Game Could Have Saved 150 Lives In The Germanwings Disaster

Last Tuesday Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps, killing all 150 people aboard, which included 144 passengers and 6 crew members. The usual questions and investigations ensued in the wake of the tragedy and as the answers came swarming in, it became evident that the Airbus A320 was likely crashed intentionally by 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz.

Since 9/11 our first reflex in any plane crash is to suspect terrorism. But an unexpected twist emerged as details of Lubitz’s mental health and broken relationship came to the forefront. Since then it’s become obvious that the event that caused his mental break and drove him to fly a plan into a mountain was being dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Kathrin Goldbach, who is pregnant with his child.


Roissy showed a bit of clairvoyance before any of Lubitz’s personal life came to light and accurately speculated that his suicide could have been because of a recent breakup, and cited the picture below to back up his suspicions:

A lone photo of Lubitz sitting near what looks like the Golden Gate Bridge shows a beta-ish European man with a kind face.

The photo Roissy correctly diagnosed

He then hits the bullseye with his second of ten possible explanations for this catastrophe:

2. Beta male rage. He suffered a recent breakup and took it out on himself and 150 strangers.

While it isn’t surprising this was predicted by an unplugged member of the ‘sphere, it’s worth noting that this event has much of the same stench as the Elliot Rodger mass murder and suicide last May and maybe even a dash of the Andrew Stern calamity.

There are differences to be sure, but the commonality these three events share is that lives were lost because a man lost his shit over his dealings with the opposite sex. The Germanwings crash only further confirms one of the many unshakable truths we teach in the ‘sphere: Game saves lives.

Lubitz’s beta tells

How do I look?

When a man lashes out and kills people over a woman, he’s got beta blood running through his veins. It’s reported that Lubitz was banging a stewardess on the side, but given his personality and behavior leading up to the crash, that can hardly be described as “alpha.”

In the wake of his death, his alleged side chick dropped this gem that all but confirmed his beta status:

He was always seeking assurances about the way he looked and the way he was viewed by others.

The matrix-engulfed public seems to be dismissing this statement and treating it as a throw-away element, but men here know that validation-seeking tendencies are detrimental to both men and women alike for obvious reasons.

Control freak

Another clear indication of Lubitz’s lack of game were his attempts to micromanage his girlfriend’s actions. Goldbach’s friends regaled the media with stories of his insecurity and jealous rants. He even forbid her to speak to anyone with a penis without his approval:

He tried to order her what to wear, what men she could speak to, even the length of her skirts. He was a control freak of the highest order.

There are many ways to effectively control your woman’s behavior—this isn’t one of them. Attention withdrawal and dread game are two of many ways a man can nip his girlfriend’s natural proclivities to self-destruct via cock in the bud.

Not the right way to do it

I’m certain that more details from his tumultuous relationship with Goldbach will undoubtedly make its way into the news cycle as her friends will continue to attention whore their way into stardom at their pregnant friend’s expense.

Lubitz had Alpha potential

Although Lubitz went out like a sniveling beta, believe it or not he actually had the tools to be an alpha. Yes, he was a control freak and yes, he sought validation from persons other than the man in the mirror.

But if we put on our neomasculine spectacles and read between the lines of these accounts, it’s quite easy to see that he had all the makings of a man who could tickle the loins of hot young females.

1. He was a pilot

Chicks dig dudes with a skill or a status most men don’t have. Flying a plane is one that embodies both. The responsibility of manning an aircraft hurling through the air at over 500+ mph at 30,000+ feet is a trade that precious few men on this earth are lucky enough to attain and there’s no doubt in my mind that played a major role in Goldbach’s attraction to her suicidal fiancée.

ROK columnist A. V. Yader can attest to the pussy-pulling effects of a pilot’s license. This explains why pilots find themselves in the panties of stewardesses on the regular, which leads to the next alpha move Lubitz didn’t recognize and channel correctly…

2. He had an affair with a flight attendant

Pre-selection is a standard game tenet because girls don’t want a man that other women don’t want. Infidelity, though initially detrimental to relationships upon discovery, brings out strong emotions in girls namely love, hate, passion, and dread (read: chick crack).

I mentioned earlier that Lubitz was said to have been romantically involved with a stewardess named Maria. Goldbach wasn’t exactly over the moon about this, but that didn’t stop her from trying to work things out:

She was optimistic that they could together get his problems under control. It is understood the couple took a holiday together shortly before the crash.

Those of us in the know understand the psychological elements involved in Goldbach’s motivations. If Lubitz were armed with this knowledge he might still be enjoying the undying loyalty of a female willing to bring his child into the world despite his cheating ways.

3. Bad boy potential

Lubitz’s erratic behavior and mental health issues have predictably served as the de facto answer(s) for his murder and suicide. It would be foolish to dismiss his history of depression and steady diet of antipsychotics as one of the factors that led to his sticky end.

His unpredictable exploits, however, show us that he had the bad boy tendencies women love and maybe even the potential for shades of a Dark Triad trait or two.

Described as both manipulative and volatile by the people who knew him best, Lubitz unknowingly had natural game he didn’t know he had or how to use. Put those together with his tryst with the stewardess and this pilot turned murderer could have been a jerkboy extraordinaire armed with the antidote to stave off the oneitis that eventually drove him to take his own life.

What’s this all mean?

Both the media and the public at large wants to characterize this tragedy as the typical case of a demented male who went off his meds and killed a bunch of people. They are consistently highlighting Lubitz’s history of mental illnesses, his anxiety over losing his job, and the stash of pills they found at his place as the main causes for his psychotic break.

There’s no doubt those ingredients certainly played a role in his coming unglued, but red pillers know that being dumped by his fiancée is what pushed him over the edge. The world seems to be playing catch up and is starting to give a little more credence to what we already know to be true which, incidentally, only serves to further increase the perceived high value of females.

The raw truth to all of this is that had Lubitz had game this would not have happened. Game improves a man in every way imaginable but more importantly it also acts as a natural cure for mental illness. It’s very difficult for a man to slip into depression when his mind and body are strong.

No way this guy flies off the handle

A man who has a solid sense of self and overall satisfaction with both life and who he is as a person is a man who is all but immune to conditions like oneitis and homicidal or suicidal ideation. If Lubitz, Rodger, and Stern had even an ounce of neomasculine wisdom they and their victims might still be alive today.

Andreas Lubitz had all the makings of someone who could live a dominant and fulfilling life. He had a pretty young girl pregnant with his child and hopelessly committed to him, regular action with a flight attendant on the side, and an exciting profession which would have provided him with a enough money to live a comfortable life.

All he needed was a bit of game to solidify himself as a man. Unfortunately for him, 149 other people, and his unborn child, Lubitz never took the red pill.

Game saves lives, gentlemen, and you can bet your ass incidents like this will increase in frequency in the coming years.

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  1. I agree, but it seems that he had some other problems as well. I read that he was also surfing for gay porn. I am not sure if that makes him bisexual, a closeted gay man, or just mentally ill.

  2. “..was being dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Kathrin Goldbach, who is pregnant with his child….”

    “…who is pregnant with A child.”
    Small correction BIG difference.

  3. Watch the feminists come and attack men for this. “We need more female pilots and female workers” in aviation. While a tragedy, it will nonetheless be used as some form of ammunition by the radical feminist movement in an attempt to destroy our credibility further.
    After years of feminism, deindustrilisation and technological advancements, men are starting to experience the phase out of our gender. Men are being criminalised by government and the media, declared as being mentally incompetent and ill, shoved with the numerous forms of medication that is being supplied by the pharmacutical industrial complex, it no longer surprises me to see that there are more men who have become suicidal and depressed.
    Think about it. A man with no purpose or valid reason for his existence, will lead to all of the destruction that we are witnessing in society- men being turned into trophy husbands, experiencing mass unemployment, getting used and abused by today’s modern day women and being financially, spiritually and emotionally raped by the system.
    As with all civilizations, if you look back through history, empires have collapsed. From Rome, to the Soviet Union and now the Western industrialised hemisphere, it all correlates with the end time. Women being revolting in their dysfunctional nature and destructive behaviour, spreading it to corrupt our society and government and media oppessing and destroying any value that men once had, it all adds up to being the perfect storm.

    1. There is a role for women to work in aviation. Check out stewardesses back in the 1970s, before ugly feminists and gay males sued for hiring discrimination.

      1. Those were the days. Now it seems like every damn US carrier has lawsuit-proof flight attendants. They’re all homosexual men, frumpy older women and/or pissed off lesbians. Utterly depressing.

        1. How do the fat ugly stewardesses get through the aisle working that beverage cart? She bends over to get a drink from the drawer and her ass is in someone’s face.

        2. Not only that, but just think if their fat asses actually have to fit through that overwing exit……

      2. Just dont fly an American airline, i try to avoid the westernised airline due to this reason!
        If you want to kill a corporation, stop buying their products! This also uncludes Target!

      3. I remember the days of pretty airline stewardesses. They were present in some degree even through the early-mid part of the 1990’s. The 1970’s, when I was a wee child, I distinctly recall them being *very* pretty most of the time, and always svelte in any case.

        1. They still exist on non-western airlines. Couple years back I flew with Qatar Airlines, and they all look like they popped straight out of a TV ad. Compare that to western airlines, with older (and sometimes old) hags who barely know how to smile. Or skinny men who look distinctly gay in some cases.
          Another aspect is the climate. With Qatar the room temperature was pretty normal. With Norwegien I had to wear my winter coat and keep a blanket over my legs just to try not to get sick by the time we landed.

        2. Singapore Airlines has a reputation for being #1 in customer service. I have not flown them but plan to.
          Search for images… they are very nice, classy, fit, happy, feminine.

        3. True. i flew China Airlines last summer, and although they had their share of brokeback flight attendants, there were some fine-ass Asian chicks too. On the way back there was this cute girl with a nice ass, but she was handling the other aisle. I’m Black anyway so I already knew that I didn’t have a chance.

      4. Sexy is not about showing as much skin as possibly. I don’t think these hotpants are really appropriate. I find it a little bit to extreme. Nowadays you see those stewardesses wearing pants. Now that I think is an other extreme. Skirt on, or above the knee is good enough.

      1. The quota affirmative action nonsense has exploded out of proportion. If anything, there is a higher ratio of women than men in the workforce. But the reality is, that women get selected for jobs based on sex, rather than ability and meritocracy.
        Ridiculous. And it proves that the job market is not governed by logic or common sense. This has got to stop.

        1. It has got to stop because reality is what happens whether you believe in it or not.
          The question is: How much more destruction will occur before it does?

    2. More women in aviation they want? Then it’s a good thing that women can’t fly for shit. The reason why they can’t fly for shit is because this job requires LOGICAL thinking, which we all know that women are incapable of doing based on their nature alone. They can go through the motions, but they ALWAYS ask someone else to make decisions. I’ve witnessed this first hand, you have female captains looking to their male first officers when a decision needs to be made.
      God forbid, when the shit really hits the fan in a jet and there are two women at the controls.

  4. eish, what a little sleaze. btw, I thought pilots these days are just like air-taxi drivers. ah well.

  5. RoK always buys into the mainstream versions of such events and yet considers itself underground and cutting-edge. To believe that this guy was a kamikatze shows a total lack of understanding of basic human psychology.
    The real kamikazes went through a brutal training in order to to put the pilot into the mindset in which he would be mentally ready to die.

    1. Then enlighten us. I agree there is probably more to the story. I don’t know what it is. Instead of just complaining about shortcomings in the original post why not add to the discussion?
      And this would have never happened if it wasn’t for the knee-jerk reaction after 911 of OMG TERIST we have to install an ax-proof locking cockpit door. Something that has never existed throughout the history of aviation and implemented because one day 3 flights out of hundreds a day had intruders in the cockpit. A statistical anomaly and there are dozens of ways attacks could occur differently in the future, but the pussified culture demanded “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! Search grannies panties and invade Iraq now!”.

      1. I haven’t had the time to follow this story closely but I can easily dismiss the kamikatze theory as it’s absurd.
        Also the pictures of the crashed plane looked unreal – small debris strewn across the site. The plane looked as having been “pulverized” rather than one that’s just crashed on the ground.
        This is what a crashed plane looks like:–/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2014/2/12/1392168811112/Algeria-plane-crash-004.jpg

        1. You have no idea how much I hate conspiracy theories, almost all of them being total bullshit.

        2. Hm, interesting. I haven’t followed it either as it’s not that relevant or important to me, but I thought there was a black box recording of the other pilot knocking on the door from the cabin, trying to get back in and no response in the cockpit. So whatever happened, it seems that the pilot did at least lock his co-pilot out.

        3. the same argument has been made about the planes at 9/11 in the pentagon. the plane you posted looks rather small.
          also, planes do look solid, but they must be light, so the shell is pretty thin. i can easily imagine how it would pulverize under high pressure and heat.

        4. That ‘s a plane which crashed DESPITE a pilot’s best efforts. Not a guided missile driven straight into the ground at 400 mph.

          This crash left nothing but little pieces.

        5. “The plane looked as having been “pulverized””
          That’s what happens when a hollow shell of sheet metal and composites, filled with biomatter and fuel, flies head-on into a granite surface, releasing all of its kinetic energy in an extremely small time frame.

        6. I heard steep descent into the side of a mountain – so sounds like a head-on high speed crash.

        7. Not forgetting the fact it is a pressurized vessel. A sudden rupture on its fuselage skin, with a differential in 10psi between outside and the cabin air pressure – without even considering the collision, will basically shatter the whole airframe.

    2. There has got to be more to this story. He had everything going for him plus Germans are typically a hard working, intelligent society. It seems like something is amiss in the stories we have read about Andreas.

      1. Maybe he was just a nut who took his rage out on a pile of innocent people. Immature, conceited narcissist blaming everything and everyone for his hurt widdle feelings.

        1. I am sure in his selfish narcissistic ways, in those final seconds, he was thinking the splash he was going to make on facebook.

  6. Getting angry does help with game, especially when you have to put your foot down. You simply have to direct it verbally, making your point clear and then WALKING AWAY. I’ve gotten angry with women and then they came back to apologize for their irrational behavior.
    I think he had a slew of issues, game being one of them. He had everything going for him. Perhaps his parents were not that close to him growing up and he didn’t have an emotional connection to his family many normal people do and therefore he had no outlet to air or resolve his problems. He also chose to medicate his problems and even jezebel has an article detailing the unintended affects of anti-depressant medications .

    1. Are you saying getting angry helps with one’s mental health or getting angry, without too weepy and emotional, but firmly and briefly, and leaving, can help reinforce and change a woman’s behavior?
      I try to show little emotion with women, as they are masters of this field and once you open that door, you had better be on your game because they are masters at manipulating your emotions.

      1. Spicy, I’ve tried being unemotional for years with both co-workers and women. It seemed like they kept pushing buttons and re-drawing boundaries until I would explode and made them fear me. I hate being that way too. I guess it is the same range of emotions Putin must be feeling these days, in his own world.
        I have a hard time keeping things bottled up too long these days.
        Once I had a girl who was fucking me 3 times per week. At one point it became once per week and she kept asking me to hang out with her without sex. I kept pushing in subtle ways and trying to continually seduce her but she didn’t get it so I finally blew up and told her “bye, and go get some other chump to entertain you.” .. she scrambled to prevent me from leaving but the damage was done.

  7. this article was predictable, but its still funny and theres truth to it. fyi, i think ive read that the picture is not of the same andreas lubitz that crashed the plane.
    to me, the more interesting aspect is the frenzy that is being created by the whole “tragedy”. statistically its somewhat irrelevant. you have to wonder why anyone cares. here’s an article i wrote in that sentiment:

    1. Yes, I think it is because the “leaders” of the US today cannot tackle any of the real problems facing the country (declining infrastructure, ballooning debt, insolvency, peak oil, social instability/feminism) so they make themselves relevant by perverting small events into crisis that they can then “do something” about. They especially love tragedy that cannot be easily prevented, because they know hardly anyone will criticize them for taking steps to insure an innocent child doesn’t die, regardless of what those steps are.
      The boating license law in my state was implemented because some kid died on a jet ski. Now we have water police patrolling our lakes and writing tickets for a missing light or alcohol violations or something (I’m surprised it is even legal to have alcohol on a boat anymore–it won’t last).
      The terist attacks happened and now we have the TSA–a huge bloated bureaucracy that invades the privacy of every traveler and keeps a watchful big brother eye on who you are and where you’re going, makes travel super inconvenient by stealing your toiletries and souveniers, but is ineffective at making travel safer.
      Some kid named Amber was kidnapped once and now we have “Amber Alerts” whatever the hell that is.
      These are all issues that are mostly irrelevant to your life but are blown out of proportion because the leaders cannot tackle the real problems, so they attempt to solve the minor unimportant ones and make them seem serious.
      Most of the congressional “leaders” are put in charge of things they have no idea about. Just because they are old, and have been in power for years, they are put in charge of areas like banking, health care, and economics, areas that they have no training or knowledge in. This is why democracy is a failure and monarchy with a leadership class trained and educated in these issues is preferable.

  8. Come on people, this isn´t about game. Human psychology at its finest, people with previous major depressive episodes, or suicidal tendencies, must not be allowed to drive, fly, or own a weapon.
    This is way beyond manosphere/game/malevsfemale discussion. This is a true reality, even if this motherfucker had game he would have still crashed the fuckin plane. Sometimes people are fucked up right from the brain stem, SSRI´s are something not to be messed around with. It´s proven that anti-depressants make shit even worse.
    This should be a landmark, or a milestone in AI development. The AI tycoons must exploit this tragedies so in a couple of years the planes can be piloted by computers instead of people. This should be a reality, with much wahabi islam, and much depressive people, this shit must be implemented.

      1. I dont think so, the ultimate goal of the depressive guy is to go out in a blaze of glory like the Maryland shooter, Sandyhook, WWE Chris Benoit, this bastard, etc. Think about it,,, doing it from a distance with no danger involved takes the adrenaline out of it.
        This is a long due debate, It has never been about the weapons, nor about security. There is a serious amount of young men today with depression and a long-range of psychotic disorders. The autism epidemiology is massive nowadays. It has to be something in the food or in water, no doubt about it.

        1. there’s truth to that.
          i don’t want to say that my problems are everyone’s, but it seems plausible to me that the depression comes from a really fucked up mindset and societal moral values, f.e. the welfare state. life is, in a way, so fucking easy that one starts to assume it should be a walk in the park. politicians try to make sure it is. obviously, that mindset accomplishes nothing and leads to depression. just my 2 cents.

        2. It’s because modern society is structured in ways that goes against biological human nature. Like an animal in a cage, only worse.

    1. Agree with you about the SSRIs and that mentally Ill people shouldn’t be anywhere near a cockpit. Definitely goes beyond anything this site can handle and trying to link it to game is damaging.
      Disagree about the AI thing though. I doubt it would solve much, may even make the problem worse. A plane that is purely controlled by a computer could be hacked and remotely crashed. Something which I believe may already be possible even with pilots.

      1. Independent AI, my friend. As far as I am informed, computers can be programed with specific algorithms like “protect human lives”, “fulfill your mission” with locks to avoid human intervention.

        1. That’s not the answer and won’t be for a long time. Cactus 1549 and United 232 are examples of flights that would have resulted in many deaths had an experienced crew not been in control of the situation.
          I’ve had planes catch fire on me, I’ve had several planes loose all electrical power, I’ve had a number of engine failures–some catistrophic in both jets and small planes. On all occasions I was able to keep my operation out of the papers through experience, creativity and resourcefulness. You can’t program those things into any AI computer. You’ll see military applications first, then cargo, then ground based automation then maybe (long after I’m gon) airline applications.
          The problem is with the HR departments doing the hiring at airlines and the people buying the tickets. The people buying the tickets want the cheapest flight from point A to B. Then they bitch about how crappy airline service has become. The HR departments won’t hire e best, most experienced pilots of the job job. They want students with a lot of college debt who they can control. They try very hard to keep a mix of different viewpoints so the pilots as a group will fight amongst each other while management sits back and takes advantage of both.
          The German Wings FO had been a flight attendant from what I heard so he was probably a fag to start with who had no idea what he was doing.
          The technology doesn’t exist to carry passengers in an airliner and it won’t for a long time. It won’t be needed if the airlines got rid of their HR departments and went back to senior captains doing the pilot hiring. The problem there is the pilot pool would be more like minded and management wouldn’t be able to control them as easily.

        2. Great post as always Aeronaut, glad to see you’re still hanging around these parts.

    2. “Sometimes people are fucked up right from the brain stem”
      Sometimes, but biological psychiatry is a paradigm that has almost certainly overstated its case in its reductiveness. The article doesn’t suggest he could take a 6 week PUA course and get rid of long-term (clinical?) depression but issues such as insecurity, seeking validation, controlling (insecure) behaviour, buying his girlfriend an audi to try to make her stay, not to mention the fact that both the affair (and telling his girlfriend about it) and the minor detail of crashing an airplane into the side of a mountain in order could be described as “attention seeking” behaviour all suggests that the problem is a question of psychology and strategy rather than psychiatry and biology.
      A lot of psychiatry is bullshit, and it almost never ‘fixes’ people. The interesting thing about “game as psychology” is that it almost complete mirrors the leftist “social” critique of biological psychiatry as something that “constructs” our minds within culture and ideology. Biology certainly plays a part, but so does the way you learn to think and play the game

    3. This isn’t man vs woman. Or game vs anti-game.
      Totally agree. I work in aircraft engineering, and it’s easy to see even from the outside how strict the industry is, and why; the system isn’t perfect however.. hence Lufthansa now has to fork out untold amounts of money in compensation to victim’s families. Lubitz basically slipped through the cracks- because he either knew someone who could ‘work the system’ and prevent full disclosure of his medical/mental health history, or he had the knowledge to do so himself. With the forecoming level of scrutiny this event brings, ideally he (in hindsight) or indeed any person with any sort of irregularity, should never be allowed in a flight deck. A pilot’s personal life history will be analyzed down to the minute details.

      1. @disqus_lIbFDbYYAt:disqus Companies check your CREDIT history before promoting you to positions that give you access to financials. Bad credit history means, you don’t get the job or the promotion. Psychological evaluations need to be done on pilots. Even Bus drivers get psyche evaluations.

        1. I’m an airline pilot. Psych. evaluations do get done on pilots on a yearly basis (part of class 1 medical), just not as in depth as they should be.

    4. Maybe it has nothing to do with game. However, he may have lost his hope. He had no mission, no direction or goals in his life.
      If only he would have read about his alpha potential before killing all those people.
      This incident hurt me so much in the last days probably also because I am from Germany.
      Imagine what his child will feel about the action his father intentionally did. He has put a heavy burden on his unborn child…

    5. Disagree. I guess it depends on what you think “game” is and what the red pill philosophy means. Game/redpill isn’t ALL about banging chicks. It’s a way of life. A philosophy. A code to live by. Game/red pill is many things. Not to worship pussy , self control, self mastery, excellence , toughness, resilience all of these this nut could have used to fix himself.

    6. Right, it’s getting to be “game might have prevented (insert tragedy)” from Sodini to whatever the next incident is. These articles could be almost auto-written, so it’s good for that anyways. And when does this guys (or Elliot Rodger’s) latent homosexuality come into the discussion?

    7. Agreed. Repressed gay man with depressive tendencies. Game would not have helped, unless its gaming other men. ROK fail. This article is a ploy for media attention — like the one Roosh wrote about Elliott Rodger.

    8. “Previous” does not mean “current”. Denying a person their rights in life because they were, say, suicidal at age 17 is idiotic. People can and do change, and get better. Some vets come back from combat with shell shock, I sure as fuck am not going to deny them their right to own firearms after they’ve received treatment and are made better.

    1. I don’t know whether 911 was osama or the mossad but I doubt either party did it because they were depressed. The point about media hypocrisy is fair enough though

    2. Pilot suicide is not unheard of. If you are correct, how do you explain the EgyptAir flight 990 crash piloted by Gameel Al-Batouti? nobody called him a terrorist when he crashed in a probable murder suicide.

      1. In France, Andreas Lubitz was “depressed.” In Newtown, Adam Lanza was “disturbed.” In Aurora, James Holmes was “deranged.” But, in the Boston marathon bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was “motivated.”

        1. Okay. Let’s all await for Lubitz to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone shall we lol

    3. Irish guy crashes plane = drunk
      Black guy crashes plane = someone said “get down” and he started dancing and wasn’t flying the plane
      Jewish guy crashes the plane = he didn’t want to chip in for fuel
      Italian guy crashes a plane = he tried to go more than 3 minutes without eating
      Redneck crashes a plane = his last words were “watch this”

      1. More like Italian guy crashes plane = he was talking and his hands were removed from the controls.

        1. That’s even better. Can you imagine those “virtual control” systems where a computer with a camera tracks hand movements in this case? That’ll never work in Italy and the Bronx.

      2. Jewish guy crashes the plane = he didn’t want to chip in for fuel
        Redneck crashes a plane = his last words were “watch this”
        I lol’d at that shit.

    4. White guy crashes plane = Jewish conspiracy
      Arab guy crashes plane =Jewish conspiracy
      Irish guy crashes plane =Jewish conspiracy
      Black guy crashes plane = Jewish conspiracy
      Jewish guy crashes the plane = Jewish conspiracy
      Italian guy crashes a plane = Jewish conspiracy
      Redneck crashes a plane = Jewish conspiracy

    5. White crashes plane, chooses to hit uninhabited mountain.
      Arab guy crashes plane, chooses largest, most heavily populated building in the largest, most heavily populated city in the US.

    6. Terrorism is violence to affect political change, usually from small non-state groups.
      This guy was a nut bar. He didn’t scream about Allah and take out skyscrapers. That is terrorism. This dude was depressed due to his state in life, then flew into a mountain. Took out people, yes, but not for any political or religious goals.

      1. Very few so called “terist” events meet the true definition. I think the last big terror (synonym of fear) event was the DC sniper. Now, that did instill fear and tension throughout the population. I’m not worried at all about anything anyone in the Mideast is doing, but if some crazy dudes in a van start taking out people at gas stations in my town???

  9. Going through a break up really does suck. When Nancy L. Calderon cheated on me I felt like I lost the desire to live. It hurt to hear from other people that she was blowing (and screwing) complete strangers at parties. And I mostly felt this way for 3 years till I finally discovered manosphere sites. I doubt Lubitz heard of ROK. Not sure if it wouldve helped him either but I wonder why he didnt try to live for his child. Or did he suspect the child wasnt his??
    One thing is for sure; Dating in America sucks.

    1. You apparently still haven’t gotten over it. Suck it up, man, she’s just one of 5 billion women on this planet, all of whom are almost completely alike except for a few physical features.

      1. Im over it enough to know that dying (or going on an Elliot Rodger style massacre) isnt worth her.

        1. You should be over it completely. It’s done. fuck someone else… a string of hotter chicks (and their correspondingly predictable behavior) will get you over your oneitis faster than anything else.

        2. The only reason im mentioning my ex gfs name is because I want the world to know what a slut she is. In the event that someone on this blog meets her, they will know not to trust in her like I did.

        3. Defaming your ex over the Internet is definitely not a manly thing to do. It’s over. Move on! What you’re doing is what bitches do. Don’t be like that!

  10. “When a man lashes out and kills people over a woman, he’s got beta blood running through his veins”
    Good line and true. Self-destructiveness is pretty gay
    “The raw truth to all of this is that had Lubitz had game this would not have happened. Game improves a man in every way imaginable but more importantly it also acts as a natural cure for mental illness”
    That made me laugh. I wonder if one day that will be an orthodox mental health truism. Its sounds silly right now but I’m actually quite convinced there is a core of psychological gold in the idea of game, the key component being the taking ownership of personal responsibility. I’ve studied psychology and have taken an interest in psychiatry and the striking thing is that very little of it actually ‘works’. The one thing that does work in both cases are simple things like “exercise”, and cognitive strategies which help you to manage your mind, particularly things like the avoidance of psychological catastrophism. In fact just as some drugs / therapies are designed for quite different problems to the ones they end up being used to treat, ‘game’ in many ways is turning out to be something with far greater application than something merely concerned with pulling chicks

  11. If only this guy had only listened to .38 Special…
    It’s so damn easy
    When your feelings are such
    To overprotect her
    To love her too much
    And my mind goes back
    To a girl I left some years ago
    Who told me
    Just hold on loosely but don’t let go
    If you cling too tightly
    You’re gonna lose control
    Your baby needs someone to believe in
    And a whole lot of space to breathe in

  12. 1. This guy had depressions (for whatever reason, maybe because his gf got pregnant).
    2. He got a prescriptions for anti-depressants.
    3. Anti-depressants have many side-effects including suicide tendencies.
    You heard it here first.

    1. I always thought it was funny how a side effect of anti-depressants was suicide lol That just makes no sense

      1. A solid regime of weight training and high intensity cardio is more effective in dealing with depression than any of those chemicals pushed by the pharmaceutical industry and their friends in the medical profession. This is viewed as “controversial” in the medical community, but somehow, it isn’t controversial to prescribe chemicals whose exact mechanisms of action aren’t known and have laundry lists of side effects, many of them serious.

        1. right on….after my divorce in 2009 and being depressed, I took on soccer 3 times per week and never stopped. best thing I ever did after divorcing the bitch.

        2. in UK at least physical exercise as a treatment of sorts for mental health issues (as well as physical health) is increasingly recognised and you can be prescriptions for exercise etc for help with dealing with it that way (not as an alternative to drug therapies though)

        3. I spoke about this with my family physician today and he showed me some articles from within the medical field.
          They are very ignorant and worst of all, arrogant.
          The medical field couldn’t help my doctor from dealing with his mercury toxification that he didn’t even know he had until it was too late.
          He went to a naturopath and they helped him more than all the drugs and md bullshit they put him on.
          He was very passionate about the subject actually. When I was a teenager this was te same guy who told me to take prescription drugs for depression. Thankfully I refused.

        4. The only thing that helped me when I had a depression was finding some motivation. I mean I persuaded myself that I’m a man and I’d never surrender without a fight (not kidding). I always tried to do something: reading, exercising etc. Moreover, I realized that being depressed would not help me. It will only lead me to the grave. And yes, I planned to commit suicide. Honestly, it was partly because of girls.
          It’s at that phase of my life I actually started to love myself. I become more confident. And I realized who I can trust, who are my friends etc. It was the first time in my life that I understood the meaning of “not giving a fuck”.
          Lifting and doing MA (MMA, boxing, thai-boxing, wrestling etc.) didn’t contribute to my confidence as much as fighting my depression. But it helps.

        5. Good point, I’ve lifted weights since my split with my ex-Engagement that never married, had a kid with. Weights, while great for your drive, libido, and looks do drag you down a bit with soreness and slowness in recovery, and lethargy from constant eating.
          Elliott Hulse said it best, that if you’re suffering from a broken heart.. do exercises that exercise your heart. Cardio can literally help repair a broken heart, I truly believe that.

      2. Another side effect is you put on bodyfat.
        The side-effects of SSRIs will make a person depressed… the whole thing is backwards.

      3. My brother-in-law new a girl in Florida who took Chantix to stop smoking. While it’s not an anti-depressant per se, some of the side FX are nightmarish dreams and suicidal thoughts. She stood in front of a mirror and stabbed herself in the neck one morning with a steak knife… died a day later in the hospital.

  13. Big-Pharma and is mainly to blame, and shoud be sued over this. (not that they will) These drugs are proven to remove inhibitions in depression and mental illness sufferers. And they don’t work either.

    1. only God can understand the wiring of the human mind. I am sure at one time Lobotomies were considered “cutting edge” …

    2. This is where I think the truth actually lies. These SSRI’s seem to be at the forefront of every punk who thinks it would be a great idea to mass murder.

      1. Yeah, they have been involved in pretty much every incident that I can think of. Yet, no real debate about it..hmmm

  14. I could tell he was a beta just from the way he was sitting in that picture.
    That “bitch pose” is something a real Man would never do.

    1. “I could tell he was a beta just from the way he was sitting in that picture.”
      Lol, funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. I like the way you guys claim to be “alpha”.

      1. “I like the way you guys claim to be “alpha”.”
        I’m alpha enough to not care what you believe me to be:)

      2. alpha is a state of mind. It does not mean we are pretending to be internet warriors. The guy was obviously letting his external factors influence his mind and state, which is beta.

        1. I was alpha today at the doctors office. I was not alpha when I was on the bus. Then I was alpha again when I walked around with a girl. Then I was not alpha when I bitched about work. Then I was…. Lol just talking shit…

        2. Yep, and just one of the many factors probably involved in doing something this disastrous is breakup with a GF.

        3. Then you were alpha again later that night whilst plungering that doll in the restroom at the club…then you weren’t alpha when she tried French kissing you after sucking you off straight outta her poopchute and you knocked her out with a right cross…then you were alpha again as you slipped out the window and made your getaway before someone noticed a knocked-out broad slumped over the bowl…then you weren’t alpha again when you safely got home and told your mom when she asked what happened to you, that you “had some trouble in the restroom”…

      3. Alpha guys don’t claim to be alpha. Anyone that has to proclaim his alphaness is not alpha

    2. I thought the same thing. It’s not about having an over-inflated machismo, it’s about looking like a man, not a mouse.

  15. God damn these stupid ass articles, I used to love RoK, but in the last week (3/26/15-4/2/2015) you posted 27 GOD DAMN articles. For fuck’s sake, get some god damn quality control, you should posting tops 5-6 articles a week and realistically probably 3-4 would be better. I’ve seen the Alexa numbers, you guys aren’t doing so well either, maybe it’s because you post crap instead of the high quality stuff you used to produce. I mean 27 articles, that’s just absolutely absurd, and out of them there are probably 2-3 good articles with this not being one of them. I mean looking through the old articles is a treasure trove of humor, satire, and out there stuff, some of it with thousands of trolls commenting. Now those are articles! This constant spewing ruins reputations and demolishes the hardcore fan base, I already notice most of the RoK veterans refuse to respond to many of these articles, as they should. Step up!

    1. 3-4 articles per week is better.
      Many comment veterans are depressed by the nonsense most commenters are filled with. But they are more depressed because most article writers here are unwilling to go to the root causes of every issue instead of giving a superficial look and hasty conclusions as this article here.

      1. would that work as a business model. Don’t you need a steady flow of articles to generate readers / comments?

        1. yes and no, although you do need some additional content to keep the readers interested, too much too fast accomplishes two things:
          1) It opens the floodgates to retardation(most notably in the comments).
          2) It alienates the older users who used to come but see the crap fest and don’t bother.
          There are two perfect case examples of this phenomenon:
          1) For the floodgates of retardation, just look at infowars and Alex Jones, they pop out so many articles and the quality of comments is either spam or astonishingly low. They focus on too much too fast and believe everything is a conspiracy, rather than focusing on the one’s that matter, making them fucking crazy.
          2) For the second one, look at a website like Digg, that website alienated all of it’s users by a combination of crap fest plus sjw undertones, that is why everyone fled to reddit. Digg was the original reddit but they ruined themselves and now look at them. Some might even argue that reddit is fading and new websites are rising.

        2. I’d never heard of Digg, which I guess proves your point. I’ve mainly encountered Alan Jones on youtube, and occasionally on prison planet, but have never commented on either PP or infowars – I see what you mean though – it looks exhausting, and I’d agree that everything being a conspiracy pretty much equates to nothing getting properly scrutinised. I’m in too minds about reducing the content to improve quality. There has to be a certain throughput to generate enough commentators and therefore the kind of interest that makes the site ‘live’ on account of that. Consider Spiked for instance where there’s probably one or two articles a day maximum but after an initial flurry of activity commenting really thins out. I think the problem to some extent is that two things are being done a) the development of more theoretical, reflective stuff where the commentary is ‘focussed’ and strategic and b) populist stuff that works as click bait, spreads ideas, but runs the risk of spreading them badly. Maybe the dedicated portal model as in i.e. reaxxion , should be extended

    2. I disagree. Game/red pill is a way of life part of which preaches self control and resiliency. To fucking HANDLE life’s ups and downs. This guy looked like a giant pussy and crybaby who wanted to spread his misery around by killing 150 people just cause he was sad….

  16. Uh… wasn’t he interested in gay porn too? I think there was a lot more going on in his screwed up head. The SJWs don’t want to blame a gay guy for this though – doesn’t fit the template.
    Also, the SSRI influence is akin to the high percentage of SSRI related shootings. Should have seen this coming, but for European privacy laws. I suspect some changes will be made there.

  17. What kind of suicidal plan would depend on the Pilot needing to take a leak 30 mins into a two hour flight?

    1. Probably one of opportunity. He have been willing to wait for the opportunity over the course of several flights.

  18. Good example of how to take a tragedy, shamelessly make it appeal to your market through unfounded speculation, and use it as a vehicle for click bait.
    Do you have to hit the buzz words “Beta, alpha, game” and “red pill” with every article? Or is there concern that the sycophants won’t click enough without this.
    Also, your deducing this guy’s beta status based on his photo and facial appearance is extra classy. Making assumptions based on someones appearance in a photo, and tying that into an explanation of how his mass murder was a product of poor game – cheap and sleezy.

    1. “Game” has been monetized to the point that I’ve stopped visiting these sites as often as I used to. It’s become blatantly obvious, but so many men are in a depressed state that they’re easy pickings.

  19. his ex looked hot. Lets face it he must have been unhinged. Not simply “beta” or a reject. Not simply suffering from depression either. Didn’t he buy himself and his ex brand new audi’s even though he still lived at home with his parents and clearly had enough money to move out? bizarre behaviour, and his ex probably knew he had a few screws loose. But even if he was crazy and hated the bitch, just guillotine choke her to death or something, and better yet try and get away with it. Don’t take 150 helpless innocents with their life in your hands with you, there’s no excuse for that shit.
    When normal beta guys get shit on by women, they go see a prostitute, or find the manopshere, learn game or go their own way. Not become mass murderers.

    1. Speaking of conspiracies, there remains the open question as to what happened to MH370. I’m usually not the kind of person who buys into all sorts of conspiracy theories, but the total absence of any clue after more than a year since its disappearance boggles the mind.

  20. The fact that this ostensibly straight man had gay porn on his computer makes it clear that he wasn’t right upstairs. Most men have relationship breakups caused by being beta, but taking out 150 innocent people in a suicide is something else.
    It’s reported that Lubitz was banging a stewardess on the side, but given his personality and behavior leading up to the crash, that can hardly be described as “alpha.”
    Ironically, it’s not uncommon for women to initially be attracted to crazy beta males (more often than saner ones) precisely because the women mistake their erratic craziness for alpha behavior. Then, when the clinginess and insecurity comes out, they want out.
    Of course, this ability to initially and unintentionally simulate an alpha makes crazy betas far more dangerous than either saner betas or alphas.

    1. Clinginess and insecurity, not to mention gayness discovered on his computer.

  21. given the widespread criticisms of the claims made in this article perhaps the revised position should be: solid game combined with a dose of white vein malaysian kratom would have saved those 150 lives not to mention giving lubitz the energy and vitality he was evidently lacking

  22. Lubbitz was a spermjacking victim, facing a lifetime of paying CS for a son or daughter that he would never be allowed to see or speak to.
    He got scammed. His future – and his unborn child – were stolen from him. No amount of game would have helped him.

  23. I had no sympathy for this guy until I found out his girlfriend told him she was pregnant 2 weeks before she dumped him(the day of the flight). He was already unstable, and she pulled the rug out from under him. Now, I have a modicum of sympathy for this this sad sack (but of course more for the 150 who died as a result of his actions).

    1. No man. Absolutely no sympathy. Fuck that. Even if a woman dumps you and she’s pregnant with your child, you fucking be there for your child regardless.. It’s how I see it, let alone kill 149 people. Can you imagine the horror those people lived those last 8 minutes? Unreal…

  24. He didn’t just stay home and lock the door and kill himself over a break up with a woman. He wanted to kill 149 people he didn’t know. That’s a different kind of crazy that goes beyond woman problems.

    1. Yes, and that kind of crazy went completely unnoticed by his colleagues and employers and even his friends from his home town who have now started a massive petition claiming that Lufthansa tried to conceal and technical fault.
      Isn’t that crazy?

  25. Lot of holes in the official story. Surprised that alphas and game orientated men swallow so avidly the bullshit that’s being spoon fed to them by the mainstream media.

    1. They’re overly invested in the current system whether they like to admit it or not. They have too much to lose (emotionally) to be fully open to the truth.

  26. To so many people this seems like an impossible and simplistic explanation.
    No one wants to touch the fact that young men commit suicide much more often than women (not always so violently). Once you open up that can of worms society might start addressing the fact that no, men don’t have it so damn easy. Plenty of guys out there have been through a personal hell but won’t show it.
    I thought the same thing. To say he needed “game” might sound hoky to a non-manospherian but it pretty much is the situation. This man needed hope and a vision of a future for himself to strive towards.
    Developing a real life for yourself is what this site is all about. I think it was Mistrsl who said that what young men need most is hope. I think having a sense of brotherhood is also essential during those dark times.
    My sympathies to the people on that plane.

  27. There was so much going on with this guy that it’s difficult to say what the last straw was. He had mental problems for years and suicidal tendencies for what seemed to be his entire adult life. Perhaps finding out his girlfriend was pregnant and being on the precipice of losing his job—which he shouldn’t have had in the first place—might have sent him over the edge. He used to work at Burger King. Perhaps the thought of returning to a life of cooking up flame broiled whoppers and fries was too much for him to bear—especially with a kid on the way. He also had proclivities towards homosexuality and was most likely a closet faggot. Perhaps he even acted out some of those tendencies during his time as a flight attendant—time will tell.
    Game, if anything, makes a guy immune to female bullshit. In order for a man to kill himself—or anyone else for that matter—over a woman, that man must either really love women or really hate them. Game diminishes a man’s ability to feel either of those extreme emotions towards women. At least that’s how I see it. A woman could never adversely affect my professional life because I wouldn’t care enough about my relationship with her for it to matter. I’ve also never suffered from depression, so that certainly helps too. While I agree with Donovan that such knowledge could have played a role in suppressing his beta tendencies and jealousy issues—I don’t think it would have made the least bit of difference in the long run. The guy was fucked up, and had no business being where he was. Just looking at his pictures… he looks like an insecure little faggot and not someone I would associate with.
    Countries without a rich civilian or military aviation environment resort to cadet programs to fill their pilot ranks—as is the case with Germany. Lubitz only had a little over 600 flight hours when he flew that perfectly good A320 into the Alps. When I had 600 hours, I was teaching people to fly C172s/PA-28s and doing work as a mechanic and maintenance test pilot for a small maintenance facility on various single engine and piston twins (I started in aviation as an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, and was able to do quite a bit of flight test work as a result). 600 total flight hours and flying an Airbus is completely unheard of here.
    It takes years and thousands of flight hours before a pilot gets into an Airbus/Boeing in the U.S.—either 10 years of military service or 7-12 years when going the civilian route. A bachelor’s degree is required as well. But even then, there’s no guarantees that a pilot will make it to that level. The median age to be hired at a major airline—if I recall correctly—is 33. Some make it younger, some make it older, and some don’t make it at all. Perhaps if Lubitz had several years of shit shoveling in the lower rungs of aviation, he would have weeded himself out of the candidate pool. And if he did decide to pull a murder/suicide, it would have come with a lot less casualties.
    It was a terrible event that should have never happened. Putting myself in the Captain’s shoes, words can’t describe the feeling I would have as I watched my aircraft descend into the Alps—knowing that I could stop it from happening if I was just on the other side of the door. It’s one thing if you’re up there and shit hits the fan and you give it all you have, yet lose in the end. But it’s another to know that you’re completely powerless against a narcissistic sociopath that’s going to kill you and everyone else. Terrible, and makes my blood boil just thinking about it. At least in the U.S., there are always two people in the cockpit—a flight attendant comes up when one of the pilots uses the lav.
    As for what Donovan says about being a pilot and pulling bitches because of it—sure, it certainly doesn’t hurt. However, I’ve known pilots that couldn’t get laid if their lives depended on it, and I’ve known many more pussy whipped beta types. I will say that, in general, it’s a fairly masculine occupation and most guys are naturally pretty alpha in many ways. Not necessarily “red pill” per se, but certainly cocky and self assured—things a pilot should be.
    Lastly, flight attendants are all batshit crazy. That’s all you need to know about them.

    1. “he looks like an insecure little faggot and not someone I would associate with.”
      This is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw his fucking face. What a deep shit…

    2. While it’s true that it is unusual for American pilots to be flying an Airbus or Boeing as you say, that is only because the American discount airlines buy older, off brand planes, while European discount airlines like Ryanair and Germanwings buy Airbus / Boeing planes.
      One thing all flyers should keep in mind is that in the US, often you will travel on a discount airline masquerading as one of the big carriers, and you probably won’t even know it. Frontline did a special about this where a Colgan Air plane crashed. The family booked a Continental flight, but it turns out it was a Colgan Air flight simply with a Continental ticket and they wear Continental uniforms and paint their plane like Continental.
      This is known in the industry as a “code share agreement” and every airline I know of except Southwest does it. These pilots can be paid as little as $20,000 a year, have little experience, and, unless things changed since I worked at the airport, they get paid by the mile flown, not the hour worked, so there is a perverse incentive in ‘iffy’ weather for them to go ahead and fly because otherwise, they get paid nothing for suiting up and having their junk touched and their water stolen by TSA goons.
      There are links in that story where you can look up how safe various regional airlines are, but they are all less safe than the big carriers.
      I shudder at the helplessness the pilot must have felt as he banged on the cockpit door, hearing nothing on the other side, and knowing that he was completely helpless to do anything other than sit there and die.

    3. I can completely second the batshit crazy flight attendants to the rest of you ROKers. I have married ones trying to get me to fuck them when I fly my trips. The ones who aren’t married are just provider hunting. I’ve sworn them off. They ain’t all they’re cracked up to be. I ain’t letting these hoes fuck up my finances.
      Those bitches are cute, but they’re still bitches.

  28. I don’t think Alpha men are just defined by their physicality and pulling power with women. I’m not too sure about all this Alpha, Beta stuff when it comes to a guy like this clearly very ill pilot. I think he had a deeply narcissist personality and that’s evident in his need to control and get constant validation about his looks and status from other people.
    Narcissism is a really interesting phenomena in the character with regard to our understanding of masculinity and its strange how rarely it’s actually discussed on this forum. It’s not to be confused with male pride and drive. Narcissism is traditionally concerned about a total self admiration in ones own self-image, which must be admired not just by the observer, but by all whom come into contact with such a being. Ordinarily or historically it belonged to a man’s shadowy, emotive side, and generally, a guy who spent so much time adsorbed in his own self-image and looks was shook out of this delusional state through the company of other men through sport, war, drinking, and generally a healthy sense of making fun and jesting about the Narcissist. This was good both for the man concerned and for society. However, modern society encourages narcissism in guys, partly by society becoming so atomized and removed from local influences, by guys living by themselves in apartments within cities, where they have just themselves, their work, and perhaps the gym and pulling chicks on off nights to occupy themselves with. Where your own face looks at your own singular self everyday, is it any wonder that to some, one’s own ephemeral sense of their one dimensional self can become a major obsession of their existence.
    This is not just a Beta issue as is suggested in this pilot’s sad life, but, I don’t think a lot of the so-called Alpha’s pumping iron on their tod in the gym each night are immune from this preoccupation either. I think our current cultural lunge into the abyss of a body/image obsessed narcissism is one of the last, but perhaps, most fatal nails to go into the coffin of western civilization, as was once known. It signifies our collective failure to grow up and bravely face the world as it is, perhaps absent of the old certainties, but still the foundation of our true nature, instead we’re encouraged to regress to the permanent state of the pop cultured, spoiled adolescent teenage girl who’s only concern is her looks and status, and thumbs up on facebook, which is the Narcissist’s hall of mirrors.
    It’s sad, even tragic to see how so many modern men are being encouraged to become these new types of Metro-Hetro-Homo- whatever guys! you see them in big cities, trying to live off the glances any girl or guy gives them, and if they don’t get it, they go into work or their single celled apartment running to the first available mirror. The whole pushing for the acceptance of gay marriage in most western countries will speed up this collective narcissism tendency.
    I don’t know whether or not this pilot was an Alpha or Beta, as to be quite honest, I don’t think it means much, but, certainly he was a Narcissist, and, Narcissist’s care about no one, but themselves, they can’t as it’s not logically possible.
    A real Alpha is not just about his body, but, about his mind and spirit, and his judgment of himself and others- you know when you’re in the presence of a real Alpha- he mightn’t say much- but he’ll know you better then you know yourself after five minutes. When men sense that in other guy, they grow in confidence, they respect him, they’ll follow him as ultimately they want to be like him, and that’s the true measure of a real Alpha and there’s not that many of them in the world.

    1. Vox at Alpha Game calls narcissistic beta males who are deluded about their true attractiveness “Gamma”, and has declared Lubitz to be a Gamma.

  29. He was also ,most likely , a closeted bisexual. His fetish for gay porn makes that abundantly clear.
    I guess telling your woman how you like to see her dress and that you like her hair long is now beta.
    Some of these articles just make me laugh.

    1. I guess telling your woman how you like to see her dress and that you like her hair long is now beta.
      Yeah, that threw me too. If you’re telling your woman how to dress and about her appearance, and she’s sticking around with you and trying to get you back despite that she knows you’re having an affair on the side, that doesn’t sound terribly weak pathetic beta to me.

  30. Let me first and foremost thank the Department of Homeland Security for mandating reinforced cabin doors (and all the other airlines following these geniuses) without considering all unintended consequences.
    With that being said, I think the guy was a complete loser and he had absolutely no markings of a man despite what the author believes. He was just one selfish asshole. If you want to put an end to it, just go fucking jump off a bridge. Motherfucker….

    1. I never even thought of that! They reinforced the door to keep trouble out, never thinking that trouble could already be inside the cockpit

      1. The problem is there will never be another 9/11 type hijacking or a shoe bomber, etc. Ever. There will always be something else.
        These bureaucrats are one step behind and their decisions not only accomplish nothing, but they make things worse. These people do not have the capacity to think forward, they always look back. I think ELAL has the most appropriate model to deal with these things…Yeah, you have to profile… So what? Oh, the SWJ will be up in arms.

    2. But this wasn’t a U.S. aircraft. Also U.S. rules stipulate a “2 in the cockpit” rule at all times, to prevent precisely this kind of thing. The doors are a problem, and correct to note as a contributing factor, but the context is a bit off.

  31. I always defended the ROK of feminists and manginas attacks, but lately it’s hard to defend the ROK, the items are childish and too naive.

  32. Some thoughts to offer here.
    One-Game is NOT a cure for poor mental outlook. There are a lot of pickup artists walking around with competent game, but also have a head full of bullshit regarding women.A man with good game and poor outlook is like a jet with no fuel-a lot of wasted potential.
    Two-Part of that poor mental outlook is a basic view which says a man’s worth is tied to his woman.I imagine most readers here find that viewpoint alien-so alien its easy to forget that is the default programming of 99% of western raised males.Its so basic of an assumption most of society doesnt even question it. You encounter it every time a relative asks you over dinner “when are you getting married?”
    This guy encountered it too.Except everything he was revolved around impressing and serving women.When he got kicked to the curb, his very sense of identity went along with it.
    I dont have proof of this, but i’d postulate what set him off the deep end was getting rejected-either in total or “honey lets be a couple” by his side girl before takeoff.After that, he felt unable to serve a woman as he’d been raised …..and the rest is history, as are 150 lives and the reputation of aviators around the globe.

  33. Fuck game in this situation. Replace “game” with “bitches ain’t shit.” Pregnant women leaving their spouse with an unborn child in tow should be shunned by her community and family in any semblance of a normal society. To blame the pilot’s lack of game for his spouse taking off with his child is removing accountability from the real culprit-his fickle girlfriend.
    No amount of game or confidence can mitigate the loss of his girlfriend and child. The only solution is for males to disassociate from any lifelong commitments with women.

    1. Yeah. What a bitch for taking off on the guy who was fucking a coworker on the side, while she was pregnant with his child.

  34. yeah getting dumped by a pregnant girlfriend as she sails off into the sunset, happily ever after, with her newest man and taking ‘your’ baby with her… so long as the CS bill is paid then you can stay out of jail… what!? problem? Don’t worry we won’t harm, neglect or emotionally injure ‘your’ child. Just keep sending us the money and we won’t press false charges on you – loser…. yeah I imagine that sort of thing tends to make a man resentful…

    1. The state has its nose way too far into the business of policing not only the family but all relationships in general. The child support blood money enforcement racket can serve as a death knell for a struggling man and at best should be avoided completely by BOTH PARTIES. If a woman makes a pact with the bitch forces and then renegs, she is treated more harshly than the man believe it or not. A woman who returns to a man after flaking out and then calling the bitch pigs on him IS HATED AND DESPISED by every member of the local clusterfuck army, everyone from the cook at the runaway women’s commune flophouse shelter all the way up to the family court judge has a bead and crosshairs on the woman. Once a bitch enters a pact to destroy her man, she must go all the way to get her wings with them or else they will destroy HER.
      Many strong men who cannot be destroyed prevail untouchable so the bitch cabal does the only thing it is empowered to do, and that is to destroy the individual members of his family, from the children up to the woman herself. And all this to vent their hatred towards the man who is himself protected from their evil. It is paramount therefore to break your woman(s) to total undying loyalty, like dressage with a horse. Your wish is her command.
      The bitch system can be bucked by both parties mutually by fleeing. If they remain accessible to the locals, then something strange happens. If a man and woman with child decide to reunite after woman foolishly enlists social services and local free legal aid j-team, the clusterfuckers AND their cousins come out of their closets and continue to try to force the woman’s hand against the man. After subsequent homecomings by a flaky woman, this is when the swat teams are put on call for some strange reason. Never with the first hotline call, but after the system bitch wogs have cased you out. Then they’re coiled and ready to strike with fire. Chickenshit beta dirtbags from hell.
      Try to buck the system and run and control your family yourself and the system treats you with the harshness reserved for a vigilante, which means you are basically upstaging the establishment powers and are treated worse than the criminals themselves. They absolutely hate folks who question and dismiss the basic core of their authority. The worst crime on the books is to threaten the legitimacy of the cathedral itself.
      The level of force the state will resort to in order to monopolize control over people and families needs no shit test. They come prodding as if they select their targets by lottery. Their monopolizing bent has no bounds. Trying to run your family is like trying to run OUT the crack houses in your neighborhood. The pigs run and control that monopoly as well. Any band of citizens that would run OUT the crack houses would be branded just as much vigilante as would the men who hard line resist the bitch state assault on family soverignty.

  35. It was retinal detachment guys, not lack of game. He knew he was going to get called out on his defect and lose his license. He’d never make captain and the realisation that your career is over threw him over the edge. He didn’t want to live in a world where he wasn’t a pilot and said fuck it all.

    1. Yeah and apparently his scores were 100%. He was probably extremely bitter…when he sees pilots of ‘lesser’ talent getting by…and him not, because of his retinal detachment.

    2. “If I can’t fly, they all DIE!, Oh yea, and fuck my wife, she’s a cunt.” “God detached my retina for eyeing hot stewardesses, plus my GF left me, fuck this world.”

  36. Isn’t it “funny” how all massacres and mass-killings are made by beta male because modern women are having high self-esteem? I mean, think about how many chubby girls think they can get an alpha male just because they once got lucky when he was incredibly drunk and it could have been called sexual abuse towards the male. These same chubby girls totally ignore the betas and omegas who match their market value and thus terrible events occur.

      1. If only it could have been a flight full of feminists on the way to a convention.

      2. on ROK we’re not allowed to reply to women. But who knows if you’re a woman just based on that your nick “Dork”.
        The thing is that chubby girls do get laid, they can break the hearts of the beta guys. Why would they do murder sprees when even they get all the attention and a fat woman is far superior to a fat beta male or even an emotional bluepill beta male who isn’t fat

    1. Where exactly is the fear?
      Identification of the problem is not fear of the problem.

      1. Blinders like the type used on horses keep the focus of the horse narrow and under the reign and direction of its controller. Many wage slaves and mamas boys are beta blined and were denied game training from their fathers at an early age. Gaming for sport with dad unlocks the alpha in a boy for a lifetime and is handed down to generations afterwards. The co pilot with game would have done a pre flight BANG of the stewardess of his liking as methodically as he does his checklist. ‘flaps’ check . . ‘pussy flaps’ check’ . . ‘fop’ that’s a negative

  37. Lots of naturals or men who could be naturals with just a small tweak are usually obliviously unaware of it. That’s fine for the naturals who pull tail with the ease of taking a breath, but the “just a hair away” are sad because they can pull tail and do many times, but have too much beta to really make it work out. Kinda sad.

    1. It is sad, but this is in NO WAY relevant to the Germanwings crash. See veteranstoday for details.

  38. That ONE SINGLE entitled blonde bitch has done more damage to our people than the ‘damage’ that a hundred vaccinated autistic males would cause by default. This incident is blowing up BIG TIME. Terms like ‘entitled bitch’ and ‘beta’ are going mainstream now and the days are surely numbered how long men can tolerate having the beta standard shoved down their throats. The proponents and promoters of womens advocacy had better PACK THEIR SHIT. The backlash will be like a wave so great it will make their hubcap hats spin.

  39. Actually, nowadays being a corporate airline pilot is a pretty boring, maybe even soul crushing job. The only halfway exciting parts are takeoff and landing but most of it is watching the clouds and picking your nose.

    1. I haven’t heard the parallel with the Palestine vote but it’s probably in the alt. media by now. Also let’s see a list and rundown of passengers. For example, any bio tech company heads aboard? A private jet with a biotech head and his family aboard dropped out of the sky a month or so ago into a suburban DC home killing the residents as well. The company heads’ other plane ALSO strangely crashed last year but he survived. This time they got him. Also Alex Jones has mentioned how hundreds of microbioligists have been killed by the black coats (died mysteriously) since the early 90’s. Luckily for me I’m a simple goat farmer from Albania and don’t know shit about DNA. But still, let’s rip the ass wide open on the coverup whatever the hell it is with the big bio secret. WTF could it be? Aliens? Most likely.
      But back to passenger rosters, it is noted that the ‘disappeared’ Malaysian airliner WAS LOADED with techs/scientists. It was clearly a brain heist. Larry MacDonald’s crash on the other hand was overkill and meant to send a BIG message. The kind of overkill awe we saw when anti mafia activist and crusader Giovanni Falcone was blown to smithereens while driving his car near Palermo Sicily in 1992. Several tons of TNT planted beneath the roadway was detonated as he drove above causing a mushroom cloud that resembled a hydrogen bomb plume. Nearly a kilometer of roadway was pulverized and the blast registered on Richter scales across the Mediterranean. The greasers really showed him didn’t they?
      Fuck Satan’s army of black ops lizards. They all get flushed in the end by the big mother lizard. The system EATS ITS YOUNG instinctively just like a wild bitch mother in the animal kingdom. I used to think it was some kind of immature ‘BOY KING’ ultimately running affairs on Earth for mankind with its overall schizophrenic profile. A spoiled ‘boy child’ who throws tantrums when his porridge isn’t the right temperature and HEADS ROLL. Little spoiled bitch boy at the helm? With red pill enlightenment, I now sense that governments and powers on Earth ultimately answer not to any cantankerous ‘bitch boy’ but to a barely celestial (low terrestrial) and patently FEMALE ‘bitch force’ with the same characteristics and ‘duck walk’ as a hypergamous wild bitch mother found in any jungle and who EATS HER YOUNG.

  40. Now I don’t know I any of you people paid attention. But apart from this terrible egoistic suicide the fact that they know what this guy googled is pretty terrifying. They monitor everything what you do on the internet. They said he googled for cockpit doors. It was another reminder you have no privacy from government on the internet.

  41. Didn’t even bother reading one single word of this post (besides the title). Fuck this author. Like, seriously, jump off a fucking cliff and die. If you think you can use a case of someone who is mentally disturbed to push “game” you’re a fucking moron and are doing this cause no good. Fuck you. Mental illness is mental illness. Game is game. Sure, if you’re talking about rape and shit, you might have a point, but depression is something you cannot control and takes hold of you for WHATEVER reason, not just pussy.

  42. I watch a lot of the manosphere shoehorn one-in-a-million berserko’s into illustrations of Game Failure but I can’t help but think this sort of isolated lunacy transcends all sense of Game.
    Perhaps Game requires sanity to start…?

  43. show me a man who is depressed and out of control over a woman and I will show you a man who has no male friends.

  44. “Both the media and the public at large wants to characterize this tragedy as the typical case of a demented male who went off his meds and killed a bunch of people.”

  45. There is more to this story than the blue pill media eants to know. That doesn’t mean people are completely clueless. At least the people who know a kathrin Goldbach personally aren’t.
    It turns out Ms Goldbach has been run out of town according to the Daily Mail. Even her brother has had to leave because “the hatred of the world is coming down upon her and its a small place so it’s impossible for her to come back and keep a low profile.”
    That quote is telling. Ask yourself, wouldn’t a small closeknit town be more supportive of a young beautiful woman who’s pregnant and unexpectedly found out her husband is a killer and she’s stuck with a baby on the way? wouldn’t the safest place be your hometown?
    They must know something we don’t to have run her out town. For example, since she’s a teacher, is it possible her baby actually belongs to one of her students?

  46. She was pregnant with his future 18-24 years of crushing child support payments and he (naturally) receive *NO* benefits from this. His life would be restricted to paying her 35% of his gross salary while constantly being threatened with new court appearances. He would be told that any contact he has with his child is solely at her pleasure while making her angry or suffering income loss carries a prison term. Nope – can’t think of a single reason he might be a little despondent over being a slave until he’s 51 or so. Afterall we men aren’t happy unless we are in chains for the benefit of a vag.

    1. Singing the beta dog blues. I’ve heard the tune so many times. It surprises me how much masculine energy is in the air, enough so that it could thwart the insideous bitch system and bind its feet once and for all, but most riled up men end up having their energy DIVERTED.They end up suited up in a uniform acting as sandbag bullet stoppers in a manipulated battle ‘theater’, when the real battle to reclaim our bitches, our homes and raise the tattered flag of the patriarchy looms on the horizon. The sun sets once more along with the sunshine patriarchs but a critical mass of men have had their souls shaken to the core. The bitch system has sparked a fire within the hearts of its victims that cannot be quenched. Drunk with their own ‘power’ the clusterfuck armies and enforcers of ‘bitch law’ careen towards a brick wall. And that brick wall is the ALMIGHTY PATRIARCHY.

  47. In the end only game or mgtow can save men and society from feminism.
    Spread the good word.

  48. How could game save him? Wot?
    Only MGTOW could of saved him and only if he knew about it before knocking a bitch up.

  49. “Game”, whatever the hell that means, wouldn’t have done shit for this asshole. He was clearly deranged.

    1. Being deranged doesn’t necessarily stop game from working. Nor does being an asshole. On the contrary, it might even enhance it.

  50. Agree with Donovan about broads, but for one question about the murder/suicide. This kid was a slave to the Lufthansa subsidiary. These pilots make NO money. An awful lot of the kid’s angst was professional by several accounts. His method was a massive over reaction obviously, but he saw himself professionally trapped. Where/how does game play on THAT? Of course, he could also have free lanced flying dope outta Columbia, I guess..

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