The BBC And Reggie Yates Release Their Hit Piece On The Manosphere

The following article was published this week on Roosh V.

Over the summer I agreed to let the BBC and their host Reggie Yates attend one of my lectures for their “masculinity in Britain” documentary. Knowing how leftist the BBC is, we can’t be surprised that they ignored the bulk of my most relevant work to paint me as a rapist and rape instructor, using out-of-context quotes that they found on social justice websites. One-third of the documentary focused entirely on me and the wildest things I’ve written in the past ten years. Here’s the full documentary:

Here’s a cut of the documentary that contains just the parts I’m in:

At one part in the documentary, I ask Reggie if he’s gay, because he evaded my question on how fame has allowed him to have groupies. He claimed to be straight, but I don’t know a single straight man who would pose for this sort of photo:


Here’s my video response to the documentary:

Even though we shouldn’t be surprised that the BBC hired a non-masculine man to report on masculinity, their underlying social justice agenda should be called out and the conclusions made in the documentary should be ignored. What the BBC did with the above documentary is essentially hire a carpenter to review an Italian opera. Besides a handful of exaggerated facial expressions made for the camera, the carpenter will not be able to analyze the opera on a level above that of even a grade-school trumpet player.

Many men have asked me what I expected from the BBC. I didn’t expect anything, and as you can see in my response video, I can’t say I’m angry at their coverage. The reason is that there is nothing the media can do anymore to hurt me, and even if they paint me as a baby murderer, I will still gain readers because of it. When you are in an anti-fragile position, you’re immune to all manner of attacks, and so it’s the coverage alone that helps me because it gets my ideas across to those who have yet to see it. Even if 0.1% of people who watched the BBC documentary become readers of mine, it’s still a huge win, since doing it only cost me a couple hours of time.

fan-1 fan-2

On the other hand, people who are fragile are dependent on a constant stream of positive coverage from the media. They cannot have whispers and rumors that paint them as less pure than their public image. My image has already been dragged through the mud, so the only direction for me is up, regardless of what is said about me from this point on. I can be accused of torturing women in dungeons on live television and I wouldn’t lose a single reader, but if the same happened to Reggie, he would lose his job and his BBC-sponsored fame.

I did a Twitter poll the other week that asked men what would happen to their lives if they were falsely accused of rape. It shows that most men are still in a fragile position.


As the narrative loses steam and we enter a chaotic period where the mentally ill run the asylum, you must make the attempt to be as anti-fragile as possible so that when a false accusation is thrown your way, or a BBC host of questionable sexuality announces to its audience that you must be a rapist after reading an out-of-context quote, you don’t lose a single minute of sleep. The BBC program tried to paint me as a criminal, but instead I gained more fans and sold more books. As long as my name exits the mouth of my enemies, I win, and I will continue to win. I hope a growing percentage of my readers can find themselves in this position as well.

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171 thoughts on “The BBC And Reggie Yates Release Their Hit Piece On The Manosphere”

  1. I suspect it is difficult, if not impossible, to be anti-fragile here (as a non-Muslim). This is a country of cucks. The most famous anti-cuck I can think of is homosexual.
    White guys here are, I’ve found, so far without exception, slaves to women. Whether it is egalitarianism (the majority), the gym goers (who are successful, but still hopelessly outmaneuvered by women) or the PUAs, every white guy I’ve come across has made me convinced that Western civilisation is it’s own worst enemy and deserves no sympathy when outsiders exploit it.
    This is a country in terminal decline. I am convinced that nothing, not even a civil war or insurrection by the relatively few sane men (who presumably have run away to the countryside), can save it. Britain is the ground zero of liberalism and social justice – and it will be the first major country to fully seppuku.

    1. Doing it myself. Buy a boat, add a windmill and maybe a water filter, invest in some bitcoin and wait. In some years when shit starts going down, I will have all the power and drinking water I need and most likely more money than I do now. Being largely unaffected by whatever happens on land, I will be comparatively better off than I am now. Can’t wait, frankly.

        1. Only scenario where that could happen is a global war that takes down the internet. Something on a bigger scale than WWII. In that case there will be bigger things to worry about.

        2. In a civil unrest scenario, the global internet will get shut down and turned into local intranets. What good will bitcoin be, then?

        3. Gold can be confiscated and hard to move any meaningful amount across borders. You also can’t pay with it online. And it’s far less likely to increase its value by one to several orders of magnitude in coming years.

        4. Gold is very difficult to confiscate and is easy to move across borders. You can pay with it online. There are services specifically for this. If you’re on a boat, why are you worried?
          If the scenario you are talking about occurs then the value of gold will skyrocket.

        5. Exactly; the most precious metals of all are brass and lead (the other best currencies are smokes and booze).

        6. You need to be able to break it down to manageable bits for smaller transactions. Copper clad lead, soft points, or hollow points are much better.

      1. What happens when a Syrian with an AK-47 boards your boat in the middle of the night, orders you to strip and kicks you overboard?

        1. He’d most likely keep his cool. He would ask the hypothetical Syrian who may lack swimming ability (they all visit Florida in the summer don’t they?) whether that AK47 is loaded & cocked properly. Doubt begins to cloud the mind of this raghead would- be privateer & he takes advantage & kicks his hypothetical Syrian ass overboard.
          The thrashing & sputtering in the water soon dies out. Sits back & enjoys the moon lit night. Cheers!

      2. Whatever happens on land will be the result of the collective actions of all the gimps here brown nosing and playing war rather than getting off their butt and doing something practical now before it all kicks off through the anarchy of utter laziness.
        Your desire to be far from a future run by the current millenial spazes who admire abstract men for their apparent conquests over women is quite sane but unnecessary. Just dont live in a city.

      3. Where do you live? Do you have the RKBA? In the US our best survivalists invest in copper clad lead. I prefer NATO .308.

    2. i started reading this comment and was like “This sounds like my country” Then scrolled down and yep Britain lol

      1. It reminds me of God of War 3 : Britain ( Cronos ) is invaded silently by a mass of parasites/ machiavellian emigrants/ other terrible people or politicians ( Kratos ). One day it will fall or burn.

    3. I just had to explain to a middle-aged white male how men and women are different. He wouldn’t believe me. I then told him to have a good look at men and women and come back when he could find the differences.

        1. You should see how the guys in the office try to shush me when I started dropping red pill truths like depth charges. But I do the same with the women. I told one girl her boyfriend isn’t much of a man and she should drop him. She didnt disagree.

    4. my question concerning the civil war is, against who ? the women ? the betas ? the sjw ? IMO, social engineering is the best solution to counter attack on the same ground.

        1. I would target first the “pure betas” : hipsters, male feminist and followers of fat acceptance. For them, a shame tactic would be enough to begin with.

        2. Agreed. Their is a need to master them or at least elevate them. One thing must be done. It’s beta men first, cause women reflect the life of the men they attach themselves to.

        3. Those conformists believe whatever MTV, BBC, and their favorite movie stars tell them. Now, it’s that the Berlin Wall never really crumbled and that Comminism is the way. If the message reversed, they’d obey if they though it would make them look cool.

      1. You are participating in the social engineering right now flower. Social engineering consists of gathering support and creating an unstoppable momentum. The problem is the whiney pussies who are distracted by women are busy being in denial about how they are being controlled by anything other than their own hormones.
        So ashamed I am of my failure to be myself that I come here to get someone else to tell me what to do. Then I go out and try all these tricks and they dont work, but elsewhere I read that feminists and banksters are to blame for this, they control me, they control the women and the money and I am so very angry about it I am ready for war. Just give me someone to kill so I dont have to think about it.
        Oh self improvement articles, thanks,; I couldnt find these anywhere ekse because the feminists blocked my ip. I will follow the instructions. I will be fitter stronger smarter, I will be a proper man. I will be self sufficient and ready, then the women will have me and I will be rich.
        But it still doesnt work, never mind I am fitter for war.
        I am Jacks ineffective angry cock.
        Or, I do what I like and a woman decides she likes me. She says I am a real man. Because I am male, and I am real. I am not a fake.
        This has no effect on me because I dont care what people think of me, they are not my boss ( with whom I voluntarily entered into a contractual agreement to work for cash.) Noone controls me, I roll with it and keep going.
        I am Jack.

      2. Britain will never have a civil war.
        France and Germany might have a civil war. It would be between off-duty police, local rightists and natives versus immigrants. The leftists who caused the problem would run and hide and beg the paramilitaries for protection.
        This won’t happen unless there is some sort of economic collapse or mass unemployment, probably precipitated by an escalation of global conflict.
        The global geopolitical and economic situation is certainly heading in that direction, but simultaneously we are on the cusp of huge productivity breakthroughs from automation and computerisation. There might be enough cheap or nearly free production that the idea of insurrection becomes ridiculous – why fight, when there is resource excess?
        In the ideal world, where production is very efficient, we have fusion power and superefficient recycling, we have some sort of federal global government, where people can move around to places they like. The high tax socialist areas would destroy themselves and the low tax and freedom supporting areas would prosper. But I think the liberals are too power hungry, and self worshiping, to ever let that happen.

    5. So back to reality a moment. It is not necessarily a womans fault that an egalitarian (not the majority) gym goer or pua is obsessed with women anymore than it is the money’s fault that you want to have it or anyone elses fault that you cant keep it.
      Other than talking of running away, living on a boat or destroying those that disagree and having a civil war, what ideas do people have to actually have to resolve the situation instead of win it or spoil it?
      It does not matter how we got there it matters how we move forward. I do not hear anything positive from people. That is why the country is in decline, too many negative buggers.

      1. It’s just a realistic analysis. The problem is fundamentally biological – the result of overpopulation, poor farming practices and material excess. There are solutions but they will enjoy no political support. The most realistic individual solution is hence to emigrate as soon as possible to countries about to experience, or experiencing, population declines, or those committed to organic agriculture.
        BTW, the immigration of Muslims won’t solve the problem of social liberalism, either, for the conversion minded. Overpopulated Saudi Arabia is liberalising just as well as Europe – their divorce rate is 40%, and they’ve legalised women having passports without male authority, for example.
        Have a read through this paper if you are interested in the root of the problem:
        Until the global population declines and farming practices improve, this problem is going to get worse and worse.

        1. I’m very suspicious of the argument for population decline. Also, isn’t feminism and liberalism helping population decline?

        2. I am replying more generally rather than to you specifically. Shouldn’t you be knitting or cooking? I hope that you don’t read the following reply. Your life will be much better spent finding a good Man and serving him than worrying your pretty little head about these issues.

          Poland elects traditionalist government committed to reversing feminism:
          One can draw one’s own conclusions. Ironically, the re-imposition of patriarchal values will lead to overpopulation, nutritional deficiency and hence mental and spiritual decay, feminism and population declines.
          This is an evolutionary cycle that has repeated many times in history. Every empire has suffered it – and many have succumbed to it. Resource excess, brought on by responsible patriarchy and conservatism, leads to overpopulation and nutritional depletion. Technological progress has increased the scope of this cycle, and softened the downturn, worsening the problem over time. The paper I linked earlier is a good introduction to the subject.
          The only real solution in a sustainable steady state is a two child maximum policy enforced throughout time, regardless of short term imperatives. The global situation is so bad that feminism will in effect force a one child policy anyway. Once the population declines sufficiently, patriarchy will return.
          A one child policy enforced by the patriarchy sounds nice, but I suspect it won’t work. With only one kid to keep their attention, people will inevitably get bored, divorced or resort to hedonism and consumerism.
          Regardless, population levels must fall for us to return to any healthy equilibrium.

        3. Ill ignore your attempt to wind me up witj your patronisation. I have a man and child so er…thanks but no, however i am pretty though 🙂 . Your arrogance will shackle you eventually. The argument you put forward about history repeatjng itself is convincing. I’m still suspicious of it though. People can move on to other places and start a new. I will argue that society tends to degenerate with the population increase of the dumb and the poor.

        4. Also as i pointed out liberalism and feminism are aiding population decline and increasing the increase of poor people breeding.

        5. There is not overpopulation. Modern agriculture has a surplus of food. It’s pathetic that Marxism first promised more wealth and better lifestyles than Capitalism. Now that the Berlin Wall crumbled along with the credibility of that nonsense, Marxism tells us that Capitalism provides too good a lifestyle and too much wealth. Material excess? People live better lives than any time in history. You want a return to mass starvation? The West actually has such a surpluss of food that people are fat.
          Saudi Arabia is not overpopulated. Look at a map of its population centers. Singapore, the Netherlands and New Jersey are densely populated yet exist in Fisrt World Splendor. No doubt you believe your refrigerator melts the ice caps and kills polar bears, despite the fact the the ice caps have grown along with the polar bear population. You’re the mindless conformist who is every totalitarian’s dream. You’re a good little subject who accepts whatever the government news agency called the BBC tells you without ability to think critically about anything.

    6. You aren’t ground zero..what you are is a cultural client state of a greater power. The real ground zero of SJW ideology is the United States. The United States is to identity politics as the Soviet Union was to communism. And you in the UK are East Germany.

      1. It may be eminating from the US, but it’s no more native to Anglo-Saxon Protestant America than “British” Muslims fighting for ISIS are native to Britain. SJW ideology is leftist ideology. Leftist Ideology is Marxist ideology. Marx was a Jew whose rabbi dad raised him to subvert the culture he lived in, just as Jews had subverted and undermined every other culture throughout history that had been foolish enough to give Jews sanctuary from the last culture Jews had betrayed and thus been shown the door: Germany, Spain, Ottomann Turkey, infinite other examples. The agenda of the Left is the agenda of Jews: inventors of Communism, 1960s feminism, and multiculturalism. Brits and Americans saved Jews from German Socialists, who’d saved Jews from Spainish Catholic Inquisitors. As thanks, Jewish terrorists attacked the very British soldiers who’d saved them from Germans. In America, Jews invented the NAACP to disenfranchise whites, took over the ACLU to criminalize Christianity, provided The Rosenbergs to give Jewish Bolsheviks in Jewish-invented Communist Soviet Union America’s nuclear bomb, Israel attacking the USS Liberty and killing tens of American sailors yet even in 2016 refusing to substantively cooperate with American investigators by refusing audio and records, Jonathan Pollard to steal US secret to give to Israel who promptly sold them to Communist China, the SPLC to demand never-ending non-Western immigration.

  2. Your work also helped me transition from being a bitch beta into taking self responsibility for myself, improving myself, and learning how to be masculine. I finally heard from you what I didn’t hear from my feminized Christian upbringing. Many people will nitpick at things and take things out of context, and I honestly don’t fully agree with everything you state, but in reality, nobody fully agrees with anyone. Whether it be your best friend or your closest family members, we all have points of disagreement but you have my greatest thanks and support for helping me awaken to how the world really works in terms of gender relations and making yourself a better man each day. God Bless.

  3. The manosphere is without a doubt, a portal of vast information. While I do not agree with everything that is spread here, there is nonetheless, a lot of vital and important information that without a doubt, has helped to save many lives. The manosphere has helped to verify for many men out there, as to why it is that they have been abandoned, discriminated against and treated like dirt.
    But instead of willing to discuss both ends of the spectrum, as usual, there is nothing but anti male propoganda in the media and that women are always the victim. I mean anything that a man says which goes against the cultural norms of our world, will be considered to be vitriolic and hate against women. Can the same be said about what women do to men? Ever read these female magazines and websites which tell women how to control a man, how to get pregnant and how to take him to the cleaners? What this truly displays is the double standard and hypocrisy of these pro female and anti male movements.
    There is no doubt, a lot of hatred and bigotry against men who simply want to exercise and retain their masculinity as it is considered to be toxic in today’s politically correct society, and as long as we have a media empire which is hellbent on the defamation and slander of men, then it will not be surprising to see more men speak out. For too long, men have remained quietly abused by the family courts, the mainstream media, the legal system, education establishment and employment sector. It is from all of the bad experiences that men have gone through, that allow them to speak out and share their stories which in turn, allow more men and a new generation of young adults to avoid the pitfalls and traps which the earlier generations have experienced.
    As I have mentioned, people do not like this. But as long as men are willing to speak out, then I believe that this can help to raise more awareness and perhaps even a more better platform in the future to discuss these issues.

    1. for all leftist/feminist/sjw and medias, misandry is the new trend. They are all fucked up and must be boycotted.

      1. I hate haters I fecking hate them i hate them so much i am turning into them hate is great.
        I am anti-everything now that way all of the haters will like me and I wont get excluded again.

        1. You’re really on a roll man, this is great thought provoking material you’ve got going on. Really enlightening, keep it coming.

    2. The manosphere is great. This site is great.
      This is not at all a portal of shit. How dare you fail to completely agree with our great leader.

      1. God, do you realize what a fucking cliche you are with your juvenile attempst at sarcasm? There’s is nothing more depressing than a low-IQ child like yourself attempting to condescend.
        Are you defending this “documentary”? Is that your goal? Give it up. Some mincing twat made a bunch of faces and rolled his eyes at anything that seemed against the Progressive Rulebook. That’s not a documentary, it’s jacking off in the mirror. In drag.

    3. You know what happens to people who speak out? They become victims. It is quite clear from this site that the solution is more hate. Just keep adding energy to the system, polarise them and create a huge tension, whip up a nice little storm, make everyone fight, and then clean up.

    4. The media is always going to play to their customers (viewers)…it’s why the shit on TV today is pretty useless (especially the news). There is little critical thought put into many TV shows (reality shows) and many others are just recycled shows of other hit shows (no original thoughts).
      This piece is just one more piece that shows they are after ratings, first, and forget the facts or real stats on what’s going on in our society, today. Anyone with half a brain could argue how men are getting the short end of the stick in court (no equality there) but then women would no longer be the victim).
      It makes too much sense and it makes no money (ratings) for these shows…so they’ll stick to the fantasy (and yes, this guy Reggie is gay..probably a closet type).

  4. Ha ha! It’s hilarious that they picked THAT guy to do the hatchet piece. Perfect. This is all good news for you, old boy.
    The idea that the argument is being made that men have to be taught not to rape by feminists is a CONSPIRACY THEORY? Christ almighty, what a joke that clown is.
    Meanwhile, the views expressed in the local mosque are truly extreme, and ignored.

    1. ‘That guy’ and Stacey Dooley are clearly both young confident genuine journalist types who were hired at the same time to go round the whole world finding current social issues to fill a demographic slot.
      They generally, over their whole career so far as milennial journalists, have followed a particular pattern of humanitarian based issues and this is one of a whole series of programmes that opens the publics eyes to many different things that go on today.
      They are young and they will get better, but its no good fighting them, they are golden right now and neither of them appear to individually be a puppet of the system or following a personal agenda beyond looking into things that normal young people had no clue about.
      Every ep ive seen from the pair of them leave enough information in there for me to personally disagree with their opinion but understand all the viewpoints.
      For BBC3, this is good quality young adults television but if R could not survive this intact, I have to say he would be a sore loser.

      1. Lol you fuckin cuck praising the goodness of bbc?
        Where’s a hatchet wielding jihadist to prolapse that fagged out anus when you need one?

        1. I think youll find that praise and a begrudginly balanced attitude towards something more interesting than constant repeats of Family Guy, are two very different things.
          I just enjoy writing things in a way that make brainless people attack before thinking so I can see who they are, Mr Obvious.

        2. Awwww. Am I a fag. I will go an kill mysekf immediately because you caught me out. Ive been living in denial all this time. I AM ONLY HERE BECAUSE I CAN NOT ADMIT TO ANYONE IRL THAT I AM A fag.

      2. The fact that the UK requires citizens to fund the BBC despite if they watch them or not makes me despise it as nothing but a propaganda organ to begin with. Do they still threaten people with imprisonment for not paying the British Beast of Communism?

        1. ‘Require’ is a very loose term when you live on the 14th floor and are never in. There is only a fine with a maximum amount equivalent to getting away with it for 7 years or so, just like if you dont buy a train ticket in advance and the guard doesnt like the look of you.
          But you must understand that a modest subscription fee to avoid adverts is a good thing to choose, should one actually have a choice.
          I can spend more than the licence fee on a few rounds in the pub, its not much.
          Im truly not sure about this outside perspective of the BBC being communist. The UK is no longer a Fabian society however this element of public broadcasting has the last semblance of community and and bland cheerfulness that some of us find nostalgic. Id even go so far to say that all who are particularly patriotic and right wing about things would prefer the beeb to any other network, although they are the most manjina, ‘due to the unique way they are funded’
          Personally I am much more politically raging against the very existence of Claudia Winkleman or the fact that ‘Xander’ Armstrong is paid so little that he has resorted to singing christmas albums to fund the medical research he needs to stop his ears growing.

        2. Sam, you like reading your own words/ hearing your own voice. Simple question… I refuse to pay the govt. tax for broadcasting and all their warning fees in the UK. What happens?
          You are all over the place with the rest.

        3. Terribly sorry mate I thought I answered your question in the first paragraph.
          “There is only a fine with a maximum amount equivalent”
          As for your follow up, I am not aware of a “tax for broadcasting” and I really dont know what a warning fee is.
          But yes you broke me. Being banned from the site for being a suspected sympathiser with such an awful nationalistic corporation has done me in. In truth I live in constant fear of the thought police… A friend of mine didnt buy a licence and he just disappeared man. Im really fucking scared of this communist nightmare we are living in. I mean youve watched the BBC, you can see for yourself theyre fecking fashist bastards. Im terrified theyre gonna send me to Siberia. Thats what they do the fashists, they just delete you without a warning.
          Now, If you want to state that something is a simple question and want me to shut up, ask a simple question.
          But if you are asking what happens if you get the fine and dont pay it?
          I havent a fecking clue mate. What happens to you when you dont pay a fine? Google it bitch.

        4. It’s hilarious that we can watch iplayer online without paying TV license they can’t send you to jail for that

        5. The legislation isn’t clear on TV license. Basicly, they threaten you for a while but you are not in real danger of jail.

  5. Wait, you are calling this guy non-masculine? The hell? This guy is obviously fuck-confident. He is biased towards supporting women, which is apparent in how he treats the feminist girl. His moralizing towards the end about ‘No means No until it means Yes’ is ridiculous as well. Maybe it is just due to his success, but nobody in that video seems as relaxed as he is.

      1. Same obvious media slant. Russian women are outside the anglosphere and less feminist. Therefor there is something wrong with them. They’re behind the times, or being exploited by patriarchy, etc. What you’d expect from a politically correct media source.

    1. He’s not biased in my opinion, matter of fact he was told to look at both sides and that is what he did. The feminazi cunt employed all of her arsenal to make her point.
      Reg is confident because he is rich and he’s been in show biz since he was a teenager. He doesn’t know the life of the average guy and never will. He is being paid to do what he does and I would be just as confident as him if I got paid the same amount.

  6. True story: I woke up not long ago, still kind of drunk, to find that my cock was in a girl’s mouth. Did she rape me?

    1. Yes, because you didn’t file a police report and instead went straight to the media to play victim attention whore.

  7. Roosh, you argue on their terms far too often. You should have asked him in absolute terms and used his audience against him.. How do you do with women is an open ended question…the message is not going to resonate with the elite. Focus on alienating Reggie from the audience.
    To me it also has become clear that the men rights will be ignored as long until the Everyman is left destitute, unemployed and expelled from the West. Muslims who are unemployed in Europe can say what they want for no fear of ramifications. Blacks in the US can riot day and night due to high unemployment rate. Mass unemployment would surely shift the dialogue. Whether the elites can move away from human capital and there is suitable population control.

  8. Feminists and gays reinforce their negative narrative about “patriarchy”. If you don’t agree with them then you have to be discredited.

  9. Just keep it up Roosh. As Trump has aptly demonstrated once the SJWs can’t get you with the usual tools (trashing your reputation, getting you fired, calling you a racist, sexist, etc.) they literally have no further response but to repeat trying failed tools.

  10. Actually thought he gave you a pretty fair sounding. It’s obvious he doesn’t agree with the views you’re espousing, but he isn’t required or expected to. The editing gives you ample time to express your point, including the nuance around satire; you should be thrilled that you got to have your say to a broad audience.
    Not everyone is going to agree with you, and a lot of the things you say/write are deliberately provocative. Really don’t think you have much basis for complaint here

  11. Roosh, hope you do read the comments here. If they try to paint you as any type of advocate (rightly or wrongly IDAGAF) perhaps you should call them out as murder advocates (a traditionally, and correctly, worse crime than practically any other) because of the vitriolic extremes of wording these people use. I hope you consider this argument.
    I use “practically a worse crime” because regicide / treason etc. are historically considered worse crimes than a murder of a common man.

  12. Roosh I’ve read your stuff and if you were to make advances to the women of my circle I’d make a eunuch of you.
    I’ll quote your own words (more or less) –
    ‘Haven’t you been with a woman who is dithering and just stuck it in ?’
    That – Is – Rape.
    No wonder Yates was shocked.
    I realize you have the Muslim background of: ‘If she isn’t a Muslim it’s not rape and even if she is it’s only rape if there are five independent witnesses.’ (Paraphrasing Sharia Law.)
    You may not even be aware that this is colouring your attitude.
    Time to take a reality check man.
    If you are telling the truth in your writings (you’ve admitted to acts that amount to rape, and have said as much) you are a brute that needs locking up.
    Or are you just a snake oil salesman after all…?

    1. Curious. Your disqus profile, dating back some time, is entirely dedicated to ROK / Roosh. It looks as though you are conflicted

        1. Is it though. I am trolling right now but this other person is a long time reader and had an opinion and you just couldnt accept it. Id say his post is a friendly warning. I have decided to go the other way.

    2. Tbh really truly, if you are with a woman having pants-off fun and she wavers a bit just before… its not rape. I see that shit in films all the time.
      If there are multiple concious actions to get from where it is to ‘just sticking it in’ then maybe.

    1. Good question. Had to take a yob to cover expenses and I am finding myself in a snitchy bitch atmosphere. This crap can’t be pulled off without a majority of women on staff.
      Through my RoK readings I have found myself able to maintain frame and eye contact while absolutely never apologizing and just giving a smile that conveys “fuck you”.
      I would like to know much more about anti-fragility.

    2. Probably the single most important thing you can do is start your own business so you can’t be fired for “feelings”.

  13. Many people hate the BBC who used to love it. Its a ‘marched through’ institution, and its ensconced marxists are losing what was once a grand old institution trusted the world over a little bit of credibility with every broadcast. The BBC is supposed to be a politically impartial broadcaster but it hasn’t been that for decades. Enormous numbers of British people are angry at the way the BBC has sacrificed Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear Fame because of his political incorrectness despite the fact Top Gear was wildly successful.

    1. “Impartial broadcaster paid for by national tax dollars, but only ever broadcasts the Marxist, hard-left political ideologies”.
      Sounds exactly like the ABC in Australia.
      I used to love watching Clarkson.

    2. Yes yes. I am full of hate. They are so lame I cannot stop the anger and hatred rising in me. I feel like war, who shall I kill?

        1. I am highlighting the rediculousness of banning someone from this site for not hating the bbc or not hating a star wars film.
          It is a pantomime. A perfectly normal xmas tradition in my beloved communist bbc ruled britain.

        2. Well then what is the point of removing people!
          I got myself banned mate. I am not a victim. I am your christmas dick.

    3. It’s always amusing when the certain kind of idiot makes the argument that because complaints are equal from left and right, it must be a balanced institution.
      They clearly haven’t seen complaints from the right outnumbering those from the left two to one, for a fair time now.

  14. The BBC is doing you a favor Roosh. You are the enemy, as your posters most probably are, to the BBC and their devoted viewers, but they need daily talking points to reinforce their narrative and in the end you get more exposure at their expense.
    Kudos. Stay the course.

    1. Not hating is not the same as not being devoted. I thought more of you John Galt I really did. But you were written by a feminist so what can one expect.

  15. having such an exposure on BBC is like winning a fucking jackpot of the century – and without even paying for the lottery ticket. even if they accused Roosh of being a cannibal and mass murderer. lol. good job.

  16. Was Reggie raised by a single mother? The only black guys I see that flamboyant are products from single homes.

        1. black and some white people maybe, i haven’t seen the statistics for indians, asians chinese, jews, muslims, arabs, greek orthodox, etc but i’d wager broken homes is far less of a problem.

      1. Ahhhhhhh yes. And he was a black kid, bit flamboyant, and, ooooh he is one of the divorced kids, stay away from him, he is from a ‘broken home’ so we must break him. This 4 year old will turn evil unless we shun and bully him immediately for being different. I am a sheep.

        1. Why did you take what I said like a woman as if I implied that it only applies to bw? I said it for the simple fact that the black community is lead by a matriarchy of irresponsible women. American boys in general are being pussified. No one here is implying that it doesn’t happen in other ethnic groups.

    1. Ohmygod. Did they dare to put a flamboyant man on television? This is completely unacceptable to me.
      You are correct. Their mothers were sluts and as a result this man should be destroyed. Delete him now!.

  17. the road to antifragility is a long one, first you must become robust.
    I think first step to robustness is 100% making your earnings unaffected or unrelated to your identity or character. I know this isn’t the frankly ballsy way people like roosh, Mike cernovich, Chris GLL, Victor pride, krauser and so on pretty openly show themselves who they are and what they are about. These guys have gone through enough shit to become antifragile. These guys get death threats on the regular, hate from many sides, even within the manosphere but they’re still kicking ass, making money and doing what they do.
    I think for most men who are not willing to forgo anonymity, there are other ways of making, earning and growing money that do not involve a dependency on your identity.
    Once you decouple your earning power from you as a person you are pretty much untouchable, so long as you generally avoid skanky whores liable to false rape accuse you. You are now robust.
    Next step is to make it so that any attack on your identity only strengthens your financial and social position. This is the kind of antifragility Roosh, Mike and Vox day have in that a percentage of their haters convert to readers and more money. Also it helps that they have a social message that resonates. This is antifragility.

    1. Yes click bait and advertising. The public stunts are to make money and bring people here. He never actually posts anything anymore. He could go away and this revolution will continue on.
      It may look like a bunch of brown nosing 14 year olds hanging out with some cool looking 18 year old who was held back a few years, but its genius it really is. He doesnt have to do anything but moan how somone is trying to destroy him and then boom! More readers more money and all the 14 year olds go on a hate campaign to save their leader.
      I really dislike random bannings without explaination. I belive the narcissict will recognise my acting out because I was rejected without reason. Roosh this hurts more than that time a girl said no, I love you dont leave me

      1. i have no idea who you are or what you’re talking about. you’ve created a random account and made 38 comments over the last 8 hours on just 1 article i think you must be someone that’s probably a limp wristed lib thats clearly super butthurt with roosh over his deconstruction of reggie yates. or you could be reggie yourself.
        either way LOL

    1. You da man roo, you say you have sex with bitches and tell us all about it, and we believe you and act just like you so people will think we are strong.

      1. Do hush your dumb self now.
        That’s a note of cynicism on my part, not encouragement or pleasure. Most folks, of both sexes, are completely messed up in the head.

  18. Roosh is becoming an untouchable Sith Lord who is prepared for every pathetic attack from every angle in every media room he enters. Interesting to see the man evolve over the years.

    1. Sith lord maybe. Look soon for lampooning of Roosh on Family Guy or Southpark. The BBC exposure goes more the way of getting a spot as a guest on SNL or having a characterature on an animated show that features celeb guest appearances. Roosh’s world tour was a groundbreaking and totally independent avenue but the BBC with their ”moist wet hole” soundbyte and ’30 Bangs’ and Don’t bang Denmark is the narrators trying to keep the story about PUA without giving the limelight to neo masculinity. Celeb status is a badge for what it’s worth. Even if you loathe the media spin doctors, celeb heads are still promoted as a ‘face’ of our species you might say. For example, if aliens landed tonight, the slick magazines would be busy consulting world talking heads on their reaction. Kissinger in one magazine, Putin somewhere, Lady Gaga’s comments elsewhere and as ‘Roosh’ gets known he would be sought for his word on the situation and his take on things. I used to say that I wouldn’t do SNL unless I were a politician, a comedian or a caged monkey. Seeing Trump though I’m sure Roosh would naturally and with some predestiny perhaps be able to make wine out of an SNL appearance.

    2. Yes you are so right. He is mighty and powerful and we should devote our lives to him because we are mindless freaks with no mind of our own, and we need someone to tell us what to be, how to be, we need him so badly.

  19. With the exception of the guy with fake pecs, none of those people were extreme, radical, or “men at war” relative to most people in the world
    Has Reggie ever lived outside of Britain?

    1. You are such a strong man Terry I admire you greatly. You are so fecking smart. Everything you say is sooooooop well thought out and profound. You have changed my world.

  20. Apologies to the occasional human here but I have become so tired of the whiney dramas that I am ridiculing anyone who shows signs of not thinking for themselves and sucking up to control freaks.
    I belive in drama terms this is my exit strategy, I will be being your bad guy for the day. you little ones need someone to hate so you can love your leader more and quite frankly, the subjects of hate in this particular thread are beyond lame so I have turned it into a nice christmas panto for you. Dont forget to boo me!

    1. Sam my man. What you be down dis christmas fo? Why you be so down? If I was santy claus, I’d bring you a christmas present all wrapped up nice wit a big bow. I see you be lonely. I bring you a TIMEX PROSTITUTE dis christmas. Bitch take a licking . . . and she KEEP ON TRICKING . . heh. Ho ho ho, keep cool bro. They don’t call me santy claws for nuttin’.

  21. Anything that prevents men from becoming white Knights, SIMPs and beta males and falling into feminist traps is strongly opposed by the Left.
    I am sure before Reggie became famous and actually had to approach girls that he never ever was overly aggressive or made any of them feel uncomfortable. You can tell by his personality that he is one arrogant full of it nob, who would always push his luck with women.

  22. OMG, modern Males like Reggie can’t even joke about women, guys like Reggie are so Rigid, that any joke or Satire about women is immediately interpreted by them as sexist or misogynistic, Reggies whole Documentary is a Shame piece, and a Hit on Freedom of Speech.

  23. Reggie, the reason MGTOW, won’t talk with you and don’t trust you is because the Main stream Media is losing it’s journalistic Credibility, and everybody knows the Mainstream media produces Hit pieces on those they disagree with politically.

  24. I think the guy gave you a fair shot, even if he doesn’t share your views. Asking him if he is gay was completely unnecessary.

  25. The BBC are manginas. The lot of them. They couldn’t even handle Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear, for Christ’s sakes.

  26. Why did only two of the men talk to camera without their faces being obscured? What are they afraid of, it’s a free country. If there’s over a billion hits on ROSH’s sites every month, surely you’d expect more men to talk, open and honesty about these issues? Even on this website, there’s only about 500 men who ever post anything, this is a ludicrously and infinitesimally small amount of even the English speaking male global population. If there’s a billion hits pre month then there must be one hell of a silent majority, which I find hard to believe.

    1. Why did only two of the men talk to camera without their faces being obscured?
      Probably because they are afraid SJWs would try to identify them and then get them fired from their jobs and then ruin them with their friends and relatives.

  27. Why is this a surprise to anyone? BBC is left of center political correctness. It exists to nudge the moderates to the left. How could it not be biased in favor of feminist agenda? Feminism equals female socialism. Take from men and give to women in the name of equality.

  28. It’s easy to be anti-fragile when you’re self-made, when you’re not one accusation can men impoverishment and ostracization.

  29. Roosh V is as of now a total Beta. He backpedaled on his article he wrote. Everyone knows that article wasn’t satire and he made himself look like a beta and a clown by dodging the question. Caving in to Feminists. An Alpha does not need to mold and reshape his opinions.

  30. “As the narrative loses steam and we enter a chaotic period where the mentally ill lose control the asylum”

  31. The war against men in western society is a weapon of war against America in order to bring us to our knees. If you need to ask who the enemy is, then you only have to look where this kind of crap is not tolerated and there be your answer.

  32. I watched it last week here on BBC 3 and it came across and was edited exactly as I expected;from the perspective of an institution heavily weighed down with cultural Marxism. However, Reggie exhibited some interesting psychological tells. When asked if he was gay he quickly leapt to his own defense that he was not, which suggests both that he is homosexual and that he is not comfortable with it (homophobic), which would explain why he’s in the closet. And that picture of him with the black make up and varnish…lol.
    Some people do but I have no problems with those of a homosexual orientation and at least members of our own movement such as Jack Donovan are ‘out’. But here we have another example of someone famous paying lip service to cultural marxism and feminism while secretly holding contrary values. His whole body language and defensive responses when put on the spot, thereby not having enough time to think and cultivate an answer were a great insight into his own self-deceiving hypocritical inner world.
    His relationship with the camera was like a boy looking to his mother for approval every time he opened his mouth or asked Roosh something. In fairness he was probably trying to appease BBC Marxism, his opportunist feminist girlfriend and his mother all at the same time. Roosh on the contrary was relaxed and clearly just being himself, resisting the urge to appease the imaginary crowd of leftists Reggie kept looking to the side or over his shoulder too.
    Quite frankly I appreciate the efforts of our figureheads in the manosphere; I just don’t share all the views held. It does make me consider that I need to step up and make a stand for those areas of masculinity and mens culture that I hold strong in my heart on a bigger level in my life other than debating stuff with people. But bragging rights to Roosh and others like him who continue to stand in the firing line day after day fighting to preserve our masculine culture.

  33. Damn they hate you bad! But in all honesty, I didn’t even blink when I saw this. I would be surprised if they were honest about you, though.

  34. You should be worried about “fair” speech laws promoted by the leftist SJWs. I understand that in Europe and the UK people have been jailed simply because of what they said. Big Brother is alive and well in your neck of the woods.

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