Time Is A Non-Renewable Resource

As I rummaged through the desk abandoned by its owner, I that concluded that whoever occupied this “embassy” had left in a hurry. I found a Red Bull in the receptionist’s desk in the antechamber before the main office on the fifth floor. My colleagues found a variety of goodies, such as candy and magazines strewn about.

Whoever left didn’t seem to care about leaving behind such treats, as they were highly valued in that locale. As I finished up with the bottom drawer, I came across a sheaf of papers. Scanning to them quickly to see if I could find a perspective on my own operations from a higher level, I came across something mundane yet quite interesting to me at the time.

It was an itinerary. Not just a simple itinerary, but one where everything was scheduled down to the minute for a four-star general’s visit. While the timing was tight, there were alternate plans put into it to make up for any deviations. What struck me the most was that all the things this general accomplished in 24 hours. This made me think about how I utilize my own time and how I can improve the use of this irrecoverable asset.


This “embassy” I speak of is not for a country that you find on the map. This is a mysterious country called Atropia. It is part of a United States Army exercise. Surprisingly, my superiors thought it would be a better idea to stay out on the training site and live in the concrete, steel, and plywood buildings before redeploying back to home base.

This efficient decision prevented the unit from getting bogged down in garrison games and cleaning. This also gave us  free time to venture into the various buildings that we as soldiers were not allowed to go into during the exercise. A lot of things of this “embassy” surprised me. First off they had internet and an environmental control unit, so the office-types lived in comfort and had Facebook.

During this unexpected amount of free time, I had a lot of time to think. I realized that I could also accomplish more in a day if I planned it out properly. The first step I came up with is identifying the things one cannot skip. These include eating, sleeping, and working out. Depending on your life, it can also include grooming, fornicating, and education. Depending on who you are and what you like to accomplish, identifying the non-negotiable for your schedule is key because everything is a trade-off.

While I was considering what always has to occur in a day, I contemplated what happens over the course of a day that wastes time. A big time sink is watching TV. For example, watching an hour of news is pretty much the equivalent of a 5-minute look over of any news aggregating site. Another huge time sink that can be considered controversial, especially here on Return of Kings, is woman. Think about how much time we spend talking, schmoozing, and gaming woman.  A cost-benefit analysis for the time should be undertaken. Getting personal things done on the clock at at work job is a good start. Staying up late on a Thursday night finishing a Return of Kings article is a problem.

The General’s Schedule

Why did I find this itinerary so interesting? Not only did it show how much the general accomplished in the day, but it also gave a new perspective on how to allocate time. If you create a timeline for a week, you will be surprised how many tasks you can fit in to a 24-hour day. Reviewing this timeline can see how much time things really take to do and there may be a whole lot more time than what you originally estimated. Also, by putting it on paper you are mission-oriented where before you would be wasting time contemplating your next move.

Here is an example:

0700 wake up

0710 shower and dress

0730 go to work

1100 eat lunch

1120 work out at the gym

1200 go back to work

1630 go shopping for any items you might need on your way home from work

1700 free time starts

2200 go to sleep

This is a very basic itinerary where  you have a five-hour block to fill in with anything left over. This can include game, education, or leisure time. How complicated your daily schedule gets is up to you.

Time conflicts require decision. I not going to tell you how to think, but I will say how I think. I put going to the gym over shopping for food or women if I had to make a choice. I would skip lunch long before I gave up sleep time or gym time. I invite you to write down what you do during the day while it happens and then compared to a schedule you draw up later. It might be quite surprising for you to see how much time was overlooked.

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81 thoughts on “Time Is A Non-Renewable Resource”

    1. Discipline; the real difference between men (the few) and women, effeminate or under performing men, and children (the many).
      Without discipline your society and life turn to fecal matter.

  1. Whoa…that makes three very interesting articles on the elements of positive nature and time usage. Time is such an expensive commodity and so easy to overlook. Thanks for posting such a poignant article and great suggestion on the usage of a written plan. Getting focused and seeing your accomplishments realized changes how you view yourself. Very quickly.

  2. Slip-on shoes. Or you literally spend months of your life tying your shoelaces.
    Also sample a range of socks online, pick the best one and buy 50 pairs. No more searching for matching socks in the morning. For me Calvin Klein low-elastic socks won the competition.

  3. Wow. That above schedule made me depressed.
    You spend 8 hours from 9 to 5, and by the time you come home, you are too tired to do anything else. I hated this.
    So you fall asleep, but by the time you wake up at 10 or 11, you have no choice but to go back to sleep because you’ve got work the next day. No wonder people are so depressed and get hammered on the weekends and waste away their lives.

  4. I am personally thinking of leaving a relationship over this issue of time. Even us young guys don’t have forever… I like women, but I also realize the attention they demand conflicts with my development.
    And we as men are always on the hook when SHTF.
    Women, even good women, consume not only resources, but a ton of time. And I mean that indirectly; worrying about their welfare, family visits, emotional support, meeting their friends, and taking them out. Whatever resources you give to them also come at the expense of your time via labor.
    I am seriously thinking about celibacy , because I think it’s the only way man can become a god (unless you are wealthy). I would feel like a failure if I didn’t achieve self mastery.
    It’s tough to explain this to my 20 something friends who think pussy is god.

    1. A very good woman will help to make your life better. She will always cook for you and take care of you domestic needs making your grind outside the home that much easier

      1. How?
        Hire somebody to do that if you need it, it will cost less and the service will be better.
        The only true balance to the equation of what a valuable man brings is children. If she is a good woman and providing and raising children then the equaltion balances. If not, they are simply a drain on your time, money, thought and emotion. It may seem like a good idea in the beginning of a relationship, but watch out, it’s a trap!

        1. I disagree about the service. My girlfriends have always provided better service than the hired help. My girlfriends cook and clean with pride. The hired help steals from me and wastes resources.

      2. A good woman *can* make your life better – it’s not a given.
        The thing is that you will always have to be working – for money, to maintain attraction, to set and enforce boundaries, to lead – to bring out that ‘best’ in your woman.
        Which is fine – the relationship between the sexes is a trade, after all – she has something you want so you need to provide something she wants – but the point here is that before you make such a commitment you need to understand the time you will need to devote to this.
        This is the calculation that men need to make – the time they will need to commit to all this verses the benefit they receive.
        IME increasing numbers of men are finding increasing numbers of women are failing the cost / benefit assessment. Because they are waking up to better uses of their time.

    2. You’re clearly above average intelligence so if that is what genuinely works for you than go for it. Fuck the haters.
      What I’ll say though is you will get older. Don’t pass up opportunities because you got too “heady” in your decision making. Some of my fondest memories from my younger years are of pursuing and succeeding with some beautiful women (plenty of failed attempts as well, but I hardly even remember those). Sure some of them left scars, but I walked away with my freedom intact.
      If you have the opportunity to appreciate beauty I say go for it. There is no trophy at the end of life for being celibate. If you wanna be a monk do it later… For now just knock the pussy down a few more notches from the pedestal.

      1. I’m not interested in becoming a monk, I just want to rise above material and emotional contingencies. I don’t get the same level of satisfaction from pursuing women, eating good food, or being with friends that I do from learning a language or a skill set.
        I don’t think I will ever look back at my life and say “I wish I had enjoyed more women, alcohol, and entertainment”.

        1. you will always find the most fulfillment in doing things that benefit you. Pussy, consumption of fine foods and beverages, and camaraderie and leisure activities and do not reflect on your growth as a person. These are extra-circular activities.

        2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
          There is truth to this statement.
          For me good pussy is like having a good home cooked meal. Hearty and satisfying. It also relieves stress and re-energizes the mind and allows you to focus on the important.
          It is a shame that sex workers are virtually prohibited since for a man like yourself, this would be a useful service.
          Have you seen The Knick?

    3. They can’t see it because society has raised us to see women as god. We blindly obey.

    4. Dude, Why would you worry about any of the things you mentioned. Fuck them all. Go if you want, provide emotional support if you want, if the woman doesn’t like it, show her to the door. It is not hard to keep a woman; game her when necessary, surprise her with things that you know she will like, tell her your opinion when necessary, and for the rest look her in the eyes and don’t say a thing. Her response/action will show you the answer you seek and by extension she will know how you “feel” about it.
      Don’t give resources until the woman gives you resources in comparative value or those which you deem acceptable. Your main problem is your arrogance, once you realize that you can lock down an acceptable woman and pursue your own desires, then you can have access to regular sex and the ability to do your own thing, as it were. Do not think that a woman can come between you and your goals. Make her know her place and let the relationship proceed in a natural fashion. On the other hand, if she is a bitch (which you should have seen from the beginning and not gotten into a relationship with her), dump her ass and find a better suited woman.
      When a woman knows that you can get through life without her, she feels that she has to preform, cause why else would you have her around, when your could do it yourself? If she knows you don’t need her she wants you more. Pursue your own desires and let her want you more and mores.

    5. Man can never be a god.
      Things that are worthwhile require a significant time investment. Remember the purpose of a woman is to bear children. Your purpose is to impregnate them so that you may sire heirs. If you do not do this then your genes die with you. Women only take up as much time as you want to give them. You do not need to speak to her friends or her family. I have personally ordered previous girlfriends not to bring their friends to my house (because they couldn’t behave). If your woman cannot understand this then offer to help her pack her things.
      Get your woman in line and you will have the time you need to accomplish the things you need to do. There need not be any conflict here.
      I do not think you can be much of a man if you are celibate. Regular sex makes you feel like a god. There are hormonal effects here.

      1. “If you do not do this [impregnate women] then your genes die with you”?
        I remember having read similar thoughts from you before.
        I frankly don’t understand this worry many people have about not transmitting their genes, and how they go on to spend huge amounts of money if they can not beget children naturally (some relatives of mine have done that).
        I mean, what’s the big deal? Children in developed countries are quite expensive, to put it midly. They imply an enormous risk and little or no security of any meaningful “return” on such a hefty investment, not just of money but especially of time. In the Third World they are meant to work for the family and serve their parents in their old age, but that no longer applies here.
        When I was a teenager I already knew I wanted to have no children, yet I also thought it could be due to my youth. Now I am in my late twenties and still think the same. Way too risky. I might start a business, which can fail, yet there you simply lose some money and can start anew. There is no such possibility with children.

        1. A lot of men “think the same” until they get older. You are still very young.
          “Simply lose some money”? You are definitely very young. I have started and failed a business and it is not an experience I want to repeat.
          Yes children in developed countries are quite expensive. Tell me why that is.
          Ultimately, your argument boils down to “its too hard”. Children make this argument about many things. Then they grow up and realize that life is hard. Your father realized this and that is why you now exist.

  5. Unrelated to the article but I wanted to give thanks to all the authors and Roosh. You’ve changed my life and helped me realize women aren’t the be all in life as I had originally though. I get up faithfully @0500 5 days of the week to hit the gym and from then on do the daily grind. I’ve put together a solid game plan on how to start my business (I’m a software dev) i’m downsizing and getting rid of toxic assets. I even faithfully write in my journal every 3~4 days or whenever I have an interesting thought. I’m working on my personality to be as attractive as I can be and not giving myself to just some bitch because I feel like that’s all I can get. My travel game is top notch and I’ll be going to Peru in a few weeks.
    Thank you, you’ve helped me in ways I never though possible

  6. Being self employed makes me a huge a fan of lists. Use them regularly or flounder around aimlessly.
    The rich value time the poor value money.

    1. The poor value neither time or money. Watch ’em. As soon as they make it, they waste it on the worst things. That, and they don’t bother to develop even a basic understanding of it. They are forever slaves to it, destined to sacrifice their lives for it, only to get rid of it as soon as they touch it.

  7. This article was enlightening (once again RoK) because I am still young and am just now beginning to realize and appreciate concepts like the limits of time. Naturally my parents attempt to explain this to me but those parent-lenses are sometimes hard to hear the Truth and Wisdom. I always enjoy articles like this because it helps me refine newer concepts and reinforces habits I already have and exposes ones that need to be eradicated so that I may one day get closer to self actualization.
    Thank you.

    1. Yep…it’s important to set a schedule and stick to it, faithfully. It gets easier over time.
      Set up blocks of time and place things in these blocks that are worthwhile of your time (i.e. gym, meal times, hobbies, reading, etc…). It gets easier once you really think about which of these things actually improve your life and the others that just waste time. School and work are necessary for most people so think outside of those two thinks. Think about what you would do if you had all of this time to improve your life…and start setting up that schedule.
      You’ll find more people starting to gravitate towards you versus you always chasing them.
      Be the prize.

      1. I see that element of game never discussed.
        Rather than chase the cat, you should become the tuna.

  8. I once heard a preacher tell this joke to his congregation:
    ”What’s the best way to MAKE GOD LAUGH?”
    ans.: ”TELL HIM YOUR PLANS.”

    1. the basic principle of narrative is:
      “what goes wrong”
      That’s why god cares about your plans.

  9. Ironically I’ve wasted so much time reading about time management strategies, from getting things done, to to-do list software and the like. I still procrastinate while I know people who’ve never even heard of time-management will make and meet their schedules effortlessly. Its definitely worth doing. I don’t thing many people can do the 10 minute slot schedule thing, but if you can manage the 30 minute unit basic schedule then that’s not bad going.
    Sometimes though I think I must be missing a small part of my pre-frontal cortex because the man with the plan just doesn’t materialise on some days.
    I think its because I subscribe to the block theory of the universe

    1. I think it is important to get up early. I am a late sleeper myself and usually can’t help it but you surely make more of it the sooner you start.

      1. I’m never going to be an early bird, but yes, I’m trying to shave an hour off my usual bed-time at the moment. Still I intend to regret it when I get up too early

  10. Very good article and a kick in the ass most of our generation needs.
    However, 07:00 wake up? My sides. No military man worth a shit would sleep in that late (former 0331 back in early 00’s). Fuck, I’m up at 03:00 everyday and then work a 12 hour shift on the railroad and still find time to lift 3x a week and row the other 3x.
    So the premise of your article is outstanding, but that “wake up” time made me laugh.

      1. OK boys we can stop the wang measuring competition now. How about we compromise and agree that getting up at the crack of dawn is a worth while endeavour.

        1. Competion? Wang measurement? Hahaha!
          I am stating the obvious, no military man wakes up at 0700. None.
          And no, your slack jaw local recruiter or national guardsman doesn’t count.

    1. “No military man worth a shit would sleep in that late”
      Then the military life is definitely not cut for me, haha.
      This might sound funny, but I think that some of the worst atrocities armies do in wars have something to do with the little sleep they get. If you combine the fear of being shot with sleep deprivation/low quality sleep, “trigger happiness” becomes sort of natural.

  11. Time is the most important asset in life. It’s more important than money. Theoretically you can lose money and gain it back, but it’s an absolute truth that homo-sapiens will never gain lost time back. From the first day you’re conceived in the womb, the countdown towards death has already begun. Time management is so essential in this day and era, especially with so many useless television programmes, technologies and temptations, a man can easily look back on his life and find that he spent his prime years watching sitcoms, twiddling with iphones and wasting too much time pursuing coitus. Compartmentalise your life, be dutiful, diligent, organised and don’t waste a single minute, even when you party, party your heart out. Leave nothing on the table in life, you won’t ever be getting your time back, ever. Choose wisely comrades whether it be degrees, careers, friends and especially women. Every second that ticks is sand in the hourglass towards your death.

    1. Lance, have you considered writing an article for ROK?
      Your writing style is a perfect fit; concise, entertaining, and on point, every time.
      It probably wouldn’t take much more effort than 4-5 of your average comments strung together.
      I, and likely many others here, would surely appreciate a feature-length piece of your writing.

    2. You’re one of the top commentors on the site, man. Seriously, i would look forward to reading a themed article from you. Seconding Flagasaurus.

    3. “wasting too
      much time pursuing coitus”
      This is an interesting thought, because I get the feeling that success with women implies to devote a lot of time to loitering, grooming, gym workouts, shopping for clothes… things that -especially the last one- I am often too lazy to even consider.

  12. This is why I refuse to give in to the 50+ hour work week long term. Using minimalism and self-discipline, a man can have a very happy and fulfilling life on much less than the Matrix tells him he needs.
    Time may not be money, but money is definitely time. Always remember that.

    1. I agree.
      As much as you should use your time wisely it’s also just as important to use your money wisely, avoid investing money into systems of entertainment who’s only purpose is to distract you from your goals.. use the money to advance your life, invest it into business.. the money you earn should be earning you money long-term, allowing you to create more time for yourself.
      Cultivating a philosophy of minimalism is paramount in order to maximize the benefits of resources such as time and money.

    2. Exactly. This is why the frugal value time. Dropping cash on worthless shit is like taking a crap on the time it took to get that money in the first place. Easily the best way to get money is to limit how you spend it.

      1. I’m not sure it’s possible to emphasize how important your comment is.
        For a practical lesson, next time you go to your local community refuse tip (not sure if they go by that name in the US) take a look at what some people are throwing away.
        Furniture, kitchenware, soft furnishings, clothes, bicycles….just about anything and everything. Some of these things are broken and used up, but many of these things are still perfectly serviceable. They have been replaced simply because someone ‘tired’ of them and replaced with something ‘newer’. But that is not just an old table they are chucking in the skip – it cost $250 and someone worked 2 full days to afford it. Those old curtains? They didn’t really cost $100 – they cost a morning’s labour. That bicycle – three day’s effort.
        People are literally throwing their time in the refuse.
        Think in these terms when you next decide to replace something, or, more importantly, when you next make a discretionary purchase, and you will get some perspective. Not saying never indulge yourself, just be aware that you are not just spending your money – more properly you are spending your time.
        The other side of the equation is how you use the money you save. If you use it to buy something, buy the best quality item you can and commit to use it to destruction. Living minimally doesn’t mean living like a pauper – really it means living surrounded by the high quality items you need, and not with loads of low quality shit that you don’t.
        The money that you don’t spend – use it to buy time or freedom. Invest it in ways that it will start working for you, so that maybe you can take your foot off the gas at work in order to devote time to a side hustle that you are interested in developing. Invest it in yourself, maybe by training in a usable skill that you can use to save or make money. Build a lump to allow you time to start your own business or simply as a Fuck You Fund – that will allow you the freedom to stand your ground at work and challenge people to do the right thing because you know you can survive 6 or 10 months with no income.
        Time and money are in many ways interchangeable. When people trade it for worthless shit it’s a direct reflection on how they value themselves.
        Don’t be those people.

        1. Great comment Cadders! I agree completely, nice to see others with common perspective.

    3. Agreed,
      Part of the trick is breaking free of what ‘society’ (and for most practical purposes that means ‘women’) tells you are valuable achievements. Mostly you will find this to be centered around making money – for others.
      Whilst, clearly, making enough money to pay your way and realise your plans is very important, it has been elevated it to a point that it has now become a toxic obsession. Men are raised to believe that their only worth resides solely in how much money they make. And, more significantly, women are raised believing this is the only true measure of a man’s worth as well.
      So men tend to end up either sacrificing their time to the alter of money, or checking out completely.
      Once you understand that your real value lies in the skills you provide, not in in how much money you make, then all sorts of freedoms open up to you.
      You learn game – you need less money to get the girl.
      You develop a strong frame – you say ‘no’ more often, there are less demands from your women for ‘stuff’.
      You master basic plumbing, electrical and / or maintenance skills – you spend less money employing tradesman.
      You take time to understand nutrition and start cooking healthy meals – you spend less on eating out / in / ready meals.
      All these things mean you need less money. And that’s important, because every time a monetary transaction takes place, Big Daddy Government takes a cut. IMO that’s why men are no longer encouraged to learn these things. Every man who relies on paying some one to do something that he could do for himself is another person contributing to this toxic culture..
      The other common theme here is that these things are not about providing for others, they are about providing for yourself. And you get to decide who gets to benefit from it.
      As Rel implies, take the time to decide – what’s better, 50 hour weeks to get the pay rise, or 40 hours a week at work and 10 hours spent learning how to service your car, trying a new recipe or improving your game? Chances are, in the long run, both routes will lead to more ‘spare’ cash. Succeed on either path and women will be attracted to you irrespective.
      But both are likely to lead to very different outcomes in how you spend your time. It’s up to every man to decide which route will provide more fulfillment. The key thing is, you are going to spend your time doing something – make sure its the thing YOU prefer to be doing.

      1. Only now, for myself, are a few of these lessons sinking in. Everything falls under the time to value law. And the more you earn, at least immediately, the more things you have as opposed to the more money you have, making earning the money almost a waste. Truly, you have dropped some major points of wisdom.

  13. Always be mindful of how much 1 hour of your time is worth, relative to how much you’d make if you’re working
    To be even decent you gotta pull at least $20 per hour

  14. Have yet to meet someone who said they wished they’d watched more Game of Thrones on their deathbed.

    1. Although I have to admit if any television series could teach you anything, it would be GoT and possibly True Detective. If you have to waste time at all, waste it on those two. The real life lessons learnt in both about money, power and women are astounding. Outside of that and the local news, avoid TV at all costs.

      1. Amen regarding True Detective. Admittedly, i’ve read the entire Game Of Thrones up until the latest book. I like the little Red Pill nuances one finds in the written word which can be difficult to convey on screen.

      1. I’d be bummed if i that happened to me before the book series finished. Looking likely though, with George Martin’s lax deadlines.

  15. Best way to conserve time for things that matter in life?
    1. Stop watching TV.
    2. Limit social media to only what benefits you.

  16. I think the key here is value.
    When we spend in the marketplace we seek value for money. But when we spend our time we rarely make the same calculation.
    In this context the plan for your life is even more important than the plan for your day.
    Working 50 hour weeks could be the right thing to do if it gets you closer to your goals (and I’m not just talking about the next promotion – I mean mastering skill sets that may have nothing to do with your current employment but everything to do with your future). Staying up late to finish a ROK article might be justified by the lessons you are learning, that you can start acting on the very next day.
    Or you may be simply wasting your time. But most often we simply don’t think about it.The ONLY real fail here is not to consider it.
    Once you have established your direction of travel, making this judgement becomes much easier. Your daily plan almost writes itself. What separates the winners from the losers is having the will to stick to it, and the flexibility to change it when circumstances change.
    When it comes to important purchases we don’t spend big on low value items.
    Don’t spend big chunks of your time on low quality people or activities.

  17. So, wat do when you’re a full time student and working two jobs?
    suck it up?
    sacrifice sleep for study/regaining sanity/women/gym?

    1. Take account of when your mind is sharpest and concentrate any goals you may want to achieve along with skills needed, into those periods of time. Putting goal improvement tasks, until when you are done with other mandatory affairs, will drain you, as you won’t have the energy.
      Take stock in yourself and be patient. Putting even an hour a day, into what you wish to build, ensures that you will have three skills solidly learned by the years end. Imagine if that is getting a number, cooking and coding? You’ll now have shaved costs on restaurants, added more sex options, and included the ability to maximize your computer as well as add in an extra source of income if you decide to code for others.

      1. Great advice. Using a skill & leveraging on that skill to build & grow other skills from that foundation.

  18. Alpha male scedule = the general
    Beta male scedule = your example (observation, not offense)
    Omega male scedule – example in detail.
    Few will fit 100%, many of you reading this will have done a little of it or know somebody who is like that. There are more of these guys out there than you think.
    So lets get started:
    xyz: wake up, you have no alarm clock and you dont want one.
    First thing in the morning (or mid-day) is you turn on your computer, reading emails, check the news, eat a donat while doing it. Of course you are not dressed, washed or groomed. After maybe an hour you get some more food and prepare for your day.
    It is hard to decide if you would rather download a movie, watch the latest episode of one of your 5 television series or play one of your 3 favorite online games.
    So hard. You cant decide this just yet. So you rather watch some internet porn and have 5 minutes of fun with yourself first.
    Around 3pm you are getting hungry. So you go check if there is frozen pizza you can put into the microwave, maybe a few beers too. Much to your displeasure you did eat all of the above yesterday so you are forced to put pants on, a shirt and go across the street to the grocery store. Thank god for social security, wellfare state and socialism, your plastic card is still good.
    You did hurry quite a bit and are realy happy that you could finish this disturbance within 20 minutes and are back to your online games just in time for this awesome raid. Mouse in one hand, pizza slice in the other; you are a true online hero!
    At around 3am after only ~11 hours of straight play time (after your half hour break for groceries) you feel a little tired and decide to call it a night. Tomorrow is another day. It will be even more fun, for sure!

  19. When you are young, you think you have nothing but time, but it’s an illusion, mostly resulting from a lack of experience. I delayed so many things in my youth thinking I could do them later, but now at 36 I’m beginning to panic somewhat. Luckily I avoided having too many LTR’s in my 20’s, but i certainly wasted plenty of time trying to impress and/or pick up women. I could have really used this website 12-15 years ago
    Don’t waste time guys. Make sure that you are getting the most out of it.

    1. If you are male you can do all the same things with 36 you could do with 18 plus many more you could not afford when you were younger.
      No need to panic.

  20. ‘Unlimited possibilities are not suited to man. If they existed, his life would only dissolve in the boundless. To become strong, a man’s life needs the limitations ordained by duty & voluntarily accepted. The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding himself with these limitations & by determining for himself what his duty is.’ -passage from the I Ching (Book Of Changes), China, circa 8th century B.C.

  21. Time is everything and I think the Millennials are beginning to understand that since their unicorn make believe world is crumbling before their eyes. To me, I think they might look back at rallying for homosexual rights and pot as a total and complete waste of time. And, if they do, I suspect they’ll look upon those things with increasing contempt.

    1. And then their are those millennials like myself which are increasing in number by the day, although not by much. There won’t be a cohesive aggressive male backlash amongst my group by the majority of men, but it may be enough. Who knows.

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