Hawaii Has Adopted “Yes Means Yes”

I regret to inform you that the “Yes Means Yes” proponents have reached their second milestone. The disease of feminism has swam across the Pacific and onto Hawaiian shores to infect its second host, the college campuses of Hawaii.

Recently, a mass email has been sent to all students and faculty informing them about the newly revised statutes regarding rape and sexual harassment. I fear it may be more strict than in California. The link is here if you wish to read it in it’s entirety.

1. How consent is now defined

Any college campus accepting federal funding is required to adopt this rule. This is a case of extortion, (e.g. “We may not be able to force you by decree, but we can take away your food and drink, AKA funding”). I have no doubt that they did so without blinking. College is a business. As long as you pay your tuition, and purchase your mandatory $200 textbooks, they don’t give a shit.

How can you provide evidence as the defendant to prove your innocence beyond hearsay? You can’t, here’s why. Though it states in the second sentence that you can use “(picture/video)” as evidence of affirmative consent, Hawaii state law says it is unlawful to, “install or use equipment in a private place for observing, photographing, recording, amplifying or broadcasting sounds or events…without the consent of the person or persons entitled to privacy therein.” The only way possible to prove your innocence is outlawed.

Even if the girl miraculously continues to have sex with you after demonstrating massive betamaxness with your constant reassurance, you can’t prove it. You’re allowed to save text messages and record phone calls, but that can’t prove affirmative consent, so it doesn’t matter. There is a video, “Feminism for Bros – 105,” about a beta going through the motions of pre-coitus with respect to “Yes Means Yes.”

I want everyone to see how repulsive it is to witness in action. This is how the government expects you to conduct all sexual encounters.

2. Affected Areas

In other words, this doesn’t apply outside of college campuses. Something tells me that it’s because it’s unconstitutional or they’re experimenting by easing its way into the federal law, waiting for it to be the new normal, then escalate to state laws, finally federal laws. Boil the frog slowly. Convincing the populous to relinquish their rights in the name of security of the divine female.

Also, the majority of the students are between the ages of 18-21, kids still dependent on their parents for provisioning. As you can imagine, most of the voters were probably parents, specifically those of daughters (anyone with a brain knows that this law wasn’t intended for females). A parent’s ideal path for their daughters would be virginity until marriage with a rich, handsome man. Then bland, innocent, clothed missionary sex would only occur for the sake of reproduction, and cease to exist there after.

That’s a fantasy, but this allows them to provide a roadblock to their daughter’s vagina, a meta-chastity belt if you will. The government knows that no parent would hesitate or protest. I bet if the government pitched this idea for the rest of the populace, with the video above as instruction, their would be an uproar.

3. Redefining Sexual Assault


As all red pill digestors here know, one of the goals of feminism has been to expand the definition of harassment, sexual assault, and rape to keep men’s balls in a vice grip in order to complete their dual-sexual strategy successfully, while maintaining no responsibility for their actions.

First highlighted in the picture is “indecent exposure.” The act of flashing your genitals to unwanting persons is unacceptable, yes, however, this does not constitute as assault. Assault on the senses, possibly, but not bodily harm as the name suggests. May I pull out my cock madam? The second highlighted is “voyeurism.” A third party peering into anyone’s sexual activities without consent is also clearly unacceptable, but likewise does not cause bodily harm.

Feminism is doing the same with domestic violence in the new movement referred to as “Purple Purse,” the act of controlling how a women spends your money is “financial abuse.” Expanding the definition of abuse and who qualifies as a victim. Your wife and children are covered under domestic violence, but guess who else is being pushed to qualify as a victim? Intimate partners—AKA your girlfriend.

There’s a link below to the website, and also a video of it’s campaign. The “victims,” are referred to as “survivors,” another example expanding the definition of a term without appropriately editing the label.

4. Standard of evidence

In other words, “Preponderance of the Evidence” instead of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”. Many rape, abuse, and harassment accusations are false and the evidence cannot survive the scrutiny when upheld to the standard in the court of law where this should be handled in the first place.

The university can expel you from school, which is on your academic record (banning you from all schools), and publicly label you, while keeping the “victim” anonymous without any real evidence to support the notion. Your reputation can be forever ruined and may have physical consequences – assault by a group of white knights.

5. Anonymous tips

This is perhaps the most dangerous part of all. An anonymous third-party who knows you’re sexually active with a female, can send a “tip” that you, a male, have sexually assaulted a female, not including themselves, to the administration of the school. The school can then interview the female who may confess that you guys did indeed have sex AND it was CONSENSUAL.

The school may then ask how did she consent and if her consent didn’t meet the standards of the “Yes Means Yes” rule, they must take action on her behalf. ON HER BEHALF! This is a hypothetical, but based on the wording, I don’t see why it couldn’t.

6. Long arm of collegiate law


The school will determine whether or not they have jurisdiction over the area in which this supposed event occurred, nothing wrong with that. However, if it has continuing effects on its jurisdiction, they can “prosecute.”

I’ll tell you what I think “effects” really means. I believe it means if both of you are college students from the same school and are accused of a rape that supposedly occurred outside of campus, and her emotional “trauma” from said event lingers on university jurisdiction, they can “prosecute” you. Over reaching at its finest.


This propaganda is everywhere: school (all grades), Hollywood, professional sports, prime time television, and even video games. The government is putting their nose in my sex life, and that’s none of their business. I take what I can from my courses since not all of it is brainwashing, but it’s tiresome to weed through the nonsense.

I used to approach and have gotten laid a few times before affirmative consent law here, but I may have to stick with self-pleasure and monk mode while on campus for the rest of my college attendance. It’s almost as if this was the intended consequence…

The only way to win is not to play. If your school adopts this law, and you want sex, do it off campus with a non-student, outside of work, and ask for ID. I would even add that you photograph or videotape your encounters with a smile on her face just to cushion the blow to your reputation.

Yes, it’s ridiculous a man must go through such extreme measures to satisfy his natural carnal desires in a manner that doesn’t dry up vaginas, get you expelled from school, tarnish your reputation, placed in a cell with Bubba, or get you fired. But you’re a man, you must adapt. Withdraw from the system and work on yourselves because if you’re a man, the only person you can ever rely on is yourself.

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213 thoughts on “Hawaii Has Adopted “Yes Means Yes””

  1. At this rate College will delve into a collage of females, queers, mutated manwomen, and Communists…. wait, hasn’t that already occurred?

    1. Straight to Hell! It’s a worthless, elitist, braggart-based institution anyway. When I was in New York last time (fuck, there I am travel bragging… But it is relevant to this, at least!) all anybody talked about was what college they went to or if they mentioned a relative or close friend they pedestalized them for what college they went to. I really wanted to shoot them to prove that they still weren’t bulletproof or anything special as a result!

        1. get your girl in the mood quicker
          get your jimmy thicker
          with st ide’s malt liquor
          still cant believe that commercial was cleared back in the ealry 90s lol

      1. Rather than shoot them, beat them at their own game. Watch “Good Will Hunting” for inapiration, then do your homework.

      2. The amusing thing on top of it all with this is that the particular degree means way more than the college. I mean in the real world, not in terms of prestige.
        I’m much more impressed by someone with an electrical engineering degree from Podunk State U than someone with a history degree from Harvard.
        I’d like to say the gender studies degree, even from an ivy-league school, is worth the value of the paper that it’s printed on. Unfortunately, because of government and academia those degrees end up paving the way for lucrative careers. Which we as taxpayers pay for.

    2. Yes that has already occurred.
      I’m making pocket cash on the side tutoring for students with disabilities at my local university.
      This one girl that I’m tutoring is the textbook SJW. Don’t kid yourself, being an SJW is to the young generation what being good looking and having a car was to our generation and those before us. Being an SJW is the new “cool.”
      There used to be goths, punks, rockers, conspiracy theorists, artists, preppies, japs, Barbies, tom-boys, nerds, hipsters, etc… now we have a whole group of young kids who can’t even figure out if they like to fuck or not.
      “Am I a boy or a girl? Is my penis oppressing my hand? If I have two sex changes does that make me cis-gendered? I had a wet dream, maybe I should check my privilege.”
      I am just totally confused… And I think they are too thats the thing. And these are the people for whom the laws are changing to accommodate. All those hard-working “normal” people? Fuck them… Owning property and staying out of debt is so00000o 1999.

      1. University students and other kinds of faux intellectuals have always formed the crux of the Marxist revolutionary vanguard. The majority of the foot soldiers that’s spearheaded Mao’s cultural revolution were idealistic students who were fanatically devoted to the ideological delusion that is Marxism. And like modern SJW’s, members of the Red Guard often succumbed to organizational infighting that was centered around who was best suited to disseminate and implement Mao’s retarded political ideas. In fact, they even devised the tactics that many SJW’s have in their arsenal today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Struggle_session
        The same pattern seems to emerge if one looks at the history behind the creation of the Khmer Rouge. Many of the early founding members of the Khmer Rouge had received education in Universities in France. They had even managed to establish a group on campus that probably served as an early forerunner to the organization that would later come to be known as the Khmer Rouge. I believe it was called the Khmer Students Union or something. Pol Pot was an integral part of this organization and even created militant communist cells within it.
        Unlike the short lived cultural fads you mentioned Marxism is far more insidious. Marxism has been spared death from irrelevance because it has been able to propagate itself through institutions of higher learning and constantly reinvent and rebrand itself. In our case we can thank the Frankfurt School and the KGB for burdening us with this cancer. If you want to know how this is going to end if we continue to go on this trajectory you only need to research what happened in all the countries that Communism was injected into. It involves artificial famines, economic devastation through regressive policies and deaths numbering in the millions.
        Im not sure what the solution to all of this is. Ive tried hard to think of a peaceful means of reversing all of this but it simply can’t be done. Marxism will only be beaten when Marxists start drowning in their own blood and left wing institutions are burned to the ground. The alt-right may need to carry out its own Great Leap Forward.

        1. Fair enough.
          Looks like I’m going to have to brush up on my history to really get a grasp of what is going on.
          I agree with you about the university students as well. They’re young and want identity. The traditional ways of doing things emphasize hard work and accountability. And the narrative of sticking it to the big bad capitalist man is just so alluring. Everyone roots for the underdog and the victim mentality fits right into that narrative.
          I’m with you man… I’m not gonna advocate spilling blood yet but I definitely think something is very very wrong with the way people are thinking right now.

      1. Thanks, AF. That first one in yellow is unbelievable. When STEM is no longer safe, all is lost in terms of college.

  2. Feminism is winning and you “red pill” keyboard warriors are too busy bashing each other on race and immigration. Meanwhile, cunts are now God. Congrats, your women are your masters because you didn’t have the balls to unite as men.

    1. I think the only way that feminism/socialism will be stopped is for the resources to dry up.
      It’s like trying to get an unwilling guy off of smack. It’s just not going to happen. Even with a willing junkie it’s almost impossible.
      Feminism is just too damn appealing for women to not want it. I would be a sizable number of guys had a harem of hot 10/10s and a garage full of sports cars but it was destroying society, do you think they would give it up unless they really had to? They would probably fight to the death to keep them.
      Same thing with feminism. Women by their own mouths don’t want to go back to raising families sired by some beta male. It won’t end until it can’t continue. The only thing that stemmed the tide of the 1920s flapper chicks was the Great Depression.

      1. Think about what created a somewhat sane 1950s society from the decadent, gilded age of the 1920s: A total economic collapse, 2 decades of economic stagnation and the most destructive global war known to mankind.
        Sometimes society has to lose everything to cleanse the garbage out. Things will continue to get worse. Until, that is, it gets even more worse and hits bottom. Culturally, we’re far more gone than the 1920s. Economically, we’re far more fucked. The wars, over population, and global economic issues to come will make WW2 look like the glory days.
        If you’re one of the lucky few who actually survives and are able to endure hardship, maybe you’ll find yourself in a healthier, saner society. But this will be after the western world gets the shit kicked out of it.

        1. I’m pretty sure it won’t get the shit kicked out of it, so much as being tortured, raped and then burned.

        2. I was trying to end my dark diatribe on a somewhat less dark note but somehow I think your ending is more accurate.

      2. Many average girls want a millionaire, and the TV shows have normal looking girls dating BILLIONAIRES for LTR – nothing else is good enough.
        Sooooo.. how long do you think the west has before overt totalitarianism? I give it 3-5 years.

    2. It’s easier said than done. Feminism is winning because it has the full support of the plutocracy. It’s not just a bunch of cat-ladies who have managed to pull this off. And it’s not even some kind of voting public that politicians are concerned about. Most women don’t even know that YesMeansYeas is enacted and they don’t care.
      The legal changes are done because they will destroy the family structure even more, destroy the bonds between the genders further and make the rule of the plutocracy even easier.

      1. However, they need to the funds to do this.
        Feminism seems to happen when there is enough surplus wealth to stop giving a fuck about beta males wants.
        It’s probably a converge of interests. That of women, alpha guys, and illuminati types that have some type of grand social design. Each with their own goals that happen to compliment each other.

        1. The feminine imperative is eternal and of course women are enjoying that. Apex-Alphas are not concerned about divorce laws, custody battles, alimony payments or ridiculous YesMeansYes rape laws. They can buy themselves out of anything. To them feminism just means greater divided lower masses and more easily available beautiful women who give themselves freely to them or cost a pittance in comparison to 100 years ago (expensive mistresses back then).
          The women however will lose in the end and they are already feeling the pinch as they cannot find enough BetaBucks and moan about the Almost-Ex Alphas who won’t commit to them.

        2. The women however will lose in the end and they are already feeling the pinch as they cannot find enough BetaBucks and moan about the Almost-Ex Alphas who won’t commit to them.

          But how many of these women are connecting the dots?
          When they can’t find the BetaBucks or the Alpha to commit….they will/do (as usual) blame men for it.
          And IF they can’t see that the reason that they are living alone with cats is the result of THEIR own behaviour…then what?
          Self-Analysis is an alien concept to women and Betas.

        3. Nothing will make them see it. Sure – some are waking up and accepting part of the Red Pill and becoming anti-feminists. But of course they still don’t mind the slanted laws and constant government empowerment of women.
          So no – women will never rise against such a system. They would rather die alone and in misery than blame themselves.
          The system will change sooner or later because men decide they don’t want to live like that anymore & rise against it in unison or civilization as we know it breaks down. Afterwards patriarchy will return maybe even with greater understanding about female psychology unleashing the science of Game – making the entire “feminine mystique” an open book.
          I am doubtful however that I am going to see that day in this lifetime or this century.

        4. Even the apex alphas are not safe bro. Money can no longer save them. I read somewhere that two men holding political offices were suspended when two women accused them of sexual assault. The charges could not be proven though.

      2. Feminism is winning because it has the full support of the plutocracy.

        ^ This and honestly 99.9% of Western men are soft, believe nothing is wrong, believe their women are normal and pull faggot bullshit this like this:

        1. But even that is a form of indoctrination, drugging via Ritalin and bad-mouthing everything masculine.
          The men did not become like that being left alone.

        2. You’re underestimating the effectiveness of creeping normalcy. Remember the proverb “Give an inch and they’ll take a yard? Since Western men gave women the right to vote and stand for electoral office, they’ve been taking miles.

        3. The sad part is, the western countries are the most influential and can push other countrys around into their belifs like what they did with saudi on making them let women in compete in olympics(not saying its a bad thing) even though its not their business.
          Just think about how americanized the world is, they wear our style clothes,know our language and consume our media.
          Its like the western countries are the alpha males in the wolf pack and feminists manged to tame it and make it dominate the other beta males on thier whim.

        4. Thanks for posting this. I live in Ontario and this is good to know.
          The recent changes to the Canadian laws a la prostitution (where purchase is criminal but solicitation is legal) already convinced me that Canada hates men… but this is just eerie… To start when they’re just kids is disturbing.
          Thank god I was in highschool ten years ago when boys and girls could get along and actually enjoy their youth.

        1. “Been going on since 1950s and McCarthyism.”
          McCarthy was right. He was so right that even after the Kennedy family was forced to disavow him (very late and unwillingly), and the Kennedys managed to steal the election for JFK, that JFK still got JFKed. Then came LBJ and the Great Society and everything has been downhill since.

    3. I’m sure there were Romans who were aware that their empire was on the way out but they were just another cry in the night. Once the wheels are in motion for a civilization’s decline it is almost impossible to reverse it.

      1. Feminism wont last cause child birth is declining. Thats why westernised countries let all the immigrant in cause men arent stupid enough to breed with these broken westernised women. 10-15 years ago we had the baby bonus in Australia to encourage child birth. If u are paying the people of your country to have children, there is CLEARLY something wrong!
        There will be a major decrease of caucasian babies in the next 100 years! Its already decreased by 50% all thanks to Feminism! IVF is a major threat tho!

        1. The brilliance of the plan (if Feminism is indeed a nefarious Elite plan – which I believe it is) is that the New Laws of the Cuntocracy will be in place and firmly ingrained into society by then.
          So it won’t matter if white women are no longer here in 50 years due to a low birthrate. The damage will have already been done. And all the brown sons and daughters of illegal immigrants will be living in a Cuntocracy and will have decades of indoctrination behind them. They will not rebel.
          A Cuntocracy has been used to control slaves since the beginnings of human society – from the ancient Greeks to southern plantation owners in the US. Put women slaves in control of male slaves. Works like a charm.

        2. totally hence why I dont blame immigrants for not wanting to integrate. Like who the hell wants their kids to be dysfuntional….even a guy from a 3rd world village can see theres something wrong here.

        3. I come from a third world country, and I definitely see what’s wrong there. Don’t know what will happen to my country as ‘progress’ catches up with it. It’s like living in the past and looking at western nations to see what the future could look like if feminism is allowed grow here. Most men in my country understand this.
          Immigrants from my country tend to form their own subcultures, and when their children grow up, they marry people from their own country, and their children will do the same. Immigrants do not integrate because they know that feminism and homosexuality are eating up the western civilization.
          That being said, I feel sad for my western brothers. They are living in a culture where they are being treated horribly simply for being men. I have lived in America for 7 years, and have observed everything going on here with a red piller’s eyes. White, heterosexual men are the most horribly treated.

        4. I appreciate your awareness of the conditions with which your western brothers are dealing. I would ask that you do what you can to facilitate emigration of your western brothers to your culture/country. I am GTFO soon but have less hope for my sons getting out anytime soon.

      2. Arguably, the same set of people keep collapsing civilisation, which makes the process irreversible.
        They are part of a money and supremacy death cult.

    4. Those issues cannot be separated. The destruction of cultural and ethnic cohesion serves the same purpose as breaking down family and marital bonds.

    5. What’s funnier is the seeming disconnect between red pillers accepting such harsh and uncomfortable but nevertheless true realities that men and women are fundamentally different because they’re shaped by biology, but there are also very stark differences between them when they come from different cultures. There’s lots of talk “Asian beauties” here and “Ukranian girls” there but when you actually start to speak about nations and races as a whole and how they differ then suddenly we’re all equal and whooooa man not cool man NOT COOL I just want to bang some dumb slutty chicks man not actually look at the world how it is we’re all the same anyway so why are you talking about races?!

    6. “Feminism is winning”
      No, they are not. They are cashing out while they still can.
      Things have already started to turn around.

      1. I think I agree with you. Judging by the fact that I posted the “Feminism for Bros” video to my public Facebook profile (under my actual identity) earlier today and have gotten neither likes nor hate messages, I would view that as a win…for now.
        It’s kind of like the dead silence that happens when someone finally just snaps and says what everyone was thinking and frustrated about but everyone was too chicken for too long to say. Nobody wants to support you, but no one can reasonably go against you either. I consider it a victory. We’ll see how long I can leave it up before I decide it’s best to take it down. We’ll also see if anyone decides to creep in some hate message.
        I’m happy to help push the pendulum back the other way.

    7. “Meanwhile, cunts are now God.”
      Bullshit. The top of the power pyramid is still occupied exclusively by men. Feminists are just useful idiots.

    8. This. Totally true, even when we talk about feminism in other countrys, many guys here like to bash the local men as betas or take sides that their traditions are backward, when really we should be backing up their traditions too. Be it western or islamic, asian or latin,african or islander masculintiy,we should be backing each other up instead of throwing each other under the bus like “oh you have it good least you are not in afghanistan etc”.
      In that sense we slightly push blue pill western habits on others and not realize it. Like a said this western feminist shit is just a new neo colonialism on the world. Be it through our media or our interactions with foreigners I made that mistake once now I try and rationalise the girls local culture(that i meet) otherwise you kinda ruin her quick.
      We all get screwed by feminists but in different ways..

      1. Back up your fellow man on their traditions and culture. even if its different from our own instead of attacking it and saying “we are better since we dont do xyz to our women or whatever”.
        Espically when attacked by those on the left and right espically when it comes to women(the left only critizies foreigners when it comes to women or if involves animals or taking light of struggle and violence)

    9. I think immigration is still an issue. If we cannot control our borders, we cannot control our culture. Immigration as a veiled racist sleight toward hispanic people is wrong, but we cannot absorb all of Mexico’s and/or Latin America’s problems through our southern border.
      At some point we need to “let the chips fall where they may”, even if that results in bad things for Mexican citizens. I wish we could be saviors to the world, but that is just not realistic.
      I also don’t buy the argument that we are a nation of immigrants, as we now have a population over 300M. At some point, you need to say we’ve done enough absorption. We just have to focus on our own problems once we reach a certain capacity.

        1. Say what you will, there are some redeeming qualities to our “modern, enlightened” culture. It has just gotten wildly out of control and needs to see a psychiatrist / have some control exerted on it.
          I believe in a balance between (certain tenets of) liberalism and (certain tenets of) conservatism. Finding the right balance is key.
          The problem we have is that the crazy fringes of both mentalities are running our country (into the ground).

        2. Interesting point by Schopenhauer (if those are actually his words). The comparison to the holy monkeys is apt.
          I wish you would use different terminology than “c*ntification”. The culture war is not going to be won with such language, but you make some good points.

        3. I was once as blue pill as it is possible to be. I bought the love of country (a veteran) and the white picket fence marriage (twice divorced). I have to agree that the patient is terminal and beyond any help. I also believe that the end will be long and painful to a degree impossible to imagine. As I said earlier, I count myself luck to be old and likely to die before the worst comes.

    10. I like this post “you didnt have the balls to unite like men” fuck yes…too busy catering to women, it is very simple you suck and swallow dumb pussy you will become a dumb pussy….you are what you eat. It has gotten to the point where men have no choice but to unite, this makes me happy because I know damn well goals are attained and shit gets done when men are not distracted by needy degenerate females.

    11. You are absolutely right dude. Men need to go on strikes, stop feeding the beast, and literally quit having sex, marriage and enlisting for army. Then, and only then, a change can take place. Living the PUA lifestyle and enjoying the decline won’t help. Stop being boys and start being men. Unite, with a mass revolution. Don’t panic. We are not less in number. A number of red pill men exist, and they want to do something, but we don’t have a direction or a committed leader. We need to get off the internet, and go on a strike. What are you afraid of? What will the blue pill society think about me? What will my female friends, family members think? Will they think I am a creepy woman hating pig? Women never think so, when their rights are concerned. They go on slut marches, and are very vocal about their rights. Why can’t we do so? Why can’t we do something? Here, fellow men read this great article:

      1. “Leaving the ruins won’t help. Feminism is Ebola; the vomit is contagious”
        Agreed. I see similar shit going on in Scandinavia.

  3. Fuck this. If ensnared, threaten to sue. Also, record everything. Does some bitch filing a false charge really want to prosecute you for recording her? Does a prosecutor really want to be tagged for threatening to prosecute you over a minor crime for presenting exhonerating evidence? It’s called a “necessity” defense.

    1. The judge will just throw your video out as evidence. If you argue with the judge, s/he (most likely be a she) will hold you in contempt and you can sit in a jail cell for a few days or as long as the judge says.
      Basically you’re fucked! Just date other girls not in your college.

        1. That’s what I meant. Off-campus as in doing something else with her life, not off-campus like living at mom and dad’s house and commuting to the same school.

  4. Funny how this is more or less pointed ONLY at males. What happens if a female gets you drunk to the point where you don’t remember who raped who? Lol I can see some college chick getting pregnant on accident and then screaming rape. Such an exploitable situation just to stop rape? The male percentage in colleges will drop once again….

    1. I specifically read the affirmative consent portion of the article and it said ‘him or her’.
      Lots of college sex goes down when both are drunk. If you’re a college guy and they try to bring you before a tribunal. Flip the script and go into politician mode and just say that she raped me and then cite the specific passage of the bill.
      They will try to dismiss you and roll their eyes because they all know what they want to rule to say. However it doesn’t say that does it? It says ‘him or her’. Go into lawyer/politician mode and only say that she raped you and under no circumstances admit guilt.
      If they try to go further by punishing only you, get a lawyer and sue the living hell out of them. After a few multi million dollar lawsuit they will get the message.

      1. They’d probably just say it can be dismissed as retaliatory unless you accuse first. The legal system has done much worse to men using one-sided interpretations of domestic violence laws.

      2. Dude. You are bringing up logic and justice. Those terms do NOT apply here.
        The rules might be written as gender neutral but if you just look at drunk-sex-on-campus cases in the past few years (well before Yes Means Yes) rape allegations have *always* been leveled against THE MALE ONLY!
        And yes, some of those guys sued and their cases are still pending. But the bottom line, is that all kangaroo court prosecutions will be against men in 99% of these cases, even if the chick literally passed the guy a roofie and she remained stone cold sober herself.
        College kangaroo courts are staffed with Women’s Studies PhD rug munchers and man-haters. As others have already pointed out, the only semi-safe thing to do is date non college girls outside of campus.

        1. The California Yes means Yes law gives authority to campus officials in any case of (male) student sexual assault. That means (and this has been verified with the framers of the law and in interpretations by the schools) that a male student that has sex off campus with a non-student is still under the Yes means Yes rules. The non-student female can charge him for rape in the same kangaroo courts and get him just as screwed. The only out is to go full monk mode or just avoid going to college. It is what it is and it is working exactly as intended.
          If a female student goes off campus and gets regret raped by a non-student she can’t resort to the campus LGBT dominated court for redress. She would actually have to take it to the police and get laughed out of the room. Actually with the no drop policies and mandatory arrest policies she will get action, but she will eventually have to get actual evidence of assault or rape.

        2. While it’s true that Yes Means Yes might still be applied in a case of student male and non-student female, the risks are definitely mitigated – maybe 5% of what it would be to hook up with a campus-female.
          The non-student female, if she never went to college, has less Marxist indoctrination in her brain. Plus, the male student could further cover his ass by saying he is not even a student himself.
          And sure, monk mode is the safest (I did this during my own college years) but only a few guys will have the discipline to go down that extreme route. So hooking up with non-students is a decent option.

      3. The lawsuits are the *only way any male will ever be able to successfully accuse any female of rape due to alcohol impairment. Universities have very deep pockets so it’ll take a lot of them.
        *The one caveat to this: if the male is in one of the “proper” minority-victim groups — sorry, Asians, you’re too successful and need not apply — and the woman is a known campus republican or campus libertarian, it’s possible the male will win the victim clash due to being right-thinking.

  5. …If your school adopts this law, and you want sex, do it off campus with a non-student, outside of work, and ask for ID

    Quite right. Never, ever date on campus. And even without this law, every female student is a walking weapon loaded with life-destroying accusations, egged on by an administration with a vested interest in getting her to pull the trigger.
    We’re not far from the day when good bros take an arriving freshman aside and explain to him what he needs to do to survive to get his degree, and to come out with his personal reputation and career prospects intact. Anyone can be wrecked… here’s a guy who would seem as difficult to attack as a man could be, but a mere accusation was enough to reduce his life to a shambles:
    I hope these laws speed up the development of alternative education pathways for men… leaving the Marxist/feminists and their countless active and tacit supporters to wallow in their imploding bricks-and-mortar fortresses. Society only listens to women, and nothing will change on campus for men who can’t avoid going to college until the women there voice their own pain that the men have disappeared socially and physically. Right now, too many young women get the rewards of accepting and promoting feminist totalitarianism and get a promising young man in their lives. That shit has got to stop.
    MGTOW is a lever — use it!
    Ps. Pop on over and read Ironwood’s excellent new post about men opting out of the university track:

    1. The purposes of the colleges was always to certify one belonged to the aristocracy, maybe one of the purposes of these laws is to get the unwashed masses out of the colleges?

    2. Quite right. Never, ever date on campus.

      Sad. I’m glad I graduated from college already. Had plenty of sex and hookups and never had to worry about “rape culture”.
      If a woman pushed my hand off a certain area, I respected that unless things seemed to be getting hotter and worthy of a retry. Why all this legal contractual bullshit?!

        1. The problem is how she feels or says in the future.

          In this “brave new world”, yes. In the past, a woman had to be careful who she hooked up with for fear of being labeled a slut. Either the guy had good game (and/or was handsome) enough to win her over, or she was in a relationship with him, and the consent was implicit.

      1. My brother just completed his college from Hawaii a year ago. So glad this shit did not break lose when he was pumping and dumping.

    3. They’ll never voice that pain until its too late for a free society. And by then their voices won’t matter to the bankster and his brethren. The women won’t even know how to fix the mess, and neither will the mangina men. We’re more or less there.
      It’s too late to save society in most of the western countries outside some of europe and russia.

    4. How long before this is applied to marriage?
      I can hardly wait. If women have been tempted to pull the strings on divorce, just imagine the possibilities.

  6. Soon the new statistics will say “4 out of 4 women will be sexually assaulted in college”

  7. It used to take a decent amount of Alpha to convince a girl to record her having sex with you. My prediction is that with all this “yes means yes” it is going to become standard operating procedure for most men. “No sex if you don’t do everything on camera baby….I’ve got to have documentation that you really meant yes…”

  8. Fuck Hawai’i. Fucking slum where the natives are all fat, slovenly drunks and litter all over and ghettofy their own turf. Don’t believe the travel shows that say as soon as you get off the plane over there you hear ukuleles playing off in the distance somewhere and “exotic” women greet you with “Aloha! Mahalo! Aloha! Mahalo!” while doing everything short of getting on their knees and licking your balls. False bullshit, straight-up. Place is seriously a goddamn SLUM!

    1. Lol. You dudes really need to stop believing the myth of the “American” God. You’ve been everywhere. The myth was busted long time ago. There isn’t any place like you described here on Earth.

    2. Wouldn’t call it a slum. First of all there’s different islands. Oahu, because it has the highest population and it relatively densely populated, retains the same issues faced in similar environments. There are some very undesireable neighborhoods here, I’ll give you that. This is something most people never imagine when they think of Hawaii. But places like Lanai and Kauai have no such areas. By the way, I’ve seen and heard too many people playing ukulele to agree with your claim. I’ve also seen a bunch of exotic, fine ass women. And the real Aloha and Mahalo, when you get it from someone born and raised in Hawaii, is an honor to get. You only get it from locals if they respect you.

  9. Yea…things are getting bad out there. These yes means yes rules are vague, at best. What if you’re both drunk and/or high? Did you still rape her? What if she was conscious at first, then falls asleep because of my weak tiny penis? Did I rape her? What a mess.

  10. What’s to stop the Fed’s from withholding funds from states if this law is not implemented at the State level? Nothing as far as I can tell. It’s coming fast.

  11. I guess we know what insurance company needs to be GTFO. No man should send a dollar to Allstate for any reason. If you do business with Allstate, you support that horseshit purple purse crap.

  12. It’s a pincer movement from both the leftist neo puritans and the right neo cons.
    They both want a fantasy world. The lefties want to ruin attractive men’s fun and options while the right wants to protect their daughters just as the article points out.
    This is why it’s dumb to affiliated with either party. They are both idealist morons. The right seems to less so on most issues but I think that’s by accident. Their fantasies are shaped in way to corresponds closer to actual bio mechanical realities but they are still fantasies. “My daughter is going to go college and simply attend church, maybe kiss a boy on the cheek and be chaste until around 27 where she marry the perfect non threatening greater beta”. Any guy that thinks that is fucking fool.
    College men are so screwed. The only reliable safe options is to be ultra alpha or be some beta tampon that is used as relationship support material with the woman being in full control at all times.

    1. I think it’s a side effect of having too much information. It’s too easy to fact-check people, either in their actions or their motives (analyze them), and information sticks around forever. There may be a biological reason that human memories are feeble and can shift over time. Can you imagine if we were constantly confronted with all the bad things that people ever did to us? There would be no forgiveness, and society would implode because people couldn’t let bygones be bygones and work together.
      The sort of hysteria we’re seeing now never would have spread the way it does because, in the past, people were forced to hear peoples’ opinions they didn’t agree with. Now, the internet effectively is a mechanism that “increases the gain” on all your inner insanities, because such feelings can be validated immediately and repeatedly.

    2. “They both want a fantasy world. The lefties want to ruin attractive men’s fun and options while the right wants to protect their daughters just as the article points out. This is why it’s dumb to affiliated with either party. They are both idealist morons.”
      At the populist level, absolutely . . . tho as others pointed out, gynarchy is sustainable only with collusion by a trans-generational plutocracy — and there are various plutocracies, and vassal institutions, the bureaucracies, including NGOs and corporate culture.
      The left is powered by resentment, including by inferior males collectively subjugating better men, as you say. WhiteKnighting covers the strategy under easy p.c. heroism and posturing. Likewise, the electoral base of feminism isn’t screeching scags in academia. It’s millions of parents of daughters across generations, and the constant advancement of their daughters, and thus of themselves. Traditional male/female relationships required compromises. Feminist America instead has only demands.
      Except for the very young/indoctrinated, with these people I don’t think its misplaced idealism or lack of intelligence. It’s mostly cowardice and self-interest.
      A good OP and thread. Cheers.

    3. It’s a pincer movement from both the leftist neo puritans and the right neo cons.

      It’s a movement from left women and from right women.
      Nearly every woman is a feminist. When it comes to feminism, there are no party lines.

    1. the whole world is becoming a welfare state, but only because a few thieves at the top have stolen all the real assets and replaced them with worthless paper.

  13. All this means is that college girls will have pre-signed consent forms ready for the Alpha hunks to sign.
    So if you want to get college girls in California or Hawaii, be more Alpha. Crank it up to 11.

    1. And if you’re a semi-introverted intellectual who wants pussy to just be a part of your well-rounded industrious life and not the fucking only priority where you need to readjust every little aspect to please the ADHD pussy Borg collective, I think it might be time to go someplace else.

    2. Even if there are standardized one page legal consent forms that become
      the norm, the female can still claim she was “intoxicated” when she signed, or she was under duress at the time she signed because the male was threatening her. There’s no legal protection from the female changing her mind. Because the law says women can withdraw consent at any time.

      1. “Even if there are standardized one page legal consent forms that become the norm, the female can still claim she was “intoxicated” when she signed, or she was under duress at the time she signed …”
        Damned straight.
        In the final analysis, what this yes means yes bullshit REALLY means is that any female can decided that she had been raped, at any time in her life, regardless of how long ago it was, and even though she gave consent.
        The name of the game here gentlemen, is to keep the male populous scared shitless by enabling and encouraging women to be completely stupid and evil.

        1. Dating in college is becoming like having sex with someone at your workplace. You sign some kind agreement with HR disclosing your relationship. Even then you’ll always have your job at risk it melts down. So you date outside your company to be safe. Likewise these laws will result in men dating women who aren’t students at the same college.

        2. “Likewise these laws will result in men dating women off campus.”
          I think you are correct. it’s sad though. I recently watched Animal House…. thts the way it was for me back in my colege years — it was the 1980’s so it was a bit different then the 1960#s, but it wasn’t the toxic enviornment that schools are today.

      2. Not only that but Yes Means Yes clearly states that “consent can be withdrawn at any time!!!”
        So any contracts signed are completely worthless. She can just say she withdrew consent on the tenth stroke of his penis but the rapist did not withdraw his penis until the 12th stroke. And the act of withdrawing his penis still counts as a half-stroke – so he also raped me on the way out!

        1. She can say he was prince charming before she signed, and turned into a monster after she signed. The laws is biased in favor of women. Innocent males are going to have to get their balls smashed before its reversed. Sometimes California does eventually come around to its senses. It did reverse its race based admission policies at colleges, after numerous over-qualified whites who were rejected brought legal action, but it took years and years.

    3. pre-signed consent forms ready for Alpha hunks to sign.

      Pre-signed means pre-coitus. Affirmative Consent has to be on going. She would need to be in doggy style, hunched over the contract, initialing after every thrust.

  14. wtf is financial abuse?
    And why do people think domestic abuse affects only women? Just as many women initiate domestic abuse against men as the reverse.
    It’s becoming clear that men need a new paradigm. No longer do you find a partner to spend your life with. You break up that partner into it’s various roles and fill those roles individually.
    Get yourself a maid, get yourself a few different escorts you can call, and get yourself a dog.
    Two types of pros, and a companion that is actually loyal to the end.

  15. I think that unconsciously, what we are seeing is women filtering men very hard.
    Generally women want to filter out potential mates (shit testing). As anyone who studies game theory knows, shit testing is generally a grat opportunity to prove to a female that you meet her required mate fitness standard. The more emotionally insecure, or alternatively proud the woman, the harder the testing. (E.g. The damaged and the princess).
    What we are looking at is women’s fitness testing run amok. At this point there are only two types of men who would be willing to get laid on campus. The utterly clueless or the completely sociopathic. That is, animals and monsters. Given the incredibly severe consequences of an accusation (in this case the accusation IS conviction), Any man with more sense than your average moron, but less ruthlessness than a Nigerian drug lord is simply going to go monk or gay. (About 1% of the male population)
    I think, this is partly an unconscious response to the environment, that is, the mass of women sense that everything is about to go to shit, so their mates have to be selected for either high aggression or slavish obedience. Either will do. And it’s also partly the result of the women having gone completely feral themselves over the past 20-40 years.
    I said above that the average man will go monk or gay, there is a third choice – he can also go feral. As this situation becomes more and more intolerable, it’s a distinct possibility that a larger and larger segment of men will simply decide to abandon civilization completely. By “abandon” I mean simply stop behaving with any internal code of restraint, and become full on sociopaths.

    1. Women’s filters are for degeneracy only, not fitness. This is why they had arranged marriages in the past. Most women in future will be kept slaves – even bankers and the 1% can only want to fuck so many women in a day, the rest need to work for peanuts or die for wasting oxygen, from the banister’s point of view.
      That revolution won’t happen, because the real revolution that needs to happen is an internal one about our connection to each other, money, the land and God.

  16. If lack of intelligence prevents people from being able to give consent, then all women who have sex are being raped…

  17. When you put everything into the equation, there is only a fine line separating these weak non-muscular non-athletic judges and their senatorial and banker comrades from the aspiring ambitious powerful men who could rule this world with no bullshit. That line is only a question. What will happen to you if you cross them? They may have someone shoot you, killing you, or hack your computer, corrupting all of your data. We’re dealing with cowards here men, and a coward will continue to crawl in their hole, kicking dirt behind them to further remove themselves from responsibility and reality, and the pain and understanding that comes with it. Be the messenger to deliver them to that pain and understanding.

  18. Oh dear God no.
    That first video is making me feel ill…
    “Can I kiss you? Can I kiss you again? Can I put on some music? Can I kiss your neck? Can I ask you if its cool that you suck my dick? Wanna suck my dick? No? Why not? Can I ask you why not? Ok fine. Can I kiss you? Can I ask you why you’re leaving? No? Ok. Can I call you later? No? Ok fine. Can I bring you cookies at work? No? OMG WTF WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO MEET JAKE WHO JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON?!?! WTF!?!?! CAN I COMMIT SUICIDE!?!! NO!?!?!? WTFUUUUUUU!!!!!”
    The world is going full retard… Where is the world not like this? Where can I go to to avoid this neverending shit test on my patience?
    You know what bugs me the most? When I was a kid I actually felt sympathy for women and their crusade for equality. Before I realized it was a fucking farce.
    Be bitches all you want but I don’t want to live in a place where I can be prosecuted for acting like a normal man.

      1. That is funny… but really though… anyone know a place on this planet where this is not the direction things are going? Or perhaps a place where this cultural wash is already starting to pass over?

        1. Pretty much.
          Last year I visited the Philippines for the first time in 15 years. Things have changed since I was there in the 90s. They now have even more stringent “violence against women” laws than the US that were recently passed based on pressure from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I’m sure money must have changed hands as well. The US is notorious for bribing foreign politicians with sacks of cash – a tradition that goes back at least to the early 1930s, likely earlier.
          Given the corrupt nature of cops and the “legal” system in the PI, I heard some horror stories from ex-pats living over there. One guy’s wife falsely accused him of domestic violence and he was facing a decade in jail if he didn’t pay off the police and judge with a bribe of $50,000. He decided to just pack up and flee instead, leaving all his property and belongings behind.
          Shit is spreading globally.
          I can’t believe I’m even thinking this but I really hope that Russia and China prevail in any future war and just demolish the entire economic, military, banking and political structure of the West. Hell, I’m an atheist but would love for Russia to force Christian Orthodoxy upon the conquered West!!

        2. I gave you the best answer I could muster. There’s also porntube, pornhub, and many other internet bastions of male expression online.
          I think the virtual world is beginning to reflect reality in a way the “real world” can’t offer right now. If you find something, please let me know. If you do find something and decide to keep it a secret, I will be disappointed but understand.

        3. “I can’t believe I’m even thinking this but I really hope that Russia and China prevail in any future war and just demolish the entire economic, military, banking and political structure of the West.”
          The USA/EU will collapse all by themselves. Russia on the other gets stronger everyday. By default, Russia will win. Therefore, they’re willingly to risk everything to bring Russia to heel now.
          “Hell, I’m an atheist but would love for Russia to force Christian Orthodoxy upon the conquered West!!”
          Orthodox know you can’t force anyone to be a Christian, that would (at best) just give you someone who pretended outwardly to be one.

        4. “Last year I visited the Philippines for the first time in 15 years. Things have changed since I was there in the 90s. They now have even more stringent “violence against women” laws than the US that were recently passed based on pressure from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I’m sure money must have changed hands as well. The US is notorious for bribing foreign politicians with sacks of cash – a tradition that goes back at least to the early 1930s, likely earlier.”
          Sadly Mexico isnt much different

        5. Brazil is becoming increasingly feminist and may exceed the US in terms of absolute fuckedupedness very soon. So the Amazon may not be a safe haven.

    1. Im pretty sure this scenario was present in 1984. winston awkwardly going thru these types of questions with his ex wife or GF.
      Couple this with tvs that will now spy on us, and, I dunno- who exactly was orwell? was he a precog? did he know something? because the shit in that book is too dead on…

      1. His book seems to be totally coming true. Huxley’s Brave New World is pretty much dead-on as well.
        America is a culture where we pretend to be happy and fight over access to the most recent cultural trend manufactured for us by our marketing demi-Gods.
        A good number of people would be utterly miserable if you took away their pills, TVs, iPhones… No one trusts each other, everyone is soft and spiritually empty, lots and lots of people are going to spend the rest of their lives in debt… And this is considered normal. If you go even further down the social status ladder those people are completely lost…
        My comments are kind of sounding like “Omg the sky is falling!” But guess what guys, this “Yes Means Yes” law would be unthinkable a decade ago. We’re already holding up the sky with one hand.

      2. The end of the video absolutely reminded me of this. “CONSENT IS FUN…” “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”

      3. Orwell, Huxley and H.G. Wells all had links to the Anglo Elite and the various round table groups set up by Cecil Rhodes – groups that morphed into all the power groups that currently run the world:
        Council on Foreign Relations
        Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs
        Bilderberg / Trilateral
        United Nations
        CIA/MI6/ Other Alphabet Agencies
        H.G. Wells was in favor and his book “The Shape of Things to Come” is a butt kissing homage to the New World Order which champions the dissolving of nation states in favor of a global ruling elite.
        Huxley’s brother was a major eugenicist and they both curried favor with the global elite. While “Brave New World” can read as a cautionary tale, it seems more like a predictive novel that is neither pro or con.
        Orwell is the only one of the three who seemed genuinely appalled at the hypocrisy of the Elite and the stupidity of the masses. “1984” appears, to me, to be a legit cautionary tale and an expose on how The Empire operates.

        1. Yep. The Empire never ended. Just new clothes.
          The CFR etc. are modern extensions of the East India Company and associates. Anglo cryptocracy. The globalist scam is millennia old, originating at Babel with Nimrod. So an Eastern origin. But the propaganda really heated up in the nineteenth century with various persons and organizations, like the ones you mention. Wells, the Fabian Strategy, etc.. A long winding trail.
          Bacon, for example, published “New Atlantis” in the early seventeenth century. These are post-medieval Gnostic currents, politicized following the Enlightenment.
          The CFR and such don’t actually run the world, tho often they’re allowed to imagine that. Elevated egos are easier to control. But these orgs are high level admin nodes, not ultimate bosses.

    2. True that… man, that video was the bottom of the pit.. I was waiting for the punchline, or how they would expose how ridiculous and retarded the whole thing was, but they seriously ended it like “Yeeah, that was FUN! That was sexy! Right, guys?? Right??”

  19. Didn’t Yes always mean Yes , and No always meant No, Feminism tying to Reinvent the wheel. The thing is though, the way SJW’s and feminists are setting up things, it won’t matter if a Woman said Yes or not because if the next day the woman felt regret regardless even if she said Yes, she can just lie and say she said No, or even if a Man is set on raping a particular woman and when they are alone she says No but he rapes her , what the hell Good did the Yes means Yes law do? It won’t stop Men who are going to Rape women and it won’t help Men who get blamed with False Rape accusations. The law doesn’t change or help anything its just what SJW’s do best…oh we created another useless law, now we can all Feel good.

    1. It does make the change that innocent men can be expelled. They don’t want males on college campuses, since it reduces the amount of places, funding, jobs, and lesbian sex partners for females.

  20. Why don’t feminist just put all men in the world on trial for rape and get it over with already. Throws us all behind bars, that why we don’t have to deal with their shit anymore.

    1. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t mind being put in prison in a place like Norway or even Sweden at this point.. A prison cell comparable to luxury hotel rooms is a step up from what I have now. Its either that or fleeing the country although that may not be so viable anymore since Feminism is crossing Western borders now. I am so done with all of this shit that it dosent even phase me anymore. Theres a point where all this needs to stop and we have clearly passed it.

  21. I feel sorry for millennial males, growing up as compliant beta male bitch toys. Any male can be suspended from college at any time because a female says so.

  22. “Consent must be ongoing throughout sexual activity and can be withdrawn at any time.”
    Does that include morning after regrets?

    1. They’ll just expand the definition of sexual activity to include that. Even having breakfast, lunch, and dinner after sex.

  23. I’ll argue that second sentence doesn’t say that pix and vid can be entered as evidence, but that to take pix and video you need the same ongoing consent as for sex.

    1. “I’ll argue that second sentence doesn’t say that pix and vid can be entered as evidence, but that to take pix and video you need the same ongoing consent as for sex.”
      And there is something very boner-killing about being in a situation where you have to video your private moments with a female in the chance she decides to make your life a living hell.

    2. I Just re-read my post, I agree. However, it doesn’t change my conclusion, you still can’t prove your innocence.
      One exception –> The only case in which a female would ever agree to have sex with a man who followed this law down to letter for both the sex and the filming, would be a female far below your SMV. In this case, you probably wouldn’t want evidence that such an event ever occurred. Your planned defense wouldn’t be evidence of consensual intercourse, it would be “I have never seen this woman in my life.”

  24. Just think.
    Before each and every flick of the tongue against her labia, the college male is apparently supposed to acquire her express consent, and if perhaps she hesitated or stuttered at any moment during the exclamation of her 33rd “yes” but his tongue unfortunately did not wait for the word and hit her clitoris regardless – this could be used to legitimise a rape accusation the next day upon her regret at the encounter.
    Or she could just make some shit up.

    1. How many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? The world will never know.
      Remember that commercial?

  25. Remember the good ol’ days when the Left was screaming “Keep the government out of our bedrooms!”?
    Yeah… Those were the days…

      1. “They only meant abortion.”
        No, no, also: adultery, sodomy, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, and infanticide (they’re pushing for “retro-active” abortions of children up to three years old, or five years old, or even older), etc.
        Now normal/straight sex between a man and woman? O hell no. The state needs to regulate the sickos.

  26. The good news about shit like this, however: Good luck indoctrinating men into the cult of social justice when you’re too busy kicking them out of school.

  27. This crap continues to be implemented because men go along with it, just as with marriage 2.0.
    If every man refused to get married, citing the laws and other bad incentives as a reason, you can be totally sure that there would be major changes fast, as women still want to get married for a multitude of reasons.
    If every man refused to attend college, citing a hostile environment towards men and in particular this law, that system would very fast go bankrupt and face severe downsizing.
    There is not much point anyway for most men to attend college in the US as most degrees are increasingly worthless and just leaves you with debt.

  28. Go out and rape. Behave like cavemen. Thats what this is about.WOMEN WANT MEN TO BEHAVE LIKE UNCIVILIZED BRUTES. DONT YOU SEE??? ITS THE ULTIMATE SHIT TEST!
    If every man becomes a rapist overnight, how will they stop it?
    These laws affect only the least desireable men. Women rarely if ever call rape on their alpha fucks. They dont have their piece of shit husbands arrested. They have their whiney delta husbands arrested.
    Women are miserable their entire lives. Its their nature.
    If women are intent on being moserble and only respect and LOVE men who treat them.horribly, logic dictates men must treat their women horribly. Case closed. Go forth and rape.

    1. It’s not that simple anymore. Remember that women are essentially being used as a bulwark against the average men of society by the elite and the political class males (The administrative class). They will stomp out any form of absolute alphadom lest it spread like wildfire and we end up in a true Naturalist/Darwinist state (in our modern world this would be the free market individualist/communualist haven many speak of here.). All of the men in the system (police, firefighters, government workers etc) have vested interest in stomping out absolute alphadom due to the fact that an increase in anything like them will lower their SMV and they won’t have the Government safety net to back them up.. Acting like that kind of alpha might get you poon, but it WILL get you arrested.

  29. Get a signed and notarized consent form from a woman before having sex with her. Get charged with a crime anyway when you break it off or buyer’s remorse sets in. Oh and one more thing. The hell with real victims like Cytherea that don’t meet the accepted PC standards of who is a victim.

  30. While this law is extreme in measure, the reality is that it can be used by men just as we all know women will take full advantage of this. Just to play to my imagination. ..what if several thousand men filed rape charges against women on the exact same day this law came to a state where you reside? Id reinstall my cable just to hear the mass media handle that boondoggle. So while yes this is very dangerous to an already endangered male species, lets not forget these mindless creatures who create such laws can have it come back on them 1000 fold.

    1. Its difficult for a male to claim rape against a woman, courts usually say if a man is aroused to the stage of erection then he has given consent by his actions. So you get drunk and pass out and wake up with some ugly chick you don’t remember, and you have no case. But a woman does the same thing and she has a case.

      1. No your wrong. The hype around this involves the female not/does verbally consent to sex. If not then its rape. Same goes for males. If a male doesn’t verbally consent then the female has done something now considered rape. Dont straw man this with “oh if your penis is erect” bs.

        1. Your talking erections and dare I say physical consent? !?!
          What this law does is ensure that verbal consent has been formed.
          Did you even read? Or just commented on something you know nothing about like a female?
          And as it clearly states this applies to both males and females in protection and prosecution.
          Not saying I agree, but it sure is fun imagining the civil disobedience to such mindless drivel than can come from and be learned by this

        2. The law says words or “actions”. The male “action” of an erection has been argued to be consent. There is precedent.

        3. “Mere assent (an affirmative statement or ACTION) does not constitute consent….”
          I will not waste anymore of my time with you

        4. Same goes for males. If a male doesn’t verbally consent then the female has done something now considered rape.

          The man consents by having an erection. This law, although formulated gender neutral, is like any other rape law: Man-hating bullshit.

        5. And that argument is wrong, even if it has been made. One simply need to understand the concept of “morning wood” to understand that erections can often be entirely unconscious in origin.

      2. Just so you know, an erection is not a sign of sexual attraction. A completely unconscious (i.e. even in a fucking coma) male can still get an erection by someone manually stimulating their penis causing increased blood flow.
        As im sure most men are aware, erections can be quite involuntary and oftentimes level of erection is not directly related level of arousal.
        Only a woman would say nonsense like a man cant get raped cause he cant get a hardon if he isn’t turned on and wanting it. That’s no fucking different to saying that she was wearing a short skirt, pulled my trousers down and sucked me off, off course she wanted fucked.
        On an aside, many female rape victims actually achieve orgasm whilst being raped, why don’t their rapists say that they orgasmed, therefore they must have wanted and enjoyed it, therefore no rape.
        No more bullshit laws which protect women, but ignore men. Time for equality.

  31. SERIOUSLY… how the fuck did Feminists get so much power in the media today!?!? where did we go wrong??? It’s so dysfunctional like im reading something by a 14-16 year old girl PMSing!

  32. 1. And another huge win, not only for feminism but for radical feminism. And why is feminism winning? Because a) women are the majority of the electorate, b) 99% of women are feminists, c) it’s against women’s nature to lift a finger for men. That’s why radical feminism spreads so easily.
    2. Why are the colleges the playing ground? Because that’s where the young = the most feminist women are.
    3. GOD BEWARE if you are a student and match the profile of a rapist!!
    4. Daily reminder: Not only students are in danger. Teachers are, too, which adds to the cuntification of academia because no man in his right mind wants to be a teacher anymore.
    5. MGTOW

  33. We need to fight back. I reckon this site gets a lot of traffic- we should do a petition on change.org and get all the red pill men to sign it. Our voice needs to be heard and we must get laws like this repealed. Or at least try. It is making heterosexual men live in fear and will put a lot of innocent men in jail. I don’t know how strong our army of red pillers is, but we need to give it a shot to put an end to feminism.

    1. Are you kidding? Change.org is a leftist, oligarchical front organization funded by George Soros. They are part of this.

      1. worth a shot. When enough right wing people gather itll be done and shown tot he world. It sjust popualr amon lefties

  34. I used to approach and have gotten laid a few times before affirmative
    consent law here, but I may have to stick with self-pleasure and monk
    mode while on campus for the rest of my college attendance. It’s almost
    as if this was the intended consequence…

    1. The intended consequence may be that WHITE men go into monk mode. Because it’s mainly white guys who take laws like these seriously.
    2. Or maybe the desired consequence is this: http://i.imgur.com/40h91R6.jpg

  35. This is all good news. Hopefully more than a few men will get caught up in this. And maybe the stupid blue pill men will get the message. MGTOW
    We are soon getting to the cut off point where men “victimized ” by these rules and laws of misandry had it coming to them. Going over a process to get consent to fuck one of those bitches is stupid tap dancing for the cunts. The message should be MGTOW and show where to find pussy out in town or to just not go to a college in Hawaii or California.

    1. When the yes means yes law was passed in California a letter to the editor was written to the Wall Street Journal by a wealthy Californian father. He made it clear that although he might send a daughter to a Californian college there was no way he would send a son to one. This is what this law will result in; 100% female campuses, statewide.

  36. I just posted the “feminism for bros” video to my real Facebook account. I don’t usually come out in public with this sort of stuff, but that video is so ridiculous, I can safely post without someone being able to publicly shame me as a misogynist.
    I’m doing my part. Are you? Service. Guarantees. CITIZENSHIP!

  37. You already know if a petition isn’t made, or a stink isn’t created from all of this… SOME kind of outcry now rather than later, no matter how much they blow it off… will just allow these skankbags an easy life for the rest of their lives because you know DAMN WELL this is gonna spread into regular law.
    I once heard they were trying – or have succeeded in – punishing a married man for raping his wife. His Wife. His fucking WIFE.
    That Purple Purse shit? Yeah, I don’t see that being abused in the slightest. *hand jerking motion*
    All rules and laws made by feminists are made to be abused by stupid irresponsible women. I would dare any man on any campus to file a rape charge on a woman and see what the fuck happens. I know it’ll be nothing, but I say tell them you’re recording the call or the criminal filing. They’ll either refuse to let you record, or they’ll just play along until the recording stops. What a bunch of bullshit.

  38. The only way to demonstrate the absurdity of this law, is for men to call campus security in the morning when they wake up next to a woman they have regrets about sleeping with. Only after women are forced to defend themselves against frivolous claims, and have their lives altered in the process, will feminists and white knights come to repeal these kinds of laws. If this law really protects men and women equally, as feminists claim, there must be an equal amount of claims from both men and women as victims. Next time you wake up in your dorm bed next to an unattractive / obnoxious feminist… call the cops on her. Its her fault you can’t remember if you consented.

    1. Oh come now, you and I both know that this is a one way street. Men can never be seen as victims of women by feminists and their rules and laws.

  39. I’m pretty sure the disease of feminism did not infect Hawaii colleges, it originated from those institutions. The fault ultimately lies with legislators that cave in and continue to expand victim privileges because they assume feminist positions have debatable merit, and ergo is an issue of public opinion.
    When dealing with activists, know first that their cause is fueled primarily by emotions, and that alone should be reason enough to block whatever it is they’re campaigning for.

  40. As said in the other thread, why are men even risking sex on campus? Starve them out. Even if she throws herself at you, if there is no signed contract absolving liability before hand (a la Chapelle show), then you turn her down. It has to start somewhere. Can you imagine the hoards of college women getting told no, only to find out that the very laws they had passed are the very laws keeping them from getting sexual attention. How did Ghandi kick out the Brits? The People stopped buying stuff. And in the case of feminism on campus, the currency is sexual attention. Turn off the tap, and change the radio station.

  41. Legalize weed in the US while turning every young man into a rapist. This country is so fucked and brainless. Before reading this, I didn’t realize just how BAD this law is. Anything to create greater division among the peasants by turning them against one another.

  42. The power of these social justice warriors is the ignorance of your average citizen. Your average citizen sees the word ‘equality’ and gets a small but very nice buzz, because he has been conditioned to think of ‘equality’ as something good. He sees the phrase ‘equal pay’, and doesn’t even think about the practical question of whether a woman’s work and a man’s work are equal and warrant equal pay. He sees ‘protecting women’, and he thinks ‘well, who could be against that?’

  43. If it is possible to be more far leftoid crazy than California then Hawaii is certainly on the short list of contenders for the title. This is no surprise.

    1. Hawaii is mostly Asian and mixed-race after all, so it would make sense that it is infested with leftoids.

  44. Right off the bat, the notice says “sexual activity (including pictures/videos)”. I don’t think they mean using pictures or videos to establish consent, but rather that you have to have consent to take sexual pictures or videos.
    And hearsay is when someone hears someone say something, and then repeats it in court to prove that something is true. If girl X says that guy Z raped girl Y because girl Y told her so, that is hearsay. That would be clearly inadmissible, but there are several exceptions.
    It all becomes a he-said/she-said as to what words and/or actions went on between the two to indicate consent, especially ongoing consent. It is just a harder bar to leap over for the accused because a lack of evidence of any sort of a struggle certainly doesn’t need to be present.

  45. financial abuse… in a world where women hold most of the jobs and are spending most of the money/credit and get the most loans for college as they have the most degrees…. [slits throat internally]

  46. Hardly surprising.
    Here’s the dilemma-there’s a limited number of men who have the financial capability of supporting a female and her intended progeny.Every year that number decreases , and if university grad stats are any indication even fewer men will be qualified for higher paying jobs. Its hard to graduate when you have a child support order from that night at the basement house party.
    As the years pile on the demographics will deteriorate worse, to the point where incrementally laws will be tighter and tighter until bachelorhood itself is illegal.It wont be because of a shortage of bluepill men-itll be because those men are either reproductively replulsive , or because theyre too broke to play “beta bucks”.
    Enjoy plate spinning, because at this rate in ten years itll be a national crime to cheat on a woman.

    1. Yes means yes laws make pumping and dumping illegal. It is an assault on men. If a girl get pumped she just cries raped and problem solved. Man is arrested and his life ruined. Nothing but a way to scam and bully men into commitment or else they face rape charges.

  47. imo if western men still want to prove the have guts to stand up to women
    why not use these laws to accuse women of rape?!! just go with the flow and never verbally or give obvious “yes” signals, have sex and then throw her in court, if enough men do this the law will be reviewed easily!! obviously this won’t happen cause men just talk about being a man but when it comes to confronting women wimp out.

  48. I absolutely love how every single one of those videos about “poor financially and emotionally abused” women has a dislike to like ratio of 5 to 1 and the comments are disabled because everyone with half a brain kept calling it out for the bullshit it is.

  49. The point of yes means yes is simple. It helps ensure no beta male gets sex and if he does he gets hit with rape charges , while still taking all beta men’s income to. Support her thug Spawn. The feminine imperative can’t be beaten. .they will never stop taking. They will crash the system and then blame men for letting it happen.

    1. “They will crash the system and then blame men for CAUSING it to happen.”
      Women would rather die on the spot than take responsibility for any of their failures.

  50. #6. Never uses the word “Prosecute”. Please don’t use hyperbole in very serious matters such as this, as you do us all a disservice when you do. Otherwise, excellent article, and thank you for the heads up.

  51. Hey bud, the second sentence that reads (including pictures/videos) refers to types of sexual activity (sexting) NOT how the consent is recorded. Kinda ruins your article with this obvious flaw at the start.

  52. It’s starting men. The bachelor laws are here. Obama care is a bachelor tax on men, now any man who fucks a women is a rapist if she says so.. . Have sex with her and don’t call back or commit or do anything to Make her mad and it’s downtown to speak to the cops and into a cell you go. The shaming of single men is also increasing. Bottom line is they want their money and any single man without kids has a huge target on his back. It will only get worse. Add to this the reality of men simply unable to afford families and lack of breadwinner jobs.

  53. What if schools thought like this. We are a school. We teach things. You come here and learn. What you do when you leave is your own business.
    If I were a university president I might consider getting rid of residences, sports and social facilities for the school. Run them through third parties in association with the school. The sports facilities could be privately owned. And the residences could just be apartments that are close to the school. There is never a shortage of bars close by to universities. Then no student union, no student politics, just another phase in your life. In a way it may be a better experience, and you might end up going to work while studying. Beginning your life at 18 while continuing your education. Maybe it takes 6 years as opposed to 4, but you learn how to work and live and pay bills while doing so. Then your education can grow with your career. You could also start your family a bit earlier.

  54. I didn`t understand the video called “feminism for bros 105”:
    Was it supposed to be joke ?
    – Why didn`t he just fuck her ?

  55. That “Purple Purse”-thing was just too funny!
    If “Purple Purse” worry that women don`t have enough cash , why don`t they just hand out cash to these bitches themselves ?
    Why is it “financial abuse” when the man refuse to pay, but not when “Purple Purse” refuse to pay ?
    What a joke !

  56. And with regards to that bogus double-jeopardy “consent” thing, just film the fucking thing anyway.
    We all realise that this charade is a scam designed to give women a “regret option” when she sobers up and realises its not cool to be a whore after all, and they also think they`ve covered all their tracks by preventing you from getting evidence through video, but just make it a habit to film it when you fuck her anyway.
    They started this thing, and you need to guard yourself from false accusations.
    Furthermore, the real rules regarding rape are found in Deuteronomy.
    They basically state the following:
    If they scream it`s rape. If not, it`s voluntarily.
    If you rape a woman that belongs to another man, you die.
    If the woman was not a virgin on her weddingnight, she dies.
    If you rape a virgin, you have to marry her and pay her father 50 shekels of silver.
    Here is the complete and real set of rules regarding rape:
    Marriage Violations
    13If a man takes a wife and, after sleeping with her, dislikes her 14and slanders her and gives her a bad name, saying, “I married this woman, but when I approached her, I did not find proof of her virginity,” 15then the young woman’s father and mother shall bring to the town elders at the gate proof that she was a virgin. 16Her father will say to the elders, “I gave my daughter in marriage to this man, but he dislikes her. 17Now he has slandered her and said, ‘I did not find your daughter to be a virgin.’ But here is the proof of my daughter’s virginity.” Then her parents shall display the cloth before the elders of the town, 18and the elders shall take the man and punish him. 19They shall fine him a hundred shekelsb of silver and give them to the young woman’s father, because this man has given an Israelite virgin a bad name. She shall continue to be his wife; he must not divorce her as long as he lives.
    20If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, 21she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done an outrageous thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you.
    22If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die. You must purge the evil from Israel.
    23If a man happens to meet in a town a virgin pledged to be married and he sleeps with her, 24you shall take both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death—the young woman because she was in a town and did not scream for help, and the man because he violated another man’s wife. You must purge the evil from among you.
    25But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. 26Do nothing to the woman; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor, 27for the man found the young woman out in the country, and though the betrothed woman screamed, there was no one to rescue her.
    28If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29he shall pay her father fifty shekelsc of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

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