How The Media Is Using Inquisition Tactics To Make You Paranoid And Miserable

The CNN website this Saturday carried a story entitled “10 Reasons Single Women Should Be Mad.” It is a familiar-themed piece of mass-media dreck, reciting the same tired litany of lies and distortions that serve to provide bitter women with their daily fix of outrage. The fact that the article’s theses have been disproven ad nauseam is quite irrelevant: what matters is the myth of inequality, and the attendant need to scapegoat the evil patriarchs who are holding good women down.

Every hysteria needs the following elements: (1) a scapegoat, on whom rage can be directed; (2) an apparatus which enforces the ruling orthodoxy; (3) a docile population which is pliant enough to believe what it is told to believe; (4) an educated class which provides intellectual justification for the hysteria. Once these factors are present, the hysteria can blossom. The end result is a society riven by suspicion, fear, and division.

We moderns like to think of ourselves as uniquely enlightened, and free from the fears and superstitions of the past. We are not. The specific nature of the hysterias may have changed, but the mentality and results remain the same. The study of the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal illustrates this point.

Let me say here that I use the Inquisition as an example not to single out these two nations for special criticism, but only because I am very familiar with this period of history. I have nothing but love for Spain and Portugal, and nothing here should be interpreted as any special criticism of these nations. Every nation, and every historical period, has had its plague of hysterias, paranoias, and problems. No one is exempt in this regard.

(RNS1-jun5) Hassan Bargach at his home in Rabat, Morocco on June 4, 2014, showing the book presented to his family by the Spanish government tracing its roots to the Iberian town of Hornachos. For use with RNS-MORISCOS-SPAIN, transmitted on June 5, 2014, Photo by Gil Shefler.

Descendant of a morisco expelled from Spain

Author Toby Green, in his meticulously documented study Inquisition: The Reign of Fear, notes that Europe’s witchcraft hysteria did not affect the Iberian nations to the same degree as it did Germany and northern Europe. Spain and Portugal did not see the same type of mass burnings of witches that were visited on other parts of the continent (neither did Italy, for that matter). But the explanation for this, Green notes, is quite simple:

Just as the witch-hunts in northern Europe expressed powerful social drives and contradictions which required a scapegoat, so in Iberia the Inquisition had already targeted its own scapegoats, in the shape of conversos [Christianized Jews] and the moriscos [Christianized Muslims]. Witches were no longer necessary; fantastical enemies were not required as others had already been invented. [Green, p. 221]

This has the ring of truth. But what is incredible, then as now, is the degree to which these popular hysterias and delusions can permeate and terrorize every single aspect of society. Green notes that a visitor today entering almost any restaurant in Spain will see dishes on the menu described as a la Espanola or Castellana and served with slices of ham or pork. There is even in Madrid today a museum called the Museo del Jamon (Museum of Ham). There is even a dish there named Judias con Jamon (Jewesses with ham).

At tapas bars, patrons are almost automatically served pieces of pork, chorizo, and shellfish. Few today will notice that all of these foods are forbidden under Jewish and Muslim dietary laws. Offering such foods to a converso or a morisco was the ideal way of testing a suspect person, and of publicly affirming one’s own doctrinal orthodoxy to the rest of the community. The offering of such food was as much of a veiled threat as it was a hospitality. It was a way to test the other party, to see if he was “one of us.”


Spanish tapas dishes

Thus, even something has apparently innocuous as tapas became a kind of enforcement mechanism. Culinary vigilance against evildoers became embedded in society, just as today, in the halls of universities, every student must be on his or her guard from the imaginary racists and rapists that might steal their souls.

We moderns are tested in the same way, but in other ways. There are creeping bans on certain pronouns that might “offend” some people. One’s choice of words on social issues immediately signals to the modern “social justice” inquisitor whether one is a friend or an enemy.

Green goes on to cite examples of how, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when the Inquisition was strongest, anyone who even hesitated to eat these “forbidden” foods could be denounced as a crypto-Jew or crypto-Muslim. Jews and Muslims were seen as the invisible enemy infecting the body politic, and had to be neutralized and destroyed, just as today’s invisible enemies are the legions of secret “patriarchists,” “racists,” and “rapists” who are stalking the landscape.

This mentality was not something in the abstract. In societies where everyone watched everyone else, people’s lives could be ruined for the slightest deviation from the party line. In 1597, for example, a morisco named Bartolome Sanchez was arrested along with his entire family. The neighbor who had denounced him stated that he had seen Sanchez wash himself scrupulously after emptying his bowels.

Since this was supposedly something that only a Muslim or Jew would do, Sanchez must have “relapsed” into his old Muslim ways. Even converting was not enough: simply having Moorish or Jewish blood made one automatically corrupt, and the taint would hang over the heads of generations.

For example, the completely innocent granddaughter of an accused man was prosecuted by the Inquisition in Mexico in 1604 for wearing silk garments (supposedly favored by Muslims and Jews). In 1587, several descendants of denounced people in Murcia were convicted of wearing silks.


Accusations equal guilt

Even one’s sexual proclivities, however harmless, could come under scrutiny. This was a particularly dangerous area of inquiry, as one’s sexual habits could be interpreted to suit almost any pre-existing conclusion. In other words, a crime could be manufactured where none existed. In Lisbon in 1637, for example, a woman named Cecilia da Silva was accused of sorcery for “putting a spell” on a man named Antonio de Bairros and causing him to stray from his attractive wife.

It was a case of hysteria brought on by an accuser likely suffering from a tortured sense of sexual envy; regardless, people’s lives were ruined where there was no demonstrable crime. An atmosphere of suspicion leads to repression. Where normal sexual desires are denied a legitimate outlet, the repressed energy is vented in obsessive fixations on deviant sexual behavior.

The CNN story cited at the outset of this article is part of this same conditioning process: with the use of false or misleading propaganda, the Western media is systematically conditioning women to regard men not as partners in a healthy society, as the evil “enemy” with inherently depraved motivations and predilections. He must be controlled; failing that, he must be destroyed.

The greatest tragedy that these types of hysterias inflict on society is the chilling effect that they have on personal freedoms. A climate of fear and suspicion is generated, with every person watching what they say and do. The Inquisition is rightly considered one of the first modern institutions, because it sought to monitor every aspect of a person’s life.

Torquemada’s original Inquisitorial decrees from 1484 aimed for nothing less than a state of permanent social surveillance. Teachers could not be appointed, nurses and midwives could not work, and no profession could be practiced, without first securing the Inquisition’s approval.

As Green says,

Since the slightest slip of the tongue could lead to a denunciation, humiliation and the loss of privileges, the society of vigilance became the society of suspicion, and of division. The spread of conformity had predictable and deleterious results, which are being repeated today.

The blood of the denounced, leaching into the fields, fertilized the growth of continuing repression; innovation came to a shuddering halt, and creativity ebbed to a trickle; and the looming figures of gossip, suspicion, and retribution cast dark shadows over the affected societies.

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  1. To avoid detection in Portugal, Jews who had “converted” to Christianity invented a fake sausage called alheira, made of chicken and bread. They hung them up in the smokehouses just like any other pork sausage. Now you can find them on Portuguese menus everywhere.
    BTW, the Museo de Jamon isn’t a museum — it’s a chain of tapas bars dedicated to jamon bellota, jamon iberico, etc. There’s one on the Plaza del Sol in Madrid.
    To your point: Irrational hysteria has existed at all times, in all cultures. Right now it’s the SJWs’ turn to carry the mantle of idiocy.

      1. Your article has “anyone who even hesitated to eat these ‘forbidden’ foods could be denounced as a crypto-Jew or crypto-Muslim”.
        But Jammyjaybird says “To avoid detection in Portugal, Jews who had ‘converted’ to Christianity invented a fake sausage…”. This does describe authentic ‘crypto-Jews’, those whose conversions were entirely superficial and insincere.
        So which is it? Some claim the conversions were sincere, but gosh, old habits die hard, and before you know it they were back in their old ways others are more cynical and talk of ‘crypto-Jews’.
        Historically that part of Europe had previously been invaded by the Muslim Moors and as I understand it a lot of Jews had supported the invasion believing they would get a better deal with the Muslims than the Christians. So it doesn’t seem like mere ‘irrational hysteria’.
        If you look at what happened in Turkey the Sultan forced the heretic Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zvi to convert to the Muslim faith upon threat of death. Many of his followers converted while secretly continuing their own beliefs. Centuries later these Donmeh families were a force behind the Young Turks who deposed the Sultan and brought about the modern secular Turkey.

  2. This is why ignoring them and hoping that it will cool off is not an option. If we let them act, people will be sentenced to death if they do not agree with the PC approved fables.

    1. Agree you can’t win on defense. Only on offense. I think this is one of the major reasons the conservatives have failed time and time again. A lack or even a hatred of offense.

      1. I suspect “conservatives” have been “failing” because they are instructed to do so. The appearance of opposition can be used as a tool to placate the angry masses.
        America is under the rule of the uni-party, ie; Globalism.

        1. You know … I have to agree. I’m a Trump guy but would support Cruz should he be the nominee. This past weekend my state held its caucus. I got to see the Conservative Cruzbots first hand. Highly jaded individuals who struck me as the right side’s version of Feminists. Those who are obsessed with the definition of an ideology and cannot deviate in reason as they’re used to being told what to think.

        2. Correct. Most mainstream conservatism is controlled opposition. It is just there to provide some respite for those that cannot quite bring themselves to drink the entire leftist kool aid on many issues. But it is designed to not really change or challenge anything fundamental.
          People are realising this now. Hence the “cuckservative” phenomenon, and the mainstream centre-right losing ground to populists and nationalists. Unfortunately the latter are largely controlled also.

        3. As long as you paint with this broad of a “Cruzbot” brush, you need to recognize that Trump supporters are just as rabid.

        4. As are liberals. None of these people have a burning desire to implement a certain agenda. Perhaps the last who did was JFK, who actually had a desire to change the world for the better, and look what happened to him.
          Hillary Clinton was a Barry Goldwater supporter before she became a democrat. Goldwater is the most conservative and libertarian Republican of the last 50 years, and is the only Republican I could have supported. That Hillary later became who she is today shows that it’s not about any ideology or principle, it’s about two sides playing out a game to control and distract the public.

        5. Cruz is a chubby scumbag. He jumped right onto the “assume the campaign manager bruised thenreportr” bandwagon. Fucking Hillary would be better.

      2. Conservatives are a camp with rules of thought process. A ‘camp’ somewhat like a boy scout ‘camp’ where tradition is the law. Modern conservatism is a preservational mindset and the conservative logic speak is difficult to learn but learnable nonetheless. The exquisite conservative speak is kind of like being assigned to write an evangelical poem in Latin. The concepts in conservatism have the same twist but the logic arranges and fits like the working parts of a machine. ‘Leftist’ liberalism is diarrhea. Nothing solid or working with that stuff. Leftism is like Ebola or the black death. It turns good working bodies into liquid jelly. Conservatism is a spiritually driven path chosen by awakend people who desire to restore decency and tradition, but many religious conservatives are not open to radical and new solutions. Their free thinking hasn’t been exercised regularly. So it’s true that you can’t win unless you’re radical and offensive. ‘Defensive’ would then be by definition a neo con stance. Pockets of conservatism were continually being absorbed by wave after wave of radical leftist shoe-ins, but the lefties were all flimsy and without substance. Generations bled out and wasted away with the idiocy but the tide has already turned. We now see a real and awesome shift of the poles. Man is on the rise. The age of man nears.

        1. I am a conservative. Many of us are following the Judeo-Christain values. You cannot do right unless you believe in someone greater than yourself.

        2. True, your honor your master and creator and in turn you elicit honorable service and loyalty from your women. When your service to your master is pure and committed, you in turn draw upon pure women to serve you with commitment. When you rebel against your true god, your women rebel against their true god which is YOU. Woman cabe from man’s rib. She is a component of original man, an offshoot. Her purpose is to serve her progenitor MAN. Women give birth, yes, but this is the return of the circle of progenisis. In the beginning, ”Woman draws her life from man – – and then gives it back again”. So it is now a dynamic process. Man is actually woman’s original god and ‘father’ so to speak. The almighty creator is MAN’S creator and god.

        1. That is correct with Eric Idle as the lead inquisitor. I like the final torture device … The Comfy Chair.

    2. “NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency…. Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency…and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope…. Our *four*…no… *Amongst* our weapons…. Amongst our weaponry…are such elements as fear, surprise…. I’ll come in again.”

  3. “We moderns like to think of ourselves as uniquely enlightened, and free from the fears and superstitions of the past. We are not” Agree with this. Human nature doesn’t change it just goes through different manifestations. Or put another way different symptoms same causes. As far as men being the “evil enemy” this will only backfire on women. As a woman to be complete needs a man in her life unlike a man who is probably best off flying solo for the rest of his life.

    1. The stupid feminists always says they don’t need no man. But when a spider crawls up the wall, EEEK! They wish there was a man to kill the darn thing.

  4. I know it probably means I am an idiot, but my big take away from this was that I really need to go to Spain as it seems that porcine meat and shellfish will just be everywhere.
    Aaaaaannnd, now I am hungry.

    1. A traditional Paella has chunks of linguica (spicy pork sausage) and shrimp, along with other meats.

    2. If you’ve never been, the Sangria there is amazing (among many other reasons to go). The only place I’ve ever had decent Sangria other than Spain was a Spanish restaurant in New Orleans. Also, touring the southern muslim Spanish areas like Granada, the architecture is simply incredible.

      1. I always wanted to spend time in Spain but I just can’t be bothered with Europe anymore. It is absurd. I can be in the Caribbean for half the price in half the time. I really don’t care about anyone’s fucking history, treasures etc. I would trade a 3 hour flight to relax on a Caribbean beach for Europe any day of the week

    1. they need those injections of semen or their brains get fried…then they collect cats.

  5. I remember when Aaron Clarey wrote an article regarding the latest instalment of the Mad Max franchise and how it may potentially be a debacle with all of the feminist propaganda within the movie, to which I simply commented on how this movie is a reflection of how Hollywood tends to spew out propaganda.
    Soon after, all hell broke loose. The mainstream media went insane and created hysteria over this article and attempted to ridicule Aaron and myself with all of it’s false propaganda and lies. It was insane. The amount of attention a simple article was receiving along with the outrage that was coming out from all over the world, definitely made me realise that there no longer is anymore professionalism or journalistic integrity left within the fourth estate.
    The sad truth of the matter is that feminism has stretched it’s lethal tentacles and entrenched everything with it’s false premises and lies. From the academic sector, the employment sector and now the mainstream media, everything is about appeasing the radical feminist movement which in turn, continues to brainwash and indoctrinate the masses with insane propoganda about how oppression stems from the so called male patriarchy and that men are the ones to blame for your failings in life.
    Well, anyone who observes the actual actions of the feminist movement including the establishments which it clearly influences such as the media, and compares them to the so called beliefs of “equality” which feminists talk about, can definately see that if anything, this false movement does not want equality, but rather, advocate for female superiority while taking away and usurping men of their civil liberties and freedom.
    Hysteria without a doubt, is a perfect tool which can be used to induce fear and create the systematic persecution and alienation of a certain group which in this case, are men. Men account for the vast majority of suicides, the unemployed and the homeless. Yet there is no open dialogue or discussion about these matters since it does not reflect the interests of the modern day feminist movement. But instead, hysteria is used to create and influence a false rape culture which is now prevalent within college campuses, demonising men with nonsense such as “manspreading” and “mansplaining” as well as the repetitive and false rhetorics of the wage gap, which has been debunked on so many occasions by economists that one will lose count. Indeed, it is insane the kind of world that we live in and it is an unfortunate product of the kind of times we live in where everything is now slowly declining in standards.

    1. And it then won a whole heap of Oscars, something few action movies EVER do. Me thinks Hollywood is trying too hard to push it.

    2. What makes me speechless are two things (at least…): (1)The evilness in which someone condones when tells these ridiculous feminist lies to those fugly monsters and (2) the utter stupidity that is necessary to fake feminist concepts bloom wildly on those female shitheads.
      Why? How is it even possible?
      Damn you, cretine females, erase yourselves from the earth!

  6. This is why we should cherish and worship the second amendment, and categorically reject ANY restrictions on it.

    1. “This is why we should cherish and worship the second amendment, and categorically reject ANY restrictions on it.”
      The 2nd Amendment didn’t prevent Japanese Americans being put in camps, nor did it prevent the arrest and expulsion of over a million Mexicans during Operation Wetback, during its first year, and the preemptive flight of even more, over half a million just from Texas. Every nation/group has to have a determination of what a “real” (1st class) member of that group is. There can only be one alpha religion, one alpha race (or ethnic group), one alpha culture, and one alpha sex (it better be men); and thinking otherwise is assured way of losing status. That isn’t SJW thinking. SJW thought is that the world could function any other way (various classless utopias), but whenever and wherever they triumph, they just create a new caste system, but their systems are completely contrived (ex: women > men) and therefore even more social coercion is required for imposing them. Quintus Curtius himself thinks like a Jewish SJW; which why he resents the expulsion of the Jews and Moors from Spain and seems to reference it in article after article. My own critique of the Spain and the Inquisition is that Latin schism has always been effeminate and thus has always inclined towards totalitarianism. Orthodox nations are authoritarian and thus usually content with simply being in charge; and since full loyalty isn’t expected from out groups, it isn’t demanded, thus no Inquisition.

      1. The reason it didn’t prevent it is because they didn’t use it. The onus is on The People to utilize the amendment to make it effective, it doesn’t just magically prevent things.
        The expulsion of the Mexicans was a just action, they were not citizens, screw them.

      2. Well, I would agree that if you aren’t prepared to use your second amendment rights, the right isn’t worth the paper the amendment is printed on.
        My family won’t be put in camps, or subject to any inquisition, by anyone, because I am armed and prepared to click off safe if necessary.

        1. Well that is a good stance but futile. How you think you guys are going to fare against a trained army ? you will last 20 minutes, tops.

        2. I was trained in the Marine Corps. I am a combat veteran. Many other gun owners were too. I like my chances.

      3. (Regarding the “Japanese Americans being put in camps”: This is seen nowadays as pure racism, but it had a compelling reason, the Ni’ihau Incident.
        A Japanese pilot crash landed on Ni’ihau during the Pearl Harbor attack. Most of the 136 inhabitants at the time were native Hawaiians [still so today], but three had Japanese ancestry, one first generation immigrant married to a native and a second generation couple. All three conspired against the Hawaiians on behalf of the pilot, using the language barrier and to the point of physical violence against the natives.
        Subsequently and not unreasonably a US Navy report of January 1942 concluded there was a ‘likelihood that Japanese residents previously believed loyal to the United States may aid Japan.’
        Quoted in )

      4. “Who is this fool Ferdinand who makes his country poor and mine rich?” Sultan Beyazet II. When Spain got rid of tis Jews and Moors, it belw its commercial brains out. When the tide of Mexican gold receded, all that was left was inflation and poverty.

  7. “Green goes on to cite examples of how, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when the Inquisition was strongest, anyone who even hesitated to eat these “forbidden” foods could be denounced as a crypto-Jew or crypto-Muslim.”
    It’s interesting to see history repeat itself in man’s predisposition to sin. Man’s sinful nature being unchanged through the ages is one of the strongest evidences against evolution I can think of, but that’s another topic. The Christian Bible forbids eating unclean meats and did so long before “Jews” and Muslims embraced the prohibition. It amazes me how non-mainstream this Christian commandment has been throughout the centuries. This is also another topic. The main reason I mention it is because Paul actually writes to Christians that the topic of what one person chooses to eat is not a test of fellowship with that person. It’s always interesting to study history and watch the way man ignores what he chooses from the Bible. Using diet as a test of fellowship is not, and has never been, a Christian act.
    “Even converting was not enough: simply having Moorish or Jewish blood made one automatically corrupt, and the taint would hang over the heads of generations.”
    This sentiment, based in segregation, is not wicked in and of itself. Rightly dividing the holy principle of segregation is one of the most difficult truths for people to wrap their head around today for some reason. Those who equate segregation with evil do so to their own disadvantage and contribute to the world’s problems. Mamzers, the Hebrew word for “bastards”, denoting mixed race people, were to be segregated geographically from Israel. I know this offends a great deal of people in our day. The truth is still the truth regardless if it offends someone or not:
    “No one of illegitimate birth shall enter the assembly of Yahweh; none of his descendants, even to the tenth generation [Hebrew idiom meaning forever], shall enter the assembly of Yahweh.” (Deu 23:2 NASB)
    Segregation is good when it is implemented properly. The problem today is that there is a knee jerk reaction where everyone has been taught segregation is automatically bad and also unfair. Segregation can be unfair when it does not adhere to these principles:
    “Now Moses used to take the tent and pitch it outside the camp, a good distance from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting. And everyone who sought Yahweh would go out to the tent of meeting which was outside the camp.”
    Racial segregation is of utmost importance to Yahweh, the God of the Bible. So much so that He commanded His presence at the tent of meeting be outside the camp. This allows people of all nations to come to Him and at the same time maintain the racial segregation of His Israelite congregation.
    “Let not the foreigner who has joined himself to Yahweh say, “Yahweh will surely separate me from His people.” Nor let the eunuch say, “Behold, I am a dry tree.” For thus says Yahweh, “To the eunuchs who keep My sabbaths, And choose what pleases Me, And hold fast My covenant, To them I will give in My house and within My walls a memorial, And a name better than that of sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name which will not be cut off. “Also the foreigners who join themselves to Yahweh, To minister to Him, and to love the name of Yahweh, To be His servants, every one who keeps from profaning the sabbath And holds fast My covenant; Even those I will bring to My holy mountain And make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; “For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.”(Isaiah 56:3-7 NASB)
    Foreigners, mamzers, and eunuchs are not allowed in the congregation of Yahweh. Still, they are allowed to attach themselves to the nation of Israel if they want to “minister to Him, be His servants, and hold fast His covenant”. Part of ministering to Him, being His servants, and holding fast His covenants is obeying the laws on segregation, “mamzers”, and prohibitions against race mixing. These people who wanted to serve God were part of “mixed multitudes” who had attached themselves to the nation of Israel. They dwelt “outside the camp”. They qualified not automatically, but because they obeyed Yahweh’s commandments.
    All people, regardless of nationality, are to be treated equally under the Law:
    ‘There shall be one standard for you; it shall be for the stranger as well as the native, for I am Yahweh your God.’” (Lev 24:22 NASB)
    “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. (Exo 22:21 NASB)
    So the contemptible disdain expressed in the statement, “simply having Moorish or Jewish blood made one automatically corrupt, and the taint would hang over the heads of generations.” does not hold water against a Biblical paradigm. Racial segregation is a righteous plank of any wise and understanding people. Those claiming they want to save western civilization who rail against these foundational principles have a long way to go. . .

    1. Don’t say stupid shit like that. Most of the media is sympathetic towards genocidal Muslims who openly wish destruction of the Jews and anything non-Muslim.

      1. Wrong. Jews hate Christians more than Muslims, and use Muslims as useful idiots to destroy Christian nations. Look at the support that Israel gives to ISIS, and the multiculturalism that intellectual Jews pave to allows more Muslims to enter Western nations.
        Jews don’t mind sacrificing a few of their own to allow for their agenda to succeed.

        1. Come on, man, really? Thought you were better than that. You going to ignore the growing Christian population in Israel and the rampant persecution Christians face throughout the Muslim world? Are you not aware of the Copts’ troubles in Egypt? I find it odd that you think “Jews hate Christians,” yet the only place Christians are safe and can practice their religion safely in the Middle East is in Israel, the Jewish state. And no, Shia Lebanon with Hezbollah does not count.
          There are some self-hating Jews that openly support the multiculturalism nonsense, but most of the leftists in Europe are not Jewish and many have even tolerated antisemitic language and tropes amongst their own to stay in power.
          ISIS has openly stated that they’re terrified of Israel; why would the Jewish state lend them support? You’re venturing into the retarded alt-right territory, Roosh.

        2. “Jews hate Christians” – they don’t even use the conventional plus sign in Hebrew cause it looks too much like the Christian cross. See also the Talmud description of Jesus.

  8. So many were their edicts that their criers grew confused
    Too quickly did it grow beyond their ken to ever begin to choose
    Drowned out were any queries by the lock-stepping of shoes
    The weak demanded freedom’s forfeit to a well and foolish ruse
    But like wolves gone too long hungry they did turn upon their own
    Until all their cheats were ruins like so many bleached out bones
    Once again the vain had fallen as they had throughout the past
    For nothing built upon a fraud is ever made to last
    And what memory of this history long since dusty in its tomes?
    Did the tales of every failure stay to light up every home?
    Nay, as it always goes even when proved before children’s eyes
    Decline to take the lesson save to learn to repeat the lies
    “Madness and Tyranny”

  9. You Americans think you’ve got it bad? Whereas you have the First Amendment, us Brits are stuck with this:
    In theory, if the police were to track me down and link these posts I made on this site to my real life identity, I could end up in prison.
    I ought to go to great lengths to protect my identity – use proxy servers and such – but I don’t because I am willing to go to prison to defend free speech. I may not accomplish much, but I hope that if it came down to it my imprisonment would be reported in the news and start a debate amongst the public which would lead to the repealment, or at least rewriting so as to reduce the scope of, the aforementioned Act.
    My view is this: nutters telling morons to go and beat up members of Ethnic Minority X or Religious Minority Y should not be considered to be breaking any laws. Morons who listen to nutters and act on their advice, on the other hand, should feel the full force of the law.
    But I have not gone so far as to condone people committing physical assaults against anyone, so I ought not be in violation of that law. Still, I’m sure the SJWs will find a way to twist the law and/or my words so that I have broken some law or other.
    Let this be a warning to you: do NOT budge on your Second Amendment rights. We lack your Right to Bear Arms, and look where we are now.

    1. You are always breaking the law simply for existing. That’s what you need to get through your head. Especially in Western European countries now.
      They have complete and utter control over the men there. In a lot of ways the men have let this happen to themselves though it has been a slow erosion since WW2.
      You are all so scared to be called nazis or racists or whatever the fuck. You scurry back into your darkened corner shaking like little children frightened of their own shadow.
      The only way out is to show absolutely ZERO shame, to embrace the villain archetype and turn your backs on the society that hates you with bitter revulsion.
      If you don’t do this it is only going to get much worse for you. Personally it’s not my country and the English are fucking piss weak.
      I don’t have any sympathy for you slaves.

      1. Couldn’t agree more and I have been thinking and/or saying this for a while now. The only cure is to swing it to the other side. “Embrace your inner bigot”. Use the “N” word and any other racial slur you want, if that is who your dealing with, call women whores if that is what they are. Use the language they have created against them. Tip toeing around anything means they won.

    2. In Sweden the establishment media acts as inqisitors and occasionally seek out random people in their homes and publicly shame them on TV or in the newspapers for expressing unpopular opinions on Facebook or other comment sections on the net.
      Even tho they blur out the victims faces they still contact their employers to try to get them fired and most of the time they succeed as no one wants to have there business affiliated with “haters”.
      The prevailing consensus is that. You have the right to speech as long as it’s not “hatespeech” which is criminalized. But then there’s speech thats not considerd illegal but some may view as offensive. And this is where nongovernmental organisations come in to try to enforce compliance to societal laws that are not within the reach of the justice system.

      1. That’s why it’s so important to go self-employed if you can. I could earn more money working fewer hours if I took a ‘normal’ job but I’d have far less freedom – even when I’m not at work I’d still have to abide by some bullshit ‘Code of Conduct’ for employees which would prevent me from making posts like this under threat of dismissal.
        Being self-employed also allows you to be a small part of changing these things for the better. My employees know that as long as they don’t turn up to work late and hungover, I couldn’t care less what they say or do in their free time. In itself, this won’t make a significant difference to society because I only employ a handful of people – but if more and more of us were to go this route and some of us ended up running businesses much larger than mine then we might have a chance of turning the tide.

  10. From an old Breitbart story:
    “‘Lorraine’ Needs Our Help: How and Why Local TV News Tries to Scare Women”–how-and-why-local-tv-news-tries-to-scare-women/
    “I have often said the purpose of TV news is to “scare women 18-54 into watching the next newscast.” When I tell people that simple line it’s very interesting to see their reaction. They laugh and they get it. They know exactly what I’m talking about. All of a sudden they understand why TV news does all those stories on “baby buggies that kill,” or “make-up that could be deadly.” You think I’m joking? Those are lines from TV newscasts that are used on a regular basis. Of course, rarely does the content of the story actually match the headline, but what the heck, we’ve scared her into watching the next newscast, so mission accomplished.”
    Very telling.

  11. Good article. The book of Henry Kamen on the topic was more balanced though. Green is the usual Anglo historian that thinks witches weren’t burned because moriscos and Jews were the victims, instead of recognizing that it was due to the rational leanings of many Spanish theologians who didn’t believe in witchcraft or thought it was something rare or that the Inquisition with all its limitations was really able to impose a reign of terror.
    However the greatest scourge brought upon by the Inquisitorial practice was the banishment of Christian converts just because they happened to be of jewish or Arab origin.

  12. The creation of the Inquisition in Portugal is still one of the most strange things because we simply did not need it. Many argue that King John III wanted the Inquisition to stop any kind of Luteranism and so, prevent the vicious disputes in other nations like France or England over religious issues.
    In those days, it was pivotal to any state to have control over its subjects and religion was the best way to do so. In my view, the reason the King asked the Pope to create the Inquisition in Portugal, was to control and steal the “marranos” (jews converted to Christianity ) namely their fortunes. Its was the State simply robbing private fortunes in order to pay its debts using religion as an excuse.
    In fact, the greatest creditors to the Crown where “marranos”, both living in Portugal or living in the Netherlands or other northern nations.
    No great purge ever existed over accusations of Protestantism and the Inquisition was silent over English or other protestant traders, because the crown simply did not wanted them to be harmed because of political and military alliances.
    And so, if we study some cases of the inquisition, like one of my dearest friend did, in his masters degree, we see accusations like a girl being accused of swearing, while eating the bread consecrated in the Eucharist. Truly ridiculous stuff. The worst legacy of the inquisition, as Quintus says, is by far the suspicion, the envy, the snitching (recent studies show around 700 cases of witchcraft in the entire Kingdom, but in the Coimbra tribunal alone, there are 6000 complaints. We became a snitching nation, plain and simple), the mistrust that communities started to enjoy. To this day, this is very much present in Portuguese culture.
    A practical example would be, if a neighbor is successful on his work or love relationships, instead of being happy for him and try to do the same, many will accuse him of something and say evil things behind its back.
    A also evil thing was the “Index Librorum Prohibitorum”, a instrument that is highly forgotten, but that was pivotal in suppressing science and liberty of though, by censuring books and its authors. Think in terms of the “safe spaces” of american campus of today.
    Needless to say, any resemblances to today’s society, poisoned by moral relativism, cultural Marxism and a more invasive state, are pure coincidence…

      1. Im am the one who has to thank you. I became a ROK reader because of your post about the “Lusiads”. Keep up the awesome work. Obrigado eu irmão.

    1. “No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it” Fernando Pessoa.
      Describes so much, doesn’t it?

  13. Interesting that you should mention scrutiny on sexual proclivities. Our society has a schizophrenic attitude towards sex.
    On the one hand, feminism promotes promiscuity for women as being something that is empowering.
    On the other, if you are a man and you talk about your sexual experiences, everybody adopts a very prudish attitude. I’m thinking about what happened to the coffee shop PUAs, Roosh, and even Trump.
    I notice that lots of NeverTrumpers pretend to be very offended by the fact that the guy has bedded lots of attractive women. I suspect that a lot of what drives the attacks is simply sexual envy. The prudish attitude is just a mask for the envy.

    1. Trump is a con artist, a Cheeto-dusted sack of bloviating narcissism. He’s not a leader of men; he’s a leader of idiots. His women are irrelevant. Alpha males are not necessarily admirable men.

      1. You’re possibly right. But be prepared for lots of hate from beta wolves who are sniffing the anus of the alpha pack leader.

      1. Jeb Bush had an enormous amount of financial backing, and he went to the can.

        1. That’s because Jeb has the personality of a dried turd. Trump has the personality of a wet pile of manure, but at least wet manure attracts flies

        2. Right, was just noting that it’s not money alone that makes or breaks a man in this game, not any more in any event.

  14. 1. Myth
    2. Just buy shampoo for men. I thought you said gender was a social construct anyway.
    3. That affects men too so don’t use it for your “wymin are victims and my soggy knees” bullshit article you dumbass
    4. That’s because you’re far less likely to put the work in necessary to become a CEO
    5. Wait, you mean you don’t get paid for making the choice to have a baby and not using your right to kill that baby at anytime during pregnancy if you didn’t actually want the baby?! Oh the humanity!!!
    6. If didn’t have that baby maybe you would have a better job than a minimum wage job. Also if you stopped voting for liberals who allow illegal aliens to come in and drive the wages down that would help.
    7. Don’t get in debt to get a useless feminist dance therapy bachelor’s degree next time idiot!
    8. Yeah, childcare is expensive. See point 5 again.
    9. I highly doubt that but maybe it’s because women suck at running buisinesses and that would also explain why there are less female CEO!
    10. So you don’t like that women pay more for disability insurance because of statistics but you don’t mind that men pay more for car insurance because of statistics? Got it.
    The bottom line is that women EARN less than men. You’re quite right. Maybe if you became an engineer instead of a stupid blogger on wymin’s issue you would EARN more money you dumb bitch.

      1. ‘Social construct’ does not mean “doesn’t exist.” All linguistic categories are ‘constructs’ — a ‘social construct’ is a comparison versus another type of construct, such as a ‘taxonomic construct’ (as used in arguments about race).
        Of course, Leftists don’t mind if people make the mistake to think a social construct means falsehood — it serves their purpose.

    1. Math supports the patriarchy and therefore I will not learn it. Of course, the computers and internet I use for blogging about womyns right are all based on math. My Goddamn toilet is based on math but it’s still evil ! Yes I make no sense but I FEEL that something is wrong here so go fuck yourself fuckface !

  15. This will become a self correcting situation. No man worth his salt will sign up and support this crap. No one reads CNN anymore. No one watches CNN anymore except for blips of entertainment…Men that do get involved with these sterile psychos will have no children, and will ultimately be consumed by the very monsters they claim to protect and love. Then they all will die…. In the end just pull up a seat, protect your own interests, look for a few women that fall from the gears of the insanity help them understand how they were duped….and enjoy the outcome.

  16. The Museo del Jamon just down from the Mayor Plaza in central Madrid is such an odd place to eat. You sit along the counter which is adorned with mirrors in front of you and all around you there long strips of flesh hanging out of nearly every point on the ceiling inside. It feels as though you’re partaking of flesh in the house of Hannibal…but it’s pleasant with a fine glass of vino rojo to watch the faces mingling among the hanging flesh as the sun sinks down.

  17. Totally dig #2. Women may pay more for clothes and toiletries than men, but that’s because men for the most part lean for practicality, while most women lean for trends. And even assuming most clothing and personal care companies are still run by men at top, judging by the covers of all those supermarket cashier mags, clearly it’s women who are pushing this to other women. They don’t care to fork (or let a man, or parents, or anyone else for that matter) $200 for a purse, or $150 for shoes, or $10.50 for Victoria’s Secret panties, because they’re convinced that’s what “quality” stuff costs, plus it’s trendy.
    #5 will be summed up in an anecdote of mine. About 10 years ago I met this cute girl when I went through USAF technical training. I would have gone out with her if I hadn’t been in a relationship then, but in retrospect, and judging by what happened next, I’m glad I didn’t. So she hooks up with a Navy buddy of hers and ends up pregnant. The last I heard, they gave her a discharge. And she actually had orders to RAF Mildenhall, England, which had to be cancelled. And considering that USAF is pulling out all of its personnel out of there by 2017 due to cost cutting measures, some Airman who could have gone there lost his or her chance at an overseas posting. Think about it. She didn’t even make it out to the “real” Air Force, and they’ve already invested thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on her, all for her to get pregnant and just leave. And that’s why the wariness of companies to invest in women. It’s not out of hate or spite, it’s out of purely practical reasons. And people wonder why the military on general and the Marines in particular are wary and apprehensive at such a move.

    1. Women may pay more for clothes and toiletries
      Not more than me haha
      That’s irrelevant anyway because a female will bitch about anything and is always in a war to dominate the male in some way. She’s like a kid who bitches because she thinks her brother got the bigger 1/2 of a candy bar that was split.She’s petty and never considers the times that she got the better deal and only remembers that 1 in 100 where she thinks she lost something.
      The bitches were last complaining about having to pay sales tax on Tampons. I never see men doing things like this and bitching about sales tax on condoms. If you use these things then the female should pay half anyway.
      And who ever said that females were frivolous and stupid lol

      1. Mind you, we did get doggie bags full of rubbers from the neighborhood clinic back in the day. Mind you, we didn’t use all of them for their intended purpose, but we had them. However, when push came to bang, if we needed condoms and we didn’t have a clinic nearby and we couldn’t steal them from our older brothers, we bought them. Either that, or we risked a pregnancy. Women, meh. I did have to buy a girl a travel sized pack of Kotex pads once while on a date when her period came suddenly and she wasn’t equipped.

  18. I read the referenced 10 reasons single women should be mad article last week as I occasionally get stock quotes on CNNFN. The first reason used is a perfect example of the intellectual dishonesty used by the drones in the MM. The author goes on a diatribe describing how women only earn 77 cents per every dollar that men earn. However, in the last paragraph of reason number one she contradicts her own argument by saying “For the exact same work, women earn only 97 cents for every $1 that their male peers do, according to an extensive PayScale study.” At the end of the day when you actually compare apples to apples the difference is 3 f’ing cents. That’s a f’ing rounding error! The author is so stupid she actually admits there is no discernible difference thus destroying her own argument! These people are complete morons………

  19. From the CNN article: “Huge numbers of women are saying…We are a changed nation and we require a different relationship with our government.”
    Translation: We’re not satisfied with having just men as our beta bitch, we want the government to serve all our needs as well.

    1. Close.
      I view it as women need men for resources and stability, as lightly hinted at in the article, but one man supplying resources conflicts with the female desire to collect as many sperm samples as she desires (See Robin Baker’s Sperm Wars). With Government supplying the resources she’s more free to ride the cock carousel.
      Sure, men want to spread their seed and bang as many bitches as possible, but as I get older I see how much men love being fathers, and fathers to their own kids.

      1. They want all men to be their bitch through the government regardless of whether those innocent men had anything to do with them or not.It doesn’t matter who knocked them up or has to support them and their kids they want all men to be held collectively for the cost whether he’s a bachelor without kids or some incel.

  20. Some of the 10 points are bullshit, a few have a grain of truth and a couple affect both sexes equally, but to equate some CNN click bait with Inquistion tactics, done, of course, with the bloated, bilious prose typical of RoK essays, pins the needle on my hyperbole meter.

  21. While I agree with your assessment of the anti-Moor/Jewish hysteria of the time, I think you mistake the role of the Inquisition; they were there to prevent the mob violence which was threatening to take over, under state apparatuses within Spain which benefited from the moral panic; similarly, in Northern Contnental Europe, there were panics over witches, despite the Church having declared the belief in witches as heresy (this is why the burnings primarily occurred in Protestant countries). The Inquisition was sent there to prosecute the SJWs of the era, not the “thought criminals” who were being persecuted – and their courts were extremely merciful compared to the civilian courts of the time.
    The anti-Inquisition sentiments are Protestant propaganda which has persisted into the modern day.
    Source: The Truth about the Spanish Inquisition – Crisis Magazine

    1. Thank you. Quintus is a great writer and I enjoy most of his articles but he is Anglo, hence all the BS from Brittish and American historians (not all but most) about this historical period seeps into his writing occasionally.

        1. I assume you were born and raised in the Anglosphere, most likely American from a lineage that could be English, Scot, Irish, German. If I am wrong,my bad.

    2. Thanks for point out what I would have wanted to point out. The article didn’t blame the Church, of course, and I know Quintus well enough, at least, to know that he doesn’t feel that way. Still, much of the recounting of the Inquisition, even by “careful” historians in our day, lends itself to the salacious and the exaggerated, for the usual reasons.

  22. I have a lot of issue with Toby Green’s anti-Inquisition piece, that mainly it’s historically inaccurate, and leaves out a lot of what started the Spanish Inquisitions in the first place. Might want to check out this video of Christopher Check discussing the truth of the Inquisitions.

      1. The same motivations for a different enemy. Protestant Christians in England often reacted with similar ferocity after centuries of evil repression by the Roman Catholic church.

    1. Gets off to a slow start, probably very tough going for Catholic bashers, but I found it very interesting and worthwhile, thanks! Starts about 8:51, Spanish Inquisition around 29:55, Conversos around 44.
      Claims the inquisition judicial procedure and use of torture were actually more fair and humane than in the secular courts of the day. Suggests most of the horrific myths came from the English due to their rivalry with the Spanish.

  23. “There is even a dish there named Judias con Jamon (Jewesses with ham)”
    Just to point out, the word “judía” in Spanish means both “female Jew” and “green bean”. I don’t know if both meanings are related, though.

  24. The neo-inquisition cardinal sins are:
    – Homophoby
    – Misoginy
    – Racism
    – Antisemitism
    If you’re accused of ONE of those, your life can potentially be ruined. You can lose your job, lose your friends, lose your family (they won’t talk to you) etc.
    The inquisitors will of course act in the name of tolerance, that’s the ultimate irony.

  25. Yeah, but consider this:
    The inquisition was about repelling invaders and creating an ethnostate. It could have been done without religious zealotry or torture, of course, but the ideological motive behind it is completely different from social justice faggotry

    1. If I remember correctly Spain was almost completely overwhelmed by foreign powers at one point. Imagine if they had the progressive wisdom of modern Europe that embraces and champions its would be conquerors.
      Thankfully a member of the most powerful subverting tribe has written a book to remind us how wrong they were.

  26. Torquemada was actually a Jew so it doesn’t surprise me because it’s the same people doing this same stuff today in a different guise.
    “The end result is a society riven by suspicion, fear, and division.”
    That is the intent and only the methods change.It starts off innocuous enough so you barely even notice that changes are occurring.You may even mistake changes and attribute it to something else like well, maybe people are becoming a bit more polite or fashions or other things may be changing a bit, and you hardly pay attention it’s so gradual. But I can assure you that if you compared today with 1970 or even the 80’s the differences are astounding and it’s only about two generations.It’s a pity then when you’re 20 you don’t have a historical perspective on life since of course you only know today and how you’ve been conditioned but if you were sent back in time in a machine to even the 80’s you’d think you were on Mars.You would feel like you were in an insane asylum and were then released back into normal society.

  27. To be fair about the Inquisition. It was actually one of the more humane and reasonable courts in Europe at the time. It was the first court to outlaw witch-hunting for example. And Spain is one of the only countries to escape eternal rule by Muslims after they invaded, because of it.
    And regarding Jews, Jews were constantly undermining the Spanish government and society through their history, and they actively aided the first Muslim invaders. The Inquisition wasn’t just everyone going crazy, Jews and Muslims actually DID pose a threat to Spanish society.
    Germany never had a Medieval inquisition named after it, and look what’s happening to their culinary culture today…
    Okay so this is all being really nit-picky and missing the author’s point entirely, but you get the idea

    1. SJWs claim white Christian Europeans are uniquely, irrationally evil and point to the Spanish Inquisition as one of the proofs. So it is important to be fair and look at the historical context.

  28. Great article Quintus. The outrage machine has manipulated us all. I’ve been thinking about it from a different angle too. People might need a scapegoat or an outgroup, and the emotion of hate is just as important for us as other emotions.
    It’s no longer acceptable to hate people (in the West) based on ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc. So our new acceptable figures of hatred are misogynists, homophobes, racists, etc.
    But because there’s such a lack of real misogyny, racism and so on we find ourselves SEEKING IT OUT where it doesn’t exist. We have so much hate building inside us with no outlet and so we chase ghosts to relieve the tension.

  29. “We moderns like to think of ourselves as uniquely enlightened, and free from the fears and superstitions of the past. We are not.” The greatest sin of Western civilization to date. The denial of human nature, our history, and biology has led to the mess of we live in. The Left has taken the tools to the Inquisition to create the new world to fit their narrative, which is not rooted in reality. The disregard of reality is the one of the saving grace we men have in this world against the luntics we face. It going to long fight against our foes, but we have fearless, surprise, and ruthless efficiency going for us.

  30. A standalone complex: multiple individuals, totally unrelated to one another, but nevertheless working toward the same end, often as copycats. At times, there is no original.
    Manufacture a standalone complex by the methods you described, and get the copycats to dance. Or it could just rise spontaneously.
    That’s what we saw with the Roosh hysteria last month.

  31. Yeah, except the Inquisition was a REAL reaction against REAL enemies that had just been repelled after700 years.

  32. The Spanish inquisition was tolerant by modern standards, and especially given the fact that the former Jews that had ruled Spain together with the Moriscos had not been tolerant at all. Witchcraft services were sold for real to rich people to harm others and grow prosperous by making them destitute. The teaching of witchcraft to women was more often than not done by Jews, for the reason Satan in Judaism is not unmitigated evil as he is in Christianity but the main teaching and drilling angel responsible for both theoretical education and the practical lessons of life.

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