Do Older Men Have To Choose Between Game And Settling Down?

Many men are finding themselves divorced or still single by the time they reach their 40s and realize that they may never marry and settle down. This has much to do with destruction of a patriarchal family unit by feminized by western society. However, many men may wish to see multiple women while simultaneously having a more “stable” relationship. So which is better—game or settling down? You may be surprised by the answer, because in some countries it is not uncommon to see men doing both.

While this article lays out the history of how men throughout the ages have had many wives and concubines, I am in no way advocating this lifestyle. However, if you look at what we call a “concubine” today, most people would just say she is a “girlfriend” or “lover.” In my opinion, those in the pick-up or seduction community can have their cake and eat it too.

In fact, any dominant masculine man can tell you that if he wanted to, he could marry his lover and still have other women on the side willing to bear his children. What is it about the psyche of a woman that allows her to tolerate her husband being a womanizer while maintaining attraction for him?

1. History of married men and their concubines

History has shown us that rich powerful men have had multiple wives and concubines. In fact, some of these men went to the extreme and married their close relatives while keeping a harem of women around to fulfill all of their sexual desires. The concubines of a ruler were considered “inferior” in relationship to his wife. However, both enjoyed certain advantages over the other that made the relationship somewhat attractive. A wife of a monarch possessed a powerful political position in society, and often the concubines enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle and influence not offered outside such a relationship.

Many times, wives were less attractive and older than concubines, which is because most marriages were strategies used to forge some political objective. These types of marriages also preserved and protected a family’s dynasty from outside entanglements. In an age when royalty would marry their cousins, what better way for a monarch to enjoy a less taboo sexual relationship than having intercourse with lots of different beautiful women who were not blood related? Like men of that era, today older guys may decide to marry someone closer to their age while at the same time continuing to date younger women.

2. Psyche of a woman who can share her man with another woman.

While I’m no expert in psychology, I can say that it is less common for a woman to have a husband while seeing multiple guys at the same time, unless she’s a porn star or a swinger. There are plenty of women who take advantage of their beta-male counterparts and will sleep around, but it’s much easier for a man to have a wife and multiple girlfriends than the other way around.

A feminine woman’s psychological makeup is different from a man’s. A woman will look to a dominant masculine figure more than just for sexual gratification. She also seeks security and protection. In fact, these desires are so powerful that she, in her own mind, exempts her husband for having multiple lovers. She will allow such a relationship as long as her husband doesn’t bring anyone she doesn’t like around her, interact with family members, or be mocked about it in public. Generally women have more emotional needs than men, while males must be psychologically stronger to provide for those needs.

3. Political correctness about multiple relationships outside the US

In countries in Latin America, like Mexicoa man can be president and known to have fathered illegitimate children. In parts of the world with a Muslim tradition it’s impossible for many women to divorce her husband purely on the grounds of infidelity. No amount of feminism is going to change that and it wouldn’t make much sense to attempt it.

A single man in his 40s living in the US who has never been a father could easily find a woman in South America willing to bear his children. As long as you agree to raise the child and care for it financially, a woman say in Columbia would love to have your kid and would rather give birth to a child knowing that it has a possible better future. So much for those who hate masculinity and say: “We don’t need men,” because at the end of the day men can say we don’t need feminism.


Mexican president Enrique Nieto acknowledges fathering other children.

4. Is both game and settling down right for me?

The truth, is for most guys it’s not. To be a man is to admit that who he is today is a combination of how he was raised by his parents and certain cultural beliefs that may not allow a particular lifestyle. However, if your desire is to have a woman and be together until death do you part, then you may be tempted to both game and settle down as a way of managing the tedium of your relationship.

One of the first things you learn in game is how you must be honest with yourself before you can go for what you want. No woman is going to feel secure in a relationship if you are unsure about what you want out of it. And, just because you managed to pull off a relationship that involves multiple women, doesn’t mean that you and yours will live happily ever after. A woman would have to love you above anything else and find it extremely difficult to live without you.

Women are capable of such feelings for a person, but a man’s frame must be so strong and indifferent that she completely feels like it was her choice to adore the man in such a way. If you find a woman who is madly in love with you, then you will have to make it known what kind of relationship is it going to be. She needs clear boundaries so she can feel free to focus on pleasing you as a man. The sooner you establish what type of relationship you want from her, the more willing she will be to help you make that happen.

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170 thoughts on “Do Older Men Have To Choose Between Game And Settling Down?”

  1. I don’t care how old you are- whether you are 38 or 88, settling down is the biggest mistake in today’s society and can end up costing you everything.
    After seeing the kind of shit happening infront of our eyes, such as the divorce rate reaching 60% (70% initiated by women), men being destroyed by feminism, the kind of degenerates today’s women are turning into, settling down is out of the question.
    I’m sorry to sound harsh, but the truth is marriage is no longer a viable option. The best life to live is the single life. Yes, you may have doubts about this and wish to have that perfect companion. Hate to break it, but that perfect companion is very rare or does not even exist.
    Listen to the Tom Leykis show, and hear all the horror stories about men that are miserable because of all the drama and bullshit they have to deal with in a relationship, and you can easily come to an understanding that marriage is not worth it and even the idea of settling down in a monogomous relationship, is not worth it.
    Men who settle down, as Tom Leykis perfectly describes, are beaten dogs. These are the same men who are worn down by all the crazy batshit brought into their lives by their so called “companions.” I heard stories from guys who are in their late 40s to 50s, who have hammered into my head when I was a teenager, never to get married or commit to a relationship. Since then, I have stayed single throughout my life, and will continue to do so.
    Factor in the fact that the economy has gone down the toilet, most relationships will breakdown because of financial problems- one partner out of work, not bringing in enough cash etc. The whole idea of being committed for life to a partner is an “idea.” And such a bullshit one as well.
    My advice, stay single, save your money, travel as much as you can and to always remember, you onle have one shot in this life, and that your time on Earth is limited. Make the most of it.

    1. Tom Leykis saved my life. I still have a lot of his shows on my iPod and occasionally listen to him on YouTube. Too bad he isn’t on the radio anymore. I strongly encourage every person to listen to him.

      1. Blow me up TOM! Sucks the feminists got him off the airwaves in LA. He was the only voice of reason on public radio.

        1. True. I wish that he would have written a book or made his material in an electronic format. There’s so much wisdom that needs to be passed on to the next generation.

      2. That’s also what happened to me. in the span of one year I think, I went through all his talks, except the cigar or cooking room, what it was.
        That was almost a decade ago, when all the advice I got was advice that would end up in my soul eating itself alive.
        Whenever he comes to my mind, I flood with gratitude.

    2. 70% intiated by women and probably 20% considered ‘mutual’ really meaning ‘She’s 250 pounds’.

    3. I 100% agree with u in a western society but if u find a traditional woman (not from here that is for sure) from experience its worth it! im still single even tho I have a good chick on the side! I do want kids but im 2 young. . maybe when im 50 when I need someone there.
      for most of us, when u hit 60 and your health goes, its best to have someone there or kids to help! fuck dying by yourself! kids that help their parents (traditional) wont theow u in a nursing home tondie alone too!

      1. Even if you ‘have’ someone, they may not be there in the end. Fear of death and dying alone has driven great men to poor decisions with women. The best way to look out for your own self interests is a cold, calculated realization that you will most likely die alone – and to be totally OK with that. Once this clicks in your mind and soul, it frees you and gives you options you’d be too afraid to take otherwise.
        Don’t make decisions based on deathbed RSVPs. It’s bad policy for everyone.

        1. This is what makes men. Men don’t run from the truth, they realize the harsh reality that they will never find an “emotional ” companion or soul-mate. The closest to this bond will be a good friend from your past or a loyal dog.

        2. 100%
          The ‘dying alone’ thing is a WOMAN’s greatest fear, not a man’s.
          Besides, what guaruntee is there that even if you do have a family, that you might die alone anyway? Your children might move to a different country and have their own children and responsibilities, your children could abandon you as adults, you might end up in an old age home with relatives too busy or too careless to visit you even if they live around the corner.
          Fear of dying alone is completely irrational.
          I would hate to drag people down with me in my final days, how selfish of me to expect everyone to revel in my misery, I would never impose this on my family.

      2. Are you kidding? You should not have children for the reasoning that they’ll bring you a pillow or a cup of water as you’re on your death bed.
        Maybe these kids will grow to have you & keep in mind, after a woman has your child, your testicles have become her personal ATM for at least 18 of the best years of your life
        Consider diet & exercise as a viable option

        1. I wouldnt like to imgine a world without my dna. Now i just have to convince the wife that she isnt going to kill them accidentally/

        2. Don’t concern yourself with ego extension by ‘propogating your DNA’.
          You’re not that important to the world anyway, none of us are. The world doesn’t need your DNA, your genes will be weeded out after Gen3 anyway.
          Rather focus on living a life of selfish abandon, persue your hobbies, work out, read things on the internet, travel etc etc because when you die, it’s over and your DNA will never bring you back.

        3. I guess being a narcssist makes it my prerogative to have an obscene level of self importance. that aside, a life of selfish abandon isnt really my thing. There is no pleasure in effort, no pleasure in idleness and no pleasure in anything fleeting. There is only pleasure in success and results and that dies within an hour of attaining them. Small investment, big results. Rinse and repeat. Children are results that give back more thn once or twic and they offer the best chance to fulfil my desire to be permantly etched on the universe. No other success offers even a minute possibility of that. I would die happily at 35 if i had spent over 50 percent of my time chasing quick results and produced four or five sprogs/ I would be disappointed to die at 140 if I spent over 50 percent of my time on grinding work and pursuit of excellenc and were childless.

      3. If you’re rich you hire maid to take care of you when you’re old. Hopefully SENS and other life extension technologies will advance in our lifetimes. We may actually beat aging in our generation.

    4. I get what you’re saying.
      But how do you do when you want children? I mean the single lifestyle is great but I want to make something bigger than myself of my life. Family is a big part of it to me.

      1. Consider alternatives to having children.
        Do an excercise in your head, if you woke up tomorrow infertile and adoption was illegal, how would you continue with life if children simply were not an option?
        Once you explore the alternatives, you may find yourself liking the idea of having a free life ahead of you with a whole world to explore.

  2. Never settle down in America, unless you can magically last longer than the feminist imperative where women revert to the shieldless creatures they once were, who NEED a man to give them a purpose in life (children & family), not these careerist robot bitches plugging into all our outlets nowadays. I’d say if it falls in the next 10-20 years, and there is a complete collapse due to the squabbling marxists in power who can’t run shit anywhere except into the ground, then you may still have some life left in you to live out the fantasy of a family.

    1. The career bitch epidemic is also rife in Europe and the United Kingdom. Different continents- same cunts.
      The last thing I can even contemplate is the idea of settling down. Society is full of scum. Over the last 10 years, I have witnessed the largest deterioration in society where people no longer have any standards, morals and display the worst characteristics in human behaviour.
      Best to give up on the idea of settling down.

      1. What “career”? Shuffling papers in an office job a relative hired you for with several bathroom selfie-posting breaks or dicksucking their way through life? Women and the word “career” in the same breath doesn’t even pass for a BAD joke!

        1. LOL. True.
          But remember, these women love to brag about their MBAS, their HR jobs and other bullshit that most real men don’t really give a shit about.

        2. Because they live to brag, gloat and posture. Life is a whimsical party to them… until the big 4-0 hits and the party lights go off, replaced by Prozac(TM).

        3. I matched with a girl on Tinder whose profile was all about how much she loves her great and wonderful career….I asked what does she do, and surprise surprise, she works in HR

        4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! God, what has become of women today? I bet she also loves discriminating against men and hiring more women and rejecting male applicants.
          And no wonder she has to resort to Tinder.

        5. There are red flag phrases on Tinder. For example, if a broad says “I’m looking for a travel partner”, that means “I’m lousy & I need a man that will fund my vacations”
          Also…the reason they’re on Tinder is that they’re all tattooed & no man wants them &/or they have a p.o.s dog that they do not know how to properly raise & is probably not house-broken & is a huge pain in the ass. (Just a couple of examples)

        6. I work in Software development, all men. They keep us behind the black curtain away from clients so we can get on with business and develop the money maker.
          The other side of the company is bloated with ‘project managers’, ‘account managers’ and other busy body, make-work type jobs…all bullshit and filled with women.

      2. The remnants of the White Russians watched their centuries long culture get flushed down the toilet starting in 1917 by the Red Russians. They managed to pull through though, and today their great grandchildren actually have a chance to do something with their lives.
        Life is more than the here and now.

      3. They’re all Angelo-Saxon countries were English is the 1st language.
        I would actually say I would rather be in a relationship with an American girl than a British one. (both are such filthy creatures though)

        1. I’ve never met an attractive British woman. I visited London once and saw 0 attractive women

  3. As the economy declines, you are going to start seeing alot more of the kind of relationship in the youtube video. I think that’s a great way to go. The trick to pulling it off, is to maintain frame, be very casual, it’s just a one off threesome and let it evolve…. women are followers, they are petrified of you leaving them, but once they build trust and understand you are there for them, you can have 3-4 women all under one roof…. Women need constant attention and company, they are very social…. in a monogamous relationship this puts quite a strain on the man to ‘constantly’ entertain the wife, or risk leaving her on her own which goes one of two ways… she’s lonely and unsatisfied or she’s riding the neighbor… neither are good solutions…. creating a new BFF for her that you also bone….. takes some doing, but in my opinion it’s the ideal LTR.

    1. Is 2 girlfriends in the same house really a male fantasy? Sounds like hell to me. All that attention that a man is effectively required to hand out each day, why would I wish to multiply that?
      I submit that bigamy/2-girl relationships are more a girl fantasy than a guy fantasy.

      1. Agreed. 2 girls that show up for sex and at least one of them leaves would be cool now and again. Two in the house all the time would turn into a nightmare for a man who has a job and cannot sit and mediate/control them all the time. Casual threesomes, great, anything else, eh, not so much.

        1. You miss the bigger picture, probably because you never lived long term with a girl… they need constant attention and companionship… external BFFs and all kinds of female sphere relationships can wreak havoc on an LTR… bringing a second girl in cures most of that problem, it solidifies the unit into a clan and gives your girl another pair of hands, someone to chitter chatter with, and if there are babies involved a home help / nanny. The girls can entertain each other and do all their girly shit together, without it ever breaking the circle of the LTR….
          They both love you and look up to you as the man of the house… they both keep an eye on each other, they are forced to compete and behave to maintain the relationship… effectively 2 females that you have online in an LTR pacify each other and make each other even more beta to your alpha.
          Whereas a BFF that you are not banging often runs into several scenarios all negative :
          a.) she’s having her own relationship issues, so that gets your girl thinking.
          b.) she’s single and dating so that gets your girl thinking – girls night out with her single BFF becomes temptation city.
          c.) she’s jealous and spits poison into your LTR, sometimes she can flat out just dislike you. even if she likes you, you still have to go out of your way to keep her onside, and since you are not banging her this is hard.
          d.) she occupies loads of your girls time, raising your girls value and allowing her to leverage sex and time together when you need it, into a valuable commodity you have to start ‘begging’ for.
          e.) she flirts with you and makes your girl jealous, creating all kinds of sexual tension.
          f.) you can’t take the two of them out together as a closed unit, there has to be some other man or other friends involved.
          g.) the trash talk between the BFFs can be terrible, and undermine your authority and put you into the Everyone Loves Raymond mold in her eyes.
          It’s a theory, but one that I have espoused for a long time. 2 girls, perhaps even 3 girls under one roof…. better if you have lots of money and they don’t work, and better if you knock them up. It could work, but you’d have to be a solid leader with no issues of your own.

        2. Um, dude, been married over 20 years now and going strong. No long term relationship, indeed.
          Two mature women in the same house together tend to be in constant competition to be the queen bee. They also synchronize their menses, which is not fun I’ll tell you that for free, at least one week a month you’ll want to be somewhere else other than home. This applies not just to two romantic partners, but to a mother and daughter (a nearly grown daughter I mean).
          If that’s your thing, that’s fine, I prefer a more settled, peaceful life with occasional dalliances and less drama.

        3. I was just going to mention that menses-synch phenomenon, lord have mercy…
          Nightmare is pleasant compared to that.
          Women will kill each other to be sole possessor of “high value male”. They will drive the male insane with this.
          If a man has to work for a living and the women aren’t into getting regular beatings whenever they get on the man’s nerves, it can never work.

        4. It would depend on whether you schooled them to cancel each other out, or allowed them to amplify the drama… provided you are doing them both and they are doing each other it would pacify them.
          I’ve lived for some years with a (fairly cute) live in nanny, and there’s always this slight disrespect from her because you are not banging her.
          The possibility of integrating her, was a hop and a skip away but I hadn’t quite digested the red pill ideas… I was so out on a limb in my own mind, so I erred on the side of caution….. but looking back I can see it was a great solution. Nothing is perfect but monogamy is very limited and puts quite a pressure on you to monitor, maintain and entertain…
          As far as I’m concerned the home of the LTR is not my home, it’s where my wife and children live and where I come and go. Installing a second or third woman into that would solidify it and make them toe the line. You’d be king of the castle… it’s nothing men haven’t been doing for centuries….
          it’s just the concept of the Lord or King has been chipped down to a nothing by the femcentric world we live in.

    2. The two girls in the video aren’t lesbian or ‘bi’. Never call them lez. Re-term everything in domestic and patriarchal terms. If two gf’s have chemistry and interact with each other then call it ‘WIVE’S PLAY’. The term ‘lez’ doesn’t even apply when the two live under the roof of a patriarch, not a ‘dude’. Then when meeting a prospective #4 addition to the trio, simply have the girls courteously state that ”yes we engage in wive’s play”. Under one roof ‘wive’s play’ is common when girls are alone and the man is away making money in the world.

      1. I think 3 is best… no#1 will always know she is queen bee…. number two will always be under the thumb of queen bee but always know she can come to you directly…… and no#1 knows she has to compete with no#2….. no#3 will be the lowest in the pecking order, but you can make her see that she has a special relationship with you, and can always become no#1 at any time if the others play up.. .so she will be constantly monitoring the other two and they will know it. Two can always gang up against you, but with 3 girls online all under one roof, you’re made.
        It’s always impossible until it’s been done!

        1. “It’s always impossible until it’s
          been done!”
          Or until someone loses an eye.

        2. the point you are missing is that if you have 2 girls openly submit to you, in their eyes you are a god…. you are lord and master, man of the fucking house. the pimp!.
          all their female drama they can deal with between themselves and if you watch the youtube video it’s exactly what the guy says at the end…. one gets pissed with him… vents all the drama with the other one and he just gets a 2 minute drama free conversation about what’s got under their skin.
          women love to talk, men talk only to find solutions… women talk to vent…. this is why relationship conversations usually go to hell, because the man comes with critical ideas and cross examines and criticizes, which ticks her off… what she really wants is an ear to listen and a head to nod… men are crap at that….. it’s also fem-centric and tedious…
          two or three women can have all their girly shit between each other, while still maintaining you as the lord of the manor…. where as random BFF, work colleague chit chat etc. can kill your LTR before you even got out of bed this morning.

        3. I think you might need more than just game to pull this off.
          Women aren’t stupid when it comes to their imperatives… and unless you’re talking about a man with money/power, they’d go look for the resources someplace else.
          I actually think everything you said makes sense… And is probably ideal considering the differing psychologies of men and women… but if you only have enough resources to fund one women, they are either going to fight for your provisions or leave…

        4. Brother, you saw what was on camera.
          Lets get a hidden camera in there and see how ugly it gets.
          The only reason the dude can deal with it is the novel sexuality. One day his dick doesn’t work just when they need it, his coke stash is empty, he gets fired, you name it, that’s when you know.

        5. …”if you have 2 girls openly submit to you, in their eyes you are a god…. you are lord and master, man of the fucking house. the pimp!.”
          Not necessarily, brother. Unless they are mongoloid sisters or some kind of handytard like that.
          What really happens is they say to themselves [imagine happy-as-a-pig-in-shit duet of sow voices singing], “Wow, what a kinky perv this guy is, we can get away with WAY more than if he was some monogamous square dude who minds his own business – let’s have some FUN”
          Women [not including feminationalsoialist herd bovine bull-ruminants] are devious as sin, my friend, they only play “dumb” and “weak”, the “strong, independant empowerment” is for the skags who’ve got cobwebs in the goody-holes from underuse. Perhaps you’ve never seen some doll squat out offspring outside the movies or a hospital setting, where she sounds like one of those Russian powerlifters [but looks like a pregnant pinup bombshell] then let’s rip ecstatic, loud and long laughter while the spawn eases out… They bleed for a week, month after month, yet never die from it.
          I repeat, the shit broads like that in the video get away with when “pimp daddy” and the cameras are gone would make you sweat cold and shake, pal.
          If you don’t believe me, just ask “Harry”, “Mark” or “Tom”, as Lou Reed liked to explain back in the day.

        6. “they are either going to fight for your provisions or leave…”
          Or go and work the local red-light district in order to aquire and give the stud some more provisions [in his dream].

        7. Actually you are right about capping it at three. Three is ideal for most. Any more and it is a klan which takes generations to form and is more like a dynasty. You have to be a pretty established and powerful man to patriarch a large klan. Old man Mcdonald was huge and now his name resides everywhere, but for an average fellow, THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER. Besides, if you can’t afford to put shoes on all of them, YOU GOT TOO MANY DURN WIVES.
          A Mormon guy by the name of Greene got in trouble when he exceeded his ability to provide, and got clusterfucked by the authorities. Actually he married a girl and then married her single mother which is forbidden in Leviticus. To wife up two closely related girls brings TWICE the power of the SAME MOTHER IN LAW into your sphere. You are no longer the master of your own house with DOUBLE MOTHER IN LAW TYRANNY. The girls MUST be unrelated to save the patriarchy. Actually Greene bore false witness in a way scamming food stamps when the system decided to peg him. He’d be safe now if he kept the girls unrelated I think, and maybe worked a little more.
          Above all THREE works out astrologically as well. A ‘perfect triangle’ is for example cancer – scorpio – piscies. Or any equilateral triangle in the ‘circle’ of the year. A nonstop fucking and sucking dynamo with ongoing domestic synchronicity. You can’t beat that. Funny my longest LTR aligned with both Chinese AND astro designations.

        8. you have to have children with them… you have to breed like a fucking rabbit and keep them busy….. once there are 2-3 kids on the table, the women will be rushed off their feet taking care of them and completely reliant upon you…..
          you need money, real estate, asset and then it can be done… 3 women…. 5-6 kids…. if things get a little hectic and it’s too demanding, bring in a young beta male to help out around the place and give them an occasional seeing to….
          it’s a completely different dynamic to anything that’s known in the modern day – although saying that in places like Syria, it’s quite common to have 3-4 wives, shack them up in a house for them and the kids and come and go as you please…
          This is the Mad Max of relationships – no doubt… and I’d say long term, you’d need to pimp them out to 1-2 trusted beta males you have under you.

        9. i think the biggest enemy in pulling this off, is it sits so far outside the social norms, that the women may be prone to the occasional freak out, when it comes to explaining themselves to friends and family…… this guy has 2 girls, and seems to have a couple of kids with them already… he’s got the right idea, but it’s unstable…. the full clan would be rock solid, but getting it there and avoiding the social shaming would be tricky….

        10. Concubines and Harems are a rich man’s game for sure. Whether a drug dealer with a crib full of hoes or an established mormon businessman, all pussy is work at the end of the day.

        11. You sure seem to have analysed this down to the smallest detail, very intriguing, have you done any ‘beta testing’ on this system?

        12. Great idea, that would be mighty educational and eye-opening for the dull masses (who’d probably only watch it for the sex tips, which obviously would make it an instant blockbuster hit).

  4. Women can go from 0 to 60 with loving or hating you based on the most trivial, irrelevant, and knee-jerky things, it’s unbelievable. One minute she could be talking marriage then you scratch your nose in some way that doesn’t meet her “standards” (a term I use VERY loosely when it comes to women) and her Dial-911 itchy trigger finger manifests. The A that causes B to happen is often a bizarre, unforeseen and completely random reason that is delusional and psychotic at the same time. When the vibe of a relationship gets weird and “uncomfortable” (one of their favorite platitudes to toss out like candy) and everything is a complete 180 of how it once was during “The Honeymoon Phase” the time comes for a serious gut check, gentlemen. It’s usually only weird because she wants it to be and is posturing in that manner to make a statement. Well if she makes a point, take a point. Move on. Find something better and more appreciative and loyal. Or don’t, it is no loss staying single, all your time/money/energy and other non-renewable finite resources are your and yours alone to spend any damn way you please! Sounds like a smokin’ deal to me!

    1. They’re not in control of their faculties whatsoever. The flaky woman you meet is walking and talking, apparently animated, but she’s only reeling on the momentum of the spin that the last guy put on her. If she isn’t returning home to him, then he must have tossed her. The big issue is to crack the wisdom to put boomerang spin on the woman so she’ll return loyal. Above all no woman really has a mind of her own.

      1. think of it like the difference between a high velocity electron that has no mass (female), and the more stable proton that has a positive charge and mass, and attracts the electron to it (male). no surprise then to find electrons clustering together to make static electricity…

    2. And before you even kickstart something new with a woman you’ve just met, you’re forever fooling yourself if you think she isn’t talking to any other guy (if not several!), especially if she’s even remotely attractive. Smartphones and social media/dating (there is no goddamn difference!) apps give them a 24 virtual dial-a-dick buffet and Betatards are constantly shitblasting them with Likes and compliments for every selfie posted. “Compete” for a woman? Are you serious? Straight to Hell! None are worth competing for with other schmucks and YOU are the one who is too good, gentlemen! We age like wine, they age like milk!
      Spare yourself the misery. Simple as that.

      1. This is exactly right. I am 52 married in good shape. And I have two great kids. And have dated more than a few much younger women since taking the red pill. And I have dated some 40 YO’s. When they get an attitude which mostly happens with the older ones. I just tell them. “Every year I get better looking, more interesting and wealthier, how about you?” That doesn’t bring them over to my side but I make my point and move on. Never compete for a woman you are the prize.

    3. yeah, the constant and apparently harmless yapping and horse play when you are around a woman, slowly draws you into some imagined scenario that in her mind makes you the worst partner on earth – then it can take a couple of weeks just to establish what it was exactly that she had garnered from an apparently jovial and innocent conversation !

  5. The question is – what about those of getting all sentimental in our older years and want to continue on our bloodline and/or think raising a kid would be a hell of a fun project? That’s my current debate.

    1. Have a kid and see the consequences unfold before your eyes:
      -The cost of raising a child between 1-18 has surged past $300,000
      -In 20 years, it is reported that 45% of world’s population will become uenemployed.
      -More jobs are being automated and outsourced than ever before.
      -Your children have no future.
      Still think carrying on the “bloodline” is worth it? Look at the world and the rot and filth infront of our eyes, and you will realise that bringing a child into this world is an act of cruelty.
      Tell all of this to the so called sentimental people and sense if they have got their wake up call. If not, just give up and move forward.

      1. I do still think it is worth it because thinking like yours will definitely bring about the collapse. Somebody has to remain optimists around these parts. If that truly is your pessimistic world view than what is the point of leading nothing but a purely hedonistic life from here on out? What are you filling your soul with?

        1. There are always reasons not to do something, anything really. The question is if you value what you wish highly enough to make the adjustments necessary to carry forward.
          To call the modern world now cruel and filthy is kind of funny, given as only three generations ago people were getting disease from walking down the horse feces covered streets.

      2. The cost is only $50,000 higher than the last time I saw that quote, which was in the late 1980’s. That’s actually heartening.
        -In 20 years, it is reported that 45% of the world’s population will become uenemployed.
        By whom, when, and where at?
        -More jobs are being automated and outsourced than ever before.
        Always been the case since the industrial revolution. Recall, we used to be a primarily agricultural culture in the whole of the West. Today about 4% go the farming route. The other 96% didn’t disappear and sit around in huts all day. All technology brings with it new challenges and new things to do.
        -Your children have no future.
        Sure they do. Son is getting accepted at great colleges and is eligible for scholarships for STEM programs. Good with his hands too and will look into adopting a trade that involves his hands, which will give him a huge leg up against his generation considering Millenials are basically useless and have no skills.
        Still think carrying on the “bloodline” is worth it? Look at the world and the rot and filth infront of our eyes, and you will realise that bringing a child into this world is an act of cruelty.
        The world is so easy and comfortable now compared to any other time in history. At no point has it been less cruel and less filled with rot and filth than it is now. People still pushed out babies while Stalin was out on the front lines mowing down their fathers and brothers mercilessly. We’ll manage.

        1. “The cost is only $50,000 higher than the last time I saw that quote, which was in the late 1980’s. That’s actually heartening”
          -An example:
          “By whom, when, and where at?”
          “Sure they do. Son is getting accepted at great colleges and is eligiblefor scholarships for STEM programs. Good with his hands too and will look into adopting a trade that involves his hands, which will give him a huge leg up against his generation considering Millenials are basically useless and have no skills.”
          -Good for your son. But here are some interesting reports:
          “The world is so easy and comfortable now compared to any other time in history. At no point has it been less cruel and less filled with rotand filth than it is now. People still pushed out babies while Stalin was out on the front lines mowing down their fathers and brothers mercilessly. We’ll manage.”
          -Please, tell that to all the people living in LA, NY and London, who cannot afford to make ends meet, even with decent salary jobs. Also, are you prepared for the economic collapse?

        2. I find 45% unemployment a bit silly for the U.S. or any advanced country. If you add in, say, South Africa or Liberia then yeah, but they’re the ones predominantly out of a job. And frankly, I could care less in that case.
          As to cities and their woes, people choose where they live, and it’s not so much my concern since I choose not to live in Blue state hellhole cities.
          As to son, he’s going STEM, but not necessarily engineering (he’s still tossing up the exact major, though he’s narrowing down). And again, if he takes up plumbing or carpentry as well (and he appears to be on that track right now) he can and will be hired nearly sight unseen starting at around $60,000 here where I live (central/north Central Ohio). They are starving for young talent, there is none coming up, the Millenials are useless. So he’ll be fine, besides I raised him not to quit and give up at the first sign of adversity.
          Also, are you prepared for the economic collapse?
          Pounds and pounds of silver, some gold, gems – check
          So many thousands of rounds of ammo I could supply the local National Guard unit – check
          Food – check
          Water source and adequate long term filters – check
          Stg-58, Rem Model 700 and 788, various .45 handguns, Tommygun, Mini-14, several .22’s, various shotguns, other assorted rifles – check
          Source of heat and shelter and fuel – check
          We’ll be fine.
          The world has always sucked. You pick up and drive on, or you lay down and die. We chose to drive on. Others can choose as they will.

        3. “Th e world is so easy and comfortable now compared to any other time in history. At no point has it been less cruel and less filled with rot and filth than it is now. People still pushed out babies while Stalin was out on the front lines mowing down their fathers and brothers mercilessly. We’ll manage”
          It’s the high tech era that we are embarking on that makes things different today. 50 years from now it is going to be sriously fucked up: from high tech survellance to seeing human babies being concieved and birthed through artificial means, creating humans to be ‘docile’ via nano technology (imagine being able create artificially, people who are subserviant).
          All this shit makes one hope for the doomsday metier.
          It is different today, and will be even more different decades down the road.

        4. Everything is in flux and change. It has never been otherwise, at least since the Industrial revolution, and I would actually argue, not since prior to the Roman Republic.

        5. I still want to see all this automation that’s taking away jobs (from anyone but mongoloids and other tards).
          Oh those teeming masses yearning to put 5000 different screw types into a car at 85 different torque settings, day in and day out for 20-30 years for $15 dollars an hour… And now it’s done by a robotic machine.

        6. Your son is 18 and truth is referring to procreating at the current moment. In 20 years our future might not be so bright.

        7. The future is never bright, the present always sucks, and the past always seems better than it was. There is always a reason not to do something good.

        8. Great comment. As a married father of a 3yo daughter I’m taking my responsibility of raising someone to be a great wife and parent of my grand kids seriously. Got married as a red pill man to a woman who earns lots more than me via a home business, so disincentivised to blow up the marriage. I gave the pussy tree a great shake and it’s nice to expend energy and money on more meaningful things than fresh pussy. The apex of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is helping others – got to get there eventually, and when you do the endless stream of poontang is not so sorely missed. A domestic ménage a trios would be too much hassle; better to just save up and pay for it

    2. If you can manage to keep the woman in line (good luck, seriously) then kids are fantastic. Just at the finish line with one of mine and the second is coming up fast, and then they’re out the door. Worth every minute.

    3. Cryogenically preserve yourself 50/50 chance we’ll be able to defrost you with future tech and bring you back in the next century.

  6. My own, fairly limited, experience with seeing other women while married is that the other relationship has to be as low-impact as possible. Has to not impact the family finances, or time with the kids, or availability in the day-to-day, etc. If I’m travelling on business and have a diversion, no big deal. If another woman were to start calling when I’m home, I would probably end up single. YMMV

  7. I remember the interesting statistic-high status men are the most likely to cheat and the least likely to be cheated on-so the idea of the rich wife sleeping with the pool boy isn’t accurate.

    1. Well yea. High status guy gets a pretty young thing and she’s constantly wet when in his presence.
      Probably not that idyllic but closer to reality than the manufactured narrative of the older trophy wife who is on the prowl for young meat.

      1. No, most of the time she’s faking it and spending his money on the pool boys…

    2. I think the truth is they’re both more likely to keep quiet about it [as long as it doesn’t hit the news].

    3. Reminds me of this girl who is having trouble with her man. After hearing it out, donning my Cheshire Cat-like smile, i said ‘you know he has options, right?’ and she paused to think about it before i continued with ‘what are you bringing to the table?’ then the conversation changed. I swear my job is a big hamster wheel with people always skipping the line in front of me.

  8. I have always been of two minds on the extramarital point. On the one hand it is hardly the greatest of sins, and monogamy is not a good idea now.
    On the other, and pointed out by the manosphere I might add, the parts of the world with the loosest and most polygamous views of sex and coupling are not stable. The family is the building block of society after all.
    It’s a similar argument over whether or not game/mgtow is moral or not I suppose.
    You sometimes just gotta enjoy the decline. Not check out completely, still offer a guiding light to those who listen, but look after yourself and yours

      1. True. On the flip side, you spend a lot of your time doing so many things that have nothing to do with getting your dick wet that it kind of evens out. There’s still decent amounts of sex if you’re keeping things in the proper frame AND you’ll be attending so many new functions and activities that you will actually find yourself now and again wanting to just come home and go to bed to sleep.
        Eh, nothing is perfect. Casual sex with faces that come and go is fine, nothing wrong with it, but it is nice to have kids and then dreams of grandchildren soon to come. Can’t imagine out being a rock climbing X Games skateboarder at age 60, heh.

      2. I could just as easily say polygamy is hedonism but it’s not what I was getting at

  9. Men do not get to choose between game and settling down. While game is optional for single men, it is required for married men. Marriage is not a safe harbor from the sexual marketplace or hypergamy. If anything, the need for game can be greater in LTRs than ONSs.

    1. Sad but true. Men are most vulnerable when they are married. No fault divorce laws allow any women to file for divorce for any reason at any time. The judge will give her the child, the house, and support payments. The male will be living on his brother’s sofa until he rebuilds his life.

  10. As backwards as the Middle East is, at least everyone still knows their roles. I’m here in the West Bank right now, came to attend my brother’s wedding. He’s 32, fucked around with so many American, but now he’s married to a 24 year old virgin that does not have facebook and doesn’t even know what instagram is.

    1. No disrespect, brother, but I’d look for a “skeleton” [some kind of stigma] in that closet – 24 is a bit old, unless she got a degree and a career…

        1. Now the question is how long is it going to take for his wife to get “westernized”. I wish him the best of luck though.

    2. I used to think that the Middle East treated women so poorly, that it was a disgusting, sexist embarrassment. Now I understand how red-pilled it is, especially when it comes to keeping women’s natural tendencies in check (24 y/o virgin and no fb or instagram just doesn’t happen in Western countries). I mean, as you seem to admit, it’s not a perfect system, but liberating women in the way the West has is a sure-fire way to destruction, and at least the Middle East is advanced enough not to succumb to this trap.

      1. I would think their long standing survival record is proof of such.
        We’re a young country and haven’t learned any lessons from the older ones–so we’re making all the mistakes as fast as possible.
        History will show us to be a failed laughing stock :/

      2. Last year I actually came here and got married to a 19 year old (I’m 35 now) No facebook, no tinder, no POF, etc…she ended up being psycho though and would threaten suicide whenever she got mad. She was extremely insecure and jealous of any woman I talked to, even my own female cousins.
        I had to divorce her and send her back to her parents. It was partly my fault though, for not paying attention to the red flags. Her family was low-class, her brothers are criminals, her dad dropped out of 7th grade, her grandfather murdered his 2 brothers lol
        My brother’s wife comes from a good family. Her dad is a banker of 30 years. She went to college and majored in material science. Her brothers are computer engineers.
        I just thought getting a young girl I could discipline her and mold her, but once a girl starts threatening suicide you gotta cut her off.

        1. I’m sure it seemed a good deal on paper, though, at least originally. It’s so easy to skim over the red flags and say “nothing bad from these facts will happen to me”.

      3. The mistreatment of women here is so highly exaggerated by the West. Women work and go to school. Women drive and own businesses. They don’t have to be covered up (that’s only in Saudi) My mom doesn’t wear the hijab and she’s never been stoned lol

        1. I assume that the hatred extends from America’s desire to be in the Middle East for oil, and so they justify the ‘War on Terror’ by highlighting only the worst of Islamic culture. It’s a bit strange though that the U.S also pushes multiculturalism at the same time. But yes, the more I learn about the Middle East, the less bad it seems (even to the point where it is superior to Western countries).

    3. I’ve heard “stories” about middle eastern women (muslim) who go on sex sprees when they travel in the west.

      1. These must be wealthy women from the Emirares or the Gulf states, cause most Muslim women have never left their home country. I can at least speak from experience about Palestinians (that’s what I am)

      1. I thought the same thing. 24 year old “virgin” woman is extremely suspect. Biology doesn’t care about culture.

    4. In regards to women, how is the Middle East backwards? Considering what America is today, I’d say the Middle East is doing something right in regards to women. I’d keep my wife under a veil too if she was hot. I wouldn’t want other men gawking at her. She’s mine.

  11. You know…. I admire Hef for Playboy up until it stopped being an interesting magazine and became a rag sheet that had fake editorials disguised as advertising. But he should call it a day. Back when he was younger it was kinda cool to see him with bis posh robe, but now he simply looks like an old geezer who doesn’t have enough dignity to get dressed, and sleeps in his own filth.

    1. I’ve heard that his last years of sexual activity involved showing gay porn on a big screen while having orgies where women didn’t seem to, well, do anything. Not entirely certain if that’s true but I’ve read it from a couple of different independent sources at the time.

      1. I imagine if Hef got to indulge in a sex life that always offered him new and higher levels of excitement then he must have gotten himself into some very weird stuff towards the end just to keep himself awake. He lived the real-life dopamine chasing arc of online porn addicts.

      2. “Not entirely certain if that’s true but I’ve read it from a couple of different independent sources at the time”
        That might be Hef bashing. Anything masculine including pussy mags and culture / people around such things are usually ridiculed by today’s phaggot SJWs.

    2. The internet ruined his business model. He had a good run of it. You can assume he was banging a different hot babe every month for 25 years if he wanted to. Not many men can say that.

      1. “You can assume he was banging a different hot babe every month for 25 years if he wanted to. Not many men can say that”
        Agreed. But I think when a man hits a certain age it is time to stay out of the public eye. Ditto for skags.

      2. The internet ruined:
        magazines and newspapers
        public relations
        music industry
        retail industry (recent survey says 1 out 3 prefer to shop online)
        movie industry
        and is slowly destroying tv and book publishers and ad agencies.

    1. Thanks for posting the link. Damn these article are depressing. Ironic how the author and Jack Donovan (cited in the article ) are gay.

      1. It’s ironic because gays may be the only ones who can truly challenge feminism.
        Since they are also part of the victimocracy, makes them hard to shame or counter in terms of the feminist narrative.

        1. Homosexuality is kinda of a Kweer Kevlar that protects gays from any criticism. If the GOP could find a gay (lesbian) Native American , handicapped female would be an unassailable political candidate. Sorta like a the Terminator.

    2. I’m in there, fellas! Had to pull back on my four letter words for the benefit of their censors, but as Gurney Halleck tells us, it’s the slow blade that penetrates the shield!

  12. No way in Hell I’m marrying in the USA. Why the fuck would I voluntuntarily give up my freedom, finances and ability to have the life I want?
    If I get the urge down the road to spread the DNA and/or settle down, it’ll be outside of the USA. Guaran-Goddamn-teed.

  13. “This has much to do with destruction of a patriarchal family unit by feminized by western society.”
    Are you fucking kidding me, who is the jerkoff editor because they need to get their shit together, I won’t share this website if as a journalistic publication it cannot recognize proper fucking grammar.
    patriarchal family unit feminized by western society.
    Or patriarchal family unit by feminization of western society.
    You’re welcome.
    Didn’t read the rest, get it together.

  14. Italy prime minister berlusconi bought an apartment building and filled it with “tenants” who were all beautiful women who didn’t pay rent… lol
    Its good to be a billionaire. What about the rest of us?

  15. 4 types of women not to bang.
    1.) Married women
    2.) Women that have squeezed a child through their vagina walls
    3.) Women with bad breath
    4.) Fatties

    1. actually you are wrong, once they’ve squeezed out a kid the natural way, they know what their cunt is all about…. ones that have had C-sections I’d probably avoid… unsightly scaring too….

    2. Disagree with 2. I’ve banged 2 hot women who’ve had kids, naturally, and couldn’t tell the difference. One was particularly tight, she was petite all over and must’ve just had a small pussy. Also she could cum very quickly usually just from normal sex, I dunno if that was because she’d had kids though. I enjoyed fucking her more than a lot of childless women I’ve fucked.
      I guess with some they just stretch and snap back. Nature is a miracle.

  16. This matches my experience. The trick is just as you’ve said; the wife must be first, always. Her need to be treated as First Lady, if met, can gain her tolerance to others in your life and her care for you when you inevitably take more than you give.

  17. It depends on how; many women, if happy in a marriage, will tolerate your “late nights out” so long as it doesn’t embarrass them and they don’t see it. So long as they can rationalize your being away and you don’t stink of perfume when you come home, a man with game can do it.
    Flaunting it in a woman’s face won’t work. And you need hand; you can’t be a beta boyfriend and expect that the womyn pegging is cool with your nailing a girl hotter than her.

  18. Heck, I don’t think I’ll ever settle down. NEVER. EVER. The costs of settling down outweigh the benefits, especially financially plus I’ll always be cheating anyways (Even the girl I’d marry, if ever I would, likely. Girls like sex too you know). Only had a few relationships but they never lasted long. I love leisure and freedom too much that I can’t be tied down by a woman. Worst case scenario, she already has kids from another man or different men, which unfortunately is getting more common nowadays.

  19. Being divorced is the ultimate falure in life for men and the greatest success for women.
    If a women can succesfully extract a liftime of cash and prizes, with a good man’s dna in her children with as little effort and responsibility as possible on her part, then this will be her greatest achievement in life and to be honest, a fantastic success for her.
    As for the man, living life as a divorced bankrupt man is the most shameful, embarrasing failure he can ever encounter.
    If getting married has a 0.0001% chance of divorce then I’m out, I don’t play russian roullette.

    1. If getting married has a 0.0001% chance of divorce then I’m out, I don’t play russian roullette.
      You have a higher risk of drowning in a teaspoon full of water than that. I assume that you avoid spoons and water then?

        1. Spare us, basement boy. Married men, from prior to the vast feminization, can contribute quite a bit and relay a lot of tactics and history, not to mention LTR game, that your myopic way of viewing things cannot yield.
          Don’t forget, Rollo Tomassi is married.

  20. As an older (47) guy dating and mating with 2 x 22 y.o. (with a couple of side pieces for now), I can advise that game got me where I am.
    The short version (and some of this has appeared in my comments before): I met up with ex-g/f who had a friend with her. Friend allegedly has a b/f, but digs me. Ex tells me new girl wants to meet me again, so I do–the “boyfriend” has dissolved into the ether by this point. The ex, demonstrating the Power of Pre-Selection, decides she wants back in–she specifically told me that every man she dated since me was “stupid and not sarcastic enough” (thank you, Game). I meet up with them again and tell them I want them both. I wasn’t being particularly serious, but maintained frame. The go home, talk it over, and propose that we live in a “Menage a trois” — originally meaning “Household of Three”.
    The new girl is pretty submissive, and can’t keep her hands off of me, and requires little in the way of Game, other than occasional “maintenance”. She responds to my confidence, and praise (when appropriate). IOW, she’s a good and obedient little sandwich maker. 😉
    The ex requires mor gaming. She responds well to me showing dominance (particularly casual negs and dread game–thus her saying other guys weren’t “sarcastic enough”). Sometimes, I tell her directly about her psychology, and why she responds to me the way she does, and that I will teach her to be submissive for me…which has, um, a certain effect on her. A year ago, she wasn’t really ready to hear this, but has since come around. She also tends to be the more possessive one and so I get more texts from her during the day — “What are you doing?” Y’know how that goes. The flip side of this is that she encourages me to show affection to the new girl (which I don’t really need to be encouraged to do, as new girl is always touching me anyway)
    How I Made It Happen or “Your Kung Fu Must be *Strong* Kung Fu”:
    *There is No Shame in my Game.*
    Once we met up again as a group, after their respective intentions had been declared, I responded with “I want you both”, and stuck to it. Oh, sure, I did in in such a way as I could have later claimed to be “joking”, but I put it out there and stuck to my guns. I also had it a bit easy in that everything coalesced pretty quickly, and I wasn’t adding on a girl to an existing relationship (i.e. neither of them was “invested” in defending “her turf”).
    *Sometimes, the Hamster is Your Friend.*
    They have a solid, pre-existing friendship, and, in fact, they moved into the same flat on the very night they proposed the “girl-girl-Mistral” scenario. So they spend a lot of time spinning the hamster wheel together. I knew this was going on, in the abstract, but the ex has texted me more than once to tell me that, when I’m not there, they spend their time talking about me. *shrugs*
    *Solid Steel Frame.*
    The girls wind up working out any issues they may have on their own, which I encourage them to do. Less hassle for me. I prefer to operate at the executive level, anyway. I have certain rules for girls with whom I engage in the horizontal one dance with. When we travel together, they get to go where I go and do what I do, stay where I stay, and eat in such restaurants and attend such entertainments as I attend. Whenever the entitlement monkey appears, it is swatted.
    There must never be any confusion as to who, exactly, is Boss. The new girl is more of a natural sub, who will lead where I follow. The ex has the problem that many super-intelligent women have: they often struggle with submission. This fear is legitimate—the worst thing that can happen to an intelligent woman is she comes under the sway of an unintelligent man. Anyway, her Deep Female Self is, of course, on my side in the matter of her submission, and I make sure to correct any misbehavior. The new girl tries to reinforce this by telling her, “Don’t worry, I will help you,” or “Just obey him. It will be ok.”
    So they want to move in—when the real estate market corrected after 2008, I bought a nice property at a favorable price. To a 22 y.o. girl, it looks like a palace. It brings out their nesting instincts. 😉 Happily, they just signed a one-year lease, so they will not be granted more permanent tenancy than that which they casually have, now. This will give the relationship time to develop. If I decide to breed one or both of them, I will, of course, move them in. OTOH, marriage is off the table—I cannot marry both of them (yet. Hopefully this holds up), and as a trained attorney, I will have defenses against one/both of them attempting to bail for cash and prizes (my state does not recognize common-law anything, so, unless I lose my mind and get married, they basically get whatever I want to give them for cab fare (plus child support, if I preg one up)). Ideally, it will continue to be sweetness and light from here on out.
    I should add that, while I’m 47, I don’t look a day over 46. 😉 On my best days, I am pretty average with a serious tilt towards ugly (I like to joke that I look like I break legs for a living.) I didn’t get to where I am b/c I so handsome. Does having $ help? Of course it does, but it wouldn’t be enough on its own. Money won’t save a beta. Anyway, my point is, if I can do it, a younger, better-looking man–with game–can, too.
    Keep swinging for the fences.
    À bientôt,

  21. Of course this is just a part of human nature in men, the dilemma! It keeps men on their toes shall we say..Also, some are guys afraid that their partner will initiate sexual advances to their male friends/ work colleagues? A lot of men, especially older wealthy guys, seem to sign up with dating websites such as and to find women to hang out with, not sure if it’s because of jealousy or just to have a fling…

    1. I sometimes get shit-tested by girls about if I’m banging/seeing/meeting casually other girls. I reply, “I meet girls everywhere.”
      When they counter that they could go meet other guys, I tell them to go ahead–agree and amplify–because that will only demonstrate my value to them.
      They all get that “sour lemon” face when they realize that their attempt at “dread” game has fallen completely flat.
      À bientôt,

  22. Well it is hard to find a woman you’d like to spend a lifetime with. However, if you want kids, and I did, marriage is a better end game.

  23. Make money, be confident, Have a pleasant personality and don’t take shit from anyone. As a man time is on your side and when these girls come crawling to you begging. Fleece them and take the pussy and give nothing back.

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