Angry Woman Shit Tests Boyfriend And Ends Up Getting Them Both Killed

Off the coast of Australia in May 2013, Paul Rossington and Kristen Schroder died. Their bodies have never been recovered. Both were passengers on the cruise liner Carnival Spirit, holidaying onboard with Schroder’s family.

After a verbal altercation visually recorded on the ship’s CCTV, both returned to their cabin. Some time later, infra-red footage showed Schroder climbing the balcony railing and then tumbling, seemingly accidentally, into the darkness of the sea, a near-fatal 18 metres below. Rossington jumped right in after her, perhaps unaware that his girlfriend had hit the ship on her way down and would probably have been killed even with a “clean” jump.

Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon recently released his conclusions into the pair’s death. It seemed evident to Dillon that Kristen Schroder was making a “dramatic gesture to alarm and test” Paul Rossington. Documented and anecdotal evidence proves that the relationship between the two could be tempestuous at best, the cruise being one last-ditch attempt to reorient the highly emotional crossroads they were facing.

Although it takes two to tango almost all of the time, Schroder appears, based on what we know, to be the one overwhelmingly at fault. Her lashings out at Rossington were discussed at the coroner’s inquiry, the result of her sessions with a psychologist. At one stage she went so far as to threaten suicide if Paul left her.

The coroner appears to have sugarcoated Kristen Schroder’s shit test of Paul Rossington

Imagine the responses of a girlfriend or others if a boyfriend made the sort of “dramatic gesture” that Kristen Schroder did.

Paradoxically, what they [Rossington and Schroder] had struggled to achieve in life – loving unity – they perhaps managed in their last actions alive.

– The blatantly over-the-top sentiments of Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon

I feel sorry for both the families and the victims. Not only did Rossington meet a truly terrible fate, neither did Schroder “deserve” to die. Schadenfreude towards the girlfriend is by no means the best or even a reasonable response in these circumstances.

Nonetheless, Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon, in my opinion, has erred in his findings. I have no reason to believe that they don’t accord with laws of inquiry as they stand, or the professional expectations laid down in his line of work. But following the rulebook can still deny the answers and frankness needed to stop similar accidents and tragedies.

Coroner reports are not entirely analogous to judicial rulings in courtrooms. There are some fundamental dissimilarities, and the former category can be both more and less speculative, depending on the individual types of information being considered at different times. Yet Dillon’s rather soppy approach to many elements of this inquiry has completely sugarcoated the flagrant melodrama and narcissism of Schroder in climbing the railing.

Considering that people generally don’t climb railings in such a way on the fifth-floors of buildings on land when there’s minimal wind, the girlfriend’s actions were beyond moronic, both for her own personal safety and the fear it would have generated in Rossington before she fell.

Would most girlfriends jump for their boyfriends?

Why don’t we see girlfriends and wives trying to save their male partners with the same fervor that Jon Blunk tried to – and did – save Jansen Young during the Aurora shootings?

In the context of this article, this is a somewhat tangential but nevertheless very potent point. I, probably like you, have no way of ascertaining what percentage of boyfriends and husbands, or simply men, jump in after women faced with certain or probable death, barring outside, frequently futile intervention.

Or die shielding their female partners to protect them from bullets and other violent attacks, as happened with several slain men during the Aurora shootings at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe only half or a third of men do this. But I can promise you one thing: it’s more than the number of women who do it for men.

Just as Paul Rossington would have been widely deplored for shit testing his girlfriend in the way Kristen Schroder shit tested him, it is highly unlikely that Schroder would have jumped in after him were the roles reversed.

Significantly, Paul Rossington was a paramedic. He would have realized, however emotional he was at the time, the massive chance that Schroder died instantly upon hitting either the ship or the water. Combine that with the high seas of the Pacific and you have a recipe for an early, watery grave for a hero like him.

Men shouldn’t have to die trying to save unstable women

Men rescuing women is considered both necessary and paternalistic. What gives?

Deputy State Coroner Dillon rightfully called for Paul Rossington to receive a posthumous award for bravery. Like Jon Blunk, who died saving his partner Jansen Young, he should be celebrated as a hero.

Unlike Blunk and others at Aurora, however, Rossington died trying to rescue Schroder because of her own actions. Depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness can explain a consistent emotional disposition, but they shouldn’t be automatically conjured up to excuse actions that resulted in her own death and, particularly tragically, Paul Rossington’s.

Respecting the memory of the dead doesn’t mean we have to (or should) ignore our obligations to the living, who are at greater risk of harm when society doesn’t adequately explain untimely deaths in the past. A forthright, non-romantic explanation of how Paul Rossington and Kristen Schroder died requires us to dispense with fairytale renderings of true love and the conquering of obstacles.

No obstacles were conquered here and the only true love proved, albeit naively in the eyes of some, was Paul Rossington’s.

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275 thoughts on “Angry Woman Shit Tests Boyfriend And Ends Up Getting Them Both Killed”

  1. Paul Rossington would have been totally screwed as well had he NOT jumped after her either. it would have been easily ruled a murder.
    Just as dumb as the the coroners explanation that “they were trying to be together in death” would be the motive passed that he was angry at her outbursts and argued her off the ledge.
    There is no way the poor man wouldn’t have been guilty of “Negligence” at the very least.

    1. No, read again, there was video. She did it to herself. Lacking an audio component, or witnesses to such an event, what you wrote is conjecture and does not qualify as evidence.

      1. I have. That doesn’t change anything. A court could easily argue the man did not do his due diligence in stopping her.

        1. Yeah, it does actually. You cannot submit fictional stories as evidence. No audio, no witnesses, no evidence. Video shows her doing it to herself, case closed.

        2. He would have had to lawyer up for sure, but at least he would have had a chance. This way was not better, the best way would have been for him to get a refund on the ticket and go find another girlfriend,

        3. Lol. I don’t know how the AUS courts work, but in the U.S. Either a state appointed prosecutor or schroeders family would seek to blame the male. The only reason my best friend got out of a case in this same way was because he simultaneously called the cops as he continually distracted her from jumping.
          Most men, including myself, would not think to do this in the heat of the moment.
          My entire post is tangential to the AUS courts handling of the case similar to the US, but that’s how female suicides over a man are dealt with.

        4. Video does NOT show all of the events leading up to the jump, so the case would not have been closed if the Rossington did not jump.

        5. Ok man, whatever. Most courts that I’m familiar with require actual evidence and reject unsupported claims as hearsay. Maybe you work in a different legal system though that doesn’t require evidence to support claims?

        6. The evidentiary standard regaling ANY case related to a woman in the United States of America as a “victim” has a lower burden of proof. I’ve already mentioned two viable scenarios where Rossington could have allegedly argued her off the ledge (lower degree murder / manslaughter), or he did not do his due diligence in stopping the suicide (criminal negligence). The latter may be handled differently if the girl has a history of emotional trauma.
          Unfortunately we’ll never see the hypothetical, but the point is if you are around a woman in these circumstances you call the
          Cops immediately.
          If you deal with these lizards on a daily basis, ignore this at your own risk.

        7. If you call the cops they will either shoot you or take you away. Bad idea, especially in a domestic.
          As for arguing her off the ledge. This is absurd on its face. She is responsible for her actions, not him. If she took his advice to kill herself, thats her decision.

        8. This is Australia even when you at sea. You don’t need any of that as evidence.Simon Gittany who very likely killed his girlfriend but was highly astute and destroyed all evidence was the face of anti domestic violence. There was no evidence that she(his girlfriend) didn’t jump on her own accord other than a text that said ” you scare me sometimes”. Australia has a Royal Commission for domestic violence. They had to be pushed for 25 years to have a RC for Catholic Church abuse to put thing in perspective. If Assange says Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism is just means that he hasn’t been home in a while.Now for this case the man killed himself. It was suicide. Whether it was a rushed decision or not would make no difference.

        9. Agree 100%. If he doesn’t jump, he gets accused of psychological abuse and murdering her to move on. He gets hounded by her family and Dateline NBC and is sued for wrongful death in civil court. Smh.

        10. The moral of the story here is don’t date unstable women. (Think one of the ROK writers did an article on that. ) She has one moment of madness, run for the hills. It doesn’t get better, it gets worse from there on. I know. I have dated a few, the sooner you leave the better before you get tangled in her mental games.

        11. Yeah, here in the US if you call the cops on a domestic issue, they are *required* to enter you into a database. I called them once on a drunk girlfriend in college, she ripped the side mirror off my vehicle as I was trying to leave her place and the only option was to physically subdue her, which I knew would not be acceptable on a PC college campus, so I called the cops (they were rude to me on the phone).
          When they arrived, they said they were required to take my info and file a complaint. I have to assume that the law protects only women and not men, and therefore I am on the list as some type of domestic violence offender… I will never call them again unless my life is at risk.
          The officers on the scene did sympathize with me, and remembered the girl from a DUI stop recently lol but apparently they are not able to break protocol. Next time I would refuse to cooperate, and stay off the database, but that’s hard to do when one is a teenager and doesn’t know better.

        12. courts are requiring less and less evidence for basically everything….we are flying away from at speeds breaking the sound barrier from a innocent till proven guilty to guilty till proven guilty and if by some miracle you are proven innocent it will be seen as a glitch in the system and the media will be sure to make you look guilty.

        13. If your life is at risk your best option is to call a friend, or even better a lot of friends, with guns rather than cops. If the threat is dealt with quietly, leave after eliminating any evidence of your presence.
          Actually really your best form of self-defense is preparation (always be armed) and avoidance (of bad areas and bad people). If threatened try to flee and last resort is to kill your attacker (if he leaves you no choice). And then leave the area.

        14. … I will never call them again unless my life is at risk.
          Fond of the chalk outline then I take it?
          When life and death is a matter of seconds, cops are only minutes away.
          You’re American, buy a gun. Cops aren’t going to help you, even if they are totally benign, unless you are carrying one around on your back. A S&W is simply lighter in that instance, and you save yourself the cost of coffee and doughnuts every two miles.

        15. I wasn’t aware that Ohio was ceded to the United Kingdom. Must be a new development, they haven’t even announced it in the Columbus Dispatch yet. Hell, I can’t even recall a referendum on the matter!

        16. Good one. And yes, I meant that prior post with jest, under the presumption you live outside the UK.
          Otherwise, even a UK chap confirmed the scenario to me.

        17. OK Point taken, the only time I would call the cops is to file a police report over something valuable stolen that they actually have a chance of recovering (hint: almost nothing fits that category except possibly my car).

        18. In England, after you file that report they will write to you explaining how investigating this crime is not in the public interest. The next day they will fine you £100 for going 5 mph above some arbitrary speed limit.
          And your interest? Well fuck your interest.

      2. C’mon this is America. No audio? I can imagine what the presstitutes would do with that. They would claim “see! Verbal abuse! She must have been getting verbally abused!!” and then all sorts of new laws proposed with femicunts all smug besides politicians.
        Of course any “laws” against verbal abuse will be worded in such manner that disagreeing with a woman would constitute it. Also, asking her not to gain 30 lbs a year would also be abuse.
        ♪ God fuck America ♫

      3. We live in a country where a white woman can call a black man a nigger and knee him in the balls and he still gets it when he defends himself. And he lives in Australia, a country that so desperately wants to be buddy-buddy with the US that it is even worse for men.
        He should have been taught by a masculine role model to avoid cone faced trash like her in the first place.

    2. Jumping in after her is suicide. Literally.
      He wouldn’t be thrown in jail for not committing suicide. Shamed on Jezebel maybe – not thrown in jail

      1. Agree. U.S. Courts still make decisions based on fact when nobody important is involved.

    1. Even if a child is involved you need to get it and yourself out of that relationship, for both your sakes

  2. he probably thought the ship would come back to get them. it does seem kinda intuitive.
    still stupid. why jump in after a bitch? maybe they played a round of truth or dare.

    1. He wasn’t thinking at all. If he has been thinking he would not have even been on the cruise with her.

        1. with his super powers of towel exercises and sup par supplements I’m sure he could have saved them!

    2. Big ass cruise ships do not, and have never, circled back for an overboard passenger, that I’m aware of. Major rescues, yes, but one offs and you are fucked.

      1. i remember this news story i once read without questioning it. maybe it was even a movie, where some gal heroically survived a few hours in the water before the thing came back. if that were the memory that pops up in my head just in that moment, i may be tempted to do something stupid.

        1. Titanic, that was a major rescue of lots of people. If it is just you and some chick, well, get your prayers in order and try not to think too much about the Sharks circling below.

        2. Titanic? That really happened? I thought it was just a tragic love story… 😉

        3. Tragic? It was the paving of the path to the creation of the true Alpha Widow laid bare for the world to see. And women couldn’t flock to see it multiple times fast enough. Telling, that.

      2. Yeah when you have thousands of passengers on your ship, whats one or two? You get back to port that’s still virtually a 100% success rate.
        Good enough for government work 🙂

  3. What was the “shit test” here? The test was not giving in to here childish gesture. The reality is that he failed it utterly. What she “needed” (and I put that in quotes, because her needs truly did not matter), was for him to make it very very clear that if she falls, she is on her own.
    He failed this, totally. And in failing, he died.
    From reading the writings of players, we see that ultimately a shit test is an attempt to see if the partner will give in to emotional manipulation. To pass the test, is to simply not give in. That’s it. all he had to do was respect himself and his life.
    As for her, women can also fail their own tests. If they have to test too hard, then as we see in this case, they demonstrate their own lack of viability.

    1. Worse than that.
      If he had been able to clearly communicate that such acting out would have been punished instead of rewarded with attention, she probably would not have died.
      To use another example I know another guy who is a massive player. He’s had a couple girls threaten to commit suicide and in every case the moment he responded by saying he was calling the cops the behavior stopped instantly.

      1. That is very funny. Because what you are saying is that the only “magic” they use is acting like a sane responsible adult who knows his real world limitations,
        I very much appreciate your comment.

      2. You have to call the cops in these female suicide situations. There is no other move.

        1. for what its worth the male suicide rate is roughly 10-1 times higher than the female suicide right in developed countries. However the female attempted suicide rate is much higher.

        2. Females ATTEMPT suicide four times more often. Their attempts are screams for attention.

        3. Bob is right. As soon as the police get involved you are fucked. Doesn’t matter how good your intentions or even how cover your ass your intentions, when they show up and find irrational bitch your ass is in deep.

        4. yeah exactly. I’m glad someone pointed this out. We live in a day and age where calling the cops is like playing with fire. When calling cops and it involved female and male situation, the cops will automatically side with the female NO MATTER WHAT and the male will possibly be beaten up by the police and thrown in prison. A lot of young Americans are calling the cops by default. Some people are cowards and will call cops to make your life living hell or just call the cops because they are pussy scared or just been taught and call it by “default” because they think it’s the “right” thing to do….

        5. it should be noted that men attempt suicide via more foolproof and violent methods such as gun shots and hanging.
          women try more delicate methods(I think all women are under a delusion that they must look good even for their own funeral) such as pill popping and what not.
          in essence they pick more delicate and less effective methods….a man that is wants out, wants out and goes out with a fuck the world attitude.

        6. Yep. My brother very nearly got locked up by the cops when his wife called the cops after he banged his fist on the table in an argument. She feared for her life apparently.
          The kind of disloyalty displayed by a woman who calls the cops on her decent husband is grounds for divorce in my book.

        7. My impression is that the cops fucking hate us and are just looking for an excuse to beat you, lock you up, shoot you or all three. And of course, a free-thinking male is public enemy number one in their eyes.

        8. Even the cops know that they better give the man a bitch slap to make the real bitch feel better, because if the bitch gets angry, the state will take her side, and fuck the cops like a bitch. No pun intended.

        9. If someone attempts suicide, and doesn’t kill themselves, then, either,
          1) They were just pretending to commit suicide to scare others or get attention.
          2) They are fucking stupid, and they can’t even get that simple little thing right.
          A lot of women attempt to commit suicide, but don’t succeed in killing themselves. They can happily choose which category they fit in.

        10. agreed, with one caveat. I think there is a sizable percentage of women who pretend to want to kill themselves and then wind up dead because they fuck that up too.
          Seriously, In my nearly 2 decades as a professional I have yet to meet a woman who didn’t fuck up the simplest of tasks

        11. haha yes. Until of course he has gets a case involving female on female violence. Then the confused dumbass won’t know whose side to be on.

        12. Whoa. You made me see the stupidity of females with a unique and new perspective. I really appreciate it.

        13. Yeah, actually the funny thing is that cops can beat on women and nothing happens. They get a pass on that apparently.

        14. Okay, but how about telling them they need to go to a psych hospital for evaluation, and that you’re calling her an ambulance? She’ll be thinking of straight jackets and padded walls.

    2. His biggest mistake was being with her in the first place. A chick that threatens suicide? Say no go.
      Never date crazy.

        1. Not fair. You’ve got the goddam heat vision thing unlike the rest of us 😀

        2. Finding a good woman is more like finding a piece of hay in a field of needles.

        3. A bigger problem in my experience is that the ones that are crazy can be good at concealing at first.
          A girl I was banging and that acted absolutely normal (for a girl), showed up at my place at 4 AM leaning on the doorbell until I opened, because I wasn’t instantly answering her texts. She thought something happened to me or that my flat burned down. Never considered that maybe I was asleep.
          Another one, that also seemed genuinely normal, started sending me pictures of the outside of my place in the middle of the night, like she had driven by.
          Another one, also seemingly not insane, pretended to commit suicide after I refused to see her one night, then another day got arrested and called for me to bail her out.
          I cut them all loose, and that guy should have done the same way earlier, but it just goes to show the crazy hamster may be in hiding at first.

      1. fuck crazy but never date them.
        most modern women are crazy in their own unique ways.

    3. while true….however depending what the shit test is, is where it gets hairy.
      since shit testing is the ultimate in women “saying one thing, meaning anything else” philosophy….we embark in the ever muddy waters of figuring out for example is she really suicidal? or is it a shit test. if shes suicidal you are legally fucked for not taking care of her, if its a shit test, you could indeed be fucked if it gets out of hand and if shes willing to use suicide threats as a shit test, odds are you are one wrong action/word from being a dead man.
      shit testing is ultimately the boy that cried wolf…..some cries are actually real, and its the real ones that you blow off that are going to in so many words fuck you in the ass without an lube.

    4. Woman are mostly simple stupid creatures useful only for breading, and shitting little sprogs, put any real complex tasks to them and they will fail all…just ask the feminists, and you’ll see the reaction.

    5. She was so dumb, she put the both of them into a no-win situation.
      But also consider, what type of person would actually do this? What does it say about them psychologically? And why didnt he run long before the incident?

  4. Big ass cruise ships do not circle back for passengers,ever, that I’m aware of.

  5. If actions like these do not convince you of the oft mentioned mental illness percentage of women in the modern world (35%), I do not know what will. When I say mental illness, I mean women like these are Gone in the Head. Gone. Cuckoo birds to the nth degree. Let her jump and go back to the bar and have a drink like nothing happened. One less cuckoo bird to deal with.

  6. I’ve been on those ships – hell no, those balconies are frightening. She was probably dead soon after hitting the water. Those ships are moving pretty fast in open water – any contact with the hull underwater would turn her into a stain. Also possible to get pull towards the propellers and turned into chum. And if they had both survived the fall, they are floating in the middle of the Pacific at night.
    The only chance for her and the only way he lives if if he had immediately reported “man overboard” to the crew.

  7. Men have a white knighting instinct built into them, it depends on the male how rational he is to be able to control it. Also although white knighting is instinctive in men most women don’t actually respect it, white knighting even if heroic doesn’t impress women from what I’ve seen.

    1. White knighting was built into men for a reason, women DID used to respect it. Save a bitches life 75 years ago and you’ve just secured her undying loyalty. Now since things have changed so rapidly our psychological wiring hasn’t had time to catch up to the fact that white knighting for bitches gets you less than nowhere.

      1. Everything you’ve said is correct. One of the reasons is in times past a woman was reliant on a man for survival, but since they have big daddy government doing that women don’t need white knight men nearly as mucn

        1. Well, let’s say a drunk woman is stumbling in the road and you come to her aid. You will most likely be labeled as “creepy” and reported for some form of “rape.”

        2. Correct. What if a guy finds a blacked out woman in the street, lying naked and brings her to his house. In the morning if she doesn’t remember anything she can accuse the man of raping her while she was asleep, because she “feels that she was raped”. That man could be destroyed in a second. Everyone will take the woman’s side.

        3. Even if you call 911, they’ll have your voice on the recording. They will ask for your name. Pretty easy to set you up for the fall after that. That makes being a good Samaritan more difficult.

      2. That’s because now woman take white knighting for granted. They feel as if they were entitled to it. What else is she supposed to feel when men fall over themselves to defend her, even if she is behaving like a rude whore and not a lady.
        In the past it was respected because, men demanded respect. They white knighted for ladies. Our ancestors wouldn’t white knight for a whore. Modern men do. And they don’t demand respect for it. They do it for every woman, and for free. Women see this all the time. When they can get if for free, why would they bother to give something in return?

        1. During the winter, a chick at my job expected me to go out and change her tire for her in freezing weather. I barely knew the woman, except for hello and good bye. Of course I didnt do it. Why would I? We’re equals. Anything a man can do, a woman can do it better! Fish don’t need bicycles.

        2. One day at my job, a female co-worker was having an argument with a male co-worker. Now I knew both of them, for several months, but I hadn’t heard their full argument. The woman called the man an idiot, and he returned the favor. Suddenly she became hysterical, shouting, “Is this the way you speak to a woman?”, although she had called him an idiot first. All the while she kept looking at me, telling me that the other man didn’t respect women, desperately trying to involve me in the argument, trying to get me to white knight for her.
          I didn’t do it.
          She became more desperate, and then finally, using her last resort said to that man, “Any real man hearing you would put you in your place! Real men don’t tolerate when lesser men disrespect women!”
          I still didn’t white knight for her.
          However another beta man stepped in the room, and saw them arguing, and without knowing what the argument was all about, started taking the woman’s side, and attempted to shame the man. And thus the conflict was resolved.
          What I found funny is that this particular woman always spew feminist shit at work, telling that men and woman are equal, and all other nonsense. And suddenly when things get a bit difficult, she resorted to cheap tactics, like, “I’m just a poor women! Help! everyone is attacking me!”

        3. Was this person tubby? Perhaps very unpretty? Maybe kinda angry and loud mouthed? Did this woman have skin darker than olive? Did she have short hair (cut above the shoulders)? I think the key to success with women in this life is simply being able to identify their patterns so that you know which ones to stay away from after a very short interaction. We all know from their crass, non-feminine attitudes that they think they are the bosses yet want to maintain the privileges of the submissive. The deepness of their voices, the intonation, word choice. Yeah, we know who the real female dogs are without having to get burned now. They wear it like a badge.

        4. No she had a reasonable weight, but yes, she had short hair. She is pretty, but that short hair drastically reduced her beauty. If she grew her hair long, she could be a solid eight.

      3. It is taught by society that men are to worship women, while
        women don’t have to do anything but judge men. This is the way society says men should be. So that is how men think, feel and behave. If society gave men the proper script, then men would behave accordingly. Nothing about it is inherently biological to sacrifice yourself for some chick you’re just banging.

    2. Protecting the mother of your children, sister or girlfriend is not white-knighting though. It is natural to protect the ones you love.

      1. Women do it too if they truly love someone. My mother goes crazy in my defence sometimes, and she defends my father a lot too. The problem is that most women today aren’t capable of love, having been desensitised to it by riding the carousel.

      2. Yes it is. Once a woman has delivered your children she has done her biological duty. The only female you should consider risking your life for is the one with your genetic lineage.
        Girlfriends shouldn’t even be a consideration, she’ll be on a new dick before your funeral is over.

        1. Probably the guy she met at the funeral. Then she’ll kill her sister in the hopes of meeting the same guy again.

      3. Protecting the mother of your children makes sense. Jumping into the sea for some random chick you call your girlfriend is just being a WK faggot.

      4. Of course family is different. But men instinctively white knight for females, family or not.

        1. You’re right. I think this is a healthy instinct but it needs to be managed intelligently for the modern world. Classic mistake is intervening in a fight between a man and his woman. Always goes badly.

        2. That’s right it’s an instinct that needs to be curtailed and used In the appropriate situation because the modern world is different to our ancestors. I don’t believe saving a women under legitimate circumstances is white knighting. To me guys who always defend women under any circumstances even if she’s in the wrong or automatically taking a females side because she has a vagina is white knighting.

        3. I disagree. It is taught by society that men are to worship women, while women don’t have to do anything but judge men. This is the way society says men should be. So that is how men think, feel and behave. If society gave men the proper script, then men would behave accordingly. Nothing about it is inherently biological to sacrifice yourself for some chick you’re just banging.

    3. White knighting means you value the woman more than you value yourself. It means you’re putting women on a pedestal, willing to disrespect yourself and other men. Women do not find that attractive. Just as Ferris said about his best buddy on his Day Off, women will not respect men who kiss their behinds.

      1. He’d have been better off screaming man overboard and trying to throw a lifebelt after her.
        Still a slim chance, but the chances of him successfully swimming the Pacific Ocean with her on his back rank somewhere between zero and absolute zero

        1. Its one of those situations that occurred because of mistakes he made in the past. The mistake was being there in the first place. It is incumbent upon a man to wisely choose the woman he will spend time with.
          He chose poorly.

        2. I agree completely.
          As the saying in my neck of the woods goes, he built a rod for his own back

    1. His White Knight savior programming kicked in before his higher level faculties could override. He was probably a good man at heart but not wise in the ways of handling his woman. And it cost him. Now he gets to be an eternal object lesson for other men.

    2. He was following her lead. She was the one who set the tone in the relationship, and he was sucked into her world. He should have pulled her into his world, but as men in the west, we are taught not to do that. Which ultimately means men are subjected to the whims of little girls, instead of acting like men. This isnt just his failing. It is also society’s failure.

  8. The only time I’ve seen women risk their lifes for a man, is when said man puts her life in danger. Most women who shit test their man wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

  9. The first time your partner threatens suicide, take a walk. Do not participate in what I call the dance of the bad relationship. Both people are miserable and go through a constant cycle of fighting, separating and then getting back together. This constant cycle is in part because when they attempt to move on their toxic baggage BS is not tolerated by new dating prospects.
    A bad relationship is like a drug. Despite knowing how bad it is for you, you crave the drama and toxicity.

    1. The first time your partner threatens suicide, drive her to the pharmacy and let her pick out her pills.

      1. NO! Drive your ass out the door. Abandon ship dude. It’s astounding how many men fall (and occasionally women) for the shit test.

        1. SHE threatens suicide and I have to go? no way. fly, birdie, fly.
          but what do i know? the only woman who ever shit tested me like that was my mother.

        2. Oh yeah man. It’s the same as when they threaten to take your kids. (Who probably aren’t genetically yours anyway.) They want to hit you with a situation that any normal, human person couldn’t walk away from. Take the red pill, and realize that it’s a woman making an outrageous demand to push you.
          And women are so manipulative and self-serving, that it’s very, very hard to believe they’d LET YOU KNOW FIRST they were going to do it. A truly depressed, suicidal person doesn’t tell anyone, they just do it. Statistics and facts back that up.

        3. I was depressed and a friend asked if I was going to hurt myself. I told her that if I was, I wouldn’t be running around announcing it.

      2. No….. then you will be seen as a accomplice if she actually is successful.
        But….. if you drive her there and leave her…. well then whose to say anything?

      3. It’s the ultimate in emotional manipulation. Now just imagine all the more subtle ways she was intentionally manipulating him throughout the relationship. They ought to have laws on the books that prevent women from doing this. They have laws against non-violent male activity in relationships. Although I hate Big Brother, it’s only fair. Just call up the police and tell them you’re tired of this woman emotionally manipulating you. Then they come and take her away until she agrees not to do it again. And if she does it a second time, you get the house and the kids. She gets to live in her dad’s basement, unable to find a new sucker due to lack of money. Oh wait, never mind.

        1. Men ought to start emotionally manipulating women. Or, rather recapture the ability by being alpha as fuck.

    2. Threatening suicide is the highest form of emotional manipulation. It’s the Super Bowl of shit tests. Leave immediately. Any girl that goes that far is fucked in the head and a major control freak. She gets off on getting men to react to her tantrums.

      1. When a girl threatens to kill herself, I say to her, sure go ahead here is the rope just wait while I get the camera so I can post it on youtube.

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        2. If I was him I would have waited until IT climbed the railing and kicked IT head first off with a EVIL HIDEOUS LAUGH because I truly HATE the way females have turned out! Nasty Pieces Of SHIT they are!

      2. In many jurisdictions, it’s actually a felony–threatening suicide is domestic violence.

        1. aha! somebody who knows what the FEMINIST SCUMBAG LOSERS WITH THEIR UDDER GUILT TRIPS DON’T ‘WANT’ YOU TO KNOW. hold women accountable, it’s the only way… along with = punishment.

    3. it’s amazing how couples have to get back together to console themselves it’s over…..

      1. If a girl threatens to call the police I tell her no no I will call them myself save you the hassle bitch.

    4. Truth has been spoken. In fact, it’s dangerous NOT to walk away asap, because, especially in this day and age, she will get you caught up in something, whether an overdose/hospital drama, framing you with murder, or assault by her to get a reaction, or jumping off a ship. Let. Her. Die.

      1. Agree just let them fucking die, who cares more fish in the sea, no bitch is worth dieing for.

      2. Yes, this needs more exposure. Most men are naive when it comes to women. He probably never even thought. He was likely just running on mangina impulses.

    5. A girl I was with got a whole mouth full of Tylenol to try to shit test me with the suicide thing. I yelled at her to spit it out. She didn’t, so I smacked the shit out of her. She spit it all out and I left. My phone was getting blown up with all sorts of calls and apologetic texts. Nope. Out of there for good.

      1. Let me tell you a little story from my ICU nursing days. An irate young women took a pile of tylenol to try and stop her boyfriend from going to a hockey game. He went anyway and three days later she was in a coma with liver failure and subsequently died. Her little trick didn’t stop him and she assumed the tylenol wasn’t going to harm her.

    6. The best approach (unless the situation is on the order of you’ve been seriously involved for a long time and this is the first time she’s felt suicidal) is to talk for a few minutes then offer her a ride to the nearest psychiatric hospital. Tell her you’re not a professional, you’re not trained to deal with this, that you cannot and will not deal with this, and either give her a ride or leave. If she refuses a ride to the hospital (as most will), feel free to call 911 after you leave and report the incident and your concern.
      While it’s likely she won’t harm herself, she might. By calling 911 you both summon help that she might need, and make it clear you can’t be manipulated. People can legitimately feel suicidal without its being some sort of drama or test, but if that’s the case they will almost certainly WANT help in order to pull back from the brink.

  10. Generally it is the instinct of a man to sacrifice himself for his woman. Its an evolutionary instinct that goes back to pre-civilisation. We might consider the purpose is to ultimately protect your germ-line – i.e. it is crucial that the women in your species/tribe, etc. survive so that your genes, or the genes of your brothers, also survive.

      1. If that was true, very few men today would have the instinct today to protect their families. That in itself is oxymoronic, since if men had not acted in the past to protect their families, we would not be here today.

        1. wrong. different perspective: if these men had not acted in the past “to protect their families”, there would be even more stupid idiots today.
          “oxymoronic” sounds fantastic. sounds like a dish soap for dimwits.

        2. No you are wrong Tom. If men sacrificing theirselves for women was promoted by evolution, men today would refrain from doing so, as the behavior would have been eliminated by evolution. So clearly there is a kin selection thing going on.

        3. realistically, i suggest a combination of the two. on average, a certain percentage may have died sacrificing themselves without having passed on their genes, another percentage after having done that.

    1. This is correct and is closely tied to the other concept of “women and children first”.

    2. See, I don’t entirely believe that. As an illustration, the men on the Titanic wanted to get into the lifeboats just as the women did. There were other men with guns who prevented the men from going first. That is the difference. That is survival of the fittest. Most men would live. Most women would die.
      There’s no sense in jumping if there is no way to save the person. Did he think they were just going to climb up the side of the ship? Wave their hands and someone would notice?
      And unless you’re some kind of olympic swimmer or Coast Guard officer, there isnt even a remote chance.
      I probably would have stood by the balcony with my mouth gaping open, but I doubt I would have jumped in. Then the first logical thought to come to my mind would probably be, “That crazy b*tch actually went through with it.”

      1. The whole “women first” thing was based on the old saying “eggs are dear but sperm is cheap”. Which is true enough from a biological perspective. That’s why hunters shoot the bucks and not the does – it’s much less harmful to the overall population’s fertility rate.

    1. Call me a nihilist but I see this whole thing as a happy ending. We lost one bitch and one beta. The world won’t miss them.

      1. we lost potential redpillers. Being beta is a temporary state until you are presented with the opportunity to ingest the red pill. This scenario is a 1-0 for the feminists. How ? Because we aren’t reaching sufficient men with the knowledge that we have. The red pill isn’t just some mumbo jumbo somebody comes across but it’s the natural order of things. Being red pill is being fucking normal. And the rest of the people are way off track.

        1. This isn’t a crusade to arm men with the red pill so they can fight down the evil feminist regime. A “potential redpiller” has absolutely zero value. This guy’s death was untimely and tragic, but here’s some red-pill truth: he’s one less guy to compete with.

        2. You’re confused and looking for knowledge.
          What would you rather choose ?
          A. Your next generation of children to grow up completely around degenerate feminists and males with female tendencies along with hoards of mentally struck down gay people
          B. Your next generation of children to grow in a disciplined society that knows the natural order and order itself.
          Choose your destiny.
          The life we live isn’t all just for us. It’s for our future too. Our children, our heritage. It’s the very fucking reason this website exists.
          Get your facts straight and an attitude.

    1. am i the only one who thinks it’s damn cool to jump down 18 meters into an excited sea?
      less cool to forget that the boat is moving, of course.

      1. Risk of spinal injury from an impact fall starts at a minimum of about 3 meters. That’s from spotting & belaying people who boulder/rock climb. I’ve also done bottle dives (perfectly vertical, feet first, with flotation device attached) from static ships & jetties as part of rescuer training.
        At 18 meters, the sea might as well be a giant slab of concrete. One wonders what the hell possessed Kristen Schroder to turn her life light off permanently the way she did.

        1. interesting. any data on that or mathematics to calculate? i remember that in swimming baths, they use bubbles to disrupt the surface tension. i imagine that a rough sea or the boat might have a similar effect.
          i haven’t seen the video, but i would guess she slipped.

        2. Math? Just take it what it’s worth. 18 meters dropped into water and you’re gonna die.

  11. This is symptomatic of Australia. I mean there is something seriously dysfunctional about this country. I see guys play Russian Roulette with girls who walk out of the pub or club into traffic. its not an uncommon way to die or end up seriously disabled but guys chase these girls who are dancing with cars. Your guess is as good as mine as to who most drivers end up hitting but usually the girl stumbles off the road and the guy gets get cleaned up trying to be the hero.

  12. Tragic series of events. With women like these, sometimes you just gotta go..

    1. Agreed. One less crazy bitch to wreak havoc on young men’s lives and one less omega male rescue ranger feeding the trolls.

    2. Do you think he would be the type of guy who would want to injure other men for misogynistic opinions or redpill opinions? I dont know if he was, but it makes sense to me that a man with that kind of instinct to suicide for a woman might.

      1. Absolutely. These are the same beta males who go to war to defend the Honour of whatever maiden might be nearby just to feel better about themselves and/or attempt to get laid.

  13. We don’t differentiate between “Men dying trying to save unstable women” and “Men dying trying to save STABLE women”
    I submit the latter is actually a good thing, biologically/civilizationally.
    The problem is that we’re not allowed to recognize and call out UNSTABLE women, and hold them to account for their own choices.

  14. My father described love as “finding someone who’s shit you’re willing to put up with”. Of course, that doesn’t mean taking it lying down: he’s kicked my mother out of the car and had her walk home before (only ’bout a mile from the house, though), tells her bluntly to stop acting up, etc.
    Although recently she’s started to adopt feminist ideas (all men are potential rapists, women should be allowed to dress scantily, etc) through facebook. Quite frightening, actually.

      1. When I was an toddler I preferred the company of my father over my mother. I was a good judge of character. Still am.

  15. Sadly, had he not jumped you know they would have said he pushed her off and he would be serving life right now.

    1. I think they mentioned they had video footage of the accident. He most likely would’ve lived but then be labeled a coward for the rest of his life for not jumping in to save her.

  16. This serves best as a warning for women to think twice about burning goodwill from men.

    1. Modern Feminasty Women think that they don’t need goodwill from men — they have Big Daddy Government, and “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, remember?
      But the feminists didn’t think about unintended consequences…like MGTOW, for example.

      1. Shenanigans like that only leads to cultural/societal destruction. In real life, I personally guarantee you non-Europeans have no idea who the Celtic people are (before Google search, of course).

      1. At least I bring home the bacon and make sure to not dry it up.
        You, on the other hand, are drying up like raisins.
        With an attitude like that towards men, no wonder you’re going to unleash more Norman Bates to the world.

  17. Well, the God of Natural Selection intervenes again. -1 for the White Knight genes.
    It’s just sad that the God of the Mighty Pimp Slap had not interjected himself into this affair.

  18. I think we’re all missing the big picture here. This guy died for a fat woman.

  19. A good life lesson for young men. If she jumps you don’t jump, you call 911 and wait.

  20. And if he didn’t die chasing the psycho, the media would have eaten him alive.

  21. Did he really think he could jump off a cruise ship and live? Lol how stupid was this guy?

    1. A tiny umbrella should break your landing. At least that what I learned from Looney Tunes

      1. Fortunately the cruise lines generally sell lots of drinks with those umbrellas, so if you end up without access to one while on a cruise you have nobody to blame but yourself.

  22. I dated a BPD for two and a half years. You might think, “Sure, you leave her the first time she gets out her .38 and starts waving it around in a threatening manner,” but in my case you’d be wrong.
    Thing is, a lot of crazy women can hook you with obsessive, adoring, worshipful, behavior. That shit is addictive! First time she shows up after a breakup, in the rain on your doorstep, looking so pathetic…
    And that was 3 months into a 2.5 year relationship. Now, I’ll never do it again. No more stickin’ my dick in crazy for me… but I understand why I did it that one time.

    1. I haven’t done that but I could see how it would have happened in my younger years if I met the wrong woman… Glad you survived.

    2. I dated one that was like that, but she knew she was crazy and went out of her way control herself. She would tell me how she felt and ask me if she was being delusional. She cared what I thought about her and she didn’t think I was trying to use her for sex. Atleast I assume this. When we did break up I had to get her sister and mother involved with it. I did get messages off and on on the internet for over a year and I had to keep in touch with her family as well. I think dating some one like that is possible ,but they need to accept their crazy and their family does as well. And you kind of got to accept that your going to be kind of a parent in a way to this woman. Most of these women aren’t in this kind of state though and if they’re an adult no one can help them unless they started at a younger age with this kind of communications with their family and friends.

    3. I question if BPD is real or not or whether it’s just a result of not staying pregnant and producing constantly during their full peak fertile years from 14 to 40. Girls can ‘turn’ BPD in middle school quickly and a simple questionnaire performed by a shrink is what brands them as BPD. I’ve always said that an egg wasted becomes ‘egg on her brain’. I think a lot of BPD is diagnosed as a bait and switch, where she’s diagnosed and focuses on her ‘illness’ and is discouraged from breeding. Hell Michelle Duggar could be BPD for all we know. Something sure is driving her recurring itch to ‘twitch’ for it like a cecadian rhythm. Just peg all western white women as BPD when they go into heat and they’ll be less likely to breed, or be shamed or shunned from procuring mates that will overlook their devaluing diagnosis. Still I think many BPD Dx are no more valid than the normal boys Dx with ADHD and given ritalin or people Dx with oppositional defiant disorder who are really political dissidents.

  23. People are growing up engrossed in fantasy. Comic book movies are the most popular movies today. A whole generation of people who are increasingly unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. Did she really think a face first plunge from a cruise wouldn’t lead to death?

  24. white girls threatening suicide when they dont get their way – that shit happens all the time
    should’ve grown out of it by her teenage years

    1. Most white girls in the west never grow out of that shit Terry. I can only speak for the U.S.A..

  25. Not surprised the news paints it as an expression of “true love” instead of a childish and reckless woman getting two people killed.

  26. Pussy is expendable. The dude lost his life for nothing. Why risk your life for a modern woman?
    She wasn’t worth it. If a bitch did that to me, I just say… “you’re on your own” lol… bye bitch… and find a new one.
    This is the kind of bitch who will probably cut your penis and knife it when you are asleep. Be careful with heavily emotion ridden bitches. If she threaten to endanger herself, what do you think she will do to you? Exactly, they are not worth it.

    1. “If she threaten to endanger herself, what do you think she will do to you? Exactly, they are not worth it.”
      Classic advice

    2. One is as good as another. You got her, you can get another one who looks just like her.

    3. I dunno – she might have jumped and some prosecutor would claim he pushed her. IMO he should have taken a selfie so it’d be clear he was not close enough to push her when she becomes fish food.

  27. 18 meters is around 60ish feet. If the ship wasn’t moving then I think that would be a completely survivable jump into water. (Correct me if I’m wrong) The real danger is not drowning once you’re thrown in the middle of the sea.

    1. If you’re willing to go 60 feet, your balls and value for women are way beyond mine dude.

  28. Mr Garrett, I must respectfully disagree with your assessment that she didn’t “deserve to die”. It appears to me from the story and the coroner’s comments that she knew very well what she was doing, therefore she justly reaped what she sowed.

  29. I just don’t think I would have jumped, but I know the odds of someone surviving that fall would be slim to none. Or maybe I’m to much of a coward. My odds of jumping go down significantly after 10 feet to almost zero at 20ft. And those odds are further adjusted by how much of a slut the girl was. Virgin or one other partner get the above odds, anything more than that, I can find another one.

  30. Its just typical of the female double standards today and the stupidity or white knighting if a women does something stupid and the man fails to jump in after her
    (even if common sense would show minimum chance of survival) women make comments like “why didn’t you go after” and yet in this case as we can all see what happens when stupidity follows stupidity. There was an article about how women in years 1915 – 1918 would chase after any able bodied man that wasn’t in uniform and present them with the cowardly “white feathers” and they would do this regardless if the man had already served and been discharged, yet these same women hadn’t even signed up for even the nursing corps themselves. Men have to stop feeling guilty and doing stupid things when women start playing mind games as in this case it could be fatal. A wise man once said “its better to save yourself and score another woman”.

    1. Yeah, if some woman had given me cowardly feathers, it would produce a real rage within me for sure. Meanwhile, if you tell women to dress conservatively, you’re slut shaming! 😉

  31. I’m confused (you have to pardon me I’m 42 and not up on a lot of this modern cute lingo “shit test” and the like), did she commit suicide?
    As far as shit testing goes, is the author saying she jumped to see if he would attempt a rescue? If that’s the case, if the boat doesn’t stop then your essentially treading water until the unlikely rescue arrives. That to me is suicide again.
    If someone commits suicide do you follow? Sounds to me like this is just survival of the fittest, two more dumbasses out of the gene pool.

    1. He mentions in the article that it appears that she accidentally dropped herself in the drink. That said, she clearly purposefully placed herself in a precarious situation in order to provoke some kind of response (or perhaps, she was actually going to kill herself, but I doubt that).

  32. Rose: I jump you jump right?
    Jack : of course.
    Jack: i jump you jump right?
    Rose: (non audible) Fuck you!

  33. Fuck that. I wouldn’t have jumped. No amount of emotion or stress would get rid of the one fact that would be in my mind at that moment:
    If you don’t hit the ship and die, and somehow survive the hit into the water, and don’t get sucked into the engine or some shit.. you’re still dead because they’ll never find you.

  34. What made this story big is the coroner’s oddly lucid conclusions. It’s almost like he was a part of some scripting to make a Romeo and Juliet real life newsworthy saga that will no doubt invoke copycat behavior. That’s what they want, copycats and we know the media apparatus is hell bent on redefining ‘love’ as an emotionally based bond rather than the natural instinct to procreate and protect the DNA chain.
    A real life news saga that goes abuzz on all the social media, since plays like Romeo and Juliet and actually any live plays are rarely seen anymore. They’re going the way of old TV or paying at a movie theater. So instead we’re now being inundated by real time news drama that is spun for social agenda, redefining sex roles, meterosexualizing, the works. They’re always in need of fresh ‘news’ to tweak and keep the herd ‘mooing’.

  35. Why did he jump in? If you fall overboard on a ship you are dead and anyone who jumps in to save you is dead as well.
    Do you know how many miles it takes to stop a ship and turn it around and then they would be unlikely to even find you if you managed to stay afloat in the sea.

    1. If the propellers don’t suck you under and chop you up. Or if you don’t get eaten by sharks. Or die of hypothermia.
      Not a good way to off yourself.

  36. It’s useful for those of us that criticize the present is to understand how the past got us here. Time is like a road: Even if we could go back, unless we have something in mind to change the direction, we’ll just wind up back where we are now.
    Man-hating feminism and chivalrous white knightery emerged from a culture that created protection for women as a noble entitlement. Personally, I expect my wife to help protect me TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITIES. I don’t expect her to beat up other men for me, but if she has an advantage I lack (say, these are white knight men who would beat me up but would think twice about hitting a girl), why not?
    Consider the scene in the film Titanic where the woman jumps out of a lifeboat to be with her beloved and then in the end allows herself to float away to safety anyway (it’s a joke on youtubes “How the Titanic should have ended.” Modern American women gushed over the film so they got it all both ways: “liberation and equality” and demonstrating feminine bravery but in the end, a “real” man would still sacrifice himself for her anyway so they still enjoy chivalrous protection.
    I would fully expect my wife to tell the guy guarding the lifeboat that if her husband (me) isn’t allowed on, then she’s going to drown too. She should take my hand and pull me onto the boat and put up a fight for me. And I think she would since I have instilled into her that I am not her servant and disposable bodyguard.

  37. A power game where both of them lost.
    Would qualify for dumb and dumber 3 support cast.

  38. I can tell you first hand, the first time the girl does something over the top, YOU LEAVE. You DO NOT try to save her or work through it. You DO NOT go to couples counseling If she threatens to kill herself, or tries to pull the steering wheel out of your hand to land your sedan into a bridge abutment going 70, puts her foot through the windshield of your prized Camaro, pulls a knife, a gun or generally acts unstable with no warning..even with warning… , then LEAVE the relationship. 1. You are NOT responsible for HER happiness. 2. You are NOT to be the shrink on a stick, and “fix” her every time a hair is out of place. It is troubling that MEN are NOT taught limits and boundaries on behavior we should be dealing with. If a dog shits in the house, you do not give it a treat. Yet we are taught to pet the dog, and praise it and then wonder why we have terrible relationships with women.

  39. Course of action depends on a few things like how long you’ve known her, what her relationship with her parents are like, is she known to have made such threats in the past etc.. Barely know the girl? I’d walk right away, see ya, goodbye, have a nice life. However if you’ve been dating awhile might be better to call her parents to let them though their daughter is going through some shit and is suicidal before you just walk away.

  40. “Angry Woman Shit Tests Boyfriend And Ends Up Getting Them Both Killed”
    Darwin works in mysterious ways.

  41. &^%&^$^
    Here’s why you’re a moron. Putin doesn’t care about the Russian economy. He cares about the “Putin Economy,” which is about lining his accounts with billions of dollars. He is the head of the
    Russian Maffia. Obama did not hurt Putin. He hurt the Russian citizens that Putin could care less about
    ——-..– http://www.WorldCareersProviders/ supertakecent/cold/marketing…

  42. He did the only sane thing. If he hadn’t died, he’d in jail for her murder. Feminazis would be crucifying him.

    1. No, better to fight them when your back is against the wall. Make the system work to crucify you. Do EVERYthing you can to fight the cunts.

        1. Meaning in life comes more out of struggle then care free contentment. So society is one big rotten cunt, a gynocentric wasteland. They’ve given us conflict and struggle. Use it.

  43. Many women, if they heard this argument, would scour the findings to find that ONE example of a woman who sacrificed herself for a man.
    Then, they would use that example to try to negate the hypothesis.

  44. TL;DR
    The reality is that we will never know if it was an accident or if she was just done with it and wanted to commit suicide.

  45. When the Chinese Emperors and the Egyptian Pharaohs died, weren’t their servants killed and entombed with them? Food for thought, gentlemen.
    I have had psycho women try to date me in the past. I wish I had had good male advice to tell me to dump those heifers. But you do know, the moment she will not cooperate, or the moment she emits those crocodile tears, or the moment she raises her voice to you, it should be over. At that moment, at least for you.
    If you continue on with a woman who will attempt to manipulate you with tears, or arguments, or even worse, at some point your life may be ruined with imprisonment, or you may lose your life.
    The sad part is people think these women are normal. Most people are that brainwashed and dumb (even many of you). You can not criticize women in any way, lest you be labeled with a slur and a lie meant to defame and shame you. So don’t mention why you are dumping her (and if you can, make her think it is she that is doing the dumping). Give her another reason. Otherwise she may try to get you in trouble with The Man(tm).

  46. Classic MAGINA
    “Paradoxically, what they [Rossington and Schroder] had
    struggled to achieve in life – loving unity – they perhaps managed in
    their last actions alive.”
    – The blatantly over-the-top sentiments of Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon, Grade A FAGGOT Magina Bitch
    This pussy worship faggotry is killing us. Romanticism is evil.

  47. I’m really only concerned that somebody adopted their kitten. The guy should have known to walk away from a crazy person.

  48. and yet ANOTHER nautral born attention whore weak parasitic problem causer for attention GET A MAN KILLED emotionally manipulating him… what a fucking idiot, walk away men, most of today’s modern women ie. Sex in The city Life as A Human Toilet are everything but… a real women. Just modern holes for dick is all, an they seem to be fine with that. Oh, and democracy where it favors them and their udder bs, pun intended. Men and women have roles, interesting how men are still fulfilling theirs, unless they were raised by single mother who didn’t and still don’t care or know shit. and they blame men when they don’t get what they WANT – WANT = The Great Whore mentality along with self worship = NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT. Sadly, most are children their entire lives. LQQK around, not all, just these modern day losers…. and you can thank all their jealous, envious, angry and retarded vagina like minded friends and their white nights and mangina’s for all of this – nope – MOMMY FAILED.

  49. I made a suggestion to the ahem “powers that be” to curtail this epidemic of Great Whore-dumb that if they persecuted women just like men THAT THEY WOULD DOUBLE THEIR REVENUE. and they loved the concept and have IMPLEMENTED IT. The Great Whore udder bullshit = done. Hey = equality, remember… not putting vag over dong… sadly their whore-dumb plans of the league of idiot parasites back in the day isn’t working out to well, after all, they don’t work! do they? nah, most just complain, about the parasites like we got today slutting around, which is fine, their choice. but don’t expect me to help any of ya. ” ) I know way better and I don’t take the bait. Men, never save a girl, gal, woman from herself, and do not fix what she breaks on purpose for attention – herself.

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