7 Words Men Use To Describe Women (And What They Really Mean)

I read a piece today titled, 7 Words Women Use to Describe Men (And What They Really Mean). It was fair enough, but I don’t really know or care too much what terms women use to describe men. However, it did inspire my own list. 7 Words Men Use to Describe Women (And What They Really Mean.)

These terms may or may not be familiar to some. These are terms that are used among my social circle of friends and a couple may be somewhat unique to you. While others are pretty universal and well known.


Shank is the absolute bottom of the barrel. Busted, beat, fugly are other more common terms. To be honest, I have only heard this one among friends. But I think it is the perfect descriptor. On the standard 1 to 10 scale these girls are hard 1s or 2s. Never any higher. These poor girls are so hideously grotesque even the most desperate man would rather just beat off before he put his penis anywhere near her. The kind of girl you would not even fuck with a stolen dick. Shank chicks are usually fat, but still somehow have small breasts. Their ass can often be found in the front and you know what they say, “Guys don’t make passes at girls with frontal asses.” I think you get the picture.



Cute girls are usually the more publicly tame and reserved type of female. The prototypical ‘girl next door’, if you will. They dress in a more conservative fashion and wear just the right amount of make-up. Think Zooey Deschanel as the definition of the ‘cute’ girl. These are the girls you are proud to bring home to mom and have the most marriage potential, if you are into that kind of thing. They are extra sexy because when you get a cute girl behind closed doors and bring out that sexy part of her, she becomes hotter than the hottest slut in the club. Cute girls also tend to be a little awkward with themselves, making them even more adorable. My personal favorite.

2009 Film Independents Spirit Awards Arrivals 022109


Fat. If someone uses ‘nice’ as the first and only descriptor, she’s a beluga whale. They may also describe her as having a ‘pretty face’. Red flags all the way.



Universal term used by men and women alike. While the most obvious trait of a slut is her aptitude for riding dick, it can also be a perception. There are sluts out there that may not be having even half the sex as they are perceived to be. At the end of the day perception is all that matters.  Sluts have very low self-esteem and need constant attention to fill that huge void within their soul. Sadly, they only understand negative attention. The cycle of hopping from dick to dick only worsens the self-loathing as they seek acceptance from men in the only way they know how—sex.

Sluts are usually somewhat physically attractive and suitable for banging (a solid 6 to 7 on the standard scale). Sluts like to go out dressed as provocatively as possible and drink copious amounts of alcohol to deaden their inner pain as well as give them the courage to power through another painful night of despondent sex.

There is also the secret slut who is more outwardly conservative and secretive about her slutiness, but underneath the basic principal of the slut is still intact. Despite the recent explosion in accepted slutty behavior, under no circumstance should you marry or even date  a slut. She will never be able to get enough attention to fill that void, and this will inevitably lead to infidelity.



Skanks are essentially the same thing as sluts emotionally, except they are more the white trash or ghetto type of girl. Picture a trailer park slut or inner city beastie. She is always 5 years or so behind in slut fashion and has way too many piercings.  While all sluts have a tendency for tattoos, the skank tattoos are often homemade or of jailhouse variety, commonly on or around the breasts. Skanks still prefer the ‘tramp stamp’ of the early 2000s as well. Misspellings are common and it is not unusual to see a baby portrait resembling some sort of demon like creature. If you thought the slut had daddy issues, the skank has daddy issues that are even too taboo for me to discuss here.



Hot is obviously another universally accepted term used by men and women alike. This is but more subjective as everyone may have their own version of what they deem hot. To me nothing is ‘hotter’ than that cute, awkward girl behind closed doors. But most guys would say ‘hot’ is somewhere between an 8 and 9 on the standard scale. Usually hot girls know they are hot and it makes them enormous pains in the ass with an even more entitled attitude than average women.

Hot women are good for eye candy and sex, but to date one is a prodigious task that is usually not worth the reward. She usually brings nothing to the table except her looks and those fade. Being deemed ‘hot’ she never had to cultivate  personality or intelligence as everything has always been handed to her. She is often dull and vapid. Attention is her goal and loyalty is not a priority. There are always exceptions, of course, but in general hot women are a hassle and only worth short term companionship. Often times hot girls are deceptively hot. Meaning once the make-up is off and the body enhancing clothes are removed, she is actually couple points lower. ‘Hot’ tends to be an overused term thrown around too freely.



I don’t subscribe to the mentality that there women out there that are universal 10s. A 10 is basically an 8 or 9 that fits your own personal tastes the best. Say you are into red heads. A 9 red head is going to be a 10 to you while to me she may be an 8 or 9, but definitely not a 10. But ‘smoking’ is the top of the scale, no question.

Bonus: “Thick”

I was only going to do 7 but as I was writing I remembered my other favorite, ‘thick,’ used to describe a girl with a little extra meat on her bones for something to grab onto.  A lot of guys, like myself, enjoy this. I especially enjoy a thick ass and legs. But here is where it gets dangerous. First, usually a thick girl is a Twinkie or two from disaster. There is a thin line there, unless it is that rare fitness thickie.  More often than not a thick girl is curvy in all the right places. The catch, she only has a window of maybe ten years before it goes south, literally. They need to work extra hard to maintain that shape.

Women who describe themselves as ‘thick’ need to understand the difference between ‘thick’ and just plain ‘fat’. Don’t describe your body type as thick when your ass resembles my 40 inch flat screen as opposed to Beyonce. See the difference? Thick is curvy and firm, fat is flat and gelatinous. That is just hard truth and it’s important that we all know the difference. I can’t stand when fatties call themselves thick. Thick girls buy their jeans at Forver 21, fatties buy theirs at Best Buy.


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    1. You obviously didn’t get the point he was trying to make. Hint, sometimes things aren’t meant literally.

  1. jeez mate, take your time and think, think real hard. still haven’t got it? get off this educated site go to a porn site instead.

    1. How the hell did “WHORE” get overlooked? Isn’t that, like , number one? Come on… at LEAST somewhere in the top 3. “Bitch” is a top 5 sure thing too, especially since they wear the title with such pride. I vote we bump the list to 9. Add “Butterface” for an even 10. (butter face = everything is hot but her face)
      10 is a nice round number to compliment the nice round fatties.

      1. I am pretty certain it was not overlooked at all, it is most likely a deliberate omission.
        Doing so would have gone against his views.

  2. Thick girls only for the short term. These chicks have an extremely short shelf life. The moment they feel comfortable thick becomes fat real fast.

      1. Which wouldn’t be bad, until the ass starts to look like cottage cheese.

        1. The best kind of ass to me are those I can grip. I don’t want my hands being crushed

    1. Yeah, I never see girls who carry that perfect amount of padding for long. They either diet and get skinny again or balloon until they’re a wild hambeast.

    2. 22 yo virgin PUA blanket boy can’t get pussy and goes berserk. Watching nasty porn and jerking off constantly implicated. Psychiatrists warn about masturbatory insanity in cellar dwelling weed eaters.Bloggers on Rooshy and the Heartache Shack questioned by police.

      Sounds a lot like you pyjama boys except that he’s well off and you’re shit poor proles

      1. eat my cum bitch. your the reason he went fucking crazy. if you cant respect yourself, have some respect for life and death in general

      2. Get out of here. That kid was a member of the PUAHaters forum. Don’t compare us to that beta.

        1. Just a question: if no importance is placed on women or their “fuckholes,” why does this site exist? If you could care less about vaginas..then why do you need help getting one? I’m about to marry what ya’ll would call a “beta.” To me, he’s just the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I used to be into “alpha males,” I guess, but honestly, this guy is a nerdy guy, shy, quiet, and all he did was smile. No games. No BS. He was just him and that made me want him even more than any of the other rich guys I knew (btw, he’s by no means rich, but he works his ass off and deserves to be treated with respect, so I give him that respect). I guess I’m just a little ignorant as to how hard this must really be for you guys, so I’m sorry?

        2. A virgin is valuable. But women give it away too freely. Women need to make it valuable by saving it for marriage and not devalue themselves.

        3. That’s a very common misconception. And a most tragic one. We also know this because zero value is placed on a male virgin. A virgin is not “valuable” because everyone is born a virgin. It requires nothing. No skill. No effort. No actions. You don’t get special recognition or reward for NOT doing something. That’s like saying you are “a good special person” or a model citizen just because you never wen’t to jail.
          Women don’t “give it away too cheaply”. it’s WHORES who expect far too much for it. A marriage contract? That’s the biggest most outrageous price a man can possibly pay for an unfulfilling whore who deliberately withholds her affections from a man she pretends to “love”. She’s an overpriced whore and she won’t even admit she IS a whore. A man would be more rewarded to hire one…. who’s job it is to come over when he wants, to give him what he wants, exactly how he wants it, and she is not going home until he incompletely satisfied. How may whore dates and wives like you are THAT fulfilling for all the bullshit and outrageous investment you expect him to make in you?
          Fucking none.
          The women who think like you price themselves right out of the market. And with every day that passes she gets more and more overpriced. You’re a liar and a fraud who grossly misrepresents your value.
          But even more importantly, and without even realizing it, you just reduced your “value” to sperm depository. You don’t withhold love. You don’t withhold time. You don’t withhold conversation. You withhold VAGINA. And that’s like telling the world you believe in your heart that your fuckhole is the most valuable thing you have to offer a man. Pathetic. You’re not worth marrying and anyone can see it without even dating you once – never mind marrying you.
          So now women like you have just fucked yourselves. Because you will never get a man with options that way. The only man you can get is a stupid loser who you can convince “sex is priceless” while praying to god he is moron enough to pay the biggest price a man can possibly pay for access to your fuckhole. Why do you think men/husbands on TV are always portrayed as stupid losers? Because that’s exactly what they are. She convinced some fucking idiot that her vagina is “unique” and “special” and “rare” when there are actually 3.5 billion of them on the planet.
          Go away and think about it, whore. Because you’re not worth it. the only women who ARE worth it, will not use their vaginas for personal gain like you just did. Vagina is only worth it when it’s free. It adds no value. it only COSTS.

        4. Why not? I hope you never have any daughters because you would train them toe be overpriced whores. God help them.

        5. you don’t give a shit about female rejection?? that’s funny. are you reading the same shitty blog as i am? ok, maybe some of you SAY you don’t give a shit, but shit is what you’re full of.

        6. LOL. I have daughters, and believe me, they are far from being overpriced whores. They wouldn’t go within 5 miles of assholes like you.

        7. Wow… Since when was marriage a payment for access to a “fuckhole”? I’m married to my best friend. I love talking to him, going out with him, cooking meals with him, and having sex with him. Because yes, when a man takes the time to fulfill his woman’s sexual needs, she is thrilled to fulfill his. Want to know the real reason women aren’t typically as into sex as men? It’s frustrating to not know whether or not a man is going to take his time pleasuring you, because porn and sites like this make him think sex is all about him. Would you want to sleep with a woman if she rode you until she came and then packed up and left before you got off? If that was the society we lived in, you men would start making more selective choices with your sexual partners as well. The man who realizes a woman is a person is the man who is respected and desired and yes, pleasured by his woman.

        8. You have marriage all wrong,,it’s not a vagina transaction, you said it.yourself, vaginas are dime a dozen. Marriage is a commitment to each other, a union that is best for raising a family, your the one putting value on the vagina. Last I heard, vaginas were part of an entire body.

    3. I’ve seen this happen in dramatic fashion. I overheard one of the hottest girls at my gym talking about how she just broke up with her boyfriend. (I’ve tried to chat with her on occasion, but my game was ineffective against such an entitled “hottie”.) Anyway, I guess the stress of her breakup really got to her and within not even three or four months, she had gained maybe 40 pounds, and went from super attractive to frumpy–fat even. I mean seriously, she is still at the gym all the time, but she gained maybe 10 inches on each thigh and her triceps sag and she is, well, kind of fat. She still has a pretty face, but I’d say that she went from a solid 8 to a 5, almost overnight. I think it’s kind of funny.

    4. Nah can last long, they just have to work out. If they work out as much as the average male, they can keep it into their 40s (think Buffy the Body). Too bad US chicks despise exercise. That’s why thick Brazilians are the best!

    5. I think the pick he used for “thick” is a perfect representation.
      Thick has NO BELLY. If a bitch has a belly she is fat. I don’t care if she weighs 95lbs. A fat gut is a fat gut and it is the most disgusting feature of a woman’s body.
      I can tolerate thick girls or even fat girls as long as they don’t a have a fucking gut.

      1. but every “thick” woman I have ever known that looked good was a greasy cheeseburger away from fatty.

    6. I have seen thick women at 23 end up fat and unbangable as ealy as 26. Thick women need to hit the gym from 22 onwards, or snap a beta provider by 26.

  3. For fat chicks I just say ‘ight’ or ‘ok’. Women do over use thick for fat. Women should avoid categorizing themselves because they’re terrible at it. I’ll meet a girl w/ a flat square ass and she’ll say she has a big booty.

    1. I have met several like that, it baffles the hell out of me. The only thing I can think of is when you turn your head to look at your ass in the mirror it makes it much more prominent than it really is.

      1. I have to be a little PC. If I’m too overtly blunt I’d never be asked to functions. You haven’t realized this, I can’t totally isolate my self

      1. And the proper reply to such: “Yeah, you’re curvy like the Rocky Mountains are slightly hilly!”

  4. Thick girls. So immensly tempting, but all but a few I’ve known have got fat. Fitness thickies are rare indeed. Shame.

  5. Why would you care what is she?
    live everyday like its your last day – hit on every girl like she’s a slut

  6. OT…. The mass murder in California today proves again that game can save lives. If only someone had reached him.

    1. Yeah. Unfortunately there will probably be many more of these instances in the future as ignorant and arrogant American females slowly destroy the soul and heart of men.

      1. Or you know, men could stop thinking that women owe us sex. For real, you are not entitled to any woman’s body or sex at all. He needed to realize that and just fucking be patient and wait for a girl to be attracted to him instead of chasing the same girls who didn’t want him.

        1. You’re right; I’m sick of bitches and manginas coming on here and derailing the discussion with their complete and utter bullshit.

        2. I don’t give a damn what you’re sick of. I’m sick of guys like you existing. Women are people and people deserve to be treated as such, not as lesser citizens simply for their sex. Good god.

        3. No. I will not shut up until every person, male or female, gay straight bisexual pansexual whatever, trans or not is treated as a goddamn human being because no one is less of a person because of their sex, gender, or sexuality. Get that through your thick fucking skull.

        4. Meet ‘Jacob.’ These fucking feminazis have no shame. GTFO and take the little credibility you had with you.

        5. I am a pretty girl huh? And the proper term is Feminist, not Feminazi. Now take my picture down you prick

        6. Hey dude you just did something illegal you should probably take picture down if you don’t the proper authorities will be notified.

        7. Get the rules of this site through your thick skull, you mindless jezzicunt.

        8. It looks like someone set her face on fire then tried to put it out with a wet chain. I’d rather drop an anvil on my toes 20 times in a row than look at her again. Woof!

        9. That was his problem, he felt the girls owed him sex, he felt entitled to it, unfortunately he was an obvious narccist (and psychopath). You can’t make people like you, or respect you. That’s the problem with men on this site, angry because you can’t get what you want, with just average looks and a steady job anymore. Women can provide for themselves, which means you have to up your game. Suck it up, stop being fucking lazy and bring something else to the table.

        10. What is this ‘something else’ you speak of? And why should we bother when there are good looking women in other countries we can date instead who bring more to the table than the average Australian/American/Canadian women?
          Australian women are demanding right through to old age.

        11. Something else meaning, personality, open mindedness, we don’t care what car you drive, or what money you make, you need to bring a different mindset, plus my car probably goes faster than yours 😉 the world has changed, stop wishing for the past to come back, and make the world work in your favour. Eg. Keeping your ideals In check instead of hating on women you have nothing in common with anyway.

        12. Eh? Research suggests that women go for looks when they aren’t looking for money in a man. That has certainly been my experience.
          Money still matters to women, just slightly less than it used to.
          Anyway, if you are average looking with an average job in countries like Australia you only really have the option of dating below average looking women. In other places I can get a better deal so I avoid Australian women.
          Simple as that.

        13. Looks do matter, I agree, that’s science. But even then, it’s not a deal breaker. god knows, I’ve dates guys who’s looks or money weren’t on the list, because they had neither lol. I find humour super attractive. unfortunately they we’re grossly insecure and it never worked out. I married my good looking, panel beater husband, who I love to death, I Hope he doesn’t feel he married just an average okayish woman. I’m sure I bring more to the table than just how I look.

        14. Do you cook? Are you hyper sexual? Are you affectionate?
          Those are good qualities a woman can have.

        15. I’m definitely more affectionate than he likes, he’s not affectionate at all. But he shows affection other ways ( calling me during the day etc.I cook, (nothing masterchef worthy), lol, but so does he, and I have a healthy sex drive. We’re far from perfect, but I would do anything for him, and I know he would for me. The reason I read the posts on this site, is because I’ve always been interested in different life perspectives, especially between men and women. I was pretty shocked at some of the views, but now I know that those are the just the extremists.

    2. It seems he did supposedly subscribe to PUA youtube channels.
      Some people just can’t game- it’s a fact of life. He knew he had no hope of creating the life he wanted, no chance of receiving either love or respect from women, so he lashed out.
      I feel that one societal change could help frustrated men like him: legal prostitution.

      1. That would definitely be true. Legal prostitution means any guy can bang hotties way above the average. It also helps men realise exactly how much sex is worth, ie not much, certainly not worth dealing with emotional blackmail or feeling like shit because some 7/10 college slut rejected you. He could have worked on oneitits/entitlement issues, or worked on how to pick up those girls, while handling rejection.

      2. Every society that permitted hypergamy and harems used some or all of the following options:
        1 – Mass prostitution. aka “the temple of Aphrodite”. Make an offering to the sex goddess, have sex with a priestess. It’s that simple. That’s what these temples were, and they served a vital role.
        2 – Castration. Every one of those thousand-year societies entrusted the civil service to male eunuchs and only to male eunuchs.
        3 – Non-stop war. A big favourite of tribal societies, like that in the OT. Sons are “arrows in your quiver”. Women are for making more sons. If you are a good enough warrior you get a woman, otherwise you get killed.
        The only other workable alternative is enforced monogamy, arranged marriages, and the scarlet “A” branded onto the forehead for cheaters.
        However, another option is beginning to make itself felt, especially in Japan. Selective abortion of males. What becomes of this remains to be seen.

        1. 3 –
          a) Old testament, middle-age and renaissance europe. Europeans where more primitive than muzzies during the time of the crusades but had much more fighting experience.
          b) Last time Iran attacked anyone was in 1798. That is even earlier than Sweden.

        2. selective abortion of males? what an excellent idea. after reading this blog, i’m convinced it’s a necessary evil. sigh.

    3. RoK ran an article awhile back about when betas attack, or something to that effect. It was the first thing I thought of when I heard the story. Everything is passive and accepting in a betas world, and then…they snap.

        1. He’s not lying about his reasons because he leaves an internet footprint dating back which points directly to it. According to a Forbes article, in a grim foreshadowing, he once took a squirt gun to a group of beach jocks and blondes squirting orange juice on them.
          Why he didn’t get any? Because he hadn’t yet figured out that at least 95% of the time, girls will “reject” guys even when they appear to have everything going for them.
          Once thing is certain… Kardashian must be PISSED because it took all media and news attention away from her wedding.

      1. An article? ROK could write a 500 page Volume on this. And the title should be: “1 Reason Why You Should Stop Giving a Fuck What Women Think Of You.”

        1. I think co-opting Elliott Rogers as a poster boy for Game necessity would be misguided. He’s obviously a whack job using virginity as an excuse for his actions. He went on a shooting spree because he’s INSANE, not because he hadn’t gotten his dick wet yet. Plenty of dudes go without for extended periods yet they don’t act out by spraying bullets at strangers.
          And do we really want defectives like him possibly reproducing?

        2. I agree whole heartedly. He left recorded testimony and an internet footprint of his mental instability. Proof of what you just said exists in the very fact that if it was REALLY about him getting laid and feeling jilted out of female affections… he could have easily accomplished that.
          But was he “INSANE”? Thomas Ball was also swept under the rug an discounted as “insane” for setting himself on fire on the steps of the divorce and family court house. He left a manifesto on why he just couldn’t take it anymore either. In a society where gay marriage is pushed and straight marriages are broken for profit,… it might actually be misguided to label him as “insane”.
          No doubt he was delusional and entitled and unstable and had a GROSSLY overinflated view of himself, and he also placed far too much value on the acceptance and validation of females. ……. but he was also justifiably angry that he is forced to navigate a social climate where men are dragged to court , cuckholded and robbed for being “TOO NICE” to their wives…. and women line up at prisons IN DROVES to propose marriage and conjugal visits to murderers, criminals, drug addicts, and killers.
          Only in a world this shitty and backwards, could he be called “insane”.

  7. I rented a thickie in my early 20’s for a few years. I broke up with her not because she started getting chunky, but because she seemed to have no interest in curbing her unhealthy lifestyle which ultimately would have lead to fat. I married a cutie. I highly recommend that. Cuties seem to last longer than hoties, and are much more likely to maintain their looks post pregnancy.

  8. Yeah, thick as a brick! When your woman slims down to thick after a crash diet I’m afraid you will not be the beneficiary. It means she has already decided to end the relationship and is shaping up for the man you are clueless about. Cheer up friend, the ol’ “bait n’ switch” is now his problem!

  9. “Whores”-A term to describe the average Western women. Only good for taking the cock and is loud and obnoxious. Good for an easy lay and nothing else. Shows off her “empowerment” by being a bitch at all times. Is generally unpleasant, uninteresting, and is female in body only.

    1. The difference between whores and sluts.
      One wants sex for sex, because the dude is “hot”. The other wants sex for sex + more, because of the dude´s credit card.

  10. Ah cuties, my one true weakness.
    Beware men, for a cutie can be a one-way ticket to oneitis for many guys, because they pretty much tick off every internal emotional/physical/romantic biological checkbox that men have, while projecting an air/image that makes men feel like going after the girl will make her turn away, instead making guys think they need to ‘get to know you’ first. Instead of like with a slut, who you don’t care about and try to bang or move on.
    I know this from personal experience.

  11. 10 is makeup/lighting/photography/photoshop. 10 is an illusion. Google “celebrities without makeup” to see how true this is.

  12. I’ve used the words “nice” and “pretty face” to describe in shape, cute girls too.

  13. Personally, I find a better way to describe the charm of Cute Girls is not that they are awkward but are generally silly in some way; awkwardness being a subset of silly.

  14. This was absolutely right on the money – the awkward next door nature of “cute”, the high pain in the ass factor of ” hot”, the trailer park “skank” and the hot now but right on the slippery slope to whale-dom “thick”. Well done.

  15. I’ve read this elsewhere…. even with the same pictures. Non the less good article.

  16. All men are naturally attracted to “thick” girls. It all has to do with adipose reserves in case of a drought. Men, especially western white males, do not express their love for thick girls out of social pressure. The present prevalent stick thin model of beauty is a product of the homosexuals and pedophiles who run the fashion industry.

  17. Hot girls can be interesting and intelligent too. It’s usually the cute ones that are boring.

  18. “cute” girls are definitely the cream of the crop, i have to agree with the author. cute girls are much more likely to be eager to please, feminine, and submissive. their awkwardness is often from a lack of experience, which itself is a huge turn on in more than one way. i like being able to teach and ‘mold’ a receptive student, and when the girl lacks experience that is exactly what she wants and needs.
    most guys get way too caught up with “hot” girls, understandably because not only does our culture promote that preference, evolution dictates it as well to chase the most beautiful specimen. i would tell these guys if they would listen that quality of life is so much higher when you have a cute girl in it. only slightly better with a hot girl than with no girl at all. the way a girl makes you feel is way more important to me, especially when the ‘cute’ girl is naturally beautiful without doing all the stuff that makes a girl look every other girl at the club.

  19. “Hot” and “Thick”: most succinct and accurate descriptions I’ve read recently. Love the thick hot girls but they are indeed supernovas. If you see one and get to enjoy its brief radiance…by all means do so. It will soon implode into a black-hole, it’s only a biscuit away.
    Hot girls. The old maxim shall always apply, “Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll find you a man who is sick & tired of her shit.” We all want a hot chick, but as you grow wiser in years you see them as an investments that will soon produce diminishing returns. The best moments will actually be when people see her on your arm in public. The remainder of your time will be spent emptying your wallet and/or racking your brain as to how someone so pleasing on the outside is just the opposite on the inside. If you manage to find the ugly duckling (hot chick who was a former 5-6) hang onto to that for dear life. She still sees the 5-6 in the mirror and her personality hasn’t changed despite everyone giving her the attention/praise of an 8-9. Certainly the rarest hot chick in the world. Very precious few remain in the femi-centric West.

  20. Sooo….I wonder what a thick man is. Is there an equivalent? Maybe I’m surrounded by them.

  21. “Sluts like to go out dressed as provocatively as possible and drink copious amounts of alcohol to deaden their inner pain as well as give them the courage to power through another painful night of despondent sex.” hard-hitting

  22. meh, i leave the thickies/fatties to the blacks.
    Hate all you want for my honesty

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