The Hunt For Brazilian Love

Growing up in Denmark I was raised with total equality between woman and man. It was only much later when I accidentally bumped into a Brazilian woman at a party that I realized I was born on the wrong continent.

We do have some great girls here, but the majority are way too cold and outright masculine in their attitudes. They make excellent friends though, but not marriage material! No! Women here fought so much for their rights during the last four decades, resulting in a breed of weak men who gave up their masculine side to better fit in to the “new and improved” relationship. And it works out great for many here, no doubt, but for those of us who aspire for that beautiful, feminine, charming, lovely, woman, who can make you wanna throw yourself of a cliff, we are faced with packing our bags and do something about it. That is not to say Brazilian women are weak. Many are well educated, determined, and strong, but did not lose their feminine side along with shaving the side of their heads in the process.

I have since then had three Brazilian girlfriends, lived in Brazil on two occasions, (each 5 months at the time), and gone through a lot of dates and learning experiences. If you are serious about finding a meaningful relationship with a Brazilian woman, there are a few things you need to come to terms with…

1. Most Brazilian women are like flowers. If you try bringing them home to your country expecting to live happily ever after, you are greatly mistaken. Because once the flower is away from it’s native soil, it will wither away after a while. Brazilians are warm people and need to be close to their families, friends, and warm weather.

2. Maybe you should be the one to move permanently to Brazil. When it comes down to it, many Brazilian women are simply not capable of moving away from their country.

3. It helps immensely to have some kind of career along with a stable financial situation. Brazilian women are not into lazy men. They themselves are hardworking, often studying while keeping a full-time job. You are in luck if you have a tradecraft in oil, finance, and engineering, which are highly useful in Brazil.

4. Learn the language and the culture! Just reading will definitely not be sufficient. Go on vacation for starters and experience things for yourself. Eventually you will understand why the girls say “I’ll call you tomorrow” and then three days later send you a text saying: “You disappeared?” Brazilians are romantic mixed with a little flakiness, and a cute tendency to give white lies. Somehow it makes the society go round.

5. You will likely not find your dream girl on your first vacation. The simple reason is that most serious women are not into gringos who are on vacation. Sure you can find a short romance, but as long as you don’t live there and have a job, you are not an eligible candidate for a serious relationship, unless you by some miracle bump into that one girl who just scored a scholarship in your country. (I once met a woman at the bar called Ovelha Negra in Botafogo. Conversation was going along fine until I mentioned that I would move back home soon… conversation over.)

If you insist on finding a Brazilian woman to bring to your own country, try to find someone who speaks English and has lived abroad before. She will naturally be interested in other cultures and know what it’s like to be away from her family and friends. The latter are the hardest ones to come by, but not impossible. As for myself, I tried in the past to bring a girl to Denmark, which brought me to the conclusions above. It has been everything but easy in retrospect, so I strongly recommend you NOT do it yourself.

I am sure this leaves a lot of questions unanswered as to where exactly to find these charming, future wives and what approach to use once you have arrived in Brazil. But each person is unique—some will do well at bars while others in a work environment. There is no universal game strategy for a meaningful relationship, because once you drop the facade you will reveal the true nature of yourself. The five points mentioned above can only get you so far, the rest you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

Happy love-hunting.

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53 thoughts on “The Hunt For Brazilian Love”

  1. Good text. Quality Brazilian women wont go for one night stands and will call your bullshit in a minute.
    They are usually romantic and want commitment. They are also jealous and know what game is, because there are lots of players here. They can sniff it in you.
    Sluts from samba clubs are NOT average quality girls. Why a good girl who works all day, sometimes helping her family, and also goes to college at night would fuck you because of your one night game ?
    Naighty Friend game and “boyfriend” game is what work here. It takes time.
    Or go to a funk club in Rio and get a slut from a favela and risk being shot by a drug dealer. This is similar to going to a hiphop club in South Central, LA or in the Bronx, NY. Bad advice.

  2. Euro weaklings bringing their degenerate genes to Brazil because they’re not men enough to submit thier own women.
    Thumbs down.

  3. I can confirm that this article has some good advice. Being a gringo is a double edged sword.
    ->If you have blond hair and blue eyes, you have an advantage over Brazilian guys to score girls. It’s a beauty ideal.
    ->On the other hand, if you stay for a few months and don’t have a job there (finding a good payed job in Brazil as a foreigner is difficult) your not an eligible candidate for a serious relationship.
    In my experience, I hadn’t the impression that Carioca girls are very reliable. I had sex with a married woman, onother time I kissed a girl on a party and saw afterwards on here facebook status that she was actually in a relationship.
    Also point 1 is very true. A Brazilian women are gazelles have to be kept in their natural habitat. Because Brazilians are very open, they will find European people closed. Also the temperature difference will be a problem.

  4. The don’t-bring-foreign-women-back rule applies not just to Brazil, but to just about every other country as well. The risk is just too great. I know there are many success stories of transplanting foreign women, but I go back and forth on this issue. The likelihood of their being corrupted by American culture is very high. The arguments again point to permanent relocation outside the US as the only sensible long term solution.

  5. If you can find a way to work remotely and get paid Danish salaries while living on some beach in Rio, why the heck would you want to drag the poor thing back to the cold in the first place?

      1. The closest I can get to “breaking the code” on this is: work/make money in America, play in foreign country. Take lots of mini-trips during the year. Be self-employed. This model has worked for me for a few years. But at some point you find yourself less and less able to tolerate the inanities of life in the US…

      2. You might want to find another business than “Arab language and culture” before that dream will come true.

  6. Good advice,
    I am learning Portuguese and have many Brazilian friends and this is true. Move there and become fluent in the language if you want any kind of serious relationship with a brasilera!

  7. Saving money and buying a Pousada is one way.
    Teaching English is a start,but long term the money won’t be enough for the lifestyle you’d want.
    My situation was similar ,couldn’t sustain myself there without a job in Fortaleza… Hard for a qualified Brazilian tod get decent paid work let alone gringos cold calling !

    1. Kris wants to be well situated when Denmark, along with most if not all the countries of Europe, become Islamic Republics. Perhaps he can audition for the position of court eunuch in the New Caliphate. Kris’s obsession with biologically unproductive recreational sex is not shared by the burgeoning and restless successor population of Europe. They have been breeding sucessfully while the indigenous population has been breeding at half replacement rate for about thirty or fourty years. Demography is destiny, and Europeans have been committing phylogenetic suicide pretty much ever since the end of World War II. Don’t worry Kris, dhimmitude won’t be so bad once you get used to it. Europeans can not say they were not warned, Friedrich Nietzsche called this one back in the late ninteenth century!

  8. Having married a Brazilian woman, I can tell you firsthand that they do suffer from loneliness away from their home- this can be moderated by living near a Brazilian expat community (in the US- FL,NY, MA,CA) and having enough disposable income and employment flexibility to enjoy vacations there- in my opinion, an American with less than a 6 figure salary and without the ability to spend at least a month each year in Brazil will be hard put to keep a content wife, even so. So long as you can find a Brazilian who keeps her legs closed when you’re not in the room, you’re in for a treat.
    No matter how beautiful or devoted any wife is, you’re going to be sick of her shit at times, of course.
    I absolutely, wholeheartedly suggest against emigrating to Brazil. Buying a pousada or condo in an upscale spot, then renting it out when you’re not there is a fine way to subsidize your vacations. I will never move to Brazil, however. Under the beauty and charm is a 3rd world banana republic, deadly dangerous, violent and completely and utterly savage, and if you look like a gringo and aren’t fluent, you’ve got a target painted on your back, period. Brazil has a very obvious, openly accepted and completely shameful behavioral code where you can do whatever you want to whomever you want so long as no one sees you doing it.
    But yeah, the women are amazing and worth the investment.

    1. And America isn’t this savage place where shameful behaviour doesn’t exist?
      You sound interestingly enough racist, impeccably racist.
      I’m glad you’ve got your Brazilian trophy though. She did what she could for her green card even if it means marry a racist fetishistic asshole.

    2. To hell with that.. waste all my would be savings in keeping an ungrateful hoe happy.

  9. I have met girls from several different countries in my life and I can tell: we (Brazilian) do have the best girls in the world. Brazilian girls are not cold as NAmerican chicks, they have a great body (even more if they live in beach cities like Rio or Floripa), and they really like meeting interesting foreign people, so you guys are lucky. You just need to understand how to threat them and you’ll be fine. My suggestions are: São Paulo (educated and polite – NYC style), Rio de Janeiro (super hot bodies), Florianópolis (beautiful party girls – Ibiza style), Porto Alegre (gorgeous european descendant), Belo Horizonte (super friendly hotties) and Natal (nasty darker girls). EB

    1. I am Brazilian and carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) and strongly disagree.
      Loved the analogy made ​​by Kris charmed me.

  10. I don’t know where you have found those flowers, i’m Rio and nowadays brazilian women are as masculine as it is possible to be.

  11. All Latin women start out as the hottie submissive feminine dream, especially for euros or gringos used to more hard ass girls….however if you take a close look at their society, it’s very matriarchal in the home. The woman rules the home. (picture the classic mexican cliche of the wifey chasing the husband with the frying pan.)
    So if you want to end up living in a house where you kind of feel like an uninvited guest in your own home, Latins are great for that.
    Unless you marry a peasant maid who just fawns over you 24/7 and has nothing interesting inside her brain, you will soon find that your house is taken over. That you are a nuisance that makes it feel untidy even though you are helping to take care of the place and pay for it.
    Go to any town in Latin America and walk about and listen. You will hear women, shouting, shouting at their kids, pets and husbands. Go meet some middle class, and you will find the most crushed miserable whipped men you can imagine.
    Once she’s all settled in, she’ll pour a ton of energy into her friends, extended family, co-workers, and basically anyone except her husband, because he’s just a dirt bag that pays the bills and needs to be given sex once or twice a month to shut him
    You’ll also have social issues because a lot of latin people are extremely traditional and conservative despite a face value that seems very warm open, progressive, modern and laid back they are actually incredibly judgmental and closed minded, stuck up, materialistic and frankly plain ignorant.
    There is also a terrible culture of “nouveau riche” in latin america, because of the last 20 years of economic boom, a lot of uneducated lower middle class can suddenly afford a half decent car and a ralph lauren shirt and because of that they now think they are some kind of rockstar / business mogel / super hero.
    I lived in Mexico for 4 years and I never met a cheesier bunch of morons, swanning about like they were gods gift to the planet, when in fact they are mainly mediocre, poorly educated, lower middle class duds, that wouldn’t last five minutes in the real world.
    And yes you can’t really consider an entire continent that’s run on drug money and political corruption to be the real world.
    Forget about latin america, the amount of social decay, aggressive attitude and ignorance is astounding. It’s really the lost continent, because at least in asia the buddhist and hindu mentality gives people a less judgemental and more easy going outlook on life and people work hard.
    In latin america i frequently met people who would do anything, and I mean anything, even get a gun and kill me rather than accept that i might know something more than them, or have something to share with them or enlighten them with.
    they have to be the stars of their own show and inside a relationship that makes you the stage hand boy….
    oh and that’s before we get into all the subconscious fear and guilt that 500 years of Catholicism has pumped the place with.

  12. I know several American guys that married/got serious Brazilian girlfriends. They all moved to Brasil.

  13. I’m from Brazil, lived in Europe for a while and came back to Brazil after a while. What i can say is that Brazilian quality girls are not that different from Italian, Spanish or Portuguese girls. That is pretty obvious, as most of the Brazilian pretty girls are from Italian or Portuguese families (also German families in the southern region). Of course, there are some different social codes that you must be aware of but the essence is pretty similar.
    Before the tips about the girls, one important thing you need to know about Brazil is that you must have money to enjoy the good stuff. So, if you are considering the possibility to move to Brazil, I recommend that you only do that if you find a great job in here. The well paid areas right now are engineering (i’m an engineer and came back because of the higher salaries paid to engineers in Brazil), oil industry in general and finance. Executive positions in large companies are good as well. English teachers don’t make much money, you would have a middle class or lower standard of living and that’s not enough to have a happy comfortable life in Brasil in my opinion. Remember, Brazil is a middle income country and still doesn’t have the same development level of the first world countries. That means that middle class in Brazil doesn’t mean the same thing as it means on rich countries.
    That being said, let’s go to the tips. If you want to meet quality girls in Brazil you must know where to find them and what kind of experience you want. When i say quality i mean beautiful, well educated, polite, feminine women, not crazy savage ugly bitches. Samba schools, funk parties, cheap suspicious bars and similar places are definitely NOT good places to find nice females. I mean, you can be a lucky dude and find something there but that’s not the rule. The places you will have a better shot are the nice clubs, bars and pubs and it’s not that hard to recognize them as they are, very often, well decorated. If you are living in Brazil, try to do some short extension course, there you will naturally meet girls without any effort and maybe they will show you the city or some nice spot they like to go. If you are 30 or less, try some university parties, they are also a nice environment. Those are nice places to meet girls on regular days.
    But there are special occasions when you can catch some quality material on crazy environments. Those tips are good for residents and tourists. The first is the city of Porto Seguro, in the southern region of Bahia. This city has only one economic activity: parties! And Brazilian people, from all regions, go there just to get drunk and do crazy stuff for a couple of days. The best time to go there is at at the end of October or the beginning of November, during the equivalent to a spring break, that in Brazil is called “semana do saco cheio”. Check out when it’s happening and go there, it’s always good. There are also some college events in the city and when it’s a big event it’s very nice. The second tip is the “Oktober Fest” in Blumenau, Santa Catarina. It’s the Brazilian version of the world famous Oktober Fest that happens in Munich, so i think everybody knows how it works. Blumenau was colonized by Germans and they keep their traditions in there, it’s very interesting. Other tip is the carnival in Salvador, Bahia. But there are some points in that tip that are extremely important. If you really want to enjoy the party you must spend a lot of money on it, so, don’t go to Salvador if you don’t wanna do that. The carnival in there is really crazy, with millions of people from everywhere partying on the streets and that can be dangerous if you don’t go to the right place. The party consists in trucks with huge sound systems that are driven in the streets with bands or DJs playing live on their upside. The main point in this party is that everybody is drunk and you can kiss pretty girls without even asking their names. There are 2 nice options to enjoy the party. One of them is what they call “bloco”, and is the region around the trucks, surrounded by “security guards”. The second is what they call “camarote” and is on the side of the road, with a lot of facilities to the people in it. I recommend the camarote to people from abroad. But, either you choose camarote or bloco, be aware that you have to buy the most expensive ones, and they cost something around 250-500 dollars per day. So, the party is crazy but the money spent is crazier…
    Last, there’s no big secret to hit on Brazilian girls. But there’s a difference in the concepts of kissing and having sex with someone. In Brazil, kissing somebody isn’t that big deal as it is in the USA or Europe. But, on the other hand, sex is a bigger deal in Brazil than it is in the USA or Europe. So, when you kiss a girl, don’t think that you are that close to have sex with her, this can still take a while to happen, most of the Brazilian quality girls make question to know really well the person they go to bed with.
    Good luck!

    1. Congratulations!
      You could perfectly define how things are here in Brazil.
      Really, you have to choose very well where you are seeking women.
      I personally prefer foreigners because they are more educated and more charming.
      I liked what you said.

    2. Congratulations!
      You could perfectly define how things are here in Brazil.
      Really, you have to choose very well where you are seeking women.
      I personally prefer foreigners because they are more educated and more charming.
      I liked what you said.

    3. If you live in Sao Paulo or Rio I would agree about the cost but Brazil has many more affordable cities and you make sound like only higher income men will enjoy themselves and that lower and middle income men shouldn’t bother.
      Luckily for most men money is not a major issue unlike the USA where I have been told by a women there that my income is too low. I have yet to see a Brazilian Women with income requirements in their dating profiles women often put income requirements in their dating profiles. The few women that do make income an issue are gringo shoppers and you can usually spot them because they speak excellent English.
      First of all most higher income men tend to have better dating options and are less likely to need the international dating and from the way you sound they shouldn’t even bother. I chatted with friends and learned if you earn $2000 a month you will do ok in most smaller Brazilian cities and have far more dating options then your ever would in the USA . Places where foreign tourists are rare.
      So you do not have been some Doctor or Engineer earning 80K to have a good life in Brazil…

  14. Well, as a Brazilian woman (happily) married to a Dane and living in Denmark, I do agree with many of your points. A main point though, from a Brazilian perspective is hygiene. I do not like to make generalizations about people, but the hygiene and manners are at a much lower standard than what we are used to in Brazil. So, having an established career is important, but keeping the attraction alive is a must, and for Brazilians this means more than a shower a day and using a fork and a knive. An advice for Danes (either gender): revise what you think is adequate table manners and hygiene standards. I see so many Danes eating with their mouths open, where one can see and hear the food being chewed and taking pieces of meat that got stuck between their teeth!!! That is a relationship killer.
    Having lived in different countries, I have experienced that Denmark is particularly difficult for Brazilians to adapt well because the culture is so homogeneous and focused on the assimilation of immigrants, instead of in countries like the US and Australia where immigrants are just expected to learn the language and have jobs.

  15. Well, I am a Brazilian girl and I think you’re right in most of what you said in there. But in my point of view I would NEVER recommend moving to Brazil. It’s not the best place to live, and for building a serious relationship and a family. And unless you reevaluate your degree of engineering, medicine, or architecture, you’re not going to be able to make money, bc other professions aren’t well paid in brazil, and you’re going to live a shitty brazilian middle class life, which pretty much sucks comparing to the quality of life of the united states or europe.
    But yea, I think brazilians are already stereotyping gringos coming on vaca, we always think they’re coming sexual tourism, and at least you’re a street walker you should not care for them. Of course, seeing the type of person, there’s always the exceptions. You just have to find a girl who knows how to speak english (if u don’t speak portuguese), treat her right, and always show that you care about her and that you want to spend your time in brazil with her. Doing this it won’t really matter if you’re on your first vacation. It’s all about how much the girl can get attached to u and if she thinks about moving out Brazil.

  16. btw, and I forgot to say that if someday I find a gringo and he says that he plans staying in Brazil, I would probably stop the conversation right the way

  17. I am Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro and I think this is a great place to meet new people.
    I also love making new friends, especially with people from different cultures.
    Who is visiting Brazil and want some tips, please contact me, I know of really cool places and people like me who love to make friends.
    add me on skype: Vanessa.jasmin8

  18. Once you marry a Brasilian girl, she will cut you off from all you male friends. They run the show… that’s why they look for the submissive white guys. I am Brasilian and live in Chicago. I have seen 2 friends (white) marry a Brasilian girl and pretty much disappeared. When I asked one why he had stopped talking to me after a few years of being married, he shamelessly said “because my wife know’s you go out too much”. I don’t know what that meant but oh well. I am married too. Luckily I have a island girl who respects a man running the show just like I respect her as the queen of the house. Maybe it’s just my 2 (ex) friends, but you have been warned.

  19. This is the most misogynistic thing I’ve read in my life. They had less women’s rights in Brazil and the women will therefore treat you better? How pathetic. What grown man needs to be worshipped and adore endlessly?

    1. Just doesn’t want a woman always challenging his masculinity. Believe it or not a man likes to be treated like a man, just like a woman likes to be treated like a woman.

  20. Much of the advice in the article and comments hinges on the “Provider” mentality, which is often basic and also maligned as “beta” (e.g. beta bucks, alpha fucks).
    Getting a high paying job, not being lazy, etc. is pretty basic stuff that applies to girls across the world.
    But being a provider with money is not necessarily how to “get women” in terms of getting laid AND/OR keeping a girl interested enough to stay in a relationship with you.
    The whole “have a good job” idea is bunk. Plenty of dudes have a steady job but are miserable because they lack the raw masculinity to bed and keep girls (who they want to keep around).
    And no I am not some “keyboard alpha”, I still struggle with how to find a balance between making/having cash without turning into a weak submissive corporate fag that transfers over in my dealings with women. (I used to have a lot of female clients who I had to be nice to over the phone to keep their business for our ad agency).

  21. I just loved ur post… Really in love with the way you write and describe everything so well… 😍💓😍 Congratulations, the way you define.. I wasnt expecting all of it from an european Guy… Because most europeans i ve meet here in Brazil had found some bad n weird girls so they usually say some wrong things about us… 😔 I wish i had found a Guy like you hehe. Now i wonder where are this Guy like you? 🙈🙈 If all the danishs be like you… I will move forever to DK just to find a prince who like a flower deep girl 😁

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