It’s Time To Flip The Script On Frivolous Divorce

So, you’ve been frivorced.  When you were out slaying dragons, you knew you could always find warm companionship back home in your cozy foxhole with your, ahem, beautiful and loyal wife. ‘It’s you and me babe against the world!’  Right?

But then the unexpected happens.  You start taking on fire from inside the foxhole.  It’s like a scene in the horror movie when the operator tells you that the homicidal call came from inside your house.  Now you’re facing attacks from two sides—from the dragons and your wife who, come to think of it, you haven’t had decent sex with in a year or longer.  And actually, she’s not really that beautiful.

She may ambush you with papers, catching you totally off guard to optimize her exit strategy.  Or she may passive-aggressively just stop being a wife until you’re forced to drop her dead weight (which, her hamster says, absolves her from any guilt).  Either way, you know the next several years are going to be a crap-fest.

Where am I going to live?  Can I keep the house?  Is she going to ream me financially?  Am I going to be on the hook for alimony?  For how long?  Is she going to accuse me of abuse?  Is she going to try to take my kids away?  If she does, will I have to pay child support and not even be able to see them?  How much is this lawyer costing me?

It’s a lot to take on, especially if you mostly believed the gynocentric pile we’ve been force-fed since forever. But, cheer up.  I’m here to tell you that frivorce can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

First Thing First, Survive

Your world was dumped upside down.  Know that it will take time for your brain plasticity—your thought patterns and expectations—to reshape to your new reality.  So here are some quick pointers to get you through this phase.

First, accept and mourn what you’ve lost: financial security, a common history with an ex-friend, a lot of wasted sacrifices and an idyllic future with an intact, nuclear family.  A proverb says, “weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”  No weeping, no joy.

Two, lift weights.  Walk.  Run.  Bike.  Swim.  Hike.  Whatever!  Just get your body moving and occupied.  It relives stress and anger and helps you sleep.

Three, if you’ve neglected male friendships like most married men, it’s time to make some.  Male companionship is good for the soul.  Your posse will support you and show you how to have fun again. And you can return the favor some day as a new soul is born out of the matrix.

Flipping the Script

As you come out of the post-divorce funk, you question everything.  You believed so many lies that blew up in your face that you don’t believe shit anymore.  And that’s good, because you have to leave the past behind and grab hold of this opportunity to shift from a blue-pill life in support of the Feminine Imperative to a masculine life that serves your interests.


You will have a lot of free, unmolested time that you never had being married.  Use it to build the masculine life you want.  But you have to do some real soul-searching here.  Ask yourself what really matters to you?  What do you really enjoy?  What brings you deep fulfillment?  And where do you want to be in 10, 20, 30 years?

Your goal is to build a life that is full and balanced, that makes time for work, family, friends, hobbies and especially kids if you’ve got them.  Build relationships with your buds.  They will last a lifetime.  A woman… maybe not so much.

Tag-teamed by The Man … and The Woman.


Oh Lord!  How hard have husbands worked to satisfy ridiculous bitch demands…. bigger diamonds…  kitchen upgrades… houses we couldn’t afford… expensive cars… and on and on and on.  None of this shit matters to us, but we foolishly enslaved ourselves to provide it.

No more!  Now, you have total control over your own resources.  And believe me, you will have different priorities.  For myself, I wanted off the work-work-work, consume-consume-consume treadmill.  I wanted less stress, more freedom and an earlier retirement.  Win, win, win.  This is the path of minimalism whereas wives always and everywhere are expert maximalists.  She wants you yoked up for life—bringing her diamonds from the salt mines until your heart gives out.

Yes indeed, Corporate America and your princess were riding you hard.  You were a beast of burden enriching them both.  Now it’s time to turn the table.  Do you have a job or role you don’t really like, but kept because Princess?  Screw it!  Take the role that makes you happier.  Are you stressed-out and anxious in a job that pays only a tad more?  Screw it!  Take a less stressful job.  You don’t have to be a corporate drone anymore because you aren’t serving Woman.  (See how Corporate America feeds and nourishes feminism to create their biggest and most mindless consumers?  And how you were caught in the crossfire?)

I’m not saying abandon fulfillment in work.  Far from it.  But do it on your terms, brother.


This is tricky and men take many paths here.  Depending how blue-pill you were and how long you were married, I recommend taking a lot of time off from women.  Women are going to try to suck you right back into their narrative before you can clear your head and build an integrated masculine life.  Only after you are living it can you figure out where women fit in.

They will want marriage…you can bet on that.  But you don’t—at least not now.  You just got out of one and it sucked.  They will want to dominate your time.  But that will eat into other relationships and hobbies that are important to you.  They will want your money and support.  But you were just financially screwed in the divorce.

No, going forward, women will have to fit into your frame.  And more than anyone, you should be loath to ever give one woman power over you through marriage.  Dating post-divorce is fantastic because you wield real power for the first time in a long time.  It was so palpable to me—and so unlike the last years of a failing marriage.  You can walk away from any relationship for any reason without cost.  No lawyers!  If you were a beta or greater beta in your marriage, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to be alpha when you have actual power.

And for the love of all that is holy!  If you feel yourself falling back into the female script, reminisce a bit on your time in the county court system and with your divorce lawyer.  Or look at your alimony and child support check.  I’ve seen recently divorced men lurch right back into marriage as if they required a domineering woman to validate and order their lives.

Yeah, that’s more like it.


Life threw you a curve.  But you now have a great opportunity to flip the script.  It will take some hard work and patience, but when you come out of it, you will be better, stronger and smarter.  You will rethink and reorganize your work life.  And you will know what you want – and don’t want – from women.  It all tastes like freedom.

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  1. Soul-searching? I like the muslim alternative more, just throw some acid on that slut’s face.

  2. You’re free now. So get in shape, read good books, fuck lots of bitches, and stack that paper! Fuck bitches, get money, and repeat.

  3. Great post, and true enough, having just been through it myself. One thing you didn’t mention: sometimes child support and alimony make it IMPOSSIBLE to leave your high-paying corporate job and still be able to put a roof over your head and feed your kids, if you were lucky/tenacious enough to get a significant amount of time with them. Try packing three of them into your minimalist studio apartment six nights per week. Not happening. The result: it’s going to be a while, at least until alimony ends, before you can chase the dream of a more fulfilling career. Find another dream in the meantime. Or an even higher paying job, if that can be done. You’re not quite free until you are free from financial obligation to whatever greedy, ignorant, entitled child you used to be married to. Falling behind on princess’s free money is one way to land yourself in a world of shit.

    1. No. Shift the paradigm. For your job- hey, this is just so devastating I can’t focus and I have to quit. Done. Well, actually I’m taking my sick leave, and made a claim for disability for mental stress but don’t see how I’ll be able to work after that, unless she makes some compromises and reduces your stress.
      Your attitude was to continue doing the duties of a husband after you were fired. Sorry, I’m fired from a job I stop working.
      She knew you well enough to count on that, it was part of her calculation in deciding to divorce you. She could divorce and continue to receive the financial benefits of marriage.
      So, now if money is important to her at all she can get reasonable about the alimony and child support (or you take the kids full time and keep them in the house, she gets an apartment no child support).
      She can choose 100% of nothing for all I care- or, some affordable percentage of what you make. You can survive on surprisingly little, and help kids out later when you can shift back to a higher paying job and she’s remarried, or states alimony period has ended etc.

      1. Excellent advise this is what I did and she went from 1500 to nothing man she was so pissed she was shouting at the court hearing lol.

      2. This is a surprisingly effective script for damaging your reputation, your credit score, your kids well-being, and your own – especially after the judge’s orders are in. While I get the spirit of paradigm shift, you err in assuming you know enough about the details of my situation to make a judgment call about my attitude. You couldn’t be further from the truth, and I would argue that *becoming* the victim is a poor way to go about rebuilding your life. Sometimes you have to buckle down and wait out some undesirable circumstances in order to emerge on the other side with all of your resources, including your self respect, and the well-being of your children, intact.

        1. You are correct I don’t know your situation. It’s all different, I hope it works out for you. I kept the house, kids living with me, all my income. She got a portion of my retirement, split the savings, and I bought her out of the house. Eldest got through college and her two year teaching program debt free by living at home with me, second is doing the same and in her junior year, son started college away at his dream school this year and I’m paying cash for his expenses. Was able to buy a new Hyundai for cash for my middle child to commute to college. So- kids doing ok, I think, by living with me avoided the statistical risk of a problem with mom’s new boyfriends. Never had that issue.
          She visited in the mornings after I left for work to see the kids off to school, brought them dinner once a week and could visit when they were willing to have her there. So, they have the relationship they are willing/able to have with their mom.
          I’m maxing out my 401K every year, and building cash in the savings account. Took the kids across the country to see their grandparents (her parents) for a week this summer, hit all the amusement parks.
          So– not really feeling like a victim here, and I don’t have any problem with self-respect.
          It did come at a cost, no dating (keep the home stable, no drama for kids between ex and GFs) and parked my motorcycle until the youngest hit 18 this year. Although a good time rebuilding the conventional carburetor’s with my middle daughter.

        2. That’s all great to hear. Nicely done. Did your ex work throughout the marriage? That’s one HUGE mistake I made, is enabling mine to not work for fifteen years. So she was the one with zero income going into the divorce.
          What I had in mind when I said “victim” was the idea of quitting one’s job and claiming disability, just to change the game. It crossed my mind, believe me – but it smacks of the same dishonesty she was pulling. I guess one of the things I prided myself on was being honest even though she wasn’t. Character is what separates me from her, at least that was the thinking. Plus, advice of counsel was that the court would likely call it voluntary underemployment, and stick me with the same rate of child support and alimony in any case. This is Washington state, and our family courts are infested with feminist judges.
          If I could have paid zero, I would have. I had no intention of continuing to “husband” from afar. She is on her own and proceeding to destroy herself financially, even though she is subsidized.

        3. Most of the marriage a stay at home mom, volunteered full time at the kid’s school when the youngest hit 1st grade. Then went to work a couple years later.
          Hope I’m not coming off as criticizing you, everyone’s situation is different, and as you point out laws are different. My ex knows I don’t bluff, compromising with me ensured I’d keep working and bringing in enough to take care of the kids. It’s not really about quitting- it’s about finding whatever leverage you can.
          We’re also drama free- so we used a mediator- she was loathe to feed any of her/our money to lawyers. She’s never been greedy, she’s actually good with money and can separate wants from needs. Low, low chance she’ll mismanage and ruin herself financially. And her pride will get in the way, same as wanting to do things on her own and not feel dependent on someone she was betraying.
          I put a long post about strategy up towards the top, knowing one’s enemy and yourself. A lot was dependent on knowing her really well. It was the feelz- so, kids are inconvenient to a woman with the feelz. She knew me well also, we both kind of played each other in a way. I watched her drive the kids away (that’s what she really wanted, no responsibilities play at being a mom). If I’d challenged up front, she’d have fought like hell. I just kept asking for the draft of the agreement to be amended as she relinquished them more and more. She settled for less, and just a piece of my military retirement so I’d guarantee covering the big expenses like college down the road, all the healthcare. State schools are a break on tuition as a disabled vet. (Which is more like having pre-existing conditions as you retire- back issue). She knew if I said I wouldn’t be a barrier to the kids, I wouldn’t be. So she set up a situation where I, a roommate or the kids could object to them being there so she’d have someone else to blame. Kids folded. Day we were to sign the agreement she texted she couldn’t take my daughter on her upcoming weekend, and she’d drop our daughter off at my house. Called her and said I was gone for the weekend, it wasn’t the older daughter’s job to watch the younger. Particularly this soon after divorce. She said she couldn’t make the changes the therapist said had to occur for daughter to go. I said fine, if I’m always going to be the outlet and can’t make plans and you can’t make room in your life for your daughter she always has a place with me. BUT the agreement would need to reflect my having custody. I said I’d give her a week to consider, instead she called the lawyer and had the agreement modified so we could still sign it that day. And that’s how I have custody of my kids. She offered to give up child support, but I left it in place-wasn’t that much and knew she’d spend it on the kids– which would be better for them and relationship with mom. And prevent anyone from blaming my being cheap at screwing things up.
          You do the best you can with the cards your dealt. Truly, I wish you and yours the best. If your kids are old enough for phones, get them some. My ex would text/call each night at first, it meant a lot to them and it really affected them when she stopped.
          Sorry for the long post, but maybe the detail will be helpful to someone…

        4. Nope, I don’t take it as criticism. I’m happy to have the conversation. We need more of that, everywhere. Your story is interesting. It sounds like you had more to work with in in the form of a somewhat reasonable ex.
          Mine, on the other hand, is treacherous and personality disordered. She was working on the divorce for three years before I knew anything about it. She didn’t even have the common decency to tell me herself – I found out when I noticed a stack of copies of my financial documents in the trunk of her car.
          Three years before I made my discovery, she had filed for assistance through the “Moderate Means” program, which gave her access to reduced-rate representation. She had delayed filing for divorce because the longer we were married, the longer she would be able to collect alimony. Then, the smear campaign started with family and friends. She had been making accusations of emotional abuse, alcoholism, and other things for years, without my knowledge. All this was to build her case for maximum effect in court. She never intended to have an amicable divorce – she is a narcissist, and her intent was to destroy my reputation, damage my relationships, and extract the maximum financial gain from the proceedings. She claimed she was disabled and couldn’t work – she was going for lifetime alimony and wanted 90% of my net income, all things told. She refused to go to mediation until the very end – it cost me $60k in attorney fees to defend myself, and she just kept filing frivolous motions; she thought I was going to have to pick up the tab for her fees, too, so she went hog wild. Eventually, *I* was awarded fees because she had withheld information and wasted the court’s time. It was the most stunning display of dishonesty, ignorance, and greed I had ever seen, and while I still had to bit the bullet on child support and alimony to a degree, she really damaged her credibility in the end and was advised that she wouldn’t do well at trial, so we landed in mediation.
          She was hell-bent on destroying me, and cashing in while she was doing it. The system up here, and elsewhere around the country, is set up to enable that kind of treachery and protect the system’s abusers.
          I’ve enjoyed the dialogue – and also, thank you for your service!

        5. I’ve enjoyed it as well. I saw some horrific divorces while in the Navy. Back before email & internet, guys would come back from deployment and there’s the spouse with divorce papers and a restraining order, telling the man- you’re staying someplace else. Credit cards maxed, loans and bills unpaid, savings accounts emptied– new loans/cards if she had power of attorney. Same malicious spreading of accusations/rumors. Yes, some women would actually file court documents accusing the husband of abuse of them and the kids on days the guy was at sea. One guy came back after 6 months- no wife. Took a taxi home- squatters living there.
          To calm guys down we used to talk about implementing the 5 year plan. Stay calm. Don’t get angry or violent, no threats. Make sure everyone who sees you will testify you just took the divorce in stride. So, when the ex goes missing in 5 years you won’t be a viable suspect. Fantasy– but got some guys through the immediate crisis, and obviously in 5 years they’re well past it.
          Folks talk about boys forming bad opinions about women from video games. Hysterical — they form their opinions based on the actions of the women in their life. Most often the conduct of their mother’s and friend’s mothers.

        6. If she was disabled that was a strong case to take custody. But you allowing her lazy ass to stay home all those years was the downfall. As soon as my youngest went to school I ordered her to work she refused so I plan my divorce I was in the service and I knew very well what long term unemployment will lead to in a divorce with a stay at home mom… alimony. Keep in mind the courts have downgraded you to a paycheck and when your kids are 18 guess who’s job it is to keep coughing up money? Yours and if you don’t they will stop talking to you why? Because the system said your only commitment to the family is money. Don’t be a slave

    2. Luck is opportunity meeting preparedness. Patton
      Just curious, is she now finding it inconvenient having the kids on her time and benevolently allowing you additional time? And expressing that you should be grateful for it?

    3. He’s right I went to a mental institution and was diagnosed with bipolar which immediately allowed me to escape the “voluntary unemployed” support obligation. She ended up moving in with her parents and getting nothing and the court ordered her to WORK!!! lol crazy right? You have to get very aggressive fast in a situation where tons of money and slavery are at stake

      1. This is a serious issue, the suicide rate for men, the depression after divorce– it affects them at a fundamental level. Especially as they try and power through meeting all obligations as if they were still husbands. And the high stress job keeps them from the time necessary to support their kids through the chaos of divorce. Ignoring the tremendous amount of mental stress and emotional damage the man is going through.
        It is not unreasonable at all to step back and say– I can’t deal with both the divorce and the pressure of my high stress job. I can’t handle all the child responsibilities and being there for them at the same time as working the high stress job. One has to go, and you can shed the job not stop the divorce and its affects on the family.
        This isn’t a B.S. strategy gimmick, it is in fact a very real issue- that men be encouraged to seek help, reprioritize their life and shed the stressors that they have control over for both their mental and physical health.

        1. I don’t know this is risky before the court the only way the judge can’t slam you if your proven physically or mentally incapacitated. I feel this would lead the judge to recommend you seek therapy and then get your ass back to work or say something stupid like “all divorces are stressful sir.”

  4. Hah! I love the idea of this article and all around, you offer very good advice. As someone who has experienced this as well, my transition into becoming the Red Hood and all, let me share a few do’s and don’ts.
    By all means, clear the table. You just dropped or were dropped by some aged pussy. You spent years in the tank and she, thinking she had some quality life to her pussy left, decided to next you while you were too entrenched to fight back. This is the best time to learn how to fight back. Immersing yourself in the red pill of truth of women’s natures will help immensely. The women will likely still try to manipulate you to take more or if you were the bottom in the relationship, you will try to beg your way back in. Think of this logically. Who has the leverage between a boss and an employee when the employee is fired? Which of the two roles do you want to be?
    Some will say take a while from relationships. I don’t agree exactly. Your main priority is to purge. Purge the bitch from your life. Purge the complacency in your mind and heart. Purge your anti-social ways after the first 5 months. You get a lot of time to heal because this is your life. Your cells dictate this isn’t really much time at all so it is recommended you pursue social interests that will put you in league with better quality women. Preferably younger women but to each his own tastes apply. You need to push yourself into being able to handle a relationship because accepting no relationships is the same as accepting defeat to insecurities. Unfortunately as men, we don’t get this luxury.
    The biggest difficulty by far is learning to purge your life of the unnecessary. Some changes will be easy like playing an instrument or going out. Others like martial arts or lifting, cooking, or traveling may require we get in touch with something we consciously tried to kill off to be with someone. Resurrecting these qualities can be like another death but you have died already in a way. Do what you wish accepting that this has already happened.
    Much of these things I have taken on as well. Everyone fails. Not everyone fails with women, or admits this loss openly. When you have a life built together, you have no choice but to accept the public loss. Win another day and build upwards.
    To the men who dropped their bitch before the hammer dropped, good job on winning!
    EDIT: When I first read the title, I was under the impression that there was some way to curb or fight back against the women who sought to eliminate or destroy a man’s current life with them or his married life in general. Seeing it as a report on how to survive, while beneficial to some men, to guys like myself who refuse to lose, seems like common sense.

    1. Well, if you managed to cheat death even after the Joker killed you, how can some evil vag carrier compare? 😀

  5. Astounding isn’t it? Get out of a really bad relationship and jump into another one. Just mind boggling.

    1. Some men have been Stockholm Syndrome-d into being comfortable in letting someone else dictate their life. Those invisible chains mean comfort.

  6. All true. Got divorced from a cheating wife of seven years who turned right around and married the lowlife she was dating. No alimony and since we had no kids, no child support. WIN! That was three and half years ago. It took a long time to get over because I was pretty blue pill for most of my life. Just turned 50 and loving life again. No more marriage. Done. But the earlier posts are true. I dumped all the material junk, and I’m getting back into shape and reading and learning things again that I never had time for because I was too busy catering to a neurotic wife. As for getting back into the game. I don’t have that desire yet, but I will when I feel like it. Truth is, I’m just enjoying my freedom again way too much! The fact that I’m getting older, I just don’t feel the need to chase tail like I used to. Been there, done that. And I will again if I see a woman who puts steam into my stride.

    1. Thanks for posting that. Wish more men would do this as it helps those out there who are coping with the transition and/or dysfunctional relationship they find themselves in. Good luck to you.

      1. Thank you John. Not the first, definitely won;t be the last. Better to give up all you’ve got and escape with your life if that’s what it takes. All I left with was the clothes and the dog.

    2. Good job man. This is the kind of stuff I like to see. Fucked up? Yeah. Did it suck? Yeah. Gonna sulk? Hell no, lets get out there and be great! Way to go

      1. Appreciate that. Sometimes you gotta be knocked flat to see how screwed up your life has gotten. Best thing that could have happened to me.

        1. “I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” — George Patton

        2. it has to piss them off that we are still breathing after all that they have put us through.

        3. One of the indicators of my mental health was when I realized I couldn’t give the hindquarters of a feral rodent about her thoughts about me.
          The other was when I realized I’d forgotten her birthday.
          It was a big deal, because her relationship with her kids was weak. A therapist had been very explicit on my not getting involved in their relationship with her. Don’t push anything because if things went wrong they’d blame me. Don’t put expectations on them that would make them think I wanted them doing any specific actions positive or negative. So, the first few years I’d stress as to whether or not I should remind the kids. If I mentioned it would they feel obligated to do something even if they didn’t want to? Or if they realized they missed it would they be upset they forgot? The year I didn’t remember it at all I took to be a good sign.

        4. Be careful of all the women who will try to set you up with their friends. I’ve found it offends their sensibilities that a man with assets is walking around unattached. They see you as the solution to their female friends problems…

        5. I was asked by a brother in law (sister’s husband) a few years ago what my first ex-wife’s name was. I had completely forgotten it. It helps that I had not called her, or even thought of her, as anything other than THE BITCH for a decade or more. It eventually came back to me, but the satisfaction of knowing it took real effort to recall …. priceless.

        6. On the subject of forgettzing: I just realized I can’t remember what my first wife’s voice sounded like.

        7. Oh Brother! That cuts both ways. Went to a Christmas party and every female in the room had to tell me there was a single male around. As if I was hunting for an available male. No thanks! I’ll pass.

        1. Love it. When my daughters bring up some issue about/with their mom.
          “Stop. Picture in 50 foot high neon hot pink letters-
          Got fired from the job and I won’t take it back up.

        2. my standard reply to my kids about their moms ,inlaws and others problems is , sorry to hear that …. nothing else , not my problem anymore.

        3. My inlaws are actually really good folks. I’m the one who kept the kids in contact with them, went to Hawaii on vacation together, just took the kids to visit with them for a week this summer. They haven’t spoken to their daughter since just after thanksgiving 2010. My eldest daughter getting married this summer and the in-law/ex interaction is one of the unknowns…

        4. glad you got lucky, my ex inlaws are mailgnant narcs , i could only wish it would have ended that way

        5. Every guu in her life will meet that fate in one form or another. May I ask what her relationship with her dad was like ? Actually this is an open question to everyone, you ever have a wife/girlfriend/whatever that would have been ok if not for daddy issues.

        6. Really good. He is a great man, and got rooked in the divorce with my mother. He’s disciplined, yet laid back, worked smart and got ahead in life where others just accepted whatever was slopped on their plate, and today is retired and with two retirement incomes (not SS, real retirement) and we take motorcycle rides across the nation every so often.

        7. lots of daddy issues , dad left her at a very young age, mom remarried, our relationship felt like i was her parent rather than her husband – it was wierd…

    3. She was cheating on you when she was in her mid 40s??? I guess its true what some on this board say: “game” never ends, even when youre married

      1. Yeah, she was a real milf. Looked great, but the brain was nothing but a series of arcing wires. I was a typical dumbass: loved the sex and ignored all the warning signs.

        1. Haven’t we all been that? I know I was on several occasions. Any man that says he has never been made a fool of by a woman is a liar.

    4. Glad you posted this. Good for younger guys to know there is a win amidst all that. Those chains aren’t eternal.

      1. I hear you. Lost my virginity to a Brazilian back in the day. Talk about setting a high bar for every woman that came after.

        1. I actually knew one of those girls.
          The video is misleading because night game in Medellin isn’t that great. There’s very little trust between people, after Escobar and the civil war that occurred in the nineties, and they sit in tight circles all night.
          But the quality of women? Unbelievable. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Be advised that the gringo effect is weaker than it used to be, since the city is now supersaturated with thirsty white guys. In another five years it’ll be totally blown out. The air quality is getting worse too.
          But it’s still great. I rode out my divorce there in high style, between many pairs of shapely legs, staying in a dead narco’s penthouse suite. That’s God’s honest truth.

        2. I dont game chicas. I meet them through friends. I am not a pickup guy. I usually have three “girlfriends” at a time. Its an awesome life.

        3. My first was an absolutely smoking hot 16 yr old who looked like selma hayaks even sexier niece.
          Crazy high bar was set that day.

        1. Bullshit. I live here and it is as safe as most U.S. cities. Only a fool gets in trouble here.

        2. No more dangerous than the U.S. The neighborhood I lived in Medellin was nicer than the neighborhoods I lived in many U.S. cities. Have you been there?

        3. After doing some serious research I realized there is a lot of hype on Colombia especially medellin and bogata. It’s just considered “hip” to hit up dangerous places as safe excursions I stick with Costa Rica and Panama for my trips.

        4. It depends.
          Some cities. town and neighborhoods can indeed be very dangerous. Others are perfectly safe.
          Parts of Medellin and Bogota are probably safer than your own home.
          The city of Cartagena can be dangerous for tourist which is a shame , considering that it has nice colonial building, beautiful seaside, generally friendly people and some gorgeous women.

        5. I don’t understand this argument I don’t live in us cities for exactly that same reason why would I want to be in a different country with the same conditions as the US?

        6. I’m glad your honest Cartagena is where that US judge got kidnapped and his family had to pay 33k ransom to get him out. That spooked a lot of my travel friends that decided to pass on Colombia for Argentina.

    5. Good for you. Just spend your time doing the stuff you like doing-life is way too short.

    6. nearly i dentical situation and i am doing the same thing ,enjoying life and sitting on the relationship sidelines

    7. My ex married an unemployed Mexican guy after me. I vaguely knew who he was but had never met him. Not sure if she cheated but who cares — it’s three years and two thousand miles away now.
      Keeping busy, I couldn’t even look at a woman for about six months during the divorce. Then, everything slowed down, I had free time, living in a new place… and the testosterone came roaring back like a freight train. I hadn’t felt that since my early twenties. It could happen to you.

      1. There’s a fair amount of science behind that too I believe, the regaining of testosterone. MGTOW-ing type thinking to the contrary, no matter how much we may not like it, nature seems to want us always to, if not be paried, at least be rearin’ to go for a pairing at any given moment. The testosterone increase is a real thing after a divorce/separation.

        1. Yup. The testosterone train came barrelling through me in about a day. I couldn’t find a woman for a couple weeks — I was staying with relatives in a smallish town — and was for the first time in my life considering buying a whore. Walking around with an massive thirst for vag is a horrible way to go through life.
          Then I was introduced to a twenty-nine-year old woman also getting divorced. We clicked. She invited me to stay with her, and neither of us saw daylight for the next month. I tore that pussy up like a bad report card.

        2. And the best use for it is to go to Bangkok, Angeles City (PI), Dominican Republic, Colombia, or some other P4P place and burn all that testosterone up before you do something really stupid with it.

        3. I think T has a bad rap, which is no surprise in modern society. Actual low T men are bitchy, tempermental and generally depressed and borderline angry all the time. They’re also weak and flaccid of course. High T generally is uplifting, and while honing my “hunting instincts” when I see a woman (“Rig for red!”) I find myself calmer, more focused and generally far more clear thinking than if I get into a slump. Plus, muscle mass, lower body fat and all that wonderful stuff.
          I think somewhere along the line Normal and high T levels were (intentionally) smeared by association with guys who go on ‘Roid Rage binges. Roid Rage and artificially hopping up your body like that is not really at all like what natural high T is like.

      2. My first ex-wife married the last guy she cheated on me with, about a year after we split. People ask me if I hate him. I don’t. I pity the poor bastard. If ever the punishment exceeded the crime it was this one. He stayed married to her and she treats him like a dog. How he puts up with it, or why, I will never understand.

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    8. “I dumped all the material junk, and I’m getting back into shape and reading and learning things again that I never had time for because I was too busy catering to a neurotic wife. ”
      Goon one man! Looks like you’re dumping all the “mental junk” that comes with being married to a dumb c**t as well.
      The fact that you’re clear financially is a total bonus!

    9. Good for you Brother! Now it’s time to Focus Strictly on YOU… Your finances, Your health, Your hobbies, etc. Best of luck to you!

    1. It’s a contract and if ending it can’t be settled the state has to make the decisions for you. Those decisions are all about the $$$$. It’s so much money sometimes it practically a retirement plan which makes the process that much more contested.

      1. It isn’t really a contract. It’s a legal entanglement.
        There is not an exchange of goods/materials/services where default can be enforced. A contract has provisions in the event one party breeches it.
        Marriage is unusual in that via no-fault the person violating the agreement can insist on receiving the financial benefits even after termination. I.E. relief from responsibilities while continuing to receive benefits.
        Always wondered what would happen if a man filed claiming he wanted to continue to receive the conjugal lifestyle to which he’d become accustomed to during marriage.

        1. Always wondered what would happen if a man filed claiming he wanted to continue to receive the conjugal lifestyle to which he’d become accustomed to during marriage.

          Exactly this. It’s exactly the same mentality at work, yet somehow, to the courts it only “makes sense” when it benefits women.

        2. No difference between me spending a couple of hours per day working for her benefit, and her spending a couple hours a week working for mine.
          My wife didn’t make the claim on my life, so I didn’t make the claim on hers.

  7. I got burned a couple of times in normal “relationships” when I was really young – and that did the trick for me. After the second one, I turned into a pussy-manipulating bastard. (This was way before game was even a thing.) I had no blueprint to work with, I just focused my mind on how to take advantage of women’s patently obvious, childlike mentality. After going from blue pill to red pill in a mind-boggling fashion (caught her in bed with a friend after she had gotten pregnant by somebody else), a couple of years later, I was happier than I had ever been. Went from living with a cheating slut to having a full-blown harem. I even went so far as to have my life financed by women, in return for live-in sex, on three occasions. And I left each one for a better deal – just like a woman would do (turnabout is fair play).
    Having never been married (or divorced), I can’t tell you how it is from that side of the coin. But it sure is invigorating in a masculine sense, to do things your own way, for your own satisfaction only, and on your own terms. I know it isn’t for everyone, but avoiding marriage like the plague has allowed me to do things that most men would kill to do. The point being, take care of yourself first and foremost, and strive to reach every goal you set forth. The longer you work at it, the more successful and confident you will become. And this will allow you to have a bit of everything that is really good, instead of a a whole lot of something that will never allow you to reach your full potential; and quite likely, might leave you dangling from a rope after your “soulmate” leaves you for the crack-dealing pimp up the street.
    Fuck or be fucked. Eat or be eaten. No mercy, no quarter. Seize the day.

      1. Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes…only way to go. Don’t dwell – do it. (Grazie my friend.)

        1. Whats sad is there is so much more to life than bitches and their quarter dollar pussies .But i dont know why so many men waste their lives in chase of neurotic ugly semi skanks

        2. I don’t understand it completely either – hafta stand in another guy’s shoes to know for sure. But I understand it in some ways. Most men want marriage, happiness, a wife and a home to build their lives around. All due to indoctrination, I suspect. But doing that sure leaves a hell of a lot of better options out of the equation. Big universe. Lots of ways to go.

        3. “Most men want marriage, happiness, a wife and a home to build their lives around.”
          The only reason any man should get married is to have children.

        4. Good thing that your father thought otherwise, n’est-ce pas?

        5. Yeah. Same. When you throw in the fact that you have a solid 60-90% chance of having your kid taken from you in divorce, there is NO WAY I make that emotional/financial commitment. About 14 of my 20 closest friends have a daughter who sleeps down the hall from some grown man they barely know. 3 or 4 of the others just don’t have a daughter. It’s outrageous. You think I want to hold my own daughter in my arms, establish those extraordinary emotional ties and then have that “Just always remember, Daddy loves you” day when she gets driven off to sleep in a house with no man or with some hipster/bad-boy potential pedo? Fuck it. I’d rather travel. I’d think twice if there was a 5% chance. 60-90%? No way.

    1. “I just focused my mind on how to take advantage of women’s patently obvious, childlike mentality.”
      Did this in Japan, women are “children” there as well, where I had linguistic ability and understood them but them not me especially since people don’t share feelings these broads could never read my intentions..
      These broads thought it was serious and then I’d vanish like ninja into the night…
      Easy fishing but grew tired of it and left the country…

      1. They all get boring after a while, don’t they…gotta see what’s on the other side of the hill.

        1. Yeah the easy pussey in a country should not be a deciding factor in staying or leaving that’s for sure. There are more important things ..

        2. Way more important things. Hell, having access to quality toilet paper is more important, IMHO.

  8. I have never understood people who get re-married let alone those who get hitched 3 or more times.

      1. What is the first thing a woman does when she gets home from her battered women’s support group?

    1. The more poetic among us call it “the triumph of hope over experience”.
      The more reality grounded among us call it “Sheer bloody minded stupidity”.

      1. As a four times married man I would strongly agree with the second. I can argue youthful stupidity on number one and two. And add that at the time I married those times there was no internet, and the red pill knowledge was a deeply hidden secret, if it existed at all as anything but tacit. I will argue that number two was a good wife, and a nymphomaniac, which gave me a distorted impression of married life. She died young.
        Number three was a Costa Rican woman (age appropriate) with a really great ass (and I am an ass man) who was a psycho (not just my opinion but the considered opinion of health care professionals that put her in the locked Psych ward). Why is the sex always better with the crazy ones? I escaped after having my life threatened at knife point on several occasions.
        Number four was pure unadulterated stupidity. At an advanced age I let my little head do the thinking. And warn others that those young Filipinas (LBFMs) are man traps of the first order. There is no one more a fool than an old fool. On the plus side she hasn’t gained a pound in the 9 years since we got married, is in her early 30s while I am in my 60s, and is still a good wife. Even so, I know a lot of things I could be doing that I can’t because I am married. And even more things that I am doing only because I am married.

        1. For me, the SE Asian wife is a bad idea for 55 plus men. Why not just get sorted financially, cruise into a pension and move there? Get the variety. I’m not trying to take a run at your decision and I wish you the best. Luckily she hasn’t gained weight and your redpill knowledge probably keeps her on her toes. But I’ve seen some guys who went for the 25+ years younger SE Asian who then gained weight on them. Now that sucks. Also, smallish SE Asian women do not take on weight/age very well at all. Better to keep a revolving door of 19 year olds imo.
          And yes, Filipinas are devious game-players. The internet allows them to compare notes too so all the tricks are in their quivers. With the VAWA legislation handing out fast-track green cards to any foreign woman for merely claiming abuse, then marriage, even to a foreign unicorn, is completely untenable. Has nothing to do with any emotions or choice. It’s legally untenable.

    2. They escape one marriage hassell free and think what the hell everyone else is talking about divorces being bad. Then they dive into another and get destroyed the second time lol.

    3. I don’t understand how anyone enters a second marriage without an iron-clad pre-nuptial agreement. (Everyone can make one mistake, but…)
      To be honest- I even advised my son-in-law he should look into one prior to them getting married. Even though he currently makes less than her. Love my daughter, don’t think she’d ever do him any dirt even in a break-up, but I felt obligated to give the same advice I’d give my own son.

      1. It is more than just protection I think. With a pre nup your son won’t be forced to cower in fear every time she hasn’t a bad mood. He can stand up to her. It balances the power

      2. “I don’t understand how anyone enters a second marriage without an iron-clad pre-nuptial agreement. (Everyone can make one mistake, but…)”
        Totally “Once Bitten Twice Shy.”
        Did work for a customer and he told me his neighbor across the street was a real nice hard working guy divorced twice and thus paid his house off “three times!”

      3. I give that advice to my sons, right after I tell them they are idiots for even thinking about getting married. But, I owed no such fiducial obligation to my son in laws so they were left on their own. Blood is thicker than the manosphere.

        1. He’s a good man, I’m more interested in the child custody aspects of things than the financial. Like I said, I love my daughter and have tried to set a good example about kids needing both parents in a divorce, but she’s still a woman…

        2. I did do him one favor. My daughter called up a month or so prior to marrying the guy and said she wanted to keep our family name out of respect for me, maybe hyphenate. I told her maybe she doesn’t love him enough to marry him. Such nonsense disappeared immediately, and was never mentioned again.

        1. ” She don’t even know my name, but I know she like me just the same.”
          No singing talent needed for that. For the LULZ had my four year old son doing that line…yes…..pure bloody gold. Go on lady, ask his name hahaha.

  9. divorce rape is powered by lawyers and the incentive system in place.
    Nothing to do with divorce or gender or anything, but just noticed in the UK a human rights lawyer has been struck off and is being chased for lost public funds for ambulance chasing and colluding in his clients’ lies and deceptions. Not quite the same perhaps, but perhaps divorce lawyers need to feel some of the pain this guys experiencing right now. After all, they benefit in the same way from eliciting character assassinations and encouraging testimony to damage the other spouse. What if that incentive system could be reversed in part or whole, and divorce lawyers for instance had to fear the possible professional and financial consequences of colluding with any claims that were frivolous, malicious or evidently “motivated” etc.

    1. I once read your version of divorce court is chock full of family and friends of the royals- any truth to that?

        1. no idea. read it many years ago. the courts have morphed into another way for the elites to tax the proles

        2. lawyers feed off human misery on both sides of the Atlantic I think. Divorce lawyers in particular should probably have a similar status to predatory paedophiles

        3. What is the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?
          One is a scum sucking bottom feeder … And the other is a fish.

        1. Never made sense to me. There werent any water buffalo back then. Shoulda been loyal order of triceratops. Hanna and/or Barbera really cocked that one up

        2. funny you should say that. While frantically searching for this image I learned that in early episodes it was the “Loyal order of the Dinosaur”. I can forgive it though, as footage from the time is sketchy at best.

    2. Family law is the most (physically) dangerous type of law for any lawyer to practice. The probability of being shot, knifed, or otherwise attacked is greater than for mob lawyers.

        1. Bombs and firebombs figure greatly in their life experience as well. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.
          Actually my first divorce lawyer was a good guy. But he was forced to handle the case in his firm as he was junior. A couple of years latter when the bitch dragged me back to court (a frequent occurrence for many years) he told me he no longer did that kind of work. It is kind of like having to clean out the septic tank when you are the low man on the totem pole; a dirty job, but someone (preferably someone else) has to do it.

        2. Yea it’s a shitty stick…. guy I know gong through similar… going o for years…..I knew the wife and got along with her. When you see how women can change in a heartbeat it’s frightening….. they don’t want to get on with their life, they want to get everything, put the guy in an early grave, then get on with things….

  10. I nearly took the plunge a number of years ago…. thank fuck I didn’t. It would have been just one big shopping and holiday spree…. all on my dollar. I got away with having spent shit loads on stuff and nonsense…. it would have been a whole lot more expensive if I had put the ring on the finger. Anyhow took a while, what the author says about grieving is true. I didn’t. The grief lasts a whole lot longer if you don’t face up to it earlier on and just get your dick wet and stop thinking there will be some great reunion. That’s for Hollyweird.
    Lot of wisdom in getting out and lifting weights, cycling, hiking, motor biking, etc. Live your life, it is all you have.

    1. Good show my friend. Life is about frustration and loss for most men. Because they cling to things that weren’t real to begin with (blue-pill indoctrination; too many warm-and-fuzzy Hollywood fairy tales, “love is everything”, whatever). Loss is part of life. As is frustration. Embrace both, but cling to neither. Life can also be filled with accomplishment, and satisfaction, and the accumulation of wisdom – but only if we allow ourselves to cling to those things, instead of the other ones.

    2. The grief lasts a whole lot longer if you don’t face up to it earlier on and just get your dick wet and stop thinking there will be some great reunion.
      “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.”

  11. I have wondered if bitcoin could be a place a man could put his dollars during the divorce process to help them remain unseized. Or something along those lines. Anyone know ?

    1. I really don’t trust Bitcoin *that* much yet. It’s not the security/anonymity part, it’s the highly unstable value fluctuations that it goes through, especially if some hacker knocks off a major trading hub for it.
      Now cash, I do trust. Cash that she doesn’t know about, that banks don’t know about, that nobody but you knows about, that is stashed in a place only you know about and have access too, that I trust.

      1. My father taught me similarly about stockpiling tangible resources. But, safe deposit boxes at banks can hold cash, coins, precious metals, etc. and you can put it in your kids name so she doesn’t have access to it.

        1. I don’t trust banks further than I can throw them.
          If you have living parents, taking a stash from your wallet to their house weekly (“it’s my Christmas savings! Don’t tell the wife or kids!”) would work. There are other places as well that are entirely out of her (and the courts) knowledge and grasp.

      2. True enough. But I was thinking more from the standpoint of just leaving the country, taking what savings you have and transferring them via Bitcoin to a country perhaps in SEAsia to avoid the divorce rape, alimony and child support. I’m not in that situation I just merely wondered if one was desperate enough. Could it be done? In Canada you can’t carry more than 10k of cash on a flight

        1. The key here is to move fast. Transfer into Bitcoin, cross the border, establish a visa, open a bank account, and transfer into the local currency. Have passports from two different countries, whenever possible

  12. Marrriage in anglosphere is like bungee jumping…..with the wife holding your rope so choose carefully

  13. I lost the McMansion that I took decades to build up to. I lost 3/4 of the small fortune I had in IRA’s. I now live in a 750 square foot apartment and I am loving it. Once I sell my business, I am moving abroad and becoming a perpetual traveler.

    1. My friend I’ve known since kindergarten is now living in an illegally converted garage apartment. Spent first couple of years hoping his ex will– ‘come to her senses, see the light’.
      This for an ex who quit her job well over a year prior to the divorce on the advice of a lawyer to boost the alimony. Told him she just wanted more time to pursue hobbies, volunteer- so he agreed. Completely blindsided when she filed.

      1. I can spot these bitches from a mile away. It’s ten times harder to fight a divorce if someone “plans” their strategy years before you can.

        1. I will be strongly encouraging my son if he ever contemplates marriage to get a pre-nup from a lawyer with a proven track record of having theirs upheld.

  14. I actually learned from my mother to be a minimalist. She was also against spending money on unnecessary things and always said “save, save, save”.
    My mother was a blessing to my father. They owned a small gas station, and my mom was the one to wake up at 6am to open it up. My dad would come around noon, while my mom went home to take care of the house and us kids. She would then go back to the store in the evening, take dinner to my dad, and help him close the store.
    My mom set a high standard for the kind of woman I’d want in my life, one that is willing to work hard with me and save for the future, versus just wanting to spend money… I still haven’t found that one.

  15. If you are in your 20’s don’t get married. Period. No discussion.
    If you are in your 30’s AND are dating a woman that you would like to be the mother of your children then think about getting married.
    If you are in 40’s don’t get married. Still single on your 40th birthday, enjoy it. Travel while you still have the vitality to do so. Heck sell your house and become a nomad. Your 40’s are probably the golden decade for most men.
    If you are in your 50’s get married. Men decline quicker then women and unless you marry a selfish bitch you will enjoy having an in-house caretaker more then chasing fleeting days of game.
    If you are in your 60’s and still single then just embrace the bachelor life. The years of chasing skirt, long nights out, and heavy drinking probably mean you don’t have many birthdays left. You will pass into the next life (if it exists) with a nurse from the Third World by your side who doesn’t give a shit about your life. But, heck, you might enjoy a few years of retirement before that happens.

    1. “Men decline quicker then women” ….In what respect? I believe it’s actually the exact opposite. Ever hear the saying “women are like milk, men are like wine”

      1. Men die at an earlier age on average. Tons of reasons why, but truth is they do. As respect to decline, most men are as they have been from 30 to 60. Might look a little bit older and have less hair, but are still the same. Men don’t have a “wall” like women do.

        1. I still don’t get your point. And dying earlier “on average” has nothing to do with decline.

        2. Yeah, I think hitting 140mph on a surface street at night on a motorcycle would put me at a bit higher risk of shedding this mortal coil than my ex. Any decline involved is fairly abrupt.

      1. Eh, having kids is a great benefit, and raising them properly in a two parent household ensures that you’ve done a lot to ensure that you’re not turning another psychoid Hipster into the world. I don’t think psychoid is a word but it sounds exactly like what Hipsters become, so I’m going to run with it.

        1. Humor. It’s my thing. Perhaps I should add sarcasm tags, as I’ve seen you point out occasionally. I just let it rip. Let the pet frogs get stepped on…

        2. Thanks. It’s a perfectly cromulant word, and really, it embiggins us all.

        3. I see what you did there. It happens that I have heard both of those questionable words before. Probably from the same source where you got them. The majority of the audience isn’t old enough to have know where.

        4. Oh, who here doesn’t recognize a classic Simpsons reference? Heh.

        5. Simpsons have been on a very long time. It started as a skit on the Tracy Ullman show in 1987. Many of the guys on here were in diapers then.

        1. People who haven’t married by 40 generally don’t. They’ve set up their world just the way the want it and are resistant to intrusion.

        2. The bureau of the census agrees with you. Anyone 40+ and never married is classified as permanently single.

      1. Thanks to TRP & places like ROK it’s not so bad, actually a lot of fun. My divorce happened a couple years before my 40’s & life has never been better.
        If more men find TRP resources we should see a reverse in the male/female mortality rate after divorce.

    2. I’m in my 50’s and really happy. As I tell my daughters, that might be because I don’t have a woman in my life, not despite it.
      That might change if I run across a woman to skydive, SCUBA and ride motorcycles with, but I doubt it.

        1. That witnessing should be given to every high school male as a prerequisite to graduation.

        2. Worst part was this didn’t happen until right around the time I got married! Gave me pause to say the least….But then I realized: fuk him – I wouldn’t marry the mess he did!

        3. Did you later realize that you had married the same mess he did, or are you still in the calm before the storm?

        1. I enjoyed being married for the majority of the time. GoJ found someone he’s compatible with.
          We’ll just see, don’t hate women- but not in a hurry to have someone just to have someone around. If I stumble across the right one, why not?

        2. I dig, I’m just saying that I’d rather ride, hunt, fish, drink etc etc with a guy. Women aren’t really funny, interesting or independent. Guys make better friends. I couldn’t see her adding anything to these already enjoyable activities. I’ve got a good one around, I could understand having one around, but I just don’t know for what if it’s not domestic or support role based.

        3. I see your point and I do agree you need some activities that are just guy only and separate from the woman/women in your life.

    3. Men dying earlier doesn’t mean men decline faster. It means that, generally speaking across society, we take jobs that have more danger to them, or that we have much more stress due to having a lot more responsibilities. If you’re living a good life and not working 15 hours a day or in a coal mine, you’re going to probably last as long or longer than the women you know in life.

        1. What? You mean work is not a bunch of fun socializing that men did to avoid taking care of the kids? And men weren’t hogging all their pleasure in getting out and enjoying life while she endured the slavery of marriage?

        2. I may be mistaken, but I believe that life expectancy for men AND women in Russia is decreasing noticeably.

        3. It’s possible, but I was referring at the difference between male’s and women’s.

        4. “You mean work is not a bunch of fun socializing..”
          The more I watch women at “work” the more I realize most of them treat it this way. Any real information and knowledge asked of women in the hardware store, my suppliers etc is turned over to a knowledgable man right away….

    4. I have a backstop lifestyle choice based on a dude I met in Thailand few years ago.
      He was a 65 year old German Guy -Fit, healthy, retired, happy, drunk, with a cute 28 year old girlfriend…
      I was trying the same thing — lasted 3 months — and decided to return to the “real world”.
      Saw him several times always at the beach all day, drunk at bar at night with his cute doting girlfriend.
      only thing that changed was the girlfriend – and every day

      1. Write Volkswagen Group and let them know- Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini…. and several other brands are made by them.
        If they run ads based on lies, well, I don’t trust them about their vehicles.

      2. Jesus fck. What a shitty commercial. Is this the reason to buy an Audi? The message should be; everyone gets what he or she deserves. No matter what genitals you have.

        1. Good enough for me! If we don’t live life like we mean it then we are giving in to their propaganda.
          BMW or Mazda for me now

    1. This shit has gotten to nearly a fetish level. I mean that sincerely, a fetish is something that is all consuming to nearly an insane degree, it is irrational. And that’s exactly what’s happening now on commercials from what I’ve seen. Maybe I’m so long gone from television that I miss it happening across shows too, since I only catch the commercials rarely online and the shows, never.

      1. It remind me of the BS in the Bud-lite ads with that chubby female comedienne throwing around the discredited wage gap stuff. Done with annheiser-busch and therefore Boddington’s.
        Now I’m done with Volkswagen Group and their 12 brands, including Ducati motorcycles. Actually in the market for a motorcycle this year, I’ll stick to the Japanese sports bikes ..

        1. It seems that this whole corporate-becomes-political thing is very, very new. I think that the Left finally has enough foothold in corporate America in an overt sense that they are no longer hiding the iron fist behind the velvet glove.
          There is huge value in turning all of this bullshit, psychologically tested bullshit, off. Maybe keep one guy viewing to keep us abrest of what idiocy is going to “become popular” in a few months, but otherwise, there’s no excuse to expose oneself to this lunacy any longer.

    2. No, you don’t tell your daughter those things, because they are fucking lies. Tell her to work her ass off like a man and she will achieve. But make sure she understands that life has opportunity costs. If she wants to take a couple of years out of working to have kids, that she will most likely not be a CEO. If she chooses to go to school for gender studies, she won’t make the same as a man that has a business or STEM degree. She will make choices that affect her life and she must understand and deal with those consequences.
      And last, how the effe did they get the soapbox derby car there in the first place? It didn’t fit in the car.

    3. Someday he’ll have to tell his daughter that her father is a whimpering little faggot. Who drives an Audi.

  16. Here’s a neat trick, if you see her withdrawing from the marriage and know/strongly suspect that she’s cheating and you want to end it first. Write this down, it will save you a pantload of money.
    – Have a large wad of “not in the bank” cash stashed somewhere that she doesn’t know about and has no access to. Very important here, and think “several thousand dollars”. Nobody but you knows about this.
    – Find every really good divorce lawyer in your region (which is not even close to the same as “every divorce lawyer”) and hold a 1 hour interview consult with him or her. Do it for EVERY SINGLE ONE in your region, try to leave no stone unturned here, not even one. Visit and interview with each and every one about your case.
    – Do the standard “switch her off of my bank accounts and cancel my credit cards” immediately. Start your very own bank accounts (from a P.O. box if you need to, in order to keep anonymity before you strike). This should ideally happen as close to, or even on the day, that you start the divorce proceedings. The “set up the alternate accounts” of course can happen months before that as long as it’s not near tax time.
    – Settle on the best attorney you found, and then file and have papers served.
    Now here’s the fun part. She panics upon being served. In courts, the one who files is the Plaintiff and the one who gets served is the Defendant. The Plaintiff always, for whatever reason, seems to get the benefit of the doubt over the Defendant. I don’t know why.
    She runs out to get a good divorce attorney in you region, but guess what? You’ve interviewed with all of them first and they refuse to take her on out of a clear conflict of interest (which they are compelled to do). She’s stuck with Ned Newattorney or Bob Badattorney while you have Golden Parachute George representing you.
    She can’t pre-emptively remove you from the financial accounts since you’ve already taken that step AND you’ve already set up a whole new financial system without her name on it so that you’re not gut punched and helpless for a week or two. Meanwhile, she is.
    All that stress from a surprise attack AND not even having a slight chance at good representation AND you’re the one who filed first instead of her, that really helps add things a bit more in your favor.
    Or so I’ve heard from divorce attorney types and groups.

    1. This reminds me of one of my favorite story arcs from The Sopranos- the wife wants a divorce, she gets an attorney, he calls the attorney, says “Do you know who I am?”, attorney refuses to represent her. This happens over and over again. No one will represent her, so she gives up. No divorce. Too funny

      1. I like it. The mob divorce. “Two ways we can go here. I’ll give you what I think is reasonable for the settlement and we can part friends. Or I will dig a hole and put you in it…”

    2. this seems like very sensible bug out insurance that every married guy should follow. There are only two ways to keep yourself safe from these hazards. The first is your way, illustrated above, the second is my way…not to get married. Any other way leaves way too much of an opening for total ruin.

      1. I perfectly understand you not getting married. I am also going that path, unfortunately.

        1. Why unfortunately? Marriage has no worth to a man anymore. You can’t “own” her, like it used to be. A ring meant something fifty years ago, nowadays it’s just a piece of expensive metal. There is nothing a man could get from getting married which he could get not being married.

    3. Nothing wrong with a solid plan. I’d expand on the first paragraph, paraphrasing from no less a personage than Howard Stern:
      “If you even suspect for an instant she’s cheating, divorce immediately. Because,
      A. You’re right = dead marriage.
      B. You cant trust her = dead marriage.

      1. Can not emphasize this enough. I am married to a Filipina woman 27+ years younger than me. She asks why I don’t seem to be jealous like so many of her friends older husbands. She asks if a care about her cheating or not. I tell her that if she is going to cheat there is nothing I can do to stop her, and that if I even suspect that she is I will turn my back on her and walk away without a single look back. I won’t be jealous; I will be done.
        I have been cheated on and have absolute proof of it. I know that I suspected it early and often. Everything I suspected proved to be true every time. If there is one thing that young guys should take away from this article is that if you suspect your wife, girlfriend, FWB is cheating on you, you are 100% right. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to the nearest exit just as fast as you can. Don’t look back.

        1. If you start to believe you need to watch her, realize that you don’t need her. Walk away.

    4. “The Plaintiff always, for whatever reason, seems to get the benefit of the doubt over the Defendant”
      A CAPT in the Navy put it as – First one to the chalkboard wins.
      People tend to believe the first story they hear about something, with folks having to present proof to dispel it. Why we got ongoing BS in national stories- Hands up, don’t shoot! Zimmerman following Martin, etc. etc. — even after they’ve been disproven, folks hang onto that first account.

      1. That sounds more or less like one of the major reasons I’ve heard for this.

      2. Dumb bitch files first. You have off the record cash and ect as you should. You have all major paperwork as you should. You are staying in the house as you should. You do not wish for the divorce process to stop. The advantage of filing first is negated.
        You’re just going to amend an agreement. If dumb enough to hit with fault and think will make it to trial. That will soon be corrected. After all, you do have twenty questions can bind her up with and you do have things she doesn’t want public record right?
        It sucks. There are default things have limited or no control over. Yet, it is a legel logical proceeding with a order of operations and a great many deadlines. You know all the type of things she used to depend on you for before went full retard. Reality is not like a lifetime movie and BFFs…..the court nor her own lawyer give two shits how she subjectivity feels. Broken contract and lawsuit, you’re not getting a unicorn or blood from a turnip.

    5. I had kept a box of cash that was invisible in the proceedings. I also withdrew everything from our joint account before she could get to it.
      Then I forced HER to file. In the state we were in, every single filing, every single motion, costs nearly $500. She demanded that I help pay, so I laid it out — “This was all your brilliant idea, you’re frivorcing us because of feeelz, so you’re footing the bill. Otherwise we stay married until the end of our lives.” Hangup.
      It worked. I walked away from the marriage about fifteen grand richer, and contributed a total of $3.50 to the divorce costs. For photocopies and postage.

      1. Fantastic job. Clearly no kids involved, heh.
        I’m at the stage now that if the wife decides that she needs to have Better Life Feelz, I won’t have any child support (aka alimony) and there’s no actual non-sneaky way of getting alimony otherwise. It’s like being kidless again, except with a bigger kitty to divide.

    6. That’s some great advice. I’m just flat anti-marriage. It’s not even a choice anymore, given the laws surrounding it and the cultural zeitgeist in general. Even if I’d been dreaming of marriage my whole life (I haven’t been), it wouldn’t be an option due to the legal entanglements and how the government has manipulated the innate mating drive to their benefit.
      But, for the guys who are married, your advice is great. I would just say to any newlywed man; minimalize from the start without her knowing and sock away 15-20 in cash everyday, hidden in the woods. That’s even if you have a unicorn. Claim lattes, drinks with the bros, mid-day lunches, whatever. Claim your going golfing and take your fishing pole down to the river. That’s 50 bucks right there stashed, untraceable. You want to build up that 100k cash parachute in about 15 years. It’ll add to your dread game anyway.

    7. “- Find every really good divorce lawyer in your region (which is not even close to the same as “every divorce lawyer”) and hold a 1 hour interview consult with him or her. Do it for EVERY SINGLE ONE in your region, try to leave no stone unturned here, not even one. Visit and interview with each and every one about your case.”
      Straight from the man, Tony Soprano. I remember that episode clear as day.

      1. I’ve never seen that show/series. It’s advice you’ll find on many pro-male divorce forums and from pro-male divorce attorneys though.

    1. I am posting this to every board that ever talks about men getting married. I think I will send it to my mother as well. I love this. Thank you for sharing. God why did Clooney get married IRL?

      1. Same why Bill Bur got married: they aren’t the true bachelor-advocates they pretend to be. Bill married some black semi-feminist woman with a big yap. I’ve heard her talk in a podcast. They fight, she’s nasty. Terrible.

        1. He has ZERO excuse. None. He knew the deal entirely, as seen from his standup prior to marriage, and he knew where it would go. Of anybody, he actually gets a lot of my ire. Man was red pill 101 for the comedy audiences, then goes and shoots his own self in the foot *intentionally*. A pox on him.

        2. But why did he do it? I can’t figure it out, really. He could have known that thousands of his fans would hate him for this betrayal, which it is. He is going against what he believed in, what he preached, from what he made his money. There are hard criminals in prison who deserve more respect than this piece of sht.

  17. Great article. But I would add a few things, just a few here.
    You need a strategy for the divorce. You’re in a war, she has chosen to be your enemy, the enemy of your children as well. Tearing up a stable two parent home is devastating to them with high risks for their future.
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    Do your one night cry, one night drinking binge. That’s it, time to heal later but you’ll fight with the emotional arrows sticking in you for now. Get yourself in a calm, rational mindset and sit somewhere quietly and meditate over everything you know about her– not how you feel dammit–what you know. What is important to her? Is she greedy? Is how others view her/social status important? Is she good with money or bad? Does she thrive on confrontation, or try to minimize it. If you challenge her does she ratchet things up to the next level, or back down somewhat? What does she want to achieve? Does she want to party more? Get together with a bunch of guys, or is there already one guy? Is her intention to move in with someone? What does she like and not like? Does she actually love her kids? Not words- actions. How will her likely actions achieve what she wants– what are the things she says she wants that are contradictory to what she wants to achieve. Are her actions being consistent with what she says she wants- if not, what are the likely outcomes. The logical predictable outcome of her action is more likely the goal than her words. Especially when it comes to the kids. You need to take what you know about her and develop a strategy on how to leverage that knowledge to achieve your goals. You want the kids full time? Really- because it is a lot of work, and you’ll need to be very supportive of the kids having time/space with their mom even if it’s in your home with you not there. Kids need a relationship, even if they don’t respect or like her, they’ll want that connection- your job to provide it in the kids interest not the ex’s.
    Mediators are cheaper than lawyers. A lot cheaper. Only one person vice two, and they don’t have a vested interest like lawyers in increasing the time it takes, fighting over assets. They’re also a hell of a lot faster.They want to write an agreement you’ll both sign and get on with the next client.
    – Your enemy always in a rush. Do they want things done fast?
    Do they prefer to minimize the conflict? Leverage that. Be amicable and support her getting it fast and easy- but insisting that requires keeping the alimony/child support numbers down. Haven’t had time to work out budgets, how you’ll afford things for the kids.
    – Appearances important to your enemy. Well, kids losing their home cuz mom bails on the family isn’t going to boost her status. (Especially if Dad has stayed calm and kinda appears devastated vice running around drinking, threatening —that might make it appear like you were that way during the marriage). Lotta talk. Kids need plenty of room and it just looks so bad to tear them away from their location, friends, schools.. Mom jumping in with the new boyfriend immediately after isn’t gonna look too good. If Dad keeps the house though, and he isn’t involved with a female.. and she gets that little apartment away from all the old contacts….
    – What does your enemy really want. If she wants to party/hook-up/live with some guy than kids can be really damn inconvenient. And judgmental as all hell. They’re great lie detectors because they stop listening to you two adults who couldn’t keep their word about marriage and observe. They come to conclusions based on your actions. It’s gonna take a while for the initial agreement to be drafted, reviewed and finalized. When Mom finds the kids inconvenient she’s going to want you to take them. Good. But if you’re taking them more and more on her time, than shouldn’t that draft agreement be modified to give you more custody?
    – Money really important to them. Can’t get blood from a stone. Quit your job (or take sick vacation days initially telling her you’re quitting). Hey, you’re so devastated and distracted you can’t focus. You can’t work. File a claim for mental stress. Maybe if she lowers the stress with a more reasonable/just agreement you’ll be able to gut it out at work. Mediator– hey, let’s compare cost for two lawyers vice one mediator. Does she really want to spend 20-30K between you on folks to argue for you instead of doing it yourself?
    You don’t give up ground/position to your enemy without gaining something. She fired you from being part of a team, don’t be. Recognize her for what she has chosen to become- the guy in the foxhole turning their gun on you and your kids. Do what is in their and your best interests. Her issues are ‘Not Your FuXXing Problem’, biggest issue I see with guys in a divorce as still trying to do husband duties after they’ve been fired.

    1. Sound advice. I anticipated a lot of these problems by marrying a woman who earns more than me and spending more time with my kids, working as a self-employed contractor. Zero incentive to divorce me, but created its own issues that have needed constant frame to avoid becoming a pecked hated cuck. The kids are the thing, and I often caution her to ask herself if she’s acting like someone who will be married in ten years.

    2. Documenting time with your children, including date, time, hours spent at activity, and witnesses to each activity, long before the process is in motion, is a hell of a weapon in your favor regarding getting your kids or at least not having her cut you off from them as she goes out cock hopping with them at home with a babysitter.

      1. Great point. Next door neighbor ended up getting full custody of his daughter after his divorce was final by documenting all the times his ex asked him to take the kids on her time. Had to go to court to get it changed, but the judge looked at the records, boom – full custody to the father.

        1. Oh, they’re fantastic mothers while they’re arguing for child support. Then they’re benevolent wonderful women trying to get dad more involved by ‘giving up’ some their time with the kids to him. He should be grateful.
          They’re even leaving him the number in Cancun where they can be reached…

      2. Documenting by not just writing it down yourself, but getting her to send you text messages or emails confirming your child supervision dates & time.

        1. Great advice. Yes, and keeping all texts, very good, didn’t even consider that.

    3. Very true a lot of this won’t work depending on how much money is up for grabs, and quit working before the final hearing claiming disability bi polar whatever before the state tries to enslave you.

      1. I based it on the author’s premise–you’re like me and didn’t do any serious prep work early on.

    4. This is the most accurate representation I’ve read. Dealing with this situation now.

      1. I feel for you, don’t get down. Don’t let it change you into a bitter angry person, stay the person you want to be.
        In a few years, you’ll have forgotten a lot about her believe it or not. Hang in there, look out for your kids.

  18. The german Lügenpresse published an article today about security controls at the United States airports: A german reporter had to give his smartphone to security agents and he was forced to tell his Google password so that the agents could check if the reporter published negative tweets about Trump.
    At least thats what the Lügenpresse says.
    They are going full Judenpresse over here.
    They published a poll yesterday that showed that Trump surpassed Putin as most hated man in germany.
    Shows you how brainwashed and obedient the german people really are.

    1. Why would you need a “google password” to get on twitter? This sounds like fake news to me.

      1. Further, there is no way that anybody would be forced to “give up passwords” to anything lacking a warrant, even at the border. They might be able to search your luggage, but passwords to computers seems to me to be way over the boundary here.

    2. Oh that’s bullshit. There is no such “directive” nor would one stand five seconds after being signed if such a thing existed. That’s what you call a “lie”.

      1. He is not kidding unfotunately. German press is gone full barking mad about Trump. I had to turn off the radio on the way to work as they are saying some real nutty stuff (eg. reporting about the Quebec mosque shooter a few days ago and in the same sentence say “he is a Trump fan”). They have gone full Goebels.

        1. Oh, that wasn’t directed at the veracity of what he’s reporting. I was commenting on the stupid levels of insanity at the very suggestion of what they’re reporting happening. It’s like they’re framing it in a way that “they understand” that has almost no bearing whatsoever on how America (faulty as it is) operates. They sound like they are literally counting on stupifying levels of ignorance in their target audience.

        2. No one ever lost a penny underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Apparently, this applies to the German public as well.

        3. They have been drip fed “Republican bad, democrat good” for decades, but this is a country that polled 95% Clinton before the election. Many Europeans are a parody of what they believe themselves to be.

    3. Exactly what the fuck does your post have to do with Frivolous Divorces? Or are you just hijacking the thread to post some fake news about Trump?

  19. if you have a buddy going thru it take him to closest “love you long time” place.
    I believe Dominican Republic has “divorce weekend” specials. If it is you – take yourself.
    Do not talk to women about it – ever — not one word. None of them are cognizant of what you go thru. Will not be on your-side and are untrustworthy… And weak men(divorced) are unfuckable…
    all the advice is typical solid redpill advice…
    The lawyers are complicit in primary objective – create division, and drain the estate of all cash…
    They will misinform each party to keep you in animosity for as long as possible.
    try to make a deal and get it done asap…
    If you are thinking about marriage/ or divorce. get to your friendly neighborhood divorce court. Go inside and listen to the horror show. Mostly done in the halls in public…

    1. Let me inform the naïve that when the above poster says tell no women (anything) this includes your female children, your sisters, and even your mother. It is sad to say but all too many of your female relatives will play on team woman before team family.

      1. It is sad to say but all too many of your female relatives will play on team woman before team family.

        No truer words have ever been spoken.
        I’ve seen men whose mothers turned on them when they were getting divorced. Because Vagina.

      2. Team woman is their #1 allegiance. Until they are mad or jealous of anyone in team woman, then betrayal is automatic and vicious.

  20. Shit. Just don’t get married in the first place. It’s what I did, and I’m 55, retired and living on acreage with a bunch of big boy toys

    1. I’m married, almost 50, and have acreage and big boy toys too, including many high powered large caliber ones.
      It’s all in the execution I think.

  21. The most beautiful thing in the world is when she gets remarried and the Alimony stops. That was the best day of my life! Good read.

    1. I didn’t pay alimony, just part of my retirement. As I understand it, we were married long enough that she can make a claim against my social security benefits when I finally reach that point in time.

      1. You should be aware that should she fall on hard times she can come back and nail you for alimony at any time. They are called zombie divorces. Judges just love to help some poor woman out of her troubles by raping and stealing every dime some other man has.

        1. California- you can have in your agreement the termination of the court’s power to ever award alimony beyond a specific date. The date in my agreement was the date of the courts divorce decree.
          I’m assuming different states have different rules.

        2. Very much so. I am a little surprised because the case I recall where a woman came back after 27 years was in California. Maybe the ability to limit this in your agreement /divorce decree is only recently available.

        3. Not sure. If you don’t put a date in, the court does retain the authority for marriages of over 10 year duration, to award alimony. The general principle is that even then it is only supposed to be as long as necessary for them to become self-supporting.
          Less than 10 years of marriage and alimony generally is for half the length of the marriage. Over 10 the courts have much more discretion– they could set a date, or they could require the paying spouse to show at some point the recipient is now self-supporting and alimony should be stopped.

        4. In the case to which I referred, the marriage had been of sizable duration and he was in his early 70s. He had to go back to work in his retirement to pay for her alimony. Did the courts give a single shit about him? You don’t have to answer that it is purely rhetorical.

        5. In this case they were only interested in getting her off the current public assistance rolls.

        6. I am familiar with the case you are referencing. An appeals court later overturned the alimony award, but the guy never got the money back for the two years he had to pay. At least it was a good case that spurred a change in the law. Generally though after four or five years once you get a final decree you are out of the woods. Also, recent changes in the law in some states like MA and FL have limited life time alimony awards. But, yeah, marriage you can get f-ed in the a– pretty easily as a man.

      2. The claim she can make on your SS doesn’t reduce what you get it is just she can claim time for you employment when she seeks SS. It should not effect the amount you pull down though.

        1. Thanks, I wasn’t aware of how it worked. Nice for her, she was a stay at home mom for a long time and just had the IRA we’d been putting money into for her.

        2. And that is why the law provides for anyone married more then 10 years to claim time of employment of a spouse (regardless of gender) for SS purposes. It is because women (and now sometimes men) will take years if not decades off from the workforce to raise children.
          The IRA would be controlled by any decree/property settlement agreement. Just make sure to separate your share into another account and take her off as beneficiary (you will need to send the administrator of your IRA a certified copy of your final decree to do so). If not, she will get the rest after you die. Many men never do this and their kids wind up finding out the ex suddenly gets the rest of the retirement and won’t give anything toward say funeral or burial.

        3. Saw a lot of that in the military- guys not updating insurance/beneficiary. MIne’s all taken care of, and my IRA/401Ks have always been separate. Appreciate the advice.

  22. Shit…i have been dealing with this for over two years trying to talk her out of being stupid…..she came back 2 or 3 times but never does even the most basic stuff like unpack her stuff or deal with my disable teenage daughter hitting me. So she is acting like this so I walk away……how stupid am I? Just built our dream home and I have to sell and giver her half and huge alimony…..26 years thrown away

    1. If she dont want to be in gotta walk. Take this guys advice above in the article. I am divorced 7 years now, best thing I ever did by far. Don’t pull some religious thing on me- either. God don’t want you to suffer with queen bitch. Also, you need to hide every dime you can get your hands on. She will get half. Accept it. If she is not working; she will want alimony…I had 3 years worth but I argued it out in court by filing an appeal with the judge. I escaped from that nightmare and so will you.
      One thing you also have to do; that the guy doesn’t mention above -is figure out why you got caught up with this psycho in the first place.

    2. Richard, SERIOUS ADVICE BRO, if she is not passionate to restore the marriage, then end it. You will create much more pain for yourself and the kids. Move on. Unless she has convinced you she really wants to make it work, but never be a pushover.
      Also, let go of what you had always hoped the marriage was going to be, it was NEVER going to happen. You should not have regrets about something that never happened and was never going to happen. That was a projection into a future that was never meant to be. Pining away for what you wanted will extend your heartache, don’t go there!
      Hope this helped, it’s painful but don’t settle for less than your own character and sanity, it’s all you have worth having.
      Good Luck.

      1. Thanks for the advice….i know your right….and i know what i need to do. Really hard….i have a very big fear of abandonment i think….

    1. You’re snarling at white non-Hawaiians?
      Am I missing some context here, or what?

      1. Oh man, they removed the other post. All that cut and paste shot to hell. Maybe there’ll be a break in the goats crossing over their bridge so they’ll have the time to try again.

  23. “How hard have husbands worked to satisfy ridiculous bitch demands…. bigger diamonds… kitchen upgrades… houses we couldn’t afford… expensive cars… and on and on and on”
    Marriage in a nutshell.
    “Depending how blue-pill you were and how long you were married, I recommend taking a lot of time off from women.”
    Sound advice – I say- 2 years minimum. After your divorced your likely to rock a few worlds and get crazy but at some point you have to get away from it on a mental scale. If you have been brought up blue pill and got hoodwinked……now is the time.

  24. Reminder: your wife is out getting dicked down by Chad. Meanwhile you’re posting on ROK.

  25. This article, while good, does not really give practical advice for men on the financial aspect of divorce. The advice is simply “try to be positive and move on.” That’s all good if the divorce is somewhat fair, but when there is money and kids involved, you can get royally fucked over. You can be “positive and move on” while at the same time having to pay a boatload of alimony and child support (and barely see the kid(s)).
    The title of the article also seems slightly misleading. “Flipping the script” on divorce makes it seem like a strategy guide to make sure the minimum amount of money is lost and you get the maximum access to the kids. The title should really be something like “how to mentally cope post-divorce.”

    1. Fin advice.. .its not that hard. You put it all on the ledger and split it half. Same with retirement……Alimony can be trouble but depends how long you been married, if she works—if she is educated. At that point- its a negotiation. Child support is tougher but you end up going through the state laws. There are calculators online that will get you close. Yes, you are fucked. Also, don’t try to do a divorce without a lawyer- as she can come back later and sue you for not being represented. Also, the day you file- the speaking terms are OVER. Her lawyer is going to tell her to tell you to fuck off and die. .. Pay the money now and save the stress later. Just consider that the divorce will take a year and don’t push it. The judicial system has a very nice way of encouraging controversy to suck every dime out of you. Its best to have them assign a mediator..
      Also, you will likely never see a judge- not gonna happen. They don’t care who is wrong and your spaghetti in a giant wheel. ……..Get right with that topic right now. NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHY SHE DID X OR HOW YOU WERE MISTREATED ETC. If you want to cry to the judge- get another 10 grand out.

  26. Enjoy being a business leader. Let the other team members handle the ‘marriage’ problem. Good riddance.

  27. The funny thing is, when you get the frantic message…
    ” You’re already seeing someone? I’m devastated. Is she prettier then me? How did you meet her? What colour is her hair? ”

    1. Actually, met a guy who had read a book advising that tactic if you want to reconcile/get her back. Immediately start dating and ensure it gets back to her through her grapevine. It worked for him, but there was no cheating involved they had other issues- mostly over budget/spending habits. His life his choice, and they sorted out their financial issues.

      1. Very true if beg the bitch no go. Just wasn’t a win back tactic and did not care what got to who. Only do let my exs reactions speak that the tactic does work or at least mind frags them. Was honestly shocked / laughing at the outburst. Woah what, bitch pulls stupid shit…I do the natural thing… she is in I can’t believe it’s not butter drama land. I’m indifferent with locked in future plans. Mother fucker finalize so can burn this phone…one of those ” don’t want to bring it up BUT” bitchs. Months of one way texts from her… can imagine the cycle of emotions of her talking to herself.
        I got some gold for ya that just recalled. Want to mess them off bad. Give new girl some of your exs cloths. Nothing your ex wore, the new stuff with the tags still on them…the things she got for when she got a few sizes smaller. LMFAO honey solved the problem of that dress being a bit tight.

  28. This is great advice but few men will have the intelligence and the courage to follow it.
    Unfortunately, most men, when their wives cheat on them or otherwise reject them, assume they are at fault, go into begging mode and try to “nice” her back.
    See, e.g.,
    The bottom line is, if you’re not ready and willing to divorce your wife as soon as she steps out of line, you’re screwed.

    1. “The bottom line is, if you’re not ready and willing to divorce your wife as soon as she steps out of line, you’re screwed.”
      Yes, that is key. Conceal assets and make sure she knows how quick you will scuttle it all if she tries to take over. Scorched earth policy is the only way that works with the modern harridan, which they all are, feminism, and the government husband waiting for them, has made sure of that.

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  30. Don’t get married.
    Don’t let girlfriends move in permanently or get their mail delivered to your address or use your computer. They can stay a couple of days at a time but never permanently.
    You want them to be strong and independent, after all.
    If they don’t like it, dump them. If you catch them fucking around, dump them.
    If they get pregnant, get an arrangement as though you’re already divorced. Be sure to accept the kid only after a DNA test. If she cuts your kid out and kills it, dump her — think about permanence: if she kills a helpless fetus how’s she going to be if you get sick or simply old and frail?

  31. 44 and still haven’t fallen for it. Most of my married friends look tired, emasculated and deeply unhappy. The giveaway is how they overcompensate with the marriage is great and we’ve got stability script, and then my married buddy shuts down if I share anything about a latest casual bang. I often get called brave, or a rebel but the truth is I’m scared to death of ending up with an overbearing self-entitled walrus with a vagina like the Mersey tunnel, and a personality disposition equivalent to a Rosanne Barr and Jersey Shore contestants secret love child.

  32. i dont know how you dudes get married, I’d only get married to a woman who is vastly wealthier than me because then she would be the one who would have to worry about alimony and child support that in principle I would never accept because I’m not a parasite. Every other one can just one day decide that they’ve had enough and take you through the ringer with the help of the law as if there’s nothing vile about taking you for all your worth after X years of providing emotional and financial support.
    Im only 30 but have had a few high school buddies go through divorce and theyre like new men. They come out and have fun, we go on trips with other guys, they get into new careers and travel and its like a reawakening for a lot of them. Some of the more bluepill, shy types we’ve bought 10/10 escorts for so they can feel like a man again. We can’t even hang out with married dudes because of how tamed they are in spirit and when we do they end up being tempted to cheat because that primal part of their soul has a fire lit under it.
    I’ve had women my age call me sexist but women made me into this. I couldn’t find a good woman in my 20s because I didn’t have the checklist of money, career, good looks even though I was caring, compassionate, sense of humor etc. Around 26-27 I decided to get in great shape, started making more money by pursuing new opportunities outside of my job and shed the “nice” attitude of giving a shit about what women thought of me. I went out and hit on women way out of my league and most of the time I would fail but sometimes I wouldn’t. Now if I bomb with a woman, I don’t care, I move on to another right away whereas I used to dwell too much and in that regard they controlled me through my emotions. It’s been like a new world that I wish I had access to when I was 20 but you make the best of what you have.

  33. Well, last week I signed my divorce papers and my wife did as well. If the judge approves them it should be an equitable deal for me , though slightly better for her.
    Either way, I am satisfied with the outcome. She had a slew of bitter bitches advising her to rob me but by using dread game I was able to secure the house, two cars and the children every weekend.
    Wish me luck.

    1. If you read below, keep a record of all the times you have the kids on ‘her time’. You may be able to get your agreement modified in the future if she wants you to take them for her convenience. A lot of good info further on. Best of luck…

        1. Something not mentioned below regarding keeping copies of texts, emails and transcripts/notes of conversations.
          – Know your state laws. In mine, I can bring paper copies/electronic copies of texts but the court doesn’t have to accept them. For example, to ensure texts would be accepted I’d need to get the judge in the case to subpoena my service provider (ensures no editing was done) to provide to the court directly. Would take a bit of planning/forethought.
          – If your state allows you to record phone calls and meetings. I would seriously consider taping all of them. Mine requires both parties to agree which would have really put my ex’s guard up in all matters. But- if my state had allowed recording without notification some of the things she said, and manner in which she said them would have been helpful if things had devolved/degenerated to a point we went back to court. If she starts jacking you around with the custody situation, things she’s willing to say but not put in writing may be indispensable to produce in court. Kids need you in their life.
          Also- I had custody and a couple of observations for you as only having them on weekends:
          * If you end up having to move, ensure you maintain some place in your home that is the kids. Even if they’re not with you most of the time setting aside the space emphasizes to them it’s their home with you, they’re not just visitors. My kids felt like they were just visitors to their mom’s place (initially shared custody, but one of the issues resulting in them shifting to me).
          * Call and wish them goodnight every night, don’t interfere if their mom does the same when they’re with you. My ex did this initially but it stopped after a bit. Really impacted the kids.
          BTW: General George Patton:
          “There is no such thing as luck, merely opportunity meeting preparedness.

  34. IMPLEMENT CEASE DEFEAT. The divorce rape/feminist cabal won’t cease fire because men keep bending over for them. It’s not their cease fire, it’s OUR CEASE DEFEAT. Stop bending over and taking it. Men, please don’t bend over and get reamed by the divorce rape industry gang when the nation is already rejecting the robber barrons that pilfered our industry and livelihood. We can reject the same affiliated cabal for dismantling the family. They’re the same root culprits and the dismantling of the family coincides perfectly with the fleecing of our national treasure. The robbers are being stopped in their tracks. The great rebuiling isn’t just about industry. It’s scope will be broad and will come in growth spurts. Moneys are funneled broadly to wreck our land, SJWs, billionaire globalists, marxists, cultural vandals run about protected and spewing their venom. Return the doxxing and the railing with accuracy. It’s only fair. The divorce rape cabal was never a founding part of our constitutional republic and neither were the predatory globalists and we can reject and eject them the same. We have the green light to MAKE THE LAND GREAT again. The ball is in our court and Trump has a big pair of gardening gloves for pulling weeds. Get the gloves on patriots, clowns, boys, men and good women. PULL. The sumboogers will be uprooted and shipped out. Pump up the volume and feel the beat. PULL MOTHERFUCKERS.

    There’s such an aire of national rejuvination with so many citizens. The child protection/kidnapping racket and the runaway woman empowerment cabal put on a front that they were exclusive protected entities with a need to operate covertly and in secrecy. OUR NATION’S industry was bartered and outsourced by the same affiliated cabals and tribal groups. Now citizens are given optimism that the cabal is on the run, that industry must be protected. Our trad families mustn’t be liquidated either. Protect and defend. The cabal removed will no longer have its tentacles choking out the patriarch. Men must rail against the kangaroo family court institution and the protected women’s advocacy/ empowerment insurgent forces and not sing durges about bending over and sweeping up the pieces of their lives. It only energizes the enemy when the victims speak of coping and adjusting to defeat. If hillary was pres, we’d be hearing advice of how to live with less, no industry or livelihood, no functioning families, no tribal awareness, just bending over to the shebeast. And finally their pipe dream gets pulled out by the roots. It’s over for them. Crank up the volume.

  35. Never got married. I want the same thing out of women that I want out of a roll of paper towels; to shut up and let me use them and throw them away.

  36. Most men are minimalists at heart I believe. For me, being unmarried, it’s like this.
    € 180.000 apartment € 400.000+ villa, small farm, detached house
    €-10.000 automobile (3rd owner) €45.000+ automobile (soccervan)
    € 1600 vacation (cook myself, sleep in a tent if I have to) €5000+ vacation (hotel, restaurants)
    your earned money is yours you pay for everything, her earned money is madmoney
    invest your money again: money goes to her and the kids
    And of course, when you don’t have children, nothing really breaks in the house.
    My father is still married with my mother, but he could have been a millionaire and long retired. He still slaves now, because he had 4 kids. Not everything is black/white. There are women who are content with the basics, but most men will spend the money in order to dangle the carrot in front of her, hoping she won’t leave him for greener pastures. It all comes down to that. From day 1

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