Stupid Western Men Are Getting Ripped Off In Ukraine

The Independent has put out an article describing the mail-order bride capital of the world, Odessa, a city that I have spent the past four months in.

They populate Odessa’s numerous terrace cafés, stroll in hordes through its parks, and fill the plush velvet seats of its 19th century opera house. A foreign man, usually though not always over 60 and American, sits with a Ukrainian girl, probably in her twenties and strikingly attractive. Habitually, they are joined by another young woman, the translator, who facilitates the dialogue.

“She says she likes a strong man who knows his mind.” “Tell her I love the idea of two cultures coming together in a relationship.” “She says she thinks you could be her soulmate.”

I’ve seen these men in the city. They all congregate at the Guinness Pub on the main drag. Usually they have mustaches and wear bomber jackets. Some of them venture in a bar called Captain Morgan’s, but they don’t usually hit the normal nightlife venues.

As for the Odessan girls, they seem normal to me (by Ukrainian standards). None of tried to milk me. Ukrainian women are most adept at male mineral extraction, so when you toss in naive men who don’t know any better, you know that large sums of money are being tossed into the ether. Their idealistic wife search turns into an impoverishing death spiral.

odessa2 (Custom)

These bride hunters also have a faulty belief, along with many feminists, that quality women are just begging to come to a dying America. While many do have fantasies of living in the USA, not one quality woman I’ve dated in Ukraine has even hinted to me that she wants to settle in the USA. Moving to the USA is a desperation move that happens to older women (28+) who for whatever reason has lost hope that they will ever get married in Ukraine. In other words, moving to America is not their first choice. Unless the girl is busted and overweight, it never is.

“Everything is possible; there are women who genuinely want to meet a man and emigrate,” says a foreigner living in Odessa who is well acquainted with the dating industry. “In the villages there are even more of them. But there are very few of them in Odessa, these days. Especially those who would be willing to marry a man in his sixties or seventies. They love Odessa, and they can make good money scamming these idiots. Why would they actually go through with it and move to some boring place in rural America?”


“She’ll say yes to his proposal, milk him for money for ‘English lessons’ for the next six months, and then disappear,” predicts Alina, when I tell her about Stephen. When he complains to me of the vast sums he is forking out every day for the translator fees, taxi rides, and gifts of Swarovski jewellery, I make gentle suggestions that perhaps all is not what it seems. I smile weakly when he talks of plans to redecorate his house ahead of the arrival of his new wife, and I wonder if I should sit him down and set him to rights. But he is old enough to work things out for himself. I leave him the day before his departure on the way to a karaoke bar, where he plans to propose.


Indeed, as the tour winds down, even those men who were sent to the depths of despair by dates who did not show up, fleeced them, or led them on, are planning return trips to Ukraine. Some have already been more than once; one of them is on his 14th tour. For some of them, merely the fleeting hope of happiness seems to be enough, while others hold on to a conviction that next time it might just be different.

These men are so lonely that they don’t mind spending thousands of dollars to pass the time with beautiful women without sex. And these are the idiots that guys like me get compared to!

There are so many horror stories from mail-order bride agencies online that I have as much sympathy for these guys as I do for a man getting raped in American divorce court. The secret was long out for anyone with a functioning set of eyes and ears. I must conclude that some men simply want to be led to slaughter.

odessa3 (Custom)

Is there a solution for these old Western men? Can they just learn game and start approaching girls in the cafe? I’m not sure, but expecting to hand over a pile of cash and get a wife in return reaches a level of stupidity that deserves, at the minimum, a bitch slap.

There is no shortcut to finding a wife. You must display your value through taking social risks in the form of approaches until a connection is cultivated. To think that an agency is going to do it for you because you’ve paid thousands of dollars, and expect any resulting marriage to be successful, is absurd.

She told him that the men are effectively paying to sit at a restaurant with a beautiful woman. If they are naïve enough to think there is a romantic attachment, then that is their problem.

Their problem indeed.

For more advice on having sex with Ukrainian girls, visit Roosh’s article How To Pickup Ukrainian Girls In The Club.

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120 thoughts on “Stupid Western Men Are Getting Ripped Off In Ukraine”

  1. Holy shit.
    The 4 girls in the top (color) photo are amazing. The girl on the far left and second-from-right are 8.75/10, WWU (would wife up).
    Roosh – besides Russian language skills, how much tight game would be needed for those girls?
    (Also, where can I find more of those photos? I looked on the Weeeknd dot Od dot UA site but can’t figure it out. Even Google Reverse Image Search wasn’t helpful.)

    1. Your game would have to be above average. Those girls likely have weak english.
      The pictures are from ibiza nightclub in odessa. They are only open in the summer.

  2. Okay, I’m a 60 year old man, and I have a dime in her twenties hitting on me with a translator, probably her boyfriend or lesbian gf. And then after I go to the hotel (because she wants to wait duh?!), they go and spend it on themselves. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should start a service for fleecing older women?
    Nahhhhhh, I have no desire to have that flabby skin all over me. The contempt for marriage itself in the article is understandable, but who here in their twenties reasonably thinks they know for sure that when they are 10, 20 years older they won’t wife up?
    Sucks, but the system has to get changed. However may not matter, but very, very few men can stand to be childless and lonely in their later years. My grandparetns were from a totally different era, and mindset. They married in the late thirties, early forties. I am telling you that gramps died after 64 years of marriage. One uncle’s a dean/doctor, one was an electrician, the other a mensa level math god. All of them work hard and have millions saved. Not to mention the family photos show a whole lot generations of kids.
    I get it, but when you are old and gray living alone, you will be over at my house kicking your own ass; if only you had a kid or two to lift you out of your chair and do it for you.
    I know, I know I will get down votes, but be honest. What do you call a player at 50? Lonely. I sure as hell don’t recommend the above route to happiness, but I do remember working with a guy who got a 25 year old married and pregnant in the Caribbean when he was 50. The problem is she was not exactly the hottest tool in the shed, not ugly, but not my first choice that is for sure.
    Essentially, as we all know, women outsource themselves at 30 pretty much. They have spent their sexual capital most of them by then. If not, then by no later than 40. Men start to be out processed by 40-45, and by then you are looking at women in their thirties who have ridden the carousel and you don’t care. Quick set of kids, and praying you won’t get raped in divorce.
    Whatever may be, game is the short term answer for the majority of men who like me, really, really enjoyed their 20s. Eventually you have to make a choice, because either one will be final. Once you are 60, as the above article states, women don’t get serious when your feeble drug induced erection comes calling. They either use you, think you’re cute because they assume you are kidding; or they leave in disgust.
    Women have their biological clock/wall. Men too have their wall and usefulness. It is not about love ro sex, but investment. Trying to save for retirement at 60 is just slightly less intelligent than trying marriage for the first time. Just as you want exclusivity by a woman, so too does the eventual chick in reverse.
    Yell, scream, hack, hollar, down vote me a million times, but only three things are for sure; death, taxes, and woman’s bull shit. You better be content with whatever you choose after facing each one.

    1. Well Jesse, all I can say is that I really feel sorry for any American male who cannot speak any other language than english and will therefor never be able to fully assimilate or integrate into another culture. These men are doomed to a life of being fleeced and conned because they will always be strangers in a strange land and vulnerable. I myself am fluent in French, and have been working towards fluency in Arabic & Turkish. I am familiar and savvy in the nuances of Semitic/Middle Eastern cultures. I know the scams, and I can spot a pimp/whore/con artist when I see one. Such are the expats who become Alphas in foreign lands and raise families. There is no other way. Whether its Russia, Ukraine, China or Libya, if you don’t become fluent in the language and culture to the point where an american tourist will mistake you for a local, you will not survive. So I truly do feel sorry for any american beta who never bothered to learn another language, because they will never really “leave” america. They will always be alone and vulnerable.

      1. quit copying iron maiden idiot and you people can forget about strange you are full of diseases!GO BACK TO EUROPE!

      2. ‘Worldmusic’ = Yeah, you are correct. Unfortunately I only speak English, so I better become content with hiring a surrogate to give me the kid I want, then hiring an escort once in a while to get my rocks off.

    2. It just doesn’t work that way anymore.
      If a man marries a woman and has a kid with her, there almost a 100% chance she will divorce him just for the alimony and child support she will get from him. Marriages last as long as milk these days, they go bad really fast. Its not like the old days, not at all.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for these clowns at all. What kind of delusional 60 year old man actually thinks a beautiful 20 year old woman wants to marry him and move 1000s of miles away from her friends and family to sit in a 3 bedroom/2 bath home in middle America while he watches the O’Reilly Factor?
    Why would a 60 year old man want to get married anyway? The purpose of marriage is to raise a family — that is the only thing that makes it worth the risk to get involved in. If they want a maid/someone to sleep with, why don’t they just gt a maid and hire an escort? Seems like it would be a lot cheaper in the long run.

    1. Yup. If they don’t have a family at that age, they most likely never will. Then also, would it maybe not be wrong for a man at 60 to have kids who may never get to know him?

      1. With the man-destroying divorce laws today, more and more men are finding that they will NEVER have children. I’m talking about men who are 30 and 40 here. They realize that getting married to anyone is akin to suicide. It is far too dangerous to be stuck with having to make lifetime alimony payments to a woman who stabbed you in the back. No, the much better thing for a man to do these days is hire an escort once a month for the sex, and then hire a surrogate in some poor foreign country to give him the kids he wants to have. No risk of getting raped in today’s family courts.

    2. “The purpose of marriage is to raise a family”
      Technically men can still have kids in their 60s plus which you will see if you visit the Philippines and Thailand. But I dont see why any man would want to spend his golden years raising kids.
      “If they want a maid/someone to sleep with, why don’t they just gt a maid and hire an escort?”
      These men are lonely thats why. To me a guy has to look at a relationship from a cost/benefit analysis and at best a man can hope for is great sex, good cooking and cleaning from a wife. The problem is that as you reach 60 as a man and you still want a young wife you are going to be sponoring her financially for it to work. That means at best you can hope for is sex but good luck getting her to cook and clean because of the dynamics of the relationship. So really all you are doing is paying for sex anyway or buying her love since she would not be with a 60 year old man unless he has some coin. Since the relationship is founded on money the best option is to be honest with yourself and just resign to pay for sex at that age with younger women in the form of escorts or an allowance for a girlfriend and then just hire the cheapest maid and cook or go to restuarants. That way you get to control what you need be it food, laundry and sex because if the person on the other end is giving you what you need you just bring your money somewhere else to someone else who can give you what you need.

      1. Thailand and the Philippines are a pussy heaven for old white guys with coin. They have a decent shot at getting normal girls, and if that fails they can go the hooker or bargirl route and pay $20 for a full night of anything goes sex. Money is all that matters over there, and white old guys = money.

        1. There’s also a slightly different culture as well. I’ve seen old guys bring Thai and Philippino wives back to Australia, where the wives aren’t beaten-down/helpless/naive, and yet they stay together. Never seen that happen with any other ‘go to developing nation, marry someone who wants a better life, go home where she can divorce you and still get that better life’ ethnicity. It seems like they genuinely rate ‘willingness to be a provider’ as an attractive feature, and they’ll stay with the guy because they’re proud of being married to him (even if they aren’t attracted to him per se).

        2. $20 for a full night of anything goes sex (in Thailand) !?
          Oh My God ! I offered an ugly, old, used -up hag in Ukraine $100 per day just so that I can spend time with her, without sex, and she turned me down, saying ‘NOT GOOD ENOUGH’.
          Yes, that is the Shit-hole Ukraine has turned into these days.
          Don’t go there.

      2. Lonely?? There are PLENTY of women around. These men want a woman who can’t understand his language so he can get away with being an idiot. He is probably already divorced because an American woman won’t put up with him. He is looking for an easy lay. On the other hand, in his defense, women today are taught to be like men. They demand all sorts of things including having the man do all the women’s work which is appalling to me. I would NEVER demand my husband help in the kitchen or clean the bathrooms, or do any women’s work. I guess that’s why I have never had a hard time finding a man.

      3. “The purpose of marriage is to raise a family”
        I think you’re over-analyzing. These men (and men like them) believe marriage is synonymous with control. However, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth.
        A man sacrifices all leverage he may have had once he takes those sacred vows. They honestly believe that marriage will settle these women down since as a family and marriage typically settle a man down. Again, they are sadly mistaken.

      4. “These guys are lonely” Loneliness is an emotion (obviously), and decisions based on emotions can be disastrous.

      5. Agree and after 45, single men should just give up and either go celibate or use escorts. Less expensive and better in the long run.

    3. for one, the purpose of marriage is not explicitly to raise kids. yes, throughout history that has been the case, but that had more to do with religious pressure to marry before screwing and conceiving, than to people`s actual wants and needs. to my mind, marriage is about companionship first and foremost, and that`s what these old fucks are after. i would bet the proverbial farm that most of these lonely guys are either divorced or widowers, so they just want a warm body to keep them company. naturally fucking is also in the back of their minds, but i hardly think it`s the primary motivation here.
      furthermore, think about how these people were raised – in a hardcore blue pill environment back when men were men and women knew their place in society. these are not the kinds of men that would readily go for prostitues to release some steam, so your proposition that they just hire escorts would probably not go over well with them.

      1. Companionship is about spending time together. Marriage is about the laws of inheritence.
        This has not changed in the least.

        1. hey kfg, care to offer any arguments to back up your claims? you just basically said “nu-uh” and left. hell, at least debunk my claims, do something to get the ball rollin’, chief..

        2. You deny that campanionship is about spending time together?
          I note that you may get companionhip from a hunting buddy or a hunting dog. Some consider that the comanionship of the dog is superior.
          Yet you cannot marry the dog, because there are no issues of inheritence.
          The very reason for advocating that you should be able to marry your hunting buddy is that if you are not married you are denied rights of inheritence.
          Read the bloody contract.
          The only companionship that marriage adds to a personal relationship is the comanionship of the state.

        3. funny thing is whites are infidels American illegals from Europe you mutts are the least monogamous and are the only race with the highest divorce rates and yes ! there are facts to back that uP! its what we call the census.

    4. Yup. These women aren’t truly attracted, they are looking for a meal ticket. I feel kind of bad for men who fall for this, but it seems so obvious from my POV. Just like the old women who go to Haiti looking for a “boyfriend”. Ain’t happening.

    5. “What kind of delusional 60 year old man actually thinks a beautiful 20 year old woman wants to marry him and move 1000s of miles away from her friends and family to sit in a 3 bedroom/2 bath home in middle America while he watches the O’Reilly Factor?”
      This comment just made my day. Well played.

    6. totally agree. loosers in their own country are still loosers when they travel to another part of the world just to get laid

      1. I travel to another part of the world just to try to give my money away, and the Ukrainian women are so stuck up now (in 2016) that they now refuse to take money from foreign men, it is not good enough for them.

  4. There is no shortcut to marriage, Ask to indian degenerates, our mother and father will pimp us women in arranged marriage and we feed and breed
    Please some one nuke india

    1. Too true. You hit your mid-twenties, and all you hear is ‘Aren’t you getting married YET??!!! Don’t you want to make me happy???’ Lol.
      PS Nuking those ideas in our parents may be more practical.

  5. The original article should read something like “Hopeless Betas Fleeced in Odessa, Back for More”. Even though the Ukraine is far worse off economically than the U.S., I can see that most marriageable girls wouldn’t want to move 1000s of miles away with a guy 30+ years her senior. While in Poland I met a number of girls that were infatuated with the idea of visiting the U.S. but moving there permanently is a whole different ballgame, which would involve starting your life anew without your network of family, friends and your native language.
    One critical piece of advice that I would have for anyone considering looking for a wife outside of the U.S. is to learn her language. In this case Russian. If you can game girls in their own language it’s a different dynamic, DHV, etc.

  6. 60 y.o. divorced betas? Yeahh… I wouldn’t want young women to get involved with them either. The U.S. isn’t that much better than those countries anyway, even though Ukrainians always talk about how crappy their country is.
    Actually, given the problems of youth unemployment and now Obamacare in the U.S., I see a greater incentive for younger American men to move to Eastern Europe instead.

    1. You are naive .
      Once you will encounter what a real corruption is you will run to USA like there is no tomorrow.Your integrity will be destroyed once you realize that laws are easily bent,courts are rigged and law enforcement can do whatever they want to do.
      Don’t trust stories of some internet attention whore ,who think he knows Ukraine just because he spent 2 months there and slept with two women after telling them some bs that he is a “writer”.
      Don’t confuse tourism with emigration.

      1. Your integrity will be destroyed once you realize that laws are easily bent,courts are rigged and law enforcement can do whatever they want to do.
        It’s exactly the same over here in the USA, bub.

        1. ukrainian is right……. the US and UK and Europe may be messy, and getting worse… but they have a rule of law…. especially in small matters like fair trading, fair banking, leasing apartments, buying cars, traffic issues and so forth…
          i had a minor fender bender in latin america one time and my instinct was RUUNNNN…. and I ran… floored it and drove off…. that’s a jail term in the 1st world, but elsewhere it’s a smart move…..
          the law courts, the police, the whole legal system and even basic things like trying to connect a phone line can easily turn into a total nightmare….
          worse still living in a country with a native chick slowly makes you a massive beta, since you start relying on her for everything from directions to legal advice to language problems, bureaucracy etc. etc… and trying to look up stuff on the internet in foreign languages outside the 1st world…. hell you are better off with a yellow pages… welcome to 1950….. ouch !

        2. worse still living in a country with a native chick slowly makes you a massive beta, since you start relying on her for everything from directions to legal advice to language problems, bureaucracy etc. etc…
          Perhaps I’m biased by having local friends over there and knowing some Russian. Of course, if one is going over there and all he knows is English and some girl he’s sleeping with, there will be trouble. Only an idiot would be a girl’s pet. I remember another guy giving similar advice about American men going to Mexico: make local friends and learn the language and culture.

        3. corvinus,do you honestly think that Ukrainians emigrating
          abroad in such massive numbers are stupid and you somehow understand something they don’t?
          Its not exactly the same.Trust me.
          I have been in a litigation process myself in Europe and I know how the cookie crumbles.
          I also have a rich mate of mine in Ukraine who s been thrown to a jail for no apparent reason (no apparent legal reason,there was a conflict of interests though),than he had to buy himself out in a week or so.The dude is massively rich,he had a conflict with a local major (actually son of the major).
          He has massive property portfolio and plenty of cash,he is 33 years old,dreams of having a family and kids,yet he can’t find any quality woman in Ukraine neither,lives alone.

        4. I actually know American guy in Kiev who is married to a local chick and settled with her (after giving up his quite lucrative career in states).He met her while traveling in Europe.
          1)she made him buy a house and finish it,before they rented (a proper house,garden etc);
          2)she stopped working,he does work a lot (teaching english,like all the foreign loosers in Ukraine do);
          3)last time I spoke to a common mate of us (also a foreigner),he said the american was complaining that the wifey is “frigid”. I asked more -apparently there is no sex for more than a year now.
          So here we are: american dude living in the foreign country,working his ass off for a well being of a woman,who does not even want to fuck with him anymore.Was it worth it?

        5. I see. Yeah… at least we don’t give people the Julia Tymoshenko treatment like what your friend had. Just because the mayor’s son didn’t like him? How has his dating life been? Maybe you should invite him to read this site, and/or Chateau Heartiste, which seems to be more geared toward guys looking for a family.

        6. That guy made so many mistakes, I’m shaking my head. Gave up a good job for a crappy one teaching English, because he met a woman? Uh, what? And, she “made him” buy a house? That’s an excellent example of stupid betas getting ripped off.

        7. His problem has to do with the communal property.Basically communal property law in Ukraine is not clear.They managed to acquire several of such properties (like basements in apartment blocks etc),but the major family demanded that he hands them to him (simply demanded).Ofcourse he refused.
          In a matter of a day a case against him was opened in a puppet court (with some irrelevant accusations).His office was seized (together with all the money) and he was thrown into jail (aka investigation isolator).His family involved some powerful people,paid something off and they let him out,the case was closed.
          His game is above average,he takes care of himself,in fact too much (takes roids unfortunately),drives G class.His girls are 7s-8s,rarely 8.5 .His relationships all finish dramatically,usually by girls cheating on him within a year.He is a typical monogamist (like many ukrainians) and can not accept the fact that women cheat in 99% of cases.Although I dont hold the candles above his bed but from what I can say he does not do something obviously wrong-it’s just women are like this,no way around it.

        8. I’m glad you realize this.The guy is indeed stupid.I have met him on several occasions,basically one of my mates in Kiev was american (also an english teacher),and they tend to know each other.
          I smelled the manipulations straight away,after listening to his phone conversation with the wife.But obviously I could not tell him much.
          Women have this power of making men doing something without even realizing that it was not their desire.One day that guy just started talking of “how great it would be to move outside of Kiev and have own house” etc etc.
          i have not been to Kiev for more than a year now,from what I know they still live there,but the dude is unhappy.

        9. Ray,
          “the US and UK and Europe may be messy, and getting worse… but they have a rule of law…. ”
          That is very close to the most naive statement I have seen in this place. The legal system in the west is a satanic criminal cartel.

        10. Hi Ukrainian,
          welcome…I like to hear from people in the Ukraine. The woman I call my fav#1 online is from the Ukraine.
          And by the way, yes, she is quite clear that there are plenty of Ukrainian women who will fleece some poor foreign guy if he is fool enough to believe what she tells him.
          However, there are some gems among them like her. Indeed all the Ukrainian/Russian women I have met have been very good to me.
          One thing does strike me though that you might answer. When they object to something argue something they come across as VERY aggressive/strongly spoken. I have pulled fav#1 up on that a few times and asked her why so aggressive towards me. She tells me it is “normal” for Ukrainian women to be as aggressive back as her and that the man must “stomp on her and put her in her place”.
          It took me a bit to get used to that since “stomping on a woman and putting her in her place” does not come naturally to me.
          Here is an interesting article Man Boobz did on her comments about spanking. Her position is that saying “never hit a woman” is one of the dumbest ideas she had ever heard. When we were dating she went out of her way to make sure she did something worth getting spanked over….it was a lot of fun! LOL!!
          She actually called me quite weak compared to Ukrainian men….and in the west men think I am such a hardarse that I can’t be real…..funny how different people see things.
          I would be interested in your comments. I know one Ukrainian guy living in Australia and his take was that even though Australian women are much worse than Ukrainian women that there were plenty of problems with Ukrainian women too…..he is single and intends to remain that way for life.

        11. that’s a very cynical attitude… certainly true on a corporate level … if you are in the fortune 500, you obviously enjoy rolling up one trouser leg and pledging allegiance to the goat… and they can fuck you any time…
          however on a small scale, if you rent an apartment, get a crappy cell phone contract, get ripped off on some consumer goods, buy a lemon car etc. etc. you can go through the system it does work…
          for example, the UK is pounding the banks for their fees…. I have had refunds and gratuities all over the place from UK banks lately…
          there is a rule of law…
          on the other hand a dude in latin america stole $4000 bond on an apartment i had legally rented with paper work… no chance to go to court, the lawyer cost more than the money i’d lost… fucking hopeless… you have no rules there…

        12. yeah.. it’s too bad… they all have tits and pussies and run on the same hormonal system…. maybe in the Orion Belt ? Anyone got a warp drive ?

        13. this is exactly my point… in the UK, US, AU, NZ, CA, you have some basic rights and rules and people can’t just role up and fuck you over… the abuse goes on at a higher level… and if you have big money… but at least day to day tick tock of business is not a fucking rats nest you have to fight your way through…
          you are more likely to make some serious money in a stable country where sure there are taxes and bitchy women, but someone can’t some along and stick their foot up your ass because they don’t like you…

        14. “there is a rule of law…”
          You have obviously never been in to a divorce court in the UK.
          Just the other week I asked your 625 MPs from whence they derive the right to vote on war with Syria. Not one of them could answer.
          Your MPs are a criminal cartel and it goes on down from there. To imagine anything different is to be delusional.

        15. i am not interested in that shit…. i am interested in having a decent platform to do business and make money, without for example, landlords that can screw me over on a whim… they cannot because there is a rule of law on leases… and more importantly it is respected… try Mexico.. people don’t even respect the traffic cops… i have run from the police regularly in mexico and hidden.. one time they caught me i bribed them and they went away…. when the shit is at street level and you can’t even know whether the traffic cops are going to rip you off, you are so far under a pile of crap that doing business and making money is a constant shit fight….
          try another example… who is wealthier… the Pakistani in London with a corner shop or the Pakistani in Karachi with a corner shop ?
          One gets product and stock and has invoicing and billing and organisation – return bad product etc…. and rule of law, the other has mohammed with his hand up his ass at every turn and no protection at all….
          at the end of the day, if you have a good few millions you can live a great life and not worry about some fucking trouser rolling wankers trying to pump the military industrial complex from bombing some third world country….
          but if you live in a place where the power goes off sometimes and the streets are an open sewer and people don’t respect basic policing and basic contracts etc… you have a total mess… you can never get out of it….
          the further you go from the wealthy countries the more you end up living hand to mouth with constant minor hassles just to keep a phone line connected and a car on the road… productivity goes out of the window and you live in a mess.. you get used to it and soon you are no better than the locals…

        16. “i am not interested in that shit…. i am interested in having a decent platform to do business and make money”
          So you are not interested in the thousands of men who kill themselves every year in the UK because they are criminally victimised in the family courts.
          You are more interested in making money than other mens lives.
          Why are you such a man hater Ray?

        17. Peter.. have you ever lived in a 2nd world country ? That is what this thread is about.
          Don’t hijack the topic for your own agenda…
          if those men focused on themselves and making use of the conducive business environment in the UK, instead of bludging about on the dole and relying on state sponsored solicitors, they’d have some solid income, a more solid platform for themselves, (more attractive to women) and be better able to enforce their legal rights…. and uphold family values.
          i am not saying that UK or anywhere else is a paradise, i am saying that in lesser established countries such as the ukraine, latin america etc. which may seem very free and easy to live in from a tourists point of view, in actual fact having lived in 2nd world countries myself, ultimately i found the loss of productivity, chaos, lack of rule of law, even basic things like being able to hop online and have just about anything you need delivered to the door overnight, with reliable deliveries, companies that need to uphold service requirements and delivery guarantees etc…
          means you can get shit done… you can get on with your life… whereas in mexico for example, sure you save on rent and you can have benefits with women and so forth, but you can’t put a letter in the mail and be sure it will arrive, buying things online is a crap shoot, and all sorts of aspects that we take for granted in 1st world countries don’t exist.
          therefore your productivity tends to plummet… and you end up forever fighting your way through pointless red tape, trying to maintain basic services like phone, electricity, car on the road etc. can be incredibly time consuming… in part because the ‘impoverished’ population that don’t work much have the time of day for this BS.
          whereas in the UK if you want a driving license you just mail off the forms, in some countries you probably need to spend most of your week in an out of notary offices, government offices and jump so many hoops, there is no time to work…
          you might have a honey wife that will never leave you, but if your productivity is killed, pretty soon you will be living in a tin hut like the rest of the populus.
          i’ll take my chances in a 1st world country before i take my chances in a slum, with poverty, violence and etc.
          You have a very long way to fall in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

        18. ya its called white priviledge and also racial profiling. something you whites have done long enough to ethnic minorities which are going to eventually kill you!

        19. the eu banking is corrupt and going down why do you suppose there are always bailouts. the good news is the bailouts are now almost finished and when it is then whats going to happen is countries are going to start getting kicked out of the eu and then they are done! another recession to bankruptcy! HAHAHAAAA HAVE FUN!

        20. you all will anyways that’s if you even get married.whites have the highest divorcerates out of all races. because whites wont find it easy to get married as everyone knows you are dirty and cheaters with diseases and are abusive and the entire planet hates you!

        21. I bet that more than half of the foreign men who relocate to Ukraine end up in the exact same situation as that guy just did.

      2. you people should go back to Germany as the truth is no other race likes you but maybe very few of your own and you don’t have a chance as you set your own conditioning up to make people know the facts that you are deceivers liars crooks abusive and broke as a joke and the patriotism everyone foundout is whites are illegals ON MY LAND! NOW GET OFF MY SOIL!

        1. Will u get us German visas? people would love to go’ back’ to this and that place. But they can’t because of no visas. Germany sees as as just Americans. They’ll deport our asses back home to the USA.

  7. These old beyond help guys need to learn about Pattaya Thailand. $20 for a full night of sex. Girls will do w/e you want. For a little coin you could probably pick up normal girls too. There are tons of old guys spending little and KILLING it in SE asia ( assuming they arn’t complete pussies and are normal looking )

      1. I refuse to believe that any heterosexual male could manage to not be attracted to a significant portion of Thai women

  8. The real punchline of all these articles about bride hunters is missing: Relationships in America are so rotten and putrid, that even forking out thousands of dollars for a mere smile and a few gentle words seem like a better proposition than handing over your dick, dignity and fortunes to American courts and state sponsored feminist tyranny…

    1. nah, man. what these old men want is youth and beauty, and are willing to fork over cash to get it..which plays in beautifully with these cuties` realisation that they can feign interest, get paid handsomely and hardly ever have to ‘give it up’ for pretenses` sake. of course the girls are scammers, fuck wouldn`t you be if you were a hot 18-25y.o. surrounded by dudes offering you cash essentially for free? geez, don`t be so oblivious.
      so that`s that. now the issue at hand becomes, what can guys do about it? well, to my mind, the only thing i can accuse these old guys of, is that they want it all and want it all effortlessly. why the bleeding hell would you go to the mail-order-bride capital of the world expecting ‘nice girls’? if they took the time to learn the language and also keep reasonably fit, they could score massively in some smaller town, where the ratio of good girls-to-whores would be a whole lot more in your favour.
      so yeah, put in the effort and stop being so goddamn naive. we will all get old and wrinkly and saggy-assed someday, but it`s up to you to position yourself better so that the odds are in your favour, fsu or wherever else.

      1. There are men that will be extremely fit, virile, charismatic and attractive well into their late 70s and above, continuing to sire children till the day they die, and that’s wonderful. Having said that, I don’t blame the average senior citizen for being average, by definition, for you to be exceptional in your lifestyle, there must be a majority mainstream that you are set to out-compete.
        So don’t hate the mainstream, hats off to all these average Joe’s who have become so disillusioned with the fallen United States, that they are volunteering to be scammed abroad for a peace of mind and mere polite company… It is the perfect disclosure of how disgusting US has really become…
        These senior citizens depleting their pockets abroad is a mere consequence of that, and not at all a causal problem in itself, and anyone criticizing these innocent victims is deflecting the real root cause to blame, which is the state sponsored artificial empowerment of the western female that created a society of resentment which has led to moral, demographic, industrial and finally economical bankruptcy. It almost goes without saying that the ensuing putrefaction of the dead carcass that once was the mighty U.S. is now rapidly leading us into World War 3 as they are still the dominant military force in the globe… just a little premonition from my side…

        1. agreed. the more-pressing background problem is the moral rot of the western world, brought on by hypocritical feminist delusions of equality. these poor old fucks are merely caught in the crossfire, being used to living in a society that`s simply not there anymore.
          makes you wonder though, how will the world look like when we`re their age? hell, will there still be a world to wake up in?

  9. These guys may be funny, but seriously, as you age you gradually lose brain cells and your sharpness and alertness. It will happen to you, it will happen to me. As your senses dull and you go for years without sex, it becomes pretty easy for people to pull off shit like this.

  10. If these 60 year old men were after women in their 40’s or 50’s would they have a better outcome?

    1. Doubtlessly. But these males are foolish enough to think that a girl less than half their age would honestly be interested in anything more than milking as much money as possible from them.

  11. Don’t believe that the women in these mail-order bride tour are not putting out.
    I guarantee that they do much more than hold hands…

  12. WTF? Why would u want a 60 y/o wife when your 60?? Im dumpimg my wife and going to one of these countries where young 20 y/o will marry u and bang u every night! I dont want 60 y/o pussy!

    1. Except they won’t marry you and bang you every night…they’ll just extract as much money as they can before disappearing.

      1. A 60 y/o and a 20 y/o, i wonder which one would have lived life longer and seen all the games that the other sex plays for over 50 years.

  13. Ukrainian women are lovely mostly because A) they have long hair and B) they are not overweight. I carefully viewed images of “beautiful Ukrainian women” and compared to any other woman- American, German. English- and found them almost identical, except for hair and body shape. If women kept themselves slim and grew their hair straight & long they would be called beautiful also.
    The men who chase after these girls- what man in his right mind would choose a person that doesn’t even speak his language?? She could be a complete and utter moron- or a generally bad person, he would not know. She could be dishonest, bitter, selfish or downright sinister.
    I watched an episode of Judge Judy where a Ukrainian mail order bride was trying to convince her American “husband” (whom she divorced almost immediately after green card) that he was “beating her” and was “emotionally abusive”. Judge Judy did not buy it! These women are taught to use the old “abuse scheme” to get out of their phony green card marriages.

  14. I see a lot of blogs saying that the mail order brides are victims…it’s really the other way around. They often don’t even follow up on marriage (They just milk, as you said) and on the rare occasion that they do marry the man and come to the USA, I’ve seen it get worse from there.
    I know a man in his 40s, married to a foreign girl in her 20s…they met and got married almost immediately. When I met her, I didn’t even realize she was married because she was hooking up with so many guys. Turns out, he either didn’t know, or chose not to notice, but she was cheating constantly.
    Another guy I know was the “other man” with a woman from Russia who was cheating on her elderly husband. Turns out the husband was impotent, realized there was no way to change this, so he just “liked to watch”. I wish I was kidding.
    The men in these situations almost always get ripped off, some way or another.

    1. If you couldn’t get it up, why wouldn’t you want to watch the woman you love enjoying herself?

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  16. It’s a statistical fact of probability, there are some younger women that want a rich old man. Most of these women are probably scammers being paid by the agencies, but why can’t you go to Ukraine without paying an agency and hit the night clubs? If you have that much money, you don’t have to go to Ukraine to get a younger girl. The US has a shitload of young gold digging women willing to break out their shovel.

  17. Why don’t these men waste their money on learning game first, at least they might actually see some pussy if they do it.

  18. Foreign stupid men will always try to buy a whore (Ukrainian/Russian woman) for life.
    Once a whore, always a whore.
    You can’t turn a whore (even she might appear as “traditional”) into a wife.
    Whores are meant to be enjoyed, and passed around among fellow men.

  19. You want a wife, a real feminine wife. Go to the middle east, convert to her family’s religion pay someone to help you set up the meeting and then boom. Perfect wife material, attentive, house wife that wants to please her man and knows how to cook. MIddle east is were its at, only problem is converting to islam but once you escape with your betrothed back to the west its all good, but maybe you have to make some yearly payment.

  20. Do you think American women are any better ?
    They can legally take your money through the biased system.

    1. No one thinks American women are better. In fact…with exception to England, they’re t the bottom of the list of desired women globally

  21. Where I live, you can (and you bet I do) f*ck pretty young sluts for sixty bucks, and all it legally… Why would someone bother go trough all that hassle? The naiveness of some is the business of rogues…nothing new under the sun

  22. It is true a lot of men in their 60s seriously enjoy going to Ukraine and Russia to spend big money entertaining young and beautiful girls. I know many girls that accepted the gifts in contrast chatted we a few older men on the plane ride to Odessa with intend of spending big money. That is no secret and there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately there are older man that makes less than a modest salary and blowing it on a girl that sees him as nothing but a cash cow. Only an idiot will be naive to believe a girl 20 or even 40 years younger than him to be his wife. And its sux that he using a website or agency to con him out of thousands of $. Read my book and ill teach you how to save money.
    Marriage can happen. Ive done it. Im young and my wife is 5 years younger than I. After 3 years i say its a success. . Its all about reading the red flags, not lying to yourself, and do some homework.

  23. I always wondered, why so many foreigners come to search a Ukrainian wife in a group ? When one needs to purchase a car or a house, he doesn’t go search it in a group. Why should it be correct to do when searching for a spouse ? These men start scamming themselves when choosing a wife in a catalogue of the marriage agency, then why blame on others ! Confess to yourself : do you honestly believe you can buy a wife over the internet ? Are you really sure our women are so desperate , that they will leave their families, parents, career, come half way around the world, truly love and marry the man they have never met, or met with him a couple of times, crowded by dozens of strangers, during his brief-bride-safari-tour ?

  24. I’m 50 and I went on a group tour to simply take photos and look at the architecture. yeah, there was something called ‘Socials’ where supposedly the agency has hired a bunch of local prostitutes to sit and pretend they are women interested in seeking a man, but those prostitutes have no desire to meet a foreign man, they are already getting paid for their time. I’m 50 and the women who are 40 and over are simply NOT INTERESTED in marrying anyone, they don’t even want to get married to their own local Ukrainian men either. No, just go there like a Japanese tourist, taking photos of everything around you, then go home. Paying a woman is crazy if you are not getting any sex from it. If you want to pay a woman, then go to : and hire a girl for $200 for one hour of sex and have a great time like that. Don’t bother trying to sleep with or marry any of those Ukrainian women, they love their Ukraine and even a Million dollars won’t drag them out of it, so don’t try.
    I have heard of a few men marrying those Ukrainian women 10 or 20 years ago, and from the statistics I heard of, 90% of them are now divorced, and the remaining 10% are in the stages of getting a divorce. Almost 100% of those women will leave you for a Slavic guy who is close to her new hubby’s house. While you are at work, paying for her shit, she will be sleeping with a Russian bloke.
    Want to hear something crazy; this is a true story: Two years ago when I was 50, I found a 48 year old lady on Elena’s Models web site, and I wrote to her. She has been divorced TWICE now, so massive big red flags there. I offered to live in her city, rent an apartment for one month, and pay to her $100 per day for each day we were living together. She works in health care and makes less than $100 for each month of work in her job.
    I told her that I am not interested in sex, I don’t expect that from her (and that is true, I could never fuck a 48 year old woman), I simply wanted to live together in a rented apartment to see if we feel we can get along together or not, and I would share my income with her the way a married man splits his income with his wife.
    Guess what she said? She said she is not comfortable with that.
    In a marriage a man provides a place to live and slips half of his income with his wife. I was willing to do all of that for her, and NOT get any sex in return, and still she refuses !!!
    You want to guess why she refuses? Because there is no citizenship, no alimony, no assets division in it for her. She wants to win the big lottery, not just a few thousand dollars per month.
    NOW THAT IS WHAT TYPE OF GREEDY SNAKES await for you in Ukraine if you are so stupid to get married to one !
    Imagine; a 48 year old woman who has been divorced twice, has a kid, knows almost no English, and lives way out in the middle of nowhere, halfway between Kiev and Odessa. What are her chances of finding a man for marriage? ZERO, that’s what. I offer her the MOON and she turns me down, saying “NOT ENOUGH”.
    I’m sort of glad she did turn me down because I would have been in as spot if she actually accepted my offer.

  25. I am American guy lived in Ukraine for 4 years, Moscow for 1 year. I met and married a beautiful Ukrainian woman and never regret it. Their man is #1, the most important thing in the world to them and they care for you in that way. I must get up at 5 am. My wife gets up at 4:30, cooks me breakfast, makes me a lunch (no store bought food could be as good as what she makes) then comes and gently wakes me with kisses and “good words”. ..
    They always look great! For one thing, there is a high percentage of beautiful women in Russia and Ukraine, it is incredible. But also they NEVER go out of the house unless they look beautiful and they always look beautiful for their man. My wife wants me to say how I like her hair, her clothes, her make-up. She wants to look good for me and it makes her feel good. Don’t even think you can go through life without complimenting your woman and telling her how wonderful and beautiful she is many times a day. And ONLY your wife is “beautiful” this is a very powerful word and means “most beautiful of all”.
    They generally don’t want to work outsode the house, even thought they are usually highly educated (my wife has a masters degree and speaks four languages) and they are NOT lazy. Their DREAM in life is to have a husband, children and cozy home to care for, even if it is a tiny 2 room “flat”. They are not demanding. My wife has 8 pairs of shoes and thinks it is “excessive” she has asked if now I will “run away” because she has “so many” shoes. :)) She grew up with a family of four in a flat the size of our living room now. You think she is happy? She thinks our small (by American standards) house is about all she can care for properly.
    They ENJOY, crave, to look like and feel like women. They are very feminine. ALL of her night wear is attractive or sexy. We never spend a night apart. They want their man to look good, it is a reflection on them if you don’t. She cares for my clothes, irons my jeans (!!!!) and checks me out before we go somewhere. If I don’t look good, she doesn’t look good.
    Sexually, ah yes, you knew I would get to that. In general, they never refuse their man, EVER. It is the MAN’s resposibility to be, well, responsible. I would never initiate ( I never “ask”) sex when she is feeling ill. She would not refuse me, I promise, but she would think I am abusive and not considering her. As I said, this is NOT a one way street. They receive TRUE pleasure from giving pleasure to their man. She gives herself to me completely and expects to be pleased the same way.
    They NEVER argue. They expect their man to consider their opinion and listen to them. BUT it is the man’s job to make the decisions. If I do NOT make decisions and DO the things I need to, she will have no use for me. I MUST do what a man should do. It is my job to relieve her of responsibilities, not boss her around. If you think for one second a man can boss around a Ukrainian woman…wow, have you got another thing coming! She EXPECTS to have everything she “needs” and things she “wants” if it is possible. She expects me to do anything I CAN do for her and the family and not complain, just like she does.
    I think a Urkainian woman would rather cut off her arms and legs than cheat on a good man. They just WILL NOT! They won’t do it. As fantastically beautiful as she is, as outgoing and friendly as she is, I am absolutely secure. Not only would she not cheat, she won’t even do anything to make me suspicious. Oh…she demands the same from me….

  26. I have a good experience with Ukrainian girl and continue my search among these beautiful Slavic women. They are feminine, kind hearted, understanding, down to earth…. Everyone gets his own experience. If you are old, ugly and look someone beautiful and young… it is normal that you will be cheated…..but if you a normal adequate guy and serious in a search, you will get what you want. That’s it.

  27. Today is July 2016 and now it is not just 60 yr old men being scammed by UA girls in their 20’s. Right now almost ALL men who are in their 40’s and who are traveling to far-away places like Sumy and Poltava to meet women in their late 30’s are being scammed in exactly the same way as this article has explained. It now seems to be a universal thing that has spread throughout Ukraine. Sad but true.
    I guarantee you that even if you are 45 and you message 50 women who are between 42 and 45, some even having a kid or two, not one of them will be interested in marrying you and moving to the USA when you finally spend those $4000 to meet them in person. And only 1 out of 3 of them actually will meet you when you visit their city, most of them will complain that they are busy with work or just not ready to meet with you. I tell you, it is far easier to get a date with a woman back in Pittsburgh than it is to get a date with a woman in Poltava or Sumy! And a lot cheaper too. So my advice to you is this: DON’T BOTHER, ITS JUST A WASTE OF YOUR HARD EARNED TIME AND MONEY now in 2016. Take care and God bless.

  28. Because we are so good and kind for imagine that peoples can be ugly like that ! Ukrainians people are the worth of the world. They are stupids like a table and they try to be smart, but when we know about their ugly mentality we fuck them at all !!

  29. I can’t understand how can a grown man be so naive… If you didn’t win the genetic lottery, just get over it and spend a fraction of that money in a escort. In my country you can bang a twenty-something hot girl for less than 100 bucks.

  30. The whole Russian brides scenario reminds me of a strip club. I used to go once in awhile with a couple hundred bucks in my pocket happy to blow it just for a little fantasy time. It was fun while it lasted but I never thought anything more of it. There are some guys who go and think they are really having a connection with these girls and think there’s going to be some kind of a future with them outside the club. And it’s not going to happen. I see the same parallel with these Russian girl websites. What hot young girl has the writer points out is going to want to marry some 60 year old guy in live in some rural town in United States? It ain’t going to happen. Spend a couple bucks here in there and have fantasy fun but know when to stop.

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