads of fun too…lol…we were practically neighbors. I lived on Ave B

        25. There is an army of short fat minority women who stand at crosswalks all the time. They do not have guns. They reinforce the concept that red means stop and green means go and have radios to report on stuff.
          Confirmed. You can find this in many other cities as well. Traffic cops who have a light that’s doing the entire job for them.

        26. i was nearby 1st — Tompkins Square Park had a mini riot.
          I stood by leaning against a wall watching…
          lamer than most bar fights I’d been in…
          But, the crack crime was very severe…

        27. yeah, remember mars on 1st and 1st. There were some blood curdling fights in that joint that I saw / participated in as a youngin’ The drugs were a huge problem. People don’t get it now, but you couldn’t walk down a single street without seeing crack vials. Time square was positively a horror show, not the Disney experience it is today. The city has changed and I say for the better. I think Giuliani and the broken windows Broken Windows Theory approach to crime was a god send. I am not one of these guys who mourns the loss of old new York and the grit and “realness” whatever that is.

        28. It kills me every time. I see them waving “come on” when the light turns green and putting up hands “stop” when it turns red. I mean, it would make sense to have one if the light broke. But if you need someone to reinforce red = stop you really should not be driving. I have to think that it is simply an entitlement program as I have never seen one that wasn’t a minority woman.

        29. Thats how NYC rolls- massive payouts for civil suits. I wonder how much longer this can continue. A girl got slashed by a nut, is suing the city bc he should have been institutionalized. Although the video of the slashing shows her staring down at her cellphone, oblivious to her surroundings. Not her fault though! Its Manhattan’s fault!

        30. All the HR positions are filled. It really is interesting how we can create a completely unnecessary dimension to an entire economy. Just to give women the right to work, while devaluing our currency at the same time.

        31. HR is the female response to the computer industry created in the 90’s and 00’s that was created by men.

        32. That one is trickier. I mean, if the guy was a legitimate nutbar who should have been in an asylum AND the police or whoever had him and released him while knowing full well it was a bad fucking idea and then he went out and slashed some girl I would say that girl deserves some redress for the bumbling…but case specifics would be important.
          I really am at a point where I wish they would just round up all the homeless and vagrants and druggies and fucking execute them.

        33. Piss one off, cop or not and see what happens.
          (damnit – I used to have a pic of Rita Moreno with a knife for JUST this kind of occasion…)

        34. Maybe you’ve always wondered what you might look like as an overweight black woman with an empowered gay best friend? There’s only one way to find out…sell the script.

        35. Isn’t that new dork lefty mayor messing that up? I mean is the atmosphere going back to what it was in late 80’s? Dumpy and dnagerous..

        36. He is def fucking things up. I think that it is a long way away from the 80’s Dinkin’s era disaster show, but it is definitely going in that direction for some parts of the city…but not the parts that civilized people live in. Of course, when it is on a trajectory like that it is only a matter of time. I know that very few people are fond of this mayor. I can’t imagine him winning another shot. The police union wont vote for him and that is a major dem block. The thing is that the shift was so drastic and so quick that everyone, even the biggest dumb asses, noticed the change. The teachers will vote for him and the blacks will vote for him. Whether that is enough to carry an election, I don’t know. I am hoping the next mayor will just be a guy saying “we had a sucky fucking city then we had Giuliani turn it into an amazing fucking city and then this turd started rolling back things Rudy did and it turned shitty again….basic math dictates.” But we shall see.

        37. Yep. No need to defend yourself.
          When your door gets kicked in, just call the police. Lol.

      2. This girl I know in Upstate New York has a female stalker. The stalker is known to be a nutcase, in and out of psych wards. I suggested that the girl get pepper spray. She said she asked the cops and they said it was illegal. Everything I suggested, she said they told her it was illegal. You can’t defend yourself. in many parts of the country. Why, it’s as if they want most of us to die!!!!! (No way, that is like, soooo nutty etc.)

        1. What part of upstate new York is this. My family lives there and they are armed to the freaking teeth.

        2. Really. So maybe she is um…exaggerating her situation? That could be. I think it’s north of Albany, like 90 miles or somesuch.

        3. The crazy gun/knife laws that NY gets a bad rap for are city laws not state ones. Purchasing a gun in NYS is not difficult at all and carrying one outside of the city is not difficult either. There is a very big hunting culture in NYS (which my family has been part of for many generations). You turn in all your gun rights when you hit the NYC border but before that it really has never been an issue. Even in the burbs of long island it is fairly easy to keep yourself armed. As for the girl…I couldn’t say. I don’t know her at all. ONe thing I do know, however, is AWALT

        4. Oh yeah she’s a lying sack of shit, she has proven that over and over. But I thought she might be on the level about this one. Doesn’t matter, really. She’s been trying to bed me for about 11 years. She got married about six years ago. I don’t fuck married women, so I won’t go there. She’s more of a lab experiment. I like keeping some women as friends, to pick their brains and see how they respond to stimuli. The fact she’s crazy beautiful is a factor. She has pushed me about what I would do if she got a divorce. I told her I’d fuck her, but that was about it. Just being honest. She’s already married and trying to land somebody else. Ha. Like I’d fall for that one.

        5. as a side note: Glens Falls is a city (such as it is) and might have local rules that curb certain things that the state does not. My family lives in a very large apple farm in a town where I am directly related to literally (hitler) every single resident by a distance no more than 2nd cousin.

        6. I don’t know. The sad thing is you can’t tell when a woman is lying. They tell the truth so infrequently, it makes it tough to figure it all out. Although if I had to bet on it, I’d bet she was telling the truth about this one.

        7. I figure that they are lying about 80% of the time. If I were to just guess I would probably be right 60% of the time so my odds of being correct on whether or not any given statement is a lie are drastically improved if I just assume that everything they say is a lie. In the rare case that it is empirically proven that it wasn’t a lie I can always apologize.

        8. oh yea the sympathy story…
          It’s probably her husband…
          the gun stuff is bullshit as lolknee pointed out…

        9. “This girl I know in Upstate New York has a female stalker. ”
          Did daddy molest her? Ex beat on her? Etc, etc?

        10. Whenever they want sympathy, that is. Can’t tell you how many times I heard these stories from the barracks whores in the military.
          I was totally raped, that’s why I took 20 dicks over the weekend.

        11. LOL. “Barracks Bunny Tales”
          Bob should do a comic book version of that and sell it next to Stars-and-Sripes.

        12. Indeed. I am the product of a heavily-armed home in LI. And laws aside, whenever we braved the Bronx on our way upstate my Old Man kept Commander Colt by his side.

        13. If they just admitted that they were sluts, and cockhounds, and they loved sex, it would be easier all the way around. The only time I’ve had women admit this, was when I was banging them in a casual way. They knew it was just for sex and sex alone, so they opened up.
          Women are their own worst enemies. Here are some of the highlights of what women have told me about themselves, when they didn’t feel threatened, due to knowing we would never have anything but a sexual relationship –
          1) One of them told me her goal in life was to be a Phys. Ed. teacher for middle school boys, so she could have access to boys aged 13-15 (according to her, the horniest of all males), and fuck and train as many as possible.
          2) One of them told me she used to pick up surfer boys between the ages of 12-14, take them home, and train them sexually. She told me many of her girlfriends did, too.
          3) One of them told me she was a nympho and had seven or eight guys (including me) who she would fuck on a rotational basis – on the same day.
          4) One of them told me she was into getting gangbanged, DP-ed, took two in each hole, etc. She wanted to have my kids and was willing to get a lawyer to draw up papers so I would never owe a dime. I passed. In retrospect, she was pretty cool. Honest. A slut, yes, but they all are.
          5) Had another one, a stripper, who was a carbon-copy of No. 3 above. Nympho. Guys on rotation.
          6) Had several who admitted they were into being raped. Several. Some went so far as to actively seek it out, by dressing provocatively, and going to bad parts of town, or putting themselves into bad situations, to get raped.
          7) Had one who admitted going to swingers clubs, to get as much sex as possible from as many men and women as possible. She was proud of it. Damn she was a good lay (practice makes perfect, etc.).
          The number of women who admitted they went out of town to get dick, and lots of it, or to sheltered local locations, like private parties, fraternities, etc. – too many to recall offhand. Lots and lots of them.
          This is just the tip of the iceberg – I’ll bet you have more than a few of your own here…

        14. I believe a lot of people did that up until 2007 with the GUNS=PRISON campaign. The slap on the wrist your old man would have got for that gun would have been absolutely nothing. However, no questions asked, now….3.5 years mandatory jail sentence if he is carrying it illegally. No amount of money will get you out of this — ask Plaxico Burress

        15. True. He also managed to finagle one of those little shields that go in your wallet. Those “get out of jail free” cards detectives handed out.

        16. Yeah, I have one of the shields and about a dozen PBA cards. I feel like I should do something illegal to get myself out of at some point. I really am very fucking straight edge. The get out of free cards/shields are a professional courtesy. I don’t think your dad could have shot a man dead and just pulled out the card, but I do believe that if he got pulled over and they saw him carrying it the card would be enough for them not to have asked for papers.

        17. Oh quiet, you!
          I’ll have you know we had not one cop in the entirety of that side of the family! Couple of nuns, Brothers, etc though, just to maintain stereotypes.

        18. They know that a man isn’t committing his resources to a woman that admits any of the seven admissions you entered. They’re not stupid. Her beta husband will only know was much as he needs to know to put a ring on her finger and sign half his life over to her.

        19. They are very careful about showing who they really are to a potential LTR, as you pointed out. What’s weird, at least to me, is if you know how to coax them, and not judge, and make it clear you are just with them for the sex and there’s no way you’d consider having a real relationship with them, they will just open up wide and show a major part of who they are (not all of it, I don’t think anybody ever does that).
          Every one of the women who opened up to me, I had a certain amount of respect for – simply for the sexual admissions. But there was nothing on the line for them, nothing of value. For me either. Here’s one I left out, which will make some men think…
          So this girl I used to know was someone my buddies and I used for private parties. One of my buddies got married, and we decided to call her for a little bachelor party. She lived out of state – and I know damn well a lot of women do what she did, they leave the state and get gang-fucked elsewhere. She couldn’t do it on this occasion. She had recently gotten married, and the timing was wrong. But she wanted to do it.
          You mentioned the beta husband who only knows as much as he needs to know. This was exactly the cas here. It happens so often. More than we’ll ever know.
          I knew this guy once, who was engaged to a girl I was banging. I had no idea he was engaged to her, let alone seeing her. One night I saw him at a club, and he started crying, and he told me about all of this. I had no clue and told him so. But since I knew the guy, and found out he was engaged to her, when she tried to get me to bang her again, I backed off. I’m no saint but I made it a hard-and-fast rule to never bang another guy’s wife or girlfriend many years ago, unless I had no knowledge of the situation.
          I think women who cheat, Jesus, if we could every really quantify the percentage – well, when they are young and reasonably attractive…80%? Over the term of an entire marriage, 90% It’s gotta be high. I don’t think men cheat nearly as often as women, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. Maybe wishful thinking on my part there, in terms of men cheating less. Heh.

        20. I had a girl in college that was my “girlfriend” for about 6 months. I found out she was a slut from a few of her old girl friends that no longer liked her. I broke up with her and had a strictly sexual relationship with her for the next 5 years. She was so innocent and prude during the six months while I dated her but opened up and showed me the nympho she really is later on. Told me everything about how she has threesomes with guys to cheer her up if she’s depressed, loves the taste of cum and big black men. Once she knew I wouldn’t judge her our sexual relationship blossomed and she came out of her shell. She had several boyfriends throughout this time and talked about them like they’re her pets. Told them she was going to visit her uncle/girl friends and would fly down to Atlanta several weekends when I was living there.
          I haven’t been in a serious relationship since. I don’t think it even should be called “cheating” with women. They never have any intention on being monogamous, especially not in their prime. Men see a relationship as commitment, love, and a bond between two people. To many females, relationships are for validation, attention, and mostly so they dont feel/look like a slut to her friends and family. Psychiatrists call them normalcy props. She can go out and bang 10 guys a month but as long as her boyfriend tells her he loves her and holds her hands in public she doesn’t feel like the slore she is. They’re always on the lookout for higher value men.

        21. I still pack when I go to NYC, I refuse to let myself become a helpless target. I can do 3.5 years standing on my head. Better 3.5 in prison than an eternity underground; I’d prefer to hold that off as long as possible.

        22. To each their own. I couldn’t spend the time in prison. No way. I would much sooner be dead. Also, I never am in very much danger

        23. 3 planned meals a day and all the exercise you can stomach. I think you’d do fine. Might even find a fat assed brazilian in there you can plug.

        24. Everything you said, in terms of your opinions about the dilemma in question, I agree with. It’s a tough (red) pill for a man to swallow but once he does, he’s a better man for it.

      3. seems to be same in more liberal countries -> England, Australia…
        we’re getting there – one City at A time.

        1. A woman’s power of delusion is unfathomable.
          I once saw a woman grab a guy like that once in a bar. He reached over and grabbed her hand to get her to unclentch her hold and broke her wrist in the process. Guess who the police slapped the cuffs on?

        2. It’s the constant mind fuck on the streets of NYC.
          Women walking strong and determined middle of sidewalk road, doesn’t matter -> cars, kids, men in the way.
          Head down in cell phone, Starbucks in other hand…
          And if she drops one after walking into you – who knows what will happen?
          They’re like the sacred cows in India.

        3. The other day I was getting off a subway. Now there are a few things that really fucking grind my gears. People getting on the subway without letting others get off and people who get on the subway and just stop moving in front of the door are two big ones. I mean infuriating. In both cases my response is always the same. I use my size and strength and walk right the fuck into them.
          Anyway, I am getting on a train and a woman pushing a stroller in one hand and dragging her kid in the other tries to get on the 6 at 42nd during rush-hour before letting people off. I bang right into her and she gives me a loud “essssssssccccuuuuuuussssseeeee youuuuu” to which I reply “maybe if you teach that kid some manners you will keep her off the pole.” She went bat shit, but the doors closed on her and I gave her a shit eating grin.

        4. Funny you metion India. I am aquianted with another American expat (our kids went to the same school) who was fomer NYPD though her parents are originally from India. We had some pretty good chats (when the other parents were out of ear shot). She did the job for about 8 years and bailed. Hates de Blasio with a passion.

        5. lol
          I’m surprised she didn’t have a latte in one hand and iPhone in other while handling the stroller.
          See that often, and spill the coffee on kids head..

        6. This is the equivalent of walking away from a car explosion in slow motion. Only on the NYC subways

        7. That image just made my eye twitch….phone, coffee, sport-utility stroller lumbering towards me…Perfect moment for an electric cattle-prod.

      1. yup. That was one of the punches that to a healthy man wouldn’t have really done anything (I suspect that guy held back).

    3. I see his side, but that was a hell of a punch. A little overkill for getting a crazy-ass broad out of your face.

      1. So this bitch brought a knife to a gun fight. I don’t see anything he did in that video wrong. If instead of a girl that was a 130 pound guy who got knocked the fuck out no one would care. If it was 130 pound white guy Mixon would be called a hero by the BLM types. If Mixon was a huge dyke and the girl was a small guy feminists everywhere would be screaming girl power and putting her on the cover of magazines calling her a hero.

        1. Yeah, I guess a thinking human being would have to consider that possibility when you hit someone in the first place…

        2. I wouldn’t punch a 1st rate college football player in the face I will tell you that much.

    4. I can remember a time when around here he would have been a dead field hand before the sun set on him again for doing such as that however, since times have changed, judging from the video can’t say I blame him, I would have slapped the taste out of her mouth too.

      1. There should be a reality show: College Athletes slapping the shit out of overweight cunts

    5. Good news is Carlton Bragg was proven innocent via a surv camera.
      Lying bish is charged.
      Evidence is tantamount.

        1. You having problems with Disqus lately? For someone reason it’s not showing me Notifications in a timely manner…

    1. I knew a guy like that. Guy was fucking jacked and strong as hell, but that was it. He worked a shitty job, was socially awkward with women, and pretty beta. His gf is similar to that pic.
      It was so weird because the guy was dedicated as hell to getting fit, but fucked off in general everywhere else.

      1. Yeah, it happens. Maybe some of them progress as they get older. Drop the chubby chasing, get more self-esteem, elevate their game in other areas. I do know that some men are chubby chasers, they get off on those fat girls…never appealed to me. Hork.

    2. Not safe for stomach although she’s gotta be a ten by today’s standards. The guy is either an escort or the chick is photoshopped using the Jabba filter.

  11. Good article. One problem. In the first picture of double standards (a mostly excellent picture) the second from the left in the top column is no longer true. This is now encouraged. Maybe this is what feminists mean by equality?

  12. Double standards are normal, and should be encouraged in most cases, because we are all different. We belong to our own group of people similar to us, defined by race, or sex, or intelligence, or phenotype, etc. Different groups are not supposed to share the same rules, nor the same culture, nor the same technology, nor the same education, nor opportunities, nor equality, nor the same definitions, that conceal how different we really are.
    What they do is indoctrination through emotions(manipulation). They redefine human nature to give themselves more value by “inverting” the meaning of things
    That is the problem. Them with fear for not being equal to other groups motivates them to describe double-standards as something bad, to so make people believe that we are all equal, and those being treated differently become by definition, ‘victims’
    (dictionaries are so ideologized, many words have been redefined to attack men. Indoctrination is a war of words, e.g. in the case of double-standards, they redefine it using gender ideology as:”allowing men more sexual freedom than women”. Ha!)

    1. great, great comment. Yes, there are different rules for men and women and men should be held to a higher standard. This is a standard that women, however, have willingly allowed themselves to be judged by when they claimed their equality. I can see a world in which it would be objectively wrong to punch a woman in the face. But that is also a world where a woman wouldn’t be out of the house working….much less out drunk and whoring it up. The problem is that these disgusting hoes want to be treated like queens but don’t realize that it is kings that make queens…and as such the queen must be obedient to her king while the symbiotic relationship is that the king must indeed pedestalize his obedient queen. This is a relationship the requires both sides to participate. Can’t have one without the other. If women forfeit their obedience, they also forfeit their protected status.

      1. “If women forfeit their obedience, they also forfeit their protected status.”
        *** You nailed it ! ***

      2. As a woman, I would say that in all cases and places where a woman wants to enter “a man’s world” — to do something that has traditionally been the purview of men — then fair enough, but she must come up to the same standard as the men must meet. Whether we are talking joining the military, becoming a firefighter, whatever. There should not be two standards, one dumbed down for women. There should be one standard, one set of criteria for all such PEOPLE who endeavor or aspire to those things.
        The queen may be subject to her king but the king backs up the queen 100%, takes the risk of blame for her follies upon himself, and the queen still gets to reign over the common folk like he does. I’d say it’s an even trade.

    2. You do NOT want double standards. . Standsrds are used to see what or who measures up to necessary criteria.
      When individuals aremeasured against a standard, different outcomes are normal.
      Some will meet a standard, while some will not. And as a culture we must ensure individuals accept the outcome and it’s consequences.

    3. Wow … everybody but white Christian heterosexual men are allowed to have double standards.
      Great example!

  13. I chuckle when the left uses the term “gun lobby” to describe the NRA while they refer to La Raza as a “civil rights organization”. Civil rights for whom? Themselves, of course. But the NRA meetings I’ve attended have largely kept other right wing alliance politics out of their meetings. I have never heard someone discuss the kinds of issues we read about here, for example, and even though whites and men are overrepresented at NRA meetings and events, I see many women and minority shooting enthusiasts attend even of different political affiliations. In other words, the NRA is a legitimate civil rights movement committed to preservation of citizen gun rights for all law abiding Americans.

  14. A coworker insisted that not only Trump has 8 sure years as President but also that the Democrats won’t recover until at least 20 years have gone by. His empirical evidence? He urged me to visit Sam Bee’s youtube channel’s comments section. First of all, the only way that woman got a primetime comedy show is by being John Stewart’s sex pet – she has absolutely zero sense of humour. Secondly, all of her fans are clinically insane – and I’m speaking as a health care professional. Thirdly, and this shocked me the most, Trump is ranking at only number 3 on their most-hated list. Number 2 is of course the ol’ reliable Putin and Russia-Mordor. Their number 1? Granpa Bernie Sanders! Why? Because he dared to say out loud that working-class and middle-class white american men are actually suffering and not just oppressing Beyonce and Jay-Z. And I’m using one of their milder “arguments” here… The Republicans don’t have to move a finger. These libtards are far better at ripping each other apart and debunking everything they stand for than anyone else…

    1. 20 is silly. People forecast the downfall of political parties incessantly. In 8-12 years, the Left will be resurgent, and we’ll be saying The Right will never recover.

      1. 20 years was an obvious exaggeration on his behalf. Just for the experience, try these comments’ sections for yourself. You’ll get the general impression…

    2. I just googled Sam Bee. You should have put some kind of warning on it. Like NSFS (Not safe for sanity)

      1. Shes a Canuck who made her money here but hates murrika. Shes like that new Daily Show host, hes from South Africa, but made his money here and hates murrika.

        1. Didn’t know there was a new daily show host. Jon Stewart retire?
          I was never really into the political comedy mostly because I never really gave a shit about politics so I never followed most of that stuff. The last time “political” comedy was funny to me was when Norm was doing weekend update.

        2. Check Norm out for his final Letterman appearance- I was shocked at what happened, never saw Norm get emotional

        3. I’ve seen it. Did you read his memoires. I can’t remember laughing that loudly at a book in recent times.

        4. No. You told me to buy some Ian Fleming novels a year ago, and I just got around to buying a few. maybe by 2018 Ill pick it up

        5. Those Fleming books are so much fun! But yeah, the norm story about how he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for trying to have dave attell murdered by a hit man who was an undercover cop only to learn that he had to anally rape other inmates in order to get respect is just great.

      2. Oh mate, I’m honestly sorry. Because of your academic background I automatically assumed you were hardened enough due to exposure to insanity and fallacy. Parts of my brain have not yet fully recoverd from this ordeal…

        1. lol. You know, I have found that ignoring this stuff is a particularly useful tool and one that I am pretty good at. I am inoculated enough that it didn’t shock me, but yeah, never heard of her and….wow…a lot of my life choices to ignore certain things make more sense every day,.

        2. Some of the things I read and watched yesterday deep fried my logical cortex centres. Up until these elections I had not made the connection between pseudoliberalism and insanity. But now, I’m sure there’s an entire new field of psychiatry out there ripe for exploration.

  15. I hate the idea of embracing any of these standards myself… there is nothing proud about any of them. For me, I try to not waste time with any loser who pulls this card on me, I actively avoid associating with people who play these cards, and should one be played on me unexpectedly, I simply leave and don’t bother engaging.
    That being said, I am not sure how to “actively” protest any of this. I try to do my part by reducing or eliminating my consumption of products/services produced by cultural marxists, and by keeping my own children out of the public k12 school system so they aren’t taught to hate themselves because they are white, but how do we build on that?

    1. ” and by keeping my own children out of the public k12 school system so they aren’t taught to hate themselves because they are white, but how do we build on that?”
      I’m a staunch opponent of the school system. There are alternatives. School is akin to prison, there are so many similarities. The only difference between prison and school is that in school you get paroled at the same time each day.

      1. Public k12 schools today do a few things well:
        1. Leftist indoctrination.
        2. Condition students to accept that freedom is a set of privileges that come from authority.

        1. “freedom is a set of privileges that come from authority.” or being white.

  16. Here’s another:
    Marriage: An institution designed to oppress both men and women and
    nobody needs a piece of paper for love, anyway.
    GAY marriage: A wonderful piece of progressive equality oh and isn’t it cute that two men can express their love for one another in this way.*
    Fucking leftists-no consistency with them at all. I once pointed this out to a neckbearded, sci-fi loving (not that liking sci fi in itself is bad; it’s just part of a pattern with these sorts, you know?), mangina SJW who threw his toys out of the pram big style.
    *Actually no it is not. I am heterosexual and while believing that two adults can express their love in whatever way they desire as long as they don’t frighten the horses, I find watching gay sexual activity repulsive.

    1. I recommend that whenever forced to mention something about two fags getting married you always say gay married rather than married. “Yeah, Neal and Bob got gay married last month smh” It really upsets people. I had made a joke the other day about how being married would be, for tax reasons, a great benefit to me and said “jeez, I should just find a buddy to gay marry for tax purposes” Because of who I was with I knew two things. They were offended that I said gay married and also that they would never say so to my face. Good times.

      1. nice!
        there needs to be a ZFG, SEG, answer to all of these:
        Such as Ethan Allen’s “male tears” means semen — to a dyke – gold!

      2. Good for you. Gay marriage was my own personal tipping point into disowning leftism. Everybody has a tipping point; something that makes them turn against something. Something that makes them question the belief system they had swallowed without thinking before. That is mine. It is so fundamentally wrong. Not gayness itself; (yes I am repulsed by it but gays are probably repulsed by straight sex too so fair is fair) but gay marriage. I argued with this guy that IF marriage was so goddamn awful then he should NOT be trying to inflict it on another subset of human beings. That it would be like saying, ‘Hey John, Mike has got cancer, it’s only fair that you get it too’.

        1. My tipping point was in the early 80’s when the left pushed through the seat belt laws. Who do they think they are, my mom?

        2. Two friends were arguing about this. Because I live in the UK, the argument was made by one that seat belts were necessary to save NHS money so his argument was that the taxpayer picked up the bill in an accident where seatbelt not worn which seems fair until my other friend pointed out that NOT wearing a seat belt actually SAVED the government money.

        3. Courtesy of the insurance companies who were sick of coughing up to repair drivers who didn’t HAVE to go through the windshield.

        4. I know it is wise to use a seat belt, but it should not be regulated. A cop could make note and report to your insurance company.
          Same argument could be used to outlaw homosexual activity or any other vice. They are hurting themselves and therefore should be outlawed.

        5. True, but the insurance companies have a lot of say in the legislative process, as the last 8 yrs have taught us…
          Helmet laws are the most glaring example of this lunacy.

        6. I didnt mind the gay marriage thing- if it promotes stability in a notoriously unstable community, Im all for it. I stopped supporting it completely when the Boy Scouts were forced into allowing openly gay scout leaders- wtf can a gay man offer to straight boys? Straight men cant be Girl Scout leaders(even if their daughter is a member) because, ya know, better safer than sorry. Why does this not apply to our boys?

        7. Close to 1 billion Americans died due to a lack of selt belts in cars in the 1950s and 1960s.

        8. 97% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
          Even if it were true, that all of America was killed 8 times over in the 50’s and 60’s, does that change the fact that it is a matter of personal responsibility, not societal responsibility?

        9. I don’t believe it will promote stability at all. In any case, if gays wish to live a promiscuous lifestyle; that is their choice. I’ve no problem with minorities; but I very much do object to being told that homosexuality is the SAME as heterosexuality. Nope. Heterosexuality is what perpetuates the human race. Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end when it comes to that. Pretty big difference. That’s why marriage needs to remain heterosexual-if it IS to mean anything at all, it is about that. That said I’ve no problem with gay people being treated same as everybody else but not their RELATIONSHIPS. Think Vladimir Putin said much the same thing but was obviously called homophobic or some such nonsense.

        10. If they want a piece of paper from the state that entitles one person to totally screw over the other at later date, I am all for it- equality is a bitch

        11. Yes. This is why that immigration bill was passed in the mid 60s here- we needed less bold people in the USA, more meek people who would do what they were told, no questions asked!

        12. I disagree. I cannot ever be pro gay marriage. Or even worse gay couples adopting. How we came to be in a position where we think it is OK to DELIBERATELY (yeah I know shit happens and some heterosexual parents are shit but that is besides the point) deny a child an opposite sex parent is I will never know. Actually I do: creeping liberalism and the frog in boiling water analogy.

        13. Im not onboard with the adoption thing; I was at first, until I read some disturbing article on gay men passing around their “sons” in some pedo ring organized over the dark web…

        14. It’s hard to know about that sort of thing. I mean is at the same rate that heterosexual couples do or higher? If it is significantly statistically more likely that gay couples do it more often than heterosexual ones then obviously it should be outlawed on those grounds. But worst case scenarios aside, I think a child needs an opposite sex parent so would not allow it on those grounds alone.

        15. I’m sorry to be the bearer of ill tidings but men can be girl scout leaders. All troops must have two leaders, and while one must be female, the other may be male.

        16. That is a big reason that I don’t like government sponsored healthcare. They can use that justification to regulate other areas of your life. How about just butting out and let people be responsible for themselves?

        17. Still, cars weren’t made to take a hit back then. Shoulder straps were optional. You pretty much only had the lap belt and the only thing they’d do is keep your bloody corpse in place. Crumple zones and the 3 point harness really started saving lives. Fuck it. If I’m doing a buck 20 in my 69 chevy and get into an accident, I wouldn’t mind flying through the windshield to make one last scene.

        18. It’s funny. Growing up, my dad had a ton of different old GM cars. 69 chevelle, 68 skylark, 67 chevelle(s), 74 impala. And guess what? I or my sister always sat up front, without a belt. Fast forward through years of bullshit propaganda from the nanny state, both my sister and my father refuse to let me take my nephew for a cruise in my Nova in the front seat.

        19. Yup, most people will never be in an accident that they are glad they wore a seatbelt. Never did I wear one clear into high school when they really clamped down on it. That being said, I will gladly wear one in icy conditions, heavy traffic, or anything hazardous. But it should be MY choice, not some bureaucrat’s.

        20. Exactly, it should be a personal choice. Newer cars will fucking beep constantly until you buckle your belt, so, behind the back it goes.

        21. Homos represent a tiny portion of the total population. Those who get “married” are a tiny portion of the first tiny portion. The rest will keep having 50 partners a week. So much for stability.

        22. Actually that was basically what Tuman Capote said. When asked if he was in favor of gay marriage (asked because he was a flaming gay guy and very public about it), he replied, “Yeah, like it has worked out so well for heterosexuals.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. We all have to recognize that almost no gays want to get into a monogamous marriage. The tiny percentage of the tiny percentage that do are just for cover. What all gays wanted out of this debate was to force straight people to acknowledge and give respect for their choices and lifestyles. Civil Union gave all the same legal rights, but just didn’t force a respectful capitulation from straights (especially cis-gendered white males).

        23. Agree. But that isn’t just a “left” problem, that’s a political problem. Politics is only about butting in. Right and Left do it.
          The enemy is the state, not the ones using it to achieve an agenda.

        24. Most gays that marry have open relationships with their spouses. They don’t give up promiscuity just because they got a piece of paper from the state.

        25. Basically the same arguments I faced when I was opposed to random drug testing in the work force. I didn’t do drugs, but it was a principle of being left alone. The response was the company had the right to make sure you were as productive as possible during the time they paid for. If you look back in time this same argument was used by Henry Ford to have his investigators question his workers wives about the worker’s sleeping habits and if sexual needs were being adequately met (no distractions from providing a full days work.) If that argument is allowed then there is no end to what the company, or the government can make you do, for your own good of course. A current case in point is Coors testing their employees for off work hours smoking of tobacco.

        26. My first car was a 1963 Chevy Biscayne. There were no seat belts of any kind, with or without shoulder harnesses. They were not even an option.

        27. I was a motorcyclist for many years, until my big accident. I never lived in a state that required helmets. I always opposed such legislation. However, I always wore a helmet. In my big accident if I had not worn a helmet I would have been the stereotypical organ donor. Still, that would have been the result of my stupidity and none of the state’s business. Certain forms of stupidity should be allowed to get stupid people out of the gene pool before they reproduce.

        28. The first new car I had was a European import. It had an interlock that would not allow the car to start until you had your seat belt connected. I disabled that interlock.

        29. I think the rate of heterosexual couples passing their kids around to their pals as sex toys is around zero. Rump rangers do it as a matter of course, that’s why they adopted the kid in the first place.

    2. The left has no problem with 2 gays getting legally married, but imagine if one gay guy wanted to hire another gay guy to do a job, but pay him less than minimum wage.

  17. Regarding the religious impulse and the way Progressivism fills the spiritual void, I would like to point out that Jesus told us a long time ago that man does not live by bread alone. So, all the people that thought Jesus was lying end up looking pretty fucking stupid, don’t they? God is true, and every man is a liar liar pants on fire.
    Romans 3:4
    For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make
    the faith of God without effect?
    God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as
    it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest
    overcome when thou art judged.

  18. Yet another double standard:
    Religion is awful; the ‘Bibble’* is nothing but a homophobic, sexist piece of dross.
    Christianity is gross.
    Islam is great and those who practice it even though it also doesn’t like gays and it is illegal with the death penalty in some Islamic countries and really can be quite sexist, too, we should let as many who practice it into predominantly Christian countries as we can.
    *Anybody else noticed how SJW neckbeards will always have some sarcastic name for the Bible?

      1. But it is a religion all the same. I don’t believe in god but am not a rabid atheist at all. When all is said and done, I cannot prove it either way nor can the religious but I have more time for a Catholic who holds my views than any fellow atheist SJW.

    1. They also keep talking about hijab being a symbol of faith, I mean yeah, because you have to have faith to follow the rules, but they ignore its purpose: modesty. Muslim men have to dress modestly as well, but not as covered as women. some will ignore this because they want allies

    2. Muslims are, by and large, non-White, so they’ll get a pass from the Left for anything they do, short of detonating a dirty bomb in a large city – probably San Francisco.

  19. …blah blah and fox news requires all females to peroxide blonde their hair and wear pastel dresses. Alt right is getting lost in the weeds. Women are still women, they will change the way they present themselves depending on who they are talking to but in the end they are still thinking with their vagina. You can cry in your beer about politics all day if you want. But without game you’re still getting used as a beta male.

  20. Are *all* these double standards as pervasive as you think, or do we only emphasize their prevalence because they lend credence to conspiratorial and paranoid thinking? After all, if there’s a conspiracy against us, we must be important. All the more reason to fight and keep reading articles about aeropress coffee and AlphaBrain. I’m usually wrong, but there are worse things to be.
    Notice the subtle semantic manipulation: “Woman stares at man’s crotch — that’s flirting.” No. To *stare* at a man’s crotch is fucking creepy and weird — even if she’s hot. Staring (outside of specified contexts) is considered rude, so affix the sexual to it and problems arise. To *stare* at a girl’s tits is much the same thing. Now, a tasteful glance, in either case, is fine; hell, I encourage it.
    “Women are romantic if they suddenly kiss men” Again, you need to provide some context; otherwise, it’s just a community manipulating language to stroke its own ego dong and validate its existence as some radical intellectual sphere. If a woman you don’t know, barely know, or even know well happen to suddenly kiss you, again, that’s fucking weird as shit (we make less of a big deal about it, for obvious reasons). If a man suddenly kisses a woman, well… It’s harder for her to neutralize an unwanted advance. Not justifying rape hysteria, but woman — without male guardians — are more vulnerable.
    I call (mostly) bullshit on splitting the bill, no contextualization needed. There’s more entitlement here among women than men, but if you lay it out from the beginning like you give a shit about your principles, I’ve found that women get turned on by a man who demands he not be taken advantage of financially on the FIRST goddamn date. It’s all *how* you do it. If she leaves, lol; you win!
    Never heard of the bathroom shit.
    I like this site, but there’s something…disingenuous about it. Almost gawkeresque.

    1. As a 20 year former govt employee, grad school survivor,and divorce court casualty, I can tell you for absolute certain that the only thing disingenuous about this piece is that it doesn’t emphasize how serious these Marxist fucks are. They will end your job, take your family, and have you sitting in reeducation sessions before you can get a word in.

  21. double standards as described above, are only a problem for the weak.
    The strong gives a shit and makes his own standards. Thats all YOU must know about the matter.
    If society is weak, stupid and perverted. Dont give a shit. You are not responsible for them, nor are they for you. You improve yourself, day by day. And very soon you will understand how silly all this is.
    The day you start giving a fucking horse shit what others do or think is the first day of your freedom.

    1. The real world is gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. That “I dont give a fuck” attitude only flies for “wimmin of culler”. Try that shit as a White man and youre gonna be sitting at home giving all kinds of fuck about how youre gonna pay rent.

      1. “all kinds of fuck about how youre gonna pay rent.” Thats a common reaction of dumb, lazy betas.
        The moment you tell them, they could DO SOMETHING instead of whine on the internet, they get pissed.
        “Dont give a shit” comes from a place of power.
        You rely on your job and your blue hair feminist boss is a pain in the ass? Solution: You *improve yourself* to the point where you can get much better jobs, or dont need any job at all anymore because your sidebusiness is making you more than enough.
        THIS is a position of power. Then and only then you start giving a damn what other think, say or do.
        Remember: The strong does as he wants, the weak endures what he must. Dont be weak.

        1. you are right, it makes us better when we have a challenge, a little extra motivation keeps me out of the same old same old rut

        2. Spoken like a man with zero hours in the real world.
          You ever been tuned up a supervisor because some woman didn’t like what she heard SOMEONE ELSE say to YOU? …I have.
          You ever watched minorities get a pat on the head for sub-par job performance and told to shut your mouth when you call it out? …I have.
          You ever have a dissertation kicked back for OVER A YEAR because you popped off to a(nother) Marxist professor? …I have.
          You ever sat in divorce court and been told because youre a war vet, you PROBABLY have an anger issue, so your kids can’t live with you until you get counseling?…I have.
          Ivaint saying things dont need to drastically change. I ain’t saying dont take action. I’m saying you young fucks going out like you can’t lose is gonna see you knocked right on your ass, scratching your heads like oh what happened…be hard, but be smart. And leave that fuckin attitude at home.

        3. Hi Final, ” you young fucks” thanks for the compliment. At least my style has not aged it seems. Mid 40s here mate.
          You are angry and you have good reason to be. But truth be told, ALL of the problems you did mention could have been avoided by following my advice. I will address them 1 by 1.
          “supervisor” + “sub-par job performance and told to shut your mouth” -> If you improve your skill in your chosen career to the point where you are no longer employee 35680 you dont have to eat crap like that. If you have savings for 1 year and no debt you can much more easily walk out the door knowing you are a) good and will get work quickly and b) you have enough cash so even a year without job wont bother you. This is strength. Only the strong is free.
          “You ever have a dissertation kicked back for OVER A YEAR because you popped off to a(nother) Marxist professor? …I” Truth be told, this is a good thing. It shows you what to expect if you stay in this field. Better to get self employed than working for losers in academia who need goverment money to get by. I know society tells you otherwise and degrees are all-important. They are, if you decide to be a sheep. They are worthless pieces of paper to moment you decide you want to be a free man. Your life has to be built very differently for that. If you read so far, you prob. already did guess that much. It is not fantasay plenty of people are doing it already.
          ” in divorce court a” This is the hard nut to crack. Most people will fail this test, because they dont like the solution. If your country of birth has sucky laws, you will not be able to change them. You will not be able to fight them. Not with force and not in court. What you can do is vote with your feet and leave the place. Live elsewhere in the world, where such unfair laws are no longer a problem.
          I did so myself and am living in south america sine 09.
          So it can be done, but not everybody will be willing to do what it takes to become strong and free. Many will be ok living in an ant society with limited freedom but much comfort.

        4. If you’re digging South America then good in you, hope you enjoy. Of sounds like we’re about the same age but took way different paths. For me, my lineage and “posterity” is important. My country sucks but my family has been in this country since before it even was a country; leaving might become necessary at some point, but I’m not going to abandon what my ancestors built just because a handful of bankers and lawyers start making life difficult.
          Downsizing and laying low would make life easy but there’s no place to run that the merchant class won’t catch up to you eventually and start making demands. So am I angry? Fuck yeah, and if any man with a brain in his head doesn’t get angry when he looms at the worl

        5. …damn early-sent….cont’d: if a man isnt angry when he looks at the state of things ,there’s something wrong with him. That doesn’t make him a sheep, a sheep would just pretend its OK. If youre good with hiding out intil its over, enjoy it, that’s your option. But a lot of us would rather keep pushing to set things right. I couldn’t look my kids in the face and say yeah, the worlds fucked, but I had a good time in Rio, so good luck, see ya….but that’s just me.

        6. You have a good point here mate. “I’m not going to abandon what my ancestors built” -> If there is a good reason to endure bad conditions, it is this. What ancestors built is valuable, wars have been fought over this for a reason.
          That said we live in the 21st and the world has become smaller. An evasive step to south america is no longer the same all-ties-cut event it was 100 years ago. You would be surprised how few things you can NOT do from the other side of the globe compared to living next door.

  22. 6. The double Standards on Foreign Policy would be a huge article all by itself. Especially concerning what Israel has a ‘right’ to do vs other countries

  23. The US pigs are just as disgusting as the feminists. The cops who know what they are doing is wrong but will just side with females regardless of situation.

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