The Price Of The Taking The Red Pill

I’ve kept a journal for almost ten years. Unlike a girl’s journal—which tends to ramble on about how she was feeling at a particular moment—mine is primarily a factual, narrative document. That’s not to say it’s icy and unfeeling, but that it’s chiefly a record of my everyday life punctuated with the occasional rumination.

Writing in a journal is an exercise in deferred gratification. At the time, you see little value in writing stuff that’s just happened. Events seem trivial and therefore pointless to record or, alternatively, so memorable that you swear you won’t forget it. Both are false. I’m repeatedly shocked and entertained by my quotidian past—little details or entire events I forgot happened.

I’m also struck by the broader arc of my mental development. And I don’t mean in an intellectual sense. I mean that—if you look at the big picture—I’ve become more red-pill with every passing year. Those early entries are astoundingly blue-pill, that is, subscribing to the myths foisted onto men about relationships, masculinity, and the nature of women by society. “Taking the red pill” is essentially rejecting those tenets as either obsolete relics of a halcyon past or outright lies told to us for sake of social control. In either case, I kind of miss that bluer-pill version of me. Life was simpler and neater for that guy, even if it was deluded.

The red-pill me, the man who stands before you, enjoys all of the benefits of having swallowed the red pill many times over. But, he also suffers the consequences—as does every man who’s takes it.

Red-Pill Isolation

Literature like this website represents a minuscule fraction of the messaging available to men about lifestyle, relationships, and masculinity. Its readership is but a tiny minority of men in the West. Even when you account for the non-readers who harbor our sensibilities, red-pill men is small, and diminishing, group. This often results in an alone-in-a-crowded-room feeling for a lot of guys since, bereft of the type of male commiseration that was a matter of course a generation or two ago, we experience extended periods of isolation.

Don’t Enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Or Commercials As Much

An overwhelming amount of media today is geared toward women and beta males. Whatever side you take in the chicken-and-egg debate about whether the media is responsible for creating this milieu, or whether it’s simply a product of the prevailing social currents, red-pill men are constantly bombarded with depictions of emasculated men, masculine women, and general male-bashing. Things that were once enjoyable, like Superbowl commercials, become cringe-worthy or infuriating. Things that were barely tolerable before, like chick flicks, become absolute torture.

Excitement About Girls Short-Lived Or Non-Existent

One of the first things to go is your affection and admiration for women. This is caused by a two-fold process. Learning about game (a key element of the red-pill universe) makes you increasingly successful with them. This success carries an attendant de-mystifying effect that renders you increasingly inured to the joys of their affections. Another, more insidious, force is learning about the true nature of women. The more you scratch off the innocent-girl veneer, the more you recognize women as inherently deceptive, manipulative, and selfish. Sure, you learn to exploit this to your benefit, but further the vicious downward spiral in the process.

You Have To Self-Censor

Despite your growing knowledge about the nature of relationships, women, and the world, you learn that it’s best to keep your mouth quiet about it, lest you disturb the placid existence of your blue-pill neighbors or, god forbid, offend one of their female enablers. Most red-pill guys learn this lesson the hard way—trying to talk a sexless friend into the light or publicly slapping down delusional assertions from a vocal feminist. The resolute push-back, insults, and other social consequences are enough for them to say “fuck ‘em” and keep to themselves.

Given a 100 chances, I would take the red pill 100 times. I think most guys on this side of the fence would do the exact same thing. But, like any major life revelation, you can’t un-look behind that curtain.

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136 thoughts on “The Price Of The Taking The Red Pill”

  1. Really good article dude.
    “You have to self-censor”
    So damn true. I told a female friend about the “it’s not about the nail” clip in a lighthearted way last week – – and it didn’t go down well. At all. There’s very few people I know who can accept any of the red pill ideas, much less the entire thing.
    “Excitement About Girls Short-Lived Or Non-Existent”
    A realisation just hit me. When you DO fall, it’s that much more intense, powerful and devastatingly painful when it’s over. You felt like you’d met your match, and then when she’s gone it impacts hugely on your life with the massive contrast. Wrote about an experience like that over a year ago here:

    1. 3M terrific 5 part on series on Mila. Of somewhat similar grounds, like a lot of us newly Red-Pill incarnets, I arrived by oneitis gown south.
      Great article, but sad in a way to pull away from the blue pill propoganda as you see it in rear view. But, we are better off as noted; we are in the drivers seat now.
      And if love remains
      Though everything is lost
      We will pay the price
      But we will not count the cost
      And if love remains (lyrics by Neil Peart, another fellow BMW biker…cool guy)
      There is cost to bear on moving through these grief stages and the harrdening of the new concept, a new paradigm. You start to internalize game concepts to the point where its second nature.
      Live for yourself — there’s no one else
      More worth living for
      Begging hands and bleeding hearts will
      Only cry out for more (lyrics by NEP, Anthem)
      “Every struggling step upward taken in the name of that value (Self-Esteem), carries him further from the bondage of his past suffereing and closer to the suntlit reality of his own potentail.” Nathanil Branden.
      Heartsei: III: You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority.

  2. “The more you scratch off the innocent-girl veneer, the more you
    recognize women as inherently deceptive, manipulative, and selfish.
    Sure, you learn to exploit this to your benefit, but further the vicious
    downward spiral in the process.”
    Please tell me how I can use a woman’s manipulative, deceptive and selfish ways to my benefit ? I am 5’5, so I want to be able to manipulate a chick who hates and finds short guys unattractive( all chicks) into having sex with me.

    1. Mike, I’m 5’7. At least that’s what I tell people. Neil Strauss is like, 5’6. It’s easy. Get into shape; I mean muscular, toned, etc… Wear cool clothes. Get a tan. Use a toner for the large masculine pores on your face. Get stylish hair cuts. Have interesting interests. BE cool. Confide in yourself and yourself only. Cultivate self-esteem; i.e. complete and utter respect and reverance for your feelings. This is just the tip of the iceberg, Mike. Women see you as an object; hot women especially. If you’re not a fashoinable, cool, witty, interesting little trincate they can add to their lifystyle, you’ll be relegated to the “slightly burned, Sears active wear” bin at your local winners. And note: there are no “tricks” or single “tips” that will be the “silver bullet” that makes you successful with ANY women; even the tall ones. 🙂

      1. Words of truth. I’ve been seeing the same thing from him on every article he’s commented on.

    2. Stop whining about being short (I am only 5’7″) and go to an Asian country with even shorter people. For me, it is the Philippines. I am a rock star there.

    3. 1. Get some shoes to make you look a couple of inches taller.
      2. Date shorter girls.
      Thirdly, stop making a big deal about it. If you make a big deal about it, she will too. Bitching and moaning about it isn’t gonna help you any. Indeed it’s going to actively hinder you.

      1. 1. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a crutch. Also, what happens when you take your shoes off and you instantly become 2/3 inches shorter? Think she wouldn’t notice that you went from (just guessing) more or less as tall as her to noticeably shorter?
        2. Why limit oneself? True, women tend to prefer taller men, but I’ve seen plenty of lopsided couples. Far from being the majority, but they do exist. Especially in Eastern Europe, I’ve often seen tall blondes with shorter, hirsute trolls with flip-flops and short pants.

        1. I never said to limit himself. Simply giving some suggestions to help him get to the third, even if admittedly, I could’ve worded it better.

        2. If you’re dating a chick that is tall or taller than you- really play it up.
          Tell her you dig a broad in heels and that’s what she should be wearing tonight. At that point- ppl just chalk it up to her heels and see you lookin’ like a badass not giving a sh*t.
          Mike stop being such a sorry milquetoast- everyone on her has something about themselves that they don’t like.

        3. I am insecure about the height because I cannot change it because I am born that way and I think it is unfair that I am rejected by Caucasians( the only women I’m attracted to) . I don’t care if the chick is short or tall…although for some reason I seem to be rejected by the short chicks for my height. It has been tough for me to believe that height is not a factor since every chick I have spoken to prefers tall guys and goes for tall guys. I have only seen lop-sided couples twice in my life. I have slept with fat women, ..quite a few actually, but only to relieve my sexual frustration. but I am afraid I may never get into a relationship wot ha woman I truly find attractive. I ma sorry for going on about my height, I have been rejected many times for my height, like they actually said i was to short. So I am trying to love my height . I never mention my height to women ,they are the ones who mention it. I shall take on this advise and that you have given me and use it …hopefully it will l work. I’m just sick of fatties. Also I’m more closer to 5’4 , I felt kinda insecure saying 5’4. Sorry about that .

        4. One thing I can say for certain, and that is that all the short guys I
          know who are successful with women don’t whine about their height, and
          people don’t treat them as “shorties.”
          How you see yourself is broadcasted to the world by a million little things you do. Your eyes, your body language, your voice. Height matters only to a point. You can be a 5’2″ guy you wouldn’t want to fuck with, or a 6′ beanpole that can be pushed around and reduced to a crying sack of crap with just a word.
          Putin is 5’4″/5’5″ and is seen as a the kind of guy who wrestles with bears and walks away from explosions without looking back, for example. Obama is way taller but is seen as a delicate pussy in touch with his feminine side. In a bar fight it’s KGB trained Putin I’d like to have as a fellow brawler, not Obama.
          Just an example of many. Plenty of example on the intellectual side too.
          You need to stop giving a shit about things you can’t change and work on those you can change. It’s easier said than done, but it’s true.

        5. Height is all about security and vulnerability in attraction. A woman wants to look up at a man because it makes her feel vulnerable. In some ways women are attracted to what they fear. Since you’re short, I’d dress as edgy and hard as you can. Shave your head. Wear leather. Consider tatoos. Never smile.
          Roosh wrote about how he often got laid because he lived in a bad neighborhood. The heightened sense of danger creates vulnerability in women and that vulnerability can lead to intimacy and sex.

        6. I can see where you’re coming from – but all of us have handicaps in one way or another.
          If you’re short- then it’s imperative that you not be fat and have a decent bankroll. These are two things that you CAN help.

        7. Hit the gym, learn MMA tactics, and tat the F up- This way if anyone asks you about your height you can say you’re a cage fighter and that your size works to your advantage. Tell them your interests include wrestling with wild animals, smelling fear, and tasting blood.

  3. Wait until the red pill’s effects seep into areas beyond the game arena. Wait until you grasp the bullshit about the World Wars, the U.S. Civil War, S.Africa, the Fed, or a hundred other topics. Wait until you question the daily slander of some ethno-cultural groups and the unmitigated praise of others. Wait until you grasp that you’re totally owned, and that those who own you have made it seem like they’re victims, rather than slavers. Wait until you understand the total fucking lies we’ve been fed in the Kwa from Day 1.
    Then when you learn all that, you’ll naturally want allies and confidantes, as all humans crave, but when you look around you’ll see that those who might possibly ally with you believe the same shit, only from another angle – patriotards, Christians, etc…You’ll reach the conclusion that the only ones you can respect are those groups that are ruthlessly replacing your own group through a dozen different evolutionary strategies, while those who compose what should be your group do all they can to deny a future to you and your children and make your stomach crawl.
    Then you’ll really feel alone, bro.

    1. Join the anarchists man. All of those international conflicts can be reduced to one thing: the rich and powerful of one country trying to fuck over the rich and powerful of another country.
      The tragedy of modern war is that the young man die fighting each other instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals. -Edward Abby-

      1. government is the disease it pretends to cure.
        government (and modern monetary policy) is a ghost from a bygone era
        transportation companies could pay for all the roads
        corporations could pay for education to bring the next generation of talent online.
        insurance companies could pay for the police
        money should be in the hands of the people and businesses that use it, a bank is a bygone fallacy
        without governments war (and the huge waste it brings) is basically erased.

        1. Man, all of your proposals are valid and feasible, but fuck the corporations. Government laws grant the immortality (their legal rights have no expiration date). To make matter worse, these same laws give corporations rights that are similar to those of human beings. And almost none of the duties, since corporations excel at buying their way out of trouble). A corporation is nothing but a name on a paper and a blurry signature.

        2. I understand your sentiment and agree with you on the horrendous nature of corporations today. But as it stands, a corporation and a state are very similar to each other. While there would be monopolies in a stateless society, they would not look anything like corporations do today.

        3. corporations use government to gain more power and crush competitors. corporations without government have to compete on a truly equal playing field.
          the monopoly demon is bogus, and an excuse used to install governments to help corporations gain a monopoly.
          monopolies are healthy to some extent anyway, where would we be if no microsoft or apple and risen and we still have hundreds of operating systems to wrestle with.

    2. You have a really narcissistic personality if you think that elites have targeted you for propaganda and manipulation.
      I’d like to know, specifically, what you consider “bullshit” about the Fed. I had a red pill experience which disabused me of the Austrian/Ron Paul nonsense about the Fed when I discovered Modern Monetary Theory.

      1. in the next few years you’ll be discovering that modern monetary theory creates a depression or terrible inflation or both…

      2. monopolies dont work. if the fed’s paper is so great, why do they have to force us to use it to the exclusion of anything else?

  4. Dude, I feel you on that last one. Keeping my mouth shut when seeing it play out live is straight up torture when you give a shit about the people involved. I have to constantly weigh the value of my need to enlighten a friend verses possibly wreaking the friendship.

  5. “Given a 100 chances, I would take the red pill 100 times. I think most guys on this side of the fence would do the exact same thing. But, like any major life revelation, you can’t un-look behind that curtain.”

  6. “Excitement about girls short lived or non-existent”
    Can’t agree more with this one in particular. I have gotten laid so much by being an aloof asshole that I just don’t know how to care anymore. Not only do I know it is likely going to prevent me from getting some, but it works you up for no reason, only to be disappointed.
    Take every girl I have met the past two years, aloof leads to pussy, excited and interested leads to blue balls. Result?! Almost total apathy and disconnectedness.
    Is this an accident or am I cynical in that I believe that this is the way the elite want it.
    By being rewarded for being aloof and disconnected, they encourage this behavior, making us in general easier to control….

    1. I don’t think that “the elites want this” has anything to do with it in the end. It’s more a case of emergent social relations due to increasing isolation and the consumerist mentality, along with a whole host of other major and minor horrors.
      Sure, the “elites” have some role to play, but this is chicken and the egg to me. That is, did the elites want this to begin with, or have they done this as a consequence of a fucked-up society?

      1. The elites target resources. People just happen to be in the way.
        Long live anarchy.

  7. Reading philosophy deeply, as I did when I was entering my 20s, also sent me down the path of isolation early. Not a pleasant experience, but it slowly laid the groundwork for the kind of red-pill medicine I’ve received from being involved with the ‘sphere.
    If nothing else, reading philosophy (yes, even post-modern claptrap) pulls the curtain away so that you start to see things in a different way. You never become the same person again.
    On the other hand, there is a point at which too much reading or introspection doesn’t serve you well in the end. You have but one life to live, so go out and live it.

  8. I still remember Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” whenever I read something like this.
    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;
    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    And having perhaps the better claim
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
    Though as for that the passing there
    Had worn them really about the same,
    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black.
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way
    I doubted if I should ever come back.
    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

  9. I find that swallowing the red pill can be bitter and can lead to depression for some…it shakes and cracks the foundation that we’ve all been raised to believe and to adhere to in order to be accepted by society. Many alphas who are bitter towards women, in my opinion, are recovering betas who still believe to some degree that women are made up of spice and everything nice…coming to the realization that such is not the case can be upsetting because the people who raised us should have taught us the truth. As a result of being lied to, I find that men feel hurt and deceived. The truth is, we must remain silent about our newfound knowledge about the ways of the world and the natures of people…we must not be upset that we were told lies…let’s use our red pill knowledge to our advantage and gain therefrom…at least we’ve got the privilege and power from digesting the red pill, no matter how bitter, to personally make our own lives better.

  10. How many of us would do a ‘Cypher’ from “the Matrix” and go back if we could? Would our lives be better if we did that and ignored the truth?
    Way I see it, taking the red pill was inevitable. Some people are hardwired to seek out the truth. Whether or not you like what you find, is irrelevant.
    But it is a very bitter pill to take. To realise that most women in the modern era cannot pretend to be anything other than shallow narcissists. To discover that we have been indoctrinated with lies and all the jobs and security we were told we would have if we worked hard enough is fading away. That our role as modern day men is nothing more than to be expendable obedient slaves.
    There are so many movements. PUA. MGTOW. MRA. Its hard for these movements to gain traction as we don’t get special government/big business entitlements, unlike the girls. But at the end of the day, we all just want a little more money in our pockets and some better quality women to share it with. Is that a lot to ask for?
    There’s a war coming. The Elites know this. In fact, they’re causing a lot of the tensions we see in the world today. And boy are we pissed.

    1. Agree with your post , but will add that the ” Elites ” have DELIBERATELY engineered all the conflicts & future conflicts , conflict = big profit as well as an excuse to impose draconian laws upon us all. Hence Feminism , man hating / bashing , they financed every ” Ism ” & extremist groups of every persuasion , in order to ” Divide & Rule “. Most people here are awake to these real truths.

  11. Terrific essay!
    Red Pilling takes you through the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.
    A top goal of the manosphere should be to help smooth the transition between denial and acceptance, and make the intermediate stages as brief as possible.
    A commenter mentioned philosophy. Reading all the greats is just as important as lifting weights. Also, I think everyone should take a college-level philosophy 101 course. I was always pretty red pill, but as soon as I took that course everything started coming together. The reason was that I learned about the Top 20 Logical Fallacies (google it). It was amazing to learn these fallacies and then realize that almost 100% of the information being fed to me since birth fell into one or many classifications of fallacy.
    The cliched “It’s all lies, maaaaan!” suddenly took on literal meaning.
    Armed with articulate knowledge of the flawed ways in which 99% of people argue, I became unstoppable in debates. I could identify the wishy-washy bullshit that people were going to spew before they cleared their throat to speak. And this, of course, lost me a few “friends”. Oh well.
    I learned it’s more valuable to keep this wisdom to yourself, and wield the power as a dark, but benevolent lord. The more secretive you are, the more awe-inspiring you’ll be.
    As the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. Even depressing sometimes. But none of us would trade it for the world.

    1. I have sort of experienced three of those phases but in a different order. I was somewhat depressed before the sphere and it has helped re-energize and lift me from that. My stages were extreme Anger, which was a redefinition and intensification of anger I already had, Acceptance, and now Bargaining. I agree with all of the side effects listed in this post. I add fucking music. Most songs seem like beta bleating and blathering to me now. And also, I experience perhaps the frustration of trying to teach and being disregarded.
      I gather that the bargaining phase is what is going on across the major blogs the past weeks. There seems to be a great overriding question of “What now?”. And I think many of us are in the place where we are looking for a means to exist in the world. There has been the question of what shall replace the prior mission of “Marriage, family, children”. There has been much expression of angst over meaningless pursuit of sex. And if that pursuit is meaningless then how one can act within a relationship
      I am reverting, as I do often, to my own bullshit form Buddhism. The key tenets are Life is suffering caused by our attachments to people, situations, things and the dynamic nature of life as every changing causes the pain of loss. And only a cessation of attachment will end this suffering. And Buddhism gives a 8 fold path to follow to end attachment.
      So the options are that a person can suffer due to a lack of awareness of the causes of suffering, which is an untenable position once you are aware of the causes. Or you can live in the extreme opposite state of monkdom, and to disavow life, remaining in isolation to avoid the suffering of attachment. I have done this for the past three years and it is an OK state. I have been content with it. Happiness is not being unhappy. It is as simple as that. But now an alternative is presenting itself to me.
      So Buddhism offers something called the Middle Way,, which is neither ignorace and suffering due to ignorance nor a disavowal of life via monkdom.
      And we are all in a similar situation now, we can not suffer Blue Pill ignorance any longer, nor can we deal with a Red Pill sort of monkdom, and we must find an Eight Fold Path of our own, to allow a Bargaining with the world, to be aware of it, yet still live in it and enjoy the fruits of a life.
      All I can say is collectively we have uncovered what we have uncovered, and the benefits of our uncovering and discovery to all of us have been a wondrous thing.
      And collectively we will discover the Middle Way. So stay tuned. Finding a solution is an outcome of defining the problem. We have done a very good of that problem definition. Our issue is that we have little longer term knowledge of the effects of actions that are based on Red Pill. But they are, and will be, forthcoming.

    2. Hi JJ,
      Great comment.
      After 25 yrs busting my balls in the heavy construction industry I realized that some necessary part of a whole human life was missing (or anesthetized) in me.
      So I quit (a very lucrative) career, and enrolled in a 3 yr undergraduate Philosophy degree at my mid-west Canadian City’s liberal arts university.
      And “the Scales Fell From My Eyes”.
      There can be no return, after that awakening.
      The primary effect? A (near homicidal) loathing for popular culture & “intellectual” political commentary.
      Oddly, I have been able to find some comfort from (European) sports: soccer, rugby, cricket, etc.
      Keep the Faith !
      Niall from Winnipeg

      1. ” I realized that some necessary part of a whole human life was missing (or anesthetized) in me.”
        Good to hear that people still exist who feel the need to think outside the rat race for once.

      2. Reviving this post from the dead! I am considering doing the same thing, going to university as an adult and potentially taking philosophy. Is there a means by which we can correspond? I’d really appreciate being able to talk to someone who has already done this. I’m Canadian, too. Thanks.

    3. Hi JJ,
      Great comment.
      After 25 yrs busting my balls in the heavy construction industry I realized that some necessary part of a whole human life was missing (or anesthetized) in me.
      So I quit (a very lucrative) career, and enrolled in a 3 yr undergraduate Philosophy degree at my mid-west Canadian City’s liberal arts university.
      And “the Scales Fell From My Eyes”.
      There can be no return, after that awakening.
      The primary effect? A (near homicidal) loathing for popular culture & “intellectual” political commentary.
      Oddly, I have been able to find some comfort from (European) sports: soccer, rugby, cricket, etc.
      Keep the Faith !
      Niall from Winnipeg

    4. Have you read 48 Laws of Power? “The more secretive you are, the more awe-inspiring you’ll be.” That’s one of the more important laws of the 48, in my opinion, because being secretive also makes you mysterious. Mysteriousness is one of the biggies when it comes to making people (and women) respect you.

      1. Lets not forget the most – in my humble opinion – important factor:- being untraceable. In other words have at all times all the alternatives open to you and…….. legitimately so.

  12. Here are some positive counterpoints to the costs you mentioned:
    1) The isolation won’t last long – this thing is going to take off, and enter into ‘meatspace’ pretty soon. When it does, you’ll be far better off with a group of red-pill friends than you ever were before.
    2) Burn Hollywood Burn. Shut it down. It’s a relief to no longer feel compelled to waste hours of life watching tv, commercials, or movies. It’s all pablum with a culturally marxist agenda. Replace those wasted hours with time spent working on your skills.
    3) Gone is the pedastaling. Gone is that feeling that pretty women hold enormous power that you don’t have. Gone is the idea of being intimidated by a woman. Gone are the days of being fooled by every shit test and beta bait. You may not value women as highly any more, but that puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.
    4) You may have to self-censor a bit, but I am a strong advocate of letting blunt red pill truths come out in conversation more and more. Use the gradual, but relentless approach. The liberals and marxists feel perfectly at ease busting out divisive political rhetoric at dinner parties. Why shouldn’t I? I’m sick and tired of surrendering the debate to the enemy, letting them frame me as an irrational extremist when I know they are just afraid of ideas. If you lose friends by speaking your opinion, let them go. Replace them with people who share your passions and you will feel much better about life. But don’t be that obnoxious asshole always spouting off in people’s face either. Keep it to yourself until pressed.

    1. About 3) pretty women only have power insofar as they can get others to do their bidding (i.e. white knights).

    2. Good advice.
      I like hearing that someone else shit-canned Hollywood. I refuse to be manipulated by the illusions it creates and waste my time trying to live vicariously through the screen like the sheeple out there.
      That time can be much-better invested in exercise, learning, reading, perfecting game, fucking, travel, cooking…WHATEVER.
      In other words, polishing the skills that make you a better man and LIVING your own life, instead of watching someone else live a fantasy.
      I make an occasional exception a film that can teach me something about life or open me up to new perceptions. But those are few and far between, especially in this day and age.

  13. I have no counterpoint. I agree.
    Like Frederick Douglas before you, once you learn your true environment; it takes a while to find satisfaction again. Knowing that the satisfaction you had before was a lie, and illusion. purely, and purposely, an isolated construct with a mechanical nature to spit out human beings that agree with it. It allows them no outside stimulus to choose otherwise.
    Obviously, it takes time, as the red pill is actually more of a process that takes a long time to mature. We spent the better part of two decades of our lives soaking our brains in a wash of feminist narrative, and traditional concepts that are purely historical, and fiction today. Having to wash our brains of that, and reprogram takes such a long time as the indoctrination we were brainwashed with started before birth with our parents, and their parents before them, so on, and so forth.
    I am not saying that all of it was a bad thing. But the sixties changed everything, indeed, the last 100 years have changed everything. Technology has left in indelible imprint that not even a fool can dismiss. Coupled with the somewhat fascist nature of the current political, cultural, and ideological trends of the day; there is not much left allowing men to be men. Let alone favoring it.
    I appreciated this post.

    1. It’s an excellent article but I think it misses what you might call the 3rd generation of red pill.
      This is a guy who understands that a real man can take command of his environment and be a leader. Game is not just about bedding wenches…
      It’s about being a real leader, and teaming with other real leaders. Putting people to use, mobilizing asset, demanding fierce loyalty and frankly opening people’s hearts.
      The red pill man need to understand that the world rests on his shoulders. Tough place to be, but that is real.
      Without real men, society will fade into dreadful socialism, bankruptcy and a new dark ages.
      We’re on the brink…..
      Stealing from the till with a few clever pick up lines doesn’t make you a real red pill man.
      A woman maybe boring, but if she’s madly in love with you and you lead her correctly, she will be a huge asset.
      A beta male, may be a pain in the ass if you let him trample you with bureaucracy and back stabbing, but he too can be made to love his leader.

      1. I don’t think he misses it, though I completely agree with everything else.
        I just think we don’t have a leader or leaders that personify what men are looking for. Men, real or fiction like my little ponies in a epic combat movie, don’t respect other men. They have to be made to respect other men. Honestly, how many of us argue simply for lack of feeling others view us as right; or loosely interpreted as capitulating to everything we say?
        Honestly, the thought of it only be one terrifies me, as a really bad dude, with bad purposes leading us may not be in anyone’s best interests.
        We are getting there, the question is, are we ready for it yet, or are we still maturing before we are strong enough to take the helm?
        Just because feminists mess it up does not mean we won’t. They have sponsor’s who pretend to kowtow to their ideology as it suits them; but still run the show from the background and give the proverbial head pat to women by letting them think they are in charge. We will most likely not be so lucky as we will not have to defeat feminists, and whomever is sponsoring them as well.
        We will have to lead and take the whole nine yards and then score.

        1. i think men respect other men more than women respect men and more than women respect each other.
          but i do get your point.
          when men have more game, then they no longer see each other as competitors rather team mates.
          the logical male mind will tend to find counter points for the sake of it, unless some meditative skill is learned to silence the chatter. thus they tend to confront and challenge rather than connect and bond like women do. men tend to seek that in women rather than in each other.
          men are certainly wide open for divide and conquer by states and females (how many great guys do you know, crushed by some sappy girl friend, or tangled up in some legal crap.)
          there is certainly a very degenerate mood of individualism and sense of self importance. a man cannot truly learn to be a man unless he respects his elders, and let’s face it the last couple of generations of males, especially the baby boomers and X gen. are a fucking mess.

        2. As I assumed you would, you nailed it my friend. I would up
          vote you a hundred times.
          Our nature was what got us where we are. I don’t think feminism has succeeded in changing it, only pissing it off. THe next stage will make it a dire pill fo women.

  14. the curious ant looks up at the sky, bewildered by the mystifying possibilities. what is it? how does it work? its so amazing and beautiful!!!
    the god sits above, no no feeling of bewilderment, just complete understanding, manipulating and changing to his desired effect. to him though, it is amazing and beautiful as well. not because it is so mysterious, but because the level of creativity he can express with his understanding and capability even he could never imagine had he not put his tools to work.
    expanding understanding and capability at first, yes, can be depressing. but thats only while we let go of our attachment to the old world and realize that it wasnt true.
    once we realize our capabilities and the wonderful things we can do, as we push the limits and test ideas real world and see the results of our work, we see the beauty and awe in our effects and creations. we continue to learn and be amazed even more. and that feeling is uncountably better than the grand feeling of curious bewilderment.

  15. Good article, I enjoy your perspectives. I tend to ramble a bit when journaling but a thread or theme for the day emerges, some underlying question that arises and sometimes an answer as well (or the next day, week, etc.). As most writers are told, simply sitting down and writing is a good start. The process seems to flow better when you engage in it more often and with an intent toward clarity of expression.
    I suggest, based on my experience and many thousands of years of history, that what we call red pill is a symptom of an aspect of spiritual awakening. Knowing that no woman, gadget, TV show, sports team, job, hobby, etc. can provide ultimately fulfillment is Truth. Whether one descends into apathy, anger, depression, grudging acceptance or open-heartedness depends upon each person’s desire. I always wanted to know the Truth. The circle of dating / relationship provided an avenue to taking the red pill described in the article. It also led me to a kundalini awakening during a time of celibacy which then led to pursuing the red pill of spiritual awakening. It wasn’t that I had much choice – obsession over women and sex was destroying my life. It was basically wake up or kill someone (almost happened via several smaller car accidents and then a BIG one).
    For those inclined toward the spiritual red pill, I highly recommend Adyashanti – he’s a westerner, self-effacing about his own foibles, and (I think) funny. He literally beat his head against the wall of his meditation hut in frustration. I remember reading that Eckhart Tolle woke up while in deep depression. If this post helps one person see a light at the end of a dark tunnel, I’m happy.

  16. You may have taken the Red Pill, but you haven’t taken the Red Queen’s Pill. How you feeeeeel about women isn’t important. Whether a woman feels your kids are cute enough to raise to adulthood, that’s what’s important. 
    And thats why women’s feeling are more important than men’s. 
    There, I said it. WOMEN’S FEELINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MEN’S. Now go and cater to them, the way God intended.

  17. He that increaseth knowledge, increaseth misery.
    And there is no turning back. I can’t go back, you can’t go back, and Sr. Roosh can’t go back. There is only forward, forward, forward.
    But we would not have it any other way. Because knowledge, real knowledge, was not meant for the masses.

    1. “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” ~Ernest Hemingway

    2. Indeed, though I wonder what this means for the democratic ideal (probably a different topic for another time, of course). I’m not the biggest fan of Plato but as time continues to go by I’m finding it harder and harder to argue with his essential beliefs that the masses were incapable of governing themselves.

      1. I’m with you, man. Platonism, and Neoplatonism. The only way to fly.

      2. If you impose your bureaucracy or your religion on me and I fail to live according to their written and unwritten rules, then it is easy for you to reach the conclusion that I cannot govern myself.
        Plato may have developed his ideas within a hierarchical model of social organization.

        1. We can govern ourselves.I fuckin’ believe we can do so. But only as free individuals. That freedom becomes real when we stop doing things that are imposed on us. Simple. Not romantic at all.

        2. The nature of a hierarchical society dictates that those who can be left to govern themselves should be. It does this by having decreasing regulation and restriction on those in the upper classes and increased restriction on those in the lower class.
          If everyone in the world was an INTJ/P personality with an IQ over 120 there would be no need for laws, government, or a state. Everything could be easily decided and agreed on through negotiation and the free market. We do not live in a world dominated by those types of people however and must work with what we have.

        3. INTJ with IQ 147 chipping in here because I’m inclined to agree.
          The greatest mistake was the intelligent not challenging the merely ‘smart’ when they toppled religion and authority.
          It removed the constraints on the less intelligent who really need those things to fortify their sense of identity, sense of belonging and sense of community.

      3. No one who is above average intelligence and been around the world can possibly believe that the masses are capable of handling freedom. They’ll always look for someone to tell what is up and what is down. Just be thankfull if you’re smart enough to understand it.

  18. An overwhelming amount of media today is geared toward women and beta males.

    Hmm. What kinds of science fiction appeal to alphas?
    I can’t get a good read on Robert Heinlein’s male status. He writes like he had game, but how much of that came from his own experiences, and how much from the Walter Mitty factor?
    For example, did he and his wife Virginia move to Colorado Springs in the 1950’s because they learned through their contacts in the armed services that the town had plenty of swinging military married couples they could hook up with?

    1. Hemingway was quite alpha in some respects. Read his literature, he doesn’t pull any punches and he tells the brutal truth about male female relationships and the inherent duplicity involved.
      Mind you he fell hopelessly in love with his nurse…

  19. I said good for you, sir. Fuck men who are too dumb to realize the reality they live in. They deserve it.

    1. See above John. Your lack of concern, empathy, and compassion for fellow man is no different than the tools of feminism and all its evils. Think about where your feelings come from. Red-pill anger and frustration is understandable, even necessary. But your ignorance of its origins and/or your indifference towards its targets are just as dangerous as those things from which you have (claimed) to escaped. Let go of the hatred; don’t just redirect it. This thinking divides the house of men and if you are indeed so much smarter, you already know that a divided house cannot stand. Plenty of men are about merely “getting mine”. If thats you. Fine. Go get it. But why then are you here? Do you need other men? do they need you? There are plenty of ways in which your strength and wisdom will afford you the success, the “win” in competition with other men – awake or asleep in the blue glow. But until men start caring more about each other in this war against the feminized-societal ills that are an affront against all men, the best we can hope for is yet another version of the 1%. Hatred of men is the yoke of feminism, how is carrying it for them better? How does that make you a better man? Because those men “deserve it”? Where would you get the notion that men “deserve” something like that? Thats just the same feminized narrative, recast. Drop that shit.

      1. Oh forgive me father for I have sinned. Get off your high horse wanker. I’ll help those who want to help themselves, but not those who don’t want to help themselves.

  20. Reality is a bitter pill…
    Sometimes I wish I could go back to being 15 when I still believed the liberal fantasies about love and compassion. Plug me back into the Matrix, agent Smith?

  21. Excellent observations. Like you though, I would take the red pill again 100 times over.
    Ignorance is bliss, however if a guy is too weak to pull his head out of the sand, then he deserves the pain that blue pill provides.

    1. meh. Not attacking you, but you strike a chord here that needs mention. No man is deserving of pain from merely being born into a hyper-feminized society. No more than any woman deserves to be hated for being the beneficiary of those societal constructs – or the target of resentment for awakening one day to find that they have also been lied to themselves.
      One of the keys to digesting the red pill and coming out the other side is finding that empathy. It comes from strength; from our own awakening. Compassion for yourself, for fellow men – regardless of their level of awakening, and for women must all flow from the same place. We must not allow our strength and awakening to foster the very same hatred and lack of compassion that we regularly attack feminism for doling out in heaping doses.
      IMO, one of the biggest impediments of creating a real, cohesive groundswell for men’s rights and the return of the masculine is the tendency to channel the bitterness, the negativity, and hatred toward fellow men and/or women. The true freedom that the red pill can offer includes elimination of that hatred and bitterness to make room for empathy and compassion – not just exchanging the targets of those things to ease our own pain, assuage our own egos, or elevate our own position in the “game” of life, however we might define that.
      The blue pill ignorance is merely on the surface. The reality is that blue pill living requires a great deal of self-loathing. Of subordination of the self and then resentment, anger, and hatred of that self for doing so. Merely projecting/redirecting that hate and anger onto other things is a sticking point in the red pill process. And it is a significant detriment to the broader endeavor to unify, strengthen, and empower the male experience.
      We can see this play out all over these sites, where the “Beta” or otherwise defined are attacked, demonized, and marginalized. If we cannot generate compassion and empathy for fellow men – no matter their folly in our eyes, we are no better than the machine from which we strive to extricate ourselves. The fact that many so-called alpha men, awakened men, red-pill men, are merely channeling their self-loathing toward other men is indicative of just how difficult the red-pill process can be, but it is also part of why the ‘other side’ is still winning.
      This tendency to wallow in alpha-red-pill self-congratulatory navel gazing is of the same cloth that shrouds the ‘modern’ woman in her delusional solipsism that prevents her from standing in the truth with men. Hatred, bitterness toward women is understandable, the cannibalism of other men needs to stop or it will continue to hamstring progress toward a broader awakening.
      Talk, debate, hate on, alpha-beta-blue-red all day. But a strong man generates love for himself and others; his abundance is to be shared; his compassion and empathy are the hammer and anvil from which he reforges the blue-pill chains into sword AND shield to fight for not just himself, but those who cannot yet fight, and to protect not only himself but those who need shelter from the very enslavement of body and soul from which he has freed himself. Without red-pill men to fight – and protect, to unconditionally love and empathize with men in the very station he once was, the majority of men – and thus society itself, will continue to be bound in chains, marching in procession to the gallows of our own construction. And all of this will be for not.

      1. I think you over idealize a bit. The reality is that it is the lot of men to compete among themselves. And it can get brutal.
        But I fully agree with the gist of you message. Compete no holds barred with your immediate competitors, but promote red-pill awareness otherwise. And never let any third party take advantage of the competition. It may sound hypocritical, but hell we need a balance.

  22. Society can’t “make” you into something you don’t have the biological potential to be. Whatever this odd concept of blue pill means, operationally, you sound like nut jobs- like feminists, for example, talking about the manipulation of the patriarchy, can’t you lemmings all see it?- when you talk about it almost mystically, like a cult conversion. If the emotional experience is profound disillusionment and adoption of behaviours that change other people’s behaviours, thus making you see people you had an idealistic relationship with as self-interested animals with particular buttons and needs, too… Why doesn’t every other guy who experiences what you have end up feeling how you do? What do men who are smart and realistic and independent, hence, who are people you ought to respect, who disagree with you have to say? The differences between you should tell you the limits of your “movement”… It’s just too easy to say “other men don’t see the truth.” THIS is an irrationality of men. I’ve found, on the whole, women to be markedly less rational than men (duh, I know), but the MAJOR exception is conspiracy theories. I speculate that the inherent skepticism and lack of respect of authority that allows men to be more rational most of the time- that sex difference- when taken to the extreme makes men more inclined to conspiratorial irrationality (I see the truth, I distrust authority, blah….). But, skepticism and lack of trust in authority and a willingness to stand alone are not intellectual, though they enable intellectual quality in some cases, they are not intellectual, and can lead people to stupidity, too. The temptation to “explain” your differing opinion with the concept of insight, as opposed to the concept of conclusion from a sequence of observations- and here are the observations- is masculine. And resorting to it is either laziness, or talking to the converted, which is what this article is, and all these articles are.
    The only thing I can think of that was really interesting and gives legitimacy to this idea of shaking off the ideas that held you back is the idea of “the disposable male”, that society’s rely on men’s willingless to sacrifice, and die, particularly in the place of women, and men are biologically inclined to do so, which is why the attitude can even be obtained. If you’re inclined to that, and you try to fight it, and you see people who remain inclined to it, because the tendency is so powerful, and you see a bunch of laws organized around it… I can see viewing that as an insight. But, no way it’s as life-changing as you all think. Men aren’t that fucked over, I don’t believe it… If it were so, they’d be unhappier. But men’s happiness increases with age, while women’s decreases, sex differences are still strong (just look at marital satisfaction and divorce risk by the percentage of income earned by each partner… people haven’t changed that much) and life is not so unfree… The divorce risk isn’t even that high for people with a college degree.
    I HATE feminists, almost to an irrational degree, but then I try to ask myself what they can really do to me. So, I have to pay taxes university programs intended to propagandize. Well, lots of good programs exist, still. So, I have to see feminist propaganda in movies. Well, there are exceptions, like game of thrones. And I don’t like TV or movies much, anyways. Going without is little loss. So, I have to be exposed to constant propaganda, particularly in academic literature, questioning my mental and physical health for trying to be lean and sexy, and be dismissed and disrespected if I say I want to be thin and work hard for it and don’t think I was manipulated to want to- I just like the way it looks. I got a chip on my shoulder about this in high school, having a prickly overreation to being talked down to in that way like you’re not a person who makes decisions; rather, you’re acted upon. No one’s ever treated me that way besides feminists. The list of their disrespect could go on… These people can’t help despising women and hating men… It’s helpful to forgive them. And seek people who aren’t like that (like, most people)… I realized that I don’t need to tolerate disrespect, but also don’t need to erupt with anger on the inside (like I still kind of do now). Point is, feminists are weak overlords. If you don’t let them guilt you, and if you don’t care if they invite you to their birthday parties, they have no power. They’re no worse than a bully at school or work. Everyone needs the emotional strength to deal with such people. This isn’t North Korea. You won’t go to jail for criticizing feminism.
    Even Larry Summers still has a good job. So long as you present your ideas calmly, and never preach, or try to sell to others, you’re fine in almost all social circles, in my experience.
    If you have a posse, and websites like this give people a posse, that’s half the emotional battle. Bullied teenagers need a group that has their back- and then they’ll be fine. Speaking for integrity in science, divorce laws that treat both people like humans…. Most people are open to that, I think… Feminists are a small minority that is disturbingly powerful, yeah, but they wouldn’t be if women needed men economically or physically like they used to. Now that men aren’t needed, or at least, are needed less and are seen as being needed even less than they really are, they’ll react, too. It won’t be due to ideas, or a “red pill”, it will be a natural response to the economics of sex and what their environment can give to them and what they can give to it to make a living and get what they need… I bet men are already responding…
    There was no coherence to this.
    a) The idea of blue/red pill is not presented clearly and is too mystical to be taken seriously by anyone who doesn’t already agree with you. I have not found a clear presentation on the internet, but would like to read one.
    The idea of red/blue pill also smells of the male tendency to assume he’s right and surrounded by idiots taken to an irrational extreme.
    It also smells of people who’ve been burned and can’t process their situation like another person might. Like some might shrug and say, yeah, no one’s an angel, while you are destabilized.
    All this talk of social control is ridiculous… I don’t believe the environment has so much power to change our personalities.
    b) As far as historical overlords go, feminists are weak. There is still a lot of room to make a good life for yourself. Porn is a huge business, excellence in most domains is predominantly male, and there are people who write popular books criticizing feminism. Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate is a good and well-reviewed example. You have to have the balls to say what you think without yelling, treating others with respect, etc., of course, but that’s a worthy strength to seek, anyway, whether talking to feminists or whomever else.

      1. Oi, noted…
        But writing isn’t always for other people.
        But, it’s anti-social to not edit stream-of-consciousness in a forum (and guarentees no one will read… If anyone would, anyway).
        This guy writing a journal is my dream come true. But, like, what effort and dedication that takes, for a future benefit…
        The past is blurry like an impressionist painting or a “gist”, and that’s tragic, because the details have value, as your life is composed of memories (no memories, no life), and, looking for lessons and themes, looking back with your “matured” eyes, you might get a different “gist” out of the details.

        1. … I would be shocked to hell if I weren’t smarter than almost all of you. Excluding the most difficult physics, pure math and philosophy, I don’t think anything is doomed to be over my head no matter the effort on my part. If an intelligent, interested person can’t understand you, the cause is almost certainly your own, not theirs.
          I think of that whenever people can’t understand me.
          It IS odd that I like this place so much and want to understand and engage with you people, though…

        2. The same intelligent person who says unabashedly that she is most surely the most intelligently of all people here ? Sure, most of these articulate, people, clearly capable of introspection, are less intelligent than you right ?
          Piss off. You wan’t to engage, but you’re no different. I’m glad the “though…”, whatever it is, makes you averse to this site. You don’t get to set define or dictate for us what it is to be a man. And its high time we had an exclusively male space, without being pestered by women trying to shove their views down are throats.
          To other people reading this …. you can see for yourself. They are mostly the same. Give them one chance and they will try to tell you what to do. Bloody nuisance.

    1. Here we go, another female blathering. Anyway I will try to answer your stupid questions:
      First: Blue Pill/Red Pill is a metaphor to describe the process that involves the discovery and acceptance on the part of men of a set of uncomfortable facts that have been hidden from the mass conciousness and whose sole mention warrants any male without high status an automatic exile in most social situations. This basic set of truths that were well known for our ancestors AND ACCEPTED in open society up until almost a century ago are:
      a) Women are by nature untrustworthy, only follow the winner, they are not above or even on par with normal men, they are not to be given reign in free society if such a society expects to survive, they are not as rational as men;
      b) Father and mother ARE necessary for the children, evidence shows single mother families are a disaster and without government assistance a complete mess, most single mothers are the ones responsible for their situation;
      c) Men have to be the best of themselves, they cannot expect anything that hasn’t been earned, the world will despise if you cry, crying is an act of weakness reserved for women and children, only a weakling would succumb to women tears (99% of the time they are false);
      d) some cultures are far better than others, some religions and Weltanschauung are able to generate great civilizations, others just run their peoples into the mud for centuries (hello Islam and Budhism),
      e) THERE ARE ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, the Truth is obtainable, facts and evidence überalles, not opinions over facts, the truth is not relative, otherwise is not truth, is an opinion.
      Just to mention a few.
      f) No all conspiracies are false, is normal if you like almost all simpletons and wenches cannot conceive the fact that there are people that plan ahead and seize the opportunity to dominate without screaming their plans from their rooftops, however what happened in our time, specially in regards to feminism and its unnatural dominance of academia ARE THE RESULT OF A SUCCESSFULL CONSPIRACY, woven by powerful men and executed graciously. This is not my opinion, that is a documented yet ignored by many fact.

      1. Yeah, women are untrustworthy, and men aren’t… That’s why most thieves are male, most sociopaths are male… Because men are so trustworthy.
        And yeah, women follow the winner. That’s why strict standards that generate excellence are undermined when women are in charge, and why women are the primary people trying to improve the lives of disabled people, because women align with winners…. It seems to me like women respect winners LESS, not more. Being physically weak, and emotionally sensitive, hence not wanting fighting, and hence feeling secure around the strong, is not the same thing as “following the winner”. It seems to me like more “anti-winners” are women; male losers seem to accept their lot more.
        As for being followers, maybe yes, maybe no… No matter how much contempt they get, tons of women still seem to read their horoscopes and get their futures told… Is that not an indication of them being free, doing what they want to do? (Not that I respect that.) The percentage of female engineers isn’t increasing, in spite of the good money and respect in the profession and the feminist propaganda. The lists could go on and on. I know that women are bigger followers than men, are more compliant and rule-abiding on the average, but they aren’t BIG followers- you exaggerate. If YOU were more capable of rational thought, you’d see that for yourself.
        Who has ever argued that fathers are unnecessary (I didn’t say assert from an ivory tower, I said argue.) The losers in that deal don’t defend themselves, because most vocal people, most influential people, are educated people, and most educated people (80%+) had present fathers (not that those variables are causally related, I’m just saying, the people who hold disproportionate influence in this world are not so affected by laws favouring moms, and that cannot be a small reason that you don’t hear about it much). My dad is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Maybe it’s a problem that’s not on the radar of the people who are willing to do anything about it. How many ghetto-raised guys do you know who are presenting arguments, writing books, making YouTube videos, even, about the costs to their peers of fatherlessness? It’s not like no one is listening, or, you couldn’t tell yet whether they would listen or not; few people are talking, and the few who are are talking are not being ignored (Warren Farrell, for example).
        And, yeah, no one respects weak men. But, in the work world, no one respects weak PEOPLE. Everyone has to learn that you must bring things to the table, must ask what you bring to others, not just what they bring to you. Women might not learn this young, because we bring ourselves to the table in relationships (our age, our looks, non-useful personality traits that just make people happy to be near you), and we are inclined to be choosy with men, seeing them as having to prove themselves, but eventually, we must earn things, too. Welcome to life. You don’t have it THAT hard. And learning early that you must prove yourselves sets men up for success in the world, which is comprised of people, believe it or not, who care little if you’re pretty…
        Feminism Academia may be mind-blowing and ridiculous, but conspiracy seems a stretch. Some men are always suspicious…

        1. Weakness is something to be appreciated in a beautiful woman, not in a man, so no, not all weaklings are treated the same way…

        2. Alice “Feminism Academia may be mind-blowing and ridiculous, but conspiracy seems a stretch. Some men are always suspicious…” No point discussing if it was a conspiracy or not, it’s already documented and proven and if you weren’t such a lazy woman you could have found it out already!

    2. There you go gents. Another lady here trying to dictate to us what a “true man” is like. YAAAWWWN!

  23. Early adopters of any social change are predictably going to be an odd assortment of deviants, misfits, freethinkers.
    Those who not only have little stake in the prevailing system, but have an inborn exploratory impulse to begin with.
    In my case, loneliness is no great loss, because I was always lonely in conventional society, feeling in my bones it was all superficial and wrong.
    Learning new powerful ideas is a huge improvement.
    Where once I was an outsider looking in,
    Now I gaze down from above.

  24. We all know the price. Regardless, I appreciate the effort writers of this site make to keep enhancing my red-pill life.

  25. What’s the most terrifying is that you’re describing the situations the both protagonists in “Brave New World” and “1984” is living in.
    Swallowing the red-pill is more about game and feminism though. With my laws forbidd me to say anything i will leave at that.

    1. It was Brave New World for a while as the masses got their soma (the 70s when the sexual revolution was in full swing) and now its tending slowly towards 1984 with the police state.
      They say a nation can survive its fools, but not its traitors. Well, a nation cannot survive its fools when they become numerous enough and in their mass stupidity they do what the traitors want. As such, the human condition in the 21st century of the West is that arguably, the masses are getting what they deserve?

  26. The leftists assume a stance of moral superiority when they fly under the banner of equality. While many may not like this assumption, theirs is the correct one. However, the essence of the red pill isn’t against equality. The essence of the red pill is that as the world exists today, equality is impossible. Since equality is impossible, hierarchy becomes inevitable and the goal of all non-leftists is to place conscious control over the hierarchical nature of our existence with the ideal that our endeavours will elevate man and woman to a place where equality becomes possible.

    1. I dunno that i hate them; its like hating a shark for biting your leg off. Its only doing what it does naturally and its not like anyone’s telling it not to. But I definitely hate anyone that says it isn’t so. I mean people who insist that each woman is a glistening snowflake who will deign to bless with with 5 minutes of her time if I earn it.
      Fuck that.

    2. Why would you? To hate someone/some-group is just attaching excessive importance to them in a negative way, a negative form of pedestalization. Punish if you have the opportunity for wrongs committed unto you, punish no more than the offence. If not that, the supreme policy is indifference.
      Just don’t give two fucks.

  27. Spot On.
    I’ve experienced all these things in spades just a couple years after swallowing the pill. Being a blue-pill beta is like returning to the Olive Garden after eating authentic Italian food in Tuscany. You’d have to have to remove part of your brain, or do a MIB denuralizer trick to go back.
    But as you say it’s a 100 for 100 choice that any red-pill male would/should continue to make. We adapt, or we die. I choose red-pill life over blue-pill system of control any day.

  28. >>Learning about game (a key
    element of the red-pill universe) makes you increasingly successful with
    Taking the red pill didn’t make me more successful with women. I was a gamma and I stayed a gamma. Reading this text gave me a very sour feeling in my chest. There is no cheat-code to become alpha if you’re at the absolute bottom of the social picking order. Social status is in the eye of the beholder and social status is 99% of game. The only solace I have is that I now understand reality. Luckily you can hack the system and optimize reality so it can suit your needs and you can live on the side. The only REAL winners are the 1% alphas of the population. Everybody else loses. Question: How do you win the game? Answer: don’t play it !

    1. You can emulate and habitualize alpha behaviors while also optimizing yourself to the best of your potential. That’s more than most men in your position will do – Maybe you’re not top 1% material, but you’d certainly be in a position to interest women at least as attractive as yourself.

    2. Ironically, those 1% Alphas don’t really care about the attention and status they get from women. Perhaps you could stop caring. As you said it,, truly stop playing the game. Just focus on personal achievements, building skills and building yourself. Such things, if done patiently and consistently, give you personal confidence (I would know). Often it has been seen that when a person executes a skill they are confident at, people regard that person more. Whats more, overall development gives you confidence that, even if you aren’t actively focusing on game, that air of assurance carries through and has an effect.
      And if you still remain a gamma in the eyes of women, well self development is a satisfying end unto itself anyway.

  29. As a red pill twenty-something by means of my own reading and theory-turned-practice, I agree with Just Johnny. In time one’s identity will reflect the independence acquired by this model of thought. It is superior – in every way.

  30. Thanks for writing this. I resonate with your parts of your experience and needed to hear them.
    I had an easier time accepting the principles of game than most guys because I wasn’t much of a television watcher to begin with. The media was unable to get its nasty hooks of influence in. My friends who are just starting to learn game have the same relationship as you do with the tv now. It’s gay and does nothing for em
    It feels strange to be unexcited about girls. I’ve encountered countless attractive bitches in the field, but there isn’t a single one I “like”.
    I miss the feeling of being excited over a girl, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay in my evolution to be a player.
    I learned game thinking it would be for the bitches. Early on in my journey I realized its the thrill from the risk of the approach that drives me.
    Does this approach carry enough risk to give me approach anxiety? Is it obvious to everyone I’m hitting on her, and they’ll all know if my advance is rejected? YES! Camera, lights, ACTION!
    My motivation to approach is very low if the situation doesn’t feel risky. I run better game when there was approach anxiety beforehand.

  31. Man you nailed it. Especially the TV and media part. I never decided to stop watching TV etc I just feel its irrelevant to the things I value and feel as though I have betrayed myself if I pay attention to it. Thought I was the only one.

  32. “as emotions get involved their executive function goes out the window
    and all their reactions become very primal. Then once it’s all over
    they’ll justify whatever happened in a way that takes away all real
    accountability from themselves. We call it the hamster.” <– how do I manipulate the female hamster?

  33. These are very good words of caution. Add BDSM into that for extra flavor and you get a tasty red pill soup! However I will disagree on keeping quiet. You will have to stub me in a throat with a butter knife and I will keep on speaking the truth. Perhaps I got old and don’t give a shit anymore. I will turn the whole party inside out if there is a slightest mentioning of ‘victims of patriarchy’. My friends are not happy about it but that’s why they’re friends. They accept you for who you are. I am the MRA, nightmare of feminists and their male dogs. if my words turn one out of 10 people inwards, that means I did well and we can continue consuming the vodka. As far as media, watch some Bill Burr or Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Educational shows are still enjoyable. I quit watching TV before the red pill. Useless waste of time or indoctrination of mindless drones.
    Giving the choice now I would probably stay happily ignorant but that’s a paradox. Benefits red pill outweigh few nano seconds of nostalgie.

  34. I become very annoyed with advertising on many levels. The emasculation is upsetting to say the least; however, it makes sense from a business standpoint.
    With more single women landing jobs (some previously men’s jobs) alongside single mother’s there is a market–a big one. Add to the recipe The Wall + “Man-up!” + the hamster you have…Bash men = $$. Nothing personal, gents, nor even the transition (demise?) of the male/female dynamic. The bottom line betrays both sides in the end.
    “…women control access to sex, men control commitment.”

  35. Damn you hit it on the money, you can’t NOT(double negative) see it all around you. And the cosmic pull it has and most men, the women know it’s there and they hate/despise men who have looked behind the curtain, but the give you more sex because they think they can pull the wool back over your head.

  36. I’m an 18 year old virgin. But i have started gaming for about a year now and considered myself to have taken the red pill. Looking back at my past life, i was incredibly stupid. I put women on an impossibly high pedestal, and worship them like i (used to) idolize and fear my parents (asian family). Needless to say, picking up chicks at bars, making out, or even trying to get laid is extremely hard for me, especially when i’ve developed a distaste for asian women (i only go for black, hispanic or white women) which composes of 90% of the female population of the city where i’m living in . Being born and raised in Hong Kong, i see too many atimes asian women who don’t even speak English going for white men. But thats cool. I don’t blame anybody. Those guys, (even though most of them are poorly dressed beta and the only thing attractive about them to asian women is their whiteness), are getting laid, and I applaud them. I understand that what matters most is to keep your shit together. Don’t get discouraged no matter how frequently you are rejected (trust me, I know). I am casually dating several girls now it’s only a matter of time before i do the deed. All i’m saying is, I have to thank all those alpha male books that i’ve read: Neil Strauss, Mystery, Simple Pickup, etc etc. They helped me build my character, and rescued me from the abyss of ignorance that i so voluntarily get entangled in. So Red-pill guys, keep up the good work. Greetings from Hong Kong.
    Peace Out.

  37. This is exactly how I fuckin feel . I’m in high school and I’ve been developing myself . I’ve learned everything from alpha male behaviour , posture , body language , states of consciousness and spirituality and game . I’ve taken the red pill big time . I’m only 16 turning 17 in november a couple of weeks . And yes our society is full of blue pilled men who don’t even know it. I’ve tried to help , it never goes well . I think I’m going to take phsycology for college. Unless Im a millionair by then

  38. I myself would take the red pill a hundred times if given a hundred chances. The red pill was the best think to ever happen to me. The isolation to me is actually energy for my mental battery. I see all the bs that all my blue pill ‘friends’ go through with their girly friends, wives, and relationship bs. And I can’t help but laugh at the road they have ahead if them. I’ve been there, I’ve done it! And realizing just how few boys (and I say boys because a boy is not a man until he takes that red pill) will become men I see it as a badge of honor to wear the red pill. I really could not give a rats ass that all my friends wives/girlfriends don’t like me! They feel threatened that I may wake their slaves (their boyfriends/husbands) to the truth! And the cost of taking that red pill has been worth it all!!!!

  39. I just wonder why you or the other males who have taken the “red pill” don’t just give up on women altogether. If you know about their true nature, what makes you even want to still fuck them? Why do you still bother with that?

  40. This just sounds like feminism but for dudes…Dudeism? Maleism? I dunno…why does everyone gotta make some following up and label it and stuff. Feminism is bad enough, why can’t we just have self-ism where you like…focus on bettering yourself, to hell what other people think or what tv or movies say, and just find something to be happy about?
    Yeah I found this site on tumblr and as you know tumblr consists most of “wah wah things are unfair”, it gets old. But this site is doing the same thing!!
    If a pretty person doesn’t like you, its okay! Whether its a dude or a chick! If some girl you hit on doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or her so why let that have any power over you!
    There is no curtain to look behind! Things are always unfair for someone, somewhere! The more you focus on this shit of whats fair or whats unfair, the less shit that gets done.
    You want to get people to love you? Want to get chicks to love you? Be into yourself. Not like obsessively like thats all you talk about but just be happy with who you are. OWN your shit.
    I hope this came off as positive, it was suppose to.

    1. A presence in ROK that does not inspire a solipsist gag reflex from a systemic research on what passes for an intellectual consensus here.

  41. “The more you scratch off the innocent-girl veneer, the more you recognize women as inherently deceptive, manipulative, and selfish. Sure, you learn to exploit this to your benefit, but further the vicious downward spiral in the process.” I’d learned about it, and I want nothing to do with it, I want to analyze women from a cold scientific point a view, and warn men of the dangerous nature of women, traditionalism, and feminism.

  42. Well, before I took the red pill, I was delusional and ensnared by the feminist take on relationships and such, and was getting rejected by women, and I brooded on and on about it, I took the red pill, and I could care less.

  43. “Given a 100 chances, I would take the red pill 100 times. I think most
    guys on this side of the fence would do the exact same thing. But, like
    any major life revelation, you can’t un-look behind that curtain.”
    What has been seen cannot be unseen and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  44. The article pretty much nailed everything. Inspiring for those of us who are battle weary..

  45. There was no price for me. I used to be depressed, I hated life, girls walked all over me, I truly believed that going to college and getting a degree was the key to being happy, I was weak both physically and mentally, I thought a job was the answer to my financial problems. I was a brainless spineless hedonist who would have led a life of regret and died having done nothing more than being a “good boy” and following societies prescribed path. Fuck that shit. I would rather die a hundred deaths than go back to being what I was.

  46. “Even when you account for the non-readers who harbor our sensibilities, red-pill men is small, and diminishing, group. ”
    In that case, what are we collectively doing counter this ? Just successfully getting laid and letting the nature’s intended psychological modus operandi for men, which has not only served mankind so well for so long but in this world of increasingly undisciplined, ineffective, impotent and shallow youth (my generation, in short) , it ie red-pill thought and by extension, the masculine virtues are especially relevant. And letting these simply get trampled over by self-deluding children in adult bodies isn’t the solution either.
    This is what puts me off about a lot of red-pillers. The sheer nihilistic overtones some of their sayings/ramblings that is.
    I ascribe to TRP lock, stock and barrel. My point is just because some of the unsavory truths indeed make you somewhat cynical, there is no need to be nihilistic and defeatist. Realistic and optimistic need not be mutually exclusive.
    As red-pillers, we have two options. Either meekly accept the social winds and go down in history as a barely known group of miserable misogynists(victor writes history) or we figure out how to effectively get our message through to other fellow men who have been brainwashed, covertly and without the subverting influence of the feminine imperative which afflicts all that has become mainstream. Even if the going be painstakingly slow at first.
    There was a time when PUAs would try to practice their craft in seducing women and would be met with no success. Regardless, they eventually hit upon the solutions they needed and as a result today we have something which is much more than mere PUA artistry. Why not devote the same solution-searching to the case of the blue-pillers who we revile so much (even though we ourselves were similar once)?

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