How To Kill The Left’s Killswitch Lexicon

This is taken from the official policy guide for Staffordshire University’s Student Union:

Fascism, racism, LGBTphobia, sexism and ableism are all strands of thought and oppression within society which seeks to sow divides between ordinary people. As a Students’ Union it is our job to represent all students and to attempt to unite students against these attacks. As a part of this it is key that we do not allow those who wish to spread hatred and division onto our campus and it is the job of the Students Union executive to educate members on the need to oppose discrimination and the need for No Platform.

We’re all hopefully very much aware of this trend on college campuses in the West called “No-Platforming,” which bans anyone from taking any positions contrary to leftist dogma on campus, silencing those that hold such positions in the interest of tolerance. Consequences have ranged from student mob action to outright expulsion.

I don’t want to talk specifically about the trend. That’s not what this essay concerns. The trend is only a written manifestation of a deeper endemic problem which has been overlooked and misunderstood by the right: that of how the enemy controls language to their own ends, usually to silence men who stand up for themselves in any given situation.

The Heresy Charge Of Our Age


There exists a “dictionary” containing certain words that have more power than others, almost always descriptors that can be applied to those who dissent from modern orthodoxy. These function as accusations of heresy, and once accused, the person has the plug pulled on whatever argument they might be making.

In the past, religions across the world have used the charge of heresy to weed out troublesome elements, distinguishing those who practiced correctly from those who were practicing in error. In many cases, this was positive. When degenerate or puritanical fringe sects of a faith emerged, engaging in underground occult activities and offensive rituals as well as subversion, they could be dealt with accordingly before they spread and destabilized the society. Times have changed, but they really haven’t. The ruling powers in the United States, Germany, Australia, France, etc. are very much religious in nature, as has been discussed on many occasions elsewhere. The issue is that this new “cult” is not a religion which targets aberrations, freaks, and misfits, but instead seeks to stifle and crush the organic orientation of man.

The descriptor of “heretic” is now much more malleable. We have a menagerie of terms like “misogynist” and “racist,” which have lost their etymological meaning if they ever had one, and these are of course joined by cute but inaccurate portmanteaus such as homophobia, and islamophobia.

Once an individual is branded with these one-word descriptors, the effect is a little like the mark on the door of a plague victim. “Don’t go near!” the stern wardens tell us, for if you do then no doubt their hatred will contaminate you, or worse yet trigger you. You see, heresy in the spiritual realm is seen a lot like disease in the medical realm; it is contagious and potentially fatal. And what spiritual sickness plagues us? Normalcy.

The Egyptian monk St. Anthony the Great once said “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying “You are mad; you are not like us!” It would appear that such a day has come. In a world where the inmates run the asylum, the orderlies are a stone’s throw away from being eaten alive or dissected in the basement. Do you recognize that women are naturally happier raising children than working tedious nine-to-five jobs? If so, there is something gravely wrong with you and the cure is sensitivity training therapy. Do you suffer from delusions of being trapped in the body of the wrong sex or species? If so, then put on the ritz for your Nobel Peace Prize gala!

Leave Them No Safe Space


What is to be done about this predicament? If we are tarred with this brush of sickness, caped in the words that single us out in a crowd for either isolation or vilification (certainly not rebuttal), then it would seem that the power of this lexicon needs to be subverted and defused. Such a thing can only be done through brute force. Put another way, we have to make the denotations of these words so ubiquitous that they lose their power. It is precisely their rarity that inspires fear in those that hear them, for most fear the unknown. In the modern docile world, realities about sex differences are rather exotic, since we are saturated by feminist propaganda among other types.

Men need to coarsen their language, not to each other, but to the hostile forces without. The internet is the medium that is ripe for this effort, but it extends beyond cyberspace. Whenever you comment on anything and this struggle springs to mind, even if it is unrelated to a political topic, break a boundary and say something that is politically incorrect. This is precisely how the left pierced the previously austere maze of social etiquette in the 1960s in particular, they injected their agendas into everything so that they were inescapable, and over time even the most despicable things were normalized. A bullet has to be fired into every hugbox, and every safe space has to be violated gratuitously.

If you can take a risk, twist the knife to an absurd degree. If it pays to be more probing and covert, so be it. Judge your audience and their reactions when face to face, and gradually push the envelope. Until they appear to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, there is still room to push. If they provide no platform in one location, fine, just find out where else it is that they frequent and bombard them there.

With an arsenal of hatefacts, you can reduce any outlet into a mass of blubbering, offended infants, and as our own dissident quarter grows it will be harder and harder for the left to go about their daily perusing without encountering the “plague,” the “heresy,” those mean old words. The more commonplace the language becomes, the less impact their special little dictionary of inverted heresies will have and all designations of us will fall flat.


The left uses this tactic in their multicultural projects

Remember, what is the strategy of the enemy concerning migrants? Throw in a few families and the people will resist (we saw this in Romania recently when the entire township of Ardud rose up against any hint of a plan to bring a tiny number of refugees there). However, flood the nation with hundreds of thousands in a kind of shotgun approach, and the people will give up. Pretty soon, their children will go to the same schools, they will see each other at the grocery store, they will ride the same bus, and as much as one can be familiarized, for better or worse they will be.

The people will begrudgingly accept their own execution because their environment will subconsciously inform them that they have already lost. Through this method, the resistance of the enemy is worn down and then finally shattered. Why do you think both Republicans and Democrats in the United States never stop saying “We can’t deport eleven million people”?

Relentless and ruthless usage of the offensive tools at our disposal is the way forward. This is what must be done with our beloved political incorrectness, with the language of frankness and excellence that has been silenced by an instant isolator valve, put in place by the established powers so they never have to reckon with our arguments at all.

Through unyielding exposure, we will crack the killswitch lexicon. Once that is done, and we can no longer be shut down with single-word slurs, then all that is left  for us to do is bludgeon them with the truth until they are the ones yelling “I recant! I recant!”

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233 thoughts on “How To Kill The Left’s Killswitch Lexicon”

  1. Hi. Is Return of Kings a “safe space” for men? You guys don’t have many. However, given that AVFM has both decided that I’m a heretic and accused me of pandering to you guys already, I thought I’d make that a self-fulfilling prophecy, and haunt this site. (Sorry boys, I’m no cougar, and no I don’t care if you buy my book because it’s intended audience is women.)
    “These function as accusations of heresy, and once accused, the person
    has the plug pulled on whatever argument they might be making.”
    Yes. Pretty much. To wit:
    “Where do you think you are, Return of Kings?”
    So I thought I would come take a look. Well what do you know. This piece is like a breath of fresh air in the Inquisition Chamber. Cheers.

    1. AVFM is faux manosphere site that uses female writers. Like the men’s magazine Mens Health, which is really run by the women’s magazine Women’s Health.

        1. AVFM does come off as purple pill/ a kind of feminism for men. There’s no real drive for a paradigm shift, just a kind of push back to the middle.

        2. Yes. They largely promote an egalitarian slant, except Elam himself often promotes an authoritarian streak, which, I think is great, but, it does seem to be in conflict with his open hostility towards PUA’s for instance. I like him and respect him, and I am even sympathetic that the moderator dissembled so dramatically for me (a woman!) They’re probably better off without me anyway. Especially since I’m coming around to being a Roosh fan and supporter. Which, of course, is terribly naive, given that he’s a confessed rapist and all. /sarc That’s what got me into this mess. I don’t think he confessed to rape. I think the AVFM is shooting itself in the foot. But, hey, what do I know. I’m just a chick (with gray hair so sue me).

        3. I’m aware of your writings, perusing them on occasion, though its very obvious they are intended for women, I can see why Elam and his gang of ragtag misfits could have a problem with them and your general perspective.

        4. For what it’s worth, the clear majority of subscribers and commenters are men. Sigh. I can’t do anything right. 🙂 So yes, I do address some issues specifically for men, largely framed through my experiences with men, to include outright hero worship of one particular man.

        5. I don’t think women understand each other any better than men do, me included. I have to imagine that I have female lurkers however, and a few have been brave enough to even comment.

        6. I have never heard of AVFM. What does it stand for, and how does it differ from RoK? Which do you prefer and why?

        7. AVFM =
          I had thought that what would appear to be the dominant Socialist/Egalitarian viewpoint at AVFM was tempered by Paul Elam’s views, and he is the figurehead. I mostly agree with Elam, and a few other writers, but, I could tell early on that I ought to keep my participation to a minimum given that my own views are so far out there, essentially indefensible today, but, just you wait…I’m ahead of my time. 😀
          I have been known to pop in and read an RoK article from time to time along with other men’s sites of PUA slant or those who refuse to specify a particular men’s movement branch alliance, but since I’m not the intended audience, I haven’t been faithful enough in my reading herein to render a fair assessment yet. Besides, there’s only so many insults per day I can handle, and so I generally prefer sites where there is some measure of forced civility albeit toward the paleoconservative or alt-right spectrum rather than pretending that I can actually stand on my own (even if I can; I’m not bad really). However, after having my ass handed to me at AVFM, I might as well be insulted by men who I can respect. Heck I might even like it.
          The notion of neomasculinity appeals, and I am myself a male supremacist on the civic, social, spiritual, and sexual issues which count, and an outright regressive really. I support the notion of a PUA phase for men. Which is not to say that some men aren’t going to just stay in that phase, and who can blame them? Society is f-ed up. I myself deliberately chose not to reproduce. Odds would be stacked against my progeny for sure. Why inflict a dismal future on them? Let those who can offer their kids a fighting chance reproduce. For me they would have been doomed.
          (Reformed Leftist speaking. Sorry. I repent!)
          That said, I think I can learn a lot here, and at the least, if someone on my feed recommends an AVFM article, instead of clicking there, I’ll just click here. I’m “branching”. See, I’ve picked up on a few PUA terms here and there…:D
          I’m a huge fan of and anything by Karen Straughan. I’m a chick. They speak to me. Makes sense, no? However, I spend most of my online time on That’s more my demographic in more ways than one to include the women who are way more clever than the average. People also pretty well speak their mind but there is an air of civility that is policed by the individual commenters largely. It’s refreshing. I’m spoiled. I was taken back at AVFM when I was responded to as, “What a passive/aggressive load of old shit.” Takimag meanwhile is only beginning to shed chivalrous and fanciful notions as regard to the supposed moral superiority of women, and to welcome people to that notion, I like to introduce my fellow commenters to the various men’s sites, and I’ll be directing them here rather than AVFM from now on.
          AVFM is highly “anti-traditionalist” with “traditionalism” borne out of the post-nuclear era, which was a really really long time ago, back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. As for me, I’m more 16th-century… or “Neo-16th-Century-ist” because I don’t believe that femininity ought to be defined by consumerism or adherence to female group bias. I’d rather serve my man than the hive, that is work for a living, but not with a W-2, if at all possible, even if it means I don’t live in a post-nuclear style home with a lawn, etc. A trailer by the river is just fine 😀
          However, where I distinguish myself is that I would love to give up my “rights” if only all women would. I bet they all would be happier! I sure would. I’m tired of getting kicked around–by women. Yes, I’m way past my SMV shelf life, so maybe that’s part of it (although I still get hit on a lot, I’m an “alpha widow,” so most men don’t have a prayer of a chance respective to my age–54). Additionally, I suspect that post-menopause, my brain is clearer than it was. God sure has a sense of humor. If I can help make a better world, at least I have purpose. If I can actually find a man to coexist with my dear departed Axel (my hero) in my heart, that would be great. But I can’t count on that. Meanwhile, I might as well keep busy and hold onto my integrity while those about me may be losing theirs.
          Hope that wasn’t too long winded. Thanks for asking!

        8. Nice write up Cap.
          While I’m very blunt online (and in real life if pissed off) and can really let others have it I understand your desire for civility. I take it AVFM posters were not happy with your anti-egalitarian views (I’m in the same camp) or was it something else?
          Lastly, sorry your Axel passed away. If you’re still getting hit on at 54 though you must take care of yourself. If so that’s good. You might as well since we only get one body anyway.

        9. Thanks I’ll check it out. BTW, when I said “I’m in the same camp” I meant that I’m not an egalitarian, not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s gotten me banned from more than a few websites.

        10. We don’t want to give you a warm welcome. We want to give you the equivalent of bloody anal sex, until you move on and don’t return.

        11. Hey sugar tits, I didn’t claim to be a feminist or a red piller. I just made a statement. But I apparently struck a nerve (probably the one in your anal sphincter).

      1. The one cunt on there keeps banning people…when I saw a cunt doing the banning, I laughed and deleted the bookmark.

    2. I find the very concept of a ‘safe-space’ insulting. A safe-space is an echo chamber where ideas wither on the vine and critical thinking goes to die. People have a voice here and if its a stupid voice – they’re told precisely why they’re stupid. Effectively the opposite of a safe-space.

    3. I recently translated an Erin Pizzey article that was published on AVFM for my own blog. For that reason I had to kind of ‘join’ them in their forum. Funny enough, I was immediately offered AVFM Germany, even though they didn’t know jackshit about me. I did a bit of probing in their forum and found the majority of these people are just complainers, whining about why tradcons are oppressed these days. As I harshly opposed their RooshV bashing, the mere mention of the words “real men” got me a “strike 1”, hahaha. I told them byebye immediately. It’s an echo chamber of the Paul Elam religion. Anyway, there are way more interesting posts here on ROK.

      1. There is some sort of men’s rights Wikipedia in Germany that I heard about through AVFM and wanted to volunteer for but I was unwilling to supply my personal details and so that was a dealbreaker. Your story tells me that they have disconnected themselves from AVFM too. That’s sad and does not portend well. Esmay sounding off in disbelief about the “rapefugees” in Cologne, probably didn’t help either. Huh?
        This piece of mine probably pissed them off too but maybe you’ll like it:

        1. Tell her that the second hand smoke is good for the brain. (It is.) I defer to and there are numerous pro-tobacco links on my blog. Women especially are being conditioned to fear tobacco. It’s one of my pet issues. How many of them would have kicked Mark Twain out of bed for smoking? Not many I imagine.

    4. According to the “about” section, it is such.

      Return Of Kings is a blog for heterosexual, masculine men. It’s meant
      for a small but vocal collection of men in America today who believe
      men should be masculine and women should be feminine.
      ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where
      masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of
      creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows
      women to assert superiority and control over men. Sadly, yesterday’s
      masculinity is today’s misogyny. The site intends to be a safe space on
      the web for those men who don’t agree with the direction that Western
      culture is headed. If you are new, check out our top 35 posts of all time.
      Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.”
      I recall when women and gays were banned from commenting here. I believe the stance is now, and it is my personal one as well, that all decent comments should be allowed, but the ban stick is always there for when things get out of hand.

  2. I’m beginning to hold frame when someone calls me one of the “ists.” I’m done arguing it, I will accept it from now on. I’m a big dude and I doubt someone is going to try something with me. When the left has taken their special dictionary of “ists” and rendered the words meaningless, they try to bring you into their frame by getting you to reveal how tolerant you are.

      1. Why argue with leftists at all? They can’t be reasoned with. The only thing a leftist understands is force.

        1. I have never seen a physically imposing leftist. Ever.
          Whiteknights? Blue pill? Sure. But never leftist such as diversity advocates.
          The only tactics these guys know are shaming. When you don’t back down, they have nothing else left and nothing bad happens.

        2. That may be true but only for the time being. Virtually all genocidal regimes have been leftist. In time, you will come to understand why that is.

    1. It always struck me as odd that a grown man would be irked by name-calling. So someone uses a dirty word or calls you a bigot, racist, etc; Big fucking deal. Laugh it off, then continue as you were. If more of us stopped being faggots and giving a shit about the opinions of strangers, the manosphere would become obsolete.

  3. A few years ago, I posted a drawing of Muhammad on my deviantart page. I was expecting the butthurt from the muslims, but I was surprised at the number of comments that read like this:
    “I’m not muslim, but I find this really offensive. You shouldn’t be drawing this.”
    Don’t these people realize that their attitude is what allows islamist faggots to have their way and to trample all over the rest of us?
    If anything, anyone with the ability to draw should proudly be drawing portraits of the prophet, and making them as insulting and degrading as possible.
    Bending over like a faggot isn’t the solution. The correct solution is for everyone to do it so fucking much that these sensitive pussies will be able to grow a skin and stop caring.

    1. It’s a sure thing that if you drew a mocking portrait of the crucifixion of Christ, nobody would say anything negative.

      1. At least probably no threats. muslims are so fucking stupid, they think that being told “I’ll kill you” on the Internet is actually scary.

      2. Besides the hardcore right wing Christians, no one would take it seriously. And even then, to be fair, not that many people seem to take Christianity seriously anymore.

        1. And espousing those values takes more discipline than many people realize. And while the Bible does emphasize it, patriarchy in itself isn’t limited to it.

  4. Things I no longer do since becoming based:
    Try and maintain friendships with Leftists.
    Try and debate facts with people who don’t show good faith.
    Flinch at being called a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, anti-Semite, or fascist.
    Go along to get along (in political conversations).
    Waste time on message boards or comment sections that use moderators.
    Drill down into unimportant details while overlooking the bigger picture (paralysis by analysis is one of the Left’s favorite weapons).
    Fall for the cheap tricks of internet shills who are motivated to derail, dissemble, and divide in every comment they make.
    Believe that women will dislike me if I’m a right-wing shitlord.

    1. ideological leftists never show good faith
      you’re either with them or you’re evil
      the only leftists i’ve ever had long, civilized convos with were old black liberals, strangely enough

      1. How to kill the left: Take away the tax money you give them.
        The left is a product of public funds. Whenever you have a government that engages in handouts you will have politicians that specialize in creating handouts, citizens that specialize in lobbying for handouts, and organizations that assist in distributing handouts. You will create a class of publicly funded parasites. Defund them and they go away.

      2. Either you believe or you go to hell. Seems to me that leftists took this argument from their Protestants Christian parents and gave it a liberal spin.

    2. Flinch at being called a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, anti-Semite, or fascist.

      Racist is placing a bomb in a black church or burning a cross on someone’s lawn. Anyone who considers someone racist for holding an opinion is not to be taken seriously.

  5. In university I had many arguments with equalist classmates where they’ll accuse me of being a bigot, an asshole, etc and then just stop talking. We sit there in awkward silence until I realize he’s waiting for me to respond
    What that means is that some people genuinely believe calling you mean is an argument, in their minds no further point was needed
    So it’s likely that plebes and low tier leftists really think political correctness is simply “treating people nicely”. But I’m sure the smarter leftists know it’s more than that
    Ergo the key is to emphasize that mean sounding things can still be right, and even if not can still be a point worth discussing. You’re not going to change the minds of committed safespacers, but you can probably sway the general public

    1. This is, in a nutshell. Reducing oneself to childish arguments when you hear people talk like that only demonstrates their immaturity. The moment anyone starts with an insult they know they have lost.
      Side not: Am I the only one who recalls the classic Pee Wee Herman and how people act in debates today?

        1. No, responding to name calling with name calling isn’t effective. Responding to name-calling by saying that name-calling isn’t a real argument will win the argument.

        2. You didn’t think I was actually serious, did you? It’s a video of Pee Wee Herman acting like a 3-year-old — much like the way SJW’s get when whipped into a frenzy by like-minded useful idiots.
          Have a chuckle, and a beer; not necessarily in that order.

        3. This doesn’t always work because SJW’s aren’t smart enough to connect the dots, la la la lala, connect the dots, la la la lala.

        1. The argument does make sense, just a few typos.
          Technically correct…the very best kind of correct.

      1. “Am I the only one who recalls the classic Pee Wee Herman and how people act in debates today?”
        That because populations have become so diametrically opposed that talking/debating can only antagonize further and only violence can resolve. Ultimately, you can only have what you can and will defend with force (by yourself or by proxy), even Pee Wee Herman understood that.

    2. Feminism and other blue pill ideologies are just a secular religion. Like every other religion, it’s meant to keep you in check when your rulers aren’t around to supervize. You police yourselves. And you’ll attend ~~academia & media~~ church regularly to maintain that conditioning.
      If the church doesnt quench your thirst for purpose, it means the partriarchy, social constructs, and the priviledged have strayed you from the righteous path of femenism, equality, gay rights, and multiculturalism.
      If you don’t believe women are oppressed and raped constantly or assume they are wonderful by default, you are sexist. If you dont fight for gay rights, you are a homophobe. If you mention blacks in crime, you are racist. If you don’t greet a horde of muslims with open arms, you’re an islamaphobe.
      If you, work horse, aspire to rise above your station, you will be shamed for your envy of priveledge. You shall be brought down to equality. If you investigate that splinter in your mind or dont submit to the male led gynocracy, you are a heretic and you shall be given: ritalin, several doses of shaming, sexual harassment and consent seminars, grade reductions, job dismissal and stagnation, sensitivity training, and a visit from the police or a hearing with your family court judge.
      Don’t worry son, it’s just the wind. Now go back to sleep.

      1. There are women who have had trouble in the public schools YET they are invisible. It is considered a male only issue. Females who suffer from “male problems” are invisible.

    3. Calling one a Racist or Sexist is designed by the Left to be a One word Immediate stop to the Conversation, a “Scarlet Word” they brand their opponent , in hopes to immediately Silence through shame. The “Scarlet Word” is used in debate because the Leftist has no Argument and Run out of Intellectual Content to use , the Scarlet word is Deployed and the Recipient expected to be silent from shame, also, now the Branded has to shift from Arguing his initial points to arguing proof he’s not a bigot, the Leftist requires no Intellect in debate, just the ability to remember the Scarlet Words.

      1. Never ever make apologies to these cretins. Because they want you to be on the defensive. Don’t say: Im not racist/sexist/etc, but… (insert arguement).
        If they accuse you of something, don’t deny it. Smile in their face. You are not being questioned by an authority and are not obliged to answer. Just use their playbook back at them. Call them names, make fun of them in front of others and if alone with one of them don’t waste your time. Make them waste theirs.
        General Patton once said: No Bastard Ever Won a War by Dying for His Country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his.
        If in a chat don’t make long dissertations and well built arguments because your opponent doesn’t give a damn.
        Triggering is key. Use short phrases and make them lose face infront of others. That is how you win.
        And remember. In every engagement you are to waste more of their time/effort than your own or you loose by default.

        1. Agree……wear that racist, sexist badge with honor.
          I started calling myself the devil to many of them. Yes, I said it…it’s because I’m the devil. No where to go with that one.

        2. That would be sophistry. Id rather say that logic + heuristics + rhethoric > dialectic .

        3. If anything watch how they argue before you engage.
          Observe what names they are calling their opponents.
          Figure out how those names can be used against them then make sure once you engage you begin using those names against them before they use them against you.
          For example if they’re quick to accuse others of racism, observe them their actions and then accuse them of acting racist if you can justify it. eg. they might have all white friends, live in a white neighbourhood etc. etc.
          If they excuse themselves on the grounds that colored neighbourhoods are not safe or some such then wham! You have them by the short and curlies.

      2. It usually applies to (white) men if not all men. You won’t hear a woman or homosexual get labeled either one (even when they are obviously being racist or sexist) because society has programmed most people into thinking “white, men are evil” and “all others are victims”.
        You only need to turn on the TV to see how racist and sexist many TV commercials (let alone TV shows) against white men (and men in general). The subtle messages in commercials are usually dumb, white man (husband) and smart wife. This one seems to be very popular with all products and services. I would love to see the opposite one time and the outrage that would follow online. Facebook and Twitter outrage by women (you know, the victims) because of hurt feelings and then we would get the personal stories from these women about ‘how smart they are with their degrees’, etc, etc, etc…

      3. I like that. “Scarlet Word” or “Scarlet Words” is a great way to describe this leftist tactic. We need to make it a common phrase across the Manosphere.

    4. And that’s why I don’t argue with these people anymore, no matter how coherent and logical my arguments are. Either they insult me or they, ironically enough, shame me, i.e, when I made an argument about the hooker that had sex with Josh Duggar not once, but twice in a Patheos feminist blog. I made the argument that since it was her body, her rules, and her profession, she was responsible for her actions and, even assuming Duggar did manhandle her, she still consented. Twice. The moderator tried to call me out for “victim blaming”. And I believe she would have banned me outright had I kept going.
      So in conclusion, I compare these people to a big pile of manure. Why try to clean it up when wet, just let it dry.

      1. Lol @ “victim shaming.” Prostitutes provide a service and are well compensated for their services. In this case the hooker made out like a fat rat, as she sold her story to multiple media outlets for $$$. If anything Josh Duggar was the victim in that situation.

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      2. Man, I was in a bar the other day trying to convince this guy that equality policies have ruined things. He would have none of it. I was immediately a ‘sexist’, a ‘chauvinist’ blah blah blah.
        I kept arguing with him but kept getting insulted. It got to the point a friend had to separate us from clawing each other. Then you realise there is no point in treating them like adults. Better to think of them as manure as you rightly put it.
        I was also quite inebriated at this point – I might add.

    5. “Ergo the key is to emphasize that mean sounding things can still be right”
      I agree.
      It would be handy to have a good example of when harsh is necessary for one’s immediate or ultimate betterment. People understand incentives, especially if they can relate to them.
      Can’t think of a good one atm.

    6. they have mental blocks indoctrinated into them from 20 years of public teachers brainwashing them. Completely devoid of any self awareness. I didn’t think that was possible with humans to so blindly follow something.

    7. I love to pummel those clowns with what someone very aptly termed ‘hate-facts’; think of it repeated knees and elbows to the face but with facts delivered in a very blunt and almost visceral fashion.

    8. The smarter leftists don’t believe their own lies, but believe they will be the ones running the program after convential society is ripped down. It never ends that way, but their reply is alway “this time it will be different.”
      “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” –Margret Thatcher
      Remain emotionally unattached to the topic, dismiss the personal insults and ask them to verbablly validate their response to the topic at hand. Their answer is usally passionate bluster or more insults. It gets boring quick.

    9. I’ve had facebook arguments like that. They won’t argue against you, they simply declare you a bigot, and your argument invalid. It’s a crude attempt at gaslighting where they try to impose their reality on yours and brand you as a bigot and thus irrelevant. We need “fighting words” laws back, where, if someone calls you something, it’s now legal to kick their ass.

      1. I made a statement on a youtube comment section that it was normal for men to be sexually attracted to physically developed teenage girls. The feminist in question responded by saying that they aren’t emotionally ready. When I questioned her as to how it was that say a 17 year old girl can be emotionally ready to have sex with 100 17 year old boys, but suddenly become emotionally damaged if the guy is over 18 or 21, she responded by name calling.
        When I asked her to define emotional damage, she responded by name calling.
        Not once did she ever make a coherent logical argument to defend her position, it was just a mixture of emotion based opinions and name calling.

    10. When the other person resorts to name calling in response to facts and logical arguments, it’s an acknowledgement that you won and that their opinions are based on emotion and feelings.

  6. This shit isn’t going to go away until the system collapses and we return to the law of the jungle, which at this rate will be soon enough. Then “safe space” will be someplace where someone is not actively trying to kill you. There are no feminists and SJWs in the jungle, and nature is about to self- correct as it always does

    1. Then “safe space” will be someplace where someone is not actively trying to kill you.
      Whenever I hear ‘safe space’ I wonder how these people would have fared during the world wars.
      During WW1 the only safe space a soldier had was being in a mud filled trench and not sticking his head above the parapet.
      During WW2 the only safe space for Allied bombers crews was being on base and not flying a mission. American and especially British bomber crews suffered heavy casualties running the gauntlet and German fighters and anti-aircraft flak.
      Where was the safe space for Allied soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy in a hail of German machine gun and mortar fire?

  7. How to kill the left: Take away the tax money you give them.
    The left is a product of public funds. Whenever you have a government that engages in handouts you will have politicians that specialize in creating handouts, citizens that specialize in lobbying for handouts, and organizations that assist in distributing handouts. You will create a class of publicly funded parasites. Defund them and they go away.
    Although, there comes a point where leftists feed leftism and it is too late. For example, you can refuse to watch Game Of Thrones on moral grounds, and the producer of the show will loose TONS of money for that reason, but the producer won’t care because although they’re not making maximum profit, they’re making acceptable profit. And for these degenerates, a certain amount of lost profit is worth getting young women to be naked on their stage in front of their cameras.

    1. The only way to take away their tax money is to somehow get a job that pays under the table so you don’t pay income tax. If most people did that, it would work. But the way things are set up, it’s next to impossible for most people to do it. I’m Canadian, so I’m not sure how it works down there, but it’s very difficult to find work that pays cash under the table, even part time. The only way to starve them of cash is not to work for money, but for other goods they can’t control.

      1. Charles, 180 degree turn my friend. Get a job (or start your own business) that earns say $150k . Donate say $50k a year to a charity that is controlled by the people (like us) that you support. It is a tax deduction and you only pay tax on $100k but the $50k goes to the sort of people (like us) that you support. We then use the $50k to support you, not the left wing welfare leeches.
        If you need a real life example, think of the Catholic Church or the Masons. Same principles

        1. I have a job making a middle class income here in Canada, and I can tell you I am not making any such donations, after my mortgage payment on my house in Ontario, plus other bills.180 degree turn? Catholic Church? Masons? Getting a job that pays even more money would just feed the beast more,

  8. We need a team of drill sergeants to storm the safespaces and let people inside know what a damn disgrace they are.

  9. Another way to deal with those who you’re sure are leftists, is to treat them like you would an aggressive panhandler and say “no” to them, no matter what they have to say. And like the aggressive panhandler, if they persist, tell them to fuck off. Don’t agree with them on anything, even the time of day. Once you agree with them on something, they think they have their hooks in. You don’t have to be nice to someone who wants to bring you and your country down.

    1. These people are like spoiled children and rapists. They just don’t get the paradigm of “no means no” when it’s convenient for them.

  10. Here’s one powerful antidote to any “ist/ism” accusation I use: ridicule. You don’t have to do anything but laugh at them in an obvious and condescending way. Don’t even dignify their idiocy with a verbal rebuttal, just laugh at them like the brainless clowns they are. It works particularly well if, while laughing, you say some variation of, “yeah, I am.”

      1. My standard response is ‘Yes, I am. Now shut up and get back in the kitchen-the men are talking;.

        1. Eminently quotable film! I like the line about Jeanine dressing like ‘an Australian’s nightmare’!

    1. Right, own it. You can do it today because many (even on the left) are pretty fucking tired of the overly PC, touchy feely, safe space shit. You have comedians on the left who will no longer work the college circuit because of the “hurt feelings” during their stand up routines.
      Talk about pussies. These colleges have turned into adult daycare centers.

  11. Just take “the future” away from the SJW’s. I tell them that they have fallen behind the times, and that racism, sexism, nationalism, patriarchy, etc., have become the advanced, freethinking ideas of the 21st Century. They need to abandon their 18th Century pseudoscience about “equality” and get caught up with the modern world. Their denialsm of the existence of races makes no sense, especially. Notice that they embrace alleged scientific evidence for the biological basis of the differences in sexual and political orientations. IQ testing also mysteriously turns from pseudoscience into real science when a study allegedly shows that Donald Trump appeals more to low IQ whites than to high IQ whites. So what about the growing evidence for the genetic basis in human biodiversity regarding large, extended families called races?

    1. I don’t care what’s mainstream or what’s not. I as a woman am going to stand up for my own interests as a woman. I’ll gladly stand against the entire society if I have to. I don’t care. I’ll believe whatever I want.

      1. I think it’s in your interests to go and grill me a steak while looking purdy; enough with the silliness, the adults are having intelligent discourse.

      2. “Stand against”? What are you going to do? Make up a placard? Get clown hair? The only thing you will be standing against is a wall watching the whole edifice crumble. Then you’ll tag along with the first strong male that comes along and be his bitch.

      3. Could you do one of those naked protests like that woman did in Germany? You’re so empowered lady, give us a show 🙂

        1. Nope. I cover myself up lol. I’m not a slut walk person, I focus on my intellect. Sorry I don’t meet your stereotypes 🙂

        2. Why not start a family first then look into pursuing your dreams from a stable home environment?

      4. Let’s not deceive ourselves, you are simply here for male attention. Deep down you’re thinking “Oh my god, all these men talking to me!”.

  12. They won’t recant—not until the truth itself bludgeons them within an inch of their lives, if not beyond.
    Leftists, who have no interest in tradition or history, generally only learn the hard way, if at all. They only figure out that their kumbaya commune in the tropics is not actually paradise the day they are forced to drink a cup of cyanide-laced fruit punch or be shot dead if they refuse. By then it’s too late, of course.
    They’ll go on preaching tolerance of anyone who isn’t a white Christian working-class straight man until the Islamic State show up in their city and put the safe spaces out of business for good, because those white Christian working-class straight men were the only thing making those spaces safe at all.
    Best one can do is not associate with them any more than one must, and pay as little to them in taxes as one can. The sooner they run out of our money, the sooner sanity will be restored.

    1. I used to think that society had a reset button, just collapse the government and do a depression and people will come to their senses. While I think that is still true, I think it involves a lot of people dying because they are too deluded to survive in the new situation.

      1. Nature is a cycle of life and death. Our civilization, modeled from nature, must go through its cycle of death to reemerge stronger.

    2. “not possible” is just shorthand for “we don’t want to and want to avoid defending our position substantively”

  13. Brilliant article, spot on in every respect and the sort of thing that makes RoK worth reading.
    “Why do you think both Republicans and Democrats in the United States never stop saying ‘We can’t deport eleven million people’?”
    I was just talking about this with someone today. We absolutely can deport 11 million people. Larger, more expensive, and vastly more ambitious projects have been a matter of course over the history of the US.
    The Democrats and Republicans don’t want to because they want more slave voters (D) and slave laborers (R). Both parties – which are of course one big uniparty – cannot function without a serf class, and both parties know that we know that they don’t produce anything that a self-sufficient populace needs to thrive.

  14. Address the symptom and not the issue… The average household should require one income to be sustainable.

    1. That web link has hard core porno in it, maybe a warning next time you link this garbage.

      1. Hence the “NSFW” warning”. I’ve posted links to Bestgore before and put this same warning. Other than the classic “Holy Shit” reaction to say, a dismembered narcogirlfriend, no one’s ever complained because they know that when NSFW appears, they tread lightly, lest they crap their pants. And if you don’t know what those four letters mean, just Google it. I’m not going to waste more time than what I just wasted writing this.

        1. Do you think everyone knows what NSFW means? Does it mean I’ll be seeing porno that advertises “THE MOST EXTREME TEEN” and “PUNISHTUBE” ? You are a mess.

        2. There is Google. After all we DO live in the 21st Century. If you don’t know it, Google it. Although I am willing to give you one concession. Maybe I should have been more detailed about Punishtube ads. Oh well. But if I’m a mess, trust me I am not the only one. Every now and then someone posts either a link to a porn site, or in the example in the link below someone posts a pic. A gentleman by the name of Mike Schonewolf posted a pic of Duke porn star Belle Knox with a messy facial. Go ahead, click on the link and scroll down. And as always, Not Safe For Work. Lol! And if your concern is that children are watching this and that, well, it’s not our fault. Parents need to rein those little kids.

          Is This Pornstar A True Friend Of Feminism?

    1. What’s truly interesting is that the SJWs and Progressives create a fascist culture of political correctness and multiculturalism as the chosen “nation” for them to be nationalist of and for. A key facet of fascism is silencing, dehumanizing, and committing violence upon your opponents…..which they, in fact, do.

      1. Do you know what fascism is? I’m confused because my research found that it was a political party the existed briefly almost 100years ago in only one country, Italy. Is that right? I’m not much of a historian but that sounds like it’s completely irrelevant.
        Maybe the word is now just like “asshole” or “cunt” or something like that. Just a nonsense insult? That seems to be the way it is used. I have no idea… I think that the word is probably useless. Except for insulting people…

  15. this is very off topic, but look at how retarded the females are getting.

    a fucking 68 year old! thinking she has any business getting in the
    ring!. and the most amazing thing is the other bitch
    didnt finish her in one punch. couldnt even land
    anything clean, and struggled even with the takedown she got on the old
    bitch. unbelievable. what kind of idiot allowed this to go ahead? i
    guess hes just lucky girls cant punch or he’d have a death on his hands.

      1. what fucking idiots huh? you’d never see a male pensioner being such a gigantic fuckwit as to even attempt such a thing, and certainly nobody would ever allow it to go ahead.

    1. Now, let’s go for equality, get rid of the two different “leagues”..put women and men together in one league.
      That strong, independent “equality” woman shit would end tomorrow. It would be a landslide with women taking a beating.

      1. yep. but thats only because women have been held back for centuries, somehow, you sexist.
        because of… i dunno… patriarchy, probably.

  16. I suggest to use a tactic of “deconstructing the meaning of a word”. For example when someone brings up a Holocaust, politely ask “Excuse me, which Holocaust do you mean? Armenian Holocaust by Turks, Russian by Bolsheviks or Jewish one?
    Like wise when subject of racism comes up, politely ask “What type of racism you’re talking about? Social racism, gender racism, black on white racism or white on black racism?
    The idea is to steal the Leftist definition of this or that “ism”

  17. Great article, but some examples and/or more practical advice would be welcome. For part 2 maybe?

  18. You ROK people pretend to love property rights and being libertarians YET you want to take property and agency away from women. Ironic isn’t it? That you complain about the government taking your money away and how unfair it is yet bitch and moan about the fact that a woman can have her own money.

    1. Women are not the same as men, and therefore do not have the same rights and privileges as men. It is entirely appropriate to treat different things, differently.
      Also, plenty of us are not libertarians. I’m certainly not a libertarian.

      1. What about women who are better at so-called male tasks than female tasks? Oops, you want them to die in poverty because you think they shouldn’t have any options. If you woke up a woman tomorrow, would you still be gung ho about not having any property?

        1. “What about women who are better at so-called male tasks than female tasks?”
          Classic argument … an exception to the rule does not make the exception the rule.

        2. In other words, exceptions have to suffer and be barred from what they’re good at because of “society”.

        3. In other words, exceptions have to suffer and be barred from what they’re good at because of what you deem as good for society. I’m not arguing the exception is the rule. I’m arguing for freedom. Of course you think that should only extend to males.

        4. Women aren’t capable of handling the responsibility that comes with freedom. They have proven that time and again historically.
          You’ve been told that women aren’t allowed to comment here. Thems the rules. Now GTFO

        5. Most everything in life includes some shade of gray. And if there’s some shade of gray, then the discussion must be one of balancing choices. To function in an imperfect world, we as individuals must generalize to some degree. There’s no way around it. Society functions no differently. It too must generalize.
          Also, traditionally in Western culture, women weren’t barred from owning property, as such. Yes, single women had many restrictions placed upon them, but not necessarily from working in some capacity or owning property. Rather, the most serious restrictions were placed upon women (as well as upon men) when they married. Once married, the legal status of the woman’s property fell under the control of the husband, at least to some extent. Man and wife were one in the eyes of the law. And if you have one body, you must have one head. The collapse of the married state began its slow decline with the extension of a separate legal status for the wife. Which in effect, gave us one body with two heads. Chaos naturally ensued, until the restrictions on marriage were largely lifted altogether.

        6. I’m arguing for freedom.
          Women already have freedom. If you think you suffer from a lack of freedom then go and live in some third world muslim shithole and experience the difference for yourself.
          With freedom comes responsibility. You are accountable for your actions. A concept that screeching feminists don’t want to know about.

        7. True , but don’t try to use rationality with women , they either can’t or won’t accept it. They don’t like their ”freedom” taken away. They prefer to be corporate slaves than raise a family and let the men lead because they’ve been brainwashed that family is evil and men are evil and you shouldn’t let us lead. God forbid us having some expectations from them , no sir , they are perfect beings just the way they are. They can’t be wrong , they can’t do wrong , their shit doesn’t stink , they don’t have to offer anything in a relationship because they’ve been blessed with female genitalia and therefore we must respect that. They can be fat , ugly , hateful and with an IQ of 50 , but still they are entitled to their prince charming man. They twist their flaws into qualities , it’s not shameful to slut around , it’s empowering , it’s not slavery to work in the corporate world , it’s liberating , it’s not their imperative to be mothers , that is shit-lord patriarch speaking for them. It’s society’s fault for raising such entitled beings that think they don’t have to bring anything to the table. They don’t understand that men don’t give a flying fuck about their jobs , we look for feminine qualities in them , not butch attitudes. They just try to have their cake and eat it too , do whatever the hell they want , but still be accepted by men. Sorry to disappoint you ladies , most of you will become old fat single bitter cat-ladies that won’t be able to get a quality man and will have to , at it’s best , settle with a boring yes-my-lady beta that you so despise.

        8. Just yesterday i was speaking to an entitled bitter single 34 year old hag. She was complaining that she has to do housework (for herself mind you) and nobody pays her for that. I asked dafuq lady you want to be paid for what you do for yourself ? She answered yes. That’s all we need to know about them accepting responsibility.

        9. Good lord that must be some industrial-sized hamster wheel this miscreant has operating.

        10. It’s almost masochism but I guess a necessary tool to keep one’s senses sharpened.

        11. Enjoy your “freedom” when the Muslims have out bred the western populations because the “independent” ladies who lunch didn’t take their responsibility to keep western populations above replaceable levels seriously.

        12. Nobody is free. No man , no woman. We are all bound to state and laws. You only wish to segregate the responsibility over to men and wash your own hands in the process. You accept being slaves to the state wholeheartedly and with open arms , but think it is not ok for a man to have standards for women. You were talking about irony , there is the irony , that you believe that you are free. Ironic is that accepting a man to lead you would instill more freedom to you than the state ever will by him protecting you.

        13. And rest assured , nobody is taking away your perceived freedom. We don’t want to have anything to do with you types of women that consider any and all men’s expectations from you as unacceptable. We don’t want to change you , we want the woman who is undamaged enough to not consider making a meal once in a while for her husband as slavery and misogyny. So i wish you all the best in your endeavors of snatching a man accepting enough of your entitled behavior as to take you. Alas , you will be bitter still , because you couldn’t find your prince charming.

        14. We need to stop replying to women as adults and start thinking of these things as industrial sized shit tests that need hydrogen bomb sized beatdowns.

        15. Yeah i keep making this mistake of replying to them like they are actual adults capable of critical thinking. It’s just fun imagining them sitting behind their desks , reading these replies , realizing that i am right , getting a little anxious and depressed because their world-views are shattered , and then struggling to prove me wrong :)) Alas i will stop , you are right , it’s pointless.

        16. Don’t worry about it. I used to do the same thing. You’d have better luck flirting with her.

        17. True that , although i’m not sure i would like her very much…i imagine a fat short-red-hair 40-something woman is behind her desk.

        18. All women have the same basic natures though, they wield their weapons against us. It’s time we turned their own against them.

        19. To put it bluntly, women are emotional creatures that need men to reassure themselves that they have value in the world. A woman without male attention is almost literally invisible.
          She’s playing you for an attention fix. She doesn’t care about the argument at hand.

        20. I notice that they usually create a temporary disqus account and after the conversation never use it again. Also many put their faces on their profiles as if that has anything to do with the argument at hand.
          It’s like a junkie getting high.

        21. Yes. A woman is better off following a man than allowing the state to usurp his role. Same goes for children.
          If a woman is better at so called male tasks then I guess she is unattractive. A man will be attracted to a woman how is good at so called female tasks. Can’t they start teaching this in kindergarten so we don’t have to explain it over and over again?

        22. They can , they just don’t want to. It’s easier for them to instill in women a false sense of independence and freedom , then pointing fingers at the patriarchy saying we are to blame for all that’s wrong in their lives. And they swallow it all and become blind to their true opressor. And all of this of course is possible , because women can be brainwashed very easily. They don’t stop to think , they go with the crowd so they can feel popular. Look at women’s magazines popularity , same bogus articles every edition and still they buy them every month. Ironic is that 90% of that content is how to snatch a man. Their subcontios knows they need us , but their feminist ideals don’t let them admit it upfront.

        23. Freedom in womanspeak means subsidizing them doing things they aren’t good at and then subsidizing them again so they are insulated from their inevitable failures.

        24. I don’t consider making a meal for someone slavery. Nice strawman. I consider being under the thumb of a controlling idiot slavery.

        25. Yeah because having someone control your every move is freedom. Slavery is freedom yep. Also the laws don’t determine right or wrong.

        26. I don’t think I lack freedom. I think that ROK and other sites want to take it away and I’m fully aware of it.

        27. In other words, I must suffer because of your generalizations? How about NO? I’ve been through too much in life to suffer from whatever backlash is coming. I’m saying NO to it.

        28. No maybe I’m aware I could get more on my own than sitting around waiting for a man to give me everything. Plus I realize that outside of your family, people aren’t loyal. People can leave you, people can cheat on you, or abuse you.
          Maybe I have dreams. Why is it wrong for a woman to have dreams but not a man? Corporate slave? What about creating my own business and making a dream come true?

        29. I’m aware a lot of men aren’t attracted to that and I don’t care. You only need one person, not most. My goals are more important to me than social approval.

        30. Oh yeah because I personally am to blame for things…. I hereby apologize about something I never did on the behalf of womanhood…. Take that cookie

        31. You consider us all idiots? Then what are you doing here?
          You just want daddy’s approval don’t you?

        32. It comes along with the “wage gap” agenda and the “give women your money” movement. Entitled brats, all.
          A little OT; an adult girl I was talking to at a party threw a tantrum because I told her that she shouldn’t live downtown on her own and that the area she was thinking of moving to was sketchy. She currently lives at her father’s house in the suburbs and wants to move to the city (one of the largest in North America). She said she could take care of herself and was “fierce!” as if her attitude would be an effective deterrent to a mugger or rapist. This is a neighborhood a man would be on edge in. I laughed at her while she became increasingly more flustered at my insouciance.
          Females have the minds of children and feminism has them thinking that they’re all Jessica Jones.

        33. Wow I’m so scared….. For your information, a gun can protect me from anyone so I’m not shaking in my boots.

        34. How do you know what men have had to deal with? You are told to submit to a man and this is impossible for you? The worst thing in the world, like having to submit to Hitler or Stalin?

        35. Without going into detail, tell me about your dreams and why they’re so much more important than starting a healthy family with a man?

        36. Ah, here we go again. Tell me about your dreams and ambitions roughly, nothing to identify you and we’ll see if we can arrive at some sort of intersection. Just complaining won’t solve anything.

        37. So you want to run a business? Okay, from that inference it seems you want some sort of self autonomy. You’re single? Is that by choice or you just didn’t find the right one? You’re old and men aren’t paying any attention to you? Circumstances? You want to “change the world” or make it a better place? Come on girl.

        38. I suppose you think you’re the next Elizabeth Holmes?
          I wish that I could tell you, all the things I know and the conclusions that I have drawn but I feel they’ll be wasted on you.
          Well, if that’s the way you feel I wish you luck. Don’t say nobody warned you however. It’s your life.

        39. Women have property rights, and had them under Patriarchy, as well. Women owned property 1200 years ago in Anglo-Saxon England, and all the way into the present. I’m often amazed at how misinformed people are about this.
          Married women, understandably, have their husbands as caretakers of their property; single women and widows manage it outright.
          If I woke up a woman tomorrow, what I would want really shouldn’t be more important than what is right. That is the basic problem with your question. Who cares what women want? I care about what is right and proper. Men and women who want wicked things can go suck eggs.

        40. How much assistance, by the government, is out there for women and children…versus men? Did you really want to debate and talk about the truth or is this more trolling nonsense?
          We don’t deal in “feels” here…only facts, honey.

        41. The fact is that life, at any moment, can take it away. Women lucky enough to live in a western society have it good…while many other women do not have it so good.
          It’s become so good in western society that many women are delusional when they think they are equal to men. Let the bottom fall out and things get ugly…women won’t stand a chance (unless they have men to protect them).

      1. Well now, I’m fairly sure the guidelines state that women are heavily DISCOURAGED from commenting here. However children should be banned until they learn their place and stop throwing tantrums while the men are talking.

        1. About

          Well then the about page should be updated to reflect that.
          “Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.”

        2. About

          Well then the about of the site needs to change to reflect that because it currently states “strongly discouraged”

    2. Take away that daddy government and women have nothing…no rights, no security, no financial aid, etc….
      Men and women used to compliment each other but since the government got involved, the deal has changed. It’s the only reason why women think they are even equal to men. If the bottom every dropped out, then women would get a tasted of just how equal we are not.

  19. Whenever a male to female trans is up for discussion I always bring up the subject of comedic depictions of transvestitism, such as the ones seen in Carry On films here in Britain.
    Or… I make a point of how camp comics in the past were true gay rights champions…
    It amuses me and pisses off SJWs.

    1. That was before those Limey bastards went full retard and became self-loathing which created all the ‘Political Correctness’ or ‘Social Marxism’ as it ought to be known as.

    2. Don’t forget about the MMA trans guy who beat women harshly. Just proves how upside-down the whole thing is.

  20. I’m fucking sick of all the talk about immigration. Talk about masculinity!
    The only immigrants I’m interested in are young and female.

    1. Me too.
      Ali G had it right. All problems solved by only allowing “fit” women to immigrate…

  21. Not to get too cheesy, but…
    ‘Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.’ -Tyrion Lannister

  22. Like i said in a previous post, these people are not liberals in any way possible. They are totalitarian monsters that need to be fought. This is a scene, for example, that would be inconceivable in Portugal.

    1. I’m gonna try to avoid the eventual fall out when the authoritarians on the left and the authoritarians on the right fight it out.

    2. My God.
      Its very hard for me not to wish the absolute worst onto those people. I mean spending time to really think of a creative way for those individuals to live out their lives in total misery. If a kid like that, a loser beta male chump, got in my face my < 5% body fat (at the time) and highly aggressive disposition would have blacked out and broken most of his bones in his face and upper body. I would have also stomped on his penis and testicles with all my might. He would be handicapped and probably sterile. Credit to USMC for instilling the killer instinct. But, then I see that this anger and hate have all been created in them. I keep thinking about Germany between WW1 and WW2…how could what was one of the most advanced nations in the world fall for such a impostor like hitler and his crew? How could they spew such mindless hatred to jews? How could they be so dumb and at the same time make V2 rockets? What we’re seeing today explains all that.

        1. Wow, that’s pretty bad. Here they would just say that white genocide is a “conspiracy theory” or something, not openly advocate it. Also, (((Berg))).

      1. this can’t be real. I believe they have the mentality but there is 0 way they are this honest about it.

  23. In their mind, what little there is of it, they do believe and are totally convinced that “faggot, bigot, loser, racist, tiny dick” or whatever idiotic slur they throw down is THE ARGUMENT and that it’s fully on you to prove that claim isn’t true or accurate. When you back peddle, and begin to justify it, then you have already lost. Never back down from it!
    The “fact” is that you really are a racist or rapist, no evidence needed, the statement you made which makes them uncomfortable is enough proof to convict.
    Reasoned argument, case studies, historical data, and all the rest are not equal to their claim of “homophobia” or “misogynist” or “islamaphobia” because THAT is their entire argument, it’s their full data set, it’s the complete dissertation summed up in a word.
    Yeah I’m a racist, so what, am I wrong?
    That’s the answer, obliterate the power play, devalue their claim, shove the guilt trip right back in their lap and watch the fireworks. Their strength is in the word, and only the word…. You’re strength must be in rock solid charcter

  24. Call them communists.
    short circuits their nonsense (and its all nonsense), puts them on the defensive as the hater (which they are)
    and they are communists….

    1. I call them ‘Commie pinko bastards’ and ‘Leftoid mouth breathers’ and if they want to get cute with me I’ll ask ‘Do you lift?’ before flexing slightly and showing I mean business in knowing how to break necks too.

  25. That dictionary mentioned in the article is the Orwell Newspeak dictionary. These cults of aberrations, freaks and misfit heretics of normalcy are now known as multi-cultural clubs in high schools and colleges instead of Spanish and French clubs.

    1. No such thing in my kids high school. Never heard of such a thing.

  26. For me it is easy…
    I am part Arabic and part Jew…. My dad is literally off of a boat… Boater.
    Being a middle easterner means I have relatives killed by Muslims and Jews and at one point in the past I have had distant relatives held as slaves by the negro’s of Africa…
    I dare someone to argue with me and call me names.

  27. Oh yeah and I’m gonna be laughing my ass off as the new left and new right butt heads and destroy each other. I’m going to just have fun as both of you allow the world to crumble.

    1. Please. If it comes to that you’ll be begging for a big, strong man to protect you from the roving rape gangs. You won’t be enjoying anything. Everything reverts to the mean.

      1. In total anarchy situation I could have an automatic weapon I can shoot whoever tries to rape me or anything. Please. Do you even think I’d hesitate? LOL they’d just die and I’d be like whatever. The first couple may drop and the rest would run. Seeing them drop would be so fun 😀 Plus I wouldn’t be acting all dainty and soft and wouldn’t be targeted as often.

      2. Oh because weapons don’t exist for self protection for some reason in this new world. Oh and I’m not gonna act all soft and submissive out on the streets.

        1. ho yeah! because your weapon will be enough to kill 30 of them with weapons when they would want to gang rape you. i advice you to turn your weapon against yourself when they will come for you

        2. Have you heard of automatics? Plus the fact of the matter is only one or two will have to drop before they get the message. The more that drop, the more are scared away in this hypothetical scenario.

  28. The radical left wants to take my money and freedom away and so does the radical right. They can both screw off. Hands off my future lifestyle!

  29. I love doing this at parties, especially dinner parties or bars. Coarse language plus facts in case anyone actually wants to argue rationally. Then see them short-circuit.

    1. Arguing is fun for me. I live for it…… I’ll argue with radical right and the radical left and like to see them both pissed off at me. I like seeing the looks on people’s faces as I offend them by existing.

  30. Sounds good to me, as I’ve always been a little mischevious and not great at just walking away without starting something.
    However, I would strongly recommend you men learn to fight & handle yourself well in a bad situation. If you have to one day, you’ll need the confidence & means to put some of the low-testosterone manginas/white knights in their place. Remember that women use violence “by proxy” and will at some point, without fail, depend on their “fair noble sirs” to attack you.
    I’m not advocating starting an altercation, but as we’ve seen recently there is no middle ground with SJW types especially of the “male” gender (quotes for sarcasm). The threats will come, and you better be ready. I will. I learned early in life that some types will not back down and will understand nothing but physical confrontation.
    Lift, learn, and be prepared. They don’t, and they are cowards often when confronted.

    1. I’m officially apolitical as all political sides have become nuts. Either you have to be a radical communist authoritarian or be an authoritarian rightist. Both would smash my dreams to pieces so why side with either?

      1. I dont side with any of them.. its just an observation… there is really no party I feel a connection with these days!!

  31. Humans have mob genes. Remember all our history and its mob moments, too many no? There will be no age of reason until all men are high T and 130 IQ and women don’t even matter in public life.
    Cheap doublethink scientists and TV are now the Pope, the prophets, and the new elders of the village.
    The mainstream sais witches have to be killed, everybody goes
    The mainstream sais worship God, everybody goes
    The mainstream sais to worship atheist, everybody goes
    The mainstream sais people have to know vaguely what is evolution, everybody goes
    The mainstream sais evolution, genetics and taxonomy don’t count for humans, everybody goes.
    And so until exasperation

  32. Another thing you can actively do in your daily lives and interactions with people is just simple not comply. For instance, I never use the word “gender”, I always use sex. Someone might be like “well I see the gender of your baby is male” and I’ll quickly but in a nonchalant manner reply “yep his sex is male” followed by something like he’s a little tank et al. In general interactions, passive is best, you want to impress on people that sex is just as relevant as gender that way they’ll be open to switching and might find themselves using it without knowing. And that’s the most desirable end-state.
    Non compliance is an act of revolt against these dickheads. I’ll never refer to bruce jenner as anything but bruce and will always refer to him with male pronouns. I even have stopped using the word gay to refer to homosexuals. I just call them homosexuals.

      1. Same here-I will routinely use that word and couldn’t give a flying crap about it ‘triggering feelz’.

    1. Towgunner, we’re entirely on the same page here. I refuse to use “gender” except to refer to language conjugation items.
      Same with Bruce Jenner. Almost nobody knows that this dickhead hasn’t cut off his balls or dick yet.

    2. I never call them ‘gay’; ‘faggots’, ‘poofs’ ‘poofters’ ‘homosexuals’ etc. but never that word. I don’t hate them however, let me be clear, but I find their lifestyle objectionable and refuse to tiptoe around making nice for anybody.

  33. George Carlin really nailed this in his rants about soft language turning everyone into a pussy. If words, logic and reason “trigger” you, fucking kill yourself.

  34. Student unions are the student’s puppet government endowed with powers to swoon and placate the serf students on the socialist educational farm plantation. They’re like our elected puppets in legislature and executive government.
    The univesrity chairs and boardmembers are like what the elite and the globalists are to their puppet governments. The college endowment moguls and trustees are like what the uber wealthy financiers are to globalist politics.
    Student unions are hotbeds of organized sjw activity. Student union leaders are also sjw ringleaders. Let’s hit the student unions with fresh red pill leadership and red pill evangelizing.

  35. Here’s how you defeat them.
    Notice how they crumble *immediately*. All that idiocy and chanting and bullshit dies the moment that they are faced with reality.

    Here we can “only use words”. So be merciless.

    1. This was absolutely hysterical; I was crying from laughter seeing them get their asses kicked by the Cossacks.

    2. I saw that one and I was yelling “beat them” when I watched it.
      You’re right…reality sets in and the grown ups are taking back the narrative. You kids shut up and sit down…the adults are talking.
      I love it. We’ve been around long enough, now, to see this shit come full circle, eh?

    3. “Pussy Riot attacked with whips and pepper spray by police”.. there I fixed it =)
      The funniest part is, the Telegraph posted this vid as an “OMG these poor defenseless womynz”.. but nearly all the comments have an entirely different sentiment 😉

  36. Why is it that every time I visit this site I read things I’ve already been saying? I thought I had coined the term “hatefacts”. Great minds think alike, and there are truly great minds here.

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  38. “Men need to coarsen their language, not to each other, but to the hostile forces without.”
    I have been doing this for years and upsetting numerous leftists in the process. Do I care if said leftists have their feelz hurt by my opinions? No fucking way. From my viewpoint, lefties are generally idiots and idiots deserve all they get.
    I am fortunate to have a social circle that includes a goodly number of men whom are not only twenty or so years older than me but are seriously old school. None of these guys have any time for feminists, SJW’s or any other such fools. These guys are not afraid to call a spade a spade and damn the consequences. I am finding that more and more, I am becoming less tolerant of idiots who think it is their job to tell me what I can or cannot say. Whatever I can do to upset such idiots I am willing to give a go. The only way for people of the right to take back control of the social narrative is to start speaking the truth and dare anyone to get offended by it.
    On the subject of telling lefty idiots the truth, the standard response of such people is usually along the lines of myself being offensive. I have shut down numerous SJW’s and feminists by pointing out that no one can offend them rather, they can only choose to be offended. I have yet to have a lefty come up with a response to that.

  39. I’ve noticed the word ‘cuckold’ made a return in the past few years. The word almost became buried and the libtoid word police tried to replace it with the oxymoronic ‘deadbeat dad’ which is a double edged false accusation rolled together with a state sponsored attack on fatherhood and men. They wanted ‘cuckolded’ man to become the norm without men having an available common word to describe their predicament.
    ANOTHER oxymoron is ‘parental abduction’. I often drive on highways and a flashing sign above reads ”silver alert – be on lookout for (tag# xxx), and it turns out to be a father with his kids driving and the dingbat has her pinkie finger twisted by the state after inadvertantly pulling the fire alarm on her man over spilled milk during a period of gynocentric indiscression. The dumb bitch then has her hand forced to sign a kill order on the man thereby activating the contingency of state gyno rapid response teams of ‘slugs on leashes’ to come to swatting and clusterfucking the man for the crime of not bowing to the fascist radfem family cops. Happens all the time. It ain’t sci fi.
    Shit if I saw the guy, I’d give him a beer and introduce him to red pill bretheren both within and outside of the system. The outrageous flashing billboard witch hunt signs are never an alert for a real threat or ‘terrorist’. Those don’t exist. The ‘hairy boogeyman’ and the talking skeleton on the Jeff Dunham show are fictional cartoon characters that don’t exist. The flashing ‘alerts’ are usually ‘parental abduction’, what an oxymoron, huh? Just turn on your police scanner if you have doubt.
    The fem bitches in power need haircuts. Some of them are so short haired already that a cheap bic razor would finish the job. Well . . the stubble helps keep your winter cap on in february I guess. But once there’s no more to shave, it’s over. I guess that’s why feminism is entering its tearful desparate collapse. No more to shave.
    IN NUMBERS if we assemble to bow up to tyrants, then watch how fast they scramble to call off their witch hunts of good men and watch how fast they crumple up their indiscressionary kill orders on patriarchs. With the winds of a Trump victory churning, many pins will be blown down in the bitch system. Don’t let the family cops escape the storm. Keep your eye on them. They’ve destroyed families and are war criminals in their ‘war’ against men and the family. If anyone, THEY have blood on their hands. WE can play the sjw mob game too, only we’re not nearly as mindless as them and we’re not stupid tools like they are. Their jig is up. A few wins against them and we’ll watch the growing ‘manball’ pick up speed. It is inevitable. The age of man nears.
    This is why tribes are so important.

  40. As a part of this it is key that we do not allow those who wish to
    spread *disagreement* and *diverse thought* onto our campus and it is the job of the
    Students Union executive to *indoctrinate* members on the need to *be indiscriminate* and the need to *Silence Dissent*.

  41. Isn’t it ironic that fascism is the first thing on that list and the very idea of a safe space is fascist in nature.

  42. This is why I’ve long said that the alt-right as it is currently constituted wouldn’t quite precisely exist without the rise of 4chan and trolling culture having happened. Deep in the badlands of the internet, where respectable folk dare not tread, a group of unknown troublemakers accidentally hit on a rhetorical strategy that’s devastatingly effective against the leftist juggernaut. Refuse to be shamed, take pleasure in offending them, stop being polite or showing deference to people who don’t deserve it and never reciprocate it.

  43. I usually respond by telling people that those words have been so overused that they no longer have any meaning and are simply being thrown about to stop discussion of ideas. ” I don’t care if you call me names; I don;t care about feelings; i am discussing ideas and search for objective truth”

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